i am 18 femal. been viewing for a bit and wrote twice, but under a diff name the first. well, i am currently trying to hold my pee to exploding point, i'll see how long i can wait. I did this on new years eve and i think i lasted 5 hours finaly relieving myself in the tub, that was a hard hold.

All female friends of this site will know how it is when you are dying for a pee. Could you please describe what you do to hold your pee in when your need is almost unbearable, assuming first that nobody is watching you. Say "yes" or "no" or make any other personal comment to the points:
1) I cross my legs
2) I bend my knees
3) I press my fingers against my crotch
4) I raise one knee, then the other, and so on
5) I make up and down movements with my whole body
6) I hop from leg to leg
7) I fidget with my feet and fingers
8) I press my thighs together
9) I put one foot on the other
10) I sit on my foot, pressing myself against my heel
11) I try not to move my body at all
12) I try to think of something else
13) I concentrate completely on holding my pee back
14) other ?
Which of these methods do you apply when you are in public?
think of other things and fidget
Did you ever voluntarily let your need grow towards that stage although you could easily have gone to a bathroom much earlier?

Penny from SA. Hi all, hope we are all well. Yesterday I was with my husband on our farm when I felt a strange sensation in the old ????. I ignored it for a while and eventually after some gurgling asked hubby to stop. I would just go next to the road in the grass as our staff where elsewhere.
I grabbed the loo roll that we always have in the cubby and jumped out. After loosening my jeans and getting a leg out of one side of my jeans and thong I put my bum on the sill of the truck. My hole was just clear of the edge, done this often, and I first peed and then relaxed the other end. At first nothing happened and then with almost no feeling yellow paste started to drop out. No wind or effort needed just a continuous ribbon of soft almost watery paste. This just made a heap in the ground under my bum. Vile smell but no farting or gut pain. The heap must have been at least 4 inches high. I reckon about 500ml. It then just stopped, I wiped no smear at all and dressed. Absolutely effortless, feelingless poo. Just very smelly. Got dressed and jumped into the truck and left.

To answer Suzi's Survey

1. How often do you have to poop?
Three times day
2. When you poop, how long does it take?
25-30 minutes(at the most)
3. Do you push a lot, or let it come out at its own pace?
I have to push a lot
4. Does it stink bad enough when you go, you need to spray or use fan?
Depends on how long I was in the bathroom for or if I had diarrhea
5. Do you poop in public restrooms?
6. If you poop in public do you cover the seat?
7. Do you usually leave floaties or skid marks?
8. Do you ever flush the toilet while seated?
If I have diarreha in the middle of the night
9. Do you read or anything to help pass time while pooping? (describe)
10. How do you know when you have to poop?
I can feel something pushing against my butt or I'll get a ???? ache
11. Do you ever clog the toilet?
12. Do you ever get up thinking your done and have to sit back down?
Yes. It happens when I'm constipated or I have just finished pooping
13. Chicks: do you pee and then poop even though thats not you
went to the bathroom in the 1st place?
14. Do you get consipated or have diarhea a lot? (describe)
I get constipated a lot
15. How many times do you need to wipe?

To the person who said they cold smell their boyfriend's poop on the couch. Had the same problem with an ex boyfriend of mine, he showered every day so i didn't understand it but when he got up i got that poop whiff and if I sniffed the couch it always smelled, even with jeans on. I remember one time we were sleeping naked in the bed and there was a skid mark one the light colored sheet from his ass.

poopy 101
One day I ate 2 buritos and chili beans and had to poop so bad, but
the problem was that I was not at my house. My crap was coming out so fast that I just didn't know what to do and I had to think fast before it slid down the side of my seat and everyone saw it. Do you want to know what happened next? There was a big roar from where I was sitting and everyone heard it. I had diarrhea and was sure of it because it felt very mushy and runny and then I know I had pooped myself.
and everyone smelt it ran for there life it really stunk and I needed new drawers.

Gassy white boi,
How gassy are you?
Why are you so gassy?
How old are you?

Monday, February 13, 2006

How often and how bad do you get stomachaches that make you poop?
every now and then, especially when i havent pooped in a while, and i eat something that gives me gas.

Do you hold/massage/push on your stomach when you poop? How do you do hold the side,middle?
no, only when i have a stomach ache

Do you grunt/stain/graon when you poop? What do they sound like (do you go "nnnn" or "uhhh"?
it sounds like unn, and i inhale and push out and sigh.

Do you exhale after?

Do you sit on tip - toes?
ive never really noticed, but sometimes i do

Have you ever witnessed anybody else do these things...friends, family?
For girls, are your period pains similar to a stomach ache..if not what
is the difference.

ive never watched anyone except my younger family memers (think 2-3 years old), and ive watched my boyfriend pee sitting down and fart.

Hi all,

I didn't realise it was so long since I swung by, it's been ages!

Last night I saw something amazing on the TV coverage of the Winter Olympics. An Aussie reporter was doing a travel guide on Torino and amongst the sights he went to a very swank public loo. It was a fully-featured entertainment facility! I mean, it was two ranks of toilets, side by side, no partitions whatever, down the length of the room, with a movie screen at the front end showing local TV! Italians seem to have a serious Bohemian streak! He actually sat on one of them and stared at the screen...

TIM & SARAH -- Hi there! Yes, I did see your response and meant to reply right off. It's a nice family moment to take a break like that and hit a tree. I can't help feeling Josie might like to learn to pee standing up, so she can do a tree or a wall as well, but I quite understand the delicacy of the situation -- how do you teach a youngster? Not just the technique, that's the easy part, but the nicety of where and when to do it. From her delightful attempt to use a urinal it seems she has the will and the curiosity, so it might -- and I say 'might' -- be worthwhile Sarah giving little Josie-Tiger some lessons in the womanly art of having a wee standing up? Not many adventures here lately (except one I'll write up soon!), it seems like the shower wall gets the most attention!

CONNIE CRAPPER -- In countries where they don't use TP it's usually the fingers of the lft hand, and they are then wiped on the ground, through sand or whatever... For myself, when I take a pee someplace other than a stall, like a urinal, I always have a tissue available, in a pocket, tucked in my sleeve, in my waistband, even in my cap (I'm known to wear a baseball-cap!), so I can dab myself and be dry and comfy in my panties as usual.

PRETTYGIRL -- You had an amazing 'ringside' (okay, terrible pun!) seat at your BF's BM. I couldn't imagine how it would be to see something like that up close and personal, though I find it an interesting thought to actually do it that way -- to lie down on a towel or cover of some sort, relax and poo on my bed. Have you ever felt like taking a poo the same way, to feel what he feels? He seems to get great relief from it, and it's very personal and intimate, much more so than sitting on the ol' pot.

PENNY IN SA -- Hi, it's great to see your posts here again! Yes, agreed, some women have no inhibitions at all, and a seat-squat is rather difficult to do, you need to practice it! I've tried squatting on a seat a few times but can't balance and am always afraid of falling off, so I hover if the seat's unclean, or put it up and hover over the rim.

CHRISTINE -- I love your expression, "the lovely satisfied after poo feeling in my bum," that just says it all! I've never done anything quite like your under-skirt poo in the parking field, but read accounts frm those who have, and I think you and your friend handled it very well.

KITTY -- In the scenario you paint, I'd walk into the sea to pee, or just sit down in the wavelets at the water's edge and let go.

