smart guy!!!
Hey everyone. i have a lot of interesting stories that i wanted to share with you guys. a lot of them is going to be a long story, so you don・t have to read all of them, you guys could just read a few of these if you guys want to. Anyways, I really hope you guys will like these stories. 1. When I was 8, my friends and i was having a sleep over. While I and my friends were sleeping, i woke up at around 11:30pm or so by some noise that seem to be coming from my friend's sister's room. i very quietly sneakily went to check out what she was doing.. i saw her doing some exercise in her underwear and bra while she was watching an horror movie or some kind. After a few minutes later, she started to do an exercise that has her butt sticking up in the air, she paused for a moment, then i noticed that her underwear started to move a little bit from the inside.. right after i saw her underwear moved a little bit, she quickly pulled down her underwear while she was still in her butt in the air position. Then right after she pulled down her underwear, i, realized that she was crapping herself. After she had pulled down her underwear down, it was already close to 5 cm long. It came out pretty slowly. After a few minutes, it stopped by itself. It was about 20 cm when it had stopped. She kept moaning and rubbing her stomach.

Then, she grabbed the newspaper that she had beside her, then right after she had gotten then, she had put those newspaper flat on the ground and stood on top of them. then after a few minutes, she kept standing there while she was trying to get her poop started.. after a few minutes, it finally started to move.. after a few minutes later, she was finally finished.. i think by the looks of it, it was about 1.5 meters long and 2cm in diameter.. after she was done, i quickly sprinted quietly back to my sleeping bag. after that, i dont know what happened..

2. this happened just on christmas eve. me and katlin was eating a large pizza while watching TV until 10pm. then after a few minutes past 10pm, she started to feel kinda have an ???? ache. after a few minutes later, i realized that the pizza had nuts in it, and that katlin was also allergic to nuts as well.. then katlin told me that if she eats nuts, she'll have within the next hour diearriah, and after she starts, she cant stop it.. and also that she's been constipated for about half a week, so she knows that she probably will poop out a lot. So she quickly ran to the toilet, and started sitting there for an hour or so.. after an hour or so, she said that she could start to feel something coming out.. so she started to push right after she could feel it.. after a few more minutes, it dropped into the toilet, then a wave of diearriah came along. she kept doing it for a while.. then after another hour came, she was pretty much finished. after she had flushed, she said that she feels better.

3. one time during the summer time, when i was about 7 years old, and my old folks had to leave the house until later on that night. so that means i was going to have a baby sitter come over, and her name, i think was kristy. The babysitter looked like she was around 19 or 20, pretty slim. Anyways, me and my baby sitter had went to the park that was right beside my parent's house. i was playing around and after a couple of hours in the park playing, kristy said that she need to take me back to my house cause she had to go to the washroom. but i kept telling her that i wanted to keep playing with her in the park.

but she kept telling me that she needs to go to the washroom so that we needed to go back to the house.. we kept arguing about that we should go back to the house and that we should keep staying here to play.. after 10 minutes of arguing, she accidentally let out a fart for around a few seconds, loud enough for me to hear. she knows that i really wanted to go to the park. but she then grabbed my hands slightly tight, then ran back to my house to get to the washroom while i was still behind her trying to get back to the park to play some more.. after we finally got to my house, she told me to stay in the living room and not move. after she gotten into the washroom, after a minute, i heard her having waves of diarriah.. after a few minutes, she finally finished and came out after she washed her hands. then after that, i think we pretty much had a pretty good time for the rest of the day..

4. this story happened about a few years ago. me and katlin was coming back her her grandparent's house to our apartment. it think that it was about 6 hour drive from her grand parent's house to our apartmet. anyways, about the first couple of hours during the drive, she kind of wiggled around lots in her seat. i asked her if she was okay, she said that she starting to feel that she needed to pee. i asked her if she needed me to find a washroom for her, she said that she could just try to hold it until we got to the apartment. i said okay, and kept driving. after an hour and a half later, she said that she dont know if she could get to the apartment in time. then i asked her what i should do, she said that she wanted me to keep driving and try to find her a gas station or anywhere that has a public washroom, i told her that its going to take me at least another hour to find one for her, cause we were still in the woods, and there wont be a gas station until we're almost out of the woods.

she than asked me if i could park somewhere beside the woods so she could try to pee in there, i told her yeah. but its going to be a while until i could find one, cause there wasnt any places that i could park so i could get out of the streets. she told me to hurry up, because she needed to pee real soon.. after a few minutes, i finally found a spot that i could go park. but its a very small place to park though, so its going to take a few more minutes to squeeze into that place. i told her that ill try my best to hurry it up.. after i parked into that area, she opened the door and very quickly ran into the forest close to where i could see her a little bit. after a few minutes later, she finally was done.

then after when we were about 20 minutes away from our apartment, she then moaned a bit. i asked her if she was okay, she said that she thinks that she needs to go for #2 not. i ask her that should i drive her to that gas station that was about a few minutes away from us, she said that i dont really need to, and also that she prefer to do it in the washroom in our apartment. i asked her that if she was sure about this, she said yes and to drive as fast as i could. i did, then after about 15 minutes, the police came telling me to pull over. After i pulled over, the cop walked to me and telling me that i was speeding over the speed limit. i told him that I didn・t realize that i accidentally drove over the 40 mile/ hour speed limit. the stupid cop said that he'll just give me a warning and not to speed again. i said thanks to him, and quickly try to go as fast as I could without getting over the speed limit. After all that, katlin told me to quickly it up to get to the apartment, because she told me that she was very desperate to go now. so after i got there, she told me to quickly run upstairs to unlock the door while she tries to catch up with me. After I unlocked the door, i saw her trying to walk normally without other people noticing that she really was desperate to get to the washroom. she told me to quickly grab a plastic bag, because she could already feel the log coming out, and it was already poking its head out. After a minute later, i grabbed the bag, and i saw her already pulled down her skirt, and she was using her underwear to help hold onto her poop. i told her that if she could do it in the bag so i could dump it right after she was done. she said yes, but quickly, because she told me that once she takes off her underwear, its not going to stop, and that its already moving, but very slowly.

so i did, then she quickly pulled down her underwear and lifted her but up so she could put the poop in the bag. she kept pooping for 5 minutes, then after she was finished, she said that she felt a lot more now. so after that, I told her that ill help her dump those into the toilet so she could change into her clean clothes, even though her turd was pretty dry, so there wasn・t any stains on her underwear, but it does smell. After that, it was a pretty normal day.

5. this happened when i was about 10 years old, when i had my last babysitter. the babysitter was 17 or so. anyways, the babysitter took me to the beach at around 12:30pm, and after we got there, i was extremly suprised about what i had saw. there wasnt anyone on the beach, since it was pretty hot, both of us was expecting a lot of people would show up at the beach, but it was just about deserted, i think we did see a few on the beach.. so, after a few minutes, we started to play a lot of volleyball. we had played for about an full hour without stopping. after we were done playing volleyball, it was about 1:45pm, then she asked me that if i wanted to get some snacks. i said yes. after an full half hour eating out snacks, she said that she have to drive me home soon. but she also said that we could stay on the beach for about a hour more before we had to go.

anyways, while i was buring her, she moaned a little bit in a almost silent voice, but i still had noticed it. i asked her whats wrong, then she told me that she had a small t????y ache. i asked her if she want to go to the washroom, she replied that she doesnt need to go yet, and that she was willing to wait until we get back to my house till my parents came home. besides, we were about to leave the beach anyways, and it would take about a 15 minute drive to get over to my place. i said okay to her. then after a few minutes later, she said that we should start going back to my place. so while the 30 seconds while she was getting up from the sand, she accidentally farted. i said ewwwwww to her. then she said to me: "oops, sorry about that, that was an accident"... i was kinda laughing at her for a while. anyways, after she drove me home, she unlocked the door, and then asked me if she could use the washroom. i said yup to her, then she asked me where it was, i just pointed to her where the washrrom is. then she just quickly walked over there and then asked me if i could go to the living room and entertain myself for a few minutes, i told her yup.

