Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone!

I just had a new experience at work, I had just got back from lunch and the Philly sandwich was doing its thing t my bowels so I knew i was up for a good poop. I went into the bathroom, one lady was in a single pooping, one man was in there pooping, one at the urinal peeing and in my buddy stall there was a man just sitting down, by now my bowels were ready to unload. I knocked on the door and told him i really need to have a poo so he got up opened the door and i waited till he sat back down so i wouldnt see anything, as I walked in he let out this really wet fart and a load of chunky poo dropped into the toilet accompanied by another fart. He said "Pardon me," I said, " Its ok I am about to do the same as i was lifting up my skirt I let out a ripper and as soon as I hit the pot, two really wet farts came out of me and some explosive chunky poo. He finsihed and wiped and I continued to poo for another ten minutes. Just thought I'd share...first time pooing infront of a guy other than my boy friend....ttyl!

Hi my name is Jo I am new here. I would like to tell you about what I learnt this summer whilst camping at a pop festival with my boyfriend.
It was a 3 day event and we had gone there a day earlier. We had camped near to one of the outer fences; the first evening I was sitting outside our tent reading when I saw 2 girls in hippie style long dresses walked behind a tent in front of me towards the fence where they both knelt down.
I saw one of the girls had a toilet roll so I knew they needed to relieve themselves as they knelt they both made sure their dresses covered any sight of what they were about to do from all around.
This made me eager to watch to see how they did this so my attention turned from my book to them, they were chatting away and occasionally stop as a pushing expression was seen.
After just over a minute one of them took the toilet roll and took a few sheets discretely to wipe her self whilst still kneeling.
She then stood up and move away a little distance but continued to talk to the other girl as she struggle to unload herself for a few more minutes then she gave one final push follow by a look of relief, she wipe as the other girl had then got up and they both left.
I just had to have a look at what the second girl had so much trouble with so up I got and casually walk over towards where they had been.
It was worth it the first girl had left a big pile coiled up but the other one had left one hard nobly piece which I had never seen one that big before it had to be at least 15 inches long by 2 inches wide what log.
And all done in front of other without them seeing anything how cool.
I will let you know about the rest of the fest later.

hi, everyone. im very glad i found this site, because a few embaressing things had happened that i didnt want to share with anyone until now... but before i tell you guys my story, i think its probably polite to say something about myself. im female(you guys probably could tell because of my name at the top corner), 5"5, age 19, blonde, sort of slim, i have a great personality, and i live with my parents.

this happened at summer time. i was at a party one night, after about 10pm, i went home. after i went home, i saw a note at the door, it was my parents, they said that they wont be back until after a few days. after that, i just throw the note away in the garbage.. after that i felt a little bit of a discomfort in my stomach. Then i realized that maybe its from the food that i ate.. because i did eat a lot of food there, so i might ate a bad mixture of foods.... anyways, i just went to sleep at around 10:30pm, since i didnt really feel good. after about 2:30am, i woke up with a even worse pain in my stomach... i just went straight into the washroom. i sat there for the past 30minutes, nothing came out, except a lot of loud, long farts, which helped my stomach a lot. since i felt a little bit better after, even though i didnt poop anything out, although i could feel something up my ass, i just went back to sleep..

after i woke up, my stomach still feel really bad, i think my stomach felt a lot worse during the night while i was still sleeping. i then just decided to just went back to the toilet. after i sat on the toilet, i was on it for over 45minutes, until i let out this loud fart. it made my stomach feel a lot better, but like last night, i could still feel something up my ass, so i sat for 15 minute more, but nothing. i just decided to do something else. i went to the phamarcy that was close to the house, and bought a medicine for my stomach. after i bought it, i went straight back, made something to eat, and ate one of those medicine, then i just went to take a nap on the couch. i slept from 1pm, all the way until 7:30pm. when i woke up, my stomach didnt feel as bad, but i feel that i really, seriously had to poop. i know that i couldnt make it to the toilet, so i quickly got up, and once i did that, my poop just started to come out. so i just bend down my knees, and started to poop. i was only wearing a pair of shorts, so my poop just started to slide down by my side. then i realized it was a hard log. it kept oozing out of my ass, then after 5 minutes, i was finally finished. good thing that it was the wood floor that i did it on, or else it would be a little bit harder to get it out.

after i cleaned it up, my stomach felt a lot better. after that, i was at the kitchen making something, but after 8pm, i needed to poop again, and time, my ass feels warm... i had a feeling that it might be warm. lucky a garbage can was near, so i just reached it, pulled down my shorts, bended down it, and i just let it rip. it wasnt runny, it was a soft one, but it came out really fast though... after 2 minutes, i was finally finished. i just got up, and saw that my poop had filled up about a quarter of the small garbage can... after that, i just wiped my ass with the paper that was close to me, and thrown away that garbage can....