Story to post soon!


I've been reading this site for a few weeks now and it is great. So I decided to add a story.

I am from Belgium, in my mid-40's and my husband is 60 years old. We've been together for 5 years, but only married for 1 year now. We are very very close, also in the bathroom.

My husband suffers from constipation and/or hard stools from time to time, often when he is really busy working.

So, I tell you now what happened on Tuesday: I was coming home from work and saw my husband's car in front of our house. As it was too early for him to be home, I was worried. I quickly went into the house and called him. He responded: I'm in the bathroom. Please come here, Darling. From his voice I could hear that he was in pain.

I rushed upstairs and saw my husband sitting on the toilet, red-faced, tears running down his face. He sat there on the toilet naked, what he always does at home when he is taking a dump. I immediately ran to him, took him into my arms, kissing and comforting him. He told me in tears, that he was trying to push out his poop all day and couldn't. So he went home earlier, because he needed me to help him, be with him. As I wasn't at home yet, he tried again, the pressure was so intense. It was so bad, that he involuntarely pushed while he was talking to me.

I looked at his red-swollen anus and saw the tip of his poop stuck in it, only a few millimetres. He told me that this was the result after all this pushing that day, while I was caressing him, trying to calm him down. He was shivering in pain. He said: It's so hard and hurts so much, my Darling. His rock-hard poop was stretching his poor anus to its limits and beyond. As he spoke he held me very tight and close and pushed again with all his might. Again and again, he couldn't stop.

I put some cream on my finger and gently put it on and around his anus. I kissed my husband and told him to try to relax. I will help him. He shouldn't push anymore.

I put more cream on my finger and very carefully tried to insert my finger around the rock like stool into his rectum. He pushed against my finger, but then I managed to grab some of his poop and digged it out of him. More and more, as much as possible. The pressure on his
anus subsided with every poop I digged out and finally my husband was able to push out two very hard turds by himself. All the time he was lying in my arms. Then he was done. I wiped his butt carefully and put on some butt cream gently.

He could hardly stand up and walk, as he was so exhausted and still shivering. I led him to the bed. He didn't want me to leave, he wanted to be with me. So I lay down beside him, holding each other and he fell asleep.

Later that evening he was much better. We talked about his drama and he told me how much he loves me. I of course said the same to him. I could never do this without me loving the person very much.

Then we had some dinner and went back to bed. This time we again showed our love for each other but in a totally different way...

Roman experience.
Last summer I was on holiday in Italy with some friends. On the day we were leaving we had to deliver two hire cars back to the hire company and we had got lost. I was following my friend, who fortunately had all the guys in our group (4) in his car, and I had all the luggage. I had been feeling a bit gassy and stomachy but thought nothing of it. I needed to fart, in the middle of all this nightmare Roman traffic, so I let one out - but it came out lumpy. F??K! I'd shit my pants. I couldnt figure what to do, I had visions of getting out of the car and leaving stained upholstery, complaints from the hire company - so I grabbed my handkerchief and at the next traffic lights I opened my fly and stuffed it underneath into the crack of my arse. At least I might stop the back of my shorts and the car getting soiled. At the next lights I found a tissue and managed to wipe my arse, dropped the tissue out of the window onto the street once we were moving again - at the next junction I got rid of the handkerchief and zipped up. Sort of shit-wiping gymnastics performed in the confines of a car in the middle of traffic mayhem like a demolition derby. Let me tell you it wasn't easy. Later at Rome railway station I ascertained that the damage limitation had been successful, not even a dot on my shorts. I managed to find a clean free public toilet (a miracle in itself if you have ever experienced Meditarranean plumbing), took my rucksack in and changed into clean underpants, without any of my mates noticing. But back on the platform my best mate asked me what was wrong, so I told him I'd farted in the car and 'followed through'! (Do you Tanks use that phrase??) He laughed like a madman and sai it had happened to him before as well. Nice bonding experience in the end!

OUtdoor Jenny
I have a good public bathroom story from the weekend to share. I was at a wedding for a co-worker over the weekend and I had to poo really bad. At the reception which was a bar keep in mind there was the ladies room with 6 stalls, 3 on each wall with no doors. They were all full two were clearly pooping with all the farts and plops i heard and two flushed almost simotaneously. They were on the end so I went down and as I passed, the bride was having a mad case of the squirts. The bathroom was kind of gross and i didnt want to sit on the seat. SO i had a decision to make, cover with toilet paper, hover, or squat with my feet on the seet. I had flat shoes on so I pulled up my short dress, stepped onto the seat and squatted down. Just as I was getting ready to drop this poo a mom and her 10 year old daughter walk into the stall across from me. I let out this HUGE wet fart and a torrent odf chunky poo pours out of my butt, all of which could be seen by the mom and daughter because i was squatting over the seat. The girl just had to pee and she chose to hover, as she did she let out a nice fart as well. Mean while i let out two really long zipper farts and some wet chunky poo, the lady turns to me and says "these seats are gross im gonna follow in your example" I farted and replied with " have at it". She quatted and moaned really loud, her daughter left already, it was like, oooooooh heeere it cooooomes, she exploded poo all over the back of the toilet and the wall. I was wiping at this time, she tried to hold it in and asked me what she shoud do, I told her to just keep going its already dirty and this is a shitty place to have a reception, she said good cuz i cant hol d it anymore, and she released another wave of poo followed by some nice farts. AS i was washing my hands two ladies came in and starting dropping some chunky poo and farts, we talked to them as they pooed and they all agreed it was the prime rib...Talk to you soon...Depserate to Poop, loved ur last post....BYE!

Texas Boy
Well this is a story about my friend Sheli. We are both seniors in high school. So her description, she is 18, about 5'7", brown hair, probably 140 lbs. or so with a little extra luggage in the back and hot. Let me also say that she is in the very top of our class and I am good friends with her in school, although I never really see her otherwise or know what she is like. Man did I get a surprise from her and several other girls today. Well I was sitting down in one of my classes today doing my work one desk away from Sheli and this other group of girls who were talking. Suddenly I hear the word "poop" and an ensuing conversation on the topic. The girls started discussing close calls they had had with pooping and how they loved to fart and see how loud they could make them. One by one they were talking about their accidents they've had pooping and peeing in their pants in the past. Then Sheli started to talk about two experiences she's had.

Sometime within the last year she had gone to one of our local fast-food restaurants and while she was waiting for her order she felt the need to poop. So she went to the women's restroom, only to find that the stalls had no doors and that when the door the restroom was open people could see straight from the restaurant in to the people in the stalls. Sheli had to go so badly though she didn't think twice. She went over to one toilet, lowered her pants and panties and sat down. She immediately began to pee and quite shortly after she was done she began to let out a behemoth of a turd. While she was pushing it out the bathroom door opened and in came another girl of the same age. When she saw the stalls and Sheli in all her glory and in mid-poop, she gave Sheli the strangest look, however she went to the next stall and did a quick pee. Sheli was interrupted twice more and was somewhat embarrassed by the end, but it was something she could not hold back. When she finished, she flushed and left the restroom and got several stares from the other women who had used the restroom while she had.

