Working Gal Lizzy
Hey everyone! Today I had quite an unusual day at work bathroom-wise. I thought you all might like to hear about it. It all began this morning, when I first woke up I could tell something was not right as I was feeling quite sick to my stomach, kinda nauseous. I'm the type of gal that hates to miss any days of work unless absolutely necessary so I decided I was going to stick it out and go in. On and off all morning while getting ready I could feel an urge building to go for a dump but it had not been strong enough for me to actually sit down and go. Right as I was leaving and was getting my coat on the urge became just strong enough that I thought it would probably be a good idea to go before leaving, since I hate to do that work. I went straight into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open as usual since I live alone now. I pulled down my gray work pants and panties to knee level and pushed out a minimal load of about 3 small softish chunks. I really prefer to have my morning BM if necessary before my shower and this morning was a good example why. Not only did I have to fix my clothes again but I must have wiped myself about 7 times and small brown streaks were still appearing on the paper. I knew I'd have to wait until later to get the rest so I pulled up my pants and hoped to myself my panties wouldn't get streaked as I am very good about keeping them clean.

Waves of nausea came and went as I was sitting in my cubicle all morning and at around 10:00am I felt another urge to go for a dump, this time only slightly stronger than this morning. I hate to go number 2 at work but I went in anyway, anything to alleviate my stomach pains. I headed straight for the ladies room hoping to have the place to myself but one other woman was occupying a stall. I went into the second stall from the door, out of four stalls, wiped the seat down, and pulled down my clothes once again. After I sat I immediately started pushing trying my best to block out the lady in the other stall and concentrate. Whenever I go at work it always takes twice as much effort to push anything out because of my bathroom shyness, but I have been slowly overcoming this. It didn't take long before another batch of soft turds had come out of me, very much like this morning. The smell was very minimal but worse than this morning because there's not much ventilation in a public bathroom stall. I stood up to wipe and made sure to crouch down a little because I get embarrassed by people seeing the top of my head while I'm wiping myself. Once again even after several wipes the paper was still streaked so I had to pull up my pants and hope I could keep staying streak-free, there were none yet. The stall smelled slightly worse from me wiping.

Later that day I had a meeting to attend at 3:00pm. About 15 minutes to 3 I began feeling nauseous again and 5 minutes to the meeting I had to go shit again. I knew I didn't have a choice so I decided to cut my losses and be late for the meeting. As I got up to walk to the restroom my boss was just on his way to get me and thought I was actually on my way to meet him. Little did he know where I was *really* going. I just lied and acknowledged I was on my way to the meeting and we sat down and discussed our work business for a good half hour. After he left I went straight to the restroom. This time there were 2 other women occupying the stalls, 'great' I thought. I sat down in the stall adjacent to the handicapped stall which is furthest from the door. The woman in there was putting on quite a sound show, it sounded like she was ill also. I could hear soft breathy grunts, an occasional wet sounding fart, and what sounded like chunky diarrhea landing in the bowl underneath her. This made me feel less shy about doing my business and I started to push hard right away.

This time I truly outdid myself. Right away I could feel another soft piece slowly coming out. I was pretty amazed as I could feel it getting longer and longer. Then instead of breaking off it just stopped moving. I wondered if it was still actually hanging from my bottom and opened my legs to have a look. To my surprise I saw this long skinny turd hanging down and into the water. This is very unusual for me as my shits are usually the fat and hard kind. I wiggled my bottom a little to try and break it off but it just moved with me, so I began to push again and it grew about an inch more before breaking off finally. I could feel more of the soft mush inside so I just stayed seated. I looked in the bowl and the long turd was floating curled into a 'C' shape. I soon began pushing again and another soft morsel found its way out with a good 'plop' sound. After two more had come out I was finally finished, the other two ladies had already left by now and one more had come in. I stood up to wipe again with my knees bent to hide my head from view and once again it was messy, same as before. I did my best to clean up again and left, I had been in there about 10 minutes, a work-record for me. When I got home that evening and had my after-work pee, I made sure to clean up good back there and finally managed to get clean for the first time all day.

