Hi Y'all-

You might like to hear what happened to me last night at the mall. Yesterday at school I had been getting a full feeling all day so I knew I would probably have to poo some time. But I either ignored it or just squeezed gently the 2 or 3 times it asked to come out and carried on with what I was doing. Late yesterday I went to the mall with my g/f and I guess it was the walking about that made my poo start asking again if it could come out. We were looking at some skirts in Abercrombie and she noticed I was standing there with my legs crossed and she knows me well enough to know I must be holding a poo in. By now my poo was trying REALLY REALLY hard to come out and I know the effort I was putting into keeping my hole closed was even showing on my face. Eventually I stopped cramping and the pressure eased off a bit and I whispered to my g/f I had to get to the bathroom. We walked ever so slowly and I tried to squeeze at the same time. I could see the restrooms but it seemed like an age to get there and then just before the entrance I started to feel my hole beginning to open, no matter how hard I squeezed. I was terrified, I could feel its nose starting to peek out further and further as I walked and I was sure all my poo was going to start filling my panties. I don't know how I made it to the stall but I slammed the door shut so hard it made all the other stalls shake. Thank goodness I was wearing a skirt, I didn't have time to undo buttons or zips. I almost ripped my panties down and just crashed onto the seat. It was the greatest feeling ever to just relax and then feel my hole opening wider and wider as I let my poo have its wish at last. It was nice and firm and came out very very slowly. I could feel it sliding past my ring and I remember feeling so relieved as I examined my panties and found not a single mark on them. And for those of you who like the details. It took about 5 minutes to come out and it came out all i n one piece. It didn't make any noise at all in the water and when I looked at it afterwards its nose was already into the outlet and its tail was resting against the bowl above the waterline. So I don't know how long it was but I would guess it was about 2 inches thick. I wish they all could feel that good.

Love to everyone…Jenn

Hello Everyone.
I have never posted here before so I'll introduce myself. My name's Abbey-Lee, I have medium-length brownhair and blue eyes. Almost 14. I live in Australia. This is my story.
Afew weeks ago I hadn't been feeling well all day and it was 8.30pm and I was watching TV with my family. (2 brothers, mum, dad). All of a sudden a sharp cramp hit me and I ran to the bathroom. Instantly I had 3 waves of mushy brown diarrhea. It smelt really bad. Afte 10 minutes of it I went back to the lounge room where I had this conversation.
MUM: "You OK sweetie?"
ME: "Not really just had diarrhea..."
MUM: "What caused that?"
ME: "Ummmm dunno maybe its a virus..."
MUM: "Maybe you shouldn't go to school tomorrow"
ME: "No, don't worry, it'll pass trust me!"
After having afew ways of diarrhea through the night I was confident that it was over but skipped brekkie and went to school. In Period5 (of a 5period day) I excused myself to go to the bathroom. My boyfried had noticed I wasn't well and excused himself to go to the bathroom aswell. But instead of going he came into the girls bathroom as I sat there *moan*fart*diarrhea*moan*fart*diarrhea* he comforted me.
Mum had noticed I still had diarrhea and made me stay at home where it lasted all day.
Still at home with Mum, shitting constantly. She brought me medicine but it didn't help.
Went to doctors he told us that "It'll Pass, Dont't worry"
It's Tuesday now and I'm still at home, I don't really eat anything but still shit a tonne....Can anyone explain??? Thanks....

I started working at Sears about a month ago. I was really surprised that all of the stalls in both men's restrooms are all doorless. I was told it was because of grafitti and loitering. Place looks pretty darn clean to me. Always well stocked with paper towels , liquid soap, and most important toilet tissue LOL !! Yesterday , I went in to take a crap, and my manager was sitting in the middle stall, taking a leisurely afternoon crap, I said 'Hey Mr. _______, how's it going?' His response blew me away. He said "Brian, we're in the toilet, you can see the yellow kernels of corn I ate for dinner last night, as it slides out of my butt. CALL ME TIM !!!!!" We both laughed really hard, as I sat down in the next stall, dropped my jeans, and took a heavy duty crap. We both wiped standng up and went back to work, I call him 'Mr" on the floor, but in the bathroom, it'll be "Tim" from now on....btw I watched his turd expell from his buttocks, into the toilet, I never saw any corn...hahaha...


Yes, i had a man hassle me once when i took a big shit in a unisex lav
Why do people think that we are here only to populate the world

Thirty something Geek
I am a true born geek thirty something, thirty one to be exact , happily married with four kids. I am also the owner of a Inn in Virginia. I come from Hawaii and though not in my childhood have had memrable stories from my adult life. One of the weirdest yet not most embarassing one was when I met a preist on a park toilet.

I was in college and had been cramming for midquarters all week and hadent pooed since the previous week. It was early and since tests were over I went for a morning walk. About five miles into it I felt an enormous pressure on my anus. It wasnt until a mile later that I found a two stall bathroom. I ran in closed the door put the paper on the toilet took of my clothes sat on the toilet and then------nothing. I needed to shit so bad. I wanted to swear-f??k you anus , but there was an old man next to me , obviously constipated. I groaned for about 10 minutes on and off until the man said if I was ok. I calmed down and replied that I was fine and was just having trouble pooping. He replied that he was too. After a few minutes of conversation he asked my name. He replied his was Father ........ I was shoked . I was talking ernestly about school, my anus and even girls and sex. Time went by and slowly we both did our buisness. When we were both done I looked down and saw two 10'' and three 5&6'' logs. I wiped and tried to flush . It wouldnt go down. Strangely his didnt either. He noticed and said if he could help and we both came out of ur stalls and met. I saw that he pooped a big load and it was the first time I noticed that preists crap isnt any different than yours. We couldnt get it down so we decided to leave it. We walked on and he talked about how pooping is somthing that even saints did and is nothing to be ashamed of just like the miricale of life as he called it. We both got a bottle of pop and about an hour later I needed to wuss so bad yet no bathroom in sight . Again he noticed it and we both peed side by side in the woods no sexual thoughts in mind. Though I did listen to his powerful stream making a puddle with me coming out of a dick that was wrinkled had gray hair gray and strangly had an air of holiness around it. Soon I was part of his parish , he introduced me to his greatneice my wife and we go on annual camping trips talking about things I never thought a preist talked about.

