I Rather Be Anonymous!
hello everyone. im new here, i only started reading for a week and a half so far, i love pooping and peeing either in nature or when im alone for a while in my house ever since i was just a little kid. since i've been reading a lot of the stories here, i just felt confident enough to share you all a few stories that i had experienced. oh, by the way, im female, 17, 5"3, white, have brunette coloured hair, have a small, bashful bladder.

this story happened a few years ago. when i got curious about how it feels if i poop on a newspaper or something like that, since my parents were gone for a week for their anniversary, i thought that is the good time to do it. so after 7pm on the night that they were gone, i was really dying to go, because i was holding it for over 3 hours. so i started thinking where i should go and do it. i decided to just do it at my room. so i went to my room, and put a news paper on the ground, then i pulled down my Jeans and pink underwear, and i started to get ready. after i got ready, i started to let my buttcheeks loose, and i started to poop while i was still standing up. it was sort of thick and a hard one. it kept oozing out of my butt for 2 minutes, then i was finally finished. after that, i started farting really loudly. after that big loud fart, it made me poop even more. this one came out really fast, it was still a hard solid one like the last one. after it started coming out, i just bended my knees down a little bit more. after 20 seconds, it started becoming soft and it started breaking apart. then it just came really soft, then it became nearly pretty runny sort of like diarrhea. it kept coming out, i dont know when i'll be done, so i wanted to do the rest in the toilet, but i couldnt really stop it. then after a minute, i was still going, but i managed to hold my buttcheeks together to stop it, but the longer i wait, the more harder it is to hold it. so i quickly tip toed to the washroom, but i accidentally pooped a tiny bit on the floor, luckly it was a wooden floor, so i wouldnt leave any stains on it. i quickly got to the toilet, and i sat on it, and it just went shooting out of my butthole like a jet plane. i didnt know that i had a stomach ache. after around 4 minutes, i was finally finished. so i quickly wiped my butt, and went to clean up the part of the house that i accidentally pooped on. it took me over 20 minutes to clean up the mess that i've made.

2. this happened when i was 15 years old during summer time, my parents were going to be gone for the whole day until after the next day at night time. i decided that i wanted to pee in the basement where the floor i think it is cement, and the wall's made out of wood i think, so it would dry pretty easily, and by the time my parents gets back and goes to the basement, they probably wont notice anymore, since it would already dried up when they come. so on the day that they were going to leave for a little while, i was drinking ever since the morning at 7am. after they left at 12pm, i was pretty desperate, but i wanted to wait for a few minutes after they left to make sure they had left fore sure. after a few minutes had past, i was pretty sure they had left, so i made way to the basement, and i was getting ready to pee in the basement, then before i was ready, the door started ringing, that surprised me enough to make me nearly lose control. so i decided to go up and see who's at the door, it was my nice old neighbour, i asked her whats up, she told me that she had ran out of cheese, and asked me if she could borrow some, becausae she didnt want to go to the store to buy it, since it was going to take her 20 minutes to get there. i said yup to her, and asked her if she wanted to come in while i wait. she said sure, and she went to the living room to sit on the chair while she waits for me to get the cheese. after i got some for her, she said thanks. she then asked me how was my day and stuff, then after 5 minutes, it started to become a convensation.

while we were talking, i was even more dying for a pee, but i tried to hide it. after about half an hour, she finally said bye and left. after that, i waited for a minute or 2 to see if she's coming back or not, she didnt came back for a couple of minutes, so i think that i could go back down there. so after i went back downstairs to the basement, went to the corner of the room, and took off my Jeans, pink underwear, and all i was wearing was a shirt. after that, i just went to the corner of the room, bended my knees down a tiny little bit, and was about to pee until the phone started to ring, and that made me started peeing for a could seconds. i managed to hold it, and i just put my pink underwear up, but i didnt put my pair of Jeans back on, then i went to the phone. i picked it up, and ask who it was, it was my parents, they said that they got a call from their office, and they said that they needed them for a few days longer. so they asked me if i could stay alone in the house for a few more days longer. i told them sure. they were talking just a little bit more, and while they were talking a little bit longer, i was pressing my hand on my croutch, and i was crossing my legs from peeing in my underwear. after they were done talking to me, i quickly went back down to the basement, and went back to the corner, but right after i put my hand off my croutch, i nearly lost control, so i decided to just go in my underwear, and right after that, i bended my knees a little bit, and instead of started peeing, i farted very loudly instead. and that fart made me started pooping instead.

so i quickly pulled my underwear off my butt, and i just kept pooping. it was a hard thick solid type. it came pretty slowly, while i was pooping, i started peeing a little bit. then i decided to just let it out, i peed uncontrolablly in my hand, and i felt my poop had stopped. but i didnt care, i just kept peeing, and after a minute and a half later, i was done peeing, but my poop just hanged there from my butthole. i just waited for over 2 minutes, then it started moving. it came out slowly, then after a few more minutes, it came down onto the ground with a thud. after i was finished, i was suprised that i needed to pee very much. cause i thought i just needed to pee for just 30 seconds. anyways, after that, i just went to change into my clean clothes and went to clean up the poop. after that, i just thrown it to the garbage, and just went to find somethings to do for the rest of the day.

3. this happened when i was still 15 during summer time, i think this happened like about a few weeks before me started peeing in the basement. i wanted to do a experiment, i wanted to see how long i could hold my pee for and see how much i peed out. so i decided to do this while my parents went out for the day and wont be back till the night time at the next day. so then i just hold on at 9am in the morning after my parents went to work, and i kept drinking water since then. after 2pm, i was pretty desperate, but i still wanted to hold on, so i did. after 4:30pm, i was dying for a pee, and i was about to burst, so i went to get the measuring cup, and went to my room, then i took off my Jeans and panties, put the measuring cup at my pussy, and i just started peeing in there. it felt so good relieving my bladder, after a couple of minutes, i was finally finished. after i was finished, i lift it up, and looked at it. it said that i peed about 520 mL. i was suprised that i could peed that much, cause i usually dont think i could pee past 500ml.

anyways, i'll post some more later, bye everyone.

Hey Andrew!! :-)
Greg Here;

Very interesting story about how you can bum and pee in your pants in British soccer. On this side of the pond, such incidents aren't given that kind of slack. Here in the US, pissing your pants is ill-advised while bumming your pants is pretty much taboo.

