AJ :-)
I have some interesting tooting stories to share.

The first three involve three of my mom's first cousins.

When G. was in her early seventies, she was feeling herself fill up with gas, but it was trapped gas that she wasn't able to pass. It was making her very uncomfortable, so she called her doctor and told him the problem. He called in a prescription for her and told her that she needed to take a dose right before she had her next meal, and it would relax her and make it a cinch for her to pass it through.

It just so happened that her next meal was dinner out with her niece and her husband. She took a pill. Although nothing significant happened while they were eating, after they got in the car, she began to have the feeling that she was going to do a big toot before she got somewhere more private.

She was hoping that they would stop somewhere so that she could get out of the car and release it out into the air. They did, and she undid her seat belt and got out of the car and let it rip.

But her nephew-in-law was a gentleman type and had gone around to open the door for her--only to find her already outside. And he was at a place where he heard a big "BLATTTTttttttttttt!" and was immediately hit in the face by a really poison stench.

The wide-eyed expression he had on his face was priceless, and his wife was laughing hysterically.

G. definitely DID feel relieved, but she didn't forgive the pills.

When they got to the house, she went into the bathroom and dumped the rest of the pills into the toilet while saying, "I'm not taking any more of THESE!"

Sometime after that, G. was in this fancy restroom where they had an attendant--in this case, a roly-poly, grandmotherly Black lady.

She goes into the toilet to pee and lets out this really loud one.

That was when she heard the attendant murmur in this deep, Southern drawl, "Oh my goodness!"

G. found this to be so funny, that she laughed--and, when she laughed, she blew out a whole string of toots, and that made her laugh even more, and the attendant was laughing, too.

The attendant finally said, "Now don't you feel bad, honey. When you get to be our age, things like that just happen!"

And this made G. laugh and toot even more.

G. had a sister named J. J.'s husband passed away in 1984. Although she really wasn't interested in becoming romantically-involved again, as she couldn't imagine loving anyone as much as she had her late husband, she was still flattered when this handsome, elderly gentleman sat down beside her at the mall where she was knitting (she was always knitting) and waiting on her great-grandson to run out of money from playing arcade games.

She and her great-grandson had eaten at the cafeteria in the mall before he'd gone to play games, so I guess that this had created a little gas down by the back-door, even though she wasn't aware of it.

But she ran out of yarn and needed to get some more, so she leaned over to get some more yarn out of her knitting bag--and this action made her toot loudly in the gentleman's direction.

He looked a little uncomfortable, got up, and took off.

The pill incident took place in the late summer or early fall of 1985, and I wrote a poem about it and sent a copy to G.

In early October, my folks and I went to visit a friend who was working in the northern part of the state. On the way back, we were close to G.'s place, so we decided to call her and see if she wanted some company. She had been a widow since early in 1982, and her divorced son shared her home with her. He was somewhere else at the time, so she was the only one home.

One of the first orders of conversation was talking about that poem. She was telling me what a laugh she and her son had when it arrived in the mail. Then, we talked about other things.

She collected thimbles and wondered if we would like to see her thimble collection, so we followed her into the kitchen where she kept them in this cabinet. Anyway, I happened to notice my poem lying out on this work island, and G. noticed it lying there at the same time, so we both looked at each other and cracked up. I don't think I'll ever forget that evening for as long as I live!

It was just a few months later when J. had her experience, and she told me that she was getting to be just like her sister, so was I going to write a poem about her. She told me about what happened, and I wrote a poem about it.

I've read and posted those poems all over ever since.

Here's the story about the other cousin, M. G. & J. were the daughters of my maternal grandma's brother and his wife. M. was the daughter of my maternal grandpa's brother and his wife.

My grandparents were 23 years apart in age, and M.'s dad (my great-uncle) was a few years older than Grandpa, so M. (although she's her first cousin) was over 20 years older than my mom. But my mom still heard what M. did when she was 13 years old. I don't remember M.'s exact age, but I think this would have taken place sometime between 1910 and 1915--which shows that this tooting-to-bond went on even back then.

