hi I am Cindy 24 blonde blue eyes 5'1''. Here's a story for y'all.
I was constipated and 5. Finally in the middle of class while Mrs. Lynn was telling us something I got this REALLY bad urge. Finally she finished and I rushed to her desk.
"Can I go to the toilet"
"I gotta go BAD"
"No now finish your work"
"I gotta poop!"
Now you all know I had been constipated and had a bad urge. So I wobbled back to my desk and got this bad urge to pee. I threw my pencil on the floor under my desk and went down to 'get it'.
I pulled down my panties a little (I wore a skirt) and started to pee on the carpet. I made a little stain, but kept peeing in the same place so it wasn't too big. I finished, pulled up my panties, and got up with my pencil.
A few minutes later I asked again.
"Can I go"
"I finished all my work"
"OK go"
I ran down the hallway (it was deserted) and into the bathroom. I sat down on the seat and all of a sudden diarrhea flowed out of me like a bullet.
I looked over what I had eaten yesterday. Blahblah, Mexican Food. Yeah. It always gives me diarrhea.
Now it was hot and terrible. I got back to class and was done.
Have you ever had an accident?
Have you ever peed/pooped in the woods?
Do you pee a lot?
Do you have diarrhea a lot?
Are your poops liquid, breakable, a little solid, normal, or hard?
Are you OK with using public toilets?
Have you ever been seen peeing/pooping?
---My Answers to the Survey (MY)----
VERY hard. And big.
Yes. The lock was broken.

Hey Tim and Sarah,
Greg here. I was looking back over some other posts and noticed you had addressed me on one story of an unfortunate bathroom incident at an airport some time back. Nothing quite like thise curry-induced dumps. I actually think curry works better than beer or laxatives and usually much faster!! Every time I'm at this Mongolian grill place near my home it seems like I *ALWAYS* have to take a crap within 30 minutes of eating if I've added some curry to my recipe. I'm talking 100% effective EVERY time.

Of course, you had the double misfortune of flying too. I've always found that airports are always good places to find someone having a dire emergency. If someone's flight just landed and they've had to go since before the "fasten-seat-belts" sign was turned on, then they've been brewing a while by the time they find the facilities at the airport.

I remember one such time at Easter several years ago when I was visiting relatives in Canada before flying back to California. The connecting flight from Bellingham to Seattle was only 40 minutes but the last 15 or so had to have been pure toture for a young guy a couple rows behind me who I noticed starting to squirm about and look somewhat uncomfortable. I figured him for about 25-27 years old and he was traveling with a wife or girlfriend. Just before landing, he told the girlfriend she was going to have to grab the carry ons because he would need to make an immediate dash to the bathroom to save his underwear from an inglorious fate.

Somehow, some way through the landing and taxying, the young guy managed to hold on through sheer determination and force of will. The pressure had to have been unbearable but he didn't give up. Finally, when the door opened, i was able to get off first and was well ahead of him and headed to the facility myself for a good piss. By the time I got to the bathroom, the guy had passed me and was dashing into the stall making several grunts of desperation along the way.

First the guy grunted a very distressed "Ahhh..." as he slammed the stall door shut behind him but failing to lock it. Then, you could see his reflection on the floor as he desperately fumbled with his belt and zippper. He grunted another "ahhh" of distress as he ripped his pants down and threw himself on the toilet. Another instant later, the guy blasted a very sharp well-focused fart as his bowels then let loose with a TORRENT of very soft, very loose shit. The guy gasped out another "Ahhhhh..." that sounded only half like relief but half like being punched in the gut as well. When the guy's raging tempest finally subsided some 12-14 seconds later, you could actually see how hard the guy was breathing from his reflection on the floor. As I went about my business, the guy delivered a few more rounds of very soft wet mushy shit before he was done. I was washed up by then and headed for the door.

Leaving the bathroom, there was an atractive young lady there waiting outside with a couple of pieces of luggage. I remembered her as being with the distressed guy on the plane. Now she was dutifully waiting for her loaded boyfriend to finish relieving himself.

