This morning i was running like crazy to go shit but i got to the bathroom inside and there was line that streched for miles! I waited for as long as i could before i started messing my pants. But i kept of and soon i felt this big huge shit turd coming out. But i had filled my opanties and it was a tight sqeeze. I tried to hold ack but it was like holding back a boulder. When i let goo the weith was heavy that my pants sagged.

Mr. Clogs
Hey what's good? Hope everybody doing well, I found this survey on this site, and I would like to chime in, so here goes.

1.) How many times do you go pee a day? 5-7 times a day. I pee more than I poop! I guess it's all the water that I drink.

2.) How long can you hold it max.? 8 hrs or maybe longer was my longest that I can think of. This was when I was laying some cables in my house, so I didn't want to take a break, so I gave in like 4 o'clock that afternoon.

3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out? No, but have come close at times. I let some little squirts into my underwear, not enought to soak through.

4.) What do you do when you really have to go? Wow, let's see, well I try to find a bathroom quick, or if I have a container near by, I just use it.

5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? Well it depends how much liquid intake and how long I've hold in my own pee. I say from less than 30 seconds to up to 2 minutes. The two minutes are from my night-time pees.

6.) How much pee can you hold max.? about 1.5 litres.

7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain. No, haven't done it. Should give it a try someday.

cheryl: Hi, Happy-n-"bubbly"-New Years to you. I enjoyed your "BUBBLES, HONEY! " cheryl style post. I enjoyed the detail of your peeing experience, and look forward to some more of those "BUBBLES, HONEY! " posts. Indeed a post that should archived in the classic vault for all to share! Thanks for making your posts about peeing and making it fun to read. Thanks.

Marcuslycus: Man, you got to be the luckiest person around to such thing, man that's hot post. Wow!

Mister Peeper: Man, I mean, wow, again you got to be the luckiest man alive to have a step-aunt to let you in while she handles her business. The amazing part is that she's open and your open to watching her without going any further detail. I say majority of women aren't open to this "open-doored" policy if you know what I mean. Anyways, great posts and hope you have more memorable posts of your step-aunt.

Hold no more
So many of you complain about constipation and try to do something about it after you are backed up and go days without going. There is a solution. Prevent your constipation by eating other foods. They are called foods with fiber. You will find them in the breakfast section of the grocery store. On the label each box of breakfast food has how much fiber the cereal contains: look at the raisin bran box or the natural bran box. You need about 80% to a 100% a day. But you don't have to get it all from cereal. In the fruit section fresh pineapple is best, also oranges, plums, papyya, apples. Eat two or three a day. Then don't forget fresh vegetables: a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots also has a lot of fiber. And potatoes cooked anyway. Baked are best.

The following have no fiber at all: meat, poultry, fish hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage. By all means eat some each day for protein. No fiber in any drink: tea, coffee, milk, coke, sprite, etc., ice cream, most cakes, pies, etc.

So if you don't want to be constipated eat good cereals and grain bread and a lot of fruit, especially tropical fruits and fresh vegetables.

Also keep your bladder healthy. Pee when you need to. But school is a problem. Some schools in other countries have 15 to 30 minutes breaks every 2 hours. American schools and teachers just don't believe you have bladders that need to be emptied every 2 to 4 hours. Holding all day for 8 hours or more is not only uncomfortable but dangerous unless your bladder is huge and can hold a quart or more. I have heard of men and women who only piss once or twice a day.The rest of us stop drinking much in order to avoid dirty boys and girls rooms. Some are pee shy and can't piss no matter what without absolute privacy. Look up bashful bladder, pee shy or shy bladder on google. It will point you how to get help for paruresis, the medical term for people who hold because they can't go. It is bladder constipation. It is estimated that about 7 million, mostly men have paruresis in the U. S alone.

gender-neutral bathrooms? tonight I was at this thing for a group which promotes same sex marriage and also fights for legal rights for victims of hate crimes and yes, we met at this ???????????n. well at the end I had to use the bathroom really bad before driving home and yeah, they had this gender neutral restroom . and so I walked in and took the first stall to my right, as I walked in I did see this one guy come out. but no one really was in there at the time, except two other women whom later walked in. well I guess if it is sexual attraction that you wish to separate, with me that is hard to do; as yeah I am bisexual myself [ kind of an attractive ?????, just chubby with nearly shoulder length dyed blonde hair, and a naturally brown haired puss.] anyway, so here I take that stall and walked in, wearing my new jacklin smith flowing dress skirt with the flower prints all over it anhd my lavender mock neck top. I lifted up that skirt but as I went to lower my black pantyhose and finally my undies, the thing kept falling down. finally getting them rolled down to my knees with my undies, I lifted that flowing skirt up again,pushing it out of the way in order to sit down and well pee. sitting down now, the seat already down , I opened my legs a little like I always do and sat for a few seconds as these two other women came in and took the stall next to me. well I first began to make a tinkle noise as I started peeing into the toilet bowl's water, watching as the past 2-1/2 hrs of yellow urine from the raspberry crystal light I drank before leaving home was filling that toilet's water with yellow pee. it just came out sort of gentle , as with those pantyhose my legs were sort of closer together then I usually keep them. about then, I tried to get some toilet paper from the dispenser but that thing was a pain in the ass and all that would come off at one time was a small bit. meanwhile , I could hear them both next to me tinkling a bit, which sounded like their urine was hitting more to the front in a light piddle. hearing them talking saying " all bathrooms should be gender neutral like this; I realized that it was the married lesbian couple I was just talking to before I went to tinkle. I said something about how hard the toilet paper dispensers were to get paper from and the hassle of pantyhose and they said " hey cheryl!". but of course the sound of my pee overshadowed theirs and of course went way longer. after about 45 secs to a minute I stopped peeing. but there was more of course and so , I sat, then pushed some and sure enough I let out this forceful stream which made a spraying tinkle as it splashed into that water for the next 45 secs until it was all out of me. then, I took the amount of paper I could get , which came off in about four pieces and of course, wiped my puss, dabbing it and dabbing it and finally one swift wipe and as I got up, that pretty dress/skirt fell and got in the way of my from the back back to front last wipe; especially needed when I wear the hose as my puss tends to spray the urine backward onto my ass cheeks when I can not open my legs up in the usual cheryl style. anyway, as I dropped the paper into the toilet and went to SLOWLY pull up that F****ing pantyhose, I saw all that yellow pee with massive pee foamies floating on the front third of the toilet bowl's water left over from where I had tinkled. dropping the dress and fixing it, by that time the foam had faded and then I flushed my awfully yellow pee , unlocked the stall and walked toward the mirror to fix the hair and , as PV says , touch up the " lippie"

