I have a true story i'd like to share. i was 16 and playing netball when we went to a regional tournament. i had been making sure i was well hydrated beforehand so that morning i had had a few galsses of water and other drinks. to get to the tournament we had to take about a half an hour bus ride. By the time I got to the pick-up area for the bus I needed to pee quite badly, but I sure there'd be a bathroom on the bus. we all had to stand in line in our uniforms before we got on the bus and I was shuffling back and forth, a little bit because I was cold in my short netball skirt but mainly because I was gettign depearate to pee. I coudln't beleive how quickly the need grew.
To my horror, when I got on the bus there was no bathroom - i had no choice but to sit down, cross my legs and hold on. About 5 minutes after we left I started to shuffle around in my seat - I really couldn't help it. i looked down and relised that with my legs crossed and shuffling around my skirt had risen up so it was only just covering my crotch, and not all of my bum - gee these netball skirts are short. I was so depearate I was just about to ask the bus driver to stop but there was nowhere I realised he could stop or I could pee in private. Then i realised i wasn't actually sitting on my skirt (that's how short it was), at least where my pee hole was, so if I just let out a little bit it wouldn't actually show on my skirt. I made up my mind to do this, but just as I was about to someone came and sat opppsite me, so it would now be obvious to all. about 10 minutes later my depsearation went up another notch, and I instinctivley thrust my hand in to my crotch. My skirt was so short I could actually hold myself through my knickers, and this relieved some of my despration for a few minutes. In the distance i saw the courts - we were almost there. i clenched my pelvic muscles and pinched myself through my knickers and then to my relief we finally stopped at the courts.
now, though, we had to get out and stand in a line like we had before. i was frantic, doing a pee dance from side to side, trying not to show how desperate i was, while our coach counted us and gave us a speech. what was making it worse was that it was cold and the wind was blowing on my bare legs, blowing my skirt up, which only just covered my bum anyway. oh well, people would see plenty of that today, and i had to pee too bad to worry anyway. i was lookign around for atoilet, or any place where i could just take a pee, but the courts were very open - there was nothing. then we had to walk over to meet the other team - my walk was like one step in fornt of the other just so i could hold on. it was when we were shaking hands i felt the pressure rise a notch to a feeling i hadn't felt since i was maybe 5; i had to get to the bathroom right now or i was about to do it in my panties. i did a stifled marching on the spot but about half way through the handshakes the worst fear happened - i felt a spurt go into my knickers. now the floodgates were open i coudln't hold on anymore. I told the coach i was going to check if there was anyone i knew on the other court. i tried to walk as quickly as possible without seeming suspicious to the other side of the court. this is where the boys were gathering for the start of thier rugby i walked through them i knew the wind was giving them a show in my little skirt but i didn't care. i was aiming for the grassy area on the far side of the court but as i was walking i felt another spurt into my knickers. i knew this was it. i crouched down over the asphalt and pretened to tie my shoes. just the senstion of crouching down releasd my bladder and i sent huge jets of pee onto the court thorugh my knickers. fortunatly my skirt was so short it didn't get wet. i knew the boys nearby had seen up my skirt when i squatted but i don't think they saw what i was doing. now not so frantic, but still really needing to pee, i went back to the coach, just in time to go on the court to play. as long as people didn't pay too much atteniton when my skirt flew up noone should know. At quarter time I crouhed rather than sat so i didnt wet my skirt, which was good anyway because there was less chance of someone seeing up your skirt.
by half time i was desperate again. fortunately we had a short break and i ran well off the courts behins some trees, squatted down and had the best pee of my life. i still didn't see any toilets, and I noticed by the end of the game there were a few girls that were doign a pee dance in their netball skirts. next time i'll make sure i don't drink quite so much before a game.

a pee accident -
i am a 18/female and i do have an awkward pee accident when i was 13. i had a king-sized coke from a fastfood restaurant after sch as i'd been going without water for 4-5 hrs and 'dying' of thirst. the weather was pretty warm too and so, it did not take much of an effort to finish it soon. after that, i went to take a bus. the line was long and after standing for about 15 mins, i could feel a slight urge to go pee, but i thought it was OK for me to hold it as the bus was alr in sight(i hadn't any public pee accidents since i was 5).
In the bus, after probably 15 - 20 mins, the urge for going pee is getting much stronger, i could almost wet myself anytime. but there was still rather a distance before i could alight at my stop. as i was sitting at the back row, i began clutching myself and scissorsing my legs every moment, without having much attention from anyone.
after 10 mins, i was finally reaching my stop, but the thing is, if i move even an inch, i would be out of control. furthermore, i was sitting at the very end, which required more steps to the exit.
i started getting real nervous and moved with small steps(still clutching myself) to the exit. by then, i alr had some spillings enough to show on my crotch. i didn't care much, all i wanted was to get home quick. still a few blocks away, i couldn't hold on ANY longer, and started the squirts again.
i began running real fast so people wouldn't notice me being wet, while literally 'splashing' myself peeing. i had lost total control over it.
it was such an embarrassed accident, i couldn't forget it all the yrs.