Hmm... a pee quiz. :)
1.) How many times do you go pee a day?
About 4

2.) How long can you hold it max.?
12+ hours.

3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out?
I don't really remember a time a peed my pants...

4.) What do you do when you really have to go?
Look for bathroom.

5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out?
Not that long really.... 30 seconds? I'm not too sure.

6.) How much pee can you hold max.?
About a liter.

7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain.
Nope... sounds interesting though.

I have pee siteing stories. Here they are!

1. Sometime when I was in 1st grade, I snuck in the boys bathroom. They didn't see me, so I ducked under the sinks, behind the trashcan. the 2 stalls were being used, and one of the urinals with empty, but another guy was at the other one. They looked like they were in 5th grade. Then all of a sudden this kid rushes in (with scared me and I almost screamed but I managed to keep my mouth shut) tried quickly to get to the urinal but he didn't succed and peed his pants. he was right next to the sink! So he made this puddle, and it went over to was totally gross, and it stunk! he made this janitor come in. So all of the guys left, and I ran out so fast I slipped and fell in the pee! Ugck! I ran out, and told my teacher someone had an accident in the GIRL'S ROOM and I slipped in it.

2. Once, I went out of the classroom in 1st grade. I wanted to just get a drink and get back in the classroom, but When I went to the fountain (wihch is jut next to the doors that are see through) was this guy. He was peeing on this tree next to the door. Then my friend came, she asked me what I was doing, and I pointed to the guy. we both watched him, and we started giggling. Then, my whole class came for the break time, and the teacher was in their room. Then we attraccted all the girls. We could see him clearly. When he finished, he turned around and saw all of us. We burst out laughing. I didn't know what happened to him, but he was sure emmberassed!

3. Once, I saw my cousing pee on a tree. Nuff said.

Some kinda jokes my class make up:

(3rd grade) Girl in my class: so, you would sy, "I hafta pee really bad!" and the teacher would say "Then go." then they would go "Ahhhhhhh..."

(3rd grade)Boy in my class: You look like a girl!
Another boy in a class: But I'm a boy, I stand up just like you do.

(1st grade)(on the phone)My best friend: Make the dictionary say pee!
Me: *clicks sound*
Computer: Pee.

(1st grade) My best friend and I would always chat on the phone, and we go to the bathroom too. It's usually my friend who does that. Here's a part:
Friend: *grunting*
Me: You're laying an egg?!?!

Well that's it!

Sarah in Calgary

A few weeks ago I posted my "Christmas Story" which included the accidents that I had when my fiance and I went back home to Ontario to see our families for Christmas.

Well, to Responder, I have plenty of stories that I can share with you, since I have had many diarrhea accidents in my time.

Last summer, my friend Amanda was getting married up in Edmonton, which is three hours north of Calgary. I was one of her brides' maids and we all had on lovely lavender dresses. Just as we were getting ready to walk down the isle, I started feeling crampy in my lower intestines. I actually let out a few wet farts. I could feel the moisture of the wet farts between my but cheeks as I walked down the isle. When I got to the front of the church, I stood as still as I could with my butt cheeks clenched with all my might. I even had to cross my legs at one point as the urge to go became stronger and stronger. Finally after several wet farts, the urge to have diarrhea became unbearable. Very slowly, the diarrhea oozed its way out of my body and into my light blue panties. I could feel it swishing around my panties and to make things worse, I was wearing nylons that were rather tight. So there wasn't much room for the diarrhea as it was. As the ceremony ended, we all had to walk outside for pictures. I made a point of not sitting down during the pictures because I didn't want to make the mess in my underwear and nylons any worse. A few more cramps did hit me and I lost a little more in my panties. Before we left for the reception, I excused myself to find the ladies room. Well, in this particular church, they only had one stall washrooms. There was a ladies and a mens, one of each. The men's was on the other side of the church from the ladies, and there was someone in the ladies room. This is where the story become very interesting...

