hey i'm back.
i haven't posted in a while, but something interesting happened that i just had to share with you all.

okay, so i was out shopping for a birthday party i had to go to when i got the biggest cramp ever. i didn't feel like i had to go to the bathroom then, but later on i got a really strong urge.
i was looking for the bathrooms, and luckily there was no one in there. the bathrooms were absolutely gross. two sinks, and two talls . there was one with puke on the toilet seat, and the other seat wasn't that gross, but there was gross stuff on the walls.
i took the gross wall one. i was in the stall, still debating on whether i should sit down on the seat or not, and i finally decided to, and just about started to let it come out of me, when i saw a mother came in with her daughter & son through a rather large crack in the door. (they were probably 4 years old, fraternal twins)

she saw the gross seat, and asked her children if they could wait, and the son said, "I have to go bad, mommy." and then the daugher said,"mommy i think i'm going to go in my undies if i don't go soon." and she said, "okay guys, hold on just one second." she asked my how much longer i was going to be, and i said,"i'm not feeling my best, so probably a while."

then she told her son to go in the sink and he said,"but mom, that's not where it's coming out." she looked kind of panicked then, so she started digging through her gigantic purse and pulls out a gladware plastic sealing container about the size of the seat of a chair, filled with cheerios. she dumped the cheerios in the garbage can and put it on the floor right in front of my stall and asked if i would mind, because it was just something for her kids to put her backs up against and she was not going to have them go into the pukey toilet stall. i said it was fine, because i didn't really care.

so she tells them to sit on it with their backs up against my door, and they sit right next to each other on this container. The little girl pees first, and she filled up the bottom, and then the boy peed a lot more and filled it up 1/3 of the way. the mom told the girl to stand up and she said, "I have to do a poopy."

While I'm listening to these twins grunt and strain to get things moving.. my stomach is cramping up so i just start to go. first i let out the hugest poop i think i have ever produced.. it went down the drain, then curled one and a half times around the bowl. then i let some soft, mushier poop out that actually ended up coming out of the water. And then i was done. But one problem.. there were twins sitting outside of my stall. I cleaned up, and then flushed, but sat there with my pants pulled down on the toilet still.

The little boy was crying and telling his mom that "it hurts and it isn't coming out."
"Just push harder, hunny,"the mom said.
The girl was pushing and making noises, and she started too poop and it was really long. and curled twice around the bottom. she shot out some rabbit pellets and then said she was all done.. but the mother said, "wait for your brother to finish first."
The brother was sqeezing his sister's hand.. and pushing really hard, and then it finally started to come out.. really big and hard at first and then it was softer.. and then he had some diarrhea. Actually it was a lot of diarrhea. he had short waves of it about 4 times. The sister was saying she didn't feel well, either.. and she had to poo again.

so she started having diarrhea.. and the both of them were sitting on this container pooping their brains out and they were only 4 years old. the brother said that he felt better, and so he stood up, and his mother started wiping him, but he said he had more so the mother just gave up and took off his shorts, put some paper towelss down, and told him to go there.. so he squatted down and had more diarhea. the sister was done, so the mother cleaned her up.. and the son was finally done after 2 more waves of diarhea.. so she cleaned and redressed him. and she cleaned up her mess and then they left, and i was free to leave. i think she forgot i was there. they didn't know they saw me again, (because i was in the stall) but later on, i saw them behind the building in some bushes on my way home. the kids' mother was peeing and the kids were standing there blocking her from view.. but they had to move because her stream was running all the way to the road. she was there for about 10 minutes. ( i waited to give her some privacy ) and i was about to miss curfew, so i started walking. She was done peeing, and she had left a huge puddle in the road. she was pooing a huge pile on the ground below her. there were 5 big pieces and she was letting go of some little pieces as i walked by her. bad luck for that family, huh?

traffic poo-er girl
Hi everyone! I posted the below on another site some time ago and they didn't take me seriously about this topic. I found your site and have read over the past few days some of the stories and am glad to have found a place to post this:

>I'm a 24 year old female and work in a small office that has a single occupant restroom. I've always been embarrased about using the bathroom to do a BM when around other people, and this work situation makes it even worse. Unless I have a dire need for a BM, I'll hold it until I get home. About a month ago, my usual 25 minute drive home turned into over an hour because of a major highway accident ahead. Unfortunately this was one of those days that I really wanted to get home quickly to use the toilet. I was stuck between exits and couldn't get off the highway, and gosh did I need to go! I'll spare all the details, but ended up spending the next three minutes pushing out a solid BM into my pants. It was such a relief to finally be able to go (I had been holding it in for over two hours!) and, although it was a gross thing to do, it kind of felt good at the same time. Ever since then I've had this urge in the back of my mind to do it again (either by accident or on purpose). So, here's my question: Have others done this (either by accident or on purpose) and is it a normal thing to think this way? Can you give details of your particular situation please. Thanks!<

