Hi, I'm 26 years old (I've been told I look a little bit like Britney) and I have a story about anti-diarrheic and laxatives abuse for you.
Some weeks ago my husband and I had dinner with some of his friends; I didn't really want to go because I had to work the next day but my husband convinced me. I ended up having a great time. I didn't drink at all because of the presentation I had at work the next day (on a Saturday morning!!!) but we went to one of my favorite restaurants so we all ate a lot. By the time the dinner was finished I was feeling very full and I had a little stomachache, but I didn't get too worried about it because I realized how much I had eaten. On the way home (a 15 minutes drive) my stomachache started to get worse. I was having major cramps and I felt the need to pass some gas, but I was afraid it would come out with something else. I was having a horrible time and my stomach was making the most awful noises; my husband realized it, he asked me if there was something wrong. I just told him that the food was too much for me and that I was having a bad stomachache. He asked me if there was something he could do, and I said I was ok, that I would just need the bathroom as soon as we got home. I spent the next 5 minutes in a complete agony, but I didn't want to worry my husband so I didn't say anything, even though I think he noticed my situation because I was sweating profusely and I was rubbing my poor ???? that was now very bloated. My husband noticed and told me that I should unbutton my pants to relieve some pressure. I did and felt immediately relieved but 10 seconds later my stomach broke loose!!!, I could feel all the food I had eaten during the day trying to get out. Fortunately for me we were just a block away from our house so as soon as we parked I jumped out of the car and ran to the bathroom holding my butt cheeks together with both hands and bent forward because of the pain in my stomach. We have three bathrooms but 2 of them are broken so I had to run for the one in our bedroom. As soon as I got inside I yanked my pants and underwear down sat on the toilet and let go. A huge wave of soft chunks cascaded out of my butt at full force. I sat on the toilet holding it with both hands as my feet lifted from the floor. The first wave lasted about 1 minute non-stop, I was completely out of breath. When the first wave was finished my husband came up. He opened the door and asked if he could come inside, I told him he shouldn't because the smell was awful and because even though he has seen me on the toilet before I was experiencing the most horrific diarrhea I had ever had in my whole life. He said he was worried and he wanted to be with me so I let him in. After that first wave I was still in pain and I knew there was still a lot to come out. My husband came and sat on the board of the bathtub and hold my hand. I was pushing and moaning because even though I still had cramps I wasn't being able to get anything else out. I leaned back and forward, rubbed my stomach but nothing worked. I was almost crying in pain so my husband asked me to lay back so he could massage my stomach. The moment he placed his hand on my ???? the next big cramp hit me and the flow started to come out again. This time it was different though. I let out a big wet fart that ended up with a wave of mushy shit, stoped and catched my breath for a second only to proceed with the next round. For about 3 minutes I continue to fart and let out this mushy-watery shit out, and then I was finished. The cramps disappeared and I felt empty. I still had a urge sensation but I knew there was nothing else in me. I cleaned myself and took a shower as my husband made me some tea. After that we went to sleep.
I spend the night with no further problems and I woke up the next morning feeling pretty well. During breakfast we figured my attack of diarrhea must have been caused by something I ate. I usually take a dump in the mornings, but that day I didn't really feel like I needed to, I wasn't too worried though, considering my major dump the night before I thought it was completely normal. I got ready and got of to work.
Since I was giving an important presentation that day I wanted to arrive to my office an hour earlier. I have a 30 minutes drive from home so I left the house at 7:30 in the morning. About halfway through the road my stomach started churning and making noises again and it didn't take long before I started looking for a place to stop and relieve myself. I was lucky to find a supermarket opened so I drove there, and rushed for the ladies room. I found it empty so I rushed for the first stall and repeated the sequence of the night before with my clothes. As I sat down I immediately let go with a huge fart, followed by a wave of water and chunks. This time I spent 25 minutes on the toilet having continuous waves of diarrhea. When I finished I waited for another 5 minutes just to make sure. After I wiped myself and I was getting ready to leave when I got hit by another cramp that sent me flying back to the toilet with pure brown water coming out of me for 10 more minutes. During this time another woman entered the bathroom and she heard my show. I was quite embarrassed by this and things got worse when she asked me if I was fine. I told her I had a bad case of the runs, and she said I should get some medicine for it. Anyway I finished and got cleaned. I was feeling so weak that I really wanted to go back home, but the presentation was very important so I knew that was not an option. I got off the bathroom and went to look for some medicine to help me go through the rest of the morning. I ended up buying Immodium, and I was so desperate about not having another attack that I took a double dose of it. I got to my office and got through the presentation perfectly. I still felt weak but I didn't have any more diarrhea attacks.