one time when I was about 11 or 12 we were on a trip to our grandparents house and we were in the car and I had to pee. Well I was drawing and decided to pee in the car. Well though I didn't have a bottle to pee in so I dropped my pencil and unbuckled my seatbelt and acted like I was trying to find it. Then I pulled down my pants and underwear and grabbed my willie and started to pee a long and hot stream. My dad asked what I was doing and said I was looking for my pencil and kept on peeing for about another thirty seconds and my pee was getting everywhere.Then when I was done and pulled up my underwear and pants then sat down and buckled back up.

Cute & Shy
I never posted here before so allow me to introduce myself with a short bio. LOL My name's Keisha and I'm 17 years old, black, got black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin, I'm 5'5 , around 120-126 LBS, and I live in IL.

Mama cooked a lot vegetable dinner for us this evening. After I ate, I stayed up all night. My brother Mark and my sister Tenisha wanted to go to ???? at 3:00am. It's a big 24 hour department store that's right across the street from our house. I went in my house clothes, some tight small shorts, sports bra, and I was barefoot. I only wore that because it was late. I didn't put on any panties because it was way too hot and nobody would notice anyway. They'd let you do it when it's this late.;)

Okay, when we got in the store, all of us split up. You see, we like to watch scary movies this late, so I went to the electronics department to pick out some good DVDs. I looked around for about 15 minutes and all of a sudden, my stomach started to rumble. It was only gas and I didn't think nothing of it so I just ignored it and held it in. About a few minutes after that, my stomach started hurting and the gas pressure was getting stronger. It kept building up so fast until I got these cramp-like feelings in my waist and hips. It hurt so bad until I couldn't hold it in this time. The pain caused me to moan like hell and I couldn't take the and gas pressure. I always fart privately in pubic places, but I had no other choice but to fart in pubic and my farts are always loud. It was so loud until I could hear the echo twice. Now that was embarrassing.

After I farted, I felt that I had to shit. I had to shit so bad until it gave me the same pain I felt before I farted. I could feel that it was gonna be diarrhea too. What made it worse was the fact that I still had gas. The gas gave me twice as much pain. On my trip to the bathroom, I had to walk slowly and I had to bend over to keep from shitting on myself. I was even close to crawling on the floor too because I had to go so bad and I couldn't stop farting when I walked either. They had to of been as loud as the first one I let go and anyone walking down the store could smell it. They knew it was me without a problem because of the way I walked. After that happened, I walked through the clothing departments so nobody could hear and smell me. (Anybody could hear it really so I guess just so no one could smell me)

After I finally made it to the bathroom, it seemed like it took forever. I noticed that the stalls were weird too. There were only 3 and they were in the position facing the entrance. Like if you walked in, opened the door, and turned left and you'll be looking at them face to face. Not only that, but only one of them had a door on them and someone was using that one already. As bad as I had to use it, I didn't care so about the door so I went in, pulled my shorts all the way down, and sat down. The first thing I did was farted and I blew a whole lotta diarrhea and loose shit all inside of the toilet so loud I bet you could hear it on your computer, and I did it again a couple of times. At this time, 2 people were in bathroom. The shit had to of been about a foot long if it weren't liquid or loose. After I shit that, my stomach started to hurt and I got more gas The gas made me feel constipated so I pushed harder and grunted. It turned out I wasn't constipated, but the pushing made me rip out a massive fart that was so loud until I was surprised that nobody else said anything about it. I bet it was loud enough for employees working in the back of the store to hear it; even people outside of the bathroom shopping in that area may have heard it too. Right after that fart, I spilled more diarrhea in the toilet that was louder than the first time and I made the whole bathroom smell horrible as if the bathroom it's self were the toilet. No one said anything though, but some people did take a peek at me and it made me nervous.

