kids can be really annoying when the have tu pee
i should know

once we were in a traffic jam, right in the middle lane on those annoying l.a. roads
my 2 kids [twins; 1 boy 1 girl] me, and my husband were just stuck there, no where to go.
my son and then my daughter started to complain that they had to pee
then i relised that i had to pee aswell
it took us 10-15 minutes to get on an open road and my head [the kids yelling] and my bladder [duh] almost exploded
we got to a service station with a one person bathroom [one men one women] so my son and husband went into the mens and me and my daughter went into the girls
i could almost hear what was going on nextdoor but not quite
the toilet was a real bog, it looked like no-one had flushed it for years
having almost no dignity [i've wet my self so many times] i lifted my skirt and took of my panties stood over the toilet and went
my daughter, meanwhile refused to go any where

here is a list her of excuses

on the floor: thats naughty
In the toilet: it's to gross
in her panties: mo-o-om
in the mens: i can't
outside: i'd be seen

so i in the end made her go, i told her to pull her panties to her knees, then i held my arms, paralell, over the toilet and told her to sit on them [it's amazing what i'll do for my kids] she did but she refused to go, i told her to just sit there untill she did it took her 1-2 minutes to decide to go
sorry fof the long post
happy-crappy new year

desperate to poop
Happy new year all!

Well I can feel a poop warming up, being letting off some SBD's!!! Anyway I had a really stinky poop this morning. I had a big hangover from the new years eve celebrations and had eaten a lot junk party food. I was the station waiting for my return train when my bum finally decided it was time to empty itself. As I had over forty minutes for the next train I went and found the ladies. I got there and there was a short queue of 2 people waiting. I could hear one lady grunting away, but the other two were just peeing and soon I was at the front of the line. I let of a really violent SBD and luckily no one was behind me. The lady in the first stall was still grunting and the other two were also pooping. In the end the lady in the first stall, a ???? but attractive 40 year old, came out. She smiled at me and I said "relieved ?", she replied you bet. With that I dashed in and whipped my jeans down and sat on the toilet seat. It was very warm from the previous occupant. Hmmmmmmm. I immediately let fly with some hot soft sludge that crickled out very quickly. By now the other two had also left and I was the only one in. Not for long though a lady came quickly in and into the stall next to me. Unlucky really as the place stank to high heaven. I finally finished wiped up and left. As I left the lady who I had replaced in the cucible was waiting for the same train. I smiled as I went past and said 'Thats better"

Happy pooping all

TO Krystal:

lol! That's okay. The occasional "Code Brown" 'emergency' delivery happens every now and then. Nothing odd about it. (There are simillar accounts in this site's archive.)
Giving birth is a messy business but a lot of people forget the sanitized television version is not the way things go in the real world.

Re. your bladder & bowel issues, were they a result of the birth or were you always incontinent?


Mr. Clogs
Punk Rock Girl: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, by the way great post, you poor thing having to have a good dinner wreak havoc on your bowels and not being able to wipe with a doorless stall. I guess it had to be a good one at that. Anyways take care enjoy.

Leena: Nice post about saving that poop for your boyfriend and not being too. I guess you'll get the oppurtunity to do it again soon. If so please post that, some guys are interested in watching women going to the bathroom.

Well as for me, nothing much just normal peeing and pooping, and no container posts to share, sorry. Well you all have a good New Year, take care and enjoy!

--Mr. Clogs

1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump? one time
2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time? 5-10 minutes
3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 20 minutes or more) are you having poop come out alot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long? I't doesn't take me so long, but I have to wait very often untel my poop comes out.
4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time? Lots of litte ones, and I have to push hard.
5. How many times do you have to wipe? 10 times ore more
6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions Nothing special

Hello everyone!

Nothing interesting to report as far as BM's go over the holidays...

