Hey everyone..guess who's back!!

I've been so busy lately with work and school that I've had no time at all to post or read. But, I'm just catching up with the posts and decided to tell you a little story.

I was on the bus tonight on my way home, and it was pretty late, and dark outside. There was only one other woman on the bus, and she was sitting at the front of the bus talking on her cell phone. I was at the very back, by myself. I really REALLY had to pee badly, because I hadn't gotten a chance to pee all day. Since the bus was empty, and the next stop wasn't for a few blocks, I decided I was going to pee on the bus. I was wearing a knee length skirt and I took off my panties and shoved them into my purse. I spread my legs and let it go. It felt so good and it kind of turned me on to be peeing in the back of the bus. There was quite a considerable puddle underneath my seat when I was done. I took some tissue and wiped, and threw it on the floor into the puddle. I then got up and moved 5 seats ahead and to the other side of the bus. No one else got on before my stop, so I didn't get to see anyone else's reaction.

So, I hope to be posting more often and look forward to reading your stories.


Hi people
I have read quite a few post but this is my first.

I'd first like to say that I'm physically disabled. It's scary to feel that urge to go and you can't. In my case without being graphic i need help pooping which is sceduled every other day. I'm not sure if anyone wants to know more but i find it interesting not in the sick way or anything. Just cuz we all have to go sometime.

Ok this is my story. I get help from a aide/nurse like i said however i never feel like they let me go enough. I feel all full a lot and my stomach hurts some and i have to wait again.

Does anyone know anyone else like me let me know.

Oh and if you want details i wouldn't mind explaining if the site doesn't think it's to far i guess.

Hi names brook I wrote here before but its been a long long time. Anyways me and my Best friend sarah always have these fart contest and well the other day she pulled a dirty trick on me. We were sitting around the house doing nothing then she got up and got me somthing to drink As were we watching T.V. she decided to have one of these contests after about 20 mins after my drink. Well shes started off with this nasty roughful sounded fart and I fired back then after five mins my Belly was rolling I didnt know why through so she let one fly and I gave it all i had on my next turn and it was like a waterhose in my Ass cause watery Poo just went all over my legs into my crouch area runied my panties it was a wreck. She looked at me and asked if i was ok and I looked at her and said no cause i just shit my pants sarah. and she laughed at me for a few mins i went up stairs took my shower and came back down as she showed me the bottle of Ex lax

I swear I could of killed her but I didnt and now where friends agian
Love Brook

the biggest dump ever girl
today i took the biggest dump
in my life by the way im japanese girl thats 18 now
well here is the story i was at the shopping mall
i was looking at the clothes and all but sudden out of nowhere
poop was trying to invade my system so i walk to
the restrooms but it was not to bad of ditance but anyhow
i walk in the ladies room there was already a person in there
so i took the stall on the right side so i look four tp before i started why because one time at school when i was 15 they didnt have any so now back to the story so the stall had tp thankfully
so i begin to put tp on the seat and the lady was in there before me left so im alone so i pull my pants and panties down to my ankles after
that i sit on the potty so as im sitting there this young girl must been like 5 0r 6 came inside the restroom to do something than she left
so right then i started my bowel movement it was feeling good to
so at mid point my cellphone rang it was my bf so i told him i call him back later so as i finhised my poop i started to wipe by the way i feel its easy to wipe seated so any how my bf called me again to tell me he love me so i talked when i was done wiping and all flush the toilet and wash my hands and left so i happen to look at my watch i was in there for like 25 mintues but i sure feel better so my name is japanese girl on here

Lucy Lu
I am always wearing the same thing tights (almost spandex) and a t-shirt or blowse. i noticed this outfit is cumfy so i chose to wear it. one of the disadvantages is they dont block poop well. for me poop always comes at the rong time

I was at the school when i pooped in a broken toilet one time (posted that)but i must say that poop was the biggest one of my life

hey its me millie again.
ive got a diarrhea story.
On Sunday I went to a beach birthday party [im 14] and the parents gave us all frankfurters....(or however u spell it), i thought they tasted abit undercooked but didnt want to be rude so i kept my mouth shut. That night I was dropped back at school (I board weekly at a private girls school in Sydney) and i felt sick.
At about 9pm I ran for the toilet where there's 2 stalls, one was occupied by one of my roomates Sophie (ive posted about her before)who sounded as if she was having violent diarrhea. She moaned that it could have been the frankfurters. (she was at the birthday too)
I sat down as my bowels erupted and explosive diarrhea sprayed the toilet. Me and Sophie continued sh**ing for around 20mins till our bowels were empty.
We had 2 days off school and its Tuesday night now. I just had a partty mushy, solid dump wich was the closest thing to a solid dump Ive had since Sunday.
Love Millie xoxo

How many of you females have ever been to the movies and had to go to the restroom so bad that you did not want to miss any parts of the movie? What happen, did you have an accident right there? Or did you get up and leave to go to the restroom? Who was with you when this happen?

random poster

I'm just curious about something, If anyone here has had this experience, Is it possible for women to pee while in labor?

AJ :-)
Blank--so you want tooting, huh!?!

I'll give you rootin' tootin' tooting!

On average, I either don't notice an odor when I pass gas or else it's a very light one.

Same goes with pooping--though I'm sure it would smell somewhat if I had my nose right up to it.

But there have been times when I've done a really rank and stinky one--one time being at a friend's apartment.

He went in there about fifteen minutes after I'd been in there. I'd had saurkraut sometime within the past 24 hours and had, for some reason, not gotten around to pooping.

Although there had been a saurkraut smell when I'd done my business, I didn't think that it was going to be a lasting one until this guy yelled from the bathroom, "PHEW! ARGH! What have you done to my bathroom!?!"

I called back, "C'mon! It didn't smell THAT bad," and he told me to get in there--and the entire room smelled rank.

"Why didn't you strike a match?" he asked me.

I'd never heard of that before. I thought he was giving me a hard time and wanting me to strike a match as part of some ceremony that said that I'd stunk up his bathroom. I asked him why I should have struck a match, and he said, "Didn't you see the matches on the back of my toilet? What did you think they were for?"