Her other story goes back to an accident two years ago when she was 16. As has been the topic it seems lately, Sheli was taking a nap and woke up suddenly having the need to poop. She slowly got off her couch on which she was sleeping and went to the toilet and lowered her pants and sat her ample butt down. She let her pee out and was feeling very relieved, then she began to release what she said felt like a monster of a dump. There seemed to be a problem however mid-turd. She felt like something was weighing her down and was very heavy. So she looked and realized she had forgotten to take her panties off. So here is Sheli, this very hot girl, 16 at the time, having one of her largest poops into her panties while sitting on the toilet. She realized the damage was already done and continued to poop into her panties. Her poop ended up being so large that the back of her panties were bulging, already having turned brown, and were beginning to sag under the weight as even some poop was beginning to fall out the back. Although it was a complete accident, Sheli said she enjoyed the whole experience, and even though she said that hadn't happened since, she would love to do it again because it was such a great feeling. So there you have it, never make assumptions about people completely as I had somewhat only to find out Sheli is completely obsessed with poop and going to the bathroom. Hopefully I'll have some more of her stories later or perhaps from me too.

gassy white boi
Hey guys

Went to usual restroom for a good dump again today. Went in with the newspaper and had a seat. Nothing came out for about 20 mins then I dumped out a real long skinny one. It was solid and knobby.

I did however get to witness a good dump, which I know is what yall were waiting on. (yes I am from Texas) (yall)

Anyway, I was sitting there farting away when I heard the door open. I looked through the crack and saw a guy stading in front of the mirror.
Thick Hispanic guy, jeans, white sneakers, white T-shirt, black jacket, shaved head. He stands there for a minute and then picks a stall.

He dropped his jeans and blue boxers to his ankles and took a seat. He was quiet for a while and then started grunting softly. Suddenly he lets out a long "whipped one" Yu know, the type that sounds soft and pops with gas when it comes out. Then he relaxed and then let out several real long and LOUD farts. A few minutes later out came some more whipped stuff.

It was pretty kewl
later--gassy white boi

HA!Sorry just read something on one of the old pages.It said do girls have a communal urinal too like at stadiums?Well in answer to your question-Yeah,we would-if we had as penis!Anyway,more stories.

So,once I was on the train with my friend and she had to do a pee.So she headed to the bathroom but it was out of order so she went back to our seat.We were on a long journey,so she went to sleep and I played with my phone for a while.She woke up squirming and I looked over at her.I asked was she ok and she nodded smiling.She began to hold her ass with one hand and her front with the other.I bent down,under the table separating us,to fetch my bag and saw through her cupped hand a torrent of urine flow through them,as she tried in vain to stop it.She soaked herself the floor and the chair.I sat back straight on the chair and stared at her just as she let out a little crackling sound as she filled her knickers.She looked pleadingly at me and buried her head in shame.
We got back to my house that night and had to sleep in the same bed{no I am not gay}and she was still embarrassed.So,instead of going to the bathroom,I peed the bed and pooped it too.She felt it and thought it was her and started crying and I told her it was me.She was happier then!

To the person who asked if anybody ever took a dump in about a minute, i can tell you that I do that almost all the time. And sometimes my dumps are freakin' huge.

I've decided to make my own survey thingy. A really short one. Here it is:

You're walking along the shore on the beach, with your bathing suit on, when you have a desperate urge to pee, ad you know you can't get to a bathroom in time. There's a lot of people at the beach today, and you're walking with your friend.
What do you do?

Heh. Here's my lovely stories, :P

The first story--I went to this resturant with my family, and by family, I mean, it was like a family reunion. So, I feel the urge to pe. I excuse myself, and...oh, you wanna get straight to the bathroom thing, right? So, I'm in the bathroom, I use was one of those bathrooms where it's a male AND female restroom, and there's stalls. and so my cousin walks in. And I just finished washin my hands, and so I say hi to him, stick my hands in my pockets and walk out. So, then I feel something gooey in my pocket, take my hand out and there's some melted chocolate on my hand from when I put my hersheys bar in my pocket when we went on that walk(it was mid-summer). My cousin looked at my hand and figures out it's chocolate. I decide to have some fun. so I climbed on the sink, ignoing my cousins question about what I was doing, and wrote something on the mirror with my finger. It said "I ran out of toilet paper". And my cousin bends over laughing, and goes to the bathroom, I smear chocolate everywhere, wash my hand, then this othe guy comes in. What a suprise he must of had!

Here's another. I was on the bus behind this 4th grader, Erin, (I was in 3rd grade) and this annoying 1st grader, Emma, sits with her. They're enemies (they used to be friends) , but they had to sit next to each other cuz they were asigned seats. So she whines "I have to go potty." Potty? I outgrew saying 'potty' in preschool. Well, my friend used to say potty when she was in 3rd grade with me. Outgrew it in 5th grade. Her little brother didn't wipe his own but until he was in 3rd grade. Then, her other sister...takes too long in the bathroom. So then I hear Emma give a little wail, Erin says "ew!" and I see this puddle heading straight for my feet. So I quickly get on my knees, and look over the seat. Well, let's just say we were delayed about 20 minutes, and she went home with dark pink pants.

Here's a story about when my cousin and I were 7. My older cousin Kyle had to watch me and my cousin *in story 1* (lets call him Cuz, okay? That's not his real name, though...) and never let us out of his sight. Well, when Kyle was too involved with tv, we snuck in the crawlspace, and Kyle goes around yelling and we giggle, he takes us, dragging me by my hair (ouch) and Cuz by his arm. And he run and raggs us into the bathroom, chucks us into a see-through bin, and we lay in there, silently, and he goes to the bathroom, and 'goes' and hen tells us to shush, and don't go the (instertcursewordhere) anywhere, and shuts the door to the cabinet the bin is in. Oh, what quality time! So, after a while, Cuz says he has to pee, I said, "nothin' you can do." So that really gets us obessed with pee. He tells a few stories himself, but he wouldn't want people he doesn't even know to know, would he? So he has to go worse. SO worse, he flips over, buts the cover off as much as he can (wihich is just a small crack) and pees. It goes flying everywhere! I we actually glad the lid was on us. So, then, I hear the dorbell ring. Oh, and Cuz didn't have his pants off. if he let go of his pant he would of flooded the bin, so I hear my aunt say,, "where's (instertmycousinsnamehere) and (instertmyrealnamehere)?" I laughed evily. he would get it! so he lead us to the bin. my unle saw Cuz's pants wet, and scolded Kyle. We never had him as a babysitter again.