I just went a few minutes ago and 4 stools slid out of me with no effort. When I was done, I stood up and turned around so I could see what I made. For me, they were an average size, ~4.5" long, just over 1.5" wide and a light brown. Each was the same very soft & smooth texture - like soft clay... My poops pretty much started to dissolve the moment they hit the toilet water. I knew it would be a messy clean up, & indeed, it took about 4 or 5 wipes to clean my bum.

Does anyone know of a service that will print toilet paper with your choice of picture on the sheets??? This popped into my mind yesterday while I was reading.
Why that question came into my head I don't know. The book I was reading had absolutely nothing to do with pooping, toilets or bodily functions of any kind.



Sarah in Calgary

It's been a while since I last posted, a few months at least. I usually have the runs just before and during the first two or three days of my period. I haven't had any accidents since about September until this past week...

My fiance and I went back to Ontario to visit our families for Christmas, we were gone for 10 days and left on the 22nd of December. On the flight from Calgary to Toronto I was having some PMS cramping. Our seats were in the middle of the plane and I had the window seat, which made it tough to get out to the washrooms in enough time. I let out a few silent farts to relive the pressure. After three or four farts, a wet one shot out of me and into my panties. This was about an hour into our four hour flight. Finally we landed, got our luggage and rental car. I went to the ladies room while we were there to try to clean up. Since it was just a wet fart, the mess wasn't too bad. I cleaned myself up and we drove to my parents house near Guelph.

I had two accidents on the 24th, Christmas Eve. We met up with some of our family in Mississaugua which is about an hour drive from my parents house. After our big dinner at my aunt's house, we decided to go for a walk. The cramps started up again this time much worse than on the plane. As we were walking through this big open park, I needed to go badly. I didn't tell anyone and just let it happen. Like the story that Kelly told a few weeks ago about the accident she had at her boyfriends' Christmas party, I was wearing nylons and a tan coloured skirt. I let the diarrhea run out of my body filling my white panties and nylons. The nylons kept almost everything in, but it was very uncomfortable walking around with this huge load in my panties, which were ruined for ever. They are now another pair of "period panties" as Kelly so accurately said a few weeks ago in her post. My mom ended up finding out about my accident and was very nice about it. The ride home wasn't the most comfortable either especially since I had to sit my diarrhea filled panties and nylons the rest of the night and for the drive home. I stained the inside of my tan skirt slightly, but my mom helped me clean that up.

Later that night as we were sleeping, I woke up with another attack of the runs. I let out a big wet fart in bed and quickly got up. My fiance and I were sleeping in a spare bedroom in my parents basement, so I had to run up the stairs as fast as I could to the washroom on the main level. I was almost all the way up the stairs when I lost my load and pooped in my underwear and pajama's. I went to the washroom as I had more to let out. When I was done, I pulled up my messed light blue panties and went down to the basement to get a clean pair. I was fumbling around in the dark when my fiance woke up. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him I had to turn on the light. When I did, I went back to my suitcase and grabbed a clean pair of panties. He asked my why I needed them and I told him that I was sick to my stomach in my underwear and had to get myself cleaned up. As I turned to leave, he said, "Sweety, I think you should also get a clean pair of p.j.'s as well." I was mortified even though he is now used to what I go through almost every month. I grabbed a clean pair of pajama bottoms and headed back upstairs. Again as I was going back up stairs, another cramp hit and another large shot of diarrhea oozed between my tightly clenched but cheeks. The clean up took a while and the shower the next morning felt great.

On Christmas morning, the first thing that I had to unwrap was one of my Always Maximum Protection maxi pads. Lucky for me.

