Hi my name is Cassie, I am 17 and just discovered this site. There are some interesting stories on here!

I guess one of my recent stories happened about two weeks ago at a junk yard. My dad is a part time mechanic, so the visitation to junk yards is not un common. We were walking around looking for parts when all of a sudden my bowels let me know they needed to be emptied. It wasn' cramps but a constant hurting sensation in my stomach. I told my dad I needed to pee (really poop) and I was going to find a secluded spot in the junk yard. I was walking around when I discovered an old rv that was sitting by itself. The door was ripped off so I headed inside. I looked toward the back area of the rv where the bathroom usually was. Luckily there was a bathroom on this one. It consisted of a little plastic potty and a sink. The seat was real dusty so I brushed it off. I pulled down my shorts and panties and quickly sat down. As soon as my butt hit the seat a wet fart erupted with diarrhea and major gas. The plastic toilet muffled the sound as I poured more diarrhea inside. Feeling a little better, I finished off with a good pee. Since there was no water, the smell was overwhelming. Unfortunately this was one of those where you feel better then all of a sudden more poop shoots out. I passed some more gas along with more liquid poo. With my bowels finally emptied, I stood up and looked into the toilet. It was covered with shit all over the inside. I tried to pull the flush handle, but it didn't want to go down the hole because there was no water. I shut the lid hoping that no one would find this treasure. Then I thought OH NO!!! I hadn't thought about wiping and had nothing on me to wipe with. I stepped outside the little bathroom and looked into the kitchen area of the rv. No tissues or nothing, except I had an idea. There was an old couch by the kitchen. I waddled over to it with my pants down and used the cushions to wipe myself. They didn't do a real good job, but at least I wouldn't stain my panties too bad. After that I left pretty fast and found my dad. I was nervous about getting caught for some reason, but the rv was trashed. Has anyone had a similar experience where you poop in weird places?

I have so much gas right now it's not even funny. Ever since dinner which was about 5 hours ago, I've been farting like no tomorrow. And constantly! Really long "brrrrraaaaaaaappp!" type blasts. And my husband had some diarrhea shortly after dinner. I made oven fried chicken which had a lot of paprika in it. Does paprika induce endless farting and/or diarrhea? I wonder if there was something wrong with the chicken. Man, I just farted again! It's unreal!

Dave B
Does anyone else hate it when it feels like your anus is on fire? I'm having that experience right now =( It's really hard to walk around, because it hurts so bad. Does anyone know how this occurs? I also have an interesting fact that I'd like to share. I'm not sure if anyone has posted a similair post about this, but I will teach whoever reads this how to say "Toilet" in American sigh language. First, make a fist in your hand and then wrap your thumb inbetween your index and middle finger (this is the letter T). Second, shake your T back and forth. That's it! That's signing that you need to find a toilet and/or bathroom. For Potty you have to make a P in your hand (which is sticking your index and middle finger out to make a horizontal V and sticking your thumb out inbetween them) and shake just like toilet. To say Poop you have to make a round O shape in your left hand and stick your right thumb in your left hand hole and pull it out. It's representing the poop coming out of your butt lol. For Dirrehea you have to do it faster and for constipation you have to keep your right thumb in the hole and squeeze your hands together and tug so it looks like the poop can't come out. I'm not sure what pee is in sign language (I assume it's making the P sign then doing the toilet sign). If I learn Pee I'll post it later. By the way I'm not deaf I'm just taking the class for college credits.

Question about holding
I have always wondered about this. I have a strong bladdar. If I were to hold it and keep holding it and holding it would I eventually have an accident? Or would the pee back up and cause damage to my body?

After a long morning of taking in he sights in a large city in Europe I was getting pretty desperate to take a leak but there was just no bathrooms close by. My girlfriend suggested a ride on in a cable car high above the city then take a break for some lunch. I thought great at least I could take a pee then and just hoped I would last out. Well pretty soon I was getting quite desperate but did not say anything to my girl, I just kept pinching my end and shuffling around a bit. We got into the lift for the top of the cable car and things were getting pretty bad and I was so desperate to take a leak. The cable cars were very small and so there were just room for two of us in it. As I sat down I felt a spirt of pee leak out and I pinched and let out a augh sound,my girl asked if I was ok and I said well I am so desperate to pee and was about to pee my pants I kept squirming and holding back with all my might but knew it was not going to work. My girl looked at the floor of the cable car which was slatted metal and said I should get out my dick and pee right there on the floor in the car. I was so desperate that no sooner had she said that I wisked out my penis and started let out a very fast stream of pee,the pee hit the floor with such force that it started to splash everywhere all over our legs and shoes, my girl started to shout and told me to pee slower,well ever tryed to do that when you are so desperate but I soon realised that to save us both from gertting soaked I would have to so with all my might I stopped peeing holding like on like hell I managed to sit furhter forward on the seat and pointing my penis downwards I managed to have a very controlled desperate pee aiming it between the slats in the floor and so stopping the splashing. Wow the feeling was sensational a kind of tingling sensation and a feeling of pure releif as I very slowly let out the contents of my very full bladder it seemed to take for ever but at leat we both staryed dry and there was no accidents. I felt so relieved afterwards that I did not need to pee for the rest of the day and have several times afterwards taken a pee sitting down when I am desperate I find it emptys the bladder better.
Has enyone else ever taked a pee in a tourist attraction and get away with it and has any one ever been able to stop peeing when they are so desperate and have already started to let rip?

