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I got diarrhea and the toilet stopped working this morning. The plumber couldn't fix it today so I have to wait until tomorrow or Monday before he comes with a new toilet. I gotta use it bad and I know I can't hold it for a day so what should I do? :(

My name is Ellie and I live in Western Kentucky. I am 22 years old and have what most guys would want in a girl. I have a nice tanned body, nice boobs, and a tight stomach. Yesterday I was off of work and had just gotten out of bed. I live by myself and sleep in nothing but a pair of short briefs. I felt a twinge in my bladder and decided to go pee. I entered my colorful bathroom and pulled down my blue panties and sat on the toilet with my legs spread apart. I grabbed the back of the toilet and waited for the sweet yellow juice to flow. I then looked down as I started and it came. First some off and on piddles. Then I released the whole thing. A nice stream flowed out of my pussy and hit the toilet water with some nice sound effects. I thought I had finished but after the incident a few days ago in which I thought I was finished, wiped, and stood up when the few drips landed on my maxi pad. I sat there smiling, almost nude with my blonde hair dangling down. I pulled off some toilet paper and then pushed the last spurt or two out. I wiped and pulled my briefs up and flushed everything away. A very good piss ended. I then got dressed and posted this. Have a great day everyone.

Hi everyone. Cute and Shy, my accident prolly doesn't sound nearly as bad as yours, but it was awful, trust me. i think this would fall under the having an accident and being really sick category. it was last summer, two weeks before school, and we were practicing for cross country. me and my family had chinese food the night before, and i don't think that is what caused it. I had never felt that way for no reason before in my life. something was wrong with something. anyway, i woke up, ate some bacon and coffey and left for practice feeling fine. i was farting kind of before i left but i just thought it was normal you know? anyway i get there about noon and we all get ready for practice. it was kinda hot and muggy[we live in the south, sorry, thats all im gonna say for privacy :)] but i was looking forward to getting a good run in. funny thing is, i wore my favorite orange shorts and matching thong and socks. anyway i had some stomach rumbling before warm ups and stretching. during the middle of stretching i told the coach i was gonna go to the bathroom. suddenly i had to run! i got in there, and i had to quickly rip down my shorts and undies to crap. i crapped kinda a lot, and suddenly realized there was no toilet paper! i was shocked and started to panick, but i saw some paper towels that i just had to get up and grab. well i did and i wiped. i felt kinda better. so i decided to go run with the girls. big mistake. we started running down a country road at a good pace. it was going good for like a mile, then i suddenly just felt real ill and bad. i had gas and just felt like shit. i started walking. my friend danielle stoppped with me to make sure i was alright. i told her my stomach hurt, and suddenly i felt a eruption and i had to hold my stomach. this was really bad. sorry, im not very good at telling stories. i realized i needed to go now but there wasnt a bathroom in sight, just road and girls quickly passing me. there were coming back the same road tho, so i couldn't just go in the road. i started to go back and quickly became weak and winded. i started sweating even more than i was and felt horrible. something was wrong with something in my stomach, cause i had to fart bad. but i knew if i would, it would be unforgivable. danielle caught up with me, saying she quit running cause she was worried. she said i was so pale, then i said "im gonna be sick". she said well puke! i said no, i gotta shit. so we started walking, i started to hunch over cause of the pain. not even period cramps hurt that bad, cause i mean this hurt bad. about halfway there i started spinning and cause of the heat too, i leaned forward and puked. that was horrible, cause when i puked i immediately pooped my shorts. i felt come out around the thong and just spread through my crotch. danielle was like "oh my god" cause i was standing there filling my orange shorts with like a gallon of crap. the shorts weren't holding it all very well either. i would never ever poop my pants of purpose or allow myself to be put in a situation where that could happen. but i seriously could not help it at all. it hurt soooo bad, but it wasnt even over with. still in pain and still holding back a wave of shit(which was hard to beleive if you couldve seen me) I started running back. i didnt even care that i could feel all that shit, i just didnt wanna have another accident. well after a while, i was really desperate about to go again when i saw the coach, and i finally got to the bathroom. i pulled down my shorts(filled with chili like shit spilling out of them onto my shoes and socks) and had to rip my thong off. of yeah, buy now shit is all over the porcelin. i let loose and a bunch of diarrhea sprays out. i dont feel very good either, besides the fact that i just had a major accident and everyone knows. then danielle came in while i was pooping, and i was leaning against the sink pouring sweat. she laid down some of her socks and shorts for me to put on and apologized that she didnt have shoes. i thanked her and continued pooping and then cleaned myself off. of course my thong was ruined, i pitched it. the shorts got pitched too. actually so did my socks :( I got in my car to drive home and it almost happened again, but i got inside and just let out a storm. i laid around the house and got better, but i had never had anything like that before. it was horrible, and the feeling of crapping yourself was something i will never forget. it was just so bad. anyway, sorry for rambling, let me know if you guys liked it or have any questions- sarah

