Last night I had to pee and shit. So I went to my bathroom and pulled down my demin shorts and silk blue panties. I sat on the toilet seat and released the piss. It wasn't much but felt good. I then cut a big fart that sounded like a dude's. A turd fell out and then came some pebbles. I wiped my pussy and hole from behind(killing two birds with one stone, so to speak). I flushed and pulled everything up. Keep posting stories, folks.

It all started last Monday. I felt pretty bad, I had a terrible stomach ache and I took some nasty dumps of semi-diarrhea at school.
When I came home, I took an Imodium, went to the toilet for another dump and went to bed. That night, I woke up with a terrible ache and I ran to the toilet. This time it wasn't semi-diarrhea anymore. It was the really liquid shit. I went back four times that night and Tuesday morning I felt like I was all empty. So I took it easy that day. Still had some diarrhea, but not that much as earlier. I really thought I was getting better so I decided to eat a bit of pasta. But it got worse after that. Tuesday evening I hade my first two waves and that night I sat on the toilet for two hours and I had seven nasty waves. And on Wednesday I had another five waves during the day. I wondered how such a small body could produce such amounts of shit.
Anyway, Wednesday night was the first night without any diarrhea-attacks and I didn't have to take a single dump on Thursday during the day. That night I woke up with terrible cramps and maybe two seconds later I crapped my pants. I ran to the toilet with all the liquid poop in my pants and it felt really uncomfortable. I shat myself another time before I reached the bathroom. My boxers were full and it stunk like hell. I sat on the toilet for an hour and I really felt like dying. Friday and Saturday I still had diarrhea but it was getting better. And since yesterday morning my shit is back normal again. Finally!

Hello again.

I've been meaning to get on here and ask this for a while and I just now remembered it. Anyway...

Sometimes, almost out of nowhere, I'll get a really strong urge to pee. It's almost always really, really bad, but it'll pass after about 10-30 seconds. And then afterward, I feel as though I don't have to pee at all... until the next little spasm or whatever it is hits. Some of them have been so bad that I actually wet myself a little bit. Once I get it under control and sort of push it back, then I'm fine.

It's kind of hard to explain, but it isn't the same kind of feeling that I have when I'm desperate. Whenever this odd little thing happens and I do go to the bathroom, I never pee very much.

I thought that maybe it happens when I haven't drank very much and when I haven't gone to bathroom for a while. Maybe, even though my bladder's not very full, my muscles just start to give out or something?

When it happens, it's always really intense. I have to stop what I'm doing and cross my legs and hold back as hard as I can (I usually try so hard not to wet myself that I start shaking and actually have tears in my eyes). I've even had to push my hands between my legs before. And like I said, it's made me wet myself before. Not much, not even enough to show through, but still... And once it passes, it's like I don't even have to pee at all.. until the next urge hits (and that could be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour).

What do you guys think? Any ideas on why that happens, or has that ever happened to anyone else before?


K, In order to prevent messy pee dribbles as your near empty, try pushing as you feel yourself almost empty. Of course you also need to hold your lips totally open so none of your flow is restricted.

Johnny Half-Pint
Any biochemists out there who can help with this one?

I figured that the pH of the stomach acid ought to be lower {i.e. more acidic} when you are really hungry than if you have recently eaten, and that a stronger acid ought to be a better disinfectant than a weaker one. {Unfortunately, I don't know of any good way of testing this; even if I swallowed some pH testing paper, I wouldn't be able to see what colour it went. How do they get around this?}

By my reckoning, undercooked food {always a good source of food-poisoning bacteria} ought to be less likely to give you diarrhoea if you are really hungry {because then the acid in your stomach will kill more of the germs}, than if you eat it on top of something else {when the weaker acid will only attack some of the germs}.

Can anyone present any evidence tending to confirm or deny this?

Also, has the fact that we have been cooking our food for so long meant that humans have a generally-higher stomach acid pH {i.e. less acidic} than other omnivorous animals?

1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up?

2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants?
went in a plastic baggie last yr because my sister was in the shower && taking forever...(i needed two baggies i had to go so bad actually) ....uhm a plastic container when my toilet was broken && in the shower && bushes && the ground, too.

3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water?
had an accident #1 in the pool..&& went #1 && #@ in the ocean before.

