some girl
i had a little victory tonight and i have no one else to tell, so i'm sharing here--i peed through the fly of my jeans today, it made me so happy! thats probably boring to a lot of the other girls on here who can pee standing, but ive been practicing for a while and have never tried going through the fly successfully before (other times i couldnt pee at all when i tried because i was so nervous). i did have a minor problem when my stream slowed down a lot near the end and i dripped some on the bottom of my zipper but otherwise i did way better at it than i thought i would.

i also have a funny poop incident to tell. i bought some kiwis, something i hadnt eaten in a while, and ate them one day, and they made me have to crap a lot of seedy liquid every hour or so. I was taking a shower and felt a huge fart coming on, and it felt sorta stuck so i forced a bit to get it out. it was really loud and i had to laugh at it out loud. i got out, toweled off, and went into the living room to talk to my bf who was on the computer. after that i started walking to the bedroom to put on clothes, and i could feel something gritty as i walked. i looked down and there was fine, gritty crap all over the insides of my legs! i ran to the bathroom and wiped myself off good with a wet washcloth (i threw it out afterwards). i felt so embarassed and dumb for not noticing it sooner. at least my bf didnt see, he was too busy on the comp to turn and see my mess. i dont know how my wet fart didnt wash off in the shower, though.

hey i been reading for years and this is my first post. i live with my grandparents and my grandmothers best friend which is a lady is living here to. every morning i listen to her use the toilet. she always pee's first then fart while she's peeing every morning. she is in her early 20's. do you females do that alot? bre.

to dave b

well, to answer your question, i do have a story to tell...

th other day i ate some three day old KFC food for dinner because my parents weren't home to cook. that night, i went to bed and my stomach felt like something was crawling in it. i decided just to go to sleep and ignore it. the next morning, i woke up and i really had to take a dump. i went in and sat down on th toilet and then i had the feeling you get when theres diarrea in my rectum but when it came out, it was 5 huge turds. all of them were about 6 inches long and they really hurt. i'm not even sure how i pooped that much since the chicken wasn't even a third of that size. when i was done, my belly felt really bloated, my gut was poofier than usual (usualy only hangs to the waist line on my pants) and my butt whole was really sore. then at school that day i pooped again but not as big

hope u got wht u were looking 4.......ill rite back when i have a new story

angela b
hi guys. my name is angela and i'm new to this site. i'm currently 19 years old and in college. I consider myself to have good bladder and bowel control. Since entering adult life I've had one major accident (peeing) and a few close calls. the only time i have trouble controlling my bladder or bowels is when i've been consuming alcohol

I recently went on spring break and had a few close calls, so i thought i'd share them. me and 5 friends, including my boyfriend, went to the beach for 7 days. the whole time we basically just hung out on the beach or at the pool at our resort and drank. the pool was right near our condo door, so using the bathroom was convenient. But the beach was down a sidewalk and a boardwalk so it was a bit further away.

one day at the beach, after consuming quite a few cocktails, i decided it was probably time to head to the bathroom. my need wasn't urgent, but it was strong enough that i could feel the small bit of pressure that my bikini bottom was placing on my bladder. however, i decided to wait another 10 minutes or so to finish a chapter in the book i was reading. by the time i had finished the chapter i was QUITE READY to head to the toilet. i set my book down and began to get up from my lounge chair. as i bent forward to stand i felt a small amount of wetness in my bikini bottom (which was dry and pale pink.) i wasn't sure if it was pee or sweat but i hoped it was the latter. in a fully standing position i could tell how full my bladder was. I told my friends i was heading up to the condo for a few things, not wanting them to know how desperate my need was, and started on my way back. the walk was hard on my neglected bladder, which had not been emptied in nearly 7 hours, but i made it to the condo door without any leaks. however, as i was trying to unlock the door and the deadbolt i accidently let a small jet of pee escape into my bikini, which i was able to cut off. once i was in the house i hurried to the bathroom, slid down my bottoms and let go all the pee i'd been holding back from the day, which was a tremendous relief. unfortunately the lining of my bikini bottom was white, and there was a pretty bold yellow stain in the crotch/butt area from where i had leaked, as well as a faint brown stain from the day before from not wiping thoroughly enough after pooping.

also, during the break, i pooped much less often because my boyfriend was constantly around and i am not comfortable doing that around him. therefore, in the 7 day period we were there, i think i only pooped 3 times, when i'm used to going every day. holding it longer definitely made my turds harder and bigger and whenever i would get the urge to poo after holding for a day or so it would be very intense. i had a few turtleheads, and only then would i accept it was time for a poo.

