desperate to poop

My girlfriend and I visited Japan recently and I have a desperation story to report.

We were visiting Tokyo and I had been feasting on a lot of the local delicies. Anyone one afternoon I was wandering around one of there shopping precincts when the feasts of the day before decided they definately wanted to come out. I hurriedly found the local toilets and was quite concerned when I found a line of 4 or 5 people. The toilets were the japanese style squat ones. There were 4 toilets and I could easily here at least 2 ladies having runny poops in them. Ahead of me the japanese girl at the front was depserate and her legs were tightly crossed. She was whimpering slightly as well. I was also crossing my legs and was feeling a runny load moving down pressing to get out. The end cucible became free and the girl quickly ran in and started peeing. Luckily she didn't need a poop and the lady in front of her took her place shortly afterwards. The other three cucibles had remained engaged since I'd been there. In the first cucible I could make out some high heels and the lady was having a serious clean out. In the second cucible there was some chubby legs and some trainers and she seemed to be strainging a lot so may have been constipated. In the third cucible there were some knickers that had been dropped to the floor and another pair of high heels. Again this lady was shitting up a storm. The end cucible was again vacated and the 3rd lady took her place leaving just one middle aged lady in front of me. She left of a SBD, like i'd been doing so I knew she would need a poop. After a few minutes the end cucible became free again and she went in. Immediately she let out a huge fart and started letting loose with soft shit. All four cucibles were now shitting and I was by now very desperate and about to shit my pants. Behind me a line had also formed. One girl came up and asked could she go in front and I said sorry I was depserate, she was not happy and returned to the back of the queue. There seem no end in sight for the shitters and I was doing a poo poo dance which was very unlady like but who cared I was desperate. Finally after an age I heard a heavy grunt and a big flooooomp and the middle stall lady finally passed what must have been a hard whopper. Five minutes later she exited the stall, quite red and I ran in and took her place. I quick took of my shoes and Jeans and squatted over the toilet and let rip. A large Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp was followed by a serving of soft sludge. I moaned involunatiry at the relief. I looked to the left and right at me and could see the other two people were still shitting a storm. One was Japanese and was muttering something in Japanese whilst here heels were clikcing up and down. I expect it was hot poo and hurting her anus ring. I continued to unload for a good fifteen minutes, and I have to confess had a little play as well. After five mintues the third and fourth cucibles exited and two more came in both to pee. Finally after another five minutes I was finished and wiped and left. I came out and the lady who had asked to go in was next in line she dashed in and immediately started peeing a big stream.

Happy pooping all

Hi all, I'm a first time poster, my name is Claudia, I'm from Europe, 34 years old.
As I see, many people have problems visiting public toilets as I have. 2 years ago I had go to a business trip alone by car. It was a good 1000 km driving, just highways all the way. I was thinking how I could make it, and decided to buy a pack of diapers just for sure. It was no problem for the first 250 km's but then I started feel the need for a pee. I decided to stop in case I could find a bigger rest stop. Another 25 km, just small stops. And then, roadworks! I had to stop and we could barely move. My urge became bigger and bigger, but no sight of toilet at all. As we moved very slow and stopped frequently, I decided to pull out a diaper and jump in, before I wet the company car's seat. First it was strange but then I had to concentrate for the road again, as we passed the roadworks. I was still looking for a good place to stop, but I felt a bit pee squirting. About 10 minutes later I saw the sign of a rest stop, but it was too late and I pissed in the diaper a lot. I stopped though and secretely changed the diaper as I decided to wear them for the rest of the drive. 2 more stops, 2 more diapers and then I arrived.
I thought it was very useful, and I always take diapers for trips since that time.
Untill last week I only peed, but I think I was eating something and its' revenge came during driving. I was alone again, so thanks God no witness but still embrassing a bit. I simply couldn't hold it and pooped in the diaper. The bad part was that I couldn't clean myself well, just a bit, and I stayed 6 hours with partly messy bottom in the diapers. My butt was a bit red and I could feel pain. I hope it won't happen again, although it was interesting pooping into diapers...