guess I will answer that many times per day I pee ? hon, that all depends on how much and what I drink , but between 10-13 usually long can I hold it ? well sometimes I will not need to pee in over 7-8 hours, but about 3

3.accident? yes" wet undies! and yes, it usually dribbles out some

4.what to do when I really have to go? well I try to find a restroom if in public like new york city but outside in the woods ? I just squat and go soon as I find a spot where nobody sees me long can I pee for? well one time in vermont , when I held it in for a good three hours despite a 32 oz half finished sprite 24 oz sunny delight and 20 oz coffee [ hot weather, so it stayed in good] upon holding it another hour after the first urge till finding that toilet, well for 3 minutes.[ as I peed , I looked down at this wide stream as it tinkled into the water and thought" there goes all that sunny delight! kewl!] this summer I'd say was the longest time at 4 mins 30 secs, almost 5 mins at this woman's house this summer much? again, that time in VT had me wondering as I tinkled for 1:15 min/sec, stopped tinkled 30 sec stop tinkle 30 sec stop and finally tinkled into the water, hissed against the front and finally piddled the last few drips HOW MUCH CHERYL? 2 LITERS? 70 OZS WAS MY GUESS!

7.pee contest? how long ? I don't remember but that time in vermont I held it as long as I could and told myself " hold it till you find a store with a ladies room!" [ unisex]

question for the ladies about peeing. [ I was thinking about this one tonight as I lifted my pretty dress and "tinkled" *giggles*]

when you go to the ladies room and " tinkle" into the water[ which the way most american toilets are designed, seems unavoidable 99% of the time! :)] do you make " pee foamies" or bubbles in the bowl?

if so , how much foam? [ bubbles?] a) some b) full bowl c) more

if/when you do, what causes it to do so? [ drinks? length of time since last pee? etc?]

hi, speak of one good long cheryl pee LOL oh my god! last night my girlfriend [ proper pronouns-as "she" corrects me to say!] and I went down to NY city to see that movie " transamerica" at the IFC theater on 6th ave which is about this genetic male who has the gender surgery in order to live as the " she" her personality is more like! [ much like she-MTF- is soon fixing to do as soon as her divorce from her wife finalizes!] anyway, so here we left from up my western connecticut place at like 10:45 PM [ after she picked me up in her family minivan] and that was the last time we both used the bathroom. mind you, she told me she is on that testosterone killing stuff, spironolactone, which makes you pee a lot! anyway, so finally, after the stupid ez-pass thing of hers did not work and we got stuck at the bridge , we miss the 16th st exit on the west side and finally, after turning around by wall st area almost, we drive back into the village and finally, after again getting held up in traffic at some light 5 mins, get to the parking garage. then we get to the IFC late a little , about 12:36 and missed the beginning. [she already saw it and told me what we missed-as it was she who insisted on me seeing transamerica to better understand what " trannies" like her have to deal with-"bathroom issues,honey" as she tells me all the time!

and so, the movie was an eye opener to say the least, especially that part where bree[felicity huffman-genetic woman]trying to pee like myself with a pussy and squatting; accidently pulled out " her" tool, which in the end , was turned inside out as in SRS and made like mine[ which my " girlfriend" will soon do/have. he he he!] anyway, here I thought I'd have to pee before the beginning of that movie, but instead held it in till the end of the full credits. and so, at the end I said " I have to go to the bathroom first, annie"[ andy is all but "dead" now ] and she said , "yeah, cheryl, the spironolactone is kicking in finally!" and laughed. what room to use for annie? /men/hombres? women/damas? well new york city, annie told me[ though I should know this being bisexual and going to gay/lesbian clubs?]she is allowed to use the WOMENS in NYC because transsexuals are legally women in both san francisco and new york city-puss or penis. and so, we BOTH walked into the womens together, she took a stall and so did I [ she is quite " passable" lately-black half dress/skirt and awesome flowery top with little pumps; and yes, darling, transgender MTF's do in fact SIT LIKE ME! LOL ] . well here I was in the stall and she about three down and well, I lifted that mecca femme skirt of mine, denim with pink trims and zippers[ sooo slutty!] and as I was pulling down my pantyhose-halfway to knees and undies, naturally , I could hear her doing the same thing! [ she knows what to do " women-style" sort of! LOL] well, feeling my labia's folds open and let out all that urine, I immediately began to tinkle into the water and could see between my slightly open legs all these kewl looking bubbles as the toilet's water quickly turned all major yellow. meanwhile, I could hardly hear annie in that stall except for a big old nasty fart or two and I think just a slight sound of water dripping and thought, " she's still a little embarrassed or something?" meanwhile, here I am tinkling away in a nice soft but steady long pee which had to last for at least 2 minutes without stopping! somewhere toward the expected end, I took some paper from the roll and just held onto it to get ready for the " big puss drying." by that time ' ms trannie' was long finished but hell, I could hear her wipe and wipe and wipe for what had to be as long as her brief pee." bet she hit the front?? more down,front-sometimes back and all over, sweetie! like a woman!" I thought. anyway, so 2 mins and I stopped, but soon again started to tinkle really quietly into the oh so foamy yellow pee water for maybe 45 sec. to a good minute and without stopping about 3-4 more pulsating tinkles which seemed like they were fixing to go on endlessly and sounded like a waterfall in summer which was drying up and than, finally it just ended as I felt the last drop come oozing out of my puss like maxwell house coffee[ good to the last drop LOL ] I wiped really good, first in front and then, as I stood up , from the back to make sure the puss was dry , dropping the paper into the bowl now all full of dark, nasty looking yellow heavy duty pee and some foam left. as I slowly rolled my pantyhose up after first pulling my pink polka dot undies, I then dropped my cute little "teeny-ager" looking dressie and by that time; the foam faded to streaks of pee scuzzies. seeing that the auto flush did not seem to work, I pushed that side button and whoosh, all that pee and scuzz swished down as I put on my coat and threw my purse over shoulder, unlocking stall and walking out. over to the mirror to touch up that "lippie" and here is annie already doing the same for obvoiusly a lot longer than me. as we walked out I said " you gotta admit I can pee for a lot longer than you!" and she says the hormones make you pee like crazy?? LOL off we went to the famous stonewalls gay place-well G/L/B +"T" *laughs*

