Hi! This is my first post here. Let me tell you of my strangest experience! Last summer my husband; my two sons and I went to Yellowstone Park for vacation. One evening after dinner the four of us hiked to a lake to see the sun set behind the snow-capped mountains. We were about half way there when I got a pain in my stomach. I ran off the path. "Hey Cindy! Where are you going?" my husband screamed. I leered at him from afar. "Mom has to go poopy!" my older son screamed. Great! Now everyone in Wyoming knows what I'm doing. I fond a ditch behind some bushes where I decided to have my BM. I pulled up my skirt, dropped my panties, tied my hair back to see what I was doing, and then finally squatted down to do my business. After I pushed a small, sticky turd, I heard a weird noise. About thirty feet ahead, there was a small bear standing nearby. I thought he was going to attack me. I jumped up and moved to a boulder a few feet away. After squatting in the new area I noticed my own poop on the sneaker on my left foot. I pooped out that soft and squishy coffee-colored poop and after I pushed the last log out, I looked at my watch and saw it was almost eight o'clock. I was gone nearly forty-five minutes. I squeezed out one last sticky turd and wiped myself off, and went off to catch up with my family. I laughed when I saw a fox sniffing my poop when I turned around. Later I when we were heading back to the lodge, my son screamed when he stepped in a pile of poop, but not from any animal, but the pile I squeezed out about an hour before! Later a burning feeling came into my butt all the way to my vagina. That's when I realized I wiped myself with poison oak! AAAAAHHHH! WHAT PAIN! It was a painful night; I took allergy medicine and took pain all night! My husband and sons never knew what happened. I know this was long but this was quite an experience!

Hey Cute and Shy thanks for replying back to me with another story. U got away with ur accident very well. If u have another pee story, post another one if u want to.

Earlier today at school, my best friend, who is a girl, I'm a guy, was feeling bad, and she kept telling me how badly she needed to take a crap. Neither of us were even sure she'd make it past homeroom without having an accident, and was about to throw up on top of it, so that was a bit of an awkward experience to me. I'm fairly sure she never had an accident, but she did dart off to the bathroom because she was about to throw up later, and I didn't see her the rest of the day, so what I'm wondering is if she threw up in the toilet and crapped herself; if she crapped in the toilet and threw up everywhere else, or what...

some teengirl. to katie
katie, i would definately love to hear more stories from you.

and i also would like to know... (a couple of questions for anyone to answer.)

Where is the oddest place you've ever peed?
Have you ever had to pee in a place you weren't comfortable with?
Were you ever with someone who was in a desperate situation to pee?

Linda from Australia here again. I've been squeezing out some massive loads lately and twice a day aswell. For about the last week, I've been taking vitamin C tablets and they have been helping me go. I often don't feel finished after taking a dump but for the last few days, I have felt very satisfied after doing a poo. On Saturday morning, I did a did a big poo that consisted of lots of medium sized, solid logs. They were dark brown and smelt really bad. Then on Saturday night, I did another big load, this one even bigger than the morning. I went out that day and all day I could feel a hard turd sitting in my anus, ready to come out. When I got home that night, I went straight to the toilet. I took off all my clothes, sat on the toilet and did a wee. Then I had to push a bit to get the turds out. First I did a few small logs, then a huge log came out, followed by 2 more huge logs, then 2 smaller ones and then one got stuck in my anus. I had to push hard to get the last one out and it took about 10 minutes. My anus was sore but it felt so good and I felt finished. I can now feel a big load moving down and soon Im gonna sit on the toilet and squeeze it out.

Clean up Guy
Cute & shy: I liked your stroy.Plus I have a question. After you peed on the floor of the van and wiped it up, did it smelled liked pee (a few days later) and what color was your pee? Was yellow or clear?

Also I need advice. I'm thinking about pooping or peeing outside? I wanna try it behind a vacant building part of the pace is well lighted but the building is not and there is not fence or nothing behind the building also there a street right next too this bulding its a small street but is early in the morning.(its still dark) Or should i do it in a grassy feild area this right next to a busy street or in the park in the early a.m. hours? but im kinna scared of being caught. How can I over come my fear. I like to pee in bottles and in the shower. Also I used too poop in a plastic bag.
I need your input. I kinna like to take risks.


Thought I'd share this. I was out at a club with some friends. One of my friends and I went into the ladies room to pee. Well, I went to pee, she went to take a dump. There's no stalls. Just three toilets in a row. There was a woman on the right hand one, so we took the middle and left ones. I peed, and heard my friend taking a dump. It sounded nasty. Farting, splashing, plopping, sounded like diarrhea. Suddenly, she said, "Oh, man!" I sais, "What?" She said, "There's no paper." We asked the girl next to us if she had any, and the next few girls who came in if they had any tissues. No luck. I stood in there with her while she continued sitting on the toilet, asking each girl who came in if she had any tissues. No, no, no. Finally, I went out to the bar and got some napkins. She wiped her ass and we went back out and continued dancing. She was really embarrassed.

