Hey guys. Here's a really cool story about how I met a good friend of mine. It's actually a story the two of us can actually share among our mutual friends in moderated form. This group of course will get the more descriptive version. I've checked this forum from tike to time and it used to have some really awesome guy dumping stories that seem to have dried up as late. Maybe this can stimulate some recollections from the guys out there who have experienced seeing a buddy take a major crap or something like that.

Starting my Junior year of college, my fraternity was having their first rush party of the year and it was just getting underway in the basement and on the ground floor. Our house was really cool since it had a lot of guys with varied interests and abilities including many football players. It wasn't an Animal House by any stretch but there were occasions when those among us weren't exactly model citizens and we puled our typical college pranks. The rush party was really just getting warmed up and I didn't like to fall behind in classes early so I figured I would jsut look over some notes at my desk to lock them in before heading downstairs to join the festivities. Our rooms in the fraternity are actually 2-room suites shared by four guys. Between the 2 rooms is a lavatory with a sink, a toilet, and a shower. You go to the bathroom from your room by going through a small foyer between the rooms that opens out into the hallway.

As the party continued downstairs, I decided I would finish up some work at my desk before joining everyone. As I was working, I heard the door to our side of the floor bang open and heard footsteps come huriedly down the hall toward my suite. Glancing up from my desk, I got a glimpse of a tall athletic looking figure walk right through the foyer in our suite and right into our lavatory. I didn't get a good enough look to see exactyly who it was. I didn't think it was my roomate Dan who was kind of tall but stockier, and it certainly wasn't one of my 2 other suitemates who were each severa inches shorter than this figure. Whoever it was, he hadn't noticed me in the least seeming very intent at reaching his objective.

Getting up out of curiosity, I headed for the door. If it was one of my other fraternity brothers, I could have a litle fun with him. (As most of you probably know, college fraternities aren't exactly bastions of mature manhood.) Walking to my door, I heard the toilet seat bang down followed by a very distressed sounding grunt come from the lavatory. This was followed in quick succession by the clinking of a belt being hurriedly unbuckled, a very fast unzipping sound, the rustle of pants being ripped down, and then the the toilet clanging loudly as if a lot of weight had come down it hard and fast accompanied by another gasp/grunt sounding even more distressed than the first. I paused at the bathroom door a second to get the full effect of my surprise. A split second later, the toilet roared to life with the sound of five very loud rapid-fire farts that resonated with clarion sound quality against the porcelain wall immeditely followed by the volatile eruption of moderately soft excrement crashing into the toilet with violent force. "Wow!!" I thought to myself as I whipped open the door, "This one is going to be GOOD!!"

"Hello!!" I yelled as I whipped open then door banging it against the wall for full effect. "JESUS!!" Yelped my shitting visitor. (I feel I must explain here in an aside since I can't footnote it, as it would turn out, this kid was extremely spiritually minded and would make hundreds of references to Jesus over the course of our friendship that were far more reverent. This was the one and only time I ever heard him use it as an expletive.) I could see immediately that the crapper was someone I had not met. Reflexively, the young man on the toilet started to rise and reached with a huge pair of hands to pull his pants back up before quickly realizing that with a huge load of soft shit hanging out his back door, that probably wasn't a very good idea. Instead, he immediately re-tightened his shitter muscle* to halt the onrushing excrement which crashed inot the toilet with a loud thud. (* Yes, I known the technical term is "spihncter," but I absolutely DESPISE that word with the blazing intensity of a million suns. Somehow, it just sounds WORSE!!)

Maybe I should have apologized right then, but then I thought this was MY bathroom in MY suite in MY fraternity house so I decided to play it out. Besides, since we were having a rush party for the fraternity, this kid was probably a freshman looking to pledge. I figured he might as well get used to a little hazing now.

"Is there something I can HELP you with??" I said in mock disgust. I tried to make sure to put a lot of irony in my voice to not sound too intimidating. Getting a good look at my crapping young visitor, I figured him for about 17 to 19 years old, 6'4 tall and around 205 pounds on a well-sculpted athletic frame that looked incredible on the toilet. He wore a pair of blue jeans at half staff just below his knees which looked new, clean and pressed. Planted flat on the floor were a pair of very large canvas sneakers, boats really, worn on feet I figured for about size 15 or 16. His feet were spaced out about 19-20 inches and pointed almost straight forward, maybe about five degrees out. Looking further up, I saw that my loaded young guest was wearing a new-looking polo shirt that carried a designer logo. His light brown hair was short and clean cut, covered by a very smart-looking baseball cap.

"I'm really sorry dude!" he said nervously gulping as he began. "I needed to shit really, really bad and nothing is available downstairs. Brent ?????? said I could use one of the toilets up here and this is the first one I found."

The kid was right. There were two baths in the basement of the house that were in use to store the beer kegs and the doors were propped open. Nobody ever cleaned them and they were absolute pig styes. I would shit in my pants any day of the week before I would go in one of those hellholes to go. The first-floor powder room had been set aside for hte use of our female guests that evening so it was off limits to the guys, even very distressed guys.The Brent ????? he referred to was also a good friend of mine. Brent had been my roomate freshman year and was an awesome guy that everyone respected. He would go on to be elected president of the fraternity later that fall and be named a captain of the football team the following season.

"Brent sent you up here??" I replied. "Well, I suppose if Brent says it's ok for you to shit in my room, then it's ok for you to shit in my room."

"This is YOUR room??" He replied back apologetically.

"Well not THIS room." I said chuckling. "I live in the bedroom just off to the right. You didn't even see me sitting right there at my desk when you came charging in here huffing and puffing.

"Really sorry about that dude. I didn't mean to ignore you. It's not exactly like I had time to stop and ask permission as you probably could see."

"No problem bro." I replied. "We all have our emergencies from time to time." By now I could see that this kid sitting on my toilet looked vaguely familiar so I stuck my hand out firmly to see how he would react. "Im sorry, but I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Greg ??????????.

Looking at my outstretched hand, the crapper hesitanly extended his but reached out to shake my hand with a hand that absolutely swallowed mine up. "Hi..." he started. "I'm Brian ???????." He souned almost embarassed to reveal his identity after stinking up my suite.

