Hi all, I'm Rachelle. I found out about this site from a friend and this is my first time writing anything on here so here goes. I'm 27 years old, married and with three boys and another baby on the way, but my first date with my husband was a nightmare. I had been totally hot for him for about three months before he asked me out. He was a freshman at the local university and I was a senior in high school. Anyway, when he came to pick me up I was doing my best to compete with the college girls he knew by wearing a really short mini skirt and my favorite pair of high heeled Q strap sandals. He took me out to eat at a local restaurant and then we ended up at a friend of his' house where there were three other couples. I was a bit nervous all night long wanting to make my best impression and hoping he'd feel the same about me as I did about him. I was in the last day or so of my monthly period and had been kind of crampy and bloated all day too. After we left his friends' house we drove around and talked for a little while and then he wanted to show me the apartment he had just moved into. It was exactly what you would expect a 19 year old guy to live in. A one room place with a couch, bed and a couple of tables. By this time I was starting to get some really bad t????y cramps and needed to go poot. One problem though, the bathroom didn't even have a door. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want him to think I didn't want to see him again by asking him to take me home early. So I finally told him I really needed to go pottie, but was uncomfortable about there being no door on the bathroom. He smiled and told me it was okay, he wouldn't look. I suppose he thought I only had to pee. I had been constipated for the past three days and really had to go NOW so I went in and lowered my panties and sat on the pot. My stomach was really churning and I didn't want him to hear anything either. Wouldn't ya know as soon as I sat down I let out a huge rock hard log that sounded like a brick as it splashed into the toilet, followed by a series of long loud noxious smelling farts mixed with diarrhea. He had just moved in and there wasn't even a TV or radio he could turn on and everything I was doing was quite audible. He asked if I was okay and the flood gates opened and I started crying. So he came into the bathroom and told me it was okay and sat on the edge of the tub next to the toilet. I was so embarrassed but he told me it was okay, reached over and kissed me and started massaging my aching t????y. I could feel more pressure building and pooted out another couple of logs, the first one must have been over a foot long and the second one made a loud splash as it hit the water followed by more loud farts of hot extremely smelly gases. Now, at that time I was almost a dead ringer for Marsha, the oldest daughter on The Brady Bunch, and Tom smiled and kind of laughed and said "damn Rachelle I didn't think a hot looking blonde like you ever had to go like this!" By that time I was almost done and just miserable, thinking he'd never want anything to do with me again and hoping he wouldn't tell anybody about the embarrassingly huge smelly dump I had just had. To make things even worse, after I had wiped and pulled up my panties the toilet got clogged when I flushed. But everything worked out for the best. After bringing me home and kissing me good night he asked me out the next night and today we've been happily married for eight years. He still teases me about that first date now and then especially if I have to go while he's in the bathroom and fart while I'm on the pot. And this spring we're planning on building a new home and he was joking around saying he wants our bathroom off the master bedroom to be doorless so the place will be as classy as that first apartment of his....ha ha.

Redheaded Michele
Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've had anything to post but I've enjoyed all the stories especially the desperation ones. I had a really bad desperation experience at the mall yesterday. After getting off work, I met my friend Cory and we went to the mall for some last minute shopping. Since we came directly from work we were a little hungry so we got something from the food court. Cory was smart and got something from the sandwich place but I got a slice of pizza from the pizza guy and woofed that down. About fifteen to twenty minutes after eating, I began to get a bit of an upset stomach. Nothing major but I could feel like something wasn't agreeing with me. AS we we walking back down the mall toward Old Navy, Cory was chatting away about her boss when she must have noticed I was distracted. I apologized and told her I had a stomach ache. We sat down for a couple of minutes and I just wanted to see if it would pass. Unfortunately I started to feel worse as now I was gtting cramps. I told her I was going to the bathroom and I'd meet her back at the store. I could have gone back to the food court where there is a large woman's room, but that one is always dirty. So stupidly, I went to another spot where there is a smaller and less used bathroom or so I thought. I opened the door and there was a line of three women in front of me. I didn't really panic because there were four stalls and I didn't want to leave because the other bathroom was across the mall now. By now my stomach was killing me and I could feel a load really needing to come out. After no more than a couple of minutes the girl min the front was able to go in and I was standing there with a middle aged woman in front and a young teenage blonde girl in front of me. After another five minutes of agony two stalls openen within seconds of each other and the other two went in. Now that I was next, I was very close to the stalls and could tell that it sounded like all four were pooping. The smell was terrible in there as the bathroom was small anyway. Another couple of women came in stood behind me. At this point I was about to explode. I unbuttoned my khakis just to take a little pressure of my t????y. I had to hold my stomach because the cramps were so bad and did a very low-key poo dance. At one point one of the toilets flushed but the girl just started doing some more poo. Just when I felt like I was going to loose it, the girl on the end flushed and came out a minute later. I rushed in and was pulling my pants down as I went. I didn't care because just as I hit the bowl, it started coming. I was in there for twenty minutes dying it felt. Everytime I would stop I would get terrible cramps that had me totally doubled over until I would do more. There had to be something bad with the pizza. When I got out I found my friend Cory and left. Driving home I got more cramps but was able to make it home in time. NO MORE food court for this girl.