hey! yeah been while since I have been in here . and yeah, hi to PV as always and to mr clogs . anyway , tonight after not had to pee in hours since the time I left my medical dr office this afternoon about 3 PM or so, finally, I had to pee . must've been the two huge coffee mugs to help me stay up and write that novel more tonight and well the crystal light with dinner. total 60 ozs of liquids equals , well PEE! ha ha ha

anyway just now I went to the bathroom at 8 pm and let all that out. I walked in and closed the door , getting the mirror. then, first lifting the lid and opening the ribbon on my little plus sized pink hottie pants, I pulled them and my green undies down. holding the mirror with the puss exposed, I sat down on that seat and legs slightly apart and real quick like, this huge wide funnel like stream of the most yellow urine comes shooting out of my puss' peehole ; kind of sideways and makes this nice sounding tinkle as it hit the toilet's water. for the next 30 seconds, I saw this roughly 3/4 inch wide stream of the nastiest looking yellow pee come out of me and listened as it all went into the water; quickly turning it all yellow. then it just stopped and wow! I was done. reaching over to the left , I took some soft toilet paper and folded it, wiping my damp puss and then, getting up and tossing that in the toilet bowl; which of course was filled with all this bright but golden yellow urine which just came from my puss; along with just a few stray circles of quickly fading foamies from where my puss had tinkled into the water. I pulled up both my undies and hot pants , tying the string and then , oh so ladylike, flushed the toilet bowl and watched all that intensely yellow pee wash down. the best part was the totally kewl looking blaze coming out my puss.


Today i had a very interesting poop.
First of all, im a male,17 years old.
my girlfriend and i were camping(im typing this on my laptop), we were taking a hike when i felt a MAJOR urge to poop. She told me that she has been having a poop urge all evening so i told her i need to go NOW.
we stopped and went off the trail to find a place. BAD IDEA! we saw a cotton mouth snake and decided to run back to the trail. by the time we got back to the trail, my poop was hitting the inside wall of my hole.
i unzipped my pants while she pulled down her shorts and we both squatted facing eachother. Instantly, i could feel my butthole open as my poop started coming out. My hole seemed to stretch very wide. i grunted a little because as you can well imagine squatting in the forrest is very uncomfortable. Out of nowhere my girlfriend started crying. she said that it was stuck and then she turned around and it was halfway out of her. When i finished, i reached into my backpack and pulled out Vasoline i brought just in case of cuts or scrapes. i spread it around the ring of her anus. the poop slid out the rest of the way by itself about 10 minutes later. Her poop was about 8 inches long.

I have just taken a difficult, weird shit for me.

Usually, my turds are well formed, and i just require a push or two to release them. This last week, something i ate changed made me sick and made me going to the bathroom twice a day, and not once every few days as usual.
A few minutes ago, i had a really bad stomach ache. I decided to go to the bathroom. It is late at night and my brother's room is next to the bathroom. I went in there and closed the door after me. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I gave apush and a soft poop came out, followed by 2 really tiny ones. Then i started feeling it was hot in there, so i pulled further down my pants, about to my knees. I tried pushing more out, since my stomach still hurt. But as my other turd started coming out, i felt the bathroom started getting warmer, and my turd got back inside. I pulled my pants all the way down to my ankles. I then gave a really hard push and my turds started coming out quckly. After about some soft, small turds (4 inch i guess) the pressure kept telling me i wasnt finished. It kept getting warmer to a point i had to get completely naked. I pushed again and this soft, really small but well formed turds came out. I kept pushing and shitting until i felt i was finished. I relaxed a little and wiped myself. Then i washed my hands and came here to write it.

Last night I had a few too many drinks. I woke up this morning around 6 am and my stomach was hurting. I felt the pressure in my lower stomach start to build. I got up and went to the toilet and i strained for a minute before slowly a hard stool was working it's way out of me. I was relieved as to I hadn't pood in about 3 days. I thought all was well until about an hour later I woke up with cramping. I ran back and peed and then soft stool starting coming out. It was one of those poos where you keep wiping and it never seems to come clean. I wiped as best I could and lay back down. Another hour later I woke up again and this time the cramping was horrible. I let out some high squeaky farts and then the splash of diarrhea hit the toilet water. I strained so hard that pee starting trickling down into the toilet as well. I pushed hard and finally the cramps subsided and the poo was done I thought. Yet another two hours later after getting up it hit me again. This time the poo was so soft and runny that the water turned brown. The cramps were unbeleivable and urine trickled out again when i strained. I had to take some medicine after that one. I feel good that it's all about o fme now...what i dont understand is every time i get intoxicated this always happens. Sigh... I feel nice and empty now though. ;o)

A story when i was younger. I was around 11 i'd say. I've always had enormous poos. I've clogged toilets up since I was 3 and i'm 24 now. My poos are always very big. Anyway... i used to play in the woods a lot in our neighborhood and one day I had to poop very very bad. For some reason every time I played outside I always felt like I had to poop. Something about the woods and fresh air and being out in nature that made me have to poop. So I squatted behind this tree and pulled my undies and pants down. Without much effort a huge poo came out and plopped to the ground onto dried leaves that had fallen off the tree. Luckily it was a clean sweep and I had no need to wipe. I pulled up my pants and looked at my prized poo. It was cold outside so there lay my poo..... with steam coming off of it. I can remember this like it was yesterday. And you guys are the first who i ever told this to.

