Outdoor Jenny
Well this hasn't happened in a while but I actually took a dump outdoors over the weekend. My boyfriend and I went to visit some friends that live in Platteville, WI. We went out to the bars for some serious overdue partying. WHile we were there me and my friend Marcia shared a big order of Mozarella sticks, they were so ????. Well on the way back from the bars I had a little rumble in my ???? and i stopped to let out a fart, it was huge and just as i did i felt this great urge to poo. I knew I wouldnt make it back to their apartment so we were walking behind this old building and I saw some air conditioning vent things that would give me enough cover. So i told everyone to stand by, I went behind the machines, my friends could totally see me but I didnt care at this point, pulled down my thong and panties and relaxed. I farted two long zipper farts before letting out two nice waves of mushy poo I let the last little bit fall out and I used some kleenex my friend gave me to wipe it was rather messy though, I almost used the whole bag.

Desperate to Poop, Carmalita, Punk Rock Girl I love your stories, can you recall any good and farty outdoor stories where you had to do it infront of people????

some young guy
hey have I got a post for you!
This is a peeing accident that happened a couple of year's ago.
When I was in grade 6 I was in my school's library signing out a book when I had to go pee really bad.I was about to be late for class and I figured I could hold it until I got out of the library boy was I wrong!! I started to pee as I was leaving I didn't completely soak my pants and boxers but almost. It's a good thing I had extra clothes for a skit I had to do later that day. It's a good thing nobody found out!!!!!!!

To: PunkRockBoi

How many hours can you hold it for on average?

Yesterday was a crazy and busy day for me. I didn't get to eat lunch until about 4:00 p.m. I had a barbecued chicken breast and fries. Not a big deal. As soon as I got home, I cut a fart....and it was rank! I went and sat on the pot and the next thing you know this huge massive turd popped out, followed by a shower of runny diarreah. I was like, where did this come from? I'd had no heavy or bad meals all day long. So I wiped up and decided to run some errands and then go to the gym. On my way to the gym I decided to invite my friend Greg to go with me. So I pull up in front of his house and call him on the cell and ask what he's up to. He's like, "I just got home from class and I'm taking a big dump!" So I walk up to his front door and it's unlocked. I walked in and there he his is taking a big crap with a book that he's reading. This is not a big deal, we've crapped and seen each other naked many times before. History is not being written here. lol So he wipes up, (he does this sitting down, wiping back to front) and decides to change for the gym. I go into the restroom to pee while conversing. I feel the urge to fart, so I pushed and there was shit about to fly out. I quickly pulled my pants down and another shower of runny diarreah came out. It sounded like I was peeing out of my butt. My buddy was like, "dude what did you eat?" I checked my undies, thank god I didn't soil them. I wiped up (also back to front) and went to the gym. Thanks goodness there were no more incidences of "almost" accidents.

I'm New Here
I have been reading posts here off and on for awhile here and I must say I love the stories about real life desperation events. Yesteday I met up with my best friend who I haven't seen in months and we met for dinner. Even though I'm a guy and she's a girl, we've always managed to stay just great friends and not take it any further. I'm 28 and she's 25. We drove out to a nice restaurant which was about 30 minutes from us because we both used to work out that way. After a great dinner in which the meal was excellent and we talked forever, we headed back. Not long into the ride home as we were still talking a lot, I noticed Mickie was fidgiting around a bit and moving around but I honestly didn't think twice about it. By now, once you leave the outskirts of town, there is really nothing but farmland for about 20 miles. Finally as I was doing most of the talking, I noticed she had her hand on her stomach and had a strange look on her face. I asked her if she was OK and she said she was getting stomach cramps. I asked her if she wanted me to head back to town so she could find a bathroom but she said no she thought they would pass. As we were bout half way home, she was starting to look worse. I could tell she was embarrased as she sat there clutching her stomach and wincing. She kept apologizing but I told her not to worry about it. Hey it happens! Finally she was almost crying and said she really had to poo bad now. I told her I'd pull over and find a secluded spot but there was a lot of traffic at the time. In some weird erotic way, while I really did feel bad for her, I was turned on by the thought of her crapping her tight blue jeans. I finally found a little pull-off and there was a little embankment just behind it. I helped Mickie out of the car and she was crying and saying how sorry she was about the smell. She had leaked a little poo into her pants but I helped her get out of site and she riped her jeans down and hovered over the ground. I could hear her going wave after wave and she finally stopped and I gave her all the kleenex from my car. When we got back in the car I massaged her t????y for her as she kept saying her stomach hurt. We finally made it to a gas station and she was able to clean up some and still had to go again. She kept saying how much she was glad she was with me and not anyone else if this happended and we spent last night together for the first time ever after being friends for 8 years.

