When I moved to the USA I was 24. i applied for a job at an elementry school even though i only knew about 20 words in english. i walked into the school and waited for my interview...... while i was waiting i walked around.. when i was walking around i suddenly had to use the toilet .. poo. i walked around but could not find a bathroom. the childrens bathrooms you needed a bathroom pass to get in. as it got worse i went to the office and sat and waited for my interview.while i was waiting i was trying to hold it in. the office attent said is their anything rong? i said i have to use the toilet .. she said walk down the hallway and to the right or something. i didnt understand since i only spoke Germen. the secteary said do you speek germen .. i said yes. she said Die Badezimmer sind unten diese Weise und auf der zweiten Tür auf dem Recht. which means the bathrooms are down the hallway and on the second door on the right and she handed me a key. i was still worried about using that toilet but it was urgent. thankfully that woman spoke my languge or i would of pooped myself

Hey everybody! 'Member me? *cricket chrips* Okaaaaaaaay...ignore that. Those stupid crickets are everywhere. I have a pee story (how unxpected! :P) for y'all...but first, replies!

holly-I TOTALLY agree. Wow. Your story is almost exact as mine...O_o COPY CAT!!!! :P Hehehe. JUst kidding, but, there maybe ten other posts just like ours, no conincidence, there's 14 something thousand pages...

AJ :-)-Hey! She was one of my favorite teachers :( but I liked the boy (AS A FRIEND!!!!!! AS A FRIEND!!!!!!)...hmm...EVIL TEACHER!!

For New Years, we were going to Chicago, which, in driving is 4 hours away. Well, Sam said she had to pee, and my 2 boys agreed. So we went to the rest stop, and then then David (Jake had his own liltravel toilet thingy) almost left when he asked me for 5 dollars, and I'm like "Huh?" but I decided to give him the money. And me and Sammy went into the one person bathroom...It was vile and disgusting! It looked like a chocolate toliet with a bunch of toilet paper on/in it. Sam was holding her nose it was so stinky, and it was SO stinky, I even held my nose. I said, "Let's get out," so we left, and I see David--at the candy machine. I quickly take him, scold him and make him give me the candy (I'm da boss!) to me and we go to the car.

An hour later, Sam says he has to pee badly. I ask he if she can hold it and she says yes, and Jake says he has to go to the bathroom so I handed him his lil' potty thing.

'Nother hour later, all of the kids gotta go again, and Jake ta have tese bags in his potty thing, and the bags ran out so he had to go with us in the rest tstop. To our dismay, it was an all gender one person bathroom! One toilet. Aye. So, I direct Sam and David to go back to back (or if he had to pee(which he did) uhhh...I don't know how to explain that, but we did it!) and I insturcted Jake to go in his potty (I had brought along in the bathroom) he told me it didn't have bags, which I totally forgot. so I tok some paper towels, and let him go on that. Unfortuantely, his pee leaked through so I told him to stop and he did (I dunno how he managed!) then I put a bunch more papers, but he suddenly lost control and peed on the floor.

As all say, tatatatatatata!!!!!!! Or was it just 2 tas?


To JW:

Of course I help my boyfriend with his BM problems. I love him very much and I will and would do anything to ease his pain and help him with his difficulties.

His poop is mostly very, very hard and/or big that sometimes it is impossible for him to push it out. In this case I dig it out with my fingers or when a hard turd get stuck I pull it out for him. We have also used enemas several times, which I give him and help him with.

I didn't know that I can do such a thing until I met my boyfriend. But when we became lovers and I noticed his problems with his constipation it just felt natural for me to do anything possible to help him. And he feels the same for me.

As I already told you, he also likes to hold me when I am going. Normally I do not have any difficulties pooping, but it feels so good to have him with me, to feel his love, and to have him so close to me when I am pushing and sometimes straining.