Kelly P
Hi everyone, just found this site again after a long absence. I've been reading some and have a few stories. First, I'd like to ask if anybody else's husband (or boyfriend) has this problem. Guys can answer for themselves, too, of course.

Every now and then my husband wakes up in the morning with a terrific urge to pee and also has a very hard erection, which is a problem for him because the erection won't go away until he pees and he can't point downward or it hurts and he can't pee. What he does is sit on the toilet seat way toward the back, spreads his legs and leans all the way forward so his chest is almost between his knees. Then he relaxes and his pee will start, pretty slowly at first. It's quite a sight. Once he's partly empty he can push his penis down with his hand and slide forward to the usual position so he can try for his poo. He says he discovered this way to go when he was about 13 years old and started having the problem.

I'm curious if anybody else's husband has this problem, and how do they take care of it?


Funny story. I am a security guard working at a Houston airport and last night while I was on post I had to take a dump, so I call my supervisor who comes over but says he can't drive me to a restroom cuz he's the only supervisor on duty. He asked me if I had to take a leak or whatever and I said nah man I gotta take a shit. So he kind of laughed and said well, I can't take you anywhere but you could go behind some dumpsters which have a cinder-block wall around them if you have something to wipe with and I was like, cool, I've got some baby wipes in my patrol bag I keep for such an occasion so he was like, ok now I'm not telling you to do this and I said, cool, I understand, so I went back behind one of the dumpsters with a newspaper I was going to put on the ground but then I saw some boxes in the dumpster so I took one out and hung my ass over the side and shit a big load then wiped w/ the baby wipes. I threw the newspaper on top of it and put it back in the dumpster, then went back to my post and told my supervisor 'mission accomplished!' he started laughing. To the person who asked about cops taking a dump while on duty, usually they wait till they have to fill up their cars so they can notify the dispatcher as to where they are, or they'll wait till their meal break. During these times, the dispatcher knows where they are so she won't call them if something is going on.

Monday, March 27, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO JESSICA I too have had a blue poo!!!
A couple of years ago I was preparing for a colonoscopy and was being cleaned out. I could eat nothing but drank blue sports drink and blue water gushed from my arse several times...I guess it just quickly went through me.

Another funny experience.. I go to this client for about two short days a year and each time I go their I have to sit on the pot. I did go this morning after breakfast (mostly I do not) and soon after I got there I had to sit on the pot. I knew this would be a big one and the toilet does not have windows. just a small internal room and used by about 4 staff (male and female). Anyway I dropped my load effortlessly but left a floater that would not flush and that is unusual for me... so I just left it. About two hours later I had to sit on the pot again and the floater was still there, it flushed this time and had to go again about an hour later. I need to go again...that is the story of my life, one small hard turd (real stubborn) yesterday and a flood today!

Linda from Australia here. I haven't posted on this site for ages but I have been lurking. I went camping this weekend but I didn't have any memorable dumps, mostly small, skinny turds and some loose stuff. I drove home on Sunday morning, leaving at about 10am. I did a wee before I left the camp and although I felt the urge to do a poo, I decided to wait until I got home, which would be a 2 hour drive. The urge to take a dump kept coming in waves and when I was about half way home, I needed to do a pee again. I thought about pulling over to the side of the road but then I remembered my toilet paper was in the boot of the car underneath all my camping gear. I managed to hold on until I got home. I made my way to the toilet, closed the door and pulled down my jeans and knickers. I sat down and immediately did a huge wee. I could feel a big load making its way down towards my anus. I pushed to open up my anus, then I had to push some more to get the logs to come out. The first turd was quite big and it hurt as it stretched my hole. Then I pushed again and some more turds came out. These ones were smaller but they still hurt when I squeezed them out. I wasn't finished so I pushed again and another small turd came out and then I peed again. I could still feel more poo inside me so I pushed again and some loose stuff came out, followed by a few farts. I could still feel more poo stuck up my arse but it wouldn't come out so I wiped my butt. There was some blood on the toilet paper and some poo. I had to wipe 6 or 7 times to clear it all away. I had at my job in the bowl and there was a huge pile of shit in there, some was even sticking out of the water. My dump consisted of lots of medium sized, relatively thin turds and one bigger piece. A few hours later, I had to do another poo, that was stuck up my butt from the big load I did earlier. It only consisted of 2 small turds but I felt so much better after that.