I could her a girl in the ladies washroom. It sounded like she was crying. I quietly knocked on the door and the girl said, "Just a sec', I'm almost done". Then I heard that familiar "zip, zip, swoosh" sound of a maxi pad being opened and removed from it's wrapper. The girl then flushed, washed her hands really quickly and opended the door. She was probably about 14 or 15 years old, and I could not believe what I saw! She was wearing light coloured kakhi pants with a light blue top and sweater. No joke, there was a rather noticable red blood stain on the front crotch area of her pants and when she turned around, there was a brown diarrhea stain on the seat/butt area of her pants!

I went into the ladies washroom and it was very small. There wasn't much room to even turn around. I looked at the toilet and I could tell that this girl had gone on the toilet seat and tried to wipe it off. When I turned around to look at the sink, I couldn't belive what I saw. This poor girl had left her soiled panties beside the sink, on the counter. The maxi pad wrapper was on the floor. I thought to myself, "surely she must have had another pair of panties, I wish I did too." Her panties, cream coloured with a blue scalloped waistband and blue leg holes, were just caked with diarrhea on one end and soaked with period blood in the crotch.

Remembering my dilemma, I started taking off my brides' maids dress and very carefully hung it on the coat hanger attached to the door. So I was then standing there in my light blue bra and soiled panties and nylons. I peeled down my nylons and panties and proceeded to clean out the mess I had made. I heard a light knock on the door, and here is how the conversation went (I remember this like it was yesterday!)...

"I'll be a few minutes here, sorry." I said.
"Hi", It was a girl's voice.
"Hello?" I asked.
"I think I left something behind, in the washroom. I'm very sorry that you had to see that." She said.
"That's okay," I replied, "Are you feeling okay?"
"No, not really. This is something that has been happening to me since I started getting my period. When the cramps begin, my bowels turn to water and sometimes I just can't hold it....Has it ever happend to you?"
"Uhh, well, yes actually, it has." I said back to her. "Umm, it happened to me again today, right in front of everyone".
"I'm sorry. My name is Amy. That was my cousin, Amanda, that was married today."
"Hi, I'm Sarah. Can I ask you something? Did you bring an extra pair of panties?"
"Yes, I always bring extra underwear with me, where ever I go. I've had some really bad accidents over the past few years. My period started today too. What a day."
"Amy, I have the same problem, and I'm almost 30 years old! You wouldn't happen to have another pair of panties would you? All my clothes are back in my hotel room."
"Sorry Sarah, but I don't. I just came to get my dirty ones, or to throw them out at least. By the way, did I even throw out the maxi pad wrapper?"
"Umm, no you didn't. That's okay though. Do you have an extra pad I could use?" I asked
"Yeah, sure, I guess. That still leaves me with a couple extra for the rest of the day. Can you open the door a little?"
"Uhh, okay, sure" I opened the door just a crack and Amy slid a pad through. "Thanks Amy. Since I can't change my panties, this will have to do. You might want to wrap your sweater around your waist for the rest of the day." I opened the pad (zip, zip, swoosh) and put it in my poop filled panties.

Anyway, that's the jist of our conversation. I talked with Amy after dinner and she was quite pleasant. We even shared some of our most memorable storeis. Perhaps some day she will find this website and tell you herself. I told her all about this website.

As for me, I still don't know why excatly I had the runs that day. My period didn't start for another week after that.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you like that one "Responder".

Sarah in Calgary.

Hello, my name is Adriene. I've been lurking for some time now so I thought I'd make a post. I have excellent bladder and bowel control but i've had some close calls and minor accidents so i thought i would share of few of them.

I'm one of those people who abhors using public toilets, and have been this way since middle school. However, this became slightly problematic in high school, as the school day was longer so I had to wait longer for relief. So by the time I got home my bladder was usually very full, and the bathroom was always my first stop. But there were some days where it was just a bit too much to hold. I remember as a freshman my last class was english, and a few times i did a few spurts in my panties in that class. I would normally just change my panties when i got home and bury the damp ones at the bottom of the hamper. But i always felt a bit ridiculous, being a 15 year old girl who occassionally wet her pants a bit, and i often worried my mother would notice the stains on some of my panties.

