Girlfriend's accident
Last weekend my girlfriend told me an accident story about herself from her high school years I thought you all might like to hear. We were walking up to a movie theater from my car on Saturday evening and she was telling me about her day at work the day before, she works at a daycare center. She told me about a messy accident one of her kids had on the carpet (didn't really want to know but I listened anyway), after that we got on the subject of accidents and she ended up asking me if I ever had one past my childhood years. I told her yes, once when I was about 13. Even though she didn't ask I went right into telling her about what happened. After I was done I asked her the same question, to my surprise she said yes, so I asked her to tell me about it. She gave me a shy/embarrassed look and proceeded to tell her story.

She told me it happened after school during cheerleading practice. She had been holding in "a big number two" for a while and it was towards the end of practice. She was desperate to go to the toilet and after the squad had finished a cheer she went up to her coach and asked for permission to use the ladies room. I was very surprised to hear this but she then said her coach said no, because time was almost up and they needed to run through another cheer. My girlfriend then asked again and said it was urgent. The coach's response was you're a big girl, hold it. She managed to hold it until after practice and headed straight inside for the toilet, holding her butt cheeks together with all her might. Unfortunately before she got there she had a massive runny bowel movement right in her uniform. She then told me she went into the locker room and grabbed a swim suit she had for gym class to change into and cleaned herself up in the bathroom as best as she could. I asked her if her uniform was ruined and she said her panties under the uniform caught most of it but some still got onto the shiny uniform panties over them.

I then asked if her parents ever found out. She said she drove home and told her mom but she didn't tell her dad. Luckily her mom was able to clean her uniform up she said.

HEY TONY: Great post about your new job at the Home Depot. It's nice that you and your co-workers are not bashful about watching each other shit. I guess you have no choice, as all the stalls are doorless in that Home Depot. Anyway, I thought it was nice how they 'initiated' you by letting you use the first toilet available, and your co-worker "Rob" who whistled at your shit filled bare buttocks while you wiped.....MY kind of man....not afraid to say anything to get a laugh.. I'd love to hang and have a few beers with you guys...Cool :-)


and they say you are very bubbly sometimes, cheryl! well yesterday this took on a whole new meaning. having not peed since about 7:30 PM or so before going off to the gym, I guess exercising seem to make the pee very concentrated? anyway, here I was at the gym and was working out lifting some weights , but mostly doing like leg presses and things for the first half. I drank some water in the beginning, sipping about half the bottle and then, finishing up the rest before refilling it and drinking that as well before again refilling it. usually when I drink that much, I pee like freaking crazy but I must've been like way dry inside. before I left home, I drank some orange juice with dinner, too so maybe that helped. anyway , not having to go yet, I got onto the treadmill thing with my little 3 Lb weights in my hands[ lil' fat twit cheryl LOL ] and setting it for 30 mins, I began to walk it at a nice pace varying between 2-3.2 MPH and up to 15% grade simulation. at first I stopped it to put on the TV to oxygen channel and watch some love story about a rapper while working out intensely . well after 30 mins on that , I still did not have to go all that badly but started to feel the pee inside me; so I did another ten mins till almost 9:50 and time to go at 10. and so, I figured that before I leave I may as well go to the restroom and tinkle, even though I could have waited. so, getting off the treadmill , here I walk across the floor in my little red shorts and my pink A-shirt top sleeveless thingy and since the door was open, I closed it first. then , taking the stall on the right , I walked in and shut the louvered doors. I pulled down my cute little red shorts and then, my white undies; sitting on the toilet seat with my legs apart as usual and my big old puss exposed. :)first I grabbed some toilet paper from the dispenser to my right with my right hand and folded it. holding that in my right hand playing with it, with my purple nailed hands on my knees , I leaned a little foward and within secs , could hear myself suddenly begin to urinate as this nice loud gusher of yellow urine made one nice sounding fast tinkle into the middle of the toilet's water. how fast that water turned from clean to all darkish golden yellow and yes , major bubbly as I could see between my legs all this nasty , grody , foamy pee overtake the water filled bowl! "oh my god! cheryl! did you ever have to pee out some skanky looking nasty stuff! lady! " I thought as it just rapidly for the next 45 seconds rushed out till tapering off to the last few dribbles and just like that ending quickly. I quickly took that paper, wiped my puss with a few " dabbing motions" and then, getting up wiped from behind ; dropping that into the bowl full of intensely foamy and bubbly looking pee . the entire bowl's water was deeply yellowed and covering about 60% of water's surface was all those left over foamy " pee scuzzies" from where the lips of my shaved brown haired puss had opened up and LOUDLY TINKLED into that once clear water! he he he he ! quickly , I pulled up both undies and shorts and turning around as I walked out , I flushed and saw all that nasty scummy-looking cheryl pee swirl down the drain. " bubbles, honey! ohhh cool!" I thought and laughed.

