Hey, y'all. I'm a 21 year old female, slender, muscular, and 5'5" with blonde hair. (not naturally of course. ) (=

anyways, i have a very interesting story about when i was 16. that you might be intrested to hear or not. very long and detailed, sorry. it probably sucks but whatever.

So I was 16 years old, going on vacation with a few of my friends and one of the girl's family. We get to the cabin, and it's pretty basic. so basic that There's no running water, which of course means no indoor plumbing.
on the first floor there's a common room, one bedroom, and a kitchen and a closet.. and then on the 2nd floor there's 3 bedrooms. My friend Jean and me got put in the room near the stairs on the 2nd floor, and then the girl whose family we were with shared with her sister, her brothers got the other room on that floor and then her parents got the first floor room.

Okay, so there was one outhouse up the road 1/4 mile.. and you had to bring tp with you.. (it was shared between all the other cabins)so their family mostly went in the woods in the back. & I had never done that before, ever.. so it was really weird.

but on the third night we were there, i woke up at 2:30 in the morning with stomach pains because i hadn't pooped in 4 days (the day before i left.) i wasn't despreate, i just didn't feel well. well Jean was up, too.. and she said, "I can't sleep, i have too go number two sooooo so so so bad." (exactly like that.. lol)So I told her that I did as well, and she said we should go to the outhouse because she had never gone outside before. I was so glad I wasn't the only one.

So we grabbed a roll of TP, and started walking down the street in our tee shirts, and pajama pants. every once and a while she or i would hunch over cluching our bellies.. but just because of cramps not desperation. We get there and there is a line 9 people long.. with one guy in the john having explosive waves of diarrhea and groaning.. with the door open, because it was broken. my deepest sympathies to this man but i had to poop. there were nine people standing in line.. and there were two over to the side a ways that couldn't make it, and already had their pants pulled off of their bums, pooing on the ground.

a young boy standing in line(13 -15) almost my age at the time.. was jumping up and down holding his wenis and clutching his t??y. he wouldn't have dropped his shorts right there and go infront of two girls his own age, no way. he was jiggling up and down.. and making funny faces.. and all of a sudden he unzipped, turned away from me, and let it all out of his wenis in a thick yellow stream.. but a big bulge formed on his bum, because he obviously had to poop, and couldn't hold that till he was done peeing. he shit himself, and went back to his cabin.. hopefull then heading to the community showers a ways up the road.

Jean was not feeling very well.. she was drinking water to help her cramps and clutching her t??y, massaging it.. she was DESPERATE.. and I was getting there.. so I said,"well what do you want to do?" and Jean said, "I don't know, but I need to go pretty soon, and I'm not gunna make it through that line." So we started walking back towards the cabin.. and she was taking tiny steps, clenching her muscles to hold her poo in.. and my steps were getting smaller and smaller till they were as big as hers.. and i had to clench to keep from having an accident. She said she wanted to go in the woods, but she never went anywhere other than a toilet or a portapotty before.. and i said she wasn't alone, and i hadn't either., but really there wasn't a choice.. so we changed into skirts w/no underwear (to make it easier) and then went into the woods with our flashlights and went off to find a place to go..

we were walking so slowly and she said "i'm not gunna make it much longer, cait.." and I coulnd't either. I knew I wasn't going to.. so we found trees next to each other.. and put our backs up against the tree so we were facing each other.. and I said okay, on the count of three, one, two, three.. and we peed first.. 2 minutes each.. then it started.. a nice soft log coming out of me and dropping in pieces onto the ground behind me.. i wasn't done but i pulled up my skirt anyways to check on jean., and pulled up my skirt was so exciting to poop outdoors.. as for Jean.. she was having a nice soft, green poop.. and then some diarhea.. and after a while.. it was all diarhea.. and she said she was just going to stay there for a while untill she felt better.. so i went and sat on a rock nearby.. and i see someone coming..

it was my friend's sister, Krissy, only 5 coming out on her own to use "the potty", and she said, "i have to go potty" she wasn't used to going on her own, especially outdoors, so i decided to stay with her and help her.. i let jean keep going.. and i took krissy somewhere more private. i asked her, "number one or number two?" and she said, "both.. could you hurry please, i really gotta go bad." and so i said,"where do you usually go?" and then she said "well it used ta be my pull up pants, but i'm a big girl now." and i was thinking, oh great..