Some years ago, my buddy Josh was practicing at camp for the upcoming football season. (American football; the kind they play in helmets and pads.) Usually accidents aren't a problem and Josh never had any kind of incident snce starting football in the 3rd grade. This day however was hot and Josh had esaten something that evidently overstimulated his bowels. As the pratcice went on, Josh was suddenly and relentlessly hit with the overwhelming need to take a very major shit. However, since the practice was just underway and Josh was trying to make a good impression on the coaches, he decided to soldier on. Evidently, it must be a lot harder to impress the coaches if you're in the bathroom bumming on the toilet with your pants hanging around your knees and a big load of shit crackling out of you than it is if you're out on the field making plays. Unfortunately, the 'easy' decision isn't always the RIGHT one!! :-O

As the practice in the 90-degree heat wore on, Josh started to realize he was coming under increasingly mounting pressure to shit. At first Josh tried to put it out of his mind and continue to practice. The session would be over in just a half hour so he would hit the bathroom then. However, after several more minutes as Josh became increasingly more loaded, the pressure inside Josh became insurmountable. Knowing that a big major dump had become inevitable, Josh finally decided to make a run for the bathroom so he could bum on the toilet which was his favorite way to relieve himself.

Finding the running backs coach, Josh yelled over to him, "Coach!! I really have to take a DUMP! I'll be right back!!"

However, instead of being sympathetic, the coach yells back. "Josh! What do you think you're doing! You can't just go and shit during a GAME. Now GET IN THERE!"

Well, Josh didn't want to look like he was disobeying an authority figure like a coach and really wanted to be a contributing factor on a team that had an excellent shot at winning a state title. So even though the pressure to shit was EXCRUACIATING, Josh decided he better do whatever it takes so he ran to the huddle when he should have been running to the toilets. Josh didn't want to look like a little 3rd grader who has to run to the potty in front of his teammates. After all, he was a big boy now and big boys don't panic in response to bodily functions. Also, Josh hadn't bummed in his pants since he was four years old and believed you actually had to willfully LET the shit loose for it to happen. Well, he was partially right. Pooping is considered a semi-voluntary bodily function. Reaching the huddle, Josh was sweating bullets as he fought desperately against the growing tide of crap inside him. In the huddle, the quarterback called Josh's number in a power sweep option around right end which was a bread-and-butter play of this offense.

When the ball was snapped, the quarterback pitched the ball to Josh who turned upfield and tried to pick up a block. Anyhow, Kevin a linebacker on the defense and a candidate for All-State honors sniffed the play out and drew a bead on Josh. With picture-perfect tackling technique, Kevin leveled Josh with a terrific hit driving Josh into the ground and temporarily stunning him. Josh had his bell rung but was ok. When Josh pulled himself together a moment later, he noticed he didn't need to shit quite as bad as before.

Well, that was because a SIGNIFICANT amount of the excrement was now in his pants. In fact, Kevin the linebacker knew what had happened before Josh did. As Kevin had completed the tackle and started to get up, he had heard a whole bunch of shit rush out of Josh rapidly filling his pants. Bpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbpdrplrplrplrplrplrplrplrplplplrplrpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpfvtfvtfvtftvfvtfvtfvtfvthpthpthpthp (The shit wave could have been longer, but I ran out of creative 'sound' effects.)

"Oh Christ!!" Kevin screamed. "Josh SHIT himself!! Get the DOCTOR over here!!" At this point, Kevin was thinking he may have seriously injured Josh before everyone concluded Josh was allright except for a significant load in his pants.

"All right everyone. Calm down!" demanded the head coach breaking in to the chaos. "Josh, did you shit yourself?"

Josh nodded in the affirmative almost crying. "Yeah... Yes I did.... I was just trying to....."

"You don't need to explain yourself son." The coach broke in. "I've seen you playing your heart out. Now go get yourself cleaned up then get back here."

Josh nodded before taking off. The coach then admonished his team to behave themselves.

"I want you guys to remember that Josh is family and to treat him with respect just as if the same thing happened to you. The reason we have the winning tradition we have here is because of kids like Josh who will run through a wall for his teammates. The first guy I hear making smart remarks is going to be running A LOT of laps. Is that understood?

"Yes sir." Came the mumbled response from several adolescent male voices.

"What was THAT??" Demanded the coach.

"YES SIR!!" Came a much more enthusiastic unison response from over 80 adolescent male voices.

"Thank you, gentlemen." Replied the coach. "Now let's get back to work.

Meanwhile, Josh had headed to the bathroom to finish up his very major dump in a more conventional manner. Dropping his soiled pants in a doorless stall, Josh mounted a still much-needed toilet where he proceeded to crap, and crap, and crap for the next ten minutes. As all the shit crackled out of Josh, he now had time to comprehend what had just happened. Looking down, Josh was confronted by the massive load of shit that lay in his underwear. Seeing that, Josh started sobbing uncontrollably. For adolescents, fitting in and being one of the guys is critically important and at least for the moment, Josh felt like having a shitting accident was a surefire way to destroy that fit and make him stand out in a negative way.

As Josh sat farting, crapping and crying, he heard someone come in to the bathroom and call his name. "Hey Josh??"

"Yeah," Josh sniffled.

"It's me, Coach Roberts." It was the same young coach who wouldn't let Josh go to the bathroom earlier when Josh had made it clear he needed to go real bad."

"What do you WANT??" Demanded Josh Angrily as tears streamed down his face.

Coach Roberts then made his way to the stall where Josh sat still crapping. "I brought you some clean underwear and shorts so you can get around. I'll take the stuff you have on and get them cleaned up."

"That's just great..." Replied Josh, still crying. "Can you bring me a clean reputation to replace the one you destroyed?? Can you get me my dignity back??" Josh demanded

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!!" Replied the coach. "Give me a CHANCE here!!! First of all, I came to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am totally sorry about what I did. Totally My Bad!! I didn't realize you had an emergency and would have responded differently had I known. I totally respect you as a player and as a person. I made a mistake and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Josh sniffed and nodded his head yes. Josh is such a great guy and he can't possibly hold a grudge against someone who is repentant especially if was an honest mistake.

"Next..." The coach continued, "As far as your reputation.... Well, you reputation is one of being a popular, talented and hard-working student and player. People regard you as a trusted friend who gives more than he takes. You came into today as one of the most respected guys on the team or in the whole school. And you know what, you still are."

"People really think that way of me??" Josh asked quizzically

"Yeah Josh." coach Roberts replied smiling. "They really do. And as far as dignity goes, dignity isn't based on being immune from adversity or unfortunate accidents. Dignity is about how you HANDLE adversity, not whether we experience it."

