Punk Rock Girl
Rizzo: So cool to hear you live in Portland. Beautiful city! My 'rents live in the wilderness on the outskirts.

I was inflicted with a nasty case of the shits over the weekend while at a party. We went to dinner first, but I ate lite because I did not know what sort of goodies would be at the party. Good thing, there were all sorts of goodies. Lots of stuff with olive oil, anchovie paste and butter, three things that wreak havoc on my bowels.

Anyway, an hour or so after stuffing myself with the free snacks, I felt all of it slowly seeping through my intestines and converging into my rectum. I made a mad dash for the bathroom, and found a relatively short line. I waited my turn, clenching my buns together, until I finally got in the bathroom. I yanked up my skirt, pulled down my thong and crapped my guts out for several minutes. It was one of those fire hose dumps where you keep thinking you're done and then another blast of liquid shit comes exploding out of your ass.

Anyway, by the time everyone waiting had come to the conclusion that I was taking a shit, I was finally finished and wiped my ass and flushed the toilet. Here's the kicker, the bathroom was devoid of air freshener. And my dumping a mega-load had made the bathroom smell like an outhouse at a pickled egg eating contest. What could I do?

I opened the door, closed it behind me and said quietly to the next guy in line, "You probably want to wait a few minutes." He went in anyway. I skeedattled away, not wanting to face him when he came out.

The odor is the only thing I get a little self-conscious about in regards to my bowels. I don;t care if you hear me fart, hear the splashing and plopping, hear my grunting and groaning. Even if you catch a glimpse of my load in the crapper, I could live with that. But no one should have to smell anything that unbearably offensive. And it came out of my cute and sexy ass!

Oh, well. We're only human.



I took my son and his buddy from school to the mall last nite. After we had supper I told them I needed to use the restroom. We found the mens restroom outside the food court , and walked in. Large restroom, a row of about 8 urinals, and 4 toilet stalls on each side, facing each other, al of the stall doors were removed. Being near the food court, the toilets were exceptionally busy with men shitting after their meals. We waited on a line which moved pretty quickly. When my turn was up, I quickly dropped my jeans and boxers and sat down. Man was I constpated !!!! I sat there trying to excrete a log what seemed like an eternity. My son and his buddy finally got seats directly across from me. Watching them, I recall being 18 and having easy bowel movements, they sat there, pissed , crackled a few logs farted and dropped their deuces into their bowls. I was still having a terrible time, having a fat log of shit stuck in my buttocks, and not dropping, I tried rocking my ass on the toilet seat, then pounding my ass, all of which, my son and his friend found wildly amusing. I observed them wiping themselves while I was 'concentating" My son is not nearly as fascidious with his wiping ass as his friend. His buddy checked his tissue for brown at least 6 times. My son, only twice. Finally , my turd dropped into the water, and I wiped myself also. We got the heck out of there, and laughed about it the whole car ride home.

Outdoor Jenny
Hi Yal,

I am dropping a good explosive one on the pot right now.....there goes 2 farts and a wave of chunky poo. I just wanted to share a quicl thing here because i have to finsih my poo.....oooh yeeeah there goes some more gas and feels really good. I was pooping with my friend at work the other day and i was just having a good solid one and she sits down next to me, I am bi by the husband loves it...but that is a different mater, and it is this beautiful blonde that sits down and has this massive gassy dump. I was kind of turned on by that, is that wierd?...There goes the final fart I think.....later everyone!

Desperate to Poop: I love your stories too, espeacially when you have the huge ones and you barely make it....ever poop like tht outdoors?

Hola mis amigos!

LEENA: Thanks, I've been liking your stories too. I also LOVE females on the toilet. In fact, I like girls. KEep me up on what's going on with your man. I hope you like today's story because it's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time.
MR CLOGS: Happy New Year to you too mi querido (dear one). You are special to me. I lost my job due to state cutbacks, so I'm pounding the pavement again.
MYKHAEL S: Hola neighbor!
PV: Hola mi cariñosa (beloved)! It is so good to see your name again!!!! I just love you and miss you so much my red headed sweetie. Yeah, I'm up to my usual stinky standards. I've been looking at pictuires of Austraila and I want to go there and see a kangaroo. Do you live where it's tropical? Let's get together and pee in the sand, and poop over a log!
RIZZO: Dude!!!! I'm so happy to see your name again!

I had a phenomenal encounter over the weekend!! I met Chrissy's friend from her night class who just moved here recently. Her name is Crystal. I don't think I've ever met a girl as devishly sexy as she is!!!
Me and Nu had a big overnight party and I decided to fix a real Mexican dinner, not like Taco Bell, or these restaurants you go to. After dinner, we sat around talking. Later, Nu and Chrissy went to the liquor store to pick up a couple bottles of Tequila. I went into the kitchen to wash some glasses and Crystal followed me. We were talking for a few minutes when I realized that she was right behind me. When I turned around, she leaned over and kissed me. It was a real kiss, not a friendly type thing. It really took me by surprise!

