NOTTOBENAMED (to paul...)
i am a 17 year old guy and i have a story of when i was little, (6/7 years old, still in grade school) i do remember having diarrhea and it was horrible!!! but i remember it like it was yesterday

-- i must have had a stomach bug or something. i was on a "playdate" with one of my friends. we were running around playing tag or something when i got a very bad pain in my stomach and i had to stop. i decided to sit down for a minute. it went away so i started playing, but a few minutes later it came back full force. i squeezed my buns together and hightailed it to the nearest bush in the woods of her backyard.(we went camping very often, so i i did this a lot)

i squatted down, and i was about to let loose when my friend (she was a girl) came over and just stared at me. i told her i felt really sick and need to poo badly and i had diarrhea. she said okay, but SHE WAS STILL STANDING THERE! i am VERY pee/poo shy, and so i said, "i think you should leave," and she said, "no it looks like fun. besides, i've never seen a boys peepee before!" and i covered up my dick and she giggled. and she pulled down her pants and squatted down a little bit diagonally across from me, and that was the first time i saw a vagina. for some reason, this relaxed me. she started peeing, and the diarrhea squirted from my ass, but not for very long, because she was still peeing when i stopped. i remember hearing the hissing stop but she was still squatting, (i was too for the fear of more liquid poop) but i said, "you're done, aren't ya gunna get up?" and she said, "i'm taking a dump, stupidhead!" and she was. it was amazing. that was the day i found out that girls poop and fart too.

we are really close, and laugh about it sometimes when we're alone. i still to this day think it was funny.

a friend
to shogunblade: just a warning, by law men are NOT permitted in ladies restrooms, so you coud have gotten in a LOT of trouble, while women can walk into any mens restroom, claim it's an emergency , and nothing will come of it. What is your problem with 'open stalls" I use them al the time.

... o.o""

i felt some poop rush in to my panties while i was surfing online..

i had a huge accident.

Shy Girl please share some more stories. I really enjoyed yours. I have had a story similar to your, except I was much more older than the girl. She was like 3 or 4 I think... I dont know. (it was one of my neighbors cousins). (they invited me over) Well she came over and I played around with my neighbor who was the same Age, mark. I was 12. We played some games until she came over and when she got there we played hide and seek. After a while all of a sudden she stopped running near the bathroom and was like "sarah, I have to Use the bathroom" I didnt know what to do. Marks dad told me to bring her in there and As soon as we got in there she started peeing on the floor. SHe had a nice ballerina outfit on so he gave me her bag and she changed then we had to leave. She must have been desperate. Well I went home right after that.

I'm a male, 14, and a little tall and likes to use the bathroom alot. I'd really like to post some of my former bathroom experiences. Here's one that is in response to another post...

I remember one time when I was 4 or 5 years old or so, I got diarrhea for the first time. Of course it was really horrible because I couldn't hold it so well all the time. So My parents let me stay out of school and in partially soiled underwear. My stomach always felt like a whirling torrent of panic waiting to happen, and that wasn't so good. Anyway, I remember just being at home one time, and my mom brought over a daughter of one of her friends. I was just talking to her when I got a really really bad urge to go to the bathroom. But I had to stand up and keep talking to her...anyway, We were in a small hallway when I couldn't take it anymore and watery poop sorta slid out of me,and winced I a little. Then I felt a small cupful sized amount come out and I just walked away...Later that girl left and I was free to potty. My underwear was soaked in poop! And luckily there was no smell to accompany it. But I'm sure my parents found out later...

I also had diarrhea as I was walking home from school in 5th grade with my mom. No accidents here! but it was still pretty bad, It was really liquid-like and it smelled really bad. oh, yeah, and I had really thick marks on my underwear,but that was it.

Until next time...

Outdoor Toilet
Nothing to post...ate alot...first time in a while I got constiptaed against my own will. *Frowns*

AJ :-)
Paul--I definitely have a story about childhood diarrhea and nausea!

While visiting relatives in Biloxi when I was ten, I first got an ear infection from the swimming pool at the motel. This was a common occurance, so I went to their doctor and got some drops to squirt in my ears.