Hey im new, im a 22 year old attractive women with blonde hair, im about 5ft tall and i live in Hobart Australia. Anyway the other week i was at work and I was busting to take a turd, i could feel it poking out i was sitting there squzing my cheeks together. i was worried because i had a g-string and a mini skirt on and the sweat building up in my crack, only makeing it worse the loo was at the other side of the building, i new i would have to make a run for it. So i took a deep breath put a hand on my stomach and ran for it, I made it into a cubicle in a hurry liftted the seat up, knickers down and as soon as my cheeks heat the seat an eruption of soft spongey stools splashed into the bowl. What a relief i tell ya, but the i dicovered there was no tp so i had to wait about 30 mins before anyone else come in so i embaressedly asked the if they could fetch me some. Ladys have u ever gone to the loo finish ur buiness and find out there is no toilet paper?

Hey all. I'm Michelle and I guess I'm new here, but I've been reading for awhile. I'm 16 with light-brown hair, and I'm sort of skinny yet I'm curvy and I've been told I have a nice ass. I have a story that happened at the end of the summer. I was at my best friend's house at the time. She's the same age as me, and has a younger brother that was 14 and close to turning 15. We've been friends for awhile, and her brother has always been the one that teases me and his sister, but I think he has a crush on me.

I don't know what I ate that day, but it definitely wasn't settling with me. I was fun for the whole day, but my stomach was just grumbling. A lot different from when I'm hungry. My friend's house is by the lake so her parents wanted to take the boat out to some kind of sand-bar that's out there. None of us wanted to go, so her parents decided to go alone. By then it was getting dark. I was in my friend's room upstairs and we were just watching TV, when her brother came in and asked where some Epsom Salt was. I guess he was soar from the little workouts he does from time to time.

My friend said she didn't know, and that was that. While we were watching TV, my stomach growled louder than ever. We both heard it and glanced at each other laughing. She said "Are you hungry, or do you need to let something out?" I told her to shut up and that I was going to the bathroom. She just nodded, picked up her phone, and started to call somebody.

There was a bathroom in the hallway, but when I walked in, I was so happy that I remembered the toilet did not flush. That would've been horrible. I placed a hand on my butt when the urge got incredibly strong. It just seemed to have perfect timing. I actually had to bend over with my hands on my knees for awhile to hold everything together. A few silent farts slipped out, and I could smell how horrible they were.

I quickly dashed to the bathroom downstairs. I had to clench my buttcheeks tightly, because the poop was just pushing to come out. I remember having to push the tip of one back in. I finally made it to the bathroom and rushed in. I think I silently cursed to myself when I saw her brother laid out in the tub soaking.

We both shouted and I turned my head and said "Sorry!" while he said "What the?!" My stomach grumbled again and I softly asked if he could get out real quick, but he said there was no way he was getting out right then after using the last bit of Epsom Salt to soak in and that he just started his bath.

I told him I really needed to use the bathroom, but he said to just wait a second, and leaned his head back while trying to cover himself. I thought for a little bit, and said "It's just him" to myself, and did something I never saw myself doing. I quickly shut the door, made sure it was locked, and rushed the toilet. I'm a pretty open person. I'll sometimes announce that I have to pee when he's around, but I've never done anything like this.

I got a small glance of him resting in the tub, and all those work-outs seemed to be doing something for him, but I didn't even have time to notice that for too long as I sat down and pulled my jeans and panties just a bit past my thighs. He immediately said "Whoa! You're really gonna go while I'm still in here?" My stomach grumbled again, and I managed to say that I just really really had to go.

The bad thing was that the toilet is position beside the tub, and with the way he sitting, he had a perfect rear-view. By this time, I didn't care if he saw me, I got over it surprisingly quick. I looked at him and noticed that his eyes were glued to my ass. I asked if he had to stare, and he simply said "I can't help it!", and still glanced at me sideways. I had no time to say anything else. My load was ready to come out.

I tried my best to ease my poop into the toilet as quiet as possible, so he wouldn't at least hear everything, but I could tell this would be one of my firm ones. I felt a piece of poop push out and I began to hate how wide and deep this toilet bowl was when it felt with a loud "Plop!". His eyes got even wider. I don't think he realized that I wasn't in her simply to pee, but I had to let this burden out now! To my dismay I started letting out LOUD and LONG farts.