hey ive been reading posts for years but this is the first time ive posted. im 13, blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned, austtralian
anyway last ago i was out shopping with my brother whos 15. i had been constipated for a few days and really just wanted to get my bowels moving. i was with scott(the brother) so i didnt want to go to the chemist to get laxtatives or anything so i found a packet of mints which said EXESS CONSUPSION MAY CAUSE LAXATIVE EFFECT perfect i thought and ate all 50 of them... that night i got home and at about 9pm i felt the cramps, i sprinted to the toilet from the dinner table leaving my clueless family sitting there. i yanked up my skirt and pulled down my undies and exploded, completely it was like liquid shit. and stank badly. after about 10 minutes of on and off (mostly on) diarrhea i went back to the table
that night i had to get up another 6 times to rush to the loo...

Sweet Survey-er
To answer Calboy's survey:

1. How often do you pee everyday?
2. Is your urine usually powerful or trickling?
3. What is the usual color of your urine?
a. very yellow
b. yellow
c. normal color
d. fairly clear
e. clear
4. Do you fart when you pee?
a. always
b. usually
c. sometimes
d. rarely
e. never
5. Do you use the urinal?
6. Last but not least, please indicate your gender.

TO Lynda,
I have also shared your experience about peeing in the boyfriends'
parents back yard, behind his room, once i had diarrea and went behind there aswell because i was too embarrassed to go inside! and didn't want to leave a nasty smell.

Last christmas day i stayed at my boyfriends house and i had my period at the time. They use the water from the dam to flush their toilet (saves water) and for some reason the pump wasn't working, so that meant there was no water in the toilet, nor to flush!! So this meant filling a bucket and using it to flush. Now, you could imagine my predicument when i needed to have diarrea (i get bouts of diarrea when i get my period) and having to tend to my body's cycle and its bloody mess!! needless to say, i snuck out to the shed toilet to tend to these duties, after not being able to sucessfully flush down the dirty mess in the inside toilet where everyone one was using frequently after a day of drinking alcohol and eating a big christmas dinner! I was forced to tell my boyfriend why i was using the shed toilet, i felt better after him knowing that even though my face was bright red after his dad saw me carrying a wad of toilet paper and a bucket into the shed toilet!! he probably thought i was "punishing" the loo's cos the pump wasn't working! ha ha!

That's all for now.. take care guys.


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO PUNK ROCK GIRL Females that regard their bodily functions as a part of life and can actually get pleasure (and relief) at dropping a load to me are normal and not up themselves and psycologically relaxed and free in that respect anyway. We enjoy drinking, eating and sleeping so why not our bodily functions? I do not mean to make a public display of it but why so private. This leads me into my recent sojourn to a rock festival...I was there to keep an eye on my son who is still a bit young. We were there for a few days so I experienced portable toilets of the unisex variety...the organisers did their best to keep them clean and they were continually being pumped out...once I saw a fella doing the pump out and eating a sandwich at the same time!!! Back to the story what I did find was that females used an unbelievable amount of toilet paper...they seemed to be continually wiping whilst on the throne. They did not seem to spend to long there. The guys took much longer to do their business. I had no problem lining up next to both male and female and doing a poo and farts in the cubicle when there was a female in the next one. I heard no grunting but did hear a couple of constipated sounding farts. One things girls do as opposed to the guys is talk when on the pot. About all you get out of a male is "I am having a shit".
I suppose I am as bad...I talk on the mobile phone if it rings! I guess I am so busy that it is better to take the call and dispose of the subject than have to make the time to call back again. I like efficiency. Getting back to the rock concert girls could poo really fast.. you could hear the poo go plop plop plop and they did a wee.. and then wipe at 100 miles an hour and up with the pants and under garments and off.
I have several times said about my IBS giving me an unpredictable pooing schedule. I have recently seen an iridoligist who looked into my eyes and said I have real digestive problems etc..she asked me about my bowel routine and I said there is no routine..I go betwwen 0 to 5 times a day and can be in great need of a poo for a few hours or longer before I am able to push it out...she suggests blood tests because I might have a food intolerance.
That is all

Johnny Half-Pint
To Clean Up Guy: You sound in the same sort of situation as I was once. You might find it easier if you *don't* wait till you are *absolutely* desperate before taking a leak outside. Just wait till the needle is well into the top of the amber, so to speak. The sort of point where you're thinking, "I could probably squeeze a pee out soon, and I would definitely feel better afterward". And avoid button-fly jeans; you should be able just to unzip, aim, shake and put away in one smooth motion. Fumbling with awkward clothing will only make you more nervous and slow you down.