Saved by our skirts. I've been enjoying reading the posts for a while now so I here is one of my own. Last summer my frient Juliet & I camped at a hippie music festival down in Somerset. Everything we take for granted is harder work at these festivals. After both of us had eaten a large vegetarian breakfast I felt that I was bullding up for a good dump, I said lets go find a toilet, she said she needs her morning dump as well and I can feel pressure building up in my bottom. Now I Juilett can panic if she cant find a toilet if she needs a dump when we are out, she feels that she cannot hold it for long. The portable toilets at these festivals are the blue chemical type that soon begin to stink after heavy use so I was not looking forward to it. When we got to the toilets the queue was huge, there was look of panic on Juiletts face, I said you can can hold it, we just have to wait. I could feel a big turd pushing hard to get out it was very unconfortable, trying to hold the turd in I could see Juliett was struggling as well. Every so often the turd go back in a bit so I did not feel so desperate for a while before a stronger urge would then hit me. As the queue was moving slowly I said lets go and find a hedge. Luckly we were both wearing long Gypsy skirts so I thought we could neel down in the grass and try doing it under our skirts in the long grass. Juliett said I am nearly doing it so she came with me. As we walked I could now feel the turd starting to poke out of my bum, my bum was so unconfortable as I walked, I thought that if lost consentration it would be in my panties. We found a more remote corner of the car park field where less people would be with long grass, we neeled down on the grass and aranged our long skirts around us so no one would think we are having a dump, I managed to pull my panties down under my skirt, there were people around so we had to be careful, I relaxed my bottom, Immediatly the disconfort turn to such
a wonderful feeling as I felt my bum hole stretched and I felt I long fat turd slide out of my bum and into the grass below such relief, I could feel oads come out getting softer as it came out. I could now feel the big turd squash up between my bum and the ground, I finsihed off with a nice pee. Juilett looked relieved too. Wiping discreatly was difficult so we decided to go back to our tents to wipe our bottoms and put the paper in the bin. We waited a moment before standing up after we did there wwere two big turds both at least a foot long in the grass. Walking back to the tents I had the lovely satisfied after poo feeling in my bum. I will always were long skirts at festivals.

About a week ago i went to this mexican restaraunt and ate this mexican plate and it didn't agree with me. I left the resaraunt and i got into my car and started heading towards my house. My stomach started to swell up a little bit and i felt bloated. My ass started to feel like it was gonna explode so i stop about a Shoprite and I went into the bathroom. And i ripped down my pants and all this diarrhea exploded out of me. I still felt bloated but i felt well enough to leave. I got back into my car and got on the highway. About 20 minutes in my drive I felt more diarrhea coming but there were no exits to leave the highway. I started to panic and then i gave up. I just said f??k it and i let it all go. It all came out and then these wet farts came out and they sounded like farts do when u fart under water. It smeled like rotten egg's and rotten meat. I got home and I felt yet another wave comeing. this time i was ready and i rushed to my bathroom and i sat on the toilet and I had so much diarrhea this time that my legs actually lifted up. I had diarrhea for 2 more days. I threw away those pants cuz they were stanined. I washed them and the stain came out but they smelled like absolute diarrhea.

Has anyone had to poop so bad that when they sat down their poop comes out so fast that their ass hurts so much and then u have explosive diarrhea? That happens to me once a month whenever i have diarrhea.

My dad and me were travelling last weekend and we stopped at a truck stop to eat. After we ate we went to the 'little truckers" room as we both had to crap. We were lucky that both of the doorless toilet stalls were unoccupied. We both sat down, and exploded...Shit flew out of both our asses, farts like firecrackers was funny...wiping time came, and I heard my dad rip the last of his toilet tissue off the roll. Within 2 seconds,, my dad is standing in front of me yanking toilet tissue off my roll, his small uncut dick was a mere inch from my face as he pulled the tissue, he wiped his ass while he was standing in front of me and tossed his soiled tissue into my bowl, just in front of my dick..he then smiled at me, turned around and spread his buttcheeks apart, and said...'clean enough for government purposes" hiked his pants up, as I finished wiping my ass. We washed our hands and finished our drive, as we chuckled about it all the way home

Outdoor Toilet
TO NAMELESS TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL: laxitives work the same on everyone who's constipated. if you don't need laxitives and you take them i don't know what hapens, but if you're really constipated and you take them, you do stay on the toilet for a long time. well i did. and it can damage your insides, laxitives, so don't take them unless you need them. when i was your age i took an extreme amount of laxatives, and that's really not good because now my digestive system is all f???d up. but ya...laxitives in the movies are just for comedic value

When I say toilet, I don't mean toilet. I remember the first time I pooed outdoors. So heres the story.

I was on my way home from a friends house. My family was going out at six, and it was five thirty, so I figured
I have some time. I took a detour, into a park a couple blocks away, and I realized then, that I probably would
have to poo before I got home. So I decided to at least try now. I don't like pooing when others are around. So
I looked around the park for a decently private bush or something to poo behind, and I eventually found
something good enough, a ditch no one probably goes it. I was beside someone's backyard, but I didn't really
care. I pulled down my pants just over my ass, not even all the way. I pushed, hard because I wanted something
to come out. Something DID come out. Only about two pieces fell onto the ground. Unfortunately, the poo kept
coming out. The bad thing is it came out into my pants. Fast, so I couldn't stop it. I could see someone coming,
so i pretended to be looking through my pockets, as I pulled my pants up, and walked, slowly, away. I knew I
didn't want to run, and I didn't want anyone to see me waddle, so I pretended to be tired. So with poo in my
pants, and I could feel it, and it was a pleasent feeling, but what ruined it was the humiliation and paranoya
that came with having a load in my underpants. Well I walked closer to home, and when I got there, walking to
the door, I felt some of the poo fall down through my underpants and down my leg. I was so embarassed but I was
pretty sure no one knew. Still I felt awful. I rushed to the bathroom, which is downstairs. First, I got
annother pair of pants and underpants. Then I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. First thing I did I
pulled down my pants, and picked the poo out with toilet paper, and dumped it into the toilet. Then I check
inside the pant legs to see if there was any more poo in there. No, there was none. Although it smelled pretty
bad. I took the new underpants and pants, put them back on, then I pulled them down to my ankles, and sat on the
toilet, I had to know if I might have had annother accident in the car. Well nothing came out but I DID just
poo, so I wiped. Then I left the bathroom, and threw my dirty pants and underpants (there was no stain, just a
really strong smell, I don't know why) into the laundry. And I was walking back upstairs, I found a piece of poo
that probably just came out from my pant leg and onto the floor. I looked along the path to the bathroom there
were two. So I picked them up (washed my hands after) then sat on the toilet, just for the sake of sitting with
my pants down, and hardly trying to poo, until we left. No one had any idea! Since then I've been addicted to
'accidents' but I haven't really pooed outside at all since that. I have some stories about porta potties, maybe
I can put those on later, but for now gotta go! Oh by the way, I'm sort of saving up. I'm going to get really
constipated, right now it's monday and I haven't pooed since saturday, then I'm going to go to a public place,
and make sure someone notices, I'm going to poo in my pants when I'm sure there will be a HUGE bulge. I'll have
to make sure I'm near a bathroom though. More on that later. Please comment this post.

PS: sorry about the bad format, i wrote this on a word processer and cop

Just a couple of questions:
How often and how bad do you get stomachaches that make you poop? Do you hold/massage/push on your stomach when you poop? How do you do hold the side,middle?
Do you grunt/stain/graon when you poop? What do they sound like (do you go "nnnn" or "uhhh"? Do you exhale after?
Do you sit on tip - toes?

Have you ever witnessed anybody else do these things...friends, family?
For girls, are your period pains similar to a stomach ache..if not what is the difference.

Okay, so here are the top 6 places I've gone pee other than the toilet:

6. against the wall
5. a trash can
4. my closet
3. my back pack
2. paper bag
1. a bucket in a janior's closet

Here is the #1 story: I was in Peter Pan, and I was Tinker Bell. My outfit was little more than sparkling underwear. So I'm about to go on stage when I reeally have to pee. So I go to the bathroom, but its occupied. So I find a nice little closet, find a bucket and start peeing but then the drama teachers calls my name. He's coming closer so, still peeing, I run out the door and TA DA onto stage. I'M STILL PEEING!!! Then my outfit rips and you can see my BIG boobs. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Hey Tim (and Sarah).