He helped me recently when we were on holiday and I couldn't go for 3 days afterwards. On the third day I felt the urge to go and I tried several times without success, always with him holding me, encouraging me. My boyfriend then asked me to lie down on the bed on my ????. He put some creme on his finger and inserted his finger into my butt. He gently moved his finger and could feel the hard turd. He tried to keep things moving. And it worked, I suddenly had the strong urge to go and we went into the bathroom again. I sat on the toilet and I was very afraid. Tears were running, because I knew this would hurt. But my boyfriend kissed me, held me, spoke to me and I started pushing as hard as I could. He held my buttcheeks apart to make it easier for me.
He could see my poop coming and helped a little with his finger to ease it out of my hole as I often do for him. I then pushed again with all my might, holding on to him and the turd finally splashed into the water. We kissed and caressed each other, then my boyfriend carefully and gently wiped my butt. Afterwards we went back into the bedroom and had some rest...

Tim (and Sarah)
Happy new year everyone!

Like most, our family had quite a feast over the holidays and there have been some big dumps. My adult son came to see us between christmas and the new year. He arrived on boxing day and was of course greeted with a big dinner. We did some Thai food which was a welcome change to the traditional food of the previous days and although he felt quite stuffed already, he had some good portions. I felt the urge to unload right after dinner and had a good and big dump of which I enjoyed one or even two every day over the holidays and between the years. Lovely smooth long turds which added to satisfying big piles in the toilet- pure pleasure. Next morning after breakfast I even did another shit- taking over the warm seat from my wife, who also said the spices had cleaned her out. My morning dump was smoother but still not diarrhea. After feeling so well cleaned out, I felt like going for a walk. Sarah had some work to do and volunteered to stay with the kids who weren't 100% fit (just a bit of a cold). So I marched off alone with my older son into a the bright snow landscape. The snow was deep and fresh and despite it was an effort to walk at times, it was really a winter wonderland. We walked and chatted and had a good time. After a while my son slipped a noisy fart. He said „sorry" and I told him to feel free if he had the urge. He laughingly asked if I was sure as he was really constipated from traveling round seeing lots of relatives and eating wherever he arrived. I told him it was probably the best thing to start letting the air out and he might be able to relieve himself after some good exercise at the fresh, clear air. He agreed that it already felt like things were finally moving brought on by the walk and the good spicey dinner. We continued talking a bit about getting constipated while traveling cause you don't have the peace of your home throne. He now and then relaxed and let some gas slip. After we walked for over an hour he asked if we could turn round as he felt like he might really have to go to the toilet soon. We did, but soon he looked really uncomfortable. He just remarked that it was getting really urgent now. I asked if he was alright and he just nodded. After getting more and more quiet, he suddenly stopped and seemed to have a cramp. He said in a desperate voice that he really needed to poop. It was freezing cold so I could understand he tried to hold it back, but after a few minutes he really had to give up. Luckily there was a bigger planting of low pine trees about fifty meters away from us into the woods. Although there was nobody in sight, we headed in the direction to find some privacy. I joined him cause I felt my morning coffee pressing against my bladder. The more we moved into the woods off the way though, the deeper the snow got. By time we arrived at the trees it was already up to our knees. It was not really a problem for me, but if he would have to squat or even just bend over he might have parts hanging in the snow, you really don't want to freeze off. I told my son he might have to dig a bit of a hole. He asked if I could help him, cause he really felt it moving when he bent down to shovel the snow aside with his hand. I surely did help him and like two big dogs we quickly dug a hole into the snow. We had to laugh, but I could see he was quite desperate. As soon as there was enough space, he jumped into the whole and pulled his pants down. He squatted slightly and before I could turn away to give him privacy, a fat, long and knobbly turd started to slip out of his bum. He moaned loudly and thanked me for the help as I really saved him from an accident. I told him „anytime" and turned away a bit to give him privacy and take a pee. My stream was a bit thin due to the cold and I was quite glad I did not have to pull my pants down more, but a had a long, relieving wee. While I watched my peepee turning the snow in front of me yellow, I heard my son grunt and moan in relive. I laughingly asked if he was ok. He said, it was freezing cold, but otherwise it felt heavenly. Suddenly he asked a bit worried if I had tissues?! I could asure him, I would be able to save him there as well. When I turned round I gasped in suprise. He had unloaded the biggest pile I have seen in a long time and still had had a big turd coming out. I could not help but stare at the pile. It was a really impressive collection of fat long ones in different shades of colour adding to the size of a small watermelon...I handed him some tissue and as soon as the last turd dropped he whipped and pulled his pants up. He told me he had to piss but would need to defrost first. I asked if he was ok and he pointed at the pile and said: „Much better..." We admired it grinning and I said I only remember producing anything similar after a week's constipation, but he might have beaten me. He said it was only four days, but constant stuffing with food. We took a picture with his mobile and he said it was cool I wasn't too grown up for such silly fun. I just laughed and said here was not much danger, I was too grown up for anything. We burried the giant christmas poo with a bit of snow and I waited for him while he completed his wee. Then it was back home to the open fire and some hot chocolate. When my wife asked how it was, we said really refreshing and my son added „Some exercise after all this eating can really work miracles...". We both had to grin.
Greetings to all, especially PV: Lovely to hear from you again!

