wierd pick up line
This happened once when i went to the beach.
We had just left home on an hour drive. i hadn't got to the toilet before we left even though i really needed to go. by the time we had go there i was really hurting and had to run down a 200m path to get to the toilets.
The toilets were composting toilets male on one side female on the other, with two separete stalls back to back on each side.
I was in a rust and the female toilet were the closest. i ran up to the first door and saw out of the corner of my eye the door to the other stall next to me just close.
i went in, pulled down my pants and sat down and started to piss. "ahhh" i said with relief.
"feels releving dosn't it." a girls voice form the stall behind me said as a hissing sound started.
"yeah it dose." i said.
it was silent for a while apart from to hissing comeing from her side as she pissed.
"your a guy" she said after a while.
"well i was busting" i replied.
she giggled and asked me what iwas doing.
"just pissing and now im going to crap."
"yeah same, you want to play a game?" she asked me.
"Ok" i replied.
"you haven't start crapping yet have you."
"not yet"
"ok then we're gonna have a slow race. the rules are no pushing and last on to finish wins ok, tell me when your ready."
i sat there for a while and it started to come it was at my back door now read to come out.
"ok 1,2,3 go"
a fart rang out as she started we laughter a bit.
"so are you from here?" she asked me.
"no," i replied. "are you?"
"yeah, i go to the beach often."
"How old are you?" was the next question.
i replied "17"
"yeah same."
"How far are you now?" she asked.
"I've only got an inch."
"mine just came out. its hard and lumpy."
"yeah mine is to."
we sat there for at least half an hour just pooping and chatting. her regular updates started to turn me on.
then i was finished.
"i'm done."
"i'm only half way" she replied.
i grabed a hand full of papper and whiped skid marks all over it, washed my hands. iwas about to leave when.
"wait up a moment." the girl said as she now started to push making grunting sounds. i looked down into the pit a saw a piece of poo roll down from her side to mine. i closed the lid. she farted it sounded wet it was then followed by what sounded like a mud slide.
"well im done. im just gonna whipe."
i open the door and walked out there was noone around. i hearded the tap run as she eashed her hands. the engaged sign on the door turn and the door opened and a very cute face apearred. she was blonde her hair ran down her back. she wore sea shell earings and a black bikini top and a white mini skirt that only covered lest that half her thighs. she was wearing pink thongs on her feet and carried a small white hand bag that she reached into as she smiled at me.
"that was fun" she said
i was lost for words, she was hot!!! i was a bit embarassed.
She pulled a phone from her hand bag and asked "can i have your phone numbers?"
"yeah of course, i'll get yours as well, um"
i gave her my name and number and she gave me hers.
and now we talk to each other a lot and when ever i go to the beach i always let her know when im in town and we had a few other adventures when ever we'er together.

Dump Dude
Hi, I'm Josh, 24, black-haired, brown-eyed, and strong. I've always had problems using the bathroom. Here's a story.
I was out on a hiking trip, and remember: THERE WERE NO TOILETS. So I was hiking with my friends in winter, and we sat down to eat lunch.
I had a tuna sandwich, Greg had peanut butter, and Mark had ham. We were drinking beer and joking around when my stomach started to gurgle. I winced, but forgot about it.
We were walking when Greg told a funny joke and Mark and I started laughing. I hadn't noticed my bladder was extremely full, and I started to piss my pants. I managed to stop the dribbles.
A few hours later, I really needed a toilet. Every few seconds I'd grab my dick and groan. Mark and Greg knew about my problems, and Greg said, "Hey man let's turn back." Mark agreed and we started back.
About halfway there I was REALLY REALLY REALLY desperate.
Mark said, "Josh, get undone and do your thing." I tried to unbutton my jeans, but they were stuck. I pulled harder and they came undone, and I gave a wet fart like BBBRRRRFFFFTTT when I crashed into a tree.
Pulling off my jeans and boxers, I held my dick and peed a big stream for about 10 mins. Then I felt the gurgling again and squatted.
Shit FLEW from my ass and Greg told Mark, "Dude Josh has got diarrhea!" because I was groaning and clutching my stomach. The pain and liquid shit went on for about fifty mins. Then Mark got this grossed-out look on his face, bent over, and puked. There was a big dark stain on his pants that said 'He just pissed his pants'. Greg clutched his dick, turned around, lowered his pants far enough for him to get his dick out, and peed for a min.
We went back and got in the car. About a quarter there, I started fidgeting. I HAD to go to the bathroom.
We got to my house and I ran to the bathroom, threw down my pants, and shit my guts out. Greg told me later he accidentally put something in the tuna I hated. I puked into the toilet about twelve times and I was better.

