I was at Church this morning when I needed to pee really badly.
So I went to the bathroom and took the second stall nearest the door.
As I'm peeing, I can see a pair of shoes underneath the stall next to mine. She wasn't peeing because I didn't hear anything, so I'm guessing she was going poo. I finished peeing and washed my hands. I couldn't hear anything from her stall yet, so I'm assuming she was having a hard time going. I wasn't sure how long she was in there for, because when I entered the bathroom, she was already in the stall and when I left she was still in there.

this is my first time here, i had a story and wanted to post it. I'm 16, female. I was staying the weekend at my uncle and aunts house with my family. My room was right across from the bathroom, so during the night when i needed to go pee i didnt bother put any clothes on(cause i sleep nude). Anyway, i was sitting on the toilet, i had a pee and was waiting for my poop to come out when i heard some rustling down the hall. I didnt have the door locked but i figured nobody will come in, they'll see the light on! so i finished my poop and stood up to wipe my butt, i was bent over wiping away when the door opened and my aunt came in with my cousin who was about 10. She had had an accident, her pj's were soaked and my aunt was going to clean her up i guess. She was so sorry that she walked in and i was very embarrased that i was standing there naked! I quickly flushed the toilet and said for them to go ahead, i washed my hands and dried them off and left the room and went back to bed. The next morning was kinda awkward when i saw them again, but it wasnt too bad, at least i didnt pee the bed!

Someone had asked me a couple of pages back about having a foreskin. No one in the neighborhood cared. I never had a problem with the pee stream because I always pulled my foreskin back. And, the time when my cousin pulled my foreskin back was not the first time with it pulled back.

Your story about peeing through your knickers while pretending to tie your shoe laces before the beginning of a netball game revived the following memory.
Once, I must have been about ten, one of my aunts and uncles were staying with us, when the grown-ups talked about travelling. My mother mentioned how she had found the loos in some road café rather disgusting, but had had no alternative but use them. I remember my auntie, who was very down-to-earth, saying that she refused to place her behind upon some grotty toilet seat, under such circumstances she preferred to go in her knickers. I must have gawped at her in surprise, because turning to me and laughing, she went on to say that nobody ever noticed, as she always wore skirts, and what were these for but to hide a piddle while pretending to pick some flowers or look for something in her handbag? My uncle rolled his eyeballs and gave his wife a playful shove: don't tell your secrets to our nephew, what will he think of us?
I was fascinated.