Monday, January 23, 2006

What do you usually do to help your boyfriend when he is constipated? I would love to hear more stories.

CHRISTINA- how is your bf doing this week?? what if you were to give him an enema or something on a regular basis so he doesnt get so backed up??

Hi all, long time no post but this one is worthy of posting. Had the worst shit of my life the other day. I was on meds for a bladder infection and for the first time in my life became constipated. We were about to leave on holiday and I had not shat for 4 days. I am so regular it is boring but was now feeling blown up like a ball. Could not even fart. To make matters worse my period started and what with packing for holiday etc was not a happy little girly.
I had tried to go a each time I felt something move but with no result. Anyway we leave for our house at the sea early one morning. I have had a double dose of coffee to try to get things moving and as we leave grab a roll of loo paper and get into the car. After sitting in pain for about an hour I tell my hubby to pull over at the next rest spot. This he does and I get out open both doors on the left and get my kit off. Those of you who know me know I am an outside shitter of note and get one leg out of my jeans to prevent mess etc. This I do and get down next to the car. I am determined that something is going to happen. I hold the sill of the door and start to push. I can feel rocks moving in my bum and my annus starts to stretch. Hubby says to remove the tampon as it will get in the way. This I do and feel something start to move. I am holding the door sill and straining like childbirth. My annus is stretching open and little rocks start to drop off the huge turd that is jammed there. I look between my legs as these little balls fall onto the ground. Hubby says keep pushing things are happening. Now I am sweating and straining to get this load out. My eyes are closed and I am pushing like I have never pushed in my life. I can feel my annus at its limit but keep going as I can feel that this is do or die. The little lumps stop breaking off as the turd moves out and I feel the front side of my annus tear a little. I could not care as this lot must out. I take a deep breath and give another deep push and feel the rock moving further out. My thighs are trembling now with the bending and pushing but I feel I am winning. I look down as I push again and there is this tail hanging there about 6 inches long and about 2 and a half thick. I hold the door sill as I bear down again just as a car pulls up behind us. I could not care as I have to get this out. I do not even look as I heave again and the rock moves some more. My hubby says not to worry just go. I push again and to my relief the widest part is out and the rest of the turd slithers out. The relief is so great that I have tears in my eyes as this log plops down followed by at least a litre of soft serve that I do not even feel falling out as my annus is still fully dilated. I do a very long pee as I get some paper ready to wipe. The first wipe is very messy and I check for blood which there is from the tear. I look around now and notice two little girls from the other car pointing at me and saying to their mother "Look Mommy the lady did a big poo poo." I wipe till clean and pull myself up holding the seat and just get in and close the door. I tell my hubby to go as I get dressed in the car. I must have fallen asleep and woken up later to my annus burning where it had torn. Needless to say I went on a prune diet to keep things loose for a few days to heal my ripped bum. Back to normal now thank goodness.

Pee survey --

1.) How many times do you go pee a day? SEVEN OR SO
2.) How long can you hold it max.? MY RECORD IS NINE HOURS, I WAS IN AGONY...
3.) Have you ever had an accident? NOT SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL AND PEED DOWN MY LEG ON A LONG WALK...
4.) What do you do when you really have to go? I GO, DISCRETELY IF I CAN, POSSIBLY EVEN ON A WALL!
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out? CAN BE MINUTES, LESS THAN ONE MINUTE IS USUAL.
6.) How much pee can you hold max.? MEASURED IT AT 700MLS+
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain. NOPE, THOUGH I TRAINED UP, AS IT WERE, AGAINST THE CLOCK!


Hi, long time no hear! Yes, I too miss our 'neice' very much. Sixteen? Oh, how time flies by. I hope she's a thoroughly accomplished standing pee'r who has carried the tradition forward for her generation.

Thank you for your kind words, and it's good to be enjoying a wee in congenial cyber-company again!

Hi all,

I just realised I didn't tell you all about my New Year's Eve!

I had (most of) a night out in town, everyone was out in their glad-rags, partying. I went to meet my favourite band at a city hotel, and didn't see my bed till 4.30. It was very humid, a really sticky night, as a weather front was coming through in the morning, hot and rainy. Kinda makes you fancy a pee, huh? :-) While I was waiting for a bus on the way home I saw girls using the smart-loos in pairs -- two different sets of girls used the single-place toilets together in the half hour I was waiting, but no guys seemed to be willing to share! One of the pairs was a couple of really attractive Asian girls, all long legs in short skirts, and one of them was doing a pee-dance that was unmistakable from a hundred yards away. They waited by one smart-loo for a few minutes and when they went to sit down on the grass I thought they might be going to simply take a squat in the street, but there were Police patrols around. Then they crossed the eight-lane road to the loos on the other side, and went in together. I didn't need to go, I used the pot twice before leaving the hotel, and strangely enough there were no queues where I was...