I am glad to see I'm not alone about pooping my pants. Its just such a weird thing to talk about, much less do, and it makes me feel better to know that others have done this and even have an interest in doing this. Before it happened to me I wouldn't have even given it a second thought. Yeah, bathroom accidents do happen and I guess I have been fortunate that they really haven't happened to me (up to this point of course). Usually I can hold things in well, both pee and poo, and I guess that is what shocked me when this happened. I can vividly remember the intense need of having to go. It was first a dull pushing sensation at my anus and then grew into a much more forceful pushing; I think being stuck in traffic made me much more anxious over the whole thing. I don't remember having to go that bad ever before and it was happening at the worst possible time where there was no way I was going to find a bathroom anytime soon. I didn't panic or anything, but after just a short time I was so desperate that I knew I was likely to go in my pants. Fortunately I was alone in the car; I would have died of embarrassment otherwise. When the tip of this hard stool began to poke out of my anus uncontrollably, I knew then and there that I was going to do it in my pants. I lifted my rear off the seat a bit and just started pushing as if I were on the toilet. I'm sure my face was red with embarrassment but my main concern was to get rid of this poop that I had been holding in for so long. I can't tell you how good it felt to be able to have that bowel movement; it was just such a relief. As I said above, it probably took about 2 or 3 minutes to finish. I pushed at first and a few times in-between, but for the most part it came out by itself very slowly, and that feeling alone was so wonderful. I did five solid pieces and when I was done I sat back down and it sure felt weird. I just sat in a sense of shock and embarrassment what I had just done. When I got home I carefully changed; all the poop was still in my panties but they were heavily loaded. Fortunately it was solid but I still had to use a soapy-wet washcloth (which I wrapped up in a plastic bag and threw away, along with my still-loaded panties) to clean most of the poop off my butt cheeks and then I showered real well.

As I said above, I've since wanted to repeat the experience. I feel awkward about doing it, because it would probably be a planned thing and I don't know if the feeling would be the same. At the same time, not that I really want to be stuck in a traffic jam and have to go real bad like that again, but that would be the best scenario. Any thoughts?

Now I often wonder when I hear traffic reports about long delays or see traffic jams on the other side of the highway, how many of those people stuck in that traffic need to go to the bathroom? How urgent are they and what are they doing to try to wait it out. Are they with other people in the car and how do they handle the embarrassment aspect of having to go? And what are they thinking and feeling when they do start going in their pants?

Ok, will end here. Any advice and thoughts on this would be helpful to me.

I have a few more stories I just thought of...

1. I was reading some posts from 2003. One boy had told a story about holding his foreskin closed and peed into it as much as he could and he asked if anyone had done that. My answer is yes. A while back (about 6 years ago), we were on a road trip to a Drag Strip (race track) in Gulfport, MS. (We live in south Louisiana). We were about 10 minutes from our destination when the urge to pee hit me very hard. I had to figure out how to keep from wetting my pants (even though I had swim shorts in my duffle bag so we could go to the beach later). I had my hands in my jeans pocket and grabbed my foreskin through my pockets and briefs and held it. Just as we got to our destination, the urge was unbearable. My step-father parked near the restroom under the shade. When I got out of the truck, I began to pee in my foreskin. It made me feel better. I grabbed the purell with my free hand and went to one of the stalls in the bathroom, pulled off my jeans and briefs, sat on the toilet and let go of the foreskin. The pee came out of me fast, but I still sat on the toilet for about 2 minutes, peeing. When I finished, I pulled the foreskin back and rubbed purell off of it, to clean it (as I did when I didn't pull the foreskin back before I peed). I finished up and left,feeling extremely relieved. But, I can no longer do that since I am now circumcised, but I have squeezed my penis near my body to hold in the pee.

Story 2: I have a cousin who is about 2 (maybe 3)years younger than me. I was at his house one day when we were younger. We both decided to go swimming. While in the pool, I had to pee, so I told him I was getting out to pee. He told me not to, just to pee in the pool, so I did (they had 3 floating chlorine filters filled with chlorine tablets), so nothing would have hurt peeing in the pool. So, I did. We both spent a few hours in the pool, never getting out to pee. Soon, we both had to have a bowel movement, so we went into the woods behind his house and went. After we finished up, we walked with our shorts off to the hose and hosed each other off, put on our swim shorts and got back into the pool until it rained.

Story 3: When I was in 7th grade, I had a friend who lived in the trailer park on the other side of the woods near my house. We were walking through the woods one afternoon after school going to his house. We were in the thick area. We had stopped for a while to drink some from our water bottles. While resting, I had to take a crap. He told me "lets get moving to my house, since we are so close." I agreed with him, becuase the woods weren't that big. We took about 3 steps when I farted and felt that if I kept going, I would crap my pants. I told him that I would never make it to his house or back to mine. He asked me what I planned to do then, and I just pulled my PE Shorts and boxer-briefs down and squatted. I hardly pushed. I crapped non stop for a couple of minutes, then had a small pause. My friend was shocked that I did that in the woods and I told him I had already crapped there before. Then, I released another load, and peed. We both had to look for big leaves for me to clean up with. When done, I pulled up my boxer-briefs and shorts and walked off. A few days later, he was in the same prediciment I was in. So, he pulled down his shorts and boxer-briefs and went. It was weird seeing crap coming out of someone. I told him that and he said he thought the same thing when he watched me a few days earlier. We took several craps in the woods together after that until I went to high school and he was still in middle school.

