sorry that i've been gone
my computer died

i just had a diarrhea story
me and my cousin and best friend sarah were walking in the woods after eating at burger king
All of a sudden we both had a huge urge to shit
We looked around franticly for a spot, then we found it, a bucket sitting in the woods, i took in then me and sarah ran deeper into the woods.
So we put the bucket down, then at the same time we relised that there was the issue of who would go first

After 30 desprate seconds we decided to go back to back
Together we pulled and sat
At once Sarah groaned and let out a long gush of runny/lumpy shit.
Then i gave mine a light push to get the small hard part going.
Then Sarah let out a fart, the size of which i had never heard from her and man did it stink.
Then i let out a long pee stream followed by a few bubbly farts
An almost liquid gush came from sarah ass just as my pee stopped
Then a few farts and we were done
We got up and looked at what we had done and cuckled, it was 1/3 full
Then as we were walking away sarah dashed back and threw up

All in all it was a fun expriance

The Nature Boy
w00t, had a neat experience today at work. A coworker (mid-20's, slender, long curly black hair) came into the breakroom on the way into work where I was eating lunch with another coworker. We could hear someone throwing up in the women's bathroom just down the hall (stomach virus epidemic down here....I was a victim, but I'd rather forget about it than post about it!) Anyway, the girl coming in was saying that her stomach was hurting from the sloppy joe she had eaten before coming in, but she didn't want to go in the bathroom where the girl was puking. My lunch-mate suggested she go in the men's room, and I agreed in my usual joking fashion. "Yes, as a man I hereby give you permission to use the men's room."

-note - the women's room has two stalls, the men's is a single-occupancy

So she went in there. The fan comes on when the lights do, and I could hear nothing. Which is a comforting thought in retrospect since I'm a shy dumper. She came out a few minutes later, and went on into work in the store. A few minutes later I needed to go back in too, so I went in there to pee first. The seat was still down, and there was little smell in there - but it was pretty *strong* right over the bowl when I 'drained the lizard,' heh. No skidmarks in the bowl either. There was a faint hint of air freshener in the air...though I wonder if SHE sprayed it since I didn't even hear that.

Oh, and here's some Karma. I tease this same girl because she has a small bladder and has to pee...a LOT. Well, I'VE had a hard time making it through the night now without having to get up and pee in the early hours....


Since she's more or less HAD to be open about her 'condition,' I told her of my newfound problems and my 'what goes around comes around' theory that I had it coming!

Merry Christmas - WOOOOO!
The Nature Boy

for the past few days i have been suffering from a bout of quite severe diahrrea - i have been pooping almost 10 times a day, this lava like sludge that comes out like a high pressured hose and by sound could be mistaken for pee. And of course this is accompanied by stomach gurgles, loud and smelly wind as well as a red-raw butt hole. Finally i thought i was over it and went back to the gym. I was doing a cycling class when i felt some movements in my stomach followed by waves of pain and a downwards pushing feeling. i kept cycling, luckily the music was loud so no chance of farts being heard. Then all of a sudden i lost control and i filled my bike shorts with hot sticky diahrrea. It was like a massive grumbling fart that just exploded into a torrent of liquidy mud. Being in bike shorts it was squashed up against my butt (no undies) but i could feel the movement of my legs pushing it down, possibly out the leg of my shorts. I stopped and walked gingerly out to the change room. I sat down on the toilet only to blow out some more runny goo, but this time i was doubled over clutching my stomach. BEfore i could control it i let out a moan, which was answered by someone asking if i was OK. i said yes - how embarrassing - and sat there hunched over with my crap filled bike shorts around my ankles. After about half an hour it all stopped and i tried to flush as much of the poop as i could off my pants. I had nothing else so i put the poop stained pants back on and drove home quickly, to have a shower.

I am a 24 y/o straight male engaged to my high school sweetheart. Last weekend I hung out with my dad, and his partner Jeff. We went to the beach since the weather was so nice. Before we left we all used the bathroom. Kelli (my fiance) went of course to the womens restroom, while my dad, Jeff and myself hit the mens room. This restroom had three 'open-air" toilets on each side of the room facing each stalls, of course, no doors...without even thinking. I dropped my trunks and sat on the middle toilet, leaving my dad and Jeff the two toilets on either side of me...As we all started grunting, farting, and major plopping of shit, my dad looks at me and says ' Brian, your the ONLY male that will ever get between Jeff and me" Then we laughed and let out some monsterous farts and shit-logs. When it was time to wipe our assholes, a cool dude who was shitting across the way brought us a half a roll of toilet tissue, which the three of us shared, as we all stood to wipe our asses. I'll tell you this...for 46 and 47 year old men, my dad and Jeff sure can produce some big shit-logs, as big as mine... It was funny, and sort of a neat 'bonding" experience with the two of them...Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate... B