just call me " bubbly cheryl lynne" -:P

HUMMMMM? yeah , bladder spatter. I think it is because if we stand, our pee seems to all run down our legs and get us all wet. I know that I tried this in my shower and yeah that seems to be the case! outside for me at least , I tend to like squat so low that I am almost touching the ground. I usually place my right hand between my lee riders jeans so as to hold them out of the way and than , drop really low and just let my puss do what she has to do best! LOL I know it gets all wet and often still runs up my ass a lot of times as the last few off and on spritzes of divine yellowness splatter on the ground below. but outside at least, I usually don't wipe as I hate leaving my pee paper all around. [ clean girly here :)] a lot of times later after I go hiking, which I love to do a lot! I will see later all these yellow pee spots in my undies right in the crotch area from when I use the goddess's ladies room, but that is kewl :) as far as smell goes , sometimes I will take my undies off and smell them and yes, that acid like smell of my stale pee driplets is noticeable. but here is a trick and this especially in summer while riding my bicycle, SUMMERS' EVE ISLAND SPLASH FDS- IT SEEMS TO DO AN AWESOME JOB OF SWEETENING UP THAT SWEATY,"PISSY" SMELLING PUSS REALL GOOD, HONEY!"
[then again toilet paper is one of the benefits of using the ladies room, I guess. listening to yourself " go to the bathroom" in the water and knowing when your finished peeing completely is another, I guess.

sassy cheryl lynne

cheryl lynne

In response to the survey:

1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump? 1-2 times a day

2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time? Usually between 10-15 minutes
3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 20 minutes or more) are you having poop come out alot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long? If I need to take that long, usually it's because I have a lot of poop coming out. Most of the time, I'll drop one then wait a couple minutes before the next one comes out. I also like to read when taking a dump.

4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time? I usually let out about 5-6 poops. Usually, it's one or two big ones and a few medium-sized to smaller ones.

5. How many times do you have to wipe? Usually 5-6 times.

6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions. Not really anything I consider to be out of the ordinary, it's just that it usually takes me awhile to take a dump. I like to read on the toilet too, so maybe that adds a few minutes to my bathroom time.

A Guy in PA
Love this site! I'm posting anonymously as my sister would kill me if she ever found out I ever told anyone this story.

I was fourteen and she was twelve. We were on a trip and about halfway to our destination, she started feeling sick. My parents gave her a Coke out of the cooler and told her to hold on. Then we hit a gargantuan traffic jam. The traffic was STOPPED. We wound up being stuck there for three hours (something like a ten or twelve car pile-up and car fire was to blame).

She started having cramps and was buckled over and moaning. My Dad finally told her to just run to the bushes and take a dump there, but she was too embarrassed to, paranoid someone would see her. Then I guess, it got too much for her to withstand anymore and she started yelling, "Oh, God, Oh God!" and scrambled to get out of the car.

The moment she managed to get out of the car, we all heard a monster wet fart, and we all knew she had just shit her pants. She groaned in disgust and started crying. Luckily she was wearing overalls, so people couldn't see the liquid shit that I know must have been oozing down her legs. I wish I could tell you I felt bad, but I actually thought it was pretty funny, though I managed to keep my amusement to myself.

My mother grabbed some clean clothes and a bottle of water and some paper towels from the trunk and took my sister into the woods. They were gone for a long time. My sister came back changed into a different outfit, she even changed her shirt. I figured everyone who saw her go into the woods and come out wearing different clothes must have figured out she had had an accident, though that didn;t mean they know she shit herself.

She promised me to never tell anyone, a promise I kept for about two weeks. Sue me, it's a great story. That was ten years ago, and she's STILL embarrassed about it. Get over it. I shit my pants once a couple of years ago. Big deal.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO SPACE JUNKIE: Your doctor is probably correct. Where I came from X-rays are reported on by a radioligist a specialist in reading X -rays) and then by your own doctor, so you might be getting two opinions in reality. One can go to the toilet a couple of times a day and be constipated. It is simple
physics.... you may be only passing a portion of what there is and getting a slow bank up of poo. I have had this experience whereby I was
going everyday but getting stomach pains and my stomach was swelling up etc, the doctor sent me for an X-ray and I had a very heavy load well up my colon... I was only passing a bit of what there was to pass. The best way to tell for you is a heavy abdominal massage and if you are full you will know about it.

