Josh's Question
When at the toilet and nearing bladder empty, guys will do "a squeeze," (like trying to hold it in) which will cause an additional squirt of pee (which was in the urethra) to exit, but girls don't seem to do that? Do you, or do you instead sort of give a "push" to empty out the last pee, or is it just a simple drip till your done???

To Void- thanks for the advice! i so should have done that. but its not too late, i could still do it. i tried to go to the bathroom in front of him the other day but i got stage fright. he held me close to him and talked me through it. but nothing. as soon as he left i exploded! but later on when we were fooling around he told me how sexy it was to hear me groan and strain and push. at least i tried.

JW- i dont have frequent constipation, i just like using supositroies.

Mr. Clogs- thanks for showing interest in my post! that was a shit to be proud of... even though i didnt reach my goal. and youre one of my fave posters!

Carmalita- you didnt have an awesome shit story but it still excited me to see your name, you have THE best stories. you rock.

anywho... i had a boring poop this morning but i'm sure that if i play my cards right i'll do something post worthy later on ;)

Dave B
To Lindsay - Wow you used a bowl for peeing and pooping. I've never used anything like a bowl to use as a toilet. I've been having troubles myself with dirrehea. I had gotten some spicy wings for dinner, but I didn't eat them because I fell asleep. I woke up 5 hours later and decided to eat them. This was kind of a bad idea. About an hour later I got this horrible stomach crams and I thought it was gas. It ended up being dirrehea and I slightly soiled my underwear. I rushed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet as a wave of squirts came out and it just felt horrible. I kept rubbing my stomach to try and make it feel better, but it didn't do any good. I wished that we had tums around so I could make it go away. I thought I was done, so I flushed the toilet and when I went to wash my hands the urge hit me again and I had to sit back down. I was sitting there for about 10 minutes as these waves of dirrehea kept hitting me. After that I was surely done and wiped, flushed, and left. I hope to hear more stories from you and maybe some soft poop ones :)

Christina - im sorry to hear about your boyfriends problems, how did u find out he was so constipated at first???? is he always in pain? do u have any more stories to share??

My worst incident
Normally when I have to poop, its just an urge, and I can hold it for days if I want to. But one time the initial urge went straight to 100% in about 5 seconds. I was sitting at the computer. Literally out of nowhere I had to poop BAD. I tried fighting and squeezing the urge off so I could stand up and gently walk to the bathroom, but it started to come out, which never happens. I rushed the 15 feet to the bathroom and before I could even sit down, it blasted all over the toilet and wall. I'm talking tubgirl action. Liquidy chunks. Disgusted, I cleaned and scrubbed the bathroom naked so I wouldn't ruin any more clothes. I was so glad my roomate wasn't there to make fun of me, or yell at me for crapping all over the bathroom. I don't remember what I ate, but it must have been spoiled.

humble poop guy
have anyone knock on the bathroom door and tells u taking 2 long
that has 2 me twice but i knew it wasnt that long

Mr. Clogs
recently vegan: Interesting post, maybe I need to up my vedgetable amounts so I can take nice huge and relaxing dumps.

cheerleader: Nice post, yeah I feel for you at your doctor's appointment having to take a dump while the nurse watched, how embarrassing is that? Well at least you got it out. Take care.

Lynda: I liked the post when you had to use trash bags to crap in during the 2004 hurricane Frances, and the Feburary 2005 one with the laxatives, keep the posts coming.

Lindsay: Hey, great post having to use the kitchen as the bathroom, luckly no one saw what you were doing in there. Thanks and keep the posts coming.

Carmalita: Hey, it's been a while, miss your posts, Happy New Year to you.

Well that's all for now, you all take and Happy New Year to all of you.

Take care.

