Cool Katie
I'm the Katie who's 19, college, red hair, likes to experiment with poop and pee, etc. I'm changing my name, though, because there seem to be like 100 other Katies.

So, I have a new story. I haven't had an "accident" in a few weeks, and today I woke up really wanting to have one. I thought for a bit on what to do, and decided that I would go and take a shit on the side of the road...that's something I've never done before! So I waited until I had to shit really badly, and then drove a bit until I got really desperate. I was going to shit on the side of a road, but then I saw a parking lot and, remembering my failed plan before to go in a parking lot, pulled in. I parked in a spot to the side of the lot where there were not very many cars, just a few. I got out of my car, squatted, and pushed. I peed first for about 40 seconds, then pushed out three long loose logs. I saw somebody approaching then, and quickly pulled up my pants (not wiping) and got back into my car and drove home. The feeling was so great, shitting in a parking lot, I must do it again sometime!


Welcome back!!

You're soooo lucky to have hit it off so well with your new partner. I certainly wish I could find a lady who was also so open about her bathroom habits. (Sigh...)

You're right to be concerned about type II diabetes. I've got a teacher friend who has a partner who is currently suffering from it's effects. Whenever he mentions it, you can see how much his partner's illness has hurt him emotionally.


PRG-- I'd like to ask a question about your being "constipated more often than not". Do you remember being constipated as a kid or did it develop as you grew older? What if anything did you Mom do about it? Seems like mine was after me ALL the time to have a BM as a a kid. I think i rebelled by not having one and adding to the problem.- JW

I have a fews questions for the girls here.

1) what time of day do you normally poop?
2) How many time do you poop in one day normally?
3) do you look between you leg after you poop to see your turds or
after you stand up?
4) where is the one place you had to poop, that you hope you never have to do it there again?

I'm prompted to write cos I just had a poo. I just came home from a concert, walking home, and knowing I had to do a poo. A wicked grin crossed my face and I knew it would be an outdoor poo even though I could probably make it home.(The concert was Robin Trower - anyone know where that means I was?)
I know the venue quite well and there were several places, bushes by the roadside, and it was these I had in mind. But as I was walking along, a car drove into a supermarket car park (Morrisons) and a guy and girl got out, he had a pee in the bushes and she squatted beside the car, I wasn't close enough to see what she did, a number 1 or a number 2. Anyway, watching this scene inspired me, and what I did was sit down on a fence rail beside the road, with my trousers pulled down just enough. I was by the side of the road and a few cars went by, I looked as though I was just getting my breath but actually I was pumping out a pretty steamy pile of poo! I surprised myself because I didn't realise I had so much in there. Later on I had to go into some bushes and ruin another handkerchief by cleaning my bottom with it.

BJ: I think the greatest enjoyment of camping is going to toilet in the trees and bushes. I camp a fair bit, and I have a tent where there is a large awning where there is just grass. Usually I will piss in here, and sometimes I will poo into some newspaper, if it is raining or I don't fancy going out into the trees.

CARLEY: I am imagining you hovering over the sink and peeing in it. It's a lovely vision...

COOL KATIE: What a fantastic experience! I can understand you wanting to repeat it ASAP. With car parks I always worry about CCTV. There is a multi-storey car park which I use a lot (driving I mean)and I have often fancied pooing there. But the cameras - I don't mind the cameras, but they get your car registration as well as your log-laying exploits. I really look forward to your next report!

FAT WOMAN: Thanks for sharing your story which I found quite a turn-on. Do you like to watch girls poo coming out of them or are you happy with being there while it does? I myself would have to peek!

Love to all, enjoy those poos and pees!

Lucy Lu
Constipation is over! and I was walking when it happend.:( I was forced to stop about 2KM! away from home. The school was close but no way am i pooping there. I made it home ran into my bathroom and not even closing the door pooped for almost 12 minutes. i could tell what i ate

I've lurked on this site for a while, posted a year or two ago also. I doubt anyone remembers. What really "motivated" me back into posting was something I witnessed, and some posts from a few days ago.