so i was looking around for someway she could go.. and she said.. "uh-oh." and i said,"what's the matter, Krissy?" she said "it almost came out, but i kept it in, don't worry"

panicking now.. i'm looking for a potty for this 5 year old. i told her to take off her nightgown, so she wouldn't have an accident in it, and her barbie underwear, too, and she did, standing there, naked, except for her flip flops. she said, "Cait, I can't hold it much longer!! HURRY!!" I told her to "just go, because she wasn't wearing any clothes." and she was like i don't wanna.. it will get on my shoes! so i told her to take her shoes off and i would pick her up so she could pee.. and i did.. i kindof bear hugged her around the stomach.. and sqatted down with her legs on my knees. and i said, okay, you can go now.. and she did.. and then i did (because i was wearing a skirt) "I feel much better, but..(she pulled me down to her ear) i have a poopy now." and so i put her back into her shoes.. and told her to squat like i do, and i squatted next to her.. and then i said "push really hard.." and i felt more poop comming out of me.. and she said "hey, it works! let me try!" and she did and sure enough she started going.. but it took her a long time to leave a small little pile of poo on the ground.. plus i think she was constipated, as well. by this time 4:00 A.M. jean is done and feels better, i take krissy back to bed and tuck her in with her sister.. and me and jean hit the showers.

That was a long day full of accidents. Who would have thought that could all happen in one day? Let me know if you liked it.. there was also another incident like that on the trip.. but if it sucked i won't tell it. sorry it was so long.

I am 18 and female this is my first time posting. Well anyway once I was going to drive my sister to basketball practice (she is 13 and dosn't have a her permit yet) and while on my way there i realized I really had to pee. I thought I could go when we get there cuz they have porta potties. As I make a turn I bump into traffic. I sit there in exterme discomfort. Then the traffic starts to move. Once we get there i see the porta potties and then i run into one and it was full then i knock on the one next to it and it was taken so then i run back in my car and wait I just start peeing and as hard i try to control it it dosnt stop finnally im done. I drive home get changed wash the car and pick up my sister.

Hi. My name is Kelly and I am 27 years old, 5 foot 8 with short blonde hair. I actually a little while ago posted about the accident that I had while I was out dancing with my freinds a few weeks ago on a Friday night.

I have more to add to that story. On Saturday my period started and it was fiarly light. When I woke up on Monday morning, my period had gotten very heavy while I was sleeping and I had bled through my underwear and p.j.'s. I cleaned myself up in the shower and put on an Always Maximum Protection maxi pad in my panties as I got dressed. I was still wearing a pair of brief style panties for comfort.

Anyway, all that week during my period I had the runs. On Monday I had to go so badly at work and I was not able to make it to the bathroom on time and pooped my pants again. I work in a chiropractic clinic as a health assistant and was not able to leave for a break when I had to go and as I was getting the one adjustment room ready for another patient I tried with all my might to hold everything in. As I was bringning the next patient back to the room, the diarrhea started coming out between my butt cheeks as I walked. When I finally made it to the ladies room, I took my purse with me to change my pad and clean myself up. Because of all the walking around I have to do in my job, some of the diarrhea had leaked out of the leg holes of my underwear and went onto my pants. The cleanup took a while and I wasn't able to clean myself up completely.

The next day was Tuesday and I was still suffering from the runs and kept on letting out wet farts into my maxi pad. I went through so many pads last week because of both my period and all the diarrhea accidents that I was having.

Before last week, I have only had two other pooping/diarrhea accidents in my life. The first was when I was 14 on a school trip in highschool. The bus that we were travelling on had a toilet but it was out of use for some reason. I started feeling bad in my stomach area just after we left our school in the morning. We were scheduled to stop for a break at about the halfway point which was an hour and a half away. Well, needless to say, I didn't make it and pooped in my panties and jeans. I ended up staying in my messed pants all day long, for about 11 hours. I was too embarrassed to buy new clothes or to clean myself up all day long. That was the worst day of my life until I was 17...