I recently took a business trip with my boss. We stayed in a nice hotel, but it did not have a workout room. We found there was a YMCA about 20 miles away, so after our presentation, we took a drive to the "Y" Since we are both members of our own local "Y" there was no guest fee. It was a very old facility, but it had a nice pool, and a decent fitness center. After we did some cardio we decided to hit the pool for a few laps, so we stripped and headed towards the old fashioned 'nut-to-butt' pole showers where you stand 3 inches apart, and if either of you bend over to wash your legs, theres a whole lot of 'goosing' going on....But before we hit the shower we both needed to hit the toilets. We were both shocked when we saw the restroom area... There had to be literally 20 doorless toilet stalls all in a row !!! We both laughed at the number of toilets, and as we walked up to our toilets totally naked and sat down, and started farting and shitting we laughed some more, the fact there we no doors on te stalls was not the issue at all, but we laughed that if all 20 toilets were in use at the same time how bad that place would STINK !!!! We relaxed on the bowls about 10 minutes then hit the showers. My boss bent over to wash his calves and his buttcrack hit my ass. I laughed and said "Pete, i sure hope you didn't just leave a skidmark on ME" We laughed some more, finished up showering and went back to our hotel rooms... It was a fun experience.


Had a flight today, miami to london, i'm taking the fam on a tour
I defied the seat belts on sign, has anyone else done this?

teen boy
A question for the girls why do you all go to the toilet in groups in public?

I have and extremely stong urine odor. Is this something to worry about? I never had it before. What would cause it.?

Hey Gassy White Boi: Sorry to hear about your little accidents. Gotta be CAREFUL with those laxatives! :-0 Also, if certain foods are giving you the farts, try Beano. I've used it and it works great. You might also try expanding your horizons a bit beyond Mexican Food. I love the stuff myself, but after a while, I feel bogged down and sluggish. You may find you actually LIKE fresh fruits and water.

I see that my Kevin post made it on, but 2 stories it makes reference to didn't get in. Therefore, I'm going to post them again in the very near future slightly modified so that you can get the context.

Kevin actually called me tonight and left a voice message singing the fight song for his favorite professional football team. Yes, he knows all the words to the fight song to a pro football team. I TOLD you he marches to his own drummer.

Anyhow, I'm usually not into peeing stories, but I have to make an exception for Kevin. He started taking a medication a while back that acts as a diuretic and made him pee a lot for some time. It was during those times I was sure Kevin was going to get me arrested!! We'd be at a club around closing time and he'd come out and have to pee and he'd have me cover for him to check for cops while he whipped out his whanger and wizzed away by the cars. Another time, we were a mere THREE BLOCKS away from Kev's house when he decided around 2:30 in the AM that he could no longer hold it, so he stops the car and runs into the neighbors bushes!! .... Does anyone know if you can be charged as an accesory to public urination?? More than a couple times, we actually DID get home and Kev decides since it was dark out behind the house he would just whip out Junior and wizz out back instead of going into the bath. I do understand though that Kev does have his frequent peeing episodes under better control now.

---Now on to some stories of awkward bathroom experiences.---

Story 1 - As we all know, there are those times we see people in very distressing SITuations and we're just grateful it isn't us. This particular SITuation is one I would wish only on my very worst of enemies and occured back in high school when I was atending a State playoff football game in Lansing. Toward the middle of halftime, I decided to head to the bathroom to take a leak before the start of the second half. Several yards ahead of me was a guy wearing a varsity jacket from the other school. I noted from the year on the jacket he was a class behind me placing him at 16 to 17 years old at the time. As I reached the bathroom, I took note of the layout. The floor was all conceret and there were 2 rows of 4 toilets each raised up IN THE CENTER OF THE ROOM WITH NO PARTITIONS AND NO DOORS. The rows of toilets there were back to back instead of facing each other.

As I was walking in, I was extremely surprised to see the young guy ahead of me hurriedly at work pulling his pants down and sitting on the toilet at the near end of one of the rows. This gave anyone walking in a clear view of his naked butt as it went down on the crapper. To give you an idea, this was the kind of bathroom-of-last-resort that made shitting your pants seem like a viable option. You didn't just come in here and drop your pants unless you were in trouble and you needed to shit really, REALLY BAD!