Big D. I think having an urgent need to pee first thing in the morning is fairly common amongst the population - and it's by no means a phenomenon confined to your side of the Atlantic either. Quite often I have to dash and to the bathroom and pee first thing and I know of several otherwise healthy people who've reported having to do the same. Thinking about it, if you've probably not peed for seven or eight hours (or even longer) it's not all that surprising that you'll need to go quite urgently.

Mister Peeper. Wow! Your aunt Leann sounds like one in a million, lettting you observe her on the jon like that. It sounds as though on the occasion you describe she was fairly well backed up and needed to do a big load. I'm not surprising she had difficulty managing to pass everything. If she'd not had a motion for three days or so she'd have got rather impacted down below, I'd guess.

some young guy. In answer to your query I can't really say why some laxatives don't work for you. Maybe they don't suit you. Is it possible you were taking some other medication such as a coedine based painkiller which may have counteracted the effect of the laxative? Generally speaking, unless you're really bunged up, laxatives are best avoided. It's better to let nature resolve the problem itself - and eat a healthy diet to give matters a natural helping hand. Suppositries are a form of anally administered laxative, usually in capsule form. As with other laxatives they're best only ever used as a last resort.

I must disagree with the person who asserted that eating various forms of meat and white rice will relieve constipation and eating vegetables will somewhow make it worse. Common sense and experience (for which I can vouch) have demonstrated that generally speaking the opposite if anything is true.

It is so good to be back, my pc had a case of terminitus @ died on me! I hope you all had a gr8 Xmas & New Year?!!! I have some poopy stories from over the festive season , all that good food & too much of it can have some dire consequences on a girls bm's.Anyway now that I have a newly resurrected pc that works better than when it was new ,posting won't be such a problem......... well I hope haha!
Xmas Eve's little event. I visited some friends for Xmas Eve for a late lunch & some drinks. Well they certainly know how to cook up a storm & after eating the first course I could hardly make it through dessert. The food was very heavy steaks followed by puddings , I had a fair idea that my bm would be consistent with food,,, big! About 800pm I left because I had to do the last bit of Xmas shopping , Iwent to a shopping centre on the way home , dodging the the mad rush on xmas eve is not my idea of fun . I bought the last remaining present then did a little window shopping. I could feel the a shit stirring in my bowels, the heavy meal was having the desired effect. As a matter of fact it came on quite fast, I started doing sbd's which is a good indicator my shit is going to be a biggie. So I hobbled off to the toilets, I'd recently twisted my ankle & sitting on the pot would give my ankle a rest as well. On the way I got distracted by ceramic art display, which was not a good idea, that made a turd knock on the back door telling me it wanted fresh air. Oooops I thought Annie you'd better get going otherwise you will shit yourself again. I'd never used these toilets b4, so I had no idea what they were like.
As I entered tha ladies, I saw three cubicles, one against the wall was obviously a disabled toilet which was in use. The other 2 were occupied as well, the one in the middle sounded if a girl was just having a piss, the other judging from the grunting & plopping was having a shit.My urge had settled down a bit so I was quite happpy to wait a few minutes, more interested in giving my ankle a rest. Just then a young girl in her burst into the toilets, she was wearing a longish dress & a tank top. Oh f***k she said, gripping her crotch, she looked at me & said I'm busting for a shit. I said well looks like we are in the same boat, as I said that a dribble of urine ran down my left leg. I thought I would end up pissing myself b4 I had the opportunity to have a shit. However saved by the bell or the girl having a piss, who flushed the toilet & came out adjusting her shorts.
I raced into the toilet up with my dress @ down with my bike shorts, these I noticed had a quite visible piss stain & small skid mark in the gusset. Such relief for my bladder , my bowels & my ankle. As I leant back against the wall to shit , 2 things hit me, one I notice quite a large hole inthe wall, secondly there was hardly any tp. Iknow from "the lean back position" it is very comfy way shit , but because of my hairy ass & vagina cleanup requires alot of paper.So what the heck I just let nature take its shitty course, this huge turd squeezed out betwen my cheeks & slipped slowly into the water.
I was just about drop another when I thought why not have a look through the hole, obviously something had been there & leaving a good view of the toilet seat & up to the shoulders of the woman who had been having a shit. She was now wiping her bum,she gave it 3 good wipes , folding the paper over to do it again each time she wiped.She then stood up to dress herself,just then the girl outside waiting said in desperate voice, please hurry I am about have an accident, next door said ok coming out now as she flushed the toilet.
As she opened the door to exit the other girl in the long dress said oh thank you, I couldn't have held it any longer. She then entered in a rush, closed & locked the door hung her bag on the doorhook(I guess cos it wasn't on the floor). Looking through the hole I could see her bend over slightly then, quickly gather her dress up around her waist, she pulled her french cut panties to her knees. At the same time she was wimpering like a small child, this girl , I think shetwas really really desperate for a shit.She quickly stepped back a bit ,hovered over the bowl, using her left hand she parted her left cheek, this huge turd(1 1/2" thick at least) oozed out from her hole,till grew about 7"then stopped. I could see her grunting & pushing to no avail,then she reached further in with her left hand & broke it off using her thumb & forefinger. This must have activated her bowels because as soon as the turd hit the water another biggie emrged from her hole. This one was alot softer & left alot of poo around her hole, but in the meantime I forgot to meantion she had apiss. This girl was in such a dire need for a shit that she just pissed on the floor, down her legs & over knickers. Suddenly she stood up & I heard "oh f***K, it's me again, do you have any paper, I nearly shit myself & have pissed myself." BY then I had finished my poop I quickly worked out what I thought I would need . I said " I have a little you can have,just let me wipe first" I gave my ass 2 quick wipes , but I knew there was more , but it is Xmas so why not share???"I said you can come & get it now" I saw her drop her dress then she came into my stall. Her first comment was "F***K you're hairy, see mine is natural (as she lifted her dress) but yours takes the prize"I handed her the last 3 sheets.She said "oh thanks I nearly shit myself but this'll get me by till I get home & wipe properly". Ilooked through the hole , as she wiped she put all 3 sheets togethere like a pad lifted her, parted her cheeks with her right hand & wiped with her left leaving a big shit smear up her left cheek, she then discarded her panties on the floor & we both exited the stalls together. we ended up going for a Xmas drink together, as I sat down I could feel the wet skid mark in my crack then I wished I hadn't given my new foound friend tp. As we exchaged phone #'s she stood up & my nostrils caught a faint odour of her poop. We hope to meet at the end of the month........
all the best Annie