"Yeah... "I guess you're right," admitted Josh.

"One more thing and then I'll wait outside for you to finish..... I don't want this event to trash your confidence. You really are doing a great job for us and we really need you if we have any hope of achieving our goals as a team this year."

"Thanks coach." Replied Josh. "That... that really means a lot...really." He was right. Josh put a lot of stock in the approval of coaches and teachers and felt devastated if he thought they were displeased with him. Wanting to please was what led Josh to stay on the field when he desperately needed to get to a toilet to shit. It was the fear of having displeased the coaches that made him cry so profusely after bumming in his pants.

"Anyway, here are the clean briefs and shorts. Give me what got messed and I'll either get them cleaned up or replaced."

"Thanks coach." Replied Josh. "I need to finish up the rest of my dump and I'll get everything to you."

Coach Roberts took note of the massive load he saw in Josh's pants along with the substantial volume he had heard Josh crackle into the toilet as he responded, "You STILL need to shit??? Damn, I guess you really DID have to go!!"

Josh grinned. "Your guess would be RIGHT!!"

Coach Roberts then reached into the stall and rubbed Josh on the head. "I'll wait out here. Just get me the stuff when you're ready."

"OK!" Replied Josh with a much more enthusiastic tone. Josh then crackled out several more logs into the toilet over the next five minutes. Then, he started stripping carefully to avoid spreading more shit than necessary. First he leaned over and untied his shoes before pulling them off. Next, he carefully pulled off his socks before taking off his pants by turning them inside out instead of pulling them over his legs. That way, if anything was smeared with shit, it would end up on the outside instead of being dragged along his leg. That left his formerly white briefs which were absolutely filled with shit beyond capacity. There was no hope for them.

"Hey Coach Roberts, you still there?" Called Josh.

"Yeah." Replied the assistant coach. "You need me to get your stuff??

"You'll need to bring me a lot of paper towels to wrap up these briefs. Nothing we can do with these but toss them."

"Hey. No problem." Replied Coach Roberts. "I'll be right there. Coach Roberts then took a bunch of paper towels from the roll and took them back to Brian. There, they faced a bit of a challenge. They were SO loaded with shit there was no way to pull them off without Josh smearing his legs."

"You know what..." Coach Roberts started "All you can do is get them off as carefully as you can and wipe off any smears. You're going to have to shower off anyway."

Josh agreed with that assessment and removed the soiled briefs as Coach Roberts suggested. Coach Roberts then wrapped them up and went out to find a garbage can to dispose of them. By Josh's own account, he then needed at least a couple dozen wipes to get his butt and genital area clean enough to put on the replacement briefs and shorts Coach Roberts had brought in. Coach Roberts was about his size so Josh figured the coach got them from his own wardrobe. Josh would have to remember to thank him later even if Coach Roberts was at least partially responsible for putting him in that position to begin with

After getting dressed, Josh returned to the cabin to shower up.

(Author's note: While I unfortunately did not have first-hand experience of this incident, I am reasonably confident this is pretty much how it went down with only minor differences in detail and dialogue. The reason I know this is because Josh is my brother-in-law having married my younger sister after college. This incident occurred when Josh was a 16-year-old high-school Junior. He is now 41 and the father of 2 of my nieces and 2 of my nephews. Josh and coach Roberts who is now 50 have remained tight friends to this day and have worked together as high school football coaches and investment advisors for the past 19 years. In those 19 years, 7 of their players have inadvertently shit in their pants during practice. Each time this incident plays itself out, they use their own crapping accident to keep the player encouraged.)

i ahve 2 pee reely bad rite now....i just lost a squirt! im trying to see how long i can wait. i ahd 2 cups of coffee and 3 bottles of water, and 2 cans of rootbeer. man i ahve to pee! i didnt no my bladder could stech this far!

As a mother of twin year old sons, Justin and Jason, I was mortified whwn my boys told me that the stalls in the boys restrooms at their high school don't have doors. My daughter Melissa says the girls all have doors, thank goodness... I was so infuriated that I went to speak to the principal, a woman in her early 50's, not a hair out of place. I confronted her about the situation, and she gave me NO satisfaction, so I asked her to take a walk with me. We walked over to the closest boys restroom, and I said to her "After you, Ms -------...She thought I was crazy, but I wanted to prove a point. I asked her to just SIT on any of the 6 doorless toilets. I wasn't asking her to 'do her business', but just bare her buttocks as she thinks it's perfectly fine for my teenage sons to do. Of course, she refused, and I asked her what was the difference, she says she has teenage boys in this school, and they NEVER complained about using doorless stalls. Well, I got nowhere with her, so my next step in the Regional Superintendant, a gentleman, so maybe I will have better luck...Wish me luck ....

I've been shitting regularly lately...but I've been getting the worst stomach cramps...its...bad...worse then just your average ate-too-much stomach ache. like...its bad pain, trust me people. anyone have advice?:( cuz this really hurts.

hey everyone, this is my first time posting and i REALLY need to pee right now and am begining to feel the urge to poop. i wonder how long i can hold it, i have a pretty large bladder for someone young like me (14), i hope i can hold it man do i have to go!

Shitting Susie
I had an accident today. I was walking in the woods then shit flooded out of me. Then I pissed myself. :-(
Your friend,

Shitting Suse (By the way I just shit myself.) :-(

Punk Rock Girl

Sorry my posts have been few and far between, but I haven't had much time lately. Friday's usually start slow here, so I'll take that time to answer Sweet Survey-er's poll.

1. What's the most embarrassing farting incident you ever had?
Before I really knew Colin (my boyfriend), he and I were hanging with some friends in the city one summer night. We ate at a diner and then took the subway to the Village. On the subway, I started having cramps, and felt the urgent need to take a shit. The car we were in was mostly empty. I was sitting next to Colin (my friends were trying to set us up), fidgeting, trying to hold it. Suddenly, I let out this huge, loud fart, made even louder by reverberating against the plastic seat. Because my retum was full of shit at that moment, it stank to high heaven. Everyone, including Colin started laughing. I laughed along with them, but inside I wanted to crawl under the seat.

2. What would you rather: Crap your pants (having diarrea) silently in a que, and people notice, or/ crap your pants while in a meeting with your boss and work colleages and have to sit in it fo half an hour, but get away with them thinking you just farted?
Not sure what a "que" is, but I would rather shit my pants and have people notice than have to sit there with my ass smeared in shit for a half hour and pretend I just farted. I can deal with embarrassment better than that sticky squishy feeling on my buns.