When I was 14 I had a really bad pooping accident while walking home from school one time. I had been holding it for most of the day because the school toilets were always dirty or had pee sprinkles on them. I never wanted to touch these toilets let alone sit and poop on them, so I thought I could hold it until I got home. Let me tell you it was pretty rough to endure but I made it through the day. Atlast the time came to take the bus home and soon I was being dropped off at the park 4 blocks from my house. I cut through the park and then I felt the my dump coming on pretty heavy. So I did what I had been doing the whole day and clamped my butt cheeks and kept walking. The after awhile the feeling went away but about half way home the feeling to "go" came back. This time the feeling wouldn't go away and the pressure in my butt hole was just too much. I couldn't take it anymore so I crouched over and realized that my ass was going to win this battle. I loosened my butt cheeks to let out some farts thinking that this was going to relieve some of the pressure. About two or three farts came out and then I felt the tip of a log push through and flow into my cotton panties. I was caught in the moment so I pushed as hard as I could and a lot more came out. It felt so good I kept pushing until I had filled my underwear with most of it. I didn't want to overflow my pants with it there on the street so I got up and walked the rest of the way home with this huge warm gooey dump in my seat. When I arrived at the driveway of my apartment complex I was relieved to see that nobody was home at my place and headed toward the side door of my building. I got out my keys, opened the door and headed up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment. As I was walking up the steps the the intense urge to poop came back. I figured since I already was wearing poopy undies why not just add more to the load. So there on the staircase I gripped the railing and started pooping again I pushed and pushed until all of it came out and now my undies were really heavy and full with all of my poop. It was so bad I had difficulty going up the steps but I managed to get up there and into my home. I pulled off my gym pants and saw that there were no stains and went straight to the bathroom to clean up. I also cleaned up the mess and did laundry. It was embarassing but I had to go and really had no more options. I learned a lesson that day and that was not to pass up the opportunity to use the toilet no matter how much I hate the conditions.

hi, i'm a 24 year old and a 5"4 girl. and i always loved the feeling of pooping myself.

anyways, heres my story: this happened a few months ago. i was walking back to my apartment from my job at around 10pm at night, and it was about 10 blocks away, so it would usually takes me about 40 minutes. anyways, while about half way there, i started to feel the need to shit. so i decided to walk faster, but about a couple of blocks later, i knew that i couldnt hold on much longer, so i just decided to go behind the bush because no one would probably see me since it was at night time and it was dark out. so i quickly gotten behind the bush, and i just gotten down to the knees and got ready. after about a minute later, i started to let go, and it was a hard one. it came sliding through my buttcheeks and down to my pink underwear. it felt so good. after about 20 minutes i was finally done. so i slowly got up, pulled my pants off and tried to dump my poop on the side of the bush. so after i did that, i quickly got my pants and underwear up and kept getting back to my apartment. that time, i was hoping that nobody saw me doing that because it was the first time i did it in private.

heres a few more stories about me that i would like to share with you guys:

this happened when i was about 15 years old, i was walking back home from the mall, and i had a serious urge to poop. good thing that my parents werent home at the moment because they were at work. so i could just shit myself right after i got in there. anyways, i got to my front door, and i was already shitting, and i was constipated for a long time, so i knew that it was going to be long. but after i finally got my house key, i accidentally dropped it. so i went to the ground the it started to come out even more faster. so i just quickly got the key, but i wasnt able to get up. so i quickly got my door unlocked while i was still down at the floor pooping, and i qucikly with all my might, and got up and got inside. after i got inside, i quickly got down again, but i managed to get the door locked up. anyways, after about 30 minutes, i was finally done. it was so much, some even went onto the floor because i was wearing a skirt. anyways, i decided to just dump it onto the floor and after about a minute, i got back again, and cleaned up the mess. and it was a big mess, and it stinks so bad after.

another one of my stories again:

this happened when i was about 17 years old, i was at this party, after about 1am, i finally came back home. since the place was quiet, i guessed that they were finally asleep. but after i gotten into the kitchen, i saw a note they had left for me. and it said that they wont be back until the late evening. anyways, after i was getting ready for bed, i felt this urge to poop, so i just decided to just let go, even though i was just wearing an pink underwear. anyways, after i was done, i was completely soiled myself in my underwear, after that, i just went to the toilet and dump it out of my underwear, and i just went to get change into another different underwear.

hope you guys like my stories.

WONDERING IN BAMA: Hi, I read and remember your post in which you stated your curiosity as to the details of how us guys pee. I'll fill you in here by describing my experience. Hopefully you're still reading this forum. When I first feel the urge to take a leak arise, I'll either stop what I'm doing right then and walk to the restroom or, if I don't want to answer nature's call right away, wait a little while longer until the urge grows stronger without letting it become uncomfortable. Anyhow, when I decide to relieve myself, I walk to the bathroom and stand about six inches to a foot in front of a toilet or urinal (facing it, of course). I then unzip or unbutton the fly of my pants (whichever one applies). If I'm wearing briefs, I reach through the fly, push down the waistband above my groin with my left-hand thumb and continue holding it down while I'm finished pissing. If I'm wearing pants which don't have an "open-able fly" but rather an elastic waistband, I push down all the clothing above my groin likewise my left-hand thumb. I reach inside with my right hand and pull out my penis, holding the shaft between the thumb and forefinger. If I'm wearing boxers, I reach with my right hand through the fly and the crotch slit of the boxers and pull out my penis the same way. I aim my penis at either the water in the commode or the porcelain in the toilet or the urinal, positioning it like an arrow pointing at the spot where I want my pee stream to strike. Finally, I relax my sphincters. If my urge to go is weaker, my waterfall will begin as piss trickling lightly onto the surface below. If my urge is stronger, my urine will almost immediately begin spraying strongly out of my penis. Either way, within a few seconds, I have a steady, fully-developed, hot, golden stream of piss gushing onto the target surface in front of me, my penis being acting like the end of a fire-hose. If I'm using a urinal, I usually aim the flow to shoot directly in front of me because my penis is more comfortable stretched out in front of my body while peeing as opposed to pointing downward. The emptying of my bladder lasts on average for about 15 to 20 seconds. The stream of urine finally dissipates and trickles to a stop. For completion, I flex my sphincters several times to squirt out remaining smidges of piss that didn't pass merely by relaxation. I then wipe the tip of my penis a few times with a few of the fingers on my right hand to dry it off. I tuck my penis back inside my undergarment and restore my clothing to its proper condition. Finally, I flush the toilet or urinal, wash my hands thoroughly, and exit the restroom. So there you have it. No need to wonder anymore.

