Below is the story of two days poops. I'm posting them both at once, but they happened on two different days

At about 6:15, I felt the unmistakable urge to poop. When I first sat down on the toilet, I farted a lot (Probably because of the burritos I had for dinner today).

The need to go had died down after I got rid of all that gas built up, but I know my body well. I pushed to help my turd get out, but to no avail. I stopped pushing and tried again about a minute later. Still nothing. Finally, I just gave up and went to use the computer, figuring I just had gas.

As 10:00 rolled around and I still hadn't pooped, I turned in for the night, as I needed to be at work at 8 AM.


*My poop for Saturday May 13, 2006*

My body is usually very regular, but even the most regular digestive systems get constipated sometimes. As I woke up and began my morning routine of getting ready for work, I felt the urge to poop again after breakfast.

I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, hoping for some relief. The first turd began to work its way out of my body. Immeadiately after a second turd needed out. I let out a big hearty Pppffffffftt and let loose a third turd. I pushed a little just to make sure I was empty. Nothing came out.

Now for the post-dump analysis. All my turds are jumbled up at the bottom of my toilet. All of my turds are a sandy brown color, very minute differences in color.

The first turd I see is quite small, maybe 4 inches long. It retained nearly all of it's texture, a rare occurence for me. The second one is a little longer and loses it's texture gradually as I look from one end to the other. Finally, a group of very small turds each featureless. It likely came out as one turd, but broke apart.

As for right now, I need to finish getting ready for work. I think it'll take a lot of tp to get clean, I took a messy poo this morning.

Cute & Shy
To Sarah
What happened? What did you do to make yourself have an accident and did anyone else notice? What clothes were wearing? LoL My fault for all the questions. Either way, what happened to you is still embarrassing. Sorry that it had to happen to you. And nah, I wasn't wearing a thong. The other girls were in the center of the room playing basketball so they weren't paying attention to my accident, but my friends saw it and the only thing they did was laugh. Just have the accident in front the gym teacher and my friends embarrassed me. They didn't tell anyone though. It was a regular BM accident, but it was mushy like diarrhea.

To A.W.
You miss me? LOL A.W. I was just gonna post two stories. Just wait after I post this message first. My stories should be right behind this one. Oh yeah., that other story you posted was funny. You dream strange. *rolleyes*

Cute & Shy
If there's ever a time I'm not too shy to use a bathroom with other people around besides at home, it's on a bus. Don't ask why, I don't know. LOL Anyway, I remember this happened when I was 15 years old and I was on the Greyhound. We were supposed to travel directly from Pittsburgh to Chicago without any bus changes. When we first got on the bus, I always get the back seats. Lol Especially if the trip's long. Anyway, everything was straight until I got this stomachache. It wasn't that bad so I just got my pillow and my cover and went to sleep. When I woke up, my stomachache was worse than before and I had gas, but I didn't have to use the bathroom though. The people that were in the seats in front of me I think were sleep so when I had the chance, I farted the whole time. They were silent smelt really bad. People above the back of the bus could smell it because I heard some people that was still awake mention it, but they didn't know who it was. LOL I couldn't sleep either. After my gas went away, a few minutes later, the only thing I could feel was a big stomach cramp and then the feeling like I had to shit and I would have an accident if I wasn't careful. Luckily, the bathroom was right next to me, so I went into the bathroom and pulled my pants down and when I sat down, diarrhea just exploded into the toilet louder than I expected. My gas wasn't silent then either. It had to been too loud for people not to hear it. An old Caucasian man that was sitting right above me and next the bathroom even looked at me and laughed when I came out. I probably woke him up when I shit or he probably was awake the whole time. Anyway, I had diarrhea for the rest of the night even until morning, I didn't care if people heard it. Anybody else have a story similar to this one?

This happened two years ago in the 9th grade at the Y. (At the same time as the story above^) When we were swimming up and down in the pool, I had to pee and I knew that I couldn't make it out, so I just peed in the pool, but it turned red. That was embarrassing. The coach never told me that pee turns red in a pool. Anybody else have a story similar to this one?

Hi, new poster. my name is Ludovico (Italian), male, now 23 yrs old. just fished studying law at Cambirdge Universtity. This story is from 1992, when i was 9yrs old.