That was it!! Brian ??!! "Oh my Gosh!!" I yelped excitedly. "You're Steve ???????'s little brother aren't you?? Your dad's a Baptist pastor in Kalamazoo, right??" Steve ????? had been a senior there at school my freshman year and had been a Godsend for me. Not only was he the resident assistant in my dorm, but he was also president of the choir where he had sort of adopted me as a "little brother" (a tradition the choir there had" as well as being a receiver on the football team. I have no idea how he balanced out so much responsibility, but somehow, he did.

"Yeah, that's right," Brian replied starting to look slightly more relaxed. "You know my brother??"

"Oh sure!" I replied "Steve's a great guy. He was my big brother in choir as well as being my R.A. He recruited me for this fraternity you know. I saw you make some really nice plays in the (football) game today. You're very talented." (Brian, was in fact a good receiver and would later on achieve all-league status.)

"Thank you." He said blushing slightly. "But I can't take credit for something when it's a gift." This strange answer was my first indication that Brian was a little bit different.

"I had meant to look you up because of your brother and invite you over for dinner at the house one night." I told him.

"You were at the game, how come you didn't recognize me when you charged in here?" Brian inquired

"Well...." I said with a sneaky grin, "Let's just say that your attire is slightly now than it was at the game today," making reference to the fact that he wan't in a helmet or pads and that his pants hung at half staff below his knees.

"I guess so!" Brian laughed with a slightly more comfortable smile. With that, Brian's neck, back, abdomen and thigh muscles tensed as he opened his mouth and his eyes rolled up. Apparently, my new friend was finally ready to shit again, either now being comfortable with my credentials or having no other option. Then, with relentless crackling force, a whole lot more soft excrement erupted out of Brian rapidly picking up speed as it crashed into the badly-needed toilet. The massive surge finally ended about 9-10 seconds later with Brian's eye's rolling up in his head and heaving a heavy sigh. "Hhhhhoohhh..."

"Damn!" I exclaimed.

"Really sorry about that Dude." Gasped Brian. "I told you I needed to crap really bad."

"I guess so!" I said almost admiringly. (I would later find out that Brian had an unusual bowel disorder where an unusual high volume of stool would build up in his colon and lower intestine but something would go awry in the transmission to the brain which creates the urgency to evacuate the bowels. Brian could evidently go for days wth stool building up without feeling the GI contractions until they hit him with almost unbearable force. This had led to some very embarassing accidents as a kid before the condition was diagnosed. From what I understand, there really is no treatment for it. To this day, Brian compensates for this by making pre-emptive strikes on the toilet a couple of times a day even if the urge isn't particularly strong. During the past week, Brian being a new freshman at school had gotten caught up in football, classes, and new friends and neglected to take care of personal business until it culminated in him being forced to erupt on some stranger's toilet in the throes of a massive shit)

By this time, I thought there was absolutely no way humanly impossible for Brian's lower intestine to produce more excrement. I would turn out to be dead wrong. Not only had Brian brought the Browns to the Super Bowl, they were winning it in a rout setting a scoring record in the process. (Incidentally, I wonder how the media will handle the obvious jokes if Cleveland ever actually DOES get to the Super Bowl since "taking the Browns to the Super Bowl" has become such a common euphemism for shitting. What happens if they actually get there and then end up playing........ like crap??

"I'm sorry." Brian replied "What was your name again??" I repeated Greg ????? back to him.

"Oh yeah!!" Brian said looking like a light inside had just gone on. "My brother's told me all about you. In fact, so has Brent ???????."

"All malicious lies!" I laughed.

"Then you must be the biggest prick around because they've really talked you up. My brother .....thinks you're an...... incredible person." Brian had started flexing again and was gasping his words out as he started shitting yet again filling the toilet wth more soft excrement that seemed to be getting even looser now. This time, instead of cascading into the water, the crap just started landing on all the other shit rapidly accumulating in the porcelain bowl. Brian then heaved a closed-mouth grunt/gasp as the surge concluded about 12 seconds later. As he did this, another loud fart blasted out of him. This time, Brian made no apology. I guess he figured he had proven that his need to shit was urgent and that nobody was holding a gun to my head forcing me to stay here. Still, he continued our conversation.

"Ah. What do they know." I shrugged. outwardly ignoring this latest wave of shit but keeping a mental count. (I pretended not to be moved by him telling me what Steve and Brent had been saying about me but it was very moving. Up to this point I really didn't know they felt that way.)

As we continued talking over the next few minutes a series of several short waves of soft shit would cacade out of Brian mingled with sputtering crackling farts. By now, the crap was even softer and looser than before with Brian needing only minor effort to expel it as it landed atop the colossal mass that had that had come before it. By now, Brian looked extremely relieved and beamed contentedly with an ear-to-ear grin.

We spoke for another moment as Brian made sure there wasn't yet another train in the station. This evening, he had been the crapper's equivalent of Grand Central and a couple of those trains were non-stop expresses. When he was confident he was finally done, Brian eyeballed the roll of toilet paper then looked up at me with that wide grin.... "Say, do you think that maybe........" He then looked toward the door instead of completing his sentence. I took the hint. I figured I had seen my buddy Mike wipe the year before and had just seen this young man go through a colossal crap. I figured if he wanted to wipe his butt in seclusion, he was entitled to do so. I then walked out but waited quietly at the door to hear him at work. As the door closed I heard the banging of toilet paper being removed from the wall-mounted holder as Brian pulled it out to sufficient length and tore a section off. Brian repeated this process about 13 times before I heard the rustle of his pants being pulled back up. I then heard Brian exhale a very heavy sigh of relief as he rebuckled his belt. When I heard the toilet flush, I stepped back into my room. The toilet swirled and swirled for many long seconds before carrying its massive contents away with a choking gurgle. Apparently, this initial flush wasn't adequate as Brian ended up pulling the handle a couple more times. I then heard him washing up at the sink before the door finally opened.