M. went to a one-room schoolhouse and had a huge crush on her teacher. At the time, you could be pretty young and be a teacher, so this guy was about 18.

M. was sick one day and didn't go to school, so the teacher came by to visit her and keep her up with her lessons. I think he might have been sweet on her, too.

Anyway, while he was there, she let one rip. Whether she had done this on purpose or whether it just slipped out, she ended up deciding that it was a good thing because she felt so close to him when it happened.

She later told a close friend or two what had happened, which is how the story eventually came to be told to my mom--who thought that this had been a rather foolish thing to do. She and my dad were always really close with each other--including being very open about their bathroom activities--but she couldn't imagine somebody intentionally breaking wind to impress her boyfriend (or someone she'd like for a boyfriend).

When I was in my senior year of high school, I would have been mortified myself. The closest I came to having something like this happen was with this wonderful, young teacher. My gosh! He was soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute! Looked like a cross between a young Gregory Peck and David Selby. Just as with M. and her teacher, we were five years apart.

At the time, I was taking this journalism class, and there were these two boys who got seated before the bell rang and the teacher started the class and start lifting their butts, grunting, and letting one after another while fanning the odor in my direction.

Perhaps, it was supposed to be some kind of mating call, but there was something about which I was really concerned. The journalism class just happened to be where the school newspaper office was located, and I knew that R. (who was the assistant coach of the varsity basketball team and the main coach of the track team) came in there with game stats. I was so worried that he would come in when the air smelled like that (and it really did STINK) and think that I'd produced that wonderful fragrance. So, I kept telling these guys to cut it out, and they just grunted some more.

They usually had ones that sounded about what you might think they would sound like. They weren't really loud. They just kinda made a "burp!" noise, but there wasn't a single one that didn't stink.

One day they came in, sat down, and the one who looked the most like Beavis (years later, when watching Beavis and Butthead, I thought of these boys, because--even though they were much brighter and better looking, they still reminded me of that cartoon duo) raised his butt and really strained--only to have just this tiny click sound come out (sounded like a soap-bubble popping). But I swear that this one was the mother of all stinkers!

Each day when the teacher came into the room, she just acted as if she didn't smell anything and started the day's lesson. The stink always seemed to linger in the room for about five minutes after class started.

One time, R. was in this one hallway at school where I was and somebody told him--right in front of me--how I was always trying to get those boys to stop cutting them because I didn't want him coming in the room and smelling it and thinking I'd done it.

So, R. turned to me with a mischievous grin and said, "I wouldn't think that, because I know you never do that!" I think I said something along the lines of, "Well, not in public, anyway."

A few years later, a male friend and I decided to drop in on R. for old time's sake. He was dating someone and about to get married in a few months and I knew it, so it was just the idea of visiting an old friend instead of thinking of dating him now that I was in my twenties.

Still, I smelled this odor. His girlfriend wasn't there, and he either didn't have a dog at that time or else the dog wasn't in the room--or, perhaps, he was. Anyway, I knew that I didn't do it. I suspected that my friend had, as he was known to have one slip out from time to time. For all I know, it could have been R. himself. But the thought occurred to me that R. might have smelled the odor and decided that I had been letting them in class and was blaming the boys. Of course, thankfully, he wasn't ever in class to smell it. Since I didn't want to embarrass anyone, I just didn't say anything and pretended that I didn't smell it, and neither R. nor my friend brought up the odor, either.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO LINDA the unreliability of one`s bowels affects those in the Eastern States of Australia as well as those in Western Australia.
I have been going OK. I have been dumping at the gym every day for the past few days. I get out of bed before daylight and throw on some clothes and straight to the gym. I am often farting up a stinking storm but the real results do not come until later in the day but the past few days have been an exception. I have been dropping on some days a large bulky and soft load in an effortless fashion... other days the turds are the opposite...hard and large for me. I have been eating less refined products and more fruit and veg and that might be my success....and am less bloated too.
I take my mobile phone with me to the toilet and the other day had a lenghty discussion with a person calling from a govt department and she would have never known I was on the pot. I should keep a note pad etc in the toilet at work.

