I had to go to the bathroom in Wal-mart today. I sat on the toilet for a good 15 minutes. Finally I started Plop. Plop. Plop. The woman in the next stall was pooping also. We were talking when i saw there was no toilet paper in my stall. She was kind enough to pass me some.

I remember one time when I was about, 5 or 6, and I was at one of my friend's house with some of his friends. It was sort of for a party thing, I guess. Everyone was having fun and blah, it was all great,and we were all in the middle of the day up in my friend's room, they were getting excited about something. I was curious, so I was all, "hey, what's happening?" and they just said, "we're all going to pee in this empty milk carton! Join us!" And I was like "Whaaaat!?". That seemed like a stupid and un-fun idea that would probrobly get us in trouble. I didn't even know why they wanted to do it! So, trying to prove myself the sound-minded one of the group, refused. Well, that went on for a little while, the pestering and all. They just made it sound fun and I knew it wouldn't really be...But I sort of wanted to find out, anyway. I was like "...Are you sure we won't get in trouble?..."


so 5 minutes later we were all peeing simultaneously into the thing,(we were all boys, by the way) and it was full. I was trying to find the intrest in it all. I don't know much after that. I zipped up my pants and went on my merry way. however, the others must've been parading that bottle around the house or something. I still don't know... All I do know is that I got a harsh yet concerned scolding from my mom about it when she and the other adults found out. It was one of my wierdest bathroom experiences...

I guess it was sort of fun...Maybe...

I used the mens restroom in the food court of our local mall. The three toilet stalls all had the doors removed, and were all totally visable from the food court area when both entry doors were opened. As we all were dropping 'brown' into the toilet bowls, my buddy said we could ALL be arrested, for "indecent exposure" since women sitting at the tables could all see our dicks with our pants down as we sat on the toilet bowls Is this true???

Ever since I was young, when I had to pee, my penis would swell alittle and it would hurt, i would always have to hold it to relieve some pressure. Well now that im 23, it still happens, and the other day I got the urge to piss. I was by myself on the bike path so i decided i would relieve myself in the great outdoors. I stopped my bike and propped it on a tree. I grabbed on to my swollen penis and slightly squeezed to relieve some pain. I walked a few feet into the trees and pulled out my penis, i instantly began to pee. A strong stream hit the ground in front of me, I had to spread my legs to make sure i didnt splash myself. I looked behind me to make sure no one was coming, then i looked back down at my stream. After about 20 seconds I had a good puddle forming and I was still peeing pretty hard. I didnt relize i had to go so bad. After 20 more seconds it began to trickle off, I stroked myself alittle to make sure I got all of it out, I had a few more squirts and i was done. I shook myself dry and tucked it away. I looked at my large puddle and smiled. I got back on my bike and left.

gassy white boi aka desmondwh
Hey all and to my freind BrentC

That was an awesome story about your freind at work! That is exactly the kind of buddy dump that I enjoy!

There is no question which club you are talking about with the little rooms with glass doors for the bathroom stalls. The last few times I went there it was dead. I think its the parking.

Anyway to answer your questions: The way I deal with it is that I don't catch when I am not feeling clean or if I am having some type of intestinal issue. Also, I have found that most people do have some sort of intestinal issues from time to time; it's just something that most people keep in the closet! ;-)

Most of the people I date are very laid back, maybe you could even say thuggish, and usually aren't too concerned about a little gas; I think in a way they are releaved, becuse it gives them the green light to let it out if they need to.

The last buddy dump i witnessed was a few days at the big "I" store.
I was upstairs in the stall taking my time and someone was next to me. Suddenly I hear someone come crashing in. He came to the stalls and started banging on the doors and then started saying "uh oh--full house!" Then he left. I got up and decided that maybe he went downstairs to the other restrooms, so I went down there also. As soon as I went in I saw him slam the door in one of the stalls and sit down. He had a magazine and I could hear the pages turning as he was grunting and sighing and farting--the whole bit. I saw him right b4 he went in the stall--he was Hispanic, looked about 30 and was wearing wind pants. After he sat down I saw white breifs and flip flops. He was in there about 15 mins and really getting into it. After he left I saw him walking around in the store with the magazine under his arm.