Hi, everyone. It's my first time posting here, but I've lurked on and off for years. My name is Mike, but on here, I will be known as PunkRockBoi. I'm 20 years old and live in a mid-sized college town. I love music, play guitar and bass, collect classic car memorabilia, and, while I promise I'm not gay (not that it matters anyway), I actually love fashion. Metrosexual, perhaps?

"Just Curious Here" asked why some mens' restrooms have no doors to the stalls, when this is unheard of in the womens'. Let me tell you why. The reason is because us dudes are much more shameless about shitting than chicks. Most women I know are pretty embarrassed about being seen on the toilet, especially while pooping.

On a level, I enjoy the idea of females taking a shit, mostly because it's so... taboo. It shatters the image of a goddess and allows me to see that yes, she's human, too. Look, she even poops! I don't think I'd want to be in the room with this happening, though, because it would smell. Inevitably, I would be a bit turned off at the odor.

You guys know what I don't get? Bathroom spray. It's supposed to make the room smell better, like flowers or something, but instead it ends up smelling like musky shit. Even worse, the smell can last for hours. My girlfriend owns this stuff, but to keep her from asking, "Mike? Did you just take a dump on my flowers?" , I don't use it.

Serena, I found your story most humorous. May I ask how old you are? You should have just lied and said it was for your grandfather. That way, your ass would be covered from embarrassment, and you'd have an end to the runs. A lesson for next time, huh? By the way, I know the dude could have sold it to you anyway. Who'd know? He's either way too paranoid, a new worker, or a dick.

I'm a 20 years old male from Russia.

I remember some accidents in my life from early childhood to that moment.

When I was 2, I remember fidgeting in my bed and say that I eant to wee-wee. But nobody came to me. So I sat and it started flooding in my pajamas.

When I was 3 I was very shy to tell somebody that I wanted to pee. My aunt was angry to her 1,5y.o. daughter that she had peed herself. I felt urge to pee too but I waited somebody to ask me did I want. But my aunt just went to garden so do I. I stood near her and said nothing. And my pee came out in my pants... I felt that it was leakind at my left leg.
My aunt saw it and asked: "You've peed your pants?" And then: "You are peeing now?" I said yes. She went to pe and put down my pants. But I was finishing and only few drops came to floor. My pants were soaked.

I was 4 I was in kindergarten. It was "sleeping-hour" and I was laying in the bed holding my poop. It tried to come out but I held. When I couldn't hold it I started crying. Somebody came to me and I sad that I want to poop. But she saw than I had already made some mess in my panties.

When I was 5 my grandma made me to sleep from 3 to 5 p.m. and always was angry that I didn't want. One day I was laying in the bed. She was sleeping near me and I didn't want to make her angry. And held my pee. It was really BURSTING. One moment I felt that I couldn't hold it any more and tried to start running to the bathroom but it came back. I continued holding it. But next minute it repeated but much stronger! I started to run but when I was running, I was peeing through panties at my hand which was holding my crotch. My panties were totally soaked.

When I was 7 I remember running to the bathroom and a wet fart near it.

When I was 15 I started to wet myself on purpose. One time I drank 2 litres of water and started to go to the "dacha" which was at about 15 km from my home. When I was at 13-th kilometer it started dropping. But there were people and I didn't want to wet myself on public. Fortunately my pants were soaker in front by rain, so I went from the road to a little forest and let it out in my pants.

The same year when I was 15 I walked at 2 - 3 km from my home and felg GRAND urge to poop. So I managed to run home.
It's a very BAD IDEA - to RUN when you have a diarrhoea!!! Later I could hold it and get to the bathroom only when I walk slow! But that time I ran... Near my home I felt that it wanted to came out. But I held. Fortunately there wasn't anybody at my home. I opened the door in my flat and managed to put down my jeans. And that time all poop came out in my panties.

The most embarrasing wetting I saw when I with my classmates walked at night in St. Petersbourg. He had drunk 4 - 5 bottles of beer and was fidgeting. So we stopped ahd he sat down holding his crotch. After few minutes he jumped and went from us at about 5 meters. Then I saw the flood and after that - his soaked jeans. He was SHOCKED. But only me saw his disaster. That time he was 15.

TO MEL. I hate going pee in my panties, It gets all cold and wet. And it very embarrassing if somebody see.