Re wnat help
Adventurous ways to pee/poop are based on the principle that shit always goes downward so unless you want to deliberately mess yourself, vertical positions are recommended. All practices outside the conventional bathroom
are an adventure especially in woods and fields-in an elevator, in between cars or in one small video clip that I have- off a park bench! Try either peeing and pooping perched on a fence-its fun.

Hope this is of some use.

Does anyone else have any stories to tell about peeing or pooping in a store dressing or fitting room?

Mr. Clogs
Hey, what's good everybody?

Nothing much, been busy with work and stuff.

I noticed today while reading some of the posts from the ladies out there. The desperate dressing room stories at the stores, pretty interesting and facinating to read! I feel sorry for those who had to use that changing room after that. i mean thats somewhat common, it's private and quiet in some cases, so you could get away with that. When you gotta go, you just have to go, right? Anyways that's my two cents on that, hope to read more of these, and also if any women had the urge to poop while changing in the dressing room? That will be definately interesting to get the women's response.

Cute & Shy: Hey, much I like road trips as a child and to this day, liquids especially water would be night mare to me. I would have to limit my intake so I don't have to resprt to desperate measures, take care.

EmoGirl: Nice post, hey you should give it a try.

Kevin L: Man, you're lucky man to witness that, there's something that you don't see everyday. I probably would would of felt the same way too. Great post man. Take care.

Take care ya'll have a great evening!

--Mr. Clogs

Hello people, I'm a long time reader and this is my first post. I'm gonna tell you something cool that happened last Saturday.
I'm from Mexico and I have family in Houston Tx, so because I'm on vacations I wanted to pay a visit to them, a family friend of my family in Houston were going too, so I took the ride with them. We were traveling in a car, 5 persons aboard: A man around 45 (dad), a woman age 40 (mom), a 12 y.o young girl (daughter), a guy around 9 or 10 (son) and me.
I didn't talk with any of them a lot because although they are friends of the family I don't see them a lot.

After three hours on the road the young girl told her mom she needed to piss and couldn't hold a lot, the lady told her husband to pull over at the side of the road, the lady got out of the car with her daughter, said to us to wait and not to see and then told the girl to pull down her shorts and panties and to squat, the girl did it and said she was ashamed of somebody could see her and then she started blasting a remarkably strong stream of piss that lasted like two minutes, she was peeing like a race horse, then she wiped, pull up her panties and shorts and came back to the car with her mom.

Nobody said nothing after that and I was amazed about the strong stream the girl did.

I have more stories to tell later, it's nice to start sharing with you, great site.

That's all for now.
Best wishes to everyone.


Can't remember the name of the poster who asked about the grossest bathroom someone ever took a shit in, but I remember vividly.

The Original Hot Dog Shop in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, right in the middle of the Pitt campus, has THE most revolting public bathroom I've ever had the displeasure of shitting in.

The door doesn't close all the way, there's a good two inch gap between the door and the doorjam, and women have to walk past to get to the womens room. The mens room is tiny, a sink, urinal and toilet all shoved in a five foot by five foot room. No door on the toilet stall, in fact it's barely a stall, your legs from the thigh down stick out.

I had really, really, really bad case of the shits one night and was desperate. I rushed downstairs and discovered the bathroom was as disgusting as legend had it. If that wasn't bad enough, the toilet was clogged with a mixture of shit, vomit and paper. If I was not seconds away from shitting my pants, I would have held it, but I couldn;t wait.

I laid paper down on the piss-encrusted seat, yanked my pants and boxers down and sat down. Diarrhea sprayed out of me, and I prayed that none of that cesspool sludge inches below would splatter up on my ass. I was lucky.

There were two goys in the bathroom with me, one at the urinal, one waiting. The one waiting said to me, "I can;t believe you're shitting in that nasty ass toilet." I said, "it's better than shitting my pants." He said, "I don't think so. I'd rather shit outside on the sidewalk in front of everyone."

I doscovered that the paper I had used to cover the seat had been the last of it, so I left the bathroom with diarrhrea squished between my cheeks.

That was THE grossest bathroom experience of my life. I was in there again recently (just to pee), and it looked exactly like it did ten years ago. Some things never change.

Once when i was maybe 9 or something, i was having a sleepover with a friend. We had been up until at least 1 am and were drinking a lot of soda. it was weird how we both felt the intense urge to pee at the same time. We argued over who used the bathroom first. In a desperate plan, we agreed to use the toilet at the same time. We did this because niether one of us was giving in. When we reached the toilet, we realized it was waaaay to small to share. To prevent further arguing, i volunteered to use the sink. The sink was taller than my nesacery area could reach. It was up to my waist. I decided to just try and aim from a distance. BIG MISTAKE!!! The first stream of pee was perfect but it shortly went out of control! Pee hit the mirror, window, floor, and sink. There was a galleon of it too! My friend barely avoided getting soaked from my out of control pee. He did get some on his shirt. After awhile, the pee stopped and i started to clean up. That was one crazy night!