Thanks for the compliment on my story about the young dad and his 2 mischievous kids who gave the neighbors a narrative of his BM. I can just imagine the kids later on when they saw their mother in the mall and yelling out "Mom! Mom! Guess what!! Dad made a really big poop!!"

Anyhow, you did mention of how you handled a child of the opposite sex and she ended of getting her dress wet. Yikes!! Oh well. I guess that was as good a time as any for her to start learning the difference between girls and boys.

Boys for some reason do seem to have a stronger fascination with pooping in general than do girls although young children in general always seem to be fascinated by it.

I do remember one time when I was at the mall and this one guy didn't have any choice but to bring his little girl into the bathroom with him. I would say this little girl was a pistol but daddy handled the situation with grace and aplomb.

It happened a few years ago when I was out running some errands and hit the facilities at the mall right after lunch. As I was doing my business, I heard the guy dash into the oversize handicap stall and telling his little girl to be nice while daddy went potty.

This guy was obviously at least semi-diarrheic, because he was already unbuckling his belt as he entered the stall and hurriedly dropped his pants. The guy then let loose with the loud ffffloooosh of very soft, very loose, very wet shit that gushed out of him for the next 12 seconds or so mixed with very loud farts the whole way. Meanwhile, the little girl already runs out of patience and runs to the door and unlocks it. Still gushing with soft, loose wet shit, the guy calls out to her, "Honey, we need to keep the door closed and locked while daddy's on the potty, so do me a favor and keep the door closed and locked until I'm done."

The little girl complied with her father's request and then started asking her father questions.... "Daddy, is your poop brown??" She asked. "Yes honey. Most everyone when they poop, their poop is brown." He replied squirting out yet another long wet fart.

"Daddy, why does it smell so bad?" She asked. "Well honey, sometimes when people don't feel so good, the smell is there to tell them they have to fix whatever's bothering them." Was his reply.

"You don't feel good, Daddy?"

"Not really honey. After we're done here, Daddy's going to take his medicine and go home to rest."

"Oh." She replied in a curious voice. "Is that why you've had to poop so much today?" This last question seemed to indicate this wasn't dad's first or even second trip to the can that day.

"That's right honey. Sometimes if people's stomachs are bothering them, it can cause them to poop a lot."

They talked a little more as began to wipe. As I finished up dad was just starting to wipe. Father and daughter emerged as I was finishing up at the sink. He was about 5'10, 170 pounds, 30-35 years old with a middle-eastern olive complection, dark hair and dark eyes. I think the little girl was about 3 1/2 - 4 years old with similar olive complection, dark hair and dark eyes.

Oh, as for Jason and Jeremy in my prior dumping-daddy story, I figure the older brother was about 3 1/2 while the younger one was 2 1/2.

Was at the home depot today. This one has a female employee cleaning the men's room. I walked in and she's mopping the floor inside a stall. I ask if the restroom is open. She comes out of the stall, points to it and says "ok". So I go ahead and enter the stall. Two other stalls were already occupied. I took the one next to the handicapped stall. I wipe down the seat, drop my underwear and shorts, and have a seat. I hear her in the next stall, mopping the floor. I see the mop come next to my feet. I guess now she knows that I was wearing red briefs and that I get up on the balls of my feet while crapping.

I tried to be quiet while dumping, but I couldn't help it. Out come some farts. I guess she knows that guys fart while dumping, but it was still a bit embarrassing. I saw her throught the gap around the door as she was mopping outside the stall. I go ahead and stand up and while wiping. I finish up just as she exits the restroom.

Hey, Gassy white boi, glad you like my stories. I haven't had too many recent dumping experiences worth writing about. Sometimes I'll dump in the nearby park. Most of the times I'm done in a couple of minutes and I don't see anyone come in. Other times, there are guys who come in and linger at the sink in front of my stall after they use the urinal. They take way too long washing up! I think they watch as I wipe. Hey, if they wanna see me wipe, go for it. I don't even mind talking to them as I do it!

Someone asked if I had "seen the movie dumb and dumber." No, I have not.
Princess asked "what is the 'strangest' thing that you have ever flushed down the toilet?" and I would have to answer that it was the bright neon orange urine that I whizzed into it when I was taking medication for a bladder infection.

Happy Hiker
Somebody mentioned his friend taking 1 minute and 7 seconds to poop (having timed it, hehe!) and asked if anybody else takes the same time. Well, that's typical for me. When I get the urge, I head for the bathroom, drop my pants, immediately push out the BM (possibly with a grunt or two), wipe (usually 2 or 3 times), and flush. Less than a minute. I'm amazed to read people posting here about spending 40 minutes on the toilet! What are you guys doing all this time? Straining? Waiting for an urge? Meditating?

Weird experience at Home Depot. I was taking a crap in the large handicapped stall. It had a busted door lock. Everyone had left the restroom. A guy comes in and takes the stall next to mine. I can tell by his shadow and the position of his feet that he's peeking under the stall. I don't see his head, so I figure he's just watching how my feet are positioned, or maybe he likes my briefs with the green and blue squares on them. No big deal. I start to wipe. He wipes and exits his stall. By now I'm standing while wiping with moistened paper towels. I see his feet come to the front of my stall. He opens the door just as I'm wiping with my right hand, pulling my left cheek away from the right with my left hand, with my t-shirt hiked up and my jeans and briefs down at the floor. I finish the wipe, and drop the paper into the bowl. I grabbed another paper towel, expecting him to close the door. I figure he just wanted to see someone take a dump or wipe and he'd leave. He just stood there and looked at me and smiled. He pointed at me. I frowned and shook my head no. He raised his eyebrows and nodded yes. I said "no" and shook my head no also. He still stood there and so I reached for the top of the door and said "no" as I closed it.

He didn't freak me out, but it was sorta weird. It would have been really weird if someone would have walked in while he was doing that. The guy was strange.