Last night, before bed, I started to get really bad stomach cramps. I head to the bathroom, pull my pants down to my ankles and spread my legs apart. I push really hard and look between my legs and I see the tip of the first piece poking out. I push again until I'm red in the face. I look between my legs again and I watch as the first piece of poo slides out of my hole and lands in the water with a quiet 'splash' sound. This was followed by another smaller piece. I push hard for another 5 minutes and another 4-5 of pieces fall into the water one after the other. I still feel full, so I push again. I let out two farts that sound like squeaks. I push harder and look between my legs and see another piece fall quietly into the water. As I stand up to wipe, I can feel another piece about to push through my hole, so I sit down on the seat again and push really hard. The last piece lands in the toilet just like all my other pieces. Once I was finished my business, I stand up to look at what I produced. There were 8 pieces of light brown turds in the toilet, each measuring about 1-2 inches long. I then wiped, flushed and went to bed.

To Luv2Pee
Kegal exercise information is easily found on the net but since you asked. When ever your peeing you simply stop start stop start mid stream. You can also work the stopping part at anytime without even peeing. It's just exercise that makes that holding muscle stronger. Also don't run and pee everytime you get the slightest urge. Holding it will work that muscle, making it stronger.

Wow! What a story Michelle!

Anyone ever use pay toilets???

Blue Rizla Girl

What I personally do about clothing when I go really depends on what I am wearing and what position I am going to use. If I have on trousers, I usually pull them down to about mid thigh level {known as the "minus five" position 'cause this is what you do when it's that many degrees out}. When I squat down, low to the ground, my pants will be just above the level of my "delta". If they have a button or zip fly, then I will just undo this and go standing up. If I have on loose-fitting shorts, I usually just pull the crotch to one side whether squatting or standing. If I am wearing a short enough skirt, I often do not need to move it out of the way much at all; just pull it up a little at the back to avoid any dribbles as I am finishing off. And if I am wearing a long skirt, sometimes I spread it around myself; this mostly depends on how absorbent the ground beneath me is. I hate leaving a puddle anyway, but I really -really- don't like the thought of dragging my skirt through it! Just last week, I was wearing one of my long winter skirts, and sitting on the kerb rolling myself a cigarette. People passing by probably didn't notice the drain grid underneath my spread-out skirts ..... or the expression of relief on my face ..... :)

Even when I piddle in a toilet, then I still go for minimal clothing disruption ..... I guess it's just a hard habit to break.

About the worst clothing I ever wore for toilet business was a jumpsuit which I wore on a coach journey back from the South of France. I thought it would really comfortable for travelling in, and it was ..... until we made a comfort stop! I was wearing a sports bra underneath the jumpsuit, so I could have some of the buttons undone. The only way I could get a leak was to get my whole upper body out of the suit, and it was awkward to hold clear while supporting myself. By the next time we stopped, I had already removed the bra top and fastened my buttons. So I tried widdling standing up {which was qute a new experience for me at that time}. I was kind of worried incase of any dribbles, but I got lucky that time ..... nothing went in my clothes. Maybe jumpsuits would not be so bad, if the opening went a bit further down; but then you might end up having to sit on a button, so perhaps that isn't such a good idea.