Just thought I'd share this. On the last page of the January2006 issue of "Car and Driver" magazine, (The top ten issue) there are photos of the top ten weirdest roadside bathrooms including one in England made with one way reflective glass. You could look out of it while on the inside,but those outside would only see a mirrored reflection.

As for me, it's another day, another big dump.

I saw Santa Claus taking a shit in a toilet stall with no door on it at the mall last weekend. He had a great sence of humor about it, cuz obviously he drew more attention then the other two men shitting on both sides of him. Santa had explosive diahreah, and I asked him what Mrs. Claus feeds him, he said "Pizza Hut take-out" We all laughed, and then he said he just hoped no little boys try to sit on his lap while he was shitting. We laughed more, as Santa wiped his ass ....and checked the dirty toilet tissue TWICE !!!! Merry Christmas to all ... Mike

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone!

This is a story about what happened at work the other day. On my floor there is a Unisex bathroom and I was at my desk when lunch started to creep up on me. So I went in there, there was a man in the stall pooping and a new girl in there standing by the counter, she turns the electric hand drier on and leans to me and says she really has to take a dump and is shy about doing it in front of a guy. There is a handicapped stall with two toilets in the stall without separation. I told her I would go in there with her because I told her I was about to let loose myself and she was hesitant at first but she went in with me, she pulled her pants and pink panties down to her knees and sat I pulled up my skirt and my pantyhose and panties to my knees. You could still hear plopping coming from next door, I let out about a 6 second wet fart, she was moving back and forth trying to hold it and I turned to her and said "just relax and poop, ( I let out two farts in between about 8 - 10 little plops just after saying that), see its nothing to be ashamed of." She says "Ok, I can't hold it any more anyways." She drops a wave of chunky diarrhea and a couple of nice booming farts. I matched her with my own mixture of liquidy/chunky poop and a really wet fart. The man stopped and wiped and left. She let loose once again this time with a moan and saying god this feels good and pooped for literally 2 minutes straight, constant splashing in the water mixed with some nice farts. I turned to her and said "Forgive me but this is gonna get nasty," I farted and exploded a huge wave of the squirts, we pooped for about 15 minutes before wiping and heading back to our desks. We are going to continue this after lunch tradition from now on…..Keep the Poop Posts coming

Bathroom Eavesdropper
I babysit for this 3 and a half year old girl, and she said she had to go 'poo' so i sat her on the toilet and left. I had to stand outside the door, though because she was only a toddler. But this kids a brat, she is the is really horrible. I mean I like kids, but this girl is way beyond lovable kids. I heard her pushing, she made grunts that were really loud and high pitch. I was like holy crap, I didn't know a little kid could go to the br so agressively. I gave her toilet paper and she was done. Later me and my friends crscked up when I told them what I heard. It was a total shock to me, I'm twelve by the way. I'll share mor babysitting bathroom incidents later.

I am a Castor Oil lover. Now I am 22 and since I was 18 I use it for spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning and winter cleaning...
normally i drink 4 oz with orange juice (or prune juice if i have been constipated) 1st thing in the morning. they i get undressed waist down and go back to bed. i half-sleep till gurgling and cramps start. then i wait untill my t????y can hold no more (around 3-4 since drinking) and run to the toilet. my t????y is upset for around 4 hours after that, but i don't mind, all the cramps, gas and wet farts really turn me on...