I once witnessed some acute desperation on a bus. It was during a business trip. After collecting my baggage at an airport I got on the bus bound for the train-terminal down town. It was already dark and raining and I seemed to be the only passenger. Just as the driver was about to close the luggage compartment, two more passengers came running and waving for him to wait. They were two young women. One, a somewhat chubby blonde with wavy, shoulder-length hair and dreamy blue eyes in a wide grey woollen skirt and dark blue parka, the other one, a bit on the skinny side for my taste, with her curly brown hair tied into a pony tail, wearing dark brown jeans, booties and matching denim jacket, kept shifting her weight from foot to foot. As they bustled towards me down the aisle, out of breath from running, to find seats further at the back, I could not help but overhear a snippet of their conversation in their local language, which immediately caught my attention. I held up the paper I was reading to ostensibly turn a page, it must have been a copy of the FT, and pretended not to take any notice of them.
It was the brunette complaining, that she should have gone for a wee before boarding the bus.
Hush, whispered the blonde, he may hear you.
They both looked at me behind my pink paper and nodded to each other in agreement: he won't understand a word we say. How wrong they were!
Brunette went on about that glass of champagne, then the espresso on the plane, the turbulence making her have to wait until arriving here, the toilets in the baggage-claim area closed for cleaning, then the rush to catch this bus not allowing her to go to the ladies' in the arrivals…..
Oh come on, said Blondie again, it's only a twenty minute ride and you can go at the terminal. If you had gone wasting time we would have missed this bus and have had to wait half an hour for the next one, and then we would have lost the connecting train from the terminal.
The bus driver set off. The two young women had taken seats on the other side of the aisle two rows behind me, but I discovered, looking out of the window into the murky dark night, that by turning my head a little, I could see them in the reflection.
Halfway through the ride Brunette suddenly blurted out: I really need to pee!
And then, a minute later: Oh! To piss, a piss is what I need! (It was interesting to note how her expression for having to go had changed from "wee" through "pee" to "piss", possibly in direct correlation to the intensity of the urges she was experiencing).
Hush, not so loud!! hissed Blondie.
Seconds after that: Do you think we could ask the driver to stop somewhere for me to pee? It doesn't have to be a toilet. I have to go so urgently I'm beyond caring. I'd be glad to just crouch beside this bus and piss in the gutter, it wouldn't take a moment!
Hush, the driver would never stop, you know that. And besides, we're almost there. Come on, get a hold on yourself!
What do you think I've been doing all this time? I've been holding myself all along under my handbag. You don't know what it is like to have a small bladder, you never, ever, seem to HAVE to go.
Well, try sitting on your heel. It is supposed to help.
In the dim reflection of the window I could make out fidgety Brunette shifting and raising herself into a new position.
After a few more sudden exclamations about how much she "really needed a piss", the bus jolted to a stop at the terminal station, and we three passengers got off.
Please go and get my suitcase, I'll be right back, said Brunette descending carefully from the bus, and then she tore off at a run, obviously in search of the loos.
Wait, called Blondie after the receding figure, there are some right here!
She was right. There were toilets just inside by the waiting area exclusively for passengers of the airport shuttle.
The other toilets were diagonally across at the other end of the building, about two hundred metres away. Brunette must have had set her mind on these and wouldn't change her mind, - yet.
I collected my case and set off in the same direction as Brunette, but to reach the platforms and buy my ticket. I had just gone some 50 metres, when I almost ran into Brunette walking briskly on her way back to find her friend. She stared right through me with a wide-eyed look on her face and was holding her bag to her front with one hand, the other thrust into the pocket of her jeans. It was impossible for her to have gone all the way to the loos, pee and be on her way back in less than the two minutes since she had disappeared round the end of the wall of the building. She must still have been on the brink of losing control! By her appearance and posture I gathered that she had already let go a sizeable squirt into her knickers, probably making her stop in her tracks and turn back, only then realising what her friend had called out to her, that a loo was right there at her disposal where the bus had stopped.

And now, dear friends, after writing all this I have to go myself.

Anyone got any more stories about seeing/hearing other people Shit? My first post, enjoying all your stories :-) i'm trying to sort mine out still

I was sitting at the computer reading this site and got the urge to poo. I decided to just let it out, so I relaxed my anus. Surprisingly the poo just started to flow out as normally when I poo myself it takes a bit of effort to get going but this time I just needed to relax and not push at all. I went to clean up later and it was a soft and quite messy poo but cleaned up pretty quickly.

clean up guy
I pooped outside. I really had too go big time.
It was at night. So i went behind a vacant building and droped a nice long log. It felt so good.
After that i wiped and left.

I had an experience today that I haven't had in a while. I went to school this morning feeling energetic and happy that it was Friday. I got to school and went to 1st block (we have 4 90 minute classes daily). My 1st block is Foods Class, where we learn about preparing certain things and get to cook them. We cooked this morning and about as soon as we finished cooking, my stomach began to hurt. After we ate the food we made (Chicken Fettuccine for anyone interested) and cleaned up, I realized while my stomach was hurting, so I asked my teacher to let me go to the bathroom and she did. I went to the one in the building I was in and they were cleaning it, so I went to the Science/Foreign Language building to use the restroom. It was locked! So, I went to the Math building and luckily got into the bathroom. I went to one of the stalls (which is more like a closet) and locked the door and pulled my shorts and boxer-briefs down and about as soon as I sat on the toilet, I began crapping. It took about 1 minute to go. I wasn't quite sure I was finished, so I waited to make sure because my stomach still hurt. Well, in the mean time, I had to pee, so I pushed my penis down to pee. About as soon as I began to pee, someone walked into the bathroom and they went into the stall next to mine, and sat on the toilet and began crapping too. He peed, crapped more and then left. I finsihed up and left too.