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi there! Hope you don't mind if I report a little strange solo adventure I had, but I found it an interesting experience. Anyone ever pooped in the bath? I had done it in a lake and the sea before, but this was my first time I remember in a bathtub:
I attended a conference for a few days and besides lots of work there was lots of eating as you are always provided with food. Starts with a big breakfast buffet in the morning, same for lunch, coffee and cake in the afternoon and of course dinner with your business partners at night. First night was rather long and I just fell to bed and got up late the next day, quickly getting some breakfast and rushing to my meeting. While I sat in the meeting I had quite an urge to poop, but I couldn't really leave. When we finally broke for lunch, I went to the gents, but by now I couldn't go anymore. We had a little break before dinner so I went to my hotelroom and tried to go, but nothing but gas came out. I took my „homework" to the pot and while I worked over the next day's schedule I sat on the toilet and tried to poop, but apart from some farts no luck. So I went to dinner. This time I did not join the bar team afterwards but withdrew for an early night. I had quite an inviting looking bathtub in my hotel room and I fancied a good soak and a good sleep. I went into the bath and relaxed. After a little while I had to pee, so I just let go. I always pee in the bath, doesn't bother me. Then I had to fart again. I just relaxed and made the water bubble. I continued creating my own whirl pool for a while, when I felt like there was more to come out. On the one hand I was quite happy, the bath had relaxed my body and it seemed my bowels were ready to evacuate again. On the other hand, I wasn't feeling like getting out of the bath, given the chance I would get out, dry myself and the realize that all I could produce on the pot was another trumpet solo. I wondered what it would be like to poop into the bath. On the one hand the thought was very odd, on the other hand I quite like to poop under water, as I have done a few times outdoors. I was quite tired and feeling cosy, so I postponed the decision a bit. When the next urge came up, I was not sure if it was another round of bubbles or a brown torpedo ready to launch. I just gave in and let it come out slowly. It bubbled and then I felt a turd starting to slide out. I held it for a second. Was I really gonna do that? But now it became very uncomfortable. My body had enough of me playing around and announced with a cramp that it was ready to finally get rid of all the food that had entered. I thought about jumping out of the tub, but then I would already have been in for a mess. Having to dry off with a turd half way hanging out and jumping quickly onto the loo would lead into a cleaning action anyway, so I might as well relax now. So I did. With great pleasure I released a long knobbly turd into the water that came out slowly and smoothly. It was a really enjoyable sensation. I continued and pushed out three long and four smaller pieces of poop. It felt very nice and naughty to just lie back and poop but not such a mess as pooping your pants, which I personally hate. After I finished I peed again and then made my way out of the bath, as it stated to stink. I shook my head at myself when I saw the turds swimming in the water and it was a bit yucky to clean up, but somehow it was also good fun. Anyone ever tried this as well? Would be interested to hear about it? Regards Tim

To the lady whose boyfriend makes the couch smell. It may be that your boyfriend has a flatulence problem (it's fairly common) or else has trouble wiping when he's been for a #2. I know it's a sensitive subject but maybe you should broach it gently with him. Perhaps it would be a good idea to persuade him to shower thoroughly at least once a day, preferably after he's had a bowel movement. Putting on clean underpants every day is commendable up to a point but it's not of much value if his basic personal hygiene isn't up to scratch.

Mig. Bowel problems are not uncommon, least of all at your time of life. It's perfectly normal to not do anything for a couple of days but going for five days without having a motion and then experiencing an urgent need is a little unusual. I suspect it's probably nothing to worry about but if you're at all worried I'd make an appointment to see the doctor and get checked out.

Tim & Sarah. Hi. The unexpected can certainly happen and it's always as well to be prepared.

Best wishes to everyone!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I moved in with my boyfriend about 6 mos. ago. To my dismay I soon discovered that sometimes when he sits on the couch in his boxers, the couch will begin to smell like poop! He does shower at least every few days, wears clean underwear every day, and uses baby wipes on his butt, but still I'll be sitting next to him on the couch and all of a sudden this horrible poop smell will waft my way. I lean my nose towards the couch a bit and WHAMMO it definitely is poop coming from where he was just sitting. He also farts a lot, so I'm not sure if this is happening because of wet farts or the need to shower more often, or something else.

Has this ever happened to anyone else and if so, what can you do about it? I have had a decent number of other boyfriends and NEVER had this problem. I'm very clean so its really bugging me out. I won't let him sit on the couch anymore, he has to spread a blanket on the couch and sit on that, so at least we can wash it when he makes it smell like poop. I really do love him, are there any suggestions out there on what can we do???

Used a toilet stall withour a door yesterday at Wal-Mart .... None of the 3 stalls had doors so I just picked the middle booth, since the room was empty. Soon as I sit down, the door flings open, and a cascade of men start walking in... Some head for the urinals, some come to the shitters. Few moments later, it's farts and stink-bombs. and the rustle of toilet paper ripped off the core and crumpled into hairy cracks. It was fun.

have you ever randomly pooped yourself while sleeping?

im 20 and its happened to me like 3 times. i've never pooped my pants like while awake but on three separate occassions i've woken up from a nap with a mess in my pants! i dont know why it happens but it does. the first time was on the way home from my grandparents house when i was like 14. i was in the back of the car and it was late at night so i was napping in the seat. eventually i woke up and i noticed a really bad smell and that my parents had their windows wide open. i shifted in my seat a little and i just felt this mush underneath my butt. my heart started to beat really hard right when i realized i had pooped my pants! i was so traumatized i just didn't say anything because my parents were obviously too weirded out to say anything to me. the second time it happened was 10 times more embarassing than that. in my sophomore year of high school i had this study period where me and a few of my friends would go to this quiet part of the library and either do homework or sleep or whatever because it was in the early part of the day and we were always tired. well one day only me and my friend katie were there and the whole time katie was at a computer printing stuff up and i was just in that back corner taking a nap at a desk. i woke up when the bell rang and i could feel it immediatley, i pooped my pants again.. it felt pretty solid and i could feel this sticky mound of poop taking up the whole seat of my jeans. i just sat there for a mintue pretending to go through stuff in my bag and i just waited for most of the people to leave the library then i went out the side door, but unfortunatley i couldn't get to the nurse's office without walking past a lot of people and several kids saw that i had pooped in my pants because there was a big bulge on my butt and a smell. it was so hard to not cry. when i was at the nurse it was embarassing enough having to stand in the little waiting area in front of like 3 other kids when i had poop in my pants, and they all looked really uncomfortable. that felt like an eternity! then i had to hear the nurse tell my mom on the phone that i had "soiled my pants" and needed her to come pick me up. that was difficult to explain to her in the car..

i always just passed them off as weird accidents i had from not going to the bathroom when i should have, because i had no other way of explaining it, but the other afternoon i was at my boyfriend's house and i took a nap on his couch while he was doing homework. sure enough, i pooped my pants when i was napping and woke up to my unpleasant situation. my boyfriend kind of laughed about it but seemed sympathetic but i just went home right away.

it's weird because i never pooped myself in bed like during a night's sleep, only when napping in a place other than my bed. anyone else experience anything similar?

Old lady lol from New york city. Im now 60. I have some of the most embarissing moments ever. hear is a recent one. Ladies think u have trouble having a bm at 30 or 40 try 60. when it comes im always rushing to the toilet. today i had a bm for the first time in 5 days. I was walking down the mall when it hit me like a rocket from my rectum. now this was the most cheezyest mall ever so you can imagen i was hardly excited. Part of this bm was pure water but then i got on to the logs. it was envigerating you could say.

Gassy white boi
I have lurked here for years and actually posted a few times under a differrent name.