4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle?
depends on how desperate i am.

5) Have u every gone i front of someone?
yeah i went pee in the wood infront of my sister.

6) Have u tried peeing standing up?
yeah in the shower obviously && i had to use a urinal once (diff story).

7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
noo idea.

8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident?

9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in?

10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.

11) how old are u?
13 ....14 this month.

anthor accident story ;;

i peed myself while babysitting last night. =(

well it was me && my boyfriend babysitting my two little neighbors ones a girl && the other is a boy they`re faternal twins....5 yrs old.

so i had lots to drink....2 bottles of water && a can of soda && oj. yes i drink wayy too much i`ll admit it.

anyway. eventually i needed to use the bathroom. i was kinda embarrased about excusing myself && we were watching a great movie && i really didn`t want to move because i was so close to my bf. so i held it in && eventually fell asleep.

when i woke up it was around 11:30. i guess it was my bladder that got me up because i was so desperate i felt like my back teeth were floating.! my bf was asleep so i had to wake him up. i told him i needed to pee desperately && i didn`t know if i would make it to the bathroom. he said run to the bathroom as fast as you can && don`t stop. duuuhhh.

problem. i didn`t know where it was. so i assumed it was upstairs && ran up the steps. half way up there i felt a leak of pee trickle it`s way into my panties. i finally got upstairs && of course my luck , the bathroom was downstairs. i ran as fast as i could but i didn`t make it in time. i got a major cramp for a #1 && i spilled all over the floor.

i didn`t know what to do so i hopped into the shower so i wouldn`t get pee on anything.

when i finished i was crying. my bf knocked on the door && asked me if i was okay. i said no i had an accident. he was soo nice about it , though. he helped my find some pants && a shirt to borrow & told me not to worry about it then threw my jeans into the wash for me.

a while after the parents got home && i told them what happened. they were nice about it too && said don`t worry it happens to everyone.

the kids weren`t so nice about it , though. they teased me until we left. =[

-- more later. love yas.!

hugs , gab.

Hey there. It's been a while since my last post, since I wasn't able to even get on this site for two weeks.

Thanks for commenting on my post. No, unfortunately my sister hasn't gone back to standing up.

Congratulations! That's quite a good skill you've learned there, peeing through the fly. It sounds like you did a good job. :)

As for myself, I usually pee sitting down, as I said earlier; it's a major habit with me. But I do sometimes stand up, and lately I've been trying to see how far I could go in the bath. I don't know if this is very amazing or not (and probably some girls could do better), but I managed while standing with my behind against one wall to get a stream to hit the wall a little way above the other side of the tub - maybe around 12 in. above it or so.

The posts here gave me an idea a while back, which might prove to be an interesting one: perhaps I could start an ongoing "pee-distance competition" here, which would be open to both males and females. The idea would be that people would try to set new records for peeing distance, and then post about the results of their attempts here and tell how far they got (any units of measurement would do). I would periodically post a list of the top five or ten or whatever. The only rule for the competition would be that everyone taking part in it would have to STAND - squatting and other positions would be out of the question. If some people would prefer to squat, they're always welcome to create their own competition. I don't mean to offend anybody by this rule; the reason for it is that the contestants would be competing more "directly", if you see what I mean, if everybody used the same position.

The only reason I haven't tried to start this competition yet is that I haven't measured my own distance yet, and before I start with my idea I want to have some first distance to post so that others can try to outdo me.

P.S. I hope that I wasn't too hard on my mom in my last post. She's definitely a great mom in other respects.

Guess what I just did! I just home from school a few minutes ago. I was getting my things ready to go inside and it occured to me that no one else was home and I didn't see anyone else around... no neighbors around, no traffic (of course, I live close to the end of a dead-end street, so there never is much traffic anyway).

Anyway, I kind of had to pee so I decided to do it outside. Today was the perfect day, too. No one around and I wore a short skirt (I probably wouldn't have done it if I had had to pull down a pair of pants and expose my backside to the world) today. We have a big snowball bush at the end of our driveway, so I decided to go behind it. I knew it would shield me from most prying eyes.