My friend and I have always loved going for long walks in the woods along the trails with no problems only exception there are no bathrooms along the way.
Anyway I have no problems going outside and my friend had no problem going pee but I think she was afraid to "do the nasty" outside until the one day we were right in the middle of nowhere....
We were walking along the trail and she turns to me and says " I have to go to the bathroom!! BADLY"... "I have to go number 2!"
We continued down the trail to where we found a pretty secluded spot... She took some kleenex out of her pocket and ran into the tall grass, not far from where I was standing/... I could hear her pull her pants down then a few seconds later I heard
" Swish......Swish...Swish as her turds fell into the grass.... There was a short pause again then a wet fart, a crackle and another "swish" as another turd fell into the grass... She wiped then came out of the grassy area saying " Wow, I had to go a LOT!".. We continued on our way but in the way back I had to make a pit stop myself... I asked her if she would mind if I went where she did just so we dont mess up nature hehehe.. She didnt care so I went in and did my buisness near the same spot... I could see what she did earlier, it was massive, and there were already flies and things buzzing around the heap... From that point on she has never been afraid of " doing the nasty" outdoors.

Test post from my new cell phone. My gf surprised me nicely by peeing on my carpet. It was a wonderful sight!

Just want to talk to any other dudes that have used glycerin suppositories for quick relief. I am athletic, use them once in a while, were suggested by now my X GF.


One day at school I had to go to the bathroom really bad. When I got there all the door were locked but no one was in them! I was really really desperate so I attemped to crawl underneth the door but it was too much pressue and i started to pee. I tried to hold it in until I could get to the toilet but I couldn't stop the stream. It was sooooo embarrassing!!!

Hi everone! I love messing my panties and I love to do it at least once a week. Here are some stories I'd like to share:

This was my first experience...
One day I woke up and felt a really bad urge to poo! I almost couldnt hold it as i walked upstairs to the only bathroom in our house. To my dismay, my brother was in the shower! I banged on the door and pleaded for him to hurry up, but he just went on taking his time. I knew I couldnt hold it much longer as my stomach started to cramp up. Finally, I just gave up the fight and warm, mushy poo slid out into my panties. At first, i was super embarassed and almost started to cry but then I thought 'This is kinda nice....' When my brother seen i had messed myself he felt bad and apologized. I've been messing myself ever since!

Bladder Splatter
Hi again everyone,

Thanks for your replies, I did some research on peeing postures and heres what I found out. Almost everywhere except Europe and North America The universal Toilet urinating posture is squatting, but the natural urinating posture is almost always standing or bending over.

which do you think is better? squatting with your pussy under you, or laying back resting on your hands, so it is in the front?

Big D
I am an 18 yo male living in the US. I frequently wake up with the outrageous urge to piss. I hurriedly undress, leaving my pecker hanging down, stand in front of the toilet and release. It's very strange though. Does anyone else have this issue? Hit me back(not literally of course)