.......... When Brian finally emerged from the bathroom he came to my room as we agreed. This was the first time I would see him standing with his pants up. He didn't look all bad that way either although I preferred his previous position. 20 minutes had elapsed since he had come charging up here frantically ripping down his pants and throwing himself on the badly-needed toilet. The powerful aroma of Brian's shit permeated the two bedrooms in our suite and down. By now I had opened the windows in both bedrooms to air the place out. One time, I heard one of my fraternity brothers come through the hall and exclaim. "Oh my God!! Someone took a massive shit out here!!" Then I heard another one say "Shit nothing! Find the dead body!!"

"Hey!" I said with a grin as Brian stepped through the door heaving yet another deep sigh of relief. "You look more relaxed than when I first met you!" This remark brought a big grin to Brian's face. He would later tell me he knew within 30 seconds of me busting in on him because despite the uncomfortable situation he was in, he could see I had a sense of humor and admired my ability to see the lighter side of life.

"Dude, I don't think I ever had to crap so bad in my life!" This was quite a statement considering his bowel disorder. "We almost met with me holding a massive load in my pants."

"Hey. I've dropped a few bombs in there myself so no worries!" I replied. We both laughed at that. Both of us knew there was no way I could compete with what Brian had just done on the best dumping day I ever had, but he had an unfair "advantage" of being able to save up for several days (if that can be considered an "ability" when it's actually a potentially DEbilitating condition).

As we talked for the next several minutes I noticed that Brian's dark blue eyes were very compelling. I couldn't put my finger on it but they seemed to radiate joy and kindness. When Brian looked you in the eyes, you felt like he really saw and believed the best in you. This was comforting considering the unique way in which I had introduced myself to him.

Before we agreed to join the party, I had to make a comment and an apology. "If you don't mind my saying so bro," I began "You seem like a very happy person. I really hope that's true. But if you're not, don't put up a front. My door's always open. I know you carry a lot of expectations being a preacher's kid and being Steve ?????s little brother. But you're under no obligation to be everybody's all-American." (To be fair, I didn't make this up on the spot. Steve had called me a few weeks before from Honduras to tell me Brian was enrolling at the college and asked me to give him encouragement. I had already been giving some thought to what I was going ot say, I just didn't figure I would have to say it this soon under these circumstances!!!)

"Wow..." Stammered Brian. "Thanks so much bro! And you're right. I am happy. 'The joy of the Lord is my strength.'"

It was then that I knew beyond any doubt that in fact Brian WAS different. Teenage guys just didn't talk like this. He sounded more like my grandmother who was like a living Bible-quote machine.

"Cool!" I shrugged. "Hey one more thing. I'm really sorry about charging in on you like that with you on the can. I thought you were one of the guys here and I was going to bust their chops."

"Hey no problem. Two years ago at summer football camp I was sitting on the can after breakfast. Suddenly the window above me opens and these guys start tossing buckets of cold water on me and taking pictures. I'm sitting there drenched and then they posted the pictures all over the place later that week. So, I've been through worse!!"

"Oh my gosh!!" I said laughing at such a typical teenage prank. "How did you get back at them?"

"Oh, I don't believe in revenge. The Bible says not to repay evil with evil but to counter evil with good."

"Oh boy." I thought to myself. I hadn't just crashed in on ANYONE erupting on the toilet. Oh no. No, I had to go crashing in on Billy Graham Jr. I was getting more embarassed by the minute.

There's really lots more to tell that really aren't germane to a dumping forum, but suffice it to say, Brian and I did become relatively good friends. We weren't hang-out-every-day buddies, but good friends. I was later able to recruit Brian for our intramural basketball team. His long arms and big hands combined with his height and jumping ability made dunking very easy for him. Brian did of course eventually pledge to our fraternity and he moved in the next year when I was a senior. There were of course other opportunities to see him pants down on the toilet, but nothing close to him erupting violently like this time. Brian had a habit of never closing the door when he went in to sit on the can and left it propped open unless someone told him to close it due to the stink or there were female guests on the floor. Sometimes he was making one of his pre-emptive strikes I spoke of earlier so his need to evacuate his bowels wasn't particularly urgent. One cool sighting happened though when I needed to fill out an enrollment for to go on a young adults retreat Brian had invited me on sponsored by his dad's church. When I went over to Brian's suite to return the form to him, he was sitting on the toilet wearing nothing but his underpants which were stretched around his ankles he had spaced about 24 inches apart. Brian was farting with a crackling long soft turd cascadsing from him as I reached the door.

"Hey Bro," I said nonchalantly ignoring the fact that he looked amazing sitting there. Here's the form you needed.

"Cool," he said with the crackling soft excrement still cascading from him mingled with sputtering farts. "Let me take a look."

I handed Brian the form and he looked it over for about a minute as 2 more crackling soft turds made their way out the back door.

"Looks great," he said with a sputtering fart. "You can just put it on my desk."

I then went in to the room and waited for about a minut and a half while I heard a couple more crackling waves of soft excrement come cascading out of Brian. I heard the toilet paper roll banging as Brian wiped about a dozen times or so before flushing the toilet twice, washing up and come out in nothing but his underwear. We talked for a few more minutes before I left so we could each get ready for our respective classes.

To be fair, there were a few times where I was on the can and Brian came walking in. He would then just hover over you talking while you were sitting there. Most any other guy this size would have seemed a bit intimidating hovering over you, but you knew Brian didn't have an unkind bone in his body so the intimidation was somewhat mitigated. I never had the kind of violent eruption like he had when we first met either so I had the upper hand on that one. One time, I was at a camp with him on a retreat with his church sitting on the can where the stall didn't have a door. Brian walks in to wash up and brush his teeth. Spottiing me, he walks over and stands right in the doorway like no more than a foot from my knees and keeps on talking. Of course, I have my neck craned to look way up at him (I'm 5'8) while he's hovering over me on the can. I think he figured that if I could dish it out like I had the first time we met, then I had better be prepared to take it as well.

After college Brian and I exchanged Christmas and Easter cards for about four years and he even had me perform some music at his wedding before we lost track of each other for for about eight years. Then, just a few years ago, I get a call out of the blue. "Hey Greg," I heard a slightly familiar baritone voice say through the line. "Can you guess who this is?"

It took me a split second to think.... "Brian?????" I replied.

Turns out he was in town for a conference and wanted me to join him with a couple friends for dinner and maybe we could get some time alone afterward to chat. Turns out I did have some plans which I hurriedly called around to change since you don't say no to this old friend after all these years.