Just when I was starting to get better from that, I came back to the motel after eating the final dinner of our stay and went to the toilet and found out that my bowels were a little loose.

By the next morning, they were VERY loose, so I returned to the doctor again. This time, he gave me some stool-solidifying medicine that tasted something like licorice.

Then my folks and I were on our way back to Indiana armed with drops for my ears and anti-diarrheal medicine for whatever else ailed me. At some point, my stomach was feeling a little queasy--and, then, it was time to take my anti-diarrheal medicine (thick liquid).

So, I took a spoon or two of it. However, my digestive system at that point wasn't up to such an intense taste. It wasn't a bad taste--as I said, like licorice--but it was just too strong of a taste to be taken with a queasy stomach, so I let go and began barfing my brains out. As I barfed part of my brains out of my mouth, the other part of my brains were escaping from my body a little lower down.

My dad pulled over to the side of the road so that my mom and I could get out of the car and get me cleaned up.

She got another pair of shorts and panties out of the suitcase and some paper towels and water to get me cleaned off as best as possible.

However, cars kept going along the highway, and, each time I heard one approaching, I hurriedly moved in closer to the car so they wouldn't see my behind--to which my mom told me to hold still, because they were driving too fast to see anything, and, if I kept jumping around like that, we'd never get the mess cleaned up.

Once I'd been cleaned up, I felt better. This time when I took the medicine it stayed down, just as it had before and would from then on.

We had to make frequent restroom stops, and my mom always went in with me to wipe me. At that age when I had diarrhea, I always wanted her to wipe me because she could see what she was doing, and I would just end up getting butt-mud on my hand and arm had I tried it (which sounded totally-gross to me--I was probably 12 before I had the courage to wipe myself during diarrhea).

I remember stopping at this turnpike restaurant in Kentucky and finding that the toilet seats had been raised up into the wall where they would be sterilized for the next user.

We put it down for me to sit on, and it felt so warm and soothing.

After that, I did my usual thing that I did at that place--which was to pay a quarter to be able to push the plunger on one or all of the samples of perfume/cologne. I would always choose to squirt myself with all of them and ended up smelling like an old-fashioned rose garden.

And, of course, I would want one of the lolipops sold out in the gift area. All of them were big enough, and my folks always managed to talk me out of insisting on one of the biggest ones--which were about as big around as basketballs, if not bigger.

Philippe--I, too, am curious about what kind of place it is where Outdoor Jenny works. And I wonder about how the company assumes that employees wouldn't mind using a multiple-toilet unisex bathroom--especially, as you pointed out, the one with the two toilets in it.

Maybe, they assume that, since many people of this generation attended daycare as children, they would have "gotten over" any squeemishness about doing business in such a set-up.

But I don't think that this should be something that's assumed.

Of course, there might be gay men or lesbians who might be thrilled to be using the toilet with people of their own gender. However, this isn't something that's as likely to happen as is some straight male or female peeking through the crack in the door to observe someone of the opposite gender in a state of partial undress doing something very personal.

The only kind of unisex toilet that I'm okay with in the workplace (and have, in fact, experienced the same) is a single-party one.

C in FLA--In this one building at my high school that was designed for classes in home ec. and shop (with some other classes meeting in the two or three regular classrooms there), there was a single-toilet in the home ec. room that was thought of as being for girls and one of the same out in the shop area that was thought of as being for boys.

There was a study hall over there (in the home ec. room) in the afternoon that was watched over by one of the sexiest teachers in school (my opinion, anyway, as I had it *so* bad for him). I wasn't in that study hall, but I remember this girl who was coming over to the main building with a library pass but using it mostly to use the toilet.

I was in the toilet at the time, but I was on my lunch break and was just in there to get the attention of other girls when they came in to get their opinions on something that I suspected. That is, that--even though the school considered all four upper grades to be high school--it seemed as if freshmen were treated more like seventh and eighth graders. So I was wondering if they noticed this, too--or, if older, had noticed this when they were freshmen.