a very close friend of mine told me about her peeing accident during her childhood days, recently. She said "I was shopping with my mum when i sudd had the urge to pee badly. i went to the toilet but the queue was so long, i had only managed to go in after ah hr! by then, i had alr wet my pants and my mum had to purchase a new one for me."
somehow, i found it familiar and recalled one of my similar accident when i was young too..
i was also in a mall and halfway while shopping, i had to pee real bad. i rushed immediately to the toilet, only to find a looong line of ppl queueing. i was getting desperate and nervous by then and didn't know what to do. and, i went out of control and peed a puddle at the doorway of the toilet.

does anyone have any stories about eating at a fast food restaurant and getting the runs if so please post them

Bed Wetting Dreamer
The strangest thing happened to me last night...but I first I will tell you about why this was weird...back when I was about 8 I had to share a bed with my younger sister she was 7 and one night we woke up in the morning to her crying well she had dreamed she was in the bathroom going only to wake up and she had wet the bed...ever since then I have always kinda wanted that to happen to me to see what it was like... well now I am 19 and last night I dreamed that I was spending the night with a bunch of friends and I had gotten up to go use the bathroom and I had sat down on the toilet and let out a couple of spurts when I was awakened to actually wetting the bed... but luckily it had only wet my clothes and not the bed yet!

Yesterday I was at Chapters with my dad when I felt the need to poo. I headed to the bathroom. I took the stall on the farthest left. I always use that one cuz it's a Handicapped stall and is bigger than the others. I sat down and peed first. Then I let out a small fart. I pushed for about 10 seconds when I felt a piece of poo poke out. I pushed a little harder and then I heard a 'plop' sound. I farted again and I knew that I wasn't done. I spread my legs apart and pushed harder. I felt 6 more pieces come out. I stood up and wiped 3 times and then flushed.

Hey. I'm 15 and I have a 2 really good experiences to share. My girlfriend, Jennifer who is also 15 with black hair, came over to my house to visit me. Nobody was home except me and her. We were talking when she said she had to pee really bad. I said ok and just sat on the couch and she said "Well, ain't you coming?" I said "Are you sure?" She said "Yeah" so I followed here into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bathtub which was directly on front and close to the toilet. She pulled down her jeans and panties sat on the toilet with her legs spread so I could see her pee coming out of her pussy and started to pee. It was slightly yellowish in color. She was smiling at me and said she wanted to do this for a long time. I smiled at her. I was looking at her pussy the whole time she was peeing. She peed for about 40 seconds and used toilet paper to wipe her peehole and pulled up her panties and jeans and flushed. The next day she came back over and said she had to use the bathroom and wanted to know if I wanted to come with her. I went in, she pulled everything down and sat on the toilet and peed for about 10 seconds, then she farted, and she grunted a little, and a turd came out and dropped in the bowl. She grunted again and another one came out. Within 10 minutes she finished and wiped. I looked in the bowl. There were 5 turds in all. Two were 6 in. and three were 3 in. It was regular brown color. No diarhrrea or constipation. She just took a regular dump. We both laughed said it was fun. It was a fun experience for me especially. I learned more about her and I love her to pieces. She is very sweet.

As you have noticed, from a couple of my past posts, I am somewhat fascinated with some of my own 'accidents' from my younger days. I don't know why this fascinates me so much -- I guess, because, at times I would like to relive those days. I just let social convention stand in the way.

I do recall another incident when I was about 11 years of age. I had gotten a paper route and spent an hour and a half to two hours after school, every day, delivering papers. Now, most days I could handle this quite nicely without too many problems. There was, however, the ocassional time I had misjudged my own body and needs and wound up in a serious, and sometimes wet, predicament.