So... I got a paper towel (I always keep a roll of them in my truck to use as napkins, etc.) and wiggled out of my underwear (didn't want to get those wet) and went behind the bush. My skirt is one of those short denim miniskirts and it's tighter than just a regular skirt and I was afraid I would get it wet, so I bunched it up just a little bit, spread my legs, and just let go. It was really nice, peeing outside in the breeze. It splattered just a little bit when it hit the grass, but my aim wasn't too bad. I blotted a little with the paper towel when I was finished and threw it away when I went inside. It was so much fun that I may do that every day when I get home. At least if there's no one around!

I wish I still had to pee and I'd go do it again right now!

To Cup: I think that you are describing a guy with a shy bladder (otherwise known as stage fright,pee shy, or paruresis, the medical term). About 7 million men in the USA (and some women) can't pee at all when anyone is around. The problem isn't just for Americans. People all over the world have the problem. I have had it since I was 13. It is very embarrassing. I remember going to a football game when I was 18 with friends. We had been drinking a lot. So we all went to the bathroom together at half time and had to join about 50 others at the trough urinal. My buddies were emptying their bursting bladders. I couldn't go at all. By the time I got home, about 6 hours after my last pee, I was in terrible pain. My friends kidded me about it. "Whoever needs to pee and can't go!" After that they called me stage fright. They didn't know about my condition because I used to hold my piss all day at school and never go to the boy's room. There is help. Just look up paruresis on any search engine or shy bladder.

Back some years ago when I spent more time at the beaches, an interesting and almost unbelievable event appeared right before my eyes. I was situated on my blanket just relaxing in the sun watching the bathers and beachgoers, reading my book and just generally observing my surroundings. A few yards away from me on this small stretch of beach sand was a middle aged woman doing the same thing as me. Now this woman wasn't a beauty and her body left something to be desired but I wouldn't say she was way past her prime: ample hips and largish ass, but things were on their way and it didn't appear that fitness was a top priority for her (that said, I like full figured women and she fit the bill). In any event, she was wearing a one-piece, light blue bathing suit and stretched out on her side sleeping. I would've left the situation at that but my attention was drawn to her by the occasional, long-winded farting sound coming from her direction! At first I sort of just chuckled to my self until I noticed they continued in frequency and shortened in duration. I saw her legs twitch but her overall posture and movements made it clear she was sleeping. I looked back down at my book and read a few more words then looked over in her direction again when I heard a kind of "squelchy" fart followed by crackling-she was shitting her bathing suit! I watched a little bulge slowly form in the seat of her swimsuit, growing in size and staining the material between her cheeks. I couldn't believe what I'd just witnessed and was glad I was on my stomach! I thought for sure she'd immediately awaken but she lay there for what seemed like another ten minutes before waking up. I pretended to be sleeping face down with my arm folded around my face so that I could spy on her through the gap between my pit and the sand. I saw her slowly feel the seat of her suit, look around nervously then quickly wrap a towel around herself, grab her things and walk slowly off the beach.

i am dating a boy named Austin and weve had many bathroom experiences together so here goes...
1)Austin and i were waiting in line in a rollercoaster ride when i noticed he was in discomfort of some sort, he was shifting from foot to foot.i put my hand on his shoulder and whispered to him to ask if everything was okay.he is shy about his urgencies.he only told me that he was tired.i knew this was not the case but love seeing him desperate although at the same time i would hate to see him have an was only when we got strapped into the ride after 3 hours and 15 minutes of waiting that he told me what was really wrong,"oh my gosh,i just can't take it anymore". he leaned over too shy to say it aloud and whispered "i have to use the men's room". "is there anyway i can help give you some relief", i replied.some people were still being seated and we both knew very well that it was too late to get off the ride. "this is so embarassing but the seatbelt is...adding pressure to that area",he said back blushing. i slipped my hand under the seatbelt.
"im not going to make it" "yes you can,just...ill help hold your penis." i reached under his pants just as the ride began.i could feel he was leaking already as we slowly reached the top of the first hill.
finally, after about 3 hours and 30 minutes of desperation, he lifted my hand out of his pants, tears dripping down his cheeks,and he peed.
he peed for about 4 minutes as i timed with my watch and his pants were totally wet.after the ride, i led him to my car and he was still crying. i told him it happens to the best of us, but it didn't help. when we got to his house, i comforted him by hugging him but he didn't say a word for the rest of the day.
- izzybel