Hi all,


"Does anyone have any insight as to why the universal natural female urinating posture is squatting, as opposed to bending over, sitting on on your legs, ect..."

Some would say it's just nature's design, the way male dogs cock their legs but female dogs lower their privates to the ground... But it wouldn't be true.

Female squatting is a social artifact of our society -- nothing more. I guess by now you can tell I'm on my soapbox! About six years ago, on the web, I made the acquaintence of women who urinate standing up, facing urinals, and was electrified to know that the squat was not a biological absolute, merely a custom. I learned to do it immediately, in a few weeks I was going standing up quite comfortably, and with a minimum of mess and drip which has become less with simple practice over the years. I've used mensrooms times without number, I've gone on walls and trees, and all over beaches.

Of course, women have the best of all worlds -- we can go squatting, sitting, bending, kneeling or in a deep knee-bend, as well as standing. Men stand or sit, period. :)


Good to hear from you again! Hey, what a delightful bit of naughtiness, a two-on-one-toilet, followed by some sweet games and all under the nose of relatives!

It's sweet you remember my wall-pee! I can never walk by that station without remembering it too. My more recent mensroom adventures? Nothing terribly spectacular, my favourite on the top floor of my college library, where it's always quiet during the holidays. I can go do some reading, drink some water, and when I can't wait anymore I go hit the 'other' room. I know it very well after all these years, and it's second nature to step onto the concrete platform and fire my water at the steel wall. :-)

Looking forward to more marvelous anecdotes from you both!


Oh, wow, how I enjoyed your account of your bathroom visit, of taking time and doing it just right, and the sound of your heels on the floor -- so evocative! I wear 4"-heel black kneeboots, with jeans, too, so I could really, really see it all happening in my mind's eye! Every sound, every sensation, the pleasure of passing water, then the almost sensual addendum of fxing up just-so, including that touch of lippie at the mirror. Thanks for a great experience!

Best, all,


the man
to Leena. How often do you take a dump? How long does it take counted from that you enter the bathroom til you leave it? How large are your average poops?

TO BLADDER SPLATTER. I not been to bathroom very many times outside but I squat because it most comfortable position. Also it more difficult for other people to see bum.

TO HUMBLE POOP GUY. My sister knocks on door sometimes and tell me I'm taking too long and ask what I'm doing. She sometimes annoy me because she know I'm doing big poo and it taking long time to come out. She think it funny to tease me.

TO ELA FR INDONESIA. When I found brown marks in my knickers I washed the dirty part and hid then under a chair in my bedroom to get dry. They stay there two days then I put them in laundry. Lots of people wipe their bums with hand in India but we have English toilet there. And also we live in England so we wipe with paper. I always hold poo in at school but sometimes it ask so bad to come out I have to go sit on toilet and let it come out.

TO HUCKABEE. If I had to do poo outside with somebody there I prefer do poo in my pants. If only my sister or mum there I might do poo on ground.

I had an experience when I went to football with Dad - I had once been with him when he wet his pants just before the end of the game and I notice a puddle under his feet. I never said anything and when we walked home the wet stain was hidden by his jacket. It was like the time he came in from the car with wet trousers - I never said anything about that. Well one day it was similar for me and not long into the second half I whispered to Dad that I needed a pee and he said to me to sit there and just wet my pants - no one would care. Well I did - it was not my first time but I never thought i would be letting go with my dad there. I decided to push my luck and as we were leaving I told dad I needed a good poo and couldnt hold it and he said not to worry. It was a large and quite stiff load - it was held firmly between the top of my legs and my briefs were secure. By the time we got home there was some poo down the inside of my thighs but most had stayed in my calvins and the mess was on the tail of my shirt and over the back of my pants. It was good and I decided I might do it again one day and now every three months or so I just drop a load in my pants for the fun of it.

Does anyone else sometimes let go just for the hell of it. I have had a few real accidents but mostly I poo in my pants and enjoy it.

Has anyone got a father who has had an accident when he been with them.

If anyone does do non accidental poos is there anyone who likes to do it in crowded places to see if they can get away with it.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Outdoor Jenny!
Hi Yal!