Lauren H.
Hey everyone, I am what you call a "lurker" here I guess. I've been reading these pages for about 2 yrs now, cause i saw it on our history. I think it was my bro or my dad. Anyway, for a long time I haven't had a story to tell. I am finally going to tell what happened to me last year. Lauren isn't my real name either, but we'll just act like it is. Anyway, it was during the school year. I am a freshman in college and we were in my volleyball practice. it was actually conditioning. well it really sucked bad and i ended up quitting(yes it was that bad). anyway, our teacher was really mean and strict and everybody basically hated her. she had us doing stuff not even related to volleyball, just busy work basically to make you sweat and try and kill you. well that day i woke up and didnt feel very good. i went to class and after that i had a fish sandwich. i was dreading practice today cause as i always used to do. it was pretty humid out to which really sucked. anyway i get to the pa building and change into my workout clothes and we all meet in the yoga studio. for those of you who don't know what that is, its basically just a hot 100 degree sweatbox that you do yoga in. its hot because it helps loosen you muscles or something. well i wasn't feeling good at all, but i decided to just tough it out. my stomach would cramp up and then go away. it did that for awhile as we did our stupid yoga with the teacher walking all around us making sure we were doing it right as we were sweating our asses off(sucks bad). meanwhile I can feel a shit bubbling away at my insides feeling nasty. i didnt want to say anything for fear of ridicule from the teacher. we got a little break anyway after the yoga. while we were on the ground doing crunches and stretches i prolly lost about a gallon of water that i kept having to put back in my body that just came back out in nasty crotch and pit stains. during our last 50 crunches, my stomach became quite the problem. it felt like i was going to go really soon. i put my legs down and immediately my bitch teacher said "legs in the air ladies!" i obeyed, and finally we were given a break. i quickly walked to the bathrooms and was greeted by cool, fresh air. even tho it was kinda hot outside, it was nothing compared to that sweatbox yoga studio. well i got to the bathrooms and they were all occupied. i waited for awhile and heard the teacher blow her whistle. i cursed and ran back out as the girls inside had not even gotten up yet(i guess they were crapping too). well our teacher had us start by doing suicides(for those of you who dont know, thats when you sprint down like 30 yards and then go back. then it was my turn. i was planning to go right after my turn. we sprinted, it sucked horribly. i made it back, but i had to go right then. i said "i gotta go to the bathroom coach". she said "you just had a break" I said "yeah, but i gotta go now." she then said "ok, well your gonna run when you get back. you dont get something for nothing." i said fine and started off towards the bathrooms. i was gonna have diaarhea. i finally got in and ripped my shorts and thong off and exploded right into the toilet. it was such a relief but sooooo nasty feeling. i wiped and pulled by thong and shorts back up and went back to the field. suddenly when i was within site of the coach i had to go again. i couldn't go back tho, i just left and she was just staring at me. she said start running. me and some other girls who displeased her started running. and running. suddenly i had to go again, and started back in towards the restrooms. however, it was too late. i went, exploded into my shorts. down my legs. into my socks. never was i so upset. only a few ppl saw me tho. i got to the bathrooms, cleaned up in the showers. i tossed my thong, socks, shorts and changed into some spares. i skipped practice, headed home, never went back. it was awful.

I was watching a video on my computer when I felt some pressure on my butt. So I got up and headed towards the bathroom. I sat down and farted a little bit.Then I started to pee. While I was peeing , I pushed a bit and felt a piece of poo fall out of me. After I finished peeing,I farted again, and I pushed. Another piece slid out of me. For the next 3 minutes or so, I pushed out 4 logs. When I was done, I stood up and looked in the toilet. There was 6 light brown logs all measuring about 3-4 inches long. I wiped the back twice and the front once and flushed.

Outdoor Toilet
I'm a really shy pooper. Some close people I won't mind pooping around, and people I don't know, but other people, I'll hold it in forever for them. But last night I finally did it! My mom was in her room which isn't far from the bathroom i was in my room and i had to poop really really really bad. so after getting up and sitting down for a while (im that shy) i finally went to the bathroom pulled my pants down, read my fav book and did it TRYING not to make any noise (not that i did i was holding my breath the whole time, not cuzza the smell but cuz of noise) it didn't take long then i got scared cuz it was HUGE and i flushed it didnt go down i freaked out then i used the bowl cleaner to break it up and that worked it didn't take long i flushed again and left.

Hi People,

I need help. I always go to #2 after breakfast. Then I go off to work. Lately, I have had the urge to go #2 again at work. It only takes me 15 min to get to work, so that means I have to crap 2x in the morning, and that's really bothering me. Because I am thinking to myself, what if I have to take the metro somewhere in the morning, well, there won't be a public bathroom the more I think about it (even though I don't take the metro often at all)the more nervous I get werid. Have this ever happen to any of you before that you have to go 2x in a short amount of time??? Please help, it's driving me crazy...thanks to all.

just curious
Do you get sore from rubbing the anus when showering?

Do you rub the creases or focus on cleaning it out on the inside?

Also how often do you wash your bottom?

Do you powder your anus after showering?

Hey Random answer your question, yes women can pee while they're in labor and they can shit too. If its during actually pushing labor its hard to push the baby out without pushing the others out too. Its actually very common. Some women try to clean themselves out with a laxative before they go into active labor, to avoid the embarassment. In fact, although I've never experienced it for myself, a good friend whose had two babies said theres a closet inside the delivery room with big rubber boots for the doctor to wear and a bucket to place beneath, just in case. (I'm not sure if it matters but this is in Canada) Having babies is certainly a miracle, but lots of things happen they don't show on tv!