This just happened to me about a week ago. I was at the mall with my husband and had the sudden urge to go poop. When I finally reached a bathroom that wasn't being cleaned there was a very long line. The urge to go was getting harder for me to hold in. I tryed to let a little fart to try to relieve some of the pressure but as I did this I felt the first turd thank god it was a hard round ball fall down my pant legs. (Idon't wear underwear) Just as this happened a lady with a little girl walked in and the girls said mommy that lady just pooped on the floor. I was really embarassed by this by the time I got into the stall the second turd fell out but i was able to squeeze my pant leg shut so it wouldn't fall to the floor. Then wouldn't you know when I got into the stall I couldn't go anymore. I pushed and grunted for what seemed like forever finally I got a little rabbit sized turd out. So 20 minutes later after pushing I couldn't get anything out I wiped and left just to get the urge to go again. This time I was able to get right into a stall and about a 8 inch log came out along with about a 4 secong fart and 45 second of pissing. I finally got another log out and about 10 little turds. The turd that fell on the floor was missing when I came out the first time.

Last nite at my adult education class at our local high school, I decided to crap before I drove home, so I went to the boys bathroom, and dropped my jeans and sat on a toilet in one of the doorless stalls. I was just starting to fart, and the entrance door swings open, and it's our class instructor, Mr. ______, a gentleman in his mid 50's. Our eyes connect as I'm farting and we both say 'hi'
He sits down next to me and starts farting, grunting and dropping, hearing him 'going' actually got my bowels moving and soon we were both having massive bowel movements. After he finished he started to wipe his ass, but to his dismay, he ran out of tissue, he asked me if he could 'borrow' some tissue. I told him he was welcome to it, but he didn't have to 'return' it (borrow) lol...we both cracked up laughing... He stands up and walks into my 'area' and starts pulling sheets of toilet tissue from the box dispenser, while standing in front of me, his dick and balls are an inch from me while he bared his ass to anybody who walked it. Well who walks in, thinking the room is vacant, the cleaning lady !!! This definatly shocked her, as she exclaimed "I don't know what's going on in here I just wanted to restock the tissue. As she replaced te tissue in the stall, Mr. _______ just waited in this very akward position, seemed like forever, it was only about 30 seconds, the cleanig lady left, and he went back to his stall, sat down and finished up.... We really laughed hard, and he said the MOST embarrasing part, was that she saw all his logs of shit floating in the bowl, unflushed !!! "She MUST think I am such a slob" We both laughed .... I hope I pass this class LOL

I read your post but you didn't tell us how a girl is supposed to aim when the "hose" is missing.

Today, my mom and I went to this new ice cream place about a 20 minute walk away from our house. I ordered a small chocolate cone and my mom ordered a medium one. We walked back home while enjoying our treats. Within 10 minutes or so after consuming it, my stomach started to cramp up and the cramps wouldn't go away. I could feel my stomach pushing down on the contents inside of me. I told my mom that I had to go poo really bad and that I couldn't hold it for much longer. We were still 10 minutes away and I knew that if I didn't find a washroom soon, I was gonna crap myself. Luckily there was a gas station a few feet in front of us. I ran as fast as I possibly could and ran into the bathroom at the back of the store. I ripped down my pants and sat down on the cold seat. Immediately, liquipoo shot out of my butt and sprayed the back of the toilet bowl with an orangy-brown color. For 20 minutes straight, I farted and crapped my brains out. My mom, who was waiting outside the door, asked if I was gonna be fine. I told her yes and that I was just finishing up. I had a couple more waves, each lasting about 3 minutes each. I grabbed some TP and wiped about 50 times! (I'm butt was that disgusting!) I flushed and washed my hands. I felt sorry for the next person who had to use that bathroom cuz I stunk it out! My mom bought some Pepto Bismol for me to calm my stomach. I have had 3 attacks today and my butt feels like it's on fire. My stomach is really sore too and I've been feeling naseous since my first attack. My mom is taking me to the doctor's tomorrow to see if I'm Lactose Intolerant.

TO Adam D.:

Yep, I think your parent's well water could be the issue. I have a good friend who has a place waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the country. The soil in his region has a high concentration of sulphur and so the household water positively reeks of 'rotten-eggs'. The water perfectly safe to drink but you have to spend at least two days there for your senses to get accustomed to the odour & start to ignore. He also buys gallons of store bought bottled water for consumption.