TO DEREK. I like answering your questions.

1. How do you sit? Upright, leaning back, elbows on knees, leaning forward, etc.

It depend on how easy poo come out. I always start sitting upright and most times poo come out nicely. But if poo having difficulty coming out I lean forwards and hold my ankles. I think this help bum hole open wider.

2. Do you do anything special to help your poo come out? Tippy toes, lean forward, rock backwards and forwards, hold your cheeks apart etc.

I lean forwards if poo having hard time starting. I hold bum open to stop it getting too dirty and sometimes help bum hole to open and let poo come out easier. If poo get stuck and just hang from bum I rock backwards and forwards and it like help to squeeze it out. Mum always told my sister and me not to push poo out.

3. Do you always pee when you poo? Do you pee before, during or after your poo?

Most times I do pee but not always. It always start as soon as I sit on toilet so it usually finished long time before poo finished coming out.

TO JENNIFER. It never really happen to me for long time because I know if it start coming out and I been holding it in, I cant stop it and I do a complete pee in my panties. And I hate doing even little pee in my panties.

In reply to your'e post mel,

If you did not like how it felt to wet your pants.

Why not try just holding youre pee for as long as you can.

the feeling when you finaly do go is just so relaxing.

I can't tell when I have to poo until it is litterally at my back door. I mean I can't feel it when it's in my intestines! And it bugs me! I like to be in private when I have to poo and I want to be near a bathroom! And no one wants a stinky mess...Well...Not in public...Well...most people.

The New Number Two
Like your stories Carmalita and Punk Rock Girl!

I've been trolling round the net and have seen lots of images of girls sitting on the toilet with shoulder bags on and pants right up to their thighs. Is this the preferred sitting method for you?

Opinions welcome!

Mr. Clogs
Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I just want to comment on some posts here.

Punk Rock Girl: Nice post, sounds like those foods that you consumed were good, you poor thing wreack havaoc on you. Take care and nice post.

Carmalita: Hey it's good to here from you and you too are mi querido (dear one). Great post about you and Crystal in bathroom handling some business must of been exciting experience for you and Crystal. Wish I could watch, I'm very much attracted to beutiful women answer the call of nature, and not like some men out there who are turned off by it. I'm sorry what happened, but times is hard and lot of jobs are cutting back these days. At least we get to enjoy the pleasures of going to the bathroom, in ways keeping our spirits up during down times. Take care.

katlin (smart guy's girlfriend): Great post about using the trash can in the kitchen, indeed a smart idea, keep the posts coming.

cheryl: Hey, what's good? Enjoyed the gender neutral post about you using the bathroom there. Your posts are on the money! Take care.

Well nothing much in bathroom land, the usuall pee and poop on the toilet and stuff. I have to think of some ideas to make my bathroom experience exciting.

Take care and enjoy!

--Mr. Clogs

Hi I'm a 19 year old English university student and I've been lurking here for a bit. Today I was remembering something that happened about 6 years ago. I had a friend Chloe and we'd peed in front of each other several times already. We were walking home from school together to my house when Chloe said that she badly needed a poo. She was very cool about it, but then when I was taking ages in a newsagent she whispered to me that it was 'really urgent' so we dashed home pretty quick after that. When we got upstairs she went in to the bathroom without shutting the door, I was rambling on about something and she shouted out 'carry on I'm still listening'. I realized she was treating it just the same as when we'd seen each other pee, so I went in and leant against the bath and carried on talking while she appeared to relax her bowells. It was all silent and I couldn't tell how much was going on, but then suddenly she interrupted me and said "Christ I'm sorry Suze that really stinks!" Well the smell hadn't hit me yet but Chloe looked in to the toilet bowl and said "Oh God yeh, its cos its mostly out of the water, those ones always smell terrible!" I looked in myself and saw what she meant- the reason I hadn't heard anything was that one end of Chloe's turd had been in the water before the other end left her butt, and it had just flopped forward on to the porcelain beneath the gap between her legs. The smell hit me then obviously and it was so bad I had to run out giggling. But we agreed that this would be a good technique for shitting at school without anyone hearing, if you could guarantee it was going to come out like that- Chloe said she's managed it a couple of times, but other times it had failed and been noisy. As if to illustrate this, she amazingly had more shit inside her and that came out in noisy, smaller bits, with a lot of farting, while I stood on the landing giggling and holding my nose.
It took 3 flushes to remove all traces of Chloe's poo from my toilet, and I wondered whether that happened to a lot, and if she had a reputation for it in her house.


