Anonymous 21 Year Old College Girl

Here is another story for you...

Last year I went with a group of freinds to play a couple games of laser tag.

I was feeling a little crampy during the first game and went to use the washroom after it ended, but I wasn't able to go.

We went back into the prep-room for the second game to get our lazer-tag packs on and the cramps started getting a little worse. I let out a few farts on our way back into the maze. I started up a little ramp and I let out a wet fart and stopped cold. I backed myself into a corner and could not move. I was having diarrhea and slowly messing my panties and jeans. 20 minutes later when the game ended, I went back to the girl's washroom and tried to clean myself up. There was a noticable stain on the back of my jeans. I emptied out what I could of the diarrhea and pulled my panties and jeans back up.

My freinds decided to go out to a bar afterwards and since I was riding along, I had no choice but to join them. I was able to keep my accident a secret for most of the night until another wave of cramps hit me and more diarrhea flowed into my pants, making an even more noticable stain on the back of my jeans. I sat down at our table and the diarrhea oozed between my thighs and down my legs and up my back a little bit. One of my girl friends gave me a maxi pad to put on, which I did, but it only helped a little anyway.

Cheers. More stories later...

Mr. Clogs
Hello everyone, it's Mr. Clogs! Yeah it's been a while since I've posted here. I've been busy studying and looking for work and stuff like that. So don't have much time to post here, but I do check in and see the new posts.

Carmalita: Hola mi amiga! Como estas? Me bien. I know my spanish isn't that good but I', trying. I'm doing alright, yeah I'm same situation in terms of looking for work. By the way, I liked your post about your friend Crystal, it was a good post of her using the toilet handling her business. Keep those posts coming, and talk to you later.

rose: Hi, interesting question to ask, well me being a guy I like to go in things other than the toilet. I've peed in bottles although I don't like them too much. For peeing I like peeing in cups (large ones), plastic tupperware food containers, buckets, and a brass green picher we keep in the bathroom under the sink. I've taken a dump (crap) in cups (large ones, sometimes the same cup I peed in from before), those tupperware containers, and buckets. Have you ever heard of chamber pots before? Well that's a another thing that people used before there were indoor toilets. For the most part, they were kept in bedrooms were people can go and releived themselves in private. If you're interested, go to your local anttic store or look on the internet for chamber pots and see what you can find, you'll be surprised. I hope this answer your question. My preference, I rather use the container rather than the toilet because the container is in close reach than the toilet. So that's it on that.

I think it's time to crack open that bottle of citric magnesium to take to unclog myself. I haven't drank my dieter's tea in about a week so I'm stuffed up. Usually it helps me poop, I mean a lot! So maybe somtime this week I should take it. My poops have been smaller and harder to come out. So you guess it, I'm messed up. Yesterday was interesting, I must of went to take a dump like 3 times yesterday, I was surprised by the amount, a little but larger than couple of days ago. So that's it folks, hope you enjoyed my post. Take care!

--Mr. Clogs

Guess who???
Hey guys;

I'm new here (male), and I have been flicking through some pages at random.

Perhaps, you could answer my survey and maybe tell me something about yourself.

How often you go for a BM:
A description of what it is like to take a BM:
Recent accidents:
Best/worst experiences:

CARMALITA -- Hola! Nice story, nice account of a casual poop, it's always so smooth and easy! I envy your encounters.

40-YEAR OLD POOPER -- How amazing, to be able to 'drop a load right in the road' wherever you are, what a cool experience that would be! At nude beach events these days in Aus there are cops, both clothed and under cover, to cuff the pervs, and I reckon they'd feel the non-existent collar of anyone who took a poop in the open. Unfortunately!

CARMIE -- Those 'friends' of yours are contemptable! Drop them like a hot rock, grrl, they're not worth the price of a phone call. But your Mom is an absolute ace! It ties in with what Outdoor Toilet was saying, the simplicity of a little human compassion for another in a difficult situation, treating them with concern and allowing, providing, them dignity. You sound like a lovely young woman whom others should be proud to know, and your so-called friends disposed of you like a used kleenex when you became an embarressment, through no fault of your own. Find nicer folks -- they do exist! Promise!


gassy white boi
hello to all:

somone asked me why I was so gassy. I think it must be my diet. All I eat is Mexican food and fast food and things like beans and rice and chili.