Mister Peeper.
I think about or maybe the last time I saw my beautiful step aunt Leann, whom I've posted about a few times, on the toilet Was after a day of shopping. I sometimes went shopping with her on saturday mornings and in the car on the way home during our chit chat she looked at me and said, "ooooh sweety, I think the first thing I need to do when we get home is, as she always put it, "use the commode". Just out of curiosity and just to get her talking about it, I asked, "number one or Number two?" and she said, "Probably both, its been a few days and I need to poopoo". I always loved it when she said "poopoo" in her sexy voice. When we arrived back home and unloaded the things from the car she went into the bathroom and left the door open and started fixing on her beautiful "big" brunette hair in the mirror. I stood in the doorway and talked to her hoping that she would make a move for the toilet and not ask me to leave. She looked so beautiful standing there with her black knit pants and heels on. She looked at me and said, "honey, if you don't mind bring me the new package of toilet paper out of the hall closet, I've gotta poopoo". I was so happy and I made a quick trip to the hall closet and got the paper and went back to the bathroom while she was backing up to the toilet and lowering her knit pants and pantyhose. She sat down and leaned forward clasping her hands together and adjusted herself for a big poop. Her large hips and thighs looked so sexy with her knit pants and pantyhose stretched over the top of her thighs and her open toe heels. Her hair draped softly over her shoulders and she started to pee loudly and looked up at me and grinned. She said, "If you don't mind sweety, close that door and lock it, sometimes the neighbors' kids come over here and come in the house without knocking". And I closed the door and went and sat down on the stool at her vanity mirror. She was a well built woman and not fat and from the vanity stool right in front of her, you could barely see the toilet, just her sitting and the sides of her hips and thighs. She started softly pushing because I could see her stomach push out a little and while we were talking she would softly grunt. She raised her butt to the side a bit and then the heavy crackling started and she said, "ooooh, here it mmmmmmmmmmmcomes sweety, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmshew........better hold your mmmmmmmmmmnose" and then the crackling stopped and I asked her, "is it a big one?" and she said "yes, but.............I think its stuck right now" and laughed. The hefty smell was already filling the bathroom up and with the turd hanging she propped her chin upon her fist. I heard a few more dribbles of pee as the turd hung and we sat and chatted. I asked her why she did'nt mind me being in there with her and she said, "well dear I would'nt just let anyone in here with me while I'm on the commode poopooing, It has to be someone that I'm close to or really love to let them see this side of me, I come from a large family of sisters and we all had to share a bathroom and it kinda opens you up for that." I told her that I enjoyed being in there with her and she told me she enjoyed my company in the bathroom with her. It made me have a very warm feeling. She said "I don't know how you can stand the smell of my poopoo though" and laughed. She started pushing once again and was having a bit of fun out of me while she was doing it, she said, " I'm gonna see if I.........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmcan get the rest of this out without...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbreaking it"......sssscracklecracklecracklessssssssssss......oooooh.............FALOOOOOOP. And as the turd entered the water she looked at me and gave a sexy grin. I opened the new package of toilet paper and handed her a roll and she started peeing again and leaned back forward pushing some more and said, "I think.......I've got one more little..........turd coming".........PLOOP.......plip........FLOOOOOOP. She started rolling off toilet paper and leaning to the side and wiping. I could see the streaks on the paper and could tell the turd was going to be a light brown color. she wiped about four times and got up off the toilet while pulling her pantyhose up at the same time revealing a very long and thick light brown turd with three smaller ones beside it. she said, "oooooh sweety, wanna see a snake?" and I walked over closer and looked into the toilet with her at the long turd that went from the pipe all the way up to where the tip was sticking up out of the water. She said, "I hope that thing goes down when I flush". She pulled her pants up over her pantyhose and flushed the toilet and the water pushed the turd upward and started swirling it around creating huge skid marks all over the bowl before breaking in half and going down the pipe. The smaller turds and half of her big one went down while the other half popped back up into the bowl. She laughed and said, "well they say if it loves you it will come back to you" and flushed a second time as the half of the smooth light brown turd swirled around and finally went down. She left the skid marks in the bowl and the hefty smell in the air. she washed her hands and we exited the bathroom and went in and put her groceries up. One hour later I went back into the bathroom to pee and noticed the smell was still slightly in the air and the skid marks were still there even after I flushed after I peed. Now that's how a REAL woman poops. LOL.

some young guy
hey everyone! I haven't posted for a while so. I just wanted to say two things. 1. when I'm constipated and take a laxative it doesn't work. can anyone explain this to me.
2.what are suppositories?
see ya later.

desperate to poop
Outdoor Jenny - you rock! cool stories. I love finding two seater toilets so me and my girlfriend can share a dump. I remember an old poster Sheila used to have a swedish doube toilet installed in her house.

I've always used to wonder with two seater toilets though what happens if if one finishes whilst another is still going. The other one would have to get up to lock the door or ask anyone waiting.

However one day I experienced it myself. I was shopping in a mall and got a big urge to have a poop. I walked into the ladies and it was very busy all cucibles were taken and there was a line of 3 or 4 people waiting. The stall doors were quite high and at the end I could see two pairs of shoes with a pink thong and a light blue thong around the ankles. I could also hear moaning and plopping so guessed there were two people pooping. I was now getting a little desperate.
In the other 2 cucibles one lady was peeing and the other was constipated it seemed as she was grunting and moaning loadly. By know it was just me and a lady in front she was holding her crotch a bit. All the cucibles were full and they were all pooping. The middle one was having severe diarreoh and it only made my plight worse!

Just then the two ladies both in there early 30's wiped and flushed and came out the two seater cucible. I asked the lady in front did she mind if I came in, as I was depserate. She said sure and I followed her in. The air was filled with a poop smell and my seat was very warm. I quickly sat down and let out a large ppppprrrrrft and farted. I was feeling quite erotic by now. The other lady said I'm bet your glad to get that out and I said sure am. She was only peeing but also replaced her pad so obviously wasn't that shy. When she finished I said to ask anyone else in line if they wanted to come in.
As she left she did so and an attractive lady in her late forties joined me. She said thanks as she really needed to go. She dropped her black pants and pushed her white frilly knickers to the floor and then started serving up some soft serve. I was still going strong and between the two of us we really stunk the toilet up. I was almost finished now and I asked how much more she had to do, she said not a lot and so I said i'd wait for her to finish. A few mintues later she finished and we both left. There was only one lady waiting and she took our place in the ladies. Which then brings me to my other point. If there's a free toilet but only one goes isn't that quite inefficient I mean somone might be able to see it's free but would need to knock and be let in :)

Happy Pooping!

I have been browsing and enjoying this site for a while now,so i reckoned it was time i contributed with my own personal experience.So here goes.
When i was 10 i was friends with a little girl who was 9 at the time called Amanda.It was one of those rare warm summer days and we had been playing out in the fields behind the houses.We had both drunk quite a lot of juice that day so i guess it was only a matter of time before one of us would need to relieve ourselves.I noticed Amanda was squirming around and clutching the front of her shorts."I NEED TO PEE" she said.Without hesitation she wriggled her shorts down and then yanked down her blue knickers.She squatted down right in front of me and started peeing like a river.At this point i felt the urge to go so i pulled down my trousers and underpants and squirted a hoseful in my little peeing partners direction.She was still in full flow and some splashed onto her legs "WATCH OUT" she said.
When we had both finished we stood for a moment or two and looked at each others privates and giggled at the now considerable puddle on the ground.From then on we were never shy about peeing and pooing in front of each other.Whether it was out in the fields or together in the bathroom if we could get away with it.Sadly she moved away when she was 12 and we lost contact.This was all a good twenty years ago but the memory of those early peeing experiences has never left me.