So, this girl hurries in from study hall with the studmuffin.

She heads for a stall, and I ask her if she ever noticed that ninth graders were being treated more like seventh and eighth graders than high school students. She was a junior at the time.

She answers, "I dunno," with a voice that wasn't grunty but still sounded as if she were bearing down. She pressed one of her feet down on the floor intensely and moved it from one side to the other, and there was this huge, "PLONK!"

Then, she got toilet paper, wiped, and flushed, after which she left.

Where the teacher sat in the study hall was close to where the toilet was, so she had, I suspected, gotten a pass from him so that she could leave and go over to the main building to drop that big one instead of being within earshot of him.

I remember taking a timed skills test in this one big classroom (not at high school) that had been made by knocking out a wall between a couple of rooms at this motel and making one big room. The room also contained one single-person, unisex toilet.

During the test, there was this sweet-looking guy in an Army uniform who needed to get to the bathroom in a hurry. He went over, entered, and closed the door behind him.

Before long, I heard, "Splooooooooot-Sploot! Sploot! Sploot!" That was soon followed by a bunch of tiny plinking sounds as if he were passing a lot of pellets.

I wasn't seated that close to the restroom, but I heard him clearly--as I would imagine that the entire room would. I wondered if he had any idea how well he could be heard, and I felt sorry for him, because he looked so shy.

After awhile, I heard the toilet flush, and he was soon out and returning to where he'd been taking his test. I wonder if he finished enough of the test to pass it, but I guess that he had no other choice but to get up and go--which was made extremely obvious to me by the sounds of urgency his butthole was making while he was doing his business.

Yes, moving the breakroom might at least help some--though who knows if it would do away with ALL chances of hearing "interesting" sounds!?!

Have any of you heard (or otherwise witnessed) any of the following people pooping?

body-builders, Sumi-wrestlers, VERY fat people (500 lbs. or more), gymnasts, someone who has recently engaged in a pie-eating contest, vegans

Do you notice anything different about their pooping experiences?

Another question: Have you ever heard someone who is wearing a mike and forgot to shut it off before going to the bathroom (peeing, pooping, puking, breaking wind, or whatever else you do in a bathroom) getting broadcast over speakers in a public place?

Finally: Have you ever either been a groupie or else have known of a groupie who hid somewhere in the bathroom (e.g. behind the shower curtain) of a favorite celebrity's hotel room and ended up being in the audience for a going-to-the-bathroom session of that person?

That's all for now...

Happy Business-Doing!
AJ :-)

A lot of these postings center around accidents with respect to the elimination of bodily waste. From the posts I've read, it seems like everybody here has had an accident and has witnessed at least one.

As for me, I don't remember any accidents since I was 7 but that doesn't mean there haven't been some CLOSE calls, and I haven't SEEN any accidents in anybody over 7. Therefore, my postings are on either the very close calls, the awkward or embarassing moments, or other unique situations that just don't happen in everyday life.

One such very close call came when I was a freshman at college during final exam week in April. I had finished working at the listening lab in the library and had decided to stay on the main level to study for an English exam. Working at the library was a guy named Rob who was a Senior and getting ready to graduate. Rob was about 6'1, 205 pounds, solidly build, dirty blonde hair, steely blue eyes, virile and attractive. Rob was a member of another fraternity I looked at for a little while during fraternity rush before deciding to go with another house. Rob and I were cordial but he was real quiet and didn't have much to say unless you spoke to him. A few times during the year, I had wondered what he might look like on the toilet but had forgotten about it for the past couple of months with all the fraternity activities and getting ready for exams.

About an hour into studying, I decide it's a good time to take a nice leak so I head to the bathroom and did just that.