To Katie
Real cool story Katie I liked it. Can you tell some pooping stories.

To Sarah J.
Real nice story I really liked it. I can't wait to read another pooping sorry from you.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been squeezing out some massive loads lately and twice a day aswell. For about the last week, I've been taking vitamin C tablets and they have been helping me go. I often don't feel finished after taking a dump but for the last few days, I have felt very satisfied after doing a poo. On Saturday morning, I did a did a big poo that consisted of lots of medium sized, solid logs. They were dark brown and smelt really bad. Then on Saturday night, I did another big load, this one even bigger than the morning. I went out that day and all day I could feel a hard turd sitting in my anus, ready to come out. When I got home that night, I went straight to the toilet. I took off all my clothes, sat on the toilet and did a wee. Then I had to push a bit to get the turds out. First I did a few small logs, then a huge log came out, followed by 2 more huge logs, then 2 smaller ones and then one got stuck in my anus. I had to push hard to get the last one out and it took about 10 minutes. My anus was sore but it felt so good and I felt finished. I can now feel a big load moving down and soon Im gonna sit on the toilet and squeeze it out.


well it has been a while since I been here. anyway , I stared going back to those ??? meetings a month ago and this was after the womens meeting in ??. anyway , today I actually got there early for once and was eating what i got at mc donalds. of course , with the meal , i got this 32 oz diet coke which I just slowly sipped and halfway through the meeting, finished. last time I had peed was before leaving my therapist, this about 6:40 PM. well now it was almost ( pm, maybe 8:50 , so two hrs later. I wonder if that diet coke had anything to do with this? hmmmmm? LOL anyway , soon as the meeting ended, I said "excuse me, I'd better go use the bathroom" , then walked back and used the single use ladies' room. purse over shoulder and wearing a denim skirt about knee length, sandals, and tee shirt[no pantyhose] , I walked in and closed, locked the door after turning the light on, went over to the toilet; looking at the nice clean water, I see it was a water saver in which the bowl is filled about 2/3 from the back to about say 5-6 inch from the front rim which slopes downward sharply. " time to go to the ladies room and tinkle, cher!" anyway , so I quickly lift my skirt and then, pull down my undies, sitting down to urinate, straight up with my chubby little legs apart and puss exposed about 6 inch from front rim[open seat] I took some paper from the roll to my left, and holding it in my right hand, 5 secs later I start to urinate directly downward into the water, making a really kewl sounding splunky tinkle sound as my steady stream of urine was coming from my puss and splashing completely into the water. I did not watch it come out, but from the sound it made? my urine stream had to be close to a quarter inch wide or so and for the next 40 seconds I guess, it made a nice sound as it bubbled into the once clean water and then stopped. ALL THE WHILE I COULD HEAR SOME MEN OUTSIDE THAT DOOR TALKING AND AT THE SAME TIME, MY PUSS URINATING INTO THE TOILET WATER. " I WONDER IF THEY HEAR ANYTHING?" I THOUGHT. I could hear the tinkle sound turn more to a piddle but still definitely audible, as by now it was quite possibly filling that water full of disgusting , foamy urine I sat for like 3 secs and then , the rest came out , another 10-15 seconds worth making a piddly-tinkle loudly straight down into the water and then , stop. right then, i felt some warm urine dribble backward along my puss to my ass. I leaned foward a bit and out comes about three more piddles into the water, but a little getting on the front dry slope and then , cheryl was finished. wiping my puss first from the front dabbing , and then, as I got up, from behind; dropping the toilet paper straight into the bowl's water; which was now filled with my, scuzzy-looking, dark golden yellow urine which had big foamy bubbles all over it from where it tinkled into the water. I pulled my undies back up, dropped my skirt; then, like the lady in the ladies room is supposed to do, I took my left hand and reaching for the lever, flushed all the disgusting looking urine down, the bowl quickly refilling with clear water. I washed up, placed my black purse over my shoulder and then walked back out.

Hey Katie! Please tell us more of your stories, they sound hot.

To Sarah J:

Looking forward to your poop stories.