I took a shit this morning at JC Penney's, and all the stalls in the mens restroom had no doors. I had to go really really bad, and all 3 toilets were in use, so I squirmed, and one of the guys knew I was in trouble, so he gave himself a real quick wipe, and left the stall with a quick flush....As I raced onto the toilet, I saw all his shit whirlpooling down the mouth of the bowl...He apologized that I hadda witness his shit, but I thanked him for rushing his bowel movement. Man, did I explode all over the bowl...Whew.Merry Christmas !!!!!


22y/o dude here, read some of the posts and finally have one of my own

christmas eve and christmas day I've spent either on the shitter or over the trashcan. it all started yesterday morning. I woke up and had coffee and then had to go take a shit. business as usual. the problem was what I thought was just a short case of the post coffee shits kept going. went to town to pick up a few last minute things and had to stop to use the mens room at the gas station going in and coming out of town (their were lines at both places and by now everything coming out of my ass was nothing but large amounts of pure liquid and gas). my guts cramped all day whether I had just shit or not. by the time I got home I was throwing up. went to bed early and went to sleep. about 4 am I woke up and my guts were like purring and gurgling. I knew I didnt have any time so I threw off the covers stood up to run to the bathroom. before I realized it was happening a few shots of stinking brown water squirted into my white hanes. I clenched my ass like a fist and staggered to the bathroom ripped my underwear down and started letting out waves of what sounded like piss and wet farts. finally I finished went back to my room, pitched my underwear into the dirty clothes basket, threw on some more and went back to sleep. I woke up again about 8. only this time it was the other end - and while I was leaning over puking, I felt a few more squirts of diahrrea make their way into my undewear. as soon as I was done puking without even flushing or wiping my mouth I turned around and puked out of my ass some more. it's noon now, I still have a fever and have taken two more shits, mostly mucus (sp?) since I don't think there's anyything left to come out

Having to do #2`s in front of a new b/f must be very confronting. If it wrecked the potential relationship then the b/f would not be worth much. On the other hand, in your case, it advanced the relationship to the max.
I had the same situation as you when I was with my g/f the second time. We checked into a motel, had a great evening meal, went back to the motel and I really needed to poo. There was no TV or radio to turn on and the unit was very small. No problems for me ,I just went in sat on the pot and let fly with this real gushy shit....big time. Did not worry me a bit...we all poo...I think it made my g/f more comfortable with her bodily functions in proximity to me. That g/f is now my Rachelle we have something in common!
TO KELLIE: Quite frankly it must have been an entertainment but it depends on the way your workmates handled it. If they have the approach that it "could have been them" it is OK. If I were their I would have probably joined in the fun but at the same time said "good work".
My Issue is that I have been eating a real lot of fibre and my poos are very hard and chunky. The morning before last I sat on the toilet and felt full, bloated and in need of a good movement but No Go. I gave myself a Micro enema, it worked fast but I only expelled several smallish hard balls. A couple of hours later I was in the car and got the dramatic urge. I pulled over to a public toilet and hovered above the bowl and let out a mass and flood of soft serve. It was fast and so good! I felt much better.
Merry Christmas!!!

Mr. Clogs
Hey, hey, hey! It's Mr. Clogs again, got a quicky to post.

Today on my way home on the train, I needed to use the bathroom. So I figured that the train bathrooms would be free, but the door was locked! I said no problem, I'll be at the train stop in a few minutes so I decided to hold it. I got to the train station stop and wanted to go home to handle my business, but the urge kept coming so I decided to use the bathroom by the train station instead, luckly the place was clean. So I pulled down my jeans and undies and sat down to handle my business. I sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes until I was done, turning the toilet water into a light brown merky color filled with TP from covering the seat. I washed my hands put my coat on and left to take care some things.

EmoGirl: Hey, great post. Your boyfriend must of been lucky guy to witness you peeing on the theatre seat. Great post again EmoGirl and Happy Holidays.

Mikey J. : Great post man and thanks for the tip, it may come in handy for me someday because I like going in strange things. Happy Holidays.

Well that's it for now, you all have a good holiday weekend.