On this particular day I had begun walking the route - which took longer, however, there was a lot of snow making bicycling difficult to impossible. About 1/3 of the way through the route I finally had to admit to myself that I needed a bathroom and would need one soon or I would wet my pants. As I walked and delivered my papers my need kept growing stronger and stronger. Finally, I knew it was a "now or never" situation. I decided to hurry towards a gas station that was on my route and use the bathroom, there, before returning to finish the delivery of the block I was in at the time. Just as I began to hurry down the block one of my next delivery customers who was, apparently, waiting at her door called to me "You forgot my paper!" Well, I didn't want to be rude and I definitely didn't want to make her mad at me for walking away so I decided to hurry over and give her the paper. I quickly apologized and said that I had to hurry to get home in time for supper. However, as soon as she returned to her house and I was to resume my "rest stop" I knew that it would be useless. I didn't have time to make it to the gas station and stay dry. At this point I decided to let out a little and continue with my route. I had forgotten, until now, that I was wearing my snowsuit and I realized that wet pants wouldn't show anyway. So, for the remainder of the route I would just let out a little spurt here and there, to keep the pressure off. By the time I got home I was completely soaked front, back and down the inside of both legs. It was, however, quite pleasurable to just wet without trying to hang on real tight!

To K.

It might be worth mentioning this to your family Doctor.

It may be nothing but then again it may be something serious a U.T.I. maybe.

i have this problem that when i get nervous i have to use the can. it runs in my mom part of the family and it only happens to the girls side so i have this important meeting i have to go to as im in school thinkin it'll be o.k my stomach starts hurting and i hate useing public bathroom so i feel as if i can hold it that it wouldn't be to long after a while i notice i can't so i ask to use the bathroom the teacher tells me i had to wait for the girl who had just left after waitin for 15min she finally comes back when i enter the bathroom there is one girl so i hold it and wait to she leaves she starts fixing her hair by now im sweating then when shes done and about to leave another girl walks in she starts fixing her clothes her hair and shoes and im thinking if she's not done fast i'm poop on my self now she leaves and as soon as i put my pants down i start to let it rip by the time i come out i notice there is a girl using the bath room most of not hear her from all the farting noises oh well could of been worst she could of seen my face

I love to hold my poo in for a while, and then when i really, really, have to go, just let it loose. It feels so good! u should try it.

when i was little, i had some accidents outside. one when i was travelling long distances in a car. i drank a whole bottle of water(1.5 litres) due to the hot weather. and after prolly an hr, i had the urge to go badly, but there wasn't any places to pull over. thinking that i could hold on further, we continued searching for a toilet or some bushes nearby.. but, none of these in sight. waited for another 10 mins and i was alr shouting at the driver "I BADLY NEED TO PEEEEEEEE!!!". with that, the driver had no choice but to find a spot to pull over, when i was alr close to tears. when the vehicle finally stopped, i held on to my pee-pee, and tried to carefully take it out without spilling. but, i had lost total control of myself, and started peeing all around, with my hands still clutching on to my pee-pee..
soaked my entire shorts and had to stay with it for the journey after that. terrible experience.

another was during a kindergarten excursion. had to pee URGENTLY shortly after we boarded the bus. being almost immature, i couldn't wait any longer, and did it in my pants for almost 2 mins, while grabbing onto the crotch of my shorts. and everyone around did nth but stare...

the most recent one was during my elementary days, when i returned home from sch with a FULL bladder. wasn't even reaching my block when i had to let it go. and all i did was to grab, run, and pee.. and when i finally reached, my jeans were drenched, even my shoes. and there was no pee left.

OK,I have a slight problem.When I change my clothes and it's slightly cold, I get a sudden urge to pee.Usually it goes away or dribbles a little,but last night it didn't.I was changing into my pyjamas while home alone and I got a cold draft.All of a sudden,my bladder heaved and I started to dribble(I had gone to the bathroom just a second before}.I pressed my hand to my crotch but it was no use.I wet myself and flooded the floor.Any advice?