Kevin L
I was down in Myrtle beach golfing and staying at a nice beachfront hotel with some friends. After an early round of golf, myself and a buddy went back to the hotel. He went out to the bar and I went up to the room to drob a load. After about 5 minutes I was seated comfortablely on the toilet, shorts to the ankles and underwear just below my knees. I was sitting there relaxing and getting teady to drop this long awaited beast, when I heard something outside the bathroom door. I thought it was my friend, but in an instant the door comes flying open, and it was the maid. At first she did't see me because she was looking down, but when she saw be there on the pot, I thought she was going to crap her ample sized drawers, Her eyes bulged out of her head and she looked me up and down then excused herself, it definitly was not a quick open the door and see someone on the toilet and quickly close the door, she was fully in the bathroom and only three feet from me . I said it was ok that I was almost finished and she could clean the rest of the room, but she said she would be back in 10 minutes. After she left I finished up and washed my hands an left to go to the bar. She was in the room next door, I poked my head in and apologised to her for scaring her. Pun intended, I said shit happens, we all do it, and she laughed.
I didn't hear a knock at the door, but the balcony door was open and the waves were fairly loud. Anyway, she was probably the same age as me late thirties or early forties and has seen many guys on the toilet. But for some strange reason it did arouse, being seen on the toilet by a strange women.
Kevin L

It's only natural
I have a couple of stories of past pee incidents.

1. I was on a 45 minute bus ride on a coach bus (plush seats, bathroom in the back) with my five year old niece a few years ago. About halfway through the ride she looked uncomfortable and I asked her what was wrong and she told me she needed to pee. I walked her to the toilet at the back of the bus but the door was closed and locked. I told her she'd have to wait a few minutes and we walked back to our seats. Five minutes later she was holding herself and squirming and said she really needed to go, but the door was still locked. I told her just a couple more minutes, but she started to cry and I figured I shouldn't make her wait any longer because she's just a kid. So I helped her take off her panties, sat her back down on the seat, and told her to lift her skirt up off the seat and pee into the seat cushion. She was still crying and couldn't do it because she's never peed sitting before, so I started to tickle her and she just let it go. Poor kid peed into that seat for ages with a little sigh and a smile on her face...she reeeallly had to go. The seat soaked it all up so there was none on the floor. When she was finally finished I wiped her with a tissue, put her panties back on and let her sit on my lap for the rest of the way home. The people across from us saw what happened and didn't look pleased but I didn't care.

2. I was 7 months pregnant a couple of years ago with my firstborn and I had to pee ALL THE TIME. Once I had drank a lot of water and stupidly didn't pee before leaving the house to run errands downtown. After awhile I started to feel the urge but there was nowhere to go so I figured I'd have to hold it 'til either I stopped in at a restaurant or got back home. By the time my boyfriend and I were in the subway station heading home I was so incredibly uncomfortable that i was starting to feel nauseous. I don't remember ever having to pee that badly, and I knew that I'd just have to swallow my pride and find somewhere to go, FAST, for the sake of my health. So I looked around, saw a drain on the platform, took my boyfriend's hand, and headed over to it (there were a lot of people around but I had no choice). My boyfriend new what was going on so he helped me squat down over the drain, holding me up (I couldn't do it on my own being 7 months pregnant), lifted my skirt and peed torrents through my panties. People looked embarrassed and were looking away from the poor pregnant woman squatting over the drain peeing herself silly, and to make matters worse I farted loudly as I was peeing and a lot of my pee didn't even make it down the drain because I was off balance, so it pooled around me,getting on mine and my boyfriend's shoes and moving towards some of the bystanders who walking away in embarrassment. I just wanted it to be over because I was so humiliated, but the pee kept on coming. When I was finished my boyfriend helped me up, gave me a kiss and old me it was okay and we quickly left the scene of the crime. Sooooooooooo embarrassing.

Literally about 2 minutes ago I was just going to write about how disappointed I was in my BM's this weekend. My BM's early last week were very loose... I had *VERY BAD* diarrhea on Wednesday - probably due to a take-away chinese meal I had the day before. In fact, my diet last week was heavy with fastfood & funkfood... no breakfasts... no dinners - except for some cookies I keep snacking on. (Wow! Now that I'm writing this, I just realized how badly I've been eating lately.) So this past Thursday, I decided to get some fiber back into my diet. I've been eating lots & lots of salad, rice & other healthier stuff for the last 3 days.

When I do that, I usually get a good solid movement the next day. But nothing happened on Friday or yesterday so I resigned myself that a good relieving poop would not happen until Monday (or later.)

A few minutes ago, I haden't even keyed in my first sentence a few minutes ago when I got a huge... HUGE urge to do a number #2 right away! So I ran off to the john and sat down to go. The movement took some effort to get going, but it was SUCH a major relief when it finally started coming out.
I was thinking, "YES! Finally!!!"

For sure, the stools weren't the biggest, longest or widest I've done, but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO reliving.

>In case anyone's intersted, I passed 1 big one that was ~5"L x ~1 1/2" W, and 3 or 4 more that were about 2" x 2" 'cylenders' - probably dropped off of the main piece. All were smooth & slightly nobbily, no noticable smell that I could detect, and I only had to wipe once.



Bladder Splatter
to K,

Try some of these(you may already know some, and most are skirt oriented),

Standing, try standing with your knees bent slightly, or wide apart, also try bending over with your legs together, and peeing behind you.

Squatting, Its always a good to practice, every gal has to pop a squat once in a while (some more than others) so its good to have some practice under your belt. practice with snug pants, high heels ect.