When I got home and I was so tired that I just lied in bed for the rest of the day in which I had no more diarrhea. On Sunday I didn't went to the bathroom at all, and the same thing happened on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning I really tried to go, but it was useless. When I got home at night I still hadn't go and I was getting very desperate so I asked my husband to buy me some laxatives on his way home. He bought a box that said it was a very gentle laxative that would work over night. I took the recommended dose and went to sleep. Next morning I sat on the toilet for 20 minutes and I was unable to let anything out. I went to work again and I had a horrible day, my pants were very tight because my stomach was bloated and I had to stay until late. When I finally got out I stopped by the supermarket and bough some prune juice. I got home and drank it all. I was determined to go. That night I took another dosage of the laxatives and went to sleep. Friday morning I heard my husband get up and start to get a shower. I was finally feeling some movement in my bowels so I thought I would go when he finished. I got up and went to the kitchen to make some coffee for him, and by this time I was really getting a urge to go. I went to the bedroom and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it longer so I just knocked on the bathroom door and asked him if I could start shitting. He didn't mind so I dropped my underwear to the floor and proceeded to shit. It was the best dump I have had in my life. After almost a week I was able to go and I felt very relieved. I let out about 10 nice firm logs and it was completely painless and effortless, they just fell out of me. After 5 minutes I was done and I felt completely empty and fine. My husband finished his shower and I took one too. We had breakfast together and left for work. On my way there I felt my bowels moving again. I wasn't really surprised about this considering everything I had taken and done to finally get things moving and all the time I spent without letting things out of me. At first I thought I could wait until I got to my office but I ended up stopping at the same supermarket in which I had stopped on Saturday, only this time things went very different for me. Just like I did in my house, I ended up taking a nice dump, letting out about 8 firm logs without any effort and pain. I got cleaned and left. The traffic was particularly bad that morning so I got to my office about 30 minutes late. By the time I was parking my car and getting my things out I felt the need to go again. I was planning to leave my things at my desk and then head for the bathroom but on the elevator I felt a log starting to come out and for some reason I wasn't being able to hold it in, so I went straight to the bathroom where I had another round of soft, firm logs. I felt fine for the rest of the morning and when I talked to my husband I told him I had gone 3 times but he said it was normal because of all the laxatives and prune juice and stuff. Before lunch I went to the bathroom to pee, but while I was on the toilet a few more pieces of shit fell out of me, completely out of nowhere.
I was still not worried because I wasn't having any cramps and most importantly, all my dumps had been solid. Even so I decided to have a light meal so I just ate some chicken sup and some rice. I finished eating quickly because I had a lot of work to do. An hour later I was sitting in my desk, talking to a client when the most unexpected thing happened. I felt my stomach churn and get completely loose. I finished the call and made my way to the bathroom again. I wasn't in pain, but I was loosing control and poop was starting to come out so I had to press my hand into my butt which made everyone notice about my problem. I got to the bathroom and sat down just in time to let the runniest steam of diarrhea out. It was almost completely water with just some pieces of solid stuff, and after the first wave came out I started to get cramps in my lower abdomen. One of my friends from work came into the bathroom and asked me what was wrong. I told her about the laxatives and my trips to the bathroom earlier and told her I couldn't stop the flow now just as I let another wave of brown water out. She offered to talk to my boss so that I could go home earlier, so I thanked her. The only problem now was that I kept going. Every time I would think I was finished another cramp would hit me with at least 5 waves of pure liquid each. I spent over an hour on the toilet until I was finally ready to go home. I made it home just fine but I had to run to the toilet as soon as I got in and I spent 2 more hours there having liquid diarrhea until things finally started to slow down and my waves started to come out more mushy and chunky again.
When my husband got home I must have looked terrible, I had spend the whole afternoon shitting my brains out and sweating like a pig. He hugged me and kissed me and told me it was ok, which really helped me feel better. He said he would clean up the bathroom so that I could go rest. I told him he shouldn't do that yet, because I still felt some things moving in my stomach, so we just went to the couch and watched some TV. About an hour later my ordeal started again, without previous notice. I got hit by a really bad cramp and jumped off the couch. When I stood up everything just started to come out of me so I said: OH MY GAWD I'M LEAKING!!!!! I was completely out of control, on my way to the bathroom another cramp hit me and more diarrhea came out. By the time I finally made it to the toilet my underwear was completely ruined.
Fortunately that was the last attack I had that day. I kept having very loose dumps over the weekend and I went at least 5 times on Saturday and on Sunday. On Monday I decided to stay home because I wasn't feeling completely fine yet and I still had to go to the bathroom every few hours. That morning I noticed my husband was kinda pale, but he said he felt fine. Right after lunch that day I got a stomachache so I went to the bathroom and let out more waves of mushy stuff. I felt kinda dizzy so I decided to just sit there for a while, but suddenly the door of the bathroom swung open and my husband appeared there with a horrified look on his face and his pants on his knees. He said please get out I'm having diarrhea, so I stood up and even before I could flush the toilet he jumped in it and released a bad wave of diarrhea (even worst than mine). I asked him what had happened and he said he got the urge at his work but was embarrassed to go there so he ran back home. I kneeled by his side and washed his forehead with a towel. He continued to shit for the next 20 minutes, and by then I was starting to feel bad again, only this time I was feeling nauseas and like having another round of poop. I asked him if he would be over soon as I would need to go too, and he said he would try. 5 minutes happened and things only seemed to get worse for him, and by then I was already holding it badly, so I just took of all my clothes, jumped in the bathtub and started to dry heave. I was having a bad stomachache so I pushed really hard and a huge turd started to come out, followed by a massive wave of diarrhea. After that I puked about 4 times. My husband spent the rest of the day on the toilet having bad diarrhea so i had to go on the bathtub 4 more times. We both had the runs for 3 more days but we took turns on the toilet.
In the end what happened was that I had caught a virus (besides my laxative abuse) and I passed it to him. It's been almost a month since my fist diarrhea attack after the dinner and I'm finally starting to get regular about my dumps again.