I like to read on the toilet, but I am not so bold as to blantantly carry around a maganzine under my arm. I put in in my back pocket.
Ever been to the big "Y" ?



A summer camp horror story
I don't mean Jason or anything, it was worse
I was there with about ½ of the girls in my school

The bus

It was about 4 hours and ½ way through I had to pee
[Note: we were about 10]
I waited 10 minutes before waking Sarah who was sleeping next to me
"This better be important" she grumbled
"Sarah! I need to go pee-pee, really, really bad!" I monad
"Well knowing you and your bladder that is important"
At this point she reached into her leather purse and took out a maxi pad [Sarah started her periods early]
"Pee into this, I took some extras in case one of us had to go" she said before going back to sleep
I discreetly put it on and monad with relief as I let loose, but suddenly I stopped as the pad overflowed, I winced as that just-stopped-peeing pain hit me, but I had let enough go to survive the rest of the trip.


When we got there me and my gang [me Sarah and Mary]
All had to go quite bad, and by the sounds of things so did a lot of other people
So the camp consolers decided to start the tour with the toilet
We just had to stop and stare, jaws hit the floor, gasps, whines and moans went around the crowd…


We all stared in awe at the "toilet"
It was a trench, nothing on in or under it.
I looked at it and had to suppress a gag
In it there were, pukes, food scraps, turds, mud, dioreah, pee, used sanitary wear and weed, yes weed, it looked as if it had never been cleaned out.
We all hesitated, then one girl, that looked only 8 ran up, holding herself and yanked down her pants and underwear and squatted, in plain view of everyone.
She let out 2 turds, both about the size of a computer mouse then peed full blast for 3 minutes.
The others exchanged mutters and glances then went for it
Now at the time I was really shy but since everyone else was doing it I thought why not me?

The 'food'

After eating the "food"
(A bowl of ominous grey sludge withy a side of pasta that could stretch to 3 times its original size and some odd tasting water)
Everyone was pushing and shoving to get to the dug out, having diorea and throwing up, one poor girl retched so violently that she fell in, (everyone avoided her for the rest of the trip)

The dare

With everyone going to the dugout every 3 or so minutes Anne [Notoriously naughty] had an idea
She took out some sweets and said
"I have an idea"
"What, you're going to eat all those and throw up?"
"No a game"
"Let's hear it"
"It's a game of how long can you hold it"
"And if we win we get the candy?"
"Yes, and when you go it has to be somewhere other then the dug out"
"And if we do?"
"Then you will have to be the winners slave for the rest of the trip"

The game.
So we started.
In 5 minutes the looser was obvious, she went just out of the door pulled down her pants and messed her underwear.

One girl sat on a bunk leaning all the way forward, boobs to chest, holding herself.
She let out a wet fart, wanting slaves and the candy she did the stupid thing and stayed.
She let out another fart and by the look on her face everyone could tell that she had messed herself, she ignored it but then a wet spot appeared on her skirt, then spread, and spread, you could see it running down her tighted legs and soking her socks and shoes, and the carpet.
Then more farts and we could all see a bulge in her underwear
She then ran out of the room crying and took of her tights and underwear and dumped them in the dugout and emptied the rest of her bladder and bowels.
Then she started to cry aging as she realised she would be a slave.

Me Sarah and Mary [all desperate] did rock-paper-scissors for who would get the rest of the spare pads Sarah brought, I won. [Rock versus. 2X scissors.]

So through the rest of the game I put on pads and went, put feigned desperation and Sarah and Mary went in the dugout knowing who their master would be.

After I won I ran to the dugout [by this time I was out of pads] dumped the pads and my load and opened the flood gates.