I noticed the guy come out a few minutes later and the couple greeted each other with a kiss. I didn't hear what they said specifically but I then saw the guy say "Whhhhhheeeeew!!!" and wipe his forehead so I figured his bathroom emergency had been the topic of discussion.

After that, the couple caught a connecting flight to another city while I headed back to California.

Hi! I am married woman on my late twenties. I found this site a long time ago, but this is my first time I post here. I would like share
one funny experience. This happened almost a year ago.
It was Sunday afternoon. I was home alone. My husband has gone
watching ice-hockey game with some of his friends. I was lying on the
couch and reading a magazine as doorbell rang. I got up and went to
open. There was my mom. I was a bit surprised because she doesn't
usually come to visit without calling first. "Thank God that you were
home, I need to use your bathroom", she said. She was wearing a
sweatsuit and she was really breathless. She told that she was
jogging with her friend as urge to poop hit her in the middle of
their run. Urge wasn't so bad at first, but it became quickly
stronger and she must stop jogging. My mom told that she could barely
walk slowly as she must clench her buttocks and trying hold poop.
Fortunately their jogging route went near by my apartment and that
was her rescue. She took off her sneakers and headed down the hallway
to the bathroom. I was still in hallway and my mom left the door
partly open so we could talk away while she was doing her business.
The front edge of toilet seat was situated almost same line with the
door frame and I could see my mom's legs and face as she sat down and
leaned forward. At first she did a short wee and let out a couple of
puffing farts. After a short silence some more pee dribbled out and
then audible crackling sound started. My mom had engrossed look on
her face and I noticed a slight tension in her voice as we talked.
Then I heard a loud plop followed by several plops and splashes 5 -
30 seconds within each other as turds hit the water. Judging by the
plops they all were firm but very various size. I didn't count them
but she must drop at least ten pieces. She began pulling some paper
off the roller and I thought that she was done but she continued
sitting for about a minute but nothing happened. Then she pushed one
more time and I heard faint plop and she started wiping. "Oh, what a
relief", my mom sighed as she came out of bathroom. "I am sure it
was", I replied and we both laughed. My mom couldn't stay longer
because her friend was waiting for her outside to continue their
interrupted jogging. My mom left bathroom door a bit ajar and as I
closed it I could smell quite a strong odor of fresh poop. After
about half an hour later I needed go to pee. Smell was totally gone
but I noticed two narrow brown streaks in the bottom of the toilet.

Hi A.J.,
Just got done reading your account of the guy in the Army uniform who was forced to take his dump within earshot of the whole classroom of people. Very interesting. Wish I had been there to experience that!!

As far as different people such as body-builders, sumo wrestlers (?????), vegans, and gymnasts, I do have a story or two upcoming which you should find interesting. They tell people trying to build up to eat something like 10 meals a day and tell them to eat all this different crap. I've got to believe that much consumption of that nasty stuff has led to some SERIOUS dumps and I'll be posting one story shortly. Fortunately, I've never seen a sumo wrestler ever go in to unload!! :-O I have a feeling THAT might be a little much even for a power dump afficianado such as myself.

Male and female gymnasts are different. Female gymnasts are usually much younger than their male counterparts. You see the female gymnasts who are the grand old ladies of the sport by the time they are 21 if they make it that far. However, 21 is just beginning for a male gymnast who can compete at the world-class level until about age 30.

With female gymnasts, they are growing and are absolutely obsessive over every pound of weight. Getting too big too soon can end a promising career. Conversely, the male gymnasts are already matured and don't have to worry so much about weight as they are naturally smaller men although they do need to be concerned about fitness. So, I'll let you draw your own conclusions about their bowel habits since I've never actually seen one hit the can myself.

AJ :-)

I can't believe how sadistic and immature your mother acted with you!

That was nothing less than child-abuse, and she sounded like a bully. Something was going on with her at that time surely to make her treat a sick child as she did. I hope that she got professional help somewhere along the way.

Jen Who Peed At The Mall--

I had just finished my freshman year of high school when Sen. Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

Right after the wedding reception of my oldest first cousin, my folks and I headed for Washington, D.C. so that we could be there when they brought in his body to lay it to rest.