To Luv2Pee
Kegal exercise information is easily found on the net but since you asked. When ever your peeing you simply stop start stop start mid stream. You can also work the stopping part at anytime without even peeing. It's just exercise that makes that holding muscle stronger. Also don't run and pee everytime you get the slightest urge. Holding it will work that muscle, making it stronger.

I haven't posted here in a long time but have been reading the postings.

I have to comment on Michelle's posting on December 8, page BCG. I ejoyed the posting of taking a dump in front of your friend's brother. If I was in his place, I would enjoyed it as well especially when you leaned over.

Michelle, enjoy your time as a teen. After HS/College, life gets too serious and with work, there won't be much time to enjoy life & friends. A question for you, you thought of going out with your friend's brother ?

Haha, yeah he was lucky all right. It's more embarrasing the more I think about it. And the fact that he was so turned on and not disgusted made it worse. I don't think I have ever taken a dump at their house since that incident. I'd rather go in my pants than go through that again.

hi everybody i have several stories to share from the runs to the backdoor trots.the 1st 1 will be about me.i got sick 1 time,i mean sick.i was already barfing and felt that horrible urge to shit.i quickly ran toward the bathroom and sit down.then i felt i had to do both.i jumped n the bathtub just as shit flowed out 1 end and i barfed out the other.i couldnt controll myself then when i got up i craped on the wall,so much pain!

TO the unnamed poster re. pay-toilets:

Yes, I've use them. But it's been ages... The last time I remember seeing one here in Canada was when I was a little boy in the early 1980's.

From what I understand, pay toilets are pretty much banned here in Canada (& the U.S.?) because they discriminate against women. i.e. Men can simply use a urinal free of charge if they just need to take a piss while women would still need to pay-up to perform the same bodily function in a stall.)

However, I believe pay toilets still in wide use in the U.K., Europe and tonnes of other places around the world. (Anyone, feel free to correct me.)




TO stephanie:

It could be any number of things...

-Perhaps that's just the way your body likes to do things. If you browse through the postings on this site, you'll find out that some people go 1st thing in the morning - like clockwork, while others have their main poop in the evening.
Personally, my BM's are regularly in the mid afternoon - so naturally, I normally go at work.

-People are working harder & longer than ever these days, and as such, spend the largest chunk of our waking hours grinding away at the office. So in my opinion, it's only to be expected that we're pooping mostly at work - even if we don't particularly like doing it there.

-If you're working very hard, it could simply be the stress of your job tying your stomach in knots. Once you get home, you're not stressed & BINGO, your urge to go disappears.

-Could be something in the environment (i.e. in the air or food/drink) at your work.

It this issue causing you challanges of some sort?



Yesterday at the Home Depot, I stopped into the restroom to take a dump. There was a cleaning lady in there, washing the sinks. I asked if the restroom is closed, she just says, "go ahead" and I go into one of the stalls. There are 3 other guys in the stalls, and I happen to open the one that has no lock on it. Theres an old guy on the can and he says "door doesn't lock", so I close it and go into the next one. The lady starts mopping the floor and I see the mop moving around outside my door. She finishes up and leaves. It was a bit strange having her outside the stalls cleaning up.

At the swap meet, I was taking a dump and a guy takes a stall 2 stalls down from mine. The partitions are high off the floor, so I peek down and see his butt on the can, with his white boxers and black jeans all the way down. He's crapping noisily. Then someone takes the stall next to mine. He's wearing shorts and he's trying to keep his shorts and underwear up high on his legs, but it doesn't seem to work. He finally lets them down around his calves. I think he didn't want them to touch the floor. He's sitting there holding his khaki shorts and blue Fruit of the Loom briefs right above his ankles. He's kinda on the balls of his feet. The guy in the 1st stall then asks if the guy in the 2nd stall is his buddy, and apparently, he is. They both start laughing like crazy. The first guy says something about "nice underwear" and the other one starts laughing again. Then they start talking and laughing about a bunch of other stuff. It was very cool to hear two buddies talking while dumping.