It's a lovely place and a bunch of us always have a really great time. Also, no one has ever complained about someone stinking up the bathrooms. (i.e. No way to tell if it's natural or 'man-made' odour most times.)
However the downside comes when I get home. After a few minutes back at my place, I can smell the sulphur on me and everything I wore at his cottage. All those clothes go directly into the washer and I spend 30 minutes scrubbing myself down in the shower.



AJ :-)
OUCH! I have a sore butt now, thanks to the exiting of a major butt-plug!

I'd been pulling some crazy days and hadn't been eating a lot--or taking in as much fluid as I usually do--so I think that the oldest poop in my intestine became overly solid and got stuck in there and kept building up.

For about three days, small amounts of poop would exit, but there was something big in there that didn't seem to want to go anywhere.

It kept sliding out a ways and, then, not budging and would finally suck itself back in.

When I thought about how much bread and cheese I'd been eating and how little fiber and fluids I'd been taking in, I knew this might have been part of the problem.

I had a bunch of raw baby carrots last night before going to bed.

Today, I actually took time out to eat a full meal.

Felt things transpiring down below, so I went into the bathroom and sat down. Same uncomfortable story.

I began to worry that it might not be poop down there at all but, instead, some kind of a tumor. UGH! I put paper back there, touched it, and looked at the paper. The residue on the paper said that it was definitely poop.

Finally, I sat back down with a new magazine and got to reading this article about celebrating the present moment and not thinking so much about the future in order to have optimum happiness.

Of course, the future seemed great to me--as in the future when this plug would finally slide out and I'd no longer be anal-retentive.

As I read, I heard these welcome sounds of air escaping from between poop and the intestine walls, and the butt-plug began to slide down a little. I give it a push, and it began to slide down faster and finally plopped into the water below.

I felt so cleaned out and like a new person! I decided to stand up and see what the monster looked like.

It was a medium-brown with a touch of carrot color, and it was wide! Wide!! WIDE!!!

It must have been 2 1/2 inches in diameter or more!

It was a log, and part (not sure how much) was down into the hole, but a good four or five inches still was visible.

Surprisingly, it didn't look hard-as-a-rock.

In fact, it was more smooth and slightly fuzzy.

When I flushed it, it held together as it disappeared.

I'm making sure that I don't have a repeat of this, as I've always been such a regular and easy go-er.

Now, I'm just wondering when my butthole will stop hurting.

I'm making a point of remembering to be sure to have lots of fiber and plenty of fluids!

Happy Pooping!
AJ :-)

P.S. Don't forget those stories about teachers, custodians, school nurses, etc. you're sweet on (or have been sweet on) and have caught doing their business (and/or vice-versa).

Dave B
-To Michelle

I really loved your story. I was very interesting to hear about you just using the bathroom while the guy was in there. I always wish something like that could happen to me where a girl walks in and just starts using the bathroom in front of me =[ That guys is lucky lol. Oh well..

To Chris and Jake: The story about you guys shitting with your Uncle Rick was hilarious. Sounds like you guys have a pretty laid back family. By the way, how old are you guys?


I took a dump this morning that I considered was a masterpiece. It was solid, straight, and long, extending from the hole to about 3 inches out of the water. Afterwords, it took about 5 minutes to wipe. I must have gone through half a roll of toilet paper, as I just couldn't seem to get totally clean. While standing there admiring it, I considered taking a picture of it on my camera phone, but decided against it. If I ever showed friends at work the pictures on my phone, I don't know how I'd explain that one.

Speaking of phones, I stopped in a public restroom the other day to take a leak, and some guy was in one of the stalls, yakking away on his cell. It got me to wondering how common a practice is this? Personally, I wouldn't talk on my phone while I was taking a dump. ( I wouldn't even take it in with me).

If anybody has any thoughts on this, I'd be interested to hear.

