Hey guys I'm new here. Well, I am 34 and I wanted to tell you about an accident I had yesterday. Okay, I was in the car with my friends. We were in the middle of no where and couldn't get to a rest stop for 23 more miles ahead or behind us and I really had to pee. After a while, I had to unbuckle and sit on my leg. Then something bad happened. I realized I also needed to crap. So I'm sitting on my leg here, and I can't get out because the traffic is horrible. Well, I can feel the shit making its way out. So I slowly removed my leg and put my hand over my butt in my pants. Pee started to leak out. I removed my hand quickly, and put it over my vagina. It didn't stop, so I put my finger up it. My friend had to avoid an oncoming car and slammed on the brakes. The shit came out wet and silent. My friends were up front, so they didn't know I was having trouble- they didnt even know I had to pee. And they didnt know I had shit my pants. Well, anyway so I sat in my soiled panties and felt sick. All the sudden, I could feel the seat around me getting warm. The shit was leaking. I took a towel and cleaned it up, then sat on the towel. I removed my finger from my vagina and was fine. 7 miles later, the car was turning. I put my hand in my crotch, but I was too late. I peed myself. My friends didnt know because the radio was loud. When we finally got out at a rest stop, the girls saw what I did. They helped me to the bathroom, then said they'd wait outside. In the bathroom, I couldn't do anything. So I went outside, I couldnt find my friends anywhere and saw there car was gone. I waited and waited and then tried to hitchike, but people saw my accident through my tight pink jeans and turned away. I finally called my mom to pick me up. She broughtme extra clothes and I changed and put my dirty ones in a bag. I love my mom, she's the best, she didnt even say a word to anyone or tease me, se just helped. Hopefully you people out there have had a person like her when it comes to haveing accidents or troubles! love ya, c ya later! -Carmie

In regard to Rip's questions:

How often and how bad do you get stomachaches that make you poop? I don't stomaches that make me poop very often.It'll only happen if I eat too much dairy or if I'm having my period.
Do you hold/massage/push on your stomach when you poop? How do you do hold the side,middle? If I have diarrhea, I'll hold my stomach and if I'm constipated, I'll push or rub my stomach. I hold the middle of my stomach
Do you grunt/stain/graon when you poop? What do they sound like (do you go "nnnn" or "uhhh"? Do you exhale after? I'll grunt and strain. If nobody's home, I'll make really loud 'nnnn' and 'uhhhs'. If somebody is in the house, I'll usually exhale quietly.
Do you sit on tiptoes? Yes

I went on a job interview this morning. It went very well, but lasted about two hours. Normally this length of time wouldn't be an issue but this time it was. Probably for the last 45 minutes of the interview I really needed a bathroom, and it wasn't to pee. I wasn't about to ask to use the restroom and I didn't know how long the interview would last. I also didn't want to embarrass myself afterwards by asking to use the restroom. I think I did ok hiding the fact; I don't think they even suspected my need. I got out to my car afterwards, which was parked some distance away from the office windows, and when I got into my car I carefully let go of some smelly farts. In doing so, I could now feel a firm stool wanting out and I knew I had to find a bathroom and real quickly. I knew there was a new "extended stay" hotel right down the road and thought this would be my best option. By the time I had gotten to the hotel parking lot I was like so ready to go it wasn't funny. I carefully got out of the car, keeping my butt as tight as I could as I walked briskly the short distance to the hotel entrance. Fortunately when I got into the small lobby there were no other guests and there were two young women about my age at the front desk. I told them I had just come from an interview and needed a toilet in the worst way and that I was close to soiling myself. They were very understanding and pointed me to the single-occupant ladies restroom. I quickly went in, turned on the light / fan switch, locked the door (by this time, probably because of anticipation, my stool started inching out a bit) and quickly went over to the toilet and sat my bare bottom down. Oh, it never felt so good to be on a toilet and I just let it happen. I didn't even have to push, it just came out by itself and it was firm all the way and gosh did it feel good! After about two minutes I was done; I didn't even have to urinate at all which was kind of surprising. I sat there for another minute just enjoying the feeling of a satisfying bowel movement. I wiped a few times, putting the tp on the side of the bowl and stood up and saw three long firm pieces of poop; it was one of those times when you really don't want to flush, if you know what I mean. But I flushed, washed hands, and exited the ladies room but leaving the light and fan on because it smelled some. I went up to the desk and both women were still there. I thanked them for letting me use the restroom and told them briefly that I had been needing a bowel movement during much of the interview; the one girl said that has got to be the worst and that she was glad I made it to a toilet. I told her that it felt so good to finally go and both of them laughed a little and agreed (I think we all have had times like that when it just feels so good to go). I thanked them again and left. Whew!