Well, I had no idea. I'd simply thought that he had them in his pocket and removed them when he took a shower.

He showed me how striking a match did away with odors--and I'd wished at the time that I'd known that before then, because I would have been sure to strike one just in case.

Back to gas...How often, and how does it sound?

No particular sound. Sometimes a poof, sometimes a squeak, sometimes a burble, and sometimes a blat. Could happen anywhere from several times per day to not doing it for a day.

The reason I found your survey so interesting at this time is that I've cut a moderate amount today (perhaps, around a dozen or a little less), but most of them were loud! Loud!! LOUD!!!

They went BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! and BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! You'd think there'd be an odor, but there wasn't.

Have I ever done it in somebody's face? One time accidentally and one time on purpose.

When I was ten, two of my cousins and I were lying on this one bed reading together and making small-talk when I had to sneeze or cough. When I sneezed or coughed, I let out a smelly BLAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPT! right in my 13 year old cousin's face. She thought that I hadn't really sneezed or coughed but had just made a sound as if I had to try to mask passing gas. She told me that it didn't work, because she could still smell me and right in her face. My other cousin (age 11) started laughing.

The next time was intentional.

I had some gas and decided to pass it close to my cat just to see what she'd do. It had a mild odor. When I first tooted, she just stayed there, but a second or two later backed away from the odor.

I can't make up my mind whether I want to break the sound-barrier or pollute the air. Both kinds have their advantages and disadvantages.

My vote would be for either seated or lying down. Much more comfortable, and it clears it all out much better.

Katie--I think that getting divorced was probably the best thing for your parents to do. Perhaps, in time, your mother will end up less bitter because she won't be in a miserable marriage.

Happy Pit Stops!
AJ :-)

First off, this is quite a website. Over the past couple off weeks I went through about a thousand pages and found I have some company with a guy named John Q. Public. Like John Q. I grew up with a mega-bladder female in our home. Unlike Public, who seems to have been born with a bladder capacity just the opposite of his sibling, I have quite a large bladder by any standard It's just not the staggering capacity of my older sister.

I do think that bladder capacity is predispositioned and genetic. Over the years the topic has come up from time to time, usually when my sister was taking one of her endless pisses and I had to use the bathroom at the same time. Even now when we are in our twenties she uses her bladder surperiority as a kind of big sister tease at her "little" 6' 4" 215 lb. brother. It wasn't always that way- I remember incidents when her peeing ability left me in awe and a little astonished. As a male I always figured we just did everything bigger and better than the fairer sex.

To illustrate the point, there was the time when I was around age 11 or 12 (when would have made Jen 14 or 15) when were on a family trip to visit the attractions in Orlando, Florida. Anyway I just remember my bladder being filled to the absolute max after the long car trip and my sister Jen selfishly going into the bathroom in the hotel room ahead of me. Waiting outside the door I could hear her start to pee this powerful stream right into the water of the bowl, and like always, her darn piss stream just went on and on and on. The longer she peed the more I had to go! Finally I pounded on the door, demanding her to either finish or let me in before I peed right there in the hotel room. At first she just taunted me like a big sister, telling me I had to wait and that she had a long way to go (which made me even more miserable). Probably about thirty seconds later, after I determined her piss stream was not letting up any time soon, I tested the bathroom door, found it unlocked and burst in heading straight for the shower/tub. Jen halted her pee and began hurling a string of insults at my breach of female privacy. I didn't care.

Slamming the shower curtain behind me, I began urgently peeing like mad into the the tub, my urine hissing into the drain. My sister on the other side of the opaque blue curtain, quickly shifted from insulted to amuzed at her little brother's situation. After about ten or fifteen seconds, she started to pee in earnest again. For a full minute I concentrated on emptying my bladder when the next thing I knew I heard Jen (still peeing) teasing me by saying that "at least I was starting to take a decent pee for once." When I was even younger, no matter how much or how long I peed she would usually shrug it off and call me a "little squirt" - which was true compared to the incredible endless deluges she normally did in the morning. I peed at least a full minute longer before my stream tapered off and died. I zipped up and peaked around the shower curtain. There was my sister Jen, on the toilet, STILL PEEING after all this time! Jennifer, the five minute or longer pisser.

I'm no pervert, but I have to tell from years of growing up with incidents like the one I just wrote, there are very few women who can out-pee her.


No, you were not violating any indecent exposure laws. I imagine the laws vary from place to place somewhat, but where I live the law explicitly states that as long as a person is using an actual toilet, then it is OK even if that toilet were right in the middle of the mall corridor for all to see! Besides, what judge/jury would convict you? If anyone needs to be hauled before the court, it would be the mall owners for having such a crummy bathroom setup.

I have just found this site and its great that people are so open about their bowel habits. I just love pretty girls pooping. I dont have a current girlfriend but I have shared pooping experiences with girlfriends in the past. There were two posts that I particularly like - both are a week or so back on 1459.

Becki - I just loved your story. You were very brave and it must have made his day. I know what he means about the little puffs of wind and smell meaning a need to shit. Where I work you occasionally see girls in that predicament. Tell us more stories please.

Rich - What a great thought - all those beautiful air stewardesses going to the toilet on duty. Like Rich I would love to hear of other similar stories - particularly from stewardesses themselves.

I have a few stories but currently they are confined to girls pooping at my work. Quite a few of the girls go regularly at work and I have a number of observations. If anyone is interested I will tell you some of them. By the way, I am a hairdresser and work in a salon with lots of hot girls.

Keep up the good work everybody - great site

Well, I was just getting done being sick over the past week, and had the dirreah, so I was young, my mom was walking me to the bus stop next door, and all i feel is this warm feeling on my butt, and the big plop of running poo, almost felt like oatmeal plop in my underwear, it didnt run, just stayed there, I stopped and didnt move while it justb poured out, my mom picked me up and was about to carry me inside to get me changed so i could go to school and the buss was coming down the street...and when she picked me up it ran down my leg..It was so funny but kinda disgusting.