I was so embarrassed then that I just leaned my head into my hands, but that just gave him an even better view. My farts kept making long "vvvvvvp" noises. I felt my face burning when I let out an incredibly long "vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvp" fart. That one must've lasted 15 seconds. I could tell by the way he was lying that he was completely turned on. He laughed and said "Girls fart like that? You?" I told him to shut it, and more poop started to push out.

This one was actually very wide, and I had to strain to push it. He seemed hypnotized then and was just staring at my ass while listening to all of my sound effects. I tried to ease this one out but it felt with a loud "PLOP!" and splashed water everywhere. He whistled and said "I hope I get to see this side of you more often!". I told him to shut up and ended up letting out a loud fart that sounded like a horn. A lot more just like it followed.

This just had to be one of my gassy dumps. Even worse was when my usual type of dump started. I was surprised I let out even one big turd. I usually let out small or medium pieces of poop extremely fast, and that's what started. I gave up trying to make noises when the constant farting started. There wasn't any rest during this load. It was just constant "plop! plop! plop!" over and over. He shook his head and said "You really did have to go!"

He had completely forgotten about soaking. Now it was about getting a better view of what was going on in the toilet. Unfortunately he's tall, and I guess he finally got into a position where he could see perfectly, because he whistled and said "Does it ever stop? Is there an off button here?" He bodly poked and pushed in one cheek with his finger, and I gave a swift punch to the arm, but I think I hurt myself more than I hurt him.

I don't think I even cared at that point. My stomach was still growling, and my poor hole wasn't getting a rest at all. I started to make even more noise when I started farting while I was emptying my system, and these were nasty farting noises. The ones that make it sound and smell like something is wrong with me. This had to go on for about 8 or 9 minutes! And I'm sure he didn't want me to stop anytime soon. By then, the mood was more relaxed.

It smelled so horrible in there, though. He even said that I smell ten times as bad as he does. The flow of turds finally stopped, and my stomach grumbled louder than ever! I actually doubled over and leaned almost down to my knees and let him see much more than I was willing to. He even said "Uh Oh! Is that a butthole I see?!" but I was almost in pain at the time.

He stopped talking when I soft and strangely hot turd just basically shot out and splattered the side of the bowl. It was a big one too. I immediately squirted out more just like it. I think they were actually sizzling!

Embarrassment creeped back up on me. Not did I completely expose myself to him, but this was one of my worse dumps ever. I couldn't even remember what I ate. To make it worse I started to moan and strain to get some of these out, and they just continued to squirt out and sizzle loudly. It only got worse and worse! These were actually sort of burning my hole as they came out, and I think they were the source of my stomach problems.

I started to let out nasty farts again during this nasty process. The sound effects were just aweful! I was just me moaning and getting rid of these troublesome ones. It was just "NNNNNNN! *sizzlesizzlesizzle* *splat!*" over and over. He had gone incredibly silent a little bit after this started, but I could tell he was staring right at my ass still, and was seemingly captivated by it.

I'm sure he still couldn't believe that the girl he had a crush on was emptying her bowels right in front of him. The smell was simply the WORST now, and I was worried I would fill this entire toilet bowl up because the pattern still hadn't stopped!

He finally spoke and shouted "What the hell have you been eating?! Dog Food?!" and I managed to get out "I don't know!" in between my pushing. I started to notice that my turds weren't making as much noises and it took more effort for me to push.

It still wasn't much better though. I felt his hand reach over and touch my butt again while he said "I didn't think this fine ass could do something like this!" I didn't even care, though. I just wanted to get it over with. Finally the turds stopped making noise completely, but the farts were still going strong.

I was just pushing out this very long but very skinny pieces of poop now. It felt like it took forever for these to drop down. I felt my cheeks turn red when he started coughing for a bit, because it did smell THAT bad in here. I was still pushing out these unsually annoying, long turds, but I felt that the most of my load was finally over! I wanted to cheer! My stomach stopped making weird noises too.

I was hit by another load of small turds, but it wasn't nearly as bad as what I just went through. I swear they were falling like rain drops though! He was still just staring like always and ran out of things to say as I could just feel his eyes staring into my crack and into the the rather large bowl beneath me. I didn't even want to know how the toilet was looking now. FINALLY the load of small turds gradually stopped which wasn't the best way.