It might also help if you try to think about somthing else, *not* pissing: set yourself up for a mission {e.g. going to an all-night petrol station for supplies} which will take you, incidentally, past your chosen site once on the way there and once on the way back, and let the peeing be a side issue, rather than going out *just* to take a leak. If you chicken out on the way there, you've got the way back. And if you still can't bring yourself to do it on the way back, you can always make another trip later.

Blokes' "downstairs plumbing" is specifically designed to prevent you from pissing yourself while On The Job. In some people, this safety feature is just a bit over-active, and can be set off by nerves.

One final thing: pissing outside tends to get easier with practice, but you can lose the art. If there's some way you can contrive to make an outdoor piddle a regular daily occurrence, you'll soon be up there with the best of 'em :)

Hey guys, today, I pooped a twelve inch. Has any one done that before?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cute & Shy
To Sarah
I can't believe it. I actually had the accident yesterday and for some reason I check the posts today and you actually asked the right question for me. LOL Here's my story right here. I wouldn't mind hearing your story.

This happened yesterday at the mall. I was wearing a thong under a mini-skirt, half shirt, and some heels. Mama wanted my sister Tenisha to go shopping for her. She didn't want me to go because I had diarrhea. I told her that it went away and I'll be alright. Outside, I begged my sister to let me drive. (I love driving because I just started. Lol) So she rode in the passenger seat with me to the mall.(During the day it's the mall, late at night, it's Meijer lol) During the ride on the expressway, my stomach started aching and I felt like I had to shit. I thought that my diarrhea problem I had for this past week was over, but it wasn't, so I guess it turned out to be just a long delay. I thought to myself I can go to the bathroom when I get in the mall. When we pulled up in the parking lot and parked the car, the urge slowly went away. Then we stayed in the mall for like an hour, and we spent about 30 minutes grocery shopping. After that, we split up to shop at different stores to make the rest of the shopping easier. So when I started walking back and forth to different stores, my stomach had this wet rumbling sound and I felt the urge to shit again. The only bathrooms were only found in either big stores or downstairs, and downstairs was the closest, but it was still a long walk. On the way there, it didn't feel like I was gonna make in time. I couldn't walk any faster with heels on, so I went into another store and it took me a few seconds to take them off, (I had to unloosen the shoe) and I asked the clerk for a bag to carry my shoes in, then I hurried to the bathroom. I was going as fast as I could down the steps without having an accident, but I had all of this gas so I farted lightly and I felt a little bit of diarrhea splash out, and I checked behind me to see if anyone was there and luckily, there wasn't. When I made it down, a lot people were downstairs in the restaurant area, and I could feel the shit running down the back of my legs, so I ran to the bathroom trying to hold it the best way I could. Unfortunately, as soon as I got into the bathroom, I just couldn't control it anymore because I and I had an a really embarrassing accident. Shit ran down my legs, on the floor, and on my feet. The worst part was that it had a really bad smell and too much was coming out and it couldn't stop. A couple of people may have seen it, but as embarrassed as I was, it didn't seem like I had an emotion. So after I was done, I sat on the toilet and I took my skirt and thong off. There was a lot of mess so it took a long time to clean myself. My skirt wasn't really dirty so it only took like one wipe to clean it. After I was all wiped up, I put my skirt back on and left the stall to get soap from the dispenser and then I wiped myself with it to smell better and stay at least a little bit clean. Then I put my thong and the paper in the toilet, flushed it, put my skirt on, grabbed my bag, and I left the bathroom without cleaning the mess I left on the floor. By the time that was over, I didn't bother shopping again so I waited outside for Tenisha. I didn't tell her a thing about what happened earlier and we headed home. When got back on the highway again, I had another urge to shit again. I told my sister that I was gonna pull over because I had to shit, and I didn't hesitate so I pulled over to the side of the road and squatted down right by the side of the car and I shit where no one could see me. (Except my sister because she was in the passenger seat) I had gassy diarrhea and it sprayed all over the ground about like 4 times. Tenisha didn't say anything about it, but I told her when we get home, don't tell Mama or Daddy, but the only she did was just laughed and unbelievably... she never told anyone. A little bit later, I took the longest shower I ever taken. I still have diarrhea right now too, but if it gets out of line, I'm going to the doctor soon.

I'm going to post some more stories that most likely happened in the past. It don't really matter, but either way, I got plenty.

Punk Rock Girl

Busy, busy, busy. Hardly even have time to check my e-mail much less post here. Sorry!

I had a conversation with one of my male co-workers the other day that kind of pissed me off. I was talking to a female co-worker and I mentioned how that morning I had taken the most satisfying dump I'd taken in a while. So, this guy overheard us and said, "God, do you have to talk about that?" I said, "What's wrong with me talking about it?" He said, "It's not right." I got mad and asked him if he ever talked about HIS dumps. He said yes, and I said, so why can't I talk about mine? He said, and I quote, "Because you're a woman."

SO THE F*** WHAT? I have intestines, a rectum and an anus just like anyone, and they all perform the same functions. He said, "How can I look at a girl's ass if I know that she shits out of it?" It struck me as so incredibly dumb. "You shit out of your ass, don't you?" He said, yeah, but I don't find men attractive. I said, "Oh, so women exist on this planet to be sexy and attractive for you to look at." He said, "No, but..." I told him to quit while he was ahead and just walked away.

We all shit the same way, doesn't matter if you're a big hairy construction worker or Jessica Alba, everyone squeezes loads out from between their buns. It's the way our boddies are made and we should really grow up and simply accept that fact and get over it!