There was this huge crowd waiting for the motorcade to go past us.

Unbeknownst to us, there had been a tragic accident when his body was traveling on a train.

Mourners had gotten too close to the train, and at least one of them had gotten killed.

Meanwhile, we were waiting and waiting and waiting.

Soon, I had to pee, but we didn't want to lose our place in line.

Since this was Washington, D.C. my folks didn't want me wandering off on my own to find a restroom, but my dad could hold our places with the help of a couple of really nice nuns.

So, off my mom and I went to find the restroom that the nuns had noticed earlier and gave us directions to get there.

It turned out to be a horrible-smelling, filthy portable toilet.

My mom stood in front of the door to block the view, because I couldn't stand to be in that place with the door shut.

I hovered over the filthy hole, peed, and got out of there.

As we were going back, my mom made a comment about the nuns. She said that, with those floor-length, black habits of theirs they could probably simply stand in a grassy area, let go, and nobody would be the wiser.

We were there until late that night, and the motorcade finally arrived.

We almost got knocked over by a bunch of people behind us who decided to make a wild sprint to get closer to the graveside before some cops came in and restrained them.

We were told that the family was going to gather around the grave for a little while and then go home to return sometime the next day for a service.

It looked from where we were as if they were holding candles, and it looked beautiful.

We didn't attend anything the next day thinking that we'd seen plenty.


I have a friend with cerebral palsy.

Although he now walks in a scissorlike way while using a cane, when he was a child, he used two crutches and wore braces that went from his ankles to just below his butt. I believe that, at one time, he even had to use a wheelchair.

But he'd always been independent and had been going to the bathroom on his own at school without any sort of problems--that is until the year when he was in third grade and somehow managed to get his braces tangled up with the toilet seat and was now "chained" to the toilet.

He tried to wiggle loose but that only made things worse, so the only thing that he could do was to sit there and yell as loudly as he could until the principal finally heard him, came in, and managed to free him.

I don't have epilepsy, but I've been keeping some weird hours, and there have been times when I dozed of while on the toilet and almost fell off it.

AJ Z:-)

Outdoor Toilet
Omg! I had an accident! A real accident. Nobody noticed but myself it was embarassing because i was walking funny first of all and second of all I haven't had an accident since last year...And that was diheria...And I was sleeping...That was bad but this was embarassing because..well i could have gone but i didnt. anyways...To...

to DOn't PISS me off:

Nice story. Is that even legal, for them to beat you like that? btu...heh that is freakin cool im gonna do that. oh by the way im a guy, in case anyone was wondering.

Sweet Survey-er
To answer this survey:

Question for GIRLS
1. How old are you? 23
2. Are you overweight or normal? Normal
3. Is your poo soft or hard? usually soft but if
i hold it in for too long, its goes hard
4. Does it stink? Usually
5. What does it look like? mostly light to dark brown,
depends what i ate the day before
6. Are you ok with pooping near other people?
No. i would rather hold it so i can do it when I'm on my own.
7. If your bf wanted to see you poo, would you allow it?
I think he would want to see me poo, but i am not comfortable
with this. He has only seen me pee
8. Have you seen a guy poop?
Once i saw my boyf on the toilet having a poo, but it was
only for a few seconds cos he told me to get out!!
9. What do you eat?
Healthy, like salads and chicken, sometimes rice and lots
of v????s.

Angela at Work
It looks like my post from last Tuesday has been lost. It was a live account of the accident that I was having. I will try to sum it up for you and tell you what happened the rest of the week.

I am usually quite regular when it comes to my bowels. Last Tuesday and all of last week was a once in a year exception. I am usually able to go just before I leave for work in the mornings, but last Tuesday, I had to push very hard to get just a little to come out. After 10 minutes of fighting that out, I decided that it was time to leave for work.