Ok well I was rollerblading with my bestfriend Amanda when I started to cramp up, I told Amanda that I had to use a washroom, as her being my bestfriend she comes with me, she told me she new a near by private spot were I can go since there was no washrooms around and we were quite aways from home, she took me to this park were it leads from a park into a forest, I chose a good spot, she told me since i was just peeing i dont need nothing to wipe with, I thot oh my god she thinks Im just peeing, I told her, well...Im not exactly peeing, she said, oh my! we have nothing to wipe with, but I didnt care, I pulled down my shorts and squatted down by the bush, A slimy mushy poo squeezed out and after that one I still didnt feel complete but not much more was coming out, so I called it quits. I got up and pulled up my shorts, my underwear got stained with poop and the whole way home Amanda kept her distance because of the discusting poop smell. When we reached my house I said bye to her and she rollerbladed home, I went up to the bathroom and took everything off, went poop a bit more, threw away my stained underwear and went in the shower and cleaned up, the next day at school Amanda told EVERYONE and I was so embarresed, now she isnt my bestfriend I hate her!

Hi, my name is Kelly and this is my first time posting on this website, although I have been a lurker here for sometime. I am 27 years old, female and about 5 foot 8 with short blone hair.

On friday night, I had a bad diarrhea accident in my pants while I out with three of my girlfreinds at a dance club/bar. My friends and I go out every Friday night after work.

First of all, I was wearing a pair of new brief style panties, that were white with pink and light blue small poka-dots that looked like they were stripes. I was wearing these as I usually do before I get my period. The reason is because although they are snug fitting, they are quite a bit more comfortable for me as they do not put any pressure on any of my cramping areas. Plus, the crotch area is a little thicker than most of my other panties, so if my period does start and I am not prepared with a maxi pad, these types of panties tend to soak up any beggining dribbles of the start of my period. My period starts very light and then gets very heavy as the week goes on.

So anyway, there we were on the stage of this club that we go to dancing out hearts out. I started getting this crampy feeling and brushed it off as PMS cramps and figured that my period would probably start the next day. The cramps came and went for a while and then they started to become very strong and in a way that I am not used to. As we were dancing on the stage, I felt the urge to fart, so I let my butt cheeks relax a little and let my body pass out a little fart. Unfortunately, the fart was a wet one and I could feel it dripping between my butt cheeks and soaking the but area of my panties. I told my freinds that I had to use the ladies room and as I walked away from them, another wet fart excaped from my butt cheeks that I was trying with all my might to keep clenched together.

There was a ladies room on the bottom floor that we were on, so I decided to go there first. The problem was that there was quite a line up of girls heading to the ladies room. While standing in the line up, I heard these other girls talking about how they heard that some girl had clogged one of the toilets because she had the runs and had also messed her pants very badly. Since the line was not moving at all, I decided to go upstairs to the other ladies room. By now, I felt like I was going to explode and become this evening's second accident victim. As I made my way up the first few stairs, I could feel the diarrhea start to come out of me and into my panties. A few steps later, I lost my battle and completely filled my brief style panties. Since they covered quite a bit of my butt area I didn't think that any of the diarrhea would leak out of the leg holes. The diarrhea that I had was quite runny and felt almost like yogurt, sloshing around my underwear.

When I finally got to the ladies room upstairs, all the stalls were occupied. I started going again and when this one girl left the stall she was using, I rushed right in, still messing my pants for the second time in just a few minutes. By this time I knew that my underwear was completely ruined. I pulled down my jeans and saw that the seat of them were badly soiled on the inside. I checked the outside of my jeans and I had already leaked wet diarrhea right through them. My panties of course, were a complete disaster. I tried the best I could to empty them out. When I was done, I pulled my panties and jeans back up. I didn't want to take off my underwear in case I had to go again, which I did, a number of times. I went back to my friends and on the way I heard this one girl say, "Oh, come on, I guess she's not toilet trained!" I was mortified. I told my freinds that I had to go home even though it was still rather early. I told them that I wasn't feeling well and that I wanted to go home.