As I was finishing up at the urinal, I heard the bathroom door crash open and in ran Rob exclaiming "Oh God!!!!...." wearing an extremely distressed look on his face and sweating bullets. I noticed he already had his belt unbuckled and was undoing the top button of his pants on the run. As he entered the first stall available, he already had his pants unzipped and made no effort to close the door let alone lock it, leaving it WIDE open as he turned around and frantically pulled down his pants and collapsed on the toilet. Almost immediately, Rob was taking an absolutely FURIOUS dump as all kinds of soft loose shit, poop and crap mixed with a WHOLE bunch of soft loose excrement for good measure came exploding out of him and thundering into the toilet. This category 5 shitstorm lasted about 16 seconds before finally abating. Rob had saved a big loud fart for last. As the last of the massive shit wave finally left his body, Rob let out a loud spontaneous gasp of relief.

As I went past the stall to wash up, Rob was wearing his pants and briefs around his calves and had his shirt pulled up just a bit revealing a flat abdomen. I didn't think he even noticed me go by as he was kind of staring at the floor in shock and breathing very heavily. I washed up kind of slowly to see what else I might hear. Several moments later another very strong wave of soft loose shit came crackling out of Rob, this time lasting another 8-9 seconds.

While all of this was very interesting, I figured I should probably wrap things up and head out. After drying mt hands and heading for the door, I was quite surprised to hear Rob call out to me.. "Hey Greg..."

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Sorry to bug you but there's no toilet paper in here. I needed to take a shit so bad I didn't bother to check. Would you mind checking one of the other stalls and bringing me some??"

"Sure." I replied. This was the one time I could remember Rob initiating a conversation with someone and it took a major shit to do it. As I headed past his stall again, Rob was looking up from the toilet with a bit of a grateful look in his eye.

"Thanks guy." he started. "It's graduation week and my system is all messed up from these wacky hours and beer-drinking to celebrate. I had about 9 beers last night and I guess (the beer dump) hit me all at once."

"No problem" I said returning to Rob's stall with what I thought was an ample amount of toilet paper.

"That's cool," he said reaching out to receive the toilet paper, "but do you think you could bring just a bit more? I'm not sure this will be enough."

"Sure." I replied and headed back to the next stall to tear off even more paper. When I returned with the paper Rob was reaching under to wipe himself.

"Thanks so much dude!! I really appreciate this!!" he said with a huge grin as he brought up the heavily soiled section of tp for inspection before lifting up the right side of his butt to throw it in the toilet.

"Hey. Any time!" I answered as I started to leave. Of course, I had appreciated what Rob had done as well!!

I then returned to my research and saw Rob return to work behind the desk at the Library about 5 minutes later. I guess he didn't have diahreah because he was able to finish out the rest of his workshift without further incident. I saw Rob on campus just a couple days later as he rode his bike from the library. We greeted each other with knowing smiles.

My buddy Chris and me went Ice Skating last weekend at the local rink. We both had to shit really, really bad before we left. We found the mens restroom and made it just in time. None of the 6 stalls had doors, but everybody was using them with no embarrasment. The manager of the rink was taking a loud stinky crap, and we asked if the girls bathroom had stall doors. He said "of course" and blew out a monster fart. We took our turn eventually, and left. It was not embarrasing, cause we all stunk so bad

Holding on
Rich Guy: Please tell your doctor (hopefully a psychiatrist) about your constipation. There are a lot of other antipressants which do not cause constipation and in some cases retention of urine (inability to piss). Ask your doctor about Lexapro.

Outdoor Jenny
Hey everyone!

I just got back from an early lunch and I have a good story to tell. My friend Amy and I went to Chili's for lunch and on the way back she said it was already catching up with her and I agreed with that. So after we put our coats at our desks we walked into the bathroom and went into the double toilet stall. She is 5'8" tall, brown/blondish hair, about 130 lbs....very attractive. She pulled down her white slacks and panties and sat. I hiked up my black skirt and pulled down my hoes and panties and sat. It was a little quiet at first , we both let out a little pee, and then all of the sudden...she said.." oh, here we go..." she let out like a 10 second booming fart followed my some crackling mushy poo. Mine was a little more explosive, I blew out some chunky poo followed by a wet fart. She said " I'm sorry but this is gonna be gross"...I siad let it out, it sounded like someone was pouring liquid in the toilet, it was like fart, squirt, fart, squirt for like 5 minutes. In the mean time my chunky poo had moved to liquid as well. We both agreed not to eat at chili;s for a while. While we were shitting a man came into the unisex stall next to ours and dropped 2 logs, farted, and left. After about 15 minutes of all out shitting, we were done, she wiped and got up as i was finsihing a few farts. I don't think I am done though, i can feel some more brewing...Hey carmalita or punk rock girl, or desperate to poop....ever video tape urselfs pooing?