Also,was watching a T.V program which said it had a device to make you poop your pants involunatarily.Not taking any chances,I went to the bathroom(peed and pooped)stuffed my pants with toilet paper and listened to this sonic noise they played on T.V.(This is not joke).I waited for the watery diarreah the promised but none came,although the noise was oddly arousing.SO,I went in to check out this sight.I was sitting on the computer chair about to read some posts when all of a sudden I flooded the chair with pee.Now sometimes,when I'm reading these posts,I like to let out a little pee just enough to wet the back of my pants,but this was a HUGE pee!!!!!!!!!No poop and bear in mind I peed a few minutes before.Kinda freaky,hmmmm

To Johnny Half-Pint:
I figured that the pH of the stomach acid ought to be lower {i.e. more acidic} when you are really hungry than if you have recently eaten, and that a stronger acid ought to be a better disinfectant than a weaker one. {Unfortunately, I don't know of any good way of testing this; even if I swallowed some pH testing paper, I wouldn't be able to see what colour it went. How do they get around this?}

I'm a chemist, not a biochemist (but have taken biochem courses).

I believe the concentration (and likewise) the pH of stomach acid is fairly constant. A 6M (that is, 6 moles of hydrochloric acid / liter of water) solution of hydrochloric acid is often used to simulate stomach acid for testing purposes.

The body has a marvelous buffering system which prevents large spikes in pH, it is all quite complex but makes sense if you know anything about how a buffer works from a chemical perspective.

Unfortunately I don't think that acids make good disinfectants for food-based bacteria; antibiotics are likely better suited for that purpose.

Blue Rizla Girl
To K. I found the best way to avoid "dribbling" when taking a standing widdle is just to not quite empty yourself completely ..... cos it's always the last few drops that are the problem, so if you can avoid releasing them then you avoid the problem! This is hard at first, psychologically, because you have been trained to empty your bladder completely every time you go. So it will feel like you haven't finished. But, I've been practising going standing up (mostly several times a day) since two summers ago. The most important part of the trick is being able to shut yourself off, suddenly and finally, in mid-stream. Once you can do that, you have to be able to recognise when your piddle is about to start petering out -- with less force behind it, it isn't going to go so far, obviously -- and know that the feeling of "not quite having finished" *is* going to pass.

After all, most of the time, you have a few ml. of pee in your bladder, and you don't feel really desperate till it gets to a few hundred .....

Keep practising going standing up! My daughter, Tolerance (nearly six) mastered the art pretty quickly. Really, I can't think of any good reason not to learn to pee standing up. Sometimes I do find it easier to squat down, especially when wearing skirts, but it's always nice to have the option.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Linda from Australia here again. Last night I did a fantastic poo - it was the best dump I've taken for a very long time. I had already done a small poo in the morning but as usual, I felt like I wasn't finished. I went to work but I didn't feel an urge to go at all during the day. When I got home, I had dinner and I got the urge to poop almost straight away. I waited for over an hour and then I went to the toilet. First I did a big wee and then I pushed out a small turd, followed by 2 more bigger turds that plopped into the bowl. Then another bigger turd came out, followed by 2 smaller turds and another wee. It only took a few minutes to drop my load and it didn't hurt my anus. I felt finished aswell, which is unusual for me and it felt so satisfying. I had a look at my load before flushing and there were several logs at the bottom of the bowl, dark brown in colour.

hello everybody! i have a funny story to tell all of you viewers! this one time i was at the supermarket and all of the sudden, my stomach started to cramped up. i just thought i was sick or something, but then i had to shit really badly!!! so i rushed to the restroom, which was like on the other side of the store, then i finally got there. there were three stalls and two other women in the left and right stall. i went in the middle one and i pulled down my pants and underwear, sat down, then i started to shit. the shit was splatting into the toilet water, LOUDLY! I farted about five times then shit some more. i bet the other two women were in a hurry to leave. anyway, i wiped my ass, did the grocery shopping and went home. i hope you think that story is funny!!!

bye bye!!!!