By now there was barely any water just a lot of poop in the toilet. So all you heard was "thud! thud! thud! thud.......thud......thud". I was happy that it was at least slowing down and could've danced when it finally stopped. I was still doubled over and had my hair covering my face. I didn't even care when I started letting out LOUD "VVVVVVVVVVVVVP!" farts. He seemed to love it, though. I was so exhausted that I just leaned there resting.

He finally spoke again and said "Do you ever stop farting? You fart like a dude! Hellooooo". I was just leaning there rested. I felt him touch my butt again trying to get me to move, but I just didn't care. He got bolder and started squeezing my cheeks asking if I was done.

I was still letting out quite a few farts here and there. He whistled and said "Are you dead? You know I can see your tight butthole? Helloooo" He finally stopped talking and just squeezed my ass while supposedly staring straight up my butthole which had just recently stopped adding more farts to the horrible smell in there.

I looked over in the tub and said "Your equipment is showing". He was completely turned on. He looked down and said "Crap!" but didn't even stop touching my ass. I finally sighed, got up, smacked him in the head, and told him not say anything about what he just saw. I told him it's the first and last time it'd ever happen, and that he better hold on to the fond memory of it.

He finally covered himself, laid back, and said "Aren't you going to wipe? I'll do it for you if you need me to." I stuck my tongue out at him, mooned him, and let out a loud fart towards him. Not very lade-like at all, but none of that really mattered at that point. I think I only turned him on even more, though, because he simply smiled and flicked some water on my ass. I finally pulled up my jeans and panties back up, and said he could handle the flushing.

I was very embarrassed, but I also didn't feel like bothering with it. I was still exhausted. He finally seemed to notice the smell and said "Jesus Christ this smell is aweful!" He then looked into the toilet and his mouth almost dropped. I just smiled and strutted out the door.

I peaked through the door and saw him with a huge grin on and face, he must've been recalling everything. He even stared at his hand for awhile. He then stared into the bowl and I saw all kinds of emotions flash across his face as he stared at the stinky monsters I produced in there. He was still grinning and staring in the bowl when I finally left. When I got upstairs again, my friend was STILL on the phone. I don't think it was the same person, though. She simply looked up at me and shook her head when I sat down. I simply rubbed my stomach and said I felt much better.

After that, her brother really didn't say a thing or act as if anything happened unless it was just us two. Then he would tease me like hell to make up for all the times he said nothing. I'd blush or attack him every time, but he loves bringing up my huge dump. Looking back, it was actually kind of fun taking a crap in front of a guy. At least it was someone I knew well, and he did keep his promise not to tell anyone.

Well, that's it. I know it was long-winded, but it was a loooong dump too, and this is really the only story I have. Hope to hear more stories from you guys! I'm out of here!

well its pretty hard for me to take a dump everyday and i want to know if its true that enemas are really bad for you can someone please help me with this??

alright so i have this problem where i only get the urge to go to the bathromm while im at work and when i come home that erge goes away
does some one have an explaination to whats going on with me????

HI Brittany and others,

I agree with Brittany that many guys like sh*t.
I hope you can assure me something which I haven't
seen or noticed before. Do very pretty women with good bodily figure
and nice butts poop? And are their shit just like clean water or the same like men?
Sorry for weird question as i haved never noticed any pretty woman poop and would really
like to know if they do.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Further to my previous posts I would like to be more free in respect of toileting relationships involving my partner and myself. I have seen my partner having a poo several times but she is still very private. On the other hand if I am on the pot she will enter the bathroom at will and sometimes leave the door wide open when there are others at home. She is improving with her privacy though, she has no problem farting or weeing in my presence. A few days ago I resolved to enter the bathroom (only if I needed to) whether I thought she was on the pot or not. I have been doing this but partner has never been on the throne when I have entered. My partner usually poos after she has been up a little while. She woke up early to go training, and I awoke also an thought I would make her a cup of tea... or at least ask her if she had time for a cup of tea before she left. I noted she was in the bathroom but I thought she would be showering or weeing etc ( I thought it too early for a poo). Anyway I flung open the door and their she was bum on the toilet and knickers around her ankles. Her elbows were forces into her thighs...she was leaning forward and really trying to push one out. In total surprise she screemed and almost jumped off the toilet seat in shock ( she is very easily scared)... and then there was this rapid fire plonk, plonk, plonk... I think I scared the shit out of her!!!
Anyway I asked her if she wanted a cup of tea...she said "yes". When she came out she seemed pleasant and relaxed....maybe she was pleased to get the poo out before training? That night she was particularly pleasant to me....maybe I am making headway.
Thanks to Deb in Florida for the encouragement

Had a rather embarassing experience yesterday. To bein with woke up in middle of night needing the toilet. Went and pushed out a log followed by some some pieces and thewn what can be only described as butt mud.

