Bladder Splatter: I do like going outdoors. And there are woods (actually, it's more like a thin line of trees) near my house. The only problem is that I have to walk across a couple of empty fields to actually get to the trees. I would just go in my yard, but my neighbors are always outside (and my grandmother is one of my neighbors... it wouldn't be fun explaining that to her!). In the summertime, when I swim then I don't worry about it because I can just pee through my swimsuit, but any other time of the year I worry about being seen by someone. One of these days, I'm going to get up the courage to pee outside again.

Lately, I've been trying to pee standing up. I'm not great at it yet, so I haven't tried it with my pants still on but I'm working up to it! I can aim pretty well until the stream starts slowing down and then it just drips and dribbles and get all over everything! Any tips?

The other day, I kind of lay back in my bathtub with my legs apart to see how far/how high I could pee. I can get a pretty good arc like that.

Mr. Clogs: Peeing in containers is something else that I haven't done in a while! I used to wait until I got desperate (and sometimes I'd just do it whenever) and then I'd take off my clothes and hold a cup between my legs to catch it. One day I got really creative and tried to make a waterproof diaper type thing to wear. I used several layers of paper towels between my legs and then tried to wrap it all with plastic wrap. I thought it would work, but the plastic wrap didn't want to stick (I can never get that stuff to work right) and it leaked. Maybe next time I'll tape it (or just go out and buy real diapers, there's an idea, huh?).

Traveling Guy
To Constipated! NEED HELP! You'll probably get lots of different suggestions. Here's mine... I hope you got some relief by now, but if not, starting tomorrow morning, drink a big glass of water when you get up. Then have some 40% bran flakes or all-bran for breakfast, along with some fresh fruit. Keep drinking lots of water all day long, and have more fresh fruit later in the day. Keep this up for a couple of days. If you don't get any relief the first day, you probably will the second. I don't like laxatives, but maybe a fiber product is ok, if it doesn't give you gas. You might try taking an enema instead, if you know how to give yourself one. Or maybe your boyfriend can help give it. (Sounds like you're pretty open with him.) But if this goes on for another few days, then you maybe you should see a doctor. Also, be sure your diet isn't constipating you. Hey, please let us know how everything comes out, okay? We care!

Hola, Carmalita! I know - I haven't been here for a long, long time! Dan's a pretty brave guy to have stayed for that dump. I think I would have bailed on you!

Stealth Shitter
I work at the largest hospital in ???. I do narcotics delivery to the nursing floors - pretty serious business. I fill the Pyxis machines (which are like vending machines for drugs in a hospital). Well, I was working early in the morning a couple Sundays ago when I was in a med room on the 5th floor and the urge hit me. I looked towards a staff restroom on the floor and saw that all kinds of hot nurses were around, so I panicked. This shit wasn't going to wait, but I wasn't going to drop it with any cute nurse nearby. Yeah, they deal with shit all the time, but I'm a good-looking guy and they all know me and I got an image to uphold.

Instead I ran up a flight of stairs, all the while "crop dusting" (you know, where you run or walk along releasing nasty farts over a widespread area). I was one floor up where it was all but deserted. I headed straight for the closest restroom and locked the door. Whew! By now my ass knew the shitter was near and it was protesting! This turned out to be a huge patient shower/restroom so I turned on every faucet to mask the sounds. I sat and immediately relaxed my sphincter.

At first it was a flow of "soft-serve" type turds, then the fireworks started. I ripped the loudest fart ever which echoed through the bowl and the large tiled room. What followed was an onslaught of chunky turd nuggets expelled at high velocity from my ass (probably due to the steak bomb sub I had the night before and chased with about 7 beers). The whole room reeked something awful. I destroyed the air in there! A double-flush could not budge the huge skid marks I left. It looked like someone took a brown magic marker and swirled it around the bowl!

After several minutes I felt relieved and grabbed my Cottonelle Moist Wipes (I carry them everywhere) from my scrubs pocket and cleaned up. I scrubbed my hands and turned off the shower and the sink. I cracked the door a little, and seeing I was home free, I bolted down the hall to the stairs. When I got back to the 5th floor I ran smack into a really cute nurse who flirts with me often. She asked where I disappeared to and I told her I forgot some meds on the other floor (I didn't say which floor). I chatted with her while I finished up her floor's meds and went on my merry way. As I was leaving I got in the elevator and hear "Environmental Services" (the cleaning staff) paged to the 6th for a "stat" (right away) clean up. I chuckled as I was sure it was to restore the shitter I ruined on that floor.

I always enjoy a well-needed power shit if I can pull it off in a stealth manner. At least I won't be remembered as the drug tech with the exploding ass, because nobody knows!

The Stealth Shitter

We had a party the other night and everyone was trashed and passed out all over the place. Well, my one friend Dia was lying on the floor when she started farting. We didn't think anything of it at first but upon further inspection, we realized she had started to poop in her tight little bikini bottoms. Her poop came out in soft logs. she had already pushed a log out when we realized she was pooping and she farted again and pushed even more. It wasn't too smelly but her bikini bottoms were sagging and we could see the poop coming out of her tight butthole. two more soft logs about 3 in. long squeezed out and Dia rolled onto her side. We were about to pick her up to clean her when she suddenly sat upright, mooshing her poop all inside her bikini!
By then she was sober enough to clean herself (thank god) but it was quite the sight.

I normally have very good control of bodily functions - I never get to the stage of being "desperate". However today I was desperate to use the toilet for the first time in a while. I knew I needed to poo for a lot of the day, but it seemed fine and so I went to walk the dog. As I was about halfway round my regular walk it started to get a bit more urgent. I sped up a bit, but this just seemed to make it worse. As I came onto my street I felt the poo starting to poke out a bit. I fumbled a bit with the keys at the front door then ran full tilt to the toilet, managed to get my trousers and boxers down just in time.

A couple of years ago I was in a large department store. I went into the toilets and a guy was just behind me, holding onto his willy through his trousers. I stood at the urinals and got my 'equiptment' out and started peeing. He got his willy out at the next one (there were just 2) but seemed to have some problem weeing - he just stood there holding it. This seemed rather strange, as he'd gone into the toilet holding himself as if he needed it desperately. I stood there for a while after my pee had ended as if I knew more was coming. I peed a bit more, then washed my hands, dried and left. The other guy was still standing there with nothing coming out! Does this often happen, a sort of embarrasment?

Hah, haven't been here in a while. I dunno, a couple weeks ago I had a really messy bowel, and there wasn't quite enough toilet paper left. Like, not enough to fully get all of it off, y'know? So I thoght I'd just borrow some of my mom's toilet paper, but I just forgot about it and went to my room. I still felt the effects though. I was so lazy that, I had just remembered I had a bannana a little while before, and some of the peels were still left (on a napkin), and so I was like, "okay, why not?" and decided to wipe with that. It was fun finding out what that felt like! It was a damp feeling from start to finish, and I thought it worked pretty well. I couldn't help but think, "I bet the vitamin C could really improve the texture of my butt", and stuff like that! hah... It was cool, I just threw the peel awat, simple as that.

Any one else done summn' like that?...