Just as the guy was seated, he noticed me walk in and walk over to the urinal. I could see from the insignias on his varsity jacket that he had earned his letters in soccer, wrestling, and baseball. The varsity jacket is usually a symbol of pride for a student athlete, but for this kid sitting in the middle of a wide-open bathroom with everyone able to see him shit, it was a liability as it announced to the whole world what his name was and where he went to school! (I frankly can't remember his name, but for this posting, I'll have him go by "Brad.") I figured him for about 5'8 and 155 pounds with an attractive face and an atletic physique that looked awesome on the toilet. Besides his varsity jacket, the young man on the toilet wore a pair of Levis at half staff around his knees, white briefs, and the old-style canvas sneakers. The kid obviously wanted to wait me out and was hoping I would leave before he started shitting (A huge mistake he would pay for dearly in the long run). I could tell from the tense look on his face that he was clearly making a determined effort to hold his shit back. He might have even succeeded had it been just the two of us, but, just as I was done at the urinal, a whole stream of guys come flocking into the bathroom. They started pissing at the urinals, and at the toilets next to and behind the resistant would-be shitter. By fighting the inevitable and not releasing his shit with just me present, "Brad" would now be forced to let loose with more than a dozen guys around him who could see him at every angle. Not good.

Catching a look at the kid again, I could see a very disheartened look come over his face. He now knew that waiting out EVERYONE was an impossibility. With a resigned sigh, the kid finally knew he was beaten and gave up the struggle. With that, Brad blasted an extremely loud fart accompanied by that sharp loud crackling and an extremely long wave of excrement that thundered out of him hitting the water hard with loud resonant flooshes. Of course, this very impressive explosion of farts and shit caught EVERYONE'S attention, and all the guys there turned around for a look. You know how it is at an accident scene how you should keep moving but morbid curiosity makes everyone slow down for a good look?? Well, that's what you had here. I could see the look on everyone's face as we all kind of laughed and gave each other that "Wow! He-must-have-been-DESPERATE!!" look.

For Brad, he clearly knew the laughter was about him. What must it have been like to feel like the whole world was watching and laughing at every angle when your bowels erupted?? (I don't want to know firsthand!!!) Brad tried as best he could to maintain his poise staring straight ahead even as lots more crackling shit came plowing out of him. To make matters even worse for our young exposed shitter, a bunch of his friends from school walked into the bathroom as all this was going on. Of course, this was too good for a bunch og high-school jocks to pass up and one yelled, "Hey guys!! Check out Brad taking a shit!!!" Then another one yelled, "Hey Brad, can you fart a little louder? I'm not sure if they heard you in Grand Rapids!!" With that, everyone in the bathroom erupted with laughter even if they sympathized somewhat with Brad's plight.

By now, poor Brad's face was beet red as he looked back at the one "friend" who had made the Grand Rapids joke and said "I'll see what I can do." in an unamused voice. Another guy yelled "Don't light up to smoke in here. You'll kill us all!!" This was greeted with yet another round of laughter. Brad now had a look on his face that seemed to suggest he was regretting not shitting his pants when he had the chance. That certainly couldn't be any harder to live down than THIS, could it?? Since I was now blended into the scenery, I could see most of what happened next before I had to leave. Apparently resigned to his fate, Brad now realized that the only way out of his predicament was right through it. So, abandoning his pride and giving up any further resistance, Brad then crapped and crapped, then crapped still more for around the next 10 minutes, all the while being tormented by his "buddies." I had to leave by then, so I don't recall Brad's toilet paper situation. It wouldn't have been fair if Brad had to ask one of his "friends" for toilet paper, but it certainly would have been fitting, and knowing these guys, that's probably how it went down. Brad also was almost certainly forced to wipe in front of them too. When it rains it pours and I doubt these guys were about to let Brad off the hook at all. (Before we go feeling TOO sorry for Brad, I have this feeling that had it been one of his "buddies" instead of him in there exploding on the crapper, Brad would almost certainly have been in the chorus of hecklers.)

When Brad was able to rejoin his "friends" after finally finishing up his very impressive shit, they gave him a pretty hard time of it for quite a while afterward. "Hey Brad!!! Did you have a nice shit???" I also overheard some girls from the other school later giggling about it, so I knew Brad had achieved fame far and wide for his very major dump. Leaving the game, I caught sight of the crapper himself. He had that look of plotting revenge in his eyes and I figured his "buddies" would probably be getting laxatives in their milkshakes at some point in the next couple weeks!!

Last Wednesday morning I was at home taking a dump. While I was on the john, I felt a long hard turd slowly coming out of my ass. My asshole was really sore after that turd came out. It felt like a ton of sharp blades embedded inside my turd my asshole was in agonizing pain. I'm surprise my asshole wasn't bleeding. Right now my asshole is not as sore like the other morning. I wonder what caused a turd to turn hard like that? I mean that a very excruciating
painful dump I took the other morning. I have a question for you all. Have you ever had a kind of dump like the one I took the other morning or worst?

To luke:

I read your post about your taking a dump outside the woods and your dog ate your turds. My comment was your dog have must have been really hungry that she ate every one of your turds.