Mr. Clogs
Hey it's Mr. Clogs again, yeah someone asked about measuring their own pee. Well as you all know I like going in containers and stuff, so I thiught I chime in on that. Well I can pee out about a litre of pee, or maybe more I guess 1.5 litres! A lot for a guy you say. Well I drink lots of water and liquids which means I pee a lot, that means I can make a lot. I'm wondering if that poster was a woman or a man. Oh well thought I share that. Take care.

--Mr. Clogs

TO MIKE: Yes it was me who not like my bum to make noise when I do poo. It is not polite in my culture to make such noise and I get very embarrassed if it happen. Specially in public toilet.

I'm not sure who asked questions but I like to answer.

1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump? My poo usually come out once in two days, sometimes once in three days.

2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time? It vary a lot. If I hold poo in for long time it sometimes take only few seconds to come out. If I sit on toilet soon after poo first ask to come out it might be 20 minutes or even more.

3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 20 minutes or more) are you having poop
come out a lot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long? Mostly I wait for poo to start coming out. I can feel poo pressing on inside of bum hole but it sometimes take very long time for hole to open and let poo head come out. Once tip of poo is coming out it take only about a minute for all of poo to come out.

4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time? Usually I do one big long poo but sometime it so big and long and it break and drop into water.

5. How many times do you have to wipe? Usually only one or two times because poo is hard. Sometimes poo is very soft and sometimes little bit come out of my bum if I try holding it in too long. Then I need to wipe lots of times, sometimes 6 or 7 times. Sometimes I use wet wipe if bum very very messy.

6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions. My sister sometimes tease me because I sit on toilet for long time.

Sarah in Calgary-I really liked your story, and though I don't wish you any embarrassment, if you have any other accident stories then do share!

Also, people, why are so many of you typing "t???y"? T????y, or tushy, is not a bad word, by any standard. And adding the question marks are unneccessary and annoying.

Thanks, Responder

1. I dump usually between once to three times a day. Sometimes I go even more often, and some days not at all. Sometimes I need to go but only a minimal amount comes out and sometimes it is just bloating.
2. Often just a few minutes but it can be 20 minutes sometimes.
3. I get a few sorts of urges. The first is really needing to go but it is too high in the colon to get out. It is pointless sitting on the pot for long...have to wait till it comes down. The second is not that common but it is where the poo is further down the colon and I am lacking the stimulation or peristalsis to push it out. This does take some time waiting and praying for the urges to push on an urge. In this case the poo is always on the hard side to begin with but once the first turd is out it is plain sailing. The third type is the slow big satisfying shit. It comes out every couple of minutes in varying sizes and consistency. My colon works over time, there is always a lot of wet farting etc but if I sit there and persevere then I really empty my colon..I know when it is empty because I float off the toilet (so to speak). This poo always smells gross.
4. The number of poos are difficult to know. Occasionally it is one solid turd or maybe a couple but often it is a large "soft serve" There is no average bowel movement.
5. Wiping takes from about three wipes to maybe 12 depending on the type of poo etc
6. There is nothing more blissful than a loooong successful pooing session. My partner has asked why I was so long; I reply "That it took a long time, it was slow coming out and if she was worried come in to the bathroom and check on me".
NEXT STORY. I have recently returned from a camp with my family and a large group of friends. It was at a recreational facility and there were other people too. Upstairs had unisex toilets and downstairs were the Ladies..the Mens were quite a distance away. I was quite interesting how people quickly took to using the unisex bathroom and even men were using the Ladies if the unisex was full. Despite all this I did not get any good experiences with others despite having good motions myself.