--Mr. Clogs

hey i need for some reason today when i tried to go to the bathroom it wouldn't come out at all! i was there for like 10 minutes! and it hurt sooo finally i just got up and stopped but it still hurts a lot even as i write this! does anyone know something i could eat or do to make it softer and easier to go to the bathroom?? thanks!

yo it's me again

I killed the shits with some pepto so I could get through xmas dinner. it's a lot later now and it just wore off. I was feeling great. then out of nowhere this cramp hit me and about bent me over. I ran like hell for the toilet and ripped my jeans down. first there was a spray of mush then a long trickle of runny shit, two loud wet farts and then spurts of brown water. my guts were growling and the bathroom smelled like an ass died. that's the last of it though

Hi everyone!

great stories. I have an unusuall scenario! I was taking a dump the other nite - I had terrible cramps and lots of wind. when i went to poo - this massive lump of what was like tagiatelli, popped out, but was half out and half in. So I tried to poo more - no luck, so i gave a tuck- no luck - I began sweating in fear and waited - after 10 mins of pushing, a massive load unlodged and fell into the toilet. it looked like after birth. So I guess I have or had worms? anyone else ever experience the same?

This post takes place over time, so I will put the time at the beginning of each stage.


I'm sitting on my bed right now in an old pair of jeans, panties, and a black, long sleeved t-shirt. I have lined my panties with paper towels and plan on pooping in them, like I read some girls here did before, and I've wanted to try it out since I read their stories. I'm not sure if I put the paper towels in right, or if they're thick enought to hold all the poop, so that's why I'm using old jeans and panties, and wearing a black shirt(in case I accidentally get some on it). My parents are away tonight for a special dinner before Christmas.


I'm beginning to feel a bit of pressure in my butt, nothing too severe, but it's a start.


I'm really starting to feel it now, the pressure is getting pretty intense, I usually have pretty solid poop, but this is pretty gassy, so I'm not sure.


Ok, it's time. I am about ready to push! I'll try to type as each step is happening...

I can feel it poke out, but since I haven't crapped myself since about 3rd grade, it's really hard to do it voluntarily.

It keeps poking out, I try to make it go out, but it gets an inch or two out, touches the paper towels, and pulls itself back in.

Ok, I think it's finally ready...


I finally managed to push out a little bit, and even as I'm typing, I'm pushing. Oh! I'm pooping! I'm actually typing while pooping my pants!


I've completely and utterly soiled my pants. I can feel the weight of it in my pants, even though I'm laying down. It's warm and solid. I'm going to try standing up for a minute.


Ok, it's a really weird feeling, kinda' heavy. Some of it stuck to my butt, and some of it fell into my panties. I'm going to go clean up now.


That took longer than I thought to clean up. None of it got my panties dirty, actually, only 1 paper towel got ruined. I have about 6 more in my panties right now, in case I need to go again.

Happy holidays, everybody! I'll keep reading, I love to hear about girls having accidents or pooping their pants on purpose.

TO Sita:

That doesn't sound very unusual (unless you dropped a huge log that couldn't have possibly gone anywhere.) The stool you made probably just went down a little further into the outflow - closer to the "s"-bend. If you put on a rubber glove & put your hand down there, I'm sure you'd feel it hiding.
To me, it seems to happen mostly in public toilets. I would guess because their design is a bit different than the standard throne most people have in our home bathrooms.

Occasionally I notice the 'missing-turd' reappears for a split second when I flush. Take a look the next time it happens!


I really love eggnog and always remember to buy it every Christmas to celebrate the holidays... Unfortunately, *each year* I also forget that it gives me enough gas to blow up the Goodyear blimp and loosens what should be good solid stools into 'ropes'. And when I get 'ropes' I have to wipe more thoroughly or I end scratching my rectum & make skid marks in my underwear...

I had a glass this morning before heading out and surprise... surprise... I've been farting & scratching all day.

Luckily, I've been outdoors walking for most of the day so I've been able to fart away without restraint for the most part. The same can't be said for scratching. Waiting in line in a store this afternoon, I had the most STRONGEST URGE to REALLY scratch in the crack of my ass. I almost couldn't pay & get out of the store fast enough to give myself some relief.

Though I havent' checked my briefs yet, it doesn't feel like I'm messy back there. However, I'm pretty sure I've got a skid mark to some degree. (Thankfully, I made the good choice this morning of putting on dark coloured underwear.)

Cheers! Merry Christmas & Happy Newyear Everyone!!


1. What have you eaten that has turned your poop a different color than normal - maybe red, green, very dark, very pale, etc.?
>I ate a cheese & broccoli dinner earlier this year and it turned my stools literally to a St. Patrick's Day-emerald green the next day or two!
Like most people, if I have diarrhea, I've seen my stools as yellowish/brown and even red.

