i was ddriving on a road home and it was almost dark and i got a cramp but didn't think nothing about it then it got worse so i squezzed a little and i said i have too doo doo right now. i pulled over and got out and went down a hill and pulled my pants and panties down and squatted and this man asked me if i was peeing and i said no i am doo dooing thanks jessica

I bought the plastic urinal bottle that you find in drug stores to pee in. I used one in the hospital and it was fun especially if a cute nurse is involved. It is more fun that going in the toilet, it is calibrated in ounces and ML so you can see how much you do. You can take it to bed with you if you are really lazy and don't want to get up to go to the bathroom. Usually I will pee between 8-12 OZ and if I am real full I can fill it up to 32 OZ when I want to hold it a long time. They make one for girls that fits over the pussy but I think a girl could use either type standing up. When it gets full you just dump it into the toilet and when it gets stinky, just rinse it out with vinegar.

Gary P.
this happened when I was 24. my friend, Sam, was in my car too. i was driving and halfway through, i could feel a little urge to pee, but not that bad. as for my friend, he seemed to be much more urgent than me. he was fidgetting and crossing his legs all the while for 30 mins. i knew he needed relieve. i guessed that we would be caught in a traffic jam as it was time when everyone goes home in the evening. true enough, we were caught in a MASSIVE jam.
"uh oh! i don't know how long this would last" i said.
he gave me a panic look on his face and said "yea, i hope it'll be fast", but did not tell me why. after another 30mins, the jam was moving only a little but i could feel the urge getting stronger and stronger. as for Sam, he moved around even more, and even grabbed his willie from time to time. i asked if what was wrong, but he was shy and answered me "oh, nothing much". after another 5 mins, the jam was not at all helping our bursting bladders! he finally admitted that he had to pee, but could still hold on. finally, the traffic started moving. at that time, there was no fastfood nearby and we were frantically searching for one. but, there wasn't a single one in sight. i had to drive with one hand and hold on to my willie using the other(i had a small bladder you see). finally, i could no longer stand it and i stopped near some trees, unzipped my fly, and started peeing a huge stream of pee out of my willie. i was done after 2 mins and i asked Sam if he wanted to go too. he was real shy about that as the passing cars could have a good look when doing so. therefore, he refused and claimed that he could hold on till he is home. i knew he couldn't as it would take another 30 mins to reach his place. but, i drove on.
until less than 10mins later, he told me to pull over quickly as he needed to go RIGHT NOW! i did as told but only after a few mins when we were allowed to pull over. as he got out of the car, he started wetting himself as the wet spot on his crotch grew rapidly. before he could even unzip his fly, pee started gushing out real fast, before he could even react! so, he just stood there while pee soaked his pants. we didn't say anything after that as i knew he was embarrassed from his blushing face.

Hey Cute and Shy, thanks for hittin me back girl. Yeah, I missed hearin from u. So u thought my piss dream story was funny huh, LOL Cute and Shy! I post more stories soon.

Love and Peace!

Hey, it's me, Anny again. I just had an accident a couple of minutes ago and I'm sitting in soaked clothes. I had a cup of tea a while ago and I really had to pee, but I didn't want to get up to go to the bathroom because I was busy doing something. Then pee started dribbling out little by little, and it hurt alot to hold it but I tried with all my might to hold the pee in. A few minutes ago, though, my bladder betrayed me, and I fully wet my pants badly. It soaked the edge of the cushion, gushed down my legs and through my crotch, onto the floor but no matter how much I held it, it wouldn't stop coming out, so I had no choice but to let it do it's job. Finally I didn't care anymore and pushed the rest of it out, making a gssshh noise as it hit the floor. My panties and sweatpants are soaked around the crotch and down to my thighs. When I was finished finally I farted and that was the end of it. I am going to go change my pants and clean up, so I'll post later.