My wife and myself did some holiday shopping at Valley Fair department store. We used the restrooms in the store, the Mens room had no doors on any of the toilet stalls, I had to crap really bad, so I dropped my cargos and my boxers, and exploded... Phewwwwww.... the two other guys felt embarrased for me... It stunk !!!! Just then I hear the door open , and in walks my son's 2 best friends...'Hi Mr. ----" how you doing?" they were actually gagging from the stench I produced, but they showed respect, and stood there and waited while I wiped my ass, so they could get their turn on the bowls. I know they will tell my son what a 'stinker' his dad is, I 'll keep you posted...

To Jeanie:

I'm interested as to why you consider public restrooms a luxury? What is it that is so luxurious compared to a home toilet. I've always considered public toilets to be horrible!
Is it that you have more time to take a dump in a public toilet and are less likely to be interrupted?

What does it mean, when your poop comes out pink?

Hi all, I notice there is someone else called Michael here so I will call myself Mike from now on.

TO POSTMAN: Funny you should mention cell phones in the restrooms. About a year ago I flew out to visit my sister and favorite niece, it was her 8th birthday and she couldn't wait to see me. As usual, I had switched my cell back on as soon as the plane started to pull into the gate and just drooped it into my shirt pocket. My immediate needs however were for the bathroom so I went straight for the men's room. I found a stall, shut the door and propped my bag against the stall wall. I pulled my pants down, sat on the toilet and got comfortable. Then just as I felt my poo start to come down and press on the inside of my hole, my phone rang. It startled me so much I nearly jumped off the bowl but I guess through simple habit I answered it. It was my sister, all effusive as sisters can be, asking me a thousand questions about how I'm doing but not giving me time to answer. I barely had time to tell her I was at the airport when she told me my niece wanted to say hi. There was a pause at the other end, but at the same time the nose of my poo really started to force its way out and I felt my hole getting stretched wider and wider. The cramp that was pushing my poo out was so strong it made me moan loudly, and the next thing I hear on my phone is a long giggle. "Hi uncle Mike, what are you doing"? came the little voice. I thought remarkably fast and replied; "Hi sweetheart…moan…nothing…moan…my bags are very heavy….moan". Of course, I couldn't just hang up on her and we chatted for the whole 2 or 3 minutes it took all my poo to come out, all three huge logs of it. To this day I'm sure she thinks all the straining, grunts and sighs were just me struggling with my heavy bag. The weirdest thing of all was that while I was talking to her, it totally felt like she was right there standing in front of me seeing everything there was to see. It really was the oddest and most embarrassing feeling. Ever since that episode I turn my cell phone off whenever I go to the restroom, no matter where it is, even at home.

To Postman: I talk on my cell while on the crapper all the time. (when at home) I probably wouldn't in a public place. If it's one of my best buds, I'll tell 'em I'm on the crapper if they ask what I'm doing. I do know it's not an uncommon practice. At the gym I workout at, the trainers only have like 5 minutes between clients. They go in the lockeroom and take a crap and return and take phone calls constantly. It's funny because they're not even discrete about it. They grunt and push and try to talk at the same time. I say to each his own.

Adam D.
To CD:

Thanks for bringing that up (regarding well water smelling like sulfur). I have some relatives who live in Wisconsin and their well water absolutely reeks of sulfur, so I know EXACTLY what you mean about that! Showering with that water is the worst because it's like showering in a sulfur bath! Fortunately my parent's well water is no where near as bad smelling; in fact it really doesn't smell at all. But I know it is high in iron content as well as probably some other compounds such as manganese and I strongly suspect that the combination of dissolved minerals, when combined with a fresh turd, makes for a vastly different smell than what I am used to with "city water".

Love reading the doorless stall stories. I've been using doorless stalls since High School.. I'm 38 now. Shitting in front of guys doesn't boter me. My kids use them all the time at the beach where we surf.

About a month ago I was surfing with a couple of my friends. On our way to the water we stopped by the men's room. It's two lines of doorless stalls facing each other. It was a popular spot, every stall was taken with a line of guys (surfers, joggers, some construction guys waiting). I took the middle stall on one side, while my buds and took the two stalls across from mine.. we chatted the whole time, while guys walked in and out. Most guys are shy but we didn't bow our heads or try to conceal our packages. Good times.