When I arrived at our scheduled spot around 7 that evening, I spotted Brian first. He was now 31 years old and carried just a few more pounds around the waist but still somewhat fit. I knew a lot of football players from school who just let themselves get FAT. His face carried just a few more lines and a few more pounds but still youthful looking while his temples were starting to show just the very slightest hint of grey starting to work in. Gone were the jeans, canvas sneakers, polo shirt, and baseball cap he was wearing when I first met him (or BARELY wearing depending on what article of clothing you want to refer to!!) replaced by a long-sleeve dress shirt , tie, wing-tip shoes, and a pair of dark dress slacks that nicely accentuated what was still a somewhat athletic-looking buttocks.

"B!!!!" I yelled out as Brian and I made eye contact.

"G!!!" Cried Brian as he hurriedly made his way to me. When Brian reached me, he enveloped me in a massive bearhug that pretty much swallowed me up and squeezed the air out of my lungs. I had never realized he felt that way or maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder.

As we talked at dinner with his 3 friends from a business he had started 3 years earlier, his friends were having beers while Brian and I had our typical soft drinks and water. As we talked I was amazed at how Brian talked constantly saying stuff like how God was blessing his family and his business. I thought this was incredible since on the family end, he and his wife had already miscarried 3 children while another died after being born 2 months prematurely. (Brian had married a girl barely 5' tall and for such a small gal to carry and deliver the children of such a big man was a considerable task.) Brian spoke of himself as having 6 children, 2 that were living with him, and 4 that were living in heaven. On the business end, his previous employer had ripped him off failing to pay him tens of thousands in commissions and back salary. Still Brian had a vibrant gloiw and beamed about him and his wife going for 3 more children and setting a goal to be financially free enough to work at least 3 months out of the year in South America as missionaries.

Then the biggest bombshell came when he told me his parents were killed in a car accident a couple years before. I knew Steve and Brian's parents and they were the kindest people who had offered to help me in any way if I ever needed anything. While my heart really went out to Brian, I was almost somehat upset they didn't notify me at the time that it happened. I mean, we hadn't been in touch for a couple years but I always assumed that we were still there for each other in crisis. Brian apologized and said he had thought of me after the fact but everything had happened so fast and the family was under so much stress that a whole lot of things just slipped through the cracks. We vowed to never lose track of each other ever again and we talk to each other at least once a month to this day.

Then incredibly, Brian gets this sneaky gleam in his eye and with a big grin says "Say, do you think we should give these guys the story of just HOW we first met??"

I started laughing. I was extremely interested to hear the story from his perspective so I said grinning, "You go right ahead!!" I had always wondered if maybe Brian may have harbored just a bit of resentment for the way I came bashing in on him with his bowels exploding and a massive shit erupting out of him. Now would be my opportunity to find out.

Brian then turned and faced the 3 other guys at the table and began. I'm glad there were no women there because there's no way he would have told it so well in mixed company. "OK. Picture this. I'm a freshman at school and It's the first Saturday after the first week of classes. We just had a game that day and I'm at the frat house socializing and meeting some of the guys. All of a sudden, I really have to SHIT in the worst way, and I mean the WORST way. I'm telling you this is SERIOUS." I then realized this was only the second time I EVER heard Brian say "shit." He usually would just refer to going ot the bathroom. I had never heard him say "damn" and he seemed physically incapable of saying the "F" word. So for him to say the word "shit" so emphatically meant he was really trying to drive the point home.

"Anyway," Brian continued "I consider a run back to the dorm, but it's seven blocks away. Meanwhile, the urge is getting worse by the second and I realize I'm going to make it maybe two blocks tops before I start filling my pants. There's no available bathrooms in either the basement or the first floor so I rush up to a friend from the football team and ask tell him I'm desperate to find a toilet. He tells me there are bathrooms on the second floor so I go flying up the stairs sweating bullets. When I get to the second floor I go dashing into the first bathroom I see and get on the toilet as fast as I can. No sooner do I start letting loose with a massive barrage of crap when GENERAL PATTON here comes charging in demanding my name, rank, and serial number and scaring the bejabbers out of me!!"

All of us at the table started laughing and grinning. "You might say he scared the crap out of you, huh?" Said one guy in a bad pun.

"Oh trust me," Brian went on, "the crap didn't NEED any scaring out. It was doing just fine by itself!!"

"Oh come on!!" I objected. "General Patton?????"

"Anyhow," Brian continued "I start apologizing and tried to explain that my situation had been urgent before we realized that each of us had heard of the other through mutual friends but hadn't met face to face up until then. Anyhow, I just couldn't stop going to talk and this guy here keeps on talking all the while I'm crapping and crapping and crapping!!"

"Hey, what can I say" I said a bit defensively ""It was a college fraternity and you gotta take opportunities to socialize!! We were kids!"

"Anyway," Brian continued with his tone sounding more serious, "I really came to find out that Greg here is a great guy and an awesome friend." I suddenly felt very humbled and relieved in my spirit.

Brian continued then with a bit more humor in his voice.. "If someone was going to bust in on me while taking a crap, I can't think of a better person! Thanks for being who you are Greg, and you can crash in on me while

I'm taking a crap anytime you want!!"

All of us at the table were laughing quite hard now and i was so happy to hear Brian didn't resent what I had done in our first meeting.

"Gee, " I began with an ironic tone "Thanks so much for you kind words Brian. You can bust in with me on the crapper anytime too!!"

After dinner, Brian's business partners left leaving us to catch up on 8 years and to recall college memories. Since that time, we have not failed to talk at least once a month.

Tuesesday, January 31, 2006

To those who like to use suppositories, lets keep those stories coming. As for me I gave my self a suppository 45 minutes ago and have been reading post here since. Im now writing this message while waiting for the suppository to work. Does anyone else have to wait this long for their suppository to work. For me I sometimes have to wait an hour or more. Im not alaways that constipated but do enjoy the extra urge I get from them. Sometimes if I don't get any results, I will take an enema and that usually will unleah everything thats inside me. Also how long do any of you have to sit on the toilet waitng for the suppository to finish after it makes you go. For me its between 30-60 minutes.Well its time to get that magazine and have seat on the toilet. Im looking forward to the relief!!

i need some help - i'm having trouble pooping. i've tried some laxatives but they just make me feel sick and don't work too well. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to really give your insides a good clean out?