See, if you were to meet me in real life, I'd be a super shy person and I'm the type that'll get a little bit too embarrassed when I'm shitting in a pubic bathroom making this much noise, and giving the bathroom this terrible smell especially when the stall I'm using doesn't have a door. When I was alone, I wanted to get up and go to into the stall with the door because I'll have a more personal feeling. Unfortunately, my diarrhea caused me to shit about like every 15 seconds and when that time comes, someone new usually enters at that time. Even if I did pull up my shorts, they will get stained pretty bad because I was pretty messy. I get embarrassed because when someone new enters, I can't never hold it and I have to fart and blow loud diarrhea with them present. They can easily tell I'm the one causing the noise and why the bathroom stinks when they look in the stall. Then the toilet would most likely get full so had to raise up a little and flush it about 100 times. I think I've been using the bathroom for about a half an hour so far.

I still couldn't stop shitting., but when I did stop for a little bit, I noticed that I splashed shit all over the toilet seat so I had to wipe it up. Now for the part that I'll never forget ... when I sat up to wipe the shit off the toilet bowl, I don't why, but I could I couldn't control it and I emptied my bowels all over the floor and the toilet. (Ew ) That was just nasty and I was so lucky that everyone was gone and they didn't get to see it happen and tons of it was just running out of my ass and it seemed like it took years for it stop. I looked like a fool with all of that shit running on the floor. I managed to wipe it off the floor and off my legs quickly before anyone else could see if they came in, but even worse ... I got shit all over my shorts. I was like NO I thought of an idea to go to the sink and wash them, dry them at the hand dryer and continue using the bathroom, but I knew that I wasn't wearing any panties under them and the shorts to had too much shit on them get the job done. I'm too shy of a person to do something like that anyway.

I couldn't keep the shorts down to my ankles because they were too messy so I took them off and placed them on the back of the toilet. I still had gassy diarrhea, but I was thinking about if it were over, I couldn't think of a way to leave the bathroom and I've been using it for about 45 minutes so far. New people would enter the bathroom and they could see me on the toilet naked. (I still had on my sports bra though) I couldn't really cover anything because of the pain in my stomach hurt me so much, until I had to hold it. People would normally look at me when they walk in. I did attempt to cover my lower part because most people would stare for some reason. (They must of never seen anyone with their pussy out before in a public bathroom) I had 2 choices, leave the bathroom with super shitty shorts that couldn't be hidden at all, or leave the bathroom half naked. I couldn't choose any of those so I just sat in the stall with that feeling as if I were going to cry.

About 5 minutes later, I saw my sister Tenisha came in and she looked at me (with that look as if the smelt something nasty) and asked, 'Why aren't you wearing you're shorts?' I told that I had an accident and shit all over them. She said, 'Ew, how did you do that?' I told her that I didn't want to explain it. that she was going to buy me some new shorts after she finish peeing. Not only that but she was also making fun of me while I was shitting and how I made bathroom smell. She said she'll be
right back. My stomach ache started to go away and about a few minutes later, then Tenisha came back with my new shorts for me to wear out of the bathroom. She even bought some air freshener and sprayed the bathroom. Lol I hesitated to see if I had to shit again, but I didn't. My stomach ache and diarrhea finally disappeared after an hour So I wiped (which took about 20 times), flushed the toilet, put on my new shorts, threw the old ones away, washed my hands , and got the hell out of that bathroom. I'm never going to use any public bathroom again unless I pee. That had to of been the most I've ever shit in my life. I would still be in that bathroom now if it wasn't for her.

I continued looking for some scary movies for us to watch and I didn't find any. Lol. I met up with Tenisha and Mark, and we went to the check out counter and we paid for our stuff. We got home around a quarter to 4:45am and I took a shower. We decided were going to watch movies On Demand. I still have gas right now so I hope I don't fart through the movies. Lol

Lucy Lu
Thursday Night i had to have dinner with my husbands boss
his wife was a bad cook but i ate it anyway. friday morning i went to Zellers for a sale.. lets just say my bowls sold poop to there toilet. i rushed into a packed ladys room. where i got yelled at 4 pushing one woman infront of me to use the toilet. Charlie was with me and he had to poop too. i didnt wana let him go first but i did he took 4 ever. i was like HURRY CHARLIE LUCY HAS TO POOP 2. he still took his time. when he was done my bowels were like totally ready to be emptyed and because of charlie coming down i had 2 stop cause i hit the seat after i cleaned that off i pooped soo fast that i got a head rush. when i got out i smelled like i lived in a toilet.

