I haven't posted in a long while. Here's my story.

I was driving home from a trip to visit friends and had to go pick up my sister at the airport so the trip was a couple of hours long. I hadn't gone #2 in over four days but knew something was cooking down there. I was driving by myself so didn't think anything about releiving myself and letting go of gas. Whew! It really reaked! I was still about an hour north of the airport coming down from Olympia when I realized I was getting close to having to go but my sister was going to arrive in less than an hour so I couldn't stop. As I continued to let go of the gas I suddenly realized I had something hard knocking on the door. It was a kind of busy highway and I was getting close to the city and couldn't stop on the side because there was no where to get out in privacy. I held as long as I could but then felt this HUGE rumble and I could not refuse and let it go. MISTAKE! I ended up with this huge turd that crept out into my panties and before I knew it I felt like I had part of my pants filled and this nasty hard turd stuck in my butt! It felt kind of good and warm and I actually enjoyed it. Then I thought in horror what would I do when I got to the airport and saw my sister! I was able to push out the rest. I waddled to the bathroom. Luckily because it was so hard and solid it came off like clay and I threw both the turd and my panties in the toilet but didn't flush. I really didn't have much to wipe and put my jeans back on and ended up meeting my sister in the baggage area on time!

Lucky #2

mr. pooper,
Timothy Peters NASCAR driver on his most embarrassing moment " it would probably be the time i walked out of the bathroom at a racetrack and had just got done doing #2 and walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my foot, and i didn't know it".

gassy white boi
Dave--yes I know what its like to have "ass on fire"

I had it about a month ago and it was terrible. It happened after a week long bout of diarrhea. You need to get some hemmoroid cream, it really works!

Buddy dump story:

I was at my fav mall restroom yesterday taking my usual long relaxing dump. I had noticed a nice looking Hispanic guy walking around in the store earlier. Red shirt, long shorts, white tennis shoes. Anyway, after I was sitting there awhile, I heard the bathroom door fly open and someone was rushing in. I looked through the crack and it was the same guy that I had seen earlier in the store. He rushed into a stall and yelled out, to no one in particular---"I gotta shit!"

He slammed his shorts and white boxers and all the way down and sat down and started really going. It kind of sputtered out and he was sighing and breathing real heavy. A few minutes later somone else came in and sat down and they were having a real slow one.

Suddenly the first guy started talking--obviously it was his freind. The first guy started telling his freind that he barely made it and almost had an accident. His freind started laughing at him.

It was pretty good.


Dave B,

I work at a deaf school so you are very right in describing those signs that you talked about for Toilet and Pooping, and Constipation. *lol* I actually forgot the sign for Pee, myself because it is not often used. Most of the time when students have to use the restroom, they just sign Toilet to me.

Cool, huh?

Sweet Survey-er
I have a short story to tell that happened to me a week ago.
I was at my boyfriends house and we decided to get pizza for tea that night. Anyway, after i ordered a medium mexicana- i love hot food (mushrooms, hot salami, olives, capsicum, hot chilli)he orded a bbq chicken one. We went home to eat it, and man was my mexicana hot!! i'm surprised i could eat the whole thing by myself, as my boyfriend ate one slice and that was too hot for him.
The next day i woke up with a 'full' feeling in my anus, realised i needed to get to the toilet soon or else i would have an accident.
I headed to the loo, and sat down. A rush of semi soft poo and diarrea gushed out of my anus, and man did that chilli hurt!! It felt as if my butthole was literally passing a razor blade and the smell was rank. For the rest of the day i had diarrea. I was at work too when i had it (i work at a petrol station/roadhouse)and there is only one toilet for staff, customers and the disabled. It was embarrasing leaving the toilet after a bout of chilli diarrea, mainly because of the smell.
next time i will be ordering a mexicana without the chilli!!

I also have a few stories about work incidents when i have to clean the toilet. Some people can be so dirty with their BM's!, but i will post them next time. I also have a story about eating too much chilli when i was on holiday in india. But that will also come soon.