I see you're still enjoying life to the full with delightful encounters -- how I remember the ones you used to write about, those mighty sessions from years back. It's good to see a girl who truly enjoys pooping to the max, and it's even better to have the right kind of company when you do it.

"Carinosa," and "red headed sweetie" -- BLUSH! You're a special gal yourself! Hey, I'm sure I could produce some decent results out there in what (OutdoorJenny???) recently called "the goddess's ladies' room," with your example to inspire me.

Just a few plain old streams at the beach this weekend, two in the water, one down a rock, one standing up in a ravine.

I've done some good-sized poops again lately, a few back up to my standard from years ago, I mean feet of the stuff!

It's good to be in touch again, Querida, I've missed you too,


james and frank,

liked your stories about shitting and being around fathers. i had a couple of accidents infront of my dad and knew of him to have a few.

one time he was in the bathroom taking a shit and i had to go really bad but he was gonna be awhile so he said to just go in my shorts it would be ok, so i did, he laughed at my load and the stink i made.

i often saw him sitting on the toilet, one time i was in the shower and he was taking a shit which was no big deal for us, i did the same when he was in the shower, a guy thing i guess. anyway, when i got out of the shower he was sitting there and his white jockeys were at his ankles and there was a massive shit stain in them, he laughed when he noticed me looking at it and said he had not made it on time and had pretty much shit his pants on the way home from work,

take care

Monica. Have your coffee dosed with laxative so often can't have been a joke. I suspect the solution is to make your own coffee in the staff room and then not let it out of your sight for a moment. Probably that's easier said than done for a teacher, though!

Hold no more. What you say is true to the extent that we are what we eat and if we feast on highly processed, fast foods all the time, surprise, surprise, we will get constipated. Too much fibre from cereals isn't a good thing either though. It's best to have a reasonably balanced and varied diet as it's the most reliable means of keeping regular.

HAIRY ANNIE. I enjoyed hearing about your latest exploits over Christmas. You obviously needed a good dump after that big meal - although your need probably wasn't as great as that of the other woman in the adjoining stall! I think you did the honourable thing though in sharing the limited amount of TP available. I like to think that if I was ever in dire straits for TP some kind person would help me out!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO SERENA. A very well written piece!
The following can be gleaned. The first point is that everybody poos and those that make fun are "the pot calling the kettle black". Next point was when you had your first attack you dropped your pants rather than go in them despite being out in the open. Next point is how much shit we really do carry! Next point is with the runs do not take medication to stop them, it is natures way of getting rid of what is inside...if it persists then medication and if it persists further then the doctor. And lastly the occasional good clean out does us good!!!

I'm female and like to pee standing, but I don't always get it quite right because I have a hard time with starting my stream out strong (I get nervous about messing up and then of course I'm too tense to let it all out at once and I do mess up). Anyone have any advice?

While I'm on the subject:

1.) How many times do you go pee a day?
4 or 5 times, unless I get drunk sometime during a day, then twice that

2.) How long can you hold it max.?
The longest I've intentionally waited just to see how long I could last was 14 hours, otherwise I can wait 7 or 8 max

3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out?
Never a full-blown wetting, but I've leaked a little in my sleep and a few times when I was very desperate as a little kid

4.) What do you do when you really have to go?
Either find a public bathroom if I'm inside somewhere, or find a dark or covered place like some bushes or trees if I'm outside and know a public toilet is too far away; I flex my inner muscles a lot if I'm working hard to hold it in, but I don't dance around or cross my legs because it doesn't help much and looks dumb

5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out?
a minute or two

6.) How much pee can you hold max.?
Quite a bit, I've never bothered to measure

7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain.
No, but it sounds kind of fun

Mr. Anonymous
This site is awesome!

I'm a 19-year-old male in the U.S. I'm interested in peeing (female peeing, to be specific). I myself normally pee sitting down, and have done so since I was a very little kid. I love to read stories of females peeing standing up, and there seems to be quite a number of these among the old posts here. How many females who pee standing up are still around here? Please let me know!