Hey everyone, I'm back!

I've been really busy lately with school, work and exams so I've had no time to post. I just finished catching up on reading the posts. Good stories everyone!

The other day I was at work and I could not leave my cash. There was no one to cover me until 9:00 and it was 8:00 at the time. I started getting really bad gas pains and I knew I had to take a crap badly. I was checking my watch every two seconds, waiting for 9:00 to come faster. I almost crapped my pants a few times. When the girl that was going to watch my cash when I was on break came, I practically ran to the bathroom. I could barely get my pants down before liquid diarrhea sprayed out of my ass. I must have had liquid shit for about 20 minutes. The bathroom smelled so bad after, but I felt better.


Mister Peeper.
Mr. Clogs and Adrian: Thanks for replying to my posts and I always enjoy yours as well. My step-aunt Leann was one in a million and I wish I had more stories to post on her, but she got married not too long after the last incident I had with her in the bathroom. The reason she always had such big loads is, she told me once that it was normal for her to go for two or three days before a "real" urge hit her and the rest of the time she was too busy or either ignored a small urge. She seemed to enjoy and was comfortable sitting on the toilet and enjoyed the feeling of one of her rather long and fat turds. As far as being open about the matter, she explained it as being a part of a large family where they had to all share one bathroom and usually they were in there together and I guess enjoyed the company of one another. We were fairly close and I think it kinda turned her on as well as it did me.

I drank a lot of beer last night, but I have a good tolerance. I wasn't drunk. This morning, I had a case of the beer shits. I woke up, rushed to the toilet, and out sploshed this stinky, mushy matter, followed by a row of farts. It came out so fast, and I thought I was done, but then SPLOOSH! More! I strained to let the last bit out, figured I was done, and flushed.

I wonder why alcohol does this to one's intestines?

I had to pee a lot yesterday too. I need to pee all the time and think I must have a small bladder. In fact, I pee so much that my girlfriend makes fun of me for it. Sometimes, I need to pee even when I haven't drank anything. Every morning, when I wake up, I need to pee. I think I must pee at least 15 times a day.
I love the feeling of needing to pee, holding it for hours, then releasing. It feels so liberating coming out, and I think my longest piss ever probably was about 45 seconds.

I love the feeling of a good piss, and a good poo.

To Mikedude: I heard from a girl that in Japan, the toilet stalls play music. You close the door, and they say something like, "This music of cascade waterfall will be played for your privacy." I'm not sure if they have that in the mens' room too or just in the ladies'.

To Shara: welcome. Isn't it nice to have a forum like this where you can talk all about trips to the loo without being seen as strange or uncooth? I'm becoming addicted.

some information on celebrities:

jann arden did an interview with netscape and she admitted to being sick during a concert and shitting her pants during the first song. Shes a trooper though because she did the rest of the show with a load in her pants!

I saw a reference to actress Melissa Paull having a diarrhea accident once and crapping her pants but there were no details. Anyone here about this?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tim (and Sarah)
PV: Hi there. Again: Lovely to be in contact again- hope my reply gets through this time. I really like to hear about your adventures and I admire your bravery while using the urinals at work! You are a very adventures lady J!
Last autumn we went on a cycling tour. After a while we all needed a pee stop. I went to a big tree, unzipped and sent a long lasting, steady, relaxed stream against it. I love peeing against trees and walls like many boys (and some girls ;-). It was highlighted by the warm autumn sun and soaked the wood before running down towards the ground. Little Loewie came towards me and pulled his pants down a bit. With great pleasure he started wetting the other side of the same tree. He thorougly made his stream go up und down and wiggled it to every possible side. I watched him with a smile and asked him if he had fun. He grinned at me and nodded. Sarah went with Josie behind a bush and they had some fun squatting and aiming at some poor ants- LOL. I know that Josie is sometimes a bit jealous when I pee with Loewie against a tree or something. She told Sarah. But I don't think it would be a good idea to pee together with her as she is getting too old now. Anyway- I alway like the idea of some women like you who like to wet a wall as much as me J. Keep the fun up.

RIZZO: Lovely to see you around again. I miss your good pee stories as well!
Sarah is really much more relaxed than a few years ago and it's absolutely wonderful! She especially loves being naughty under her relatives noses. Did you read about the pee into her mother's rose bushes. Still makes me grin from ear to ear thinking about it. Another fond memory was the wedding of a distant cousin of hers we went to last September. We went without the kids as it was a very long drive. We had quite a lot of tea in the morning but we did not fancy stopping at the motorway as the restrooms are eiter not in a great condition or you have to pay. After we left the motorway we got lost a bit and there was no suitable place for a pee stop and we were running late anyway. So we arrived a bit late, but while we got out of the car we agreed that we definately had to find a toilet first thing. We sneaked into the church and asked somebody in the backrow for the restrooms as we did not see any on the way in. It was a very old, small church and we were told we had to find the toilets in the community building on the other side of the road. We sneaked out again and continued our quest. At first the disappointment was quite big when we found the community building locked. We looked around and there was a little paved path leading around the builing. We followed it to see if there was another entrance but it only let us to the back along a little gap between the builing and some high bushes. After a short eveluation of the situation I half jokingly half very seriously remarked that I would not have a problem to relieve myself right here if they weren't able to provide any toilets. First Sarah was very worried about someone seeing us from a window of the building. I argued that it was unlikely anybody was in there if it's locked. Sarah agreed that judging the situation it was probably the best to quickly do our buisness and see ourselves to the ceremony, but told me I had to help her first. She was dressed up very pretty in high heels and a lovely long skirt and needed a bit of support. I had to hold her handback and then gave her support with one hand while she squatted on the path (into the bushes was out of question as dressed up as we were...). I squatted with her, so she could hold onto my knees and (grin)I would get a better view. She relaxed and a strong stream came shooting out, splattering onto the ground and my shoes. The higher heels gave here an unusual position and the pee arched out more than usual. She stopped shocked and mummbled how sorry she was. I just laughed and went a away a few feet in backward duck moves, still holding her with my outstretched arm. She started again carefully and finally relaxed a bit more with a very long pee stream arching out. It first made a puddle onto the path and then found it's way into the dirt under the bushes. She weed a lot and as much as I loved observing it, my own urge increased by the second. She stopped a fee times and started again and it looked so lovely. After she finished I tooh her used tissue to clean of my shoes. Then I quickly turned towards the corner of the building without windows and started streaming against the bare wall. After Sarah brought all her cloth in order again she stood next to me and watched. She told me that I looked so great in that suit and that there was something quite sexy about a well dressed gentlemen behaving a bit naughty peeing against a wall. She hates it if guys do that in the street but somehow she liked it now. I told her if she would continue we would enchant her relatives by not only being late but also with myself in a not so presentable state. She shrugged her shoulders and said peeing behind the community building probably would not earn us brownie points either. I grinned and finished. While we left, I took a final look at her big puddle and my good sized stain on the wall and we agreed that we might be able to prove that it was an emergency. I really had to concentrate during church not to have cheeky grin on my face all the time...