My shit stinks. Doesn't everyone's? And I'm a hottie. And I have a great ass, if I do say so. I wipe shit from it like everyone. I shouldn't have to apologize for it!!!

Grrrrr. Women have to live up to such ludicrous standards in this country. Can't even take a shit without being judged.



Jane Qp
Yeah sarah, in response to your comment, i have had experience like what ur talking about, mainly pooping in my thongs. Tell me more about how you felt when it happened and how you dealt with it.

peeing fan
i was at the park once with 3 other people, 2 guys and a girl, the 2 guys really needed to pee and there were no public toliets so it was fine for them they peed standing up. Later me and the other girl really needed to pee but we decided to hold it in till we got home. In the night we were on hte train home and the other girl was sitting on my lap because there werent enough seats, the train jerked really fast and the other girl got scared and started peeeing uncontrollably on me! This made me also want to pee so i started peeing as well, the whole train was staring at us and it was so embarassing

I was in the shopping centre toilets and went into one of the stalls. There were loud sounds eminating from the stall next to me, I thought it must be some big or athletic guy taking a crap. But when they came out, it was some little kid! Dunno what made them so loud!

does anyone have stories about overdosing on laxatives and getting the runs please post

Dave B
Hey everyone what's going on? Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been busy with work and school. It's an exhausting life, but it will pay off in the end. I've was wondering about something that I saw while I was working. First off I'll say I work at Osco and if you don't know what that is, it's like a Walgreens, CVS, or any other drug store. Anyways, I was stocking a load of OTC (over the counter drugs) and I noticed that they had women laxatives? What's up with Women Laxatives?? Do Men and Women have different digestive systems or rectums or something? Do they think Women can't handle the pain of poop so they make it more suitable for them? I don't get it! Someone will have to explain this to me. I did notice that they had a wide selection of laxatives, enemas, suppositories, medicated wipes, drink mixes, etc to make your poop experience more fun! LOL! Don't you just love the subject? Speaking of which I better wrap this up.

Cheryl - Love your pee stories! They're very descriptive like if I was right there next to you. Do you write stories for a living? You gotta share more stories =) I was also wondering why you never do poop stories.

Ashley - Hey where'd you go? I wanna hear more of your stories or dreams lol.

Well gotta "go"

Hey im 19 from michigan. Im african american and mexican. This morning i woke up sat on the toilet naked and started peeing and as i was peeing i farted for about 3 seconds, and two turds fell out, then i wiped and i was done.

I witnessed an accident last weekend in which the poor guy had no control over his gut right in front of his kid.

So I am heading into a washroom downtown after getting off a commuter train here in Toronto. I hear this guy running behind me and his kid (probably 5 years old is running after him). I take the first stall, and this guy barrels in behind me grunting very loudly and cursing under his breath. He slams the door of the adjacent stall open and I hear a tremendous fart errupt from his ass even before his pants are down, he then moans very loudly, undoes his pants and sits down and drops a huge bomb. This guy was almost crying as he let his load out, all the while his kid is waiitng outside the partially opened stall door. The guy continues on like this for about a minute and then the kid says, "Daddy did you go poop?" and the man moans, "Yep I did a big poop". then the kid says, "Daddy when are you gonna finish?" and the guy says, "After I get cleaned up" so the kid pushes the stall door open and says "Are you going to wipe your bum?" and then he stops talking as the dad tries to close the door to prevent his kid from seeing the mess. Then the kid says, "Daddy did you poop in your pants?" and the father who is well awarethat someone is in the next stall, sort of ignores it and grunts out another round of shit. But the kid doesn't let it go, "daddy why are your underpants so messy?" and the father says quietly "sometimes adults can have accidents too. Just hang on until i get cleaned up"

This guy had to take off his pants, his underwear, he had to wipe his ass, his legs clean out his shorts. I waited until they finally left to leave my stall aware that this guy was dying of embarrassment. His stall looked like a shit bomb had gone off. He must have dumped a huge load into his shorts. there was soft shit on the toilet seat, the floor, the walls. I can't imagine what he smelled like.

Poor guy


I am a 28 year old guy and have an embarrasing story to tell. One day I was taking what is normally a 3 hr. drive to visit my older brother and got stuck in a major trafic jam. The worst mistake I ever made when I started out was to fill up a huge commuter cup with coffee and drink it on the way because it wasn't long before I had to piss like a broken fire hose!! And, of course, there were no public restrooms nearby and no place on the side of the road where I could pee without being seen. There I was in stand-still traffic, grabbing myself and wiggling around trying desperately to hold it but as time passed, I knew I'd never make it. I'm usually a very modest guy but, at this point, sheer desperation forced me to do the unthinkable! I got out of my car, yanked my zipper down, pulled out my "faucet" and stood there and pissed like mad!! I noticed the other drivers who were close enough to see anything were mostly guys so I wasn't really that embarrassed. That is until I heard a female voice say, "Look at that guy over there...he going TO THE BATHROOM and you can see his WEE WEE!!" I turned my head slightly to see where it was coming from and saw 3 teenage girls about 13 or 14 years old hanging out the window literally staring at my "faucet"!! I was still pissing like a race horse so there was no way I could tuck it back in until I was through and in the meantime, those girls sat there and never took their eyes off me. I was so embarrased that I vowed NEVER to pee outside matter how desperate I was. I thought it would be less humiliating than walking around with wet pants but I was dead wrong!

To Cute and Shy

Thanks for replying, as far as you wanting to know if I have some stories of my own, yes.