After I won I said
"Slaves, you are all free"
"What?!?!?!??" yelled Anne
"And these sweets go to everyone but Anne because of her setting up this cruel game"
All I remember of camp after that was Anne's fist flying towards my face and falling and hitting my head hard on the metal bed post
I was apparently out for 12 hours and lost a pint of blood through my nose
Every one was saying that Sarah and Mary sent Anne flying into the dugout
Every other person had a picture of it, they also say she bawled like a baby and was expelled.

The end.

p.s. one of the girls int hat picture up top loojs alot like me

To the person who is trying to stretch his/her bladder. First of all, 715ml is well above average. Stretching is possible but your goal may not be reasonable. You have to go slow. The best way is to drink about 4oz of water every 15 minutes until you feel full. Then wait an hour or so. Then resume drinking until you are desperate. Then wait as long as you can. Then pee. Measure. Do this about 1 or 2 times a week. It is better to drink water (iced if you don't like the taste) not anything carbonated like Coke or Pepsi. Don't use anything that has alchohol in it (beer, wine, etc.) I guess that cranberry juice to protect the bladder is OK.

P. S. to Bladder Stretcher. Don't just hold and hold and hold, because your urine may begin to back up into the kidneys and cause real problems. When you simply hold, you will keep reaching the same maximum. You won't stretch much. How old are you? The younger the better for stretching your bladder.

Also to everyone out there. We need more pee and mega bladder stories. In fact one pee for every poop (story). Check back and see how exciting the board was between pp. 1050 and 1100.

Guy, 17 yrs old, living somewhere on this f??g planet

1. How often do you have to poop?
one or two times/day
2. When you poop, how long does it take?
five minutes, I guess
3. Do you push a lot, or let it come out at its own pace?
I push a bit
4. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you need to spray or use fan?
Usually not
5. Do you poop in public restrooms?
very rarely
6. If you poop in public do you cover the seat?
7. Do you usually leave floaties or skid marks?
Skid marks
8. Do you ever flush the toilet while seated?
usually not
9. Do you read or anything to help pass time while pooping? (describe)
Yeah, usually comic books or,some magazine
10. How do you know when you have to poop?
some farts, stomach ache,...
11. Do you ever clog the toilet?
Usually not
12. Do you ever get up thinking your done and have to sit back down?
13. Chicks: do you pee and then poop even though thats not you
went to the bathroom in the 1st place?
N / A
14. Do you get consipated or have diarhea a lot? (describe)
No I have never been constipated and I only have diarhea when I'm very sick.
15. How many times do you need to wipe?
To be honest, I never counted

Hey Gassy and Brent,

I'm really concernd about the constipation problem you guys seem to have and a growing dependency on laxatives.Maybe you should check with a doctor or at least a nutritionist. I LOVE my Mexican food too, but not 24/7. Gassy.... You had potatoes AND Macaroni, burritos, AND a sugary desert????? NO WONDER you can't get anything out!!

I always make sure to have plenty of fresh fruit and drinking water on hand. Every morning, I have a large bowl of oatmeal and everything works out just fine. :-) For snacking, I highly recommend almonds over Doritos or potato chips, and try a small dish of blackberries with cream instead of that sugary desert!!

Of course, I already mentioned how fast the CURRY seems to work on me. Maybe try varying your lunch a bit with a Chinese dish with a little bit of curry. Be sure not to have a laxative before that!! The curry will do the job just fine by itself!!

Also, it may do good to lay off the alcohol for a bit as well if there's been some heavy drinking going on. Alcohol tends to dry out your system and could cause dry hard stools.

Brent, too bad your young hispanic friend always has such a problem with constipation. At 22-23 he should be easily crackling out the foot-long+ logs out the back door for everyone to enjoy!! If he's going to struggle, it should at least be PRODUCTIVE struggling like what I wrote about Jake a few posts back. Maybe a friendly suggestion from you to him could help both you out. The next time you hear him grunting without results or when there's semi-liquid exploding out of him, you might say something like "Hey Enrique, sounds like you're having a real bad time of it. Are you ok??"

This might break the ice and give you a clue as to what's wrong, or he might tell you to get lost!! But what the heck. What have you got to lose, right??