To answer Dirty Squrity's Survey:

1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up?
Yes, i dribble a bit, i think its because i have a weak bladder.
2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants?
I have peed in a cup and in the bathroom sink once and in the bath.
Not poo though.
3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water?
Have weed in the pool, the beach and the bath. Have pooed in the sea
once when i was about 9, it just floated away with the waves.
4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle?
If i have been holding it for a while,its like a fire hose.
5) Have u every gone i front of someone?
Only peed in front of my boyfriend. never pooed.
6) Have u tried peeing standing up?
Yes, when i was swimming, i got out to have a smoke with the towel
around me, and i let it slowly dribble down my legs. it looked like water, so no-one noticed.
7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
I reckon it went for about 5 secs, it was loud, and didn't smell. i usually do these type around/before i get my period.
8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident?
Not sure what this means? do you mean to sit down on it thinking that it was up? that has never happened.
9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in?
Only when constipated.
10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.
No never played any games.
11) how old are u?
any other info would be appricated happy pooping

Brad, It was good to read how you pee. What I'm curious about is why guys when they wear briefs push the underwear down above their grion? You don't do that with your boxers. Why is it ok to simply pull your penis though the hole of you boxers, but you have to push your briefs down and not just pull your benis throught the opening in your briefs.

Alisha, awesome stories, very intriguing, would love to hear more!

Hi Tim (and Sarah),
When I saw you mentioning PV having named your daughter Tiger Josie, I grinned to myself. So apart from Loewie you now have a tiger in the family as well!
I would like to give a comment on your musings about the possibility of Josie using a TravelMate device. Although you know that I am all in favour of women mastering the art of peeing standing to give them another option, I would not recommend you to let Josie use a device at her age. By all means let her be an expert using the same technique as PV, but a device? Would she keep it in her pencil case? Or in its little carrying case? Just imagine her friends at school finding it and making a big ado about it. In the society we live in the consequences could be very hard to bear. So, my advice is to wait until Josie is old and mature enough to use tampons. The latter can be put in the carrying case of the TravelMate, a case to be used for intimate things. And carrying a device with her in such a way would be inconspicuous. And the other girls (I'm not talking about the boys now) would also have matured to a level of understanding by that time, I hope.
So much for today.
Healthy poos to all, Rizzo.

clean up guy
Cassie: I loved your story that was cool.
A few weeks ago I went to the drug store and bought a hand held urinal (the types they use in the hospitals). I took the urinal thing in my room.
A few hours later I had too pee so i opened the lid unzipped my pants and peed for a few seconds.I managed too feel it up to the 17oz mark. I like to pee in it during middle of the night. I like too pee in different things.
Also i like to poop and pee in dendens but i do that in my house, i do like too use the toilet. I was thinking about wearing a pair too work.(too pee in) But i'm afraid that i will get notcie Also i pooped in a plastic bag before.
I have a question should I waer a pair of depends protective underwear to work too pee in. They really work you dont smell the pee smell.
I hope you guys liked my story.

1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up? details
I do that everyday.
2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants? eg. cup, bin, bag. detail
Yeah i've had diarrhea in my pants and in my bed and pissed out my window.
3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water? details
I like doing it so i do it all this time but when i shit in the ocean, the salt water goes in and gives me explosive diarrhea.
4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle? details
fire hose.
5) Have u every gone i front of someone? deatails wat did u do who saw u?
my girlfriend and aunt when i had explosive diarrhea.
6) Have u tried peeing standing up? pls give details eg how far did it go? was it sucessful?
i always do cuz i'm a guy.
7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
2 minutes straight and i shit a little. it smelled like diarrhea.
8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident? details
yeah cuz i was running to the bathroom and i opened the stall and pulled down my pants and shit like imediatly before i even sat down.
9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in? describe
10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.
11) how old are u?

Greg-Those were great stories. I particularly liked the one about Josh. That would have been a fantastic buddy dump. It's cool when guys are uninhibited like that. And the earlier post about Brad in the Varsity jacket was priceless!