Mikey J.
I actually have a story to share of when I was in 8th Grade at the age of 13. This is one of my most humiliating poop stories, but here it goes. Well, the Rodeo was in town. It was my first time ever going. We had a fun day of eating good barbecue, fun carnival rides, and of course the bull riding. Durring the middle of the bull riding games, they called all kids of age 13 and younger to the middle of the stadium to play a game. The game was to catch a baby cow that had a bell around it's neck. We were to try to grab the bell and win the game. Well, to make a long story short, I did'nt win, but I did alot of running whichkind of upset my stomach. Just think about it, eating barbecue, riding rides, and now this. I had realized that I had not taken a poo all day. When we exited the stadium, I had a terrible urge to go. I hurried to the bathroom. Well, to my dismay, the bathrooms were crap. They had a giant community urinal, and two toilets sitting very close by. By the time I had reached the bathroom I remember having a horrible stomach ache, and a bunch of poo ready to come out. Well, to make the situation worse, the community urinal was filled with men, and there was other boy of my age taking a poo. I just could not hold it, I had to go. I swallowed my pride and pulled my jeans and my boxers down and sat down. The boy sitting next to me, all dressed up in a cowboy outfit did'nt seem to care. Well, I waited until the bathroom emptied out a little bit before I started pushing. When it did, I let lose a bunch of loud farts and surrendered the huge log creeping out of my butt. I pushed out the fist log with ease, the second and final one I had trouble with. I pushed really hard and grunted while more men started coming in the bathroom. "Damn." I whispered. I just looked down, but I could feel eyes on me. I did'nt want to grunt in front of everybody, so I let the log slide out on it's own. Well, then comes the worse part. No toilet paper. I looked over at the grunting boy next to me and asked him if he had paper. He said no. I was a mess, I couldnt just pull my jeans up because I would mess them up. Then, I noticed tissues sitting on the sink. But I didnt want to get up and expose myslef in fron of everyone. So, I swallowed my pride once again, and asked a man near by to hand them to me. I wiped up, and left. That boy sat there the whole time, grunting. He had it worse than me.

Hey, I'm glad you all liked my post. You must realize, its hard for me to write these things because i find diarrhea really embarrassing. However, sharing that story did relieve some of the embarrassment that I have been living with. Constipation is a rarity for me, but diarrhea happens almost monthly. Does anyone else get it that frequently? Anyway, I would be glad to share more stories with you (there are plenty more, trust me) but in time, of course. In response to camperboy's query, I wrote what county the campsite was in, but the editor blocked it out with question marks. Lets see how much of this they will block out: The campground is called ?????????????. It's in ?????. The place could use some renovation, to say the least. By the way, I'm now 17. My sympathies to Punk Rock Girl and her backdoor blues at the party- it's happened to me, too (salsa and peppers completely liquify my bowels), but that's for another post...

I had a few stomach cramps today, then i got that heavy feeling in my rectum so i went to the bathroom. First some gas, then i pushed and out came a little one, but it was soft... i pushed and all that came out were these 1-2 inch poos that were soft, but i wish they came out more took me a while, but i finally felt that i could not get any more out. I looked and saw they were kind of greenish and there was a small pile. my stomachs still making noise.

but i was just wondering what you guys use to wipe? just toilet paper? me i prefer to use baby wipes because i feel a lot cleaner using them.

Hi me again! My boyfriend just told me that he actually prefers pooping lying down on a towel on the bed with me there beside him than sitting on the toilet. He had to go again this evening at around 5 o clock and asked if I would lay next to him and help him along-of course I said yes! I like to see him pooping because he obviously enjoys the relief (He has such big loads!) and the feeling of the poo passing through his anus. This time he wasn't constipated and when he stretched his legs apart and started to push a huge fart came out followed by a big turd almost immedietly. The next turd made his anus bulge out but it was too fat to pass through so he asked me to spread his cheeks wider for him. Once I did that it came out very fast followed by a fart and some smaller pieces. Since I was down there holding his buttcheeks apart I had a real good view of it all coming out, I've never seen that up close before. Then my boyfriend moaned that he felt like he was going to have diarrhea so i backed off a little bit and watched his anus kind of tremble then squirt out a lot of wet shit (most of it missed the towel) then fart really loud and start straining over another hard turd. I massaged his lower belly and he grunted and pushed and the hard turd plopped into the mound on the towel. After such a big shit my boyfriend was exhausted and as he lay back I gathered up the towel, put it in the bath and then wiped my boyfriend's arsehole for him. It was a totally interesting experience, I never saw anyone poop up close before! Pity about the diarrhea on the bed though. I guess it was worth it!
Luv Prettygirl XXX

Lucy Lu
I was at the store when I had to poop.b4 i talk let me re interduce my self. Hello im Lucy Luciannia 42 years old. I have 2 children a daughter in gr.8 and a daughter in gr.2 and I baby sit a little boy named charley. I weigh 145lbs (I have a ???? bum) I always wear navy blue running tights. Brown Haired.