2. What foods besides corn survive their journey through you and are visible in your poop?
>Peas, seeds, rasins, onion bits, & rice (on rare occasions.)

3. Have you ever given a stool sample, and if so, what did you have to do?
>I was 12 or 13 and my mother noticed that I was having trouble going. After going to the Dr., he asked for a stool sample and it turned out that the coloured TP was the reason. (I posted a more detailed account of this recently. Take a look on page 1432.)

4. Could you give a brief description of yourself?
>Male, early 30's, ~150 lbs., 5' 9", averague build.

5. How often do you take a poop?
>Mostly once or twice a day.

6. About how large are your poops on average?
>When I'm having healthy BM's, around 3" or 4" long by 1 1/2" wide.

7. About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
>Five or 6.

8. What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?
>Nobbily ones mostly. Right now, I'm passing 'rope-segments'.

9.What form do your poops usually come out as?
>'Marbles' - when I'm constipated; Smoothe 'logs' - when things are good, 'ropes' & loose chunks when I have diarrhea.

10.About how long does it take for you to poop?
>Usually not more than 5 minutes.

11. Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
>Mostly in the afternoons... Occasionally in the mornings.

12. Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?
>As long as it's clean and has plenty of TP, any good bathroom will do.
At work, I do have a favourite cubicle though. (The handicapped stall.)

13.Overall, do you like pooping?
>Yes. At times, it's 10x more relieving than a pee.

14.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
>I like my privacy - especially in polite company, but I would love to find a girlfriend who would enjoy me watching & listening and vice-versa.

15.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
>Rice, fruits & vegitables, (i.e. stuff with fiber), and things that make my stools nice & firm.

16.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
>A 2" wide, solid log that requires a bit of effort to push out but not enough to strain for 15 or 20 minutes. WI also like it when it's wide & hard enough to give my anus a 'tingling' sensation immediately after it plops into the water.
I remember one poop I did that came out like a cow-pattie (but wasn't diarrhea.) It was HUMONGOUS and left me with the most wonderful warm & empty feeling. The feeling brought a smile to my face the rest of that day!
I don't think I've ever had a more satisfying BM before or since.

Cheers! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


After a hearty Christmas lunch today I was certainly ready for a good poo at teatime and did full justice to the occasion! Sometimes I've found the food over Christmas tide to be rather connstipating but not yet (so far) this year.

However I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, be they newcomers here or 'old timers' like myself, a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

I had a good shit at home yesterday when I got home from work.
I grunted and strained at first to get it going, and then dropped 4 hard ones.
"KERPLUNK", silence for a few seconds, "KERSLUNK", "BALUMP", but the 4th was quiet, it must have dropped on one of the others

Sunday, December 25, 2005


I had an embarrassing experience at work yesterday. I went into the bathroom, which is right next to the lunch room, where several of my co-workers were eating. Unfortunately, the bathroom doesn't have a fan to cover any noises someone might make, and I've always found the practice of running the water to be really stupid and childish.

Anyway, I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I had been constipated earlier, but now I really felt the urge to crap. I really had to go, but I pushed and pushed and nothing came out. My load just sort of shifted slightly. With a great amount of effort, I managed to dislodge the blockage. I wound up having what I refer to as a "champagne dump". In other words, a rock solid chunk of compacted shit blew out of my ass like a cork, followed by a spray of diarrhea.

IT WAS VERY, VERY LOUD. A loud fart, followed by a loud splash, followed by some loud gurgling and more farting, and a loud groan that escaped from my lips before I had a chance to stop it.

I heard everyone at the lunch table crack up in laughter. My face turned beet red. I'm not a very self-conscious person, but I also would rather not have people I work with listen to me shit my guts out! I finshed, wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. I swallowed my pride and exited the bathroom.

Everyone laughed and applauded. I just said, "Ha ha ha, very funny," and went back to my desk. I was teased about it for the rest of the day. Good thing I have a good sense of humor. Otherwise some Ex-Lax may find its way into the holiday brownies I plan on bringing in on Friday. Hee hee hee.

i woke up with such an unsettling feeling in my stomach and i knew at some point i would have to poop bad. i have about an hour drive to class and somedays its worse from the traffic. i put on some light blue jeans and a purple shirt and headed off to school and the urge to poop hit hard shortly into my drive. to make a long story short, no matter how hard i clenched my butt i couldn't seem to hold on until i got to school and i wound up making a squishy mess in my jeans when i was almost to school. i had to drive all the way home with a load of poop in my pants, i had the windows rolled down needless to say!