Kneeling, Not very convient, but worth a try, kneel down with both knees on the gound and your knees apart.

Leaning, If you are not a very good squatter lean your back on something and place your feet in front of you.

Reclining, Lean back on your hands and feet and see how far and high you can pee.

Diarrhea Days--A True Story
I was loading the dishwasher (odd way to start a story) and started cramping. I loaded it as fast as I could, closed it, and rushed to the bathroom. Pulling down my jeans and panties, I exploded, chunky poo running from my butt into the bowl. I peed for a little bit, then had another explosion of diarrhea.
My mom came and asked, "Marissa?"
"Do you want some popcorn?"
"When I'm DONE," I huffed.
I exploded two more times. I wiped and flushed, then went and ate some popcorn.
I went to school, and around the end of my second class, I asked to go to the bathroom. I got a yes and headed down.
Getting a stall, I sat down and exploded. My diarrhea went on for about 9 minutes, then I wiped, flushed and left.

Also I REALLY have to pee!!!! Can someone tell me how to get a stronger bladder? My brother's in the bathroom with diarrhea and I'm about to wet myself!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

any girls here who rip bubbly farts a lot? the only people i know who have bubbly farts are guys...

Mr. Clogs
Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I got a quick post to share, so here goes.

This morning Friday to be exact, had a nice healthy massive dump on the toilet. I woke up at 8:15 AM, grabbed my toothbrush and proceeded to the bathroom. I got in locked the door, pulled off my pj bottoms toss them on the towel rack, get myself ready to sit on the toilet to handle my business. The first wave came out, and I had to push a little bit to get things going. Then about 2 minutes later the second wave came out, a little softer this time. I was saying to myself as the 2nd wave coming out Ahh this feels so good! Once I was done, I took some TP and wiped up. and threw in the bowl. I got up from the toilet and looked at the nice pile in the bowl. Then I flushed my nice natural creation down the drain and proceeded to brush my teeth so I can drink my coffee.

Nature Courtney D. : Great outdoor pee camping post, I would love to got outside to pee, but where I'm from, that's stuffs not allowed.

K. : You asked about fun ways and places to pee, well try going into containers my favorite. Try all assortment of containers from cups to vases! Go try it and have some fun and post it when you get a chance. Take care and enjoy.

Well take care everybody and have a nice weekend!


--Mr. Clogs

Watching Girl
Anyone know of good pages on this site with stories where someone has watched poo come out?

Bladder Splatter
to K,

I noticed You also mentioned peeing outdoors, do you have woods or something, if so try something I call "pee break" which is just peeing outdoors once in a while just because you have the chance to, you can cary some tp in your bag, or just air-dry.

I'd love to know if this gives you any ideas.

Alli M.
The story I am fixing to tell you is something about my best friend McKenzie ?????, but it is really about her 3-year-old baby sister Allison (Ally) ???. Anyway she was about to turn 3 and I was 11(now I'm 12)and when they had just first come down here I asked McKenzie, "Why is she wet on her legs? There is H2O all over her sweatpants(the legs, the front/back butt, etc.)" Then that's when McKenzie asked "Ally, do you need a new pull-up?" Then Ally mumbled, "Aha." So McKenzie hurried across the street, holding onto her hand tightly, to get her mom or dad to change her pull-up. But they never came back. I thought, "Oh, no."

Hey Gloria,
Greg Here,

As someone who doesn't mind doorless stalls and who feels that most guys are WAY too hung up on doing what comes naturally and normally, I must nevertheless support your position but for other reasons than what you may think. I remember growing up in Junior High and High school and doorless stalls were just the norm and that's the way it was. Of course, bathrooms were (and still are in some places) doorless to discourage forbidden behaviour such as smoking. Having been a kid myself, I remember the intimidating thing wasn't about what was coming out the BACK door, but dealt with our self image with respect to how well we were endowed on the FRONT side.

Of course, after puberty teenage boys buy into a culture of "bigger is better" and tend to exaggerate to each other about how well endowed they are and how many inches they can get it up. It's all a bunch of bullcrap but a lot of teenage boys buy into that false world view then feel intimidated when they have to drop their pants potentially revealing just how lacking they are.

Whether you succeed with the school board or not, your boys still need constant affirmation about their sexual identity as they grow to manhood. You and your husband need to help them realize true manhood is not about genital endowment but about taking responsibility and making quality life choices. If they are confident in who they are, then genitalia will be irrelevant. Of course, in Army boot camp, stall doors and partitions are non-existent on purpose to FORCE the recruits to crap next to each other. This is done on purpose to force the guys to get past their insecurities and learn to place trust in their fellow soldiers.

I think the best part of your case is the OUTRAGEOUS double-standard imposed on boys in our society that shows itself in many ways besides having doors for the girls stalls while the boys have to go doorless. Either take off the doors in the girls rooms or put the doors in for the boys, period. It goes back to the old preception that girls are 'sugar and spice and everything nice' while boys are made of 'rats and snails and puppy-dog tails.' If a boy is a bit hyperactive in class, he gets zapped with ritallin or some other drug to get with the program even though he probably just being a boy. If a 24 male teacher has sex with a 15-year-old female student, he's a predator and civilized society is ready to lock him up in a dungeon and throw away the key. But, when a 24-year-old sl*t like ??????????? has sex a bunch of times with a 15-year-old male student, well that's different and you wonder if she'll do any jail time at all. She should go to JAIL just as long as any MAN would. The laws regarding sexual molestation of minors makes no distintcion as to the gender of the molester or the molestee, nor should it.

So, I say FIGHT for your sons, but for the right reasons. But regardless of what level of success you have with the school board, you can't protect your sons forever. Parents don't raise children, they raise adults and your main job as a parent is to do your best to be sure your boys grow into self-confident men.