Hey Zip: Enjoyed the story about you and the guy with the dog. Nothing quite like a dog for a good icebreaker!! Too bad the dog had the bad leg. I wonder if the vet will eventually need to amputate. :-( I remember being in a park for a friend's graduation party one time when all of a sudden a three-legged dog belonging to the guy in the house next to the park shows up and this dog was SMART. I quickly found he knew all sorts of commands like "roll-over" and a bunch of other tricks that he could pull off without a hitch despite missing a front leg. When his master called him back, he took off at a speed you would expect from a dog on 4 good legs, not 3. I presume the dog lost the leg to cancer or an accident as well.

One day a few weeks ago I went with my best friend Anne and her big sister Nita to the mall. (I am 17, Anne 18 and Nita 20). Anne wanted to buy new denims and there was a nice jeans shop where we went. Anne started trying jeans. I realized that I needed take a pee and I said to Anne and Nita that I must pop in ladies room which was almost across the shop. "I need to go too", Nita said and she followed me. There were four stalls, all vacant. I entered second one and locked the door. I pulled my jeans and underpants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. Nita took the stall next to me. She let out a muffled fart first and began tinkling 20-30 seconds later than me. I was almost finished and began pulling paper. I wiped and pulled up my jeans. Nita was still in her stall after I washed my hands, so I figured she had to shit. Just a few seconds later I heard a light plop, followed by a bigger one and then two smaller ones again. "Oh, shit! Those splashed my arse!", Nita yelled and we both giggled. Nina started wiping and I waited her. After she was done and washed her hands we went back to the boutique where Anne was still trying new jeans.

To AJ:-)--I think so. My dad got mad at my mom and divorced, because she got mad too. She didn't know who to take her anger out on, then decided me. But she's different. ^.^

hey, i am interested in female farting, so any girls here, if you wouldn't mind answering some questions-

how often do you fart?
what do your farts sound/smell like?
have you ever farted in someone's face?
do you prefer to sit or stand when farting?
if you could choose, would you rather have loud bubbly nasty sounding farts or rank paint-peeling smelly farts?

and any memorable stories about when you have farted, if you would like

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER RESPONSE TO SUZI`S QUESTIONNAIRE Middle aged male, and I have different bowel issues and will discuss them as part of the questionnaire...advise would be welcome.
1. How often?
By way of example I Ihad a prune juice clean out on Saturday (slightly constipated).. Felt great , on Sunday no shit, no urge but then I was cleaned out the afternoon before. Early Monday morning I sat on the pot at the gym and only got a couple of small hard turdlets out despite really wanting to go. Went to work and had a caffiene drink and had a barely average movement but it was soft and came out quickly. On Tuesday am went to gym and came to home, had breakfast and got the urge amd had a BIG dump all in a few seconds and the poo was big and soft.....later that afternoon had an average BM with gas...before bed wanted to go but could not. Arrived at Gym on Thursday (early) and had to sit on the pot straight away with an average BM... went to a client and their toilet is at an old aged hostel right next to the hairdressers with thin walls...the door does not have a lock...every time I go their my bowels get active...needed to doo a gassy poo before lunch and straight after lunch the same again but with the loudest fart I have ever produced (I think). The hairdreeser is a sei hot girl and I am sure she heard me but I do not care....has she never farted?
Today a poo after breakfast but right now (late pm ) I feel another one coming to answer sometimes zero to four times a day.
2.. How Long?
Often a couple of minutes but sometimes longer but rarely more than 10 minutes.
3. Push or own pace?
I almost always have to begin with a push but mostly not too much pushing...occasionally I really have to push.
4. Stink?
Yes It sometimes really stinks.. I use the fan but never the spray unless I am at someone`s home
5. In public toilets?
Yes, often... I have no problems doing it.
6. Cover the seat?
No, if it is not clean I hover
7. Floaties or skidmarks?
Never seem to have floaties but skidmarkes, yes! If there is a toilet brush I always clean up.
8. Flush whilst seated
Never...cannot see the point.
9. Reading?
No, do not read...maybe I should...just have not got into the habit.
10. When to poo?
Pressure in my butt and familiar pain in lower abdomen.
11. Clog toilet?
No, in my part of the world toilets do not seem to clog.
12. Do you ever think you are done but no?
13. Poo when went to pee.
Although I am a male what gives me the shits is that if I need to pee and towards completion I detect there is something different that needs to come out.. I need to finish the wee then sit down for the deed. If I was a female I would be sitting down anyway and just continue on.
14. Constipated or Diarrhea
Very rarely diarrhea... in fact not for many years... very often frequent motions though! Constipation is common but as I have IBS I have to get myself going otherwise problems will develop. With my bowel routine all over the place I can find no reason for it.. the same with constipation
15 Wipe?
Depends on the results... some times a couple of shhets and some times many times... no average