I did something really fun the other day, and I have to tell you about it.
My boyfriend and I went to the movies, to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (lol..I love Harry Potter.)
We were in the second last row of the theater and there was no one else in there. We both had large drinks...and they were HUGE. I finished mine within half an hour of buying it. My bf drank about half his in the same amount of time. About halfway through the movie my boyfriend said he really had to piss, so I gave him my empty cup and he pissed in that. I guess seeing him pee made me need to go too, and drinking that big drink didn't help either. Since I had to go and there was no one in the theater, I decided to try something. I got up and went to the seat at the very back corner of the theater. My boyfriend followed me and watched me pull down my jeans and panties and sit down on the seat. A smile spread across his face as soon as he realized what I was doing. He sat down beside me as I began to piss into the seat. It soaked up every last drop of my warm piss. I stood up and wiped my pussy with some napkins, and we went back to our seats. Needless to say, I didn't see the rest of the movie. ;)


Mikey J.
Note, there are way too many Michaels here, so I will go by Mikey J.

Steps for taking a poo in your yard.

I developed this for people who have the issue of all the bathrooms being occupied in a time of emergency.

1. Gather two trash bags and alot of toilet paper.

2. Go to an isolated area wear you cant be spotted.

3. Open up one of the trash bags all the way.

4. Pull your pants down to your ankles.

5. This part is tricky. Sqaut down all the way while inserting your butt completely into the trash bag. Make sure that the bag will catch anything that comes out, or it will get really messy.

6. Well, this part is self-explanatory. Again, make sure the bag is secure and will catch anything that comes out. Other than that, push away!

7. The smell might be pretty raunchy at this point, but dont fear, it will go away. Anyways, pooping out doors can be kind of messy, so make sure you have alot of toilet paper. I think you know what to do with it.

8. Put the used toilet paper in with the poop and seal it up tight.

9. Use the other trash bag to double-bag it.

10. Get rid of it.

I hoped this has helped. If your going to try it, make sure you have lot of toiket paper, Have fun!

I'm 17 and i go to a boarding school, this is about my roomate and it happend about a month ago

my roomate was suffering from a bout of diarrhea. Like most teenagers she wanted to keep it secret and play it off, so she would sit in her chair during study hall and pinch it off by squirming around. At night she would get up and use the bathroom, sure that nobody would be there and she would have the privacy she needed. I happened to have the urge to pee so i woke up right when she was leaving the room. I thought i'd wait because i'm shy to pee in public and i hate when people walk in on me, thinking all she had to do was pee i waited. I fell asleep and woke up 30 minutes later to the sound of my roomate leaving the room again. I really had to go this time so i got up when i heard the door to the bathroom shut and ran down the hall to use the bathroom. There are two bathrooms on our floor, i didn't know which she had gone to so i opened the first one quietly to listen and see if she was in that one, if she was i was going to use the other. She was in the first bathroom and i was about to shut the door when i heard her moan a little. I don't know what tempted me to stay put because i really needed to pee but i stayed anyway. She moaned again and this time it was accompanied by a long trickle into the toilet. Now, this probably would have been mistaken for urine if there had been no smell in the bathroom, no gassy/juicy farts and not such a chunky heavy sound hitting the water. She let loose another torrent of diarrhea, this time i could tell was much looser than her last. Her breathing i could hear, was labored and i imagined her face very red and sweaty as she sat erupting on the toilet. Antother few bubbly farts unleashed the sound of sloppy lava thick goo into the water. I could hear her now playing around with the toilet paper dispensers. The reason i assumed she'd be using the other bathroom was because, this bathroom had only 3 stalls, one was locked from the inside, the other was out of order and had been since the beginning of the year. Now, she probably wasn't thinking about anything but unloading on the toilet but unfortunatly for her, the odds of this stall having enough toilet paper to wipe her now shit smeared pucker was slim. I could hear her getting up from the seat so i quickly darted into one of the showers. Through a slit in the curtin i could see her open the door and look into the repair stall. No TP. She reached for paper towel and hesitated (i'm sure she was thinking of the repircussions of flushing her Paper towel down). I swear i heard her stomach gurgle and she clutched it and grimaced.
Now, believe it or not her sleep pants and underwear were just below her butt, she slapped her hand onto her bare bottom and clenched her cheeks shut as she waddled back to her stall and sat down on the toilet. The stall was an handicapped stall so unless she shut if when she walked in she had no chance of doing it from the toilet. My view was perfect through the mirror at the front of the bathroom right into the stall she sat. I felt a little strange listening and stranger watching but i couldn't take my eyes away. She sat hunched over, her left arm across her stomach and her right elbow rested on her knee, head in hand. Everytime a wave of diarrhea hit she shivered and held her stomach tighter. She sat with her legs open and her bottom on the edge of the toilet. There was just enough light coming from the back for me to make out the amount and texture of what she was producing. Her diarrea was like watered down pudding. Her bowel movements were getting louder now and her she would pinch of the longer movements so the spurts were dashed, Squirt - squirt - squirt. Finally she stood up, then sat back down quickly as she let out some very messy gas. She got up and with her underwear still around the bottom of her buttocks waddled towards the door of the bathroom, she pulled them up gingerly and poked her head out of the bathroom door, then she headed of towards the left, which is the way to the other bathroom.
I quickly took this oppurtunity to leave my spot and make it back to the room but i remembered that she had never once flushed. Curiosity got the better of my and i quickly poked my head in her stall, the toilet water was murky brown and i could see her light brown chunky softserve all over the toilet bowl. the colors ranged from dark to light brown and a very dark green. I shook my head and ran back to the room completely forgetting that i had set off to pee. laying in bed i could hear the flushing of the nearest bathroom, and then footsteps back to our room. I my roomate went to the other bathroom to get toilet paper and then went back to finish up. I didn't turn over as i heard her quietly rustling around in her drawers for something. I could hear a crinkle of hard plastic and then she crawled back into bed.
The next morning she had class and i didn't so i decided to see what she had been crinkling last night. It was 2 extra strenght Imodium A-D's.