I am trying out my new wireless internet on my lap top and I am on the toilet right now. I am letting out a little bit of pee because I can feel my bowels getting ready to let loose. I have had chunky diareha the last two we go....

BRRRRRRRRP, brrp brrrrrrp.....oh yeah...I just let out a lot of liquid poo. Hang on.....brrp brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop.

Wow this feels good to get all of this out. It is tampering off but i can feel more coming, i will type another story and update you as i poo. My now fiance!...yay....left on a buisness trip for a week to boston so my teo best girlfriends came to stay with me

(just exploded some really chnky poo followed by a wet fart.)

ANyways, we have been doing buddy poos outside all week, he left last friday and my neighbor friend that i posted about before pooping with me came out to dinner and for drinks afterwards with us.

(several more chunks of sloppy poo, i have been building this since dinner last night)

So when we got back my neighbor said she really had to drop one, i was building a good one as well and my friends said they really had to pee. My two friends wanted to see who could pee the firthest (keep in mind we were a little drunk...ha ha ha) Now the three of us have seen each other naked countless times but my neighbor hasen't, but they didnt care they took off their slacks and panties and laod them on my deck, while this was happening my neighbor and i were squatting a few feet away both having rather explosive poos, my neighbor let out some really wet farts as I recall.....speaking of which....

(pfffft brrrrrrrrrrp oh man that feels good...uggh! plop plop plop plop plop brrrrp plop plo plop..oh yeah...wooh, i didnt know i had this much poo in me...i am gonna let out some more liquid poo....splaaaaaaash squirt, squirt,, this feels good to get this out...i have been pooping for 12 minutes now....)

AS my friend and i finished wiping and pulled down our skirts, my friends sat side by side with their legs in the air holding their pee until they cant take it and then we would see who was hte distance champ Finally my friend let out this moan and a OH YEAH!.....and this stream flowed out of her, the furthest point went six feet, she let out a little fart and stopped....

( plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plo plop plop plop plop plop)

My friend Janet let loose with a moan as well, it was kind of erotic to watch this and Janet was the champion by 4 inches her furthest stream was at 6 feet 4 inches. But the best was she said she wasnt done, she had a really wet fart, stood up squatted and let out a nice wave of chunky poo and ended with a wet fart. it was a great night...

( While typing that i let out a few more farts and a lil pee but i think i am finally done with this master piece of a dump...time to wipe....until next time!

Swim Girl
cheerleader, Have you tried an enema? They will always get rid of constipation. As a side note, don't do it with anyone around. When you are alone, find something that will shove water up your butt whether it is a hose or empty shampoo bottle. Then once you feel that enough water has been in there, go to the toilet and just go. If your BM has stopped, still wait because there is still water in there. You may need several bathroom trips but it will work. Plus it will widen your colon and that will make you poop easier. Plus DRINK WATER

Lets hear some accidents, the more the better

Just started my new job at "The Home Depot" here in Florida...I was surprised to find that the stall doors were all removed in both of the mens restrooms....There is a '3 seater" in the front of the store....and a '6 seater" in the rear....My first day, after lunch, myself and 2 of my co-workers hit the rear restroom, finding 5 toilets in use, and one vacent..One of the guys, Timothy told me since it was my first day, I should get 'dibs" onthe bowl...I thanked him, and walked into the stall, removed my orange apron, and flung it over the partition, since there are no doors, there are no coat hooks either....I unbuckled my belt, unhooked my trousers, and lowered my trousrs and underpants to my ankles,and sat down....My rectum opened up quickly, and a long turd slid out into the water...a few loud farts followed, all the while, my new co-workers are chatting with me. I grabbed a wad of toilet tissue, and stood up to wipe, facing the wall...Kidding arond, the other co-worker Rob whistled and said 'great ass"...We all laughed..I wiped myself clean.... got myself together....flushed, and Tim took my seat, as Rob got the next available toilet. they made my first day a lot of fun...I asked them if the ladys have doors on their stalls...They said of course they do..We laughed again..

Mr. Clogs
Leena: Thanks for your comments and I glad that you like my posts as well. Hopefully your boyfriend would get the oppurtunity the next time. Post on in sometime when you get the chance to. Beleive it or not, some men find it very attractive to watch and to listen on their girlfriend's using the bathroom. Take Leena.