I could feel her eyes on me as I did the most mindless of chores. After a few minutes, I excused myself. She said "where are you going?" and I said I had to visit the bathroom before the girls got back. Crystal asked if she could hang with me, so I just shrugged a 'yes'. I unbuttoned my pants, then slid them down below my knees and sat. My hair had fallen over my chest, so I pulled it back over my shoulders. I leaned forward a bit for comfort and Crystal was in front of the sink, checking her hair in the mirror. The sweet smell of strawberry from the room deodorizer plug-in filled my nose as I felt a river of pee gushing out. It was a super hard stream that splattered really loud. I think I must have squirted for over a minute. I'll bet I filled the water level about an inch with hot piss. It felt so good that I exhaled softly.
"Ohhh, yyyyeaahhhh...."
"It feels good to pee," Crystal said.
I sat on the toilet for a minute or so feeling very relaxed. I must have been making grunt faces without realizing it.
"Are you gonna poop?" she asked. I nodded, then leaned forward and pushed. Crystal was watching with interest, not leering, but paying nice attention. Suddenly, a real slow fart came out. I could hear it echo in the bowl. Then came the smell drifting up from between my brown thighs.
"Pew, this one's gonna stink."
Crystal just smiled, looking over at me as she brushed her hair. She was making small talk that I could hardly concentrate on. I was a bit excited because of what had happened in the kitchen. There was something there definitely!
Pretty soon, the pooping began.
I was grunting softly and could hear it crackling out.
Cracckllll…spffff-fffffffffffffff--Plop-plop-pllunk-splop! A nice pile of hot turds squeezed out of my butt. I began fanning between my legs.
"Excuse me," I began, "I didn't think it would smell this bad."
She just laughed and said "That's nothing, you should smell mine."
"I'd like to," I said, and we both started laughing like we were kids making some kind of gross joke. (I was still thinking about that wonderful kiss in the kitchen).
I leaned forward and gently bit on my lower lip.
"Here comes a big one," I said as I pushed.
"Okay if I smoke?" Crystal asked. I nodded that it was okay.
"Give me one too," I said. She handed me one from her pack and I sat there enjoying it as she stayed with me.
The turd was really thick and long. It felt like it was taking forever. I pushed and grunted. Soon, a nice sounding "Sssssplooop!" of turd splatted into the bowl. After I finished, I dropped the butt into the bowl and listened to it sizzle out against my fresh batch of poo. I then wiped my ass four times, pussy once.
"That felt so good," I said, pulling up my pants.
"It smells like it felt so good. A 4-wiper, huh?" she said with a smile.
"Oh grossssss," she said as she caught a glimpse of my pile. We both started laughing. Once I left the bathroom, I went back into the kitchen to bring the glasses into the living room. Crystal followed and I put my hands on her waist and said "Hi."
"Hola," she replied. It was then me who kissed her.

Crystal never had to go poo, but during that entire evening, all I could think about was watching her doing a big one. She's called me four times already, and tonight she's coming over. I can't wait!


Today in school a urge to poop hit me in 1st period about 8:30 a.m. but nothing major.Ididn't want to go cause we are in these mobile home type things and they have a bathroom inside and everyone would know i was pooping.I hadn't gone in 6 days and lunch didn't help any so by fourth i had to go pretty bad. So i asked myteacher if i could go and she asked me if i could wait about five minuites and isaid no i reaaly needed to go and was ready to get it out.So she let me go. So i went in and all the syles was full (4of them) and every one was pooping 1 person was in line.One person came out and she went in and startind peeing very hard.By this time my poop was ready to come out i still didnt need to go desperaty bbut still had to go.The ggirl peed for about 2 minuites and i thought she was done but then started pooping.Itr was about three minutes before any one came out.So i went in unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pulled them and my underwear domwn sat downm on the oilet and peed for about 15 secs.The i started to squeez out the first tird it come ot fairly slow for as bad as i needed to go.It was about 7in long and3inc wide. Ipooped out 6 more good sized tirds and 4 smaller ones it took me about 15-20minuites and when my teacher got back she gave me a writing asignment for taking so long but it was worth it cause i felt so relieved.P.S. Has any oter girls got in trouble for taking long in the bathroom?

Why do people make such a big deal out of being seen on the toilet? I mean everyone poos, and everybody..well most people do it on the toilet. It's not that big of a deal...

I am a teacher in the roughest part of my city. I teach Latin currently (privious math) and while I was teaching for 4 yrs i have had somebody put laxative in my drink about 7 or 8 times! I was 22 years old the first time it happend. I was a tight ass teacher. I put my coffee on my desk and went to photocopy the math lession. I did not notice the laxative in my coffee it just tasted sweeter.

During the class I felt the explosion in my bowels. and ran to the teachers bathroom. I had never been there before but I ran in Lowered my ph, panties and had dirriera for about 3 minutes then a sort of gravel substance came out.

The latest time was one month ago at our class party. the 5th or 6th time I had a Laxadose overdose and was actively pooping for about 9 hours. It is hell when it happens but the students at this school will never stop.

who used the urinal this time?

A Mom
I'll make a long story short. I got stuck in heavy traffic while driving my three kids, all strapped in children's car seats, in our minivan home from a children's birthday party. A lot of diet soda at the party had filled my bladder to bursting in no time during the drive home. The pressure got so bad that my bladder started spasms and it became hard to drive. I tunrned off into a vacant parking lot and looked for something to pee in. Nothing!!! I lowered my tight jeans to mid thigh, slid to the front edge of the seat and released the lound, blast of a torrent onto the floormat. With difficulty I stopped as soon as I could to minimize the damage and drove the rest of the way home and let our the remining 2/3. My husband is still working to dry and clean the floor carpet. He came in shocked after using 2 towels just to soak up the puddle, saying I must has a giant bladder. I didn't have the heart to tell him that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Has any other mom's had this situation while hauling the kids around???


