Punk Rock Girl
Hello and Merry Christmas!

Been a while, because I've been working my ass off and have almost no free time lately, but it's all good. I had a very relaxing weekend, visiting my parents out in the middle of nowhere (actually Oregon, outside of Portland).

On Saturday, we went to breakfast at this little diner, which was delicious, but wreaked havoc on my bowels. We were shopping at this flea market when my guts cramped and churned and demanded to be emptied. I rushed to the closest women's room and found a line out the door waiting for me. I clenched my buns and waited for my turn on the crapper.

I finally got into the bathroom, and saw that the stalls had no doors. Normally, I couldn't care less if anyone sees me on the toilet, but that's when I'm peeing or taking a regular dump. I knew I had explosive diarrhea waiting to blow, and for that, I prefer a bit of privacy. No such luck.

I finally entered a stall, yanked down my jeans and underpants and sat down. Liquid shit blew out my ass like I was a rocket taking off. It was loud, it stank, it was a grabber. The women who had a clear view of me all looked away in embarrassment, and I just averted my eyes and waited for my intestines to end their reign of terror.

I squirted and farted a few more times, then went to reach for some TP, and GUESS WHAT, there was none. I swallowed my pride and asked the women in the other stalls if there was any, and they all sounded equally dismayed when they told me there wasn't any in any of the stalls. I asked the women in my sight if any of them had kleenex or napkins, and they all said no. Bullshit, but what could I do.

I flushed, stood, pulled up my pants and exited the bathroom. The wet, slimy sensation between my cheeks was extremely nasty. It had been quite a case of the shits, and it had left it's mark on my ass. After a half hour of waddling around, I finally found a porta-potty that had some TP. I wiped my ass and was delighted to find a hand-sanitizer dispenser in there as well.

The rest of the day was much nicer. Of course, now I'm constipated. I haven't taken a shit since Sunday morning. I might have to break out the enema kit tonight if I haven't crapped.

Hope everyone else had nice holidays and "yule logs"!!!

Happy New Year, and Peace to everyone.