the worst possible thing you could think of happened the other day to my best friend. (hes a boy) but i feel like a hero. you wont belive me, if this were coming from you i wouldnt belive you either, but its true, it really is! ok, enough of this crap, heres the story:
we were in school, and i looked at all 36 of my classmates, one by one. i stopped at Kevin, my best friend. i was sitting towarde the back of the room, next to the fire alarm and the trash. he was sitting on the other side of the room. he had his legs crossed pretty tight, and, when i looked at his face, i realized his problem right away. he had to pee, and, worst of all, we were in English. now, while that may mean nothing to you, or, be your favorite class, it means one thing to us; the only class taught by Mr. ????, the teacher who wont let you go to the bathroom in the middle of class. to make a long story short, he peed his pants, teacher told him to come up to the front of the room, i pulled the fire alarm. he was vary thankful

I am trying to buy a stool to put next to the toilet that will allow me to raise my legs/feet when I crap. That will simulate squating. Do you know if anybody makes a U shaped one? Thanks.

Hi folks,
The other day I was hiking in the rain at the most important regional park in my city. Very nice view from the top. Anyway, having not had my usual huge 7:37 a.m. dump, I started to feel the urge. So, I stumbled into the basement of the very large chalet at the main look-out to go to the restroom (the basement has its own entrances so you dont't have to go in through the main floor), still wearing my raincoat and hood which sort of has "blinders". The bathrooms dowm there are huge, built back in the '30s, and the main elements have not been changed. There are two rows of stalls (with doors... this ain't the USA!!) facing each other. So I went in and proceeded to do my business, quite disappointing considering that I should have been ready for a huge crap by that time. There only seemed to be one other person in there (sneekers visible under the dividers), who seemed to be taking a dump, judging by the long amount of time and 3-4 flushes at the end. However, no noises or interesting stories, primarily because of the size of the room (I was quite far away).
Anyway, due to the bad weather, there wasn't really anybody around. So I cleaned up and exited.
Only then did I realize that I had been in the ladies' restroom, when I noticed the small grey sign on the wall. I've been going to this park for a long time, beacause I live quite near to it. And just then I realized that I'd been in that ladies' restroom at least 2-3 times before, also for a crap! It's not very well marked, and if you come in on the wrong side, as I always do because of where I hike, you just kind of end up there if you're not paying attention.
I remember the other times now... Once it was the annual "clean-up the litter" day at the park, and I was in that restroom. Quite a bit or traffic... But I don't remember anyone taking a big noisy dump. The few times I've been in there, I have noticed some poop stains or splatters on the toilet (I usually take the most accessible one, near the entrance). But I don't remember any interesting performances while I was there.
Are girls more shy than guys about pooping in public restrooms? It seems that almost every time I go into a guys' restroom in a nature park or elsewhere, on a busy day, there's someone taking a dump. What about you ladies? I wonder if you take a dump in public restrooms as readily, or often encouter others doing so?
See you soon (no pun intended)!

Lifelong lurker
I have lurked here for years and enjoy many of the posts, particularly the ones involving buddy dumps, people listening in on others, watching others on the toilet, etc. I like it when people describe their underwear and how far they pull everything down when they go. I'm not a fan of accidents; and people who won't use a public restroom even though they have to go...geez! Get real and just do it.

I was having lunch recently with a friend who works for a client of mine. We share many of the same interests and each time I'm in town for this particular client (at least once a month), we make a date for lunch.

We worked together all morning with a small group as part of a planning session. When we finished, the two of us went to lunch. At the restaurant, we were in the middle of a discussion, and suddenly she announced, "I have to go to the little girls' room," jumped off her stool and headed for the single-toilet ladies room.

I assumed she just went to pee, but she was there a lot longer than I thought. The door to the restroom was behind me, but I found if I looked at the marble on the wall in front of me, I could see the reflection of the restroom door without having to turn around. After about five minutes, the door opened and I saw her approaching me. But she didn't stop, instead heading back to the cash register area. I noted a concerned look on her face as she went by.

When she returned and sat back down, I asked her, "Is everything all right?" She smiled and said, "I missed my morning 'constitutional' today, and when I went just now I clogged the toilet and couldn't get everything to flush away. So I went to tell the manager about it."

We then resumed our conversation until lunch ended. I was surprised at how frank and open she was about having a bowel movement, and even about the fact that she had clogged the toilet. I wish I could have sneaked into the restroom to see what she had left, but a few minutes after she sat down again, I saw a guy with a plunger heading toward the ladies room.

We're both married, but I have sensed some mutual attraction during our times together. I'm looking forward to our next lunch next month, at which time I intend to casually bring up the clogging incident again. And if only she would let me accompany her the next time...

Tracygirl - I think the name of the product you are looking for is Activia. It is a probiotic yogurt that is supposed to get you regular in two weeks or less. I tried it and it works for me! The pear flavoured one tastes the best.