I've got an intresting post to share regarding peeing. I usually post about going into containers. The intresting part is when I go into containers, my urine isn't that dark or rich in golden color like apple juice! Usually a clear or really light yellow, but yesterday was interesting experiece. It could of been the result of not drinking enough water because I hardly drank anything yesterday, I was doing some cabling in house yesterday and didn't have time. At night when I get up to pee, its like I said clear or light yellowish color and the amount is greater that last night when I got up and pee in my "pee-container". A little less than usuall, but really golden in color. I filled the container about half a litre with this rich and golden stream! "Wow!" I said to myself and amazed by that amount. This morning was the same, I got to pee in my container after feeling the need to go, again filling the container up to a litre. Later on I dumped the piss filled container into the toilet to flush down with my morning dump.

Hope you all enjoyed my post. Take care, talk to you soon.--Mr. Clogs.

Bladder Splatter
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any insight as to why the universal natural female urinating posture is squatting, as opposed to bending over, sitting on on your legs, ect...

huckabee's poll:
"New Poll:

You're standing outside on the grass with some people you know. Suddenly, you begin to lose control of your bowels. There's no way you can hold it even long enough to find a private spot. Would you rather:

1. Shit your pants
2. Pull your pants down and shit on the ground"

i was actually in this situation once a long time ago. i was in 8th grade and it was field day at school. we were way out on the backfields past the school where there were some baseball and soccer games going on. my group was all sitting in the grass waiting for our turn to come up, and i felt like i really, really had to poop. it got worse and worse, and eventually i felt a little bit of poop start to push out into my panties. i didn't know what to do. i jumped up and walked about 3 feet from my group, but it was no use because there was a big piece of poop pushing its way out the whole time i was trying to get away. i was about to pull my pants down, but i realized that everyone would actually have to see it coming out of my butt, and i was already in the middle of pooping my pants, so i just stood there and completely filled my pants. to this day, i feel it was the better decision...the best decision would have been to go use the toilet when i was still at the building, but i didnt have to poop that bad when i was there so i thought i could wait. obviously i couldn't since i messed myself later on...that was so humiliating, i had to go home early.

At school today I had a chicken sandwich. Man my butt was on fire. I tried to go to the bathroom but it hurt so bad I just left. Through the rest of school I nearly died. I squirmed, but never let anyone know about the pain I was feeling. As soon as my mom stopped the car (after my first two accidents I posted she picks me up) I ran out, went upstairs to the toilet, and tried to unbotton my jeans. I was hopping from foot to foot, trying to hold my poop and unbotton at the same time. Turns out I ended up pooping my pants and giving my butt the biggest pain of its life. Let me make that more detailed. A little bit of diarrhea got out, then more, then some soft poop, then an explosion. I got them undone, still hopping, took them off, threw my panties in the trash, and sat down on the toilet. It felt SOOO good, but at the same time it hurt. I could hear my sis banging on the door. I wiped and flushed. She was naked (I don't know why) and was peeing and pooping on the floor. She ran in, left the door open (I got interested) and squatted over the toilet. I had never seen her poop. She had large and smelly poops falling into the toilet. She wiped, flushed, almost walked out, then I think another urge hit her so quick she squatted over the bathtub. (Talk about weird! I told myself I wouldn't wash in that bathtub again...I didn't. We got a new one, and the old one was in my room, in case of emergencies. It doesn't stink...muhaha. The power...of air fresheners!) Anyway... A huge poop spread her buttcheeks (her butt faced me) and stopped. She grunted, like this: Mmmphhgphh! and the poop fell into the tub. She got in, careful not to touch her poop, and started peeing and pooping small chunks. She got out and wound up farting, but then pooped on the floor. I laughed and left.

A few months ago I had a really EVIL poop. I shall tell the story.
I got up in the middle of the night needing to take a dump. I went to the bathroom, pulled my nightgown on my thighs, pulled down my panties, and started to push.
"OH MY GOD," I whispered as I felt instant pain when the huge poop tried to come out. I pushed harder, and harder, and harder. I pushed until I had to stop and look at my butt. It was HUGE, about nine inches thick and stretching my butthole wide. It was stuck half an inch out. I pushed as hard as I could and I think I could have killed myself if I pushed any harder. The poop got thicker and thicker as it coiled around the toilet, then it stopped. Oh, my butt felt like someone cut it open! (I had a stomach bug then, and that explains the diarrhea later on.) There were a few small chunks, then I felt sick. I turned around and started to throw up, and the whole time a lot of diarrhea was spraying on the wall. I threw up a final time and a big spurt of diarrhea came out. I wiped, flushed, and cleaned up. I went to bed, but I came back really quick throwing up and diarrhea filling my panties. I lay awake on my stomach, felt another urge to poop and hurl, and diarrhea was shooting into my panties, and as I started to run, I stopped and barf started to come up my throat. I ran, leaned over the toilet, and started to throw up. A large amount of it came out. Then I think there was five pounds of runny diarrhea. I felt something warm running down my legs. Great! I had peed myself. I kept peeing and peeing and peeing, and throwing up and throwing up. Finally I took off my panties, threw them in the trash, and made a bed in the bathroom. I woke up about fifteen times more that night. Man, I sure didn't go to school the next morning!