I have about a 15 minute walk to the train station and then another 45 minute ride to my office downtown. Just as I was walking up to the train station, my intestines started feeling bad. I got on the train and as usual, had to stand. I stood at the back of the train clenching my butt cheeks together with all my might as the urge to go became very bad. To make matters worse, I could tell that it was diarrhea. It had been about a year since my last accident and I didn't want that to happen again. As some of you may know, trains, or buses tend to rock back and forth, or make sudden stops and starts. Well, at one point this happened, and I lost control of my bowels and diarrhea oozed its way out of my very tightly clenched butt cheeks and into my panties, which at the time, were white. I could feel the diarrhea swishing around in my underwear and could even feel it leaking trough into my blue jeans.

I got to work and for some reason went straight to my desk. I kept on having to go some more and was still not able to keep it in. As I sat down at my desk, I could feel everything run down my legs, up my back a little and also into my crotch area.

At lunch time, I usually go out for a walk with my friend and co-worker Cindy. I told her that I was just going to stay at my desk and get caught up on some important work (which is why I didn't go home in the first place). She asked me if I was okay, and I said that I was feeling a little sick. "Are you okay? Do you have to throw up?" Cindy asked. "No, it's just my stomach, I'm not feeling good down there." "Do you need to use the washroom?" she asked. I couldn't get rid of her so I ended up telling her what happened, "Actually, I had an accident in my underwear this morning on my way to work and have been sitting here all morning in it." "Oh, I'm so sorry. Do you have any maxi's with you?" "Uhh, no I don't, mine was last week." referring to my last period. Cindy then rummaged through her bag and pulled out a maxi pad. "Here, put take this and put it on." she said, "when this happens to me, I put a pad over top and it helps a little." I took it and thanked her.

When she left, I went to the ladies room which fortunately for me was vacant. I got to a stall and peeled down my pants and panties. The panties were a total mess. I put the pad on, a long, thick one with no wings and pulled up my panties and underwear. I ended up going several more times during the afternoon, all in my pants.

The clean up at home took over an hour. I threw out my white panties as they were forever ruined. My jeans, I'm still trying to get those cleaned.

More happened to me last week that I will tell you about later.

Angela at work.

I was took a dump in the doorless stall at the park today. I walked into the empty restroom, wiped the seat and started unbuckling my belt. I heard a light clicking sound behind me, so I turned around and saw a guy and his dog come in. The clicking sound was the dog's nails on the concrete. I smiled and said "how ya doin'" as I dropped my pants. He smiled back and said "hey". I pulled down my blue briefs and sat down. I looked down and popped out some soft ones. The guy turned on the water and the dog was lapping up the water in the sink. I was watching the dog. The dog stopped and turned towards me. I smiled at the dog and said "hey there doggie" I noticed the dog had a limp. The guy said, "he's got cancer in his leg" and I said that "yeah, I noticed he had a bum leg". I then asked what kind of dog he was and the guy said the dog had Rottweiller, boxer, shepherd, chow. We continued the conversation for about a minute more while the guy had the water on for the dog and I was on the can. The dog finished drinking and the guy said, "alright then, take it easy, man" and they both left. That was a pretty cool experience. I don't mind having conversations with folks while taking a crap. Only a couple of times I've been able to do it while we're both on the can.

Gassy white boi- I thought about you on Saturday night when I went out dancing - to both clubs. I had to pee at the first one so I went upstairs and waited for a cubicle. I did not want to whip it out at the urinal since there was an audience. I ended up in the same cubicle where I had guarded the door for my friend. I thought immediately of him - and then you.

I have had a few problems with skid marks myself. It usually happens with wet farts I get after a laxative has run its course in my system. I solved the problem by buying black briefs. Can't find the skid marks there.

Of course I can relate to playing catcher and now pay a great deal of attention to hygiene after bowel movements. If I can, I shower with hot water and lots of soap. I also take other precautions when necessary. LOL. I only crap about twice a week, so it is not something I have to deal with every day. Of course being chronically constipated and full of gas most of the time is not the most conducive thing for playing that kind of game. I can imagine a bad IBS episode is not very helpful either. How do you manage?