While i was in the living room just looking out the window and just staring out the road, i saw the time, and apparently she had been in the washroom for over 20minutes.. i asked her if she was okay, she said yup, then after few seconds after she said yup, i heard she accidentally farted again.. Then, i went back to the living room for about an full hour, waiting for her to come out of the washroom. after a few more minutes, she finally flushed and washed her hands, and then came out. i asked her if she was okay, then, she just said yup, and she felt a lot better. then we just stayed at the house and just watched tv for the rest of the day until my rents came back.

6. This happened about a year ago, when me and katlin was eating at this nice Japanese restaurant for dinner, after we had finished eating, katlin said that she wanted to eat dessert. she had vanilla ice cream. after she had done eating the ice cream, we just started driving back to my place. after a few minutes while i was driving, katlin said that her stomach really hurts right now. she then thought that maybe it was something that she ate. i said probably it was something she ate.

i told her that ill drive her as fast as possible to my place, and then i told her that we'll be there within the next few minutes. she told me to quickly get over there, cause she have a feeling that she may need to use the toilet very, very soon.. so after i got there, she just grabbed me and hurry to the apartment and open the door for her. after i did unlocked the doors, katlin came up, with her face red. i figured thats the face that she was about to explode. i asked her if she was okay, she said that her butt hole was already opened when she was half way up the stairs to the apartment, and that right now, her poop was already sliding down her butt cheeks, and it feels like it is harder and was going to be longer than usual. then right before she walked into the apartment, she pulled down her pink underwear so she wouldnt poop into it.

then after a few more minutes, she walks into the apartment, i could already see a little bit of her poop slowly emerging from the end her her short skirt. after i locked the door, she just kept slowly walk to the toilet while she tries to hold on as long as possible to try do it onto the floor... but about half way through to the toilet, her butt just failed on her, and she started to poop out a little bit faster. Then she just said that she was soooooooo sorry, she just couldn・t hold it any longer. So just stood there with her legs nearly spread apart. Her poop kept coming none stop.. After 6-7 minutes, her poop suddenly stopped. She kept pushing as hard as she could, but she said that her poop just wouldn・t start to go. She told her that she thinks she is stuck. then after a few minutes, having to stand like that, I then went to get some nuts and told her to eat some, since she was allergic, and it always makes her go to the washroom. i told her that, and she agreed with me, so started to eat some.

After she ate a few minutes after eaten about 20 nuts, she waited for about 20 minutes, until she felt that her stomach's starting to hurt. Then she started rubbing her stomach, then after a few minutes after that, her poop started to movie a little bit faster. she kept pooping, then after a minute later, her poop became just a bit softer, then after a few more minutes, it snapped. Then, after that, it just kept coming out into small pieces. Then right after 4 minutes later, she said that she think she・s finally finished, so right after she think she was finished, she just pulled her underwear back up.. Then after a few more seconds, she accidentally farted out a big one. Then, right before she just finished farting, she started to bend down a little bit, then started to poop out some more, and this time, it was runny. After a few seconds, it overloaded her underwear, and it just kept coming out. It kept coming out, then after 2 more minutes, she was finally finished. Then, she finally apologized a lot more than last time.. she just kept saying that shes sooooooooo sorry, and that she will clean up the mess by herself, since she were the one who did it. But I told her that ill help her as well.

After she had pulled down her underwear, she quickly ran to the toilet so she could wipe her butt off. After she was done cleaning her self up, she came to clean up most of the mess that she had made. And after she was done cleaning the last bit of her mess, the rest of the day was pretty much normal.

hey, everyone. im "smart guy!!!"'s girlfriend, katlin. ive heard from him about that he had posted up about a few of the stuffs that had happened earlier, i also heard that he've been doing it for a while. and now, i wanted to try to post a story as well.. hope you guys and gals will like it.

this happened about 7 month. when i was stilling living at my apartment. when i was at a store buying a bag of chips, i started to feel a little pressure in my butthole. then i realized that i might need to poop out a long one, because ive been constipated for a whole week. so after i paid for my chips, i just quickly ran back to my apartment. but along the way, i had to also not go too fast, or else i might start to go before i gotten to my apartment.

after a few minutes later, i finally gotten to my apartment. i then quickly unlocked my apartment door, then right after i got in, my pressure was gone. so i just decided to just lay on the couch and watching tv while eating the chips. but then, after a few minutes later, i started to it pressing down my butt again. but i ignored it, since it wasnt as bad as before. then after a few minutes, i felt like i needed to go. but i really didnt want to go to the washroom, cause there was a movie that was on, and it was one of my most favourite movie, and i havent seen it for a while. but i also didnt want to clean up any mess soon, so while i was still watching the movie, i tried to find either a plastic bag, or a small garbage cans. but no luck. then after a couple of minutes later, i realized that there was a rag that i didnt like, so i decided to poop onto that and then just throw it away later.

so i quickly ran to the closet to find it, then i started to feel my butthole was starting to open. so i tried to find it faster, then i finally found it, but it was stuck between some furnitures, so i had to pull it out. while i was pulling it out, my butthole started to open a little bit more. then, i pulled it out with a big tug, but that big tug made my butthole started to open and my poop started to slide between my butt cheeks. so i quickly ran back to the living room, and started watching the beginning of the movie. but then i realized that i was starting to lose most of my control over my poop, cause it was already close to peek out of by buttcheeks. so i quickly lay the rag down onto the floor, and push the table a little closer to the tv.. when i had done that, i started to lose more control over my poop, and it started to open up my buttcheeks. so i quickly moved onto the rag, i started to bend down my knees, and then undo my Jeans. then my poop started to come out before i could completely undo my Jeans. so i quickly undo my Jeans while it came out of my butt and getting into my panty. but right after i finished undoing my Jeans, i already started to poop into my panty.

after i pulled down my Jeans, i crouched down, and bad mistake, it started to go even faster into my panty. so i quickly pulled down my panty, then i lifted up my butt with the poop hanging out of my butt. i than tried to hold onto my poop with all my might so i could take off my Jeans and underwear completely, but when i lifted my legs out of my clothes, my poop became uncontrolable. then it started to poop out of my butt again. then i re-crouched again, and then i started to let go completely. it came out pretty hard as usual. then after a minute, my poop had stopped and it wouldnt budge out of my butthole. i kept pushing, but it wouldnt come out. i then remembered that i had some peanuts left over on my table, and since i am allergic to nuts, i always needed to go to the washroom after i ate a little bit of them, so i carefully crawled over to my to get my peanuts. once i had gotten it, i had eaten some. after a few minutes, my stomach started to feel very bad. then right after i rubbed my stomach, my poop started to come out slowly, then it came a little bit faster. then after a minute or so, it became soft.

then right before i was finished, my poop snapped. while there was still a little bit left that i still needed to push push out, the phone rangs. so i hold onto it as long as possible. when i went to get the phone, it was one of my friends that really wanted to tell me this huge secrete that she had founded out, so i couldnt resist but to listen. but while i was listening, i started to lose control over my soft poop. but i still managed to hold on for a little while longer. then after a few more minutes, she was finished. after i hanged up the phone, i nearly lost all my control over my poop again. so i quickly sprinted over to my pile, and continued pooping. after around 20 seconds, i finally finished pooping.

so after that, i grabbed the rag and wrap it arond my tard. then i just threw it away in a big trash can. then after i changed back into my panty and Jeans, i just started to watch some more of my movie.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bathroom Eavesdropper
Why does it seem that the younger kids are more urgent about going to the bathroom? Does it have to do with wanting attention?