hey, not new to this site at all... but i'd love to make some friends who share this interest.
well... a few interseting things the past few days! one being that while shopping in the mall with my fiancee. we both had to pee so we found the restrooms and to my dismay, the ladies room was being cleaned! so, my fiancee held the mens bathroom door open with an evil grin on his face and snuck me in! i felt so naughty. i ran into the first stall, hung my purse on the hook, pulled my jeans and thong down and tried to pee. all the excitement made it hard, and i always have trouble getting started with him in the bathroom with me. but once i got started i couldnt stop. then, we both rushed out and away from there, giggling all the way. he told me once in safety that if he wasnt afraid the janitor would come in there, he would have came in the stall with me and *cough cough*. too bad... that damn janitor!
okay, on to todays exciting bathroom event. i have never taken a dump while my fiancee was around. im just too shy, while him on the other hand will sit there with the door open and hold a conversation. the only time he closes the door is to wipe, which i tease him about. i told him i dont look, whats the big deal? (though, i'd love to sit on the tub and watch.)i try to hide my interest but ive been dying to let him in on my big secret. i always ask him if he's constipated, and if so i massage his belly until he feels he needs to. he gets that way a lot and usually runs a fever.
alright, enough about him. onto me!I decided yesterday that i would poop while he's there... maybe even let him be aware that im going. this is a start right? maybe soon, he'll be sitting on the tub with me... maybe even giving me a supository if necisary. anyways, i woke up this morning with a huge urge to go. i mean, this turd was relentless. but i held it as long as i could. i wanted to wait til he got home! i enjoyed fighting it... i found it quite pleasurable even. in fact, i think that a good bowel movement can be better than sex... and an urge to go to the bathroom enhances it for me.
i kept my cheeks clenched. sitting helped it, standing made it almost impossible. this urge was huge... and i felt the load was just as huge. i felt heavy, my belly protruding. i wouldnt even fart i was so afraid i would shit my panties. i had to hold it, i dont know if i'll ever have the nerve again! i didnt know what to do... so i took a shower. MISTAKE. it was harder to hold it with slippery buns. i was doing so good, i held this monstrous turd off for 5 hours... i had to hold it for two and 1/2 more! i was so close...
i got out of the shower and dried off. i started to rub lotion over my warm, moist skin... i needed to wipe my ass. i kept feeling my hole to see if anything had come out. no... but my hole was wide open. i took my towell and wiped the water out from my pussy and crack. me spreading my cheeks made me lose control. the tip (of the ice burg) rammed out of my hole violently. i rushed to the toilet and sat on it heavily. even then i tried to fight it. i really wanted to poop for him.
a warm squeaky fart forced its way out. then, all hell broke lose. (thats a good name for this load) it slid out slowly at first because i was still trying to hold it. about two inches out i gave up and the longest, fattest turd rushed out of my butt, stretching my cute little ass hole. it hit the water with a splash that wet my throbbing hole that was still open, waiting for more poop to exit. at this point i felt that i had shit out my intestines. but there was still more. a chunk of shit started to slide out, and stayed there. i pushed with all my might, but this turd wouldnt move! i was so frustrated. why did the one i wanted in me come out so quickly and the one i wanted out didnt leave my hole?! i put my feet up on the tub and leaned back and strained. i pushed and grunted and took a few deep breaths and voila... it hit the water with a dwoop sound. and out comes another. these chunks came out with little effort... maybe cause my poor little hole was stretched to the size of a potato...
i wiped my ass carefully because my butt hurt. before i dropped the paper, i got up and looked. i was right. the biggest load of shit i'd had since i was constipated for 5 days! it was at most seven inches, and there were big chunks beside it. the big one was half way hidden in the bottom of the toilet, so i took a cup and tried to pull it up without breaking it. well, it broke... but i was able to measure it mentally. so i finished wiping, and flushed. the two pieces of the monster turd got side by side and clogged it up. the chunks stayed on top of the pile. just my luck...
even sitting here, 30 minutes later, i feel theres more in me. im thinking about having an enema but my hole hurts so bad i dont think i will.
i'm just so bummed. i dont think i'll ever poop for him. does any one have any tips? they'd be greatly appreciated.