Dave B
To Ashley -
That was some dream that you had. Must have been funny being poop =P I think it'd be scary to be eaten alive and I've had the same kind of dreams, but I usually wake up after going through the mouth of some giant monster. You'll also have to tell what happened with that nasty thing in your t????y ;) Speaking of which I had just come back from the bathroom and when I was going I felt something big and huge coming out, but when I sat and squeezed it out, it was a tiny poop ball. Well thankfully I didn't clog the toilet like I usually do. Well see you later.

Hey Outdoor Jenny, any spare copies of that video? I often fancy using my back garden but it's overlooked on all sides.

Rose, you ask about places people prefer to go. I like to shit on the floor - on newspaper if there's carpet to worry about. Also in the sink (in the small cloakroom downstairs I can sit and poo in the sink and piss into the toilet at the same time). Sometimes if I know it's goung to be a solid poo, it's nice to drop it into my hand. Believe it or not it's a nice sensation.
But my favourite place is the great outdoors. My favourite park has become my favourite toilet. I went there today. I went out having held my poo in for a couple of hours, so it was deliberate not spur of the moment like the last time. It was a funny feeling, all these families around and as I was putting on my boots I was thinking that I was there to have an outdoor shitting experience, and I'm pretty confident that I was the only one who was there for that express purpose.
I thought that this time I wouldn't go deep into the woods like before but just find some bushes in the open. I climbed a hill thinking that this would give me warning if anyone was coming, but the bushes were too thin and while I was reconnoitring a couple appeared with a dog. So I moved off, down the hill. I came to a track which I've not been along before, it looked fairly unused, so I walked along it for about ten minutes. It was a twisting track so I couldn't see if anyone was coming. One side of the track was hedge, the other side was woods but not very thickly wooded. Eventually a short path went uphill into the trees, and that brought me to the edge of the park - a wire fence and then open fields. This would do. I had a quick look around, pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles, and squatted. The poo came out quickly, with a blast, to my disappointment it was not very firm, I hardly felt it being expelled. I looked down between my legs and couldn't see anything! I checked it hadn't gone into my pants. Then I took out some of the toilet paper which I'd brought with me (Hint - put it in your jacket pocket, not your trousers). I wiped and pushed the TP into a bush. Then I saw that my shit had come out and splattered a bit, there were three bits of mush which were almost the same colour as the leaves, which is why I hadn't seen it. I got myself dressed and went back down to the track, but after a few minutes I realised that I hadn't finished and there was still some poo waiting to be liberated. This time I was almost at the end of the track, where it came into open ground, and I squatted and expelled the rest of my poo onto the leaves beside the path. I pulled my trousers up and was just in time, because a man came along walking his dog. I walked to the end of the track and onto the main path back to the car park, then realised that my bum was a bit sticky, so without worrying I stuck some TP down there and wiped on the move. About five or six people could see that but I don't know what they'd think I was doing.
This is fun isn't it!

hey guys im millie im 14, blonde, blue eyed tanned. i have a strange story that happened last week
i go to a private boarding school in sydney (Australia) and we've just gone back after the summer hols. anyway there was a stomach bug goin round and belle (my roommate) and i both got it so we had to spend days in our room alone. anyway, it was monday and we were just sitting round talking when all of a sudden a sharp cramp hit me, i sprinted to the toilet and had diarrhea for 30 mins....agony! after id finished belle (after doing her pee/poo dance at the ddoor waiting) ran in and took over with her massive load of diarrhea...which smelt worse than mine! we took turns having explosive diarrhea all week even going in the shower or sink sometimes. now im over it but belle isnt back at school yet coz shes still having it.
happy dumping,
millie xo

Hey Adam,
I really enjoyed your story about finding a creative way to relieve yourself at soccer practice. You were lucky it was just a piss and not the other bodily function. That would have taken a little more creativity.

Hey Luke,
I don't know what it is about dogs and eating poop, but yeah, some of them chow down on the brown. They must have some kind of immunity from the bacteria that humans don't have. I'm sure scientists are probably researching all that in search of effective anti-biotics and such. When my sister's pug was a puppy, he would be in the habit of finding poops in the yard and eating them. I would have wanted to know something like this because this dog just LOVED to kiss you all over the face when he saw you. I might have restricted his zealous greetings had my sister told me earlier about his diet. I cringe when I think about it.