I have a cool buddy dumping thing going on with a guy at the office. He is young and hispanic - probably 22 or 23. I might need to dump or try to dump at the office once every two weeks. I am usually constipated unless I have taken a lax. He goes into a stall almost every day about 10 AM with a magazine. He usually spends about 30 minutes on the toilet, and about once a month our bathroom times overlap.

He really struggles most of the time. There is a lot of grunting and low moans as he tries to shit. I think he manages to get a few lumps out, but the poor guy seems terribly constipated. He doesn't say much and I try to respect his privacy. Sometimes we talk about sports while we both try to shit. I think that is his favorite subject.

Every once in a while, his dumps are very different. He almost runs to the bathroom and, once on the toilet, just explodes with a torrent of semi-liquid shit and bursts of nasty gas. This goes on for a good 15 minutes or so. I have never asked him, but I am guessing that on these days he has taken some kind of strong laxative to clean himself out. I may get up the nerve to ask someday. Maybe his rather attractive girlfriend knows.

gassy white boi
Sorry I have not written in a while, not much interesting has happened, toilet wise.

Today was a different story! I woke up extra hungry and decided that I wanted to go to an all you can eat buffet. I got up and showered and went to seek out a buffet and boy did I eat! I ate about 3 burritos smothered in chili and cheese, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and of course dessert.

Then I went to the mall to look around. I started feeling real gassy and decided to go sit on the toilet at the mall. I got a newspaper and went in and sat down. I was farting like crazy but felt kind of constipated. A few guys came in while I was in there. One of them was wearing Adidas warm ups, flip flops, and white breifs. He sat down and grunted sort of loud and passed a bunch of loose stuff. I was probablly in there for about 30 mins. I never did poop, just lots of loud farting.

I came home and I was still feeling so full and miserable that I decided to take a nap. I woke up a few hours later and just layed their in bed belching and farting like crazy! I got up and got a cig and sat the toilet, but still felt constipated. I was pushing a lot and finally felt one start to come out. It took me about 20 mins, but finally I pushed out a really big knobby turd. Then I sat there about 10 mins more and continued to fart. It felt so good to get that thing out of me!

I am still feeling really gassy and farting a lot. I honestly don't mind farting, I kind of enjoy it actually.

Shout out to BrentC !

Hello ALL!
i remember when i was quite young and i was having a test, my teacher didnt alow me to go to the toilet and i was needing to pee desperately. i started to wet ab it den the whole lot came out!!!!!!!!!!!-_-"""""

Belinda :'( (WHY)
Ok it happened again :'( omg i had another seizure on the toilet i guess posting my story ginched me...

I was at a huge school essimbly when i felt pain in my head and stomach. I went to relieve my self with a bigg poop in the teachers washroom which is just off the auditorium where the assembily was.
I remember sitting on the toilet then blacking out....
I pooped after i fell off the toilet.

a teacher saw me walk in so after a wile she knocked when i did not reply she opened the door to find me on the floor

right now im using the hospital computer.. i had 2 seizures none on the toilet but i can only use the computer for 10 minutes bye.


Hey Suzi,

23 yr old male in Canada, 5'11",165 lbs, pleasant appealing type...

1. How often do you have to poop?
2. When you poop, how long does it take?
3. Do you push a lot, or let it come out at its own pace?
4. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you need to spray or use fan?
5. Do you poop in public restrooms?
6. If you poop in public do you cover the seat?
7. Do you usually leave floaties or skid marks?
8. Do you ever flush the toilet while seated?
9. Do you read or anything to help pass time while pooping? (describe)
10. How do you know when you have to poop?
11. Do you ever clog the toilet?
12. Do you ever get up thinking your done and have to sit back down?
13. Chicks: do you pee and then poop even though thats not you
went to the bathroom in the 1st place?
N / A
14. Do you get consipated or have diarhea a lot? (describe)
15. How many times do you need to wipe?