Thanks for reading this... I have to run to the toilet... dying for a wee and a poo chaser

To continue with my erratic bowel movements.... on Saturday I did not poo until mid afternoon... it came out quickly but was big and hard and really hurt my anal and rectal woke up needing a poo, sat on the throne, did a wee and pushed by the urge went and nothing. Then went to the gym and did a big hard poo on arrival...after gym straight to work and another poo reuired that was hard but not as hard as earlier BM`s . Nothing has changed but my bowels continually do...I am a very shameless shitter which is an advantage for me in my state.

Suzi's Questionairre

1. How often do you have to poop?
about once a day
2. When you poop, how long does it take?
about 5 minutes
3. Do you push a lot, or let it come out at its own pace?
Usually afew pushes
4. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you need to spray or use fan?
no not really, only if its diarrhea
5. Do you poop in public restrooms?
6. If you poop in public do you cover the seat?
7. Do you usually leave floaties or skid marks?
nope i usually flush twice
8. Do you ever flush the toilet while seated?
9. Do you read or anything to help pass time while pooping? (describe)
10. How do you know when you have to poop?
i get the pressure in my bowels
11. Do you ever clog the toilet?
not really
12. Do you ever get up thinking your done and have to sit back down?
yer sometimes, usually if i have the runs
13. Chicks: do you pee and then poop even though thats not you
went to the bathroom in the 1st place?
14. Do you get consipated or have diarhea a lot? (describe)
never really have constipation...but get diarrhea occasionally
15. How many times do you need to wipe?
actually i dont usually have to wipe unless its the runs


Angela at work. I was interested to read about your lunchtime accident. It can't have been very pleasant but things like that happen occasionally and we just have to cope with them as best we can.

Last night I had an accident, an 'ambush motion' as it's sometimes called and which some of the guys here will be familiar with. I was going for a pee just before bed and standing over the toilet when, before I could do anything about it a liquid movement began to exit from the rear into my pyjamas. Fortunately I managed to gain control of the situation before it got too bad and promptly sat on the loo to finish off. Unfortunately thgough I still had a certain amount of cleaning up to do and have another shower, even though I'd had one a couple of hours earlier. Matters would have been bad enough if I'd been in my own house but it happened to be one of those rare occasions when I was spending the night at my parents' house. Unable to find a spare pair of pyjamas (all my spares being at my own house) I had to spend the night in a vest and pair of underpants - not very pleasant if you're unused to doing that. I know that accidents happen (shit happens as they say) but it's the first time I've had any accident like it for nearly 25 years and I hope I don't have another for anither quarter of a century.

Linda from Australia here. I haven't posted on here for ages. Ive been having some good dumps lately and I've been going every morning (before work) for about the last week, which is unusual for me. Usually I feel the urge to go in the morning but when I sit on the toilet and try to go, nothing comes out. Then I have to go to work with a big turd stuck up my butt all day, which is a bit uncomfortable. It feels so good to be able to drop a load before work and I've also been doing a poo after work aswell. A few times during the week, I did did a big poo in the morning, another decent sized one when I got home from work in the late afternoon and another small one after dinner. One morning I dropped a load before eating breakfast, one after breakfast and a third one before leaving for work.