Let me relate a story that happened to me and my boyfriend. We were at a local fair. He had eaten very hot chili and corn. After that we got onto a very fast ride. I sat beside him. As we were midway through that very fast ride, He got sick and pooped his pants. He relayed it to me and we got out of there very fast. He was wearing dark shorts and it was very dark. I decided right away to get him into my truck and get him home to his acreage. I put some plastic onto the seat and he sat on a car mat set up over the plastic. I did not want to embarass him so I talked to him reassuredly that what happened was not going to be held against him by me. In fact I was rather turned on by it even though it stank to high heaven. I decided to get him to his acreage by the backroads to avoid further embarrasment. His acreage was approximately a 3/4 hour drive. About 20 minutes into the drive, I myself also felt the urge to poop. So I stopped the truck by the roadside. At first I was going to go in the ditch and do it but the ditch was full of dirty water that I did not want to step into. So I went back to the truck. I pulled out more plastic bags and stuck them under the driver seat. I then pulled my pant saver mat (yeah right)up onto the seat. I then got back into the truck and sat down on it. I told my boyfriend that I had decided to poop my panties. "It's your truck" he said. I lifted my butt a few inches off the seat. I stared at my boyfriend and he stared back at me. After a few minutes the poop started coming out. I started giggling because I knew I was Pooping my pants. "I'm pooping my pants Dale" I said in a giggling manner. When I finished I sat back down and turned to Dale and said "see Dale, Don't worry; now we both pooped our pants." I started driving again.
We arrived at his acreage. We both cleaned ourselves up there. I washed my clothes there with his. He gave me a temporary change of clothes while I waited for my other clothes to be cleaned. They were cleaned and I put them back on again. I left his acreage to go back home. It was 1:00 A.M. when I finally arrived home. I then realized that I had left my house keys at his acreage. I phoned him to bring them over. By the time he arrived my bladder was full. He brought over the keys to me and I hugged him. "I have to pee" I said. So i spread my legs in front of him and purposely peed my pants. "Remind me next time that I owe you a pee pants accident" Dale said. Three nights later at his acreage, while we were having a barbecue Dale took me by the hand to a flower bed. He picked out a flower and gave it to me.
He hugged me and said "I have another surprise for you. Look at my crotch." I looked at it and he grinned and minutes later peed his pants. "I owed you remember?" I hugged him and laughed.

It is payback time. My husband John & I were going for a walk around our acreage. Some time ago I wrote in that I pooped my pants while waiting in traffic. John was generally good about it and made it less embarrassing for me. This time however It was dark,clear sky and approximately -20'Celsius. We were approximately 30 minutes walking from our house. We were decked out in full winter gear. John mentioned that he desperately had to poop. So he went into a ditch and was about to pull his winter pants off when a motor vehicle came over the crest of the hill. He stopped what he was doing. He waited for the vehicle to pass. After the vehicle passed he came back up to me and said that a little lump escaped into his underwear while he waited for this vehicle to pass. He just wanted now to get on home. I asked him how big the lump was. He figured that it was the size of a small egg.
so we decided to keep on walking. About 10 minutes later he was still
desperate. He stopped walking and told me that he was not going to make it home. He looked me straight in the eye and said "Sharlisse honey I am going to poop my pants. Just go on ahead of me." "Just do it" I said. He stood there for a few minutes and I did too. "Sorry Honey" he said. I said "thats alright." After about 5 minutes I could see his agony. I embraced him and told him to go in his pants. "Do you want to watch me" he said. "Sure" I said. So he turned around. Immediately after turning around I observed his butt. "Honey I am pooping my pants" he said. I could see his butt bulging. I actually giggled. He finished and started walking again. I put my hand around his waist and walked shoulder to shoulder with him for the rest of the way home.

Once I was going somewhere with my dad and I needed to pee.I waited an hour and i said "thats enough".We had a water bottle in our car,so I decided to pee in that.But when I pulled down my pants in the car,I said "this is too new".So we found a restroom and i said "wow,thats better".It was a great experience to almost pee in a bottle

ok yestuday i talked bout my peeing expierence. was that ever gud. now that friend (who laso enjoys seeing each other desprete for a pee) is over here. we both need to pee. we going as week speak. we went to mcdonald today and all the stalls were full so we squated on the floor and peed out all of mcy d's wonders! wow were gonna not pee no more till 10 pm tomoorow so we can be in agony. toodles
. but that was a great pee!

do subway cars have toilets and sinks?