I just wanted to share a few interesting things. I am 17 years old, light browm shouder length hair, skinny, but not a stick, and medium height. Anyway, I have this really big problem with staining my panites all the time. I think it is because I do not wipe my butt after I poop to the point of absolutely clean. It takes to long, so I just wipe until my butt is not wet with poo. I used to be a real clean freak and use a half toilet paper roll wipping. Now I just got lazy. This is just an example story of a normal day for me. This morning when I got dressed, I put a pair of cute purple panites on with a yellow waist band. Every morning I take a dump before I go to school, so I proceded to do so, and when I got done I wipped twice. The poo was a wet one, so I was only about half clean, but I say to heck with it, what is going to happen, I put some brown marks on my panites. Through the day, I had done a few farts, and that helps the staining process. When I got home from school, there was lots of snow on the ground, so some of my friends and I went out to play in it. I went into the the bathroom and peed, and saw that my panites had a massive skid mark in them. It struck me as funny. I took my jeans off to change into my pink waterproof pants. So I pulled my panties back up and went into my bedroom and put the waterproof pants on, and then put py coat on and went to meet up with my friends. When I was out there, I farted and it was so wet, I accidentially let about a tablespoon of wet nasty poo into my panties. Not enough to make me go in and change, but enough to make my friends and I laugh, it was a loud fart. After I farted, I put my hand over my butt and started laughing so hard with my friends. My friend Kristan said, "Well that is going to leave a mark." And did it leave a mark. Later on that evening I came in from outside, and realized how hot I was. When got inside I found I was sweating bulets from the playing around outside. I hate that coming in from the cold and then feeling how hot you really are. I took my sweaty clothes off in the bathroom, and found that not only were my panties soaking wet with sweat, but they were so stained that I could smell the poo from it. Oh well, I took a shower and went then ate dinner and went on to do some homework, then wrote this.

hey im new but i have a pooping story about my youngest daughter.
her name is sophie and shes 12 years old. yesterday she came home from school looking abit sick but i asked her to hang out the washing for me. as i watched her she started frantically hanging out the washing as fast as she could. when she finished she sprinted inside straight to the toilet and slammed the door. i heard a great blast of diarrhea. as she sat there. i asked if i could come in and she sed yes. i sat on the bath and talked to her. she had had diarrhea all day at school. poor thing she hasnt stopped since.
love lisa

Hi everybody
i'm new here, what a cool site
i've always wanted to talk about my pee & poop, but couldn't
from now on, i'm going to share you my stories :)
when i was 14, i had a very embarrassed experience in hospital,
The doctor look at me (with nothing covering my lower part) saying: it seems that you're going to spend few days with need an urgent appendectomy.
The doctor left, & a nurse came in & handled me the famous while cup & asked me to pee in it
I tried to reach my clothes to wear them, but then she told me : "no need..the toilet is right there!" I was so ashamed to walk naked while she is watching my bare butt, tried to cover my front with the t-shirt…it's either the front or the butt …I've choosed to cover the first one
After 2 minutes, I call her behind the door..i told her I couldn't do it
She pushed the door & came in..she said "dear u can do it just sit down "
I did…
Then she took the cup..told me to open between my legs so she can hold it for me..then she run the water tap & asked me to pee..
Nothing happened, so she said..try to push haderd as your going to u can imagine my red face (shy+trying to push harder)
But Oh, my poop start to push out really but stick to my rare
"yes ,yes go on…"then I filled her cup!!
she left the door open while I'm trying to finish my poo poo
When I finished I couldn't find had to go back to where I was without my clothes on
She came back with my mom now to take me to the bed where I suppose to spent the night on
She talked with mom loudly "I need to shave her pubic"
"Ok, go on"
oh my they are talking about my privates while I'm naked
soon later she came & asked me to lie down & open my legs & just infront of mom she start to shave my@@!!?
after the surgery:
I opened my eyes & feel so dizzy
"don't move honey"
"oh it hurts when I move"
"yes dear, but soon u won't feel anything,
if you need anything just ask for it"
"what's the time now, mom?"
"it's 11:10 pm"
" I need to go to the toilet..can you help me stand up, plz"
"no I don't think you can, let's ask the nurse"
"after a while a nurse had come in, talked to my mother then bring a potty bowel (I supposed to go in it!!) she take the sheets away & I realized that I'm still in the surgery uniform( which coveres nothing)
she just put it doen & say (go on)
Go On!! Just like that infront of both of them, both are watching & waiting!!
I couldn't…actually, even though I needed to pee, I couldn't do it while lying down..then she told my mom maybe she feel that because she is dizzy..
Left the potty under bed & leave…
After 20 min…"mom I need to go so bad, can't I use the toilet?..i'm sure I can, it doesn't hurts much"
"No" she took that thing again, put it between my legs..cover my privet with the sheets-thank God-
but still can't do it in this position..she kept looking under the ciover each 30 sec to see if I have started, or not but nothing came out
She asked me to just sleep
She went sleep to
But I couldn' hurts so much, I feel the urge to pee …till I thought I'm going to pee right on the bed. I tried to wake her up she said "u don't need to pee,,just sleep"
"plzzz mom, last time, I'll do it this time plzzz"
She put it again..& I told myself it's the last chance just.. do it
I few sec has passed before i heared pissssssssssssss
it's made of metal u can hear the noice of my pee pee a mile away!
mom smiled…then she open to see,,,(what is so interest about me peeing!!)
"Oh are not peeing in the right place…u've shocking the bed"
in the morning all the patient in the room knew that I've wet the bed !