I was doing a forest walk in the Lake dstrict (very near Scotland) with a huge party of Kids of my age. This walk was for 15 to 20 miles. My walking partner Jonathan Agnew was reading the map, then i noticed that he was holding his butt cheeks together and was squirming, but i dismissed this for some unbenouned reason.

about 3 hrs later and my bladder was slowly but surley filling up, so i did want to pee but there was only about 10 miles left so i knew i could hold it. However, Jonathan was now sweating and was writhing. He walked over to me and said 'Ludo, i really need to poop'.
'well go then, there's nobody around'.
'but i can only poop indoors, it's dirty'.
'so what John, you don't want to poop your pants do you'?
He agreed and he went over to a large Oak tree and un snapped his trousers and his underwear and squated down. He did'nt need to strain at all because he actally had the runs! He was crying as waves of liquid poop streamed from his ass. i ran over but there was nothing i could do. he finally finsished and he looked pale but otherwise completly fine! (he still has the constitution of an ox)!

After that fiasco we got hoplessly lost, that was'nt good becasue by this time i was brsting to pee a gallon! Jonathan was concerend but again, he could not do antyhing! I was writhing and every step was really painful, i has holding my willie with all my might, not even through my underwear. it was about 1:30pm and one hr later i was still crring the equvalent of a watermelon in my crotch. i was now crying but i was not going to wet myself, considering i have a gigantic bladder (still do). however by 3:30 i had no choice, even though we had found the path and it was just 2 mles to the camp i could'nt wait. thrre was no way i could un zip my trousers ot takedown my underwaer without pouring the eqivalent of the red sea into my clothes.
'Johnathan, could you help me'.
'what can i do'.
'it's really embarising but, could you take of my trousers and underwear'?
'you are joking, please tell me it is'nt that bad'.
'it is, if itried i know i would flood myself, literaly'.
johnathan agreed and un zipped my trousers, i could see that he was REALLY embarressed and so was i, however, when john took down my underwear we saw that my bladder was so swollen that my crotch was protruding about 3 cm's! john overcame his embarresment of seeing my willie, 'you er. might want to move John'. He needed about 0% encouragement and he dashed out of the way. I let go of my willie...

pee rocketed out with the force of a pressure hose, 'jesus ludo', he said, 'you really had to go'! That was the understatement of the year! My stream went on for just over 1 min 30 seconds, not dying down until i min 26 seconds! My entire crotch area, my bladder and my willie were really painful for the next 20 mins.

next post in a few months.

1) When was the last time you were really sick? 6 months ago
2) Would you rather have diarrhea or barf? diarrhea
3) Have you ever had diarrhea and barfed at the same time? no
4) Have you ever had an accident because you were really sick? Yes, once i was wearing my cute pajamas and i was layin down on my couch watching tv, and I thought I had to fart, but i sprayed out liquid shit!

Before I left for my doctor's appointment the other day I had to pee but I didn't because I thought they might need a urine sample and I was right they did. I got back pretty fast but I sat in the other room waiting for the doctor for forever and I really had to go. So finally she came in and it seemed like the first part of the physical last forever and finally she brought me the cup to pee in. They gave me a wipe and I was suppose to clean myself really well, start to pee first in the toilet and then stick the cup into my stream. So I cleaned my myself and sat down and started to pee. It felt so good because I really had to go and then I stuck the cup in my stream and some dripped down the side and then it over-flowed and it was all over my hand and the outside of the cup. so when I was done I washed my hand, put the lid on and then rinsed off the outside of the cup and then finally pulled up my pants. When I brought the cup back totally full they kinda looked at me funny. lol


Today I have a different type of story to share with you all. I was shopping at the mall today, enjoying my day off, as I often do, and while shopping I had to pee. I casually walked to the public bathroom as I can hold my pee for a while if need be.

The women's bathroom had three stalls and only one was in use. I took the middle stall, locked the door, pulled down my pants and started peeing. The woman next to me was struggling audibly a little with her turd.

Curiousity got the best of me - I wanted to hear the outcome of her poop, so I pretended like I was also trying to poop. After about a minute of her straining and the turd slowly crackling out, it finally hit the water with a splash.

The woman sighed with relief, wiped once and left without flushing or washing her hands. I didn't hear another stall door open (One of the benefits of living in a relavitely small town is the public bathrooms don't get much use), so I flushed and went into the next stall.

I looked in the toilet and I saw was a huge turd - no wonder she had trouble passing it! It wasn't huge in length, only an inch or two, but it was wide enough that my fingers couldn't fit around it. As I was admiring the turd, I heard the bathroom door open, so I flushed and went over to the sink.

While I was washing my hands, the woman who just came in had a quick pee and went to wash her hands also. I left the bathroom and went back to shopping.

At home at the usual time, I had my daily poop. Nothing really exciting about it though - just one solid turd. It felt really long, but when I looked in the toilet, I was dissapointed to find only a 5 inch turd. In any case, that's all for today, I'll have more tomorrow.