When I was in my early teens, I went camping with my best friend Eric, his mother and father, his older sister, and her best friend. His family liked to camp deep in the woods, near a stream, where no other people were around. Eric and I had our own tent, his sister and her friend had their own tent, and his parents had a tent to themselves. After setting up camp, Eric's father took all of us a short distance away from the tents with a shovel. He dug a pretty deep hole next to a tree, and told us this was where we were to go to the bathroom. Once we were done, we were supposed to shovel some dirt over the hole. It seemed pretty weird to me, but I wasn't too worried about it because I didn't have to go. Later that day, I was in our tent arranging my gear. I looked out the small window at the back of the tent, and saw Eric's sister heading in to the woods, to the hole his Dad had made. I couldn't pass up this chance to see something I had never seen before, a girl going to the bathroom. When she got to the hole, she looked around real quick, then dropped her pants to her knees, squatting over the hole, and holding on to the tree. I have to admit I was very aroused. I couldn't see everything real clear, but could see enough to know that she wasn't just peeing. She finished quickly, wiped her butt, pulled up her pants, then grabbed the shovel and threw dirt in to the hole. I moved away from the window as she walked back to the tent. I didn't mention it to Eric when he came in to the tent a few minutes later, and had to hide the tent in my pants. After dinner, I felt the need to poop coming on strong. Remembering his sister's experience, I decided to hold out. The next morning, I was feeling pretty full when I woke up. The tent smelled like I had been farting all night. We ate breakfast, then went back in to the tent to change clothes. There was no hope of me holding out the whole weekend, I had to go bad. I told Eric, "I have to go to the bathroom real bad". Eric asked, "Do you have to use the hole?" I moaned, "Yes, but I don't want to." Eric said, "Come on, I have to go pretty bad too. It's no big deal to use the hole." I told Eric how I had seen his sister yesterday, and didn't want anyone to watch me taking a crap. He asked, "You watched my sister take a dump?" I explained that I really didn't watch, and I couldn't see everything, but I could see enough to know what she was doing. He laughed at me for watching his sister. I was pretty embarrassed. It was getting hard for me to hold it now. I begged him to go somewhere else in the woods with me, further away from the tents. He didn't want to get in trouble with his Dad, but agreed to go with me. We told his family we were going on a hike. After walking for about 10 minutes, I was getting real worried. I only had a short time before I was going to poop in my pants. I told Eric, "I have to go bad. I think we're far enough away." He agreed, "I can't wait much long either. Let's get away from the path." We headed deeper in the woods, found a small clearing, and decided this was the place. I think we were both a little embarrassed about pooping in front of each other, but desperation was making me forget about embarrassment. I pulled my pants down and asked Eric how I was supposed to do this without making a mess in my pants. He said, "Watch me", as he pulled his pants down to his knees. He squatted down almost like a catcher, with his hands on his knees. I followed his lead, doing exactly what he did. We were pretty close to each other so we had a pretty clear view of what the other person was doing. As soon as I squatted, poop found its way out of my butt. It was thick but soft, and coming quickly. I was groaning with relief as a pile began to form underneath me. I had a clear view of Eric doing the same, but his poop was coming out much slower. Eric told me, "You better hold your dick down in case you start peeing". It was a great warning because I no sooner pointed my dick towards the ground when I started peeing. The feeling of relief was incredible. I think I was more embarrassed now about the size of the pile underneath me. Eric had just pushed out one very long poop, and one shorter one. He was done, and just watching me as I finished. Fortunately he knew enough to grab some toilet paper when we left the camp. He gave me a handful to wipe with, then wiped himself. After several wipes, we pulled up our pants, kicked some leaves over our piles, then headed back towards the camp. I thanked him for helping me. He laughed and said he has to use that hole all the time, so it's no big deal to him anymore. After sharing that first buddy dump, we were never bashful around each other again, and had many more opportunities for buddy dumps.

I was out on a camping weekend just me and 2 friends (all 3 of us are female and 17) we were walking though a woods not far from our camp site after a "sort of nice" breakfast, i didn't think it was cooked properly but Amy insisted we all ate it. Anyways bout half an hour i to our walk Amy stoped suddenly and said 'I have to shit right now' and ran to and near by tree frantically ripping her pants down and unloaded big lod of liquid shit. Me and Sarah were a bit suprised by this and tried to be sympatheic as she was clearly in pain. The smell then hit us and Sarah started laughing and making fun saying serves you right after that breakfast of your. I just told her to shut up and reminded her that she'd had extra helpings herself but she continued to laugh. Then in the middle of her laughing her head off she without warning let off an enormous fart, she wasn't laughing now and went bright red even Amy looked up and smiled inbetween her letting out more mushy shit. Sarah was speechless saying that is was an accident and it must have been her tight jeans putting pressure on her stomach but she then let out another fart and this time it sound wet I saw her bum cheek tighten trough her tight pants and she placed both hand on her stomach obveuosly holding back a bowl movement she frantaically tried to undo her pant but they were so tight she couldn't get them undone now it was mine and Amy's turn to laugh she shouted at us to shut up and help her but a large wet fart signal what me and Amy had been expecting-her pants bulged out around her bum as she crouch down on the floor farting away and filling her pants we told her she deserved it after laughing at Amys misfortune She just waddled off to change and went home straight after while me and Amy just fell about the floor laughing