I had the kid with me so I said to him "Charley Lucy has to use the potty". lets go. I got in there lowered my pants and panties and began to poop. While I was on the toilet I saw Charley had a sheet of paper. I told him to come over hear now. I read on the sheet of paper the words Out of Order! (this was a one toilet bathroom) I said a bad word and put my hands over my face and crowched down. This was lets say a stinker so i got pretty ticked caus this was well lit i could not just walk out. I did not want to get up at all. I said charley wut am i going to do. he crawled around while watching me think. I knew i could not get away with this anyway its people who leave their poop in the toilet that bother me. i sortove pouted then charley said i wana go ome (i want to go home in human languge.) i said one second. he had a little bit of a tantrum then left me alone i tried to flush 3 times. My last resourte try to be a handy woman and fix it. I turned my body around lifted up the lid and took a look. there was a bunch of things that looked broken. FINALLY i gave up and pulled up my pants and panties and picked up charley. i said to my self if anyone notices ill say charley did it. thankfully no one noticed and i got away free no 2 year old can make poop that big.

Anoymous 21 Year Old College Girl
Hi, I'm 21 years old and in college. This happended to me this past Friday, January 27, 2006...

I was on my way to class early in the morning. I was driving my car, about ten minutes away from my college when the cramps started. I could feel my bowels wanting to push out some liquid diarrhea. I farted a few times, they were wet. I got to my college and parked my car. As I was walking to the college, each step was agony, trying to clench together my butt cheeks and walking at the same time. With each step I let out a little wet fart into my pink underwear. The cramps became even worse and I let out big, wet diarrhea fart into my underwear. I could feel the diarrhea swishing around in my underwear and in between my butt cheeks and thighs.

My class was upstairs on the second floor. The stairs were right by the front entrance of the collge, so I went right up to the second floor. I could see my class mates going into class as I was there just in time for class to begin. Not sure what to do, I panicked and went to class, trying to be as cool as possible, even though I had just messed myself.

I was wearing medium to dark blue jeans. When I sat down, I could feel the diarreah squish between my thighs, down the insides of my legs, and up my back. All throughout the class, I still had to go some more. I kept having wet diarrhea farts, trying to maintain my composure and keeping my butt cheeks clenched to silence the sound. After class ended, I made sure to wrap my jacket around my waist and went straight to the girl's washroom. As I was walking to the washroom, I kept on having wet farts. Finally, I made it into a stall, hung my coat up, and dropped my bag. I undid my jeans and pulled them down. The insides of my jeans were a wreck. Still keeping my underwear up for the sake of still having to go, I tried cleaning out my jeans as much as possible. With that done, I proceeded to pull off my messed underwear. I had soaked right through the seat of them with all the wet farts, and soiled them badly with the diarreah that I had. I did my best to empty them out and to clean myself off. With that done, I proceeded to my next class.

I had another accident later that day, in the afternoon, just before my last class was about to end. This one, was probably worse that my morning accident. I had re-filled my underwear and jeans with diarrhea. After that class, I did not stop at another girl's washroom, I went straight home. After spending about 6 hours in dirty underwear and jeans, it felt so good to get myself cleaned up. I was able to get my jeans reasonably cleaned up, but my pink underwear are now in my "period panties" pile.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed what happened to me or not. At least no one has said anything to me.

I'll tell you some more stories of a similar sort later.

Anonymous 21 Year Old College Girl

ela fr indonesia
CD: I use water and wash my anus with my left hand.

2 days ago i had to pee while having english class. I tried to hold until the break but there was45 minutes. Finally i ask to the teacher to go to the toilet and she allowed me to.

The two stalls were empty no one was there. I went into the nearest close the door lifted my skirt and pulled down my panty. I squatted down enjoying the pee coming out of my vagina.

Then someone got into the toilet closig the door of the stall next to me sighing uugh. i heard her step to the wc lift her skirt and pull down her panty. then the sound of diarrhea coming from the stall. I was still in the stall waiting for her to finish her shitting. It took me aroung 5 minutes until i heard her washig her ass. I washed my vagina and then as she came out of the stall. I got out it was my junior ayu. She said "hi ela" and looked a bit embarassed. I asked her whter she was ok. She said yes her stomachache was relieved. I offered her traditional oil that i bring everyday but she refused. We walked together to our own classes.

It was the fifth times i know my friendsdefecated at shcool but till now i still hold the poop when i am at school

To 'EmoGirl': I loved your old posts, this one was pretty good not that detailed so not that great but I love all your posts.