(Sorry for the really long story. But this really happened.)
I had eaten a lot at dinner last night...Mexican food. I loved Mexican food. I woke up the next morning nearly wetting my panties and I had such a horrible cramp I doubled over. I ran towards the toilet but it was locked--my sister was in there taking a bath. She's three and takes really long baths.
So I got ready for school, with my cramps really awful. I knew I was going to have lots of diarrea when I got a chance to poop. I grabbed my pussy all the way to school, and I squirmed through class because I needed to go SO BADLY.
I'm really shy about using the school toilets, so I prayed I would make it through school and the bus. I made it through school, but all through the bus my bladder was bulging, because it's really small. The diarrea was banging at my hole. At my stop I grabbed my stuff, ran into the house, and went straight to the bathroom. It was empty.
To my horror, the button on my jeans was stuck. A few drops of pee were getting out. It came undone, and I nearly messed myself right there. I pulled down my pants and panties, and sat on the toilet.
I felt so good after peeing for five minutes straight. But the diarrea had just begun.
It came out and hurt really bad, because I had forgotten my stomach doesn't like hot sauce. The smell was horrible, and when I looked at my poop for a second, it was green, light and dark brown, and yellow, with dots of red here and there.
My cramps came again and I moaned as more diarrea, sounding like pee, shot out my sore butthole. I farted about three times and I felt the head of a huge poo came out. I pushed as hard as I could, and a quarter of it came out then it stuck.
More pee came from my pussy and I was hurting real bad. I pushed harder and it fell into the diarrea. A few yellow and green poos, about the size of a thumb, came after that, then another explode of diarrea. I sat on the toilet seat for ten more minutes, pooping out huge poops, farts, and more diarrea.
I carefully wiped my aching butt and a second later, I was hurling all over the floor. I was shaking and I felt just horrible! I flushed the toilet, (it's a wonder how it fit!) pulled up my panties and jeans, and hurled into the sink. I must have been wrong thinking I was through pooing, because a giant poo, about three feet long and five inches thick, came out my butt and into my panties. Then pee ran down my legs and on the floor. I thought I was through with my accident as I kept hurling, but even MORE diarrea squeezed into my panties.
I finished my barfing, rinsed out my mouth, and cleaned up the sick green puke all over the floor, the whole time pooping my guts out.
After I finished with that, I sat down on the toilet again. (I had been in there for an hour and a half! My sister took really long naps and my parents don't get home till seven.) Diarrea and tiny poos came out my butt for the next 45 minutes. I pooped out another huge poo and peed for two more minutes, wiped five times, and flushed. I whipped around and hurled my brains out into the toilet.
I waddled to my room, not feeling very happy about having poo in my underwear. I threw them away, put on my pajamas, and another wave of cramps hit me. I ran to the bathroom, but my sister was in there 'tinkling' as she called it. I was worrying a whole bunch. My parent's toilet was off limits, and I REALLY didn't want to go in there because now I felt like I was going to hurl.
My sister came out just as I nearly hurled and pooped at the same time. I ran in, and hurled into a bowl I had gotten from the cabinet under the sink. At the same time, diarrea sprayed out my butt and into the toilet, followed by a few wet farts and little green poos. I hurled again, and it caused a humongous poo, the same size as the one that was in my panties before, to fall into the toilet with a SPLASH. I put my puke into the toilet and flushed as quick as I could. Hurling more than ever and pooing huge poos, I didn't feel very good at all. Ten little poos exited my butt followed by a long stream of pee. I was so surprised I could pee and poop so much in one day! Diarrea followed that, then seven minutes of hurling into the bowl. I grabbed my stomach. A long poo came out my butt and coiled around the toilet, then hard, funny-shaped yellow-brownish and green poos came out my butt. Now I felt so terrible I started to cry, but very low so my sis couldn't hear. Another wave of diarrea and puke was all I could take. I wiped, flushed, and rinsed my mouth. I went into my room to read a book.
-After Dinner-
After my dinner, I told my mom I didn't feel well. She said, "What happened?"
I started to cry and told her I had thrown up a lot and had diarrea. She hugged me and said, "I'll tell Tonya to use our toilet. You go into that bathroom anytime you need to."
I kissed her, then suddenly I threw up all over the floor. I ran to the bathroom, but Tonya occupied it. Again. My butt couldn't take much more. She came out and I ran in as fast as possible, pulled down my pajama pants, and pooed such a hard, huge poo I nearly made my butthole bleed. But it came out, followed by soft, little poos. I grabbed the bowl again and hurled over and over. The whole time I was producing smelly gasses and diarrea. I was crying really loud as I did it, and I hurled once again, making a long coiling rope again. Tiny hard poos came out, then diarrea, then a huge log as long as half an arm and thick as the fifth Harry Potter book. The hurl-bowl was filled to the brim, so I dumped it into the toilet and flushed. I kept pooing little hard poos and snakes. Another pound of diarrea came out, followed by me puking up dinner, lunch, and breakfast. I felt even worse. Pee came out for three minutes and two minutes of diarrea. I hurled, wiped, flushed, rinsed my mouth, and went to bed.
-The Next Morning-
The next morning I was covered in diarrea, puke, and pee. I said, "Dang it!", threw my sheets into my hamper, threw my clothes in, put on a clean bra and panties, and went to the toilet. I peed for a minute, then I pushed, but nothing came out but a few tiny farts. I pushed harder. Suddenly I found myself wearing a rubber glove and reaching up my butthole for the head of my poo. I pulled at it, threw away the glove, and pushed as hard as anybody could. A hard poo, as big as the biggest poo I pooped yesterday, fell into the toilet. All the blocked diarrea came out in fifteen minutes. I wiped, whipped around, and threw up. I flushed and for the next few days that was what happened.
(Sorry it's so long. Hope you enjoyed it!)