I was taking care of some business at the community college I attend, so after I was all set I hit the big men's room off the cafeteria (it was already after 4pm, so there weren't many people there). While I was at the urinal, a younger guy (about 20-22) came in. Thin build, but in shape,short blonde hair, with a coffee cup in hand. He took a stall and dropped his dark khaki shorts and blue boxers to his ankles. For me, the best part was he had flip-flops on. If I guy has sandals on when he's on the can, the event becomes that much better for me (don't know if I'm alone on this one, anyone else think this?). Anyway, he sat there straining for a minute or so, then got up on his toes, dropped a couple of small turds that made a little noise, then groaned and let loose a HUGE turd that sorta made flop-crackle noise as he pushed it out. It smelled pretty bad too, definately a coffee-induced crap. He started unrolling TP so I left. A minute or so later he left, so I daringly went back to see if he left anything. Just the stink, a warm seat, and some greenish-brown skid marks on the toilet.

Greg: Your posts are AWESOME! Please share more! It's been a long while since someone has posted stories even close to yours!

gassy white boi: In your posts on pages 1462 and 1461 you mentioned watching guys dump who were wearing flip flops. Notice anything that happened like what I saw, or nothing. Keep up the good work your posts rock too!

My Logs Have Girth
What's up everybody. I'm new here, but I've been reading everybody else's posts for awhile. I'm a 20 year old dude. I often like to watch my boyfriend shit out his logs. His are kinda like mine-pretty large with a mild smell. I'm pretty lucky that his dumps are like mine. The best was yesterday after we were playing football with some buddies. He made a huge one. It had to have been 3-4 inches in girth. Well, I'll post more soon.

This happened last year on a flight to Prague. Its a very popular destination for stag parties. A big group of young guys was being very noisy and getting drunk in the bar at Bristol airport, and they were sitting all round me on the plane. Los of joshing, drinking and crudeness but they were funny and OK. About a minute after the seat-belts sign came on for landing, I heard the guy in the seat in front of me say to his mate "I'm dying for a pee, I gotta go." He stood up to go to the toilets and the stewardess came and told him to sit down, the seat-bealt sign was on and he mustnt move till after landing. He said he needed the toilet but she wasn't having it. This happened maybe 3 times over 10 minutes, we still had maybe 10 minutes more to landing. Each time the cabin crew got more stroppy, and his amtes were pleading for him. They came up with a great ploy though - in hearing of half the plane, his mate says "Look, you stupid woman, he needs to have a dump". Like that was going to help. I could hear the guy moaning and see he was clutching his crotch, and whining "I'lll never make it, I'll piss myself." Someone threw over an empty plastic water bottle and told him to piss in it - but for some reason he didn't.

We landed, the guy's virtually in orbit by this time, his teeth must have been swimming! We taxi'd to the gate, then stopped short and the captain PA'd that we would be delayed for a while, meaning the seat belt sign stayed on. He actually announced that the men in the cabin who had been causing trouble must stay seated. The guy in front was almost crying by now. About 5 minutes later I heard him say "Oh f*ck it" and could see he was manouevring himself to his left. He just dropped his zip, flopped it all out and peed loudly against the wall of the cabin, still in a seated position but trying to raise his butt off the seat to keep the stream of pee away from himself. He was groaning with relief, his mates were laughing and pointing, I was just listening to the hissing flow! There was gallons of it.

Eventually the plane docked and the seat belt light went out but the crew didnt seem to notice that he didnt run for the toilets. The captain came out and told them they were very close to being arrested, the guy just sat there saying nothing. When we got up to exit the plane, I could see his whole crotch and bum of his black jeans was soaked. He hadn't managed to keep clear of the flow, and much of it must have gone onto the seat as well as on him. Pity the poor person who got his seat on the flight back!

