i saw something rather disturbing when i was at wal-mart this afternoon...

i had gotten all of my shopping done and i was starving, so i stopped at the in-store subway restaurant for a sandwich. it was rather crowded and among the people there i noticed there were a few mothers with babies. i was staning in line when i noticed a highly offensive odor, not unlike the smell of poop, and i just thought to myself "please, people are eating, take your baby to the changing table!" the smell didn't seem to be going away, and after i got my food and was heading to my table, i noticed a little blonde girl that i figure is between ages 9-12 wearing a pair of pink cotton pants, and she was clearly the source of the smell! the girl had a pancake sized wet spot on her bottom with a very large, brown bulge in the middle. she was just standing there casually as if she hadn't just pooped in her pants at the store, and her mother wasn't doing anything either! i put my food down and i said to the mother "you know, you could at least be polite and escort your daughter to the restroom!" the woman looked at the back of her daughter's pants and noticed that she had pooped in them badly, but all she said was "oh emily why didn't you say you had to go potty!!?" and the girl said "i didn't know!"

i was in disbelief...after all that, they didn't even leave the store, they continued to eat in the restaurant with the girl having a mess in her pants. needless to say i took my food to go! has anyone ever witnessed such a thing?

last week i was at the mall when i had to make a bm so bad, and there was so much pressure in my butt and it felt like poop kept trying to push out into my pants and i was having to fight it back. i wandered around frantically trying to find where there was a bathroom. i had never had to go to the bathroom in the mall before so i didnt know. i stopped in a store and asked the person that worked in there where there was a bathroom. he said there were some at the food court so i rushed out of the store and headed for the food court, but it was no use. i was about halfway there when some poop pushed out, and made a lump in the back of my jeans. i was horrified and i got goosebumps, and i got very self conscious about people being able to tell what i did from looking at my butt. i rushed into one of the department stores nearby to go out to the parking lot and go home but i had to poop even more. i was in like the men's clothing section and there was hardly anybody there so i stood in between some clothing racks and the rest of the poop came out. it forced into my pants making the lump on my butt even bigger, and it started to come out in a more gooey way. it spread across my butt and down my legs a little until finally i didn't have to go anymore. i had pooped my pants bad, and didn't know what to do. i was bad. i picked out some panties and some jeans and paid for them, and headed for the changing room grabbing 2 t shirts on the way. some people saw the bulge and the stain on my butt and made weird faces at me. anyway when i got into the changing room i carefully took my soiled pants and underwear off and used the t shirts to wipe everything off of me as best as i could, then changed into my new panties and jeans. i put all the dirty clothes in the empty shopping bag and dropped them in a trash can by the parking lot and went home. i was so humiliated and ashamed, but thankfully i wasn't with anybody. i took a shower when i got home to clean up even better. it wasn't the first time i pooped my pants though.

i'll be back ;)

I am a 24 year old petite female, but I have some huge bowel movements. Here is one of my accounts.

Has anyone had to go to the bathroom while shopping? I had to defecate while grocery shopping last Saturday. At first I clenched my buns tightly together and tried to ignore it. However, my poop kept pushing to come out. I had to resort to stooping down and sitting on the heal of my foot as I looked at items on the bottom shelves. I was reading the ingredients of everything and pretending to study the different items. My poop was persistant in its determination to come out. The more I held it in, the more it pushed against my anal opening. I was going uhhh and breathing hard as I fought to hold it in. I got back up and tried to finish my grocery shopping so I could go home to use my own toilet.

Soon, however, I was right back down sitting on my foot to keep my poop from coming out of my anus. After a while, I again got up and started pushing my shopping cart haphazardly around the grocery store. I tried leaning my butt against the front of the shopping cart, but the cart kept moving. Finally, I sat on one of the corners of the cart and used my hands to pull the cart towards my body. This did the trick and I went ahhh audibly. After a while, the urge to go diminished enough for me to resume my grocery shopping. I hurridly filled up my cart and proceeded to the checkout stand. A long line awaited me. To make matters worse, I had to go really bad again. I resumed sitting against the shopping cart pulling one of the corners of the cart in between my buns to block my anal opening. I also rocked back and forth against the cart to try to force my poop back inside of me. At last I was next in line to be checked out. I practically threw my items onto the counter and went back to leaning on my shopping cart. I was sweating. This one was really hard to hold in. I paid the cashier and took my groceries to my car. I about pooped my pants in the car but I managed to hold it in -- barely. When I got home I raced and plopped down on my toilet. My poop came out all on its own. It hurt a little because my feces was so huge that it stretched open my anus. I really did a long and thick turd plus a large gush of pee. When I was done, it took several flushes to go down, and even then I had to use the plunger. I went Whew!!!!!!!!!! The relief was incredible. I felt so good.

I had a brown stain on my panties and wondered how it got there. I held it in so why did I have such a big stain on my panties?

.1) How many times do you go pee a day? i have a small bladder so i pee a lot during the day. on a bad day i find myself getting up to pee every hour practically.
2.) How long can you hold it max.? like 2 hours. i don't have a strong bladder, when i feel the need to be i HAVE to go ASAP or else i will wet my pants
3.) Have you ever had an accident? several times. like i said i have to go ASAP and sometimes i don't get a chance. it usually happens on long rides, like in elementary school i wet my pants on the bus on pretty much every field trip we ever went on. i've also wet my pants 3 times in high school, and i am an occasional bed wetter. i last wet my bed 2 or 3 weeks ago.
4.) What do you do when you really have to go? i get incredibly anxious and i grind my teeth together a lot and squeeze my legs together and rock around.
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? depends on how bad i have to go and how long i've been holding it. sometimes a few seconds sometimes it feels like minutes. the longest pees are the ones i do in my pants because those are the ones i hold in the longest before i can't anymore.
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? i would day not a lot because i have a little bladder, but sometimes when i wet my pants they are just so soaked that i think "god that was a lot of pee..."
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest? not for fun. in 10th grade i was on my way home from a concert with 3 of my friends and a couple of us really had to pee bad, and my friend michelle said "i hope we can hold it we're not gonna be able to stop for like an hour!" well my friend amanda didn't have to pee and kept making dripping noises and talking about water falls and stuff and saying "i know you're not gonna be able to hold it nikki" and sure enough she was right, it eventually started to squirt out and i peed my pants pretty bad in the car, but i didn't feel all bad because michelle peed her pants a little bit too but not all the way, she just had a small but noticable wet spot in between her legs and a little bit on her butt. my entire lap and most of my butt got soaked though. like 90% of my underwear was covered in pee.

Does anyone have any stories about pooping or peeing on/into a stuffed animal of any sort? Just curious.