Richard and Sarah B
well I posted here for the first time last week. Sarah (my wife) and I picked up a mirror on Monday eve. I fixed it to the wall last!
This morning I awoke with the normal ache that indicates a bm is due. I roused Sarah from her slumber, and together we descended upon the bathroom. As is usual in our relationship, I hover just above the loo seat, whilst Sarah perches on the rim of the bath at just the right position to enjoy the best view.
Within a few seconds I had pushed out the first of a long wave of soft, light brown poo. It's aroma filled our bathroom. looking to the right, in the inside of the alcove in which our WC is positioned, I have place the mirror.
As I push, the brown stuff squirts into view. I took an sharp in take of breath and watched as part of my soft turd appeared to retreat back up myb arse. I smiled and relaxed and my poo slipped out of my anus and into the pan below.
I shat for three minutes more. Sarah savoured the smell and grinned broadly. I then watched as she wiped my arse, taking the usual precautions so as to reduce the chance of infection (it's my hairy butt, you see).
Well, I've got a few more stories to post... Sarah is dyiong to tell you about her huge dump at work.
More later
Richard and Sarah B

i ruined a new pair of panties today. here's what happened: i have a 10am class at college and i have my alarm set to get up at 8:30 and a backup at 8:45. after the 8:45 alarm i was still too dead tired to get up so i set a backup alarm to 9:15 (or so i thought, it turned out i had set it to 10:25 for some reason, dont know what i was thinking) after a while i woke up again on my own and to my horror it was 9:56. I jumped out of bed and quickly brushed my hair and pulled on some jeans. i hated the jeans i put on, they're light blue which i dont think looks good on my and they're too tight but i didnt have time to put thought into what i was going to wear. eitherway, i had kept on the panties i wore to bed, they were really comfortable pale blue cotton panties that i got to wear in bed because i normally wear a thong during the day. eitherway, on my way to class i had to crap the whole time. i was annoyed and worried about it because i ALWAYS take a crap before i go to class and i didn't know how i would handle the situation. so i sat through the whole 2 hours of my class and the urge was still there but more of an annoyance than an emergency. when i was on the way to the car it got worse, and leaving the school parking lot was like my body's signal to know i was heading home and i REALLY had to crap!!! i was so nervous and anxious and i couldn't stop squirming in my seat and bouncing around. i screamed in my car at every traffic light because i had to go so bad, and at one point i was gonna fart but as i was trying to i could tell if i farted i was gonna crap at the same time so i had to hold it back, and it made it even worse. i was pulling up to a stop sign a few blocks from my house when this massive painful cramp just like, punched me in the stomach so to speak, and i raised my butt off the seat and ripped this huge, high pitched sounding fart. i cant really type the sound but if i had to it was like "brrraaaaaapp!" it relieved the cramp pretty well but it also decided the fate of my panties. the second my butt went back on the seat after the huge fart, soft gooey and warm poop just started to ooze out of my butt and fill my panties at a rapid pace. it was a relieving as it was horrifying, it felt so good to let it go but it felt awful feeling this hot crap spread around under my butt and create an enormous bulge in my pants. i was in complete and utter shock, i had never even so much as wet my pants in my entire life and now here i was at 21 shitting my pants in my car on the way home from school. when i got home i waddled out of my car and into the house, i crapped a big trash bag on the way to the bathroom and i put it down between my feet on the floor and just dropped my jeans and panties into it. there was a lot of poop in them so they were pretty heavy and literally dropped when i unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down a little. i just tied the bag up and left them in there as they were and jumped right into the shower. i showered for 45 minutes, and the cleanup was pretty bad...when i was down i put the back with my messy panties and jeans in the garbage bin outside.

as horrible of an experience as it was, i have to say there was some sort of rush to it, just not being able to control myself anymore and feeling the relief at that moment where i long as i'm not around a bunch of people i know i can honestly say i wouldn't be devistated if i ever crapped my pants again.

I have a story about needing to pee extremely badly on a school trip. This was about a year ago, and I was going to an art gallery, kind of far away from the school. We took a school bus there and after we finished the tour me and a few friends (2 guys, 1 girl) went to a pizza place near the gallery. After eating my slice of pizza and drinking a small bottle of coke, I realized that I needed to pee...badly. The washrooms were downstairs and I went down to find that the women's washroom was completely flooded, and there was a maintenance guy working in the men's. I went back to my friends, not wanting to go into a flooded washroom. We got back on the school bus and I was feeling really desperate by then. I was sitting right beside one of the guys and I wanted to grab my crotch so badly but I was afraid he would say something and I didn't want him to know how badly I had to go. I was so quiet on the bus that he kept on asking me what was wrong. After I told him nothing about 30 times I finally said "I need a pee so badly I'm about to wet my pants!"..and I almost started to cry I was so desperate. He hugged me and said that it was okay we would be home soon. We were sitting in the very back of the school bus and once we got back to school we were the last ones to get off. As soon as I stood up to get off the bus, pee started spurting in my panties, and I started to cry. I sat back down as fast as I could..and he told me to hurry up. I told him I was peeing and I didn't want anyone else to see. He told me to get up and he'd walk behind me so no one could really see. We got off the bus and left as fast as we could and went to his place. As soon as we got out of sight of everyone I completely flooded my jeans. I was crying by then and I kept apologizing to him for making him see me like that. I walked to his house in wet jeans. When we got there luckily no one else was home, so I took a shower and borrowed an old pair of track pants from him. They didn't really fit, but whatever. After that day he never mentioned that to anyone else.