I followed them through to arrivals, where a huge group including the soaked guy all dived into the toilets. There was a queue for the urinals there so I got treated to the Soaked One and his mate sharing a toilet cubicle and peeing with the door open, one each side of the pan, to lots of jokes and cries from his mates outside. It was the hottest pee desperation scene I ever saw.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

hey... Brian from Sears with the doorless toilet stalls in the mens restrooms. I had to make several trips to the restroom today. I didn't have diahreah , but I just crap a lot. I was sitting in the middle stall, my co-worker Peter from mens suits was in the stall to my left, we both started dumping fierce and hard. It was loud and stinky, then a customer came in and took the third toilet, and he started shitting diahreah. Then the outer door opens and in walks the boss "Tim" walks in and stands in front of us with his hands on his belly, a signal that he has to go REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad. I'm not nearly done, and neither is Pete, Tim looks like he is about to shit his pants, but then the customer finishes up and leaves. Tim jumps on the toilet bowl, and "WHOOOOOOOOOOOSH"....he exploded, the room stunk like shit, rotten eggs and bad fish. So here we are 3 employees stinking up the bathroom, and who walks in? The regional manager, who says "Geez, who's minding the store, seems my whole staff in in here?" He was kidding of course. I finished up, and he took my seat. I gotta tell you, guys shit a LOT !!!!

Wittnessed a funny thing on a flight recently. A group of guys had been spending quite a bit of time in the bar prior to the flight drinking beer, they were just in good spirits and not to drunk. I was sitting in the back row next to the washrooms and as soon as we took off they started taking their turns in the que for a pee, all quite normal and with no mishaps. All of a sudden a large lad rushes forward and seeing that both washrooms are occupied starts looking a bit agitated. He stands there for a couple of seconds dancing from one foot to another and grabbing himself and asking the person in front if both washrooms as still in use, he also said that he had to pee real bad and could he go next when one is free. The next guy said no as he needed to take a shit and it was his turn next. With this the guy who was desperate to pee grabbed his crouch and let out a loud groan, he then staggered forward almost doubled over towards the rear galley which was empty of all air crew. I could not resist turning in my seat as this poor guys situation was obviously getting very desperate, and still the washrooms were occupied. He was liturally doubled over holding onto his willie through his trousers with all his might to try and stop him peeing his pants. All of a sudden he grabs hold of a carrier bag and with one almighty struggle with his zip says to the other guy, excuse me mate but I just have to go, with this he turns his back and proceeds get out his willie over the bag and pee into it. Well the relief must have been trememndous for him as I though he was never going to stop,even from where I was sitting I could hear the hissing as the bag filled and he let out a huge sigh of pleasure and a long dry fart. Thankfuly there were no splits in the bag and most of the pee went into it. With all the comotion going on very soon the air staff came back to see was happening, they made this guy wait and empty the full bag of very frothy pee in the smelly bathroom where the previuos occupier had just taken a long shit. As the pee relieved guy walked back to his seat it was clear to see that the holding had not been that succesful and he had let out quite a bit of pee perhaps getting out his willie over the bag as there was a large wet patch of pee all over the front of his light slacks. Anymore in flight accidents?

When you were a little kid, did you ever have to go into the restoom with your mother or father when they had to go?

When I was little when we went out to eat or went shopping, I would have to go in with my dad so he could tinkle. He sure could tinkle for awhile and when you thought he was done, more dribbles would come out of his "hose".

Also, there were times that I would have to go in with my mom. It was interesting listening to other ladies go pee. The young girls would have a nice solid stream while the older ones like the moms would have the hissy pee. My mom had a hissy pee. Whenever she would poo, her pee time would last longer.

Anyone have similar stories?

EWWW, OK MY STORY IS DUSCUSTING AND I WANTED TO POST IT SO BAD My friend came over and his mom asked me if she could use my bathroom to my sister, when i needed to take a piss i walked in on her and just by the smell i knew she was having a bm

B j
When i was growing up we would go camping which involved roughing it if you know what i mean. I loved going into the bush to do a poo it was so primitive. I'd dig a hole take a poo then depending on weather i'd got the T paper or have to use leaves.