Shitting Susie
Age? 34
How often do you fart? A lot, and it usually gives me the brown stains
When do you fart the most? Morning/midnight
Is your gas typically loud and non-smelly, silent and smelly,
or loud and smelly? Loud and smelly
Do you feel comfortable farting in front of your friends? Male or female? If they do it, I'll do it, female
Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? If so, do you care if the gas is loud or if it stinks? No
Have you ever farted during sex? No
If your significant other told you that farting turned him on, what would you think? I wouldn't care
How often do you poop? A lot
Are your shits typically loud or quiet? Stinky or not? Stinky and loud, 'cause I get constipated a lot
Do you typically fart when you take a dump? (I'm really curious about this. Guys seem to do it alot) Yeah
Do you ever shit in front of your friends? Male or female? No, unless I have violent diarrhea and can't hold it
Do you ever shit in front of your significant other? Would you if he asked? How would you feel if it turned him on? Maybe. Maybe. I don't know.
What's the etiquette for shiting and farting in the lady's room? Huh?

Hi, I really really really need to pee right now. I'm not like trying to see how long I can hold it, but at my job I can't take a break. I am going to need to hold it for 2 more hours if I want to keep my job. I haven't been to the bathroom in 7 hours and have been drinking like crazy since I get dehydrated easily. I seriously think my bladder is about to exploed but I don't know what to do. There is no way I can relieve/wet myself. Please give me some tips on holding it! And fast!! Seriously. I'll be lucky if I can hold it for 2 more minutes, let alone 2 hours! HELP!!