First of all I'd like to say that I'm 20 years old, kind of thin, have (un)naturally blonde hair, and am very open with literally everybody about my toilet habits. If I need to pass gas, I'll do it, if I need to pee, I'll announce it, and if I need to poop I'll make no secret of it, and I absolutely love to tell people of my escapades and accidents. As a middle school and high school student, I had more accidents than every student in my grade combined. During my sophomore year of high school, I peed myself three times, and soiled my panties once, and had several close calls with both of them. I still remember when I soiled myself during my sophomore year in high school. It was halfway through the year, and my teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom because I couldn't find my planner, which had all my hall passes for the quarter in it. So all through class I struggled to hold it in, but when the bell finally rang, I had been focusing on holding it in, and the bell surprised me, and my butt opened, and forced some really solid poop into my already pretty tight jeans. I then had to get up, remember, it was solid, so there was an OBVIOUS bulge, and had t walk to the nurses office, where there were seriously sick kids, and I had just crapped my pants. I then had to tell the nurse WHY I needed to go home, she for some reason needed evidence of my claim, as if a lot of students come in saying "I just crapped myself and need to be excused to clean my butt off." So she turned me around, and stared at my bulge for a moment or two, and called my mom, and from what I could hear she said something like "Your daughter has dirtied her undergarments and will need wither a fresh pair brought to her, or will need to be taken home." My mom, who doesn't seem to care about how embarrassed I am, decided to bring me a fresh pair, and had me strip down in a stall, clean myself off, and hand her my soiled panties so she could try to clean them, she then handed me what I thought would be another pair of my panties, but was instead one of my little sister, who is potty training's pull-ups. I argued and screamed and everything, but she made me wear it, "Just in case." God, those were embarrassing days...

does anyone else get alot of buttplugs? I mean the big round hard turds that come out first and stretch your butthole. I drop those occasionally. It takes a lot of pushing and theres always the sound of gas trying to escape around the sides. When I'm done they make a thud in the toilet and are followed by the big main turd.

Lucy Lu
Today I was at the school after my run. Without charlie. I was waiting to take a rather urgent poop when a teacher asked to go infront of me. It was urgent but.. i said alright go. when i got in there there was no toilet paper... the janitor came in right before i closed the door to put more in. He was struggleing with it and i said hurry in the nicest way possible. When i pooped finally it was like pooping out rocks then like some water came out. When i was done i wipped and got the hell out of there

I am curious to know how far other girls pull their panties down when they are having a bowel movement and if it matters where they are having it. Also, how far do you pull down panty hose or tights? I prefer to pull my panties down around my ankles and generally strech them out and go up on my toes, but I don't always feel comfortable doing this when I am in a public toilet, unless it is people I know real well, like in my dorm. When I am in a more public place, especially if I hink I might get walked in on, I keep my panties just barely above my knees. I don't know why. I just feel more comfortable this way. I also try to stay more still, rather than moving my legs around which I tend to do when I am more comfortable.

I am curious to know what you all think about talking on the cell phone while having a bowel movement. I tend to grunt and sigh a lot and am uncomfortable because I am afraid the person on the other end will hear me, though I have a couple of close friends I am comfortable doing this with. I am also uncomfortable when others in a public restroom are talking on the cell phone while they are going. Earlier this week I was in my dorm bathroom. I was finally getting some relief after three days of being constipated. My roomate Maria was in the next stall was also going to the bathroom, but much more quietly. She was talking on the cell phone to our World Civ TA about a paper. The woman must have overheard me grunting and said something. Maria identified me by name, saying "That's just Estrella taking a ..." I was sooo embarassed! To make matters worse the TA asked my if I was feeling better the next time I saw her in class.