Today, I have off from school and I had to pee. I went into the bathroom, and one of my parents left a huge dump in the toilet. Totally grossed out I called up my Dad and yelled at him. But there was a clue in the toilet. Both my parents smoke and my mom's cigarette was in there. I apologized to my dad, and at this point I was getting desperate, so I hopped onto the sink and peed for 3 minutes. Then I was stranded on the sink because the toilet paper is on the other side of the room. I waddled over there, praying that I wasn't dripping.(it wasn't until then that I realized that I could have used the downstairs bathroom, but peeing in the sink was more fun) I wiped and ran alot of water down the sink. I'm not flushing my mom's HUGE dump, because I'm scared that the toilet may overflow. So it's still there. I'm secretly scared that the crap might mutate and attack me or something, that's how big the dump is. LOL


Cool Katie
I'm the Katie who's 19, college, red hair, likes to experiment with poop and pee, etc. I'm changing my name, though, because there seem to be like 100 other Katies.

So, I have a new story. I haven't had an "accident" in a few weeks, and today I woke up really wanting to have one. I thought for a bit on what to do, and decided that I would go and take a shit on the side of the road...that's something I've never done before! So I waited until I had to shit really badly, and then drove a bit until I got really desperate. I was going to shit on the side of a road, but then I saw a parking lot and, remembering my failed plan before to go in a parking lot, pulled in. I parked in a spot to the side of the lot where there were not very many cars, just a few. I got out of my car, squatted, and pushed. I peed first for about 40 seconds, then pushed out three long loose logs. I saw somebody approaching then, and quickly pulled up my pants (not wiping) and got back into my car and drove home. The feeling was so great, shitting in a parking lot, I must do it again sometime!

Punk Rock Girl
HSH - Thanks! I don't think pooping in itself is disgusting. I've taken individual dumps that I thought were disgusting (e.g. explosive diarrhea), but in general, I quite enjoy my dumps and sometimes even find them relaxing. I'm constipated more often than not, and after all the work of getting those thick and heavy loads out of my ass, I'll often just sit there and enjoy the empty feeling in my bowels. I don't eat a ton of meat, so my dumps are usually pretty mild in the odor department, but I've had more than my share of stinkers!

CD - Glad you came around! And, yes, womens rooms can often be repugnant. A lot of women are paranoid about sitting directly on a public toilet seat, even with paper or a seat cover over it, and hover even when taking a dump. I have walked into a stall and found shit splattered on the seat a disturbing number of times. Me? I sit my ass down on the toilet regardless of how nasty it looks. I just make sure I wash my ass before my boyfriend starts playing around down there!



i was once in the supermarket looking for bread and i wasn't feeling that well, i mean, my stomach was hurting. as soon as i got the bread, i just had to shit. i had to run to the restroom, which was on the other side of the store, and as soon as i got to the restroom, there were two stalls and a woman was in the other stall and she was farting and shitting a lot. well, as soon as i got into the stall, i pulled down my panties, sat down on the toilet and long turds just started to come out of my ass. i farted for a few seconds, then shit some more. in a few minutes i was done shitting and wiped my ass with toilet paper. i got up, flushed the toilet, and washed my hands. and that same woman that was in the other stall was still in there. well, that's my story, everybody!

bye bye!

K Rasta
Great story Sarah. Tell us, what was the most embarrasing part? I've heard similar stories from some of my attractive female friends. I will post some with time