Lucy Lu
Im at the mall today.. when i have to poop im alone so i ran to the washroom as i saw a line my but cheeks got rather impatient. I needed to go now. i asked a couple wemon if i could bud but none said yes. It appeared to be all moms and that was scary. when i got in the toilet was clogggeddd but i said w.e i have to poop bad enough. the other wemon could hear me but f them

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO LINDA I come from the same part of the world as you and my bowels sound almost the same. I often have the need of a poo in the morning before and after breakfast but nothing until later. Fortunately I do not (often) get poo stuck up my butt. Try a suppository, or even a bit of soap. For two days I have not been able to poo until mid morning despite the urge for a couple of hours.

Hey Marc,

I'm extremely surprised that you can actually see guys on the can with their pants down at the mall where you and your buddy were doing their business. I don't know that exact law, but I seriously doubt you can be arrested let alone charged with indecent exposure as long as you are using the toilet for its intended purpose.

I can just see the police trying to take their report and get the facts.....

"OK... Let me see if I have this straight Ma'am..... When did you see Mr. Marc expose himself??"

"I was eating lunch right here officer. When another gentleman opened the door, there he was for everyone to see!"

"I see. So you could only see Mr. Marc when you're sitting outside the bathroom and only when someone opens the door for you to look inside. Is that correct?"

"Well yes, I suppose so...."

"You have a nice day Mr. Marc."

JT: That was a very interesting "buddy dump" story with a unique twist but one I can see played out hundreds of tims over at hospitals nationwide. I'm not sure you could pay me enough to wipe some guy's hairy butt. Hope your arm and hand are doing a lot better!!!
Trucker, sounds like you had a similar buddy dump experience for different reasons. The only time I ever used a womens room was for similar reasons like the guy in 'American Pie.' I just didn't pay attention to where I was going at the Marriott Hotel, so I went in and let fly. After a few minutes wen I hear feminine voices come in, it dawns on me I hadn't seen the typical row of urinals on the walls. OOOOPS! Anyhow, they let me finish up unbothered and I quickly high-tailed it out of there when they left!!

Anyhow, since we have "Zip" here who is all friendly and open about his BM's and is a great buddy dumper, I figured I would break out my story of a guy I will call "The anti-Zip." This particular "anti-Zip" doesn't WANT dump buddies and doesn't want to be open about his bodily functions, although on this one occasion, this guy had NO choice.

Anyhow, a few years back, I was running some errands and happened to be at the local shopping mall when I needed to drop a deuce. The bathrooms at this particular end of the mall didn't have doors on the stalls, but to me it wasn't a particularly big deal to justify holding my load just to get to the other side of the mall where some of the facilities did have doors. So, I go in, take the stall (of 3) furthest from the entry door, drop my pants and let fly.

After a few minutes, I hear the entry door open and hear some very hasty footsteps headed my way. Just then, The footsteps stop and I hear an older adolescent / young adult male voice go "Oh CRUD!!" as if in surprise too see stalls without doors. I then hear an "Oh God!!" as the footsteps started heading my way again. As I looked up, this young guy comes barrelling into my stall huffing and made it halfway toward me before noticing me sitting there. I would say he was about 18-21 years old, 5'10, 185 lbs, brown-hair under a baseball cap, and an almost-attractive face that had an extremely concerned look on it. He was far more startled to see me than I was to see him as he yelped "Oh my God! I'm really sorry!" Right away, you could tell this guy was really loaded and needed to shit in the worst possible way. You could tell from the strained look in his face and neck and the way he clenched his butt that he seemed like he was really struggling valiantly to keep a massive onslaught of crap from blasting out of him into his pants. Oh... and he already had his belt unbuckled... His face carried great concern as well as surprise as he began considering his next option. It seemed bad enough that he was being forced to take a major shit in a stall without doors, but now that indignity would be compounded by having company as well.

"No problem." I said as the young man stepped outside my stall and actually took a few moments to consider his options (of which he had none unless you consider crapping your pants when there's a toilet right there as an "option.") As if briefly pondering a run to another restroom to seek more seclusion, the young man moaned as he realized he had met with defeat. Giving up the idea of finding another lavatory, the desperately-loaded young man surrendered and took his next best option rushing into the stall furthest from me closest to the entry door. I suppose that spared him the humiliation of me seeing his feet when he let loose.

Inside the stall, the young man at first atempted to line the seat of the toilet with paper. But, he quickly abandoned that effort as desperation overtook him after just two tears apparently realizing time was quickly running out for him. I then heard him frantically at work getting his pants down before collapsing on the toilet with a loud clang.

The loaded guy then ERUPTED violently with a torrential mixture of soft, slightly loose shit mixed with LOTS of sputtering farts along the way which blasted out of the young man into the badly-needed toilet. The prodigious crapper then tried every cheesy cover-up technique in the book included a flush of the toilet mid-surge and several camo-coughs. He tried this for several seconds before probably realizing he sounded ridiculous and only sounded like someone who was trying to cover up a massive shit. This is SO opposite some of Zip's stories, it's why I've given this guy the title of "The Anti-Zip!" (To be fair, this technique works effectively 95% of the time, but this very major shit easily overwhelmed his best efforts at disguising it. I happen to be blessed with the ability to be a relatively noise-free crapper. I don't know how or why, but I'm not complaining.)

The "anti-Zip" then continued to erupt into the toilet intermittently but frequently over the next several minutes. I was able to wipe and clean myself up and flushed as my reluctant dump buddy apparently finally finished up with the substantial evacuation portion of his trip to the toilet. As I got up to leave and walked by him, I noticed the "anti-Zip" had his pants pulled up as far as they possibly could go without impeding the transfer of shit from his body to the toilet. I got just enough of a glimpse of his briefs to see that they were white. (Still MORE prooof it wasn't Zip!!) In his lap, covering his wingding, he tenaciously clutched a roll of toilet paper. His butt was covered up on the sides by his long shirt being draped over it.