Surprised lady
I want to tell you something that happened to me the other day. I was shopping at the mall when I felt an urge to pee. At the toilets there were three stalls, all of them had the door closed. I took a glance under the partition to make sure they were occupied. I noticed a pair of shoes in two of them, but the other one seemed to be vacant. I opened the door and was astonished to see a girl squating on the toilet seat! Luckily her face was pointing to the floor and therefore she did not see me. I quickly closed the door again feeling totally embarrassed. Soon afterwards one lady came out of the adjacent stall and I took it.While I was pissing I couldn't help hearing two loud splashes coming from the stall where the squating girl was. I finished my pee and left.

I haven't heard of anyone pooping like that. Anyone had a similar experience?

Desperate to poop
Hi all

Outdoor Jenny I have never videod myself pooping as I don't have a video camera. Intersting idea though.

The other day I had a very smelly crap. I was in London visiting a museum and for some reason my guts were really playing up and I kept letting of some very stinky SBDs. I felt a bit sorry for some of the people in the museum who were near me.

Anyway about an hour in I finally felt whatever was making that smell move it's way down ready to come out. I headed to the nearest toilets and there was a line of 5 or 6 coming out of the door. I contemplated finding one of the bigger toilets but as I felt I could hold it I thought I'd watch what was going on. There were two stalls and in one cucible I could easily hear some splattering of a big poo going on. In the next cucible the lady was just peeing. The next two or three people just peed as well and so one cucible was allowing the queue to move down relatively quickly. I had now made it inside and was feeling a bit more urgent for a poo, but not extremely desperate. The lady in the other cucible was still audibly pooping and had been doing so for at least 6 or 7 minutes since I got there. The walls and doors were quite high so you could easily see the pants around the ankles and the shoes. The lady in front of me, who was next to go in, let of a stinky SBD so I guessed she was going to poop too. Behind me a tall girl was waiting and doing a small pee dance. Well she had music on and was moving back and forth. The lady in front of me went in and immediately let rip with a big fart. She then started to moan and groan and start to get rid of a large log. The other lady was either having a rest or had finished as there was no sound of shitting any more. I was now really ready to go and knew I was going to stink the place up. There was 5 or 6 again behind me but I knew I was going to be a little while. But heh that's life when you gotta go you gotta go and for as long as you gotta go. Finally three minutues later the lady with the runs came out. She was quite red from exertion/embarrasement. She apologised that the toilet didn't want to flush it all down. Boy was she right. There was poop stains all over the bowl and some sludge/toilet paper in the bottom. It was quite smelly but the seat was very warm. I quickly pulled my jeans and frilly knickers down and sat down. Immediately I let out a large parp and a hot rush of sludge flew out my arsehole. Involunatirly I moaned and winced a bit as it was quite hot! I finsihed my first wave of slush but knew there was more there. The lady on the other side was now wiping and she flushed and left and the tall lady immediately rushed in and starting a long gurgling pee. I let rip with my second wave of sludge a bit more solid this time but still quite runny. Just then janitor came in. She placed a TP roll under each cucible and I said thanks as the previously lady had used quite a lot. Most of the ladies in the next cucible were now just peeing or changing pads. I had a nother big wave of poop and was then finished. I looked down and there was now way this was going to flush all the way down. I gave it a flush though and some of it went away. When I came out I apologised to the lady going in. She was young 21 yr old who was quite open as she said 'don't worry it won't flush when i'm finished'

Overall I spent 20 mintues in the toilet not including the 10mins waiting time. I went again a little while later but used the bigger set of toilets.

Outdoor Jenny. Do men and women use the double toilet together? I suppose if you knew someome well enough. I think it would be cool if we were both sharing the toilet.
Happy pooping

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO RICH GUY....any luck? Turdcutter your comments were good but heaps of water with the fibre supplements.
I had been clogged up for a few days until yesterday afternoon. I now have this great constipation remedy.. I start with an empty stomach and drink a bottle of prune juice and then lots of water and a caffiene drink and then sip another small bottle of prune juice and again lots of water. After a couple of hours I get the urge so I go for a walk at a reasonable pace for a little while... it then got too much for me so I went to the toilet, and slapped my trim butt on the seat...I did a wee and sat there and gave a little push and my arse turned into a "fire hose" a gush of liquid shit squirted out mixed with it hard pieces of poo which were in effect hosed from my colon... it was enormous and over within seconds...and then the smell became apparent and was it rank! My anus had a nice warm feeling from the chilli I ate the night before. I sat there for a few minutes and had one only small aquirt.. The bowl was spray painted with liquid shit and it was even sprayed under the toilet seat... I did have to go back to the toilet a little while later but only for a small squirt. I felt totally clean and empty.. I have not had a poo today because there is nothing there...
Thank God for prune juice and water!!!!

I have recently been on holiday in Australia and had very long flights from and to the UK. My seat was very close to a set of toilets which was also next to a galley where the crew congregate when they are not busy. On the way out I saw two air stewardesses go to the toilet and one spent 6 mins and one 9. In each case I went in after and I am sure they had pooped. One of them left big poo streaks on the metal toilet bowl. Both left a faint musty poo smell. I got a similar seat on the way back and again think I whitnessed two stewardesses pooping. One was the chief stewardess who was tall and beautiful and left a strong smell. I have never thought about it before and assumed that stewardesses would go to the toilet at home or in hotels. But logically many must have to poo in flight and the long and irregular hours and time differences must be a problem for regularity.

Has anyone else noticed this or are there any stewardesses out there who could tell us some stories of in flight poops? Rich

I'm a man in my 40s & I thought this site would be a good place to express what I've always hated most about using public restrooms like at work.Why is it that sometimes I go to a stall to find the slob who used it before didn't flush after himself? Why couldn't he just have the decency to pull the flush lever? Why must I be subjected to looking at some slob's pee and/or poop? And I have a question for any ladies who read this: do they ever come across unflushed toilets in public ladies rooms? Or is this non-flushing chiefly a male tendancy?

I am new here although I have been an interested reader for a few months. I live in the UK and work as a beauty therapist visiting peoples houses. I am 5ft9in with long blond hair. I only generally offer treatments to ladies, although I do work for some husbands of trusted female clients. Incidentally, I have always liked pooping and going with others. I love to sit with my husband when he poops and he always comes with me when he is around. My normal pooping habit is to go every day at about 1030. This is sometimes fine but often I start my appointments at 9. On these days I drop my little girl at nursery school and go home to poop. This gives me a maximum of 10 mins to do what I need to do. When I go at 1030 I can do a full easy satisfying poop in about 3mins. When I go early I usually struggle to get a small amount out. I do this because I don't like going at clients houses because I sometimes make a smell and my poos are heavy a make a loud kerplonk noise that can often be heard throughout the house.