When I was 17, I went hiking with my friends. I wasn't feeling well all day, but I wasn't able to poop at all. I don't know why, but I didn't want to stop and poop in the forest that we went hiking in because I was too embarrassed to do it in front of my freinds. At one point I stumbled and some diarrhea went oozing into my panties. I had to go some more still and the pressure and cramps became unbearable and I filled my pants very badly. Well, this was probably worse than going in the bushes. We went back to one of my freinds house and I tried cleaning myself up in her bathroom, however, I had gone so much in my pants that I could not get myself clean. I mean, the diarreah was all up my back and down the insides and back of my legs. I ended up having a shower and borrowed a clean pair of her panties and jeans. I had to throw away my pooped filled panties and jeans because they were so badly totaled by my accident.

Anyway, those are my stories. I hope that you enjoyed them. If a few weeks ago during my period happens again, I will be back.

Thank you,

Helens pal.
My best girlfriend Helen didnt care about her BM's or gas. She would torture me and beg me to come sit with her when she took a dump.. why?? because she said it was boring just sitting there. Hers were terribly stinky too. I mean BAD! But at least she would apologize and would always thank me. Im 36 and when I visit her, she still asks me to come chat with her whilst she goes HAH! some things never change!
Also whenever we were in public when we were in our teens, and were in stalls next to each other we would syncronize our pisses. "on your mark, get set, go!" and see who would finish first. We called it "urinating in unison", she would always encourage me to do the same with dumps too.. she said we could call it "Syncronized Sh!tting"! HAH! we were crazy. She was just so nonchalante about bm's and passing gas I envied her. She wasnt trashy or a bumpkin or anything... just no biggy to her I suppose.
I had another friend in my mid 20's, really beautiful and well bred girl from Mass. She also would ask me to come chat with her at least by the door if not sitting on the bath tub edge! what was it about my company they needed so badly?? I felt like a magazine... haha! She also would make me feel the lumps in her belly if she was having constipation she would say in her mass. accent "Feel this big old hard turd!!! I gotta take a big old sh!t!... please come keep me company!!" I would look at her incredibly and say "What finishing school did you say you went to again????" lol!

hi im ashley im 5ft 6in and have big boobs. I also have a nice ass. nether need to be said. Anyway me and my friend were going to the mall then to a park then to her house. we were both 16 and could drive. it was really hot outside and i had about 5 glasses of water. when we were at the mall i had a lg. soda at the food court. as we were leaving i had a little urge to pee but i thought i could hold it till the park. i got thirsty again and bought a green tea. i drank on the way to the park. there were no bathrooms there and i still thought i could hold it in. so we were off to her house. the urge started to get really bad and her house was still about 1hr away. so we finally got there and her 1 bathroom was being used by her dad to shit so i asked to hang out outside. so i notice she has to go to the bathroom and she got an idea. she said do u have to pee. i said yes. so she said lets have a pee distance contest so i pulled up my skirt down my thong and then she said that she was going to use her phone so i started peeing. meanwhile she is picturing and taping me. iwas so embarresed. and when i started peeing i peed a thick stream 10ft for 30secs. after she told me to do the same thing to her. so i did. we both printed the pictures and have them in our rooms. it is great.

O.K., here's how i am. Personally, I enjoy peeing accidents to pooping. I like to dare myself to hold it when i have to pee. I haven't had very many accidents before, but here's one that i will never forget, nor forgive myself of having. i am 16 years old, and this is the most embarrassing thing that has happened so far in my life! I was 14, and i was at 'Fine Arts Night' at my shcool. Right before the play preformance, there was lots of my favorite soda. Normally, I drank plenty. I didn't realize that i had to go to the bathroom before, but just as it was starting, i really hadda go. i asked, but they told me to hold it. now the play was starting. I had the lead spot. as soon as i walked onto the stage, my legs were squeezed together so tight that i knew that everyone knew my predicament.The boy i had had my eye on for 3 years saw me and began laughing. I was infuriated! he was enjoying my embarassment and discomfort! to my horror, a large squirt of pee came out into my underpants. I was wearing tan pants, and now i peed the rest of my full bladder, right there on stage! Laughter filled the room. "Karrie peed her pants!" my male teacher was chuckling and shaking his head. I ran off stage crying.