Even if you are comfortable having others hear you going to the bathroom, remember that in a public toilet there may be others present who are not.

Outdoor Toilet
I've been making alot of posts lately. but heres one that's been bugging me as i've been reading old posts. PEOPLE ON THIS SITE, AND EVERYONE: if you witness someone peeing or pooing in their pants, do not taunt them. be kind, and be helpful. especailly if you dont know them, because first of all: for all you know they could have problems with their digestive systems. second of all: haven't they been through enough already? third of all: how would you feel if you were waiting for a bathroom, or looking, or whatever, and you just happened to let go. wouldnt you feel alot better if people didn't make fun of you? if i had an ACCIDENTAL accident, and people made fun of me, i would cry, go to the bathroom, clean up, then just cry and cry. it's terrible the way people treat someone when they've had an accident. i dont care how old they are: it can happen to anyone, any age, any time. think about that next time you meet the girl, or guy, who just couldn't wait.

Messy Poops
Hi, I'm a 16 years old female and constantly have what I call "messy poops" meaning whenever I go poop it takes more then wiping with toilet paper to clean myself up. My poop is usually solid but it always leaves a mess on my backside and a huge mark in the toilet.

I don't like using the bathroom at school (or any other public type bathroom) because of this reason but the other day I had no choice. I had gym class on Tuesday and I had been gassy the whole time. I tried ignorning the cramps I was feeling, they weren't that bad and I thought I could survive until 2:30 when I get home from school. Well, about an hour after gym and eating lunch I couldn't ignore it any longer. I went to one of the less used girls' bathrooms at schoool and got myself comfy on the toilet. No one else was in there so I wasn't too worried about someone hearing me. I let a lot of long farts that echoed in the toilet and then I felt a pressure against my butt hole. I could feel the poop making it wider and wider and it actually hurt quite a bit. When the poop was part way out it stopped coming! I couldn't believe it. I could feel it dangling but it wouldn't budge! I pushed and strained but no luck getting it out. I tried staying calm cause I knew if I got nervous it would make things worse. Well, even though I stayed calm things didn't get any better. I sat like that for over 10 minutes. I reached around my back side and spread my butt cheeks thinking that would help. My butt hole was hurting so bad by now it wasn't funny. I was so grossed out but I ended up having to stretch out my butthole to help the poop out. The part that had been stuck in me was much larger then the first part that came out.

So this poop left me with a messy backside and messy fingers. Luckily during all this no one else had come into the bathroom. I wiped and flushed, but I wasn't completely clean. I pulled up my pants and waddled out to the stinks to grab some wet paper towels and soap and then went back in the stall to clean myself up.

I felt a little full from after dinner so I headed to the bathroom.
I peed for 20 seconds or so and then I spread my legs apart and started to push. 5 minutes or so later, I felt some pressure on my hole. I leaned forward and pushed a little harder. I heard a crackling sound and so I pushed harder still. I looked between my legs and see a small, brown piece of poo drop into the toilet. I pushed a little more and two brown balls followed. I wiped once and then flushed.

To Rip- Menstural cramps are completely different from a stomache ache. its a feeling i dont think a man has felt because they dont have that body part. so be greatful. lol