Names Of Differents Types of Turds & Farts


Logger Head
Feel Gooder
Colon Blow
Rice Crispies
Green Hornet
Yellow Dobber
A Bomber
Rocky Road
just to name a few)

I like droping big one's unflushed in public places so that others there after can admire


(just to name a few)

Perhaps others could add more

Hey folks, just a quick update...I made the mistake of telling my wife about the doorless toilet stalls at The Home Depot that I work at, and the fun I had on my first day. She was NOT amused. She was actually quite upset to know I was sitting and shitting out in the open...So upset she went and spoke to the store manager and demanded all the doors be put back on the stalls immediatly. The store manager, a women in her mid- fourties, told my wife the doors were removed on recomendation of the local police department, due to loitering and other problems. Trust me as a 53 y/o man, I was much more embarrased by my wife going and making a scene with the boss, than taking a crap in a doorless stall. She asked if the women still had doors, and was told 'Of course, we girls need our privacy" Then my wife really flipped out, and said it was unconstitutional...Well, word got around, and I am now the laughing stock ofthe whole store. In less than one week..I'll certainly still shit in the doorless stalls, but now the guys 'razz' me because of Cladette. Heck , if i knew it would cause suchan uproar, I never would have told her. I'll keep you posted on my employment status...

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Some advise needed!
I receive a number of calls each day on my mobile to do with my work. When in the toilet it would be advantageous from an efficiency viewpoint to answer them rather than to miss the call or to have it retrieved from message bank and play telephone tag. Many calls I would have no problem talking in the toilet...however, some calls require files, taking of notes or are of a lenghty nature. What should I say to people where I have to call them back or it is not opportune to speak. With the echoing surroundings will they guess where I am? Maybe I just cut them off and then call them back when I am at my desk and say the battery on my phone went flat? Any ideas?

Pee Survey! Sense We Already have a Poop survy I Thought I Needed To write a pee one. Sorry if there is already one like it. If there is you don't have to do it!!!

1.) How many times do you go pee a day?
2.) How long can you hold it max.?
3.) Have you ever had an accident? If so, did it all come out at once or did it slowly dribble out?
4.) What do you do when you really have to go?
5.) How long do you take to get all your pee out?
6.) How much pee can you hold max.?
7.) Have you ever had a hold it contest. Explain.

im going to anwser it now.
1.) I usually go 2-3 times
2.) 18 hours
3.) Yes. That was the time i held it for 18 hours. We went on a feild trip stright after school and didn't get home until really late and I managed to make it home but couldnt hoild it long enough to get to the house! I had to go sososoo bad, and right went I jumped out of the car it all came out at once and I had absolutly no control!!
4.) I hold myself and do the peedance if im really desperate
5.) 2 mins.
6.) A lot!
7.) No.

I was returning a Christmas gift last night at J.C. Penney's at the mall. After I got my refund I thought I would go to the mens restroom and take a crap. I asked the guy who gave me my refund where the mens restroom was, and he gave me simple directions. I walked in and there were 3 stalls , all with the doors taken off. I chose the middle stall, droppd my jeans and undershorts to my ankles and sat down. Just as my first fart and turd started creeping out, the outer door opens, and in walks the guy who just gave me my refund. I smiiled at him and said "hey" He responded with....."The power of suggestion" He sat down in te stall next to me and before long we were both firing ass missles and farts into our toilets. I heard him struggle for toilet tissue and then I heard "Oh F??k" !! I asked him what was wrong, he said ' no more toilet tissue on my dispenser' I told him to relax, as I had plenty, next thing I know, he is standing in front of me pulling toilet tissue off the roll. He thanked me, while I still had a log of shit dangling between my buttocks waiting to drop into the toilet. then he looked down at my briefs and noticed a big brown skidmark ....He laughed and said there was a sale on underwear... Normally I might have been put off by somebody saying that, but under the circumstances, both of us with our dirty asses in each othersfaces, how could I do anythng but laugh....PS. I went back to his department and bought new briefs... He smiled and winked his eye as he bagged it for me....Interesting day at the mall.

I noticed that you take a while to go poo. I do too and I always like to read when I'm taking a poo. Since you are on the pot for a while, do you read as well? You must get bored sitting on the toilet for an hour. I find that reading passes the time away while I'm going.

Eating beef, chicken, pork, and white rice will relieve constipation.
Vegetables will make you more constipated.

I just came across this site while searching random funny stuff on google i got a bit immature and found this site...a little odd should i say? but seems a lil entertaining. although embarassing stories DO go beyond pooping yourself and other accidents. although that is pretty hilarious. alrite well at my school all the guys bathrooms are closed i'm really pissed off about that. Well today I asked the teacher if i could 'go to the washroom' (i usually dont say washroom as i dont go in there to wash. i dont go in there to bathe either but hell it's closer. and i like the word 'bathroom' better. how about 'urination chamber'??' The teacher let me go (i had to pee REALLY bad i had since before class)..Well I went and not much to my surprise all the bathrooms on this floor were STILL locked. so i went down one floor (bottom floor) and i went straight to the only bathroom I knew was unlocked in the whole floor. consider this. huge high school. one bathroom for every guy in the whole school. it will be crowded huh? in this bathroom there are three toilet stalls, and six urinals. All three toilet stalls were occupied (the guys were probably skipping class and hiding from the hall moniter, not shitting. that's why i dont wanna skip in school heh..i wont have to hide in a toilet stall). anyways. what can i say? most crowded bathroom ever. and it had the combined disgustingness of every bathroom in the whole school. well i did my business and i swear i saw a guy looking at my dick i was a little freaked out but i washed my hands and left. came back ran into two of my friends on the way. umm well i get back to class fifteen minutes after asking to goto the bathroom. well i duno i felt sorta self conscious about the fact i think everyone thought i was constipated. or at least all the girls. or maybe they didnt notice. well in case u pplz read this i wasnt. ya. not the greatest story ever i havent got very many but i used 2 hav some problem s w/ my digestive system im sure you would LOVE to hear about stuff from back then eh. well by maybe i'll revisit this site maybe not.