I have been instructed to tell you folks a story by a friend of mine who told me about this site. I never knew people were so interested in talking about going to the bathroom!

I was at a party over the weekend at a friend's apartment. I went into the bathroom to pee. His bathroom door doesn't latch shut. It closes, but there's nothing to keep it closed, so he has a "occupied"/"vacant" sign on the door to avoid walk-in-ons.

So, I'm sitting on the toilet, and suddenly the door bursts open and two guys fall into the baathroom. They were drunk and wrestling in the hallway, and fell into the door. I screamed at first, then laughed at the situation. Luckily I was just peeing!

The guys scrambled to their feet, apologized profusely, and rushed out, slamming the door behind them. I sat there, then started laughing as I pictured what had just happened from an observer's point of view. It was pretty funny.

The guys couldn't look me in the eye, though I kept telling them it was no big deal. My friend who heard about what happened told me to post a story about it here. He said you people would appreciate it.

Hope you liked it. I've never shit my pants, so I have no stories about that!

Hey! Back again (and this time I have some time, sorry for the hurried post)

pee~loving~girlie: Nice story! I'll look forward to reading more! (also, if I may ask, how old are you? Trying to get a kinda picture when that one story happened, I'm kinda a schedule-freak--yeah, I know, my piss experience I lagged majorly in that field!)

Well, this time we'll talk about a couple pissing experiences I've had...

It happened when I was about hmm... 13-12--can't remember. My step-sister was staying over for the night (had some stuff she had to do around the house with my step-mother). Anyways, I stayed up really late to finish some homework assignment that I held off until the last minute, but that's besides the point.
Anyways, about 11:30 (PM.) I hear the bathroom door close. Its just outside my door and down the hall a couple feet (if not less), so it goes for some awesome sound-affects.
So, obviously, I was curious (because I have never heard her piss before). Now, let me tell you that she is a very big person (she had two kids, over 250), so I was more than curious to see this (well nevermind) person take a piss. (you may tell by now I'm not too attached)
Anyways, I get my ass outside the door as soon as I heard the door smack shut. I stand outside, and put my ear close to the door to get the best sound possible (the bathroom door is kinda thin, helps).
Anyways, I hear her drop her undergarmints, a slight sigh and a plop as she smacks her ass onto the seat. Then, almost at once, I hear her pissing. A very nice, feminine tinkle (you could hear the pee splashing against the glass of the toilet bowl). It wasn't especially strong, but the hiss was louder than the stream was (if you know what I mean).
Anyways, she pissed for about 20 secs or so, then the firmiliar sound of the toilet paper roll. She must of pulled for at least ten seconds, then a big "rip" as she tore the huge piece off (woulda loved to see it, but oh well!).
Anyways, I heard her scrunching it up for another five or so seconds, then the sound of her wiping her pussy for another ten or so seconds. Then, the sound of her stuffing the huge thing into the front of the bowl (I think?), then I heard her getting up. I jumped back into my doorway just as the door opened. And she didn't flush, by the way.
When she was gone back to wherever she came from (didn't pay attention), I went back into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to take a small dump. The seat was still warm, and as I peed a little before releasing I heard my piss striking the toilet paper that she had wiped with. Very interesting sound. (and yes, after I was done wiping I took the duty of flushing)

To the Germaphobics: She didn't wash her hands, either--I did. Its kinda sickening if you really pay attention to people that don't wash when their done (although if your a women you probably don't have as much hand-to-nether connections). Give me your opinions on that, if you wish.