I have some questions for the guys on the forum - particularly those who take a long time over their toilet sessions. When I say a long time I mean those who are regularly in the toilet for 20 minutes or more.
1. How many times a day do you need to take a dump?
2. How long do you spend on the toilet each time?
3. When you're in the toilet for a long time (like, 20 minutes or more) are you having poop come out alot, or are you mostly just sitting around waiting? I guess what I mean is, can you describe what it is that takes you so long?
4. How many poops on average do you release during your session? Are there a few big ones or lots of little ones and is this what takes the time?
5. How many times do you have to wipe?
6. Anything else you can tell me about your very long poop sessions.

Thanks fellas. I look forward to your answers.

smart guy!!!
Hi, everyone. Sorry that I hasn・t posted up any stories for a while. I think the last time that I posted up any stories was about 4 months ago, on page 1415 or 1414, cant really remember. Anyways, I do have a few stories to share with you guys. Hope you guys will like it.

1. This story had happened about 6 months ago, when it was still sometime during the summer time... I and Katlin were at the beach relaxing on the sand in the sun, until I heard katlin's stomach's rumbling. I asked her if she was okay, she said that she's starting to have a stomach ache. I asked her if we should go back to our apartment, she said that she'll be fine. After 10 more minutes, she groaned and said that she maybe wrong, because she started to feel sick in her stomach.

So I told her that I think we should just go back to our apartment since she's not really feeling well and stuff, she said that・s a good idea. then right before she could get up, she said that she just needed to poop very badly, and she's worried that if she movies a bit, she might start doing it in her bikini, but she knows that if she doesn・t find a washroom very soon, she might start doing it as well.. Then, I told her that since there wasn・t anyone on the beach besides us, she could do it in the sand.

She said that she doesn・t want to do that, but she thinks that she doesn・t choice, unless if she wants to shit in her bikini while she was still sitting in her bikini.. So, she started to move a little bit until she・s kneeling down. Then right after she did that, she started to poop out before she could undo her bikini. After she had undone her bikini, it just gotten a little bit faster than a minute ago. It was hard as usual. Then after 10 more seconds, it stopped when it had gotten as low as her knees...

She kept pushing, but no luck.... she said that she thinks if i rub her stomach, it might help... So, once I did it, she started to groan lightly, and then her poop started to move again... After a minute, she was finally done. After she was done, she put back on her bikini, we start to go back home. But right before we had left the area, she said that she also might need to pee as well... I asked her if she could wait this time, she said she'll try, even though our apartment was about an hour and a half away... After 20 minutes had gone by. She kept wiggling around and stuff. Then about 5 minutes later, she asked me if i could find her a plastic bag for her to pee in, i told her that I didn・t bring any plastic bag or anything that she could use.

Then she asked me where she could find a gas station so she use their washroom, I told her that ill try to find one. I・ve been cruising around for about 20 minutes while we were still driving home, and we still haven・t passed any gas station. About 5 more minute, i finally found one. So after I found the closest place to park from the gas station, i told her to walk to the washroom while I get the key for it. Then after I had gotten the key, she looks like she was about to burst. Then I quickly unlocked the door for her and she just started to run in there. Right after she sat on the toilet, she started pissing right after she pulled down her bikini.

After a few minutes, she finally finished.. Then got out right after she had flushed and washed her hands. And for the rest of the day, we just got straight to our apartment.

2. This happened about 6 months ago. I and katlin went to a movie at 9pm, during about 20 minutes of the movie; I kept seeing her squirming around in her seat. I asked her if she was okay, she said that she really has to pee. I guess it was because she had drank about a liter of coke earlier. But she said that she doesn・t want to miss the movie because it was getting good. So she just decided to try to make it through the movieK After 20 minutes, she said that she thinks she really needs to go now, but she really doesn・t want to miss the movie. So I suggest her that since we were the only ones in the room, she could go behind the back row and piss on the ground. She said that she really prefer not to do that, but she knows that she doesn・t exactly have a choice if she doesn・t want to miss the movie, but she was kind of afraid that someone who works in the theater might go into the same room that we・re in and see her pissing at the back. Then, she said that she doesn・t care now. So she quickly ran behind the last row to do it. But right before she could undo her skirt and panties, she started leaking out a bit. She quickly pulled down her panties and pants and started pissing everywhere behind the last row. She slowed it down so she could try to piss in just one area.

After she had finished peeing, she pulled up her panty and skirt, and then walked back sitting besides me. Then after an hour, she started to feel she needed to take a crap. So she told me that she needed to crap as well. Then she started to walk back over there, close to where she had pissed. She didn・t want to stand too close to the area that she had pissed at earlier, so she decided to do it somewhere else on the ground. But the more she walked, the more desperate she is pooping herself, so she knows that she has to poop somewhere or else she・ll do it in her panty. She really doesn・t know if she should do it right where she had pissed earlier or should she do it where she was standing. She kept thinking and thinking, but the thought about it had made her even more desperate. And that made her poop to start heading out her butt hole. She knows that she has to decide now, or she・ll mess herself. Then, she just noticed that if she kneeled down onto the ground, she・ll be blocked a bit from the movie, and she really don・t want to do it close to her pee because it was starting to smell a bit..

Then she just doesn・t care anymore, she just started to walk to the seat that was close to her, then she pulled down her panty and skirt, then she started to push out her poop. It came out pretty hard as usual it was coming a little bit slow. Then after a few minutes, she told me that her poop had stopped on its own, now, its hanging from her butt hole. I think it was at least 15 cm long that was on the seat. Then after a few minutes, she wanted me to rub her stomach to see if it works. After I did that, she groaned a bit quietly, and then it started to move again. But this time, it was slow again. She was having her eyes closed because it was pretty relax, but she was also trying to keep her eyes open so she wouldn・t keep missing the movie. After she was done, I gave her a few napkins that I had gotten from our apartment earlier; she started wiping her butt with it. After all that, the movie was close to over. After when she was done with it, she pulled up her panty and skirt, and then we started to walk back to our seats and watched what ever there is left of the movie. It turned out to be one of the most interesting days that have happened to me.

thats pretty much it.. ttfn, everybody.. oh, and marry christmas...