When I was in school I used the bathroom A LOT. In the morning I would drink a large glass of orange juice and a large glass of water. Whenever I used the bathroom there were spit wads in the urinals sitting on top of the blue urinal screen which I would blast with my pee stream. Every boy spit in them while peeing. Sounds gross, huh? but was fun at the time when we were 16. By the end of the day there were all kinds of junk in the urinals. Paper, gum, kleenex, whatever and the janitor (who was a girl in her 20's) had to take it all out. I went into the boys bathroom like 10 minutes after the day ended and I really had to go. The cleaning chick was in there but stepped outside while I went. I talked to her a while when I went out and I said something like: "It's too bad kids mess up the bathrooms so bad for ya! Do U mind cleaning up after us kids?" And she said something like: "Well it's like job security and the girls bathroom is far worse, they put all their trash next to the toilets so by the end of the day I have like a 2 foot pile of trash to pick up!." Later on in the year I got a 3 day detention where you just had to sit doing nothing in a class for 2 hours. I said to the teacher that I would rather help the janitors clean the bathrooms or anything else than just sit doing nothing. That was the way I was I guess, I would rather be doing something than just sitting there. She was shocked that I said that and went to get the janitor girl and before I knew it I was pushing the janitor cart into the bathrooms, refilling the toilet paper and towels, picking up that trash in the urinals that had just been peed on and wiping toilet seats. I never knew that girls sometimes peed on their toilet seats cuz they are always complaining that boys do it but I found out that day that they do. So tell me you girls, how does that happen?? There were wet wads of toilet paper too next to their toilets. So I was like how does that happen? In the boys room they would blow their nose and toss that tissue in the urinal. This cute girl saw me cleaning the girls room and was like giggling about it but at least I got the chance to talk to her. Cheers, Donny


Hi all

Last week I was on vacation, and while I'm home I have a tendacy to eat a lot of junk food. Monday was back to work, and after lunch I began getting a stomach ache. It bothered me for the rest of the day, and also through the night. I went to bed, and tossed and turned most of the night. In the morning it had subsided somewhat, and I ate a bowl of shredded wheat and had a cup of coffee. After breakfast, I felt the need to poop.

I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, sat down, and made myself comfortable. After peeing, I began to push. A turd began exiting with a loud crackling sound. It came out quickly, and in no time it landed in the toilet with a plop. I checked it out after wiping- a soft, yet firm two footer.

Here I thought I might be getting the flu or something, and it turned out I was just full of crap.

Wednesday night I was really hungry, so I had a triple with everything and some fries from Wendy's. The next morning I went in to poop and released several small turds, about 5 or 6 plops. They were each about 4 inches long, laying in a pile.

I think I'll try to get back to eating healthy again.

Bye for now.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO TRACYGIRL> The yoghurt is still making a difference, some days not so good but mostly good motions so I am continuing with it. How are you going?

To Cute and Shy

That story in which you said that you peed in the pool was crazy, LOL!
I never heard of anything like that about the water turning red when pissed in.

I gonna post a story right now. When I was about 9, it was a hot summer day and we had a mini pool in our backyard. I was in the water, by myself, I had just shorts on the water was cool to begin but then it got warm as the hot sun beat down on it. All of a sudden, I needed to take a piss, and the water made my lil friend down there a bit more sensitive. So I wanted to get up and run to the bathroom, but I didnt want to embarassed myself to my parents and cousins. What I did was say to myself, "to hell with it, Im just gonna piss in the pool", and I ended up doing that. I was scared at first if anyone would notice the water turning yellow and whether or not if I would have a pee stain in the front of my shorts. Luckily the water in the pool didnt turn yellow and no a pee stain didnt show up on my shorts, maybe the water kinda rinsed them out, LOL!

I will post some more stories soon!
Hey Cute and Shy, dont be shy to post more stories of your own too.

Love and Peace,

hey Folks: Brian at Sears here... Working on Friday and Saturday nights is always a total bummer. I worked last night (friday) and it was boring as heck. About 8:30 I decided to take a 'dump break" I went to the mens 'lounge" thats what they call them...Men's and Women's "lounges" hehehe....I went to the ne between the hardware department, and the automotive section. I found Ray, one of the automotive techs sitting on the middle toilet relaxing with his trousers around his knees taking a relaxing dump. Ray, an Italian fellow , I guess about 55 or so, made no apologies for stinking up the men's batthroom. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhh" I earned this shit. Brian" he said to be as I walked in. "I hear ya bud" as I dropped my pants and jumped on the toilet to his right. We chatted and farted, plopped, and grunted, and then we heard the outer door open, and in walks a young man, clearly desperate to find a toilet, he stares at Ray and me, in horror and asks if there is another men's bathroom, with stall doors. We both said in unison 'no' ...Clearly, he was embarrased, but really had to go. he sat on the other side of Ray , and next thing we hear was 'WHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHH" and he even tried a 'courtesy" flush, but it didn't mask his noise or odors. He wasn' much of a talker, just did his business, flushed and left. I started wiping my ass, and of course at this hour the toilet paper supply is really low. I asked Ray to spot me some, and his response..."i'm tapped out in here too, so we both get off our bowls, pants abound our ankles to raid the third stall, which still had half a roll of tissue. While I waited for Ray to take what he needed, I couldn't help notice what Ray made in his toilrt bowl. I was no doubt the biggest fattest longest turd I ever seen. Thick like a PVC pipe, solid yet spireled around the bowl, like a rattlesnake. I laughed, and Ray knew what I was laughing about. "Impressive , huh" he joked back. I said 'uhhhh YEAAAAAHHHH' we both laughed, got our tissue and went back to our stalls to wipe up. He said, 'who knew the pepper and egg hero sandwich my wife made for my lunch would come out my ass as an italian sausage'. We finished, washed up, and it was just about time to go home. Long day................I hate to say it again, but guys shit a lot....