Me and my buddies Rich and Rob used the doorless stalls in the mens restroom at our local J. C. Penney. There were 4 doorless stalls, and when we waked in, three were vacent, one was occupied with a gentleman who was taking a VERY pungent smelling shit. He was wearing a name tag that said "Dr. -------" Optometrist, so I think he was the eye doctor at the store. Rob, Rich, and myself all settled down on our toilets, and got comfortable. We all started farting, and crackling, and dropping brown. We were all talking, and between the four of us the stench in the restroom was unbearable. Our eyes were tearing from our combined shit odors. So as the four of us are sitting with our trousers around our ankles (I peeked under the stalls LOL) and our dicks exposed to all, the entrance door swings open, and we hear a rolling bucket roll in, and we hear "COMING IN !!!" ...In walks the cleaning lady, sees the four of us crapping with our dicks pointing out, she excused herself to the Doctor, but NOT to us...she left the room, and we all wiped our asses, washed our hands and split...They REALLY should have doors on the stalls if they are having women clean the mens rooms...Agree ???

haven't posted in a while,but wanted to share this of the most amazing places to shit are the men's restrooms at Kinnick stadium at the University of Iowa. although i wasn't there this year,in the past I have gone and this is not a place to go if you don't like to be watched,especially going poo. As you may realize, there are thousands of fans at these games,and most of them eat and drink themselves silly right up to kickoff,and once they get in the stadium,most head right for the toilets. when you walk in you are usually in a line,that goes right along a row of doorless stalls,and then past antoher few stalls,and then to the far wall for the urinals. so you get to see EVERYTHING during your trip. most of the time the stalls are filled with guys shitting. a few who prefer to pee in toilets/ and because of the vast amounts of food and liquor,buys have to go a lot! most have their pants down to their ankles, some hve themselves covered up,and some halfway..amd iof u have to take a shit it means standing in front of one of those guys to take their seat when they get off..most of the craps are fillwed with lots of splashing and farting. and then you get to watch tem wipe. some are quick ,some take their time amd wipe real thorpghly and some even face you so u watch tme wipe their ass in front of you!!! amazing.. i usually have to shit there and so I wait my turn,until he finishes up,and then I sit down,pull my pants all the way down,and get comfortable. I am really not long as some guy is not trying to see my genitals. i take my time, push if i have to, grunt if I have to and then finally let loose of all my crap,usually pretty noisy. i grab some tp,and bend over and wipe, and and continue wiping until I am completely clean.. sometimes i can tell the guy waiting for me really has to go,but I figure if I have waited ,then i will take whatever time i need to finish the job!.. finally I flush and get up and button up,and to to the sinks,but along the way watch others go thru their rutuals... what fun! wonder if it is like that in the girls toilets...anybody know??

Wee, thanks for the quick reply. Obviously you like free balling in your boxers. It does not bother you when your penis is already out before you pee? I find it quite distracting when my penis is outside my underwear inside my pants.

To Kelly P:
Your description is exactly what I do under those circumstances.

I shit in a bar mens room with NO stall around the toilet, everybody watched me, i didn't care

Dave B
Just came back from the toilet and thought I'd leave a post on here. The trip wasn't too bad this time. I was just playing on my new Xbox 360 and the urge to poop came strong so I headed straight to the bathroom and sat down as quick as possible. It came all out in one big "schlooomp." It was kind of small though, but I like it like that so I don't clog the toilet and have to make my family suffer. Oh and by the way, if anyone wanted to know a description of me, I'm 18, Male, 6 ft, about 210 lbs, long brown hair, white skin, and blue eyes.

To Carmalita - Hey! I never really sent any shout outs to you, but I'm basically a fan of your posts. I like reading a lot of the old posts and yours are one of my favorites (next to Linda aka Linda GS). Didn't seem like you had too much fun with that Dan guy there. I would have liked to seen you poop and/or finish you =) I really love your posts so keep on postin'

To Ashley - Thanks for writing me back I appreciate it =) KFC has also givin me stomach problems in the past as well, but it's too darn "Finger Lickin' Good" to resist. I did like the story, but you forgot to tell about when you got in the bathroom and how you finished lol. I can't wait for your next story.

To Everyone Else (Forgets Names) - Thanks for your concern of my burning anus lmao. Ya it must have been some spicy food I ate, because I love spicy food. Also thanks to the Sign Language teacher who made sure I did the signs correct. =) I hope I make a lot of friends on here. This is a great site. I'll write back later.

Mr. Clogs
cheryl: Hi there, yeah it's been a while. It's been a while for me too. I guess we all get busy sometime. Hey it's great to read the hot pink hottie pants and green undies post with the mirror. An amazing women who could pee such a healthy golden stream into the bowl and making some sounds and colors! Thanks for saying hello to me and hello to you as well. Keep those cheryl posts coming, catch ya later.

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll, hope everybody is doing well. Nice day outside in NJ, it's about time it did. Oh let me share a nice peeing experience with ya'll from last night. So here it goes......

Last waking up as usual to do my nightly trips to the bathroom to pee. I go out of bed and was getting ready to head to the toilet to pee. I said what the heck, let me pee in my tupper ware type container. So tried to be as quiet as a mouse and closed my bedroom door to muffle the sound and for additional privacy. Went to my dresser drawer to wip out my old trusty container which is good for quantity that I produce. For a guy I can sqeaze out about a litre to litre and a half of quality pee. Anyways I put the container up to my body wipped the woody and started to pee! Ah it felt so good peeing into my container. I felt like I was standing for 2 minutes strait pissing and hissing loudy and hard into the container! I thought I wasn't going to stop, about ready to approach the 3 minute mark, finally it did stop and I felt much better. Then I put the woody back into my pj bottoms, closed the container with it's lid, placed it under my bed and went back to bed.

Carmalita: Hey there, I'm doing good. Great post of you making those 3 day stored turds making it's way into the bowl, and for Dan for watching you. Yeah I can simpathize with you and wanting your privacy, mainly to consentrate. Yes Carmalita, some men like myself are turned on by women who likes to watch them going to the bathroom. To me it's the most erotic thing that any guy likes. No doubt some of us guys get, you know the big bulge in our pants. Indeed reading the post from the ladies gives us that reaction if you know what I'm sayin'. Reading your posts rock, and indeed hot! Take care my dear and give my regards to your friends. Take care and talk to ya later.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care and have a nice weekend. If you excuse me, I gonna make the trip to the bathroom to handle some business there. Peace!

--Mr. Clogs

Once I had to poop but all bathrooms were used and I was at a concert
so I was like damn i'm gonna have to poop on myself so I tried to hold it in but this was at a concert so I got back on stage I was wearing a
mini-skirt with a thong when I started to poop anthen when the crowd
started to carry me a guy felt my butt and poop came all out.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Good observation and good questions!

From my perspective (male, age 40-something):

1) ... it must be due to some marking event or series of events in our history, be it early childhood or later on? Or, on the other hand, do you think its just something that's sort of "dormant" in most people? ... My answer: From what I have read on this forum, I would say some event(s). Certainly in my case, it was a series of events starting in childhood with poor toilet training and subsequent issues with bedwetting and constipation. Although those particular bathroom issues were solved around age 12 or so, the interest still continued through puberty and up to the present day.