3. What foods make you constipated?
Whatever doesn't give me diarrhea, makes me constipated pretty much. Bread, cheese, pasta, meat. I'm more often constipated than anything else. My dumps are usually pretty huge and difficult.

4. what was the approx size(length x width)of the biggust turd you have ever had?
While I have never broken out a tape measure, I would venture a guess that the longest unbroken load I've ever had was about eighteen inches, and the widest was at least six inches around and hard as a rock. I was on the toilet for about a half hour with that one, and finally had to lube my asshole with vaseline to get it to come out. I felt like I had been sodomized by an elephant afterwards!



to DAve B
sorry about not writting back sooner
yea that dream was really weird and especially in her intestines. any way, you wanted me to tell u about that nasty thing i felt in my belly the other week. welli thnk it was some three day old pinapple pizza that had eaten for breakfast that morning. when it got into my rectum i had a real bad pain in my lower belly and then i had to go let it out. i sat down on the toilet and i farted really loud. then my pixxa started to slide out my crack. when it fell out, it was over two feet long.
another thing i was gonna say was that i had another one of those dreams. i woke up in my friends stomach and was floating on sum blob of stomach goo. then i made her gassy and i got blown out her butt in a fart, unfortunatley for me i bounced of her panties and i got my head stuck in her crack. i had to crawl back up into her rectum and then i just got pushed out with her digested lunch.

Angela at Work
Hello, this is Angela again. I would like to thank everyone for your replies. It's nice to know that I am not the only one this has happened to.

To Alexis in Chicago: I am 27 years old and about five foot eight. I am in pretty good shape and live in Toronto, Canada.

I mentioned before in my previous posts, that my body likes to really
lean itself out about once a year. Well, a few weeks ago was my cleanout for 2006. Hopefully that will be the only time it happens this year...

I also mentioned that this happend to me last year when I was on vacation with my friends in Mexico. Here is that story...

Three of my girlfriends and I decided to take a trip to Mexico last February to Cancun, Mexico. Well, I ended up having the runs all week long and ended up ruining the three bathing suits that I brought with me.

We got there on Sunday morning. On Monday we were down at the beach and I could feel my stomach starting to act up. Suddenly a sharp cramp hit me and my bowels turned to water. I just HAD to be wearing a white bikini! I sat up on my the beach chair that I was sitting in and tried very slowly to get up. It was no use. As I tried to push myself up, the diarrhea oozed its way out of my very tightly clenched butt cheeks. I slowly filled my white bikini with diarrhea. I carefully sat back down and could feel the mess shifting into my crotch and up my back. Fortunately everything stayed in my bikini bottoms. I leaned over and looked between my legs and I saw that the wetness from the diarrhea was leaking through my bikini. I was sharing a rooom with my friend Megan and told her that I needed to go back to our room because I wasn't feeling well. When I went to get up and wrap a towel around my waist, she saw what had happened and said, "Oh Angela, what happened to you?" I said, "I'm sick and couldn't keep my but cheeks tight enough to hold it in." She was very nice and helped me back to our room and I went directy into the shower, messed bikini and all. As for those white bikini bottoms, well, I could not get the stains out, they were ruined. I had to throw them away. Fortunately, I still had two more bathing suits with me.

On Tuesday we went shopping in Cancun. I still had the runs and filled my underwear and jeans when we were walking in one of the markets. Mother nature sure has its way. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

On Wednesday, we went on a booze cruise trip. I wore my pink one-piece bathing suit under a pair of light blue shorts. I was feeling a little better when we left. We ended up stopping on this "deserted" island and got to explore it a little. Then, of course, the cramps started again. I let out a wet fart and knew it was a bad one. We were on the beach on our way back to the boat and I could not hold it. Every step I took more and more diarrhea slowly went into my bathing suit. I went into the little washroom on the boat and took off my light blue shorts. They had some stains on them, which I tried to clean up, to no avail. I then had to take of my one-piece to try and clean them up. I emptied them out the best I could and put everything back on. I sat beside my friend Megan and she asked me if I was okay. I told her no, and she decided not to pursue the issue already knowing what happened to me for the third time that week.

When we got back to our resort we went back to our rooms. I went back to the shower to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. I had more diarrhea on the toilet this time and thought I was emptied out when we left. We went for dinner then out to a club to drink and dance. I was wearing another pair of jeans, these ones clean, at the time. They had this contraption at the club we were at where you stand on it and try to do the splits the best you could. The winner won like, $500 bucks do my friends decided to give it a try. Being a little athletic, I thought that under normal cirtumstances, I could win or at least come close, no problem. As everyone tried, my bowels started acting up again. I thought to myself, "Great, nice friggin' timing." I looked for the ladies room and when I saw it there was quite a line up so I stayed where I was. When my turn came, I told everyone that I was not feeling well. Everyone started cheering and giving me grief. Suddenly this big muscle guy picked me up and put me on this crazy contraption. As it started pulling my legs apart, I could feel my bowels start to move. Without being able to clench my butt cheeks, the diarrhea just ran into my panties and jeans. This was right in front of everyone!!! It was just awful. I got off the machine and ran out of the club, back to our hotel. Well I guess "ran" is a rather selective word. I should say "walked" quickly in my diarrhea filled pants.

On Thursday, I stayed on the resort near the pool and close to a bathroom at all times. Thursday wasn't actually too bad. I thought I was done having the runs. I was wearing the last bathing suit I had with me, a two piece boy leg bikini set, crimson red in colour.

Friday however was much like Monday. We were walking on the beach just talking and taking the occasional dip in the ocean. We were a litte further out into the ocean when my troubles started again. I had to have the runs again, and had another accident, again, as the waves came crashing down on us. I went back to the shore, grabbed my towel and headed back to my room. I stumbled in the water on my way back to the shore. I pooped so badly this time, that it was coming out of my boy leg bikini. The problem was that the diarrhea was a little more wet than before, plus my bikini was wet as it was, so the mess sloshed around my butt area and went everywhere else.

Anyway, that was my 2005 Mexico trip with my friends. Not the greatest one for me as my body cleaned itself out.

I still have other stories for you that I will share at another time. Similar things happend to me when I was in college and highschool.

Angela at "Work".