Hi, it's Tracy, it's been a while since I've posted. I've been having constipation problems again, and I wind up having to take Correctol about once a week or so. After I take it I'm okay for a few days and then I slowly stop going again. I'm concerned about taking a stimulant laxative so often and getting hooked on it. The other night on TV I saw an ad for a product that's intended for constipated young women, it's like a yogurt culture or something that's supposed to ease you back to regularity in two weeks or so. I forget the name of it but I was wondering if anyone on here had tried it and how well it worked.

Hey Bashful Myron! Sometimes there's a line of women waiting to use the restroom. I don't think that they would be very accomodating if you try to crash their toilets! And we all know there is a double standard-It's ok for women to use the guys restroom, but not the other way around. You may even get arrested. Unless you are in a gay bar, then I think it's ok for you to use their stalls. Then the question would be.... would you crap your pants? Hmm........ Such a dilemna.

Anyway, if you ever got in that situation (and hopefully, you won't), remember that the vast majority of guys could care less if they caught a glimpse of you taking a dump. And you'd probably have your pants back up before the last turd finished hitting the water!

No public dumpings to report. I'll fill y'all in when I have the next one.

One time when I came home from school I had had to piss so bad & didn't know if I could make it. I tryed holding it & relized people would stare so I start running as fast as I could toward home as there was no where to go. When I got to the house I was litterly dancing as I unloked the door. Once in I continued to hold it until I start feeling moistue in my hand. I knew I was in trouble so I kept on holding. Well before I got to the bathroom I couldn't hold it anymore & I ended up having wet pants. So I sat down on the toliet & finshed taking my piss. I didn't like the feel of this & hopefully i will never have to hold it that bad again. I do like the feel of the pee going into my jeans at first.

Hey, it's me again :) I thought I would share some bathroom stories, which are not mine but are kinda funny. Okay here goes.

One time in the summer, me, my cousin and our friends Victoria and Zack were outside playing and enjoying the summer weather. This was 9 years ago, which meant that I was 11 and my cousin was 6(now we're 19 and 15) So anyway, we're outside, and they decided to just go pee in the grass if they felt the urge, and they did this often. So my cousin saw Zack peeing on the tree, and she wanted to try it too. She pulled her shorts and underwear slightly down, and tried to aim her pee at the tree. It didn't work out so well, and instead of getting it on the tree or ground she ended up peeing all over her panties and shorts and it made a huge gshhhh noise as it hit her clothes. Let's just say she never tried that one again. Sorry if this story sucked. Lol.

The second story happened to my husband when he was in Grade 11. He was 16 in September, 1998 and came to Canada for the first time, so he didn't know much English when he came here, but his English has improved greatly. Anyway, it was the first day of school for him and he needed to use the washroom badly. After asking the best he could for the washroom, someone told him where it was, he ran to the bathroom because he hadn't taken a crap that morning like he usually does every day. When he got there, the light was not on and in his haste he ran into a stall, pulled down his pants and went to sit on the toilet but missed it completely and shit all over the floor. LOL! He was completely embarrassed, and ended up getting some of the crap on his uniform pants. Later, when he was in the cafeteria, people were talking about the big pile of crap on the floor of the stall, and his face turned bright red, but luckily no one but him knew. He is now 23, and he told me this story a year and a half ago when he met me, and I was embarrassed for him, but both of us find this story funny now. Although if he knew that I posted this story he might kill me. lol :D

So those are the bathroom stories. If there are any more, I'll post them.



Today, my daily poop was very overwhelming. I felt the urge worse than I have in quite some time. I quickly ran into the bathroom and had barely got on the toilet when the floodgates opened.

My stomach rumbled fiercely as a mushy mess of a turd rushed to freedom in the toilet bowl. A brief reprise in the middle and then gobs of butt goo. The bathroom smelled so bad after I was done, but I still looked at my poop.

Not surprisingly, all I saw was a war zone. Brown water and some barely solid turds with tiny chunks of partially undigested food scattered throughout. I used so much tp to get clean, I was afraid the toilet would clog, but it didn't.

hey eveyone! i have never posted before, ive been far too shy, but today i finally got up my courage. i call myself 'kelsie-small-bladder' for obvious reasons. i will tell a few good stories tonight, but first you will have to put up with me telling you about myself, or you coule skip down to the storie. i have had a small bladder for as far back as i can remember, which is about 5. i much rather hear peeing accidents than pooping, so please keep them coming! i have brown hair, brown eyes. i will keep puting out stories, but i will put them out few at a time, so you will have to keep reading the posts to hear them! a word to the wise !(and to those who decided not to use their brains these last few days, if you are experiencing flooding): if you get out to take pictures, always watch your step! test the ground before you step down! my sister and i we taking pictures, and she stepped out onto what she thought to be ground. it was only pine needles on top of water! she fell down, down, and it was past her neck, and she was still falling! something was pulling at her, and if i hadn't reached out and grabbed her she would have been sucked under the road and been done for! now tell me that isnt a scary thought! anyhow, here's the post:

the old story:

OK, here's the deal; i am at my day care center, (i was 5 at the time.) and, to put it frankly,she scared me. she was always scratching scratch tickets, talking half spanish, etc. now, she had the meanest daughter in the world. one day at nap time, i had to go pee, but i was afraid to go in her house. I held it till i aboslutely HAD to go, right then, right there. I got to nap time, and already i felt a small squirt of pee come out into my underwear.i thought that was odd since i had always learned that you have to pee when you drink lots and lots of water, ( my mom has the World's Biggest Bladder.) but all i'd had to drink was a small cup of water from the faucet (the apple juice might have BUGS in it!) and now i was gonna wet my pants? what had i done to deserve that punishment? now, almost everyones parents nowadays spanked their kids for peeing their pants, as if the embarassment and humiliation wasnt enough for them, they had to pile another punishment on top of it! i found out from my friend where i was supposed to sleep. i practictically jumped for joy, finding theat it was in the baby-siter's daughter's bed. it was like a dam; the wall was broken and there was no stoping all the water from flowing out. i jumped into bed, peed, and quietly sneaked out while she was still giving out orders as to whom was to sleep where. i took my bag, which mom always kept a clean pair of clothes in. everyone was in there; no point in going into the bathroom to change, no one would see me in the hall where i was. I took off my pants and underwear off; i knew the daughter had the same pair; she had once claimed they were her's, having her mother make me take them off and check to see if they had Elizabeth's name on them. they didnt; they were mine. i grabbed a sharpee and neatly wrote beth's name on them. I left them in the basket of dirty laundry. the babysitter was still telling some girls where to nap. i went over to the bed and yelled loudly, "EEEEEWWWWW, THERE'S PEE ALL OVER BETH'S BED!" everyone yelled,"Beth is a bed wetter!" and her mother did something i new was very mean to feel happy about, but i felt like she was getting exactly what she deserved for being so mean; she spanked her in front of everyone, and (I never knew people could be so mean when they got embarassed.) yelled " I wonder what Darrie thinks of you now, the 'love of your life?' she was so bright red i almost felt bad; don't worry, she got me back, and good. I'm gonna turn in for tonight, i'll post tomorrow the continuation of the story.

jamie :)
hey everyone
first of all i see alot of people here talking about being constipated and all the problems that you have. i hate having to poop at work but im there for 10 hours a day so its hard not to. i do enemas twice a week. it usually takes an hour to get it all done and i dont have to poop usually for like 2 days i love it. its such a good feeling and its so relaxing i sleep like a baby after i do it. i have an enema bag that holds 2 quarts if water that i hang up and i slip the nozzle in my anus and fill up my t??y. i lie down on the bathroom floor and can feel myself getting filled up with warm water. usually the enema going in me takes like 10 minutes sometimes the slower the better cause if u do it quick u get cramps. so when its in me i have to squeeze my hole pull out the nozzle and jump up on the potty. sometimes its hard for me to hold alot of water if its been my first enema in a while i have made messes on the floor that i just couldnt hold thats why i got an inflatable nozzle that i use now so it will help me hold it and then when i get on the potty it comes out of me in a rush its such a good feeling. all the poopy water comes right out and sometimes i fill the bowl and it smells a little cause its all the stuff coming out of u. usually when i do my enemas i do like 3 or 4 of them so i make sure im clean. then i always take a bath after and its so relaxing. you dont have to worry about being constipated again. i have gone to the store to buy a fleet enema then i went behind the store in a field with some tall grass and stuff and did it there i had a towel with me and laid it down then got on my hands and knees and pushed the enema to my hole and squeezed it in and i just let it go there i had to put my bathing suit back on and im sure my backside was a little messy but i showered when i got back home. i was in a gym locker room once by myself it was after i was swimming in the pool and they were closing but you could get outside through a locker room door so i was in the alone and i got undressed and went in the shower room and one of the showers was broken so it just came out like a hose does so i layed down and brought my legs back behind my head so i could get the water to go in my anus and filled myself up that way but i couldnt make it to the toilet and it all just came out of me there it was like a river of poop going to the drain i had to kind of push it with my foot to get it to all go down lol... ok so in case all of you were wondering i grew up getting enemas from my mom cause i had t?y problems when i was growing up so ive continued to use them in my life cause it helps i think they are a great tool if you know how to use them and i will never be constipated again. sometimes after ive done my enema im not sure if i got all the crap out and i have had accidents before like in my car and at work and stuff that i had to ask someone to bring me new underwear and pants so sometimes i grab 2 tissues and wet them and push them inside my anus to help me hold it all in case i have an accident in the car anyway enemas are excellent i recommend that everyone try some as soon as possible i have used the little fleet bottles before but they dont work as well and they have chemicals in them just get an enema bag and use water in it you will love it too, please let me know how you all do. thanks :)

My name is Erin and I just turned 30 last month. I pooped my pants really badly at work last week, and decided to search the internet for embarrassing stories to help me cope with what happened.