I have mentioned, in the past, several accidents that I had when a child. I have mentioned that, most of the time, I didn't get caught. There were times that I did have accidents like the time I was waiting for my mom to come home from work and wet my pants when she had to work late. There were other times that I had genuine accidents and was never punished for them. I had even been given permission/told to wet my pants when it was next to impossible to get to a restroom in time. However, I had gotten into a habit of what I call "wetting for fun and convenience". Now, most times I never got caught because I usually did this when I was wearing a dress. The wet underwear was never a giveaway, either, because I would simply wear the wet underwear to bed and, since I wet the bed most nights until I was about 12-13 years old this wasn't a clue to my mother. However, one night when I was about 8 years old I was taking a bath and my mother came in to the bathroom and began to pick up my clothes to put in the laundry. At that point she discovered a pair of quite wet panties. She then confronted me and asked why I had wet my panties. I simply replied "I don't know". I thought the matter was dropped when she said no more about it that evening. I was somewhat surprised the next day, when I came home from school, and my mother simply asked me if I had wet my pants again that day. Surprised by the question, I decided to lie and told her no. She then demanded that I remove my underwear, on the spot, and hand them to her. I knew that I was now in trouble big-time because I had wet my pants on the way home from school and knew that they were quite wet. I started to protest and she simply said "NOW!!!" I knew that further argument was useless and so I removed my very wet panties and handed them to her. She replied "I thought so!" She, then, handed me a pair of bedwetter pants and told me that I had to wear them the rest of the day. I asked her what would happen if the other kids in the neighborhood saw what I was wearing and she said "that's your problem - if you want to wet your pants then you will wear these the rest of the day". I went outside to play and, thankfully, nobody noticed that I wasn't wearing traditional underwear. When I went inside to use the bathroom my mother asked me why I didn't just wet the goodnite pants. I told her that I didn't want to. She, then, told me that the next time she caught me wearing wet panties then she would make we wear the bedwetter pants and not let me use the bathroom. It was, also, at this time, that I began to wear these bedwetter pants at night to protect the bedding. As I look back, I think my mother was using a pants-wetting episode to introduce me to the bedwetter pants. I did complain the first couple of nights when I had to wear them to bed (I didn't dare complain when required to wear them after school). However, after the first couple of nights I did discover that they worked well keeping the bed (and me) dry. I did wear them for the next several years, at night, until I was reliably dry at night. I, also, had MANY times that I did have to wear them after school. On my next story I will tell you how I discovered that the bedwetter pants could be wet in and nobody would ever know.

Hey everyone,

It's been a while. Not sure if anyone remembers me. For those who are new, I'm Fat Woman. I am 48, 5'5", 320 lbs, white and lesbian. I moved in with my new lover Nina who is the same size as me but 10 years younger. I used to live with my mother who is also very large, but it was too hard to take care of her. She has type II diabetes and a myriad of other weight related issues so she is now in assisted living. She still has marathon bathroom sessions which I have recounted in the past on this forum. Every time I visit her she goes to the toilet and I still enjoy listening outside the door. It takes her an incredibly long time and sometimes has her nurse come in with her. Sometimes I fear that if I keep gaining weight I will end up like her.

To get back to Nina though, we met and we hit it off. Luckily she shares my toilet interests. We love watching each other strain and grunt on the toilet. We eat alot so we shit alot! Nina is built a lot like me, extremely pear shaped, so our butts, hips and thighs are very large. With bodies like this, we have difficulty walking very much. Our bottom halves are so huge we totally engulf the toilet when we sit down, and it's hard to spread our asscheeks enough to be able to bear down sufficiently. But we manage.

We probably visit the toilet 3 times a day each and it usually takes at least 30 minutes. So as you can see much of our intimate time is spent in the bathroom. We're not into the smells or sight of shit at all, for us it's the strains, grunts and sighs as well as the majestic sight of our bodies heaving and jiggling as we struggle to relieve ourselves. Anything that requires physical effort is exciting to us, like bending over, getting up, walking long distances. At our weight, everything is hard for us. The constant strain in daily activity, how often we grunt, is a turn on. And nothing more than on the toilet, it's the biggest effort of all.

I remember the 1st time I met Nina. I was at a mutal friend's party who was trying to set us up. I first noticed her in the living room, in the process of seating herself on a chair. She lowered her huge ass carefully and plopped down with a beautiful soft grunt. "Ugghh…" She saw that she was sweating, her ass spread out over the sides of the chair. We talked for a while, then Nina excused herself and was absent from the party a very long time. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, her face was red and she was sweating even more profusely. I vowed then and there to ask for her number!

It was a few days later that I invited Nina over. They had dinner and watched a DVD. Halfway thru the movie, Nina grimaced and put her hand on her big belly. "I'm… sorry…" Her voice was strained. "I need to go to the bathroom…." She heaved herself off the toilet with a grunt. "Unnhh!"