One day as a was walking through the park an urge hit me hard. I am not shy at all so I pulled down my pants in public and shitted. It flew all of the place. On my balls and penis and buttocks. As soon as I was done, I ran without wiping

the sub
Sunday night. A little after 8. Just got back from a birthday party.
Trying to finish going the shit I couldn't finish earlier.
Nothing yet.
Guess I'll try again.

Television ads can be quite interesting in how they skirt the issue of bodily functions.....

Right now one particularly ANNOYING ad is the Avodart commercial. In the ad, some guy in his mid fifties to early sixties comes on and announces right off... "I was ALWAYS going!!!" He then proceeded to tell us where he went, how often he went, how hard it was to go when he went and so forth. Then he tells us his bladder wasn't the problem, it was his enlarging prostate but luckily, his Doctor told him about that wonderful Avodart to get his prostate back down to size.

The ad goes on to show a prostate and a bladder and how an enlarging prostate places pressure on the bladder increasing the urge to go. Then it shows how nice and easily the bladder empties out when the prostate is reduced in size by that wonderful medicine which only has about 35 adverse side effects if the disclaimer at the end is any indication.

We haven't gotten to the point of showing a cross section of excrement accumulating in the rectum before it is expelled, but this ad is a step in that direction.

Then there have been ads that while they did not depict any dumping, there sure have implied it.

A few years back, there was a toilet paper ad on which showed a hand reach out only to find an empty roll of toilet paper on the wall. You then heard a young male adult voice go "Oh No!!" The next thing you see is an open bathroom door with the young guy calling out to his ever-faithful golden retriever to go fetch some paper. The implication was that the guy had just taken a big sticky dump and now needed paper to wipe his ass. If the dog was anything like me, he probably enjoyed hearing his master drop a big load. Sadly, they did not actually show the guy sitting on the can.

Anyhow, the dog then runs off on a mission of mercy to resuce his master from an inglorious fate. He stops at 2 different toilet paper rolls but rejects them until he finds the paper with just the right absorbency and softness for his indisposed master's behind.

As the dog is running back, the paper starts coming off the roll leaving you to conclude there will be barely enough if any paper left for the master to wipe his butt with by the time the dog reaches the house.

A second ad is for an SUV. These rugged-looking young guys are all getting ready for a wilderness trip in their wonderful new SUV. They're all packed up and ready to go when suddenly, one of the guys' girlfriend appears on the balcony wearing a smug "Those-guys-aren't-as-together-as-they-THINK-they-are" look on her face and tosses a roll of toilet paper through the sun roof of the SUV. All the guys in the SUV admire the roll of toilet paper and give each other a knowing look as the commercial ends.

Implication: Good thing one of these dumb guys had such a smart girlfriend looking out for him or they would all be out in the wilderness with sticky asses and nothing to wipe with when they took their inevitable dumps.

Some years ago, there was an air freshener ad on tv that showed a housekeeper at a college fraternity house. They showed the guys going into the bathroom, they showed the toilet paper rolls, and they showed hands flushing the toilets, but again, they never actually showed any of the guys sitting on the crapper.

Implication of Ad: Collge fraternity guys take the biggest stinkiest craps so you better have a good strong air freshener that is up to the task.

More recently, there has been this quite attractive young guy in an ad for some medicine that treats Chrohn's Disease. This guy is going along having a great time with his friends just like happy healthy young guys do. Then suddenly, this sudden look of urgency comes over his face as he's suddenly hit with a major urge to shit. He's then forced to drop everything and find the bathroom right away before he experiences a really embarrassing accident. Again, they never actually show him bumming on the can, but you get the idea he spends a great deal of time there. Later on he's having a great time with his girlfriend... They're so in love and all when all of a sudden.... Uh Oh! He's got to shit again and his face takes on the same distressed expression as before.

Then, he finds this wonderful medication which only has a couple dozen or so adverse side effects according to the disclaimer. Next thing you know, he's running through open fields with his girlfriend not in the least bit concerned over where the nearest bathroom is.

I suppose the implication there is that you better get your shits under control with their medication if you don't want to lose your friends and girlfriend.


Then, there are the cartoon bears who are using the potty by the trees. You can't show humans doing their business, but if you humanize bears in a cartoon that's ok. When they get done, they wipe their bear butts on this wonderful soft absorbent toilet paper while the background chorus exuberantly sings "For a Cleaner Clean You Can Get BEHIND!!!!" They are apparently unable to contain their joy over how soft and absorbent this toilet paper is.

Anyhow, I've SEEN bears shit and that's not how they do it, and they don't particularly care if they have a nice soft absorbent toilet paper with which to wipe their asses. Pandas are the absolute WORST. They chow down on bamboo all day long and are CONSTANTLY shitting. I've seen them at the San Diego Zoo and it's a non-stop job cleaning up after them.
Kurt: Interesting story about your sister and her championship bladder. I'll be posting some strories soon about an old high school/college friend of mine who had 2 older brothers and 4 younger brothers. My buddy was 19 and a pretty big guy as were his two older brothers aged 23 and 21 and the brother right after him, aged 17. But the dumping champion of the family was their 15-year-old brother who was about 5'5 and 125 pounds at the time. I didn't believe it when my buddy told me about his kid brother until I finally saw it for myself. This kid would eat, and eat, and eat and never seemed to put on weight. Then, he only took a dump 2 or 3 times a week, but when he DID, he would shit, and shit, and shit like nobody's business.

People can't outpee your sister, nor could they outshit this kid!!

Silly Girl
Here is a very funny story. One time my dad and I were picking huckleberries and I had to take a dump. I decided to hold it since there was no toilet. I told myself I might as well annoy dad by farting a lot, just for fun. That day I learned that my dad prefers that I stunk up the woods than repeatly farting.

Another time when I was little I was afraid of going to the bathroom so when I had to take a dump I held it. When I finally went I threw up and of cours

Amy in Edmonton
My name is Amy. I am now 18 years old, 5-9 with brown hair. I have been a lurker here for quite some time now, due to unfortunate events, someone told me about this website. It was "Sarah in Calgary" that ratted me out a few months ago about an accident that she saw me have at my cousin Amanda's wedding. Sarah was a bride's maid at my cousins wedding and pooped in her underwear while standing at the front of the church during the ceremony.