2) Secondly, for those who express an interest in bathroom habits in an intimate context, i.e. contact with the opposite (or same) sex, etc., where do youthink this preference comes from? I think it might have something to do with the fact that it's a particularly intimate thing, something you almost never do in front of others... Also, it's a kind of "taboo" in our society, wich might be what gives it a certain appeal. What's not allowed is often more attractive! ... My thoughts: Exactly!!

3) Thirdly, once again for those who have a particular interest in these things in an intimate context, I was wondering what kind of place it occupies in your intimate contact... are you exclusively interested in the bathroom stuff, or is it just one exciting element in an otherwise more conventional sexual relationship? My answer: Well, that's a challenging one to answer. I would say it is more predominent, thoughtwise at least. I have explained my interest in the subject to my wife and she is not into it at all with the few exceptions of watching each other "going", but it doesn't interest her much at all and surprisingly it doesn't interest me as much either contrary to what I would have thought. Thus, from a "bathroom fantasy" perspective it is almost exclusive and many times overpowers the "sexual fantasies" both with or without intercourse; also of interest is that I tend to have "bathroom fantasies" more about other women than my wife, but I have "sexual fantasies" vastly more about my wife than about other women... go figure!

I would like to read other people's answers to these well thought-out questions!

Hi! One day last spring I was driving to see a friend of mine who lived like 200km away. Somewhere halfway I decided to stop at a petrol station and have a sandwich. It was very nice. I continued driving and after about 15min I farted and some liquid poop almost came out inte my boxers. I just managed to stop it in time. I didn´t need to poop very badly though but I knew I was going to have diarrhea.
After a few more minutes of driving there was a rest area by the side of the road and I knew they had toilets there. I pulled over there, locked the car and headed for the toilets. There were 3 cubicles and I picked the first one. No one was around. The toilet wasn´t very clean so I wiped it with some paper. I then pulled down my pants and boxers and sat down. I still didn´t have to poop very badly but I could feel the liquid crap inside me so I pushed and liquid crap just flowed out of me. I sat and had diarrhea for 5min and there were also some loud farts. Then nothing more came but I decided to be safe so I sat there for 10 more minutes and farted and had some more diarrhea. Then I carefully wiped and washed my hands. It really stunk in there. Then I went out to my car and drove off. The next day everything was normal. Wonder if it was that sandwich... /D.


Jessica- I guess anything with food coloring in in will change the color of your poop. My son had a birthday recently, and his cake had some blue frosting on it. The next day, my turds came out a dark green color.

I took a real nice dump last night. My wife had gone to bed early, so I decided to go play some poker on the computer. While playing, I began feeling an urge to poop, but it wasn't an overwhelming urge, so I decided to wait until I was done playing. Before I went to bed I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I peed first, then leaned forward to get down to business. I started pushing, and a turd began crackling out. After about 10 seconds of straining, it was showing no signs of coming to an end. I stopped pushing and peeked between my legs. It was already down in the hole, and was beginning to coil around the bowl, so I knew it was a long one. I resumed pushing, and after a few more seconds, it slid out. It actually seemed to stand upright for a second, then it slowly fell to the side of the bowl. It was so long the end of it brushed my butt when it fell. So not only did I wipe my asshole, but I also had to wipe one butt cheek. When I flushed, it left some really nice skid marks.

Has anybody else ever taken a crap long enough to graze your butt on its way out? It's a pretty unusual feeling.

Bye for now

This story of the Great Taco Bell-induced dump goes out to our Mexican food afficianados Brent C. and Gassy White Boi.

A few summers ago, I was finishing lunch at the food court of a local mall since closed down by the competition. It offered pretty good variety and this day I had myself a gyro sandwich. Seated over a couple tables from me were 5 young guys all about 17-18 who I think were all on the same recreational league baseball team. They all had baseball caps on of various major league teams. The dumper-to-be among them (although none of us knew this yet at the time) was REALLY scarfing down and he had about 7 tacos with the works plus a couple tostadas (back when Taco Bell still had tostadas). He was eating his his food with LOTS of sauce.

A few minutes after finishing my gyro, I realized it was time for a good lunchtime dump so I headed into the restrooms right off the food court. A few minutes after taking a seat, I heard the entry door bang open. I immediately recognized the young guy occupying the stall next to me on my left as the kid who had been scarfing down all those tacos and tostadas. Despite his big appetite, it didn't seem to affect him (at least not at this phase of life, but I used to be able to put down the tacos too without gaining an ounce although thise days are LONG gone!!) as he seemed quite fit. I figured him for 17 years old, 5'10 - 5'11 and 170 pounds. He wore a dark baseball cap (I WANT to say Boston Red Sox but I can't be positive after all this time), a white t-shirt, tight blue jeans and white sneakers.

After he entered the stall next to me and lockimg the door, the kid began to calmly wipe the seat down and line it with one of those sanitary liners. At this point, I really wasn't expecting much in the way of a very good dump since he was acting way to calm about it. Experience has taught me that if someone supposedly has time to do all that prep work, then it's not likely that they're ready to explode. Happy to say that THIS time at least, I was quite wrong.

After the kid got the seat lined, he turned around as I heard him unbuckling his belt and unzipping. After dropping his pants and sitting on the crapper, the boy unleashed an atomic blast of a fart that probably had a bunch of nations protesting to the UN Security Council over illegal testing. Bblutbblutbblattbblattbbloot!!

About 1/16 of a second later, the boy unleashed a WHOLE mass of crap that totally belied his calmness while wiping down the seat... Thupthapthapthoopthoopthupthapsplatthapthupthupthoopthupthupsplatthapsplootsplutthapthapsplutthoopthapthapthupsplutsplatsplutthap.

After breathing several sighs of relief it was back to another fart: Bblutbblutbblattbblattbbloot!! ... Followed by another devastating barrage of shit. Thupthapthapthoopthoopthupthapsplatthapthupthupthoopthupthupsplatthapsplootsplutthapthapsplutthoopthapthapthupsplutsplatsplutthap.

For several minutes after this, the boy sat farting and farting and farting occasionally crackling more excrement into the toilet. After several minutes of this, one of the dumper's friends came into the bathroom looking for him.

"Yo Matt! You in here??"

"Yeah." gasped the crapper from his stall.

"Oh! You're taking a DUMP! Sorry 'bout that."

"No problem." Matt replied letting loose another fart. I should have realized that Taco Bell ALWAYS makes me shit. I think it instantly turns to shit the moment it hits my stomach!!"

"OK Dude." Replied Matt's buddy. "We'll just wait outside."

"You guys may want to hit the bookstore and I'll catch up with you. I'm thinking I may be here several more minutes"

"No problem. We'll meet you over there."

As the crapper's friend washed up, I heard the stall next to me really come alive with crackling sounds as a whole bunch more crap cascaded out of Matt who moaned under his breath as he filled the toilet with more excrement.

After a few more minutes of a lot of farting and occasional crackling, Matt was finally done and cleaned himself up with numerous wipes. I later saw Matt and his friends at the bookstore listening to the latest release by........................... Tony Bennett(??????????)

I guess there's no accounting for tastes and performers do come in and out of style. Tony Bennett was most definitely *NOT* hip when I was a teenager, but now these kids thought he was the BOMB!!