JASON: Liked your library story. Had you and your dad ever crapped in front of each other before, or was this the first time?

third time poster

i can remember another time when lech had an accident, here it goes!!!

it was my 19th birthday and lech wanted to take me to an amusement park.we ate a peaceful breakfast and off to the we walked into the park we saw there was a huge the time we were at the front of the line i could see Lech moving around a lot.he is pretty shy about his bodily functions so i asked him if he needed to use the restroom. "no, im okay", he replied.then it was our turn and we got on the was the biggest roller coaster at the park and i could tell Lech was really struggling now.the ride was totally fast.i reached over to hold Lech's hand but he was holding his crotch."Oh Lech,are you okay"
"yeah" he said.
when we got to the top of the ride,Lech was holding his crotch and leaning over in total pain.
i was getting frustrated,"Lech, do you need to go to the restroom"
"oh, i...i do, it hurts soo much"
as we started going down the hill of the ride,it was really fast.
the ride was over. i escorted my poor Lech to the men's room but there was a line.
finally, Lech peed himself.i have never seen anybody pee that much.we snuck out of the park and i could tell his...thing hurt from holding such a massive amount of urine.

Here is a survey thet I found from page 880. Someone else plese answer these too.
Have you ever had to go so bad that you almost peed your pants? Yes just today I almost wet myself
Have you ever peed your pants? a few times after I get really desperate
Have you ever had to go so bad that you almost pooped your pants?---yes
Have you ever pooped your pants? Yes, once I couldnt hold it
When you have to go real bad which is harder to hold, pee or poop? Pee, I really have to go when I get dsperate within 10 mins. poop I can hold at leat 40 mins
Have you ever seen anyone else desperate to pee? yes, they were squirming and one person was crying
Have you ever seen anyone else desperate to poop? no
Have you ever seen anyone else have a pee accident? Yes 2 or 3 accidents
Have you ever seen anyone else have a poop accident? no

To the young girls a servey
1)have you ever had and acciedent at school? if so how old were you?
2) have you ever went in a pool or in the water at the beach?
3)how often do you go to the toilet a day? no. of 1+2?
4)name one place you had to go when there was no toilets around?
5) have you ever peed standing up? accident or pupose?
6)have you ever pooped yourself while wearing a g-string?
7)dose the water splashing on your behind when pooping in the toilet bother you?
8)do you have a boy friend?
9)have you ever peed you self durring sex? what did your partner think?
10)do you dribble a bit after you have finished peeing?
11)when was your last aciddent?
12)how old are you now?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

i was just wondering where people like to take a pee or crap other than the toilet. i've peed in a bottle, wide mouthed and in a cup.

My dad works at the main library in our city. Last week, my buddy Todd and myself were doing research for our thesis' and the internet just didn't cut it, so we hit the library. My dad, the reference genius that he is helped up find everything we needed. Before we left Todd said he needed to go to the bathroom,so we asked my dad where the men's bathroom was. He gave quick, easy directions, and we found the restrooms. We entered the mens room and found 3 toilet stalls, and none of them had doors for privacy !!!! One was occupied, so we each had one to use. 'Geez" said Todd "you think they could afford doors in here' The gentleman who was sitting there shitting said, 'it's not the cost of the doors, but it's always been this way, nobody ever upgraded them...I've been the janitor here fr 25+ years....always been like this... So we both sit down and start shitting, the outer door opens, and in walks my dad. He smirks at us and says "The power of suggestion is amazing" He says "Hi Albert" to the janitor, and stands there waiting for a toilet to be available. Todd and me just started dropping shit-logs so we ain't going anywhere soon. 'Albert' tells my dad he is almost done, and starts wiping his ass. My dad takes Alberts seat , and tells us it's still nice and warm.... "Thanks Al" "no problem Ken, enjoy your quiet time " ...and Albert leaves. Dad starts farting, and I hear his crackling shit starting. Todd and me are finishing up, wiping ourselves, and 2 other men walk in and take our seats, while we talk to my dad,he starts wiping his ass. We all washed our hands, and Todd and me went home. Really no big deal using toilets without doors for privacy.

Punk Rock Girl
Colin was away this weekend, so I decided to have some girlfriends over to watch movies, get drunk, whatever, on Saturday night.

Of course, on thursday, my guts started acting up, and by Saturday, I was in the full stages of mega-constipation. I had squeezed out a few rock hard pebbles Friday morning, and nothing since then.

Saturday night, while hanging with my friends, I felt pressure building in my bowels, desperate to empty themselves. I knew I would be a while, so I made an announcement, if anyone has to pee, go now, because I'm going to be in there for a while. After one of my friends took me up on that, I went in, shutting the door most of the way.

I sat down, and hoped to God all that compacted shit would just come out aalready. No such luck, but it was shifting, so I just sat and waited for it to finally pass. There was a knock at the door and my friend Grace asked if she could pee. I said I was busy trying to shit, and she said she would just use the sink if it was okay. I said sure. She came in, dropped her pants and panties and stuck her ass in the sink and peed.