I've done a few conversations from the dunny, and if it's inconvenient for me (as in notes or files back at my desk), I just say "I need some notes at my desk - let me call you back in 10 or 15 minutes". No need to let everybody know where you are - just your closest friends.

Intresting but brief story I found on another web Site

A man who tried to sue a local authority after he soiled his trousers has made it on to a list of the most spurious compensation claims.

He blamed the accident on the closure of a bus station toilet and demanded the price of a new pair of trousers.

Sadly tells no more

Just curious here
Why are there so many men's rooms without doors on the toilet stalls? You never hear about women having stalls without doors. If we are both shitting,why does one gender deserve privacy and dignity, while the men shit with an audience, like dogs do...

Everyday when I come home from school I have to let my dogs out to go to the bathroom. Well my poodle won't go unless somebody goes out there with him. I had to go too, but I was gonna wait until they were done. A bad urge hit me and I had to pee. I walked out into the back of my yard and pulled my pants down some. I have pretty muc hmastered peeing standing up from posts from here and from this other website. It is a rather windy day in Kentucky so I sorta squatted about half way and held on to the fence to keep balance and I started to go but the wind betrayed me and it started getting on my leg but i couldn't stop going so I finished, my leg was soaked, I didn't realize I had that much pee in me.

Embarrassed Elisha
I was with two of my girl friends when we went out to eat and then to a movie. During the meal I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I had to poo. I wanted to wait until I got home so I could use my clean toilet. As I ate and chatted with my friends, I had to go worse and worse. I was squirming in the booth across from them. As I talked I was kind of breathing hard and grunting under my breath. When I laughed I almost lost control of my bowels. I barely managed to hold it in.

When we arrived at the movies my friends picked seats in the middle section of the rows. People soon filed in on both sides of us. I really had to use the bathroom at this point, and I slid my legs forward in my seat while clenching my butt cheeks together. Then the movie started. I had to go super bad at this point. I felt my poo force its way out of my anus and press up against my panties. I tried rocking back and forth while pulling it back in. But as soon as I pulled it back in, it would emerge back out of my anus. I was sure my poo was emitting an odor because I thought I could smell it. It was pressing against my panties again. I kept holding it and holding it, but the intensity of having to use the bathroom stayed the same.

Finally, I had to go so bad that I decided to use the ladies room. Now the only trouble was making it to the bathroom. I stood up and proceeded to try to make it past all the people in the row. I had to move slowly because everyone's knees were in the way. I was also sticking my butt in people's faces as I trudged by them. My bowels gave a great push,to my dismay, and my poo started coming out into my panties. A huge, solid poo proceeded to exit my anus. I pooed my pants while trying to get by everybody. It stunk. I finally got past everyone and rushed to the bathroom. I pulled my pants down and then my panties. An incredibly big poo was in my panties. It was thick, ball shaped and completly filled my panties. Some poop was even on my back because I had pooped such a great amount. I used a lot of toilet paper to get cleaned up. I dumped my poo in the toilet and stashed my panties in the trash. Then I went back to my friends. They asked me if I felt better so I knew they knew I had to go poo. I am embarrassed to this day. Normally I can hold my poo in, but not that day.

hey what's up everybody.....i've never posted here before but i'm a 13, blonde, 110 lbs.

i was just wondering if anybody could answer a question for me. Whenever i eat pizza, no more than an hour after it gets in my belly, it's waiting at my crack, does anybody no what could be causing this? also...i was wondering what some other girls do while they're pooping....i like to rub my belly...i find that this relives some pressure on my intestines and helps poop come out easier. if any girls have any ideas for me i'll be glad to try them out

hey again.......the other day i was out with my friedns at the mall we went to the food court first 'cause we were all starving. i ordered two chickens sandwhinces and a ice cream sunday.....(i no i shouldn't eat so much.......but i just love watching my love handles jiggel when i'm on the toilet dropping what ever i ate the day before) anyway after we ate we got up anf went walking around going in and out of diferent stores. after a few hours my belly started to rumble....i knew i should stay close to a bathroom but i really didn't wanna use those gross mall toilets. i needed to go bad but i was trying not to be to obvious....didn't really belly was making some pretty loud noises and everyone could tell they were coming from "a lower end of me" finally we left and started to walk home. then i thought about going in the woods because i relized i didn't have any panties on under my mini-skirt....then i saw tht we were only a few houses away from my friends house. when we got there i tried to act as normal as posible (my friend was brittany) when i turned around brittany was gone.....i went up stairs and walked towards her this point my chicken was digested and ready for "light at the end of the star" i saw that brittany was already in the bathroom and i almost liost it right there....but then i decided to go in (she did the same at my house) when i got in there she was sitting on the toilet with a painful expression on her face.....she was an amazing site....her blonde hair in a pony talin, one hand on her belly the other on her knee, pants and pink thong down around her ankles......i walked over to her and sat down i heard her belly rumble (she has a gut to but it dosen't hang down as much as mine.) after about 20 more minutes of her pooping and me fighting to keep my poop in,.... she was finally done and i took her place on the toilet.and i dumped for about 30 minutes then i got up and we back to her room.......apparently chiken digests a little too well in my belly thats all for to yall later

Alex (Millie's Boyfriend)
Gday, Im Alex, my gf, millie told me about this sight this morning so i decided id check it out. I'm 15, average height, blonde hair, brown eyes, brown skin, surfer from Sydney AUS.
Last night Millie slept over at my house coz my parents are at the Hunter Valley and she boards so no parents were involoved. She had quite a pooping experience.
She was lying on my couch in her undies when all of a sudden she clutched her stomach and whimpered, i asked her what was the matter and she ran for the toilet and i could hear her farting. She was crying and asked me to come in. I sat on the edge of the bath and she told me inbetween waves of diarrhea that she had a stomach bug. After sitting on the toilet for around 45mins she was cleared out. She stood up and wiped several times. I looked in the toilet where there was a pile of mushy, yellowy brown shit. She felt alright after that and i really enjoyed the night with her.
THe whole experience really turned me on!!!