Now to my story. Recently I have been massaging a client's husbands back and neck to relieve stress related pain. Last Wednesday I had a 9 o'clock appointment with him. Well I was a bit constipated-i had a really really big poo with my husband on Sunday morning, but as I had 9 o'clock appointments on Monday and Tuesday, I had only managed to push out tiny bits. On Wednesday morning it was even worse-not even a tiny pebble. Well I got to the house and started the massage. Suddenly at about 930 the poo urge kicked in but I was not bothered because I can always hold it. As I bent down I let out a tiny slightly audible puff of wind by mistake. I could smell it but I was hoping my client missed it. It then happened again. I began to notice a 'physical reaction' in him that had never happened before. He was clearly embarrassed so I decided to put him at his ease by joking about it. I said 'whatever has caused that'(laugh). He looked embarrassed and said 'you needing a poo has caused that - I love pretty girls going to the toilet'. I said 'what makes you think I need a poo?'. He said 'little farts like that followed by that smell only means one thing. Be my guest and use my toilet - have a good shit and take your time'. Well its just what I needed so I thought -why not. Then I don't know what came over me, I said 'do you fancy coming for a chat whilst I offload 3 days worth'. He couldn't believe his ears and said 'are you sure'. I said 'there is no harm in having a chat'. With that he led me to the bathroom as I let off another smelly silent fart. When we got there I pulled down my black trousers (I wear an all black uniform), my panties and sat on the toilet. He sat on the bach next to me. He asked if he could watch it coming out and I said not from the front but that I would sit forward and let him watch from behind. So I sat as far forward as I could and leaned forward so that the back of my bottom was visible. He stood up and leaned over the back of me. I said 'ready?' and he said 'definitely - a perfect view'. With that I pushed slightly and let out a long loud fart - we both laughed. Then the crackling started and I began to feel my bottom hole open. The large turd moved slowly with omly a slight push from me every few seconds with me making soft nnnhh sounds. He said 'wow - its massive'. By noy there was about one foot sticking out and a continuous crackling noise. I then did what I do for my husband which is to lean away and cross one leg over the other lifting one side of my bottom from the seat to give a perfect view of the turd emerging. I gave one hard push and a massive 18inch very wide turd went kerrrrplonk as it hit the water. I was now out of breath but said 'wait there is more' I gave a long loud strain and another piece crackled out and hit the water. As I sat back down my client was speechless but so happy. As I wiped he asked me if my turds were always that wide and heavy because he had never seen such large and big turds from such a small person. I told him that each day I usually do one like that but he was lucky because I was constipated. The smell was strong and I flushed the toilet. The long bit didn't go down but he said not to worry he would sort it out later. I washed my hands and we went back to the massage and talked about my toilet habits, his and those of his wife. He is like me and thinks that sharing going to the toilet is a very close making experience. I promised him that next time I would arrive with my daily load and not try to go first!

I will write about other experiences soon. Please reply. Love Becki XXX

Tim (and Sarah)
Greg: Interesting story about the doorless stalls. I never had use those, we don't have them in Europe as far as I know. I must admit, I find the thought quite humiliating. Bad enough if the others can hear and smell you sometimes...Maybe you would be entertained by the power dump I took a few month ago:
I had to leave quite early in the morning from home to catch a flight, not finding enough time to take my morning dump. I had to kickstart myself with lots of coffee and continued to drink more during breakfast on the plane. I had a very spicey Indian the night before and soon my guts began to rumble. I did not fancy using the on board toilet though, as I already suspected it would be quite a bomb that I would be laying and I did not fancy to have everybody, who was using the toilet after me, giving me dirty looks. It's the problem with small planes: Everbody knows how has been...So I decided to wait. Of course the landing took longer than expected due to bad weather conditions and by now you weren't allowed to get up anymore as the seatbelt signs were on. I entertained myself during some very lenghty 40 minutes by having a silent vote if I needed to poop or to pee worse, as the coffee had by now not only stimulated my digestive system but also reached my bladder. I could not help but slip a few silent farts which smelled like rotten eggs. Everybody hated me anyway, I guess and I might as well have crapped on the plane in the first place, but now it was too late. I bit my teeth and thought of England or any other coutry I ever lived in and somehow survived the landing. I stormed out of the plane as soon as the doors where open- as much as „storming" is possible with twenty people in front of you moving like snails on vacation. In the landing area the search for a toilet was without success but luckily no baggage line or passport control was between me and my quest. I rushed out of the gates and quickly acknowledged my pick up I was there, but had to use the toilet first. When I finally saw a porcelain bowl in front of me that was even clean enough to park your bum onto after a security whipe, I thanked my fate and my body for not giving up too early. The restroom was very busy and I was going to give a nice audio show (did I mention smell as well?) to about twenty or more guys, but I could not care less at this point. As soon as my bum landed on the seat I opened every gate: With tremendous relieve I pissed a power stream and a very noisy fart preluded a loud crackle which was accompanied by my very audible exhale of relieve. I had this seemingly endless rope of poop coming out of my bum and I could not help but moan and sigh. Unluckily for all, it was one of this old style toilets which collects the shit on a tray before it is flushed into the water, so my effords collected into one of the stinkiest and biggest piles of my career. It felt heavenly coming out, but the smell was more from hell than anywhere else. Rotten eggs, dead rats and the typical shit smell swiffed through the air. „Braaaap"- another soft serving shot out of me. By now I heard the first laughs. A few of the not so brave seemed to leave in a hurry. One was coughing as if short of fresh air and I thought: „You are not on your own, mate...". When I thought it was save to get up, I tried to flush and put us all out of our misery. It took four flushes and then I finally could take care of my dirty bum. It took me a while to clean up properly and I took my time, hoping most of my audience would have left by then. I sneaked out of the stall and washed my hands, not having eye contact with anyone. The guy who was supposed to drive me did not say anything, but I take it he had guessed I had been shitting, as I had been in ther for over twenty minutes. I apologised and he just asked if I alright. I hope he hasn't been in the gents to have a pee or check on me. I stayed off the Indian for a while after this...LOL

Sweet Survey-er
The other week i was swimming with my boyfriend in his pool. We were both drinking and we could both start to feel the effects of the alcohol. Out of the blue, my boyfriend says "i pooped 3 times 2day".. i said "wow, you must have been eating lots" and he said, "for the last couple of days, i have only pushed out little pebbles, and usually i go once a day". I told him he must have been constipated. Does anyone know what sort of food makes you constipated? i know some types of medicine do.

Now to answer the survey:
1)have you ever had and acciedent at school? if so how old were you?
In prep i peed myself and had to get a pair of pants out of the lost and found box. it was embarrassing!
2) have you ever went in a pool or in the water at the beach?
when i was about 10 i was at the beach, in the water on my own and i did a poo to see what happended. it just floated away!
3)how often do you go to the toilet a day?
For pee about 3 or 4. Poo 1 or 2 times.
4)name one place you had to go when there was no toilets around?
On the grass
5) have you ever peed standing up? accident or pupose?
yes, when i was swimming with my boyfriend. i got out to have a smoke, with the towel wrapped around my waist and just let a bit of pee out.
it worked well because it looked like water dripping down my legs.
6)have you ever pooped yourself while wearing a g-string?
i had a little diahrrea once when i was wearing one. it wasn't pleasant.
7)dose the water splashing on your behind when pooping in the toilet bother you? no
8)do you have a boy friend? yes
9)have you ever peed you self durring sex? what did your partner think? No that hasn't happened
10)do you dribble a bit after you have finished peeing? Yeah.
11)when was your last aciddent? This year.
12)how old are you now? 23

Monday, February 27, 2006

I had an interesting bowel movement the other day.