That fall, I took in a football game between the two main rivals in the city. On the roster for the other team was a kid named Matt who was about the same size as the Taco Bell dumper. I'm pretty sure it was the same kid, although I couldn't be 100% sure.

1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up? Yes, if I'm in a rush I end up a bit wet between my legs - I really need to try and slow up a bit, because one day its gonna wet through my jeans

2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants?
I went in a bottle last year when we driving on vacation, and my dad wouldn't stop. It was very embarrassing
3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water?
Have had wees in swimming pool, the sea and also on the beech
4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle? Because I only go when I'm desperate it omes gushing out in a hard thin stream
5) Have u every gone i front of someone? In the car my two brothers were trying their best to watch me go, and my boyfriend has watched me a few times, but never a poo.
6) Have u tried peeing standing up?
Yes - it was a mess, I do it in the shower though, cause it doesn't matter.
7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
I don't fart very much, so it was probably about 3 seconds. It wasn't very loud, like brrrrt.
8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident?
yes, in a rush I often do.
9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in?
10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.
Not those sort of games
11) how old are u?

TO Kelly P:
I'm still a single guy, but like your husband I frequently wake up in the mornings with big erections (especially, if my bladder is full.) Most times I simply head directly into the shower so can I pee without the need to wait for my 'stiffy' to subside, then have a normal shower and start my day.



I hope this post arrives quickly... If you look at my posts over the last several weeks I have lots of remedies for constipation. Suppositories and enemas are good...soap up the arse (make certain it is soft) is good...I like the prune juice flush. On an empty stomach start drinking prune juice then water and maybe coffee and keep on going until results occur. For me it takes a couple of hours.
As for me I am on a "mild" detox program and am taking a tablet which is good for my liver but am I pooing!!!

Tim (and Sarah)
Greg: Ok, ok, don't nail me down it ;-). I did not look at my watch. It just seemed as if he was letting out a very long rope of poop for quite a long time. Non stop? As I said, he moaned a lot and as we weren't on our own and there was a big shitting concerto going on, I would not know if he did not take a gasp inbetween. I just know, I heard quite a loud crackling for quite a while.
The one you talked about at camp seemed very impressive!
Yes, it is the same son, who had to leave behind the results of a serious christmas stuffing in a snow hole in the woods. I only have two sons (one a student and the other one is nearly seven) and a daughter, as far as I know by now, lol. There is quite some truth in that, as I only learned about my adult son just over two years ago, as I farthered him with just 19 and his mother did not tell me at the time. It's quite exciting getting to know a stranger whose face and statue (my wife would add voice and gestures) are quite familiar. I am proud to have developed a very good relationship to him in the considerably short time (which was easy, really, as he such a great guy). I think it is nice we can be very open naturals needs as well. I really have to say, that pile my son layed in the snow after christmas was one of the biggest I have seen in a long time, though.
I like reading your posts. Your request about guys on duty having to perform one, reminded me of an article I read a long time ago. When the Berlin wall was still up, East German soldiers weren't provided with toilets on their watch towers. They would have to find another place to urinate or sometimes even to defecate. The article was about the common habbit of the soldiers to poop into plastic or paper bags and throw their bodily waste over the wall into West Berlin. The Westerners responded by throwing stuff back. One day a big tank truck with shit was „leaking" from a bridge in the West into the East accompanied with a picture of a shitting Eastern soldier to make the message clear. It was taken as a political provocation with not much consequence though. The guy who wrote the article had been a soldier himself and said that there had been all kinds of mishaps, like other soldiers shooting at their allies cause those squatted in the shadows of the watch towers to pinch a loaf and were mistaken for refugees. Talk about „friendly fire". Well, thankfully those times are over, at least in this part of the world.

Rizzo: Hi there. Thanks for your concern, but you don't need to worry. As I indicated, we deceided as well to leave it for a while. We were only thinking of letting her use it under Sarah's guidance like on travels and dirty toilets. We weren't thinking of letting her take it to school. Sarah herself is more comfortable with the device than with the finger method and she sees it as thing, she might want to teach her daughter, maybe later. I researched a bit and found a positive review of a mom who showed it to her eight year old daughter with no problems. But I already expressed my concerns as well, which were likely to yours and we will wait a bit. But thanks for your advice.
We hope you are well and miss you around here.

Lily: I read your post with interest and a few things sounded very familiar. We know from our own experience how a sickness, that in itself isn't very pleasant, can still help to raise the intimacy of a couple. I am absolutely delighted about the openess I am able to share with my wife, which has increased a lot over the past years. I hope, we would have achived it anyway, but when one is unwell and sometimes needs assistance from the partner on the toilet, it can help to overcome the initial embarrassment. It certainly was so in our case. Were you always that open with your husband and were you both interested in the topic from the beginning? I would also be intersted in more of your stories as well. I am a bit busy now, but I'll post another one of our adventures hopefully soon

Lucy Lu
This was truely a bm from hell :( i posted it a wile ago but i want ppl to read this horror!
I went to my childrens school in the morning ... felt regular. dropped off the kids. i didnt have charlie with me he was with his mother. i went for a run. i was wearing black running tights and a hoodie. when i came back to the school i felt a kikkering pain in my rectum. eventually it shot a pain to my bum. I was on this brand new wing of the school cheaking it out...! i paniced and ran into the new teachers washrooms lowered my pants and panties and pooped until my ass was almost glued to the toilet from pooping. it hurt. i went to reach 4 toilet paper when a knock on the door starteled me. i was told the plumming had not been set up yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :'( in panic i told him i did not use the "ficilities" yet. the man walked in to find me stilling there i flippen felt like crying not to mencion the five or six gr 8's walking by saw me on the toilet..... and the janitor.! it was embarissing for sure

Richard and Sarah B
Hi. I'm Sarah and my husband Richard has recently began posting to this forum. We're so glad to stumbled acroos a site full of kindred spirits and we're both looking foward to contributing on a regular basis in the future.
Today I want to write to you all about a dumping experience I enjoyed about ten days ago at work.
I work for an American (US) chain that supplies wound management materials based in Gargave in North Yorkshire in the UK. I have been there since 1996, and a lot of happy pooping has gone on there, I assure you.
Well, the other week at work I needed to have a poo shortly after lunch. I went into the Ladies toilets and locked myself into the middle of three cubicles. The stall to the right was taken and as I eased my bum onto the toilet seat I could hear a steady stream of pee hit the porcelain bowl.
I relaxed and as a weak stream of wee flowed from me, I pushed my feet into the floor. My flow ebbed and died and with much grunting, I farted perhaps four or five times. The stench filled the air. The lady in the cubicle next to me wiped, flushed the toilet and proceeded to the wash basins to wash her hands. I farted some more, but dispite the build up of pressure, I managed only to emit more explosive and smelly farts. By this time the co-worker was at the hand drier.
I groaned and farted and rubbed my stomach some more. At this point the stalls either side of mine were again both occupied. Finally the sounds of their strong wee strams were drowned out by the rapid fire of my squits as they pebble dashed the toilet pan. I groaned and then smiled as the brown stuff tumbled freely from my body in waves of twenty seconds over a period of two minutes. To finish, a gush of pee flowed furiously from my pee hole. I wiped, first by paying attention to the wee opening before taking some toilet paper from the dispenser, standing up, and folding it into a neat, fat wad wiped my arse, repeating the process, checking the paper before tossing it into the pan. I inspect the poo and flush. I then join my coworkers, who were clearly bemused at the nature of my visit to the lav, at the wash basins.
Well, that's it for now. Take care. Love to all, Sarah B.