Nice to see everyone'e openness here.
Wish there were some of those unisex washrooms in Canada!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pee at the Mall by Jen
The other day I was at the mall with some of my friends. We were hanging out at the food court area and just talking and drinking coke. I was sitting on this little area where they have planted trees and such where a lot of people sit. After a while it hit me I needed to pee bad and the only restroom is way off from the court. I thought I could hold it for a while anyways but I knew it would take ten to fifteen min to get there so I asked if someone would go with me to the bathroom nobody would at first they were all like "Can you hold it for a while" I said I could. But deep down I knew I couldn't. I was wearing a skirt and no panties I never wear panties. I figured if I could get my skirt out of the way I could pee right there and no one would ever know. I keep moving around and finally found a way by sitting with one leg bent under my butt. When I felt like I could go with out pissing my self I started peeing slow so it would have time to soak down in the dirt. One of my friends said "Well let's go we can stop by at the bathroom" I said "Wait I cant get up right now" She was like "Why not let's go I need to pee myself" I said for them to go ahead with out me. She reached down to pull me up and I said "No I can't I am peeing" The looks on their faces were amazing. When I finshed I stood up and dusted off my legs and said well we better get going. I looked down you could barely tell that it was wet b/c of all of the pine bark covering the area. But I must say that was one of my best pees yet.

ShyGirl (for sqirtygirl...)

my sister, my cousin(emma) and I were home alone one day,(I was 13, cousin: 11) and we had just gotten back from going out to dinner, and I had to pee SO VERY BAD, (my cousin did, too) and she had a stomachache and had explosive diarrhea. emma and I were squirming outside the door for a solid 15 minutes, and i was sitting on my foot holding my crotch, while my cousin was standing up with her legs crossed holding her crotch, and finally i was about to piss myself and I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! i told Emma i couldn't wait anymore, and she said, ME NEITHER i'm gonna pee my pants, and just said me too, and so i asked her what she wanted to do, and she said, "i don't know but let's do it fast!" i agreed and quickly thought up a plan. we didn't want to be seen, and we didn't want anyone else to find out about the naughty deed we were about to pull off.

My sister had a broken dresser in her room that was going in the trash the next day. i looked at emma, explained to her that i would set up a quick fix toilet and call to her to come into the room next to which we were situated.

i hurridley set up the situation. i pulled one of the drawers from the dresser, laid down a couple of trash bags, a towel on top, a whole stack of newspapers, and another towel. i said "EMMA! OKAY, IT--" and she bolted in with a tiny wet spot (barely even noticable) on the back of her jeans and we both ripped our pants off, and sat over the dresser, which fit us both nicely. she peed for a good 3 minutes (as did I) and she said, "I have to poop, should I wait? I think i can." and i just said to go there since my sister was going to be a while, because I did, too, and I didn't want to say anything. She started to poop, but i said "WAIT!" and i gave her another trashbag to poop in, and i ripped off the bottom and took the other end and we stood up and pooped for about 30 minutes. i tied the trashbag up at either end, put it in the drawer, and carried it out to the curb to be picked up the next day. we carried the rest of the dresser out to the curb, but we kept the remaining 5 drawers in the back of my closet just in case.

so that was my awkward peeing place situation, sqirtygirl. hope that's what you were looking for :-)

Outdoor Jenny
Hi Yal!

I am doing one of my on the toilet dumps with my lap top and i can feel it coming so I hope you enjoy the play by play. I'll share a little story in the mean time...hang on...I think I am gonna gonna it comes.....brrrrrt...plop plop plo plop plop plop...ooooh that felt good...Anyways....I was out with my girl Janet last night and we went to a local Mexican Restaurant/Bar called ????????? in ???......plop plop plop brrt plop plop brrrt brrrrt plop plop plop plo plop plop plop plop plop....brrrrrrt oh that felt good, its really explosive. Ok so we had some Nachos and a few pitchers of beer and decided to head back to her place so I could head home for the we were walking back she said she really had to shit and didn't think she could make it back....oh my god here comes a torrent...brrrrrt plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop brrrt brrrrt plop plo plop plop plop plop brrrt.....mmmm that feels soo good to get this out ive been holding it for the entire afternoon...So my friend said she had to shit and that she wouldn;t make it home....well we were on a residential sidewalk so sqautting for a poo somewhere is nearly impossible without being seen. I asked her what she's gonna go and she said " Oh hell I am just gonna shit my pants"....brrrt peeeeeeee...i think i am done she stands with her feet shoulder with apart, says to me...I'm pooping my pants...she let loose with 2 really wet farts and you could hear the mushy poo filling her panties....The funny part was she turned to me and said " it feels really good actually" With that in mind, I knew I couldn't make it to her house so I stood next to her, bent over just the slightest and said, "I'm gonna shit too," I farted a booming fart and a huge snake starting dropping in my panties….it felt good actually. We through our shitty underwear in the dumpster by her apartment and I went home commando….Bye Yal!