I never though i'd have an experiance like this, and can't say i don't look forward to my next...

A few nights ago, I was a bit sick. In the middle of the night I awoke and vomited all over my bed, and shortly after, found myself running to the bathroom, holding back diarrhea. It started spraying out, hot and liquidy, the moment my pants were down. There were about 4 five minutes waves, before I was relieved. I stripped my bed, put the sheets into the washer, and went back to bed. When I awoke the next day, I had a dull stomache ache, which I overlooked and went to work. By the time I was nearly at work, it was worsening, and I was growing uncomfortable, and really needed to take a dump. Feeling slightly queasy, I rolled down to window for some fresh air. This didn't help, as I vomited out the window. I thought 'Jay, why'd ya go to work?' I felt I was too far from home to turn back, and decided to keep going. I stopped and parked, because I need to take the subway the rest of the way. There, I really, REALLY, had to go. In the middle of the ride, I let it all go and just diarrhead in my pants, a hot, wet, and stinky substance.

I went for a medical and had to give a pee sample. I did not want to pee at all and stood for what seemed an age in the bathroom with my cock out near the sample cup. I had moved away from the toilet as there was a long mirror in the cubical and I thought it would be fun to watch me pee when it finally got going. I was really straining to pee and all of a sudden I felt a spurt coming, I positioned the cup and a small strong spurt of pee came out of the end of my cock and I aimed it into the cup and then I just stopped, well with that I thought I was through and moved the cup out of the way, suddenly I found myself peeing with all my might very fast unabble to stop even though I was trying to and I filled the small cup to the brim. There was more to come and I was to far away from the toilet to turn around and aim into it so I just stood there and pissed out in a big arc all over the floor well away from me. It felt so good but I was a bit surprised as I had no need to pee when I first went in and it took an age to get started. I left my sample on a window ledge that could be opened by the nurse from the other side so I don`t think she knew it was me who peed all over the floor. Pitty the poor guy who went in next.

TO REDHEADED MICHELE. I hate brown marks in my knickers too and if Im home and cant get my bum clean I make big pad of toilet paper and put water on it from the bathroom tap. Then I wipe and water gets the poopies off my bum very well. If I go out with friends I take moist clean wipes with me in case I get a messy bum.

I also have an interesting question for everybody. The other morning before school I did a very ordinary poop. It came out with not much problem and it was just one poop. When it fell out of my bum I knew I had finished so I stood up and turned around to look and see what I had done. But there was nothing in the toilet just clean water. It's like it disappeared or something. Has anybody else had this happen? Sita.

To Michael: What a riot!! You got to see Santa taking a crap!! I think it's easier to catch a panda mating.