P.S. Some of the best stories I've read here are those by AMAZON, ROBERTA, and TYNEE (especially the two latter). Are they still around here?

smart guy!!!
hey, everyone. i just wanted to post a new story up..

this happened during last november. me and katlin was at her new job interview. she was so intense and nervous that she drank a lot of fluids. when her interview was over, i saw her holding her bladder. i asked her if she needed to use the washroom, she said yes, and that she needed to pee real bad, and she's wearing a skirt, so it would ruin the place's carpet. so i told her that since it will take up to about a whole hour to get back to our place, there's a pharmacy close to where we are, so we could go buy some dipars for her to piss in. she said okay, then i drove us both to the pharmacy, and i went to buy some dipars for her. after a few minutes, i got some, and i drove us back to our apartment while she puts on those dipars. after she had put those on, she waited for a few minutes, then she started to piss in there. she said that she couldnt control it. she knows that she had to stop soon, cause it was over flowing her dipar. after a minute had passed, she had finally stopped, but her dipar was really filled up, but none of it had spilled.....

after that, we just got to our place, and she had thrown away the dipar and went directly to take a shower.....

Brian from the Midwest
I don't know what I ate today, but it gave me lots of gas.

I had several farts today that let my bowels loose and almost into my pants. Thankfully, I was able to make it to the toilet.

Thursay, January 26, 2006

This could become a habit! I wrote a couple of months ago about how I took the opportunity to do an outdoor poo in the local park. Today I've taken another opportunity - different park.
I just went to visit a friend it was the first time OI've been to his new house. I stayed about an hour then when I left it occurred to me that on the way home I went past a park, well it's not so much a park, there are lots of woods. The thought came to me to go for a walk, and then the other thought came, that I could do a poo in the woods as well. As I got in the car I tested and found that there was something substantial that could come out with a bit of a push.
Five minutes later I was putting on my walking boots, which are always in the back of the car. There was some old newspaper there as well so I slipped a page into my jacket pocket.
There were not too many people around, it was late afternoon and quite cold, but as I made my way along one of the tracks, it seemed that every time I looked there was this woman exercising her dog. At one point I stopped and walked off the track to look at the view, and took my cock out and had a piss. I looked round and there was the dog, but the woman never appeared. I walked on a bit, and I got the newspaper page out and tore it into toilet-paper sized sheets.
I came over the brow of a hill and there was the woman and her dog again. For a while I walked along a track which went around athe top of a shallow amphitheatre where she was exercising the dog. Eventually I came to some steps leading down into some trees, and decided to follow them. The track led through the middle of a couple of fir trees and I noted that as a safe place for my outdoor poo. I went on a bit further and found that the track petered out, it didn't go anywhere so there wasn't much chance of being interrupted from that direction. However, there was a ridge in front of me, and somebody coming over that ridge would take me by surprise and would see everything.I walked back not as far as the two fir trees. I unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers down a bit. Because I was wary of someone coming over the ridge, I didn't squat but leaned against a tree with my knees bent. I quickly dropped a thin log, then a second, then with a bit of a push, out came a third. I was concerned that, because of the angle I was standing, the shit would have gone into my pants. As it happened, it hadn't, but as I pulled up my pants and trousers I found that my pants were soaked, I had pissed all over them.
But an enjoyable outdoor poo experience.

humble poop guy survey
in public how long 2 take u 2 poop
10 miuntes
how long does it take u 2 pee
one miuntie
how often do u poop n public
once every six months
how often do u pee n public
every three weeks

Blasdder Splatter,

I think sitting down is the best way. I can't squat very well. Standing is for the guys.


yay! i got a laptop for xmas so now i can post while on the crapper! which im doing now.
ive had this really bad stomach bug for 3 days and i feel terrible so right nnow ive got the runs real bad. i keep the laptop next to the toilet coz im always in a rush to get to the toilet. ive been sitting here for 30 mins and gone through 3 waves of diarrhea....on my 4th.
heres some sound....[WET FART.....liquid shit hitting water!...moaan] oh god this sucks. i hate having diarrhea.
Peace Out,
THe Milster

So, one day i was like,REALLY constipated so i went into the bthrm.then,a HUGE shit came out and i had 2 waggle my ass a few times 2 get it out!it was so big i felt like breaking it w/ smthin 1st before i could flush it so i would be safe! man that was cool!

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