Hi too all familiar „faces" especially Adrian!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER DAVE, suppositories often do not work for me because the poo is stuck up higher in my colon. An enema will work but I have to introduce the water slowly and raise my bum high so the water flows down my colon to the problem area, I admit to taking the occasional laxative with a lot of water and fibre supplemets and that does the trick well. Possibley you could try abdominal massage and use a suppository at the end.
PRETTYGIRL, good work, if we were all a bit more open our bowels would be much more open. Although a toilet is the obvious place to do a poo there is no reason why it cannot be done elsewhere. The reason why the poo was hard at the beginning is it was older and dryer and the new stuff was more mushy as it was fresher. Also your b/f may have been eating more fibre and drinking more

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO BETH: Good work! I am not an exhibitionist but you did the practical thing... your house mate had to get to work on time and you had to crap. Now in our house we have a few kids and my wife wants me out of the bathroom when she has to dump. This is stupid because i am usually standing outside of the bathroom dripping wet (in the winter) or half shaven. You and your housemate handled your bodily functions maturely and with common sense.
TO SARAH IN CALGARY: Your attack of the runs sounds like nerves, particularly if you are disposed to the runs anyway (i.e. your period)
TO SARAH: When you get such pains the sooner you can move your bowels the better. Try a suppository or an enema... it will clear out what has been bugging you and you will feel a lot better.
TO JOE: I will soon be going to a three day festival and I need advise and stories about how to attend to my bodily functions. I was thinking of taking some black plastic bags to dump in the tent if the queue was too long or the toilets were too filthy...any suggestions. I would not be doing it on the ground and leaving it there like the hippies did because that is too unhygenic and dirty but I have to congratulate them for their free approach to such subjects.

On the subject of toilet stalls without doors: Our city's main employer, a manufacturing plant with 1500 employees, has doorless toilet stalls for 'hourly male employees" only. Executive males have stall doors, as well as ALL female employees. Being third generation production workers, my brothers, and cousins, all use the doorless stalls to shit, as well as my dad, and our uncles. When you get a 15 minute break, it's not about privacy, it's about 100 men per work station trying to shit with only 10 toilets per station. It's a race as one guy is wiping himself you get ready to take his place on the bowl. The seats never cool off, and if there WERE doors, guys would sit and read the newspapers for 15 minutes...Trust me, it's an accomplishment just to park your ass down for 3 or 4 minutes during our break, otherise we need to get a 'lavatory pass'...

I talked before about how I never feel the urge to poo until it's right there? Well hell, the urge hit me now like a ton of bricks i havent pooed since tuesday and now its saturday and my ass is just wow. i have never felt this much presssure. ow! i have to go.

I think I figgured it out
I think I know why men have doorless toilet stalls but women never do. Men can bend their penis's downward to at least partially conceal their shit as it drops from their asses into the toilet bowl. Women don't have this luxury, so therefore, women have to have doors on their stalls. Opinions ?

Hello all!!!

I am a female college student (long time lurker, first time poster) who has had a long-time interest in wetting herself. I haven't really gotten any opportunities to pee anywhere besides a toilet until quite recently - I'm too shy to do it at home where my parents can see and have only done it on campus. I have had quite a few nice peeing experiences (like I've peed outside and wet my panties, sometimes both at once - these are two things I've always wished I could do) that I hope to share with you in the near future. There was one particularly memorable time when I really had to pee when I was leaving a late-night study area, but decided not to stop by the girls' room so I could relieve myself outside. My bladder was really bursting and I lost control during the elevator ride. I was wearing a super absorbent maxipad at the time and hoped I could loose a small amount of pee and feel some relief, but couldn't stop and peed all over my shorts (my all-time favorite item to wet - I wish I could wear them year-round) and left a huge puddle on the elevator floor. Good thing it was the middle of the night and no one was around. When I got off in the lobby, I ran to the girls' room, got some paper towels and cleaned up. Since the shorts were black, I wasn't worried about anyone seeing me.

Well, anyhow, the other day I took a little walk around my campus and the vicinity dressed in a pair of dark green cheer shorts and a t-shirt. I had drunk a bottle of Snapple beforehand and pretty soon - you guessed it - I had to pee. It wasn't very urgent and I was hoping to get more desperate later so I would have to pop a squat. Unfortunately there weren't many convenient places around (didn't plan ahead very well) and my urge gradually got stronger. Eventually I ran into an academic building to use the bathroom but didn't quite make it and made a small wet spot on the front of my shorts (contrary to what I thought before I wore them, it was visible). When I got done I went to the computer lab and met an unfamiliar TA there. I just said hi to him and got down to work. A few hours later I realized that he might have seen the spot on my shorts. (Thank god it was a weekend and not a lot of people were in the building.) If he did see it, do you think he might remember it and\or realize that I couldn't find a bush or an alley? Is there a chance he'll think I spilled water and not make a big deal out of it? Can he remember it if he doesn't know who I am and I don't know him (he is in my department, though, that's the scary part)? I mean when I came to the lab and sat like 2 seats down from him, he didn't seem to react in a weird way. Could that mean he didn't notice my pee-wet shorts? I tend to be quite a worrywart and am nervous about the possible outcome. Please tell me what you think.