Be Safe,


In my last post I mentioned that "I rarely got caught with wet pants...". This post will be about a time that I did get caught due to an error on my part. I recall being in school and deciding that I was going to wet my pants on my way home so I chose to forego the afternoon bathroom break. Well, I wasn't thinking very clearly since I ONLY did this when I was wearing a dress or skirt and on this particular day I was wearing jeans. I, simply, didn't even consider how I was dressed -- I just decided that this would be a good day for wetting on my way home from school. My second error was that I forgot this was a Wednesday and I was to go to catechism class after school instead of home. Just as we were leaving the school grounds one of my classmates reminded me that today was "Catechism Day". My first thought was "Uh-oh - I don't want to wet my pants in catechism. My second thought was "Oh good - this will be fun sitting in catechism class with peed panties." As we were walking towords the church I would simply let out a little pee every few steps - no biggy since I did this quite frequently on my way home from school. I could feel my underwear getting more and more damp as we walked and, as usual, I was enjoying the warm and wet feeling until I began to realize that my jeans were getting wet on the inside of my thighs. It was then that I realized that I was wearing jeans and not a dress. I knew that if I could feel the wetness on my thighs then it was probably showing on the outside of my pants as well. By the time we got to the church I could feel that I was quite wet. At this point one of my classmates walked up to me and said "Emmy, you've wet your pants!" I could only reply "I know". I hurried into the catechism class and sat at my desk so nobody else would see my wet pants. However, my classmate did make sure that everybody in the catechism class knew that I had wet my pants. That was the embarrassing part. Also, when I got home, it was quite obvious to my mother that I had peed my pants. She grounded me for the rest of the day. From then on I made sure, when I wet my pants, that I was wearing a dress or skirt.

Pee Question from Mikki
Hey everyone!! I have a question!

How long does it take on average, before you do the first pee of the day??

I usually go when I get up, but my friend spent the night yesterday and it took her about 5 hours before she went after she got up and when she did she went a lot!!

Yesterday, my dad and me used the men's bathroom at JC Penney's in the mall. We were both shitting in the doorless stalls , and we weretalking to the other man in the third stall, about why there are no doors on the stalls. between all the grunting, farting, shit crackling, log and mush dropping,ass wiping, laughter and conversation among the three of us, we never heard the cleaning lady knock on the entry door, well, she walked in and caught all three of us with 'shit in motion' and our dicks flopping around. it was embarrasing to say the least. she left us to finish, dad said she was the only woman other than my mom, who has ever seen his dick....oh goes did she get a 'noseful" the room stunk to high heck LOL

Lucy Lu`
Story from when i was 34. I went for a job interview when i had a bowel movement in the securitaries office toilet. the toilet was busted and my giant movement was sitting there. i called my husband on the cell and he told me to bend the knob which worked. i didnt get the job i should of left my shit lying there

Pee Question from Mikki
Hey everyone!! I have a question!

How long does it take on average, before you do the first pee of the day??

I usually go when I get up, but my friend spent the night yesterday and it took her about 5 hours before she went after she got up and when she did she went a lot!!

Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm new here though I've been lurkign for a while. Here are a few stories of my past experiences.

One day when I was about 10 we were playing in a field near the house with some friends. This girl (I forget her name now) was with us who lived quite a way away. Now most of us would go in every so often to take a pee, but obviously she couldn't as it was too far away. All of a sudden she clutched herself "down there", and told us she needed a wee, then ran behind a bush. Some of us followed her, and as we walked around the bush she pulled down her trousers and her blue knickers and squatted on the floor, before weeing with quite some force on the floor. This was the first time I saw a girl wee.

Now my second story. I was about 14 and in a local pub which had a large restaurant area. It had been converted from an old farmhouse, and the toilets were situated upstairs from the main restaurant area, along a long twisting corridor. Now the toilets have quite a few interesting posters and I stopped to look at one of these, and as I was moving off into one of the stalls this guy who must have been 7 or 8 ran in. He was obviously desperate to go to the loo, he was holding onto his willie and jigglign up and down a bit. He sprinted into one of the stalls and locked the door. I followed into the adjacent one. I could hear him fidgeting with his jeans - he said to himself "come on" - he seemed to be having some trouble getting them dowm. But he managed it, and he pulled his jeans and pants down to his ankles before sitting down on the seat. Then he began pooing, with a few large ones coming out, at the same time he started weeing. As he did this he sighed, it seemed from this and the volumes coming out that he'd been waiting a while and had been getting quite desperate. Then I heard the toilet roll being pulled off the roll - he wiped a few times, flushed, then left. Remembering what I'd come here for, I pooed wiped then left.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi PV! How are you doing? Thank you for your opinion, I always appreciate it! It's often difficult to find the right balance between giving your children the freedom that one would want them to have and protect them from the reservations of the society. We were talking with Sarah about letting Josie also try a travelmate as Sarah finds it very practical with dirty toilets and for example in the snow. The snow was so high up here many times that it was very difficult for a woman to squat (or a guy, as my son had to experience when he needed to poo so urgently on a walk that we had to dig a hole first). We both agreed that Josie would probably very much enjoy the possibility to pee standing with pants on, aiming her stream even more neatly. But what if she tells a wrong friend or is seen somewhere? Many people are quite narrow minded. We have already bad experiences cause we live door to door with our best friends who are a male couple. One girl from her class did not come to Josie's party because of it. Well, we all, including Josie, can live without people like that (I mean the parents, it wasn't the girl's fault), but I don't want the kids to feel too „different". Children have a certain need to fit into a group and sometimes this is more important than being liberated. On the other hand, if she wants to try out things, we would always encourage her. And it would certainly not stop us from a friendship with some of the kindest people in the world.
Mind you, Hannah is gonna come and live with us for a while, soon. I can't promise what she and her niece will be up to though, talking about liberated ladies...
I read on a German forum a thread about taking little girls in the men's room as a father. One guy said he always held his daughter over the urinal when she was younger, as it was less messy than holding her over the toilet. Interesting, I guess...You would never find a discussion about moms taking their boys to the toilets up to a certain age. Yes, there is the urinals, but what are you supposed to do as a father, if you are on your own with your daughter and she or yourself needs a toilet?
They also talked about potty trainig little girls. There were a few who reported the problem, that the girls would not want to sit down to wee but stand over the potty and tinkle. I thouhgt, you would smile about that...
Hope, you find some time for a nice adventure here and then J
All the best, Tim