Mr. Taylor
On the subject of doorless stalls: Brian at Sears: I've been there. I was the store manager of a now defunct department store called 'Orbachs" They seemed to think it was ok for their male employees and customers to shit in doorless stalls. Back in the mid 70's they removed all the stall doors from all the men's restrooms in the NY NJ CT area. I envy you and your co-workers being so open about seeing each other shit. As management I felt truly degraded having strangers watch me shit, then coming to discuss a store operations issue later on. Of course the issue of the doorless stalls always came up, sometimes in front of female employees, who thought it outrageous not having doors. Of course I used them, when you work retaiil you work 12 or more hours a day, meaning 2 or more shits a day. But it was embarrassing,especially dropping a loud stinker and wiping our asses we were not as social as you guys are. I envy you guys ....

You may remember my story of taking a dump on a boat with my best friend and his dad. Mike held on to me while I sat over the side of the boat. It was one of life's embarrassing moments. It wasn't the last time one of us got caught in a tough spot. Mike's moment came later that year, on the same lake. It was winter, and we had walked out to his dad's ice shanty, to do some ice fishing. It wasn't much, but it was big enough for two of us to sit comfortably, with a small heater, and some food and drinks. I'm not much of a fisherman, but we weren't really worried about how many fish we caught. We were laughing, telling stories, and just enjoying the time to ourselves. After being out there for about an hour, Mike said, "I need to go back". I couldn't understand why. We were having a great time, and had nowhere we needed to be. He finally explained, "I have to go to the bathroom." I had a pretty good idea that he didn't just have to pee. "Just go out here" I said. "I have to poop", he moaned. "We haven't even caught any fish. I thought we were going to stay out here the whole day", I whined. "We can come back", he said. "I don't feel like walking all the way back in, then come back out again", I said. "What do you want me to do? I have to go" Mike asked. I saw a big bucket they used to put the fish in. I had an idea to put a garbage bag in the bucket, then go in the bucket. He looked at me with wide eyes and said, "No way!" But I could see him looking at the bucket. I grabbed a bag and put it in the bucket. He looked like he was really struggling as he debated whether to use it. He finally said, "I can't wait. Go outside while I go." I laughed, "No way am I freezing outside. I did it in front of you on the boat." He wiggled around in the tight space, facing away from the bucket, and dropped his pants. It took him a few seconds to figure out how to squat over the bucket without making a mess. Immediately poop exploded from his butt as he groaned, "This is so embarrassing." I laughed and said, "Now you know what I felt like on the boat this summer." Having your best friend see your privates in your early teen years can be traumatic. I could see poop coming out and heard it landing in the bag. I could really smell it. He struggled to balance himself as he pushed out a huge pile. After several minutes, and quite a few grunts and groans, he was finished. He needed something to wipe with. All I could find was an old rag his dad used while cleaning fish. Mike stumbled to his feet, took the rag, and wiped several times. I was amazed at how much he dumped in the bucket. He finished wiping, pulled up his pants, and threw the rag in the bucket. He lifted the garbage bag out of the bucket, tied it shut, and set it outside the shanty, to carry back when we headed back in. When he came back in, we laughed about what had just happened. He breathed a big sigh of relief and said, "I almost shit my pants. I feel much better."

Dave B
Hey it's been awhile. The other day I went and saw Scary Movie 4 and there's this funny (yet slightly hot) pooping scene. I guess they were making fun of The Village (never saw it) but at this one part this hot blind women comes into the church and she thinks it's her bathroom cause no one is talking or anything, so she takes off her dress and underneath she has one of those old timey under garments and she removes the bottom part and sits on this box (or something) and starts pooping. Everyone starts looking at her as she's relieving herself and you can hear all this direehea sounding crap coming out and she's all happy. Then, when she finishes up, she says "Umm..this isn't my it?" and the mayor guy is like "'s not." If anyone who reads this wanted to see it, it's kind of short and there aren't too many funny parts, but it's still pretty good. I'd give it a C+

Hey all. Went away to visit friends out of state this weekened. My boyfriend stayed home and went out with his friends. The next day he called my phone to say he was on his way to go food shopping did I need anything. I missed the call but called him back nearly 2 hours later, and he asked what I needed, it didn't occur to me until i got off the phone that he has said in his previous message he was one his way to the store, so why had he just told me he was going now? I forgot about this and later that day drove back home. (0n a side note it was about a 4 hour drive, I drank a huge coffee before i left my friends and started to driblle into my panties before i could get off at a rest area) When I got home, my boyfriend hat gone out and I was alone. I unpacked and took a shower, noticing that his pants and boxers where hanging up in our shower and were wet like that had been washed, I was tired and kinda ingnored this.