Later on during the day went out to a pub as was feeling fine. Needed a piss so went to the toilet while in the middle of pissing felt the need to fart so did this was my mistake followed through with another load of butt mudd into my pants.

Went into the cubicle to finnish off and clean up here pushed out another load of the same butt mudd then got on with the clean up. I had been wearing briefs which had contained the mess but also this had caused it to have been squished all over my arse and balls. took tons of toilet paper to clean up.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hi, I am new here and I have an embarassing story to tell. To start out I am 17 years old live in Arizona. This happened to me the other day while at school. It was after lunch and I felt the need to go #2 pretty bad, I hate using the bathroom at school, especially if I have to poop. I only have two other times their in my life. I went into the bathroom which hasn three stalls, 1 was being occupied by a girl peeing. I sat down and tried to wait until she left to begin pooping, after she finished peeing she stood by the mirror for a minute or two while I just sat there trying to hold it in. I couldn't wait anymore and released kind of a loud fart on accident followed by a couple of plops. Meanwhile the girl fixing her hair by the mirror was joined by two of her friends who I think i recognized by there voices. The bathroom smelled a little bit and I could hear the girls talking about it. By now I was ready to burst and decided to just go and hopefully they would leave. I tried pushing a little and farted for like three seconds, I heard one of the girls say "oh my god", and the other said thats disguisting. I was so embarassed, I farted quietly again and dropped three more logs. Then one of the girls looked through the crack and saw me, she was so surprised. It was this girl Kirsten who is dating this guy I like, she laughed and said sorry and told me they would leave in a minute, I could hear the other girls making fun of me in the backggound, so immature. I couldn't believe they all heard me pooping for like five minutes, in school! The next day in school it seemed like all of my friends heard about the incident, nobody teased me they just seemed grossed out or something, they were surprised a girl like me would poop in the school bathrooms. I think Kirsten told people so that me and her BF wouldn't hook up. The funny thing is I've been in the bathroom once while she was stinking up the entire place and I didn't say a thing. She's very popular and would probably just lie about it anyway. When I walk by a few of the girls they make farting noises towards me because they know it bothers me, i'm going home sick the next time I have to go #2 at school.

Well the boyfriend really did it this time. I had been rushing home after being stuck in traffic because I had to pee SO BAD that when I got to the toilet I started peeing even before I sat all the way down. Well probably for the first time ever, he had put the seat cover down after his last visit so yes, my pee was running everyplace but into the toilet and although I quickly realized the problem I just couldn't stop it until I was almost empty. Guess I won't yell about him leaving the seat up anymore.

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Yal!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while i have been super busy. Well it is too cold to be doing my poos outside right now but I do have a buddy poop story I would like to share with you. Over this past weekend my friend had some surgery and my friend Janet and I stayed at the hospital while it was all going on. We were hungry so we went to the cafeteria and had some food to fill our t?????s. About an hour later i started getting these cramps, I looked over at Janet and I told her that I needed to go for a poo. She said she was working one up as well so we went down the hall and found the bathroom, we went in the door but it was just a single toilet. By this time i really had to poo so I immediatly sat down, I let go of two waves of mushy poo and a really nice boomer fart.

My friend Janet looked like she was about to explode but i felt like i still had more so I turned to my side so i was only taking hlaf of the toilet, she finally agreed and pulled up her skirt and her pantyhoes and panties down to her knees.She said " im sorry babe but its gonna be huge" she let out this moan and exploded waves of diareha into the toilet with some nice farts. I felt some cramps still and said "dont worry me too" I let loose with some really chunky explosive poo with farts in between. we both sat there for ten minutes having chunky/liquidy poos. It felt so good. I stood and wiped while janet remained sitting. Afterwards we went to the waiting room and waited for out friend to get out of surgery.

please share some buddy poop stories

Craig: Great story about the doorless stalls visible from the outside in your K-Mart. I just have a question. When you guys use those toilets do you drop your pants and underwear all the way down to the floor or your ankles or do you have them high in your tighs, just far enough to go? Also, Do your female coworkers happen to see you in the crapper on a regular basis, and if so, what is their reaction? Please tell me at least in which city is your K-Mart. I would love to shit there.