Hola amigos!

I just took a really big dump. I had three days worth of poop stored up and it was one of the biggest shits I've taken in a long time. My first turds were thick and heavy, and then it kind of changed to semi-diarhea. I kept farting and soft plopping, and I could feel myself emptying. It felt sooooo goood! I was sitting with my legs spread wide and leaning way forward. My stomach would contract, and out came turd after turd. I had to flush while I was pooping just to keep from clogging. It was a nasty dump too.

Dan was over and insisted on watching me do my big one. I said no at first, but he kept on begging. So finally, I agreed and let him watch. He kept staring between my legs at my thick pubic hair. I knew right away what was on his mind, but I had to shit soooo bad! I farted really hard which embarrassed me. It was a slow, smelly zipper fart. He had such a bulge in his pants!!! My poop smelled horrible but I squeezed out a few creamy logs while he watched and listened. When I finished, the toilet was filled with dark brown turds. Even after my first flush, I had one that stuck to the bowl. It was really fat and long. On top of it was some soft, greenish messy poopies. I wiped once, and Dan wanted to finish me. He was a bit clumsy and didn't get deep inside me. I had to guide his hand up into my butthole. I said, "get in there honey, get it all out. I don't want to feel sticky later." After that, he was digging really hard and it hurt. Oh well, gotta teach that guy how to tend girls.

It was kind of nice to have him there, but some poops are meant to be private, and this nasty one was one of those.

Mr. Clogs: Thanks hon for giving me your description. You sound like a hot honey to me! I love Afro-American men and women. Mmmmm-mmm! Te quiero amigo de mio, tu me caes bien!


I work in a busy hotel here in TX. And I have seen a few times when women coming back from bars late at night. Holding themselfs or wetting themselfs because they drank too much. It is a site to see!!!!

Hi, this is my first post here. I've been reading other people's stories for a while but I've never had any stories of my own until I remembered a childhood experience with peeing. Here it is:

Me and my best friend at the time were around the age of 6. His name was Brady(name changed). I had a little sandbox in my backyard so thats where we were playing one day. Me and Brady had a water bottle each that his mom gave us in case we got thirsty. It was a hot summer day so we were constantly having a drink of our water. About 2 hours after we started playing, I noticed Brady holding his crotch alot. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. Shortly after, he told me he really had to pee. I was pretty desperate to go myself. We were behind my house so no one could see us unless they came back where we were. There was a big bush about 4 steps away from my sandbox and when i was playing alone i often went back there to pee. I told Brady that i had to go too and that we could go behind that bush. Brady was a slow learner so he was just barely potty trained. When we got back there he struggled to get his shorts down. I struggled a bit with getting by pants and panties down. When Brady finally got his shorts down, he sat on the grass with his penis almost in under him. I sat next to him and peed a gusher for about 2 minutes. Brady hadn't yet peed but i thought he did so when i got up he did too and we proceeded playing. We stayed behind the bush so we could pee whenever we needed to. Brady was really starting to show signs of desperation and he said he didnt pee the first time and now he really had to go. He pulled his pants down faster than the speed of light. He stood up against a tree this time and tried to pee but his pee wouldn't come out. We were only little so he asked me to help him so i pulled down my pants and peed on his penis to help him get going. It helped him alot.. he released a huge torrent of pee onto the grass. I was shocked at how much a little boy could pee. He asked me if i had any tissue because he wanted to wipe his "pee-pee" so he wouldnt get his underwear wet. i didn't have any tissue and i told him to leave his "pee-pee" out of his shorts so it could dry off.. ( I WAS 6 OK?? ) so he did and some time later he announced he had to pee again. So this time we both sat in the sandbox and made holes filled with pee in the sand.
Thats my first story.. but you can expect many more with pee.. i am obseesed with pee.. Well i have to get offline now because i have to go pee really badly! I'll post tomorrow about another peeing incident.

Constipated! NEED HELP!
Ok, I get constipated quite often. Dunno why. But this is the worst of the worst!!! I've been constipated since Friday and now I'm really bloated.
My boyfriend has rubbed my stomach, so then I went to the toilet. He sat on the end of the tub. I pissed for a little, then pushed hard. Nothing came out except a fart.
For the next fifteen minutes I strained and pushed and farted. Then my boyfriend got this extremely pained look on his face. I took no notice. I pushed and knew my face was maroon and sweaty.
After a few more minutes, my boyfriend (James) clutched his penis and said, "Ohmigosh, Brittany, I gotta piss so badly!!"
He pulled down his jeans and boxers and turned around to the tub, cowboy boots clacking on the tiles. He aimed his penis into the tub and started pissing a long golden stream.
James pissed for about 3 mins. Then he pulled up his lower garments and sat down. He said, "Whew!"
After that, I got up, wiped my pussy, and left.
Guys please tell me how to get unconstipated without a laxitive or anything major diarrhea. I've got a terrible stomachache!!!

heyyy all.

this is my first time posting but i`ve been reading for over a yr. i loveee this site. =)

well this saturday was crazy shiit.

so what happened was , i went to a mall wit my friend. but the mall was four hours away so we took a bus. i stayed over my friends house the night before because we had to get up really earlyyyy. 7;00 !! so we ended up being late anyway && we had to rush to get ready. well , i barely had time to shower && do my hair .... no way was i gonna be able to pee lol.

so we went to wawa for sum breakfast && i had sum cofee && water. huge mistake !! i had to pee by the time we got to the bus which was pretty much no problem cos i figured hey i can just go on the bus right. well i get there && the bathrooms were nasty shit.

i didn`t have to go too bad yet so0 i just held it back && ignored it. well an hour later i was starting to show signs of having to go.... you know .... squirming around , sitting on my leg , crossing my legs && just making my situation obvious. my friend was like 'what`s wrong'. i told her nothing. she was like 'yeah there`s def. sumthing wrong what is it ?'. she just kept bothering me about it. so i finally tell her i had too pee really bad because i didn`t get a chance to before we left && i didn`t want to use the bathroom @ the back of the bus because it was so gross. she was just like 'we`ll be there soon just last as long as you can.' HA !! she doesn`t know i don`t like to use public restrooms. i was only gonna use the bus bathroom cause she told me they clean it after every trip. which apparently was a lie.

i decided not to tell her i couldn`t use the mall bathrooms. =\

after about two & a half hrs i was really desperate && you could totally tell. i felt as if i was gonna explode && i didn`t know if i would even make it off the bus. i could feel my bladder getting bigger & bigger as it stretched. i started to rock back & forth & lean forwards , too.

finally , the mall was in veiw. it took forever to park because we were in a line so just the wait was making me extra desperate.

finally we got off the bus. the second i stood up i had to cross my legs supper tight. i didn`t even think i could walk until my friend pushed me into the isle lol. it took extra effort to walk , but i was able to make it off the bus && into the mall.

the walking around helped a bit but i still felt as if my bladder was bursting @ the seams.