Greg: Hey! I had quite an interesting experience the other day in a men's room of the university. I can highly recommend it for anybody who like's mass buddy dumps, lol.
I went for a business trip to the town where my adult son lives and we agreed to meet for lunch at his university. When he got out of his lecture he had to go for a pee before we headed for our meal and I joined him for the men's room. It was the biggest on the campus right between entrance hall and the canteen with about twenty urinals and ten stalls. As one would expect, there where many full bladders to be emptied between lectures and lunch, so it was quite busy at the urinals with a few stalls in use, which I suspected where also abused for a more private tinkle. With now empty bladders I was ready for the big adventure of university canteen food. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but I felt like needing a dump afterwards. It wasn't very urgent and at first I thought about going back to my hotel and poop there. My son had a semniar and we said goodbye until the evening and was already on my way out, when I gave it a certain thought. On the one hand I wasn't sure if my need would not maybe increase quite badly on the way back to the hotel. And I hate walking with my cheeks clenched together starring with jealousy at every dog who can pich a loaf right where it is. On the other hand I thought it might also be quite interesting to have maybe some company, as it was quite likely that I wasn't the only one whose bowels had been stimulated by that lunch. I recalled my own student days, where you would nearly always find a known or unknown fellow at certain times to „buddy dump" with in the early afternoon. Only my university was much smaller. I went back to the facilities where we had peed earlier and was quite suprised and amused by the change of use it had undergone in the past hour. Had there hardly anyone been sitting down and nearly every urinal been taken before lunch, it had now completely reversed. There was the ocassional lonely soul having a tinkle at the otherwise deserted wall of urinals, but now every stall was taken. The air was heavy with the smell of shit and what had been the sound of chatting, whizing and tinkling was now taken over by grunting, farting, crackling and plopping. While I thought about a final retreat onto my safe hotel room throne, a door open and my seat became vacant. I went in and wiped the clean but still warm seat. I did my preperations for a cosy, germ reduced dump and took a seat to join in. As everyone around me was much more uninhibited than I know from gents in the professional world, I enjoyed myself by also adding to the chorus. As I said: Grunting, moaning, crackling, farting, plopping and splashing- those guys weren't shy. I grunted softly but audibly and soon my turds came at a relaxed pace but in regular intervals. Suddenly two guys came in, who joked and chatted loudly. One mumbled something like „Damn, all taken- I gotta crap so badly". It seemed like his mate went to the urinal and said in a loud voice: „ Is anybody nearly finished? My friend has to go poopoo very urgently?" A few laughs. His mate had to laugh and told him to shut up or he would really go in his pants. Somebody flushed and left, so he was saved. He rushed into the stall nearly next to me. You could hear him fart and then a really loud crackle followed. It lasted for nearly a minute and he moaned all the time. I had to grin. His mate told him he would wait outside. I finished a really satisfying and entertaining dump. While I washed my hands, I was joined by two others of whom one I thought, I would recognize as the guy who needed to go so badly. I was right, cause I saw him go over to his mate when we left. When I had a beer with my son in the evening, I told him I went to the toilet after we parted and that I was quite amused by the mass dumping after lunch (he is very open about such conversation). He was laughing and said: „Oh no, you should have told me you had to's main traffic time after lunch down there. I know a very nice, peaceful restroom upstairs, where I usually pinch a loaf." I told him I was quite amused. I would probably also find a quiet resort if I had to go there regularly, but it was an interesting change. He agreed laughingly and we exchanged a few more stories on the topic, which was very entertaining.

Richard and Sarah B
I'm Richard, I live in Glusburn, in Yorkshire, England. I regularly take a buddy dump with Sarah, my wife of nearly eight years. It started within months of us getting together at her staff christmas party in 1996. I usually drop huge soft loads and since I am very hairy, especially around my arse, I need to take extra care that I cleanse the area properly otherwise it can all get infected. Sarah has never minded wiping my arse carefully and it has certainly spiced up our lives in other ways!
This morning I woke up with the usual dull ache that indicates a bm is imminent. Shaking Sarah from her sleep, we went in the bathroom where I hovered over the bowl so that Sarah could enjoy a good view. Within seconds I was spraying brown, soft poo into the pan. This went on for about three minutes before I began pissing. I hold down my penis. After urinating for a good minute or so, I gave out three or four explosive, wet and very smelly farts before dropping more of the brown stuff into the bowl. Once done, Sarh wiped clean my brown starfish, a big grin on her face, before pushing me out of the way and sitting on the toilet. Pushing and grunting, Sarah let out two or three small farts. suddenly she slammed her feet onto the floor, and bearing down began to hatch the poo of her life. After three to four minutes, an exhausted Sarah tapered off an enormous fat turd. It was at least 12 " long and 4" wide. Not bad for a woman of just 5 ft 1 " in height. Then she peed for an eternity. I wiped her arse carefully but it was very clean anyway.
After I finish up at the Uni tomorrow, we're going to stop by the DIY store to see if we can pick up a new mirror so that we can see our own turd come out of our buttholes.