Anon male
In reply to Japanese girl's question's
age: 21
where from: Florida
where abouts now: Florida
my height: 5'6

now on to what happens when i use the bathroom

so do you cover the seat: only if it is a disaster area. However, if there is very little toilet paper, I hang my butt cheeks about 3 inches above the seat, or I raise the seat and hang my butt over the bowl.
what is your signal when u have to poop: the poop tries to push open my anus.
when do have a singal when u have to pee: My bladder expands and pushes on everything it is next to. Other times, I get a feeling in my stomach that is different from all other stomach pains.
so what places u never done a poop: I can't really think of any. I used to poop only in a clean house until I was about 15. Then I decided go #2 in any toilet, and I'm glad I made that decision. I just don't poop in places where it could be considered vandalism, like urinals. EWWW.

where have you pooped: Usually at home, sometimes at: stores, friend's houses, school, my job, at special public toilets, and in rare instances, I poop outdoors when there isn't a better place for my poop.

where have u pee: Usually in toilets and urinals. When I am not at risk for being caught, I like to pee outdoors.

And Japanese girl, I was wondering one thing. Now that you live in the USA, does it bother you that there are no squat-type toilets?

Hey Gloria: Mind your own business... your sons will become the laughing stock of the entire high school..Stay out of it...The boys will use doorless stalls when they need to. I always did :-)))

I have two stories to tell today. :)

1) Yesterday I was playing a GameCube game when a huge, and I mean huge cramp hit me. I dashed up and ran out of my room and tore off my pants as quickly as possible. I sat down on the toilet seat. I immediately let out a HUGE fart. This was followed by a large mess of diarrhea that lasted about 15 minutes. I farted a couple more times and this was followed by 2 more waves of diarrhea lasting about a couple minutes long. I stood and looked in the bowl.The water was light brown color and had chunks of poo floating around in it. I wiped 8-10 times and then flushed.

2) I was playing a game on the GameCube today when I felt a slight urge to poo. I headed into the bathroom and took my pants off. I peed for about 20 seconds and then I let out a little fart, which was followed by a crackling sound and a few pieces of poo hitting the water. I sat there for a few minutes when I felt a push on my hole. I pushed as hard as I could and I heard a 'plop' sound. I continued pushing out little pieces of poo for about 10 minutes. Then for the next 20 minutes or so I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed until I was red in the face and my butt hole was sore. Nothing came out. I pushed again and again and still nothing. I knew that there was still poo up there because I could feel it coming out. So I continued pushing and this time around I grunted and moaned for a while. Finally after all the pushing, squeezing and moaning, four pieces of poo fell into the water. I couldn't wipe properly, because my hole was so sore, so I just had to dab softly until I was clean. All together I spent around 45 minutes in the bathroom today.

Zip: I think the implication of your dream is obvious. You want to be king of your domain looking out on creation as you sit on your throne doing your business. You are elevated up high so that you can see your subjects and they can see you!!

That's why some people are Zips, while others are "Anti-Zips!!" (Hope you caught my last post!!) :-)

Be Safe,


Red Headed Michele
Hello again! Haven't been online lately or really had a chance to check this site in awhile. I am a 23 year old girl medium build with bright red natural hair. I was picking up some groceries this past weekend and I found a really strangely designed public bathroom at the store. I was at a Big Y store and about half way through my shopping I started getting a stomach ache. It wasn't anything too bad and I tried to wait and see if it would pass as I didn't even know if there was a public restroom. But after another 8-10 minutes or so, the pressure was really beginning to build and I knew I had to poop before I made it home. I asked the girl at the deli if there was a restroom and she pointed me in the direction. When I made it there I entered and there was one regular size stall and a very large stall which I just thought was a very large handicapped stall. I could see both were occupied at the moment. I was waiting there only a couple of minutes and another young girl came in and joined me. I realllly had to go at this point as my stomach was starting to cramp up. I could tell the other girl was really desperate as she had her arms folded and kept bending her knees and doubling over a bit. We had waited another 5 minutes or so and still no one had come out. You could tell both people in the stalls were also pooping. I introduced myself to the girl waiting with me and she said her name was Nicole. She said on a scale of 1-10, she had to go about a 9 and 3/4! I really had to go too. I had cramps really bad and could tell I was just about to burst. Finally an older women flushed and came out of the large stall. I rushed in and to my surprise it wasn't just a handicapped stall but there were two toilets side by side. I oened the stall door and told Nicole and said she was welcome to come in. She didn't hesitate. I pulled my jeans and pink panties down and and sat on the toilet. Nicole was right next to me and she had really bad diarehia. Once I was able to go, I had terrible cramps and just doubled over the toilet. Nicole was almost crying as she kept going over and over. I finally finished and felt a little better but Nicole was still going. I waited for her so I wouldn't open the stall door because I knew someone was out there and wanted to give her some privacy. She pulled her pnats back up finally and walked out and a couple of other girls went in when they found two toilets. I had never seen a public restroom like that. But Nicole and I kind of binded and we exchanged e-mails so maybe we'll stay friends. Has anyone else seen a restroom like that?