To Jack: The great thing about getting older is that you really don't care if someone see's you taking a shit. I remember being a teen and going on camping trips with my buds and their families and I'd see their dad's taking a crap. With all the junk teens eat, I have a feeling your son's friends "outcrapped" you. lol

Outdoor Jenny: I loved your post about the unisex bathroom at your work. Itīs interesting the remark you made about how women are so ashamed of pooping not to mention doing it infront of the opposite sex. By contrast, men tend to be less self conscious about going to the bathroom. For guys going to the bathroom means do what you have to do and get out. Women tend to see the bathroom as a sanctuary where they are safe from other men and can chat. Thatīs why unisex bathrooms have very different effects for men and women. For men, unisex bathrooms mean they tend to be more civilized and behave better. On the contrary, for women they end their sanctuary and become apprehensive about doing their bodily functions in front of the opposite sex and not being able to chit chat between them. Take Care and happy pooping.

Hi I'm Ricky, here's my story.

I had eaten a really big lunch and a huge drink. We were driving home from McDonald's when I had the urge to pee. I said, "Mom I gotta pee bad."
"Can you hold it honey? We're only two miles from the house." I grabbed my balls and told them in my head, "Don't you dare start peeing." We reached the house and I ran to the toilet as fast as I could. I took off my shorts and boxers quick, got in front of the toilet, and started peeing. Suddenly something exploded and a huge pile of poop landed on the floor. "Oh my god!" I said. I sat down on the toilet and pooped out really runny brown stuff. I got a paper towel, picked up the huge poop, and put it in the toilet. I flushed, put my clothes back on, and left.
Man...I nearly died of embarrasment when my sister went in to pee...she ran out screaming "EW!!! SMELLY!"

Bathroom Eavesdropper
Well today I babysat for the same 'bratty' girl and she kept saying she had to pee, I let her go by herself the first few times, but after the 6th to 7th time she asked in the 2 hours I've been there. I began to get suspicious and the next time she asked to go potty, I followed her and she perched on the toilet I heard a tiny trickle come out, then she said she was done. The next time she asked, the same short trickle of pee came out along with some mushy crap. I gave her toilet paper and helped her clean up. About 30 minutes later, she came up to me and asked to go to the br again, I lead her up the stairs, as we walked up she just wet herself, and I was like damn it, this girl went 10 times before and the few times I watched it was only a small pee, how could she wet herself in a half an hour? I didn't bother puzzling about what happened, I was just like "fine, but don't do it again."

Well it's me again. I just drank three litirs of water. I actually was just thirsty because I'd been running all day. That's right, inside, it's f???king cold outside. anyways. well i have to go to the bathroom right now. pee AND poo. Because I haven't pooed in like a week and i just drank 3 litirs of water it doesnt feel good. im gonna be sick:(

AJ :-)
Rachelle! I think your first-date story is so precious! Looks as if you and Tom were a perfect match.

When I was younger, I dated a man who had been married before but whose wife had left him for someone else.

He told me how she had stomach problems, and, when they began dating, he picked her up from school. Almost immediately, he'd smell the odor of passed gas floating around the car.

At first, he never said anything because he didn't want to embarrass her. But this happened day after day, so he finally asked her if she had f***ed.

She just giggled and nodded.

Either this was some kind of mating ritual with her and she was glad that he acknowledged it or else she might have been giggling from embarrassment.

Because she has stomach problems, I would say that this wasn't so much a ritual but, instead, finally being in a private place where she could relieve the pressure. Or she might have even been doing that in school all day, too.

My boyfriend told me that, during their courtship, his future wife had left him at one point. He said that his friends looked at him as if he were crazy when he made the comment during that time that he missed smelling (name deleted)'s f***s.

I asked him if there was anything special about the way they smelled, and he told me, "No, they just smelled like s**t."

I guess this odor--even if it were a garden variety flatulence odor--had become something he'd associated with her.

There have been some gassy guys in my life, and one of them had this kind of thick-enough-to-cut-with-a-knife version of the garden variety flatulence. It wasn't uncommon to smell this odor from him--especially after a good meal. But neither of us discussed it.

Michael--your Santa-on-the-crapper story was really rich! It reminds me of this cartoon where Santa has dropped his trousers and is sitting on a chimney. The caption that went along with the cartoon was, "You've been very naughty this year!"

Speaking of fictional characters crapping, how would you imagine Paul Bunyan doing it? I imagine his dropping his jeans and sitting atop a volcano mountain.

The warmth from the molten lava really relaxes him so that he drops lots of big logs down it that splash and plop loudly in the lava. He might break wind a few times, too, that would sound like a long toot of a boat horn or else a foghorn.

His movements would usually cause mild tremors of the earth around him--and on those days when he had really eaten well and had dumped a brick, there would be an earthquake. And here you thought that earthquakes came from faultlines.

AJ :-)


1. What have you eaten that has turned your poop a different color than normal - maybe red, green, very dark, very pale, etc.?
when i have diarrhea its usually orangey-green.