Not so much as it was interesting as it was... moving.

The other day, I had some chinese food, and my dad wanted some shrimp. He never ate it that night and he told me I could. The next day of having some fiber in a bowl, oatmeal, I ate all those shrimp.
Then I had Gym class, Which made my intestines really loose, so when I got home, I went to the bathroom, and nothing would happen, my bowels should have released the crap, but they didn't. As a result, I did not have a bowel movement until one wedsnesday, when I got to play practice, I showed up a good 10 minutes early, and I immediately I felt an awful blast hitting my lower intestine, I needed to get to a bathroom, or if I laughed or did something that involved stomach movement, I'd soil myself quickly.
I ran to a bathroom, and went to the boys' room, but I've had a problem with open stall restrooms, so looking quickly, I went to the girls room and checked all the stalls, all free, I ran into a stall, and let out the horrendous greasy fart, and juice flew. I felt relived and cleaned, and I know this sounds weird, but If there was a girl in their, I may have just went in anyway and see what their reaction would have been. plus, It'd be kinda hot. sorry, that's just me.


i remember the first time i had ever peed outside, i was 13, on a trip to the pizza place a couple of miles down. my best friend (11)(she's my cousin) and i were going there one saturday afternoon. when we got there we split a small pizza, and we each drank a gatorade, a soda from the fountain, and half of the water bottles we had each gotten. and we would pay for this later.

before we left, we went for a walk in this HUGE deserted soccer field. (it was late winter) we got about half way around, and my cousin started squirming, so i asked her if she was alright, and she said yeah, so we kept walking. she was wincing now so i asked her again, and she said she needed to use the bathroom. i told her i did too and i could wait and i asked her if she could wait and she said yeah. but we came to the port-o-potty and i told her to go ahead in first, but she said it was too dirty and gross, which i strongly agreed with and she could wait till we got home. so i said, okay. not more than 20 steps later, she told me she was in need really badly and so i said, alright, what do you want to do? and she said we should just go in the woods.

i had to pee really bad, so i said okay ready, one two three RUN! and we did. we ran to the woods to a secluded spot, and i let her go first (she was very shy) and she said okay. and she peed. the hissing noise killed me so i said forget it and i undid my button, and popped a squat right next to her. then we stopped, but she was still sititng, and she said okay i have to go #2, and i said are you sure you can't wait. and she just nodded and told me she was sorry but she was going right there. i felt bad, so i just dug a little hole for her to sit on and go (so she was comfortable) and she did. it took her 30 minutes!! we went back home and ever since then, she is not afraid to do her business in front of me and viceversa

Does anyone have anystories about them pooping having diarrhea when they were little?

my roommate leaves her dirty panties in the bathroom in her hamper, but most of the time she at least leaves them turned over or puts them under other clothes so the insides arent showing. last week i saw a pair of her panties laying in the hamper with the biggest skidmark i've ever seen. it was about 2 inches across and 4 inches long. however, i know my roommate often puts off using the bathroom until it's absolutely necessary, so i wouldn't be surprised if many of her panties are this soiled. the next time i came in the bathroom they were no longer on top of the pile of clothes in the hamper so she must've noticed they were visible.

i once went on a 3 day trip to philadelphia with jen, my room mate mentioned above, and she held her poop the entire time we were there because she is phobic of public restrooms. She didn't seem to have much of a struggle doing it until we were at the airport the day we left. I had noticed on the bus ride to the terminal that she was letting out some very smelly silent farts. However when we were walking to the ticketing counter she stopped suddenly and it seemed like her entire body tensed. i asked if she was okay and she said she just needed to stop for a minute, then she let out an audible fart and her face went red. i told her she should just use the toilet now, and she assured me she was fine and her stomach was just hurting. After that nothing else was mentioned about it, but when we arrived home she made a beeline for the toilet.

Hello, I am in my 30's, and I'm posting this on my laptop while sitting on the toilet, holding a MAJOR poo.
It's getting hard to hold this. Oh, that felt good. My pee is just SPPPSSHing into the bowl really fast.
RRRRR...I'm grunting, trying to get this poo out. You know the SOTT survey? My poo is on five.
CCRRRRAKKKSHH...Man this freaking HURTS! I'm drinking some water, hopefully that'll help.
"OOWWWW" I'm saying. "GRRRUUNNNN..." I'm making fists and balancing the laptop at the same time. AH CRAP the poo's stuck.'s moving. first poo's done. second poo's coming out.
Man, it's been five minutes and it's still not done. GRRUUNNN...There we go. Aah. CRRASHHKKK. Here go some softish lumps.
Ooh...yeah, that feels good. I'm still pooing; it's been 30 minutes. There goes some more poos. GRRUUNNNN...say, this is some load! That was like, ten poos that came out.
Oh, now I feel terrible. SSPPPPASSSHHHH....Oh, that was chunky poo. SSPPPSH. Diarrhea???!!
Oh, I'm done. I still feel something in my stomach, but my husband's knocking on the door.
Haha still posting. George pooed his pants, but he made it in time to pee. I feel bad, but ya know, he could've used our other toilet.

sqirty girl
just a few questions have any of you other girls peed or pooped on the toilet seat by accident?
once when i had just finished peeding i got up to wipe when i dribbled a little on the seat just enough to make a small puddle.
and have you ever had to go in some thing other than a toilet eg. sink bottle bin or what i have done in a garden gnome.

to curious i have pooped myself while i was wearing a gstring, its not best thing to do as it imediately runs down your legs luck i was wearing jeans and i was firm or people would have seen it very clearly.

playground pee
this is a story from when i was like 7. I used to get in a lot of trouble at school, not like bad stuff just silly stuff really. but anyway.