Sorry to all you people out there if you prefer poop stories to wee stories, but this is the only cool and recent story I have at the moment, so this is a wee story. I was in a hospital after I had broken my arm, and I was talking to the doctor while it was healing. I told him that I really had to have a wee, and I asked if there was a bathroom nearby. He said stay in this room coz you need your rest. I said that I wanted a wee so badly, so he undressed me and placed a bed pan under me. My wee hissed really loudly and filled up the whole bedpan as I had been weeing for 2 mins! He was a hot doctor and he said I had a good and steady stream. From this day on, I have always been weeing in front of boys. Luv from pixiegurl xxxooo

Blue Rizla Girl,

Ever gone #2 down a drain grid, and if so did anyone notice??

hi every one

plz help me!!

i need to go poo poo but it's not getting out!!

i push & push..but all what i get is a nice pee pee

what can i do to have better poo poo experience than that i always have

I made a list of my need to pee stages, on a scale of 1-15:

1. no urge.
2. slight twinge.
3. slight urge, enough to be noticeable.
4. moderate urge, starting to fidget.
5. strong urge, starting to squirm and cross my legs.
6. getting desperate, squirming alot, crossing my legs.
7. desperate to pee now. squirming really badly, crossing my legs tightly
8. bursting to pee by now. holding myself discreetley and rocking. If i'm in bed, I hold myself rolled on my stomach.
9. I have to pee so badly that don't care who sees me holding myself. i'm bouncing up and down, and squirming uncontrolably. If im in bed im holding myself as tight as i possibly can.
10. starting to get painful now. holding myself tighly and stradling my seat. Starting to let out little spurts.If im in bed, i will have wet myself.
11. Pain is getting worse, Crossing my legs as tight as i possibly can, holding myself hard. letting out spurts every now and then.
12. Pain is getting really bad. I'm doing all i can to hold it in. spurts coming out more often.
13. pain is unbearable, large spurts coming out, doing all i possibly can to hold it.
14. Pain is really unbearable, can barely hold it anymore. think im about to explode.
15. Can't hold it in anymore, if i don't reach a bathroom soon im going to wet myself.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER For ages I have been reading posts on BMs at school In my primary school days I only took two shits at school and they were on consecutive days. That was in grade 4. From then on, the next 8 years I never shited at school!!! What is more amazing I do not recall ever getting the urge. I always pooed once or twice early in the morning without fail.... some times I pooed after tea at night.
My pooing problems developed soon after leaving school and going to work and university at night,,, also my father died at that point so it was then that I think I developed IBS. For all you regular people, enjoy! On the other hand a good bowel movement is now a thing of joy...I have learned not to be ashamed of a good poo and to go when nature calls. I have to adopt a healthy diet and exercise and I suppose this is of benefit to me generally.
To Sweet Survey-er I do come from Australia...the land down under where the toilets do not clog! Either they are designed differently or we have smaller poos...but I have never seen a toilet clogged with poos.
For those in other parts of the world toilets here are called dunnies but years ago they were called dykes! Out houses are called "little houses" , a wee is sometimes called a piss or a leak! Australians love jokes about toilets and bodily functions and many think toilets are funny. Years ago, before sewerage there were little houses and you used a can which we called a pan. The night cart use to come and collect the contents and the men who did this were called the pan man. A pan man was a folk hero and looked up to. You always gave the pan man a present at christmas, usually beer or some cash but always soap and perfume. The night cart was called a forty door saloon. A couple of years ago I went to the funeral of a local politician who really achieved many things but in the eulogy it was so heavily stressed that he brought seweage to the area.