To Curious:
1)have you ever had and acciedent at school? if so how old were you? Yes, I have some several times, when I was 5, 7, 9, and this year.
2) have you ever went in a pool or in the water at the beach? Yes when I am REALLY desperate.
3)how often do you go to the toilet a day? no. of 1+2? Pee--Like ten, my bladder is small. CURSE YOU, SMALL BLADDER!
4)name one place you had to go when there was no toilets around? My pants. Yeah.
5) have you ever peed standing up? accident or pupose? I have peed standing up because my sister tickled me. I pulled down my pants, aimed at the bushes, and let myself do my thing. Accident--I was standing, then all of a sudden pee just flew out in an arc.
6)have you ever pooped yourself while wearing a g-string? No.
7)dose the water splashing on your behind when pooping in the toilet bother you? Yeah, it's cold!
8)do you have a boy friend? No.
9)have you ever peed you self durring sex? what did your partner think? No.
10)do you dribble a bit after you have finished peeing? Yeah.
11)when was your last aciddent? This year.
12)how old are you now? 15.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER LEANNE. Do not put yourself through that torture! Find a toilet quick, sit your butt on it and poo it out .. and be proud of it!!!

Lucy Lu
at Wal-Mart today when i had to poop. charley was restless and would not listen when i told him i had to use the toilet. he screemed and yelled but when i grabbed him i brought him in the stall and i had to sit on the toilet while listing to i wana go ome and crap.....

IT HAPPENED AGAINNN! I walked into class the day before this and gave the students crap because they were constantly ingoring my rules! I was called down to the attendance office not expecting that when i got back my diet soda would have laxative in it. when i got to the teachers toilet i practally ripped off my panty hose. Me sitting on this toilet was like riding a wheelchair down a mountain. it lasted about 15 minutes before it died down. it hurt so much i was forced to sign out of my 4th period class and put in a supply.

Hello i am a first time poster!
Now my story is scary to some
I am now 36 year old im epileptic (seizures) that is the basses of my story, moderate weight long black hair.
I was 34 when this occured. I had my seizures under control for some time now. I am a E.A in a school and went on a school trip with the class. I never thought this could possibily happen
I had to use the ladys room so on the break provided i rushed into an open stall. and the class room teacher rushed into the one next to me. As i sat down on this rather uncomfortible toilet i felt movement in my legs but w.e i remember pissing really hard then begginning a large bowel movement. right then i blacked out into a stage 3 seizure and fell off the toilet. i was lucky enough that my head was not busted. the classroom teacher in the next stall pulled me in.

Since i fell off the toilet an ambluance was called and paramedics rushed in. i had not completely come about when the arrived but i knew i had a seizure but did not know the suvireniss of it. they tried to cover me up but my squrming they were forced to rap me in a blanket.

Now with my epilepsy active... urgh i am never alloud to lock the door.

Gassy white boi -- I loved your story about being in the club and having to take a laxative-induced dump. I think I know the club. I am from ?????????? and am guessing from the description that it is the big dance club on ????????????. I can't even imagine having to dump in one of those stalls. They are so completely nasty by the time the club gets half way full.
?????. I went out with a buddy of mine on a Saturday night. He is a very tall and lean blond guy in his early 30's. We were on the dance floor with our shirts off. We were both drinking longnecks when he gets this funny look on his face. He tells me that he has to talk to me right then. We leave the dance floor and head upstairs to a quieter part of the club. He then tells me that he has to take a crap really bad and needs my help. I tell him to just hold it until he gets home. He then tells me that he took a laxative earlier in the day and that he is about to lose it. He says that he needs me to go to the bathroom and guard the stall door, so, being a good friend, I agree.