He came home and told me on his way to the market the first time he farted and shit his pants a little and had to go home and change. The next morning I inspected the pants and boxers, there had clearly been a large amount of liquid shit because there was a large stain even on the outside of him pants (they were the swishy athletic kind and white). And yes its been like days and they are STILL hanging up in my shower all shit stained but just rinsed off.


Jennifer, 24, white, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'2".

I was a cheerleader in high school. Once during a game, I was having intestinal problems. I had to run to the only porta-potty (for several hundred people) and had really bad diarrhea for several minutes. When I was finally done, I went to wipe my butt and saw there was no TP! I had to spend the rest of the game cheering with sticky diarrhea in my butt crack.

Bad day. :(


Got caught on the motorway in England in a really bad 4 hour traffic jam, eventualy the traffic started to move and by this time I was so desperate to take a pee so I started to look out for a service station there are not many on Englsih motorways. After what seemed like and age of driving very carefuly and really holding onto myself and rocking backwards and forwards I saw the slip road. Well as soon as I slowed down to get off the motorway I thought my bladder was just going to flood open, in agony I drove into the car park area in front of the service area but as soon as I stopped the engine I knew that there was no way I could walk in a very crowded service area and look for the loos with out holding myself and peeing all over the place as I run in, help!! I quickly stated up the car and sped off to the far end of the car pak that was near the tree area, I literally had time to stop the car and almost fall out and crouch down by the drivers door. I had a skirt and thong on so I just let go peeing myself uncontrolably on the car park I was so desperate that I did not even pull my thong to one side. My pee gushed everywhere and drenched my feet and crotch and seemed to never stop but the releif was so great I just did not care. When I had almost finished I started to think that people could have seen me but the situation was so bad that I just had to go right there otherwise it could have been a lot worse. !!
Happy peeing.

Hi, First time Ive posted here........but Ive been reading for some time.

On Saturday (my birthday) I went out with some mates......had quite a few drinks and eventually needed a pee. Well the ladies loo had a q and as there were only 2 stalls I knew I was in for a long wait. About 4 women from the front one girl was hopping about saying oh my god, oh my god, hurry pleeeease and holding herself with both hands. She asked the 2 people already in the stalls to please hurry.....tho as there were still three women in front she still had a wait. She doubled over.....and was almost crying in pain.......her friend who was trying to persuade the women in front to let her mate go first....suddenly swooped on a small bin, the typ you can put used tissues in etc.........the desperate friend grabbed the bin, swung it between her legs, pulled her thong to one side and pissed....but because there was so much of was sort of spraying and the women in front had to move......the bin was filled to the top and a small amount had run over the top before the girl had finished.....her friend emptied it in the basin and ran the tap......washing out the bin....the desperate girl looked releived but embarassed.....and kept saying sorry......they both left. At that moment the lady in front of me grabbed the same bin, slipped down her trousers and niks and held it between her legs and had a piss. I left at that minute tired of waiting for my turn....wonder if the bin was passed around to more women waiting????

After a couple of hours me and my mates decided to move on....once outside I took off my niks as I had squirted a drop or 4 into them as I was so so needing to pee.....opened my legs and let it go......mmm the mate had a tissue so I wiped and we went onto the another pub. Im good at peeing outsied as I often need a pee and hate dirty I can aim my pee in a direct line ...just like my boyfriend.

LTL (Long time lurker-another internet acronym??) first time poster (FTP is already taken!) This site is definitely hours of entertainment....perhaps a book should be published and left where else but in the bathroom.

Anyway, a poll question for all:

Anyone ever videotaped/photographed themselves (or significant other) during the act of a BM? I do all the time.