Did this guy actually think he could cover up the fact that he was sitting on the toilet with his pants down?? Maybe he was making sure the toilet-paper burglar wouldn't see his naked thigh when he came to steal the roll of paper from him. To make matters worse for our shameful young shittter, there were now a whole bunch of other guys streaming into the bathroom as I finished up with my business. These guys were going right by him into the middle stall next to him, into the stall where I had been, and standing on the other side of him at the urinal. The "anti-Zip" just sat there as if paralyzed by fear as I washed up. He obviously didn't want some stranger who had never seen him before and would probably never see him again to find out there was shit on his butt. That would be the ultimate indignation. Thinking back on it, this should have been a moment of pride for him. I can think of more than a few guys that would brag to their buddies "Man, I had to take a MASSIVE shit today!! You should have been there!!" Heck, I knew a few guys from college who probably would have left the shit there and gotten some of his friends for a look!!

If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that attitude is everything. There are certain things in life that ARE going to happen, such as an occasional bathroom emergency. I figure you can either do things the easy way, or do things the HARD way, it's YOUR CHOICE.

Leaving the restroom, I hung around the area to see what would happen next. I saw all the other guys leave first before I heard the toilet flush a few minutes later and saw the "anti-Zip" leave and walk away. This made me conclude he most likely sat there holding on to the paper in his lap and waited for everyone else to leave before he worked up the courage to wipe.

bad diahrrea accident today. i get up around 10 to drive my sister to a class at college 2 days a week because we share a car. well today i dropped her off and i usually just sit in the car and wait because the class is only 50 minutes long. anyway i was there for 30 mins and i felt a really bad need to crap hit me, and i didnt know what to do because i never use public toilets and i didnt have time to go home and get back in time to pick my sister up. well i just clenched my butt and held it in with all my might and waited until my sister was ready. by the time she got to the car and we left the parking lot my bowels were going to explode. i had to crap so bad i couldn't keep from farting loudly infront of my sister. she asked if i was okay because i farted a few times and i said i was going to shit my pants. we were probably halfway home when the pain and pressure got so bad that i ripped a loud wet fart and diahrrea went gushing into the back of my jeans. it was so hot and nasty and wet and filled my pants completely and ran down my legs. my sister hung her head out the window the rest of the way home, and it was such a pain to clean up.

Reading the posts here reminded me of the time that I just had to poo in front of my older brother. He was taking a bath and I got some real bad cramps - I had eaten a bad burger for dinner and a fizzy drink, and my stomach was cramping real bad, and I was gassing real bad. I had no choice but to use that toilet, he was really pissed at first that I barged in on him, especially as I am his 'little' sister, and he takes really long leisurely baths, with the door locked. Anyway, after knocking, and lots and lots of desperate begging, he finally opened the door, wrapped in a towel , and sat down on the side of the bath while I desperately stripped off. He grinned at the brown marks on the inside of my panties, before I could hide the marks with my feet. It was a very noisy poo and wet and sloppy, and of course very very smelly. It came out in four or five large dollops - more like explosions which got all over the toilet bowl right up to the rim, under the seat, and made the water splash back up onto my exposed bum. The size of the last few dollops which were much harder than the first ones really stretched my bumhole, and made me strain loudly before they shot out. My brother laughed and complained loudly about the noise and the smell, but made sure he had a clear and good view of my lower half naked. I couldn't cover anything because of how sore my stomach was, and all I was thinking about was pooing. He watched closely as I tried to clean up my bum hole afterwards, which took lots of wipes because of the sticky mess - it was like soooo embarrassing.

Alexis in Chicago
To Angela at Work:

Loved your "accident" story! I was wondering if u had an "on the toilet with diarrhea" or food poisoning story that u could post? Also, I want 2 know how old u r and how tall u are, and where u r from.


Alexis in Chicago

Rich Guy
Thanks Moi for your concern. I'm doing much better. In fact two hours ago I had a magnificent bowel movement here in the library (no internet at home) It was huge but it came out easily and comfortably. Clogged the toilet too. I had to go so badly that I could have been in and out in three minutes but I took fifteen minutes because the toilet was so comfortable. This was surprising because this was around 10 o'clock this morning and I also had a thorough bowel movement at home at 11 O'clock last night. I rarely go twice in twenty four hours let alone twice in 12 hours. So the extra fiber I've been eating really helps. I'm still coping with depression but at least the constipation problem has been solved. I have a really funny story to post when I have more time so stay tuned.


how often do you fart?
a few times a day
what do your farts sound/smell like?
sound- varies from "brrrrrupp" to quiet ones
like "pffhhp"
have you ever farted in someone's face?
do you prefer to sit or stand when farting?
sit- the strong vibrations feel good
if you could choose, would you rather have loud bubbly nasty sounding farts or rank paint-peeling smelly farts?
loud bubbly and nasty! they are satisfying!


1. What's the most embarrassing farting incident you ever had?
2. What would you rather: Crap your pants (having diarrea) silently in a que, and people notice, or/ crap your pants while in a meeting with your boss and work colleages and have to sit in it fo half an hour, but get away with them thinking you just farted?
3. what foods make you constipated?
4. what was the approx size(length x width)of the biggust turd you have ever had?

Thanks guys. i look forward to hearing your responces!

gassy white boi aka desmondwh
Jay--yes that is very common--nicotine is a stimulate--I know a lot of guys that need to poop when they somke and also like to smoke when they poop. I am one of those people. I think it broke a lot of hearts when they made it illegal to smoke in public restrooms!

Greg--thanks for your concern! I am not alwasy contsipated, although that seems to be the predominate bowel thing for me. I am like most guys in that I will continue to eat whatever I want no matter how it affects me.

Last weekend was terrible. I went out and got drunk Thrusday and then Friday I was very gassy and my stomach hurt all day. Friday I did not want to do anything but it was my best freinds b-day party and she made me go out. I was sitting there in the club with our big group and was farting and belching the whole night and felt terrible. I had to spend the night at her house and I pooped four times in the middle of the night. We went to breakfast the next morning and I had diarrhea twice at the restaurant. I finlly got home and dumped liquidy poop all day. My butt was burning and I had to use prep-h to dull the burn. I really really hate that.