When I was 9, my parents and I were out for a ride on a Saturday afternoon. All of a sudden, I got an urge to piss really bad. I was kinda shy in telling my parents that I needed to go to the bathroom, so I thought I would be able to hold good. Then the more the urge got worse I began to get more desperate and I started to leak a lil piss into my undies. I had to grab and squeeze tight so I wouldnt piss my pants even more. Lucky, I was able to manage the rest of the ride, when we got home I run fast outta the car and into the bathroom and pissed like a fire hose for a minute.

By the way, Im black light skinned to and male, in case your wonderin


If you have an over active bladder, ask your doctor about Detrol. It is for over active bladders. I hope this helps.


I guess this is a follow-up to my previous post. I'd stated that the last time I peed in my pants was the time I peed on my parents' couch when I was a kid. I was probably around 7 when that happened. But I just remembered another time I peed in my pants when I was about 14. I was walking home from school with my friend and I had to pee pretty badly. We were on our way to her house. As we got nearer her house, the urge to pee was getting pretty bad. Just as we got to her house, she said something really funny and I started laughing and giggling really hard...and the pee started pouring out of me. I sat down on her front lawn and just peed my brains out. She didn't know what I was doing until I refused to stand up. When I told her why I couldn't stand up, she didn't believe me....until she saw the HUGE wet stain on the back of my ass. Weird thing is, I don't remember what happened after that. I don't think I cleaned up at her house so I guess I just walked home like that. When I was a little kid, I was always peeing in my pants because I'd hold it in too long and then get all giddy and stupid and silly about something and lose control. The weird thing is that whenever I peed in my pants, I was trying so hard to hold it in and not have an accident...but then once the dam broke loose and I started leaking, I'd just let it rip and sit there wherever I was and let it all out and then all I cared about was that I was getting relief finally. You'd think that I'd get the hell up and run to the bathroom. Even the time I peed on the couch....once it started coming...I didn't care anymore...weird, don't ya think?

Friday, April 22, 2006

Hi everybody, i'm new to this. do any other girls have any stories about pooping in their shorts and or thong? cause i had an accident once and i was wondering if anyone else had. ill tell it sometime if you guys wanna hear it, but i didnt know if i was the only one or not -sarah

alright i am 15 a female this story happened yesterday I was walking with my 12 year old brother the most irritating person ever and i all of a sudden like needed to pee so bad so i told my brother i was going to pee my pants any minute he just laughed so we kept on walking i was getting more urgent as time went on and we were passing a canal and i felt a little spurt so i kind of sighed because it felt so warm and then the flood gates opened up it was instant relief even though my brother laughed it felt good has anyone else had similiar pee expeireinces?

Hi everyone, I haven't been posting for a long time. Well, I would like to start off with a survey today.
1. How often do you pee everyday?
2. Is your urine usually powerful or trickling?
3. What is the usual color of your urine?
a. very yellow
b. yellow
c. normal color
d. fairly clear
e. clear
4. Do you fart when you pee?
a. always
b. usually
c. sometimes
d. rarely
e. never
5. Do you use the urinal?
6. Last but not least, please indicate your gender.


Cute & Shy
To A.W.
Sure, no problem. I'll post some more stories soon. I got plenty of em. Do you have any stories to post?

To Clean up Guy
Yeah; the back of the van did start to smell like pee a little bit after I woke up, but we cleaned it out when we stopped later on. We threw away trash, vacuumed, and scrubbed the floor. No one was paying attention to the smell while we were cleaning either and the pee's color was clear by the way.
To answer your question, I prefer you shit or pee outside behind the building if you're scared of being caught. No one on the street could see you if you're behind it. The reason I didn't say the field or park is because you said they were next to a busy street. Cars drive down busy streets often no matter what time it is and they'll be able to see what you're doing. However, if you want to overcome your fear, try the field or park where people would most likely see you and if they do, you shouldn't care. ^__^

just wondering
I Saw The Thing On The News About The Tram Stuck In New York For Hours. I Wonder What People Did When They Had To Go To The Bathroom?? I Wonder If Anyone Had An Accident?

I havent said before but i really miss some of the old posters

Diva, micheal explosive poopie to name a few
please come back, u r so gud

Need Advice
Ive posted here a few times under various names. I really need advice. I normally can hold my bladder very long but today everytime I felt like I had to go only a little bit of pee made its way out. Then at about 7PM I grabbed my laptop and plopped down onto my bed on my back and put the laptop near my stomach. As soon as I did this a large gush of pee escaped. My panties were soaked and my pants were a little wet. I think I have a bladder infection but not sure. Or do you think it was the way I plopped down and the pressure on my bladder?