BTW: does anyone know of any movies with diarrhea scenes in them? if so please tell.

Hi. Does anyone like to wet their pants? I've been reading that people do. Well, I tried it, and it stinks.

No offence ment by this question.

TO PEE SURVEY I like surveys they fun to do so my answers are

1.) How many times do you go pee a day?
It vary a lot and I never count but I think maybe 5 to 10 times

2.) How long can you hold it max.?
I cant hold pee very long I have to go toilet very quickly because it get very uncomfortable. I think 15 minutes.

3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out?
Yes I have pee accident when my sister make me laugh and I need to pee. It started like dribble but then all came out like I'm sitting on toilet. My knickers get very very wet. I get very angry.

4.) What do you do when you really have to go?
Find bathroom very quickly

5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out?
Less than a minute

6.) How much pee can you hold max.?
Don't know

7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain.

I have a survey for all the girls here because I'm really interested in what you do when you are having a poo. Guys can answer too.

1. How do you sit? Upright, leaning back, elbows on knees, leaning forward, etc.
2. Do you do anything special to help your poo come out? Tippy toes, lean forward, rock backwards and forwards, hold your cheeks apart etc.
3. Do you always pee when you poo? Do you pee before, during or after your poo?

Thanks everybody


You ask if anyone ever shit themselves just for fun... I'll tell you a few of them. Grade one...I was too scared to put my hand up and ended up dumping a huge and i mean huge load into my underwear. It was really scary cause everyone could smell it and were making faces and stuff.

Another time I was at the library and felt the urge to take a huge dump. I waited until the last possible moment and before I could stop myself I let a huge log go into my shorts, felt so good but the clean-up was a mess.

What i like to do is wait until I need to dump and then put it off for as long as possible. Occassionally if i am at home alone I will put it off until I can't take it any longer then I'll just let go and fill the seat of my pants. The relief is awesome.

With regard to the father thing, it was my friend's father who was always having the accidents and I was usually around to witness them. This one day we were out helping him set up at a convention centre and he says we should take a biffy break so we all head to the can. We get there and the stalls are taken and he gets this look on his face and cuts a huge fart out, then he says, "You fella almost done, I'm ready to mess my shorts here" one of the guys says he is almost finished and I notice my friends damp grimacing and rockingon his feet like a kid. Then he put his hand to ass like he was trying to keep his load in, and before the guy could get out of the stall my friends dad lets a huge wet fart rip and fills his pants. Another time when we were at the lake my friend and his dad were walking one night in the dark without a flashlight. We get to about a mile away from the cottage and the old guy says, lets get back I've got to do a big one. Well we turn back and all of a sudden the poor man stops and bends over rubbing his gut, "Holy cow" he said, "Hope we make it" We start walking again and about 10 steps later he stops again and in the dark all I heard was a tremendous fart and a gushing of wet shit, then I heard him say "?????????it" It wasn't hard to follow him in the dark with his shorts full of shit.

Tell me more stories about your dad, does he have a stomach problem. Did he used to shit in front of you?


Remember when i posted about that bucket the me and sarah went in, well we went back to visit it and it was still there, shit and all
So we went back home, got a tent and stuff and went to camp out there, we took a whole pack of lax each and shat our guts out all night, it was like we were kids again, i hope to do that agin

I have quit a story to share. I have written here a couple of times, but I think this probably tops them all. On Monday, I was running on my tred mill and felt like I had to fart, so I did and though nothing about doing it. I was almost half way through my mile, and after I farted, I noticed that I really had to poop. I thought I would try to finish my mile, so I farted again to let go the pressure. That next fart was the sign to forget the mile and run to the toilet. I got in the bathroom and pulled down my pink excercise pants and my bikini panties and sat down on the pot to let out a huge rush of mussy liquidy poo. I do not know where it came from, but I had diarrhea. After I finished erupting, I pulled back up my clothes, and I hate to put back on sweaty clothes in the middle of a work out. I got on the tred mill again and ten minuets later, sure enough, I had to go again. Well, I figured tonight is just not the night to run, so I shut the machine of and ran back over to the toilet. Again I almost blew the toilet of the floor. By now my panites were pretty well stained because of the farting and what ever. This went on for about three more eruptions through the evening. When I went to bed, I was scared because I figured I would mess myself in bed accidentaly. Not to worry though, I remembered that my little cusin, came over a few months ago with her family for the holidays. She wets the bed and wears Goodnites. Well, they forgot the package of them here, so I figured I would put them to good use just incase I did have a night emergancy. I went to the spare bedroom closet and took a Goodnite and put it on. I was supprised to feel how comfortable they were. Anyway, I went to bed and fell asleep quikly. At about two in the morning, I woke up with the feeling of another crap attack. It was not worth trying to get into the bathroom since I had the Goodnite on, so I just layed there and filled it up. I fell back asleep for a while, woke up about a half hour later, and this time went into the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom I had my eruption on top of the old one. Cleen up was going to be a terrible problem, so I just saved the problem untill the morning, emtied the poop in the Goodnite into the toilet and put it back on. In the morning I cleened up and was done with the diarrhea.