I haven't been in a stall with someone in another with both of us crapping in so long, it was weird.

once when i was 14 i had to go pee really bad while in school. So i asked my teacher if i could go and she said no wait till after class. since it was last period and i didn't want to miss my bus i waited till i got home. that was a mistake while on the bus i started to tinkle in my panties. so on the bus i lifted up my skirt and pulled down my thong and went right in front of me. it was a solid stream and then was spaying. i didn't get any on my skirt luckily. but just then a boy probably about 12 saw me in the seat. then he takes a pic of my pussy with his camera phone while i was peeing

I had to pee so bad this morning i thought i was going to pee on myself, I was standing in line at wal-mart and got the urge, i waiting in line a few more minutes until it got unbearable, then i made a beeline for the mens' room on the other side of the damn store. I reached the bathroom and ran inside, all the stalls were full!!!! I was about to DIE! I grabbed on to my penis and squeezed trying to fight the squirts that were coming out now into my boxers. I didnt have a choice anymore and I wasnt about to piss on myself, so i ran over to the trashcan and held the lid open. I struggled to get my zipper down, then it happened, I srarted to piss as I was pulling out my dick, I tried to squeeze it off without much luck, I aimed it down into the trashcan and let go. I moaned so loud i knew people outside could hear me, i thought my dick was gonna fall off if i didnt get to piss soon. I watched as i relieved myself into the trashbag for over a minute, some of the men in the stalls came out and saw what i was doing, some laughed and some frowned, all i could do was apologize and continue to piss. After about another minute and a half, my stream slowed down to a trickle, I stroked myself so get it all out, then i shook it, and finally put it away, i looked in the trash and saw quite a large puddle, but hey, I had to take a major leak....enjoy!

Kerri Lynne
Accident on the Job

I am a 36 year old female, full figured and 5'8" in height with red hair. I am a student at a nearby university and have a part time job on Monday through Fridays where I work 2 hours per night.

Last week, I stayed at school as long as I could and got tutoring for some of my classes. After leaving campus, I drove directly to work instead of home and then to work which was the normal routine. During the hour drive to work, I felt a BIG poop coming on and figured I could hold it for another 2.5 hours until I got home when I would have time to sit on the toilet and have a big BM.

I got to work and went inside and got started. I work a custodial job where i clean the local social services office after everyone is gone for the day. I was wearing a pair of black sweatpants that day.

I was walking down the hallway emptying trashcans as the urge to do a bowel movement got worse and worse. I was bending over picking up paper off of the floor and all of a sudden the urge to go could no longer be contained and all of a sudden, a MASSIVE semi-soft log raced its way past my sphincter muscle and into my pants. I stood there as i pooped my pants and could feel my pants tenting outward as they filled with poo. I noticed a strong smell coming from my pants. I could feel the poo pulling on the stayfree extra-long maxi i had on for my period. At this point I was 150 feet from a bathroom. There was no way I could make it even if i tried.

I reached back and could feel a massive lump in the seat of my sweatpants. The lump was 2 inches wide and about 13 inches long. I started to walk to the bathroom and there was soo much poo in my pants that my butt waddled like a duck. While walking to the bathroom, I could feel chunks of poo work their way out of my underpants and roll down the pant legs of my sweatpants and come to rest inside my pantleg just above the elastic band at the bottom.

I got to the bathroom and began cleaning up. Underpants were trashed. My pad was 75% cover with poo. Sweats had a few spots. I went througn 5 rolls of T.P. to clean the bowel movement out of my pants. after I got done cleaning, I had to call my girl friend Liz and have her bring me a clean pair of panties. In the bathroom, there was a maxipad that someone left on the shelf above the toilet, so I grabbe dthat and used it.

I felt soooo naughty having pooped my pants as a grown woman. Nothing like this has happened since I pooped my pants walking home from school when I was 6 years old.

Huge turd
One day I had to turd and I decided to hold it as long as I could. About three hours later, I had to go and knew I couldn't make it. I was outside in my yard. Slowly I stripped, not moving to much, for a long turd was hanging already. I spread my legs and looked between them. A brown, green and yellow turd started exiting with crackles. I strain and the poop is so long that it starts to curl and makes at least three layers before mush started to come out. I finished and just went to take a shower.

Have any of you men pooped so hard that it felt like a second penis

Red head Katie, I love the stories abot your "accidents." I am also a college kid, and I also experiment. Keep the stories coming...