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Today I feel great. Woke up with some smelly farts..felt like I needed to sit on the toilet but at that time of the morning it is often a waste of time. Headed to the gym , weighed in at 68kgs exactly and went straight to the toilet and success. In one second dropped this single large soft load with a strong was the fried onions last night..I was so happy because yesterday was almost fruitless in that department... got back on the scales and I was 67.65kgs so poo of .35kgs. I do not know the weight of an average dump but it was a reasonable one for me. Got to work and off to the toilet again and another soft serve ( a little smaller) and a really big wee.

Hi there
Have posted a few times but never a story.
Im male 24 6foot one and really enjoy the female outside storys.
My girlfriend is the greatest she always lets me watch when she has to wee outside.
Last month we went to my local bar to watch a band.We had a fair few beers and decided to walk back home about a mile away.Both of us always need a wee after alcohol even in small amounts.
As we walked back she said she really neede a wee and so did I.We found a few trees by the side of road and she went first.She pulled her jeans and knickers down to her knees and squated.She produced a strong stream right between her feet.I stood beside her and wee'd at the base of the tree.I stopped and she kept going!
When she stopped she shook her self and pulled her underwear up.Gave me a kiss and walked off.
Sorry if this bored you am not very good at telling stories.
Great forum by the way!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having normal bowel movements for the last couple of weeks and I've been going once or twice a day. Today I did a dump in the morning and another one this afternoon. I can feel another turd sitting in my rectum that I'm gonna squeeze out later. Normally I don't feel finished after doing a poo but for the last couple of days, I have felt very satisfied. Does anyone have any good constipation stories??

To Thunder From Down Under: Please share some of your constipation stories.

To Fat Woman: I liked your story. How long did it take Nina to complete her dump?? Does she get constipated often? Do you get constipated quite often? Your stories are great, I love reading them!

Sweet Survey-er
1- How tall are you? 5 foot 4 inches
2- How old are you? 23
3- What is your build (skinny, thick, heavy) Thick
4- How large would you say your poop rates on a scale from (1-10) 4-5
5- Is your poop, (Hard, halfway, soft, chunky or runny)soft-chunky
6- Does your poop (have no smell, smells a little, can stink up a private bathroom, can stink up part of a public restroom, can stink up an entire public restroom)? Can stink up a private bathroom
7- Does your poop normally float or sink? both but usually sink
8- Are you ( very ladlike, not at all, or in between)in between
9- What color is your poo usually? Brown-light brown
10- What kind of food do you eat? Mostly healthy.

hi Japanese girl back again i been busy sorry for lack of updates
but i have been reading them and i whould say im sorry to hear that about that cute and shy
and i have a survey for anyone that wants to take it

do you poop in public yes,. but i cover the seat
do others know you poop in public if so who. famliy and bf
what was your last bowel movement .well this moring at church mass
are you ok that others know u poop in public .yea i guess its better out than in
whats the last time you peed .today with my bowel movement
do you use the bathroom long. well it depends
how do you sit on the toilet. with my legs close together and panties around my ankles and pants
have you ever been caught on the toilet. yes by my mom that was mothers day i went to visit her oh i was so crying good thing i was just pee

well thats all i have right now so take care out there my toilet sitters and squaters and waiters to get home much love for today

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I was on a bus one time when some maybe 40 year old woman with short blondish hair skinny looked shy quietly walked into the bathroom. I saw the tiny toilet in there. the bus was on the highway which I guess you could say was bumpy and when we changed lanes to go south the door opened and this woman fell head first in to the isle of the bus! i saw her anus accidently it was covered in poop as she got up and charged in to the bathroom me sitting right there i saw everything.I heard her slam the door! and she came out with bloodshot eyes and she took the seat in the corner of the bus.
its not that big of a deal but she may of got a couple bruises in odd places because she fell pretty hard on her front and slid maybe 2 feet. And she didnt get up for a few seconds so i hope she cleaned off all the stuff on the ground

Jessica (US)
I pee outside on a regular basis. Usually, if I'm not near a bathroom, I'll just go outside with no problem. My fiance thought it was hilarious when I told him. Hehe. My friends think it's funny, too, but they're like, what the heck. And usually, I only do it if I'm intoxicated. ;p

today i had bad diarrhea. so i ran to the toilet and to my horror, the only stall was closed! So I had to explode in the rooms wastebasket instead(for the next 6 mins I farted and shitted very loudly and stinkly. I wiped with some tissue, and luckily no one had seen and heard my explosions, so I walked out with no one knowing what i did. whew! Hopefuly I never have to go along with that again.