By Sunday I felt much better and now its Tuesday and I have not pooped since Sunday. Thats how it usually goes for me. I will poop all day for three days straight and then not go at all for a week. I think its mild IBS.

Hi brentc!

Tom you should have known when your touching cloth your ebyond the point of sucking it back in. It's a good thing you were wearing briefs so the load was contained and waiting that long it was inevitable that you would piss youself also. I'm glad you enjoyed the releif.

I'm getting more comfortable posting here so I decided to start using my "regular" screen name--the one I use at other sites.
Anyhow I have an interesting story from last week. I'm a writer and I do most of my writing in the library. I just like to be "out in the world" and also I prefer using public restrooms.
The library has two men's rooms, one upstairs, one downstairs I guess they must have those low flow toilets because it seems like every day there's an Out of Order sign on one toilet or the other. Each men's room has one stall and one urinal.
So last Monday while I was writing I felt the urge to have a bowel movement--first time in three days. I went to the upstairs bathroom and pooped. As you might imagine after three days I had quite a bit to poop out.
Between the size of the poop and the inefficiency of the toilet, the toilet clogged when I tried to flush. I just sort of shrugged and went back to my writing, figuring the poop would get softer later on and be easier to flush.
Two hours later I went back to the same bathroom to be. There was a guy using the urinal so I had to use the toilet. My poop was still there. The other guy and I ended up washing our hands next to each other. The guy gestured to the toilet with my poop in it--not knowing it was mine---and said "That must have been painful" I said yeah I guess so. Actually it wasn't painful it was very easy and comfortable

to tom- what happened when you were 16 yo

hey everyone, i've been reading for a while and finally decided to post. here's a bit about me. i'm a female 17, and i'm 5' 7" and weigh 135 lbs.

i love the feeling of being desperate to pee. it's so exciting. it just amazes me. about a week ago, i was on the computer reading posts, and it was making me have to go really REALLY badly. so i decided to wait and see how long i could make it. Just to make it interesting, i drank my large coffee, and added a water bottle and a half. i was about to BURST! (it was awesome!) well, unexpectedly, my bf shows up, and brings a movie he rented over, and is wondering if i wanna hang out. well who am i to turn this down? but the thing is, he doesn't no about my fascination with pee. so i was hiding it from him for the time being.

well we popped the movie in, and my bladder was full to the point where i was afraid of leaking on my couch. well 20 minutes into the movie, i was starting to get really bad cramps and i don't usually let it get to this point, but my bf had just put his arm around me! i could wait it out.. (or so i thought).

without even realizing it, i was holding myself, and my bf said, "do you need to use the bathroom?"

and i just broke down, "i'm afraid if i move i will pee everywhere!!" he said, "oh good i have to drop a load but i was afraid to say anything! Let's go outside just for fun!"

so we ran, and he said, "where should we do this?" and i showed him "my spot" where i ususally did this, behind my above-ground pool, and he told me to go first, and took off my bottoms completely leaving on only my thong which i took off too, and i stood, there and peed standing up with my bf for a very long time. he liked it and said he was really turned on. the proof is in the penis ladies and gentlemen. ;) so he stripped his bottoms with me and asked me if i had to poop, i really did and i had not realized it untill then. so i squatted right next to him and watched him drop his load onto the ground. it was HUGE! i loved every second of it. then we went inside.. and let's just said we didn't get to finish watching the movie ;)

Greg-Glad you liked the story. A dog's natural curiousity makes him wander and look around, so it definitely can get a conversation going.

Marc-I seriously doubt that you could be arrested for indecent exposure if you are simply using the toilet for its intended purpose. You aren't actually doing anything to facilitate a female seeing you naked. If they didn't want you to use the toilets, then they should remove them.

The park bathroom I use sometimes has been known for some "unsavory activity" in the past. I don't get involved in anything other than crapping. Once I was finishing up and this truck pulls up outside. A woman's voice says "I gotta go in and clean now". So I respond, sure, be out in a minute. There was this other guy who I think had been hanging out inside the restroom for a while. He walks out and I hear the woman ask him for ID. I walk out a few seconds later and I see him fishing around in his backpack. I just glance over at them and walk past. I wonder if she saw him go in a while ago and was trying to scare him. He was at the sink for an AWFULLY LONG TIME. I was inside for just a few minutes. Just enough time to drop a load. I would have probably told her to screw herself if she asked me for ID. And then I would have told her that the odor and skid mark in stall # 1 belong to me. I figure as long as I'm just using the toilet for it's intended purpose, then I've got nothing to worry about.

Last night, I saw the Comedy Central show DISTRACTION. They had the "pee-buzzers" again. The contestants have to sit on toilets and "buzz-in" by peeing on a sensor in the toilet. It's kinda funny to watch. One girl had her pants only barely down, the other looked like she was crossing her legs. Both guys had their pants all the way down to their ankles. One guy was wearing white briefs. I couldn't tell what underwear the other guy was wearing. And they amplify the sound of their "tinkling" when the buzz-in.

Mr. Clogs
Hey, hey, hey ya'll, it's me again, hope everyone is doin' well out there. I had a good dump this morning (rather an urgent need to!). Anyways I had to go really bad, I felt the coffee (cafene) kick in, so my bowels getin' its mojo goin, and I needed to find a bathroom quick before I crap and pee in my jeans! I got to the school were I needed to take my certification exam, figuring that the school would be open and I could just grap the bathroom key and go. Got there, place was locked! I said to myself I needed to go now! As time passed the urge grew bigger and definately needed to go. In desperation, I even ran out the building to find a resurant to use their bathrooms. I thought to myself and didn't have time to handle my business in the resurants around the school and my test was about to start in 15 minutes! So I went back to the school and see if the person that works at the school get there. Finally the guy showed up, and greeted each other and I'll be back and going to use the bathroom quick. So I grabbed the bathroom key and made my way to the men's room. So I took the stall next to the handycaped one. I covered the toilet seat with toilet paper. I unbuckled my belt unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and then my undies (red ones) and sat down. I started to pee first for about 20 secs., then my poop started to come out as I finished a nice-n-healthy yellow coffee pee. Ahh...I felt so much better now, I tried to squeeze out the remainder out, but I know I was getting close to test time. So I had to finised up, wiped 6 times. After I wiped up, I pulled up my undies and jeans back on, looked at the load and I was amazed of the amount! Quite a bit for me considering I only poop out small amounts. Well it felt good coming out, and I haven't had that feeling in a while. I exited the stall, washed my hands and left the bathroom to take the test (past the test by the way, wooooohoooooo!!!!).