Later that day I had another big b.m at the libary where Charlie was board. This time my food was not disolved. im going to the doctors about this.

Marissa, to K.:
I'm replying to your 'sudden urge' post or whatever you wanna call it. That happens to me too. Here's a story when I had one (kinda like I was was a seriously, seriously intense urge)...
I was at school (curse my luck) and was at recess. I was talking to my best friend Haley when this sudden urge got me.
I mean it was INTENSE. I ignored it and put my heels under my butt on the bench. I couldn't help myself, so I crossed my legs and kept talking.
Ohhh, it was really bad! Haley walked off to go talk to Brittany, my other best buddy. I squeezed my legs hard, and then I felt some pee come out of nowhere!!!
It squirted into my panties and I noticed a tiny bit of dark on my pants. The intense urge was still there, and I think it turned into a REAL urge, because I forced my hands between my legs and bit my lip.
Then I think the sudden-not-really-real-urge went away and it was just a real one. Then I flat-out wet myself. Pee soaked my crotch and all the way to my knees.
And you know what other bad-luck thing happened? Liquid poop filled my pants and underwear. I was crying and pooping and peeing. And it happened on Friday, the 7th of April. -_-' Two. Days. Ago. Grrr.

I had been holding a poo in for the past 2 days because I don't like going at work or when I'm at school so when I felt the need to go when I was out at lunch today, I knew it was gonna be hard and painful to pass.

I was at Ricky's with my family for lunch today when I needed to go badly. I don't like going at restuarants but I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. So I excused myself and headed for the washrooms. I took the stall nearest the sink and sat down. I could feel the tip of it sticking out when I sat down so I pushed right away. It was coming out very slowly and I immediately knew I wasn't gonna be out right away. I sat on my very tip toes and pushed as hard as I could. I could feel it coming out. It was so dry and large that it hurt to come out. I pushed continually for about 5 minutes until I heard a large 'splash.' I looked into the toilet and there was a HUGE ball about the width of a pop can sitting in the water. I wiped two times. It was so huge that the toilet wouldn't flush! I tried flushing again but nothing happened. I just left it in there and left the bathroom.

A couple stories about hearing my parents take a crap in the washroom:

1. I woke up a couple nights ago to someone making a mad dash to the washroom. I heard them fart and a cascade of diarrhea flow out of their butt. Then I heard them moan, fart and have another wave of diarrhea. It was silent for a couple minutes so I assumed that they were finishing up. Until I heard another fart and another wave of diarrhea. It was silent for another minute and then there was another moan/fart/diarrhea combination. 5 minutes or so later,I heard the familiar sound of toilet paper being ripped. They wiped about 10 times and then flushed. I looked at the person who was leaving the washroom, and it was my dad. Apparently, something he had eaten/drinken that day hadn't agreed with him, cuz my dad doesn't usually have diarrhea unless he's sick.

2. This was about a month ago. My mom was headed up to bed when I heard her enter the washroom and close the door. This meant she had to poo, cuz if she's peeing, she'll leave the door open. Anyways, I hear her fart, which was followed by a short pee. Then I heard a few grunts and pages turning in a book. After a few more grunts, there was a 'plop' sound followed by some more grunting and 'plops.' After 10 minutes she still wasn't done yet! I could hear her still flipping the pages in her book and farting/grunting. After about 20 more minutes of grunting, I heard a final 'splash' and the sound of toilet paper ripping. She wiped a couple times and then flushed. After she left the bathroom, I could faintly smell her poop. And boy was it rank!

Hello again. I forgot to mention on that last post (about the out-of-nowhere-urges) that it's been going on for a long time (at least a year and maybe a little longer). I don't think it's a U.T.I., although that was smart thinking.

Kak actually described it pretty well. That's what happens to me, except there doesn't have to be a cold draft to get it going. It doesn't really seem like it's triggered by anything (it could be and I just haven't discovered what it is yet).

I did think that maybe it's caused by my bladder being "tired" (so to speak) from holding a small amount of urine for a long period of time (as opposed to the desperate feeling that comes from having a large amount of urine in your bladder for a shorter period of time) but who knows?

Surely it isn't kidney stones or something like that?! My mom has some kind of condition where the tubes leading from her kidneys to her bladder are twisted/kinked (or something like that...), maybe she passed it to me??? Of course, I don't know if she has those sudden urges as a symptom or not.