Pee Girl
1.) How many times do you go pee a day? 8 or 9
2.) How long can you hold it max.? we went rogaining (its hiking but you have to find checkpoints) and i went at 6am before i left. i had to go during the 6 hour rogainw, and i told the 2 boys in my group, but they wouldnt go back to start where the toilets were. so we got home at about 7.30pm and i still hadn't been. i went straight into the toilet though. so 13 hours is the longest.
3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out? well, in the last month i've only had 1! amazing! i had bad asthma and was on the phone to my friend. i had to go before she rang. anyway i started having a coughing attack and a bit of pee dribbled out, enough to soak the front of my undies, but not my pants.
4.) What do you do when you really have to go? do a pee dance and hold myself or cross my legs. if im sitting down i push the heel of my foot against my pee hole. it really helps!
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? 20 seconds max, even when i held it for 13 hours.
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? never measured it, but about 20 seconds of full stream.
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain. YES! i found a contest on this site, and i changed a few of the rules. me and my 2 friends played it, and amazingly i won! we had to drink a litre of water every hour, and if we went to the toilet we lost 300 points, if we went somewhere other than a toilet we got 200 points, and ifwe wet ourselves we got 500 points.

hope you llike my replies
Pee Girl

Poll (female) about having to pee urgently.

All female friends of this site will know how it is when you are dying for a pee. Could you please describe what you do to hold your pee in when your need is almost unbearable, assuming first that nobody is watching you. Say "yes" or "no" or make any other personal comment to the points:

1) I cross my legs: Yes
2) I bend my knees: No
3) I press my fingers against my crotch: yes, alone or with friends
4) I raise one knee, then the other, and so on: yes, all the time
5) I make up and down movements with my whole body: all the time
6) I hop from leg to leg: yes
7) I fidget with my feet and fingers: yes, especially at school
8) I press my thighs together: Yes
9) I put one foot on the other: yes
10) I sit on my foot, pressing myself against my heel: yes, alone or with friends
11) I try not to move my body at all: NO!!
12) I try to think of something else: no
13) I concentrate completely on holding my pee back: No
14) other: I find that walking helps, so I walk around.
Which of these methods do you apply when you are in public? cross my legs, walk around, hop from leg to leg.
Did you ever voluntarily let your need grow towards that stage although you could easily have gone to a bathroom much earlier? I guess you could call it voluntary, but I usually just don't go when I can because I'm having too much fun, cant be bothered, or are to busy.

From Pee Girl

Thanks Christine thanks for you post its god to see other use the skirt hide method
Well after watching the 2 girl I had to try what they did but I was not as brave as they were so I got the urge to poop the next morning quickly look out the tent nobody around.
I quickly put on a long skirt removed my knickers and slid out before my boyfriend woke walk over to near where the 2 girls had gone knelt down legs apart skirt well out the way.
I then started to pee into the grass which lasted 30 seconds, I then pushed and I could feel my anus start to open and as I pushed my turd slid out I had to raise up a bit as I felt the turd hit the grass to allow it out with a final grunt,
I did not feel any more so I quickly wipe and stood up as I stepped away I saw my creation a 12 incher 1.5 wide.
Just as I moved back to my tent I saw a slim girl pull down her shorts squat down and start to pee a gusher by the time I reached the tent she had finish also heading back to her tent.
More account to come later.

Josh, I can't beleive your dad is so open with you about shitting. In my house(as well as many other american households) the subject is NEVER discussed. That is why America is so backwards compared to Europe. When something is made taboo by soceiety then people tend to wnat to do it more.

dirty girly
Tim (and Sarah)

hey love your stories,, you and your girlfriend have the kind of relationship i want with my boyfriend,, and i think we might be getting there, Keep up with the great posts,, it gives me awsome ideas for my own life,,, thanks again you guys are great

40 year old pooper
Hello, I am a first time poster here. I am 40 years old, a proud mother of 3 wonderful girls, I weigh around 130ish and am 5'8" Oh yea and I love to poop.

First off I have a story from when I went to a Peace and Love fest when I was around 20, in other words I went to a hippie festeval. As in all other hippie fests it is a clothing optional affair. Everyone there took advantage of that. When there, people would just poop and pee openly, if I needed to poop I would just stop where I was walking and drop a load right in the road. it was so cool how nobody thought anything of you pooping and peeing anywhere and they would even do it in your presence. The place did have a giant bathroom smell to it but i dont mind the smell of poop, i think it is kind of relaxing.