--Mr. Clogs

i ran into a bad situation recently which resulted in an embarassing accident. i snowboard a lot and a few weeks ago i was with my girlfriends at sugarbush in vermont and while there, i wiped out and wound up breaking my right shin in 2 places and also breaking some bones in my left foot. so needless to say i've been bed-ridden eversince. it's been terrible, i've had to use bed pans to go to the bathroom, but it could be worse...eitherway, the 4th night i was in bed, my mom must have taken the bedpan i was using out of my room to clean and forgotten to put it back. i woke up at 3 in the morning and i was feeling tons of pressure in my butt and i was desperate to poop. i reached for my bedpan to found out to my horror that it wasn't there. i started to yell for my mom immediatley because i knew i was just seconds from crapping my panties. i managed to wake her and as soon as she came into my room i just said "get me my pan i've gotta go!!" and she turned around to go get it, but before she came back with it i farted and a big blob of soft crap pushed out and filled the back of my panties in seconds, and i couldn't stop going. i ended up with a gigantic mess of crap in my underwear and it was smooshing against the bed, i was afraid it was going to get on the sheets too. that was an absolute nightmare. pooping the bed was bad enough, but to do it right in front of my mom added insult to injury. that was my only accident so far, i nearly had a major wetting accident last night because my bedpan was a bit out of reach but i used my pillow to pull it close enough, i still peed a little in my panties before i could get situated, but the wet spot was only like the size of a coaster..the wetness was noticeable and uncomfortable but i waited until the morning to change my panties.

Ela fr. indonesia
To connie crapper : thanks to the response

To sita: thanks for sharing. how long did you hide your panty? When i had the accident, i found a brown mark
on my panty. after finished pooping i cleaned it. then i felt uncomfortable wearing it becust it was wet.

In indonesia we are not accustomed to toilet paper to clean our anus, but we wash our vaginas or anus with water and our hands. When i pee at shool i sometimes bring some tissue to cleam my vagina, but in that accident, i cleaned my anus with water. But i wonder how clean the water was. that's anpther reason why i hold my poop when i am at school.

Hi, frequent lurker; first or second post. I'm 14 and a male. Anyway, since I've started visiting this website, I've become more comfortable pooping around people. I was very shy in my younger years and would go in public in emergencies only. Now I go almost anywhere, even outside. I have no story to share but I hope to soon. Peace.

Punk Rock Girl love all your stories

space junkie
hey people, im a lurker of some description. ive been occasionally browsing this site since waaaay back in the day, like fiveish years ago. anyway, now im 17 and i have been motivated to post by a pet peeve of mine, that being the dissemination of BS under the guise of rule-of-thumb knowledge. what oops said about clear pee being an indication of drinking enough water is wrong, as is the notion that a person should drink 8 glasses of water a day. healthy pee can be almost any shade of yellow, though dark dark yellow or cloudy pee is usually a sign of dehydration. clear pee is almost always a sign of overhydration. if you dont believe me, look it up on any medical website; another great site that debunks the myth of the "8 glasses a day" ru?????p and check it out.

that done with, i have a few stories of my own. for the record, im white, male, about 5'8" with shoulder length blonde hair. about a year and some ago, i was biking along the C&O canal. i did a 50 mile trip to harper's ferry; it was a lot of fun. i was drinking plenty of water so as not to get dehydrated and pretty soon i needed to pee. there were porta potties every now and again and of course there were some bushes and hidden places, but i just decided to see how long i could hold out. i was wearing black shorts so it wouldnt be obvious and i have never minded peeing my pants. i managed to last about 3/4ths of the trip, which was about 5 hours of biking. i finally started to pee myself while riding the bike, and after making a pretty big stain down my left leg, i pulled off to the side and made a nice big puddle at the base of a tree. it felt great to finally let go.