somehow , i made it to three hours which is a record for me when i`m that desperate. we were coach [ store ] when i finally broke the seal. i was looking @ a bag & all of the sudden i felt a hot squirt of pee rush into my panties. i paniked & ran out of the store hoping my friend would follow.

wit my friend behind me , i ran into the elevator wit a plan. i would just run outside & drop my pants && pee cos there were woods right there....unfortuantely i didn`t make it that far. when we were in the elevator i felt another squirt rush down my leg && then another. the whole time my friend was asking me if i was okay. i started pacing back && forth && saying 'oh godd oh goddd'. finnaly it was too much && i couldn`t controll it anymore. my bladder finally let go && i full out wet myself .....just as the elevator door was opening !!

mortifyed i ran outside && into the woods , pee soaking my pants && legs && eventually my socks. everyone was staring @ me but i didn`t care because once i entered the privacy of the woods i felt so0 relived. it was like the best feeling i had in a loooong time lol !!

more stories later.
all the this talking about it....
i gotta pee !! ahaha.

hugs , gab.

i have never posted before but i have been here readingf for a year now and i thought i would post this incident that happened to me .

well my husband is a truck driver and i have never been out on the road with him and last month he asked me to take off work for 2 weeks and go across the country with him and i thought it would be the greatest since he is always gone and this i coyuld go. well let me tell u the bathroom and shower situation for truckers is less than to be desired. the 3rd night we were onm the road we pulled into this small dumpy looking truck stop there was already about 10 riggs there and i am really shy about going poop in public bathrooms but it was the 3rd day we were on ther road and i had to go number 2 pretty bad i told my husband and he said yea me to so we were walking into this place and the mens was the first door he walked in and just turned around he said there are 4 men waitung for 1 toilet i just laughed saaid sorry i am going to blow up the wemons room hopelfully it is empty so i open the door and i just stand in angony the were only 2 stalls with 2 wemon waiting i guess other wemon ride with thier husbands to. so i just stood and waited and i guess all the girls had to poop to the 2 girls in their to there sweet time and it was reaking i coulndt belive i was having to use these toilets. after 5 minutes 1 girl steped out and the first in line rushed in it was amazing she just turnwed around and statrting going imeadtly i dont she how she got her pants down. the one girls who was already in thier was ahving waves of cramps nothing but water coming from her rear and the girl who just went in was pretty quick just a couple of explosions of poop and she was already wiping and came outr the one other firkl in front of me ran in and statrting gruntling loudly and i was now getting pretty desperate to drop my load ui was the only one waiting for about 5 minutes when the door opened and a chunky readhead came in holding her pants up she already unbuttoned them thinking she was getting right into a toileti guess she looked at me and the 2 stalls and said are u waiting i said sure am beeen waiting ten minutes she just let out a sigh and said no please let me go i said sorry i ambout to crap myself so we stood there and the girl behind me went to the stalls and knocked on them saying hurry up u have had long emough other people need the toilet to u know the the woman have waves of cramps just said sorry i know i have been here a while i just cant get off the pot i shit on the floor and the other stall started wiping thank god she opened trhe door looked at me and said u can use it if u want but it wont flush i said dont really care i have to go now so i rush in look in the bowl and believ me it is full and it smells bad but ui dont care i drop my pants and panties and turn around with my ass in the air and start putting paper on the seat as fast as i can and i sit on the pot and literally the buttom fell out it was a explosion of mushy shit in the pot that was already half full i just couldnt belive i was having to go in this situation so iwas in there a while with the girl beside me still she was going on 20 minutes and the girl waiting was crying she was about to shit herself next thing i know i hear a loud fart and the girl waiting ran to the sink infront of the stalls droped them right there and hunched herself on the sink and took a poop in the sink i thought to my self i will never go on the road agin with my husband if it is like this

One time on a very long bus ride from a field trip I forgot to take off my goodnite from the night before(thank goodness). Unfortunately before I drank 2 cans of mountain dew. About 1 hour into the ride later I was had the urge to pee. 30 minutes later I was having a very strong urge. by now a few kids on the bus were starting to squirm. 15 minutes later I was getting desperate and was starting to squirm in my seat. 10 minutes later and I was really desperate and was having to cross my legs to hold it in. 20 minutes later I was bursting to pee and it was starting to hurt. By now a few kids had been unlucky enough to wet themselves But I continued to hold it. 10 minutes later and I was about to burst. My bladder was now bulging out of me. By now I was holding myself really tightly with my legs crossed and was squirming alot. A few minutes later and I was dying for a pee, and was in alot of pain. about a half hour later i was about to wet myself, when I discovered that i had forgot to take off my goodnite. so I started to let out little spurts now and then in the goodnite. by the time i got home i still had to pee really badly, and quite a few kids had already wet themselves. so when i got home i went to the bathroom in relief.

hello all Jananese girl back again and this time i come with a story
for all you people read this so here goes

it was monday nite i was at home bored so i called my bf up just to see how he doing and his voice sounded diffrent so i asked him what was he doing he said to me you dont want to know so i said to him just relax let it come nartualy and call me back when you done but he wanted talk t0 me still because he needed comforting words from me to get him from his ordeal so we talk about a half-hour while he was in the bathroom i must admitt poor guy so i dont have story on me because
i have not eat nothing to make me go the last week but i might write a pee story for you all from the rising sun im japanese girl cya

I´m a 24 years old guy from Sweden. Today at school during our lunch break I felt gassy and also had some stomach cramps. I didn´t want to poop at school though so I decided to hold it. I went to my locker to check some papers and when I bent down I farted a loud smelly fart. Luckily no one was around. I really needed to poop by now so I decided to head for the toilets anyway. I knew I couldn´t hold it by then.
I picked a cubicle and pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat down. As soon as I sat down I started farting and it was really nice to sit there actually. I pooped out some hard turds followed by more loud farts. I spent about 5min shitting and I really stunk up the place. I didn´t feel quite finished so I sat there like one more minute and then farted twice and pushed out a final log. Then I wiped twice, pulled up my pants and boxers and flushed. I then washed my hands and left. As I was leaving I noticed this good looking young guy (21) go in and he said "man it really stinks in here". Then he started to pee and I left. It was very embarrasing, but I really had to go. Talk to you later! /Daniel.

Hey Zip,

Thanks for the compliments on my stories. The stoires are interesting enough as they happen, but I do try to use good desciptive language to put you at the seat of the action!! I'm traveling right now but do have another Josh story to tell once I can sit down and get my details in order.

It was sort of serendipitous that I told the Josh story. After telling that story, I really got to wondering how Josh and his family were doing so I decided to give Josh's dad a call. Turns out Josh is still in school part time and just led a student group of volunteers helping people to rebuild from Hurricane Katrina. I guess he's spent several months down there in absolutely deplorable conditions to help people less fortunate than himself. I TOLD you he is a GREAT guy. Funny enough but Josh's dad ended up mentioning the bathroom facilities down there and said they weren't exactly the most private. I responded by stating that I didn't think Josh was the kind of person to let something like that intimidate him!! ;-) The dad advised me I was right!! Turns out something I hadn't mentioned was that Josh's dad took him out hunting with friends a lot when he was younger and that Josh pretty much got over any dumping phobias early on when he had to crap outside without use of facilities.