The other day I drank two drinks that were huge after I had to pee and held it in for a long time and once I went it was so long and felt soooo good. I'm usually into either poo stories, accident stories, or poo accident stories, but heres my two cents. And also just to say I went to the toilet in a public bathroom and the door was open a guy walked in and I looked at him, and quickly shut the door. I didn't really think I should have closed it. It was funny to see his reaction.

Jenny Penelope
A Childhood Pee/Poop story:
The first day of pre school, I was 5. i went into the toilet, and did a big poo, I turned around to flush, and thr button was stuck! I still remember the horror, then after a few tries i gave up. I went over to teh door, and i couldnt reach the lock! i screamed out for someone to come and get me, and finaly someone came. My friend Ursula came under the door and unlcoked it. I was very scared, and to make it worse, she saw and smelt my big pre school poo!

TO Swim girl:

LOL! Your incident is almost a "Life Imitating Art" moment!! It sounds like a scene from the movie 'Trainspotting'.

In case you've never heard of or seen it, it's now a cult classic movie from '95. The film is a very, *VERY* black comedic, no-hold-barred exploration of the lives of a few Scottish drug addicts. (Sounds horrific, I know. It frequently is... but it's handled great care.)
In possibly the film's most surreal & funny moments, one of the characters loses something in a toilet after having a very relieving dump, and has to go 'fishing', shall we say, to get it.

WARNING!: This widely released movie is *not* for the faint of heart. It pushes the limits - no question about that. The toilet scene in the movie is now legend, but the movie also has an even more... um... realistic poopy scene about having a accident in bed.

You've been warned.



I am a Castor Oil lover. Now I am 22 and since I was 18 I use it for spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning and winter cleaning...
normally i drink 4 oz with orange juice (or prune juice if i have been constipated) 1st thing in the morning. they i get undressed waist down and go back to bed. i half-sleep till gurgling and cramps start. then i wait untill my t????y can hold no more (around 3-4 since drinking) and run to the toilet. my t????y is upset for around 4 hours after that, but i don't mind, all the cramps, gas and wet farts really turn me on...

Sweet survey-er
Hey if you want to check out a cool
movie pooping scene with a chick (Mena Suvari)
watch "Spun". Its a movie about Junkies.

Just before having sex, she really needs to take
a dump, "cos it's been ages since she had taken a dump..."
it shows her grunting and straining to get the peice
of poo out!! it was great to watch....

The movie also stars Brittany Murphy and Micky Rourke.
Has anyone seen it?

P.S TO THUNDER- are you from Australia?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good morning--cold here. Two days ago I had to poop in the mid-afternooon, at work. The downstairs men's room has two stalls, one with a door and one without. I chose the doorless one because it had better light (so I could read my textbook). I sort of hoped someone would walk in, but no one did. I simply let my bowels move, hardly pushing at all, and two long, smooth turds snaked out, landing with soft splashes. It felt excellent. Then yesterday afternoon I had just gotten home and needed to call my wife, who was still at work. Grabbing the cordless phone, I headed for the bathroom, as I had felt my rectum fill. As I sat, the phone rang; she answered, and we spoke. I was holding the phone with my right hand and a large hand mirror with my left. During the conversation, without grunting or in any way revealing what was happening, I watched as three thick, chunky turds slowly slid down and out; the first looked about 8" long, the other two maybe 3" to 4" each; they slid into the water so softly that I am sure my wife heard nothing. We hung up, then a small hanger-on of a turd dropped with a plip! sound. No other sightings of interest, though I did hear a young man's turd drop with a healthy plunk! into a school toilet a few days ago.
Happy pooping, everyone!

This is to all the people out there who would like to know about female aiming when it comes to peeing. When I was younger, my two older cousins and I used to love going to my grandparents house. They had a wonderful entertaining area with a pool. Before we entered the pool we would have a pee at the 'pee tree'. During the frist few months of using the 'pee tree' i used to find the pee coming down my leg. Now my female cousin three years older than me had a wonderful amin and even used to beat my male cousin in peeing comps. I am proud to say that using the 'pee tree' has helped me when I really need to pee and no toliets are in range. Advice to everyone, train your kids whole they are young how to aim, male or female!