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Linda from Australia again. Well after having that nice dump on Sunday, I had a bit of trouble pooping during the week. I only managed to drop one load on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They were decent sized poops but I felt like I wasn't finished after each of them. Then on Thursday, I didn't do a poo at all. On Friday morning, I ate some cereal for breakfast, hoping that it would help me do a poo before work. Luckily, I was able to squeeze out a small load, although it was very sticky and it hurt my anus. On Friday night I did another poo, this one being very similar to the one in the morning. Over the weekend, Ive dropped a few nice loads, although they really hurt and I had to push a bit to get them out.

I had a bad diarrhoea attack this morning. Just after watching the morning news I had just undressed and was about to go into the shower and start my day when I got a strong stomach cramp. Not painfull... but enough for me to know that the something needed to get out quickly.
Pooping in the morning is unusual for me since I'm regularly a mid-day to mid-afternoon BM type of guy.

I sat on the toilet and began to push - but the cramps didn't make it easy to get going immediately. It took me a moment or two before it began. One CONTINUOUS wave of the stuff came out of me for the next two minutes. No pauses or stops... It just kept going on... and on... and on...

But the oddest thing is that it stopped so abruptly. Usually, when I have the runs, I have to sit on the can for 10 minutes or more to make sure everything is done. Not this time though.

The smell in the bathroom was impossible to describe! Even for a bout of diarrhoea it was BAD. And when I turned around to take a look, it was a huge brown soup with a sickly yellow 'foam' around some of the larger bits. It took 2 flushes to get rid of the stuff and I had to use a toilet brush to scrub away a 'toilet bowl ring' left by my poop.

The ultimate cause? I suspect it was some mayonnaise that may have been past it's prime that I used in a sandwhich the night before.



Richard and Sarah B
Hi, Sarah here.
A few years back I was at a works training session. Following a substantial buffet lunch, the inevitable kicked in... Making my way to the ladies' loo, I noticed a lengthy queue has formed.
Being a bit desperate, I sneaked into the Gents. It was dead (mostly women on the course) and I locked myself into the nearest of two cubicles -the one nearest the door. I just about ripped my clothes off and squared my petite bum on the seat when the brown stuff slid its way to freedom. It was a long turd, not too soft, firm enough to glide effortlessly into the bowl below. It smelled and I smiled to myself. I pinched and flexed my bowel, all the time I'm savouring the experience, wallowing in the relief. The odour built up.
Now the toilets had been recently refurbished and there was not only a sizeable gap between the door and it's frame, there was enough of a space between the rear wall and the divider to the next stall.
As I slowly tapered off the second of my mammoth turds, the entrance door flew open and a man, a boss no less, dashed in, clutching his penis through his suit trousers. Performing a pee dance, the poor bloke is unbuckling his trousers, unbuttoning his trousers, unzipping. Before he has even reached the row of four wall-mounted bowl urinals, I had a clear view of him pulling out his fat, cut dick. Pinching his willy at the tip, he sighs as he finally reaches his destination. Straight away his golden arc hits its target.
I am finished by this point, but not wishing that he found out I'd witnessed this incident, I stayed put on the loo.
Suddenly, I noticed that he was clenching his buttocks. His pee was waned briefly here and there but only when he clenched his cheeks. Suddenly his piss stream halted. I saw the guy face me, and clutching his prick tightly in one hand, he hurried (arse tightly clenched) over to the stall adjacent to mine.
The lock slid shut. I heard him slide his lower clothing to floor and then this impressive, wet fart reverberated around the room. I listen to his grunting and sighing. I peer through the gap in the dividing wall and watched as the bloke shat for the galaxy.
I continued to watch as I cleaned myself and adjusted my clothing. Just prior to flushing the toilet, I hear the man pissing furiously.
At this point I made my escape and rejoined my coworkers.
I saw the guy about 10 minutes later. The seat, groin and left leg of his light grey suit was wet.
Happy Pooing and Weeing.
Love to all, Sarah B from Glusburn, Yorkshire, England.