Hi, I'm Haley. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 14, and known for making thick, VERY VERY long shits.
Yesterday I woke up with a SERIOUS urge to shit. I ran into the bathroom, raised up my nightgown, pulled down my panties, and plopped down on the toilet seat. After a few minutes of waiting, watery shit (it was like melted chocolate ice cream that someone stirred up!) EXPLODED out of my ass and into the toilet.
After about thirty minutes, the flow stopped. I turned around and looked at the diarrhea. It looked like melted chocolate ice cream that someone stirred up. The smell was awful. I felt something coming up in my throat and prayed to God, "No!" but I threw up in the toilet.
I kept upchucking, then stopped. I hopped from one foot to the other as I flushed the toilet, then spun around and landed on the seat.
After about another thirty minutes, I was sweating and still shitting. I moaned and felt something trying to come out. The toilet was full, so I flushed.
I pushed. I felt a thick shit slide out of my ass. It circled in the toilet and was probably two feet by now. As it kept circling, I assumed it was four feet! I flushed, and the shit broke. However, the shit kept circling. It kept circling, and it reached four feet again! I flushed, then diarrhea rushed out my ass. I stopped spraying diarrhea and wiped. Ooh, it felt creepy. I flushed and when I opened the door, I was surprised to see my mom with her pants completely soaked, eyes wild.
I walked around her and saw a big bulge in the back of her pants as she raced into the bathroom. She's got a problem and can't hold it very long.

Here's another story, but it's about my mom (and me).
We were at the last-day-of-school party. The girls' toilets were out of order. My mom said she was really hungry, and helped herself to three medium glasses of juice, a sandwich, a piece of cake, and a few cookies. A while after, she began showing some signs of desperation. I saw her go behind a bookshelf and come out, looking a bit more relieved. Walking behind it, I saw a dark patch on the carpet and 2 VERY large shits, with a little pile of diarrhea next to it.
After the party, we drove home, and my mom ran to the bathroom, but remembered it didn't work.
Shortly after this, my mom ran outside and didn't return for about, ohh, about 2 hours and 3 quarters of an hour. When she went upstairs to read, I hurried outside. FIVE big water bottles were filled to the VERY top with yellow pee. There was a pile of seven VERY VERY LARGE shits, five inches thick and each about three feet long. Next to that were many, and I mean about 12, big piles of diarrhea.
Now I was really needing to go too, so I pulled off my skirt and panties. I peed for about ten minutes, then started pushing with all my might. A big shit plopped on the ground, followed by eight more, each a little larger than the other. "HHH, UGGHHH," I groaned as I pushed out the tenth humongo shit.
Diarrhea sprayed out my ass, leaving a large pile. I stood there, sweaty and completely nude (our house has a very tall fence and it was HOT!). Pretty soon my diarrhea-flow went faster and sprayed harder. I was covered in sweat, and suddenly I caught sight of the boy next door staring at my big boobs and wetting himself as he sat on the fence!
I screamed, which only made me shit faster. I grabbed my shirt and held it over my boobs. I picked up a rock and tossed it at him, and he fell off the fence. I missed.
I heard footsteps by the fence, someone groaning, and big shits plopping on the ground.
About two hours later, I finished. I picked up the roll of TP on the ground and wiped my brown ass, then got in my clothes. My eyes got wide, I pulled down my skirt and panties, and shit some more. Then I wiped again and opened the gate. I gasped to see my mom standing there by a pile of big shits, with a HUGE shit hanging out her ass!
There is a pretty big piece of land, then a fence and a gate. If you go out the gate, there is the backyard.
And the next day, when I went out walking, there was Tim, the boy next door, walking too. He had his hand held hard on his dick. He obviously didn't know I was there, because he ran behind a tree and peed a stream that shot out like the TREE made it. This continued for about five minutes, and I walked away snickering.

some teen girl
Yes, you can fix it. I tried just a while ago, it doesn't work at first, but then it does, the prob for me is that i have to go bad to get enough power behind the spray, so it's easier to just sit, but in the shower, it's nice.

Bladder Queen
re: Holly. That was the most adorable story you wrote about growing up and measuring your bladder and peeing ability up against your mother's. While it's not something you normally talk about, I'll agree that being endowed with an extremely large bladder can bring about undo attention which can be either embarrassing or not depending on the situation. As a woman who is rather tallish but altogether average in most repects my "freak" bladder is, as my husband reminds me, my most endearing quality. It can serve as an alarm clock in the morning when I go into the bathroom next to our bedroom and start to pee and pee, until he comes in to ask if I am ever going to finish. Those are the fun times. But then there are those times when it can be a little inconvenient and downright embarrassing,like when you're in line at a public restroom.