I could hardly contain my excitement. "Can I come keep you company?"

There was an awkward pause. "….Yes…."

She was on to me! She waddled to the bathroom with me close behind.

"Can you take off your clothes?" I asked. "I would like to see you nude on the toilet."

Nina nodded ascent. She struggled out of her dress and removed her underwear. Even that small activity left her breathles. I dragged a chair from the kitchen and sat in the hallway looking into the bathroom. Nina's body was huge, white and jiggling with cellulite. Her rolls glistened with sweat her thighs thunderous, her ass unbelievably wide.

Wordlessly she placed her hands on both knees and slowly lowered herself onto the toilet, grimacing with the effort. "UGGHH!!!" She uttered a long ugly grunt.

Her body on the toilet made her look fatter. Her rolls sat atop one another, her ass hung over the sides of the toilet, her thighs were spread out wide.

She was beautiful! "Nina, you look like a queen on the toilet, you are absolutely majestic."

Nina smiled wearily and then her face hardened. "I have to start straining now..."

"That's ok Nina, just pretend I'm not here."

Nina didn't answer. Already she had started to bear down. One hand gripped the side of the sink next to the toilet, the other was pressed against the fat of her thigh, hard.

"Mmmmm....mmmmmm....." Nina grunted, beautiful breathy grunts through her nose. He face was a mask of strain, eyes closed. "Mmmmm.....mmmmmm!" She shifted her massive bulk on the toilet bearing down harder. Her ass quivered and undualted as she strained. "Mmmm.....mmmm...UGHH!! OHHHH!! It's really......mmmm....hard.....tonight....UGHHH!!"

I nodded, sympathetic. "I have a real hard time when I go too. I just get so tired."

Nina closed her eyes and nodded, grunting more softly. It was true. Many people didn't know hard it was for fat women. She had been on the toilet for some time already and still nothing had come out. She slouched back and panted. "My heart is racing (pant pant)." She placed her fat hand on her chest. "...(pant,pant) should know I... I spend alot of time on the toilet....mmmmm....mmmm..." Nina sat upright, folding her hands in her lap. She had started straining again.

"That's ok, Nina. I love to watch you. Your diginity and regality on the toilet is breathtaking."

" am I....mmmm...dignified....mmmm....?"

"Your very largeness makes you regal, and you sit so primly on the...toilet..." Her voice trailed off. Nina had slapped both hands onto her huge asscheeks, spreading them wide. So much for dignity. She thrust her huge belly forward and undulated as she bore down. "AAAHHH!!! UUGGGHHH!! NNNNN....NNNNNN......OHHHHH!!!" Her ass jiggled as she gripped it. Lori heard a huge plop. "UHHHHH!!" Nina almost shouted her relief, then lowered her head, embarrassed at her behavior on the toilet. Her huge belly heaved and with an effort she grabbed some toilet paper to wipe her sweaty face.

"You must be...(pant pant).... pretty turned off after ....witnessing this...ugh...". She grunted softly as she shifted her sweaty ass on the toilet. Her fat dumpy legs were still spread wide and she continued sitting, her fat rolls slouching.

"Shut up Nina," I said. "You know I love it. And you're not done, are you?"

Nina looked down again. "No...." she said in a strained voice and started bearing down again. There was a little more and she grunted quietly, beautifully. "Mmmm…mmmmm…." After a few minutes of gentle straining she had finished and slouched her huge sweaty body on the toilet. Finally she wiped (this was very hard for her) and flushed, got unsteadily to her feet and washed her hands. And then….well, use your imagination what happened next!

some teengirl.
i tried peeing standing up today for the first time. it did not work AT ALL.

I was in the bathtub so it was no big deal, but i kindof leaned back, pulled "myself" apart and started peeing.. but to my surprise, it wasn't a stream, but a spray! i was rather disappointed, but i did enjoy the hot pee running down my legs onto the cold bathtub under me.

anyway i could fix it?? let me know.