Richard and Sarah B
Hi to all. Greetings from Glusburn.
Hi Cup. Bladder shyness is not uncommon. Never suffered from it myself, I'm a proud pisser. If the guy was mature in years perhaps he's suffering from prostrate problems.
I work at the ???????? as a lab technician. The other day, I felt the urge to take a leak. I left my bench and headed for the gents loo. Just ahead of me, one of the professors dashed into the toilet and positioned himself at the far end of the urinal. By the time I'd reached it, I'd heard him unzip and I assumed he'd freed his penis.
I adjusted my clothes in my usual manner: first I undid the top button of my trousers, unzipped, and with my left hand pulled up my briefs so as to pull out my penis, using my right hand, through the leg hole. Lightly gripping my average sized cock between my thumb and index finger. I pointed my dick at the urinal and immediately a stream of urine gushed out, softly at first since I had not been desperate to urinate. Within a few seconds I was steaming a golden river of piss into the trough, savouring the sound it made as it hit the surface.
At this point I realised that the prof was struggling. I glanced over at his willy and saw that he was stroking it as to encourage flow. My stream was slowing by this point. I flexed my muscle, briefly halting my wee, before the final gush, and I was done. As is my habit, I stand for fifteen or so seconds, dick pointing downwards, and shook. At this point I heard the prof sigh and could make out a faint wee sound. I glanced along the trough again and saw pee dribbling slowly from the prof's large penis.
I put my dick away and moved to the wash basin to wash my hands. The prof was still struggling. I wiped dry my hands with a paper towel and left the room.
This morning Sarah and I enjoyed a buddy dump. As usual, Sarah produced an early morning stunner: a proud 14 inch long, five inch thick, dark brown firm poo. It was joined in the pan within minutes by several smaller yet fat dark brown hard turds. I wiped Sarah's starfish and immediately hovered, as usual, just over the toilet so that my darling wife can enjoy the view. Or should I write share the view. Since I put up the mirror, we've both enjoyed our crapping experiences all the more. I spread my legs. Almost instantly I dropped soft, brown logs into the toilet and really enjoyed the sound of it lnading on the toilet paper that I'd just used to wipe Sarah's arse. I squeezed several more long soft poos, the loo paper sinking into the water, finally I let rip a loud wet fart, a small harder turd and began pissing furiously. Luckily, I am holding down my cock and, looking down, I watch as my piss pushes the wad of toilet paper and the fruits of our marital dump further into the water, breaking off the tip of Sarah proud first effort in the process. Sarah wiped my arse with all the usual due care and attention to sanitise my abnormally hairy arse. After several flushes the load was released into the sewer ... but as for smell ... Sarah's going to write about it in her next post.
Happy Dumping and Pissing.
Remember there's nothing more overrated than a bad ?? and nothing as underrated as a good shit.
Take care to all
Richard and Sarah

busting for a piss
the other day i woke up in the morning busting for a wee. though i was already really late and kind of forgot about going until i was in the car driving to work. i was squirming around in the car and couldt stop somewhere because i couldnt b late for work. i got stopped at pretty muc h eveyr traffic light and it was so difficlt to hold my self.
finally when i arrived i rushed in and quickly said good morning to everyone and then made my way to the loos.
arr they were being cleaned!!!!!i was stepping from one foot to foot and i felt as though i would piss my self.
i went back 2 my office and was told there was a quick meeting on. they basically just dragged me into it. i could barely concerntrate.
after 45 minutes of being in the meeting my bladder had let loose abit. i was squirming under the table and even holding in between my legs.
everyone was asking me if i was ok as i wasnt being as involved with the convasations as usual. i was jsut saying that i was tired.
then 1 hour later i was still in there and desperately needed to excuse myself.
i was busting so bad it wasnt funny!every now and then i would do abit in my nickers but i still had my legs all tenced up.
i managed to wait an extra half and hourbefore i asked how much longer would we b in here for. i new everyone thought i was being rude because it was!
i explaned to them that i was very dpeserrate and they let me go!
arr such relief!