I have this wild theory that every woman secretly monitors the performance time and quantity of every other woman against her own abilities. For instance, if a woman goes into a stall and pees for about forty-five seconds, nobody will pay any attention, right? But if she continues to pee, slowly more and more women will begin paying attention to how long and how much that particular woman is peeing. If she pees long enough, when she finally does come out of the stall all eyes in the restroom bore into her like jeez, how enormous is your bladder? Trust me, you don't want to take a megabladder into one of these situations unless you are prepared for some unscripted off-the-wall remarks such as (from memory) so the Mississippi River finally ran dry (or) did you really finish or just get bored with peeing? For that reason I normally just wait until I'm in the comfort of my house where I can pee as long and mightily as I wish without people taking out mental stop watches.

There is another puzzling question. Megabladders- nature or nurture? Since I was adopted I can't answer that question except to say I never had to strain to enlarge my bladder. Growing up I could easily out-pee either of my parents and my older brother combined. The times I have been in a public restroom and heard another girl or woman take a very, very long pee, they don't seem to fit into any one mold. And since I'm rambling I have to tell you about one that astonished me. Moreover it serves to show that Holly and I are not the only ones who think about these private bodily functions.

My husband and I went in out little Winnie Brave RV on a camping trip. I hate the little porta potty in there so I held and held my bladder until we reached the lake. By the next morning I knew my bladder was holding some serious quantity. The campground is somewhat remote and the stone restroom, if you call it that, consisted of one broken (placarded) john, one stall with no door and a sink and counter. Who knew a pee story could come from a remote and rundown place like that? Well I reached the restroom two seconds ahead of a woman holding an infant and a backpack full of changing and nursing gear. Inside I knew my pee was going to take some time so I deferred my place to her. Secretly I was thinking, lady take your pee and leave so I can pee the morning away. She was extremely grateful to the point that I held her infant while she took about a thirty second pee. At last it was my turn to pee and unfortunately she was going nowhere with the baby in need of changing.

Resigned to an audience in full view I plopped down on the toilet seat and started up. As she rummaged through her backpack for the diapers, my pee lit up the stone walls of the place as it clanked through the metal wall of the john and splashed through to the septic tank below. She had her back toward me as she slowly changed the diaper as I continued to pee...and pee. In my imagination there was this big clock on the wall with the second hand slowly swinging around and around and internally my bladder didn't feel as if any progress was being made. I think my face was even starting to blush when she blurted out over her shoulder, "I don't know how you and my daughter can do that?" I asked her a feeble what? "I was just saying that I can't believe how you and my daughter can do that. Turn on a faucet and pee 'till the cows come home." Looking at her child I was confused. "No," she laughed, "I mean my fifteen year-old. This is my sister-in-laws daughter." Then she felt a little embarrassed herself I think. "Sorry, maybe it's just pee-envy." What could I say? I sat there and silently peed for another minute while she finished changing the baby until I got the courage to ask, "your daughter pees a lot too?" She put down the formula bottle that she had retrieved from the backpack, half turned around to me and exclaimed shaking her head, "when that girl pees I swear she can fill a tub." I just said wow. "You'd think someone left a sink permanently running," then added, "so don't feel bad what you're do'in in there- you've got company." I hate to say it but I was getting quite curious about the mystery bladder...who walked into the campground restroom a few seconds later, fortunately during a lull in the adult conversation.

She was a typical freckle faced teen at once a little put-off by the surroundings of a strange woman peeing away in an open stall of a campground restroom apparently conversing with her mother who was in on a joke of some kind. To add salt on the wound her mother introduced her by saying, "speaking of..." Before she could answer her mother said, "have to pee very much?" When her daughter shook her head "yeah, a lot" her mother nodded in my direction and told her that it was a one stall john "and I have the feeling you have some competition over there. She's been at it a good long time and she may even have a lot left." The daughter seemed horrified that her mother would devulge such an intimate secret and hissed "mother" and walked to the entrance of the restroom where she stood out of my sight with her arms folded, waiting for her turn to use the toilet. Although my bladder was about half-drained, I knew I had enough left to pee awhile more and sprinkle and spurt several minutes beyond that. Ironically, I think the girl's mother was hoping I did because she was having fun teasing her as she took care of the baby. My pee stopped, then started and stopped as she kidded "O.K. you're turn...nope false alarm" as we both laughed and her poor daughter stood waiting. Her mother turned and winked at me. "Well hon, I don't know what to say. You just have to wait. She's a pretty long pee 'er..." From my stall I heard something that provided more psychology than all the books. "No sweat," she sniffed, " hasen't been all that long..." Not that long?!