Please Reply SOON!I dont want to end up wetting myself in front of my family. :(

Attacked by My little sister!
O.K., so I'm 13 years old, boy, and It's the last day of school. My little sister is having a big slumber party, so there are like 24 girls in my house. I don't mind because I love telling them really scary stories. sometimes they get so scared that they wet their pajamas! anyway, so We had a big party at school, and i had, like, 14 cups of punch. I'm trying to hold it in on the bus, so as soon as i get home i run to the bathroom. It's locked! My little sister and her 23 friends come out. "I dare you to drink 5 cups of water and hold it till 5 oclock. If you don't do it, your a scardy-cat. Here are the eye witnesses." What was i gonna do, let her tell all her little friends in the whole school that i was afraid? no way! "Sure." I told her. "O.K. c'mon, the water's down stairs." I REALLY regret doing this now. she poured a cup of water for me. Watching that water slosh around in that cup made me REALLY have to go. "O.K., drink." she says. I drank. I wasn't sure that I could do this. ahhhhhhhhhhh! I started to dance around a little, but THEY started to giggle, so i stopped. "1 down, 4 to go!" I did all of them just like the first one, trying with all of my might not to squirm, wriggle, or anything else that would let them know that they were winning. "O.K., c'mon." the little girls all filed into my sister's room. i went into mine. suddenly they all ran into my room. "What are you doing?" I cried. "Get out!" Before I knew what was happening, My sister and her friends attacked! (I am very embarrassed about this. I am really, REALLY ticklish.) A few of them held my hands and feet down, and all of them tickled me! I tried to tell them to stop,but i couldn't stop laughing. when I felt a little squirt of hot pee come out of me, I realized what they were doing. they were repaying me for all the times that i had told them scary stories and had made them pee! finally i let go and all that pee built up inside my bladder exploded. (when my mom asked why there was pe3e all over my bed, i said that one of the little girls must have come into my room. My little sister didn't think to tell my mom, but she told everyone at my school! It was SO embarassing to go to school again in september. no one forgot.)I will never tell a little girl a scary story again.

Okay, this happened about a week ago, and I think you guys will like it. I'm a 6 month pregnant 23 year old, and if you know anything about pregnancies, you know that you can get some pretty good stories about pee. This happens at least once a week to me.

Anyway, this one time I had to drive about an hour to this place for a conference, and I made sure I emptied my bladder before stepping in the car. However, I drank some coffee from mcdonalds because i was falling asleep at the raod. I drank a ton of coffee though, and coffee goes straight to the bladder.

After about 20 minutes, I could feel the bladder filling up, and I coulnd't focus on the road very well. To make matters worse, the baby was moving around and kicking a little, so i'd randomly feel a giant "kick" all of a sudden to my bladder - the most intense and urgent feeling in the world! i didn't leak, but i was darned close.

i really really really had to pee then after about half an hour, but i couldnt find a place to go. it was getting so bad that i had to put one hand on my huge belly just to comfort myself. i knew that i would burst in about 5 minutes, and my baby kept pushing itself against my bladder more and more. my bladder seriously felt so full and there was so much pressure on it, it was unbelieveable.

finally i couldnt handle it. my legs were crossing, i was feeling very desperate, my bladder was so full, that i pulled over, and got out of the car. as i was starting to get out though, i had a hard time getting up because of the baby (it's hard to balance) that i almost started to cry because i had to pee so fast! icould feel it coming, quicker quicker quicker! I then pushed myself up and trickled a little bit, but i carry extra panties because this happens a lot. i touched my belly with my finger because it makes me feel really horny when i have to pee like this and all of a sudden its like i hit a button. i purshed to hold it in but it wouldnt stya. i RACED to the bushes near the side of the road, shoved off my panties, and just plopped myself on the ground and spread my legs as wide as i could go. i didnt even want to stand up. laying there, i just opened up my muscles and let EVERYTHING out it was soooo good it felt amazing, i went at it for at least 2 minutes. all that pee, right out of my body, amazing relief

Clean up guy, wait until you absolutely deperate to do a poo and then proceed to the darkest area next to that building. Drop your pants and squat and dump that load. That way you can convince yourself that you had to go and that was the only place for you to do it. Being desperate may overcome you fear or shyness.

I have an overactive bladder so when i gotta go, i gotta go know what i mean? When i was 14 (i am now 22) i was at school walking to my next class when I got hit with the urge to pee. I knew I could hold it for about 10 minutes once I got to class (since I was already gonna be late to my next class) I made it to class and sat down, I squeezed my legs and crossed them under my desk. I raised my hand and asked if i could be excused. My teacher told me i had to wait until after she finished her lecture...OMG i thought i was gonna pee all over myself! After about 30 minutes I really couldnt wait any longer, i raised my hand again my teacher finally let me go, I stood up quickly and ran out of the room, I was seriously not going to make it to the bathroom which was 7 doors away, the janitors closet was right next to where i was standing so i ran in there. I shut the door behind me and just prayed that no one would come in, I looked around frantically feeling s small leak happening, I saw a mop bucket in the corner so you guessed it! I ran over to the bucket, I had on a skirt and a thong so this would be easy! the mop bucket was empty but it was very very dirty, I lifted my skirt, pulled my thong to the side, I stood about 5 inches away from the bucket and slightly bent over forward to allow good aim I slightly spread my legs and let go. I glanced over my shoulder to watch myself pee in the mirror behind me. It was coming out now a very strong stream. I could hear it hit the bucket. It felt so good....omg I was so relieved, I stood there and watched myself piss for over a minute, i couldnt seem to stop! As the stream died down alittle I took a few steps back so i wouldnt get any on the floor, i cont

I have the medical condition known as ibs and I will tell u it is the worst thing to have. I get it a few times a month and it gives me the runs really bad the dr says I need to pin point what foods cause this but I don't really know there have been times where I barely made it and even times I would have to resort to the ladies room. it is the most embarassing thing to have a woman in a stall next to u and u are having waves of liguid come out of ur but one time I was at a gas station and had to shit really badly but there was was only one toilet in the store I knock on the door and nothing so I try to open it but it was locked and I was like oh god no after 2 minutes I knock on the door and say please hurry and a womans voice says just 5 more minutes I say I can't make 5 minutes please be quick ther was no fan so heard her farting and a lot of ploping and finally after a couple of minutes I heard a flush and out walked a good looking kind of chubby girl about 20 or so walks out and says sorry I didn't care I just rush in and didn't even lock the door just sat down and poop poured out of my ass after 10 minutes the doorflyes open and it was the same girl she said oh god sorry and leaves well I finished a few minutes later and walk out and she was standing there I told her my problem she was surprised she said she was the same as me and we now have been dating for 4 monthes. if u are like me with ibs it is hard to date somebody without being embrassed but me and viv both understand our illness

Where's the oddest place you've pee'd?
The drain at the back of my house.Needed a wee and the bathroom was occupied
Have you ever had to pee in a place you weren't comfortable with?
The side of the road where all the traffic could see.
Were you ever with someone who was in a desperate situation to to pee?
Yes my girlfriend recently!Walking back from a bar she needed to pee bad so she went behind a tree next to a quiet road.