BRIAN: What a story! It must've been an experience to shit between your dad and his partner. I know I've shit with my dad and his buddies on fishing and camping trips. As they say, you do what ya gotta do! Wild story, hope you come up with some more.

i just had a wonderful shit. i poop once a day. i started to feel the urge to poo at 3 p.m today but i decided to hold it in because i want to have harder shits. now the clock is midnight i took a wonderful dump. i sat down pushed a little bit and then it started to move. it started to come out slowly and after some minutes it landed with a loud kerplonk. i thought it was amazing because i never poop thick once but this was 2.4inch wide and 6inch long, as you can understand it was pretty big.! i thought i was done but then i felt more to come. i started to push and slowly it came out a log not as thick it was 2inch wide but more wellshaped completely smooth like a banana the other one was knotty. i thought it would be a short one but it didn't stop coming out after about 5minutes it finally touched the water still hanging from my ass then it crawled at the bottom and after some more miutes it finally broke off without a splash because it had already walked against the bottom. this last log was 2inch wide completely smooth and 10inch long and so hard that it pushed away the first log so it disappeared. then i wiped just to see it was nothing there to wipe. i flushed and it went away without problems but the skidmarks this two logs created were enormous. anyone else having this huge dumps at night?

Andrew, did you hear the sink running when Katie flushed the toilet?

Once we were camping. No toilets or showers. No nothing basicly. Well my friwnd and I went to the creek to bath and another friend took ou pants and undies. We came out and were soooo embarrassed and grabbed these big leaves. Unfortunantly, my friend got a poisen ivy leaf and her 'special part' was itchy the whole camp.

I was at church and after the long sermon, many people wait in line to use the toilet. (sometimes up to 10 people.) There are 3 toilet cubicles and I was 3rd in line. The lady in front of me was doing a small pee dance and wedging her hands on her 'special part'. She told the lady in front of her she was busting, but that lady refused to swap. She spent the next few minutes waiting in agony, until I noticed a dark spot on her jeans. I guess she was a little late!

Junior, don't feel bad shit happens and that's why we wear boxers. You simply used your boxers for what they were made for.

Hi everyone! I have discovered this site a few week ago - brilliant. So I thought I should write, too. I am a 42 year old woman from Germany, my boyfriend and I have an open bathroom policy right from the beginning of our relationship. My boyfriend has chronic constipation, which makes it very painful and difficult for him to go. We have tried everything by now, various check-ups, but without any result. I always hold him in my arms, when he tries to go, encourage him, rub his ????, give him the feeling, that I am very near to him, share his pain and efforts. This helps him a lot, he says. On the other side he also likes to hold me when I am going, although I do not have any problems with my BM's usually. But it feels so good to have the loving partner right with you.

I also want to tell you about what happened last week. We were in a restaurant, when my boyfriend suddenly felt the urgent need to go. He hadn't gone for over a week and when he feels he can go, it is absolutely important to go as soon as possible, otherwise he will loose the urge and maybe has to wait another few days until he can go.
Of course, I wanted to support him also this time, but being in the restaurant this wasn't easy. We went to the men's room to look if it's empty. And luckily, no one was there, we thought. So we both went in, got into one of the stalls, and my boyfriend put down his pants and underwear and sat down. I was kneeling in front of him, holding him, caressing him, speaking to him, while he was pushing and straining with all his might. We totally forgot where we were. We didn't hear any people coming in and going out again. As usual his poop was very hard and very small, but when it finally splashed into the water we both were red in the face and sweating all over. Nevertheless we were so happy that he could go. I wiped his butt gently, we kissed each other and my boyfriend got dressed. Then we left the stall together and saw that there were two men staring at us. We both were still very exhausted and red in the face, so from the expression on their faces we could see what they thought what we had done in there, but I am sure they would have never suspected that my boyfriend had struggled with a very hard turd and I had helped him.

Hey Brian: Great post about your experience shitting in between your dad and his partner. It's a great post cause it shows how taking shits together bonds not only father and son, but gay and straight. You all three shared your 'man-stinks" and saw each others "man-logs" and you laughed about it together. This was one of the most important posts I've ever read in this forum, since 1997, as it knocked down a lot of bounderies...Great job Brian, your dad, Jeff, and your fiance are lucky you are in their lives....Happy New Year !!!!

The Last Mage
Wow, it's been a while since I last browsed these forums and I'm happy to see very little has changed. Sorry for the...odd name, but I can at least say that I'm a lighter brown black male of 16 years known for my "baby face"--no sneaking into clubs for me--and apparently cute butt. Anyway, I have a story, and it's a LONG one, be warned, about a cool experience that happened a few weeks ago before it really got cold.

I'm fairly active in track, and about half the team was at a certain member's parent's house on the lake (very blessed she is) and we were all just hanging out, playing games, studying for exams and all that good stuff. Well several of us decided to have a look around the woods and relax by the lake, including two of my close buddies on the team, a hot brown haired white girl named Katie and an equally hot blond named Amber--they were the ones who made the "cute butt" comment one practice--one the same age as me and one a year older.

So us and a few others decided to just walk around the lake together, but eventually we split up and did our own things. I decided to hang out with Amber and Katie, and while we were slowly walking and talking I felt that familiar twinge I get in my stomach when I need to take a crap, but the need grew stronger and stronger as we kept walking. Amber noticed my hand on my stomach and curiously asked "something wrong with your stomach?" I'm not shy when it comes to my bathroom needs but I'm not open either, but it was those two so I was blunt and said "I really really should have gone to the bathroom before coming on this trip. I need to go BAD!"

Katie giggled, sighed and said "yeah, you should have" My stomach started to make small gurgling noises and I knew wht that meant so I began to get a little worried and said "Damn...there's no way I can make it back in time" Amber bumped into me and looked at me with this mischevious grin and said "You can always just use nature. There's plenty of it!" Katie laughed while I gave Amber a crazy stare and then actually thought about it and thought why the heck not. Before I could voice my sudden change of heart, Amber got all defensive and said "What?! I heard it can be refreshing to go to the bathroom outside sometimes! You could always crap yourself instead on your way back" and she just giggled again.

I could feel the tip of a turd trying to push out, so I quickly considered my options. I think I was partly influenced by how open some people here are about using the bathroom outdoors so I went for it just to see for myself, and I was with two pretty ladies anyway. But I wasn't THAT open, so I told them I'll be right back and to wait there and ran off into a more covered area. I never did this before, but I knew I didn't want to be too close to the grass, so I just found an old stump, squatted and shifted into a comfortable position, pulled down my sweat pants and boxers and I was all set.

First I pulled my pants down enough so I could pee out a long steady stream and then brought up the front of my pants so that only my butt was completely exposed. I felt a pretty firm turd start to push its way out very slowly and snake its way down to the point where I could look down and see the light-colored turd. It was about halfway to the ground when it started moving slower and slower, but I DID feel refreshed so I didn't want to rush anything at all. While I let the turd move at its own pace, I heard a loud "Oh my God!", a bunch of giggling, and "I can't believe you're really doing it!" I had a feeling they would follow behind me, but they sure didn't waste any time.

They both started giggling insanely while pointing. I sort of faked surprise and shouted "Holy! What are you two doing over here? I think you can tell I'm in the middle of some importnat business!" They both tried to stop giggling long enough for Katie to say "We came to encourage you!" and Amber barely managing to nod in agreement. I just shrugged my shoulders in a sort of "suit yourselves" manner and said it really doesn't matter to me, if the smell alone wouldn't scare them away.