TO Ela fr. indonesia:

Please forgive me if you've already answered this, but if you don't use paper to clean your anus, what do you use?


I had a bad dream last night and woke up ~4 AM this morning. I can't remember what it was about, but whatever the details were they must have been pretty disturbing since it took me a minute or so to recognize that I wasn't still sleeping and that there was nobody after me.
After 5 minutes, I tried to get back to sleep, but I felt like I needed to have BM. Not a strong urge, but noticeable. I chalked it up to the nightmare and went back to sleep. I woke up earlier than is usual for me and the urge to go was still there. Morning poops are a bit rare for me but I immediately headed to the bathroom to do my jobbie anyway. Before anything came out, I knew it was going to be a pretty loose BM - which is exactly what happened. When I got up to take a look, all the stools dissolved into one big brown 'soup'.

My stomach felt that there was still more waiting to come out but I really didn't want to sit on the toilet and wait. Besides, I was up 30 minutes before I had to be - so I stood up and went back to bed. (I didn't flush or wipe...)
Finally waking up at the proper time, I returned to the bathroom to finish my dump. The second wave was exactly the same as the 1st (i.e. it was impossible to tell that I had just put a second load into the mix.)
When it was clear nothing was left to come out, I was about to wipe but I saw the TP roll was empty... I wasn't in the mood to get another roll immediately, so I just flushed the mess away and cleaned up when I was in the shower.



josh , oh my god! good one, hon. well yeah I sometimes give it a real good push like I did today. other times I just let it drip out by relaxing the bladder muscles and starting, stopping, starting again. well after the big blast " tinkle" , I often make at least three or four more " tinkles" [or hissy splashes, depending on how far the water level comes up in the bowl! he he he :)] anyway , that re4minds me of today. I was at my new therapist's office which is in her home and after we got done at like 3:45 PM , well I had to use the ladies room before I left. I hadn't done this since about 1:45 and I guess the remainder of that excess coffee and water that I drank had to do it's thing. anyway, so I asked her where the restroom was and after she showed me, I walked in, my big 4" heeled boots banging the floor and locked the door. seat was down and so, making a hell of a racket with those boot heels, I unbuckled my zodiac belt and then, unbuttoned my lee rider jeans like us girls have to do in order to get that puss out so we can urinate. then, lowering them to halfway between my knees and ankles around my big black calf high boots, down came the pretty pink undies. then I sat down on that toilet seat making myself nice and comfortable with my back near the lid behind me; and with my legs apart sitting slightly foward; I could hear myself make a deep sounding tinkle noise as I began to urinate into the toilet bowl's water which was about halfway back. oh my god! I must've sat there and peed non stop for at least a good minute or so by the sound of it and then , bam, it stopped like that. well being that I had to drive a bit, naturally, I made sure as to take good advantage of my time in the " ladies room" and make sure it all came out. and so, here I just relaxed and yeah, more came " tinkling" out of course, off and on, off and on, in like 4 more tries and then STOP! again, I leaned more foward and did I ever push , honey! soon as I did,I felt this nice forceful release of pee that was all like stuck up in my bladder and did it ever make some awesomely loud splashy tinkle sound as it forced it's way right down directly into the middle of the waterhole for what had to be another good minute almost before finally stopping. then I took some toilet paper from the roll to my left, a lot , and scrunched it up in a big wad; which at the same time , I forced myself to pee as had as I could to get it all out of me! there wasn't much left by this time, just a few short leftovers which took a good 3-4 pushes and then, EMPTY! then , I wiped with that wad of paper real good, dabbing and dabbing my puss untill it was completely dry. I got up and yeah wiped from the back a little and my boot heels clacking on the floor a bit; I turned around and dropped that toilet paper wad soaked with spots of my yellow pee into the bowl. as I pulled up my undies and then, lee rider jeans and buttoned, zipped them, next buckling my belt and fixing it right; I looked at all that yellow urine filled toilet water. my boot heels making more noise on the floor, I turned around completely and with my left hand, reached for the lever and oh so ladylike, flushed and watched as all that yellow pee was going down." ohhhhhhh! KEWL " I thought and as I brushed my hair and put on some more lipstick , I thought " oh my god! and you wonder why us women take so long when we " go to the ladies room!" we tend to sit and just pee and pee and pee and pee and well, " when life gives you LEMONS? MAKE " CHERYLADE" I always say. sometimes I wonder how much actually came out? 45 to 50 ounces at least? [ margaret cho! use me in your lesbian jokes, sweetie! " the girl can pee forever!" aha ah ah ha! ms cheryl, you bad lil' girl!]