When I finally finished and left, she passed me on the way in with her nose slightly high with an air of teenage arrogance; for good reason. As her mother and I stood outside the restroom comparing notes on camping locations, husbands, sailing and who knows what else, that teenage kid took a pee for the record books! I was trying to listen to her mother talk about a place to rent sailboats while her fifteen year-old daughter was flooding the restroom inside like a fire hydrant gone out of control. She was right, the girl could pee like a faucet permanently left on. I myself was getting flustered as the minutes wore on, which her mother could see in my face. She whispered, "I told you so" and leaned into the restroom. "How are you coming along? Almost done?" There was a little pause before I heard a teenage voice reply, "uh no not really. Tell you what, I'll meet you back at the camper for breakfast when I'm finished." Her mother and I just stared at each other.

Never in my life have I heard someone pee like that girl. A tub? She could water the garden in our back yard and have enough left over for both our neighbors gardens! I never told my husband about that incident. I said I was away from the RV so long because I walked in the wrong direction back from the restroom. Call it ego or pride. However large your bladder is there is always someone in the world that makes your longest pee a little squirt by comparison.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

I was just wondering..

what is it like to poop outside?

and how do you do it without getting caught or making a mess?

I am so afraid of being caught.. how can I get over this fear?

To Cute and Shy:
If your toilet doesn't work and you need some other place to go to the bathroom you could try going outside in the bushes if you have a secluded place like that you could do so, If not you could just go in a bucket and empty it outside or down a sewer, or you could even go to the bathroom in a garbage can or bag, then all you have to do is tie up the bag and throw it away!
That reminds me of where my friend that used to be shy about going to the bathroom outside had a problem with her toilet and couldn't use it.. She ended up driving to the coffee shop to use their's every time she had to go.. She said she was afraid to go down to the ravine behind her building especially at night because no one was there to go with her in case something happened.. I told her about just going in the garbage then disposing of everything down the garbage chute when she left the apt in the morning. She said she liked that idea and was mad she didnt think of it because it would have saved her a lot of driving those few days!!

Some Teengirl, yeah, the way to do it is pull your labia apart slightly. Placing the index and middle fingers of each hand, on either side of, and above and below your urethra, will aid in being able to aim the stream.

Brian H.
My name is Brian and I work at ??? Mall. Well this mall is pretty big and I forgot to pee before I left the house. So I go to work(I work in Dunkin Donuts) and my store doesn't have a bathroom. The closest bathroom is on the other side of the mall. I had to pee so bad I was thinking about peeing in a coffee cup but my boss was there. So I held it instead. I held it so bad that I had to take a shit and if I didn't go now I would shit my pants. I got so desperate I just let go in my pants and got fired.

Cute & Shy
I just got a job ???, but I can't work yet. And I know for sure that I'm not gonna shit at ???again especially when the stalls have no doors, but I'm gonna have to do it if this toilet problem doesn't get solved, but when it does, I'm holding it in until I get off from work.

To Alexis In Chicago
Thanks Alexis! I think one of our sewage pipes damaged. They put in a new toilet on Monday this one doesn't even work. Everybody else in my house use the bathroom at Meijer, but I didn't really feel comfortable going across the street to shit every 20 minutes. But that was just something I really didn't have a choice on. I spent most of my time in the emergency room anyway and now I'm starting to feel better. So that means that I can go to work at ?? soon. Lol BTW, I'll post some more stories really soon.

To Lucy Lu
I would of used it anyway, but I didn't want the toilet to be full of shit when they start fixing it. Plus it would have gotten full because I had to go like every 20 minutes. BTW, the only times I hold it in is when I'm at school, probably work, or when I'm far away from a bathroom. I think I have more reasons, but I can't name them right now. Also, I would have done the same thing you've done in your story too. It's just that I do care if she was listening.

To A.W.
There was no need to go outside. I'll only go outside if it was a REALLY BAD emergency, or there were absolutely no bathrooms around. It has to be night time too. It was still a good idea though because I was actually planning on doing that before. I wouldn't care anyway because that wouldn't of been the first time I shit outside. BTW, post some more of your stories please. Lol

Like I said before, I should have more stories next round. ^__^

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