I am an avid reader of the pages here and have been for some time but have never had the courage to post before. I love to stories of shitting accidents and diarrhea so please keep them coming!
I have not had many accidents myself but just the other week I had a very very near miss. I got up in the morning feeling a little uneasy after drinking the night before. I went to the toilet and nothing much happened. I figured that it was just a bit of a hangover and that I'd be fine in a couple of hours. I then got the train to College and that was when my trouble began. At first it was just a bit of a stomach ache with a few mild cramps here and there. When I got to college I didn't think anything of it - I'm not a fan of public college and I was only in a half day that day so I figured it could wait until I got home. I was very wrong. Half an hour later I was desperate and I knew it couldn't wait. I made my excuses to my lecturer and left for the train station.
Luck was not on my side this day and my train was delayed Although I was desperate I wasn't all that panicky at this stage because I'd never shit myself uncontrollably since the age of 5 so I assumed I'd be fine. Eventually the train came and I was doing all I could not to shit myself. It was so bad that I decided on getting a taxi from the train station to my flat which is only a ten minute walk away. As I got off the train I was really struggling with all my mite to hold it in. I hopped into a taxi and was literraly sweating I was so desperate. As I said luck was not on my side this day so every traffic light seemed to be on red. At one point when it changed to green I actually said to the driver to hurry up because the light was green. Eventually we got to my flat and I just threw the money at the driver and told him to keep the change. I was so desperate that I couldn't run so I had to walk with tiny baby steps to my flat. Finally I got to my room and dashed into the bathroom and before I even sat fully on the toilet the river of diarrhea inside me gushed out. It was like a waterfall and was the most painful yet the most relieving feeling ever. I can honestly say I've never been so desperate for a toilet in all my life.

I hope you liked my story I have a few more about me and other people I could share. Keep shitting!


To ILayLogs: Cool story about your favorite dumping place. But I have a question, do you mind if anyone sees you while you're dumping?

Chris W's Survey

Age? 14
How often do you fart? Mainly when I need to poop, or if I eat lots of beans or onions.

When do you fart the most? When I need to poop

Is your gas typically loud and non-smelly, silent and smelly,
or loud and smelly? Mainly silent, and not smelly

Do you feel comfortable farting in front of your friends? Male or female? In front of girl friends its fine, but not in front of male friends.

Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? Sometimes, but only if I'm on the toilet.

If so, do you care if the gas is loud or if it stinks? No, we both agree its natural.

Have you ever farted during sex?

If your significant other told you that farting turned him on, what would you think?

I would think it was a bit weird.

How often do you poop? Mostly two times a day, sometimes only once.

Are your shits typically loud or quiet? Stinky or not? They don't smell much, but I fart a bit getting them out, and sometimes strain as well.

Do you typically fart when you take a dump? (I'm really curious about this. Guys seem to do it alot) Yes.

Do you ever shit in front of your friends? Male or female? Yes, I don't close the door if its just friends around.

Do you ever shit in front of your significant other?

Would you if he asked? Not sure - I just do because it feels natural.

How would you feel if it turned him on? Not sure, maybe a bit spooked.

What's the etiquette for shiting and farting in the lady's room? Its what happens when you poop.... never had a problem with it.

