Hi tracygirl,

I don't recommend going in your pants while wearing nylons, let alone having a diarrhea accident. The cleanup wasn't too much fun. I ended up throwing out my nylons, they are cheap anyway. The panties, well, that was the first time that I had worn them. They are now my "period panties" if you know what I mean. In fact, I'm wearing them right now with an Always Super (long) maxi.

Is this the place for period accidents too? As I had mentioned in story # 4 earlier, when I had the runs in one of my college classes and ended up going in my panties, when I finally got to the ladies washroom, I realized that my period had started. I tried to clean myself and my panties up as much as possible, but it was rather hard to do. So I put the pad in the crotch of my diarrhea filled panties and pulled them back up. Unfortunatley, the diarrhea that I wasn't able to clean up ended up soaking into my pad causing it to leak. So, not only had I had one of the worst diarrhea accidents, I also ended up bleeding through my pad and the light blue jeans that I was wearing. At the end of the day I had brown diarrhea stains on the seat of my jeans and red period stains in the front and crotch area.

Here is another story that I forgot about, mostly because it wasn't as major as the other FIVE that I have had...

A few years ago when I was 25 on Canada Day in Ottawa (where I am from), I was wearing white Canada shorts and a red tank top. It was very hot that day. My friends and I went walking around the downtown area which the city shuts down for the day. Well, my period started that morning, actually I woke up to a nice red mess in my underwear and p.j.'s. I didn't wear a pad to bed that night because I wasn't expecting anything to start for a few more days.

Anyway, I got ready to go with a pad in my white panties and made sure that I had a few extra's in my bag with me. I also brought along with me a pair of jeans to change into for the evening. Shortly after we had lunch we went to one of my friends houses to relax for a while before going back out. When I went to the washroom, I pulled down my shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. I looked down in horror as my period had become very heavy and I had bled through my pad. I had leaked over the sides and even the "wings" had not been able to do any help. I removed the badly soiled pad and got another one out of my bag leaving me with one extra for the evening. At this rate I was going to need 10 extra pads! I took a look at my white Canada shorts, and I had bled through the crotch area only. Although it was a bad leak, I decided not to put on my jeans right away. I thought that everyone would be able to tell that something was wrong with me. With that heat, who in their right mind would be wearing pants on a day like that!

I sat on the floor of my friend's house with my knees together so no one would notice my leak. We left again for a while and then my stomach started acting up. I farted a few times to releive the build up of pressure. A few of the farts were wet and went right into my pad. A little while later, I talked my friends into going back to their place so I could use the toilet and change into my jeans and last maxi pad. As it turns out, I had messed my pad with the wet farts pretty badly and a little got onto my white panties and white Canada shorts. I decided then to change into my jeans for the evening. As it turns out, I ended up chaning my pad, just as another leak was about to happen. Yes, my period was very heavy!

The rest of the day was rather uneventful although I realized when I got home that I should have brought one extra pad with me for "just in case". Fortunately it was dark when I went home, so the leak through my jeans went unnoticed. I had to wash my white Canada shorts and panties about 5 times before they were clean enough to wear in public. Even to this day, I can still see the faintest of blood stains in them.


I have this co-worker I can not stand. She get on my nerves everday.
So, I decided that I would draw her face on toilet paper a few times and wipe my butt. To tell her take this and smell some of my shit. Sometimes I would put one in the toilet and shit on it and tell her the same thing. Have some shit. Then they both flush down the toilet. Does anyone else have this problem with co-workers or someone that they don't like.

I've just had a stomach bug which caused me to go to the bog 23 times in 53 hours.

I've had quite enough toilet for now!

I'm offended I was here under a name and none of my posts were put down...Argh.. They were good stories!!!! Well I'm going to tell one now I hope it makes it onto the forum. Okay...Most people complain about five days constipation. They find six days unbeilevable but with me I've had the longest time without pooing. I've been on and off (mostly on) constipated my whole life so i'm used to it i guess. time I didnt poo for 24 days. It was awful. Well it took me four days to get this one out. here are the days and a beautiful but...might be a ilttle innacurate cuz im trying to remember...description of the okay...

durring the course of about a week i didnt find it odd that i didnt poo. by two weeks i was concerened and i tried every day. one day a couple small pieces came out but nothing relaly. smelled dry not so bad. I was worried about myself like alot by 21 days so i tried every day at school before and after and at lunch i spent on the toilet and about five minutes durring each class. it hurt but no i couldnt poo. i pushed so hard and nothing...heres where it gets interesting something came out. it took me many days to get this out. here they are.