katlin (smart guy's girlfriend)
hey, i just wanted to post a story up....

this happened during about 2 days ago, when i was at our apartment, he was going to be out for a while, so i knew that i was gonna be alone for a while. so after he left, i just watched some tv, eat some junk food. after 1pm, i started to feel the need to poop, but it wasnt really ergent yet, so i just hold it in.. after around half an hour, this suddent pressure just went shooting at to my butthole. i then knew that i needed to poop real fast. so i quickly ran to the toilet, but then i feel my butthole was opening really fast. so i stopped, and try to hold onto.. it stopped, but if i move, i knew that i will lost control of my poop... so i just said what the heck, and just pulled down my shorts and panties, bend my knees, and started to push out. it was a solid hard one.... it was so relaxful, that my eyes was barely open.. after i was finished(which took about 2 minutes), i looked at my poop, and it looked like if it was about a few feet long, and it looked like if it was about 2 inches thick... anyways, when i was done, i just cleaned up the mess.....

this happened at summer time. i was at a party one night, after about 10pm, i went home. after i went home, i saw a note at the door, it was my parents, they said that they wont be back until after a few days. after that, i just throw the note away in the garbage.. after that i felt a little bit of a discomfort in my stomach. Then i realized that maybe its from the food that i ate.. because i did eat a lot of food there, so i might ate a bad mixture of foods.... anyways, i just went to sleep at around 10:30pm, since i didnt really feel good. after about 2:30am, i woke up with a even worse pain in my stomach... i just went straight into the washroom. i sat there for the past 30minutes, nothing came out, except a lot of loud, long farts, which helped my stomach a lot. since i felt a little bit better after, even though i didnt poop anything out, although i could feel something up my ass, i just went back to sleep..

after i woke up, my stomach still feel really bad, i think my stomach felt a lot worse during the night while i was still sleeping. i then just decided to just went back to the toilet. after i sat on the toilet, i was on it for over 45minutes, until i let out this loud fart. it made my stomach feel a lot better, but like last night, i could still feel something up my ass, so i sat for 15 minute more, but nothing. i just decided to do something else. i went to the phamarcy that was close to the house, and bought a medicine for my stomach. after i bought it, i went straight back, made something to eat, and ate one of those medicine, then i just went to take a nap on the couch. i slept from 1pm, all the way until 7:30pm. when i woke up, my stomach didnt feel as bad, but i feel that i really, seriously had to poop. i know that i couldnt make it to the toilet, so i quickly got up, and once i did that, my poop just started to come out. so i just bend down my knees, and started to poop. i was only wearing a pair of shorts, so my poop just started to slide down by my side. then i realized it was a hard log. it kept oozing out of my ass, then after 5 minutes, i was finally finished. good thing that it was the wood floor that i did it on, or else it would be a little bit harder to get it out.

after i cleaned it up, my stomach felt a lot better. after that, i was at the kitchen making something, but after 8pm, i needed to poop again, and time, my ass feels warm... i had a feeling that it might be warm. lucky a garbage can was near, so i just reached it, pulled down my shorts, bended down it, and i just let it rip. it wasnt runny, it was a soft one, but it came out really fast though... after 2 minutes, i was finally finished. i just got up, and saw that my poop had filled up about a quarter of the small garbage can... after that, i just wiped my ass with the paper that was close to me, and thrown away that garbage can....

TO Hailea:
How long has it been since you discovered you liked messing your panties? Does anyone know?
BTW... Do you prefer the poop soft & mushy in your panties or firm logs?



I was sitting here on my laptop reading posts, and the pressure on my stomach made me pee a little in my panties reading these posts. OOPS! ^_^. I almost lost control but im ok, wonder how long I can hold it. Has this happened to anyone??

My dad owns a food truck, and on weekends he hits a huge flea market , not far from their home. Since i'm getting married next year, I can always use extra money, so he offered me easy 'part time weekend work" Well, it wasn't so easy. My dad, his regular employee "Hector" and myself cooked and served hot-dogs, hamburgers, fries, and funnel cakes from 9 am till 3 om NONSTOP... We ate while we worked, and by time we cleaned the truck up, it was 4 pm.. Since we all rode in together, my dad asked me if I minde if he went to the bathroom... For a little quiet "me time" ..before we left. I responded, "of course not, I gotta go to, all those hot-dogs and saurkraut I ate all day are brewing inside me too. Hetor smiled in agreement, and we all hit the mens restroom. Big room , with a doorless entry, I suppose for ventalation. When we got inside we found 2 rows of open doorless toilet stalls with only low cinderblock partitions dividing them, but the stalls faced each other. My dad and Hector, who already knew the layout, ran to the toilets they usually use, and sat down. Their side of stalls was filled up at this point, so I found an availble toilet directly across from them...At this point all 8 toilets are in play, and my dad is introducing me to many of the other venders, while we are all sitting with our pants down. Then a loud round of farts, grunts, and splashes started from all over the room, including me. "This is your idea of quiet time?" I asked my dad...He said anytime without women complaining was 'quiet time" and the room agreed with the sound of grunts, laughter, and farts...I sat there and dropped a huge fat turd into the water, while watching 'the race' between my dad and Hector, it was cool watching their big shit logs sliding from their asses into the water, and comparing turd sizes ...We all finished, wiped (Hector stood and bent over slightly) my dad and I remained seated. and washed our hands , and went home. I think I'll do it again, if not next weekend, maybe every other weekend.