I have seen several guys on the can in the restroom where the stalls face each other. Many of the guys who come in there and want to crap are freaked out and try to find another restroom. A few times I've heard them tell their wives or girlfriends who are waiting outside that there's no doors and they're going elsewhere. Sometimes they'll even add,incredulously, that someone's taking a dump. The ones in dire straits tend to barely uncover themselves while crapping. No visible skin. There are several who also don't really care. One guy came in to take a leak and seemed to be drunk. He saw me and said, Hi there. I said, hi, how ya doin'. He said Great! He zipped up and left and I heard him tell a buddy outside that there's no doors on the stalls and some guy is taking a shit. Make sure to say hi when you go in. His buddy came in while I was standing and wiping and saw me and said Hi!

One runner came in and took the seat across from me and dropped his shorts and was basically naked while on the can. No shyness there. I actually saw him running on the street a few days ago.

There was another guy who came in with a buddy and took the stall next to mine, not across from me. Now everyone coming in could see both of us as soon as they walked in. He was with a buddy, they were both hispanic. The guy who had to crap saw the set-up and mentioned how it was like in prison. He asked me if I've ever been to prison. I said, nope. He laughed and repeated that it was like prison. His buddy took a leak, and the guy on the can kept talking to him. After a few minutes, his buddy went outside.

There was a young blonde guy who came in and looked at me on the toilet, looked at the set-up, then looked back at me, smiled and shrugged and took the stall across from me. He was a nice looking guy, and he did drop his pants and black briefs down to his ankles while he dumped. He didn't say anything, but he would look up and smile at me every now and again. It was a sort of acknowledgement that we're both in an awkward situation smile. He and I both started to clean up at the same time and we were not shy about standing up to wipe.

Alot of guys seem to rather take a doorless stall next to mine and be seen by anyone coming in, than to take the stall across from me and just be seen by me. They probably figure that they can time their wipes so that they aren't seen by people walking in to pee and leaving, but if there's someone across from them, then that guy gets to see how they wipe, how much, if they check the paper, etc...

And Greg, I do think that guys tend to look better in briefs. Boxers are very ordinary and can be seen everyday worn as outer wear. Briefs are specifically under clothing. And colors aren't as common, so the more color, the better! I'm wearing yellow with white trim briefs right now which the Home Depot guy saw when he opened my stall door this morning. At least he didn't freak out like some guys do. He just looked at me, backed up and closed the door.

Tim: I greatly enjoyed your story about your visit to the restroom on your son's college campus. Is this the same son that had a bit of an emergency himself while out on a Christmas walk with you or was that a different son?? I seem to remember an old post about the two of you out walking when his constipation ended in quite dramatic fashion and the two of you sort of had to improvise a makeshift toilet outside. I really enjoyed that story!!

Are you SURE the young guy who came in sat next to you had a *NON-STOP* crackle for SIXTY SECONDS?????? :-0 If that's right then THAT is impressive!! The very LONGEST non-stop opening crackle I think I've EVER heard was 40-48 seconds. I had never heard such an impressive opening volley in my life and frankly haven't since.

Some number of years ago I was working at a summer camp as a counselor and had met a guy who was working with some of the younger kids. He had a really nice mesomorphic build, about 23 years old, trim dark hair, about 6' and 190 pounds. I really wondered what it would be like to see him on the toilet but that whole summer I never got the opportunity. However, the next summer during the pre-camp setup, I had just finished breakfast and headed to the facilities downstairs to relieve myself before resuming my duties. As I was almost there, I saw the same guy come scampering down the stairs behind me like a bat out of #e//. Wondering if this was finally it, I took the second stall of 3 as the 1st stall was already taken. A split second later, the guy behind me was racing into the third stall. I'm positive now that if I had been about to occupy the only available stall he most certainly would have asked to go ahead of me. After desperately fumbling with with belt and zipper, the BADLY-loaded guy just RIPPED his pants down, THREW himself on the toilet and let RIP!!

Without farting, the loaded young guy was very quickly in the throes of a FURIOUS dump. Like I said, I had never seen anything like it in my 22 years of life up until then and have never seen anything like it in the 23 years since. It quite literally was up until now, once in a lifetime. Like I said, the crap kept blasting out of this guy for anywhere between 40-48 seconds without abatement. The crackling of all the shit coming out of him sounded like popcorn in a microwave oven as it thundered out of him and crashed into the *BADLY*-needed toilet below. And mind you, this guy wasn't just pacing himself either with a good slow crackle to sustain it. No, this was full-out high-speed crackling.