Second thing I do a lot is get into challenges like who can poop more, fastest and who can hold out the longest with out doing it. I will go up to my cabin in the woods and I will go with a few of my friends and we will have rules to the games. For who drops the biggest load- 1. no clothes, 2. only the foods that are at the cabin can be used to poop (so we all poop then we start afterr everyone has pooped). for the fastest 1. Pants are removed once poo starts to come out. 2 Winner is the one who's poop is completely gone first. and finally who can go the longest 1. No clothes until after you have pooped 2. If it is a really wet fart then we count it as a poo (my record for this was 14 days, normally this contest goes on for 6 days or so.)

Does any one know if the women's restrooms in the army dont have stalls like the male ones?

To Greg and others
I remember around 2004, I was in the public toilets down Euston Station (London), using one of the cubicles to take a good dump befroe catching the train, I heard a man and his little son scamper into the cubicle next to me, next thing I heard was the father in a strict tone tell his son to turn around and face the door immediately, figuring it was the father that needed to use the toilet I assumed he just wanted to take a piss with the son not looking. I noticed from the shadow reflection only the boys feet and not the father's, this is where my curiosity got the best of me, I slightly bent over to notice the father squatting on the toilet ready to take a dump, he was facing in the direction of the door, so he could keep an eye on his son not looking. It was a light dump with few plopping noises and some sharp farts. He then wipes up, still instructing the son not to look. They or he finished his business and left, caught a sight of him at the wash area when I had finished right after him. An arab man, quite slim, medium height, 40's and wearing the traditional arab attire while the son of course in regular casual wear.
It was quite interesting because unlike the children who could freely laugh and ask questions about their father's bowel movements, this child would have probably been smacked across the head if he had in the slightest questioned his own father's bowel movement.

Here's a survey...
You are sitting in school, and have a SERIOUS urge to poop a LOT of poop. You are taking a test and aren't allowed to use the bathroom. You also have a REALLY bad urge to pee. What do you do?
A. Hold it, it's ok.
B. Go in your pants, no problemo.
C. Wail until the teacher says ok.
(I did A, but when I was going to the bathroom, pee started to squirt and a big poop pushed out. Then I was leaving a trail of pee, everyone was watching, and there was a giant bulge in my pants. Then when I got to the bathroom, I REALLY lost control and pee squirted all over the floor. Not the best day.)

deepcloudnine: In answer to your question, yes, I have used such a urine bag strapped to my leg when catheterized for a week several months ago. I found that I could not pass urine and so went to the local hospital emergency room where a catheter was inserted into my penis up to my bladder.

What I discovered while sleeping is that urine flowed into the bag in prodigeous quantities to completely fill the (one liter?) bag. If I had not awakened to empty it an amazing mess would have resulted.

My name's Caity, I'm 15. I have 2 babysitting jobs which i love very much. I remember a few particular stories that I will never forget. I will explain them in A LOT of detail for you...

This one time, I was babysitting for an older friend of mine who has a 4 year old son, named Matthew. (He was almost fully potty trained at the time, when he was 3) Well, I was watching a movie (or T.V. show, I can't remember which one), and Matthew asked for some water. No problem. I get him a normal size cupful of water. Then some time later came, juice, more water, milk, more juice, and then on his 3rd cup of water I notice him start to squirm..

So then I say, "Matthew do you have to go potty, hunny?"

and he says, "NO!!!"

So I left it alone for a while, untill a few minutes later when "The PeePee Dance" starts going."

so i ask him again, "Matthew do you have to go potty?"

and then he said, "NO!!! I'M NOT GOING!"

so alright, a few more minutes, and I'll take him by force.

at this point, he's still drinking his water, when clearly his little bladder is full to the point of bursting. So then there he is squirming, jiggling, dancing, and now he's sitting on his foot! So then I finally said, "Matthew, come with me, we're going potty!"

His face just squished up real tight, and then he said with his puppy-dog eyes, "But I don't wanna!"

I'm feeling so bad at this point, and I had no idea what to do. So I just said, "Well what do you want to do, then? You have to go pee-pee, matthew!"

he said again, "but I don't wanna!"

I don't really know why any kid would impose this on himself, but anyway...

i said, "come with me, now!"