So I did round two at the house and now I'm a little empty now. Eating some more to get some more poop going.

EmoGirl: Hello there, wow liked your story of about peein' on the back of the bus, luckly no one caught you. Wow that's amazing, anyways great posts and keep em' coming.

Carmalita: Hola mi bonita senorita! I'm doing good, trying to get these certs out of the way so I get a job and stuff. Hey at least we have one natural pleasures in life and that's going to the bathroom. You asked about how I poop, what I look like and how I sit. Well I poop in the bathroom on the toilet. I'm light-skinned afro-american who happens to look spanish even though I don't have any spanish origin and I'm always mistaken as spanish (I like that in a way). To bad we can't post pics here so we get to see each other. I'm thick in size with a nice butt, not a big fat bubble butt. I sit on the toilet like a typcal guy style. I love to go to the bathroom in containers like cups, tupperware containers (wide mouthed ones so I could poop in it!), buckets and whatever I could pee and poop into the same one, it turns me on. I hope the description helps, and I like to fantasize too when it comes to the opposite sex too! I would love meet a girl someday that would let me join in on their bathroom pleasures, a huge turn on for me. Te quiero amiguito de mio! (which means: I love you dear friend of mine.) too! Take care and talk to later.

cheryl: How are you girl? Hope all is well, miss those cheryl posts.

Well folks that's all folks, take care and have a good day and great week.

--Mr. Clogs

Hey it's Mr. Clogs again. Yesterday I had a intresting moment yesterday at the Hiton hotel's administration lounge in NYC. I was told by my career coucelor that there would be a job fair yeserday, I got there to find that there wasn't. So they sent me downstairs to the administration area for more info. Meanwhile I got the complete sponsor information from my concelor, went back downstairs and gave it the receptionist to look up. While I was waiting for the results, a few people pass by the receptionist desk. Here's were it gets memorable, a beutiful and very attractive female walks by the receptionist desk were there's a women's bathroom next to it and goes in to use it. Trying to contain my composure, she goes in to hadle her business, I could here the lady peeing a very nice stream into the toilet. I pretended like I didn't here anything, but I heard it all, even to the last drop. A few seconds later, she flushes the toilet and exits the ladies room. I guess the whole bathroom had to be tiled from floor to ceiling because you could hear every detail to a T. Man it was a memorable one for me, though I share. After the lady left the bathroom, I finally got the info that I needed and proceeded on my way. Hope ya'll enjoyed it.

Take care. --Mr. Clogs

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hola mis amigos,

Outdoor Jenny: I used to have videos of myself and my friends pooping but we finally recorded over them. My ex really loved watching them but I started getting a bit paranoid, so I scrubbed 'em.

Mr. Clogs: Hola querrido! Hey you speak Spanish well! I think very highly of you and it excites me when men write to me in Spanish. What's going on with you? Tell me all about how you poop, how you look, and the way you sit, okay? I like to fantasize! Te quiero amiguito de mio! (which means: I love you dear friend of mine.)

Leena: Hi hon, me and Crystal have kissed several times since that last post. We have taken a strong interest in each other and I guess that's about as far as I should go with that topic LOL! I like your stories too and you interest me. I've always enjoyed watching other girls doing their big ones because they grunt and strain and let out that bad perfume which is oh so sweet. So hon, tell me about yourself. What do you look like? I'll bet you're a little hottie on the pottie!
Does that man of yours know how lucky he is?

I was at the mall the other day with Nu and Crystal and we went into the ladies for a poop-a-thon. Nu didn't have to poop, but she sure did have to pee and was doing a desperate dance. I could hear her gushing even over the water faucet. Me and Crystal really had to poop. Mine was a huge log that came out easy. As for Crystal, I could hear her in the next stall grunting and plopping. She took about 6 minutes. It took me about 1 minute to dump and another 30 seconds to wipe. Crystal definitely dropped a pile of turds. It must have been a 3-dayer for her because she was really working at it. Her smell filled the room too. It smelled really rich. Once the room was vacant, I slipped into her stall and planted a long kiss on her while she crapped out her final. I could feel hot air on my upper lip from her nose as she grunted out her turd. After that, she put her arms around my waist and I wiped her. That was very nice! It was devilishly hot!!! I didn't know she was Russian! I knew she had an accent, but I didn't know from where. Her real name is Cristiana, or did I already say this in another post?

Love and Rrrrnnnnnnnn….

I'd like to hear about girls who poop in their rooms on like...a newspaper or towel or something.

i am a trucker and i live at truck stops during the week as do most truckers and when dark falls let me tell u there is a lot of dumping going on the the bathroms . well the other day i pull into this truckstop get out of my rig and go inside well i have beeen driving all day and i needed a shit really bad i was about to shit my pants so i was running to the bathroom and when i get there there was a line of 5 guys waiting to use one toilet i was like u got to be kidding me on damn toilet for the men at a truck stop . i was already about to shit my pants so i wasnt about to try and wait out that line i knocked on the wemons bathroom door and no answer so i stuck my head in and said anybody in here i heard a voice say yea and i shut the door well after 2 minutes i guess she was doing what i needed to do so i stuck my head back in they had 2 stalls and she was the only one in there so i said to here mam there is 5 guys waiting to use one toilet in the mens room and i have a emgerency i am about to crap my pants can i please use the other stall it is a emgerency please i cant hold it any longer she paused and said it doesnt bother me so i ran in quickly went in the stall put some paper on the seat as fast as i could they werent the cleanest place i turned around droped my pants around my ankles it was embarseing but i had to go i let out the loudest wets load of crap i ever had i was so relieved she said man u did have to go i said yes i was a minute away from doing that in my pants she said been there a few times myself dont worry every body does it so i wipped and told her thankyou and left and that was about it.