Hi, i have a story for you.
I'm a 27/m and i currently live with my gf.
Anyway, i have had constipation problems for the last 5 years so i try to eat things that make me go and for the last year i have been very regular about my dumps (last time i had diarrhea was when i was 17), i usually take one every night when i come home from work. About two weeks ago i came back from home one night and went to the bathroom but i was unable to let anything out so i just gave up and had my usual dinner (i try to eat a lot of fiber every day) and then went to sleep. Next morning while my gf was in the shower i got up from bed and felt the urge to shit (just a normal urge, nothing serious). I waited for her to finish and made my way to the bathroom. As soon as my ass hit the toilet i let go, this was very unusal for me as i always have to push for a while for my poo to come out, so it was a nice change for once. I finished in less than two minutes, got a shower and got dressed. When i was about to finish getting ready i felt new pressure in my butt so i hurried back to the bathroom and took an other quick dump. I was a little surprised by this and even my gf commented on how unusual it was for me to shit twice in such a short period of time, but i was feeling perfectly and i had no real hint about what my stomach had prepared for me that day.
Me and my gf left for work (I usually drive her there because its on the way to my office) We live in the suburbs so we have a 40-60 minutes drive depending on the traffic and that day it was really heavy. About 10 minutes into the road and just as we entered the freeway my stomach started rumbling and churning like mad and sure enough i had the urge to go again. I was a little bit worried and hoped i could make it to my office on time. 10 more minutes passed and we didn't seem to move much but my stomach was surely doing it and even my gf noticed it by the noises it made. She asked me if i was fine and i just told her that my stomach was a little upset again. She said that something i ate probably didn't agree with me but i couldn't remember having eaten anything unusual. I was getting a little desperate by now, i could practically feel the turds comming out and on top of it i was having a lot of gas which i tried to hold because i was sure that if i just farted all my poop would come out. I wasn't in much pain, but i was struggling to keep things under control. As i mentioned before the traffic was terrible that morning and there was no sight of a bathroom nearby. By now we had been on the car for 35 minutes and i had been holding it for at least 20 when the churning in my stomach started again the pressure got a lot worse, I unbuttoned my pants which helped me relieve some of it but after a couple of minutes the pressure increased again. The traffic finally started to move and the next 5 minutes i tried to concentrate in driving, i was still determined to make it to my office until my stomach let me know that it wouldn't be possible. Just as i thaught the worst part was over i felt a severe pain in my stomach, i instantly put my hand on it as i bent forward and moaned loudly...i sim ply couldn't control it, i don't remember having that kind of pain before in my life. I also felt my stomach churning and rumbling worse than before. I grunted, moaned and cursed, so my gf just kept asking me what was wrong but i just couldn't answer as the pain was so intense that i almost forgot about the crap that was about to come out of me. Even with all that pain i manged to keep driving and just as i took the first exit i could find the pain in my stomach subsided a little bit and i told my gf i needed to look for a bathroom. My stomach gave me about 2 minutes before hitting me with a new cramp...just like before i bent forward as i moaned and moaned in pain. The first place i found was a little shopping center and as soon as i parked i jumped out of the car holding my stomach. I noticed everyone was staring at me and i realize now it was probably very funny to see a guy with his pants unbuttoned holding his stomach running to the bathroom. I finally got there and took the first stall i saw. I didn't really see if there was someone else in the bathroom but i couldn't have cared less. i would ususally cover the toilet but i was so desperate this time that i just yanked my pants and underwear and jumped into it. I gave a tinny push and droped a big log. After that about 12 hard and painfull logs came out without any effort but the pain in my stomach just kept getting worse. I stopped to catch my breath for a minute and then kept pushing and got about 8 more pieces out before my gf phoned me, She was worried and as i was finally feeling somehow better i told her i would be out in 3 minutes. I gave a big final push and let 4 more softer logs out. I stood up and i was amazed to see the toilet completly full. I took me 3 flushes just to get rid of all the shit, after that i had to wipe about 8 times and just as i was finishing with it my stomach churned again so i just turned around and sitted was just a reflex but as soon as i did it this massive wave of brown water came out of my buttt. It lasted about 20 seconds and when it finished i farted a couple of times and let little water waves out. I wiped again and finally got out of the bathroom. I went back to my car and my gf asked me how i felt...i told her i was better now but also that i had had some wattery shit comming out of me. She said i probably should go back home and call in sick, that she would drive me back and then leave but i insisted on driving her to her office as i knew she was already late and i also knew about the traffic. We finally made it to the city but as soonas we did, i got hit by a cramp again, only this time i knew what it ment, i needed a toilet and i needed it NOW!!!. I started sweating again and tried to find a place to stop but there was no parking so i just kept driving until we finally made it to my gf's office so i parked the car and dashed for the bathroom for the 4th time in less than 2 hours. This time as i was running i couldn't help letting out some really bad farts and i knew everyone was noticing my situation again so i just said i'm sorry i have the runs, please excuse me!I was really embarassed but i couldn't help it.
Made it to the toilet just in time to take my underware down and explode in it with a wave of brownish water. I was almost screaming in pain and as the waves came out the pain just seemed to get worse. Since there's just one bathroom in my gf's office it is shared by men and women so every few minutes she would come in and ask if i was ok, she also brought me a bottle of water that i couldn't drink because it only made me shit more. After about 45 minutes of continuos diarhrea it suddenly stopped. I was still in a lot of pain so i remained sitted and just flushed the toilet. i kept farting and farting like crazy and by now other people had also used the bathroom and heard my performance. I was really tired by now and wanted to go home but i wa<s afraid to leave the bathroom, until i "realized" i wouldn't let anything else out so i decided to leave. I appologized for all the troubles, said goodbye to my gf and headed back home. 20 minutes later an other cramp hit me, only this time i was lucky enough to find a bathroom in less than 2 minutes. Just as the pain came back a saw a big bookstore so i drove there and ran with my hand in my but to look for the toilet, which was fortunately located near the entrance of the store. This was a 1 stall bathroom but luckly it was empty so i took my underwar down again and litteraly jumped into the toilet. This time my poop wasn't liquid anymore, instead, cascade of chunks and mush came out as i moaned and leaned forward pressing my stomach with my hands. The first wave lasted about 4 minutes non-stop. 30 seconds later the next camp hit and the mass of chunks started again, i was scratching the walls saying GOD, GOD, OH MY GOD, PLEASE NOT AGAIN, OH GOD!!!, i seriously couldn't take it anymore, i was having the worst diarrhea yet, waves of chunks and mush coming out rappidly out of me, i kept farting, stomping, cursing, moaning, it was a real nightmare and i felt like dieing. I spent 2 hours on that toilet until i was finally able to stand up and wipe my ass. During these 2 hours i had to flush at least 6 times and i was interrupted by at least 5 people who got to hear me with the worst diarrhea i have ever experienced in my life. When i got out of the stall an other person walked into it. I apologized for the smell but he didn't seem to worry and soon i realized why, he was having the runs too. Anyway i went to the sink where i refreshed myself with cold water. I was completly soaked from sweat and the feeling of the cold water really made me feel better, until my stomach churned again...i panicked!!! i knew there was no way i could hold it and the stall was taken by the other guy. I knocked on the door and told him to please hurry as i was having another attack but he said he couldn't stop going. I didn't know what to do, i knew there was no way i could find another bathroom in time, i started cursing again and moaning, and i think that made the other guy feel sorry for me and he said he would wipe and let me in. Unfortunately it was too late...i realized i was about to shit my pants and i would do anything to keep me from doing it, so i just yanked down my pants, jumped over the sink and let go, i hoped it would be liquid but sure enough i exploded with at least 40 chunks, the guy came out and apologized but i couldn't even say anything to him so he just left. The first wave stopped so i jumped off the sink and ran to the toilet just in time to let the next wave of chunks out. It stopped and i knew i had to run out of that place before anyone realized the dissaster i had made. I did, i got to my car and drove to my house where i made it just in time to have another round of mushy diarrhea. I sure won't back to that store in my life.
I kept shitting for the whole day. I think i went to the bathroom at least 20 times. And i had the runs for almost a week, even though that was the worst day. I still don't know what caused my diarrhea, but i think it was some kind of virus because 2 days later my gf had some diarrhea too. I'm a healthy eater so i refuse to think that it was the food.
Anyway, it's been over 2 weeks now and today i still had to use the bathroom twice, even though i took solid dumps both times.