1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump? 2-3
2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time? 10-20 minutes.
3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 20 minutes or more) are you having poop come out alot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long? If I take longer than 10 minutes, I'm usually doing small, hard pieces.
4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time? Most of the time my shit is pretty big, but, sometimes I do small, hard pieces.
5. How many times do you have to wipe? 3 or 4 times
6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions? Not much to tell except I like when I can sit down & have a nice shit in a few minutes. If I don't go in the 1st 10 minutes, that means I'm going to have to push to get the hard pieces before the rest of the shit comes out.

~~~girl who loves to drink water~~~
hey, guys. i found out this place pretty about a few weeks ago, but i just never seem to have any interesting stories that i wanted to post up here, until now. anyways, since its my first one, i might wanna make this as interesting as possible... but before i start, i might want to introduce myself. im Female, 5"3, 15, blonde, i love drinking water, and i love the feeling of being desperate to pee....

the story will be too long if i just post it up, so ill just put up the time, and what i was mostly doing..

6:30am: my parents told me they were leaving and wont be back until after monday(it was friday when this happened).

6:10am: made myself breakfast

6:20am: ate breakfast, dranked 500mL

7am: i gotten dressed

8am: went to school

3pm: i got back home, and felt sort of desperate, but i had a big bladder, so i could hold it a little while longer

5pm: did some homework, watched some tv, eat junk foods, drank a lot of water, etc.

5:20pm: starting to feel really needed to go.. so i went to the washroom..

5:25pm: got into the washroom, gotten onto the toilet, pulled down my panties, and started to pee really uncontrolablly...

5:28pm: finally was done... i think i did a lot because it tooked a long time, and i was peeing seriously fast, but it was really relieved..i never knew i was that desperate...

Marcuslycus; Did you like lock her out of the bathroom or something? Why did she pee on your carpet?

Pee Lover
hii ppl...sorri i havent been posting for a while..but yesterday i was at shoprite n i saw a kid just take his dick out and pee in da was weird..plz have more pee stories

I remember when I was about 10 I was with my Grandma and we had been yard saling all day. I had to pee but didn't wanna tell her. We went to the store so she could get some flowers because we were going to the cemetry and put them on people's graves that I didn't even know. After we walked for a while trying to find the graves I was bursting. I can't hold my pee very long now it was even worse as a kid. So i finally told my grandma. We parked near some bushes that were kinda in a circle. She told me that I oculd go there or hold it until we got home. I was holding myself so she basically ordered me to go there and she didn't want me to pee on her seat. I twas a good think I was wearing a dress so I crouched down behind the bushes and took my panties completely off. I peed so much for me and there was a huge puddle. My grandma gave me tissues to wipe with and I put my panties back on. It was a good thing I wasn't pee shy. I was when I was younger than that but I got over it when I started school because I couldn't go during the breaks and I would end up rushing to the bathroom about a half an hour after the break. So I just realized I had to go then because the teachers would stop letting me go. Now I don't care who watches me. Anyway it was weird havin my grandma tell me to go in the bushes at the cemetry

I rarely poop in public, as I find it very embarrasing. The few times that I have ever used a public bathroom (or the outdoors, for that matter) is when I have had to pee or had bad diarrhea. Speaking of bad diarrhea, here is a story from when I was 15 and had to expose my vagina and buttocks to any passerby while blowing suds or wiping a muddy butt.

My family and I go camping every year. There was this little camp store where you could buy candy and things like that. I went in there and bought some sugar-free mints that looked good. I had my first one and was hooked. I rushed back into the store and bought 4 more tins (hey, they were only a dollar a tin) and ate these things by the handfull while taking a solitary hike. After a while, I started blowing some horrible farts. A little while later, my stomach started cramping up real bad. I went and sat on a tree stump to wait for the pain to subside, but it never did. I felt horrible and started heading towards the campsite to rest. A bit down the trail, diarrhea hit me like a brick wall. I ran behind a bush and ripped down my jeans and panties as diarrhea flowed from my butt before I could squat down. I squatted sort of like a crab: knees bent, back towards the ground, hands on the ground to support my weight, my butt hovering a few inches off the dirt blowing out mud by the bucket full. This stuff was thick and creamy and stuck to my buttcheeks while more coated my thighs. I was overcome with embarrasement and crouched as low to the ground as i could so that no hikers could see me. The farts could be heard for miles. This went on for 15 minutes until it finally subsided and I cleaned up my lower body with nature's toilet paper. It's a wonder nobody saw me, or, atleast, I didn't notice anyone watching me.

The diarrhea ran dry but the cramps did not. My parents had always given me mints to calm an upset stomach, so I ate more mints as I walked to the tent, trying to calm the storm inside my body. Once I got there, my family was having hot dogs and burgers. You can imagine that I was not hungry at all, and when I refused to eat, I was bombarded by my parents, asking me if i was sick, if i was depressed, If I was anorexic. I find diarrhea to be VERY embarrasing, so i did not tell my family about my runny bowel problems. I went into the tent and searched through my mom's luggage, trying to find some anti-diarrheal. I was looking through her toiletry bag when she walked in, saw the Advil and box of Pearl Glides that I had thrown on the ground and said, "Honey, if you needed a tampon, you should have just asked me." I ran off embarrased as heck, heading to the place I needed most: a bathroom, with running water.