First of all, I have shoulder length brown hair and am about 5 foot 7, medium build, nice butt you could say. I am married to a very wonderful and understanding man. Here's what happened...

I am an assistant manager at a shoe store in one of those big box malls. It was a Wednesday and I was scheduled to work 9 to 9, which is what we call a "slam". Usually we have one of our part-time students come in from 1 to 9 or 5 to 9 depending on their availability. On my way to work I started feeling a little crampy, but I thought that it was because my period was due by Saturday. I used the bathroom in our back room before I opened the store and was able to pee and poop a little bit. Between 10 and 11 in the morning I was really busy, helping two to three people at a time, with others waiting in line. The cramps became much stronger during this time and I was letting out these silent farts to relieve the pressure. I was waiting for things to quite down and then I was going to use the bathroom again. Unfortunately I didn't make it. By 10:45 I had to go so badly that I felt like like I was sweating. I was ringing someone through the cash when the urge to go hit me like a rocket. I tried to hold on and clench my butt cheeks with all my might, but slowly my body pushed this runnly load of diarrhea into my white polka dot bikini style panties. I had to help a few more people out and was still going a little more at a time as I walked slowly around the store. I was wearing light brown dress pants and a white blouse and bra. When the store was finally empty I decided to take a look at my rear end in one of the mirrors. The damage was starting to show through my light brown dress pants.

I tried calling some of our part-time girls to see if they could come in early and none of them were home so I left messages with them. We actually just have two part-timers and my manager was out of town, so I was really out of luck, standing there at 11 in the morning with poop filled panties and pants. One of the girls called back and said that she was sick at school and had to go home because of an "incident" that she had. It turns out that she and I had similar days. The other girl could not come in because she had to study for some exams and her mom wouldn't let her work.

I then tried calling some of my girl friends to see if they could at least bring me a change of panties but I could not get a hold of them as they were at work. Finally I swollowed my pride and called my husband. I left him a message at his office and then on his cell phone to call me back or to come to the store as soon as possible because it was urgent. At around 3:30 in the afternoon he finally came by. I was helping a few people out at the cash when he came in and gave him a little smile as he milled around the store. When they left he came over and I started crying a little. Here's the conversation...

"Hey, what's the matter? Why are you crying?"
I couldn't speak. "Erin, what's wrong? Are you okay?"
"I'm sick", I said.
"Okay, did you try calling someone in?"
"Yes and no one is available. Listen, I need you to do me a huge favour".
"Okay, anything you need, what is it? Did your period start early?" He asked. I have always been very open about my period schedule with my husband.
"No, not yet", I said, "I need you to get me a change of underwear. I had an accident", I started crying again. "I had diarrhea and pooped my pants this moring!" I started wailing.
He came closer to me and gave me a great big hug and said, "Oh, that's okay honey. Things like these happen, that's why they call them accidents".
"Yeah, I guess so", I was starting to calm down.
"I'll go home and get you a clean pair of underwear. Do you need a clean pair of pants as well?"
"No, that's okay, just the panties will do...oh god, no!" I started going again, refilling my already filled panties. "Can you just please go over to Zellers or the Superstore and buy me a new pair of underwear? I need to get out of these as quickly as possible"
"Okay, sure, no problem", I could tell he was nervous, "Do you need anything else?"
"Umm, well, yeah, if you could also get me some pads as well, that would be very helpful. I will need them soon anyway", he did ask!
I told him what I use, Always Long Overnights and away he went. About 30 minutes later he came back with a package of Hanes Her Way and the maxi pads that I asked for. I gave him another hug and went to change my panties and clean myself up. I decided to use one of the maxi pads as well, something that I learned from a girl friend of mine in high school when I pooped my pants when I was 17 on a class trip.

I'll have to tell that story another time. I hope you enjoyed this one.


My Logs Have Girth
I took a huge super dump today. I was at McDonald's and I couldn't hold it. I rushed through the door unzipping my fly before I even got into a stall (I'm lucky nobody was in there). I slammed the toilet seat don't sat down and the dude started to poke out. This was a thick son a of bitch. I pushed and pushed and actually had to loosen the guy with my fingers. It slowly pushed out. I bent over and gave another push and the log finally slid out. This thing was large. It had peanuts in it which was kinda nice to look at. I guess it was about 10" long and 3" thick. I had some shit on my fingers from guiding it out. Hell, I didn't even flush. I left it for the next guy to marvel (or look at in disgust).