Last night was no exception. I went out to the clubs and had some drinks and partied down. I had a great time and was farting at the club on the dance floor. I noticed several people wrinkling up their noses and looking around. After the club me and my freind when to go eat Mexican food. I had enchiladas, beans and rice, and queso.

I came home and went to bed and before I fell asleep I was really passing real loud and stinky farts. Then when I woke up I felt something wierd around my butt.

I checked and had a little turtle head! There was just one little nugget kind of stuck in there. I don't know how that happened. It has been happening to me lately. I don't know if I push in my sleep when I am faring or what is going on.

Any ideas?
Have not had any good buddy dumps lately. :-(

Anonymous Male
I would like to thank all the people here who helped me with my paruresis problem last year. Using the advice given by the users on this forum and contained on a website one of the users linked me to I have become much more capable of and comfortable with relieving myself in all situations. I've even managed to use urinals when someone was using the one next to me. Thanks for the advice and information, people. You have almost completely relieved me of something that used to cause me much discomfort, embarrassment, and stress.

I'm also curious to know on which page I can find Tim and Sarah's "roses" story.

" making water" LOL

last week I was at my hairdresser for my 3 PM appt. anyway, having not peed in well , a long time and well passing up on my usual two big mugs of "caffinated pee juice" , I did not pee all day since about 9:30 AM . well I felt this slight urge before leaving but not enough to make me even want to go yet, and so, by the time I get there to have britt do my hair; I am still good to go. well she began to cut it at like 3:10 almost and about 3:35 or so, she was all done. things were slow and so , she had to do something else and I had plenty of time after I made the check out to chat. well finally at nearly 4 I was about to go and so , I said " may I use your restroom" ' sure, knock yourself out , cheryl" britt says and so, carrying my little black bag over shoulder, I go in and lock the door. after lifting the stainless steel toilet bowl lid and seeing all that blue water, I proceeded to pull down both my pink with white stripe nylon sweat pants and then, my blue undies. the bowl is like round and completely filled with water from the back to straight under the rim; making for a direct " hit and no miss" so to speak,hon. [ from the puss to the puddle!] then I sat down on that sort of clear white plastic seat with my legs apart , exposing my well trimmed puss with just a few stray hairs on it. meanwhile, here I am looking at all the cute little art tiles on the wall, each one with a cute saying from a different woman; the one with " she had just a steak of superficiality about her"-my fav!; taking some toilet paper from the roll to later wipe the puss! after like 10 secs, I began to make this somewhat soft but definitely audible piddle sound as I started to urinate directly downward into that pretty blue water, the sound getting more noticeable as the old 'cheryl puss' opened its " lips" to let out all that leftover crystal light raspberry iced tea [the 1-1/2 20 oz mugs I drank with lunch] and other delights; including whatever residue was left from last night's spiked up mudslides and vanilla white russians. for a good minute at least, I could hear all that "cheryl lynne sass water" just tinkle and tinkle steadily into that water filled toilet bowl non stop; finally slowing down and almost stopping. AS I DID, HEARING THE GIRLS TALKING OUTSIDE, I THOUGHT " I WONDER IF THEY CAN HEAR ME AS I TINKLE? WHAT DO THEY THINK? and then of course, the piddle sound resumed and this time I peed a little slower, but nevertheless for another 30 secs kept going untill I paused, stopped for half a second; and out came like 3 more piddles stopping and starting for 15 secs,10 secs and finally, the last push as I leaned foward with my hands upon my knees to make sure the last splash came out in two short-1-3 sec drips which I could hear piddle into the bowl's water! so far over two minutes spent " going to the ladies room" so to speak and I was done; well almost, honey! time to wipe the ol' wet three inch long, flabby cheryl puss with that big old wad of paper! meanwhile, I could smell this intense odor of really stong but awesomely sweet urine in the air rising up from that toilet as I wiped. getting up , I wiped from behind to get the last droplets off the puss and dropped the paper into that bowl; which was now filled with all this intensely smelly urine which had completely turned the blue water yellowish-green but way more yellow than anything; along with two or three small swirls of sassy looking pee foamies and this streak of urine scuzz left from that two minute tinkle! -:P while pulling up my undies and those pink sweat nylons, I could still smell the intense scent of my urine in the air which lingered even as I held that handle like you have to as I flushed that bowl filled with all that yellowy " cheryl sass water" and watched it all swirl away and the bowl refill with clear yet bluish fresh clean water. I washed up while admiring my hair in the mirror[ " superficial cher!" ], dried them, unlocked and walked out.