I left by myself as my freinds still wanted to stay and party. When I got back to my apartment, I went directly to the shower with my clothes still on. I took off my blouse and socks and stood in the shower with my bra, jeans and panties still on. I peeled everything off and stood in the shower and cleaned myself up.

My period started the next morning.

I still can't beleive that I did this at 27 years of age. This has actually happended to me two other times, once when I was 14 and then again at 17. I'll be back to tell those stories some other time.


Answering to Calboy's Survey:

1. How often do you pee everyday?
I pee a lot, between 10 - 15 times.

2. Is your urine usually powerful or trickling?
Usually is powerful (sometimes trickling but most of the times powerful)

3. What is the usual color of your urine?
These days I've been peeing very yellow.

4. Do you fart when you pee?
I always fart when I sit down to pee if I'm standing up I don't fart.

5. Do you use the urinal?
I use it only If there's no other person using a urinal because I'm shy.

6. Last but not least, please indicate your gender.
I'm a 20 year old MALE

Web .

I have LOTS of accidents. So, just to let you know, you are NOT alone. I expect there are LOTS of us out there, that have 'accidents'... and I expect that some are a little 'less' accidental than they would want others to know.

Lucy Lu
Ever since thursday I have been constipated, and it is beginning to bother me. what should I do?

does anyone have any diarrhea stories of their children's?


Go ahead tell him! I wish I knew a woman like you who didnt think that pooping was disgusting. Keep the stories coming... Please include how bad it smells when you tell them.

Last night I went to a house party and I had alot to drink... So when I went to pee, I started thinking about the hostess' throwing the party. They were a bunch of Hispanic Sorrity girls(throwing the party) and it seems everytime I go out and I see women I find Attractive (from the rear end) I wonder if they pooped before they came to the party... So while I was looking into the toilet spraying a clear colored stream of pee, I noticed the Aroma candle and the Air freshener and the plunger sitting near the toilet... I started thinking about what it must be like on a daily basis living in that house with 4 girls and Who poops the most, how bad it smells and how big... and How much I wanted to witness it sometime... I finished, Zipped up, Flushed and washed my hands, and kept my thoughts to myself... It was a good party...

TO Punk Rock Girl:

Your anger is warranted and your male co-worker needs to be set straight about the 'facts-of-life'. Women are still being depicted under the 'sugar & spice and all things nice' image - to their detriment frequently.

But people who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones, and so I must confess that I was in the same psychological position of your male co-worker about 5 or 6 years ago. It pretty much never dawned on me that women could ever think (or openly talk) about enjoying a good BM.

What broke my mental block was: #1. Discovering this Web site... and #2. A conversation I had with some lady co-workers. i.e. I overheard them talking about an unknown woman in the office who had left her diarrhoea poop unflushed (and not wiping apparently either) - "once again!"

I expressed my surprise and told them that I didn't think women discussed things like that. They set me right and also told me that a good dump can be sooooo satisfying - beyond the mere mechanical necessity of having a BM. My female co-workers also let me know - with 110% confidence - that ladies restrooms can be every bit as nasty as any men rooms and even more so very frequently - with poop & pee on the toilet seat... and used sanitary napkins just thrown on the floor.


Switching gears now... No really significant poops since my last posting. What has come out of me mostly has been semi-solid logs (the kind that dissolve within 10 minutes of when they hit the toilet bowl water.) I just remember to wipe a bit more thoroughly so I don't end up with a skid marks in my undies or irritated 'roids.