So my teacher never let me go to the bathroom alone, but usually took the whole class enough times so that i never really got real desperate to pee. But one time, i had to go, just a little, and asked to go. she said no and the whole class was going in 10 minutes. we got there and me and my friend who was usually the one i got in trouble with, decicded we weren't gonna pee when she told us to just because we were kind of defiant back then. So she takes us to go pee, but i didnt go even though i kind of had to a little. Then we had snack time and me and my friend zac both drank big bottles of juice. then before luchtime we went to the bathrooms again, and she told both me and zac to go pee cuz she saw us drink so much. But we decided we wouldn't even though we was boht needing to go by now. During luch we drank more juice and then went back to class for an hour. I sat next to zac, and we was both crossing our legs whent he teacher wasn't looking. by recess, i was holding my willie through my pocket. we went out to recess and i knew it was 45 minutes before she was going to take us tot he bathrooms again. zac and i was both holding ourselves constanly now. 20 minutes later we went to out teacher, both hands stuffed in our crotch, and begged her to let us go pee. she told us that we should have gone when everybody else did, and that was part of being a big kid. so we tried to hold it. 10 mintues later we was boht crying, and bent over trying to hold our pee. we didnt wanna get picked on so we stayed by some bushes so the other kids didnt see us. we saw a kid from another class whoe teacher was just mean, and hadn't let him go pee and he had to go bad to. suddenly, this other kid ran behind some bushes beside the building. we saw him push down his sweat pants and start peeing on the wall. zac and i watched him a minute, then zac struggled wth his zipper and pulled out his willie. after he did it, i whipped out mine to. we boht peed for prolly almost 2 minutes b4 the teacher came to find us. she saw us what we were doing, and i think she saw my privates cuz she turned red and looked away while she yelled at us. we all go sent to the office but when we told the principle about it, she said we could go, but next time to go pee when the class goes.

C in FLA
At the office I am working at now the two single-seater bathrooms (which we have designated 'public' and 'employees only' rather than 'men' and 'women') are located around a bend from the rear cubicles; just past them is a break area set up with microwave, fridge and water cooler. One day the head receptionist asked me if it was OK to move the break area futher back because "its not nice being so close to the bathrooms" I told her it was up to her--but I was immediately curious as to how much could someone really hear coming out of the bathrooms. Boy did I find out over the next few weeks. The first day I was charged with opening the office at 7 AM, I found one of my new female employees already waiting outside the door. We chatted casually as we walked in and through to the back, and then she went into the bathroom marked employees only. BAM--barely a second after she shut the door (I dont know how she got her pantyhose off that fast) came a massive splattering of crap that lasted a good thirty seconds. Then it was quiet for several minutes, followed by copius wiping and two flushes back to back. I'm still amazed that she showed no signs of desperation, and how quicky she got her underwear down (maybe she just had thigh-highs and panties under her skirt...any ladies care to comment?) She has since treated me to two more of her morning dumps, each of which sounded different: on the second morning, she just let out a bunch of soft sighing farts, and wiped and flushed quickly; the third one consisted of a sharp fart with a loud splash right after it, followed by a very long pee stream. I guess I owe a big thank-you to the receptionist for tipping me off about this "problem"!!!!!

Question for GIRLS
1. How old are you? 15
2. Are you overweight or normal? normal
3. Is your poo soft or hard? rather hard
4. Does it stink? yes
5. What does it look like? turd form
6. Are you ok with pooping near other people? No, I don't like to poop near other people, beause of my poop sounds.
7. If your bf wanted to see you poo, would you allow it? no!!
8. Have you seen a guy poop? No, but I have heard 2 guys pooping.
9. What do you eat? almost everything.

AJ :-)
One morning here recently, I woke up and was online for a little bit when the urge hits me that I'd better get to the bathroom or mess in my panties.

No skid-marks on my panties when I sat down, but my poop came out in a big hurry.

It didn't make any kind of a sploot sound, but it felt as if a snake were quickly slithering out of me, and I really felt better after that.

Unfortunately, I didn't look at it for some reason, but my guess would be that it probably looked like a very long snake.

I've had a couple of friends (one male and one female) tell me that they took a crap about every three days and, when it came out, it was a continuous cable of about three feet long.

This was when they were both younger. I think that, in both cases, they have pretty average bowel habits these days (e.g. going daily and sometimes doing long ones and sometimes not).

The guy and his wife had stopped by to visit me one time, and he had to use the bathroom. After that, he called to both his wife and me to come see something. When we went in there, we saw a long, dark cable that coiled around but looked to be about three feet long, so he hadn't been kidding.

His wife just rolled her eyes, shook her head, and looked at me while making some comment about this really being something that just had to be looked at.

He flushed, and we wondered it if would go down, but it did.

During a road-trip, one of my friends came back to the car--where I was sleeping, so I missed it all--just laughing. She told me that she had gone into this one stall and saw this cable coiled around cinnamon-roll-style with the final part in the center and pointing straight up.

She showed me with her finger how it coiled around and went up.

After that, we would sometimes do that finger-play and start giggling like a couple of grade school girls.

I was thinking about some of the things that kids either say when describing passing gas or else their parents say about them.

One of my friends talked about how her newborn baby girl just loved to toot her little horn.

A mother of a baby boy smelled something and opened his diaper to see if he needed a change. She replaced the diaper while commenting that he didn't need changed this time around--that he had just been passing bunnies.

When one of my cousins was very young, she used to refer to passing gas as making sounds.

But what our minister's granddaughter came up with was the winner, hands down.

When she was about two years old, her sitter asked her if she had to potty--this in response to the fact that he smelled something coming from her while she was playing.

She told him she didn't.

A little bit later, he asked her again, and she said that she didn't.

Finally, he sniffed the air and said, "Honey, I think you need to potty. Let's go potty, ok?"

And she addressed him in a patronizing tone: "Paul, I don't have to go potty. I'm just venting my bottom!"

AJ :-)

Question for GIRLS
1. How old are you? 14
2. Are you overweight or normal? normal
3. Is your poo soft or hard? soft
4. Does it stink? not too bad
5. What does it look like? shiny and brown and smooth
6. Are you ok with pooping near other people? yes
7. If your bf wanted to see you poo, would you allow it? yes
8. Have you seen a guy poop? seen my brother
9. What do you eat? lots of fruit

I enjoyed your story Shy Girl, and I hope you tell us some more about your adventures with your cousin Emma. It reminded me of a time, I think I have posted this story before but it's been awhile, when I was cavorting with my little cousin Noah (name changed) -- he was about 3 and I was 4 -- one morning in their apartment in New York. And he said "I'm going to go ca-ca". I didn't think much of it, but the next thing i noticed was that he was standing in a pile of soft poop on the floor that had run down the inside of the legs of his flannel pajama pants, he was giggling and my aunt (his mom) was scooping him up and carrying him off to the bathtub.

Question for GIRLS
1. How old are you? 18
2. Are you overweight or normal? a bit under
3. Is your poo soft or hard? on the softer side, depends
4. Does it stink? only if it's really lose
5. What does it look like? brown
6. Are you ok with pooping near other people? depends on the person, where, and how bad I have to go
7. If your bf wanted to see you poo, would you allow it? for sure
8. Have you seen a guy poop? no, not too sure I want to, though if my bf wanted me to, I would
9. What do you eat? most anything, no spicy or bristle sprouts

Just wanted to reply to Surprised lady to say that for some reason when I'm in the mall toilets or wherever I like the other people to know that I am pooping out big logs so I squat on the seat- the splashes are bigger because of the extra height! Sometimes I am tempted to 'accidentally' leave the door unlocked but I have never dared that so far, maybe that's what this girl was doing, she probably noticed the door open after all!