As I said, I had a bad accident that day too. I was 17 at the time. Durning the ceremony, my stomach started cramping up. I was getting my period sometime that week and figured that's what the cramps were about. Well, the cramps became much worse and I ended up having to go during the ceremony. I was sitting in the middle of the row and thought it would be rude to run out of the ceremony. As we stood up to pray, my bowels started to push diarrhea into my underwear. As Sarah in Calgary mentioned, I was wearing cream coloured panties with blue leg holes and waist band. I was also wearing dressy kahki pants, with a white blouse and light blue sweater. It all came out of me as we stood up. Then of course, we had to sit back down and when I did, all the poop in my pants spread out, up my back and into my crotch.

After the ceremony, we had to go outside. I told my parents and older sister that I had to use the washroom. When I got to the ladies room I saw that it only had one toilet and a sink. Since this has happened to me a few times before, especially as I was expecting my period, I always bring with me a few pads and an extra pair of underwear. I took off my shoes, socks and blouse. I then undid my pants and pulled them off. I looked in horror at the crotch and noticed that there was a very noticable blood stain on them from my period starting. I checked out the back and front, and sure enough, there was blood and diarrhea stains on them. I threw my dirty underwear on the counter by the sink and cleaned myself up the best I could. As I was finishing up, someone knocked on the door. It turned out to be Sarah. Not realizing that she also had the runs, I quickly ripped open one of my maxi pads and put it in the crotch of my clean underwear. I let the wrapper from my Always Extra Long and thick pad drop to the floor as I was in a hurry to get out of there. I opened up the door and quickly walked out of there when Sarah said that I should wrap my sweater around my waist, which I did to try and hide the stains on my pants.

I then realized in absolute horror that I forgot something in the washroom. My messed panties! I didn't even throw them away, plus I left my maxi pad wrapper on the floor. I went back to the washroom where Sarah was cleaning herself up. She mentioned to me that she also had a bad accident in her underwear. I gave her one of my pads to help her. She was very nice and we ended up talking during the dinner.

A year before I went with my older sister Allison to see our family in Toronto in August. We went for two weeks and I knew that I was going to get my period sometime during our visit. I made sure I had plenty of supplies with me as my period has always been very heavy at the start. We got to our aunt and uncles house on Friday night. We decided to go to Canada's Wonderland on Tuesday for the day.

On Monday night I started feeling crampy and was hoping that my period would not start as we were going to Canada's Wonderland the next morning. All night, I kept on waking up from the cramps and went to the washroom a few times, but my period had not started. Then, the cramps went away and I thought, "hallelujiah"! When I woke up, I went to the washroom to pee, and looked to my dismay at my underwear. The crotch had bad blood stains on them from my period starting as did my p.j.'s. I went back to my room, grabbed a pad and some clean underwear. To play it safe, I wore an Always Maximum Protection pad, the longest and thickest one they have. They work the best for me as my period is very heavy and I don't have to change it as often as I would if I was usuing something with less absorbancy.

Anyway, we left for Canada's Wonderland. I brought with my by backpack with two extra pads, a pair of clean underwear for just in case, and a pair of jeans in case it cooled down in the evening. I also had with me a bathing suit although I really didn't think that we would be going to the water park. I was wrong. As everyone went to change I said that I would sit this one out. My sister pleaded with me to come so I thought, well, how bad could it be? Not being a tampon user I figured that I could wear my underwear with my pad underneath my bathing suit. I had with me my orange two piece bathing suit. I checked my pad and probably should have changed it but decided not to waste one as it was just going to get soaked with water anyway. Well, that turned out to be a big mistake. Because of the size of my pad, you could actually see the bulge out of the back of my bikini bottoms. When I went into the water, I could feel the pad just soak everything up. A little while later, my sister came up to me with a horrified look on her face. She said, "AMY!" "What?" I asked. She came closer to me and whispered, "You have your period, don't you?" I said, "Well, yes, unfortunately." "Well, you have bled through your bottoms, look." I looked down and sure enough, my pad had leaked the blood into the crotch and back on my bikini bottoms. She then asked, "Are you wearing a pad and underwear under your bottoms?" I told her yes, and that I didn't know what else to do. She gave me her towel and I went back to change and clean myself up.

Fortunately I still had a dry pair of panties with me. I put them on with a fresh pad and my shorts.

Later that day, after lunch we went on some more rides and then came to a ride called the "Drop Zone". This is like a 30 story free fall. It is actually pretty awesome. As we were stading in line for this one, my bowles started acting up. The urge to go became very apparent as I took my seat on the ride. I shouldn't have gone on it, but wasn't thinking that I would have to go diarrhea right at that time. As the ride slowly went up, the diarrhea started pushing its way out into my underwear and maxi pad. There was a slight pause as the ride got to the top before it dropped. Then you hear this bang noise and it drops very quicky. As the ride dropped, so did my bowels, right into my underwear.

I got off the ride and waddled to the packed ladies room. Since my other pair of underwear was still wet from the water, I could only change my pad into the last one I had for the day. I also decided to change into my jeans as some of the diarrhea had excaped into my shorts, dirtying them. By the time we got home, my maxi pad was soaked and had actually leaked through my clothes.

That was a pretty bad day for me at Canada's Wonerland. I do have other stories to share with you, but perhaps at some other time.

Amy in Edmonton.

diarrhea girl
Have you ever had an accident? yes
Have you ever peed/pooped in the woods? no
Do you pee a lot? quite a lot
Do you have diarrhea a lot? not that often, usually just when I'm on my period or if I'm really sick
Are your poops liquid, breakable, a little solid, normal, or hard? usually normal or a little softer
Are you OK with using public toilets? for peeing I'm fine but not for pooping
Have you ever been seen peeing/pooping? yeh peeing a few times at home and not long ago I was having diarrhea in a public toilet and the lock was broken and someone walked in...arrggh!! x

I have never had a problem peeing or pooing outside but I do have a problem if someone else does. Or at least someone my age. I think it comes from my grandpa pissing everywhere and not caring where when I go outside I try to find a place where no one will step in it even if it is just pee. Is there something wrong with me for feeling this way? My cousin who is younger than me pees outside at my house and I don't mind but she does get out of the walk way but my brother peeing outside bothers me b/c he will pee anywhere. Please let me know what yall think.

hey speedybk,

i like to hear more, if you wish to share. and no, not sick at all. we do see some paralegic stores once in a blue mooni

how do u mean they schedule your pooping sessions? what does the aide do? and if you had to go back at home?