this winter break my family visited my uncle's family in colorado, and we all went skiing. my uncle and i snowboard. anyway, the place we went was great and had like, 125 inches of natural snow, which amazes those from out east who are used to blizzards being 6 and above inches. the only problem with this place was that the only bathrooms were at the bottom of the hill and i for one was not going to waste time that could be spent joyfully carving up the mountain running inside to pee. however, i did need to pee and i wasnt about to pee in my snowboarding gear as cold pee feels gross and we had no way of washing clothes easily in our rented cabin. i finally figured something out. i rode into the trees near the top of the mountain, got to where there were no tracks and where thus, i assumed, there had been nobody for a while. i could see a few people zipping down the mountain throught the trees a ways off. so, without even getting out of my snowboard, i sat down on the slope of the mountain in a pile of powder, unzipped and got out my dick, and sat with a glove directly over my crotch. it was perfect. to anybody going by, it would look like i was just sitting, resting up for the rest of the ride down. i let go and the coolest thing happened. not only did my pee steam, it sort of burrowed a tunnel in the snow. when i was done, there was a little cicular yellow hole in the snow between my legs and i could see down it maybe a meter or so. IT WAS SO COOL. for the rest of the trip (we stayed for 3 days) i just did that. i looked like an average guy just resting on the slope, little did they know. lol.

i dont have any poop stories, since as long as i can remember ive never had trouble holding poop for as long as i needed to. though one time, when i got an abdominal x-ray for this other infection the doctor told me i was constipated and should get more fiber. ive never had trouble going when it was convenient or when i want to, so i think he was wrong.

anyway, happy bathrooming to all. hope i havent bored you.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I was in my bedroom doing homework one evening in the summer - mum was at work and I was home from school earlier than was norman. My dad drove into the drive of the house and got slowly and carefully out of the car. His trousers were wet. He had his left hand held securly against his bum and he walked carefully to the door and I heard him come in. He shouted he was going to the barhroom in case I needed the toilet and then he went in and I heard the shower. When he came out I hheard his trousers and pants get chucked in the washbasket and when he went downstairs I checked them out. They were sodden with piss - the back of his shirt and his briefs were heavily stained with poo but it looked as if he had got to the toilet before it all dropped in his pants. It made me feel a lot better about my poo stains in the future!

i've been reading this site for a long time, and finally decided to post... i have had problems shittng my whole life (i am 27)... i always have a stomach ache, and sometimes the cramps are so terrible i just lie on the floor in a ball. sometimes it is 7 or 8 days between shits, and when they come, it feels like daggers in my whole abdomen, and feels like i will tear apart. the worst is when i eat something that disagrees with me, and so have 'diarrhea', but since i am so blocked up, it jsut means terrible cramps with no relief unless i take laxitives to let things through. this happened last week... i had gone to a restaurant with my boyfriend, and ate some duck.. bad idea... i started to have horrible cramps within about 2 hours of eating, and then had to lie in the fetal position in the living room for the night... i tried to poop, but couldn't... sometimes it works better when i'm not on the toilet, so i pushed and pushed while lying on the ground into my panties... only a tiny piece came out... my boyfriend finally got me some ex-lax, and my cramps intensified as the laxitives did their work... crying on the floor, i managed to let him help me to the toilet, where an hour of painful sraining led to a huge explosion in the bowl, my stomach on fire. when i was done, i ended up sleeping in the bathroom... today, i am constipated yet again. anyone with similar experiences?


It sounds like you're both in a state of habitual dehydration, which is causing your abnormally dry stools. Remember, simply because you drink tea, coffee, soda or other soft-drinks, doesn't mean you're hydrated -- they contain caffeine, which is a diuretic, and as a result you offload slightly more H2O in urine than you receive from the drink. Water is the best thing to drink, lots of water -- constipation is excessibve withdrawal of the moisture content from faeces, and taking water from the bowel is one of the body's ways of maintaining correct hydration, an ongoing process.

And to ease the moment, using petroleum jelly or personal lubricant in your anus will help it all slip away with less soreness.

Nevertheless, I do feel a doctor should be able to help you both, as what you're suffering in the course of your normal elimination would be enough to ruin a saint's life... I'm properly hydrated and I can drop over twenty inches of faeces in a few seconds, which is pleasant, satisfying and absolutely not painful (if you don't count the serious urge to go beforehand!). I can't imagine calling any other state normal, and, while I know everyone is different, I would urge you to find a good proctologist or elimination specialist who can help you live without this awful, ongoing predicament.