So now I was in a very interesting situation, with these two hotties ogling my dump from the most open view possible. All this time the turd was still hanging in limbo. Needless to say, I was very very turned on by the whole thing and I could tell they were getting more than a little excited themselves. Katie managed to say through more giggling "Ewwww! Look at that!" and pointed at the slow-moving turd, while Amber nodded and laughed and amazingly still said "Wow look at that cute butt!" and moved close enough to lightly pinch one cheek. Katie quickly followed and pinched the other cheek while giggling like a hyena.

I was about to whine at them but my words caught in my throat as the turd suddenly picked up speed and nearly touched the ground, dangling around by one small piece it seemed. I could only groan an "Ah man!" as Katie had an amazed look on her face while Amber laughed once and said "That is one long piece of crap! How come it's not falling?" Katie yelled "push!" and they both used that as an exucse to pinch my buttcheeks more as if that would make the turd fall on its own. I WAS pushing though and the turd finally fell with a loud thud. Both Katie and Amber giggled and said "Yaaaay!" but I could feel the bulk of my load pushing out. For the first time since they showed up, I was truly embarrassed when I let out one loud "Brrrrr!" fart, but not for long as another turd started to snake its way out. This one didn't stop mid-way though and snapped to the ground with a thud. I heard both girls say "yaaaay" again.

Katie started giggling even more insanely for some reason and then I realized they had gone from pinching to safely grabbing as much of one cheek as they could. I glanced back and shook my head at them, but felt another urge before I could say more than a few words, except whatever wanted to come out was taking its sweet time so I had to keep pushing. Amber started giggling as much as Katie--I'm sure she could feel me straining to push out the big load--and asked "Need a helping hand or two?" and I quietly gasped in surprise when I felt my cheeks slightly spread followed by more loud giggling. I fake-screamed like a girl and said "No! Don't look at my hole!", which they could see bulging over and over to push out the next turd.

"Hey, we're just helping!" Katie giggled at me while Amber said "Look at it! His butthole is so tight! You must have nearly died trying to push those out!" and she glanced down at my current load. They both continue to giggle and talk among themselves about the way my butthole widened and closed, but they WERE actually helping me and I felt the next turd move. I actually had to push for this one to move. Even though they were there, I didn't hold back and pushed with all my might over and over, trying not to groan too loud. I heard either Amber or Katie say "Oh my God!" as this extremely hard turd slightly sizzled out my hole and fell with a loud "THUDTHUD" I was surprised Katie could still firmly hold a buttcheek through all her laughing, but Amber was laughing nearly just as much and waving at her nose. I looked back and she grinned and said "Maybe we helped too much!"

I felt another turd poke its way out, but I kept my head turned back towards them and said "I would've been in serious trouble if I didn't go out here! I don't know about your 'help' but this is better than anything I would've come up with" Amber and Katie were both still in giggling fits but their eyes were glued to my butt from the moment the next turd poked its head out. They both still had their hand squeezing around a buttcheek. I'd be surprised if there weren't finger marks from them just grabbing my butt so much. Amber laughed loudly and said "This one is so much different from the last few" and looked up from the turd to me with a huge grin on her face. At this point, I think both girls were more turned on than me even. I felt the soft turd fall to the ground and pushed for more while Katie said "look" pointing towards my butthole with her free hand as if Amber was looking as closely as she was.

My stomach gurgled loudly one last time and I had to push one soft turd after another--they wouldn't come out on their own at all. Both girls were still in hysterics from the way my butt jiggled each time I pushed hard to drop a soft turd. I could see why it was so amusing with me going "Nnnnnn *thud* Nnnnnn *thud" over and over. I looked back at them while the soft turds oozed out and they both quickly glanced at me with grins as Amber said "Look at them go!" and squeezed my cheek even tighter. Katie almost immediately started to squeeze my cheek tighter like Amber. Finally I felt like I couldn't push anymore out and the soft poop came to a halt. I still sat there pushing just to make sure, because I don't like to get up if I don't think I'm done. I looked back again and Katie was still staring up my crack and giggling while Amber was exmaning and laughing at the pile of crap I made.

I loudly sighed and said "I think I'm done...that was hard work" Amber waved at her nose and said "Phew! You're going to scare all the innocent woodland creatures away with this! Even the flies!" I just grinned back at her and shrugged. Katie finally slowed down her giggling enough to say "you have a very cute AND very stinky butt" Amber amusingly raised one eyebrow and quietly giggled while asking "So why is your tight butthole still pushing?" Katie broke into another series of giggles. I laughed and said "I don't know? Why don't you two tell me why you're still grabbing my butt! Aren't you done helping?" Neither of them answered but just laughed at me and squeezed my cheeks even more. I gasped in surprise when I felt a piece of tissue wipe up my crack, and looked back to see Amber smiling back at me. She merely said "I didn't think someone could take a crap THAT large! Wow!" Katie halted her giggles enough to say "Yeah, look at all that crap and the paper is barely even dirty" As weird as it was to have a unknown piece of tissue paper be swiped around my butt, I didn't complain.

I finally got up from squatting position and stood up. I wanted to completely pull up my pants, but I still felt two hands grabbing my cheeks and Amber saying "So squishy!" while Katie said "smooth too!" They both looked up at me and laughed. I just shook my head and stretched saying "As much as I enjoy the compliments girls, I don't want to stand around all day with my butt hanging out" They both started to squeeze my cheeks even more and grab as much in one hand as they could while Amber grinned up at me and said "Somebody enjoyed our help a little too much" and I noticed that I couldn't hide my excitement nearly as well when I'm standing up and the buldge in my pants is completely obvious. I truly blushed a little for the first time and they both giggled and gave each other a high five before finally letting go of my butt, both making sure to smack and high five each cheek, and stood up waving away the smeel the large pile of turds was making. Katie seemed to notice how monstrous the pile was for the first time and had an "Oh my God!" look on her face.

I pulled up my pants and noted how weird it felt to NOT have hands grabbing my butt for the past twenty or thirty minutes. I looked down at my pile with the two girls and was just as amazed as they were. The first few turds were the most amazing by far and each was at least a foot long. Amber laughed and said "If I didn't just see it for myself, you couldn't get me to believe this came from a human" I slightly blushed again and tried to urge them off after I thought they'd finished admiring the pile.

I heard some more laughter behind me, and thought they were still looking at my pile, but when I turned around I saw both Amber AND Katie with their jeans and panties down winking at me and squatting beside each other next to my pile. They both giggled at the look of shock on my face. I only moved closer after Amber waved a finger and said "I bet I can top yours!" and started pushing and groaning. I looked towards Katie and saw she had already started pushing several scriggly yellow turds out but nothing huge. Still, it was completely insane. I now had two fine girls exposing their cute rear ends in front of me. I saw Katie's pink butthole bulge and then close after a few more scriggly turds. She just giggled and said "I really didn't have to go! Sorry!" and just smiled at me like what she was doing wouldn't seem a bit crazy to me. We both looked at Amber when she let out a loud groan and her amazingly round butt had this knobbly monster hanging from it. The turd was THICK and I couldn't believe it was coming from her as she pushed and pushed until it fell on the ground with a very very loud "THUD". Amber sighed and said "Well that's all I can do for ya!"