Cute and Shy:
On your Greyhound bus bathroom adventure. The time you went in and it was really loud. How long were you in there? Also did it stink really bad in there when you were done?

Love always, Jamie

Peeing Standing
Do any of the females here have stories of missing the toilet when trying to pee standing up? Seems like it must happen to a good amount of girls when they're trying to learn and I'd love to hear some experiences.

Cute & Shy,

Urine doesn't turn red in regular water. Years ago in Spokane, WA the parks department decided to put a chemical in the public pools that would turn red when it came in contact with urine. The idea was that it would allow then to identify those that peed in the pool and they would then be kicked out. The experiment was a disaster. On the day the pools openned for the summer the kids hurried through the locker rooms and straight to the pool and jumped in. The entire shallow end quickly turned red. It was impossible to identify any one kid because most all of them peed in the pool. All the city pools were immediately closed until they could be drained and refilled, without the chemical. When they reopenned the water didn't turn red, but of course there had to be just as much pee. Is it any wonder there is so much chlorine in public pools? Your pool must have had the same chemical.

Hi Gruntly. Thank you for the kind words. I remember Carol very well and all of your stories, especially ones featuring hefty women like Madame An and your mother-in-law. Any other stories you have to contribute along those lines are greatly appreciated.

It's true that if Nina and I exercised or lost weight our dumping sessions would be easier but we prefer it this way as it's a big part of our relationship. I may even show this website to Nina and possibly get her to post as well. She's napping now, she just had an extremely strenuous session on the toilet. I came home at the tail end of it, I could actually hear her grunting from the other side of the door as I let myself in! When you enter our house, you can see clear down the hall to the bathroom at the end. There was Nina, perched on the toilet wearing only a pair of very large cotton underwear, that were stretched taut around her fat ankles. It was a sideview and I watched her ass quiver with the slightest movement as she struggled on the toilet. "UUGGHHH!!! MMMMMM!!!MMMMMMM!!!" There was a pause and then she slouched back on the seat, exhausted. I didn't hear the plop, probably because it was so big it slipped into the water from her ass and didn't need to drop. I closed the door and she sat up on the toilet, startled.

"You having a hard time?" I said. "You should have waited for me."

Nina didn't answer right away as she wiped her huge ass with difficulty. She was sweating heavily. "I couldn't wait," she said her voice breathless. "I wasn't constipated but it took alot out of of me as usual. I think I need to lie down...nnnhh..." She strained as she grabbed the towel rack and heaved herself to her feet and headed for the bedroom. I opened the window and seated myself on the toilet (just for a pee) but the toilet seat was so slick with Nina's sweat I almost slipped off!

Gruntly, I enjoyed your stories of the women at camp. I am sorry the large woman did not make any audible straining sounds, for such a huge out of shape woman, you would think it would have been a struggle for her. I did like the description though. Please come back soon and contribute more stories.


I'm a bit disappointed... I had a GREAT weekend, with lots of food & entertainment. I ate... & ate... & ate until I couldn't stuff down any more, but it's now Tuesday morning and NONE of it translated into logs & big BMs. In fact, all I've been able to pass ar just 'marbles'. I admit they're slightly bigger than my average marbles, but nothing remarkable by any stretch of the imagination. (In case you're interested, about 10 marbles came out, they were all a very pale brown, I wiped but the TP was completely clean and I didn't detect any odour.)



JaLe Last Sunday was Mother's Day and our family had traditionally a big, hearty lunch. A well-known fact is what goes in must come out. Yesterday morning (Monday) I felt full feeling in my rectum. After a breakfast I started preparing for work. While I got dressed I let out several quiet, smelly farts. I knew that I should go to the bathroom and take a dump but there was no time for that. My husband was waiting for me in car and we were already a little late of our normal schedule.
As I ran to the car a small fart escaped out of my butt on every other footstep. 40 minutes sitting in car calmed down my urge to poop and when my husband dropped me at my work I didn't feel instant need to poop anymore. So instead of rushing in ladies room I started working. After a short meeting and morning coffee break urge came back and it was strong. I had no choice. I walked to the ladies room. As I stepped in, Hanna, one of my co-workers, was washing her hands. We said hello to each others and I entered nearest stall (we have 2 stalls in our office wing). I hope that it doesn't stink too much there, Hanna said. I could smell odor of fresh poop but it was tolerable. I assume she had just BM. I think I am going to worsen it, I answered and we both laughed. As I lift the seat lid I noticed a huge brown streak at the bottom of bowl. It was long and really wide. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down. I did a short pee. Hanna stayed and kept me company. While we chatted I squeezed out a couple of rather big logs. They emerged out slowly with crackling sound and splashed into the toilet. Then someone came in. Hanna stopped talking and left. The comet took the free stall and she started peeing almost immediately as her ass hit the seat. I grunted softly and continued my defecation by dropping smaller chunks at random. Lady in neighbour stall sat quietly for a while, then peed some more and let out a shy fart. Then she wiped two times. I finished my poop session with slim but rather long snake. I needed some extra wiping times because last part of my poop was a bit gooey.

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