Hey Everyone, Sorry I've been away for a bit. I've been on the road and vacationing and then my internet service on my PC went on the blink. First shout out to Tim of "Tim (and Sarah)" fame. I did not mean to discount the impressive accomplishments of your young neighbor during his very major dump during your visit to your son's college. Such accomplishments are few and far between and should all be treated with the utmost respect. I did not mean to downplay it by unfairly comparing it to a "once-in-a-generation" dump like I witnessed years ago. I like your analogy of comparing all the dumpers in that bathroom to a concerto!!! ..... And your severely loaded young neighbor was the principal soloist in a virtuoso performance!!!!! Next, shout out to Zip for his always-intriguing accounts of buddy-dump experiences. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy......... I was WONDERING this past month with all the previous posts about outdoor dumping if anyone had ever inadvertently wiped their bottoms with poison oak/ivy/sumac. You went and answered my question. You poor girl!! How do you even tell your doctor you've gone and wiped your posterior with poison oak?? I don't even think I could DEAL with that kind of pain and would probably want someone to SHOOT me or sedate me for a week!!! Hey Adam!!! Sorry to hear about your bad day and glad to hear you are feeling better. I plan to post on something like this in the near future about a buddy of mine when we were both 19 and on summer break from school. After a day and night of plenty of beer and various other foods that probably didn't agree with him, he shit and crapped, and farted, and defecated, and and excreted, and pooped, and dumped, and generally spent a good portion of the next day on the toilet. Poor guy dropped more bombs than a B-52 that day. I don't like to see anyone suffer from illness and am genuinely happy you are feeling much better. Kevin L., interesting story about you using the can in the Caribbean next to some female vacationers. I've not seen this setup in 3 prior trips to the Caribbean, but I've been in some of the more "touristy" destinations on 2 cruises and to St. Lucia and St. Vincent which have more "British" sensibilities than some other Islands. I'm guessing you may have been in one of the French regions of the Caribbean such as St. Barthelemy, St. Martin, or Martinique where the sensibilities about such things are different and nude sun bathing on public beaches is commonplace. To Franco: Awesome story about the poor guy in Toronto. A couple months ago, I made a post about a young father who had to take a really major shit with his two smalls sons in tow. The kids then gave a fully detailed account of his crap for everyone to hear as he sat there with his turds blasting out. That guy was embarrassed, but at LEAST he managed to get 100% of his crap into the toilet as opposed to just as opposed to say 75% like your neighbor in Toronto so what I witnessed was HYSTERICAL. Man, that would just SUCK to be THAT CLOSE to the toilet and STILL blast a major turd into your pants!! That would be like losing the big championship game by just one point. I would rather get beat by 20 points and know there was no doubt than ponder all the what-ifs. Likewise, if I'm going to have an accident, I would rather be miles away from any hope rather than have a toilet right in my sights!! Sounds like HIS train left the station ahead of schedule!! No wonder the commuter trains in the Toronto area are operated by 'GO' Transit!!! ;-) I've actually a bit of a train fan and have been up to Union Station in Toronto many times. The bathrooms aren't located in the most convenient area for train arrivals and I've seen more than a few individuals both male and female making mad dashes for the restroom. Also, the commuter arrival area is even further from the restrooms than the Via Rail arrival area and the area is extremely crowded when commuter trains come in. I'm wondering, are the commuter trains in the Toronto area equipped with restrooms?? I believe the cars are similar to the ones used in the Los Angeles Metrolink systems and those trains all have restrooms. I have a couple of buddy dumping experiences myself in train stations but they aren't QUITE as dramatic as yours!! Some years ago, I decided to take a train up the West coast and needed to catch a connecting train early in the AM to get into Los Angeles for the train up to Seattle. When, I got to the station, I met another young guy about my age (I was 26 at the time) waiting on the platform. He was making a similar trip and made a foreshadowing comment that waking up early like that always seemed to upset his system. When I finally got into Los Angeles, I really needed to take a dump so I went to look for the bathroom. As I was almost there, the guy I had met before boarding the train comes blasting by me into the restroom and takes the LAST available stall in front of me forcing me to wait. At first, I was a little bit mad about this because I really needed to go. However, I quickly realized this guy was having it FAR worse than me. Just as soon as the guy rips his pants down, he just throws himself on the toilet and erupts with a whoel bunch of soft watery crap that goes right through him like a sieve. Then I was glad he got in ahead of me or he might have had a scenario similar to your neighbor in Toronto!! I guess he wasn't kidding about early mornings upsetting his system!!! Another train station dump of note happened just a few years ago when I was connecting through Montreal for a train to Halifax. I got into Montreal pretty early to spend most of the day there. Back then, there was an overnight train from Toronto that isn't available anymore. :-) After getting in to the station, I decided to have morning brunch at the hotel there that connects to the station so I went and ate just about EVERYTHING that can make you SHIT!! (That wasn't my intention, I was just hungry and it just turned out that way.) I had coffee, Raisin Bran, eggs, sausage...About a half hour later, I really needed to let loose so I asked the waitress for the check, paid the bill and made my way into the station restroom for a very satisfying dump. About 5 minutes later I was joined by another gentleman who charged into the next stall muttering something in French, tore his pants down and quickly took a seat. He then endured a massive barrage of crap that just roared through him before powering out 3 more rounds of shit over the next 5 minutes. When I later saw him in the station and figured him for about 26-27 years old. Turns out he wasn't even traveling but was just seeing off his girlfriend who was taking a train to Toronto. The next morning while aboard the train to Halifax, I was talking to another young gentleman who was about 24 years old, stocky