ESKIMO GIRL'S LADIES ROOM? last night while out walking around the golf course in the deep snow,my huge "moon walker boots" on my feet which are like soooo warm and comfortable; all of a sudden I had to pee really badly as I was walking past the restaurant country inn. " oh my god! I gottta go to the ladies room! tinkle! tinkle!" was what I thought , hell I'll find a place! so I walked down the road just past that restaurant and veered off to the left after seeing a deep gulch where this small brook runs through. slowly and carefully, I moseyed down the steep embankment and into that small patch of trees and getting down low enough, I whispered to myself " time to go to the ladies room, cher, honey! oh my god do I have to PEEEEEE!" after first placing down that water bottle and taking my lavender gloves off quickly and putting them next to that; I untied the string in the front of those red heavy gym sweats and very quickly, pulled them down to my knees to piddle in the snow[ "guy's large" starters, but they fit my fat ass and wide hips perfect and are like soooo, warm! hey wal mart for $5.99 when you walk in!] about the same time, I also pulled my undies down and with them around my knees , I squatted low and pushed both out of the way with my hand, my bare ass actually touching that cold snow a little. and then the urine come out hissing into the deep snow as I peed like crazy for the next minute at least, it making this really killer "HISSSSSSY-HISSSS-HISSSSSY-HISSSS" sound as it splattered into that snow. I had to make sure that it missed my booties and those sweats and undies, but by that sound I knew that my puss was spraying her sass water right where she needed to. then I stopped , but feeling that my bladder had lots more to let out;I forced myself in that awkward position to keep hissing and hissing and hissing for another good minute at least! it just came out in blasts which stopped,started, stopped and started , well you get the idea. it must've taken at least ten hard pushes to completely empty that bladder and yet, not get any on both my boots and pants! well finally, my ass getting slightly cold, I managed to SQUEEZEEEE! AND I MEAN SQUEEZE out that last drop or two and hopefully, keep it from clinging to my puss! "ever wonder what old grandma meant by SHAKING YOUR LILLY LIPS when she had to go way out in the fields of the old berry farm?" I thought. " they did not have any toilet paper, yet they figured out how to go to the powder room quite well long before they had a toilet to tinkle in! cher honey!" , I told myself. anyway, quickly, I tucked my flannel shirt and A-shirt underneath back in as pulled everything back up, tied that string tight, and straightened my winter jacket as I pulled it back down. walking up the hill carefully and slowly , I mumbled, " this aint so bad after all! the eskimo girls do it all the time and so do the canadian mounted police women!"

cheryl sass

pee girl survey

1.yes, always cross the legs

2.bend knees? a lot , especially in the car crotch yeah! with friends , at times, except in like a formal business situation[ it's a bitch being a LADY sometimes! AHEM! MS CHERYL MUST EXCUSE HERSELF TO GO TO THE POWDER ROOM " **** you! miss manners! I know you tinkle just like me honey!]

4. yes, i do that all the time

5.YES! up and down, back and forth

6. yes bounce and wiggle and sometimes say " gotta pee! gotta go to the ladies room! oh my god!"

7. fidget -oh yes and the school thing , done that a lot back in community college

8. yes! squeeze those things , cheryl honey!