Before long, there was a group of girls all hanging together in the bathroom with me while I sat on the crapper desperately trying to take a dump. We were in there for over a half hour, and finally, a mega-load worked its way out and plopped into the toilet. I let out a loud groan (it frigging HURT!), and they all laughed and asked if I had just given birth.

I wiped my ass (there was a little blood, that happens to me occasionally), and put a little lotion on my assyhole. Man, I felt better after that, even though my ass was a bit sore. You know who you real friends are after an experience like that! If they stick with you through your ordeal, they're keepers!

I hope to have a nice dump som

Carmie, those are some friends you've got.

i was sitting at my house the other day and let me tell u i have the hottest latin nebhior in the next aptment to me. well anyway the landlord is doing some inprovements to her apt. and she got home the other day and she came over to my apt. and knocked on the door so i answered the door and she said she was sorry about this but they were working on her plumbing and she said i need a toilet badly i just got off a 12 hr shift and i didnt expect them to still be working in my apt. so i say no problem it is on the right so goes in and shuts the door. i can hear her take down her pants and there is no fan or anything i hear the loudest fart followed by a crackling sound and a lot of plops in the toilet. i found that so arousing that she was taking a dump in my bathroom she was in there about 10 minutes she came out and said thankyou and left boy the bathroom stunk so bad she really must of needed that one

Hey, I am usually really quiet on the bus and dont say anything so I just listen to other peoples conversations. But today it was weird some guy sat beside me and talked the whole time and I couldn't help but see that every few seconds he grabbed his private.He must've really had to go I thought. Next he tol his friends "oh My God I have to piss" and he started jumping up and down and had to sit down he remembered and he kept crossing his les but thankfully sat in another seat. Then ten minutes passed and he seemed relly desperate and kept laughing and talking. He kept cursing about how bad he had to piss. about 5 min later. Hee stopped talking and kept bending over. Then HE lifted his hands a little and I saw a wet spot. He pissed his pants!! He told his friend and the bus driver wouldnt stop. At his stop he had to get up in front of everyone and he had a HUGE wet stain on his pants. Everyone laughed but I felt kind of bad for him and I almost had one too because he made me really have to go. It was and interesting bus ride. ^_^

Outdoor Jenny
Ahhh the snow has returned and guess what work called in and said that I didn't have to come because the roads were so bad....I was already dressed and ready. So I sat down to have a cup of coffee and work up a morning poo. I had 2 eggs, bacon, and hasbrowns...nice and greasy. My boyfriend called into work today so he could chill with me. I let out a really nice fart and it hit me that I had to drop a good one. I was still in my work skirt, I saw the snow outside so I said to my boyfriend" I think I'm gonna go dump outside," He followed me outhere with the video camera to my usual secluded spot in our yard. I had my snow boots on with my tan skirt and white blouse. I lifted it up, as he was coming around to the back I bent over just a little bit so he could get a good shot of me pooping, i was kinda turned on by this, i have never video taped me doing this before. I had my panties at my knees bent over just slightly, he told me to hold as long as I could....I tried for nearly 45 seconds but i couldn't help it, in a loud voice i said, "I can't hold anymore im gonna shit" I gave the littlest push and a huge wet fart blew out of me followed by litterally a stream of wet poo. It looked like i was peeing out of my butt. I had two more explosive waves of diareha, then it moved to a little more chunky form with about 10 - 12 wet farts in between. He brought me some TP, i wiped 9 times and buried it in the snow....I could say what we did aftr that, but that is left for a different forum.....Carmalita...ever have squirty poos outside, or video taped any before?

hey i'm finally back
the othe day i was in math class when my stomach started to get was my last class so i tried to wait it out. finaly when i got home i went into the bathroom, pulled down my shots and thong and sat down on the toilet. i leaned forward and started to push, after a few minutes my first turd started to slide out and man did it hurt! it was just really hard and it felt like i was pooping out glass. i pooped another five or six long hard turds and then wnet on with my day.