I finally found my voice again, but before I could ask Amber said "We just repayed you for the show you gave us! Don't think about it too hard! It was Katie's idea" and I just directed my astonished look towards Katie. Katie just smiled widely and said "I just wanted to try taking a crap outside too, since we pushed it on you so much. Stop acting like you didn't enjoy every bit of it" She blushed and smiled when she noticed I was staring at her butt and not her face while she was talking, but it was all over too soon for me as they both got up and quickly pulled up their panties and jeans without even bothering to dig through their purses for more tissue.

Amber looked at the wide turd I still couldn't believe her cute butt produced and said "Ha! Mine's BIGGER than any of yours!" I looked at the near deformed looking turd and nodded slowly with big eyes. Katie grabbed us both with a big smile on her face and said "Let's start heading back now, before everyone thinks we're up something we shouldn't be" and she nearly burst into a fit of giggles just from saying that. On the way back, with our corniness levels turned to full power, we walked arm and arm, but the girls pretended like they didn't just take a crap in front of me and just kept trying to embarrass me by talking about my huge dump and randomly grabbing my butt every now and then. Still, it was all a VERY interesting experience. Sorry I ended up being so long-winded, but I have a tendency not to exclude even the minor details.

I would've had to crap my pants if it was any other two girls, but we three are VERY close, usually open about everything, and it was a cool experience for all three of us really. At least I'm no longer against enjoying a nice dump in the presence of mother nature. Whelp, that's all for now.

To Jessica:
I hope you're not my best friend who has the same name. Because she hasn't told me about this and knows I like to hear about it. Your story reminded me of my first time. I was 14, home alone and nervous. It took a while but once I pooped my pants it felt great. I was curious as to what it would be like to do it on purpose. I had a few accidents but nothing I could enjoy. I use to wet my pants on purpose and wanted to know what messing them would be like. It wasn't sexual I just enjoyed the feeling and the rush. This board is great because it lets everyone, male and female, share stories that aren't always for fetishes.

This morning my boyfriend was asleep in bed and I got up to do the dishes. I was wearing his white briefs under my pajamas. In the middle of the dishes I felt the urge for a morning poop. He was fast asleep so I said what the hell. I spread my legs, relaxed and continued to wash dishes. I decided whichever comes first will happen. Me messing my pants or finishing the dishes. I couldn't hold it at all and knew I was going to poop my pants. Moments later It all slid out. A giant hard poo. The breifs were great because they weren't too tight and it held all the poop. Just like a diaper. My boyfriend came into the kitchen and I freaked because he hates this. He hugged me goodmorning and immedietly said "What's that smell?" I was like nothing and He said "You crapped your pants didn't you?" I started to cry. He opened my pants and saw the mess in his underwear. He just growled at me, got dressed and left. They are now soaking in the sink with soap because I stained them. HEHEHE

new but been reading
hello everyone was standing havin a piss this morning when my wife comes in and say I HAVE TO GO!!!! i finished moved to the side and she sits down leans forward and there it goes pftttt thfffpfff soft chucnks forcedout of her butt i watched as it all exited all with a tinkle of pee at the end wow that was great.

It was my weekend to spend with my dad and his wife. I always enjoyed staying with them. They never got uptight about anything. After putting my stuff in my room, I decided it was time to use the bathroom. I was shocked when I saw there was no toilet in their only bathroom, and the tile was being redone. My dad told me he had to take the toilet out to retile, and it would be done next week. The replacement for the toilet was a bucket that they emptied in the ravine behind their yard when it got dark. Being a 14 year old kid, this wasn't going to work well for me. I was embarrassed when I pooped in the privacy of my own home, yet in a bucket. I decided to limit the times I used it as much as possible. A few hours later I had to pee really bad, so I told them I was going to take a shower. When I got in the shower, I just peed down the drain. After dinner, I helped them finish some yard work outside. When they weren't watching, I snuck behind the garage and peed again. But I felt dinner moving through me quickly. As much as I tried, I couldn't figure out any other way to go with any privacy, other than using the bucket. That night, we were sitting around talking and playing video games on TV. My stomach was starting to hurt from the need to shit. I tried not to show it, but it reached the point that I couldn't wait anymore. I was about to go in my pants. My father saw me fidgeting and asked me if I felt okay. I told him I had to go to the bathroom real bad. He laughed and told me not to be bashful, and to get in there and use that bucket. I jumped up, my stomach cramping, and ran to the bathroom. I quickly dropped my pants to my ankles as I eyed the bucket. I squatted over the bucket and held on to the walls with my hands out. I didn't even have to push as shit poured out of my butt. This wasn't going to be a quick one. One continuous log of soft poop fell in to the bucket. As one log stopped, another started. It seemed like forever before I finished with a few pushes. It was hard to wipe while holding on to the walls for balance. I got up and pulled up my pants. I looked in to the bucket and was shocked to see how much shit was in the bucket. I was embarrassed because I had to take the bucket outside now and empty it. I had to pass my parents as I walked to the back door. I asked my dad where I was supposed to empty it. He told me he would come with me. He glanced in the bucket and said, "Wow, you really did have to go!" I'm sure my face was bright red. We walked together to the back of the yard, where I dumped the bucket in to a whole they had dug, then threw a layer of dirt over the pile. I washed the bucket out with the hose at the back of the house, then put the bucket back in the bathroom. When we returned to the video games, my step mother asked if I was feeling better. Embarrassed, I said I was fine. I made it the rest of the weekend without taking a shit.

As a child I toilet trained later than most, and still wore night-time diapers at 4 years of age. Now I am going back some 30 years to a time where all mothers used cloth diapers, safety pins, and rubber pants on their kids, and my own mother was no exception to that.

Each night before i was put to bed, sometimes a little earlier, my mother would take me into my bedroom and pin a double diaper on me with rubber pants over top. I always woke in the morning soaked.

However the one morning that still sticks fresh in my mind was the morning I pooped badly in those diapers. My mother had come into my room with a freshly lit cigarette as she always did, and after lowering the baby crib railing, she pulled off my rubber pants. I remember the pinky brown coloured stain which showed through the seat area of the white rubber pants as she held them up in the air, and my mothers reaction to the mess.

I continued laying there quiet and still while dear old mother unlatched the pins on my cloth diapers, while holding her cigarette in her mouth. I don't remember the smell so much over the smoke from moms cigarette, but I do remember having to endure the embarrassment of being put back into clean diapers and rubber pants as punishment for the remainder of the day, and having to toddle around the house like a baby in front of everybody.

I've just started a job as a temp in a new office block. It's very modern, and I was surprised upon arriving to find the the bathrooms are unisex, like in Ally McBeal.

On the day before breaking up for the Christmas holidays, the team had been out for a meal at lunchtime. I ate a huge meal of turkey with all the trimmings. I don't normally eat at lunchtime, and barely eat any meat at all, so I guess it was a strain on my stomach. By the time it got to home-time, I was starting to get the tell tale signs in my stomach that I needed to go and sit on the toilet for a while. Since I'd also missed my usual morning bowel movement, I knew I was in for a long haul of at least 45 minutes and there would be a LOT to come out. Being a little shy about my toilet habits, I waited until everyone had left, under the pretence of finishing an excel spreadsheet before the holidays and headed to the bathroom, choosing the end cubicle, thinking I would be able to have my bowel movement in peace and quiet. Hanging my purse up behind the door, I hitched up my just-above the knee pencil skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat down and waited to make sure I was alone.