Lucy Lu
Thursday morning I woke up and went for an early jog. I didnt have to wait for charlie because he didnt come. I brought the kids to school and had pains in my stomach. I ignored them wile I headed to the Libary. There I felt a bit like I had to poop but ignored it still. I drove to the Lawblas where then I decided to ask if I could use the rest room.
The woman said no, rudely. I wallbled to my car and figured drive home,rush in. Before I could get home the pains overcame me. I was forced to stop at the school. I wanted to use a toilet soo bad. the teachers were occupied because i saw a teacher waiting outside the bathroom. I went to the little girls room.

I walked in Lowered my pants, panties and began to poop I was bigger than the toilet not because im fat, just because the toilet is very small the poop was all watery and i relized how cheap the toilet paper is from the chaping.

#2 Story happened A wile ago but i remembered it because of the one above.

The kids took the bus to school in the morning I noticed my youngest daughter forgot her Lunch, so i put on my tights and me and charlie jogged to the school. I then relized i had to poop. I walked upto the teachers bathrooms which were locked :| so i used the little girls, I had never been in hear but i needed to poop this urgently. I brought charlie into the little staul with me. I put my chubby bum on the tiny toilet and began to poop maby 14 ounces a second. then charlie decided to climb away from me while my poop was escaping. I was not completely finished so i wipped pulled up my panties and 4getting to flush stepped up onto the toilet to look for charlie all the stauls were empty. I didnt pull up my pants so when they were around my ancles i slipped. I managed to save my self from a concussion and maybe an embarissing accident. but my feet went into the toilet. my runners and tights were soaqued with poop. i pulled em up and ran out grabbed charlie and went home like that.

Lucy Lu
Story from Thursday. I was at home and I had just gotten dressed to jog alone to the school then libary. Today I did not have charlie which was good. I had pains in my stomach while I was at the school/libary which did not kick in until I decided to go pick up a few things at the grocery store.

When I got there I saw people I knew and everyone of them talked to me. I was in a frenzy now looking for a toilet to use. the cashier didnt help me and I was forced to get in my car and drive home. I got ticketed for speeding on the way home.! I made an emergancy stop at the school parked in a kissnride spot and went into the childrens bathrooms. I went into the very small staul which is never good for me. I could not control the pee coming out with the poop. I was oversized for that toilet but w.e I dont care. when i was done I found out they give the girls crapy tp. CHAPING...'

This story reminded me of another pooping at the school story....