Hi I'm Krystal and I was pregnant. I figured out that I would have to sit on the pot--a lot. I had to pee so much! I loved the five minutes of feeling like I don't have to pee. In the night I ran to the toilet, stub my toe, grab my pussy, and run into things. Anyway...
I was in the hospital, and I got up and ran to the toilet. I was peeing a lot. Suddenly my contractions started. I ran to my bed and started to breathe deeply. Suddenly I felt diarrhea banging to get out! I said to the nurse, "I'm having my baby right now but diarrhea is about to come out!"
She gave me a big bowl. I sat on it and crapped the diarrhea. My contractions got worse so I started to push harder. The poop and the baby came out! I was so happy for my first child. It was a girl, and she is currently five years old and named Alexis. (Sorry if some people were grossed out.) All the time I wear diapers because for some reason I have to pee and have diarrhea so much! It's probably because I have a very small bladder. I piss on myself all the time. Alexis understands when I'm home and have an accident.
Once my husband was in the bathroom taking a dump. I had to go so badly. I never went in the kid's bathroom, and I never wore diapers at home. I was about to have diarrhea all over my panties, and show a bulge from under my miniskirt because I usually crap two pounds. I started to worry. Suddenly I started pissing and diarrhea came out. Alexis pulled me into the kid's bathroom. She pulled down my panties and pushed me down. A huge crap was about to come out. I kissed Alexis and kindly told her to leave. She left and I pushed with all my might. The huge poo got stuck halfway out. I pushed harder and it fell out, followed by five pounds of icky diarrhea. That was the end of that.

A few weeks ago while walking to class I let out a really loud, wet fart and a little diarrhea squirted out. I trapped most of it between my cheeks, but some splattered into my underwear. Luckily, I was outside. I made it to the nearest mens room and took off my boxers, wiped my ass and spent the rest of the day free-balling. I probably would have died of embarrassment if it had happened in the middle of a crowded place.

hey, everybody. im a long time reader, but this is my first time posting something on here. so ill say something about my self before i post up my story. I'm 12, slim, 5 feet tall, blonde, white, and have a great personality.

anyways, heres my first post, enjoy: this story happened about a week ago during the beginning of christmas break, when i was home alone for the whole day from morning till close to midnight. so after they left, i went to buy some coke and snakes, and went back home and watched some tv. During around 2pm, i started to feel that i needed to pee, but it wasnt really urgent, so i just ignored it. after 2 hours later, i started to feel that i needed to pee again, and it feeling was a little bit stronger, but it was still not too urgent, so i just ignored it again.

when i noticed that i was out of drinks, i went to buy some more drinks, and went back here. and watched some more tv's. then right after 5pm, ive started to feel that i really have to pee, but i wasnt too desperate, so i just decided to hold it and kept watching some more tv. than after 6:30pm, i started to really feel that i really have to pee. so i decided to go to the washroom. but right before i went to the washroom, i had a thought, since my parents wasnt home, and i was home alone, so i wanted to make this interesting. so i decided to keep on holding it, even though i know that ive been holding it for a while and that the last time i peed was in the morning at 9am. anyways, after 7:15pm, i started to feel really desperate, and was close to bursting out, but i kept trying to hold it. Then after 8pm, i was really dying for a pee and i was seriously about to burst. so i decided that ill start heading to the washroom. but right after i got up, my pee gotten a lot worse after i got out of my bed. now, i was sooooooooo desperate that i was thinking that i might just go onto where i was standing, but i know that will just ruin the nice carpet that i gotten. so i knew i had to hold on. but to make the problem more worse, i started to feel that i needed to poop as well, and ive been constipated for about a few days already. so i quickly walked to the washroom, but while i was walking, i started to leak into my underwear and Jeans. so i knew that i didnt have much time left before i started to do it into my underwear. so i kept walking until i gotten to the washroom, but i was already started to leak a little bit more.