Desperate Girlfriend
Late yesterday evening my 21 yo girlfriend took one of the biggest dumps I've ever seen anyone take in my entire life. I had invited her over to my apartment earlier that day and she showed up around 8:30 that evening wearing a tight white t-shirt, denim skirt, and high heeled black boots she had recently purchased. Right after she came in and gave me a short hug she immediately rushed into the bathroom saying she had to poop extremely urgently, she didn't even have time to remove her boots. I walked in behind her and sat down on the edge of the bath tub next to her while she hiked up her skirt and plopped her buns down on my toilet. After she sat down with her thighs pressed together she proceeded to tell me she had been holding it to show me for nearly an hour and that she was so desperate to relieve herself she was worried she might ruin the upholstery in her car on the way to my place, she also told me while walking to my building she had started looking for a private place to squat because she thought she just couldn't hold it anymore.

It took very little pushing before I could hear a long turd sliding out of her. After it landed in the water with a light floomp noise, followed quickly by a second piece, she peed a short weak stream and breathed a sigh of relief. After she finished peeing she stood up so we both could look in the bowl. She then told me she felt plenty more inside and sat down to begin pushing again. This is when the real show started.

Soon I could hear her let out a sputtering, wet sounding fart followed by the sound of chunky, runny poop cascading out of her and splashing in the water. She excused herself and said "oh my". I had never seen her having a case of the runs before and it was very exciting for me, and whereas she usually makes very little smell this time she had left a very strong smell hanging in the air that kind of smelled like raw sewage. She stood up again and this time the water was colored a rich brown and I could see her chunky diarrhea floating in the water and a long soft turd floating in a slightly curled shape next to it; her stench filled the air even more.

She sat back down and with her nose curled up she said "phew it stinks in here". She rested a second and began pushing again, this time more audibly than I had ever heard before, even letting out an occasional grunt like any inhibitions she had about me hearing her pushing were beginning to leave her. She let out another wet sounding fart and began to laugh, then I could hear another piece not unlike the first long, soft piece crackle its way out and into the bowl. She rested a little while again and then grunted out yet another load of chunky soup, and yet another wet fart. After that she peed a short trickle again and remained sitting for nearly 5 more minutes pushing and pushing seeing if anything was left. When she was satisfied she was done she stood up and we both had a look in the brown water filled with her chunky excretion and long turds. She sighed again saying how much better she felt.

She bent over with her butthole pointed at me and asked if it was dirty. I told her she was really dirty and that she had some of it stuck on her. I looked at the toilet bowl and she had even left streaks on the seat when she had kept getting up and sitting down again. She sat down and pulled paper off of the roll to begin the long cleanup effort. Lifting one cheek off the bowl she reached under her bottom to wipe, the toilet paper was absolutely covered when she brought it back up to look. She wiped 3 more times and stood up again. She then asked me if I'd finish cleaning her up. I told her I'd be happy to and she flushed once to make sure we didn't clog the toilet, leaving plenty of brown streaks on the bowl, then she pulled off another wad, wetted it in the water and handed it to me. After 3 more wads she was clean but I didn't bother to flush again.

Japanese girl hello allim here to respond to the question someone ask me well american toilets dont borther me because u sit but i japan u have to squat and go but there some places u can sit on the toilet
but i prefer sitting its more relaxing if anymore questions anyone has
feel free to ask bye bye for now

Just held my pee for nearly twelve hours to busy all day to take pee. My train ride home was kinda exciting it felt as if my bladder was about to explode at any time with lots of wriggling and squirming and holding onto my puss to stop a spirt of pee hitting my panties I was so looking forward to taking a long pee when I got home and the relief it would bring and really liked the thought of I was about to pee myself in public big time. Well the staton is about two blocks from my house and as soon as i got off the train I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the bathroom with dry pants. As I walked faster so I started to let out the first gush of pee I grabbed hold of my puss and soaked my hand. Hey what should I do, it was getting dark so I decided to carry on walking and peeing at the same time there was no way I could stop Ohh the relief I was peeing so fast that my legs were getting drenched and there was kinda long trail of pee on the ground behind me I just did not care as it felt so good. I thought I had finished but just as I was getting out my keys I let out another pee on the doorstep before heading for the shower.