Will keep you updated ...
Richard and Sarah

And yet another buddy dump. Actually, I had to drop a load really badly and went into a restroom with a row of doorless stalls. Probably about 10 toilets. I wiped the seat and quickly sat down. I dumped for about a minute. In the meantime a guy came in and took a leak at one of the stalls. I started to clean up. I wiped from the front, then the back and then standing for the last few. The guy just finished washing his hands and was drying them as he walked by my stall. I was standing there cleaning up. "Not much privacy, eh?" he says with a slight laugh. I say, "Nope, not really. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?" He laughs a little bit and says, "yep". I pull up my green briefs and jeans as he walks away and he tells me to have a good day. Not really a buddy dump, though.

AT-That's funny you mention how the pee sometimes dribbles out between the seat and bowl when you are sitting to urinate. Someone else was telling me that a few days ago. I also had a fraternity brother tell me that a few years back. I wasn't too sure what he was talking about. He said "you know how when you piss at the same time you are taking a crap." I said, "yeah". He said that he hates it how sometimes he pees on his underwear while he's doing that. I asked him how that happens and he said that it's when the pee stream is pointed towards the front of the bowl and you don't notice it until it's too late. I said I never had that happen. It's probably because my "stuff" points straight down normally. He said that his kinda points away from his body, so he sometimes has to point it down if he's sitting. I did get a chance to see him on the toilet briefly, once. We were in a cabin in Lake Tahoe, I think, and he needed a roll of paper. I brought it in to him. He's an attractive blonde guy, Dutch, and he craps with his jeans and white briefs all the way down to his ankles. Always wore white JC Penney briefs. As I handed him the paper, I did notice his "stuff" pointed outwards a bit. I handed it to him and left.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO SA I enjoyed reading your article but I bet you did not enjoy creating the material for it.
Some people are very sensitive to things like Immodium, I would have suggested you take nothing and just let the poo flow out.
For constipation I use the prune juice flush. On an empty stomach I have a glass of prune juice and then heaps of water and a caffien drink and then after a while I sip prune juice and within a couple of hours the results thunder and gush out of my arse and I feel so much better.
It is great that you can poo in your husband`s presence!
Also when you have the runs keep the fluids up... stops you from getting dehydrated and helps flush out your system.

Dirty Squrity
a survey for the girls
1) do you dribble or squirt a bit after you have peed and pulled ur pants up? details
2) Have you gone in anything other than a toilet or ur pants? eg. cup, bin, bag. detail
3) Have done 1s or 2s in a pool, beach or another body of water? details
4) How fast dose ur pee come out, is it like a fire hose or just a little trickle? details
5) Have u every gone i front of someone? deatails wat did u do who saw u?
6) Have u tried peeing standing up? pls give details eg how far did it go? was it sucessful?
7) how long was the longest fart u have ever done? can u describe it?
8) have u ever hit the toilet seat before by accident? details
9) have u pooed before where the poop starts to come out but then gose back in? describe
10) have u ever played games while doing it? eg battleships or something else. details, were u with a friend or on ur own.
11) how old are u?
any other info would be appricated happy pooping

The Bowel Movement from HELL - A True Story

It was the summer of 1984. I was twelve years old. I was at summer camp, having a great time, playing with friends I hadn't seen since last year, enjoying the beautiful weather.

One day, shortly after eating something that was supposedly salisbury steak, my bowels churned and cramped fiercely. A bout of explosive diarrhea was on itss way to my ass and I hightailed it to the latrine.

I entered the boys' latrine, which conssisted of one long pee trough and one bucket style toilet, as is often the case with latrines, unobstructed from view. I saw to my dismay that someone, perhaps in the throes of the same post salisbury intestinal problems, had sprayed diarrhea all over the seat. I clenched my butt cheeks and tried to come up with a solution.

At thaat time, a friend of mine entered the boys latrine to take a whiz. I asked him for a favor. Could he please guard the entrance to the girls' latrine while I took a dump. I showed him the crapped upon toilet and he agreed.

We walked around to the other side where the girls entrance was attached. There was no one inside, so I entered and he stood outside the door. The difference between the two latrines was the girls consisted of three side-by-side toilets and no trough. Again, the toilets were completely out in the open, no stalls or anything.

I rushed inside, yanked down my shorts and tighty-whiteys and sat on the closest crapper. I relaxed, and my bowels erupted loudly, sending hot, stinging liquid shit splattering into the cesspool below.

It was then that I heard girlish chattering outside. I heard my friend say, "No! Wait!" To my horror, a group of five girls rushed into the latrine, saw me with my shorts and underwear around my ankles, a stream of diarrhea still squirting from my ass, and all burst out laughing. I quickly yanked my shorts up as far as possible, covering my exposed groin.

I saw several other girls peeking in to see what the commotion was. I lowered my head in what to this day is the worst sense of humiliation I have ever felt. I felt trapped, like there was nothing could do. If I sat there and finished shitting, I might as well never show my face at this camp again. But if I got up and left, they would no doubt follow me, teasing and mocking me so the whole camp knew what had happened. It was hopeless.

After what seemed like an hour, but was actually less than a minute, I lept off the toilet, pulled up my shorts and underpants the rest of the way, and pushed past the girls, walking quickly away from the latrine, doing my best to ignore the sensation of cold, slimy shit squashed between my ass cheeks. To my relief the girls didn't follow me. I finally got a chance to wipe my ass several hours later, after I came back from hiding in the woods.

I was teased relentlessly for the rest of the week. After that, I took all of my dumps in the woods, carrying a packet of Kleenex with me wherever I went just in case.

The following summer, thankfully, everyone seemd to have forgotten all about it, until one kid asked me at lunch one day, "Didn't you get caught taking a shit in the girls' latrine last year?" I just smirked and said, "Yup, that was me." He laughed and luckily that was it.

The fact that it was the most embarrassing experience I've ever had means I'm a pretty lucky guy, I suppose. Thanks for reading.

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