Day one thursday school: i got to school really early because okay..well i was supposed to meet my girlfriend at eight so i got there at seven. why? well i had to poo. i sat on the toilet and pushed like never before . by the end of 30 minutes of grunting and pushing really hard, a HUGE log came out. it was hegu thats all i remember. well i looked in the toilet and wondered how something like that could be inside me. i still had half an hour before meeting my gf. so i pushed really hard for the next twenty minutes. annother HUGE log came out and it was reallly stinky but at least it aws in there not in here. once i came uot of the bathroom and met girlfriend she was...well confused as to why i was walking odly and DESPERATELY wanted to sit down.

day two friday school: before school i went to the abthroom and i pushed really hard. all i know is i pooed. alot. i came to class late. then after school i DASHED to the bathroom and sat down i pushed really hard...nothing came out. i was there for a long time. i almost cried my bum hurt so much.

day three: this is the worst. i went to the library. i sat right on the toilet, reading a book. i put it down so i could push. i was on that damn toilet for so long...i pushed hard for FORTY MINUTES until it STARTED to come out. then once it DID come out it was HUGE. and STINKY. it it made TERRIBLE noises. well i was in pain already. i pushed more. annother half hour of pushing. annother HUGE log. well that toilet was full. i went to one on annother floor. i sat on that one and pushed for an hour straight in that time ONE log came out. then this is the worst, i strained, sweating, popped a vein (almost) i got totally there i was on the toilet sweating, naked, straining, grunting, on a public toilet, and i had been there for two hours and forty minutes and FINALLY the HUGEST log i ahve ever seen came out of my stomach. i felt really really empty. don't try that at home. it hurt. but it felt so good. keep w/ the good stories.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Carmalita: Love your huge dump stories.
Sita: Had a great time reading about your different turds and how you wipe your butt. Really really helped with a problem I had while sitting on the toilet the other day.

I've got a question for all the girls here. How far down do you pull your panties when you pee or go poo, and do you pull them down the same way for both? And do you hike your skirts right up or drape them over you so nobody could see anything even if they were right there with you?

Does Any One Have castor oil stories? if so please post them

New guy
Can anyone gice me advice on what do eat to produce a huge dump?

To Kelly: Wow, that sounds pretty gross. I wear pantyhose under slacks a lot but I've never had a diarrhea accident in them -- what a mess!

To Deb: Good luck this weekend, let us know how you "make out". LOL


Swim girl
Hello again. I have an interesting story to tell. Earlier today, I had a severe constipation. It felt like it was just stuck in there. I went into my moms bathroom and found a type of supository laxative. I stuck one of those up my butt and I waited. 20 minutes later, I needed to poo. So I went into the bathroom and let it out. To be more specific, I spent 20 minutes pushing out long, yellowish logs. When I wipep there was nothing except some slime was on my toilet paper. Then one of the grosest things has happened to me. my poo was clogging my toilet. There was no plunger around so I had to shove my poop down with my hand. I feel so unclean right now. I have washed my hands untill they were red. But I guess it wasn't that bad. But I don't want to do that ever again.

I cannot forget this story... it was totally gross for me...

I was having a multiplaction math test when I was in 3rd grade. Now and then the guy sitting next to me would go up and ask the teacher if he could go to the bathroom and she alway said "no." well I was on the 27th problem when my feet start getting soaked and gooey, and so I looked at my feet and took my shoes off and they were completely gross and brown and soaking wet. so was the floor. Needless to say he got punished and laughed at, and I got new shoes.

AJ :-)
Somehow--unlike quite a few I've read here--the idea of pooping in my panties isn't exactly thrilling, and I've always (that is, since becoming trained) only done it when I've had no choice. That is, always except once.

The one exception was when I was seven.

Most of the time, I would pee at different times during the day while at school, but I seldom had to poop there, because my bowels were on a pretty established schedule.

In the morning, I would wake up and be ready to poop, so I'd go in the bathroom, sit there with the morning paper and look at the funnies, finish my business, and come downstairs for breakfast. After that, I would dress for school.

When I arrived home, I was ready to poop again, so I'd go up to the bathroom, do my business while reading, and go back down and eat supper--or you might say my main supper, because I would usually eat another meal later that night (something simple such as tamales, raviolis, etc. from out of a can, most of the time or else short-order/fast-food/ drive-in kinds of stuff).