with short dark hair. I had met him the evening before as we were in the same car and had dinner at the same table and even watched the movie in the lounge car together. Turns out he was now working in Ontario but visiting his family in New Brunswick. After talking a bit after breakfast, we were back in our car talking when he started looking quite uncomfortable then ripped a fart. He then laughed and apologized admitting he needed to shit but wanted to wait until the next stop because the train (and therefore, the toilet) tended ot rock while in motion. I could really tell this guy was quite loaded the way he squirmed and figured he just wasn't going to make it to the next stop. Sure enough, several minutes later after another fart, he finally gave up the struggle. He then apologized and excused himself to drop a bunch of brown bananas. The train was now slowing down so the rocking was significantly reduced. The toilet was just on the other side of a wall and I heard him banging about in there. The sound was dampened a bit but that did not prevent me from hearing a long loud fart which let me know my new buddy had started to shit. A few minutes later we did pull into a station. My loaded friend was still farting and going at it but the toilet couldn't be flushed while standing in the station so the shit piled up in the toilet as he continued to crap. A person walking next to the train probably could have seen his silhouete through the frosted glass in the bathroom and figured out what he was up to. For the next five minutes, I probably heard a dozen or so farts before the train finally pulled out of the station. (The ACTUAL train, not the metaphorical train!!!) About 30 seconds later, the toilet did flush followed by another flush several minutes later. A few moments later, the young guy emerged rolling his eyes. He had that look that just tells you he had just let loose a massive crap. He then collapsed in his seat and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. "Whew! I can't believe how much I needed to shit!" He muttered. He then told me he really didn't want to take a shit on the train at all and wanted to wait to get to his destination but his body overruled his wishes. We played cards and continued to talk about a bunch of other stuff for the next couple of hours before the train reached his destination. We then shook hands and said goodbye as I continued on to Halifax. Hey Punk Rock Girl!! Sorry that you may have felt discriminated against because that guy didn't feel that taking a dump was an appropriate subject for females. I've posted before about my buddy Kevin who I absolutely love to death but has his own quirks. He's ALWAYS farting and stating how good a fart felt and such. However, I once mentioned his farting propensity in front of one of his 2176 girl friends and he absolutely FREAKED OUT!!! I thought he was going to KILL me for revealing his "secret" to a female. A big reason why guys think girls have different sensibilities about dumping and farting is because usually, THEY DO. I know lots of guys that absolutely get excoriated by their wives and girlfriends if they even THINK about mentioning farting!! If more girls had attitudes like yourself, I'm sure the guy's attitudes would change as well. Wisconsin Guy: I'm guessing that your dump at that church probably prompted some changes. Hard to believe that door was chained open!! Usually when there's a less-than-comfortable bathroom setup, it's usually in reaction to problems they've had in the past such as vandalism, smoking, loitering, etc.... I thought of some *witty* things you MIGHT say in that situation but they aren't necessarily the discerning thing to say there!! I'm sure if you bring the situtation to the pastor or one of the church elders that they will address the situation. I'm sure they're not trying to embarass anyone intentionally. Jessie, glad to hear Nick eventually got over his bathroom shyness. Too bad it took him bumming in his pants to finally move past his fear, but if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes!! I had such a good laugh when you gave the account about Nick needing to have his wizzer manually clampedto avoid a wetting accident. I consider myself fortunate that I have yet to have that happen to me!! That was very quick thinking for you to also fill your pants with a "sympathy dump." That reminds me of the scene from "Billy Madison" where a kid in third grade has had a wetting accident and is about to endure the abuse and torture from his classmates. However, Billy (played by Adam Sandler) has done soime quick thinking and sprays his crotch with a hose then announces "Hey Everybody!! I peed my pants!! It's COOL to pee your pants!!" Since all the kids look up to Billy, we see in the next scene that ALL the kids have also peed their pants thereby getting the kid with the accident off the hook!! Does you daughter know that she owes her existence in part to her dad filling his pants with shit????? Do you have other children now and were they conceived under similar circumstances?? Luke, that is a very interesting post about "Brown Noise." Maybe the pitch is on the same frequency as your bowels and hyperstimulates them quickly pushing the stools into the rectum before you have a chance to know what's happened. I've heard something about police considering using this as a method of crowd control and subduing suspects because of such an outcry over the perceived lack of safety in stun guns. That way, instead of killing/crippling someone and facing a wrongful death lawsuit, instead, the suspect gets to live, albeit with a substantial load in their pants for a while. John, thanks for the Great story about Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. Sounds like an awesome place to take a dump and too see other guys do their business!! I'm a big Michigan fan myself, but the stadium in Ann Arbor has doors with stalls. Unfortunately, Michigan Stadium is SUCH a massive stadium that the facilities get overrun and pretty seedy and disgusting which really kills the fun of hearing someone go at it. Usually the place is so noisy anyway with people yelling and talking and stuff that a lot of the bowel-generated sounds tend to get lost in the din. Zip, I have to admit I don't always remember to wash my hands after using the facilities. However, I always wash up if I know someone is watching me because I don't want them thinking I'm a pig!! While I still have some great stories of historic dumps from previous times in my life, I'm briefly going to share some more recent experiences of more conventional SITuations that have occurred over the past few weeks. 