so i quickly got to the toilet and started to undo my Jeans, but when i started to undo it, my poop started to come out of my butt hole. after i was done undoing my Jeans, i was already started to lose most of my control over my poop and it was already down to the tip of my butt cheeks, and that causes me to leak even more. now, ive gotten a wet spot on my underwear, and the poop was started to come out even more. so then i said what the hell, and started to just do it before i could pull down my underwear and sit onto the toilet.... My poop and pee kept coming out, after a minute, i was finally finished. my poo was about 15 inches.

then i just cleaned up everything and just went back to my bedroom to keep watching some tv.

Me again. I'm sitting in front of the computer, quite obviously and I have to poo. I can feel the pressure building up in my bum. I'm begging for sweet relief. The bathroom is just two doors down....Yet...Should I poo my pants? Oh god NOW it's coming out i'm actually having an ACCIDENT i dont want to dirty these pants:(. Meh it's already touched cloth so what the hell..oh god it felt good to get that out. i'm deciding not to clean up. i'll enjoy this.

Hi all,

I had a terrific Christmas poop today! I was doing a few jobs around the place, feeling the mass knocking at my back door, and when I finally got the chance to go lay the load it was really ready to come out... I let a little air pass, then a bunch of chunks dropped free ahead of what would obviously be something major... Then my anus stretched and something I haven't produced in years put in an appearance.

The "tadpole" was well-formed, and the head must have been close to 2 inches thick. It tapered smoothly and I watched it approach the water and keep going... It was difficult to estimate the length as I didn't see it going under clearly, but when the tail dropped free and collapsed the rest of the mass was big enough to still have a little out of the water. I'm guessing it was about 15" long, and it was followed by several more small pieces.

So, while it was nowhere near as much as my poop last week, as a single piece it was the biggest I've done in a very long time, and I felt really satisfied to be looking down at it. I also pissed quite furiously, twice, with a brief pause between rounds, after my poop.

Christmas dinners have certainly been good to me!

Best from afar,


Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, hope everybody is doing fine. Just got a few comments.

Bathroom Eavesdropper: When I was little, when I had to go, I had to go and no it wasn't trying to get attention from people. Hope this helps.

Michele: I liked you post, you poor thing that your boyfriend wasn't understanding. I would of liked it and not bark at you, if that makes you happy than go for it. Take care.

Weedhopper: Yeah I had a simular experience about a couple of years ago when I had the bathroom redone, but it didn't invovle a bucket, hope that tile work gets done soon. Take care and great post.

Derek: Hey man, what's going on. Yeah I do, let me tell you less mess to wipe up, not many people do what I do. No I'm not a conservationist, but I don't want to deal with all of that mess to clean up. So I hope this helps. Take care man and have a good holiday.

Well got to go and fix me somthing to eat, take care and have a good holiday weekend!


--Mr. Clogs

Last week I had what was a new experience for me--4 days without a bowel movement. I go 3 days on rare occasions but I never remember going 4 days but I did--Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When I finally pooped on Monday it was a big one as you might expect.
I am on medication for depression and one of the possible side effects is constipation. However I didn't really feel constipated. Constipation to me means you feel the urge to go but can't. I didn't even feel the urge to go for those 4 days. I think maybe what is was is that the depression and or my medication had suppressed my appetite and I wasn't eating as much so I didn't have much to poop out. So although I didn't feel sick, I enjoy pooping and didn't like not doing it for 4 days.