In other pursuits, I took a nice dump at a department store today in the morning. I am taking an antibiotic and my bms have been particularly smelly. I dropped my Levis 501 to my ankles and took the middle stall. There was a guy with sneakers in the handicapped stall. Just as I was beginning to unload a guy took the first stall and exploded. However he quickly wiped himself and went out of the stall. Just about then, the restaurant manager who is a mediterranean type, black hair, olive skin and very virile handsome man in his 30s took the stall next to mine. I could recognize him by his black shoes. He dropped his grey pants to the floor. He farted and I could hear the crackling of his shit. He sighed in relief and whispered to himself something like "holy shit". We both sat in silence for about 5 minutes and by then we both had produced a strong poop smell. Then he started to wipe. I had more soft shit and it came out along with several farts. It smelled like sweet and sour. When I started to wipe the restaurant manager, came out of his stall and washed his hands. Another guy with jeans and puma shoes took the the other stall to my right. He dropped his jeans to his ankles and was very quiet. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. I decided to have breakfast at the store restaurant. As I entered the manager, kindly welcomed me. I know he recognized my brown Rockport shoes and it was like we secretly knew we had shared a semi buddy dump. It was a cool bonding experience. I ordered a carrot, guava, and papaya juice, and a coffee. Now Im looking forward to shitting at the office later in the day. Ill post as soon as I have more shitting stories. By for now.

Hey people do yall have any peeing ideas. I have always been interest in the website.

Kegal exercises will increase the bladder holding muscle and the more it can hold the more it will stretch and then be able to hold more. R U female? How old?

Hi, my name is Sandy and this is my first time telling this story so I'm a little nervous. I am 14 yrs old and my girlfriend is 15, her name is Tammy. We were on our way home together when I got cramps in my t????y. I told Tammy about it and she told me that we would stop at the store and she would get me something for the cramps. I didn't know what she bought until we got to her house. Tammy said I should go to her room and sit on the bed and she would be there in a minute. When Tammy arrived she told me to get undressed. I could feel my face turning bright red. The cramps were getting worse and I was on the verge of tears. Tammy started taking off my jeans and then pulled down my panties. She said it would be better if I took off all of my clothes.
I got up on the bed on all 4's with my bottom sticking up in the air. I asked what she was going to do. She told me that she was going to give me an enama and that I would feel better afterwards. Tammy put the tip in my bottom which felt good at the start and then started squeezing the liquid into me. I felt full and didn't think I could hold any more. She told me to lay down and just wait. After 5 minutes or so she took me into the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. Tammy had me spread my legs open so she could make sure that we got the results we were looking for. 1st came the water then balls of poop followed by runny poop. There was a break in the action and then more poop which was runny came out. My butt hole was burning now because of all the poop. We went back to the bedroom where Tammy put some lotion on my butt hole. I felt better and went to the bathroom one more time after that. Now I give myself an enama about once a month.

Why is it that when you poop in public places that it smells much worse than when you do it at home? I just dont get it. I work in the children's department at my church. I usually run the audio visual equipment for worship, but sometimes I have to monitor the kids behavior, sometimes in the bathroom. I hate that job. It is bad enough that sometimes I have to put up with the horribe smell of a little kid taking a poop. Im serious, even the smallest little 4th graders stink me out of my job. But do you know what is worse? When I am the stinker. Well, it was a normal day, just making the kids wash their hands and get back to their classes, when I had the horribe urge to take a poop. I figured this wasnt a big deal, so I went to one of the stalls and locked the door. These toilet seats are small, but my butt sat perfectly on it. Off I went. I struggled for a little bit. All I got were farts for about 3 minuets, which didnt smell all that bad. Then, it started to come out. This is when It smelt really bad. This is one of the nastiest poops I have ever had, because it was hard to push even when it was 2 inches out of my butt. This poop was about 12 inches when it all came out. The smell was horrible. I did a flush, and reached for some paper, but I still had to go. I got anoher one, but it was small. I flushed agin and wiped. Then, I was done. I was so caught in my poop, that I didnt notice there were 2 boys still in the bathroom. When I came out, they started laughing. I didnt care that much. Everyone poops. I just cant get over the fact that the smell was so bad. It never smelt that bad at home. Can anyone answer my question?????