As you may know, the toilets at this club in are enclosed closets that have closet type doors. Nice for privacy, except the doors do not lock. I guess the management is worried about drug use. Anyway, when you sit on the toilet, you are too far from the door to hold it shut. That is why my friend asked me to come into the toilet enclosure with him.

It was a pretty embarrasing moment for both of us as he fumbled with his jeans and then shoved his boxers down in what seemed to be just the nick of time. He had this pained expression on his face as torrents of semi-solid crap exploded out of him. I was leaning up against the door to make sure no one tried to get in. He was on the toilet a good fifteen minutes as wave after wave of gas mixed with liquid crap sprayed out of his ass. I asked him if he was cramping and he responded that he was. Finally it was over and I turned my back while he wiped and tried to clean himself up. I asked him if he wanted to go home, but he said that he felt better and wanted to go back out and dance. Even though we are friends, we have never spoken of this incident again.

Something similar happened to me in a club in Dallas. I went there late at night with two friends. I had been constipated for several days and took a couple of dulcolax tabs on an empty stomach that morning when I woke up. I figured that they would work well before we went out that evening. No sooner than I got to the club and knocked back a beer than I started getting that subtle rumbling and crampy feeling in my lower gut. I thought that I could just wait it out and I would be OK, but within 30 minutes I knew that I had to unload immediately or crap my pants. I dreaded the visit to the bathroom in a crowded mens club, but I actually had a pleasant surprise. They had rows of individual bathrooms with locking doors. Each cubicle had its own sink. Amazingly the toilets were still clean, and I was able to unload a huge mass of crap in relative peace. I had to go a couple of more times during the evening, but it was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

If you look back on the old posts, you can see my story about the time a laxative hit me in class in college, and how I ended up crapping my pants as I made a desparate dash for my dorm room. Your story brought back memories of that day.

By the way, what kind of laxative did you take and how much? Do you use it often? I have a lot of constipation problems, so I take them fairly often. Because of the unpredictability of oral laxatives, I use dulcolax in suppository form most of the time when I need some help. It works in 30 to 45 minutes.

Keep posting, man. Your stories are great.

last post didn't get posted. oh poop!
instead of retyping my loooooooooooooooooooooong story I'll just repeat the most important part of my post. I read back a a few pages last week and found a reply from Carmalita that I wanted to respond to, so here's that

Hey, sorry it took so long, now even longer, to reply. I just wanted to thank you for your comment and I wanted to congratulate you with your new friend Crystal! I got so excited (in more ways than one) when I read your post when you two kissed. I read the one when you were in the room while crystal took a dump before that one though. both were very good stories. I hope to hear more from you. I wish there was a way we could talk outside of the toilet, but I don't think they let you give email addy's. anyway, love ya!