I soon discovered that the decor of the bathroom (marble sinks, large mirrors, tiled floors, doors with a large gap at the bottom of about a foot and a half in height) made for anything but a peaceful bowel movement. I gave a little push to get things started and a noisy, wet fart exited my bottom and echoed around the room. Thank goodness I am alone, I thought, as a large wave of poop fell into the toilet, making very audible splashing noises. After the first wave was over I sat quietly for around 10 minutes, as I knew there was more to come. I pushed again and a much larger turd began to exit my bottom. This one was going to take a long time to come out.

As I sat on the toilet with a huge turd snaking its way out of my bottom, I froze as I heard the door open and the distinctive sound of a man's pair of shoes enter the bathroom. I couldn't see who it was from my position, obviously, but I'm sure as he entered he would have seen my high-heeled shoes under the front of the door. I detected a moment of hesitation before he chose a stall, maybe a little shy that he was about to pee while there was a woman in the bathroom with him. I understand some guys can get a little "shy" about peeing in these circumstances. I assessed the situation - would I be able to stop this monster dump from falling during the short time it would take him to pee so that he didn't hear me? I sat and tried not to breathe too hard, and to my horror I realised that not only had he taken the stall next to me, but I heard the tell tale sound of his ass hitting the seat and then silence. He was obviously also here to take a bowel movement.

I sat there for 5 minutes with this large, persistent bowel movement hanging out of me, my heart pounding out of my chest. Nothing was happening in the cubicle next door except the occasional quiet airy fart. In my panic I thought carefully - I did not know this person, he was obviously someone from a different floor as all my team had already left. My stomach was starting to contract now, the turd was moving on its own with no encouragement from me, and I had no choice but to let it drop. Holding my head in my hands with embarrasment, I felt it slip out of my bottom and it hit the water with a huge "FLOOOOOOMMMP". Worse still, I knew I wasn't yet finished.

I suppose the sound of my bowel movement progressing in such a way put the guy next to me at his ease a little. Maybe he had been trying to stop his poop from coming out too, as a little after a minute after mine hit the water, a cascade of small, regular chunks started hitting the water on his side of the wall. Plip-plip-plip to start with, then seven larger plops around 10 seconds apart, a few more plip-plip-plips gathering speed and then a flurry of 4 large turds, hitting the water with dull "thudding" noises. By now I had been in the toilet for around 20 minutes, which is quite normal for me, and knew that there was still more to come as my stomach had started to cramp up. For the next five minutes I sat there and just farted as now the large turd was out of the way, my movement had started to get a little gassy. My companion was silent for 5 minutes, with only the occasional quiet fart.

Quite suddenly he let go a massive wet booming fart that lasted for around 10 seconds and started to let loose with a huge wave of small chunks, each hitting the water with very audible plopping sounds. My gassiness had stopped by now and I was sitting in silence. I started to count, but there were so many that after about 5 minutes and 30 or so plopping chunks which were coming out of him in groups of 4 or 5, I lost count.

After another 5 minutes or so, I was just starting to think I may be done when a huge stomach cramp hit me and I realised that I was about to start having diarrhea. I doubled over on the toilet and held my t???y, pushing a little to ease the cramp. A cascade of loose, noisy chunks began to fall out of my bottom. As I was sitting there, mortified, dispensing my very noisy bowel movement like a soft ice cream machine, I heard one more small wave of firm plops from next door, then the sound of him pulling the toilet roll holder. He wiped 9 times, flushed, washed his hands and at last left me in peace and quiet to finish.

By now I had been on the toilet for around half an hour, but still knew I wasn't finished. As he opened the bathroom door to leave, I heard an office cleaner outside in the hallway finishing the vacuuming for the evening. I farted again, and more soft poop began to fall out of my bottom. After the first wave, I reached around and flushed, as the toilet was starting to get fairly full. As I sat there during a small reprieve from the cramps, the door opened again and the cleaner came in to replenish the hand towels and clean the sinks. To my horror, there was a small tap on the door. "Yes?" I said quietly. "I'm sorry to bother you miss," came the voice of the cleaning lady, "but we need to lock up. Are you going to be much longer? I saw you head in here around half an hour ago, and didn't want to interrupt, but thought you'd be finished by now." As if this couldn't get any more mortifying. "I'm sorry," I said gingerly, "but I seem to have eaten something at lunch that didn't agree with me. I have the runs, and I have no idea how long I'm going to be."
"Well," she answered, "I'm done in here, I'll go into the main office and empty the bins, and you just come and get me when you're done," and off she went.

I sat on the toilet for around another 15 minutes with my stomach cramping and wave after wave of loose, soft, chunks hitting the water interspersed with semi-liquid diarrhea splattering the pan. This was by far the nastiest bowel movement I had had for about a year, and it didn't show any sign of letting up, and two separate people had heard it. Gradually though, the cramps began to produce more solid, slightly larger turds which hit the water with noisy plopping sounds. To my relief, after around 20 minutes of this, each turd coming out of me a minute or two apart, things began to ease up and finally with a wave of "thuds", my poor bottom began to close up and I felt finally done.

I carefully began to wipe my by now very sore behind. It was a hell of a mess and I had to wipe 15 times to get clean, using almost the entire half a toilet roll that was in the holder. After I had had to flush the toilet four times to get it all down, I pulled up my panties, straightened my skirt, picked my purse from the door and washed my hands and left. The cleaning lady was sitting outside in the hall, waiting for me. I apologised profusely to her, as I'm sure she wanted to go home.

I had been on the toilet for over an hour, and had missed my train home. The following day, my stomach was still a little upset. I normally go twice a day, but that day had to go 6 times, but only for around 15 minutes each. Three times at home and three times in the bathroom at work, but thankfully those times I managed to do it in peace, and I never found out who my companion was.

Hi all, hope everyone had a great Christmas.

TO SITA: Sita I love all your little stories sweetheart I wish you would post more often. I've had phantom turds too. You feel it come out but when you look in the bowl there is nothing there - just clean water. I think if it's just the right shape, and it hits the water just right, it goes straight around the pipe bend. I know you were disappointed because I always like to inspect mine after I have finished.

TO MR. CLOGS: I see you hold your butt cheeks apart when your poop is coming out. I do exactly the same, I lean forward, which naturally opens them, but I reach around behind with both hands and make sure they are open as far as is comfortable. It helps my turds come out and I don't get anything like as messy.

Anyway, this Christmas I got a present I didn't expect - one of the most incredible BMs I have ever had. On Christmas morning I felt kind of strange when I got up, I had this real vague sensation very low down. By the time I had finished breakfast it had changed into a dull, bloated and rather uncomfortable full feeling. Even though I didn't feel an urgent need to poo, there was a distinct sensation of pressure in my rectum. I decided I had no choice but to go sit on the toilet and hope for relief. To my surprise it started coming out as soon as I fully relaxed my hole. To my further amazement it was still slowly but surely making its way out a whole half a minute later and did it feel soooo good after all this time rubbing my ring. A few seconds later I finally felt it narrow and fall silently into the water letting my hole close up again.