TIM (AND SARAH) -- Hi! Long time no hear! I see your adventures and shared experiences are continuing, and that's wonderful. It's great to be in touch again.

It's warm down here in Aus at the moment. I had a nice wee this afternoon, just drew my shorts over and relaxed, standing over the toilet. I made a nice, unhurried stream, some in the water, some on the side... Ahhh, that was good.



THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO ALL YOU CONSTIPATED GUYS! If you delve back a few weeks or more I have given suggestions as to constipation relief. For me, my two favourites are prune juice (on an empty stomach) or an enema of soapy water. I have had success with prune juice poo was really hard this morning and that can be a sign that I am about to bung I hit the prune juice and the results quickly flowed.
TO TORWYN. It is an issue when you need to poo and somebody is close at hand. It does not bother me though. A couple of months ago I was at work (by myself).. our toilet is in the back yard.. I needed a poo (nothing urgent) I noticed the girl who lives above the office was sitting reading a book several feet from the toilet...obviously enjoying the sun. Now I could have waited for her to leave or got in the car and went to a public toilet nearby. Instead I just walked out there, said good morning and into the toilet, shut the door, dropped a load, wipped stepped out and engaged in very brief conversation as if nothing unusual happened. The girl upstairs on the other hand could have moved or left when I went to the toilet but she did not so I was not embarrassed. The other situation was when I went into the toilets of a high class hotel and there was a cleaning lady (by the way, I am a male). I could do with a poo but not urgent. Nonetheless I went in, sat down and did my business whilst she was in close range. Once again it did not bother me.
I use to be very shameful like you but it did me no good.

hi im kirsten and i have trouble pooping because im always constipated. In fact, im constipated right now!
i need help
does anyone know how to help me? Laxtives dont work
its kinda embarrasing seeing a docter but i have 2 STORIES TO TELL YOU ABOUT

1) One time i was constipated( this was about a month ago) i went to the docter for my yearly checkup and the docter was examining my throat when i had the urge to poop. i told the docter that i had to use the bathroom but he said that i will be able to because thats part of the check-up(peeing in a cup) the problem was i had to poop not pee. So i told the docter that i had to go poop and he said that he will send a nurse in. Whats the big deal? a poop is a poop i can go on my own! the nurse came in and escorted me to the restroom. i stood in the bathroom waiting for her to leave but she just stood there! She said if i had any problems pooping she should watch.i was sooo embarrased. i pulled down my thong and jeans and sat there. she came closer and asked if i was having any problems. i said i was fine i just needed to wait i while. i started to push and she saw me straining and asked if i was fine again.
i said i was ok( i was getting VERY annoyed by now). Finnaly i felt my hole stretch to what felt like 2 inches. it slowly started coming out and then i felt it get wider! 2 1/2 inches then i just couldn't push any more! it was stuck! it was stuck about 4 inches out of my hole. my face was also very red ( from straining ). I couldn't just leave it there so i told her it was stuck. She called the docter in the bathroom and they placed me on a high mat and rolled me into the docters room and my check-up ended up turning into a constipation check-up! the docter pulled my poop out eventually and i felt relieved but embarrassed!

2) i was once in Publix( Florida's grocery store) and i felt the urge to poop. and ran into the girls bathroom to find that there were no stalls, only a wide hallway with 3 toilets on both sides facing eachother.2 toilets were being occupied and i decided to take the one in the middle.
i sat down and one ladie was pooping and the other was peeing. This was sorta' embarrasing because whenever i poop, i spread my legs very wide so i give my poop enough room to come out. another ladie walked in and sat on the toilet in front of me which was horrible because my leggs were open and this major turd was slowly pushing out and already 1 1/2 inches out and about 2 inches wide so far.the ladie next to me kept grunting and straining. the other ladie next to me, got up and washed her hands and left. Then, another ladie walked in and sat down to pee.
the ladie across from me asked me if i usually make turds that big. she then said she had to poop and she spread her legs out and grunted a little and a poop started to emerge. i said that i always poop like this . while we were talking the 2 other ladies were trying to get a glimpse of my major turd slowly coming out. Actually, i was enjoying this show i was giving these ladies. the ladie next to me that was pooping said that
she had a large one coming than she faced me a little and a saw a HUGE TURD start to emerge out of her. It was fairly slow but within 5 minutes the turd was already 7 inches out of her hole, and 1 1/2 inches wide. pulled my butt cheeks apart to let everyone see my poop emerge even more and it got 8 inches out. i said that i haven't pooped in over a week and it was true! finaly it dropped with a PLOP!!! I still felt a little more in me so i spread my cheeks out more and a 4 inch long 3 inch diameter poop came out! the ladie next to me was still pooping and the poop that was emerging was up to 10 1/2 inches than it closed and she was finished. the ladie accros from me pooped 8 small poops that were very hard she said. my poop was too hard and long to flush so i left it in the toilet. i washed my hands and left.