Adam D- Thanks for your feedback.

Has anyone had the pleasure of pooping in a porta potty? I would love to hear some stories. I will give you my porta potty experience.

When I was 9 years old, I played soccer of the YMCA. Towards the end of the soccer season, we traveled to weekened tournamnts were we spent all Saturday at the soccer fields. These soccer fields did not have any public bathrooms, all they had were porta potties. I didnt mind peeing in these things, but I feared pooping in these things because they were dirty and they usually had long lines. Well, after one of my games, I was cramped and mildly constpated because I had been holding it all weekened and had not been drinking alot of water. Well, because I wanted to get rid of my awful stomach cramp, I chose a porta potty that was distant from all the other action. This one had no line, it was clean, and it smelt surprisingly fresh. I went in, locked the door, pulled my soccer shorts down to my ankles, and sat down. I was a brave 9 year old. I dont know if I would ever do this again. Anyways, I remember struggling for 5 minuets because I was so constipated and cramped. I had dry farts as I grunted. After this, the poo started coming out. I remember it being painful because it was hard and rocky. After another 5 minuets, the hard stool was a little less than half way out. At the 15 minuet mark, the poo was half way out, but it got stuck. I sat there for another 5 minuets becuase I usually make a big mess if I broke the stool. After being there for 25 minuets with the poo still stuck, there was a knock on the door. I blushed really hard, and sat there quietly with the hard poo hanging out of my sore butt. I let another 5 minuets go by before I started grunting again. After a grand total of 45 minuets, the poo came all the way out. I loked at the poo. It was 15 inches and about as thick as a Lord of the Rings book. It was dry and rocky as I remember it. I wiped myself, pulled my shorts up, and went out. Do you remember the knocker? It turns out, it was a girl who was the only person in line. She ran in and locked the door behind her. As I was walking away, I heard a loud fart come from the inside. I laughed as I walked away.

Please, share your porta potty stories.

last night for dinner i had a piece of fish. At the time i thought it tasted fine but obvioiusly it wasn't. I went to bed and within an hour i woke up to my stomach gurgling and rumbling and a series of explosive wet farts. I jumped up and waddled to the bathroom, and as i ran liquidy diahorrea was filling my pants. On teh toilet i was in so much pain i was doubled over, as i sprayed the toilet with mushy poo. After about 45min i still didn't feel like i had finished but i went back to bed anyway. About an hour later i woke in a cold sweat, farting, and realised that i had lost total control of my bowels and my bed was covered in diahorrea. As i was cleaning up i continued to fart shquishy poo into my PJ's.
I went to work anyway during the day, and in that period i went to the toilet 8 times. Then on the way home at about 8pm, my tram was cancelled adn i had to walk about 2km home. Again, before i could feel teh urge i had crapped my pants. THe poo was now shquashed against my tight jeans, leaving an obvious bulge under my bum. In teh end i couldn't wait and dodged into a lane way behind a dumpster, squated and pulled down my soiled pants and blurted out more liquid-green diahorrea, accompanied by loud farts and the sound of liquid sloshing into a pile. I picked myself up and continued the walk home. WHen i got there my friend was waiting outside for me, so i hesitantly invited her in. Embarrassed by teh smell and the bulge, i did another wet fart in my pants. She must have known, I dashed into the bathroom and let rip once again. After about 20min she came in to see if i was ok, which i was by then. So she laughed at me and let out this ripper fart by accident and realised she had pooped her pants.