Hey, me again. I just posted about 8 minutes ago about how I had just wet my pants. I'm back now, dry and comfortable and the mess wasn't too bad to clean up. I turned the cushion over to the dry side, dried most of the wetness from my pants using my hairdryer(lol) and sprayed some body spray on it to mask the smell and put my wet clothes in the laundry. I'm embarrassed that I had my second accident in like 2 weeks, but if my husband asks, I'll just tell him or tell him the cat wet the floor ;) haha.

Anyway, I thought I'd post some more bathroom stories from childhood. The first one was when me and my mom were shopping in a clothing store. I was only about 4 or 5 when this happened, but I had to pee really badly, and my mom wanted me to try some cute, vibrant-coloured clothes on, so I went into the changing room and put the clothes on the bench-thingy. Well as I did that, all the pee came gushing out and I made a big puddle on the carpet and my panties were wet. Thank god my cute Minnie-mouse style polka-dotted dress didn't get wet, but still. I had an accident in the fitting room! I took off my wet panties and tried the clothes on and after that I put the panties back on and my mom didn't suspect that I had peed myself. Lol.

Another time, we had pouring rain, and I mean torrential downpour! This happened when I was 3 or 4. My stepdad and my mom were holding my hands trying to keep me from getting totally soaked, though that was impossible because I was a really small, short kid. Well I had to pee then too, and I had an accident, peeing my pants. My mom didn't suspect it then either because I had on really dark black jeans, and I was already soaked from the rain, so by the time we got home, my pants were mostly dry so that was it.

When I was 4, I used to hate going shopping with my mom, and for some reason, I used to pee in all my new clothes and shoes, on purpose. I don't know why I did that, but my mom used to get mad that I'd get my new clothes wet and she had to do extra laundry. Lol. I think I will tell this story to my kids when I have children. Haha.

One more story. Last year, I had food poisoning at least 2-3 times. Well the second time I got it, was from caesar salad from Pizza Pizza again. We brought it home and when I ate it, after I felt the familiar cramps and gurgling and I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet where I had violent diarrhea, no vomiting this time. I was so PISSED, because this was the second time I'd gotten food poisoning, from the SAME COMPANY! I was livid, and not to mention sick! After that, I never ate from that restaurant(or any Pizza Pizza) again. Gross! I bet there are people there that don't wash their hands, and then touch the food with it, making people like me really sick.

Well, that's it from me for now, fellow toileteers. I will post later.

P.S. What does it feel like when you have an accident on purpose? Is it uncomfortable, do you like it? I should try it once, but I don't know if I'll like it. My husband wants me to try it but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me, please? Thanks.



I had two humiliating toilet experiences growing up. Actually, they were "no toilet available" experiences.

When I was eight, I was on a field trip to a museum. On the bus, I started feeling sick, and before long, I knew I had diarrhea. I went to the front and asked the teacher if we could please stop, I was going to be sick. She told me we'd be there soon and that I could hold it. I masked a couple more times, but she kept saying no. After fifteen or twenty minutes, I couldn't hold it anymore and I shit my pants. All the boys and girls around me jumped out of their seats and backed away. I had to wait until we got to the museum, go in the mens room and wait for the teacher to bring me a new pair of pants. She brought me sweatpants. I had to wash my butt and legs off in the sink in front of whoever came in to the mens room. It was horrible.

Five years later, I was on a trip with my parents and my sisters. Again, I felt my bowels cramping up. Unfortunately, we were caught in a monster traffic jam at the time. I finally had to jump out of the car run to the side of the road. I found a suitable bush, yanked my pants and underwear down and had explosive diarrhea on the ground. I knew very well that everyone within seeing distance knew what I was doing, but I had no choice. It was that or shit my pants again. I spent two hours with slimy, itchy diarrhea squished between my buttocks until we finally got to a restaurant and I was able to finally wipe my ass.