I had a strange dream a few weeks back. I was on a beach and went into a large cave. I walked through the cave and up some steps along the side of the cave. As I got to the top of the steps, there was a landing. On the landing, there was a toilet. I dropped my shorts and had a dump while sitting at the top of the stairs. I would watch other people walk in and out of the cave, and go up and down the stairs. It was strange.

hello to all japanese girl back

im just going give my survey about me today

age: im 18
where from: Japan
where abouts now: usa
my height: 5'3
where i learned my english: my best friends

now on to wat happens when i use the bathroom

so do you cover the seat: yes
what is your signal when u have to poop: belly pain
when do have a singal when u have to pee; i guess when i feel a tickle down there
so what places u never done a poop: the portal toilets and the open stall one's oh and my bf house

where have you pooped: at school, mall, gorcey store, friends place,church,and, at home

where have u pee every place expect those portal potties

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS? MAKE CHERYLADE! . I alwasy wanted for the fun of it to try out those new, NICE AND PRIVATE, unisex " family restrooms" they have at some of the malls! last sunday I went to the mall to get some concealer at MAC cosmetics , this after coming from this wiccan thing . right after leaving the wiccan thing,peeing first there of course[ when life give you lemons? make lemonade! the sign on the wall in the farthest of the two unisex rooms says. I stopped at this gas station to first get gas, and of coures, being massively thirsty , had to get something to drink in the form of a 20 oz diet cherry/vanilla dr pepper. this was about 4:30 PM and did that bottle ever go down my neutral colored lippie covered lips so fast; in fact soon as I got on the freeway that soda was gone in 10 mins easy! while driving I thought briefly about how later it will more then likely come out from those other "lips" you know, the ones that you don't put lippie on but use summer's eve on to " freshen up" with. anyway, by 5 Pm I am at the mall and at MAC having the girl show me what kind of concealer is best. on the way in , probably due to thinking about it , I felt the slightest urge to "go to the ladies room " but did not give it any more thought. anyway, still at mac till 5:30 pm , I buy the concealer make up and then, decide to walk around the mall and check out the stores. stopping at this soda machine , I was still quite thirsty and bought this 20 oz bottle of pink lemonade and then, slooowy sipping it on the way in a real " femme" manner sat down by lord and taylor in the sofas and slowly finished it. now about 6 Pm I walked around the mall some more and to lane bryant, you know that place where size 16 bisexual/lesbian " chubbettes" like me can find their sizes! LOL anyway, lane bryant was about to close at like 6:30 Pm and so was the mall and so, about then I figured now was the time to go and listen to that sweet, feminine tinkle sound of my puss "make cherylade" in the toilet water. I said to the sales girl after asking about some kewl looking skirts, " I guess the mall's about to close as well?" and she told me it was. " I guess I better hurry and get to the ladies room then" I said and then walked off. find the restrooms, I see this cute little family room on my right, and thought " let me try this out! why not?" and so, I turned right and walked back past the little black leather couch and toward the restroom. there were two single use ones, the first on my left with a kiddie sized toilet bowl and the other [2ND left] with the " adult" pottie; both NICE AND CLEAN! and so, I walked into the second one, bolt locked the door and seeing the seat down; took off big purse placing it down before removing my coat and sticking it on hook. I unbuckled my big black belt and then , unbuttoned my lee rider jeans, pulling them and my pretty pink undies to just below my knees. the bowl was filled with nice fresh clean water almost all the way from back to front rim and I thought, "not for long, honey!" exposing my almost completely shaved puss, I sat down on the clean,open-front, white toilet seat with my legs a little apart and maybe 5 seconds later, I could feel my other "lips" sensually open up and hear my "island splash" FDS scented puss make this really kewl, sweet, very lady-like, feminine piddling-tinkle sound of myself "going to the ladies' room" as I urinated all that left over diet cherry/vanilla dr pepper and probably pink lemonade as well into the toilet bowl's clear water! I just sat there, nice and comfortable in my very secure private moment doing what a lady has to do in the ladies room , "FRESHEN UP"; listening to the sound of my golden yellow urine tinkle directly into the middle of that water filled bowl for the next 45 seconds or so in a nice steady stream. night light purple nail polished nails on my hands resting on my legs, I was looking down and listening and within 15-20 secs; could see the water turn completely golden yellow as I continued to urinate , quickly filling the water's surface with, frothy bubbly foamies which swirled around as I tinkled into it. coming to almost a complete stop but not quite, for another good 30 secs , it continued to softly tinkle out in a twisty ribbon which splattered around in the water which was hissing with urine foamies; the foam actually quieting the sound of my tinkle. meanwhile, I reached over to the left, took a whole bunch of toilet paper and got ready for female tradition batter known as the "wet puss wipe" LOL then it stopped and I just relaxed and waited about 5 secs as even more came out in a series of nice, soft, very feminine sounding splashy piddles lasting about 5-10 secs each; about 3-4 more dribbly leaks from my puss and I was finished. I relaxed, and let one more final dribble out and then it stopped. "time for the FEMME puss wipe!" I thought, as I couldn't help but to listen to the sound of all those hissy urine " foamies" dissolve in the water, while I wiped my puss nice and dainty like from front to back. then I stood up, gave it a little wipe from behind , front to back of course, dropping the paper into that bowl's water now filled with all that foamy "cheryl ade" . I pulled up my pink undies, then sandstone colored denim lee rider jeans, buckling that belt. then I reached back with my left hand , hit the lever and very lady like, flushed all that totally grody golden yellow, still slighty foamy urine down the drain as the bowl refilled with nice clean water. I washed up and walked out.

sassy cheryl

Tom in reply to your post I can report that the last true acident I had was when I was doing a painting of a friend. I had ben needing to go for some time but I was so engrossed I just carried on. He asked me if I needed to go and i tild him I did. He had gone in his pants a few months earlier on the way back from school. I asked him what it had been like and he laughed and told me it was ok really. His had been a hard load and not too bad. Anyhow I carried on and after a while I farted a really long fart and realised it was too late by far. It coiled in the back of my pants. What wwas worse though was pissing because I was on the carpet and ended up with a soaking patch of pee round my feet. I only went because I left it too late but like you it was an accident. My mate thought it was hilarious but I had kept quiet about him and he did about me. He did help me have a shower and clean up and we were both less stressed up after that.

You are not the only one Tom.

I gather you sometimes poo when its not an accident. I do when I am alone and doing something I really enjoy and can't be bothered to go to the toilet. Not too often - about every couple of months.