Can't hold it!
I have unintentionally locked myself out of the bathroom. Now i REALLY gotta go! my mum doesn't let me go outside or in the sink, and she hides the key so i can't find them! she went to work and forget her cell phone, and she won't be home until WAY later! worst of all, i keep on thinking of something really funny that my friend said...which really doesn't make matters any better...

Hi Holly: Your pee story is great. You mother was like my mother. She would take my brother and me to a movie. She saw to it that we went to the bathroom to pee afterwards. She waited outside. Then we would go shopping for 3 or 4 hours. By the time we got home my brother and I would run to the bathroom to pee. I noticed that she started supper and when dad came home he peed for a very long time. She would say to him, "Didn't go all day." "Not 7 this morning." I was 12 and my brother was 9. I thought: mom hasn't gone since we got up this morning. We had dinner. I said to my brother. We pee every 2 hours. But she only goes twice a day. And our dad, three times. I wonder how they do that. So my brother and I tried pee holding. One time we even waited for 4 hours.

When I got in high school, I used to go at noon and then at the end of day. I was able to wait for 3 or 4 hours. There was a problem with bullies the next year. So I skipped my afternoon pee and waited an extra hour on the school bus until I got home. I asked my best friend whether the bullies bothered him. He refused to use the urinal but always went into a stall to pee at noon time. I often went to his house after school. There was a bathroom right next to his room. So we would go together to pee as soon as we got there. I did mine but one day he was going and going. I asked him how come. He said the bullies had locked all the stall doors. And would not let anyone use the urinals.
He had held his pee from his morning piss at 8 a.m until 4:30 p. m.
That happened to me also a few days later. So I held on until we got home at my house. We both went,and went, and went for at least 2 minutes. We were both 15. We found even if the last 2 hours before we got home were painful, we could make it. Now I am in college, and like my mom and dad I only go 2 times a day. My bladder grew up as I grew to be 6'4" like my dad.

To answer your questions:

Where is the oddest place you've ever peed? One time I peed in my boyfriend's parents backyard. I was staying in this little 1-room cottage in their backyard (it had no bathroom). Well I woke up one morning and had to pee really badly but was too embarrassed to go into the regular house because his brother and father and whole family were getting ready for work. So I peed behind the cottage.
Have you ever had to pee in a place you weren't comfortable with? Same as above. Another time I peed while on a hike in the woods. Not that weird, I guess.
Were you ever with someone who was in a desperate situation to pee? I probably was but I can't remember any particular instance.

Here's a pee story for you. When I was a kid, whenever we got together with my cousins or this one particular friend (a girl my age) I always got so giddy and silly that I peed in my pants. I'd know I had to pee but was having too much fun to stop and go to the bathroom. I'd keep holding it in and trying to ignore it. Well, I just couldn't stop peeing in my pants. Then one time, I had to pee so bad so I sat on the edge of the couch to try to stop the pee from coming out. Then the other little girl I was goofing off with did something really funny and I just started giggling so hard that I lost total control and emptied my whole bladder into the couch cushion! I knew I'd be in so much trouble but I was in such a hysterical state that I just sat there and kept peeing, lol! Well, that was the last time I ever peed in my pants. From then on I made a vow to myself that whenever I had the need to pee, I would GO TO THE BATHROOM. No amount of fun or laughs was worth the embarrassment of peeing oneself.

Hello everyone.

I went to a store to buy a gift from a friend that has a birthday, after that I needed to piss so I went to the restrooms. A blonde boy between 10 - 12 years entered at the same time with me.
He took a stall and I took a urinal, while I was peeing I noticed the boy was sitting and I could hear some plops from there. Then the boy started farting a lot, like he finished pooping but was still farting. I don't lie and I tell you, there were LOTS of farting, it was the first time I heard something like that. I washed my hands and the boy was still in the stall.

Web .

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Normally i pee before i go to school, but today i didn't. It was so hot! I drank about 2 and-a-half giant, 24 oz. bottles of water. when i got to school I was going to go right away, but i kept getting sidetracked. by lunch i told my friends "I'll be right back." but they teased me and said "Whatcha gonna do, spy on Rickie?" he's a real cutie and i have a major crush on him, but i didnt think anyone knew. I felt myself blushing. and, to my absolute horror, I felt a small squirt of hot pee coming out. Trish jumped onto the table and shouted,"Hey everyone, Kennie has a crush on Rickie!" at that moment, i couldn't hold it and i let all the pee out. now i blushed more than ever before! there's nothing worst than having 2 most embarassing moments at once!

Linda from Australia here again. Some interesting posts on the site lately.