torwyn, i totally sympathise with you! its the same for me, i get embarrassed having to shit within hearing distance of someone else, be it family or worse, colleagues.

today i had such an embarrassing experience. i rushed to the bathroom, it was to my relief all empty so i went into a cubicle and let out my stuff. it took some pushing, i could feel there were more and it was quite soft and messy. somewhere in the middle, i heard someone come in and sounded like she was brushing her teeth at the sink. probably after a late breakfast. but it was urgent and i wasn't done. at one point, i even let out a loud fart, and my messy shit was stinking up the bathrooms. no doubt to anyone i was shitting some big ones!

i tried waiting for her to finish and go, i wasn't done anyway. but eventually i heard more ppl come in and seem to be queueing for cubicles to be available. so i had no choice but to flush and "reveal" myself. to my utter embarrassment, it's a colleague who sits not far from me who's familiar with my team AND this is not the first time we met, me post-shit and her flossing her teeth in the bathroom. damm. :S

Hello everyone!

Nothing interesting to report as far as BM's go over the holidays...

I just went a few minutes ago and 24 stools slid out of me with no effort. When I was done, I stood up and turned around so I could see what I made. For me, they were an average size, ~14.5" long, just over 2.5" wide and a light brown. Each was the same very hard & smooth texture - like hard clay... My poops pretty much started to dissolve the moment they hit the toilet water. I knew it would be a messy clean up, & indeed, it took about 1 or 2 wipes to clean my bum.

Hi Carmalita!!!

Mi amiga! Malita! You're still around -- it's your Aussie friend PV! It's a long time since I've been a regular here, I've not had all that much to post about, just a few decent dumps and the odd mensroom adventure.

Are you still producing those stinky thunderers?
Greetings from the other side of the world,

Frirday, January 06, 2006

TO RICHGUY: I think constipation is when you just don't get the urge to do a BM for an abnormally long time. Like for me, I normally go once every two days, so when I get to thee days without the urge It's a red flag. If I get to four days and no urge, then I figure I'm constipated. I have gone five days with no urge quite a few times as well. Usually I get the urge to go, every other day but if I go and sit at the first urge, as often as not, nothing comes out. That can be frustrating but it's not constipation. I have learned to hold it in, usually for a few hours, often until I'm just about getting a turtle head. Then I go, usually in a big hurry, sit over the water, and within seconds I'm getting those wonderful feelings of sweet relief.