I was taking a dump when my girlfriend walked in (door was partially open)with an appearant look of urgancy. Seeing me already sitting there she immediately started like dancing in place as she yelled for me to hurry cause she had to pee really really bad and she then grabbed herself and tightly crossed her legs as she stood right in front of me totally freeked out. Before I could even say anything she was dropping her jeans and pushing onto the bowl with me and yes, peeing a really strong stream which didn't all make it into the bowl. I will end my story there because I suspect by writing what happened next will prevent it from posting.

I was at a library yesterday, two cities away from my home. Very nice older building , lots of marble and brass. I walked into the gents restroom, finding three doorless toilet stalls all in use. I had to basically stand right in front of the three men to wait my turn, or somebody else would 'cut in front of me' From the conversation going on it was 2 of the library maintenence men, and one librarian discussing the placement of shelving and computers, phone lines, and other equipment. Funny, as I watched shit dropping from their buttocks into the toilet bowls, and heard and smelled all their farts, plops, and grunts, and even watched them wipe and inspect their brown soiled toilet tissue, I felt more uncomfortable hearing about their personal library business, I felt this should have been discussed in a private board room. Just my thoughts, What do you you guys think? BTW when I finally got a 'seat" it was the most amazingly comfortable toilet seat I ever sat on... Upsweept curved design held my buttocks apart so it made for a clean 'drop' Very nice... I'll go back there often just too use the bathroom...

Rhp- hey,i've asked myself that question a thousand times. i'm interested in male and females pooping, but mostly females. For the longest time, i couldnt come to terms with it and this site helps a lot. you're not out of your mind... in fact, its completely normal to me. society makes it naughty, so naturally we like it more. so anyways, reply and i'll answer any questions you have about women going poop.

Okay, on to my weekend! my fiancee had a few days off this week so today is my monday. normally i would have been up shit creek with out a paddle because he was home for 5 days. i figured, okay this is my chance, im gonna do it. so we're sitting at the computer and i get up and go to the bathroom. i try to go, get a little out, come back sit down. 30 mins later, feel an urge get up, try to go, get a little out, come back sit down. third times a charm! i sit on the toilet, feet on the tub and pushed so hard. floop! there it went. finally! i sprayed, as that one was a stinker, and went back to my fiance. we looks at me and asks "did you poop?" i turned bright red and burried my face in his chest. he replies with "you pooped! how cute?!" which made me happy. then, i started to put moves on him. so we went to the bed room where i told him (and pretended this was a new found discovery, hah) that it kinda turned me on when he asked me if i had pooped. he asked why and i told him it embarrased me and he already knew humiliation turns me on, with a thousand other stupid things. so, he goes for it! i'm not sure if he thought it was sexy or not... but i had a blast!

Man, it's been awhile! I haven't been on here due to the effect of spraining my ankle, no Track for 3 weeks and all. But now I'm back on the team with our Track meet being a week from now. But enough about that, I wanted to talk about tonight.

Here's the thing about me: I rarely use the bathroom at school, and that's usually for a quick piss, simple as that. But I usually like to do it in the sanctity of my bathroom, thank ya' kindly. But I didn't have enough time to use it this morning, so I pushed onwards.