Hey Sarah J.,
Interesting post on p. 1474, looking forward to hearing more about you. I think your position on going to the washroom is perfectly natural,and probably shared by more people than we think but who are not willing to say, for fear of being considered "weird" or scaring people off.
And, still on that topic, it seems to me that outside a forum like this, people vary rarely discuss these things, let alone admit to having a special interest in them (correct me if I'm wrong!). Some of the folks who post here seem to have a pretty open approach with their friends or lovers, but unfortunately they seem to be a minority.
Personally, I wish people could be a bit more open and honest about these things, in particular ladies like yourself. I myself share similar interests, with regards to the opposite sex. However, I can't put them into practice very easily, because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone or take away from her dignity. (Just for the record, I'm kind of a hippy feminist guy, and the mutual respect thing means a lot to me.) I think it would be nice to meet people who aren't afraid to be open, so that we could all know where we stand, and in the event that we stand in the same place, maybe share some experiences!!
One other comment, Sarah J. I havent't seen any of your stories yet, but it seems that your interest remains inside a pretty "traditional" context, like enjoying a poop in public washrooms, etc. I have to say that I'm most comfortable with that kind of thing, too. Without judging anyone, I think my interest doesn't really include the more extraordinary kind of things some of the people here describe (like outdoors, in public, purposefully in clothes, etc.) Once again, it's a matter of opinion. But I personally prefer the more "conventional" contexts for going to the washroom or thinking or others going, like public washrooms, outhouses, outdour toilets dug for camping, etc.
Well, talk to you later! ;)

To Cute and Shy
Congrats to you for getting a job!

Ill post another story, LOL!
Here it goes, when I was 13, I had a piss dream where I was at school needing to take a piss really bad. In the dream, I begged the teacher that it was an emergency and that I needed to go bad, but the teacher refused. So at the end of class, in the dream, I started to leak a lil in my boxers while running down the hallways to get to the boys bathroom. When I finally went inside the boys room, I zipped down my pants and let it rip in the urinal. For real, I woke up after finding myself wet in my boxers and bed. Crazy huh?

So Ill post more stories :)

Brian H,

I read your post. I felt bad for you. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that you just left and as a result, you got fired? I have a question for you. Have you found another job? As soon as you get hired post me back. I bet you were a good worker at Dunkin Donuts. It was wrong for you to get fired because of that.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Linda from Australia here again.
I was at a big shopping complex on Saturday and I needed a pee so I headed for the public toilets. I had to wait for a toilet to become free as they were all full but soon enough, one was free. I went in and closed the door. While I was doing my wee, I could hear someone in the next toilet taking a dump. I heard several plops, it sounded like they were having a loose sort of poo and they were still pooping when I had finished. Later I had to do another wee at a different set of public toilets (in the same shopping complex) and I'm sure someone was taking a dump in there too. Either that or they had just taken a dump and the smell was lingering. I wished I couldn've heard them taking their dump!! I need to take a dump now too!!

Jack, answers to your quesies

1) what time of day do you normally poop? Normally just after breakfast, my t??y tightens up, and the pressure in my bum builds up suddenly, and I just know its time to go. Also then after dinner, although the pressure isn't as much so I have to push much harder.
2) How many time do you poop in one day normally? Two times
3) do you look between you leg after you poop to see your turds or
after you stand up? I open my legs and look down after each plop.
4) where is the one place you had to poop, that you hope you never have to do it there again? Camping, and I just had to go, and it was very explosive, and I had nothing to wipe with, so I used my panties and threw them away