Lucy Lu
Had a huge bm wile at school its smelled like old gingeralle.

1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up?
Not really, just a teenie dribble
2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants?
I once peed in a cup, peed in my woods, and pooped twice in my woods.
3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water?
Have peed in shower & tub. Never pooped. I think it would've been cool though.
4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle?
If I've been holding it for a long time, fire hose, and also when I pee standing up sometimes.
5) Have u every gone i front of someone?
6) Have u tried peeing standing up?
Yes. I pull up the toilet seat, point my pussy foreward, and pee.
7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
I did a fart about 15 seconds long. After that I rushed to the toilet and had violent diarrhea.
8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident?
Not sure what this means. But, no.
9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in?
Yep. I push, goes back in. Strain really hard, it comes out.
10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.
11) how old are u?

When I was at school, they changed the format of the lessons and we ended up having 2 of our lessons back to back. We hardly ever got chance to use the toilet in-between and this took some getting used to.

One time I hadn't managed to go so I hadn't been able to pee for about 3 hours. The lesson came to an end and I was absolutely bursting but the stupid teacher kept me and my mates behind for ages afterwards for misbehaving.

I sat squirming on my stool for what seemed like ages and really thought I was gonna piss myself, but eventually he let us go and I got to the toilet in time. Thank god.

I've got a mate who's on crutches and she sometimes leaves going to the bathroom until she's quite desperate. On a number of occasions she's said to me, 'Oh, I must go to the loo or I'll wet meself.' I've often wanted to stop her going just so she does wet herself 'cause I think it would be wicked to see a girl lose control. Unfortunately if I did that, she never speak to me again! Haha!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

first i would like to say i have posted once before but as ano???ns(sp) and i have a new story to tell. okay well today i went shopping for dresses for a school event, first my mom and i went out to lunch at a mexican restruant and i hade A LOT to drink. then we began shopping and i felt the urge to wee but it wasnt to bad so i didnt say anything to my mom. well while i was trying on some clothes a wave of desperation came across me and my mom was in the dressing room with me so i didnt want to hold myself, so i just crossed my legs and acted as it i couldnt get on the clothes, and the sudden urge we away. so i FINALLY found a dress i liked but it didnt fit so we had to go to ANOTHER mall which was like an hour away and by now i was beinging to need to wee even more, but still didnt say anything well while in the car i could hold myself without it being noticeale. we soon got to the other mall and the urge to wee had gone away and i felt prefectly fine, well we then started looking for shoes and i got to sit but it made the need to wee a lot WORSE and i almost wet myself right there in the mall. i told my mom i was tired and wanted to leave so she said okay and i was able to hold myself again on the ride home. once we got back i ran gup to the bathroom but unlucky me my brother was taking a dump and i had to wait he was taking forever, i decided to read some post on here and while i was reading i had to hold myself and do a pee dance and cross my legs and so much other stuff so i wouldn't wet myself, FINALLY my brother was done but i felt like if i moved AT ALL i would wee on myself and possibly poo since i suddenly got the urge, well unfortantly my brother decided to come in my room and tickle me since he knew i was bursting and when he began tickling me i weed and pooed all over myself he then went and told my mom & i was sooo embarrassed since i hadn't had and accident for over 5 years, btu she wasn't too upset because it turns out she pees and sometime poos on herself a lot. well all for now more next time. hope you like my story. but while writing this i realized my bladder really needs releaf so i must go so i dont have another accident. OH NO! not again im wetting my self. it actaully feels kind of good, all right i need to go clean up.

med guy
for "question about holding": holding in your pee indefinitely would likely be almost impossible. If you did, the urine would back up into your ureters that connect the bladder with the kidneys, and eventually into the kidneys themselves which would cause them to swell (nephritis), decrease there function, and could cause a serious kidney infection. Beyond that, the toxic urine would circulate back into your blood, affect your mental status and of course eventual death. I don't think your bladder would be that strong though.

i am 24 y/o, 5"5, blonde girl. a lot of the times, i go to the washroom in a lot of awkard places. here's a story that had happened to me just not too long ago.

during last summer, when i was at this karate class. i had it between 9am-12pm. anyways, the night before my karate class, i set my alarm clock to 7:30am. so i went to sleep, and after i woke up, it was about 8:45am. i couldnt believe that the alarm didnt woke me up, anyways, i quickly got into my karate outfit, and quickly drove my car there. i didnt even have time to do my morning crap. so, when i went to the karate class, i was stretching, and during that last 20 minutes, my fear was kicking up, because i was so needed to crap that i was nearly going to do it there. but luckly, after about a few minutes, our karate instructor let us go about 15 early. after i got into my car, i went directly to my apartment. But at the horror that i just saw, there was a long, dead traffic. it just wasnt moving, i even waited for 10 minutes, and i didnt move that much from where i was first stuck in the traffic.

so, i knew that i wasnt going to make it, because i was just really desperate, and it might take up to more than an hour to get to my place, so i looked around my car, and see if i have anything that's emptied that i could do it in. i found a cardboard box, it was about the size of a shoe box, i didnt think of anything or hasitate, i was just too desperate that i needed to poop very soon, so i pulled my karate pants down, including my panties. then after i did that, i lifted my butt, then i put my butt on top of the shoe box. when my butt was on top of the box, i suddently let go of this loud fart. luckly for me, a lot of people was honking and looking at the road so they couldnt hear me. so, after i farted, i started to poop. it was a hard one. after about 20minutes, i was finally done. and luckly for me too, because the traffic started to move a little bit faster after about a few minutes after i was finished. so after i was done pooping in that, i just put the box at the seat beside me. after that, i just went back to my apartment, and managed to get the box of poop of mine in the garbage can that was at the sidewalk in front of my apartment.

Whoa, I haven't been here in a while. I'd like to share this story with you.
1. I had eaten from Sonic and gotten a chocolate milkshake with my food. I had been constipated since Sunday, and it was now Wendesday. As my mom was driving me and my sis home, I started getting a bad urge to pee. Then it evolved into a desperate need to pee and poop. "Mom," I said urgently, "I need to use the bathroom!"
"Okay," she said. "We're home." That was odd. Nonetheless, I got out, slammed the door, and ran inside.
I dashed upstairs and into the bathroom. After pulling down my panties and jeans, I plopped down on the toilet.
I peed for a while, then started to poop. I leaned forward and held my breath. Then I pushed HARD. HARDER! HARDER!! A humongous poop was hanging out my butt and stretching my hole WIDE.
Boy, it hurt. A lot!!!!!! I pushed again and again. Then the poop came out (FINALLY) and plopped in the toilet. I let out a wet fart and chunky poop exploded from me. After peeing a little more, I flushed (weird how it fit! :D) and left.
Odd thing was, my mom was standing there with her jeans soaked!

TO Jessica:

Rainbow coloured poop? Nope. (Or at least, I can't remember one like that...)
However one day a couple of years ago I got quite a shock after turning around to examine a BM I had just passed. It was all BRIGHT GREEN! (No, *not* the kind of green everyone produces from time to time.)

For my full story on that episode, take a look at my post on page 1386.