UCGENIE: If you closely examine a pair of men's briefs, you'll find a reasonable answer. Actually, whitey-tidies do not have an loose "opening" in the groin area as boxers do. The crotch of a pair of briefs is composed of two sheets of fabric which overlap each other. They are sewn together at their upper and lower sides, tops, and bottoms. Thus, they do not allow for an easy opening for a guy through which to pull his penis. One would have to simultaneously stretch and hold both of these sheets far out to opposite sides to form a significantly sized hole in the crotch, which, of course, is very impractical. However, since the waistband of a pair of briefs is so elastic, it's much more practical to push and hold it below the groin and let the penis protrude over it. On the other hand, although a pair of boxers does technically have two overlapping sheets of fabric at it's crotch, they are extremely narrow vertically and are only sewn together across about an inch each at their tops and bottoms. Because they are tall as well, they form a large open slit in the crotch of the boxers. This slit can be pulled and held open effortlessly. Therefore, although the waistband of the boxers can just as easily be pushed and held down below the groin, it's much more convenient to simply pull a penis through this slit, thus using it as a "discharge valve." I hope this satisfies your curiosity. Cheers to pissing!

'Ello. Kitty calling in seein' if you remember me.

I remember a bit...what am I saying, "bit"? Well, I was in 1st grade, and I sat behind this girl named Melly, who never said anything, not even if the teacher called her, unless it was something in a book. Some wondered if she could even speak words she didn't read. Anyway, we were reading a book, and the teach was calling people up to her desk to read. Well, Melly was squirming around and I discovered she had to pee after seeing her grab her crotch one in a while, and I don't think anyone else noticed. Well, just at the time I thought she was gonna wet her pants, she was called to read. So, trying to look as cool as possible, she walked to the front of the room, nott pee dancing, any thing. I wondered in amazement why she wasn't wetting herself. But then, it accured to me her pants were getting darker, and darker. Soon enough there was pee running down her legs, the whole class was laughing, and I had to keep myself from giggling too. (yes, I know, I'm mean, aren't I?) Well when teachy saw this, she took us all to the bathroom. The teachers wouldn't let us unsupervised, so we had to all wait in the bathroom too. But, unfortunately for her, kindergarten girls were in there and laughed at her. She finished going and then we all had to follow them to the office for new underwear. She had to sit in the hall to keep from getting their chairs wet (the prinicpal was scared if she sat down on a chair it might cause "some inoccent child to get sick".) And let me tell you, there was a lot of traffic in the hallways! I was sorry for her, and since then she had no friends, no one even spoke to her, and neither did she.

Another story is sweet, short, and to the point. Once in 3rd grade, my friends and i were hanging out in the bathroom during recess, cuz, let me tell you, it was FREEZING out there! So anyway, the bathroom was crowded, sort of, and all of us went to the bathroom, actually, I went to the bathroom when it was empty, Hal (call her that) came in seeing if I was actually going to the bathroom and ditching (yeah, sometimes I did that. I'm addicted to swings) them. So, then Sam came, then some 2nd graders came in. We were about to leave when we heard someone say "So-and-so (I forget her name) peed herself!" we all went to a kid wearing orange pans, and it was darker dripping down her legs and around her crotch. and Hal said "What?" and he kid said "I didn't make it to the bathroom in time." Okay, the wet wasn't that noticible, so I was staring hard at her pants hoping she didn't see. Then her friend took her to the office, and we went out and freezed.

Here's a werid thing I did as a child. In 1st grade, my friend, Fra (call her that) would swing with me on that swing with two swings, and we would talk about our adventures in "Poop and Peeland". It was gross, bu we thought it was funny. I guess we were two crazed 6 year olds. Then, in 3rd grade, when Fra and I were dressing in the bathroom for arobics afterschool, Fra brought up "Remember in 1st grade when we used to make up stories about Poop and Peeland?" "Why did we do that again?" "Because we thought it was funny."

And Fra and I were best buds, we would talk on the phone for hours until the battery ran out of the phones. This inculdes bathroom breaks, as we did go to the bathroom. Fra would poop on the phone, no doubt, which kinda sounded like she was laying an egg xD well, anyway, that's about it, bye!

has anyone ever poop in urinals?

Hi i will tell you one of my pee stories.

I was staying at my grandparents house and they have an out house instead of an indoor bathroom. It was in the winter in north dakota and is was -20 degrees Faranhite outside. i had to pee so bad it wasnt funny. and i wasnt going out side to the outhouse to pee. so i found an old funnel my grandma had and i put a bttle under it. I litterally soaked the bottle

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