Hello again everyone, I haven't posted for a while and I enjoyed catching up on the posts.

Well, that guy Jeff I talked about before..we're dating now. I've never been happier.
So, my story today will involve him.

We're very open with bodily functions (as you can probably tell from my other posts). I was talking to him on the phone yesterday when he says
"I really gotta take a shit can I call you back?"
I told him not to hang up and to talk to me while he took a crap. Listening to him grunt and strain was such a huge turn on. =)


TO Monous:

Yeah, I've peed with an erection. But it's not something I intentionally try to do since:

#1. It's hard to start peeing with a stiff erection...

#2. If the erection is very firm, the pee doesn't come out easily and takes longer to finish.

and #3. It's hard to control where the pee will go.
i.e. I have to use my hand and try to force my penis to point downwards, towards the toilet. This is usually very difficult, a bit painful and often messy because I end up having to pee upwards at an angle, leaving me to guess the right distance to get the correct 'pee trajectory' into to toilet. If I don't make the proper judgement, I can end up pissing all over the bathroom floor for a few moments.

In the event that the erection is in the morning when I wake up, most times I head straight into the shower... It's still hard to urinate, but I don't worry about making a mess on the floor.

Most other times I simply wait until my 'hard-on' has subsided.

On another note, I was a bit disappointed that my previous posting (of a list of all the duplicate, missing & 'defective' pages on The Toilet) never made it to the site.

Oh well... C'est la vie.



To Acountant:
Maybe you should try a urinal during Christmas and share your mensroom experience.

In regard to Uncles question:
I have a question to all the girls. When you're at the toilet
doing number 2. How long time does it take for you to be done.
If it takes about 10-15 minutes is it the pushing or the drying
that takes most of the time. The question is how long does it take
for you to finish number 2?

It usually takes me 25-30 minutes to go poo. It takes about 10 minutes or so for the first piece of poo to start coming out and another 10 to push it all out. It then takes me another five to push out another piece and the last five consists of squeezing out the last 3-5 pieces.

I have a question. How long can you hold your pee?

Hey Clark !!!! Great post about your experience at the school craft show. If I was there eating butter cookies like your friend Ed I'd be on the toilet more than anybody. Imagine how cool, if since there were 6 toilets, if your sons also had to shit. A true father-son holiday blow-out !!!!

To MONOUS. Yes I have peed with an erection but it's very very difficult. First because it's all hard, the little pipe gets closed off and it's impossible to do much more than a dribble, unless I force it really hard. But the biggest problem is my cock is pointing up which means I can't sit on a toilet or stand in front of one to go. There are some old fashioned urinals that are very tall or just like a metal wall. Those are about the only ones I can use. The only other option is to go outside. Normally, peeing outside doesn't worry me in the least but when I have a full blown erection, I'm a little more careful to avoid being seen.

Hi to you all,
Have not had much to report lately but a rather memorable poo the other day got me writing.
Went to the local town to shop and left early so was not able to do my normal morning dump. The trip is about 80 km as had some coffee and an egg roll on the way. Arrived feeling fine and thought better get on with the shopping as no tell tale pressure yet. Big mistake as halfway through felt a little stirring but carried on shopping. Trolley now full and ready to go to the check out. A little more discomfort told me to go and find the loo. I left the trolley in the isle thinking a quick trip was in order. I see a sign customer toilets and head over to the corner. One door and a short corridor reveals ladies and gents. I walk into the ladies to find that renovations are taking place and that all the loos have been loosened and stored to one side as plumbing etc is rearranged. Think quickly now as the pressure is building. Do I use the trashcan, the floor or the basin that is still attached to the wall. I think basin and go over to find it is supported by one bolt and is very loose. What now? The gents is the only option. Just shut the door and get on with it and leave when quiet. I go out and stand and listen for any noise in the gents. By now I can feel the normal plug actually opening my anus and pushing against my g string. Only one thing now get in and shit. I open and rush in to the first stall I see pulling up my dress and pulling down my g string. I turn and hover as the plug shoots out followed by the normal mush. I look at the seat quickly and decide it is clean enough to sit and get down for the next wave. As I relax to push the next lot out I reach forward to pull the door closed to find NO door!! Now I am in trouble as anyone coming in will walk past me and see me in my deep seated shitting position. What the hell, time to get finished when the door does open and a man walks in right past me. If he saw he did not let on and takes the cubicle next to me. Much rustling of zips and underwear and I hear him sit and start to shit out a torrent. I wipe once and pull up my undies and run for the door. Out safely but a close call.