9. one foot upon the other , yes! especially when in pantyhose and skirt!

10. I have done that , bending down.

11. hard to NOT move your body and wiggle! NO WAY

12. many times I have tried. it works sometimes for another hour, others, the puss talks and says " ladies room , cher honey!"

13. oh yes , do I ever concentrate hard on that and sometimes mumble " oh please! please don't pee!"

14. walking does indeed help to forget. but when I have to pee? sometimes I can't hold it any longer

which of these methods do I apply in public? cross legs, walk around, hold it as long as I can, and sometimes, even touch the front of my pants or like I did in greenwich village new york city while walking to that lesbian bar by stonewall square, had my hand from time to time pressed against my mecca femme skirt!

did I ever voluntary let my need grow towards that stage although I could have gone to the ladies room earlier? more then one time I did this. that day before my hairdressers' last week I did this. in the woods in order to find a suitable spot to pull the riders down on many hikes[ I drink lots of water and often pee every half hour , especially when hiking uphill]

last summer on this bicycle ride I waited till I got to our town park where they have that little "uniroom" , thinking , " I can wait and tinkle in the toilet like a lady is supposed to!" [ needless to say, I wanted to see how much foam I could make! and I love that kewl sound I make when I go to the ladies room and pee!]

gassy white boi
I oringally posted this on another web site but thought it might fit in here--I habe tired to edit it and take out the curse words, since I know this site is moderated

I like to go to clubs and dance. One of the clubs I go to here in
Houston is a total mens bar, one of those places where its all guys and
lots of people have their shirts off. I felt constipated when I woke
up and could not shit. I decided to take a laxative. Later that
afternoon I tried to poop and a little bit came out with a lot of gas. I
thougt that was it and strarted focusing on what to wear to the club that
night. I put on some long denim shorts and had them saggin with some
white boxers showing on top. I put on a wife-beater, black addidas
baseball cap backwards, and black boots. I thought I looked pretty good
and was ready to go! I picked up my freind Hector and off we went. The
bar was packed and we were really having a good time, but I was
starting to feel kind of crampy and gassy. I was getting a little worried,
because even though I'm not shy about pooping, we all know a bar is the
worst possible place to dump. There are about 5 bars all clustered
together in this area where we hang out. I told Hector that I really
needed to take a dump. He laughed at me and said there is no way I can
take a dump at the bar! I told I really needed to find a place to dump
because I had taken a lax and I felt like it was about to come out. We
went across the street to a piano bar that I knew had clean restrooms.
I ran in there and ran to the bathroom, which was a one person room,
ripped down my shorts and underwear and slammed my ass on the toilet. It
came out really fast and i was farting and it really stunk! I sat
there for a while cramping up and shitting out real loose stuff. Somebody
banged on the door and I was like damnit--I need to get out of here. I
wiped not very well and washed my hands and opened the door--and there
was a line! About 4 guys were all standing there just looking at me
all funny. Like they never took a dump! It really stunk and I know
they could smell it. Anyway, we went back to the other bar and I felt
ok but still a little gassy, and everytime I farted it felt real hot
like it might be wet. Finally it was time to go home. I took my friend
home and was on my way home when it really hit me--I started cramping
up real bad and really felt like I was going to lose it. I kept
shifting around in the seat trying to hold it in while I was flying down the
freeway. Finally I get home, park the car and start really rushing
throught the parking lot to my apartment, and dude, I mean my stomach was
really throwed. I was cramping so bad and I was half running with my
hand on my butt. I was almost to my apt when I just couldn't take it
amymore--I had to let it out. I stopped running and just stood here with my
legs kind of spread out and just let it all come out. I was standing
right there in the parking lot crapping my pants. It felt so good to
let it out, I didn't even care. Unfortunately, since I was wearing
boxers. it wasn't very well contained. I started shuffling to my apt and
poop was running down my legs. It was awful--a really big mess. I
got to my apt and stripped down on the patio and just left my shitty
boxers and shorts out there. I sat on the toilet naked and farted a little
bit more, but felt like I was done. I could not believe that I had
shit all over myself--i had not done that in 10 years! I got in the
shower and started cleaning up when another cramp hit. I was so exhausted
and worn out from shtting myself that I just let it go in the shower.
I bent over and pointed my butt out and blasted a big green watery load
all over the tile! It was really wierd. I guess I did it becuase I
was already in the shower and new it was going to be a mess, so why
bother to get back on the toilet and then back in the shower again.