Other than those two incidents, my BM experiences have been pretty uneventful, but those two are enough for a lifetime!

i have been holing my pee for like 4 hours and reading the stuff on here and its making it worse. im squezing my legs together. also me and my friends have contest who can last the longest then we play a game where we test each other by drinking caffine then pressing each others bladder boy i got to pee. im wearing a pad (4) and peeing feel warm but nice. does any 1 have anymore stories bout pee go into detail i love it.

Blair G.
To Cute & Shy + Sarah:

I loved your stories, please keep them coming.

You asked if anyone had had a similar experience on a bus, and I do. Although mine was a school bus without any toilets.

I was only fifteen and had to ride the bus to and from high school. I started to feel queasy and crampy about halfway through my last class. I could tell I was starting to get a little sick. By the time the bell rang, I knew I needed to use the bathroom. But not very bad and I was pretty sure I could make it the fourty or so minute bus ride home without any problems.

I was wrong. The bouncing and roughness of the bus ride really seemed to accelrate my need to go. Worse, by this time I knew an attack of diarrhea was on the horizion. I knew I was in trouble. My luck with holding in diarrhea had never been very good. (Still isn't. I don't get it very often though, thank God.)

Amazingly, I made it home. I was sweating really bad by the time I got there, and one of my best friends seemed real concerned because I was very pale. I was rocking back and forth with one hand on my stomach and my butt clenched real tight. I explained my situation to her, but she didn't have much advice to offer.

Anyway, we pulled up infront of my driveway (about a 20 yard walk from the drive way to the house, dern it) and I gathered my books and stood up. I was walking very wobbly, and I'm sure everyone could tell my buttcheeks were squeezed together. I heard a few people snicker, but at that point I didn't care.

I got off the bus and headed toward my house. I wanted to use my hands to help hold everything in, but with everyone watching me from the window ... I didn't want to embarass myself like that. The bus pulled away and I tried to move faster.

Suddenly my stomach rumbled loudly and a bad cramp stopped me in my tracks. I dropped my bookbag and tried to get control of myself, but I couldn't. Mushy poo begin making it's way into my tiger striped thong (bad undies to have an accident in, lemme tell you!)

I was crying by then, begging not to have an accident. But the slow ooze began getting faster until I finally gave in. a wave of very hot, wet crap instantly filled the seat of my pants and ran down my legs. It was probably the worst accident I've ever had.

Luckily, no one was home and I was able to clean up and dispose of the evidence. I had several more waves of diarrhea that day and night, and missed school the next day. Luckily, no other garments had to go in the garbage. I was lucky there though, I would have had another messy pair of panties, but I was woke up in the night needing to go. I didn't make it, but wasn't wearing pants or panties so it was only a pile/puddle on the hall floor. I can elaborate on that story later, but I really need to hit the hay now.

Oh, and BTW: I later found out from a friend that I was the target of a Chocolate laxative related prank earlier that day.

The Hipster
I've been reading the stories here for a long time, but never really had the balls to write one of my own but I think it's time for me to contribute. I think maybe I will just tell you all a bit about myself in my first post. I am 19, male, and 5 feet 10 inches tall. Oh, and for what it's worth I'm blind, but I don't want to make it sound like I am bitching about my disability. I am interested in women pooping. It's just something you wouldn't expect from a female. I know going to the bathroom is natural and everybody does it, but a woman stinking up the restroom is a subject that is almost never discussed with the acception to this forum. Well, I really don't have a lot of time, but I promis a story in my next post. I should probably mention that I have a learning disability as well so my spelling isn't the best, so sorry if I seam eliterit. And trust me, my blindness has made for some pretty funny bathroom experiences. Well, later for now.