My quest for imodium was a failure. I didn't have to use the toilet when I started the journey, but the only bathroom with flushing toilets was down at the lakefront, a good 20 minute walk from the campsite. I was sorry I didn't head there earlier, as a second onset of diarrhea hit me halfway there. I broke out into something you might call an awkward run, sprinting as fast as I could whle pinching my buttcheeks together. I arrived at the stall door just in time, dropping my jeans and letting loose the liquid devil inside of me. The woman next to me heard the violent splashes and booming farts and asked me if I was ok. Flustered, I manages to squeal out, "Ah, yeah. Just fine. Just a little case of the runs, that's all."

"How embarrasing this must be for you," she said.

"Yeah... quite... so," I said, my words separated by long squirts of diarrhea.

"Well, don't feel too ashamed," she said. "This sort of thing happens to everybody. If it makes you feel better, I think they sell imodium in the camp store."

For a moment, it seemed that the grandmother in the stall next to me was a saint. Why hadn't I thought of that! I got off the toilet and barely wiped, anxious to get to the store and pick up the medicine. I pulled up my panties and felt a wet spot, pulled them back down again, and saw that some of the volcanic lava had dripped down into my underwear. Oh well, it wasn't too bad. I pulled up my jeans, slowly easing the pants over my molested butt. I wished I had worn a looser pair, as the waistband fit uncomfortably over my pain ridden abdomen. I got quite a good share of stares, whispers, and snickers as I stepped out and washed my hands. I ate some more mints and headed for the store.

I walked in and saw the medicines lined up behind the cashier. This was what I was afraid of. It was bad enough handing to pass a box that read in bold "ANTI-DIARRHEAL, CONTROLS THE SYMPTOMS OF DIARRHEA, INCLUDING GAS, BLOATING, AND CRAMPS" to the cashier, but to actually ask the cute boy at the counter for a box of the stuff seemed unbearable. I debated just leaving, but a painful cramp made me think otherwise. I mustered enough courage to say, "Uh, could I have box of imodium please?"

He gave an awkward smile and said, "Is it for you?"

I didn't know what to say. I was overcome with embarrasment. I managed to mutter, "What do you mean?"

He replied, "I mean, do you have diarrhea or are you buying for someone else?"

Diarrhea rushed to my colon from nervousness and embarrasment. Why was he asking me these questions? Diarrhea is a very personal matter! Didn't he realize that? I mean, he must have. He must have had diarrhea some time. Everyone gets diarrhea. And since he probably has had to run behind a bush and drop a liquid load himself, I saw no reason to lie. I felt an overwhelming urge to just let my inner feelings erupt.

"Yes, I have diarrhea. You might even say that it is severe. My stomach hurts, my farts are explosive, and my poop is pure liquid. I'm sure it has happened to you. After you just spent a half hour on the toilet with liquid fire blasting out your ass, I'm sure that when you walked into a store to get some pepto-bismol, the cahier didn't say, 'Excuse me, but do you have diarrhea?' I am embarrased and outraged by your actions!"

The guy was stunned. He just said "I'm sorry but it's policy-"

"What do you mean it's policy? Is it policy that I have to run to the latrine every hour and risk messing my panties because you can't hand me a box of imodium without asking embarrasing questions?"

"I'm sorry, but it is our policy not to sell drugs to minors for their own consumption. County law. there is nothing that I can do."

"Look!" I exclaimed. "If you were standing here with a boat full of diarrhea about to flood your little white briefs, I would sure as hell hand you a box of pills."

"I understand your situation, but-"

"What do you mean you understand my situation? Lets see how you like it! Have you ever had diarrhea?"

"Well, sure-"

"Did it coat your thighs? Did people laugh at you as you sat on the toilet? Did you jump behind a bush to let the steaming mud flow out of you? Did it drip down into your panties-"

"I don't wear panties!" He said, angrily. "Now, I'm sorry you're having some stomach problems. I have had my fair share too. But it is county law that we cannot sell you drugs intended for your own consumption without a parent. Come back with your mom to buy some. Until then, there is toilet paper towards the back of the store. That is all I can do for you right now."

I left the store both angry and ashamed of what I had said. The diarrhea and the cramps were just so painful that I had to let him have it. I wanted to go back in and apologize, but I was too embarrased. I learned later that he was telling the truth- the campsite was in ??????????? county, a country area that has weird laws like that. Heading home, I felt another flare-up. A broke into a run, and again, I cursed my tight jeans, which made it even more impossible to move quickly. I sighted a blue port-o-potty and ran inside, sat down on the warm plastic seat and let loose the most vile, muddy flow of diarrhea ever. I can't say it was a squirt, but more like mud slipping down a rock crevice- slow and thick. This single release was gasless and smooth; it could be compared to pouring a pitcherful of cake batter into a baking pan- lumpless, quiet, and thick. This single release seamed to last forever, the muddy batter thumping against the empty plastic tank beneath my ass. It seemed like hours that this single release of slime was passing out of me and dropping into the hole beneath me, like one long, continuous liquid snake. After the pancake batter finally ran dry, there was a momentary pause, and then a violent eruption of watery diarrhea and abundant gas. No doubt- this was the worst bout of I diarrhea I had ever experienced. I grasped my stomach and bent over double from the pain, the stuff blasting off the toilet seat lid and back onto my butt. In the midst of all this paiful, violent ???? trouble, some eight year old little by opened the door. I screamed and cupped my hands over my vagina. It was the first time anyone, including my boyfriend, had seen my genitals. He