A couple of days ago I got home from work needing to go the toilet. I had to knock out a few e-mails first so I went and started doing that. I was having to hold myself and every time I farted things got closer until finally I realised I was touching cotton and it was getting really bad. I waited while I closed down my computer and as I stood up it was too much and I dropped my load. Fortunately it was reasonably firm but really sticky and glued itself to everything it touched - all over the back of my briefs and my shirt too. The thing was that I lost it at the rear end so I lost it at the front and I was clutching the front of my trousers whilst watrm pee ran through my fingers down the legs of my trousers and puddled on the floor.It was an accident. I had no intention of pooping my pants. Sometimes I have done it on purpose but not this time. I had not had an accident since I was about 16 on the way back from school. It did make me feel good though.

Have other people had an accident like this - when you just leave it that bit too late. Also when you piss your pants as you poo or vice versa.


I was in bed I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants. Once on the toilet I felt a softie oozing out of my hole all warm and squishy like a glob of green toothpaste. It was squirting all over my butt cheeks. Then I went back to bed.

I went shopping with a group of friends recently, and I started to need to pee. I'm shy about having to use the bathroom, so I held it. I started to get really desperate after about an hour and a half. I started holding myself when my friends turned the other direction, and when the urge got too bad I kneeled on the floor "tying my shoelace" and clutching myself until I could get up without wetting myself. If my friends noticed, they were polite enough to say nothing. Finally one of my friends said she had to pee, and we started towards the bathrooms. The bathrooms were all the way across the mall, and I knew I couldn't make it. I told my friends that I was really sorry, but I had to get going because i needed to get some food for dinner on my way home. I said goodbye quickly, and sprinted to the parking lot. I got in my car, and put a towel under my seat, and right as i closed the door I started peeing in my pants. It ended up soaking through the towel, but at least I didn't have an accident infront of my friends, and the car wasn't really hurt at all.

Angela at Work--I had something like that happen recently. I was at work and I started feeling really sick, so I went to the bathroom and threw up a bit and went back to my desk. Suddenly my bowels just let go and I started squirting diarrhea into my pants. My coworker noticed that I looked pale and asked me if i was okay, and i was forced to tell her that I had had diarrhea in my pants. She was really nice and helped me get out of the office unseen and into the car. I drove home, cleaned myself, and lay in bed. About three hours later I woke up with a terrible pain in my bowels. I ran to the bathroom and had wave after wave of diarrhea, and threw up a lot more. After that I was fine.

Wondering in Bama
Can some guys tell me in detail how y'all pee. I have always wondered.

Shitting Susie
Had a HARD poop today. Here I go.
I was walking in the middle of Target in VERY tight jeans, a ruffled blue blouse, and high-heel cowgirl boots. My cart was empty except for a few things. I was humming a little tune when this bad cramp hit my ass. This was a new Target and I had no idea where the toilets were.
I rushed to the register. There was a young man in a red shirt and jeans, with a nametag reading "Josh." "Where are the bathrooms?" I asked. By now I was squeezing my buttcheeks hard.
"Right there." He pointed down the aisle, but it seemed so far.
I waved my hand 'thanks' and ran down the aisle with my cart. I set it outside the toilets and rushed in.
OH GOOD LORD SAVE ME! I thought as I saw a line. The person behind me had a little brown stain that was growing every few minutes. I was pressing both hands on either the left or right buttcheek to keep this poop from coming out.
A while later there was an empty stall. I rushed in and locked the door. I unzipped and unbottoned my jeans, then pulled them (and my undies) down with a big struggle. As my jeans reached my ankles, my poop was opening my hole.
Sitting on the seat, I started to push. My hole stretched wide, but the head was barely out. I didn't care if anyone heard me. I leaned forward and groaned as I pushed very very hard. A lady asked me, "You okay?"
"I have a huge crap," I replied. She gave a sigh and said "I've got diarrhea."
"I feel sorry for you"
"I feel sorry for you. Big shits that give you blood are worse"
I gave an agreeing grunt and felt my poop slide farther out. I groaned and strained more.
The crap slid out finally. But I still felt full. Pushing again, a BIGGER poop came out. Then there were MANY MANY hard lumps about the size of a fist.
After I pissed, I felt okay. I wiped and checked (doesn't everybody?) and saw a few streaks of brown, and a few rather large-small spots of blood.
I wiped again and nearly cried; my ass HURT! Then I finished up my shopping.
Later, when I was driving home, I felt a bad urge to piss. I ignored it, because I was only thirty minutes from my house. The urge came again. A car pulled in front of me so sudden I stepped hard on the brakes and pissed my pants. Shit followed; mushy, soft shit.
I pulled over and rushed behind a bush, still crapping. I pulled down my jeans and pissed some more, then took off my panties. I moved behind a tree and squatted. I crapped more and more and more until the load was almost to my knees. I felt more coming and crapped. For a few more minutes I shitted. I got back in my car after pissing a little more and drove home.