Greg-That was a great story about the "anti-zip" guy who freaked out when he realized someone might actually catch a glimpse of him doing something quite natural and necessary. I understand that many people would like some privacy while dumping, but ya can't always get what ya want! That story cracked me up! I've seen other guys act the same way a few times while using the restroom that had the doorless stalls facing each other. The older guys (35ish, and up) weren't as uptight as the younger ones. One guy was very efficient at looking like he was just resting for a few minutes. I mean, I could barely tell his pants were undone. He was done quickly and only wiped a couple of times before swiftly sliding up his jeans. Other guys keep their pants way up and just hang their heads low, so you can't see their faces. Then there are the ones who don't care much what anyone sees. One guy was a runner, probably about 35-40, great shape, sweaty, comes in and quickly takes the stall across from me. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and he drops his red shorts all the way down. Basically naked on the throne. Speedo tanlines. He pisses into the toilet, drops his load, and leaves. Not shy at all.

Yep Greg, if it was me, you would have definitely seen my briefs (probably not white, though) and pants down in the most comfortable position for me. Keep the stories coming.

Hi all,

Been a month since I posted, I can't believe time has flowed by like a jet of hot, urgent pee...

BADDUDE -- I loved your story of your three-year old sister peeing standing up, it's wonderful that she could do it so easily and such a shame your mom wouldn't let her do I always. Did she ever go back to it as she got older? I could share a fair few stories, but not from being younger, I only learned as an adult. I can confirm that as a woman's "womanhood" matures it becomes rather more complex than that of a youngster, and yes, that has the effect of making it harder to pee neatly. But it's a skill to be learned, for most women it's no more than that.

TIM & SARAH -- Smile! I'm so proud to have coined a name that really did stick for Josie! She was a tiger when she was little and she still is. I'd be proud to be her big aunt while she breeds horses in Aus! Yes of course, she did get the knack years ago, didn't she? And I remember Hannah! Treating her unfairly? Maybe, but you make a valid point -- Moms are always more socially at ease with these things than dads are supposed to be. No matter -- I hope Josie is always comfortable with her skill, and applies it properly as a liberated woman of the 21st century!

Been reading through a month's worth of posts -- more pages to go tomorrow!

Happy poops,


Thursday, March 16, 2006

I felt the urge to take a poo and headed to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and let out a little fart and then I started to pee. After peeing, I sat for about 5 minutes waiting for the poo to come out. I pushed and pushed and then I heard a 'plop' sound and a small piece fell into the toilet. I continued to sit there for another 5 minutes or so. A few minutes later I pushed and two smaller pieces landed in the toilet with a 'plop' sound. I stood and wiped 3 times and then flushed.

Hi - I'm an "old" lurker but this is my first posting. I am a 22 y/o female from the States and I have been fascinated about toilet habits since I was a youngster. I think my own fascination began when I was around 6 years old. I was raised by a single mother who, obviously, had to work to put food on the table. She always tried to work shifts that would roughly correspond with my own school schedule. This worked fairly well most of the time. When I was about 6 - 1st grade I recall one event quite vividly. Most evenings my mom would be home before I got home or she would arrive shortly afterwards. I was instructed to wait on the front step of our apartment if she wasn't home. Since I was an irresponsible 6 year old (what 6 year old isn't!) I was not given a key. I had come home from school on this particular afternoon and my mother wasn't, yet, home. I didn't know and my mom had no way to tell me that she was required to work an extra 2 hours overtime. Well, as luck would have it, on this particular day I realized, on my walk home from school, that I needed to pee. Oh well, this wouldn't be a big problem since I was almost home. When I arrived home I realized my mom wasn't there yet so, as usual, I sat on the front step to wait. After 15-20 minutes I realized that she wasn't just running a couple of minutes late and, by now, I needed a bathroom badly. I now knew that I was going to have to get in to use the bathroom soon or I would have an accident in my pants. That hadn't happened in a LONG time (since I was 3 or 4 years old). I sat on the steps and began to fidget, cross my legs, hold myself, etc. in order to keep from wetting my pants. I distinctly remember, after hour or so, realizing that a pants wetting was, now, inevitable. Once I realized this I decided that holding it any longer was useless. I said, to myself, "since I'm going to wet my pants anyway I might as well do it now and have my t???y stop hurting." At that point I simply pulled my dress out from under my seat, uncrossed my legs, quit fidgeting and waited for the inevitable. Very shortly I began to feel my underpants start to get damp. The next thing I knew is that I could see the pee running out from under me and down the steps. It was one of the most relaxing pees I had ever had. I, strangely, discovered that I liked the feeling of losing control, I liked the feeling of my panties getting warm and wet at the same time, and I liked the feeling of wearing damp/wet underpants. When my mother got home, finally, and I told her what I had done she apologized for being late and told me not to worry about wetting my pants. From that point on, however, I was hooked. Whenever I was wearing a dress (which was about the time) I would make sure that I didn't use the bathroom at school in the afternoon and I would wet my pants on the way home from school. In order to not get 'caught' I would usually wear the wet pants the rest of the day so mom wouldn't see a lot more underwear in the laundry. Since I wet the bed most nights the wet underwear, itself, wasn't a giveaway. Most times I wouldn't let my mother know I had wet, unless she was late home, but I did enjoy my "naughty fun" until I was about 10-11 years old.