During the early part of my adolescent years the thought of using the school toilets for taking a shit positively scared me. Firstly for some inexplicable reason I was shy at the thought of dropping my load with other boys in close proximity and secondly I was put off by the fact that few of the school stalls, of which there were three in each of the two toilet blocks, had working locks on the doors, so anyone sat there was likely to get the door pushed open whilst in mid crap even if it was just in fun.
As a consequence on the days when I stayed school dinners, which was two or three times a week I would invariably be holding onto a good shit for most of the afternoon and be ready to curl it off as soon as I got home after school.
This pattern was to change forever when I was 14 and had gone to school one Monday morning after having had a weekend of really big and heavy meals and eating the best part of a tin of prunes for breakfast that morning. I was staying school dinners that day so come lunch time I went off to the dining hall and queued up for the two course school dinner which as usual was pretty filling so needless to say by time I had finished eating I was feeling pretty stuffed. After the meal I sat having a drink and a chat with my mates when all of a sudden my guts started to move around big style and within a very short space of time I knew I had a substantial crap brewing up.
During the next few minutes the urge to shit got steadily stronger and stronger to the point where I had nip my arse cheeks together to stop it coming out. I was also starting to get gut cramps and felt highly uncomfortable. Trying to sucking it back didn't have the slightest effect and with the log pushing harder and harder against my sphincter with every wave I very soon realised that there was little chance of holding it in for ten minutes let alone for another four hours when school would finish. The thought also stuck me that since I had not had a dump since Friday night after school that when I did shit it was likely to be a bumper package.
I quietly excused myself from my mates on a pretext of having to study and very reluctantly made my way to the boys' toilets popping out one or two small and uncontrolled pre shit farts between my nipped butt cheeks as I walked down the seemingly endless corridor. The toilets were quite busy when I first got there and desperate as I was my embarrassment took over and I decided to try and hold on while longer until it quietened down. Rather than just hanging around looking suspicious I stood at the urinal faking having a piss using all the sphincter control I possessed to stop the end of the turd coming out. Much to my relief the other boys soon cleared off out to play football and I purposely shuffled along to inspect the nearest stall only to find the lock was missing, so onto the middle one. Luckily the door lock was intact and there was plenty of paper. In I went and locked the door. My arse was going is spasms now and I realised that I was very close to shitting my black school pants. I had my trousers and briefs dropped in a jiffy and flopping onto the seat immediately started to curl off one of the longest fattest greasiest turds that I had ever produced and one which crackled all the way as it slowly eased out of my anus. The relief was overwhelming as, I recall, was the smell since a big part of it finished up out of the water.
I was beginning to think about wiping my arse when there were footsteps across the toilet floor and after a slight pause the door to the next stall banged shut. I could see the shoes of the boy who had entered though the gap at the bottom of the partition and recognised that they belonged to a very handsome lad in my same year group and one who I had more than a crush on. It soon became obvious that he too was desperate to shit since as he fumbled with the broken door lock he gasped once or twice and at the same time popped out little wet pre shit farts much as I had been doing a few minutes earlier. I guess he eventually managed to get the lock to work since the next thing his pants were round his ankles and he started to shit out a huge number of really soft turds. The splat, splat, splat seemed to go on forever with only the occasional moist fart to interrupt the flow. The whole experience turned me on big style easpecially as I also dropped another three nice soft turds at the same time.
He eventually finished, wiped his arse and left. I waited for him to clear the toilets and then made my own way out. I was so chuffed at the size of my own shit that I decided to leave it un-flushed for any passing boys to take a look at.
Checking no one else was around I looked into the trap where the other boy had just been only to have my suspicions about his shit confirmed. The bottom of the toilet pan had some of the biggest yellow brown skid marks that I have ever seen confirming that he really had taken a fantastic dump.
With rapidly gained confidence I walked out of the toilets with an air of pride having had a superb first time shit at school. From now on I decided I would have no hesitation about taking a shit at school whenever the need arose, something that usually happened three or four days a week thereafter.

Brian: Your stories are the best. Twenty years ago I worked for the Sears Credit Dept. in Houston. Our bathrooms were not open to the public, just the employees up there. Believe it or not, we had no stall doors either. There had to be about 25 guys that worked credit. We all got to be good friends just from watching each other shit everyday. Trust me there's nothing like a good shit to break the ice and get everyone to bond. You're right men do shit alot.

re Caity
Whats it like to poo outside?
Really enjoyable.Ive poo'd twice outside its a lot better than a grotty toilet.
How do you do it without getting caught/or making a mess
I was in a woodland area well off the beaten track.As with not making a mess make sure your pants and underwear are well out of the way and go for it.Once I used leaves to wipe myself the other I had Toilet paper with me.You must have wee'd outside its the same for a girl I presume!
As to not getting caught just make sure your well out of the way.A forest or wood is good.If your out of the way then you won't get caught and you'll have no fear.
Hope this helps keep us posted on what happens.