I believe I've probably heard 5-6 bigger dumps overall in my life, but this was BY FAR the most impressive opening salvo I have EVER heard and probably ever WILL hear. I didn't know up until then that the human body was even CAPABLE of producing and passing so much shit in one opening volley.For at least 40 unbelievavle seconds this exceptionally loaded young man sat bumming relentlessly on the toilet as a remarkable volume of crap thundered out of him. Unbelievably, this guy NEVER moaned, signed, or gasped through the whole ordeal which surprised me greatly since this crap was a BEAST of UNPRECEDENTED scope!!

When his shit tsunami was finally over, the guy evidently didn't have any more waves or secondary shit inside him. Apparently he was all crapped out after one monstrous opening wave. (That's why I said I believe this probably wasn't the biggest overall crap I've ever heard) In fact, he only sputter farted a few times before reaching for the paper and wiping seven times. I don't know if he held back, but this guy didn't vocalize even ONCE during his trip to the can and seemed to be perfectly all right as he flushed and left only 90 seconds after throwing himself on the can. Most any other guy I know going through a monster shit like THAT would have been absolutely WRECKED and would have needed to sit another five minutes just to RECOVER from such a devastating onslaught!!

After that, I saw the guy several times on the camp grounds or in town at the Beer Hall where they had a Polka band a coupe times a week. I even saw him a few times with the daughter of a piano instructor at my college, but I don't think they stayed an item very long. I eventually got to talk to him and found out he was going into elementary education and really liked working with the young kids. I thought that was really cool that such a virile young guy was headed that direction in a profession that acknowledges they have a critical shortage of men. I only got to see him in the throes of a huge dump once, but frankly, he wasn't going to be able to top that performance I saw anyway!!!!! ;-)

----------------- TO ZIP:

Bro, I can't believe an experienced and savvy toilet sitter such as yourself didn't realize that YES, indeed you CAN piss between the seat and the bowl and it's resulted in some less-than-comfortable incidents for me as well. I remember one friend telling me at his wedding one of the guys in the wedding party had to shit so bad he didn't pay any attention and started to enjoy the long load of crap crackling out of him JUST a bit too much. As he leaned back to let out a gasp of relief, his piss sprayed out over the top of the bowl and onto his WHITE tuxedo trousers!! :-O Needless to say there was a significant portion of the trousers that weren't white anymore. Luckily, the ceremony was still 2 hours off and he was able to recruit some help to clean up. Needless to say, he's not living that one down any time soon.

---------------------- To Dave B:
Dave, I DEFINITELY know what you are talking about with the whole "anus on fire" thing. Sadly, I have had to give up Jalapeno peppers as a result. They're fine going in but definitely wreak their havoc on the way out. It's cool that you are taking sign language. I myself learned how to swear at people and use epithets by seeing such films as "Children of A Lesser God" and Mr. Holland's Opus." Thanks for helping me add to my repertoire!! :-)

------------To Kevin L. and Jack:
I'm sure housekeeping ladies at hotels and shopping centers have walked in on more than a few guys wearing their pants down around their knees/calves/ankles. When I'm at a hotel where I am the sole occupant, I usually just leave the bathroom door open if I'm on the can or showering. To compensate, I put on the extra security locks on the exterior doors. Really, housekeeping is supposed to knock and yell who it is, but sometimes, the occupant doesn't hear or doesn't respond so the maid then lets herself in where either she or the occupant or both get a surprise.

Jack, You should be very proud that your dad has been faithful to your mom all these years if that housekeeper was the only other woman to see his equipment besides your mom, and that was an accident. I'm guessing however that your Grandmother has probably seen your dad's equipment too, but probably not since he was litle.

-------------TO ALL:

I was wondering if any of you had ever seen an on-duty cop take a dump?? They have a whole ton of equipment around their belts and I wonder how they work out the logistics. Any cops out there that can answer that??? Do you know of any cops who might have just sat down to do their business when they suddenly had to get up and head to an(other) emergency??? What about firemen? How do they work things wearing all that stuff they have on?? I'm sure that they have to be ready to head out the door when the alarm rings no matter WHAT they might be up to at the moment.