One time when my husband and I were driving home from a movie and we decided to stop by a convenience store to pick up some drinks and gas. I bought a bottle of one of those blue hawaiian punches and started drinking it. I thought the drink tasteted good and finished it without any other thoughts. Later on that evening I felt like taking a dump so I went to the bathroom about 20 minutes later I finished unloading a pretty normal log into the toilet. When I checked the contents instead of it being it's typical brown color it was the same blue color of my fruity drink I had earlier. Since then I won't drink that particular color of fruit punch because I can't forget the day I took a blue dump.
Has anyone else ever had rainbow colored shit?

once when I was 13 I accidently locked myself out of the house while I was in the pool. after about 2 hours I had to poop so I dropped my trunks and started dropping a few logs by the side of the pool. The wind was blowing so I put my butt out in the air to catch a breeze in my hole. However the lady next door came to see if I was okay and caught me with a huge turd hanging halfway out of my ass. I tried to expalin but she'd already gone back home. It was pretty embarrassing

Chris aka Toast
This is something that me and my best friend Travis did when we were around 8 or 9. We would be out in my back yard playing all sorts of childish games that were later dubed " Imagination games", any way one day Travis says to me" I gota use the restroom but he for some reason was always tought not to use other peoples bathrooms. and he didnt think he could make it back to his house so I suggested behind the house whare there are no windows and pee on a fence post but he said he had to " go number 2" at this I being a curious 8 year old suggested useing the space inbetween the A/C commpresser and the wall of the house and he reluctantly agreed, so he droped his shorts all the way to his feet and squatted down than slowly as I watched fassenated( he didnt seem to care) his poop comeing out of him and when he as done he would take some dried grass or leafes from a tree and wipe this continued to the very day he moved to colorado andI never saw him again. I felt guilt about never pooping out side years later so I decided for old time sake I would make a contribution and I discoverd that I liked it so I continude doing this till one day I got careless and started pooping in the back yard when my parens were home( Big mistake) my dad come out side just to see why i was out side with out even the dogs around and he cought me mid poop. I tell you if looks could kill I would not be able to write this post.I said I woudnt do it again and I never did in tell I discoverd this websight and that entised me to start doing it again this time in our new house back yard(we obvouisly moved) and I would post about that some time if it wernt exeedingly uneventfull. Well, I hope you enjoyed my re-colection of one of my most memorable times with the best friend i ever had.

Take care, Toast

I just thought I would mention that at the BlockBuster Vidio store here in my town if you ask for the key to the bathroom they hand it to you but its attached to a dvd case titled " The Key To the Kingdom" I thought it was sorta funny. Take care. Toast

Re: Question about holding

This depends. Normally you do have an accident, but if something is not right with the function of your bladder closure, then the internal pressure of the bladder increases until it is as high as the blood pressure, whereas diuresis stops. This, of course, is a potentially deadly condition. I had this once after anesthesia (the one where you get an injection into the spine - what is word?). Had to be catheterized several times - no big deal for a woman - and had bladder problems for years after that. If I held it too long I would have to sit on the toilet for an hour or so, while the pee only dribbled. In fact, I couldn't empty my bladder properly when it overfilled. I would not suggest to mess with this fuction, really, and I am willing to piss anywhere to avoid this condition. Some of my pants split along the crotch by way of a zipper (I altered them), and I wear them when I expect not to find "watering places". Wearing them, I can pee standing and do not need much to hide myself, since nobody believes a standing woman to pee, even if he can see her only from the waist upward.

@Dave: Yes, this is really bad - have you eaten chili? My uncle used to make a stew with hungarian red peppers which we called "Uncle Henry's cry-twice-stew". It might help to avoid coffee, alcohol and everything remotely acidic (from tomatoes to citrus) until it gets better, and then to find out what it is that you can not digest. Plus, it is always good to do Kegel excercises, even for men, since a beginning waekness of the pelvic floor can also cause this effects. Believe me that the pelvic floor muscles are not only harmed ba childbirth, but also by any condition where the internal pressure in the abdominal cavity increases - as, for example, in body building, weight lifting, runnig and so on. Hope you feel better soon!

constipated and unhappy
i dont know why but i feel like i gotta poo right then when i goto the bathroom and sit down i dont feel it coming anymore. this usually never happens i need help!

Hi. I've been reading this posts for 3 years now. I am 14, so i guess i was 11.
Some of the posts here have made me done some things i would never thought of doing.

1.-When i was 12, i took a dump standing up. My parents were not home so i spread newspaper all over my room's floor and took off my pants and boxers. I peed first in the toilet because i did not want to wet the floor. Then i just stood there until the urge to release my turds got stronger and pushed. I pushed and grunted and a little pee came out while the turds fell. It was difficult. It requires a lot more effort and it is messier. Fortunately, my turds then where hard and lumpy because i was constipated, so i wiped as if it was a normal dump.