Hey if you don't remember me im midge 60 from just outside Boston and I live in New York now. Two days ago I woke up and put on these new tightigsh black button pants and a nice white blowse with a vest ontop and I was going to a friends friends house. my friend had just left it was just me and her when a huge bm hit me. I paniced when she went into the kitchen I uncarefully unfolded my legs got up and headed for the stairs. i pushed my self to the top. this was a big one.

looking desprately for a toilet i went into her bedroom where i figured there would be a bathroom. there were to doors next to eachother i opened a closet first then the bathroom.! it was a largish bathroom but I needed to poop and when your 60 trust me I got my pants off fast my panties off quicker and i was on that toilet fast. IT HURT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
MUCH. I then found my self a bit hurting to my stomach. I wipped my but and went to flush when it wouldnt flush.. i called her up and she was a tad ticked but what ever im still sitting on a cushion from that.

Okay, I must tell this story. I was in the third grade (I think) and every year my school took a trip to a really cool wave pool. Well, when I got there I felt the urge to poop, but of course, I didn't want to miss out on the fun. So, I went and swam for like 2.5 hrs, and by the time we got out, I was fighting in back. By the time I was dressed, it felt a bit better; but as I finished eating lunch, it came back on. I ate rather quickly (maybe what caused it), so I had time to go back in. However, just as I was approaching the stall, it all came out. I remember just bending over in pain, and feeling it all come out. I went into the stall, and attempted to remove some, but it was no use. To make matters worse, I was wearing white underwear, so it was all one big mess pushed up against me. Now, this next part was pretty bad, but I do remember everybody teasing me, and sitting in it, and it was one smelly bus ride home. I also peed my pants a bit b4 getting home, so it was a big, squishy mess. I was teased at school for quite some time. Also, I pooped my pants at school later that year.


You shouldn't feel guilty about it... After all, what other choice did you have? From your story, not much it seems.

Whether you should tell your husband depends on how comfortable with 'toilet humour' - so-to-speak. If you know that he is extremely prudish and close-minded about the subject, then you might just want to keep the secret to yourself. (Some people are still raised to believe that bowel movements are somehow 'sinful' and disgusting, that they can never be enjoyable, and must NEVER be discussed in any way at all... Period.)

On the other hand, he may think it's the funniest thing in the world learning about accident problem in Berlin. There are plenty of husbands who would welcome the chance to know a little bit more about their mate's bathroom activities & mishaps.

Only you know where your guy falls between those two positions.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you can casually mention the subject of BM's (but not necessarily your bathroom habits or accidents), you might want to observe his reactions.



It was a warm summer eve, my girlfriend and I were at a night time rodeo at the county fair. We were watching the rodeo from a platform next to a chainlink fence, not in stands. There were no other people near us and it was partially lighted. The rodeo was down to one of the last events, the wild cow milking (a lively fun filled event). The event was about to start when she told me " I have to go to the restroom. I said can you wait? You will miss the wild cow milking. She told me that she had not pooped in about two days and really had to go.Her last poop was a wet one and her stomach had been growling all evening.

I said, you mean two big dinners, a breakfast and a lunch are all waiting to be expelled? She said yes and if she didn't get to the restroom soon they would be expelled into her panties. I said, well expell them into your panties if you must, but don't miss the wild cow milking. (I have had a seceret panty pooping fettish for years )

She then shocked me and said, REALLY! I CAN DO IT IN MY PANTS! YOU WON'T CARE?

I have to describe this girl. She was 5'7'', 120, blond shoulder length hair. She had a really nice firm figure, great butt, flat t??y. This evening she was wearing a T shirt not tucked in that ended just at the belt. A pair of tight, light brown, Levi Jeans that were made of a loose weave cotton. The spacing of the weave allowed one to sort of see through them a notice the shine of her tight, light blue, nylon panties and panty lines. Drove me nutts!

I said " I Double Dog Dear You to do it. Double Dog Dear. She thought, and then said, Well I gotta go SOON! She then removed a tampon from her purse and said "It will probably be a wet one and I don't want any inside me."