Recently went to the movies and hung on to the end of Harry Potter and got out quick to toilets. Explosive diar. for 10mins. Wife waiting outside. ( Have either constipation of diar. from prescribed madication).

hey this is a story that happened to me at the age of fifteen.i was on my way home,i was happily sipping some coke when a wave of desperation hit me.i had 2 peeeee so bad.frantily grabbing my crotch and crossing my legs.i was wearing a pair of pink cotton panties with a white miniskirt then.if i lost control it would stain real bad.i staggered home and made it to the bathroom in time but i couldn't get in the doror was locked.suddenly i started leakin into my panties the stream grew into a torrent and i myself like a mum came home and saw me in my soaked panties i was grounded 4 like a month.but it was still fun......

Silly Girl
One time dad was helping his friend build his garage to live in before the house got built. I really had to take a dump, so I said to dad "My t?y hurts", he asked me if I had to go potty. I said no because I thought that he would tell me to hold it since there was no toilet eventually I broke down and said yes. My dad told me that I can go in the woods so he led me away into the woods because I was little.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Samantha K
hey, this is a story that happened with me and my friend when she was 7 and i was 8. we were playing in her backyard when she suddenly had to go pee. we ran into the house quickly, she holding the pee back with her hand. then suddenly she stopped and said the urge had passed. i told her she should go anyways, but she said she didnt have to anymore so we went back to playing. about an hour later she got up, bent her knees and held her self for about 20 seconds. i asked if she had to go pee and she said only a little and she could hold it more. so we went back to playing again, and had a great time. i'm not sure how long it was but we played with our dolls and stuffed animals for a while. i finally had to go pee so we both went into the house. as i peed i could tell she was struggling to hold hers back so when i was done i told her to go too. she said no she didnt have to and wanted to go play more outside. i wondered why she was being so stubborn, but didnt think too much more of it. during the next hour she was giving sure signs that she was desperate. crossing her legs, holding her self and getting up every 5 minutes so she could manage to keep it all back. this went on for an amazing amount of time until she suddenly jumped up and said "I just can't hold it anymore Sammi I got to go pee soooo bad!!" i told her to hurry to the toilet. we both ran, and she peed soooooo much, and i noticed a huge wet spot on her pants. she was so so so relieved when she was done. i asked her why she didn't go before and she said she never had to go before. yeah right!! haha.

Okay,so when I was young,don't know how young I had these
two girls who were like my best friends.When I got older one
became my girlfriend,but this is before all that.
So we were like eating pop cicles & afterwards I had
to pee so my two friends watched me pee in the ice cicle
tube that I was going to discard.
That was some time ago,anyway in present day 2006...

There is this abandant building a short walk from the apartments
where I live so I go behind it in the bushes & pee or poop there
when I feel secure in doing so.

It's the safest place in town I know to do the deed & I like
doing it somewhat in the open cause it's eciting.

One time I was at a dollar store & I just pooped in the
parking lot.
No one saw me cause I used the way I pulled my jeans
down behind me as a sorta optical allusion so that if someone
saw me they'd think I was just setting on the ground.

Anyway,I'm glad I found this site A I look foward to reading
you alls adventures in the future.

Remember:Get inventive when ya gotta go it can feel sexy.


Hey Suzi,

23 yr old male in Canada, 5'11",165 lbs, pleasant appealing type...

1. How often do you have to poop?
2. When you poop, how long does it take?
3. Do you push a lot, or let it come out at its own pace?
4. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you need to spray or use fan?
5. Do you poop in public restrooms?
6. If you poop in public do you cover the seat?
7. Do you usually leave floaties or skid marks?
8. Do you ever flush the toilet while seated?
9. Do you read or anything to help pass time while pooping? (describe)
10. How do you know when you have to poop?
11. Do you ever clog the toilet?
12. Do you ever get up thinking your done and have to sit back down?
13. Chicks: do you pee and then poop even though thats not you
went to the bathroom in the 1st place?
N / A
14. Do you get consipated or have diarhea a lot? (describe)
15. How many times do you need to wipe?

Nice to see everyone'e openness here.
Wish there were some of those unisex washrooms in Canada!