This was when I was in seventh grade (12? 13? something around there?)... I was taken down to the office for insabordination (hey, I didn't like the people, what can I say!). This atractive lady (Mrs. ???????????? was her name) was the person I was taken to, and she did give me the going-over.
"Blah blah blah..." was all I heard, but no matter. From the sound, I could tell she was kind of uncomfortable--moving around a little (we weren't sitting so it was easier to hear her moving, her high-heels, or is it heals--didn't help the muting of the sound). By the end of our little "talk session" with a little more exageration from her part, I could tell she was ready.
We headed back to my class (escorted? yes?), and as we entered the section where the seventh graders attended class she excused herself and stepped into the "ladies room". (again, her quote)
At once my curiosity gripped me in a vice. I stuck my ear on the door (because they were thicker than average) and could care less if someone came by and saw me. At once I heard her high-heels/heals clicking across the tiled floor, and the sound of the removal of clothing. Then, the smack of the ass on the plastic seat, and she was off!
She was only there to piss. I can't remember the stream's sound much anymore, but I'm pretty sure it was strong with minimal tinkle. It lasted for maybe 12 seconds at the most--and may I add that she clicked her feet on the tile as she went.
After she was done, she snatched a small piece of paper from the roll (only took her about a second) and wiped her pussy--the acoostics were wonderfully bright in that tiled bathroom! The door helped a lot as well.
When all this was completed she stood up, whipped her clothes back on and smacked the flusher. Everything was blasted out by the loud industrial toilet, but after it was done the pleasant sound of running water sounded. After she was done washing her hands (only took five-six seconds, no soap) she levered some paper towel, ripped it off and scrunched it loudly as she dried her hands. I took my ear away as she tossed it into the basket by the door, then reappeared smelling of the disgusting disinfectants they use in the school bathrooms.
She must of felt uncomfortable after she was done because she quickly excused herself from me and I skipped the next ten minutes of class! Don't ya love it...

Well, that's it for now! I'll write some other ones sometime tomorrow.

I'm a male. When I was 17, I was a blond, skinny surfer boy type. I was taking the SAT college entrance exam at the local college with kids from all over the area. I was ill-prepared and nervous about the test. When it was over, I was still kind of in a nervous and upset state since I knew I didn't do that well - I was bad at tests. I had to go to the bathroom so I found it and went to the urnial and peed. Nothing much came out...maybe because I was still nervous or something. I wasn't really paying attention. I put it back in, zipped it up and walked away, still in a stunned state. When I went outside where I was suppose to meet my friend who was picking me up to give me a ride, other kids kept looking at me. I really didn't pay attention to it because I was deep in thought. Then I got out near the street to a bench to wait and a guy I went to high school with started staring at my crotch and I looked down and realized I had peed my pants. I huge wet spot was on my jeans and it went way down to my knees. There was no way to hide it. I was humilated. When my friend pulled up in his car I ran over quickly so he wouldn't notice it, but he did. He thought it was pretty funny. When I got home, my mom was outside in the front yard and I ran past her and up stairs to change.

had an accident.
ok, actually, it was a planned accident. i was walking with my friend all day. and it was about 9 o clock, we walked to the bus stop and she got on the bus and left. on my walk home i had on jeans, cotten wihte panties, and a black tank top. i was so desperate for a poo and a pee. i had to go sooo bad. i was almost home when i walked in to my neighbors back yard (very dark) i held it as long as i could, and just peed my heart out... then... suddenly, a never ending blob of poop just rushed in to my panties. it was a big lump on the back of my jeans. i just pooped and peed in the back yard of my neighbors. ( i did it there cause i would have to walk home in it and feel the rush of being in public with a large poo in my pants) well anyway, i did not expect to see the owner of the house to come out. shes a 75 year old lady, and was very surprised to see me with an accident all down my leg and in my panties. i explained i was looking for my cat, and knelt down to look under a bush and just had an accident. she said its understandable and that i should make it to the bathroom next time. it was funny, cause as she was talking, i was holding my self peeing in my hand more, just to make it look like an accident. i love being embarresed like that. only to one person though... so it was the perfect time. i wakled home with alot of poop, and a large pee stain in my crotch all down my leg, and even up my butt area. i was so turned on. i will do it again soon.

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