My boyfriends story...

we were on a trip to a fancy resteraunt that was about 3 hours away. in the first hour i noticed that he was a little fidgety and asked him what was wrong,he said nothing was wrong. in the next hour and a half i saw him pressing his legs together and changing positions a lot. this time when i asked him if he was ok,he replied"oh my god, i have to go to the restroom badly,its so embarassing having to tell tou this"he said he could only hold it for another five minutes. there were no rest stops and he refused to relieve himself i reached over and clutched his penis and told him to relax."this is so embarassing,oh my god" i offered to drive but he said if he moved he would surely wet his pants.i continued to clutch the tip of his penis, but he would not relax. finally he said he would relive himself outside.we stopped in a forested area and i helped him to a tree. "this is gonna sound stupid but could you hold my uhh,penis while i pull down my pants. i grabbed his penis but unfortunately the river of urine was too much pressure for me to hold and before he could pull his pants down, the urine began to release and his penis became slippy so my hand slipped off.he crossed his legs and grabbed his crotch but nothing could hold the urine back.i could see tears in his eyes, i led him back to the car, wet pants and all as he could not stop saying"oh god this is so embarassing" and crying silently. i gave him a kiss and the trip was canceled so that he could change his pee-soaked pants. but the good part of it was that we had a dinner in candlelight at home and had even more fun than in a resteraunt.\
love from Kat, C!!!

Me and my best buddy used doorless stalls yesterday in the mens restroom at Sears. It was crowded 3 stalls all occupied with men shitting. We waited patiently, for available stalls, but 2 of the guys were Sears employees, and they were chit-chatting, and basically told us they were relaxing from standing up all day, and they were not rushing. The other guy finished and wiped, and my buddy beat me to the bowl. He dropped his cargos and sat down, dropped a big fat stinky deuce into the bowl, wiped and I was up next, while the two Sears employees continued to relax and take their sweet time. I dropped my load of brown and finished up, while several more men entered the bathroom in hopes of getting a toilet. My buddy and I both said "good luck' to the newcomerss, since we knew it would be a long haul. (Hope none of those men had explosive diahreah)

Sarah in Calgary: Thanks for thinking of me, LOL. I did enjoy your story very much.

Lindsay: I liked the part in your story about your mom rushing in after having that accident? Does she have accidents alot? Do you? If you or she (or anyone)please get it off your chest by posting here.

That goes for anyone out there who has an accident tale. It's very theraputic ;).


High i am married and about thirty two years old. My wife and i ate at apple bees today and it gave me bad gas.I was setting on the couch and had to fart so i iet it rip and it wasnt all a fart,i filled my pants up with mushy shit and it was stinking.I went to the bathroom to finish and i thought i would never get done.I set on that toilet for what seemed like forever.Finally i got done and when i looked in the toilet there was shit everywhere.I wiped got a shower and washed the shit off of me from where i shit myself.My stomach felt much better and i didnt have as much gas after i shit.Has anyone else shit there pants when they farted.

Hi, i have a story about the first time I ever saw my boyfriend poop. The other night my boyfriend was constipated so I laid him down on the bed and massaged his stomach to help him go. But every time he felt like he was ready, walking to the toilet would make it difficult again. So we put a towel down on the bed, he positione his butt over it and I rubbed his belly again. This time he started farting a lot and the smellier his farts got I could tell he was closer to going. Then finally he gave a big push with lots of grunting, opened his legs wide and I looked down to see a pretty massive turd slide out of his butt onto the towel. It was very solid so it didn't soak through. He told me to keep massaging because there was more to come and he pushed again, farted loudly and another turd come out, followed my a large soft load. I think he could tell things were getting softer down there because he gathered the towel up around his ass and strained as some more soft poop came out of him into the towel, and after that he was finished. It was a very personal experience, believe it or not, and I think it may have brought us closer together! Has anyone else ever had an experience like this one? Also it was interesting how he pooped very firm turds and very soft poo in one go. Anyway-bye for now!
XXX Prettygirl

Hi i'm Janie and i've been reading the stuff on here for about a year and decided to post. Last night I was on the phone with my boyfriend and he said he had a t????he to so told him to go lie down. I stayed on the phone because i knew I was in for a treat if i just waited. Soon enough he went into the bathroom and started going. Its a real turn on for me to just hear him go. I heard a splash and asked if he felt better and he said a little. Then he said that was just the first part and that he had diarrhea and i could hear the splashing. After about 15 minutes he flushed and said he didnt want to clog his toilet. Then about 10 minutes later he was done. He didnt grunt or anything so i was a little dissapointed. I love when he goes to the bathroom with me on the phone, although i'd really like to see it in person. I have hinted to him before about having a bathroom fetish but i didnt go right out and say it, you know i didnt know how he'd react. But then I think he finally figured it out and said "eww thats gross", so i said that he had guessed wrong. *sigh* I really want to watch him, but I don't know how to tell him. Maybe when we live together.

Anyways today I could feel some pressure in my lower t????y to I headed straight the the bathroom. I sat down and waited for a few seconds then it started comming out. At first it felt a little hard and then when I pushed It came out easily. Some gas then about 3 more smaller ones. I also had to pull out my tampon because when I poo, it sort of pushes it into an unconfortable position. I was surprised because usually on my period I have either constipation or diarrhea but today i felt cleaned out. Stood up and saw that the first one was about 6 inches long, and the smaller ones 3 inches. Well that it for today. More later.

i suffer from severe constipation adn sometimes don't poop for more than a week. my stomach becomes bloated and i feel disgusting. i often get urges to go but when i get there i sit down and nothing comes out, just some smelly gas or cramps. the other day i took some laxatives, and all they did was tie my stomach up in knots and explode my bowels into the toilet. it was the loudest poop ever, and it came out like a tap in liquidy chunks making plop plop plop noises against the water. after my butt hole was raw and so painful i could hardly wipe. but the next day it was back to normal, nothing. AHHHHH!!!!

Hi everyone.