that night, i had a dream that my freind lanea swallowed me alive! i almost died in her stomach acid, but i made it through her belly when i got to her butt, she to be having problems sqeeuzing me out! well thats all for now, but i can feel somethin nasty workings its way around in my belly!! ttyl

i have been reading for a while but never posted. so here is something sort of funny. i went to a rave in ga for my first time and it was a run down place in the middle of atl. i took some (well u know) for the first time and i didnt feel anything for a while but i the uncontrolable urge to need a shit for some reason and i hate doing that in public toilets. well somebody mentioned to me that happens a lot when taking (well u know) . so i go the the bathroom but i didnt belive it no toilet just a trough on the wall to pee in and i wasnt about to crap in that infront of other guys so i thought i would wait it out till i went home big mistake i had to go and right then. so i walk outside not gasstation in sight and the parking lot was full of people. so i walk back in and finally broke down and knocked on the ladies restroom and there was a line so i turned around but one of the gils asked me if i was ok i told her no and the situation she said yea i am pretty sure no one here would mind cause a lot of us have to do the same thing (well u know) makes us poop to i make sure with all the girls and they say it is fine and i reply thank god cause i am about to crap myself. so i wait in line in the ladies room but it already hit me so i really dont care what anybody thinks at the moment all i want t do is dance and take a good shit.well they were about 5 girls waiting for 3 toilets and i think every body in there was pooping also but i kept getting closer to the toilet and fianlly a girl comes out and the girl i was talking to earlier ask me if i want to go first and i said are u sure she said yea she could hold out since it was my first time. so i rush in pull down my pants and litteraly explode i heard some girls laughing but i really didnt care at the moment the other stalls were gils shitting also and the line behind me was getting longer so tryed to go as fast as i could but i was feeling way to good to care. i seen one girl through the crack of my stall walk over to the sink pull her pants down and drop a load i thought that was weird but i wasnt in the mood to care about it. so i am still taking a dump and the other stalls havent moved yet either and the girl ask me if i was almost done cause she was abut to have a accident i said it would be about 4 to 5 more minutes and she just said well let me in the stall with u i really need to go now i shouldnt of let u go ahead of me so i let her in with my pants pulled up kind of high where u cant see my package and she says up off the toilet now so i stand up she sitts and ploped out about 3 to4 logs and she started wipping and stood uip and i resumed my seat and started going agin she stood there with me she said she didnt know how shy i was so she didnt want to open the door i said it was ok but i think she wanted to sit in there with me so i let her for the first time iddid some (well u know) and took a dump of front of a girl well i finished and opened the door the girl said about time rushed in and started pooping as i was leaving the girl with me stayed with me all night and ended up using the bathroom togther agin 2 more times and ended up at my place in the mourning u know how that goes later

first time poster

about a year ago i had finished my 8th year at school and as part of a post exam program, i had to take 10 yr 1 kids to the cinema with two teachers. Nothing bad and anyway, i like the UCI cinemas in england. i bought 2 HUGE cups of lemonade and coke (should suffice) and i told them not to drink it all to quickly (for obvious reasons).

did they listen, no, me nor the teachers noticed the very rapid drinking! in fact i had been warned that this group do usually drink far to much at lunch with inevitable results. it was a short film (77 mins) but had sufficient effect on their tiny bladders. i thought that nothing could go wrong with the 10 min journey back! i was in the front seat with the two teachers who were chatting away. however i noticed something very worrying in the mirror. every single boy was doing the tale tale pee dance, some far worse than others. when we stopped outside the annexe (junior school) there was a stampede to use the toilets inside the building. a line formed and one by one the kids went in. unfortunetly the last in line (my friends little brother william) was far too desperate and decided to give up, he flooded himself. His grey school trousers were now black, his shoes sodden and socks. The nurse came down and told him to strip off completly in the midlde of the corridor, he had no choice. she gave him some new clothes, thats one experience i will never forget!

One time at soccer practice when I was 17, we were strecthing outside on the field and the major urge to take a leak hit me like a semi truck. I almost pissed on myself. I was panicing, then I got the idea. when we sit down to do leg stretches, I'll turn and face the woods, pull my shorts to the side and pull out my penis and piss. Finally the time came for me to relieve myself, and boy did I have to piss. As soon as we sat down I turned and faces away from the guys and yanked my shorts to the side and grabbed my dick with 2 fingers and aimed low. I instantly started to stream. Hard and loud. Im sure a few of the guys heard me but at that point it felt so good I didnt care. I pissed for about a minute and a half, stroked my dick dry and put it away. Thanks!