cheryl lynne

Desperate to poop
Interesting observation whilst watching a musical (women in white). I could clearly see the musicans and from time to time I was watching one of the organists who appeared to be grimacing a bit. Anyway during the interval all the other musicians had come back apart from this lady. She suddenly rushed back and took her seat. I couldn't help wonder if she'd had a dump? Luckily I didn't have to poop as the queue was huge as it always is in the intervals. You only need one dumper and it slows the line down.

I had a mushy dump the other day. I was on my period and having lunch in the cafe when a serious urge to have a dump arose. I quickly made my way to the toilets and into the one remaining stall (out of only 2). I pulled up my skirt and pushed my panties down to my ankles. Removing my tampon I then started a long stream of pee and at the same time let go with a large ppppppppppppprrrrrrrrrfffffffffft and starting sending mushy sludge into the toilet. I had a good fifteen minutes cleaning. In between that a couple of people entered the other stall but only to pee. I finsihed up and flushed and as I came out another lady in her early 30's and pretty was waiting. I smiled as she went in. Unfortuantely it was a bit pungent in there but the seat would have been warm

Tim (and Sarah)
Hi PV:
It's really great to hear from you again! I am happy to hear about your satisfying BM's. I had quite some good ones myself recently. It's also nice that you continue with your fun. You mentioned some gent's room adventures. Made me very curious :-)!
I have to admit, I am quite proud, I developed such a good relationship with my oldest son, as I only met him for the first time less than two years ago. I have visited him a few times and he took me onto a pub crawl wih his friends. It's was good fun and reminded me of my own college years. We had some group pees together with his mates...;-).
I also got a cool "christmas present" from my lovely wife...;-). We were at her parent's house. As you might remember, I don't have the most fantastic relationship with them, but recently I love going there as Sarah has discovered her fun of being naughty "under her parents nose". After some big dinner and a few glasses I withdrew to the bathroom to relax and empty myself. I sat down and started to poop, when it knocked on the door. At first I felt disturbed, but when Sarah slipped in with a cheeky grin, I was quite excited. She teased me laughingly about the stink and told me she was dying for a wee. There is another toilet, so I knew she was up to something. She took her panties off and pulled her pretty dress up. Then she sat on my lap and let her pee flow between my legs into the toilet. I don't have to explain, how much I liked it! She giggled that she had to disappear cause my poo smell was too much, but would wait in the bedroom for me... We got some funny looks from everyone when we returned to the living room after quite a while. We found some flimsey excuse..;-)
Hope you have some good fun as well. I still think about your old stories now and then, like when you peed at the wall in the train station...Would love to hear from you again. All the best! Tim

Blue Rizla Girl
To Huckabee,

Definitely 2 ..... I mean, you only run the risk of being caught "in action" for as long as it takes to go. But you run the risk of being caught "after the event" for as long as it takes you to get somewhere you can yourself get cleaned up and put some clean clothes on.

The meds I'm taking right now have a constipating effect. When they wear off suddenly, which happens sometimes, not often but sometimes, it feels like standing up too quickly and discovering I am bursting for a pooh. I then have just a narrow window of time in which to get to a toilet, or somewhere private where I can dig a little hole and bury it. The only other thing I can do is maybe get another dose and postpone the inevitable for awhile, but that isn't always possible.

Since I have been on the stuff for awhile now and am used to the effects, I generally have a chance to avoid getting caught short by going somewhere sensible in time. But not always ..... Certain foods, and certain times-of-month, do interfere with the rather complex rhythm of my bowels. If I think I'm likely to get caught short, I will carry some TP and my trowel, or a few polybags for areas where digging holes might be difficult.