I have always had something of a phobia about people knowing I need to go ON the toilet (urinating is no problem) so I try to do it when no one is around. Lately we've had relatives on vacation here staying over. One night it was real warm and I couldn't sleep. This often leads to stomach aches, and right on cue, I got one. It was 1:30am and I figured, no problem, everyone will be asleep. But a light was on outside and one of my male relatives (an uncle) was sat there. The problem? The table where he was sat was just outside the bathroom and the window was open. I paced my bedroom for 20 minutes, trying to hold it in, as my stomach tormented me. I thought I may have beaten it for a while, then came the pains. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore, so quietly entered the bathroom. It subsided again, so I stood on the spot, with my relative less than a meter away, only a wall separating us and an open window ensuring he could hear any serious sound I made. I stood on the spot for around 10 minutes, until finally my stomach resumed its torture (it chooses the worst times). Finally I pretended to enter the bathroom for the first time by opening and closing the door again, and sat down. Given my phobia of going on the toilet in the presence of other people, I was sweating and was very embarrassed. I sat there for a while, and my stomach subsided again. I hoped to god he would move, but curse him, he didn't. Finally, I let some liquid hit the water and the plop was so loud that I wanted to vanish there and them. I tried to let it out as quietly as possible, but it was hard. Finally, a big continuous pile came out, making a big noise, and I feebly tried to cough as it happened to cover it up. Still he sat there, probably knowing how awkward this was, but showing no common sense in moving (I will never forgive him for this). The stomach pain continued, and I stayed sat silent for a while. I didn't satisfy my bowels, because as soon as I could get out of there I did, but I'd done enough so it wouldn't be urgent and I waited for him to go to bed to finish it off. For some, having bowel movement in hearing range of someone and not seeing range may not be a big deal, but for me, it was a horrifying experience.

kelly form J.A.
i was sitting in my car and i farted but poop came out with it the bad part about it was this guy i like was in the car to and the fart was really realy loud and smelled bad too
well i would like to hear more about girls pooping and farting and diareha
c ya later KElly

Leena Wrote:
> hey, not new to this site at all... but i'd love to make some friends > who share this interest

I'd like to make some new friendswithtis interest also. You post was interesting I'd like to hear more about your use of suppositories. You wish you bf would put one in for you so you must use the often. So do I, can you tell us more about your constipation problems. You also said you like to poop in front of your boyfiend...but holding it all day seem out of the question. Why not plan to spend a night with him,
in the morning take a shower and put a soapy finger up your own works for me everytime.

Christina wrote:

>My boyfriend has chronic constipation, which makes it very painful and >difficult for him to go. I always hold him in my arms, when he tries >to go, encourage him, rub his ????, give him the feeling, that I am >very near to him, share his pain and efforts. This helps him a lot, he >says.

Your boyfriend is very lucky to have your support. Have you ever had to help him go, like with an enema or even digging it out with your fingers?

>On the other side he also likes to hold me when I am going, although I >do not have any problems with my BM's usually. But it feels so good to >have the loving partner right with you.

That's special isn't it? Has he ever had to help you go?

To: The Last Mage aka Mike. Great stories, when are you going to get the chance to watch Katie and Amber take a long dump outside? They really do owe it to you. I wonder if they'd let you be as playful, poking, squeezing wiping. That'd be pretty cool if you could post a story like that

Nate in NM
Well I've moved to New Mexico since I last posted here over a year ago. But am a long time lurker, I guess over 5 years. I date from the era of Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid, and Carmalita who still occasionally posts. Just thought I'd relate something that I don't see discussed here.

On Thursday last, I had a colonic. I have them several times a year, mainly at the changes of season, as they give me a wonderful sense of being cleansed internally. The therapist who does them is very experienced and I hardly have any discomfort. What she does, is to use a device that injects water into the colon at the same time it is being released, so it never feels full like in an enema. I was astonished at how much fecal matter can be dislodged in this process. It only stands to reason why carry around all that s..t when the body needs to be rid of it. And when I weighed myself afterwards, I had lost three pounds! I tend to believe that diseases of the colon begin with putrefaction and cleansing is a way of avoiding them.
So that's my story. Any comments?

Punk Rock Girl: You weren't out in the middle of nowhere! There's a good chance that you were in my neighborhood! If I'd only known I would have invited you over!!! I live in Oregon, about 8 miles outside of Portland. You could have used our bathroom, privacy ensured. It's such a small world, and you're still one of my favorite posters here!

I just want to wish everyone the happiest of New Years! There's lots going on with me, I'll write more when I get the chance.


WEEDHOPPER: Found your story interesting. You shouldn't be embarrassed about using the bathroom with your dad around. Of all people, he would probably be the least judgemental. Next time, just relax and just go for it. The discomfort you put yourself through isn't worth it.