My insides have been so backed up over the last month it isn't funny anymore. Oh, I've been doing my usual once a day, afternoon poop... but all I seem to be passing are 'marbles' (I'm not even passing a lot of gas to give my body the temporary feeling of being 'empty'). For some reason, I woke up this morning I thought things would be different when did my usual afternoon poop later. However, for the *nth time*, all I managed to force out were yet more pebbles. About 12 or so from what I saw sitting in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

I definitely don't like using laxatives, but I took one late this afternoon out of sheer frustration. With luck, it won't start to work in the middle of the night & wake me.
I need to clean myself out... All this waiting on the can, pushing & shoving 'forever', has got to stop this week.

Perhaps I'll take a stroll to the chemist shop & do something I haven't done in ages. I.e. purchase a colonic or enema. If I get some more fibre into my diet this week, that should improve my BM's quite nicely. (I miss passing several nice logs every now an then…)



Kyle freekin!
I do not understand why people are so ashamed of their interest in poop or pee or wuteva. If a girl ever came up to me and wuz like "hi! i'm morgan and I love to pee!" I'd probably fall in love instantaneously wow i did not spell that right. But anyway I am a 16 year old guy, I have been lurking on this site for about 4 years. I have tried to post like 19 things but none of them have evr made it on he site.

I am going to go poop.


Poll (female) about having to pee urgently.

All female friends of this site will know how it is when you are dying for a pee. Could you please describe what you do to hold your pee in when your need is almost unbearable, assuming first that nobody is watching you. Say "yes" or "no" or make any other personal comment to the points:
1) I cross my legs
2) I bend my knees
3) I press my fingers against my crotch
4) I raise one knee, then the other, and so on
5) I make up and down movements with my whole body
6) I hop from leg to leg
7) I fidget with my feet and fingers
8) I press my thighs together
9) I put one foot on the other
10) I sit on my foot, pressing myself against my heel
11) I try not to move my body at all
12) I try to think of something else
13) I concentrate completely on holding my pee back
14) other ?
Which of these methods do you apply when you are in public?
Did you ever voluntarily let your need grow towards that stage although you could easily have gone to a bathroom much earlier?

camperboy, hey serena
where was this campground you posted about, I rarley see bathrooms or outhouses like the one you mentioned, I thought they were a thing of the past, even in secluded parks, otherwise great post!!!

Hi. Been here a few times, but no stories to share, just the usual pee and poop stories. I finally have one to tell! For the first time, I took a dump in front of a guy!

I live in a apartment with four other people, two women and two men. A coupld of days ago, I really, really had to take a dump, and knocked on the door of the bathroom. One of my male roommates was in there. He cracked the door and asked what I needed, he was in the middle of shaving. I said, I'm about to crap my pants.

He said he had a oral presentation to give and was running late, so he had to shave and didn't have time to let me use the bathroom for however long it was going to take. I said, just let me come in, I don't care if you're in here, I can't hold it. He looked surprised, but said okay. he went back to the sink and continued shaving, I ran to the toilet, pulled my pajama bottoms and underpants down and sat.

It was kind of loud, kind of smelly, but not the worst. I was a little nervous at first, but in the end, I was surprised at how not-a-big-deal it was. When it was time to wipe my butt, I told him not to look. He said he wasn't planning on it.

An interesting experience. Anyone else here have any stories about the first time they pooped in front of a member of the opposite sex?


Today in school a urge to poop hit me in 1st period about 8:30 a.m. but nothing major.Ididn't want to go cause we are in these mobile home type things and they have a bathroom inside and everyone would know i was pooping.I hadn't gone in 6 days and lunch didn't help any so by fourth i had to go pretty bad. So i asked myteacher if i could go and she asked me if i could wait about five minuites and isaid no i reaaly needed to go and was ready to get it out.So she let me go. So i went in and all the syles was full (4of them) and every one was pooping 1 person was in line.One person came out and she went in and startind peeing very hard.By this time my poop was ready to come out i still didnt need to go desperaty bbut still had to go.The ggirl peed for about 2 minuites and i thought she was done but then started pooping.Itr was about three minutes before any one came out.So i went in unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pulled them and my underwear domwn sat downm on the oilet and peed for about 15 secs.The i started to squeez out the first tird it come ot fairly slow for as bad as i needed to go.It was about 7in long and3inc wide. Ipooped out 6 more good sized tirds and 4 smaller ones it took me about 15-20minuites and when my teacher got back she gave me a writing asignment for taking so long but it was worth it cause i felt so relieved.P.S. Has any oter girls got in trouble for taking long in the bathroom?

My sister played a mean trick on me on Sunday. I had not been pooping for a while. She tied me to the rocking chair I had fallen asleep in watching TV. She tied my legs open and my arms apart. I had to go BAD when I woke up. I mean, I nearly pooped my pants right then. I managed to get untied cause of my mom and I ran up the stairs to the bathroom as fast as I could. I mean, I REALLY needed to go.
But no, stupid ol' Tonya had locked the door. So, even though I wasn't allowed, I ran to my parent's bathroom, sat down, and relief flowed through me.
The wonderful feeling of getting rid of soft poops and a lot of pee was great. Until my mom came rushing in, (I left the door unlocked) and her butt and legs were covered in diarrhea and really soft poops. I stopped and stared. She stared back. Finally she said, "C'mon. I'm about to go again." I wiped and left. I stayed outside the door and I heard diarrhea splash into the bowl plus a few smelly farts.
1.) How many times do you go pee a day? I need to go about 15 times a day...problem of a small bladder.

2.) How long can you hold it max.? Usually nearly long enough to get to a bathroom, pull down my underwear and panties, and sit.

3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out? It all came out really fast.

4.) What do you do when you really have to go? I do a pee-dance and try to find a bathroom RIGHT THEN.

5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? A while, I guess.
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? Not alot.

7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain. No.

I've been following the posts recently about squatting to go pee and poo, and I also have a thing about girls using those squatting Japanese type toilets. Have any of you girls actually used one and can you really describe it for me. I would really like to know what they are like to pee and poo in. Do they have straining bars to hold on to? Do they flush? Is it uncomfortable? Do your clothes get in the way, like do you pee on your panties? Do they have toilet paper, if not, what do you use? And anything else anyone can tell me about them. Thanks - from Mike

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