I am really surprised at the number of public RR I have been hearing about with no stall doors. Here in Houston, I rarely, if ever, encounter this situation. Even at the national retailers that have been mentioned, all the restrooms have stall doors. Maybe its becuase Houston is a major tear-down city; most stores are fairly new buildings. I think the worst thing about no stall doors is that the employees have no good, relaxing place to take a dump. As a customer, I have the option of taking my business elesewhere, which I will if they don't provide me with adequate bathrooms facilities (any corporate people listening?)
American companies have reached a new low in their treatment of employees, and now not even giving them a private place to take a dump is the ultimate low.

and now a story:

The other day I went to the mall for some shopping. I ate at Taco Bell and as usual, was feeling a little gassy. I went into a bookstore to get something to read, as i was planning to hit the restroom later and let out some wet gas. I can literally sit on the toilet for an hour farting wet farts. One of the dept stores in the mall has a nice, 4 stall restroom, which seems to attract a regular group of guys that sit for long periods of time. Anyway I bought my magazine and was on my way the to restroom when I felt a strong cramp. I tried to let it out slowly but ended up dropping a mushy little nugget into my white breifs. No big deal for me really. I get to the restroom, pick my favorite stall, drop my shorts and underwear all the way down, and settle in for a nice long dump. About ten minutes later I heard the door open. I glanced through the crack and saw a young Hispanic guy enter. Hey, I like to see who I am going to share a dump with. He took the stall next to me. He was wearing white tennis shoes and blue jean shorts. He sat down, dropped his shorts, and I could see that he was wearing white boxers. I noticed a pretty big skid mark in them. He pulled out his cell phone and started playing with it. Meanwhile I was letting out some pretty good farts. After about 5 mins, he started farting VERY wet and loud farts. He spread his feet out furthur and started grunting and more wet farts came out. He really had a lot of gas. The whole time he was kind of muttering to himself under his breath in Spanish. He quited down for awhile and then his cell phone rang. He answered it and then hung up, and then a few minutes later another Hispanic guy comes in and sits down and starts grunting real loud. I figured out that this was his freind who had obvoiusly called him. I thought the first guy was done but the he started blasting out loud wet farts again while his freind was grunting, obvoiusly with no success. They were talking to each other in Spanish and would laugh at the other when they farted or grunted. It sounded like the second guy was really constipated. After about 30 mins of this, they started to leave. The second guy didn't even wipe his butt, I guess he never got anything out. The first guy did not wipe as much as I might have guessed, by how much wet shit came out of him. After they left I checked their toilets, and the first one had shit spalltered in the bowl and under the seat. By this time I was done and went home.

This was a really great buddy dump experience.
Zip if you are still around I live your stories.
Todd you also have some good ones.

Hey you guys!

Can anyone tell me....what is the "strangest" thing that you have ever flushed down the toilet? Did you watch it go down successfully, or did it clog....scaring you to death?

I think the strangest thing I've ever flushed down the toilet was a dead frog. Yuck! I remember feeling kinda bad as I watched him swirl down the hole, but at the same time, I didn't know what else to do with his lifeless body!

Its been a couple days since i could poo, but the last time i had a bad stomach ache, and just laid in bed for a few hours. finally i had the urge and sat on the toilet. it didnt feel like anything was going to come out at first, but then with a push i could feel a soft one speed out of my ass. then it felt like more, push and pfftt and some liquidy stuff came out. i wanted to get more out but couldnt. i looked and saw that the first one was bigger than i expected around 6 inches and next to it was a small pile of mush. it was brown, but like a bright brown and looked mushy.

Pr@nk$$ta Pr!Nc3
Have you ever had a ?????(pardon my french) neighbour. I did when i was 15 and her name was Edy. When she moved in we did not get off to a good start. She bought a brand new house across the street just her no husband. My mom said be nice. the first fight we got in was i was playing lacrosse with my brother and i bounced a tennis ball off her car. Even though nothing happend she brougth me to my mother and bitched. One afternoon i had the house to my self.. i was outside practicing my lacrosse when i saw her franticly asking neighbours things going from house to house in the middle of the day. No one was home. . . I was her only she tried to ignor her pain right before she popped the question .. um can i please use your bathroom.. wel im sorry edy but im going out ..she said your mother gave me a spare key to your house just tell me where the bathroom is and i will lock up. I said alright one minute i gotta unlock the bathroom. I went in pulled up the filter lid and disscombulbulated the toilet. But not so busted that i could not fix it. I walked out having no place to go and knowing ill be back in five minutes and walked away when i looked back at my house i had a smerk on my face as i saw her doing the penguin walk. I sortive figured she had to poop cause if she was that despreat just use a bucket or something. In about five minutes i walked in to my house and said I forgot something then i heard banging and curses coming out of her mouth like ??????? thing flush or flush u bitch. . . i knocked and said is everything ok in their. she said NO! the ???????? thing wont flush. ..

I then heard her break down and begin to cry . i waited 10 minutes of this crying before i knocked and opeaned to see poop splashed all over the seet with this woman just sitting there help less. i felt bad but w.e she was a ???? to me so i got my revenge. i said wipe and go. il fix it... she pulled her self up pulled her to tight for her ass jeans while she was walking i noticed a little bit of poop on her boot. lol ?????????????

I had had to poo all day, but the urge wasn't strong enough yet to have to go badly. But as I was playing a computer game, the poop was ready to come out. Unfortunately, my dad was cleaning the bathroom and I didn't want to have him have to stop cleaning so that I could relieve myself. I waited for him to finish cleaning and finished palying my game before I got up and went to the bathroom, the urge was so bad that I almost pooped myself on the way to the bathroom! I sat down on the toilet and pushed. The tip of it came out, and then I pushed again and about half of it came out and then I pushed one last time, and the fattest part of it came out and went into the toilet. I got up and looked at my poop. It was dark brown in color and was about 6 inches long. I wiped twice and flushed.

As I write this, I feel as if I haven't fully relieved myself, so I'm going to finish writing this and go back to the bathroom.

Any guys ever used a leg bag urine collection system with a condom catheter? If you haven't, go to your local home health store and purchase one, you can get everything for under 20 bucks and it's awesome. The condom catheter rolls over your dick like a regular condom but is stronger and attaches to a tube which goes down into a bag strapped onto your leg. It's totally discreet when you're wearing pants and you can pee anywhere without anyone knowing. Pretty cool letting loose while talking to someone and they have no idea what's going on. just check every few pisses to see if it needs emptying and there's a spout at the bottom so you can put your foot on the rim of the toilet, open it and drain the bag. Also cool peeing your pants without getting them wet!

Tim (and Sarah)
Rizzo and PV: I hope you saw my reply. Got mixed into the old posts.

Greg: Thanks for the story! It made me laugh so much, although I had every sympathy in the world for the poor guy as I very much remember the mischief my own little rascals could be up to when you are in such an uncomfortable situation. I quite often had the runs when they were younger and usually they were very sweet and took it for the fact of life that it is, that daddy needs to poop as well. I just once left them to wait while I rushed into the stall to give a similar performance like the young guy. My daughter took he opportunitiy to try out something new in her four year old curiousity and tried to pee into a low urinal completely soaking everything mostly herself. It's not an easy one with public toilets especially if you have kids of the opposite sex.
My brother-in-law also took his three year old into the stall cause he had to perform an urgent dump. The little one watched with fascination and filled his pants in a joined effort. My brother-in-law did not even notice at first, just when the smell of good load followed him out of the gents into the shops he realised it wasn't his own scent he had been smelling.
Well, thanks again for the laugh.

Just a quick question: The other day i was with my friend Bob and he announced he had to take a dump. He entered the bathroom, i heard pants being pulled down, grunt, ploop, and wiping. He came out in 1 minute 10 seconds (actually it was 1 min and 7 seconds cause i timed it) ¿has any of you gone so quickly? ¿Would he just pooped a little and then finished later?

A lot of stories on here tell of people having diarrhea at school or work, etc, but hardly anyone ever seems to go home afterwards! If I had any kind of runny shit whilst I was out, I'd go home straight away!

katlin(smart guy's girlfriend)
hey, everyone. i just wanted to post a few of these story up.