The only other accident that I had that week was a full blown diarrhea incident on highway 401 just after Toronto on the 27th. We stopped at a rest stop near Bownamville. By the time we got there I had gone three different times. I brought in a change of panties, pants and a clean maxi pad for my period with me in to the washrooms of the rest stop in a plastic bag. The line up to the ladies washroom was huge and I got so many looks from people as I waited in line. I had to go again while in line and just let it all come out. By this time the diarrhea had made its way out of my panties and was going down my legs. I was wearing a pair of light blue jeans and they were stained right through on my butt, crotch and down the insides of my thighs. When I finally got into a stall, I took off my shoes and socks and carefully pulled down my soiled pants and panties. Just so my shirt wouldn't get ruined, I pulled it off also and hung it on the door and just stayed in by black bra as I tried to get cleaned up. Well, the clean up didn't go as well as I had hoped, there was too much poop to clean up. I put a new maxi pad in my clean panties and decided to leave my messy panties behind in the stall. My messy jeans were new, so I decided I would try to salvage them. I finally left the washroom about a half hour later and we drove to my finace's parents house in Kingston. When we got there I went to the washroom to get showered and cleaned up. Since I was not able to clean myself up completely and since I had another slight attack of the runs, my maxi pad was full of poop and blood since my period was still very heavy, I had bled through my pad and leaked through my pants.

When things happen to me, they really happen! My period was over by the time we flew back to Calgary from Toronto on the 1st of January. That brings us pretty much up to date.

Thanks for reading, I'm sure I will have more stories in the "months" to come.

Sarah in Calgary

I posted over the summer about an accident at the summer session I attended, but I can't remember what name I used then. I have an interesting accident story about the cruise I recently was on. I just recently turned 18 and I am male (forgot to mention that in my last post):

So for basically the whole cruise (this was 5 days into it) I had pooped maybe once or twice. For days my stomach had been really upset and etc, and I knew I would need to go but had never had a chance. My mom was sick (she recently died) and so I did not like to be around the cabin a lot because she was sleeping and noise would wake her up. Thus, I was around the deck a lot and not near toilets often. After dinner that day I went up to the deck to meet up with some friends. We all decided that we would go to the hypnotist show that was going on. I really wanted to try getting hypnotized and was all excited to do try it. Beforehand I realized I needed to pee and did not want any chance that I would loose control of my bladder while on stage so I went, but I forgot about my bowels and my ongoing need to poop. As the hypnotist called up volunteers I let out several farts and had to wobble my way on stage, but I was still very excited. The hypnotism bit worked completely on me, and was a completely freaky experience, except that my stomach kept taking me away from the trance feeling. I did not feel a strong need to poop at the time, but I let out several farts which I knew were probably wet and staining. The whole time I was worried that people would notice or smell something, because I could smell it myself, but I kept going on with the act because I really had no choice. As I kept getting up and doing what the hypnotist asked (this act had like 25 volunteers up at once, and each doing various things) and then sitting down, I could feel the poop smearing in my underwear. I just kept waiting for the show to end even as I could not not go along with it.

Afterwords I went out to the topdeck with my friends, and had to make an excuse to go down to change underwear. I told them that I wanted my camera and went down. The damge was not to great, but there were several small clumps of poop on the boxers, and I decided to throw them away. I then changed into underwear and put the pants back on. I quickly looked at the pants to apraise the damage to them and noticed only the tinest stain that was hardly noticable. I think I still probably smelled badly and I hope no one noticed the tiny stain ( had to squint to see it), but I got away with it at least, and no one noticed as far as I know

I've been a long time lurker, 1st time poster. The only accident that comes to mind is when I was 14 y/o. I was on holiday to Australia with about 30 other highschoolers, and about 4 shaperones. While there we went on this little "cruise" where we saw the Great barriar reef. We went snorkling, and had lunch. I don't remeber having to pee when we left the hotel but by them time we ate lunch I had to go. After lunch we went snorkling. I had to pee. I was almost holding my self under water, would have been if there werent hot girls around. Anyway, We were admiring the reef, and I had to pee badley. By this time I was holding my self periodicaly, I was dribbling a little, and a couple bigger squirts. Finally I got out of the water (I was afraid to pee on the great barriar reef that we werent even aloud to touch. I got out and grabbed my towel, got back on the ship, went to the bar and asked for the bathroom, all this time I had a small stream going off, and on, very low pressure though. to ge there I had to go back on one of the ships patios which were outside(however still on the ship) and fun up some staires, back inside, thru a door. However the door was locked, I couldnt get in. I went right out the door onto the patio, finnaly I couldnt hold it and started peeing my self, I quickly sat down at the table mind you there was know one around as they were by the reef. I just peed in my green swimming suit, it didnt matter because it was wet, after I quickly got ack in the water, so my suit didnt smeel of urine, more later, bye!