Your friend,

Shitting Suse ;-)

cindy pooper
hey everybody, i never posted here before but i've read posts for a while now. i'm 13, blonde dark bloned hair etc, etc.....
anyway the other day i out at the mall with my friend stacy. we went to the food court and ate at taco bell. i had two taos, stacy had a stuffed bean burito. after lunch we went on shopping and then went home about an hour later. when we got back to my house stacy looked at me and said, "hey , my borito wants out, will you come with me to the bathroom?" i wasn't sure why she needed me but i figured what the hell. i walked in with her and after i closed the door, she pulled down her shorts and panties. i neither one of us said anything for a second and i could hear her belly rumbling, obviosly that burito didn't like being in her intestines. finally sh said, sorry this i'll probably be nasty, then she squinted and pushed, then i heard the crackly sound of a turd squeezing it's way out of her butt.after that one came out she told me that she felt more inside her belly but couldn't get it out.i came a little closer, but then went back because of the smell of her digested burito in my toilet. then when i could tell she treally couldnt get it out i told her i had an idea, i went over and sat down next to her, i told her that if i rub my belly when i can't get my poop out, it relaxes my intestines and helps it come out easier, then she asked me to rub her stomach to see if it would work. her belly was warm and her skin is tanned, i started to rub and sure enough in a few minutes her next turd started coming out.after about another half hour, she fnally squeezed the last bit of her lunch out and then she wiped and got up, she pooped three long turds and i could see why they were so hard to get out, they both looked like a brwon cuccumber and it probably hurt too....
well thats all for now, maybe next time i'll have a story about me....! cya!!!

i have another amazing story i got in a car accident recently and i wasnt hurt to bad but i dislocated my sholder and broke my other arm. and i was having to stay at the hospital for a day or so as i was in my room i started to feel like i needed a dump but i couldnt get up a few minutes later the nurse comes in she was a pretty little 20 something year old and i wa 30 so i usually am pretty embarassed about private stuff like bathroom habits . but anyway the nurse had to ask me some questions and after about 5 minutes she looked at me and said u look kind of sick and i hated to but i told her i needed to take a poop and she said oh no problem i said i cant use my hands and i am embrasssed but can u help me i really need to go she said no problem she said bedpan or tilet i said i defently need the toilet so she helped me up and walked down the hall tothe mens room it is a small hospital no iroom bathroms she walked me in the there was 2 stalls already taken i just sighed and said no problem we walked to the ladie room and there was 4 stalls one being used the nurse said i have a male patient who needs a toilet badly and the mens is full can he come in i heard her say sure so the nurse backs me into a stall and pulls up my gown and pulls down my draws andi sit and say thankyou she says i will be at the mirror or outside yell when ur dun. so i emideatly start having waves of dieahreah and she nurse says man u really did need to go the lady in the other stall was pooping to and it started to smell pretty bad in there i was about half way done when the door opens and a woman rushes in and rippes her pants down i say before she sits i am a male the mens was full just to give her a heads up she well i really cant wait she lets lose the nastiest shit i ever head she said the dr gave her some god auwfull laxtives to clean her out before some test i said it is ok i think every body in here is having a go # 2 so afeter 10 minutes the lady finishes and i ask her to get the nurse outside for me she comes in and says i will help u wipe ur bottom since my hands are broke i was so embaressed and said i am sorry she replyed dont worry hun it is my job i do it all the time she helps me out and we repeat the whole process 2 more times i guess i was getting used to it

I was in a lot of sports and stuff in school which meant a lot of long bus rides with no restrooms. One night we were heading back after a basketball game it was one long trip like five hours or something. But anyways not long after we left I started felling pressure in my bladder. My boyfriend was sitting next to me so I told him that I needed to pee . . . bad. I covered myself with a blanket so I could hold myself without anyone seeing. Soon I felt another hand under the blaket with me (guess who). I told Sammy that I couldn't hold it much longer he told me to just go then he said that he would do it first if that would make me feel better. So he pulled out his penis out of his shorts leg and started peeing in the floor it was dark out now so no one could see unless you were really trying to. Seeing him pee made me need to go even more so he helped me with my shorts and I peed off of the seat. I have never felt sooo good.

To Outdoor Toilet,

At Saint Mary's all of the teachers and basically any member of the staff were allowed to whip us using a wooden paddle with holes drilled in it. Anybody except the Headmaster had to have another staff member in the room to witness it. The standard was three hits but they all cheated and gave you two or more "warm up" hits. The day I told about in "Don't Piss Me Off" the Headmaster gave me a few bruises. And that wasn't the first or last time I had a sore bum for a few days.


for Tom
A bunch of times I tried to hold my poop in while doing my homework (just to be finished) and ended up dashing to the bathroom as it was coming out.Usually, I start pooping first and make it to the bathroom to pee, but when no one was home but me, I'd finish my home work first. It felt good to get both chores done and I'd take a shower right afterwards. Walking home from school, I made some messes in my pants, but after a couple of times it didn't bother me and my t??y wasn't hurting.
A few years ago, I was about to bust when I pulled in the driveway. It hurt so bad, I started letting my poop out as I got out of the car. There was not way I would get to the toilet in time and one of the neighbor boys ran up to me, begging to use my bathroom. Before I could answer, he was wetting his pants and we stood outside as we both peed in our pants

I was at the movies and i had recentley gone to the bathroom, but then i had to go again!!! I was all like crap i am gonna wet my pants! so i am in the bathroom and it starts dribbling out, luckily i made it in time to stop the stream.

unnamed poster asking about holding it to improve capacity. Are you male or female and what kind of container do you use to measure? Also if you're a female kegel exercises work well. If you're a guy and have trouble w/ going to piss a lot get a leg bag w/ condom catheter they are awesome.

RICH GUY - just wondering how your feeling sweetie??? hope your doing better hun


Hi everybody.

I just got done taking one of the best dumps I've had in a long time. I'd just finished my second cup of coffee, and began feeling really full and heavy in my lower gut. I took the sports section with me, and settled down for a nice leisurly crap. I began leafing through the paper, and when I found an article that interested me, I began reading, and then just let nature take it's course. A nice long turd began making its way out, without me having to push much at all. I'd say it came out continuously for about 15 seconds before it tapered off and slid out. After wiping, I couldn't wait to get a look at it. It was a huge, coiled up snake, maybe 20 inches long. I flushed and came to the computer to write this.

Now its about 10 after 7, so I better get ready for work. Hope you all have a good day, and I also hope you all have good dumps.

Bye for now

Hi all:

Pee @ the mall Jen, that was a grear story. Will you let us
know if you ever poop like that with a skirt on. It's stil too
cold up here in the Midwest to do anything outside or I would be doing
it again.
I had a poop yesterday that was like a big hard stick. I don't
post much not much happens with my poops or pees.

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