I know i said i wouldnt be using "oops" but i will sometimes. Sorry my posts are so close together but in the times when im alone i just post what i remember. Ive read this site for a few months and i think its great.Ive only been in a boys bathroom once and that was when my brother eli threw my lunchbox inside. Once on an airplane just after the seatbelt sign went off i saw a really big line for the toilet. One woman seemed desparate so i watched. Sure enough she went 1 and2 on the floor and had to sit on a garbage bag. Sorry these arent well written but i have to go fast or be caught. Bye

PS. I like hearing peoples accidents, cause a girl in my class has a lot of them and i just would like to hear. Did you know that the yellower your pee is, the more you should drink(water) because if its clear youve had enough water. More later

I just went on a skiing trip and this is the first time i could post.
A funny story i just remembered: my sister was tickling my brother and he was laughing hard when he said oops and ran to the bathroom.

epilepsy gra-moi seizures had recked my life at work ive had 6 seizures on the toilet in 11 years. try wakin up with no pants on and finding one of you co-workers over you .. it sucks

Hey has anyone here tried measureing their pee. I just tried it. What you do it wait to you really have to go, and then go in a bucket. Afterwards get a 1 cup measurer and measure it.

I got 600 ml for holding mine 7 hours.

Someone a little while ago, I think it was Sita, said how embarrassed she was at making loud noises when doing her poo in public. I actually like to make noise when I'm on the toilet, and to hear other guys having a really good shit as well. So yesterday was a red letter day for me. I had been in Wal-Mart's for a while and was beginning to feel pretty full, although not desperate. Wal-Mart's being crowded as they always are however, slowed my shopping down and things did start to get more urgent. I knew it was time to go and sit when I had to stop and squeeze really hard to hold it in. Then I felt just the tiniest bit ooze out and stick between my butt cheeks and I knew it was going to be a softy. I took my cart, parked it by the rest room and walked in. There were four stalls and only one was free. I sat down and decided that since my poo was obviously fairly soft I would try and hold my hole closed but push hard at the same time. I was rewarded as I heard the loudest crackling I have ever made. My shit was coming out like brown toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube. I crackled loudly for about five seconds, which seemed like an eternity in the otherwise quiet bathroom. I stopped pushing and sat there in silence for about fifteen seconds, then groaning loudly, I clenched my hole and pushed hard again. Another very loud crackling followed for another five seconds or so which I ended with a huge sigh of relief. I did this twice more but on the fifth and last episode, instead of the loud crackling I produced a huge long loud fart that sounded like someone ripping corrugated cardboard. It was so loud and went on for about five or six seconds and I really couldn't tell what exactly was coming out of my hole. I finished with a final big sigh of relief and relaxed for a few seconds. I stood up, looked around and was astonished to see the bowl absolutely full of long thin snaky turds. It took me several wipes to get clean, but wow, did I feel so much better afterwards. The crowning glory was when the guy who had been in the stall next to mine came out as I was washing my hands, turned to me and said "Man! sure sounded like you needed that real bad". Made my day.


Happy New Year, everbody.

Saturday morning I dropped quite an impressive load,mainly because I didn't go on Friday. I had to go to work early to watch a training video, and since I got up at the last minute, I didn't have time to take a crap. By the time the video was over, I didn't have to go anymore.

So on Saturday, after a couple cups of coffee, I began to get painful cramps in my gut, so I grabbed a magazine and headed to the bathroom. It took some effort to get it started, but finally it began crawling out of my butt. The turd landed with a plop, but I still felt like I wasn't done. After a few minutes, I felt the rest of it working it's way down. I strained, and another log came sliding out. It felt as long as the first one. After wiping, I got up to inspect my production. The first piece was kind of curvy, maybe 15 inches long. The second piece was straight, and layed directly across the bowl, going from one end of the water to the other, maybe about 10 inches long. So a total of about 25 inches.