I remember putting on my running tights on a warmish october morning. not feeling good but with charlie in the stroler i jogged to the school that day. When I got there I felt the need to have a BM which could not be stopped. my first choice was the teachers fecilties which were full. This was urgent so me and charlie went into the little girls room. All three stalls were empty. when i got into this small stall I saw a small toilet. which was not good . im not overweight but I am aging and do have a chubby bum. I pulled down my tights and began to poop long slurs of wet poop. charlie felt the need to anoy me and climbed into another stall.. I Tried calling him but he didnt answer i could hear him walking around. I wiped pulled up my panties and stood on the toilet. i forgot to flush at this point. the mistake i made was not pulling up my tights. i stepped right into the poop filled toiled
my tights were soaked but i pulled them up. i washed all of my poop off and then walked out and ran home to shower and change. I tossed those evil tights and they were quality ones too.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I have a very disgusting story to share about a stop at the store gone bad. Yesturday I went to the store to get some stuff for my mom that she needed to make dinner with. Two problems happened that day. The first of which was I had to pee badly about half way through my shopping. I also felt that I had to take a dump, but I thought it was no problem, I could eaisily wait until I got home. I did go to the bathroom at the store to pee, but I never poo in public restrooms. I got into the restroom and got into a stall and did the little, "hover" thing and peed. Then I found out that there was no toilet paper. I just forgot to look before I went into that stall. And there were other people in the bathroom so getting toilet paper from another stall was not an option. With that, I decided that I would just pull my panties back up and let them absorb the dribbles. I had yellow absorbent panties on with a thick crotch luckely. Anyway my poo urge grew later, and by the time I got to the van, which my mom let me take for groceries I was busting. It was so bad I was sweating like mad, and it really stung. So I threw the bags in the back and got in the van, but I knew there was going to be a problem. On normal occasion I would not do this, but I was desparate now. My period was going to start soon so I had pads with me, and I use the large Always maximum protection pads. This was a bad moment for me in life, but I went into the back of the van where the windows are very dark, and nobody can see in and put the pad on. Since I am little, big maxi pads are like diapers on me, and well cover my butt and poo area. Then I just bit my lip and basically squrted a liquidy poo into the pad, and then more solid. By the time I was done, I did not care how much of a mess I was in, just that I felt very good. I drove home with poo smashed between my pad and butt and felt terrible. When I got home I found that the pad held most of the mess, and very little even touched my underwear. I even could spare the underwear. So thanks to taking the van and keeping pads with me, my worst accident turned out to be ok.

Cute & Shy
Replying to A.W.

You might like that other story it when you read it, but I don't think you'll like it if happened to you. LOL Anyway, to answer your question, yeah I have a story that happened not so long ago. I haven't thought about posting it until now. Lol

Last summer, we decided to drive from Illinois to Virginia Beach for a vacation and to stay with some family members. It was hot and heat makes me thirsty pretty fast so I filled up about 20 bottles of water. I kept them in a cooler in the back of the van. I drunk around 15 bottles during the daytime of the trip and I had to pee like every minute, but I never used the bathroom more than once after a stop. I just went to sleep after we leave the rest area if I feel the need to go again. I can ONLY hold in pee in my sleep. If I'm not sleep, I must go to the bathroom right away. Anyway, after a few hours, we stopped at another rest area and my sister or somebody woke me up. Then I ran to the bathroom in just in time and I peed for quite a while. After everyone used the bathroom and got some food, we left and I went to sleep as soon as I got in the back of the van. I woke up late at night and I had to pee soooo bad. I told Dad that I had to use the bathroom and he said that there wasn't going to be another stop in a while. When they last stopped, he said that he didn't feel that he needed to wake me up so everybody just left me asleep in the car. I told him it was an emergency and I asked if he could pull over, but he couldn't because that area was under construction. (We were on the highway) He then told me if I can't wait awhile, it was best if I went back to sleep, but I couldn't do that because I had to use it so bad. Ever since that last stop, I took my pants off before I went to sleep and that was a good thing because when I tried to hold it, I started peeing in my panties a little bit and they were starting to get a little bit too wet. Then I had an accident. I left a big puddle on the floor of the van and there was a lot of pee running down my legs. Luckily, no pee got on anybody in the back with me, and nobody saw it because they were sleep, but there was a big puddle right under me and my panties were soaked. I got some of my towels to wipe it the puddle and I used another one to clean myself off and to cover up the spot. It was a pretty big mess too. So after that, I took the wet panties off and put on some fresh ones. It took me awhile to go back to sleep so after I noticed the pee was drying, I put the towels in a plastic bag and put them in a luggage bag by itself. Pretty soon, I went back to sleep and no one noticed anything since the whole trip.

hi, i'm katie. i'm 19, female, in college, and I have my own apartment (i'm not in a dorm). I have natural red hair (my hair is straight), a few freckles but not as many as most redheads have, i'm 5 foot 5 inches, 110 pounds, and I like experimenting with poop and pee.