The Last Mage
Hello everyone! I just had another awesome experienced with both Amber and Katie yesterday, and I couldn't wait to post about. Oh, for conveience's sake, I'll call myself Mike from now on. Amber and I both went over to Katie's house in the suburbs to just hang out, play a few games, and watch TV together since we were all bored out of our minds. Amber picked me on the way there and we were warmly greeted by Katie and her mom. Katie's mom was already well-acquainted with both Amber and me as we've been friends for a several years, even before track. I have male comrades to hang out with all the time, but I'm just as close with my female companions.

So we just wasted the day away doing things we each could've enjoyed on our own at home and watching mid-day game shows. Katie's mom had been cleaning up around the house for most of the day, but after letting Katie know of several little chores she needed to take care of, she said she was going to run some quick errands--let's be honest..they're never quick--and stepped out.

Eventually all three of us were nearly bored to tears besides when either of them teased me or flirted with me. Katie did an exaggerated yawn and said "Mike can you think of anything else to do?" and Amber sighed, smiled slightly and asked "Want to give us another show like that time on the lake?" giggled and said she was just kidding. I shrugged my shoulders and said why not. They both gave me an excited but "You don't do it" look.

Katie laughed and said "My backyard is huge is fenced in. I dare you to go there!" I just put my hands on my hips and said "I'm one with nature now! That's no problem!" Amber clapped her hands together and said "This will be fun!" and we both followed Katie out. Katie led me over to an area of her backyard which was basically a bunch of dirt, but it was the best place to go. I was about to get started when Amber yelled "Full stop!" and ran in the house and ran back out with freaking toilet paper. She just put her hands behind her back and giggled at me.

There was no stump this time so I raised an eyebrow at them and asked "Do you have a stool I can squat on?" Katie yelled "You're such a girl!" which a smile and walked back in presumably to get the stool and came out with a stool people we use for calf raises. I squatted on it, said "here I go!", and slowly pulled down my pants and boxers. One of them whistled while the other giggled.

I figured I'd make this as entertaining as possible so I tried to get in a nice position so they could see everything clearly. I ended up with both my arms between my legs holding me up, slightly arching my back, and leaning forward. Katie giggled and said "Nice view!" and pressed one finger on to my cheek and started poking. I looked back and they were both squatted behind me ready for another show and I didn't want to disappoint them. I felt my two small hands grab both my cheeks and spread them just like last time and they both giggled with Katie saying "Still so squishy! How cute" and Amber saying "We're helping again!" I just sighed and said "Gee, thanks! Well here it comes!"

I'd recently been ignoring my stomach's urges to get me in the bathroom, so I was fairly certain I would be crapping a fair bit. I pushed but the load I KNEW was in there wasn't moving at all. I hate it when this happens so much, so I just sighed again and said "It's coming sometime today hopefully" I was getting ready for another push when I felt a finger trail its way down the the top of my crack and poke my butthole. Amber burst out laughing and Katie said "It feels so weeeeiiird and it's so tight!" and started laughing as well. I looked back at them and asked "Are you SURE you want to be doing that?" Katie just grinned and said "we're helping! I just had to do it once" I gasped again when Amber did the same thing and agreed with Katie. I tried my best to focus on getting my movement going, which was pretty hard, and warned them with "It's really coming this time!" They both giggled and immediately moved their fingers.

Katie yelled "It's opening! Look it's poking out!" I grunted and felt a smooth but rather large turd start crackling out. They both laughed at the noise and the smell as the turd moved towards the ground. Amber giggled "Wow! It's like perfectly shaped!" I stopped pushing and just let the turd move out on its own pace. They both kept laughing and commenting about its shape before it finally fell to the ground. I immediately let out a very loud chain of farts going "Brrrrrrr! Brr! Brrrrrrrr!" over and over. This dump was much gasier than the last, but the farting seemed to amuse them even more.