To a previous poster who asked if I had ever done Big Business down a drain grid: I haven't personally, but both my kids have.

I live in Australia and I have 2 brothers. Any way I have a short story that happened to me while I was on holidays.

My family and another family were visiting Wet n' Wild Wate World on the Gold Coast. We had just finished going on rides and it was lunchtime and I was waiting in line to get a burger with my little brother. Anyway, earlier that day I had needed to go to the bathroom to pee and poop but hadn't had time before we left. I had just finished ordering and waiting for the food when suddenly I got hit with a terrible cramp. I thought I was just about to let it al go in the line. I quickly took the food to my parents and ran as fast as I could to the ladies room. I ran in and saw 5 more people in front of me. I groaned in there as another cramp hit me. I was dancing side to side and people were looking at me strangely but i didn't care.
Just then a woman came in with her 5 year old daughter and saw the line. I heard the conversation:

" Mummy I have to go pee pee and ca ca!"
"Well we have to wait for the other people in front, baby"
"But it's coming out NOW!!" she screamed.

Just then everyone turned around to her watching a yellow tinkle and hissing noise. She was wetting her cozzie and soon a dark yellow stain formed on her costume.

I didn't see what happened after that as a stall opened up for me.

I ran in and tore my board shorts off. As soon as I sat down, a booming fart echoed through the toilet. Pee started to flow and my asshole was opening at the same time. My pee was NOT stopping it continued for about 4 mins on and off. Meanwhile I was pooping up a storm too. About 20 mins later I finally thought I was empty and stood up and saw a HUGE LOAD of poop staring at me, I quickly wiped and got back to my family.

Hope u liked my story.
Girlie from Down Under


I first found out about my boyfriend's severe chronic constipation when we spent the first nights together. One night I awoke and he was not in bed. I saw the lights on in the bathroom and knew that he was in there. I waited for him coming back to bed, but after 20 minutes I decided to ask him if he was OK. When I came near to the bathroom I could hear my boyfriend pushing, straining and crying badly. My heart pounded and my eyes were filling with tears, because I knew that he must have been in severe pain. I knocked at the door and asked him, if I could come in and if he was alright. He could hardly speak but called my name and cried even more. I opened the door and saw him there sitting on the toilet, red-faced, tears running down his cheeks, sweating. When he saw me he spread his arms and asked me to help him.I ran into his arms, held him, told him that he is not alone, that I would help him. He showed me what was agonising him. And that was the very first time when I helped him to go. After he finally was able to poop, I cleaned him very carefully and we went back to bed. He was very exhausted. We held each other and he told me everything about his struggles with his chronic constipation. I assured him that as long as I am around I will always be with him, helping and holding him. Doing whatever I can to ease his pain.

new poster here

I was about 7 yrs old and i was in center parcs(England)on holiday, we (dad, mum, two friends and an au pair) were all planing on going for a bike ride in the forest. unfortuanley i had drunk about 5 mugs of coffee early in the morning, big problem. about an hour later we walked out the front door and began to ride to the mountain bike section, about an hr into the ride i was feeling kind of uncomfortable and i knew i needed the bathroom ASAP. since i was quite shy then i did'nt tell them i needed to go.

about two hrs later i was in desperate need and all the bumps did'nt help either! luckily i was the best rider there so i could hold myself with hand while cycling. I was looking around to see if anybody else needed the bathroom and i was lucky. my friend joseph was actually trying to cycle with no hands for holding himself. He looked like he was in some real pain.

an hour later and i was i real pain and i was using both hands to hold myself! unfortuantley my friend had flooded himself about 30 mins ago with a 5 min long pee, i nearly lost it then as well.

Finally we back at the apartment 2 hrs later and by now i was crossing my legs and holding my self (and was almost crying) and no one noticed! We walked through the door and my other friend rushed to the only toilet in the flat and he was having and really long pee (6 mins!) this really annoyed me, finally he came out 'who's nex.. he didn't finish his sentance, he was on the floor because i had knocked him over getting to the toilet. You can imagine how it felt a 7 min long strong stream erupted form my willie and it did'nt stop. when it did my bladder felt really weak, i opened the door and there was joseph, soaked through, 'could'nt hold then' i said, kinda harsh but it was funny!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Eating what food will relieve constipation... N-no prunes (yuck)

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