So he said "FINE!" and we walked upstairs to go to the potty-room. clearly, he's desperate at this point, but he's not giving in. He's clenching every muscle in his body as we walk up the stairs, trying so hard not to let go every cup of liquid he had consumed within the last 4 hours. We get upstairs to the bathroom, and he stands at the doors and says, "I don't want to use this potty!" and I said to myself, "Well what am I supposed to do?"

He's sitting in the doorway, on his foot, holding his crotch, clenching his face, tearing, and he says, I can't wait anymore, Caity, I have to pee NOW! he is DEATHLY afraid of the toilet at this point, and I have no idea why, but whatever floats his boat. I said, "Okay, Matthew, go ahead, do your thing." Next thing I know He comes up to me and hugs my leg real quick, and he's relaxed so I'm completely aware he's gunna let loose at any minute.

He starts STRIPPING his close off of his body, completely naked, he says "pick me up over the potty" and so i pick him up, on my way to the toilet with this 3 year old, and he starts letting loose. I mean I've never seen anybody pee like that IN MY LIFE! I'm in the entry way to the bathroom, a good 6 yards away from the actual bathroom, probably 20 yards away from the potty. I quickly run him over and grab the towel, and i just yelled "STOP!" and surprisingly he actually slowed the flow, untill i could get him over to the sink. I will never give that kid that much juice as long as I live.

(Later I learned, he had tried to sit on the toilet alone, and fell in, and was now scared to go near the potty unless someone was with him.

Hola amigos,

Outdoor Jenny: That was a hot story hon! I would have loved to have been there with you as you were squatting over that seat. You asked if I had any outdoor stories where I had to go in front of someone else. I've had many outdoor adventures because I love pooping outdoors. There's only a few times where I got caught when I wasn't ready to be seen. Once was when I'd been out hiking and a guy came out from nowhere with his dog. His dog came over and started sniffing my butt while I was pooping. I could feel his cold nose on my butt. I was embarrassed because my turd was really a big one. The guy was REALLY embarrassed and kept calling for his dog. He was trying to keep his head turned away from me and was apologizing like crazy. It was funny afterward.

A few updates about me. I haven't found a job yet, but I'm looking. Crystal and I have become very close friends. We were at Dan's house when the both of us went into the bathroom. I was fiddling with my hair as I watched her pull her jeans down. A nice round white butt squashed flat on the seat and she started peeing really hard. We'd been talking for a few minutes when I heard a really hard fart. She giggled and leaned a bit forward.
"You have to numero dos?" I asked.
"Si," she answered, smiling.
Just then---- PLOPPPP!!
It was a real heavy sounding splunk. Her poo sounded like it was made of cement. I could smell it, but it wasn't real strong. After a few seconds she pinched off about 3 or 4 more. Her grunts were like tiny little breaths. "ooh….uhh." All of her plops sounded heavy. After that I could really smell her poop. Crystal looked up at me and smiled, then brushed the hair out of her face. It was really a sexy dump, though a bit ripe. But even that was cool. It was kind of warm, stinky smell.
Her jeans were pulled up tight around her thighs and she had on a black and silver thong. She wiped 4 times and said that something hadn't agreed with her. Lucky for me it didn't. I could see the turds as they were being sucked down when she stood up. It was a quick glimpse, but it looked like a good pile. They were dark brown, almost black, and thick. She also left a bunch of skids around the bowl. On her last wipe, she dug around her butt for about 30 seconds, then looked at the paper before tossing it into the toilet. It was so hot.

This I want to see again!!!


gassy white boi
Hey all,

ZIP--just read your post about taking a dump at Home Depot. That is one of my favorite places to take a dump. It has a real "manly" feel about it.

That guy was trying to pick you up. I dont mind if someone is in there listening to me dump, and I don't even mind if I can tell that they are looking down and trying to see my white breifs. But I draw the line at them standing outside the stall looking through the crack. I have had that happen to me also. One time some old guy was doing that to me and I slammed my magazine against the door and yelled at him "stop f------ looking at me!"