Just a couple of questions:

To Rip:
Here are my answers to your questions:
1)How often and how bad do you get stomachaches that make you poop?
Very rarely. I am very healthy, indeed. When I get a stomachache, they're somehow like a sharp pain, short in duration, and then, I go to take a crap so that usually ends with the pain.

2)Do you hold/massage/push on your stomach when you poop?
No. I usually have very quick bowel movements, so I sit (or squat, as needed) and I have my turd going through my anus in no time.

3)How do you do hold the side,middle?

4)Do you grunt/stain/graon when you poop?
Not often. If I make some noise, this would be a kind of soft grunt, but only when the turd is way too big.

5)What do they sound like (do you go "nnnn" or "uhhh"? Do you exhale after?
It's like "hhh...nghhh...aahhhhh..."
I exhale only if i'm defecating a monster-like turd.
Note that my turds are usually big, broad and does not tend to taper (they resemble a big fish, a GF of mine used to say)

6)Do you sit on tip - toes?
No. (I'm leggy)

7)Have you ever witnessed anybody else do these things...friends, family?
Yes, many times.
Many friends, of course, in different occasions and places (camping, the beach, nude beach, swimming pool toilets, etc.), and relatives as well (I have a young sporty aunt slightly older than me, who is very open about taking a shit in front of others, naked or not)

8)For girls, are your period pains similar to a stomach ache..if not what is the difference.
I'd say belly and menstrual period aches are quite similar, as both are -in my case- sharp and sudden, but don't last for long. I actually have period pains that feel like being picked with a needle, and that resemble quite a lot those of my stomach when I have the unwise combination of sour beverages (ie, lemon juice) and fried foods.

BTW, I am a Chilean girl, 24 years old, 167 cms. (I don't know how much is this in inches - we use metric here, sorry), 51 kilos, athletic build, and very physically active, light honey-blond, light-brown eyes, slim. I like mountaineering -it's actually a part time job for me, too- swimming and outdoors, as I spend at least 4 days a week doing one or more of those things.

Will tell my summer outdoor poop experiences soon.
Sorry for my broken English: my first language is Spanish.


Answers for Suzi's

1. How often do you have to poop?
Once a day
2. When you poop, how long does it take?
5 - 10 mins
3. Do you push a lot, or let it come out at its own pace?
Normally light pushin is enough
4. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you need to spray or use fan?
5. Do you poop in public restrooms?
6. If you poop in public do you cover the seat?
7. Do you usually leave floaties or skid marks?
8. Do you ever flush the toilet while seated?
9. Do you read or anything to help pass time while pooping? (describe)
Sometimes at home, some magazines
10. How do you know when you have to poop?
11. Do you ever clog the toilet?
Rarely, but often toilet almost get clogged
12. Do you ever get up thinking your done and have to sit back down?
Sometimes after I have wiped
13. Chicks: do you pee and then poop even though thats not you
went to the bathroom in the 1st place?
It is very rare occasion
14. Do you get consipated or have diarhea a lot? (describe)
15. How many times do you need to wipe?
10 - 15

Hey Greg and Gassy white boi-glad you like the stories. I was in the same Home Depot again today, crapping in the same stall. This time, I had alot of guys accidently walk in on me while dumping. First guy was white, probably about 25 or so, blonde hair, average build. He just walks in, sees me, then clses the door and goes into the next stall. He puts the seat cover down and pulls his shorts and blue boxers all the way down. I hear some crackling, not much more. Another guy with a Home Depot apron opens the door, says something indiscernible, and closes it. The 3rd guy is hispanic, shaved head, with a moustache. He opens the door while I'm standing there wiping. I've got my shirt pulled up a bit, and my jeans and red and white briefs down at my ankles. I'm looking at the door as he opens it. He backs out quickly while saying "sorry about that, man" I finish my wipe, flush and leave. He's standing by the door, waiting for my stall, so I just smile and nod my head as he passes me. He apologizes again, saying, "sorry 'bout that, dog". No problem, I tell him. Then he enters my stall and makes CERTAIN that it can't be opened from the outside!