Hey,me again.A few more stories of my past.So once,I was abroad and it was snowing.So,being from a country that doesn't get snow,I thought it would be extremely cold and I put on a rubbery kind of snow suit underneath my jacket and pants.So of course we went skiing and at lunch they told us to split up and eat{I was only 13 and went to go find my friends Nick and Emer}.Well I was sweating and the rubber stuck to me,so I decided to sit in the snow to cool off.After I got up I realised I badly needed to pee-like URGENT!My bladder hurt and I could feel dribbles coming out.I started to rush towards a secluded area in the forest,removing my pants,but when I came to the rubber I was stumped.I couldn't remove it-I would freeze and I would be naked.I had no time but decided to try anyway and started taking off my jacket.But by the time I did I was peeing.I clutched my bladder{I was in front of people and got a few stares}and thought it was coming gushing out in front of my feet.But,the rubber suit held it and kinda leaked at my feet but my boots were waterproof.I grinned and went of to find a bathroom,but realised it was to much bother and went off to lunch.We returned to our skiing after eating and drinking a TONNE!And after it me,Emer and Nick and all our parents and their friends decided to go round town.Again the pressure was building in my bladder so I decided to pee again and released it all.All that pee reached to my stomach in the suit and was quite warm.We shopped for a while had a meal and decided to go sleighing-as in hop on a little wooden plank and speed down a hill screaming.So we did that about three hours after my last pee including a meal.I sped down the hill with my friend Alice on the back.We were close and I had taken poops with her before.So I get down and I desperately need to go-both ends.I clutch myself and she says to go behind a tree.And I go over and just let the pee into the rubber and she looks shocked.I turend round and said it was easier and it turned out that my suit was full-pee was actually coming out the sleeves!I tore it off staining a large area yellow and let out my poop into my pants by accident too!I threw away my undewear and socks and put bck on the suit,So the motto is-only pee in a rubber suit twice.

.) How many times do you go pee a day? Around two or three,I don't really notice.
2.) How long can you hold it max.?Well,I'd say 24 hrs without drinking cos I did that once,I wasn't thirsty.But about 14 hrs with drinking and thats when I'm really desperatr
3.) Have you ever had an accident?Many but never in school.Like sometimes I'm on the PC and just wet my pants by accident{it gushes out}and others in bed.Once I took a nap on the couch an peed it.
4.) What do you do when you really have to go? I hold myself but usually when sitting down I just let it driblle out
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? 20 secs
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? Well I filled one and a half pint glasses when I'm desperate and in my room.
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain.I had one once when I was younger.Whoever wet themselves first lost.Whoever went to the bathroom was disqualified.Two went to the bathroom in time and I forgot about holding when a balloon burst and soaked myself.

baddude (formerly known as Mr. Anonymous)
Hi, this is my second post here. I'll tell you about a time when I was just a kid, when I saw my 3-year-old sister pee standing up.

My sister had found the idea of standing to pee interesting even before this (she had just been toilet trained), and I told her I thought it would be a good idea to try. I came into the bathroom with her to make sure no accidents of any sort happened without me being there. My sister stepped up onto a small stool (she needed it then because she was little), pulled her pants and underwear down, and arched her body forward a bit. Then she let out a neat stream of pee, which looked fairly much like a boy's stream; it came forward in an arc and landed in the toilet. When she finished, she hadn't spilled a drop, and she didn't even have to wipe! It could be that the reason she peed standing up so easily (she hadn't held herself or anything) was that she was so young; I heard somewhere that very little girls sometimes pee forward automatically, and that this happens more often than with older girls and women. But back when I was a kid I didn't even KNOW that girls could pee standing up UNTIL my sister did, and I was surprised that girls could do it when everybody seemed to think they couldn't. Wonder why that is.... Anyway, when my sister had finished her successful attempt, she said that she would like to continue peeing that way. Only problem was, my mom wouldn't have it. She's fairly old-fashioned about these sorts of things. *rolls eyes*

So, are there any gals on here who would like to share another standing-to-pee story with me? I would be most interested!

i took my dog for a walk in the woods the other day and i had to poop i dicided to wait and go in the woods. so after i got a little ways i pulled down my pants and underware and squated down the first poo was very hard and came out amazingly slow after 5 minits it was only hanging 2 inchs out of my butthole. i looked between my legs and it was almost 3 inchs thick. soon my dog came over to me and started to smeel the poo hanging out of my but. then she started to lick it! i pushed her away and after about 10 more minits the monster turd fell out and thuded on the grass it was 6 inchs long. then soft poop came out my dog came back agean i pushed her but she came back every time then i said what the hell and let her come she eat the poop on the ground and every time a poo landed she would eat it then she got impachen and every time a little bit poked out she would lick it up this keped happening for 10 minits then i stoped pooping. my dog was under me wipeing my butthole with her toung when; boooooooooom a monster fart exploted out splatering her nose with lose poo and i squirted poose poo for a while longer my dog licking all of it up. she wasn't hungry after that, she ate all my poops


To answer your question, if i only had to pee and i's on the beach, i'd go waiding in the water and pee there, i like to go in the water, and no one would know.


I really enjoyed your story. How long were the 3 turds? What color?Please post again!

hi ive been readin for a year or so first time posting im 14 5'6 and130ish or so
anyway hi everyone
Dont ya hate it when you get like gut wrenching painful gas its like a knife in my stomach
Lina:ya its normal to have that pain annoying isnt it

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