If someone wants to watch me dump, its kewl, but be honest about it. Start talking to me like "hey dude, whats up, taking a good dump?" or whatever. I enjoy sharing a good dump with other guys.

Just don't lurk around all sneaky like some perverter!

To the person who said they cold smell their boyfriend's poop on the couch. Had the same problem with an ex boyfriend of mine, he showered every day so i didn't understand it but when he got up i got that poop whiff and if I sniffed the couch it always smelled, even with jeans on. I remember one time we were sleeping naked in the bed and there was a skid mark one the light colored sheet from his ass.

-second time poster
this is actually how i met my boyfriend, lech.

i was walking around in the mall and stopped at the food court. i drank 2 large sodas,not thinking about my already full bladder.within 30 minutes my bladder was halfway full, after another hour it was filled to the brim and i was struggling to hold it. after 15 minutes i was in total desperation.i had never been to this mall and couldn't find the restroom. i was going to ask a person behind the counter, but suddenly, i just couldn't hold it anymore. just then, a boy (future boyfriend)walked by. i was almost crying it was so full. i said "excuse me sir, but uhhh i kinda needto find the restroom, and quick" he looked back, and seeing me clutching my crotch, volunteered to help "oh, its over in that corner, do you need help getting there?"
i shook my head yes and he walked over to me. "can you let go, he said looking at my crotch, "no i'll wet myself" there were tears streaming down my cheeks. "its okay, you can make it" he said. "i know this sounds dumb, but could you uhhh carry me there?" "sure," he offered grabbing me and lifting me, carrying me the same way you would carry a baby. this part of the mall was pretty vacant, but the clerks were staring at us. "just keep holding yourself, were almost there. suddenly i wimpered and it all came spilling out, i peed all over myself and the boy. the boy did not look angry, but hurried to the bathroom and put me down. he waited outside, urine spilled all over his shirt. after that we became friends and we have had all sorts of pee accidents together.

Hey Zip,

Sorry about your experience at the Home Depot the other day. It reminded me of the time I was a teenager and was forced to drop a deuce at the mall at the other end of town from where I lived.

I was sitting in there doing my thing when this much older guy comes in and starts eyeballing me while using the urinal. I tried to ignore this although it was very uncomfortable. He had to be in his late fifties or early sixties.

Then, the older guy turns around facing me, whips out his whanger and starts masturbating in front of me. Well that was IT and I lost it at that point and I let loose on him with a volley of epithets. I probably said "degenerate" and "pervert" at least twice as he zipped back up and walked out. I didn't see him around the mall after I left so I figured he got the #e!! out of there. I didn't tell my parents afterward although I probably should have said something to them and to mall security, but I felt dirty and disgusting for just having SEEN the older guy do his thing.

I had another experience some years after that in California also at a mall. I was sitting down doing my thing when some guy probably early to mid twenties comes up to my stall and starts blatantly looking at me through the crack. After this went on for half a minute or so I finally chased him off. Unlike the first guy a few years earlier, I did see him walking around in the mall. I walk up behind him and let him know what a disgusting Pig he was. This time, he just kept walking like I wasn't even there.

Anyway, thanks Zip for so many of your other entertaining stories.
Gassy White Boi: I enjoyed your story about the Hispanic guy.

Like you two guys, I too enjoy sharing stories about guys who at some point wind up indisposed on the crapper and I DO have some very good stories still to tell!! Hopefully by God's grace or whatever means necessary we NEVER cross the line and become like the guys in my story here or the guy in Zip's story.

Lina (Lucy Lu's Daughter)
Hey im Lina im 14. i saw my mom posting and thought ide try. I pooped today for 30 minutes and is it normal for ur bum to get a burn feeling my mom sais so.

Hello Kitty,
Well if I am walking on the beach in my bikini with a friend be it girl or guy. I suggest that we walk out into the water for a while and pee there. Now if I am in a bikini I dont want to get wet with no restroom around? I tell him/her that we need to get to the parking lot, then I can him/her block for me while I pull my bottoms down and pee there!
Okies....Love, Amy

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