You'd think that I'd have to poop before going to bed after eating all of that, but I seldom did.

My usual schedule was twice-a-day (once in the morning and once in the late afternoon), and I had no difficulty going. Just relaxed with some reading material and let it slide out.

I'd picked up the habit of reading on the toilet from the time that I was using a potty chair. I could actually read at least a few words--and what I wasn't able to read I could still remember when looking at the pictures as my folks and other people in my life read to me a lot.

My potty chair was usually in my playroom, and it was surrounded by stacks of children's books along with a tissue box so that I could wipe myself (once I felt confident to do it myself--before then, I'd have my mom or dad to do it).

But, back to pooping my pants...

When I was in first grade, we kids were always asking our teacher if we could go to the restroom. This would happen at different times during class, and she was concerned that we were missing out on important lessons.

So, she told us that we would have to use part of our recess to use the restroom. If we had to go after recess was over and hadn't been to the restroom, we could still go--but would have to stay in during recess the next morning if we did.

Well, I loved recess, so I didn't want to waste my time using it for going to the restroom--nor did I want to end up losing my morning recess.

This happened to be one of those times when I was feeling the urge a little earlier than I usually did--but I thought I could hold it until time to go home.

If I'd gone into the restroom and had a seat, I probably would have pooped then and there--but, by the time that I was all wiped and ready to leave the bathroom, a big chunk of the fifteen minute recess would have been gone (at the very least, enough of it would have been gone before I'd had the chance to run out the door when the bell rang and get dibs on one of the swings).

Anyway, I ended up running out the door and getting to one of the swings first--but suffering for it later!

The urge was starting to build up more a little bit after we'd come in from recess and settled into our seats.

Just for the asking, I could have had my butt on a toilet seat right away--but by losing the chance to have my butt on a swing the next morning. So, I decided to hold it.

Then, we sat in a circle to listen to the teacher read a story.

By then, I was getting to be pretty uncomfortable and realized that I had three choices: remain uncomfortable for the rest of the school day and the bus ride home; ask to be excused to go use the restroom--but forfeit the next day's morning recess; or simply fill my panties.

I decided on the latter.

Everybody was looking straight ahead at the teacher while she was reading the book, and I thought that everything would just slip out quietly (since I wasn't a noisy pooper) and unnoticed.

I relaxed and let it happen.

At one time, there was this smell--but it just smelled as if someone had cut one, which wasn't all that uncommon in a first-grade room.

I just kept watching the teacher and looking innocent--and feeling better and better by the second!

Nobody seemed to be the wiser, and nothing fell out onto the floor (to my knowledge, anyway).

I rode home on the bus while sitting in my poop, and nobody seemed to notice there either.

Once I got home, I said, "Mommy, I think I pooped my pants!" and Mommy asked, "Why did you do a thing like that?" and I replied, "I dunno. I just did."

She told me to make sure I got to a restroom after that and, then, cleaned me up and got clean clothes for me to put on.

The reason I told her that I didn't know why I'd pooped my pants was because I didn't want to get my teacher in trouble for her ultimatum and thought my mom and dad might be upset with her for telling us that we couldn't go out for the morning recess if we neglected to use the bathroom during the last recess and then asked to during class.

I haven't been exactly thrilled with peeing my pants, either--though doing so was worlds better than pooping them.

However, I've recently been intentionally doing pee in my panties.

I wear these disposable panties now because I drink a lot of fluids and have a fat belly that promotes bladder contractions.

There have been times when I'm sitting here at my computer and doze off. Then, I wake up with a VERY full bladder.

My toilet is where I must get up from my seat here, go through the kitchen, go into the living room, and go on into the bathroom.

If I feel as if I'm not going to make it anyway, I'll just sit here and let it all out. Once I've done it once, there's no reason to try to make it to the bathroom after that. So I do it again when the urge strikes again.

These panties can hold between two and three good pees.

I'll go in and use the toilet for my third or fourth pee and remove the panties and put on another pair.

It's amazing how heavy those panties feel with all of that pee stored in them--not to mention how warm!

To Meagan: I guess that what I've just written would be one unusual way to pee: while wearing disposable protective panties.

Here are some other ways you might be interested in:

Down an old-fashioned register grate when the furnace blower has kicked on and is blowing hot air while you do so.

While sitting on a hollow tree-stump.

While in a shower with a hand-held sprayer--when finished (or even while doing it) just aim the spray at your pubic triangle as a way of cleaning up.