1. During a visit to Barnes & Noble, I stopped into the restroom to pee and blow my nose. As I got in there, I spotted a pair of jeans already dropped to the floor in the first stall around a pair of black sneakers. The pants were dropped low enough to see a pair of red briefs. However, the occupant actually took the time to close the door and lock it so I figured it couldn't be Zip!! (J/K!!) I didn't see the occupant as I walked by, but he vocalized a couple of huff/sigh/grunts and I could tell by the pitch of his voice he was probably in his late teens to early twenties. As I walked into the other stall, there wasn't much other sound coming from him. However, as I was tearing getting ready to pee and tearing off some toilet paper off the roll, I realized I wasn't making the only sound. I then realized my neighbor was dropping a whole bunch of excrement into his toilet mixed with lots of soft gassy farts. He then didn't make much more noise while I peed then blew my nose. As I washed up, the guy had another wave of soft loose crap come out of him before I walked out. A little while later in the store, I saw a rather attractive young female getting some sociology books. She was approached by a young man wearing jeans and black sneakers who I realized was the dumper in question. He was about 19-21, 6'1, 155 lbs, short blonde hair, clean cut. They greeted each other with a big kiss before he asked if she found what she needed. I figured they must have really missed each other while he was away taking his shit. 2. A few days later at Home Depot, I went back to the restroom to take a leak. As I rounded the corner to enter, I immediately spotted a young man through a rather wide partition gap already seated with his pants down aboard a toilet. This was a clear side view while the other stalls were arranged in the more conventional manner where the toilet user faces out. I'm not sure why he had picked this stall when other stalls that didn't give this view were readily available. Perhaps he was related to Zip although his white briefs made this unlikely. As I approached he let out a sigh of relief indicating he had already let loose the majority of his excrement. He then ripped a sharp, well-focused fart. As I stood at the urinal to pee, the young guy farted a few more times and I heard some more of his shit hitting the water beneath him. As I washed up, I got a pretty clear view of this guy as he finished up his shit. I would say he was probably 50% Caucasian and 50% Hispanic, buzz hair cut, 5'7 to 5'8, 135-140 pounds, 25 to 27 years old, very slender build. As he sat with his pants down just below his knees, he leaned slightly forward and had his hands folded in front of him.He was also wearing a necktie that he had placed over his shoulder, presumably so that it wouldn't get a stream of piss on it. Before he began to wipe, his cell phone rang and he took the call although he immediately asked the caller if he could call them right back without revealing why he couldn't talk right then. He then tore off a 2' section of toilet paper and folded it over twice. He then reached under with his right hand (the hand away from the stall door) and wiped from front to back. He repeated this process four times before pulling his pants back up and flushing the toilet. When he came out, I saw that he was an employee and probably a department manager. I later saw him walking the floor talking on his cell phone, presumably to the individual who called his before he finished his dump. In the words of Zip, "Cool Sighting." 3. Had to get to Iowa from the southeast a couple weeks ago and the best way to do that was to fly from Nashville to Kansas City and rent a car there to drive the rest of the way. After picking up the car at KCI, I headed North and after a couple hours of driving, I stopped to take a leak and get a beverage at a rest stop. On my way into the rest stop, a young guy about 6', 29 years old with longish blonde hair like a mop headed into the bathroom well ahead of me. When I got into the bathroom, nobody was at the urinals so I knew he had taken the single toilet stall. For about 8 minutes the mophead grunted, and grunted, and grunted, and grunted, then grunted a whole lot more without getting much action down under. Every 20 to 30 seconds, this guy would try again.... "Urrrrrhhhhhhrrrrrhhhhrrrr..." He eventually did wipe so I presume his efforts must have yielded SOME kind of results although there were no sounds underneath him to confirm this. When he was done, he jumped into a pickup driven by another moptop with two other moptops in the back seat. Maybe these guys were in some kind of Beatles tribute band. I wonder if that was John, Paul, George, or Ringo grunting away like that. 4. In Iowa, I was treated to a couple more "cool sightings." On day one of the seminar, I met a guy named Daniel who had been working down in Louisiana for the previous several months. He was about 6'1 to 6'2 and 195 pounds. He advised his family was from Russia and he did have a Slavic look to his statuesquely handsome face and I did detect a slight Russian accent although his English was quite fluent. After the lunch break, it was time for him to take a dump. I was already at the urinal of the hotel bathroom when he came in and occupied the first stall before dropping his pants and mounting the toilet. Daniel then let several sputtering or gassy farts but I didn't hear much in the way of any crap hitting the water. I then went into the stall past him to fetch some paper to blow my nose. Catching a glimpse of Daniel as I walked past, he was looking down to the floor as he sat there with his pants down. Visually, I'll give him a 'A." Soundwise, he gets a 'B-' for an overall grade of 'B+.' The second "cool sighting" was on the second day courtesy of a young man named Rowland who was one of the presenters at the seminar. Where Daniel is more classically handsome, Rowland is more boy-next-door "cute." I think Rowland is 27-29 years old and while he is probably the same weight as Daniel, he's several inches shorter on a stockier frame that is reminiscent of a wrestler (which he probably was since he's an Iowa native and that sport is enormously popular there like nowhere else.) Rowland's dark hair was buzzed very short and had a slightly receded hair line. After the lunch break, I headed to the bath to take a dump of my own only to be greeted by someone already farting and crackling excrement into the first toilet as I arrived. As I walked by to occupy the second stall, I discovered that Rowland was the loaded young man relieving himself. To his credit, Rowland sat with his pants down just below knee level which I believe is the ideal level to drop your pants when you let loose. (I think around the thighs is too high and can result in accidentally getting piss on your pants or water splashing from the toilet. Sending your pants to the floor is overdoing it and can result in your pants picking up dirt and scum from the floor, plus it increases your reaction time if you need to suddenly get up in case of an emergency.) Unlike Daniel in another respect was that Rowland had his head up and eyes looking forward as he took his shit. After I sat down and started going, I heard a bit more farting and crackling before some more shit came out of Rowland and splashed into the crapper. A couple minutes later, Rowland cleaned himself up with 5 wipes, pulled his pants back up, flushed the toilet and left. Visually, Rowland gets an 'A' every day of the week and gets a 'B+' for sound for an overall grade of 'A-.' VERY "cool sighting!!!" 