Lucy Lu
I visited the doctors tuesday for a priscription and already it has given me some dis comfourt. I took it and today i had to take the biggest poop while charley was with me at the libary i got into this room and nearly fell off the toilet pulling down my tights. It felt like i was pooping out hot soup out of my anul hole. it smelled like death.

Rich Guy, hang in there with your meds. FWIW, I used to lay a single 2" x 9" turd with quick ease every a.m. Then I started taking sleep medication and everything slowed down dramatically, going maybe 3-4 days without BM. In addition to eating more fruits (bananas, grapes, melons), started taking fiber supplements - 5 psyllium husk capsules with 8 ounces water, up to three times a day - and this has helped tremendously, generally producing a healthy, albeit gassy, BM within 12-72 hours; coffee also seems to be a natural stimulant. If you still don't get positive results, then consider a more aggressive laxative, i.e., Exlax, suppositories or Fleet enemas, in that order. Due to the large size of my turds, I'm also a squatter; seems this position lends itself towards a more effective and satisfying evacuation; whatever you do, take your time and don't strain as this could lead to hernia, etc. And if the symptoms persist after a couple of weeks, then advise your physician. Good Luck!

gassy white boi
Hey BrentC

yes I do know which club you are talking about.

More about me: After a whole life of being gassy, about 3 years ago I caught what I thought was a stomach virus that lasted a MONTH! It really sucked but finally went away. However, now I seem to catch this same thing every few months. I finally decided that I have mild IBS. When I have an episode, I am even more gassy than usual and end up with a case of wet farts, which is not very pleasent. When I do take a lax its usually the generic store brand type. I try not to take them becuase they are obviously the stimulate kind that cause cramping.

I used to be the type that would never dump in a public restroon, but now I don't care. I will go sit on a public toilet for 30 mins and just fart away!

If I eat something like beans or chili, the gas is just amazing. I mean I will fart really loud long farts one after the other. I don't see how a body can produce so much gas. As you can imagine, its not unusal for me to get skid marks. I try to stay clean, and since I am a "catcher" its pretty important! When I am not having one of my episodes, I am very clean back there.

When I was a teenager, I always had really big solid turds, but not anymore. Now they are smaller and softer. I guess its just another one of those side effects of aging.

I don't have any good buddy-dump posts at the moment; I've been so busy haven't had time to settle in for a nice long dump at the mall.
But I am sure I will have some stories soon!


I have been following your stories for awhile and really like them.

I'd pay a fortune to know where you work (let alone actually work there), but of course, you won't tell me.

I am saying this because the bathroom arrangement at your workplace is highly unusual for two reasons;
1) A stall with a double toilet (I wonder why they could not put a partition wall between the two). Isn't there a risk of "improper business" going on there on company time?
2) That it is unisex. Men and women pee and poo in the complacent (and perhaps interested) company of each other.

I wonder if, to your knowledge, there has been any comment or complaint from co-workers, male or female, about this arrangement. I do not even know if this arrangement complies with your local statutes.


Friday, February 24, 2006

The first time I ever peed outside was on a personal dare. I knew people did it I just never did it. So I was sitting at home one day during the summer I think I was like 8 or 9 and I started needing to pee I walked into the bathroom and it just hit me I could go outside. So I walked out into my backyard and looked for a place to pee I didn't want anyone to see me. So I took awhile by the time I found a place I was about to wet myself. I just barely pulled down my shorts and swatted I forced my pee out fast. As soon as I finished I stood up and pulled up my shorts at the same time. I ran back in the house and strait to my room where I noticed my shorts felt wet. Sure thing I peed on them alot.

heyy ive never posted here before and i dont no how i even came accross this sight but i saw something pretty funny and thought u guys would like it. well i was a wal mart and was standing in line behing a guy probably in his early 20's. he was a little larger than most people and had on so kalkie pants. he was squirming around a little bit so i fgured he probalby had to go to the bathroom. then he dropped something and sort of hesitated to pick it up. when he bent down a very large bump appeared in the back of his pants. a brown stain started to show up. he had taked a major crap in his pants. it was so funny seeing him squirm and hold his but and crotch like that!
i was lauging out loud!

hey everyone one when i was little i was only in pre school
and i would poop my pant at least three times a month during
school hours i did so many times the teschers got tired of
it but i couldnt help, but after a while it did not happen again
but then when i was in first grade it was in the moring and i had the urge to poop the reason i just did not go to the bathroom is beause
i had had a phobia of pooping at school so all day it was bugging me then by 2:00 i was in the libary and i had to go like really bad and right before i left the liabry a turd stated to come out of my butt at point i could not stop it i ended up emtying my bowels in my pants it felt so good when i walked back to the class room everyone in the room smelled it so the teacher told me to go to the bath room so i did and i stayed there to 3:00 then i walked home and then i had to take three baths becusethe poop was smashed all over my but it was the worst day in my life. by ninth grade i got over the fear of using the school
bathrooms to go poop after that i liked to poop in the school bathrooms. so there is my story and i will post more later.

bye all justin

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO RICH GUY: I have been on anti depressants and they did give me continual slight constipation. I came off them slowly but even though I had been on them for a short time the withdrawals were awful. If you really want to come off them see another doctor for a second opinion, but make certain that it the doctor is well versed in such areas. Maybe, despite the consequences anti depressants are the best alternative...but for me they were a disaster.
Getting back to constipation, if you look in old posts there are various suggestions. Right now I am a little constipated so have been sipping prune juice and lots of water and a caffiene drink to arouse some action but only one solitary smelly fart. Suppositories are effective for some (but not for me as the turds sit too high up). An enema is excellant but takes time and messy (or wet) and you may feel like not doing it if there are others in the house. I have used mild herbal laxatives but this should not be permanent. Massage is very effective, particularly if you can find somebody who can do colon massages. I have done them for some people and they have worked well.
Have you tried exercise...this is very good for depression as well as constipation. But best of all I G.I specialist said sex is also good for the lower abdominal organs and therefore the bowels!!!!
As for me I have not been for a few days but am confident of a result soon
Keep us posted Thunder

Is anyone familiar with the Japanese-style training potty? I believe it's sort of a tray with a removable cover and rounded edges. I also think it looks like a swan or something similar. Has anyone ever used one before? Or, has anyone ever seen one or have any information about them?

You said that you have a strong urine odor. You should really get that checked out by your doctor as it may mean that you have a urinary infection.

I was just wondering if any of the girls have had weird cravings around their period that haven't worked with their stomachs. I had some weird cravings yesterday that once digested did not work with my stomach.