I'm getting drowsy, so I'm going to hang this up for now.

Keep On Going!
AJ :-)

I usually have really hard poos, but today I was in the bathroom at school and I was pushing for a really long time but it was only two small SOFT pieces. I was sorta confused. It's the first time in a long time I've wiped and actually found that I REALLY needed it. Since that time I had diheria almost a year ago. Anyways...Anyone in a similar situation?

I work at K-Mart. The stall doors were all removed from the mens restroom long before I started working there, according to my co-workers (both male and female, don't ask me WHY the females know this LOL) The stalls are visable when the outer door is opened, and you can see, from outside, the coat hooks, and coat or jacket hanging in all three stalls, the large toilet tissue holders, and the shoes, and underpants of whatever guys are sitting on the first two toilets, the third one is a bit more 'private" All the employees know to be cautious when wiping ourselves, if we stand up, either our dirty uwiped buttocks or our dicks are visable from we wipe as my buddy says 'Please remain seated during entire performance" Customers don't know any better, and they usually put on a 'show" for whoever is outside waiting for their guy....Again, like all the other stories, the women have stall doors..Nobody ever explained why the differrence, but we use them in stride and it's no big deal

Fernando-Yeah, I sometimes see guys in the stall and they definitely are trying to keep their underwear hidden. I've also seen when their underwear is hanging from their calves and clearly visible. I've seen briefs and even a jock strap that way.
One time I was taking a dump in a Montgomery Wards that had no doors on any stalls. The cleaning guy was sweeping and I was in the large handicapped stall. He just came right in and swept around my feet without thinking about it. He was a black guy in his 20's, and reached into all the stalls with his broom.

Gerald-I happened to dump in a doorless stall today. There was a guy in the one next to me, probably about 25 or so, crapping with his boxerbriefs and khakis all the way down to the floor. He left and a guy in his 40's came in. He walks to the urinal in front of me and takes a leak. He says, good afternoon, young man. I say, Hi, there, how are you doing? (The park is getting ready for a Christmas Festival this evening.) He asks me if I'm ready for tonight. I say yep, it should be a good time. He proceeds to tell me about how he had a bit of trouble getting past some of the closed roads, but things are going well. All this time I'm wiping and he's pissing. He goes to wash his hands and I finish cleaning up. He walks past my stall as I'm pulling up my red briefs. He smiles at me and tells me to have a good day. I smile back and say, sure thing, you too. That was a pretty cool exchange!

LittlePrincess: You should not be ashamed to poop near your boyfriend. Infact he might be more concerned if you don't do it. My suggestion is that you just do it. If he loves you, he wouldn't dislike you for it. What happens if you get married? Are you going to hold it for days until you are home alone?

Anyone have any peeing or pooping in container stories? Please post.

Hey all. I just peed into a urinal a few minutes ago (at about 3:15 AM). I go to college and the college has a student learning center. It has a men's and women's bathroom. I decided to go the student learning center and see if I could try to use a urinal. Anyways, when I get there hardly anyone was there except this girl who left a few minutes after I entered. There's also someone who works in the student learning center, but he/she was not there and there was a sign that said "I'll be back soon." I was nervous about that, so I waited for, like, 10 minutes. Then I decided to just do.
I hurried into the men's room. There were only two stalls. At first, I was like, where are the urinals? Of course, I remembered that the men's restroom I used in the Psychology building was the same way and so I decided to check the first stall, and it was there. Yes! I got out my homemade disk-shaped plastic thingie, tacoed it (new verb) under my crotch and peed. My bladder was full, but I wasn't bursting to pee. I'm actually glad that there were stalls, because if there weren't any stalls and someone walked in on me...Well, I was wearing a hoodie, too, so that if I did get caught, I could sort of obscure my face. Anyways, that was an awesome pee.
I love peeing in urinals. It would be cool to set up a urinal in my future husband would probably not mind! I also want to pee outside with my pee funnel. I peed in the basement (it's concrete and there were leaves on the ground and stuff) with my pee funnel twice, but I really want to saturate the dirt with my urine, or pee on a tree. I'm planning on going to this one place right when it gets dark and pee there. I don't think anyone'd see me. Well, Sayonara.