Greg, when I was much younger, I was taking a crap in a doorless stall at JC Penney and this guy came to the urinal right in front of my stall. He flushed it and then backed away from it, saying something like "man, the water splashed". He turned and was shaking his "stuff" off where I could see him. I thought that was a bit weird. I was probably about 16 or 17 years old. Another time I was crapping in a gas station restroom that had just a regular knob with no lock on it. It was just a room with a toilet, urinal next to the toilet, and sink. I was sitting there and this guy comes in. He walks to the urinal and unzips. I see him turn to face me and I ask him what he's doing. He asked me what I was doing. I said, I'm taking a dump. He asks, "really?" and I tell him, YES. He looked a little flustered and left quickly. Unfortunately, he left the door open as he left and I had to waddle over to it to close it. Somebody driving by on the street could have looked over and seen me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

OK. After giving you the stories about a very shameFUL shitter and a very embarassed young shitter earlier, I just HAVE to tell you about my buddy Kevin who might well be a candidate for the shameLESS shitter award.

You have to understsand something about Kevin. Kevin's just a super nice guy whom EVERYBODY likes. He's 26 years old, an easy conversationalist, 6'1, 195 pounds, fit, lean, and kind of cute although his eyes are kind of big, and he constantly has that sneaky grin of a grade schooler who thinks he's put something over on you.

In most every way, Kevin is your typical 26-year-old American guy. He likes to go have a good time on Friday nights and stays out very late, plays on several community sports teams, and is starting off on the typical carer path and is considered to have good growth potential in his field of work (which is similar to mine which is how we know each other).

But there's also this little clueless part of Kevin that I think will perpetually be nine years old. When we go out to clubs, instead of a nice dress shirt or polo shirt, he insists on wearing the jersey of his favorite sports idol of the moment and wants ME to wear a jersey too. When he finished his football careers in high school, then in college, he bribed the trainers to let him keep his old jerseys and even the pants and pads from the college trainer. He still puts them on for various occasions to show off. Occasionally, Kevin will also blurt out an inappropriate question or comment that exposes that immature part of him. But we all love him anyway and it gives us a good laugh when we talk about him (in a NICE way of course).

With that set, here's the scenario. I had met up with Kev a couple times that day to meet with clients both for lunch and dinner. After dinner, I rode back with him to his house to relax and hit a couple clubs later on. Well, we're a few miles from his house when Kevin starts farting. At first, I don't think anything about it because Kevin is all guy and he's ALWAYS farting. After ripping a few more over the next minute, Kevin finally rolls down the windows and says "Guess I'll have to do my thing when we get to the house." "My thing" is a Kevinism for "take a crap." (Friends of Kevin have made up the term "Kevinism" for some of the hilarious things he says.)

As we're talking, I notice Kevin start to drive just a little faster which is unusual for him since he's a bit of a Boy Scout when it comes to obeying posted speeds. As were going along, Kevin gets a call from one of his 2176 girl friends and goes "Oh that's Kayla!! I have to take this!!" So he starts talking and yakking even as he's farting away and picking up the speed even more (now about 1 mile from home.)

As we pulled into Kevin's drive, he was still yakking on the phone and farting away. As we walked into the house Kevin goes "Hey Kayla! I've got somebody here who wants to talk to you! Say hi to my buddy Greg!" As he's saying this he's motioning me to talk to her while motioning with his head that he's headed into the bathroom.