I used a doorless toilet stall at JC Penney's yesterday. It was crowded, with a constant flow of men pissing and shitting, both employees and customers. There were 3 stalls none had doors, but it appeared that they were removed at one point, from the holes where the hinges would have been. It was no big deal at all, nobody stared at me while I dropped brown, or while I wiped my ass, although I do stand and face the toilet, so maybe I was being watched LOL....Anyway, as long as I'm not caught by any women while i'm doing the 'dirty brown deed" i'm totally cool with doorless stalls, and everybody else seemed fine with them..

Hi Jack!
here are my answers to your questions:

1) what time of day do you normally poop?
A: Usually in the early afternoon (between 1 and 4 PM)

2) How many time do you poop in one day normally?
A: Once a day; I can go around for some days before taking a shit, like these last weeks, and then having massive shits.

3) do you look between you leg after you poop to see your turds or
after you stand up?
A: Sometimes I watch between my legs WHILE I am either sitting on the toilet or squatting outdoors; otherwise, I look at my poop when I stand up for wiping.

4) where is the one place you had to poop, that you hope you never have to do it there again?
A: In the hallway of the building where my apartment is; I had an accident after not going for 5 days (luckily, no one was around).

About me, I can tell you that I am a slim, sporty girl who eats a lot and never, ever, gets fat. I am petite but strong, and I'd always been like this. I guess that it helps that I am very physically active (I am a mountaineer and guide)



Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit constipated for the last few days. My diet has been a bit unhealthy lately, which explains why my turds have been rock hard. I've been taking vitamin C tablets to help me go and I took one per day for about a week and they did help a bit. One day I took three tablets and I let out heaps of loose loads, I pooped about 6 times in one day!! Then after that I had really hard bowel movements plus going every 2nd day (which is unusual for me). I just finished pushing out some really hard logs, after 2 days of not going at all. I've still got a turd stuck in my anus. I last dropped a load on Monday night and it took almost 20 minutes to squeeze it all out. Even then I didn't feel finished but after lots of effort, I still couldn't manage to push out the last turd. I can feel the turd moving down now so I'm going to go to the toilet and do some more straining.

Hi folks, Brian from Sears with the doorless men's room stalls. Yesterday, me and my co-worker Jayson were taking our morning dumps, it was about 9:30 am (the store opens at 10:00 am) we were relaxing on the toilets,- plopping dropping, and farting, and of course stinking up the men's room. When clean-up time came, Jayson asked how my supply of ass-wipes was. I told him I had about a quarter of a roll left, and he was welcome to help himself. The next thing I have Jayson standing in front of me, ripping toilet tissue off my roll. A scene from a sit-com, his dick wagging in my face as he stuffed tissue into his dirty buttocks, He grabbed some extra paper and walked back to his side of the stall and sat down. Then the entry door opens and we hear a female voice asking if anybody in here??? Jayson says " Kimmie, it's Jayson, and Brian and myself are dropping the kids off at the pool" --- "DON'T COME IN"...she giggled and said she would come back later. I dropped one more log, wiped up, and pulled off the remaining toilet tissue and handed it to Jayson..I washed up, Jayson finished and washed up, we left and Kim went in to clean the bathroom. We both apologized for the stink we left, Kim giggled and said '".no problem , guys..I shit again later in the day. I'll say it again....Guys shit a lot !!!!

bladder splatter
Girl Question:

Did anyone's mother ever make you pee somewhere you did not want to or when you did not have to go?

hey...Brian from Sears here My girlfriend met me at work Friday night. I wasn't ready to leave so she went to use the women's restroom. After we left, and were driving, I asked her if she felt embarrased to use a toilet with no door on the stall, and she said "ARE YOU CRAZY?" The stalls all had doors with locks, well lit vanities, and a small room with a sofa for resting. I said 'geez' the men don't even have doors on the stalls , and you women have all that? She said she would NEVER even piss without a door. I asked Tim on Saturday morning why women had toilet stall doors and men didn't , he said there were problems in the men's room and not in the women's, but even if there were problems in the ladies room, legally they still have to have doors on their toilets, where men are not required by law to have doors. Oh well, we both dropped our morning Hershey bars, wiped our asses, washed up, and had a busy Saturday. Have a great weekend everybody :-)

Girls always surprise me w/their peeing style, quantity, duration. How do such beautiful creatures piss inch plus wide streams, pressure like putting your finger on a hose and pee like this for a minute, then go on for so much longer? Amazing.

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