The whole day goes fine, not even a little stirring in the intestines at all. But then Track comes by and gives me another two hours to hold it in. We do warm-ups and a quick lap around the track, just for practice. Going halfway around the track, I start to feel a weak but loud stomach growl and I feel the need to fart. Without thinking differently, I just did (since I was behind everyone) and regretted it a little...a bit of liquid shite came out but didn't damage the boxers. Then the sprinting coach comes by and gets us ready for practice, no bathroom break (like I'd take it). Eight 200's...not too bad...I hope.

Something with my body refuses to run with the need to use the b-room and I wanna know what it is. Every time I finish a 200, I squirt a little more shite out, but not damaging the boxers at all. Still doesn't get rid of the fact that I'm still shooting poo from my hole and my cheeks keep squishing against another. Not trying to damage myself anymore, I bail out after the 6th one and get dressed.

The thing about that though; I must've totally forgot to check the damage. I just walked out of the locker room and never gave it a thought until now. That's about...three hours of not getting my butt checked out, let alone using that bathroom. Alright, gonna check the damages now and hope to all that is holy that I'm not extraordinarily disgusting...

Yeah, the squishing effect is still there. Eh, I've felt worse, really. Like I've predicted, the boxers aren't too damaged, just a little with the brushing up against the hole. This wasn't such a bad experience with b >odily functions, but I should know, expel the toxins. Probably clean up too. Until then, keep on truckin' through the '06!


I read your story about your bathroom experience when your were in the tenth grade during your trip to New York. I feel for you man. How did you finally get over that kind of embarrassment? Did you get revenge on these guys who took a picture of you on the john?

recently vegan
since becoming vegan i've been pooping ALOT more than before. also my poop is yellow/orangish and always soft. i have the urge to go after i eat and excersize 3-4 times a day sometimes! it's amazing how efficient my system has become.

but the other night i had dinner with a friend at her house with only one bathroom. after eating we were lying on the couch watching TV. she said, do you want to take a shower now or later, i said later, so she went in then. about 5 seconds into her water running i got up to check my email and felt a HUMONGOUS urge. it was awful. i knew it would be soft and substantial. i had to go lay down on my side and try to relax. i was debating what to do. go poop in the room with her (we're not THAT close!) or try to go outside and find a bush? she lives in a tall urban building with entry codes and stuff... i was sweating and doing my best to hold it and relax.

somehow i got through it, although her shower seemed to last forever. when i finally got in there it was fabulous relief. i love pooping.

the other day i ate some mushrooms fried in olive oil that really made my stomach hurt, the next morning i pooped and peed and saw oil in the toilet!!! it was awesome!

Mykhael S.
I have been hanging around this site for some time now. I enjoy all the posts. I do have a awkward childhood poop experience. I wa in kindergarten. I was a kinda quiet and shy kid. I really had to poop very bad but i was afraid to ask. When I ended up pooping my pants. I was so embarrassed and my teacher called my mother. She was so mad at me for not asking. I got into a lot of trouble that. Well Happy pooping to all.

P.S. I enjoy your stories Carmelita and I too live about 8 miles outside of Portland Oregon.