I like having "accidents" sometimes (always planned, I can't stand it when I don't know I'm going to have one), and I've had them quite a bit. Just earlier this week I put on a mini skirt and thong, and went shopping. The whole day I drank as much as I possibly could and didn't use the bathroom. By 4:00 I was desperate to pee. I had planned to not be so desperate that I would be able to go outside and pee in the parking lot, but I had a bit too much to drink and knew I wouldn't be able to make it there. Instead i went into a shop, got a few things off the rack, and went into a dressing room. The dressing room locked from the inside, and the door went down all the way to the floor. I wated about 15 minutes in the dressing room before I started having an accident. I spread my legs wide and pulled my thong to the side, and just let go. When i was done there was a huge wet spot on the floor. After a few minutes I left the dressing room and went home.

I have tons more stories, and if you want to hear some more just tell me!

some teengirl.
I found this site a couple years ago, and I haven't been on in a while, but I love to read the stories about peeing, and i love details. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who has this fascination. but anyways.. to my story..

Not too long ago, I was just ready to go out, and of course, I forget to use the bathroom before I leave. Whatever, I just figure I go when I get there.

I was jiggling my leg the whole way there, and when i got there, I asked somebody who worked there where the bathrooms were. I went over to them and the Womens' room was "CLOSED FOR MAITENENCE" as the sign read.

I was definately not going to use the Mens' room. Never in a thousand years would I have done that. So I just figured I could wait. I went to pick out some clothes, and then I went to go try them on. The dressing rooms are very private, as in.. whole ROOMS private, otherwise I wouldn't have gone in there to change beacuse i am just like that, LOL.

But anyways, when i got in there (I don't know if it was because the dressing room felt like a bathroom or what, but I thought pee was going to spray out of me right then and there, but i somehow managed to hold it in. So I tried on a few clothes, and I was pretty much about to die or pass out right there. I was even starting to feel dizzy. If I got out, there was going to be floods of pee, EVERYWHERE!

So, it was really weird for me, but I decided I wasn't going to make it to a bathroom, not even the mens' room, which i ACTUALLY considered.
I took my skirt off, leaving just my white cotton panties, and I had no Idea what i was going to do!! i was just squeezing real tight praying nothing would come out.. and just barely a dribble started to wet my panties. I managed to stop it before it got out of control. I looked around the dressing room, and the only possible option I saw was a huge potted plant in the corner. I tried to bring it over to me, but the freakin thing was screwed to the ground! (maybe so no one would steal it?? i still can't figure that one out) But I was about to flood the floor, so i took my underwear completely off and just sat, vagina first on the plant's edge.. but then no pee would come out!! it was so weird, and my stomach was completely cramping up.

Finally, i started to pee a long, mostly clear stream directly OVER the plant, and onto the wall.. so i stopped my flow briefly so i could stand up, turn around, and sit on the plant's edge and see if that would work better. so i whipped around and sat on the plant's edge, and started hissing more pee into the plant. This went on for 4 solid minutes, untill I finally stopped and it felt AWESOME! I got up and looked into the plant, and there was a layer of liquid about 1 inch thick on "my" side of the plant because it hadn't completely soaked in, yet.

I just got my clothes back on, and left that store, because I was so afraid of being caught.

I loved the exciting feeling i got, that day, and now i love peeing in different ways. anyone got any ideas for me to make life exciting? let me know =)

to ibs

did any of neighbor boys laugh or make fun of your foreskin? were you the only one with a foreskin and did it make your pee stream different than the other boys? was the time with your cousin the first time your foreskin had been back?

has anyone had to help younger siblings going to the bathroom or been embarrassed going to the bathroom in front of them?

Hey Everyone...some great stories lately. I'm going to try that distance contest results will be in my next post.

I have a story..about what happened at work yesterday.
I work at a movie theater, at the concession stands. I was working yesterday morning with three other people, one of them being this guy Carlos. Carlos went into the back because we needed more popcorn, and he was taking a long time so I went to see if he needed any help. I went back there to find him standing there taking a piss into the floor drain. I turned around and left but I think he saw me. I didn't say anything to him until later..and he said that he does it often. I think I'm going to try and get him in on some fun with me....*wink wink*...LOL.



Some of the posts make me giggle.....and some I can completely empathise with.

I recall when i was much younger coming home with my folks and 2 brothers in the family car from a visit and needing a pee. My mother always had a thing about using public loos, in fact she didnt even sit on the seat of our own loo at home!!! Knowing that it would be uselss to tell them I needed to go I hung on.

Then..the car broke down. we kids stood in the dusk on the side of the road whilst my dad tried to fix it. My mum tried to keep my two younger sibs under control as they were running around and acting like.... two kids.

I was by this time, chilly which added to my needing to pee.....I looked around there was a bank behind us with trees/shrubs at the top, but I knew If I walked up there Id be made to come back down......I was crossing my legs and holding myself.......then had a thought....sighing loudly that my legs ached from standing...I walked a little to one side.....discreetly pulled my niks down (fortunately my modest mother made me wear decent length dresses and skirts)and pulling up my dress at the back I sat on the bank. I held off my pee for another minute waiting for my mother to yell at me to get up...she was too busy holding a torch for my dad.....I let go a little spurt....then another...I thought I could control spurt after spurt....but once I let the floodgates open pee poured from me.......thankfully the weather had been dry so a lot of my pee soaked into the ground......I finished peeing, pulled up my niks and walked back to the car.......such a feeling of relief.