A classic movie scene depicting how fast people need to respond is in "Das Boot." In the film, a sailor heads to the bathroom to take a crap. A few moments later, the alarm goes off and you see the same sailor scampering out of the bathroom pulling up his pants and his butt showing as he rushes to his station. CLASSIC scene!!

To cassie, you had asked if there were any weird places where we had ever dropped a load before.

I've got three.

1. This happened a few years ago, I was 13, the toilet had stopped up to the point where it had to be clean, it had been done after 4 stressful hours, not only from my father figure, but on my bowels, I had to go, but I held it in, until 9:00, that evening, my dad went off to bed early, because of how exhausted he was, my mom was awake, and though the toilet was fixed for sure, I told my mom that I feared that If I used the toilet, I'd clog it up after getting it cleaned. I had to find a place to go, so my mom suggested the old chicken coop (It was not used, because we didn't have chickens for years, so it was not occupied)

She gave me a plastic bag to throw away my paper waste, so I went out, freezing, it was 20 degrees outside, I went, dropped trou, and released soft serve, basically, from inside me, wiped myself clean, and left. Never looking back.

2. One time, this was weird for me, in that I was pooping. me and my sister and mom came went to the local lake (Okay, you couldn't call it local, it was well off a good 25 miles) when we got there, we went swimming, and everybody was there too, because it was a hot day. Went swimming, when I had to drop a load, so I got out, soaked clothes and all, to the bathroom, to poop. I got there, and sat down started to poop, I heard my fart echo, and a loaf drop. then, I had this weird diarrhea ( I always get it when I go swimming), and I pooed for a good 6 or 7 minutes, the door wasn't locked all that well, while I was still having having diarrhea, when the door opened, apparently, not having heard the sounds from the toilet, An older blonde woman came in, out of no where, from outside, saw me pooping, She apologized and left.
From the other side, We had a conversation: (This is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, what I'm, about to write, is true.)

Woman: You okay in there?
Me: Having a moment?
W: Going potty?
M: (Embarrassed) Yes. What makes you think you can come into a guy's toilet?
W: I have to go potty.
M: What about the girls' room?
W: Someone's in there, I have to go bad.
M: Hold on a moment.

So I cleaned up and let her go, though I told her she had to fend for herself, so she said okay, and I went back to the swimming place, never looking back.

3. I was having breakfast, but thruth be told, it wasn't good for me, to begin with, it was one of those breakfast trays you can purchase in your local freezer, with the super greasy sausage, I had that, my sister didn't want hers, and stupidly, I took them. At school, I was just fine, but I had no idea there was a timebomb in my intestines. At lunch, I had a greasy slice of pizza, so after lunch I went to my class. By this time, I didn't know it, but I was about to have some awful diarrhea. I sat in class, when my stomach grumbled, very violently, I asked if I could go to the restroom, when I went it, both stalls were used (Only two, can you believe it?) So, I had no choice, either walk around with a load in my shorts, or go to the FORBIDDEN ZONE, so I went to the Girls' Room, and ran into a stall, this is how it was set up, so My discription will make more sense:

The first four stalls were empty and had working everything, the last one on the far right was a wide one, (Probably for handicapped people), but the curtain was clear, meaning that if anyone saw my face, I'd be in trouble, so I went to the nearest stall and sat down and had a pooping "Good" time, when I heard the main girls restroom door open, and I heard a bunch of a girls talking coming in, I keep my underwear down by my ankles, when I heard them, I pulled them out and showed only my pant legs. The girls peed and washed up, which was my cue to wash up and leave. I was caught by someone about two or three days later, when someone recognized my shoes out of all the others, I was told not to do that again by the principal of the school, who told me if that ever happened again, I'd be facing suspension, I promised, and have never done it again.

On to a question I must ask:

I don't know if this is how it feels, but I've been using the toilets at my school, and after using the bathroom from a public restoom, my butt has the weird feeling as if there's nothing left in there, I but you'll think I'm stupid, but this emptyness never has happened when I held it in from school to get to home. Is it something my mind is making up on me, or something, or does anyone else experienced this before?