It has been a while since I posted, but I have had the occasional peep to see what is going on.
Diva, dear, I miss your posts about you struggling to hold it in. Está bem?
Tim (and Sarah), that must have been a great experience at your parents-in-law's house, when Sarah decided to be so deliciously naughty right „under their noses" and settle herself on your lap to pee between your thighs into the toilet bowl! No wonder it took you a while to return to your in-law's company because of non-postable consequences. It's good to read that you are having fun.
PV, ah, how lovely to see your posts. You are one of those who have all the choices of sitting or standing for a wee - all options at your finger tips! (Chuckle). And you have mastered the art of aiming at the side of the bowl to make the stream glance off for a whispering whizz with practically no rebound. Keep it up! And by the way, last week I drank a silent toast to our protegee's sixteenth birthday. Sometimes I wonder how she is getting on with growing up.
Carmalita, dear, you may be half a world away, but it's only a few clicks on this notebook to read your great descriptions of yourself having a mexican-food dump. The other day my wife improvised an Indian style menu, with me grinding the ingredients for the home-made curries to go with it. Next morning we both raced from the breakfast table to have a simultaneous session on two toilets - lamentably in two separate bathrooms-, and emerged grinning at each other, telling each other about the super dumps we just had. All those piles of vegetables, some chicken, dal (made out of lentils) and the curries; and to top it all, papaya for dessert, a real poop accelerator. Wow!
Cheryl, your last story is a really good one. I see that your style of how you decribe your whizzes with scuzz has changed from the „scientific" to the more lyrical with a touch of humor. I really enjoy your posts. How about manoeuvering your lovely posterior over a graduated bucket and telling us how much you go, or, possibly easier, weighing the bucket before and after you go, or even weighing yourself before and after such a grandiose whizz. You only need to mention the difference, you know.
To those who often need to pass hard knobbly stools: apart from drinking enough and doing some exercise, try eating half a dozen dried apricots spread over the day.
Bye, happy new poos,

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I take swimming lessons and my friend comes with me. She is in a different class but I can always see her clearly. At the end of the lesson she started squirming and holding her crotch. Then my class ended.
I was showering when she asked if she would mind going in with her. I nod and she quickly jumps in and peels her swimsuit off. Then she says, 'I just can't hold it, I can't! I gotta pee!' She pees SO hard and tells me she has to poop as well. When she was done she started pooing in the shower. Then she pushed it down the drain.
That was the weirdest shower I ever had!

My mother used to discipline me and my sisters by giving us Ex-Lax. Instead of spanking, hitting or grounding us, she gave us diarrhea. On a few occasions all three of us got into trouble at the same time, and we were all given Ex-Lax. It sometimes kicked in around the same time and we had to share a single toilet. That sucked, and was pretty embarrassing.

I asked her a few years ago why she used to do that, and she said she'd read an article that it was an effective alternative to spanking or putting soap in the mouth. She stopped when she found out that overuse of laxatives damaged one's intestines.

She did it to me a couple of times before I went to school, where the toilet stalls had no doors. I ended up on the toilet with diarrhea, and guys able to see me, and usually laughing at me.

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone!

I thought Id quick share a cool experience at work today. AS i have said before there are two normal stalls, one stall with two toilets in it and 3 urinals because it is a unisex bathroom. Well I had such a busy day, and I was really farty but I was working with the new boss and so I had to hold them all in. Well finally we took a little break and I excused myself to the ladies room. WHen i got in there, 2 men were peeing and there was one woman in a singal stall pooping because I could here the plops as I walked in. to my amazment my boss followed me in and as those two guys left after peeing she walked in to the two toilet stall with me like it was totally natural. She said she really had to pee, she pulled down her long skirt and panties let out a tiny fart and began peeing like a race horse. As i sat i said, " I am sorry but I have been holding my gas all afternoon and i need to get it out" as i got done saying that I let out what had to be a 10 -15 second fart followed by two more booming ones after that, just then i heard a nice fart and a serious of plops and she said " Excuse me but I really need a poo". I said it was fine and I could feel some poo coming so i relaxed and let out about 6 or 7 crackling turds. We finsihed our poos and went back to work....tty soon!

1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump? 5
2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time? 60-70 minutes
3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 30 minutes or more) are you having poop come out alot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long? It takes a while for the poop to comeout so I guess most of the time is from waiting for the poop to come out.
4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time? Lots of small pieces like rock and very hard and dry.
5. How many times do you have to wipe?1
6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions? Shit is black color

Swim Girl
cheerleader, Have you tried an laxative? They will always get rid of constipation. As a side note, don't do it with anyone around. When you are alone, find something that will shove water up your butt whether it is a hose or empty shampoo bottle. Then once you feel that enough water has been in there, go to the toilet and just go. If your BM has stopped, still wait because there is still water in there. You may need several bathroom trips but it will work. Plus it will widen your colon and that will make you poop easier. Plus eat more meat like beef, chicken, pork, and rice. Vegetables is very constipating.

Dave B
To Lindsay - He still loving to read your stories. Sorry you've had all these bad experiences in the bathroom before. So you got to watch your sister use the toilet huh? I've never seen any of my relatives or siblings use the bathroom...not that I'd want to see them. Having my monsterous poops is bad enough. I always hate using our toilet at my house, because it's weak and everytime I poo it ends up clogging it and I have to go through the hassle of pungling it. It's annoying, because all my poops can't be that big that another toilet can't handle. Well anyways I hope you have better pooping experiences in the future and if you want, could you tell a story next time about a poop you've had where it was nice and soft and not involving dirrehea or vomit. =)

Just after 10 in the morning & I'm starting to get the urge to shit.
I think it's almost ready.
Better head to the bathroom before it passes.

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