I sat there for a full minute savoring the totally empty feeling that only a really good poo can produce. In fact I felt like the world had fallen out of my hole, it felt so empty. I always inspect my poo so I got up, turned and saw a huge log that had split into 3, completely filling the bowl. In disbelief and with my pants still down (because my ass was filthy dirty) I shuffled to the kitchen and got my tape measure. There was an 8 incher, a 7 incher and a 6 incher, all about 1 and 3/4 inches thick. A 21 inch log! - can you imagine? But man did I feel soooo good and empty. Out of curiosity I did some sums later and estimated it must have been about 4 pounds. No wonder I felt so full and bloated and the world had just fallen out of my hole.

It all started Xmas eve.. I needed a poo but it was too high up, so experience has taught me that all the pushing in the world will not help. That morning I went to the gym and went into the change room and sat on the toilet and out it came...the largest turd I have passed for many a long day. It was quite hard and thick...followed with a few smaller turds. Next morning was Xmas,,,had about 4 trips to the toilet that day and passed hard poos but not a lot each time. Woke up in the early hours of the morning with a need to go and have a sit...anyway passed a very good quantity of solid poos. I do not think I over ate but my ???? has been so rumbling, aching etc and FULL. I drank some prune juice this morning and had a big runny poo but I still feel quite unwell. I think that it is foods that are not the best for me, lack of sleep and being too busy at work.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

hi, i want to give you folks a tip of perfect pooping.
you can't do it always because it's not so good tasting:)
if you eat oatmeal porridge 3times a day and just drink water to it,
no milk or jam for 2days without pooping you will have a fine poop.
i have done this three times and every time i have pooped out a 1.6inch
wide and 8 inch long log. pretty hard and none smelling. you don't have
to wipe because theres nothing there. you will feel completely empty
in a good way.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Outdoor Jenny!

Well the last two days in Wisconsin have been unusually warm so I finally got to have a poo outside. Me and my boyfriend double dated with that girl from work that I pooped with in one of my most rescent posts. We went out for Mexican food and then went to a bar for some drinks. After that, the boyfriends were getting along really well we invited them back to our house to hangout and drink some more. Well by this time the beer and the Mexican food were stirring inside me and I knew i was gonna have to drop one soon. Our boyfriends were down in the basement playing pool and the girl (who wants to remain nameless because I told her about the site)and I were talking and we had a couple of nice farts between the two of us. Loud wet ones. ( after that buddy poop at work we are comfortable like that around each other) so I asked her if she needed to poo and she said shes building a good one and I said me too. I told her I like to poop outside and that she should try it, it feels so free. So we went outside to my bushes in the back yard, she had a cute white blouse on with black slacks and tall black "naughty boots" as I like to call them...ha ha ha. Anyways we went out there and she said " Mine is not quite ready but go ahead, can I stand to the side and watch?" I said " Sure" I had black heals, pantyhoes, a black skirt and a red sweater on. I pealed down my red panties and pantyhoes and pulled up my skirt and started to wee.

I waited for a few seconds and I had a huge wet fart followed by some very chunky poo that shot out of my butt. I said " Wow this feels good, oh here comes some more i think" I pushed and this time it was all liquid followed my some nasty farts. I could tell it was time for my friend to go when She turned to me and said " holy shit im gonna explode!" She dropped her pants and panties and a torrent of diareha flowed out of her, she had a really long wet fart and then some more, we both sat so we could see each other poo and it looked like she was peeing out of her butt. We each pooped for about 10 more minutes in the same fashion, finished and went inside. The boys were still downstairs, we both had to go back out for round 2, we had the squirts that night but it was fun having a poop buddy outside again. She wants to make it a ritual when she comes over.....TTYL Everyone....Merry X-mas!!!

To Sita: Sometimes, a single turd can slide down into the toilet trap w/o flushing and it looks like it disappeared! Don't worry, I'm sure if you look down there hard enough (or even use a small mirror on a stick that you want to sacrifice) you'll see it!

to kellie
Kellie, don't be embarrassed, the same thing happend to me in a unisex john last week. I was the omly guy in a bathroom full of 5 woman, they laughed thier brains out

Hi I'm 17, slim, and I poop twice a day. Well last night I was laying in bed watching t.v. and I felt like I needed to fart because I ate beans. I pushed and let out a few farts that were a little wet. Later I felt like farting again, so I pushed and accidently forced out a turd. I looked back and turd had shot up like a rocket tenting my boxers. As I made my way to the bathroom the end broke off so I dumped it in the toilet. I sat down and pushed out 12 more inches of firm brown poop. I tossed the underwear, and went to bed. It was very embarrissing but I'm glad no one was around

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, it's Mr. Clogs back on the seen again. Yeah it's been a while since I posted. Well I got an interesting one to share so here goes.

Today i got home from school today needed to use the bathroom. No big deal made it to the bathroom after sorting out the mail. So I felt tthe urge to go, I made my way to the toilet pulled down my jeans and boxers down and sat on the toilet. So I started peeing followed by some poop. It felt good coming out and felt a little bit empty, but stunk really bad! So I wiped up twice, you may say how, well I sit on the toilet with butt cheeks spread appart so there's less to wipe (which I like). What is interesting was the amount I made, man I haven't seen turds that massive i years. I was amazed at myself because I normally don't make that much, but oh well. I pulled up my boxers and jeans, sprayed some airfreshner in the bathoom and washed my hands and left.

I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care and Happy holidays to you all.

Take care, --Mr. Clogs


I've had that same thing happen to me. My poop usually floats. I'm guessing what happens it that the log heads down the hole, and since there's an upward bend beyond what you can see, it floats back up in there.
I think it's kind of disappointing when that happens, because I like to see my work there for me. Oh well.

(Yay- I used to post about a year and a half ago, but got away from it, but now it's great to be back. :)

on the Dec 20th episode of Rodney (an sit come on ABC an American network). He had a arguement with his wife and so the next morning they were doing littile things to each other and he lets out a fart the next things thier children come in and exclaime "Oh dad !" and he blamed thier mother !

Hi everyone! I just came back from my holiday and i'm SOOOO eager to tell you all about what happened on the airplane to Perth!!!

This lady was well dressed, versace bag, denim jacket with black British India shirt and Arthur Yen Pants with a leopard printed scarf. After finishing EVERYTHING on her plate, she read a great book (Jeffrey Archer -Award winning) -A Matter of Honor and then she went to sleep. It was a nite flight so she slept real soundly.

When she woke up, it was breakfast and she ate more. She then went to sleep for abt 30mins and when she woke up, she was a real desperate lady. She held her crotch and ran to the lavatory. The air stewardess pointed to the 'seatbelt on' sign and explained kindly that it wasn't advisable to use teh lavatory just yet.

The lady was traveling with her husband and her child -Jamie. Her husband called her 'dear' so i don't know what her name is.

She returned to her seat, deperate. She waited impatiently for the seatbelt sign to be turned off,then made her way to teh lavatory. She was totally desperate.

The lavatories were all occupied so she did a desperate pee-dance while waiting for her turn. Her face twsited in agony and she crossed her legs like never before. She held her crotch and did a dance like tap dancing. I looked at her and she smiled weakly at me before one stall opened and she frantically dashed in. That was the last.

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