So I take the phone as Kev heads into the bathroom start talking. As I start talking to Kayla, I see Kevin go in to the bath and turn the light on but he doesn't bother to close the door. I start figuring maybe Kev didn't need to shit after all and maybe he was just fixing a contact lens, spiking his hair up, or taking some medication. Then I realized I wouldn't be hearing a belt being unbuckled or pants being unzipped and pulled down if he was fixing a contact lens. As I'm trying to maintain a conversation with Kayla away from the door, I hear this sharp crackling as a massive long soft turd blasted it's way out of Kevin and hitting the water in the toilet with a very discerible whoosh. This was accompanied by a couple of huffs and gasps Kevin tried keeping under his breath. I knew that Kevin wasn't just making a regular trip to the can but was in the throes of a major crap.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to talk to some girl I've never met before who is talking to me with a foreign accent and trying to cover up as best I can the fact that the guy she was calling was taking a serious shit in the next room over. Kayla finally came out and asked me "Can you give me back to Kevin now?" I was so tempted to just come out and say "I would, but he's taking a really major dump at the moment." but I figured Kev would probably kill me if I actually SAID that.

After a moment, Kevin called out and said, "You can hand me the phone now." I rounded the corner and there was Kevin in all his glory sitting on the can with his trousers all the way down and his briefs stretched around his calves. I won't lie, I think Kevin looks great on the toilet, and knowing Kev, he probably thinks he looks great on the toilet too. Still I wondered if this was the best idea. Kevin just looked up at me with that supercilious grin of his, reached for the phone and just went on talking and plopping away.

Kev finished up that conversation a few moments later, then unbelievably, he makes a call to another girl and starts up another conversation while he's still sitting on the toilet!! Granted, he was pretty much done with bulk of his very major shit by now, but there were still a few minor plops to come along with a few sputtering farts not to mention that typical bathroom resonance that is almost a dead giveaway to where you are. I'm sure Kev has probably talked to me from the bathroom before and could tell from the echo.

I would later tell a couple of our mutual friends what had happened with Kev and they just shrugged and laughed. "That sounds just like Kevin!!" was one guys's reply.

I'm a 27 year old single mother to a 4 year old girl, Katie. I'm no stunning beauty, but i'm good looking, even concidered "hot" by some.

A stomach virus has been going around where I live. Last Wednesday I woke up at 8:00 to get Katie ready for preschool. I felt lousy but I got Katie ready, took her to school and went to do shopping. I picked up Katie at 12:30 from preschool, and i drove her home because I didn't feel up go eating out. About 5:00PM I was a mess, and my stomach hurt so badly. I lay down in bed hoping that some sleep would make me feel better, but I felt too terrible to sleep. About 6:30 Katie asked for dinner and I made her a PB&J because I wasn't up to anything more. She couldn't understand why I didn't want to play. Luckily she was tired and went to bed at 6:30. I lay in bed feeling terrible until some time later I got a terrible cramp. I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and had diarrhea. Suddenly I started heaving and i barfed into my lap. I cleaned myself up and went back to sleep on the floor of my bathroom. So, early Thursday morning came and I was so sick I couldn't take Katie to school. Ever hour for most of the day I threw up and had diarrhea. Finally by Thursday night I was better, and I was able to keep down some toast. Then Friday morning came and Katie was really sick with the virus. It's taken us until Sunday night for it to be completely gone out of our family. thank god, both of us were so sick!


I flushed my girlfriend's toothbrush down the toilet one time by accident. We were living in a 1920s apartment that had a really tiny bathroom. The shelf that we had our toothbrushes on was right over the toilet. One time when I was just standing back up from bending over to flush the toilet, I knocked her toothbrush off the shelf and it fell right into the toilet and instantly got sucked down. Or so I thought. It actually lodged in the S bend inside the toilet. From that day on, the toilet would clog really easily. One time when it was bad, I had the maintenance guy come and clean it out. At first I didn't say anything, but eventually I told him about it. He couldn't get it out with the snake, so he had to take the toilet off the floor and hold it upside down while pouring water in the drain side to wash the damn toothbrush out of there. I made sure to never let that happen again!

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