Adam D.
To Michael: You had asked about poops smelling differently in public. I haven't noticed this at public bathrooms, but I have noticed that my poop absolutely smells different when I poop at my parent's house. I have been trying to figure this one out for years already, and I have a theory. At first I thought it might have to do with the older toilets at my parent's house, just through ages of use or maybe not being cleaned as well or perhaps some unusual bacteria that the toilet bowl cleaner doesn't kill (by the way, I have a newer toilet at my house). But my parents recently put in all new toilets and my poops still smell vastly different there than they do at my house (and they smell the same at my parents house be it the older toilets or new toilets, that is, the toilets themselves don't change the smell of my poops). Ok, so here's my theory: I think it might have to do with the water! I have always had "city water" at my house (and likewise, almost all public bathrooms use "city water"). My parent's house uses "well water". Don't know if that fits in with your particular situations, but I think for my situation it is the only logical explanation.

Adam D.
To Allison: Some kids can be so cruel. It got me thinking about when I was younger and in school (that was awhile ago), I also usually would not use the school toilets to poop unless I absolutely had to. I think this is probably very common amongst kids in school. There's just that awkwardness or shyness about pooping at school that makes you not want to go there. Fortunately, my body would usually cooperate and I would normally just get the urge at home, but there were a few times I can remember that I really had to struggle to hold it in until I got home. It is the worst feeling when you have a hard stool that's pushing and wanting to exit and you have to do everything you can to hold it back. If I knew it was going to be soft or diarhea I wouldn't even try to hold it until I got home and would be brave and go at school.

To Kareen
Yes I am female, and I am 15 years old in ninth grade. What are kegal excersises and how do u do them. I have heard of them before.

I own and operate a very sucessful nightclub catering to the 25-35 year old age group. I had a major problem with drugs , specifacally coke in the restroom stalls. The local police dept. told me my best option was to remove all the stall doors from the restrooms, obviously, he was talking about only the mens rooms, as I did some research and found out doors with working latches are REQUIRED on all stalls used by women. We removed the stall doors from the guys bathrooms, and man did it cut down the drug problems...Me and my business parter moniter the men room every 30 minutes o so and all we find are happy drunks sitting on the bowls, shitting their brains out...We use the same shitters ourselves, and it's been working out fine ...

Andy in Buffalo
I have an embrassing story to tell about having to piss somewhere other then the toilet. I was on my way home after a dinner out at a resturant. At dinner I had drank a couple of beers and some water. I was pretty thirsty. I was walking home when I felt the urge to take a piss hit me. I am not the best at holding my urine in once i feel the urge and I have had to find places other then a toilet to relieve myself but I don't like having to piss in public unless it's absolutly necasary. I walked faster but about 5 blocks I felt a little bit escape and dampen my boxers. I grabbed my cock to make sure no more would come out and then I searched around for a place to take a piss but unforunatly there were people out. the need got worse really quick and i stood at the curb unzipped and pissed on the tire of a car. some lady yelled at me but I just ignored her and walked away feeling guilty but relieved.

It bothers me that wemon feel odd about using public toilets. a toilet is a toilet. im a stay@home mom and if I need a toilet a public one is luxury. One day I walked into a packed public washroom waited my turn and let my bowels do their job. One time I pooped into a high toilet where my feet didnt touch the ground are those common is the u.s.a. any way i love public toilets and how convienent they are.