5. Returning to Tennessee, I attended a 3-day conference in the Southeast. On the first day of classes, I met a young guy from near home during the session where we supposed to be discussing various scenarios in Groups to come up with a solution. As it turns out, we wasted at least the first five minutes of discussion when we found out we were both from the same area and had many common acquaintances. This guy was named Casey and he was working up in Grand Rapids. I would say Casey was 28 years old, 5'8, 145 lbs, very short trimmed blonde hair, slender build, and pale blue eyes. We had a real cool conversation before we had to head to our next classes. The next day, after lunch (What IS it about Lunch time anyway??? Do you THINK there MIGHT be a connection?????), I had finished up a dump of my own and was washing up when Casey come dashing in like a bat out of.... well, you know rushing to the crappers for a desperately-needed shit. Apparently, his lunch disagreed with him in a very disagreeable way. "Hey Bro!!" I began. "How are you doing??" However, instead of being greeted by the expected friendly chat, Casey blew right by me stating only.."Can't talk...." I then noticed that Casey had sort of a greenish tint in his face and looked like he was going to be very sick as he raced into a toilet stall slamming the door shut behind him. Casey then moaned "Oh God!!" With his strength to resist the overpowering tide of shit quickly ebbing away, Casey desperately fumbled with his belt and zipper as he hurried to drop his pants. As quickly as he got his pants down and his butt mounted to the badly-needed toilet, Casey was then quickly and badly overwhelmed by a massive barrage of very soft, very wet, very loose excrement that blasted out of the helpless young man with devastating force. When the rush was finally over, Casey was breathing quite heavily and moaned quite audibly, partly sounding like it was from relief and partly from being so totally overwhelmed. Over the next several minutes, Casey crackled out a lot more soft, wet loose excrement before his overwhelming dump was over and he was able to clean himself up. A short while later out in the main hall, I saw Casey sitting on the steps looking very weak and run down. I then went up and asked to talk to him and could see he wasn't the same good-natured guy I met the day before. When I asked him if he was ok, he replied that he had been sick all day and would have stayed in his hotel room if it wasn't for the classes which he thought were extremely important. The next day however, I met up with a group of people who turned out to be from Casey's company. Moments later, Casey joined us looking a whole lot better and more cheerful than the day before. He apologized for not being in a better mood the day before. I was able to join the group for lunch which this time ended without incident. 6. Driving home from the Southeast, I, like Tim of "Tim (and Sarah)" fame was treated to a concerto of young dumpers although sadly this one didn't come with quite the sounds that were lavished on Tim at his son's college. I'm quite jealous about that but life goes on I suppose. Heading north from Indianapolis, I stopped in a highway rest stop in the AM to drop a deuce. Ahead of me was a young attractive African-American guy I figured for about 25 years old who was about 5'9 160 pounds. He wore a polo shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. As I got into the bathroom, the first stall was taken and he was headed into the far stall, so I took the center stall. Once the young AA guy got his pants down and seated on the toilet, he blasted a very loud fart then unleashed a terrific barrage of crap that temporarily overwhelmed him. As the barrage ended, he let out a loud "Wheeeew!" of relief. Moments later, the guy to the right of me vacated his stall and another young guy I figure for about 24 years old took his place. I think he was about 6' and 160 lbs. He wore glasses, a pink dress shirt and a tie along with dress slacks and dress shoes. He was reasonably attractive and also had a very short buzz haircut. (That seems to be common here lately.) After he got his pants down, he farted several times but I didn't hear much in the way of excrement leaving his body. Moments later, I saw some young college-age guys start lining up outside our stalls getting ready to take dumps of their own. When the young AA guy next to me was finished up, his spot in the stall to my left was taken by the first of the college-age guys who dropped his pants and sat down. I then heard some crap drop into the toilet but that was about it. I then cleaned up, pulled my pants up, flushed the crapper and left. My spot was then taken by a tallish slender "dirty blonde" boy about 19-20 years old who walked in, dropped his pants and sat down. As I walked out, one final guy who I figured for about 20-21 waited for a stall to come open for him. He was stocky and probably had one (East) Indian parent as his skin tone was just moderately dark. I then heard the guy who had been on my right start to wipe as he had apparently finished up his crap. As I washed up, the dirty blonde guy who had taken my place commenced his own dump with some sputtering farts followed by some soft loose crap flopping into the toilet. When the well-dressed guy with glasses flushed and left his stall, his spot was taken by the stocky guy who walked in, shut the door, dropped his pants and sat down. Like his buddies, he too was relatively noise-free although I did hear some soft loose shit come out of him and hit the water, floopfloopfloopfloopfloopfloopfloopfloopfloop Standing outside the bathroom getting a map and some lodging coupons, the three young guys didn't make much noise as they continued to sit with their pants down. One by one, the young guys eventually finished up their dumps then drove away in the same car. I was surprised that if they all knew each other and were traveling together (as well as shitting together), that they weren't laughing or joking about all this. I'm guessing they may have been returning from Florida (Spring Break) and were exhausted. I'm also guessing that their dumping together was a product of everyone eating the same things at the same time.