2.-When i was a year younger, i tried pooping in an urinal. It was difficult too, but because my younger brother came in for a poop too. He was 9. It was in the beach in an old building and we were playing. I told mom i was going to the bathroom and she told me to take my brother with me. The nice bathroom had a line, so we went to the nearby building with an old bathroom. I could see my brother red and with one hand on his stomach and the other on his butt (more exactly, on his buttcrack, forcing the poop to stay inside)and was clearly desperate. We searched for the bathroom and after a minute or two, we found it and went inside. He dashed inside and pulled down his shorts just below his buttcheeks and went. I was ready to poop and pulled down my shorts and boxers just the same as by brother and sat on the urinal and told my brother not to look. He asked me why was i pooping in there and i told him because it was also for pooping. I pushed and squeezed out 4 fat,soft turds. I then got off the urinal and squatted to wipe. When my brother was finished, we went to look what each other had done. I got surprised to see that he had pooped more than me.

Hey Gassy White boi aka desmondwh,

How are you, man? I haven't posted for a while cuz I have been on vacation. I love reading your posts. Two weeks ago I took one of those "specialty" cruises in the Caribbean. You know the kind. Sweet!

This morning was one of those "dulcolax" mornings. I got back late last night from a long business trip and realized that my stomach was hurting. I hadn't pooped in four days. I popped 3 dulcolax tabs at bedtime, figuring I would get it all out of my system this morning. I woke up about 6 AM with an uneasy crampy feeling, but was able to go back to sleep. My alarm went off at 7 and I got up and tried to take a dump, but couldn't. I grabbed a mug of hot black coffee and went out to clean the pool. I still wasn't quite ready to poop, but a big urge was starting to build.

I shaved and grabbed another mug of coffee. About 8 AM, a hard cramp overcame me and I felt my rectum fill with a huge load. I took off my boxers and headed for the toilet. I did not have to strain much, cuz the dulcolax had kicked my colon into high gear. The first turd was hard and large. It hurt coming out, but I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to. All I could do was sit there on the pot and let it happen. The second wave was a lot softer, but the cramps were getting harder. After about twenty minutes, the phone rang and I did a quick wipe and got up to answer it. Big mistake! While I was talking to my friend, I got another hard cramp and felt my rectum fill. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to contain it and it just kind of oozed out of my ass. I was only wearing a t-shirt so I started to freak out about the carpet. Luckily I was able to contain it between my butt cheeks for the 20 seconds or so that it took me to get off of the phone. I made my way back to the toilet where I kept shitting for almost another hour. Every five minutes or so, a new wave would wash over me and I would crap. It got softer and softer (thank goodness), but never turned to diarrhea. Finally, about 9:30, I was all done. the cramps stopped and I felt so much better!

Next time I will tell you about the buddy dump (sort of) that I had with my cabin mate on the cruise. Oh, by the way, I am headed to my favorite club again Saturday night (the one with the frosted glass stall doors) to hang out with Kimberly S. More later!

To: Question about holding
I believe it will either leak out or eventually cause so much pain in either your bladder or kidneys when it backs up there, that you will give in and release it. Why don't you try it and report back to us.

Hey, i'm 18 and this is my 1st post. I've always had somewhat of an interest in peeing, so I'll admit I was pleased to find out my girlfriend didn't have the world's strongest bladder. She has a lot of bedwetting problems and occasionally has an accident in public. While I have to concole her bout these problems, I secretly enjoy them. The most amusing story was whenever we were at a movie and were making out, when all of a sudden I could feel my leg getting a little wet. She stopped and we realize she was having an accident. She was soaked and some of it was on me. Let me tell you, it was difficult to get out of there without being noticed!

My husband had ankle and knee surgery unfortunately for him, the ankle and knee were on different legs. I'm staying at home with him, and we've sent our 4-yr-old to my parents house to make things easier. This has led to some interesting bathroom-related moments. It's not the best situation for them to happen, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Here are a few of them:

He's been using a plastic urinal the hospital gave us when he has to pee, which happens surprisingly often, at least 6 or 7 times a day. Although he can get the urinal himself to use by himself, he lets me do it for him most of the time . Since the kids aren't home to see him, he's just been wearing a bathrobe (or sometimes nothing), so I'll just flip that open and hold his penis for him while he pees into the urinal. He had a little trouble with this at first (heehee), but he's gotten used to me holding him now.