I watched my boyfriend dump yesterday. He planted a couple logs. The were about average sized but still hard as bricks. He's lucky not to be me and push out tree trunks. He gives me great entertainment none the less;)

Gruntly Bogwell
FAT WOMAN: I remember you and your appreciation of my stories, glad you found happiness with another large woman, with whom to share you life and poo trials. I believe some of the problems overweight people have in producing a poo is related to large appetites and lack of muscle tone in the abdomen. Exercise would firm up your grunt muscles, you would be able to work your lower abdominal muscles around your sphincter in times of constipation more efficiently...but fat people are reduced to straining and grunting more than remember my friend Carol who weighed 320 lbs...she would get quite sweaty during a poo session...I guess it just comes with the territory. I do remember sneaking into the woman's restroom at a campsite in the mountains, when I was a teenager and secreting myself in one of the stalls. These pots were actually a can with a toilet seat and your leavings fell into a pool of decomposition liquid several feet below the any one dropping a turd, created a resounding echo. It wasn't long before a woman and her pre-teen daughter came in, for their morning constitutionals. They seated themselves a peed loudly, the daughter hummed a bit as she plooped and plopped away...but their was nothing from the mother next door, so I quietly stood on the toilet seat and peeked over the top. The woman in her late thirties had her pants and panties down to her knees with her rounded rump firmly in place on the toilet seat...but she was bent way forward straining for relief...I could see the ???? roundness of her buttocks. She would straighten up every so often and lean way forward trying to get a turd out. Meanwhile the daughter finished up and told her mom she would wait outside. The lady kept on trying to no avail…clearly seriously constipated. Just then I heard the footsteps of what I took to be a very large woman by her lumbering walk and huffing from walking up the hill to the restroom. She squeeze into a stall, further down. She very meticulously went about placing toilet paper on the seat, from the sound. By this time I was peeking under the stall to see down the line…the woman had very fat ankles and wore slipper type shoes, with white sweat socks. She grunted as her weight came down on the toilet, I'm sure she totally covered the toilet seat and hung down on either side of the can. Then, she just dropped a huge turd, was easy as laying an egg, no grunting no straining or groaning. The lady next door could only manage a few plip, plips…probably from little shit balls falling off the main pack in her rectum. She gave up sighed, wiped herself and left. It must be very frustrating, feeling the turd slide back up inside, knowing you failed to obtain relief…and wondering when it happen. Then the large lady a few stalls down blew a huge booming fart, that shook the rafters of the restroom/outhouse. I snuck out while she was bustling herself, wipes and puffing from the exercise. So, until I met Carol, I always thought fat people didn't have problems on the commode, other than extremely large movements, due to their food consumption habits. So, FAT WOMAN, thank you for your stories, I still remember your side by side midnight poo, in adjoining stalls in the hotel restroom, with the other anonymous fat lady at the convention you went attended a few years ago.

Hey, this is Anny from Canada. I've been a lurker on this site for quite a while and I like reading these stories. Some are funny, and others make me wince for the person it happened to. So I've gotten used to posting stories on this thing. I have a couple more stories here, one is mine, and the other is about a guy I used to like, but now we don't talk anymore. Anyway here goes.

The first story involves me getting food poisoning. My hubby ordered some food from Pizza Pizza, and having not eaten all day, we were very hungry and really enjoyed eating the pizza. After that, we drove to the internet cafe to surf the net and whatnot. After about 2 hours I started to feel hot and generally unwell, so we went home. I thought I would be OK if I took some Advil and went to bed. A little later me and my then fiance went to bed. I woke up at around 2 am with major stomach cramps and chest pain but I thought nothing of it so I tried to go back to sleep. The pain intensified and I got off the bed and sat on the floor, trying to wake my fiance up. A few seconds later I had to dash for the bathroom. As soon as I got on the toilet I vomited all over the floor. Tomato stuff was all over the place, and it was a lot too, and at the same time I had a BM, luckily it was normal. My fiance heard my retching and groans and came to the bathroom to investigate, where he saw the huge mess from where I projectile-vomited tomato stuff all over the floor, and I felt so sick that I was sweating and resting my head on the cool sink. My poor fiance cleaned up the mess and helped me back to bed, by that time I was as hot as a baked potato. Fortunately though I was fine later the next day though I was constipated like crazy, but luckily the worst was over. I never ate Pizza Pizza food again.