Hi all. Happy New Year to everyone! Now onto my story. This happened on February 10, 2005. I remember the date because it was quite the traumatic experience. On February 9, 2005, I'd realized that I hadn't taken a dump in close to 5 days. I hadn't even felt the slightest need to go and I felt that it was time to "get things moving," so to speak. I remembered that I had an unopened box of Fleet laxative tablets which I'd purchased back in September of 2004 in preparation for Hurricane Frances. I'll explain why I bought these tablets after the story. So in the afternoon of February 9 I took one tablet (the recommended dosage on the box). By the next morning, nothing had happened. Despite the warnings on the box to take only 1 dosage, I proceeded to take another tablet. BIG mistake. Still nothing had happened by late morning. However, at around 2 pm, I felt something stirring. I went and sat on the bowl. A normal, formed log left my ass at a normal pace. I thought that was the end. Nope. Suddenly, a big-ass cramp kicked in and I started spewing liquid brown nastiness from my ass into the bowl. Many loud, thunderous, porcelain-splitting farts echoed into the bowl as well. The waves of diarrhea did not quit. I started to get a little scared and broke into a cold sweat. Then I became quite nauseated as well. As some point, the diarrhea had seemed to cease but the nausea was horrible. So I got up and swung around and started heaving into the bowl. To my utter horror, with each heave, my ass spewed torrents of diarrhea onto the floor behind me! I could not believe I was actually shitting on the bathroom floor. I could hear the wet diarrhea going "splat" onto the tile floor each time I threw up. I was so sick. When the mayhem finally ended, I was left with the unnerving task of cleaning up the horrible mess on the floor. I had never needed laxatives before this and I highly doubt I'll ever take them again (well, not 2 doses in a row, I guess). Now, onto the reason I'd bought the laxatives in the first place. In early September 2004, we were preparing for Hurricane Frances (I live in Florida). The authorities were telling us to expect to lose electricity, possibly clean running water and possibly even plumbing altogether. They said that if you had to pee, you could just pee in the toilet and not flush it. But if you had to shit, you could either: 1) crap in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage, 2) Use kitty litter! I said there was NO way I was going to crap in the litter pan. So I had this plan to make sure I was totally empty before storm hit. So about 3 days before the storm I stopped eating all solid food. I then bought the laxatives to take right before the storm to ensure there was nothing in there. Well, I never took the laxatives because my liquid diet had given me diarrhea anyway, lol! We never lost the plumbing either, thank God!

To Dave B-Thanks. I'm all better now. I hate Mexican food. Here's another story.
My mom and I were stuck in a traffic jam and I said, "Mom, I gotta pee."
"Can you hold it?" she asked. I said yes, but I was lying. I had to go BAD. I already told you I have a small bladder, I think. The urge got really strong so I crossed my legs and rocked on the seat. Traffic started moving and I was about to wet my panties. I started to groan behind my lips. My mom sighed and kept driving. I wasn't going to make it, I knew.
Finally, we got home. She went to do some gardening. The bathroom was upstairs. I ran into the kitchen, locked the door, took off my panties and skirt, and held a cup under my pussy. Pee came out and out, and I felt the urge to crap now. Finally, when the head of a big shit came out of my butt, I found a big, deep bowl and sat on it. I kept peeing, and the crap HURT when it started to come out. No one could hear or see me, so I relaxed. That major monster in my butt wasn't going to make it out without stretching my butthole. I pushed and pushed, and a little bit harder then a huge shit, about fifteen inches long and four and a half inches wide, fell into the bowl. I felt better, but more poop was to come.
A lot of soft, sticky shits came out, followed by a little bit of diarrea. I still don't know why. There was a loud fart and a rope came out. Pee squirted, then stopped. I pulled on my panties and skirt, then remembered I hadn't wiped. Well, the damage was done. I put the bowl deep in the trash, walked out, and went to my room. A few hours later a poop urge hit so quick it all came out. I ran to the bathroom and sat on the seat. There were a few smelly farts then a burst of runny poop. I didn't feel bad though. I threw away my panties, felt an urge, and hovered over the toilet. FFFFRRRIIPPPP! my butt yelled. Another monster came out after the big fart, then pee. I wiped my butt, and it took me five times to get the poop off. I walked back to my room, and that was the end.