Lately my health has been one of my top priorities. So I've been drinking alot more water. Well, when you drink alot more water, guess what you make alot more of. So I'm taking a test today in English on the Diary of Anne Frank. I could barely concentrate, my bladder was like a full water balloon. I kept shifting and it hurt to. I was praying to God not to wet myself because that's how bad it was. I was almost crying when I felt a little spurt. Luck was on my side, because I had only one more question and when I get that paper back, I'm going to look at my handwritting, because I know it's going to be messy. Anyway so I scribble in the answer go up to my teacher,and tell her I'm done. She tells me to put the test on her table and she let me go to the bathroom. I RAN out of that class,and tore down to hall. In the bathroom that I went in there was a stall with a messed up lock, a full toilet,and the third one (third times' the charm) I ran in tore off my jeans and peed for like 5 minutes, no joke. When I got up, I felt sooooo much lighter and I looked back into the toilet. I guess it's because of all the water I've been drinking, my pee was almost clear

when i was 3, i was given the permission to wet my pants by my parents once, when we were travelling in the car. i was at the backseat and was holding myself on the crotch soon after we started travelling. my mum noticed it and ask whether i was ok. i replied yes but continued holding onto myself. after 20 mins, i was squirming and fidgetting around, really desperate to let go. i admitted it and my mum saw how bad it was, and allowed me to pee in my pants. i finally let go and i peed so hard and made a big patch on my pants, soaking the seat of the car as well. but i couldnt be any better if i hadn't told my mum and started wetting myself out of a sudden.

likity split
One of my problems is that I have a fairly fast system. Whatever I eat today will come out tomorrow. I know its fast because if I eat corn today I'll see it in my shit tomorrow morning or afternoon. Then again sometimes I don't go for several days then all of a sudden I have to go and go and go until everything is gone. Things seem to travel faster through my intestines if I am moving around. This happens a lot when I am out shopping or whatever and I eat at a fast food place. I'll be feeling great and everything when all of a sudden I can feel things moving in my intestines and I start farting. First they don't smell very much but soon it begins to smell like fresh shit. Then all of a sudden I get this cramp as it gets pushed closer in to my rectum. I get more and more cramps like I really got to go. There have been a few close calls where I almost didn't make in to the toilet or get my clothes down quick enough before liquid poop started gushing out. Acouple of times I had to stop and clamp my cheeks together real hard and wait until the pain went away so that I could rush to the john. Only once did I have an accident where i coulden't hold it and pooped my pants. It was really embarrasing because it was dark liquid and I was wearing light grey pants at the time. Fortunately it did not happen in public but in the parking lot of the fast food restraunt. I had to take the rubber floor mat and cover the seat to drive home. When I got home I took off my jacket and put it around my waist and rushed in the house and changed my clothes. I had to poop three more times after that so I didn't go back out again that day.
I cleaned the car mat but it still smelled for a couple of days. I didn't have to give anyone a ride, otherwise I would have had to tell them I stepped in some dog poop and got it on the mat. I'm pretty careful what I eat now and don't eat very often at the fast food places and so far everything is back to normal.

Theres another one. Its funny and it can be embarrasing too. This is for all those guys who are uncircumcized out there. Here goes
You are in the men's room standing near the urinal and you really have to pee. You can barely hold it in as you pull your dick out. It's almost out when you just have to let fly. But it goes anywhere but where you are aiming. It hapens to me a lot. I learned to stand real close now.
Once I was standing about a foot or so away from one of those tall urinals. I whipped it out and as I proceeded to let go it went directly to my left and almost hit the guy next to me. Now I know girls can start and stop without much trouble but us guys when we open that fire hose it is really painful to suddenly stop in midstream and especially when you just started. About all I could say was oops as I tried to step forward and aim in the right direction.
I've had other times when I was peeing but it was also dripping straight down leaving a wet spot on my trowsers. Shorts are even worse because they tend to cause the pant legs to move forward when you open the fly. For this reason I seldom wear light pants. I hate it when that happens.