Here is my story of my first accident. I was a good footballer at school and in the first team It had always been the practise at our school that if you needed a piss when playing there was no problem in pissing in your pants. Most of us used to bring old briefs to wear under our shorts. The day in question was really cold and shortly after half time I warmed up for a few seconds by pissing and feeling the warmth as it ran around the front of my pants and down my legs. What was more worrying was the need I had to poo. That was something I had never known anyone do. I knew I had no choice and with about 10 minutes to go I filled the back of my Y fronts with a large firm load. Then I scored. Walking off the pitch my mate said I smelled as if I had done a poo. I owned up but he never let on to anyone else. My pants were not too bad. I took them off and put them in an old plastic bag and left in the bin. I was able to make it into the shower without anyone seeing my dirty bottom!

In the early summer of the same year I was watching cricket in our village - the locals were playing another local team. I was sat on a bench on my own - all my mates were away or working. I wanted to poo again. I held for a long time and then decided as my folks would not be home to late to dump in my pants and just carry on enjoying the game. That is what I did. It was a bit like really thick chocolate sauce and really made a mess. I knew it must stain through my jeans and was glad I could get home without going on the road. It was done on purpose. I could have walked home. The thing was I enjoyed doing it and I still do. I don't do it often but now I am back from college and on my own I can do it when I want to This was the first time I had chosen to go in my pants and in a public place.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Today I had what I would call a reasonably large poo. I weighed myself before and after and I was point 4 kilograms lighter, or .88 pounds this a shit of reasonable weight?
Thank you for your response


On Thursday I paid another visit to my outdoor dumping ground. Again it was a planned deliberate shitting expedition. After breakfast I went to the toilet to have my usual morning poo but on finding that what was up there was a good solid mass (steak for dinner the night before) I decided that I really wanted to go outdoors. So after a couple of hours I stuffed some toilet paper into my jacket pocket and drove over to the park which has become my favourite poo place. I walked up the hill to the trig point as before, but this time I was bolder. I fancied doing it by the trig point, which by definition is exposed for miles around, but I thought that might be a bit unsociable. However there are some trees nearby, obviously not in leaf at the moment and not giving 100% cover. I walked over to a tree and looked down to see a faily walking along the path below. Had they looked up they would have seen me. I undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles, and got into a great squatting positon. I think that squatting is a much more natural position than sitting, which is the position most people use most of the time. As I squatted I didn't have to strain or push or anything, just getting into position did the trick and out popped a good long log, about 7 inches long. I did then have to push a bit to expel another, about 4 inches, which lay on top of the longer one. I stood up and examined my handiwork. I stood for a minute or so with my trousers and pants round my ankles in the open air, then found that after searching all my jacket pockets I had lost my toilet paper somewhere en route! A quick feel with my fingers told me there were no bits haging off so I would have to risk some serious skid marks. I got dressed and walked down the hill, then along a path and when it seemed pretty isolated I pulled my trousers down again, standing in the middle of the path, and wiped myself using my handkerchief. A fair bit of shit came off so I would've had some messy pants. I dropped the hankie in the next litter bin, then went to the cafe for coffee and a sandwich.
It was great fun and I am still enjoying thinking about it now.
Take care everybody and enjoy those pees and poos.

Chris W.
I have been lurking, off and on, for several years now, mostly due to a strong interest in female bathroom habits. Currently I am trying to write a story dealing with these issues, so I need to do some research. The following survey is thus aimed at all the women out there; please take the time to complete it truthfully. Many thanks in advance!
How often do you fart?
When do you fart the most?
Is your gas typically loud and non-smelly, silent and smelly,
or loud and smelly?
Do you feel comfortable farting in front of your friends? Male or female?
Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? If so, do you care if the gas is loud or if it stinks?
Have you ever farted during sex?
If your significant other told you that farting turned him on, what would you think?
How often do you poop?
Are your shits typically loud or quiet? Stinky or not?
Do you typically fart when you take a dump? (I'm really curious about this. Guys seem to do it alot)
Do you ever shit in front of your friends? Male or female?
Do you ever shit in front of your significant other? Would you if he asked? How would you feel if it turned him on?
What's the etiquette for shiting and farting in the lady's room?
To anyone who fills this out thanks once again for your time:)

I wish I had a great story to post - I'm sick of lurking, so Chris W - here's my answers to your servey

Age? 20
How often do you fart?Very often, when Im at home I don't hold back
When do you fart the most? Night

Is your gas typically loud and non-smelly, silent and smelly,
or loud and smelly? Usually loud - the smell factor is all over the place, mostly not smelly though

Do you feel comfortable farting in front of your friends? Male or female? Male, yes. female no way

Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? If so, do you care if the gas is loud or if it stinks?No

Have you ever farted during sex?NA

If your significant other told you that farting turned him on, what would you think?I'd be totally neutral about it.

How often do you poop? It totally depends on my diet, every few days if it's been bad, 2x a day if its been perfect (like 25 grams of fiber a day)

Are your shits typically loud or quiet? Stinky or not? quiet, with some odor

Do you typically fart when you take a dump? (I'm really curious about this. Guys seem to do it alot)No, by the time i take a dump (usually the after noon) i probably have no gas left since I farted so much the night before

Do you ever shit in front of your friends? Male or female?No

Do you ever shit in front of your significant other? Would you if he asked? How would you feel if it turned him on?N/A - I wouldn't be against the idea but its hard for me to go with anyone else around.

What's the etiquette for shiting and farting in the lady's room?
It seems like make as little noise as possible but don't be rude about anyone else...I haven't witnessed anything dramatic in the bathrooms.

P.S. Carmalita - I've always loved your stories, especially the ones with Crystal. Some women have all the luck ;)

Sweet Survey-er
Thanks for completing my survey. WoW!! that 18"x 6"
dump you had sounds huge!! it must have hurt your bum alot!
P.S a "que" is a line of people waiting.

To answer Chris W's survey:

How often do you fart?
When do you fart the most?
Is your gas typically loud and non-smelly, silent and smelly,
or loud and smelly?
Do you feel comfortable farting in front of your friends? Male or female?
Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? If so, do you care if the gas is loud or if it stinks?
Have you ever farted during sex?
If your significant other told you that farting turned him on, what would you think?
How often do you poop?
Are your shits typically loud or quiet? Stinky or not?
Do you typically fart when you take a dump? (I'm really curious about this. Guys seem to do it alot)
Do you ever shit in front of your friends? Male or female?
Do you ever shit in front of your significant other? Would you if he asked? How would you feel if it turned him on?
What's the etiquette for shiting and farting in the lady's room?
To anyone who fills this out thanks once again for your time:)

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