Hey,here are some of my accidents.I don't have many,but I'm interesyted in accidents.
My youngest one I can remember was when I was playing outside.I was running around{thankfully on my own}and I felt really warm.I looked down and my pants were soaked and I was still going.It was kind of weird.
The next one was when I wet the bed.I woak up{I was really young}as I was wetting.I didn't think much of it and went to sleep.I woke up in the bathroom.My dad was running the bath for me.
The next was in my babysitters house.She minded me while my family were at school and work.I was in her sitting room playing.I sat down on the floor at one stage and I felt squishy.I checked my pants and saw warm soft poo.I hurried to the bathroom.I went back to playing and my sitter called me for a snack.Trying to get out of walking in front of her I said,'after you'.Messing around.She eventually asked what did I do and I confessed.She cleaned me up{which was embarrassing}.I also wet myself at her house but she never found out.
Another was when I was at my cousins for easter.I had eaten a lot of sweets and I went to bed.I woke up in the middle of the night{i was sharing a bedroom with my parents}desperate for a poop.I had never been that desperate in my life.I can usually control my poops.I rushed to the bathroom just as my granny came out to go too.She went first even though I was desperate.Then she went back to bed.I tried to find the light switch as it was pitch black but I couldn't.Eventually I sat on the toilet but for some reason I wouldn't go,forgot my need and went back to bed.I woke up in a huge amount of poop.I went to the bathroom to clean up.My mom found out and had to do it.Very very embarrassing.
Another time,my sitter gave me a ride home{I was a bit older but still young.}and I had to let myself into the house as no one was there.I was desperate for a pee.Clutching myself.My sitter waited to see if I got into the house.And I started letting squirts into my pants.I couldn't concentrate on opening the door.Eventually I raced round the side of the house and wet myself while trying to undo my trousers.My sitter got out of the car to find me.I hid behind the shed for some time till I knew she would be worried and tell mom.So I went to face her in my wet jeans.She didn't tell mom.
My friend told me about her accidents while I was at her house.She got a lift home with her mom and she really really needed a pee.Her mom had to go to the shop and my friend told her mom how she needed to pee.Her mom said she wont be long.A few minutes later my friend went into the shop to tell her mom to hurry and before she knew it she was peeing her pants.The shop had a WET FLOOR sign up later.She also wet herself while she was tickled,in the bed with her cousin in it and fell asleep in the car and wet herself.More l8r

I had ended up in a bit of a bind earlier today. I had to make a MAJORLY IMPORTANT telephone call late this morning (~11:00 AM) to clear up an issue. There was just no going around it.
I made the call and got their automated answering system (which I fully expected...) Unfortunately, their system didn't give you an idea of where you were in the queue or approximately how long you had wait to get a human.
So I waited... & waited... & waited - enduring 'Muzak' and the occasional "Your call is important to us..." message, for at least 10 minutes when I suddenly felt a strong cramp in my belly. Immediately I knew I was going to pass a jobbie right NOW! No holding back this one until I was finished on the phone... But, of course, I didn't want to hang up to poop and then wait 'forever+a day' on the stupid phone again.

Quickly, I emptied a small waste paper basket and proceeded to squat on it - making sure my penis was pointing down into it. Almost immediately I felt the turd slowly sliding out and into the basket. No effort needed (and I didn't even urinate either.)

HOWEVER.... The moment my stool poked out of my sphincter was the very moment the operator picked up. (Murphy's law... I guess.)
I talked to her to let her know whom I wanted to speak to in the place, all the while a log was coming out of me. What I was dreading was being loud and gassy while pooping. (I have LI and was farting up a storm just before I went to bed last night.) The call was very important and it would DEFINITELY not look good on me if they heard farting in the background.

Fortunately, my poops all came out silently... None of the parties I spoke to heard a thing.

When I was done with the call, I got up from the paper basket and picked it up to examine my jobbies closely. I made 3 logs. Two ~6" by 1.5" and a small one ~2" by 1.5" (I think it broke off from one of the two larger pieces.) They weren't nobbly, but you could see they were conglomerations of smaller pieces that squeezed together. All of them had a healthy brown colour, a good texture and firmness... but the smell seemed to be more like diarrhoea than a healthy poop. (I hope that doesn't mean I'm going to have a bout of the runs.)

To clean up, I took the basket with my poop to the bathroom. I thought they came out without being messy, but I was wrong. I had to wipe 5 times to get clean.
Finally, I dumped my jobs into the toilet along with the used TP & flushed it all away...

These days, it's not often that I get to examine my poops so closely. I'm glad fate gave me the chance today to look closely at one of my BMs.

Now the only problem is, "how do I clean up that basket?" LOL!!



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