Thank you for the advice Adrian. i am no longer constipated. The way I used the word was to describe being unable to get my bowel movements going. And you are right, The reason I think I was constipated was because I am actually shy to use the toilet at school, I just wait untill i'm at home. If i have diarrhea at school then I immediatly head to the bathroom and let it all out. I wouldn't want to have an accsident. I would like to thank you very much I feel much better and i feel like i have a bit more energy. But do you know of any ways that could cure me of my embarrassment of using the toilet at school. I would hate to be constipated again.

Good luck using the toilet,

AJ :-)
Kitty--When I hear about stories like that of this little boy (who, obviously, had diarrhea) getting punished and laughed at for finally not being able to hold it any longer after asking the teacher over and over again to let him go use the restroom, I just want to find that teacher, get in her face, and tell her off! She sounds like a bully thinly disguised as a teacher, and she's a disgrace to the profession.

Michael--I pull my panties down just above the knees no matter which I'm doing.

Bethy--When my dad was about four and my aunt around six, she got constipated so their mom (my grandma) got out the castor oil to give to her. Since she knew it tasted yucky, she refused to open her mouth. So my dad volunteered to take some to show her that it wasn't any big thing (He'd never had any before!), and their mom decided that there wouldn't be any harm in giving him a little, and he might set a good example to where his sister would then open up and take her dose. He took it in like a brave little guy--and, then, couldn't help spitting it out so quickly and desperately that it flew clear across the room!

I remember a poem from one of my children's books when I was growing up called "Jest Fer Christmas" about a little boy who was as good as good could be "jest fer Christmas."

One of the verses of the poem (where he was describing himself) went something like:

"Love to eat green apples
An' go swimmin' in the lake.
Hate to take that castor eryl
They give fer t????y aches."

Charles--I hear what you're saying. I've often wondered why it is that so many men's rooms have doorless stalls while it's very rare for us ladies. Of course, I've also shared a three-holer outside toilet with other females and didn't think anything about it--but these were family members: mom, grandma, aunts, & cousins. This was at my grandparents' farm, and, when there was a full house, some would be seated and others would be standing around waiting, and we'd all be gabbing away.

Unidentified person asking for peeing/pooping in container stories--When I was about four, I was out in a rowboat on the Barren River in Kentucky with my folks and some other relatives when I had to pee.

There was an A&P coffee can in the bottom of the boat that had, at one time, probably held dirt and fishing worms but was now just empty. I sat on it and peed--and, afterwards, my folks put the can upright into the river, and it floated along like a little toy boat. They said that, when we started home and crossed the Ohio River to be looking for it because it would probably be floating by about that time. When we left for home a few days later and crossed the K-I Bridge, I was reminded to look for my pee-pee floating by in its A&P coffee can. I didn't see it, but my folks told me that they did, and that was good enough for me!

My other container story is from back in 1989 when I was laid-up for several months when my trick-knee dislocated with extra complications.

I soon learned that I could never move fast enough to get all the way from my bedroom in the morning to the bathroom with a full bladder, so, instead, I'd call for my mom (who stayed with me evenings and nights to take care of me), and she'd bring in a plastic wastebasket liner, and I'd pee into it.

I can't think of any pooping into a container stories right at the moment, but have you ever had the experience of stretching out on the sofa to rest where someone has just been sitting a few minutes before--only to discover that they must have passed smelly gas while sitting there, because the fumes rise up to meet your nose when you lie down?

That's about it for now...AJ :-)

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