The first time he had to poop, we planned on using the bedpan for when he had to poop, but we realized that could be a problem because he couldn't roll over so I could wipe. So we had to roll him to the bathroom in his wheelchair, transfer him to the toilet, and then put his legs up on stools because he can't bend his knee yet. I sit beside him and point his penis down for him (so he can use his hands to balance) so he can pee as well. I've seen him pee many times before, but this was one of the few times I've seen him poop, and I've never been so close. It was especially hard because he was a little constipated, and he couldn't really move much to help push it out. While he was pushing, I had to pee, so I took off my shorts and panties and got up on the counter, which faced the toilet. My husband watched as I spread my legs apart slightly and my pee started splattering into the sink. He finally finished, and he spread his legs apart and leaned backwards a little so I could hold his balls up and reach between his legs and wipe him. Then we got him back in bed. Luckily, it's gotten easier for him, and we've only had to do this once a day!

We have a very large backyard, and I had taken my husband outside one evening because he was going stir-crazy in his bed. He mentioned that he would have to pee when we got back inside, and I offered to go get the urinal for him, but he said it wasn't that bad yet and it would be a while. After about 45 minutes of sitting outside, he said he had to go pretty badly, but he wanted to go through the gardens once before going back in. I started wheeling him through the garden, noticing that he was getting slightly fidgety. At the far end of the garden, he stopped me. Because he was sitting, there was more pressure on his bladder than usual, which made him have to pee sooner than he was anticipating, and he said he had to pee NOW. Luckily, it was pretty dark outside, with the only light coming from the lamps in our garden, so although the neighbors could have seen, there wasn't a very big chance of it. I couldn't really move him to a more hidden place because of the wheelchair, but I turned him so that a bush was on one side of him and I was on the other. He was wearing boxers under his bathrobe, and he told me to take those off for him. I then helped him slide forward a little in his wheelchair so he wouldn't get it wet and untied his robe and pulled it up around his waist. By this time, he was getting a slight erection"he said it was because he was a little nervous about being so exposed. He leaned back and closed his eyes, trying to relax, and after a few seconds, he sighed and started to pee. He was still a little erect, so his penis was pointing straight forward, and so his pee shot straight out and hit the ground a couple of feet in front of him. He really did have to pee! He peed a forceful stream for about 30 seconds, then it tapered off and trickled to a stop in 15 more seconds. I watched him peeing and shook him off when he was done. I've decided that we're going to have a few more outdoor peeing sessions when he's not in the wheelchair anymore

Sorry for the length of this, but I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed watching it. I'll share some more stories in a few days!

Also, does anyone else have any similar stories to share?

Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while, and I've been reading all the old posts and I think I've read most of them. I especially like the peeing stories; my boyfriend Logan and I often pee together. Tim and Sarah, I especially enjoy some of your earlier stories about you and your wife peeing together have any more?

My brother and his wife have a small beach house, and we were babysitting her kids (a 5 year old and 7 year old twins, all boys) there while they were running errands that the kids would have gotten in the way for. We were at the beach house because it's halfway between our homes, so it was convenient. Since it was the beginning of March, it was too cold to go in the water, but it was a very warm day, so we took the kids outside to play. We started out on the sand, but it got very windy, so we retreated to their yard, which is very open"the house is lofted, and there a few bushes around the steps and the posts, but other than that, the yard is mainly sand, blocked from the main beach by some dunes. After a couple of hours, one of the boys had to pee. I took him to the house, but it had somehow locked, and the keys were with my brother and his wife! It wasn't a problem for the boys they just walked a few steps over to the dunes and took care of their business. However, a while later, Logan and I were starting to need to pee. We didn't want to go in the yard while the boys were there, but each time we tried to go off individually, one of them followed us. So we had no choice but to wait for my brother to get back. Another hour went by, and they still hadn't returned. They had said they were going to be back by one, so we had another hour at the most. By this point, I was getting fairly desperate, and judging by the way Logan was pacing around, so was he. The sky was becoming overcast, and it suddenly started raining hard. We took shelter under the house, and as the rain was stopping, my brother and his wife returned. By this time, Logan and I were absolutely dying to pee. Unfortunately, the beach house has only one bathroom, and my sister put the kids in a hot bath right away so they wouldn't get a cold. Logan and I said something about going outside, then hurried into the yard, where we found my brother getting things out of the car. 5 minutes later, he was still outside, and neither of us could wait much longer. So we headed out to the beach, which was deserted. We walked about 10 feet to a patch of tall grass, which didn't provide much cover, but there wasn't any way I was holding on any longer. I rippsed my shorts and panties off and spread me legs apart. First, a small dribble came out, but it quickly turned into a hissing arc that arched forward and splattered into the sand as I sighed in relief. Beside me, Logan had also dropped his shorts completely and was standing with his hands on his hips and his hips thrust forward, and a huge gusher of pee was coming out of his dick as he moaned in relief. I leaned over and grabbed his dick and started aiming it for him. He turned me to face him, and we stood there peeing together for over a minute before his stream tapered to a halt. He let out a few short spurts, then stood and watched me until I stopped peeing in about 10 seconds. I haven't had to pee that badly in a very long time!

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