Alexis in Chicago

To Cute & Shy:

U could ask ur parents if u could go 2 the nearest gas station or to the store across the street from where u live. And, BTW, I loved ur toilet/diarrhea story.

P.S. Would u mind posting another story 4 us? Thanx.

May the Lord bless u,

Alexis in Chicago

Lucy Lu
Constipation is over! and I was walking when it happend.:( I was forced to stop about 2KM! away from home. The school was close but no way am i pooping there. I made it home ran into my bathroom and not even closing the door pooped for almost 12 minutes. i could tell what i ate

to cute and shy ... y not just use it anyway .. im a lady and I would you should not hold your poop in. Im 40 and when a bm comes let it slide. which leades to my story.
My son was causing trouble at his school. he is in gr 10, so i came over to the school in my aroubics clothes to meet with the vp. while I was waiting i had a pain which led to a rather severe need to use the toilet. when i got into the princibles office they began telling me of my sons behaviour. I screeched sorta WHERES THE TOILETS. the vp was shocked that question came out of my mouth but i wasnt worried of what was coming out of my mouth i was worried bout my anus. I pointed to a door with a male and femail and handicapt washroom thing on it. she said that is my own privite washroom. I said well if you dont mind im going make use of it. she said .. ok angered. I got in and knew that she would be listing to what i was doing in there i didnt care i got on that toilet and practicaly rode it like a pony! when i was done she requested suspending my son on his next offence.


Punk Rock Girl- interesting post about your male co-worker.

I have a few female co-workers who arn't shy about talking about poop, farts, or peeing. I don't find that offensive at all. Actually, I think it shows how human they are.

Good for you for setting him straight. He's the one with the problem.

Bye for now

my story happened when i was about 14.
i was at the shop with my friend getting our other friend a birthday present. i was so busting for a wee. i felt like i was about to burst.i was too scared to tell my friend how much i needed to go. i just tried to avoid my bladder. she ssed her mum was comming in 15 minites and we needed to start walking to meet her at was so hard walking and i desperately needed to hold my crotch but i couldnt concidering the circumstances!
we were waiting there for her and i sed"im reallly desperate for the loo, can we quickly go now before she comes" and my frend resoponded with "ooh look mums here" and anyway i hopped in the car and was squirming around on the seat trying not to piss in the car. i really did not want 2. and then after 20 minutes of me going crazy trying so hard not 2 pee we arrived at her house. i was shocked when her mum said "dont use the loo, its getting serviced" i actually didnt kno wat to do . and i didnt kno how i was going 2 get out of the car!! bcoz i could hardly move ! i walked in tiny steps upstairs 2 her room.i was jumnping around everwhere pretending to be doing dance moves. i asked her if we could go outside and she sed yes. as we were walking out there i could feel it leaking out of me.
i quickly ran on the pavement and peeed. it gushed out of me. i dont thkn they ever foudnout

To Cute and Shy

Yesterday, I had diaarhea too, every two hours I had to take a shit. All of a sudden, I got sick and threw up.

So u say ur toilet doesnt work huh? Well go outside and find a bush or somewhere to hide so no one will see u.

If u want me to, I will keep posting more stories :)

Okay, it looks like there aren't any new results for the pee distance competition, so I'll just post the previous results again. I also have an announcement to make.


1. HELLEN: 13 ft.

2. PEEPER: 4.5 ft.
2. MIKE: 4.5* ft.

3. PEEPALE: 4 ft.

(I still don't have a measurement for myself, and I truly am sorry. I almost got one a few times, but I don't have many opportunities to try these days.)

And now for the announcement. I'm afraid I have some bad news. For certain reasons I won't be able to post on this site for quite a while. I'll probably not be gone forever, but I will be for an indefinite time. So I won't be able to take care of the distance competition now. Therefore I need someone else to take over. Whoever accepts can change the name of the competition to "[Insert your name here] AND BADDUDE'S STANDING PEE DISTANCE COMPETITION". I hope someone does this, because I would rather not have my idea die. Again, this will be my last post for quite a while, so... see ya.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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