Rich Guy
I'm on antidepressant medication that causes constipation (Wellbrutin) I've been eating more fiber, and drinking more water but that doesn't seem to be helping. I'd like to stop the medication or at least reduce the dosage because it isn't helping the depression anyway but the Dr doesn't want me to. I've had precisely one bowel movement in the past week. (That was Saturday, this is Wednesday) Any ideas?

Med guy
Mary: It could be an infection. Not necessarily of the urinary tract, but it could also be something like a uterine infection. Malodorous urine is a good sign of an infection somewhere, even if there's no pain involved while urinating. Head to a Gynecologist and see if you need antibiotics. Good luck.

I'm a frequent lurker; female, 16; i have so many weird/embarrassing/ DESPERATE stories to tell, (most of them involve peeing) you wouldn't BELIEVE!

My cousin Emma* (i changed her name) and I have always been very open with each other about our personal business. We love to "expiriment." THere's one incident that I remember very well. At the time, I was 9 and she was 7.

Emma and I were playing house in the bathroom. (My room was being renovated at the time, and my toy box was stashed in the bathroom) I was the mother, she was the daughter. We were having a lot of fun, and suddenly she stopped laughing. She looked like she was about to cry.

Thinking this was part of the game, I pulled her close, but her on my lap, and said, "Oh, what's the matter with baby?"

And she said, "No, I really have to go pee pee BAD!" So I realized she was being serious, and I said, oh okay, go ahead. I mean we WERE playing on the bathroom floor. So she said, "no, it's okay, I'm better now."

So we resumed our game, and I was "feeding baby" on my lap. and so she stopped and she just started ticking me. It was random, and we were young, you know it was just one of those THINGS. I started tickling her back, and she grabbed herself "down there" real tight, and I said "EMMA, GO PEE PEE NOW!"

She looked up at me, and said with a worried look, "I'm going, I'm going!" That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. She wasn't going to get up. She had to pee pee right then and there, and oh boy, she did. I felt a warm sensation on my leg where she was sitting, and I felt every muscle in Emma's body relax. (she was still sitting on my lap) When she was done, she looked at me and said, "Oops." And I got her cleaned up, and she was fine. Untill an hour later when she said, "I need to pee pee again. Not bad, but I have to go on the potty this time 'cause I'm doin a poopy, this time."

I just smiled and said, "Thank you." Even though, later on, we would have more fun with this than you could ever imagine.

( More to come )

Hi I am a 13 year old girl who is a vegitarian. I do not eat any meat except on special occasions. I have dairy every once in a while. I am at a normal weight but I am short. Before becoming a vegitarian, I was tired and could not pay attention. My poo smelled bad and it took forever to just get the first poop out. When I did become a vegitarian, the effect was cool. I started to poo more. Before, I pooped once every 2 days. Now I go 3 times a day. I onced felt my poo when it came out, it was very soft. And then I noticed a difference. My poo smelled good. Yes it still smells like poo but now it is less potient, it smells natural and clean.

My diet is easy to follow. First, I have a meat free breakfast. Usuall a grapefruit, oatmeal, sallad, whatever. I chew a until the food is smoothe. I then go to school, drink water between classes. I have a sallad lunch and some dessert. At dinner, I will have some meat free dinner usually noodles, potatoes or some other thing.

I am also for some reason attracted to girls pooping and not guys however I am attracted to guys more. Is that normal?

Question for GIRLS
1. How old are you?
2. Are you overweight or normal?
3. Is your poo soft or hard?
4. Does it stink?
5. What does it look like?
6. Are you ok with pooping near other people?
7. If your bf wanted to see you poo, would you allow it?
8. Have you seen a guy poop?
9. What do you eat?

"young girl survey"
1)have you ever had and acciedent at school? if so how old were you? I once peed my pants in the 1st grade
2) have you ever went in a pool or in the water at the beach? Pee yes but not poo
3)how often do you go to the toilet a day? no. of 1+2? Not sure about pee but I poo 3 times a day
4)name one place you had to go when there was no toilets around? I once had to poo and pee in a cup
5) have you ever peed standing up? accident or pupose? Tried it in the bath.
6)have you ever pooped yourself while wearing a g-string? No
7)dose the water splashing on your behind when pooping in the toilet bother you? sometimes but I do not care
8)do you have a boy friend? Yes and he is sweet
9)have you ever peed you self durring sex? what did your partner think? I never had sex
10)do you dribble a bit after you have finished peeing? I drip a little
11)when was your last aciddent? When I was 8
12)how old are you now? 13

Another thing is that I am curious as to what it feels like to poo your pants. And I would like to do it. Any advice?

As someone who has investigated different types of claims, I need to visit a lot of people's homes for interviews and inspections. Most come off without incident, but there ARE some interesting moments.

A few years ago, I had been on a claim for about a year I couldn't resolve because there were a bunch of "yellow flags" about a bunch of electronic equipment lost in a garage fire. At issue was who owned what and was the owner of the equipment actually a relative who lived with the insured, in this case the customer's teenage son Jake.

Finally, the customer and I were close enough ot coming together on settlement and needed one more meeting to iron out some final wrinkles. I showed up at our appointed time in the morning and had a seat at the table in a modest bungalow. The table was in a small living room area and at one end of the small living room was a small square hallway that had two bedrooms off it and the bathroom in the center. As our meeting started, the customer told me Jake was in bed after a late night at work but would join us later to wrap up his portion of the property claim.

As the customer and I continued talking, I heard the bedroom door open and out walked an older adolescent boy wearing just a pair of white briefs apparently headed into the bathroom. Before the boy could get 2 steps out the door to check the bathroom, the customer stopped him and announced, "Oh, that's my son Jake now!! Jake, this is Greg who is here to help us settle up on the electronics lost in the fire."

Jake looked over at us kind of bleary eyed and replied in somewhat sheepish bass-baritone voice "Howzit goin..." As the customer continued talking to Jake about his probation meting later that day, I began to wonder if the boy needed to take a shit or at least a leak. He had that look of considerable distress on his face as he moved about uncomfortably and conversing didn't exactly seem to be the first thing on his mind. Still, his dad kept on talking. Sizing Jake up, I figured him for about 18-20 years old, 5'11 to 6', 175 lbs., lean and muscular, short cropped brown hair with pale blue eyes. After a few more moments of talking, the pressure evidently became insurmountable for Jake who looked at the bathroom door and said "I'll talk with you when I get out." Jake then knocked on the bathroom door. Finding it vacant, he proceeded in where he turned on the light and closed the door.