She then dropped her jeans to her knees and put in the tampon. After that she adjusted her panties. They were tight, snapped the elastic at the legs, smoothed the panty waistband then appeared to feel the nylon on her butt and crotch. She said these will be ruined. When she pulled up her jeans I said wait! Don't let it explode into your pants.
It will just shoot out the leg holes of you panties and go down your legs. Take a deep breath, relax, and let it ooze into your panties, filling them slowley.

We were standing side by side. I put my hand on her butt and felt the smoothness of her panties. I said is there room in here? She said there better be. It's too late now. My hart was pounding. I said are you sure you want to do this? She didn't answer. We watched the event.
She stiffened and slightly spread her legs, put her hands on her butt,looked over at me smiled, and said "I'm oozing. Boy am I oozing! I just completely filled up the crotch of my paniies. I'm glad I put that tampon in.

She then said, I want to be naughty. I want to get the full effect of shitting my pants. lets go walk around and see the the horses. We got off the platform and started to walk. I told her that she was walking like she had shit her pants. She said she didn't care who knew. She suddenly stopped. The look on her face was priceless. I heard a wet fart. She said, Well I just filled up the backside now. I hope it all stays in my panties. She turned around ans asked " can you tell?" Because I know her butt I could tell.

We walked around for two hours in the fairground. It had soaked completely through her panties and jeans with a brown wetness. The front of her jeans were wet, her crotch was wet and brown. Her butt was the real prize. Now, one could tell at a glance that she pooped her pants. Her butt was wet with an inch thick of a brown fullness that started at the panty line and went wide towards the hips and up the crack of her butt.There was brown film forming over the area of her filled panties. It did stay in her panties though.

There weren't many people out at this time. The smell had gone down. She acted as if nothing happened. Those people that did see her didn't say much. Two young guys said hay you need do something. She said to them. I have shit my pants at least 5 times in the past hour. I am not going to let it spoil my night. Other people heard this, shrugged and walked away.

She said she liked the way it felt, squished when she walked. She just didn't want to sit in it. This started something between us.

jack crap
hi my name is jack
im 23 and i have a story 4 u all
the story starts at my school graduation. me and my best mate had started of with tea at ny house, dinner consisted of sea food and big steaks with salid and all the sides.
the alchol consumption was hectic and lets just say we got rather drunk.
we are both big men and we are on the footy teem so we went to the colage teams keg party and drank some more, on the way back from the keg party in the cab i felt some rather large gut pains and started to sweet i looked over at my friend and i could tell that he was experencing the same thing, so i asked the driver to pull over to the 24 hr mall, paid our fair and we both ran for the mens, to our missfortune the mens were locked but the single dissabled toilet was ok to go into, THE problem now was who was going first, so i came up with "maby we can try and fit on it togeather" so we both droped our dacks and went back to back- their was no toilet seat so we were both bare assed on this grose bowl and nothing was happing (suspence) when my mate groaned as i hear this massive wave of liquid crap i stoped to think when he leaned forward slightly and sprayed again this time spraying my balls with liquid crap i was sicked but could not do any thing but shit. so now it was my time i felt it gurgle through my colon i leant forward an unleashed a moan and wave of liquid shit it was intence, the waves went for at least eight seconds. my mate jumped up and went over to the sink and hurled with his pants down around his ankels when i feel that i have to vomit also so sit on the crapper probly and hurl rite in front of my feet and all down the side of the toilet where my friend was sitting so now the area was a no go zone so that ruined the double pooping session, the shit just came flowing to the point where i was having a double barrell reaction (both ends) when my friend had to shit but i was not capeable of getting up so he turned around and faced his ass towards the corner directly adjacent from me put his hands on the ground and vomited, as he vomited a large spray of liquid poop sprayed all over the wall, all i saw was brown water expell from a full grown man, it was horrific he was in tears.
we didnt leave the toilt for at least half hr
i felt sorry for the cleaner

To answer Pharmacist's survey:

1- How tall are you? 4'11.5"
2- How old are you? 17
3- What is your build (skinny, thick, heavy) Skinny
4- How large would you say your poop rates on a scale from (1-10) 4-6
5- Is your poop, (Hard, halfway, soft, chunky or runny) Halfway between hard and soft
6- Does your poop (have no smell, smells a little, can stink up a private bathroom, can stink up part of a public restroom, can stink up an entire public restroom)? Can stink up a private bathroom for like 10-20 mins
7- Does your poop normally float or sink? Sink
8- Are you ( very ladlike, not at all, or in between)Not at all
9- What color is your poo usually? Brown
10- What kind of food do you eat? Junk

1. How old are you? 17
2. Do you like pooing, or dislike it? I like pooping...a lot
3. Do you fart a lot while you poo, and are they loud or silent? They are usually silent or very quiet
4. How thick are your poos and do they sometimes hurt your bumhole? They are usually a couple inches thick
5. Have you ever looked at your bum hole with a mirror while you pood or farted? I always look between my legs
6. Have you ever had a really messy poo where your bumhole has been really dirty and then found there was no paper? No
7. Do you sometimes have a nice clean poo when your bum hole is so clean afterwards that you don't wipe at all? Yeah
8. When you wee does it male a loud whooshing noise or does it come out quietly? It makes whooshing noises
9. Do you sometimes fart when you wee? Yeah. Always
10. Who has heard you fart? My family and some friends

1. Toilets. Do you like them? I guess...
2. Do you remember the first time you were toilet training? Nope
3.Were your parents the kind who video taped you training? No
4. Have you ever used a:
Pill Laxative (Dulcolax, phillips) : No
Liquid Laxative (Milk of Magnesia, Castor Oil, Laxit): No
Chocolate Laxative (Ex - Lax Chocolate cream chews): No
Rectal Enema (Fleet): No
5. Have you ever pooped in front of someone before? Yes Who was it? Not yet
6. Has someone talked to you while pooping? My friends have a few times
7. Have you ever had diarrhea: Yes
In the school: Yes
In a restaurant: Yes
At Home: Yes
At a park or swimming area: Yes

8. Have you ever went into the opposite Sex's restroom before? Yes
If so: When I was younger, I'd go in with my dad

9. Would you or have you pooped in any other place besides a toilet? I've pooped outdoors once

A sink: No
A bathtub: When I was little
In the woods: Yes
in the water: No
in your room: No
In your pants (On Purpose): When I was little
In your pants (By Accident): No

10. If you have used a laxative, describe how you started it, what you did during that time for it to take effect, and what you did during it. Give vivid descriptions. When you expelled, give description to all pains and feels, good or bad, and would you do it again? ----

12.Have you ever sat on a toilet different before? (I.E. - sitting backwards, sideways, standing over the toilet, sitting naked, Any others): Backwards, squatting, standing over the toilet, naked
13. Have you ever played a game while pooping? No

14. If you used a laxative, did you use it for constipation or for something else? (If for something else, please specify what it was: ----

Thursday, May 18, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER On the subject of yoghurt I am taking this special yoghurt called Yakult. I think it might be successful because despite being on codine(I take it only every few days when I really need pain relief) I have not got too constipated. I have had hard poos as previous posts state. So Traceygirl give it a try. Also try abdominal massage but you need somebody to do it who knows the way around one`s anatomy. Jamie`s recitation on enemas is an idea worth following...they do take some practise, I have not had the opportunity to have one for many months. If I had one at home they would all think I was weird.
This morning I easily pushed out an amount of turds in the hovering position at a public toilet. (travelling between customers when the urge hit) I wonder if hovering makes it easier for me to shit?
Right now I feel as though I should move my bowels, there is a bit of pressure ther...will report back in some minutes...
Well I am back and not in luck a couple of small hard turds that too a gigantic effort to get out and I have a sore hole now. My ???? is a bit rumbley... better luck next time.

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