Kelly R.
hello. im 16 years old, 5"3, brunette, sort of slim. anyways, i'm not exactly new here, i've been reading a lot of stories here for about a few weeks, and i wanted to post somethings up now.

this story happened a week ago. this happened after school ended. i had to go to work at a restuarnt from 4:30pm-8:30pm, except i got detention after school that day(this happened last friday by the way), until 3:30pm, and it will take me about an hour to get ready and get over there, so i dont know if i could go to the washroom before i get to work. after i got out of the detention, i went directly home and get my working clothes, and went to the restuarnt. after i got there, i needed to pee a little bit, but i think i could hold it. since it was 4:20pm, so i quickly went to get changed into my working clothes. after i was done changing, i started to work that day. i seriously needed to pee after 7:45pm had passed. i havent peed since 1pm in the afternoon.

but i would lose my job if i leave now, so i decided to keep working. after 8:30pm had finally passed, i could stop. so i went to the washroom right after my shift was over, i quickly got into it, and went to one of the 3 stalls that was in there, and i started peeing right after i pulled down my workpants and my pink panties. it was sooo comfortable. after a minute and a half had passed, i was finally done. i never been so desperated to pee in my whole life.

Speedybk- I am also phyically disabled and would be very interested in hearing more about how you are helped to poop. I also have a problem with poop sometimes and have been helped also...please tell us more-- JW

Shitting Susie
Big JOHN--Yes. I was watching Harry Potter and had had violent diarrhea for a few days. My stomach was gurgling and I got a really really really REALLY bad urge. But I WAS NOT about to get up and miss the movie.
Finally I gave in. I moved to a different seat and pulled down my jeans and panties. I hovered over the seat and diarrhea blasted out of me. This went on till the end of the movie (I was holding it for 25 minutes and really had to go! Anyways there was only 45 minutes left for the movie) and then I got some tissues and wiped. No one was with me. By the time I had got out of the movie place, I had to go again and rushed to the ladies' bathroom. I sat down and shitted for about 45 minutes. Then I rushed home and had diarrhea again, for 30 minutes. Yay I wasn't having it as much. But at night I got up at least 30 times.

when i was twenty one, i was in the car with my new hussband after a night of drinks and fun.i did not realize that it had been a while since i relived my urge to pee. after hinkin about it a while, an extreme urge hit me. i quickly confesed to my hubby, he promised to do what he could. then we got stuck in traffic. i told my husband to pull over so that i could take a piss on the sideof the road. he wouldn't, in fear of me getting hit orspotted. i scrambled in the back, stood up halfway, and clutched my girly parts like a three year old. then i spotted a small mcDonalds cup and a juice carton. with out thinking twice, i perched over the small cup and was about to let it rip when an extremely hot male truckdriver started to peek at me. then i started laughing hyterically, making matters worse. then, the tension was to started as a small bust, luckily my husband waas okay with it. i then let out a hearty stream into the cup. relief. the cup was full. i picked up the orange juice bottle, but it was unopened.i tore across the street, pissing all the way. when i got to the side of the road, i finished up, went to pull up my pants, and realized i had left them in th car. gr8.

To Speedybk: yes I would like to hear details of how they help you go. Do you have to do manual evacuation or are you able to push it out? Do you have trouble pushing? Does it take you a long time? Do they give you laxitives?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

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