Thank you, From Shogunblade.

WONDERING IN BAMA: Hi, I read and remember your post in which you stated your curiosity as to the details of how us guys pee. I'll fill you in here by describing my experience. Hopefully you're still reading this forum. When I first feel the urge to take a leak arise, I'll either stop what I'm doing right then and walk to the restroom or, if I don't want to answer nature's call right away, wait a little while longer until the urge grows stronger without letting it become uncomfortable. Anyhow, when I decide to relieve myself, I walk to the bathroom and stand about six inches to a foot in front of a toilet or urinal (facing it, of course). I then unzip or unbutton the fly of my pants (whichever one applies). If I'm wearing briefs, I reach through the fly, push down the waistband above my groin with my left-hand thumb and continue holding it down while I'm finished pissing. If I'm wearing pants which don't have an "open-able fly" but rather an elastic waistband, I push down all the clothing above my groin likewise my left-hand thumb. I reach inside with my right hand and pull out my penis, holding the shaft between the thumb and forefinger. If I'm wearing boxers, I reach with my right hand through the fly and the crotch slit of the boxers and pull out my penis the same way. I aim my penis at either the water in the commode or the porcelain in the toilet or the urinal, positioning it like an arrow pointing at the spot where I want my pee stream to strike. Finally, I relax my sphincters. If my urge to go is weaker, my waterfall will begin as piss trickling lightly onto the surface below. If my urge is stronger, my urine will almost immediately begin spraying strongly out of my penis. Either way, within a few seconds, I have a steady, fully-developed, hot, golden stream of piss gushing onto the target surface in front of me, my penis being acting like the end of a fire-hose. If I'm using a urinal, I usually aim the flow to shoot directly in front of me because my penis is more comfortable stretched out in front of my body while peeing as opposed to pointing downward. The emptying of my bladder lasts on average for about 15 to 20 seconds. The stream of urine finally dissipates and trickles to a stop. For completion, I flex my sphincters several times to squirt out remaining smidges of piss that didn't pass merely by relaxation. I then wipe the tip of my penis a few times with a few of the fingers on my right hand to dry it off. I tuck my penis back inside my undergarment and restore my clothing to its proper condition. Finally, I flush the toilet or urinal, wash my hands thoroughly, and exit the restroom. So there you have it. No need to wonder anymore.

I was just wondering.....
Has anyone ever seen an on-duty cop take a dump?? They have a whole ton of stuff around their belts and I was wondering how they worked out the logistics with everything? Any cops ever have to quickly pinch one off and rush to an emergency before they were finished??

What about firemen and all the stuff they have to have on??? Anyone know of a fireman just getting into a good crap when the alarm bell in the station went off?

Any other professions out there where their professional gear might be a hindrance to the second (or even first) bodily function? What about other people who have to jump into action at a moments notice no matter what they might be up to at the moment?

There's a classic scene in the German film "Das Boot" where a sailor has just gone into the bathroom to take a crap. A moment later the alarm goes off and you see him scamper out of there with his butt showing still pulling his pants up as he races to his battle station.

To Dave B.: I read your entry about your anus being on fire. I had that problem when I was young. When I did, my dad would wipe me real good and then put vaseline all over my anus. It really did the trick. Sometimes being sweaty back there, and not properly wiped could cause that burning sensation. Make sure you stay dry back there.

To Kevin L.: Loved your hotel story with the maid. That has happened several times while on trips. I think maids really like to get an eyeful. Usually they knock and then walk right in without waiting for your response. I was in New Orleans with a buddy and we had come back to the room from running around. It was really hot like 100 degrees outside and humid. We had to prepare to go to a bud's wedding that night. So my bud decides to shit and shower first. I'm laying on the bed in nothing but my briefs watching TV, he's sitting on the pot butt naked with the door open reading a mag and dropping a serious deuce. Two knocks and the maid just opens the door. Needless to say we were both stunned. My bud couldn't reach the bathroom door to shut it. He's just sitting there naked with a stunned look on his face. Of course the maid profusely apoligized and left, but not without getting a good shot of both of us.