To 'I think I figgured it out': A clever observation, but it's true that MOST women ARE more shy about being on the toilet. I doubt that's why either. It's just because men, boys, rather, can be more abusive to their RIGHT to private stalls. Like, grafiti, and crap like that. I'm 15, but you don't see me vandalizing every stall I see! Guys like that ruined it for the rest of us! Well, us at SEARS, JC Penny..etc...GOTTA GO! POst later!

TO I think I figgured it out:
Unless you're being sarcastic... the usual reason has more to do with reducing crime (shoplifting, vandalism, drug sales/use, et cetera) & public lewd behaviour. Historically, most of the trouble has been in the Men's washrooms, but more & more women these days are seeing their doors removed too in response to similar issues.


I was beginning to believe the laxative I took early yesterday afternoon wasn't going to do anything to clear me out at all... BUT FINALLY! I got some relief around 1/4 to 11 this morning.
I was in class round 10 when I first felt that it was time to head to the washroom - but I couldn't tare myself away from a lecture. It was SUPER-DUPER-DULL, but I was afraid I would miss something important.
First I dropped about a dozen marbles, just like every day for the last bloody month... and then BAM! I pushed... & pushed... & PUSHED!!! and finally a MONSTER (for me anyway) turd over 2" wide, easy, by 7" or 8" long plopped out with a big SPLOOOOOOSHHHHH!!!! Then I let out a much need gasp of welcome relief and just panted for a minute or two.
Once I got my strength back, I let go 4 loose yellow logs into the water.
I still didn't feel 100% empty, but it's ten times better than I've felt in a long time.
>Three wipes to clean up & I flushed it all away - watching as everything vanished in a messy yellow/brown vortex.
After class, I followed my own advice and got an enema to give myself when I have some time this week.

Connie Crapper
Hey all,

Something occurred to me. I've read here from Ella and some others that there are countries where people don't use TP so they wipe with their hands. I wondered, what do the women do when they just pee? Do they bring in a tissue, get their hands wet, or just air dry? Hope one of you can answer.

Strange thing happened the other day. I did my usual pee and poop and cleaned up, then began to stand and pull up my panties. I got this sudden cramp and felt like I was going to blow diarreah so I sat back down. It really felt like a liquid mess was on the way, but then I passed a quick "zipper" fart and that was it. I did dribble a little more pee so I had to wipe again to get the hair dry, but that was it. Anyone else go from thinking they were done, to having to go more, to realizing they actually were done? Any time I've had the first two steps I have gone more, but this time, no. Weird. Bye for now.

Responder: No. I think she came home from shopping about to have an accident, then running up the stairs she did.

Today I had an accident. I asked to go to the bathroom, then I had to go all the way down the hall to get to the toilet! I would have run, if there weren't cameras that go to the office.
I waddled like a penguin, dashed into the girls restroom, and the worst thing happened: all the stalls in use, and five people in front of me!! And there are only five stalls. As I watched and waited, in much pain, one girl was fidgeting really badly. As one door opened, she made a mad dash for the toilet, but I could see a brown stain as liquid poop came flooding. It ran down her legs and then she ran in, crying. She was in kindergarten, anyway.
Another kindergarten girl was crossing her legs and moving around. The stall opened and she got in in time, just before a flood erupted into the toilet (I could hear.)
My pain was worse, and the cramps were awful. I squeezed my buttcheeks and crossed my legs. I watched as three girls left and three more got relief.
It was many minutes. I started to sweat. My eyes darted from stall to stall. The girl with liquid poop came out, looking relieved, and I took her place.
The toilet and one side of the floor was covered with poop. I wiped off the poop from the toilet, fidgeting REALLY, REALLY bad. Just as I threw away the last of the poopy toilet paper, liquid sank into my underwear. Pee started to run. I sat down as quick as I could and relief flooded through me.
I felt the poop pour and pour. I farted really loud and a big poop try to poke out. I pushed and pushed until my face turned red (they have mirrors on the doors). I pushed harder and the monster PLOOPed into the toilet.
More liquid came out, then a measly fart, a big spurt of pee, and I was done. I wiped and flushed. One girl covered from the butt down with smushed poop ran in.
Accident City, huh?

Dave B
There was a funny experience that happend to me the other day that I wanted to share. Well recently, I had be clogging up the toilets cause our toilet sucks and I end up pooping a lot, but the other day I had taken this huge crap and it was really thick and long and probably bigger than a foot (I was suprised that much came out since it hurt so little) and I was a little worried about flushing it since I had that curse of clogging it, but I did anyway and I was surprised to find that it all went down. I'm like "Holy crap" (literally). Well hopefully next time I go it wont clog again.

Lindsay - Sorry about your sister locking the door on you like that. I think it was kind of funny how your mom just rushed in like that. I've never seen my parents use the bathroom before (I never really wanted to). Well hope to hear more stories from you later (hopefully some soft poo ones). I'll be sure to give more stories later.

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