When I was a student I travelled round the Mediterranean with a friend, we were both I guess 20 or 21. We booked into an old and fairly crumby looking hotel in Barcelona, it was dirt cheap but the room had this fantastic Art Deco bathroom with big mirrors and marble walls. I won't ever forget that bathroom!

The second day we walked around the city and about 6pm we sat on the steps of a church and ate luke warm slices of the Spanish equivalent of pizza. Went to bed that night, and after listening to what seemed like a hundred young Spanish couples banging out flamenco rhythms on the headboards of every room above, below and around us, I finally got off to sleep. In the early hours, I suddenly woke. There was something wrong. After a second of coming round, I realised I had just shit the bed. That fly-crawled, sun-warmed pizza eaten with dirty fingers had got the better of me. My stomach was still lurching too. How the f?k was I going to get past the problem of hiding from this friend (whom, I had only known for two years or so from Uni) the fact that I had shit the bed??

It felt like I was lying in a sea of wet shit. I crept silently out of bed and hauled the sheet off the bed, trying to wipe my arse with a corner whilst bagging it up so as not to leave a trail. Into the bathroom and locked the door. The damage was less drastic than it felt, and I started washing the shit off the linen into the (luckily) swimming-pool-sized basin. But I was overtaken by cramps and dived for the bog, letting loose a torrent of watery shit and feeling pretty sick too. So it went on for a few minutes, laundry... toilet... laundry.. Then there was a noise - Tim getting out of bed. "Umm - you having problems?" I answered that I was. Then he says " Hey man, can you let me in? I think I ate something that didn't agree with me." So I couldnt do much but unlock the door, embarassed that it already stank like a sewer. Tim didnt even speak, he just pushed passed me and slammed his arse down on the toilet, a split second before letting go with a hissing stream of diarrhoea the same as mine. He just groaned and sighed as more torrents flushed through him. I pretended not to notice. After a while he laughed and said something like at least he had managed to get to the toilet, unlike me. I had to admit to it, and we laughed a bit, then another dizzy wave of nausea hit me. "OK mate, off the bog! My turn again." He moved quickish and I took his place on the warm seat, giving the same sort of performance again. He perched on the edge of the bath and chatted, and so it went on for the best part of half an hour. I finally got the sheet somewhere near clean, and hund it off the tiny iron balcony that faced into a deep and musty inner light well in the centre of the hotel. (The sheet would never dry, it was barely light down there. And in the morning when I went to get it in, it had dropped to the dirty paving several storeys down.)

We shared that toilet for half the night, although the need to hang around within five feet while the other was shitting got a bit less. We eventually returned to bed, with several shorter bathroom dashes by both of us, so we dozed rather than slept. The next day we were both wiped out and felt weak. It took several days to get over the shits. But it was a shared experience with planty of talk about the state of our bowels and the liquidity or otherwise of the latest round - completely new for me who had always been a shy shitter.

For the rest of that summer we shit side by side, or at least fairly close by, in the dunes behind various beaches, or in the scrub next to laybys whilst hitch-hiking. There was never much talk about what we were doing, but nor was there any need to get bashful with Tim about saying 'Jeez, I gotta take a dump soon!' And I sort of got to like it. Sadly he was the only dump buddy I ever had. Anyone else had similar experiences?

I made a post a long time ago (can't remember what it was even about), but who cares.

I have to tell you guys about one of the worst bathroom-sinarios I've had in my life! (yes, my life!) It was worse than shitting my pants, worse than holding shit, worse than... Well let me tell you what happened first.

To put it short, I had a meeting that I had to attend with some other blind people (yes, I'm blind:) should give you guys plenty of ideas). Its good because you get to skip a lot of school during the daytime--about five hours out of six--so I always look forward to these. And, you get a long bus-ride out to wherever they have it (can't see the signs, sorry).
So, this time we went to some maul--it was supposed to be for some getting-to-know-everyone else shit that I really didn't care about, but that's besides the point because I hang out with some of my greatest friends. So, after all the mobility shit (basically, getting-to-know each other), we settle in to lunch. Double bacon cheseburgers was what I requested--medium rare (mmm). Also through the meal I drank six glasses of some cherry-pepsy shit. Now, did I add that these were big glasses? And that for breakfast I had part of a steak and three glasses of coffee (yeah, I know, lots of nutrition). So, as you may guess, by the time it was time to leave I had to piss. Not that bad, but my bladder was giving the all-out alarm that something was happening.
Oh, of course, that changed--quite drastically. Through the two-hour bus-ride, my bladder was filling up like a balloon, and as the weight grew I had to keep shifting to keep myself from blasting. Needless to say this got really hard, and my mental state, which was in good condition only two or so hours before, had gone down to the most minimal state possible. Physically I was shitty too--sweating, cronic fidgiting, the works.
By the time the bus "dropped" me off at the school, I was dying for a piss. Yes, literally dying. I raced into the school, and needless to say (as you might expect) the dumb-f???k of the bus-driver drops me off at the totally wrong spot (which is about a minute's-run to the nearest restroom). Ironic.
So, I'm running, and right then someone just has to stop and say, "Hello, how you doing? Heard this and that", so I have to stand and listen to the shit for the remainder of the time I planned to blast. And by the time they stopped spilling the "bullshit", it was time to go, so I go outside, my bladder screaming, to another agonizing fourty-five minute bus-ride home.
Now, let me tell you, that last fourty-five minutes were psychologically--and physically--agonizing. Bladder screaming, piss wishing around and activating more nerves each time you so much as breathe, and all the time pressure trying to escape. And the pain was undescribable after a while. The only solution I had was sitting on my knees, legs spread so the pressure would kinda go into my pelvis, but after a while nothing worked.
Finally, after all that, the bus pulls into my road. I stand up and I almost blast--almost, mind you. That meant I had to contract my pelvic muscles to hold all that piss in, which meant it burnt like a bitch. So when the bus finally stopped at the end of my driveway, it was all that I could do to get the hell out of there as fast as I possibly could.
I ran up the driveway--which is about 300 feet--and covered it in a record that I still can't believe (not going to put down any times as I'm not sure myself, but it was pretty damn fast!) I leap up my steps, smack the key in the lock, bust in, toss my stuff across the room, and launch towards the nearest bathroom.

Getting that piss out was the best feeling I've ever had in my life. The stream lasted for nearly two minutes at the most, and when I was done my pelvic region and my lower back hurt like f???, but I didn't care. I felt proud of myself afterwards, though.

Hehheh, this is my first post, and I'm writing this as fast as I can (as I have to be down at my girlfriend's in a few minutes), but I'll be sure posting and showing more of a personality soon.
Question for all you: Who thinks holding piss is worse than holding shit? I've always noticed that the have-to-shit feeling leaves after a few minutes at the most when you atempt a hold, but the piss-feeling never leaves once its started. Anyone agree?

ucgenie asked

Why is it ok to simply pull your penis though the hole of you boxers, but you have to push your briefs down and not just pull your benis throught the opening in your briefs.

Briefs are tight and the fly is wide, about 2 inches of overlaping layers, making it much harder to pull "it" through.

Boxers hang loose and the fly barely over laps itself. Often "it's" already through when I have to go.

Mom put me through hell not letting me wear boxers untill I moved out. She still sends me breifs for X-mas, at 35, they go to Goodwill.

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