I also recall being out again with my family and needing the loo, I was about 10, my mother and I stood in a q for the ladies. I was trying not to do a wet dance....but sucking in my muscles to hold off peeing in my last our turn came, we both went in.....YES mother as well.....however the toilet was ina bad way and she pulled me out saying there was no way I was going to use that loo!!! She then seemed to completely forget my desperate need and we carried on shopping or whatever we were doing. We went into a store to get school shirts for my brother and I remeber thinking Im gonna pee, I cant hold I walked behid a pile of clothing on a banquette.....opened my legs, pulled my niks to one side and pissed all over the shoes got wet and my niks were splashed but hey.......I must have peed almost a pint...the carpet was sodden and the wet took a long time to soak sorry to admit, I 'accidently' knocked some of the clothes on the banquette onto the floor to soak up my piss puddle.

still feel guilty......ish.... to this day.

Hi all its been a while but been busy and away. My husband took me to Victoria Falls in Zambia for my 50th birthday. Lovely place. Let me tell you about the one early morning at the falls. This waterfall is a serious amount of water making a lot of noise. We got up early one morning to go and catch the rainbows that you see in the early morning. As we arrive there last nights dinner starts to churn around and I say to hubby just going to the loo quickly. I walk off down a path that has a sign "Toilets" and soon see a little building in the bush. I enter the ladies side and the stench hits me like a wall. Immediate about turn and plan B comes into being. Bush poo. I rejoin hubby and tell him the problem. He says no problem lots of bush and no people, easy. We walk along next to the river and I see a couple of trees and bush a little ay off. We go behind this and I pull off my tracksuit pants and get down to poo. Hubby is waiting at the river. I fart and then first pee before I feel my hole opening to get the old plug out. A little push gets it out followed by the usual ice cream mush. Nice relaxing poo. It is nice and warm and I sit with the wind blowing between my legs. As I am about to wipe I hear chattering and decide to wait till these people move off. I wait and they come around the corner. I recognize them as a bunch of female students from the pub the night before. About ten of then. They stop to watch the water and I notice a few fidgeting in a group to one side. A cannot hear but one gestures towards my bush. They look over and nod together as they start to make their way over. I assume I am getting company which is no problem for me with a bush shit. Often had company.
They get closer but do not come around the bush. Some of them are in a hurry as they just turn around and pull down their tracksuits and shorts. I am sitting here with 5 bare bums all shitting farting and groaning at the same time about 4 feet in front of me. I can see this is all beer induced shit. Some yellow some brown some black. All semi soft to start with and then some ending in watery wind others in wet shit. The smell is horrendous as they start to wipe with anything handy. Napkins handkerchiefs one girl even used her finger and wiped it on the grass. One took off her pants and went over to a tuft of grass that had dew on it and sat down and pulled herself forward over the tuft. What a sight as I sat quietly till they left. Quite an array of piles of poo and paper together.

Richard & Sarah B from Yorkshire. I'm sorry to hear Richard's been constipated. It sounds to me like something he's eaten (too much processed food perhaps?) or part of his bowel's simply gone on strike for a while. In a normally healthy person occasional bouts of constipation aren't usually too much to worry about, although as I know from personal experience, they can be unpleasant. Too much fibre and too many laxatives can be counter productive though. With fresh air, exercise and a balanced diet (not too rich) the problem normally sorts itself out. I hope he's better now and been able to have a few good movements.

Steph. I bet there are many university students who could tell similar stories to yours - oh the joys of sharing a bathroom!

Paul. It maybe that the nurse you saw in the supermarket had had a slight accident due to working a long shift with little opportunity for a loo break. Anyhow, it was kind of you to reassure her.

Best wishes to everyone!

Hello, people!

I've heard a few posts about people other than the actual posters peeing really far (like Peepale's girlfriend, for example). I wasn't sure whether to include non-posters in the contest, but I think I'm not going to do that, and have the contestants be limited to people who actually post. No offense to anyone.

HELLEN: Wow! 13 ft.?! I didn't even know that was possible! Yeah, I sort of realized from the start that girls might tend to be in the lead in this competition, but I wanted to see the results anyway.

So here are the results. (Note that I STILL don't have a measurement for myself. Also I'm changing the measurements to feet, because most people give them in feet and because centimeters are a bit too precise for a contest like this.


1. HELLEN: 13 ft.

2. PEEPER: 4.5 ft.
2. MIKE: 4.5* ft.

3. PEEPALE: 4 ft.

*If someone gives a measurement like 4.5 - 5 ft., it will be my policy to use the lower of the two measurements.

EmoGirl, I'm looking forward to see how far you get!

If I ever forget anyone, please tell me.

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