Here's an interesting one...
My uncle is a hobby mechanic and has two young kids (my niece and nephew) about 8 and 11 years old. I was around there a few months ago and they had made a tree-hut in a large feijoa tree that was growing in my uncles back yard (he has a large section). They invited me up to have a look so I said okay. It was actually quite a neat little hut, and being Autumn the tree was in full fruit - hundreds upon hundreds of juicy green feijoas hanging all around me, it was too much to resist. The kids said help yourself, infact they had already filled a couple of shopping bags which they would lower to the ground with a rope, and we all just helped ourselves to the contents of one of these bags, biting them in half through the tart green skin and sucking out the sweet fruit inside before throwing the skins on the ground to rot - I'm sure you can see where this is going. The fruit tasted too good, all three of us ate way too many and by the time we came back down to eat from the BBQ we were all too full to eat much more than a sausage or so each.
About an hour later, it hit all three of us almost simultaneously. My nephew and I were sitting in the lounge with the rest of the family, when he uttered a little "uh-oh" and ran promptly down the hall. I knew exactly why and managed to giggle a little before I realised that I was very quickly suffering the same fate. I thought I would be able to hold on until he had finished in the bathroom but it was no good - there was a torrent of semi-liquid fruit feces piling up against my anus and pretty soon the levee was going to break.
I didn't even excuse myself. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to see if he had finished just on the off chance, but no cigar. The door was locked, and the noises eminating from inside helped about as much as a standing near a fountain helps when you're busting for a pee. I let out a few short expletives of frustration and then had a brainstorm - my uncle has a small toilet room in his garage where he works on his cars. I sprinted back through the lounge much to the amusement of the rest of the family who wondered what was going on, nearly fell down the stairs out the front door, and raced out to the garage where I dropped my shoulder into the toilet door to open it - only to bounce off and nearly fall over backwards. It was intense - the impact made me squirt a disturbing amount of liquid shit into my pants, and the squeals coming from within made me realise that my niece had beaten me to it! She must have snuck out just after my nephew started erupting. I was in trouble.
I could feel a decent amount of diarrhea dripping down my leg and the rest was about to follow. I had seconds left. In the middle of the garage was a plastic oil catcher with a large funnel, used when draining the oil from cars. It was my only hope. I sprinted into the middle of the garage, dropped my shitty pants and squatted over the funnel, and let forth an explosive torrent of shit like I never even imagined possible. Even though the funnel was wide, a lot managed to splash over the sides. It was messy. I must have been squatting like this for a good 6 or 8 minutes before people started coming out of the lounge to see what was up. I reached for a nearby rag and started trying to clean myself up, but I wasn't fast enough. Several family members walked into the garage to find me in this very awkward position, trying to clean myself up with an oily rag having made a disgusting mess all over the garage floor. How embarrasing - the ones who could handle the overwhelming stench couldn't stop laughing, especially my uncle who made several smart remarks about the fact that I probably did need new oil anyway judging by the state of the stuff that came out. I'm sure he never used that oil catcher again though...

Hi all,

Been a looooong time since I was here, but I wanted to tell you all about my morning poop. It was a doozy! I was up early and doing some housework, all I had was one cup of tea before I started on last night's washing up. Well, by the time I was finished I was desperate to unload, but you know how it is, there's always one more thing to do before you can go.

When I finally got to go, I fairly whipped my leggings and panties down, plonked my bum on the seat and relaxed... And, as I always do, I looked between my legs to see what came out. A couple of chunks, then a pause, then a healthy turd nearly a foot long! Followed by another of maybe 9 inches, then another almost as long, and several more chunks! I recon I pooed over thirty inches in one go, and the amazing thing is, it can't have taken much more than five seconds for all the long ones to pass!

Then I had a really satisfying wee, and cleaned up with moistened paper, and felt a new woman!

RANDI -- You ask about what can be done for your haemhoroids. You get them worse when you're loose than when your poo is firm? That's very unusual! My father suffered from them and staying soft was the best defense the doctors could suggest at that time. My best guess is that maybe your system is a bit out of chemical balance and your runs are burning you a bit, aggravating the condition. Staying well hydrated could help fix the balance, as well as promote softer motions. Have you talked to a doctor?

Best from Australia,


Sunday, December 18, 2005

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