Angela at Work

I posted yesterday about an accident that I had at work last Tuesday. It is not yet actually posted, but I still have more to tell...

On Wednesday, I went out for lunch and a walk with my co-worker/friend Cindy, who knew what had happened to me the day before. We decided to go for a walk around downtown after we ate, as we usually do during our lunch breaks. About 8 blocks away from our office, I could feel the urge to poop start. Two blocks later it became very urgent and I could tell that I was about to have the runs again. I tried with all my might to keep my butt cheeks tight as we walked, but someone bumped into me as we were crossing the street and I lost all control and pooped my pants, again. A few minutes later Cindy noticed that I had gotten quite and asked me if I was okay. I said, "no, can we please hurry back? I'm feeling sick", because I had to go again. "Actually, I was sick again, in my pants." She took me to a downtown grocery store and picked out some pads for me and some new panties to change into. I paid for them and we went back to our office where I proceeded to clean up in the ladies room. My jeans weren't too bad this time, because I didn't have to sit in it all day like I did on Tuesday. The new underwear felt good as did the maxi pads that I bought. I needed a fresh supply anyway (Always Maximum Protection) as I only had a couple left for my next period.

Thursday during the day was okay. I decided to wear a pad just in case. I had a few wet farts that were soaked up by the pad, so I remained clean, for the most part.

Thursday night however was a little different. I play in a ladies volleyball league every Thrusday night at the "Y" near where I live. It's nice because I can walk there and back. We play three games everynight and it is for women ages 25 to 35 (I'm 27, 5'8" and "middle weight"). Anyway, I started not feeling good during the first game. Since we need at least 5 players at a time, and we only had 5 with me included, I couldn't just leave, unfortunately. I usually wear my underwear, biker type shorts (light blue) and regular gym shorts (green) over top. I know that's alot to wear, but it's very comfortable and it is part of our team uniform, along with a black tank top. Anyway, as the first game was going along, the pressure to poop again became worse and worse. I was able to hold it until the middle of game number 2 when I went for a shot and filled my shorts with diarrhea. Since my shorts were tight, everything stayed in place for the most part. I tried cleaning up a little after game number 2, but ended up having to put my soiled panties and shorts back on. I didn't think to bring any changes of underwear or pads with me which was too bad. After the game, I took off my green shorts and pulled my jeans on. On my way home I had to go again and this time filled my pants pretty badly. As I walked, I could feel the diarrhea swishing around my underwear and "biker" shorts and sliding down my legs.

Friday I was in a seminar in the morning and once again, had the runs. I dressed up a little bit with dress pants and nylons (to keep everything tight, girls, you will understand that). Anyway, I couldn't hold it and had the runs durning the seminar in my pants. The diarrhea went into my crotch and down the insides of my thighs a little bit. The rest filled out the back of my pants in a big runny load. I went home right after the seminar and called in sick to work this time.

Anyway, last week was not a good one for me. This usually happens about once a year when my body decides to clean itself out. It just had to happen to me about a year ago in Mexico with my friends. I'll tell that story later. All I can say is that I ruined three bathing suits and a few pairs of panties that week!

Bye for now.

Angela (at work)...

Does holding your pee in for a long time help to maximize bladdar compasity. I have been doing that and today I reached 715 ml. I reeeally wanna get to 1000ml, but i dont think i ever will! I mean I was about to pee my pants i had to go so bad and I only got 715ml!!

So, I recently started smoking again and every time I have a smoke, I have to crap. Anyone else have this problem?


Answer to the survey:
.1) How many times do you go pee a day? Hmmm, sometimes...I don't count. O_o
2.) How long can you hold it max.? 5 and a half hours. My mega-bladder is still kept up.
3.) Have you ever had an accident? Not since I was a 6 year old.
4.) What do you do when you really have to go? press my foot against my crotch then stit for like, 10 minutes and do it again...
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? 10 seconds...
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? I don't count...O_o;;
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest? Yup. I told some stories, and I'm too lazy to post em over.

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