OK...I'm not one to complain....But I as a normal, healthy straight male, dislike doorless toilet stalls. I feel a bowel movement is a personal thing, and men as well as women should have doors with locks. I have used doorless stalls many times but it was obviosly emergencies, not to 'male bond' like a lot of members do. Just my opinion. Thanks for listenig..."C"

We had a holiday 'market" at our townships high school on Saturday all day. Lots of baked goods and crafts for sale. Good food, but eventually I had to hit the 'little boys room" I went to the one outside the schools cafeteria, and I was shocked tat the toilets had no partitions around them. I was prepared for doorless stalls, as I had attended this high school in the mid-70's... but now everythng was ripped down, just a row of six toilets. Seeing several familiar faces on the 'bowls" i said 'hi guys" and chose a bowl between the fathers of two of my sons best buddys. I lowered my trousers and boxers, and bared my buttocks to Ed and Jim. "Too many butter cookies' for me Ed said as he blew out a big log of shit. I said "Ive been eating like a pig too" and a fat brown log slid out my buttocks into the bowl. Jim seemed ill at ease shitting in the open, but once he finally 'dropped" it, he was fine, and we all discussed getting together (with the wives) for the holidays, other men came in and used the other toilets during our stay, and then we needed to locate a roll of toilet paper, which was on the sink across the way, Ed volenteered to 'shuffle" with his trousers about his ankles to grab the roll of ass-wipes....we passed it back and forth till we were all clean, then we got dressed again, washed our hands and back to the bazaar. It was cool shitting in my old stomping grounds again ... Happy Holidays....

I just read your post about your five accidents and really liked them. Did anybody realize you'd had an accident (i.e. did it ever soak through, like at your boyfriend's Christmas party)? Anyway, if you have anymore accident stories...please post!

Anyone have good group pooping and peeing stories?

Have any men ever peed with an erection, I really want to know

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, I got a quck post to share so here goes.

Last night, I do the usual of getting up and use the bathroom (to pee, no not the container neither, sorry) to use the toilet to pee in. Then I got in and started thinking, why not pee in the sink! Bright idea, yes folks I urinated in the sink last night instead of the toilet so what. I was trying to do this quietly without anyone finind out. So I opened the fly of my PJ pants so I could let out the woody, get on my tippy toes a bit b/c the sink is high and let it flow. Man it felt good but I had to keep it on the down low so no one would find out. I must of stood there at the sink peeing for about 2 minutes, seemed long for me standing there at the sink peeing away. Once I was done, I washed my hands and rinced out the sink so it won't smell like "pee-pee" and went back to sleep. I got to try it again soon.

Brittany: Pretty intresting post about your boyfriend reaching down and grabbing that massive load of poop, must of been exciting experience for him as well as for you.

Donald: Interesting story, well I guess over use of those enemas may have been a contributing factor.

If anyone has stories about going to bathroom in strange things other than the toilet like containers, could you post some. Thanks.

Well that's all for now, check back later. Take care everybody and have a nice weekend. --Mr. Clogs


TO ELLA. I have same problem and I don't like doing poo at school or in public toilets because I don't like peoples to know I'm doing poo. But I do pee at school and in public toilets. I also hold my poo in until I get home. I live in England and we have nice toilets to sit on and they are the same at school. But when I go back to India they have toilets like you have and there is nothing to sit on. II have to squat over a big hole. I also had big horrible accident at school like you and I describe it here.

TO MICHAEL. Thank you for liking my story and I sorry you had a problem and I hope it all came out OK.. To answer your questions. When I pull knickers down they stay just above my knees and its the same if I am doing pee or poo. I am very careful with my skirt because at school or in public toilet sometimes back of toilet is wet or messy. So I stand and pull knickers down. Then I lift up skirt very high at back until it above my waist and I pull it round to front so its little bit tight and wont fall back down on toilet when I sit down. Then I sit down and smooth out skirt so it lying on my legs in front. That usually mean I cant see my knickers even though I pulled them down.