The customer and I then continued talking as I heard a wood toilet seat bang down followed by the toilet clanking as Jake's weight came down on it. (You didn't really have to aggressively listen in at all as this was a small area, and if a person had a noisy shit, you were GOING to hear it.) As we went on, I heard Jake start grunting, not the caricature grunting you hear in some bathroom cartoons, but strong grunting nonetheless caused by pressure on the diaphragm. After a few moments of this grunting Jake was able to work out a couple sputtering farts. Finally, after several more moments of grunting and sputtering farts, a WHOLE lot of soft crackling shit started cascading out of Jake who huffed and gasped through the whole lengthy surge. Not only did I now know that Jake was taking a major shit, I actually knew what KIND of major shit he was taking. I could so relate to what Jake was going through. It was that kind of "morning shit" you get sometimes within a couple hours of waking up after a long night of partying or whatever and your bowels and digestive system are in a bit of disarray. What happens is that you EVENTUALLY end up producing a whole LOT of excrement, but not before your bowels force you into a lot of "grunt" work. It's not constipation, but actually comes out in a series of very long soft ribbons, but only after making you do some CONSIDERABLE struggling to work it out. I figured relief would be elusive and Jake would be grunting for a while. I would turn out to be right.

As Jake continued about his business, his father and I continued about ours but soon ran into a roadblock over several items. When I would ask a question about something, I would just get "You'll need to talk to Jake." in response. After a few moments of this, the customer said "Hold on." and got up and headed toward the bathroom where his grunting son was struggling mightily on the toilet. Knocking on the bathroom door, the customer called out, "Jake??" The boy grunted again before gasping out his response "Yeah...." With that, the customer opened the bathroom door just in time to hear another sputtering fart and lots more soft shit thunder out of Jake who yelped "YO!!! I'm taking a SHIT!!!" as if the most holy of sanctuaries had been defiled.

"Sorry about that Chief," explained Jake's dad, "but there's a bunch of questions here on this inventory that only you have the answers to."

"Do you think it can wait??" Objected Jake. "I'm sort of tied up at the moment."

"We've already waited a long time for this and Mr. Greg here has driven a long way." explained Jake's dad, "and the sooner you co-operate, the sooner you can get your stuff back and put all this behind us."

I could now see that my customer wasn't going to take flak from his son whether he was taking a shit or not. From what I could gather throughout our talk, my customer had to discipline Jake with a bit of a heavy hand and I gathered that Jake had lost some privacy rights (even while taking a shit) due to some tangles with the law and for violating house alcohol and curfew rules. As this was going on, I could clearly see down the hall into the bathroom where Jake was sitting, loaded on the crapper. The toilet was just past the sink and you had a clear view of Jake's feet, legs, thighs, torso, shoulders, neck and head. About the only thing blocked out by the sink was Jake's buttocks and abdomen. Jake's white brief hung draped around his ankles.

"Fine.." huffed Jake in disgust as he reached out to grab the papers from his dad. At this moment life wasn't too good for Jake. It was bad enough to be on the toilet in the throes of a stubborn shit loaded with excrement that forced you to give everything you had to expel it. But now on top of that, he had hovering over him asking questions while some stranger could plainly see him on the shitter with nothing on except for the white briefs around his ankles. I've had scenarios like that in bad dreams, but never in real life!!

As Jake looked through the papers with me and his dad looking on, the loaded boy resumed his quest for relief and started grunting again. This time, I could se the muscles in his legs, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and diaphragm tense up as he rejoind the struggle in a determined effort to expel more excrement from his body. Moments later, Jake met with success as lots more soft crackling shit came cascading out of him as he huffed and gasped the whole time. Jake continued to read and answer questions without looking up. I'm not sure if Jake had performed the last surge out of dire necessity or to embarass his dad into closing the door. If it was the latter, it didn't work as dad seemed unmoved by his loaded son's plight. Jake then repeated the process of grunting, tensing, struggling, farting and crapping a minute later filling the toilet with still more soft shit. Seeing that this didn't phase his dad at all, Jake hurriedly answered the questions then looked up as if pleading for mercy, "Now do you think you can close the door??"

Oh, sure." replied Jake's dad finally relenting. "No problem. Talk with you when you get out. Oh... and you might want to open the window to do something about the smell!" With that, my customer closed the bathroom door and returned to the table leaving his indisposed son to grunt, struggle, fart, and shit by himself for the next 12 minutes. As my customer returned to the table, he must have seen the sheepish look on my face. "I don't care if the whole world sees him shit!!" he then explained. "He's got to learn to do things the rght way or he'll have a bigger problem than that. You can't shit in private when you're in jail, and by God's grace I'm not going to let that happen."

Needless to say, I was somewhat blown away by that statement. As we continued our work, Jake maintained his determined fight for relief and continued grunting and struggling valiantly. Every once in a while, his considerable efforts would yield a bountiful harvest when yet another sizable wave of crackling soft shit came cascading out of him. After several long minutes of struggle, Jake's grunting and crackling shit started tapering down and eventually came to a merciful end. (Merciful for Jake, that is!!) I then heard the toilet paper roll banging around on the wall and figured Jake needed about 12 passes to get himself cleaned up. As the toilet flushed, I could hear Jake exhale a very long euphoric sigh of relief as if in disbelief that his long protracted battle was finally over. "Wwwwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeewww.." In order to get that relief, Jake had needed to expel a very substantial volume of excrement and pretty much had to fight for every last crackling inch. I've never heard so much grunting and struggling through a shit in my life as I did that day with Jake.

When Jake washed up and came out the door, he looked much more contented than when I saw him first go in. He then let out yet another sigh of relief as he headed to his bedroom. This was one of those shits that stay with you for quite a while even well after you're done. He came out a few moments later with a towel and the clothes he would wear that day and returned to the bath to shower up. While Jake showered and dressed, his father and I finished our business.

When Jake returned to his room, I went to the facility to take a leak. I was shocked to find considerable remnants of poop and paper from Jake's collossal BM. The bowl was also lined with 8 or 9 shit streaks. I felt bad to be flushing down such a masterpiece that Jake had worked so hard to make. After I flushed, the streaks remained and several persistent pieces of poop still floated in the bowl.

Jake then came out to head to work before seeing his probation officer later that day. Jake was now smiling contentedly with the crushing pressure on his rectum now a thing of the past. Dad had some last pointers before sending his relieved son out the door.

"Now remember to tell him that you're working a steady 32 hours every week with perfect attendance and that you're carrying an A- average at school this term...... And let him know you haven't touched alcohol in several weeks and that you don't hang out with those friends of yours... "

"Cool dad," Jake finally interrupted "Gotta run. Love you." I was then quite surprised to see them exchage hugs and even kisses. (Go figure.)

"I love you Son."

"I love you Dad."

"Cool!" I thought to myself. A great dump story with a heartwarming ending. I wanted to call Hallmark right then.

So apparently all was forgiven over their recent exchange in the bathroom..... Maybe. For Jake, I wish him all the best and hopes he stays out of trouble so his dad lets him shit in peace and that he won't have to work nearly as hard on his other dumps. That said, I must say frankly that if I got a repeat performance, I wouldn't be complaining.

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