The 2nd story was involving this guy named Ryan whom I knew from my school. He had finished Grade 12 that year(2003), and he threw an end-of-summer bash, where he invited a lot of people, me and my friend included, but her and I refused because we were underage(17 and 15) and we knew he was too(18). So anyway he started the party at around 6 pm, starting off with a simple beer. As the hours passed by he got more drunk, and progressed to harder stuff. He started chugging vodka and soon after he was incredibly drunk to the point he couldn't walk in a straight line. He is one of those types that do stupid things when he's drunk. Over the period of about 4 hours, he had drank himself stupid. He ended up being completely incoherent, he got into an argument with another guy, he fell into a glass coffee table, which he broke, and started laughing one minute and the next, crying hysterically, sobbing that he was going to miss the high school. He was also very sick, and so drunk that he couldn't control his own bodily functions.

He threw up everywhere and passed out on the bathroom floor. When he finally came to, he pissed his pants and had violent diarrhea, all over the toilet, floor, and his beige pants, which were now very disgusting and wet from his accident. My best friend's brother, Jake, helped out and found him some clean clothes from the guy's closet, and Ryan, being drunk was confused and was like "Why am I changing? Why am I wet? Fruit punch?? BREADSTICKS???" Yes, he was that drunk he didn't know that he fully wet and soiled himself silly. After Jake helped clean up the mess, Ryan passed out, yet again, though this time he hit his head. Luckily he woke up and was fine, just very hung over and had the shits for a couple of days and very big bump on his head. The moral of the story is, drink in moderation!

Those are my stories. I'm sure I have or will have more, so I will post later!


to ammused: I want to hear more have you done anything together like that since.

To Tracy: keep posting they are always enjoyable.

I have a few short post if you'd like to hear them let me know yall.

Later SpeedyBK

an RA
Hey, I'd rather not throw my name out for different reasons, however I had posted before. I'm 5'7", Male, 20, with a medium build.

What bothers me though is the fact last night I apparently wet the bed. Has anyone else ever dreamt about peeing, and woken up realizing your body decided that meant you should go?

When i was 10 i had the flu but my mom just thought it was a cold and made me go to school, i told her my stomach hurt but she just made me go anyway. I got to school and around the begining of of 2nd period, my stomach started to rumble and it was so loud that everyone stared at me. I started to really move around in my seat and squirm. My teacher thought something was wrong and came up to me. She asked me what was wrong but i told her i was too embarrassed to say. But just then the urge hit me so hard so whispered in her ear that i had diarrhea and was about to go in my pants. She told me to run to the bathroom. I ran and got there...barely. I ripped off my pants and my underwear and it ran out so fast and hurt so much that i screamed, luckily no one was in there. My teacher called my nurse and told her i was in the bathroom and the nurse came in there, gave me a pill that should've helped my diarrhea but it did absolutly nothing, but she called my mo and i went home.

So this has been a while back in my life but I will post it any ways.

I was driving home from work one hot summer day. Since it had been a really hot, long day I had been drinking water after water. Well to my luck, rush hour hit me and I was stuck in traffic. After about two minutes of sitting in traffic, I realized all that water was coming back to haunt me. I had to pee. I figured it wasn't all that bad and I could hold it. I thought I wouldn't be in a traffic jam for very long. WHOA was I wrong. I could feel all the pee inside me trying to escape. I grabbed hold of my penis and tried to keep an accident from happening. I realized I had an empty water bottle lying on the floorboard of the car. I picked up seeing as I was dying to pee. I figured I could let it all out in there. So as I sat in traffic, I proceeded to unzip and aim myself inside the bottle. I started to pee only to find that after a moment, the bottle was almost full. Still peeing I tried to pinch it off. No luck. The traffic began to as I was trying to figure out how to stop peeing. I had no luck and ended up pissing all over my floorboard.

hey Waldo: Gee whiz, I can't believe you would hold in dangerous fecal matter (SHIT, for lack of a better term) in your intestines, because your concerned about what strangers (or friends) think about the size of your dick....You've heard me talk about Tim, one of the top store managers. Great looking guy, woman swoon over him, but when he is sitting on the toilet, comfortable dropping brown, all you see is a hairy bush, and his dick-head...He has a tiny dick, but he's not ashamed. Nor should he be. That's NOT what the bathroom is there for, it's there to unload your shit. not to impress anybody with your dick size. Talk to you guys more later.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER In my previous post I said I took a couple of pain killers with codine. since then my poos have been very hard. This morning I got up, did a couple of things around the house and to the gym...all this time I did have a bit of a feeling down yonder but knew it would be hard work...I then went shopping and decided this was silly..I would have to push this poo out, or at least give it a good try. I was in a better than average shop...David Jones and they have toilets of good quality. I took the advantage and went in for a "sit" as l needed to. Yes the turd was haaaarrrd. but with plenty of grunting it was soon out and in the bowl. There were more and even harder...I put my finger just above my hole...near my penis and pushed from within and out...another turd went plop and another and another...there still seemed to be more inside. That afternoon I decided to go for a prune juice was only a small result and always with a prune juice flush i can smell the prunes but not this time so maybe I am a bit blocked up. I had to take another pain killer, with codine, so I am not too hopeful about shitting tomorrow.