Just Wondering.....
I notice that a lot of people think they're being really clever when they ask, "You don't really TAKE a shit, you actually LEAVE a shit!!!"

They then laugh uproariously over just how witty and clever they perceive themselves to be.

I suppose if you only applied one definition of "take," I suppose they would be right. In one sense "take" means to sieze or procure something physically such as "I was going to have that apple for lunch until Jeff decided to TAKE it from me."

But another meaning of "take" is to experience or endure something. "I decided to TAKE a class to improve myself." Or, "I was really greasy and sweaty after the game and I needed to TAKE a shower." And finally, "I found the pain of losing my wife something really hard to TAKE."

"Take" can also mean to withstand or hold out... "The dam was able to TAKE the heavy flood waters."

In that sense, bowel movements are something that are experienced or endured and therefore "taken." Since "a shit" is commonly accepted slang for a bowel movement, to "take a shit" is idiomatically correct as it means you need to EXPERIENCE a bowel movement as opposed to PROCURING a bowel movement.

Aren't you glad I decided to TAKE that apart for all of you!!! So the next time some smartass tells you that you can't really TAKE a shit, you can expose the fallacy of his/her argument.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO MSPRINCESS Your problem is not too is when you stop going that problems develop. My subject is similar to yours except my need to do #2 is rarely urgent. I do not know when my bowels are likely to move but when I get the urge it is necessary for me to sit on a toilet. I have IBS and if I do not poo when I need to I get stomach discomfort big time!
I just let it advise is to find out where public toilets are ( the good toilets and the not so good toilets) and sit your butt on one when the need arises and let your body and nature have its way.
Hope this has helped


Just a few musings that some of you folks may want to express your thoughts on...

1)Fistly, for those who have a fascination or a particular interest for the bathroom habits of
others (which is obviously the case for many here!), can we agree that it must be due to some marking event or series of events in our history, be it early childhood or later on? I'm not trying to psychoanalyse here, but it seems to me that, like it or not, we are a minority... So I'm assuming there must be some reason for this "difference" in some people, as is the case with various fetishes, hang-ups, irrational fears, etc.
Or, on the other hand, do you think its just something that's sort of "dormant" in most people?

2) Secondly, for those who express an interest in bathroom habits in an intimate context, i.e. contact with the opposite (or same) sex, etc., where do youthink this preference comes from? I think it might have something to do with the fact that it's a particularly intimate thing, something you almost never do in front of others... Also, it's a kind of "taboo" in our society, wich might be what gives it a certain appeal. What's not allowed is often more attractive!

3) Thirdly, once again for those who have a particular interest in these things in an intimate context, I was wondering what kind of place it occupies in your intimate contact (I'm not asking for all the details!) What I mean by that is, are you exclusively interested in the bathroom stuff, or is it just one exciting element in an otherwise more conventional sexual relationship?

Anyways, thanks for your thoughts ans see ya soon!

Richard & Sarah B. Hi. It sounds as though you had a terrific 'buddy dump' the other day. That toilet must have taken a fair amount of flushing! You're both fortunate in being able to do a good poo that early in the morning. It's not something that comes naturally to everyone. I'm likelier to need a dump in the mornings although not first thing (usually well after breakfast) than I used to, but lunchtime or early evening movements are still commoner for me. Although I've not been there for a couple of years I used to visit Yorkshire fairly regularly at one time so it's a place I'm familiar with. York itself doesn't seem to have too many public toilets - or rather if it has I've not found out where most of them are!

I did a really satisfying poo when I got home from work this evening and managed to produce a good, firm, well-rounded sausage which sat proudly in the bowl until it was flushed away.

There was an interesting piece in yesterday's London Times about a woman deputy head teacher who was taking action against her local authority because the school where she worked had refused to replace a leather chair which she used which made farting noises every time she sat in it. I suspect the school and local authority in question are beginning to realise that it might have been cheaper to replace the chair in question than risk an expensive court battle.

Lucy Lu. I liked your story about the jobbie you left in that toilet when you went for a job interview. It was good.

Best wishes to everyone.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

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