Me and my brother went Christmas shopping at JC Penney's at 7am this morning (Saturday) By 7:45 we both had to shit real bad, we hit the Men's restroom and found three doorless stalls all vacant, we hopped on the two furthest back from the entrance door and started farting and plopping. The door opened up and our Uncle Rick, who is a manager there saw us on the bowls, and said "hey guys, don't get up, and let's skip the hugs for right now" we all laughed... Uncle Rick sat on the closest toilet to the entrance and let out a monsterous series of farts, followed by a series of log plops, which he blamed our Aunt Trish's pancakes for.. WE talked about Christmas only 2 weeks away, and we farted plopped and wiped. We finished first and said 'bye' to our uncle while he was still wiping himself...Our Uncle Rick is our moms brother, on the way home we laughed and said we were glad we inhereted our dad's genes in the "private" area...LOL but we still love our uncle.... Merry Christmas from Chris and Jake

well so far ive only shared stories about my friends but the more that i read the more personal i feel i should be so heres a couple about me!
My first pooping accident happend when i was 9! I just finished eating dinner and my step dad told me to get ready for bed! so i went into the bathroom peed and washed up and changed into my little black sleeping shorts! When i went to sleep everything was fine but when i
woke up the next mourning my little butt was covered in the slimest poop my shorts were clingging to my butt i told my mom that i pooped
my pants and she got really mad and made me sit in my room all day in my poopy shorts

I have another story about my high school friend named Victor!
I always used to tease him after football practice because hes
got the smoothes ????ess round ass that ive ever seen on a man!
from behind he looks just like a woman! one day after practice
my coach found my ciggaretts so he took me in his office for a long
boaring lecture! when he was done everyone had already left except for
victor he was just sitting there on the bench by the lockers still in his uniform! when i ask what was wrong he said nothing he just had a lot on his mind so i left him alone and went to shower! when i was done
he was still sitting there with a blank stare on his face! after i made sure he was alright i took off!i got about half way home when i realized that i left my bag in the locker room so i turned back to go get it! Victor obviusly dident here me walk back in because when i turned the corner to the lockers he was just peeling off the shittest
pair of underware that ive ever seen! his ass was completley covered
with nasty brown mushy shit! when he seen me looking at his messy ass
he turned the brightest shade of red that ive ever seen! for a minute
he just stood there stareing at me in shame finally he said he just couldent make it threw practice he tried but eventually the poop just poured out makeing a compleate mess of his pants and ass!

Hi everybody:
I just saw the other night on MTV's Real World Huston
that some of the girls wemt out clubbing in their black
dresses. On the way back to the house one of the girls
goes over in the street and squats down and begins to pee.
The two other girls get in front of her but then move
and then you can see pee coming out between the girl's legs.
I don't think that she pulled her dress up very far. She may
have just moved her thong panty aside if she was wearing any.

Outdoor Jenny,
It's too cold to pee or poo outside here in
Indiana. It was cold the last time that I went under a
overpass and pulled down my jeans and panties and produced
a nice looking poo.

Do any ladies have any thing that I can do to
help prevent to be able to do anyting with the hemmoridds(sp)
that I get? I tend to get them more when I have the runs
then with hard stools. I wonder why that is.


Hi guys. Yesterday I went to the same department store where I had the semi budy-dump with the restaurant manager. I had to take a dump and went to the menīs. A cleaning lady was doing her job. She was at the sinks area. There was a sign outside but I saw a man in a suit go in so I followed. He asked something to the lady and she replied something like itīs o.k., so he went to one of the urinals. I asked the lady if she minded. She said go ahead so I took the furthest stall, in respect for the lady. I lowered my jeans just to my tighs. I usually drop them to my ankles but I thought it would be weird if she saw my briefs. Other days I wear boxers, just for you to know. I felt I would be very noisy so I didnīt push and just let things happen. I relaxed and felt shit coming out of my anus effortlessly. It came out with some farts and crackling sounds. I felt relieved and sat there in silence for 5 minutes to recover. The lady was there at the beginning and she could hear everything. Other guys came to the urinal meanwhile. By then I had stunk the air. Finally I wiped surprinsingly easy and applied Aqua de Gio to my butt so that I smell cool after my dump. I went out and the lady was gone. However it was a very satisfying bathroom experience.