Hey Cute and Shy, where are you? You havent hit me back with another story in a while now. I hope you arent sick, if you are get well. If you are still lurking on this site, please write some stories, I miss them.

Lots of love! Come back!

A Good Tip
Hey, here is a good tip Id like to share. Im one of those really hygenic people, who really wants to feel clean. So anyhow I use those wet wipes at home to really clean my ass out well. I even poke a wet-wipe covered finger into the hole slightly to get the last bit of shit out of my anus. Anyhow when Im in a public restroom here is the routine I follow.

1st - wipe off the toilet seat and flush the toilet so no foreign water bourne particles can shoot up your ass immedietly post crap.

2nd - place the cover over the seat, or "build a nest" with paper.

3rd - shit.

4th - Wipe ass with dry paper to gather the majority of the shit particles

5th - TIP HERE - spit onto a wad of paper and wipe your asshole out with the saliva-wipe. You would be suprised how much extra dried shit is still there.

6th - Alternate between spit-wipes and dry wipes until neither produce any extra shit remenants. You will feel much cleaner than just a dry-wipe. But its a good idea to finish the job when you get home with the wet wipes anyhow.


In Berlin, they just opened the world's swakiest public restroom. It was on CNN. I don't know if it is a women's or a men's restroom. All I saw was a woman going thru a turnstyle.Maybe they wiull show it again.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another buddy dump story (again!)-I was downtown and decided to take a dump in the public restroom. It is mostly frequented by transients or folks waiting for the nearby bus or trolley. There was an older black man on the can, probably about 60 or so, slim, black/grey hair with his blue plaid boxers and black pants down around his calves. He sees me stop and move back towards the entrance a bit. He asks if I need to use the toilet. I say, yep. He's already wiping from behind so he says he'll be done in a minute. He just needs to make sure he gets it all out. I laugh and agree, and tell him to take his time. He gets more paper, folds it up a few times and wipes again. Then he stands up, pulling up his boxers and pants at the same time. He stands next to the toilet buckling up and looking into the bowl. Then he flushes and says, there you go. I say thanks and go over to the toilet as he goes to the sink.

I unbuckle my shorts and slowly lower them, making sure to keep them from touching the floor. Then I pull down my olive green briefs to around my calves. I have a seat and automatically go up on the balls of my feet as I squeeze one out. All of a sudden the place becomes busy. About 6 guys file through, waiting their turn to use the urinal located behind a partition next to the toilet. As they wait, there is always someone walking or standing within 3-4 feet of me. Me on the toilet doesn't seem to phase anyone. Before the guy on the toilet leaves, he comes over to me and asks for a few tissues. I say sure, and pull about 10 off the roll and hand it to him. He says thanks and leaves. Another guy, probably about 30 or so, comes in and sees me on the can, so he waits for me to finish. He's a tall black guy, probably 180 pounds, wearing baggy jeans and a sports jersey. I finish up and wipe about 6 times. He's just leaning against the wall as I'm wiping. I wipe for he last time standing up and then flush the toilet. I pull up my briefs, adjust myself, and pull up my shorts. I go to wash my hands. The guy goes to the toilet and starts to put paper down! Hey, I'm not dirty! I didn't sweat on the seat! And besides, that paper won't protect you from anything. I finish washing my hands and look over as I'm leaving. He's got his jeans all the way down to his ankles. He's wearing orange and white striped boxers that are all the way down, too. And I thought I wore funny colored underwear.

cute and shy-

im glad im not the only who had an accident while working out with classmates. that sux that that happened during p.e. my accident was outta school, but still school related kinda u kno? my shorts and socks were ruined too! were u in a thong? i was. how did the other girls react to you? did u have a regular b.m accident or was yours diarrhea too? hit me back - sarah

some girl
today I had BM on the 5min walk home and totaly exploded in my pants to the point that it made my jeans bulge at least 2inches from my butt and I removed the smell with some purfume and deoderizers I got home whent to change and it was like a near gallon of shit globs. I then dumped it out took a shower got a new pair of vollyball shorts then whent and saw scary movie4 with a friend who nearly peed her pants

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