1.this happened about a few weeks ago. when my boyfriend went to work at around 7pm at night, and will be back at around 2am, and i stayed at the apartment. at around midnight, i was cooking my boyfriend some late night dinner, until after a few minutes, i started to feel that i needed to shit. so i decided what the hell, and just pulled down my pants and panty, and just let it rip when i was just standing up. it was a short one, it was only 4 inches long. after it dropped onto the ground, i just cleaned it up, and just dumped onto the toilet.

2. this happened when i was about 13 years old, at around the summer time. i dont remember exactly what happened. i was having this stomach ache, because i was constipated for the past 5 days. so i went to the doctors with my mom at around 4:30pm, and the doctor said that i was definantly constipated, because inside my intestines, the doctor saw a long thing in there, and he have a very good feeling that was the poop. so he said that the only thing that could help me is to eat some sort of medician that he told us to get(i cant remember what kind), but he told us that after i ate the medician, i have to stay close to a washroom, because after the effects started to work, it will make me needed to shit. after that, we went home at around 6pm, and went to eat something and then ate the medician. after that, i thought that since i had to stay close to the washroom, i thought i should just take a shower, so i could just hop right out of there, and sit on the toilet whenever i was ready. but through out the shower, i didnt even feel that i needed to poop at all... after 8pm, i went directly to bed.

after around 2:30am, i started to feel really bad pain in my stomach. and i knew that was my sign that i needed to go really soon. but then, i thought that im the only one in the house thats still awake was me. so i decided to not shit in the toilet, but in something else. i carefully looked around to see what i could shit in, and i thought maybe that i could do it in the garbage can that i had in my room. so i quickly locked my bedroom, gotten the garbage can, and squated over it. once i did that, i let this silent fart for 20seconds. then, i started to poop out this hard one. but before a few seconds had passed, i forgot to pull down my underwear. so i quickly pulled down that, and kept on pooping. i was really pooping slowly, it lasted over 20 minutes before it went just a little bit faster. then, after i was about 7-8inches, it was softer, then it snapped, and falled into the can. after that, the poop was sticking out my butt. i managed to slow it down, because it felt really good pooping like this, and i wanted to make this feeling as long as possible. after 5 minutes, i just couldnt hold onto it anymore, and i just went out fast again. it kept coming out, until after a few minutes later, i was finally finished. after that, i looked at my can, and it looked like a lot. i was really suprised that i could poop that much in one day.

after that, i just hid that as well as i could, and thrown away that bag in the woods that was close to our house.

Has anyone every seen the movie dumb and dumber. at first when i saw the charactor Harry ( Jeff Daniels) drink the laxative i figured he would die. While he was using the toilet his legs were uplifted. is that possible. One time i was home alone so I took not as much as him but a good amount of laxative and i pooped about 15 times before it wore off. im a 12 y.r old girl so maybe its different on me.

Hey im Lori ?????????. I tried posting this story since it happened dec9 but it never got through. I work in the home food sirvice industry. One morning I had to work a lunch party for an elderly woman. When i woke up i prepared the fish and beautiful wine sauce. Then i but on my white blowse and my black pants that make my but look big and headed off to work. I arrived to the womans house served lunch and then while i was serving dessert i got a pain in my ????. Then like a rocket it hit me. I HAD TO POOP. egerly i went for a walk and i discovered there were no hallways to lead off to a bathroom. I walked quickly into the kitchen where i saw a staircase going up and one going down. I chose up. I went up there where all the doors were what appeared to be locked but i shook all of them open. FINALLY i found the bathroom. There was an old white toilet which i took it upon my self to use. I lowere my pants and panties soo quickly. as i lowered my self to the seat the poop started racing into the toilet.

This was a painful poop if i might add. I was about done when the owner of the house walked in and saw me sitting there on her toilet. I did not ask to use the bathroom so i did not get up set until she said i dont pay you to go poop you spoiled bitch. she walked over and said lets go now. i wiped and got up and said your making a big deal over this and then she said LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE over my voice. While i was lowering my self some poop landed on the seet.!. she said **** and asked me to leave. she payed me and told me im getting the biggest complant to my boss. i have not heard anything so im not sure if my boss knows

Desperate to poop
Hi all,

I just had a big steamy dump. Came out reall quickly but really sloppy. Stank a bit as well.

I almost caused myself to poop the other night. I had a 40 minute train journey home so decided to enjoy myself and saved a poop. The trains are the newer trains and the toilets are quite decent, especially the handicapped one. I deliberately didn't go before leaving so I could do it on the train. I got on looking forward to a nice dump but the toilet set out order. I expected because we hadn't left yet and it was to stop people from using them

Unfortunately that was not the case and the guard announced all the toilets weren't working due to a problem. I cursed myself as I now had a 40 minute train journey with a rather large poo waiting to be let out. Thankfully to start with I wasn't super desperate, but I was still ready to go and did a few SBD's as the train departed. The train seemed to take for ever to get to the first stop and my need began to grow and grow. I considered getting off but decided I could hold it. At the first stop a lof of people get off. (This was the fast train, or meant to be, so misses a lot of stops).

Afer we left again I let another SBD. Very smelly. I apologised to the lady opposite me, who had just got on and said the toilets are out of order. She said thats ok hope your not too desperate. I smiled and said I should be able to make it, only a couple of stops. Thankfully the train was quick and I managed to make it to the station. I quickly crossed platforms and headed for the toilets. A couple of other ladies followed me from the same train. I got in and luckily there were 2 free cucibles out of 4. I quickly whipped my skirt up and pulled my knickers down to my ankles and let a lout parrrrrrrrrrrrrf and started pushing my rather large turd out. All four cuicbles were now taken. One lady was pooping, the other was gushing a large stream. I could make at least one lady with stilleto's waiting. She was tapping gently so was obviously in need. I finally pushed out my big log which must have been about 14" and 2-3" wide. I had a few more loose bits and then I wiped, flushed and left. By the time I came out twenty minutes later I was the only lady in the toilets.

Happy pooping

On Thursday, I woke up with a horrible stomach ache. I told my mom that I wasn't feeling well and she told me that I could stay home from school. My mom left for work and told me that she was going to be home later than usual.

5 minutes after she left, I had horrible cramps. I dashed to the bathroom and had the most horrible case of diarrhea ever! I was constantly farting and dropping lots of loads of diarrhea. I was on the toilet for at least 25 minutes. I wiped,flushed and went back to my room to sleep. Not even 10 minutes later, I was dashing to the bathroom having another attack of diarrhea. I wasn't on the toilet for quite as long as the first time and once I was done, I went to sleep for a couple hours. I woke up and 6 more diarrhea episodes before I felt slightly better. My mom came home and asked how I was feeling. I told her that I had major diarrhea and that my stomach was still bothering me. She gave me some Pepto-Bismol and told me to get some more sleep. During the night, I woke up and ended up spending the whole night on the toilet because every time I was done, I would fart and loads more diarrhea would shoot into the bowl.

Friday morning came around and I was still not feeling better and my mom said I could stay home agian. My mom left for work and I spent all day in the bathroom having diarrhea. When I was finally done,I took some Pepto-Bismol and went to sleep until 11:30 today.

Saturday (today)-I feel much more better than the past couple of days. I am still having diarrhea, but it's starting to form into my regular poops. I have taken some Pepto-Bismol and my stomach ache is starting to go away.

Sunnday, February 05, 2006

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