TO Allison:

Don't let them push you around. Waiting all day at school to use your home bathroom simply because of their words is giving in to bullying.

You should tell Kirsten to go to hell, or at least remind her that:
#1. Her gabbing is petty & immature... (Ooooooo! Allison had a smelly BM... Get over it Kirsten.)
and #2. Whenever she takes a shit, it's never Chanel No.5 coming out of her ass either.

Well... that's my $0.02 anyway.



I am interested to find out how you girls handle situations when you are at work (i.e. corporate office environment) and you feel the urge to empty your bowels. What bathroom sizes do you prefer, if you have the choice? Do you favour smaller, more private bathrooms with only 2 or 3 stalls which are maybe less frequented? Or do you rather choose the anonymity of the larger bathrooms, with many stalls, where there is more traffic? If you go for the smaller, more private bathrooms and you discover that one of the stalls is already in use, do you usually wait until that person leaves the bathroom, do you attempt a controlled dump to minimise telling noises or do you go on with your business without inhibitions?

Also, when you girls pee or poop at work, does it generally happen that some other woman walks in and does a #2? What is most common scenario? Do most women usually sit down and wait for others to leave, do they attempt to cover up by flushing while they go, or is it most common that women just get on with it?

And how's the likelihood in your office environment that 3 or more women take a dump at the same time? Is there a difference in behaviour between age groups or level of attractiveness, i.e. are older women perhaps less reserved than younger women; do you find that attractive girls/women usually are more inhibited; are there certain peak times during a day/week, when more women go for a #2, and do you try to avoid these rush hours, if you can?

It would be nice if you girls could share your experiences and thoughts.

Tia: Thanx for the answer. How big are your poop?

Yesterday my girlfriend came to my house. We sat and drank some cofee when she said that she needed to go to the bathroom. yes i thought we haven't been together for a long time so she had never used the bathroom at my house and never when i've been at her place too. I thought that she was only going to pee. I stood outside the door and listened. she was peeing but after that i heard some soft grunting but then no more. she was grunting for about 5minutes and you could hear some farts. Then i heard a plop and a aah. some more minutes and then a keerploonk! she started to wipe and then flushed. i ran to the livingroom again. when she got their she said nothing and we continued to drink cofee. later that night when she had left i went to the toilet and there was some real big skidmarks at the bottom not from flushing but the fall from a huge log.! you could see that.

Erin today i shit so much it was like a river of liqud and i shit behind a dumpster

any other guys have pee squirt out when there shitting or just me?

for the past few days I have been putting the mirror so that I could see my anus and every time the poop comes out it lets off and I see this brown
mush come out.

Hey everybody. Im a 18 year old guy and my best friend is also the same age her name is katie. Katie is about 5 7 weighs about 120lbs blonde hair, preppy and has very sexy thighs and a big butt. Well the other day we were at her house chillin after school and she said she had to use the bathroom. I am one who is turned on by people using the toilet. so i was intreseted. i just sat in the living room and heard that she didnt close the door all the way so i took a little peak. i saw her pull down her kahki pants and white thong down between her thighs and knees. she sat straight up with her hands on her lap. she began to grunt and let out a couple logs. she made a couple "uh uh uh uh uh" grunts and made a big big splash. she sat there a little longer and began to read a magazine. she finished up pulled off some toilet paper and wiped. as she began to flush i headed out. it was real cool to see and i wonder if she left the door open on purpose. it was def a cool thing.

Mr. Clogs
Ms.PeesAlot: You was asking about peeing ideas, how about peeing into containers, at least that's a start.

To someone who asked about peeing with an erection, I especially have a difficult time peeing into the toilet. Also peeing into containers like bottles for me is difficult. Hope that answers your question.

Mr. Clogs

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