I flushed, and the straight piece broke in half, and got stuck for a second. Part of it came back up, so it wound up being a double flusher. Actually a triple flusher, as I flushed again to get rid of the skid marks.

I felt 100% better after that. This weekend my wife decided to make home made chili for New Years Day, and she always makes enough for a couple days. Chili and beer- It should be interesting in our bathroom this weekend. I'll let you know how things come out.

Bye for now


I'm Daniel, I'm 22 years old, I'm in college (last year, yay!). I've enjoyed reding the posts here, so I figured I'd share one instead of being a lurker.

Here is my worst bathroom related experience, which, I guess really isn't so bad. I'm lucky.

In my sophomore year of high school, my class took a trip to New York City. We were in Washington Square, and my bowels started to churn. It didn't feel like diarrhea, just a major dump that was ready to come out. I told our chaperone that I really had to go to the bathroom, and she made an announcement that if anyone had to use the bathroom, now was the time. So I and about twenty other guys on the trip headed to the bathrooms.

I entered and was shocked to see that the toilets are completely out in the open. No stalls or anything, just five toilets in a row. They're seperated from the rest of the room by a wall, but anyone coming back there to pee or standing at the sink to wash their hands can see you. I thought about holding it, but my clenched butt cheeks had other things in mind. I swallowed my pride and approached the last toilet in the row, furthest from view.

The toilets had no seats, you had to sit directly on the rim. I quickly wiped the rim off with TP, and then put more TP on it, pulled my jeans and boxers down just far enough and sat. My bowels started emptying. It was right around that moment, when several of the guys I was with came around the corner to pee in the toilets and saw me sitting on the last toilet taking a shit. One of them said, "Oh, man, are you taking a shit?" I was like, "What do you think I'm doing?"

Then it got worse. The guy said, "Guys, check out Dan, he's taking a shit back here." Five or six guys poked their heads in and looked at me on the toilet. I just tried to laugh it off, but inside I was pretty humiliated. Other guys using the bathroom were coming in and out of the toilet area to pee, and most of them seemed surprised to see a guy on the toilet. I had to shit, what was I supposed to do.

That's when the worst part came. One of the guys took a picture of me. He laughed and rushed out of the bathroom. I finished shitting, and that's when I noticed there was no TP. At that point, I thought I could deal with a little stickiness between the cheeks than another second of humiliation. I got up and pulled up my pants and rushed out. One of the guys said, "You're not gonna even wipe your ass?" I just rushed out.

Within an hour, almost everyone, including all the girls, had heard that I had taken a shit in front of everyone and hadn't wiped my ass afterward. It was quite overwhelmingly mortifying. Was that the worst part? Not by a long shot. On the bus ride home, the guy passed out copies of the picture of me on the toilet to every last girl on the bus. I heard a lot of giggling, and finally one of them showed me the picture and said they couldn't believe I had the guts to shit out in the open like that. I was beyond embarrassed.

That whole series of events stuck with me through the next few months. Looking back on it now, luckily, I find it humorous, but at the time, it was a nightmare. High school kids are relentless whan it comes to torturing you!

Punk Rock Girl. I've certainly dropped some good big 'yule logs' over the festive period. Like many people I tend to eat more at Christmas than is usual or, for that matter wise, and what goes in one end must necessarily come out of the other! Fortunately I've managed to keep fairly regular though. Not always easy on a diet of turkey, stuffing, Christmas pud and mince pies!

Anyhow, I'd like to wish everyone here a happy, healthy (and regular!) New Year!