I shivered when I felt a finger start to trace up and down the top of my crack and glanced back to see it was Katie's hand. They both still had my cheeks spread wider than they should be with one hand squeezing on each. Amber giggled and said "You really are a girl! Your butt is too hairless and smooth" Before I could say anything about what I decided to take as a compliment, I felt another turd start to move. Katie, with her finger still tracing the top of my crack, laughed and said "Here comes another one! Look at how wide his cute little butthole is being stretched" Sure enough this huge feeling turd stretched my hole wide. I arched my back even more as it moved on its own forcing a small grunt out of me.

Amber said "Whoa! You're getting serious this time! That's even wider than mine" and Katie giggled "That is a freaking monster!" I almost gasped again as I felt them part my cheeks even more and Katie's finger started trailing up and down the top of my crack faster. As weird as it seems, it felt like that helped as I let out a small grunt when the turd stretched my hole even more and started making loud crackling noise. I heard one of the girls simply say "wow" when the turd slowed to a stop and gave me a chance to catch my breathe. They were still "helping" when I cursed under my breath when the fat turd suddenly moved on its own again and grunted as I helped it along by pushing as hard as I could. They both were acting like hyenas again once my butt actually started quivering from my attempt to force this thing out of me. Amber caught her breath and said "Look at it jiggle!" as I pushed and pushed with all my energy with the girls yelling "Go go!" until the turd FINALLY hit the ground with a LOUD thud.

I sighed in complete relief and both girls playfully cheered and started laughing. Katie yelled "Wow! It's so freaking HUGE!" and Amber stopped giggling long enough to say "I feel sorry for this tight butthole of yours for having to pass THAT! You're gonna be soar after this one" Katie finally stopped giggling as well and said "Awww! Mike's completely exhausted after that" and she started giggling again once she started squeezing my cheeks extremely tight and resumed trailing her down my crack.

I finally managed to catch my breath and pushed the next load I could feel in me. It was a soft turd, and I hate these even more than fat turds, because they're just annoying to get out at times. The turd felt like it was ready to fall, but it just stubbornly hung on by a thread. I tried clenching to make it drop, but it insisted on giving me a hard time. Both girl were still laughing at the huge turd I laid earlier but soon noticed that this turd wasn't dropping. Amber teased and asked "Having issues?" as I kept trying to clench the turd off, which was kind of hard with both of them squeezing my cheeks tightly and keeping them spread. I laughed once and said "Guess it's time for Plan B" and started slightly shaking my butt up and down. Both girls burst into laughter again and Amber said "He really is trying to give us a good show!" and Katie said "Shake that booty!"

After a good 15 seconds of this, it finally snapped off. I growled "What a pest" as both girls kept laughing at me. Katie said "You need to air this out some!" and both girls spread my cheeks even wider than before! Amber said "Ooh! An even better view! You shouldn't show off your butthole so much Mike! It's dangerous" and I just playfully told her to shut up before I felt a sudden rush of turds start. They were extremely easy to pass, but moved slow, and were surprsingly long and fairly wide too. One turd just kept coming slowly after the other and Katie eventually said "It never stops!" between her giggling. That's exactly what it felt like as I pushed one smooth turd out after another with barely any pause in between.

Amber whistled again and said "You take the biggest dumps ever, Mike! It's insane and from such a cute butt too" while squeezing my buttcheeks as tight as Katie had started doing. I told her I couldn't really disagree with that, but that this was one of my larger dumps. All the time turds were still flowing out one by one! Katie suddenly started laughing and said "Just when you think it'll stop, one more pokes its way out that tight butthole of his!" As if in response to the comment, there was finally a moment where no turds came out, and I felt I was finished, but then I felt one last urge and started pushing. The turd didn't feel fat or hard but it was just hard to push out!