I was reading your post about that disgusting bathroom you had to use once and it reminded me of a similar situation. When I was about 6, my parents bought a new yacht. Every weekend we went out sailing on the yacht, sometimes staying on board overnight. One weekend in particular, we went away on the yacht for the weekend and came back on a Sunday afternoon. At the boat harbour, they had a toilet block that was usually quite clean but on this particular day it wasn't. I can remember my Mum and I going into the ladies section and someone had taken a shit in one of the toilets. There was no toilet paper left and I don't think the person realised until they had finished their dump. They had wiped their butt with their hands and smeared it all over the wall of the toilet and all over the wall above the sink. The tap wasn't working in the sink either because there was poo all over the sink aswell. It looked like the person had had a rather messy poo aswell by the amount of shit smeared everywhere. It was a real mess!! And very smelly. Needless to say, my mum and I didn't use those toilets that day. I wonder how the person cleaned themeselves up after that. Luckily the ocean was close by so maybe they went for a swim to wash themselves off.

Hey, it's Tracy again, and I had a great week, because I met the most wonderful guy. He's a friend of one of my room mates, whom she's known for years, and when she brought him back to our dorm room, I hadn't closed my drawers and he asked who's stained clothes those were in the drawer. My room mate said, "Oh, those are Tracy's, she has this little obsession with crapping her pants." I was in the other room when I overheard that, and when I came out, I tried to avoid them, but my room mate spotted me and said, "There she is now." so her friend reached foreward and shook my hand, "Hi, I'm Jamie." he said, smiling. He didn't really dwell on the subject of my habits, and the two of them left, but when my room mate came back, she said, "Jaime asked for your phone number, so I gave him your cell phone number, is that ok?" The next day, he called me and asked me out to lunch, and I met up with him a few hours later. We both seemed a little distracted from eating, but he finally broke the silence when he leaned in and asked me, "So you like crapping yourself?" I nodded, my face going red again, and he smiled, "Why?" I asked, "because I happen to think that's hot." he responded, his own face turning a slightly red shade.
I laughed a little bit, and covered my face, until I realized how childish I must have looked. "I mostly use these diapers now." I whispered to him, trying to keep our conversation hidden from the rest of the people, as I lifted up the bottom of my shirt, and pulled down the top of my pants, revealing the snug waistband that held it on. He smiled a little bit more, then asked me if he would mind if he could get a better look of it somewhere more private. I asked where, and he said his apartment. I told him I didn't know if it would be right for me to go back to the aparment of a guy I had just met, and he assured me he just wanted a better look of the diaper. I told him I could just show him in his car, and he agreed. We got into his car, and I told him to drive around the black for a while. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees, revealing my diaper.
"Do you have to go?" he asked me, and I told him I didn't have to be back until later that night, and he laughed a little, and said, "No, I mean do you...", "Oh..." I interrupted him, "A little bit, but it's not bad." I said, and he asked me if I would mind if I did, and I turned red again, and was too embarrassed to talk. "Ok, nevermind, change of subject, so what do you want to do now?" he asked me. And I told him there was a movie I wanted to see that started in a few minutes. I pulled my pants back up, he paid for my ticket, and we watched the movie. By the end of it, I was about to REALLY have an accident, because I had eatten a lot of popcorn, and candy, added to the fct that I already needed to go a little when we arrived. I told him that I was about to poop myself, and that seemed to make him happy. When we got to the restaurant so I could get out of his car, and into mine, he asked me if I would go before I got into my car, I turned red, but since it was dark you couldn't really see, so I just leaned against my car, and after a little bit of difficulty, managed to get things moving. I felt it touch the back of my diaper and slide foreward, between my legs. When I was done, I said, "I'm finished." and smiled triumphantly. Without warning, he reached around and felt it, and had apparently thought it would be directly on my butt, until I pointed out it was pretty solid and slid between my legs. He blushed, which was noticable even in the dark, and I grabbed his hand and put it where it was, and pressed it into it, and pulled it away. I kissed him on the cheek and got into my car, "Good night, see you later." I said, and fastened my seatbelt. "Good night." he said, trying to act calm, but still extremely red-faced. I drove away, and the next day, I called him after my first class was over. We've gone out a couple more times. :)

Hope you all liked reading about this, I'll post more as more happens. :)


CLEAN UP GUY: peeing outside is no big deal. Pooping is the thing to do. You will love it when you do and you'll be like me, an addict! Unless you have problems with your insides, it doesn't take long to drop a couple of logs, if there is some waste ground near you and there are some bushes there, you'll be fine. The risk is exciting isn't it. I last did it in the middle of a path, and near a bend so I couldn't see if anyone was coming.

there is something wrong with our toilet at the moment, it flushes but the water disappears so the toilet is dry. The plumber should have been today but no show. my wife was okay because she used the toilet at work. i have been pissing in the sink, but earlier on I had to have a poo. I decided to do it on some newspaper and then went out and put it in the wife was watching TV while I did this but she didn't have a clue what I was doing.

Richard & Sarah B. I was sorry to read about Richard's constipation. I know from personal experience that constipation can be very umpleasant if it lasts for several days. Perhaps my worst experience was after an operation about 7 years ago when my bodily functions seemed to just shut down for ages and I couldn't 'do anything' for nearly a week. I think sometimes part of our digestive system goes on strike occasionally for whatever reason, be it medication or too much rich food. Although it's unpleasant, constipation in anotherwise healthy person normally sorts itself out naturally sooner or later. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg coupled with moderate exercise should generally be enough to do the trick. Anyhow I hope Richard's better by the time he reads this.

Best wishes to everyone!

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