giggled, said "sorry" and ran away. It was probably the most embarrising moment of my life. This intestinal nuclear holocaust continued for another 5 minutes, until I felt a little relief. Most of the cramps had disappeared, the gas subsided, and the poo got a bit more solid. Now, trust me, I still had a waterfall raining out of my butt, but atleast it wasn't niagra falls. I was able to stop the flood long enough to stand up and lock the door- but I couldn't, the lock mechanism was broken off. I sat back down, soaking with sweat. I sat there for about a minute, but nothing came out. I thought I was empty, but I was wrong. It started again, but just as it did, the boy had returned. He laughed heartily, then slammed the door shut. Seconds later, the door opened again, with another chuckling boy behind it. Apparently, he had brought his friends. I went through about a minute of boys peeping through the door and laughing their heads off, while I told them to go away. Finally, one kid finally mustered the courage to step inside and asked, "Do you have diarrhea?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed, boiling with anger. "My stomach hurts really bad and I have violent diarrhea. Now get out of here or I'll tell your parents! This was enough to scare them off. I heard them running away making fart noises, yelling "poopy pants!" "I have violent dy-uh-ree-uh!" and one boy yelled, "There was hair on her privates!"

I was red with embarrasment. That was definately the most embarrasing moment of my life. The diarrhea had reduced to a trickle, but I was still feeling very sick and sweaty. The plastic hole over the collection bin was very small- even my tiny teenage butt sealed it up air tight like a gasket. The steam from the poop and the hot gases seemed to perculate beneath me, and I could feel liquid condensing on my cheeks and my ass seemed very hot. When I finally felt empty, I stood up and immediately felt a 20 degree decrease in temperature around the area of my buttocks, and was happy to see the big roll of toilet paper beside me. I rolled it up real thick around my hand and began mopping my ass- I really did need a mop. Part way through, the door swung open again, and luckily, my muddy butt cheeks were spread wide facing the door. I released a vicious fart right in the faces of the peepers, all of which gagged and ran away in disgust. I think I heard one puke.

My butt muscles hurt immensly, and it was sheer torture sliding my skin-tight jeans on again. Walking was unbelievably painful. I managed to waddle over to the campsite. My mom asked me how my walk was, and I completely ignored her. I went to the cooler and took out a huge bag of ice, then I went into the tent, zipped up all the windows, put a padlock on the entrance way, stripped off my panties and jeans, and laid down on my stomach, placing the bag over my sore, molested butt cheeks. It was like an icy cold waterfall splashing on your hot, sweaty breasts. My ass spread nicely beneath the bag, providing the ultimate relief. I fell asleep like that. I awoke to my mom screaming at me, telling me to unzip the entrance. I took the ice bag and put it under my sleeping bag and pillow, and quickly slid my panties and jeans back on, before finally unzipping the door flap. She told me that I had to go on a hike, which I quickly objected to. My sore butt was feeling much better, and my cramps had almost disappeared. I didn't want to disturb the peace by hiking a long trail. In resonse to my objection, my mother said, "Alright, fine. Don't go. I understand that doing all that walking during your period can be painful and-"

"Mom, I'm not having my period! I just don't want to go, okay?"

"Sure, whatever you like. But you know, I can tell when you're lying"

"I'm not lying! Fine, I'll just go, okay?"

"Okay, good," my mother said.

I ate some mints and we were gone.

About an hour into the hike, the cramps set in again. Now what was I going to do? I managed to hold it in until we got to a unisex wooden latrine. These things were old and primitive- four holes cut out of a long board, each hole over a tall ceramic pot. There weren't any dividing walls "I have to go to the bathroom," I said. "Me too!" said my brother. "No, you don't!" I said, fearful of him learning of my intestinal battles. "Do too!" he said, and that was the end of the argument. He dropped his pants and sat down, slapping his thighs while pretending to push hard. He didn't have to go. He was just trying to make me crazy. I stood there, waiting for him to leave, but I knew it wouldn't happen until I was done. Reluctantly, and suffering from pain, I plopped down over the hole, liquid again bubbling from my ass. My 5 year old brother heard and smelled it instantly, and began to laugh uncontrollably. He began to chant, "Serena has diarrhea! Serena has diarrhea!" a syncopated poem that he had always used when he discovered that I was having stomach problems. Then a guy came in, probably in his twenties, and stood at the stall next to me. He reached into his pants pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen, then he peed, he stared at me, I stared at his penis, and then he zipped up and left. What I saw was almost worth sitting on a ceramic pot with hot, watery diarrhea. My brother ran out and told my mom and dad about my diarrhea. My mom walked in, said "Why didn't you tell me before?" and the jig was up. They knew, and I was ashamed.

We got back to the campsite, and my mom gave me what I had needed all along- imodium. It didn't work until the third dose, and the two times it didn't work I had to squat over a cooking pot, which my brother thought was immensly funny. The next day I was fine, only because I didn't eat any more mints. I looked at the box and discovered that the mints contained sorbitol, which my dad said can induse severe diarrhea at high doses- That's what I had, severe diarrhea.

My brother joked about my stomach problems non stop in the car ride home, until he got a treat for himself. It's a good thing that I saved a box of mints, because I was able to make fun of my brother for pooping his pants- something I managed not to do. Yep, he got severe diarrhea too. Ah, revenge... so sweet, almost a sweet as sorbitol. (No, the revenge did not give me diarrhea, in case you were wondering.)

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