It seemed like I had to push with all my might for just barely even an inch's worth to move out. I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I did with the fat turd making a loud "Nnnnnnnnn!" groaning noise. The girls just giggled and watched closely not bothering to spread my cheeks wide this time. I must have groaned and pushed nearly ten times, and each time my butt would quiver from pushing so hard. The girls were in a riot trying to encourage me through their non-stop laughing. Katie managed to say "Look how his cheek jiggles in my hand!" and Amber went back to saying "Push!" I took a deeeep breath and pushed with all my might and gasped in surprise as the turd suddenly widened then and reduced to a normal size when widened again with loud crackling noises to go with my groaning. Between the girls' laughter and my "Nnnnnn! *crackle* Nnnnnnn! *crackle*" it was quite the scene. Finally I made one final push without groaning and the turd snapped off. I sighed in relief like I did earlier because I really did feel relieved at all THAT. It didn't take long for "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Brrrrrrrrr" farts to replace the groaning and crackling, and the girls were too busy giggling to say anything about anything for a while.

The farts finally grew shorter and quieter until they completely stopped and I was finished. I stood up, but before I could even say I was finished, Amber said "Mike, that was very interesting and all but how long are you going to show off that butthole of yours?" and spread one cheek to show off my hole even more. Katie spread the other cheek as far as possible completely exposing my crack and said "We'll finish helping you out!" and she started giggling insanely again when I heard Amber tear off a piece of toilet paper from the roll she brought outside and slowly and gently wipe it up my crack, laughing and saying "This is fun!" Katie tore off another and giggled when my butt quivered from the not as gentle but just as slow way she wiped around and poked my butthole continuously. They each had one hand clasped around a cheek to keep them spread. I laughed myself and said "Gee, thanks for the special service" Amber giggled and said "We won't even charge you for it" They both took turns tearing off a piece of toilet paper and wiping up my crack, which had to be clean a while back.

Katie's finger started circling around the top of my crack again while they both wiped and she said "Christ! Look at that pile! That'll be plenty of fertilizer for sure! Maybe it's the cutest butts that make the nastiest dumps" I grinned at her and said "If that's the case, then you're definitely in trouble" She giggled and lightly smacked a cheek while Amber eagerly wiped up and down what must have been a clean crack by then. While Katie stepped inside to get a garbage bag for the toilet paper, Amber smiled mischeviously as usual and asked "How's this excellent wiping job?" I rolled my eyes at her and said "You're doing a better job at it than the person this butt belongs to!" Amber grinned and started tightly squeezing both cheeks while waiting for Katie and said "Well you do have a nice just produces some extremely nasty things!"

Katie came skipping out and picked up a shovel on her way. She put the bag over the toilet paper and scooped them all up, then looked at my huge pile of crap and giggled "I definitely can't let my mom come out here and find this special surprise! I don't think it's a Christmas present she'd be interested in!" She then started shoveling up dirt over the crap. She nodded in approval once she thought she moved the dirt enough and turned towards us. She smiled and said "well that was loads of fun, Mike! You should do this next time we're all bored!" I turned my head towards her since Amber was still squeezing both my cheeks and giggling and said "Maybe if next time you promise to give me a show too" and winked at her.

Katie kneeled down and said "We'll-see-about-that!" poking my butt for each syllable. She reached over and squeezed a cheek with Amber and said "This is fun too! But I can't believe THIS same butt produced all that, but I guess I should after seeing it twice!" Both girls giggled and after a minute finally released me from their grasps as the wind started to blow and it was a coooold breeze. I kept my pants over my private parts and quickly hobbled for the back door with my butt still exposed to the cold air earning more laughter and whistling out of the girls. They followed me and kicked my butt right through the door and we just fooled around and talked about my HUGE dump for the rest of the day.

This is by far the best experience I've had with the opposite sex, and I don't know if this will EVER be topped, but it was just awesome. Sorry to bug you with more long raving from me, but I was so excited about this and had to talk about. Whelp, Cheers all!

Brian: Really cool, how you shit between your dad and "Jeff" watching your dad and his partner expel their shit into the toilet bowls, how intimate...and the fellow across the way watching your dicks wiggle while you all shit, great's just another example of men having bonding experiences while shitting, that women will never understand...Good luck in your upcoming nuptials...

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