1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump? 2
2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time? 25-30 minutes
3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 20 minutes or more) are you having poop come out alot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long? It takes a while for the poop to comeout so I guess most of the time is from waiting for the poop to come out.
4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time? Lots of small pieces
5. How many times do you have to wipe? 3
6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions? Nope

To Leena:

Great story I must say, very entertaining and detailed (good for the visual). My question to you is: Why did you flush your poop if you wanted to break the "poop ice" with your man? Since you couldnt hold it and you had to let it out, you should have done the old "oops I forgot to flush" technique. This way the ice would have been broken and then you could have progressed from there. I would do that for starters if hes not around when you have to poop and see how he reacts to it. This will enable you to start working more into your poop and fart interests with him. Slow and steadily you can both leave the door open and wipe in front of each other and not be embarrassed in the least. I expect my girls to pee, poop, fart and burp in front of me and not shy away from it if when you have to.

Hope to hear more from you and hopefully you'll take my advice. I know its worked for me in the past with my girls and im SURE it will work with you. :o) Keep us posted!


Hello, I'm 15, with short brown hair and blue eyes, slim, and white. Here's my story.
I had been running in a race, and after that I drank a lot of water. Then I had to walk for two miles to my apartment, and by then my bladder was very full. I ran inside, and the elevator had broken down. I lived on the top floor, so I had to run up twelve flights of stairs, then I opened the door, ran inside, found out my sister was in the bathroom, and nearly fainted. I went in my room to look for something to use as a thing to fill my pee with. Nothing.
I crossed my legs and squirmed. My sister had been constipated, but then she got something that was supposed to make you poop. She was in there pooping. A lot. She had been constipated for about a month, and there's a lot of poop that can build up right behind your ass in a month. I was about to wet myself when she came out. I ran inside, but my jeans button was stuck. It was about to come out. It wasn't coming undone. I ran out of the bathroom, grabbed some scissors, and cut off the button and zipper. I ran back, but my sister was in again!
I cried, "Come on! I'm about to pee in my panties!" She yelled back, "I just started, and I have a lot of poop to come out!"
I groaned behind my lips. I jumped up and down. She came out, I ran in, pulled down my clothes, and peed for fifteen minutes. Seriously.
(Boy, did I feel good!)

Recently i have been suffering from alternating bouts of constipation and diahrrea and right now my butt hole is throbing painfully. I haven't pooped for 4 days now and my t??????y is soo swollen!! Prior to that i was pooping torrents of hot, runny diahrrea about every 30 minutes for a week. During that week i lost control numerous times soiling my panties and my pyjamas. One such time i was shopping in a department store and before i even felt the urge i had let out an explosive fart that disguised a massive flow of chunky poop into my panties. It was noisey and smelly and embarrassing, as i waddled to the nearest toilet to clean myself up. To my dismay i saw that the bulge that had formed in my pants was a visibly dark colour through my pale pink shorts. I sat down and exploded some more whilst cradling my stomach and letting out involuntary moans of pain. Then as i thought i had finished i stood up, zipped up my shorts and walked out of the stall only to slip on the freshly washed floor flat on my backside which triggered yet another involuntary release of sticky poop into my shorts. It hurt like hell, however the fart and subsequent poop i released into my shorts was louder than my cries as i hit the floor. As a lady helped me up, she realised what had happened and like a child suggested i just wait there while she went and got some clean clothes for me to change into!

Tuesesday, January 03, 2006

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