Paul: Oh yes. Here I'll post one...
I was sick with a stomach virus and could keep down a few bits of food. When my mom was gone, I snuck a little bit of a chimichanga(sp?) and went back to bed.
I was seven, and when I had bad dreams I would poop and pee on myself. I was having a terrible dream--I was being chased by a great drooling goblin who yelled "STOP! I WANT TO EAT YOU!" over and over. Then I felt this warmness on my leg, and a mushy feeling on my butt. I woke up and went to the bathroom. I threw away my undies and sat on the toilet.
I felt terrible. I peed and then had SOOO much diarrhea and cramps I wondered how all of that got in me. Suddenly my stomach tightened and I pleaded to God "No please no!" but then I got this horrible feeling and threw up all over the floor.
My mom came in and was downright furious. She got me up, cleaned it up, flushed the toilet, spanked me hard (which made me cry), gave me a new pair of undies, and sent me off to bed.
She locked the door from the outside to make me suffer. (She had seen the old undies and hates it when I mess myself.) I started to get desperate. 'Grr'ing, I pooped myself. I don't know how, but I yanked until the door came unlocked and rushed to the bathroom. Finishing my poop 'episode', I went back to bed.

TO the person asking about Jappanees style toilets, THer sorta like a hole in the inground toilet that u stand and squat over to do ur bizness for more informatiion lookit up on google. Chris

Don't Piss Me Off
I went to a private school from the time I was in 7th to 12th grade. And I hated it. One day I had gotten into trouble and was sent to see the headmaster. While I was waiting I started feeling like I needed to pee. So when he got in to the office I asked if I could go to the restrooms he said I had to wait. He sat down at his computer and played some game and read his e-mail. I asked again about half an hour later he said I don't care how mad you get I am not letting you go until you tell your teacher you are sorry. He left the room again and the more I thought about it the more angry I got so I walked over to his chair and lifted my skirt and pulled down my undies. I sat down right in his chair and peed. I let my whole bladder empty out. Then I stood up fixed my clothes and sat back down it my chair. When he got back I waited for him to sit down and the said that he was right I did need to tell the teacher that I was sorry. The look on his face was priceless he knew what I did as soon as he sat down. Needless to say I was nearly beat to death for it but it was so worth it.

Hello Everyone!

I've been a lurker for quite some time. I have a story I like to share with you all. I was going out of town with relatives. My cousins had to go the restroom. We stopped by a gas station. I was sketical about using the restrooms at a gas station. Gas stations in my opinion had the worst restrooms ever. Anyway my cousin and I had enter the restroom just as I suspected the restroom was absolutely filthy and disgusting. There were feces exploded all over the toilet and on the floor. Piss all over the urinals. Let's not forget the smell was horrible. It was so bad that my cousin vomitted all over the floor and let out a very loud wet fart that exploded watery shit all over his shorts along as well as on himself. It was that bad... So I decided to wait until we all got to Six Flags. I just did handled that smell which was very surprising. As for my cousin lucky him, he had an extra pair of shorts that he can changed into. Of course he had to wash off. He hosed himself off and put on a fresh pair of shorts and then we left to go to Six Flags. I would never want to use the restroom at a gas station. The rest of us used the restrooms at Six Flags. After that we had a good time at Six Flags. Happy Crapping !!!!!


I just want to thank you for the advice on my situation.
It really helped. I'm going to but some suppositories in case I experience that kind of painful dump.


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