I always have to urge to weewee when i saw people doing it or merely talking about it. when watching shows or movies with people peeing or talking about pee, i'll have to hold my crotch or with control with strong forces. if not, i'll have squirts on myself. i alr had many accidents by this, needless to say, when reading this site.

you know what i'd like to discuss on this forum? why do some people take so damn long in the bathroom? is it for the sake of making others suffer? or....what is it? it relaly bugs me.

the other day i had to travel overnight for work i had a meeting in the nearby state. so i was driving about 3 in the mourning when i started to need a toilet badly but 3 am nothing is open so i have to press on finally i see a gas station it was farily large they were some big trucks parked besidse it so must of been a truck stop. i stop race in to the bathroom there is only 2 stalls one was taken by a guy taking a dump already so i walk into the other stall and clean ioff the seat and start to poop it was loud smelly one at that then i noticed the guy next me ass the stall walls were high and he was on the regular toilet while i was on the high toilet. i thought that was so wierd there was his ass and thigh and i heard nothing but crap anyway after a minute or two a guy bust through the door pulling on his stall door then mine i could tell he had to go bad he said somebody is going to have to get off one of the toilets i said sorry i will be a little bit longer the other guy said one minute and he was wiping his ass and walked out the guy waiting just ran in turned around before he could get his ass on the seat sprayed shit in the toilet like nothing i ever seen i said that bad he said yea been holding it for 4 hours so he sat there five minutes and was done i was done also and left

Mike-Just like you, I was taking a crap in a restroom with doorless stalls with the department store optometrist. It was in a Montgomery Wards and there were about 8 stalls. He was probably about 30, with dark reddish hair, glasses, handsome face. He was wearing a dress shirt and tie that he had slung over one shoulder. His dark slacks and grey briefs were bunched up right at his ankles. I was standing at the sink washing up and I could see as he cleaned up. He just leaned forward and wiped using his right hand. He stood up, pulling up his briefs first, then his slacks, tucking in his shirt. A few months later, the doors went back on.

Hello Baddude!!!

Your Idea about pee-distance contest in this forum seems very nice to me, and I want to take part in it.

I'm male, 22 years old, and my best pee-distance is 4,5 feet (about 1 m 40 cm). Waiting for your pee results.

Kak: Was the TV program you were watching called Braniac because they had something like that, if you went to the bathroom and listened to this noise, you would poop/fart.

Mark, nice story. Are you going to sho your girl your turds as well?

To the person asking about fast food and the shits. A couple of weeks
ago I had a big mac for the first time years and four hours later I got
cramps and hat to shit. It started out with mushy turds than the sucond
time it tuned to the runs. I countuniued for an hour ivery 2o min. I did not crap for the next two days

I have been reading posts here for a long time and decided to post some experiences I have had growing up.

The first one was when I was little, about 6 years old. Me and one of the boys in my neighborhood (who was my age) used to play together all of the time. We used to pee outside or together all of the time when we played. Well, one day, we both had to crap. We decided to share the toilet at his house. It was weird to sit on the toilet with someone whie crapping. Not really an interesting story yet.

One evening while we were at my house, my mom's friend was over with her daughter, who is 2 years younger than us. We were outside when we had to pee, so we pulled our penises out and peed. The daughter was with us, and decided to pee outside too. That was the first time either of us had seen a girl pee.

here is a few more experiences I have had.

When I was about 7, I was at my cousin's house, who was baby sitting me. I told her I had to "poo badly", so she took me to the bathroom because I was still young and was little for my age. When we got in there, she helped me pull my shorts and briefs down. Then, she pulled my foreskin back and sat me on the toilet and held me until I finished. I was embarrased when she touched my penis.

When I was 8, my friend and our neighbor's son and daughter was playing with us. We were in the woods behind our houses when the oldest friend had to crap. He sent his sister away and pulled down his pants and briefs and crapped outside. That started something for us boys in the neighborhood. We eventually made a "club hideout" which no one found in the woods. We got to the point of taking off our pants and briefs there until we crapped. One time, he brought his sister and she saw all of us crap and laughed at my penis because of the skin. I made sure she wasn't around afterwards.

I don't have many experiences between 9-13. When I was 13 and in 7th grade, I went to the bathroom and had a guy somehow opened the locked door and saw me taking a crap.

When I was a freshmen in high school almost 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS. I noticed that I found myself in the bathroom at lunch a lot. We had stalls and doors on them, but the doors do no good. I was sitting on the toilet one day and just got an erection from releasing my load when a couple of seniors walked up to my stall and saw me there. They made fun of the fact that I couldn't make it home without shitting. Then, they noticed my hard on and foreskin and made fun of that. I was so embarrsed about it. From then on, I made sure never to go in the common's area's boys bathroom (even though I am not shy). When I do go in the commons area bathroom, I have my boxer briefs pulled up so no one can see.

About a year ago, I was circumcised. I had a nurse that would accompany me to the bathroom when I would pee, and I have never been so embarrased in my life.

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