2. What foods besides corn survive their journey through you and are visible in your poop?
not much

3. Have you ever given a stool sample, and if so, what did you have to do?
Once when i was about 10 i had really bad diarrhea and my mum put some in a jar for the doctor.

4. Could you give a brief description of yourself?
female, 12 years old, 50KG. Brown shortish hair, blue eyes, darkish tanned skin.

5. How often do you take a poop?
ONly about once every day or 2 days, if i have diarrhea its every half our or so

6. About how large are your poops on average?
well only about 1 inch long.

7. About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
Lots of little ones, but right now i have the runs so its not solid at all.

8. What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?
NOw: hot, liquidy or mushy. usually: smooth but need a few pushes

9.What form do your poops usually come out as?
little lumps

10.About how long does it take for you to poop?
really very fast.

11. Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
always night time, before bed.

12. Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?
At home, when no one else is home.

13.Overall, do you like pooping?

14.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
I would love to watch someone shit (especially if they had the runs!) but i wouldnt want people watchin me......except luke....but we wont go there.

15.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?

16.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
i love the way diarrhea feels but i dont like it.

One time i was on a camping trip and i was alll alone on a medium sized island in the middle of a river. I had to shit really bad but i didnt want some canoers to settle and se me go.( There were alot of canoers). I couldnt hold it in any longer i went to the middle of the island where its grassy and i started to poop. I pulled down my pants and underwear and i probably looked akward when i was squatting. I pushed and pushed. It was a really tough one. I was straining. MY face was red while squatting. IT was really hard to poop because canoers are watching, my poop is a really big one and im squatting so you cant just sit down relax and let it come out. I pushed and grunted and i heard a little come out. I pushed harder and the first log was huge. Then i push, strain, grunt more and the 2nd log plops in the grass then its all downhill from here. The rest justs slops out of my anus. I was done i picked up the grass and leaves around me and i wiped. I looked down to check my work and IT WAS HUGE. I hope noone else came and saw it.

So im pooping, oh by the way im typing this while on the toilet. I start to poop. Its coming out to be tough. Im straining, im feeling like a bomb is coming out of my ass. After a while i can feel that huge log slip out of my butt and its plops in the toilet. It sounded like a rock falling in a lake. I still have more, i lean forward to help me shit. Then i let out this huge fart. I know i STILL have more poop to come. I let out 4 more farts followed by one little sized log. Still have more, im grunting and straining. I see that my face is red from the mirror in front of me. Im grunting and straining on the toilet for about 25 mnutes i think. Only a portion of the massive shit coming out of my ass is out of my ass. I grunt 4 more times then a little log drops. Im confused. I pushed so hard for that little shit. OH im wrong right now, more poops fall out of my butt. They come out like meteors. So many plops heard they just slip out like a greased object. Im done, i spread my legs out to see my work. Its dark down there so i get up and check. Almost the ENTIRE BOWL is filled with my poops. I get a huge wad of paper to wipe and i throw it in the bowl. I flush 3 TIMES to get it all down. I feel so relieved. I dont know what i ate to have such a long and big poop.

Sweet survey-er
TO THUNDER: I am from Australia too, Victoria in fact. I agree, Australian designed toilets seem to be larger, probably to fit more in. We don't usually encounter the problem of clogging the toilet!
I enjoy reading the posts here. Keep up the good work everyone!!

Now for my story. Its about my boyfriend. We are pretty bathroom shy around each other (especially when we do no. #2) but when we need to pee we do it in front of each other, no problem. Anyways...on with the story. Not long after we first met, my boyf came over for dinner and a few drinks. During the nite, he said he really needed to go to the toilet. He was in there for about five minutes. Now i have a really weak bladder, especially when I've been drinking so by that time after he'd finished i was dying to get to the toilet. I went in there and my god the smell was terrible.!! I could tell he was so embarrased. Then we went outside for about 10mins and he said he needed to go again!! By then I suspected he's got a dose of the runs (diarrea). I felt kinda sorry for him but also a bit turned on! Anyway i said ok then we'll go back inside. He went straight into the toilet, then about 30secs later he came back out again and said "do have have anymore toilet paper? i need to poo really badly but there's none left, please hurry!" By this time the poor guy was so red with embarrassment. Later he admitted to me that he had eaten some ham earlier that day, that had been in the fridge for a bit too long! Now he does check the useby dates. I have a few other stories about him but i will post them later.

Have a merry christmas everyone. Watch out for Mr. Hanky (The Christmas Poo)!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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