Hey Calboy,
Congrats on your 12' log but I have a feeling you are a youngster. My buddy Mike was doubling that by the time he was 17-18. Man, that guy could produce logs that would have made Paul Bunyan proud!! Of course, Mike was 6'3 and was like a bottomless pit when it came to eating!!

To ThirtySomething Greek: So the priest's poop wasn't any different than anyone else's?? Holy Shit!!

Calboy Survey..
1. How often do you pee everyday? 7 to 9 times.
2. Is your urine usually powerful or trickling? In between.
3. What is the usual color of your urine? Normal color if I haven't taken a vitamin supplement. Very Yellow when I take the supplement.
4. Do you fart when you pee? Sometimes.
5. Do you use the urinal? Yes, unless I've accidentally walked into the ladies room.
6. Last but not least, please indicate your gender.

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll! Saw Calboy's survey on the site and desided to answer it, so here goes.

1. How often do you pee everyday? about 10 times a day

2. Is your urine usually powerful or trickling? Powerful stream

3. What is the usual color of your urine?
a. very yellow
b. yellow
c. normal color
d. fairly clear
e. clear
I guess I have to pick ,hmmmmmmmm...... C. normal color

4. Do you fart when you pee?
a. always
b. usually
c. sometimes
d. rarely
e. never

5. Do you use the urinal? Yes, I'm a guy

6. Last but not least, please indicate your gender.
Male/Female Male

Well that's all for now, check back later, have a great week everyone.

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