Dump Dude
Hey guys, second time posting. Here's a survey.
.1) How many times do you go pee a day? Many! Every thirty minutes I find myself pissing a large stream.
2.) How long can you hold it max.? About 15 minutes, but I can double that if I try as hard as possible.
3.) Have you ever had an accident? Many times. About twice a day I piss my pants.
4.) What do you do when you really have to go? I squeeze my legs, bite my lip, rock around, groan.
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? About 10 min if I'm desperate, 5 if I got there early.
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? Not much, but when I'm desperate, I'll pee like two gallons or something.
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest? Yeah. Mark, Greg, and I held a contest. Rules: Whoever uses the bathroom loses. Whoever wets their pants gets 500 points. Whoever holds it the longest then make it to a bathroom wins.
I was holding with all my might. You had to stand with your hands behind your back and legs apart. I groaned, strained, pushed, and moaned. Then I crapped my pants. Mark used the bathroom. Greg wet his pants. I held and held, then ran to the bathroom as fast as I could, sat on the toilet, pissed and shit.
A STORY! *gasp*
I was sitting in class, listening to the teacher tell us stuff. I was 10, in 4th Grade, and was desperate to piss. I did all the things listed except for groan. The girls started to giggle when I realized I was about to have diarrhea in my pants.
I raised my hand, she called on me, and I said, "I gotta go BAD! Can I go to the bathroom?"
A girl smiled and said, "Bye-bye, Pottyboy."
"Shut up."
I got out of the room fast and ran down the hall. SORRY, PLEASE USE DIFFERENT BATHROOM, a sign read. I was getting even more desperate, so I ran as fast as I could to the other bathroom. I sat on the seat and started to hold it more. I wanted to see how furious my piss-stream would be.
When I finally gave in, my stream of pee was the devil. It shot out VERY fast. I gave in to my #2 and started shitting.
The diarrhea was horrible. I kept shitting and shitting and I felt terribly sick. Then I hurled all over the floor and kept shitting. I was finished (or so I thought) and wiped. I left the puke.
When I got into the classroom, I hurled a lot then pissed and shit my pants. I was sent home and had a few more accidents in the car.
When I reached the house, I made a bed in the bathroom and hurled so much I felt like I was completely empty. Then I shit a lot, and got better.
I think it was a stomach bug.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER LEANNE. Do not put yourself through that torture! Find a toilet quick, sit your butt on it and poo it out .. and be proud of it!!!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO D-LOVE. Pain killers with coedine give me hard turds, but the worst was after I had been taking medicine for stomach acid.. I had dispepsia and that gave me one big lump of a turd that could not come out...a glycerine suppository did the trick plus a lot of effort on my part.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi PV! Thanks for your words! Little Josie-Tiger? Smile! You know that you really have given her the name and she is still called tiger by us now? Maybe you could look after her as an honorary aunt when she comes to Australia to breed horses with McLeod's daughters (do you know the TV-series?) as she is dreaming of at the moment ;-). The ability to pee standing might come in handy at the everyday farmgirl life...
She actually knows the skill. Do you remember the little discussion we had about it and then my sister Hannah taught her? It worked out very well and she had her fun especially when she was younger peeing in the shower or in the summer in the garden sometimes even competing with Loewie. At the moment I have the feeling she is quite happy with it, she is just jealous cause Loewie always runs after me when I go for a pee in the bushes. We taught her not to come after me when I relieve myself (she was always more curious with me than with Sarah). On the other hand when I am not there Loewie is allowed to go with mom and Josie. Would you say we are treating them unfairly?
He is a bit younger still and there is something in society that accepts little boys going to the toilet with their moms rather then girls with dads.
My friend Peter also added an interesting thought that it might be more important for Loewie to pee with me as in our society boys have to get used to pee in a more public situation (using urinals). It's a thought. It seems like quite a proud situation for a little boy to pee with dad into the bushes or a low urinal. I never had the situation with my father, but I do remember feeling very grown up when I did my buisness with my older cousins.
I hope our little tiger is quite happy at the moment though. She just likes to watch the boys as well. If there is a anything in a film, book or a funny clip on the net including a boy (or a girl, but preferably boys) doing a peepee, she is always very curious. What can you say? Natural curiousity I guess ;-)

Dirty girl: Thanks for your words! That's nice of you. Would you like to share a bit about your boyfriend and yourself as well? It's also nice if you have a bit of a conversation rather than me just telling stories. But anyway, I hope you are making an relaxed approach at the level of intimacy you are hoping to achive with your partner. I know my wife for 15 years now and it took us a long time to be so open with each other. But I guess everyone has their own timing ;-).

Greg: Thanks for your reply. I will post a reply for you soon. I am getting to long otherwise...

When I was 14 years old, I realy had to pee while sledding with my frineds in snow, but I was unable to pee outsite in front of my friends because I was very pee shy. I remember to be afraid wetting my pants in front of my friends but it happened, I losted controle and peed big time in my snowbibs. Because I han only long underwear under my nylon snowbibs the pee wetted outside of my snowbibs. Only one girls saw my the steam comming from my snowbibs, she told me not be shy, she will not tell to anybody, she admitted me sometime she let and go in her snowpants while sledding. Nobody knew about my accident, we was all wet by snow. I was shy but I liked the wet and warm pee in my snowbibs, on the way home I peed second time on purpose in my snowbibs.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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