Best wishes


Lucy Lu
This is my second post. Using a public toilet sucks.. while at my daughters school i had to use the little girls room. since i babysite a 2 year old boy i had to bring him in with me. i run to my daughters school almost every day. while i was there my bowles needed a cleaning. i brought this little boy first to a teachers bathroom where thank god in heaven i saw the sign that fell of the door that the toilet would not flush or that would of been imbarissing.. buti used the childrens bathroom because it was an emergancy i walked into the really really tiny stall and lowered my running tights / panties then i began to poo. i always bring the little boy into the stall with me. then he cralled under the stall next to ours and out the open door. since i had the runs i did not pull up my pants /panties then and i stood in my poo filled toilet to take a look over the stall to see where he was. my foot slipped and went right into the toilet then i fell

I was known for my farts back during my football days. I introduced the
team to the blue angel! I could clear the vicinity with just one fart!
haha My coach always kidded with me that some day I would shit my pants
from farting too much. My teammates were always complaining about the
smell...or trying to compete ;-)

On that day in particular, I was recovering from a nasty stomach bug
that left me with horrid rotten egg farts that even I could not tolerate
at times! I did not hesitate to let em go in the locker room! I was so
gassy that I didn't need to force em out, but I got a little
overambitious and pushed a little too hard and ended up with a huge load
in my pants. They said my face turned bright red and they all just
stared surprised, and then roared out laughing.

Our coach was yelling at us to get out on the field because we were
taking so long. I had no change of pants so I had no choice but to go
out there and ask if I could go home to change. There is a mirror in our
locker room, and as I walked past it, I could not believe how huge the
lump was! All I could think was, "Everybody is going to see me!!!" Well,
there wasn't anything I could do about it. I waddled like a penguin out
to the field with my teammates behind me laughing, making fun of me, and
holding their noses.

My coach laughed his ass off. When I asked him if I could go home an
change he yelled "No! I told you that would happen if you kept on
farting like that!" I was mortified. Of course he was kidding, but I was
so scared I couldn't tell the difference. As I began to walk away he
said "of course. You're dismissed for today."

It was a good learning experience LOL I am now more careful not to force
out a fart too hard!

Well I have this one story. It happened back when I was in 5th or 6th grade, i beileve. We went to the pool for a reward trip near the end of the school year. Anyway, everything went great, except for at the end, you see we always ate lunch before returning to school, and I was already cramping before lunch, and lunch only made it worse. And I figured I could hold it, because the bathrooms were really nasty. But, about 5 min before we were leaving, the teacher said that it was time to clean-up. I was seriously cramped, so I decided to go. But, as i entered the bathroom (nobody in there, thankfully) I cramped badly and it all came out. It was squishy, and sticky, and a big mess. I was in panick for a moment, but then the teacher called for us to board the bus. I couldn't do anything about it. So, i recluctantly went out. It smelled horribly, and everybody laughed at me. There was also a bad stain on my jeans, and on the way out some teenage girls saw the stain and broke out laughing. Luckily when I got home, my parents weren't home, so i changed and thre the underwear and pants away (they were old). Everybody did tease me for the remaining 15 days of school though.

Hey im atalina 16 years old bron in Ukraine :P moved to toronto in fifth grade. one day a month ago i was walking outside in my neighbourhood and when i hit bloor st i had a huge erge to make poop happen so i asked a random woman if i could use her bathroom she said yes. when i sat down i acdentilly elbowed the back of her toilet off and it was seramic so it only chipped but when i went to pick it up lets just say i wipped my bum with the side of her toilet and it got a bit of watery poop on her clean white floor. when i was done the woman askeed me if i was ok. i said yes be right out and i left. then after i left i remembered i forgot to clean the side of her toilet off and im never walking through that neighboorhood again

Dave B
To Lindsay - Sorry about what happend to you. It was a great story to read though. I felt bad how you were throwing up and having an accident at the same time. I hope you feel better and have nice healthy poops again lol =D

im just curious..... ive been lurking here for a looooong time, and i guess ive posted once or twice.... i dunno.... im like scared of this whole thing i have with women and bodily functions. like im interested in it, and i cant explain it, and dont quite understand it, maybe one of yall can help me with that..... am i out of my mind?????
one more actually kinda curious, for you girls, how long do you usually take to take a dump???? dont ask me why but its something that kinda intrigues me, i mean, i know yall do it, i mean, everyone poops, but im curious about women/girls doing it. it would be kinda cool to get some responses, if youre uncomfortable with it, i totally understand.



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