Now my accident. I have terrible thing happen at school yesterday. My t???y feel not good all morning and I feel poo asking to come out but I try and hold it because I don't like going at school. But after about an hour my t????y feel really bad and I know I can't hold poo in any longer so I ask teacher permission to go toilet. When I get to toilets I see two stalls are busy so I go into empty stall and shut door and sit on the toilet. I was holding poo in quite hard but as soon as I stop holding, my bum opens and start making a huge noise. It like very loud wet fut..fut..fut..fut and it sound horrible because wet lumps shoot out and it make huge noise for long time. I feel big embarrassment because it very bad to make bum noise for others to hear. But bum keep making even more loud noise even though not much poo coming out and suddenly one girl start laughing then other girl start laughing too. I feel so upset I try and squeeze my bum shut to stop noise even though I'm not sure all my poo finished coming out. I grab toilet paper and wipe only once and as fast as I can pull up my knickers and pull down skirt and run out of toilet so other girls wont see me. I can feel bum still very messy and when I get home I go to toilet and pull down my knickers and I see brown marks. I get really embarrassed and upset again and take off my knickers and wipe my bum with wet paper towel. It so messy it take 3 towels to get clean. I wash the brown marks off my knickers and hide them in my bedroom so nobody know I made a mess in them. I can't remember the last time I made marks in my knickers and I hated it.

Love Sita

Connie Crapper
Hi all,
Ella: I know what you mean about pooping in a public restroom (though I've never had to use a squatting toilet in Europe or Asia). Peeing doesn't bother me, but I prefer to keep other sounds and smells to myself. However, that doesn't keep me from being curious about others or faking it to learn more about what others are doing.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I peed in the restroom at work. I was about to wipe and get up when someone came in and sat down. Now, I've read all these posts about women grunting and straining, but I don't do that and I had never actually heard anyone else do it. Until this time. This woman grunted loudly twice, "Unnnnnnnnh." I was so surprised I just sat there and pretended I was sitting there for the same kind of business. After her second grunt I heard some crackling and then a "floomp" like a log had fallen out. Then there was a little more crackling along with peeing at the same time. Then it was all over.

After about five minutes I decided I had better leave. I wiped my vagina, which I really needed to do, then pulled off more TP and wiped my butt so it seemed like I had really been there for a poop. The woman let out a big sigh, but there were no other sounds. I went out to wash my hands and could see her stall in the mirror. I heard her pull some TP, which was not unusual, but then she pulled some more and under the door I saw her feet more sort of to one side of the toilet. Not like she was leaning, but like she stood up and was looking into the bowl. Standing (I think) in the same place she pulled TP three more times and was apparently wiping standing up, then pulled up her jeans (it was a Friday). As I dried my hands and prepared to leave, she flushed and came out of the stall. It was a woman I recognized by sight, but don't really know. She's about 5-2 with short, curly blond hair. She's not heavy but has somewhat wide hips. Her eyebrows were very dark, so I figure she has a very dark brown haired vagina like I do. I just said hi quickly and left. But that whole process was a new one on me. Bye.

Does anyone know how i can "stretch" my bladder. I can barely wait 2 hours, and even when i'm desperate i only pee about for about 15 seconds. My friends think i'm faking it and that i like the attention i get when i have to go. Someone please help.

STEVE. Your observation that the chance of glimpsing someone answering an outdoor call of nature was one reason for watching "I'm a Celebrity" and you 'couldn't think of any others' is probably true for some people. There are undoubtedly people who watch reality shows like that for the human interest element too. To their credit the cameras filmed rather more of the Carol Thatcher incident than I think she realised at the time, or for that matter, expected. It took place at night so the picture wasn't all that good but enough was visible to certainly leave me in no doubt as to what was going off!

PAUL. I'm sorry to hear about your constipation. What do you mean by 'constipation' though? Some people use it to describe having hard or difficult BM's, but others use it ton describe being inable to do anything at all for several days at a time. Either is a perfectly natural occurence and shouldn't cause unnecessary alarm in an otherwise healthy person. If you've not done anything at all for three or four days it might be worth trying a gentle laxative. Usually, nature should sort the problem out of its own accord. Try drinking plenty of fluids (but not alcohol) and eating plenty of fresh or dried fruit. Plums and prunes are a good thing usually for getting things moving. Inability to move the bowels easily when needed is one of the curses of modern life and it's exacerbated by the consumption of highly refined junk foods and the rigidity of school and work timetables which often don't allow people to take a good poo when they really need to. I hope you're problem's soon solved. Let us know the outcome.

CARMALITA. Hi! I enjoyed hearing about your latest mega dump. Glad to hear you're still at it.

Best wishes to everyone..


we have a urinal at work where people can see you from shoulders up from outside and its also unisex

Man I am loving the doorless stall/conversation posts these days. I've got to tell you about a few of mine lately.

Okay i am in the mall and go to take a dump and find the door locked - you need a key to get in, so i go get the key and open up and there's no one in there. Just as the door is closing I hear this guy running and saying "Wait don't close it" so I go back and open the door and this guy in his early twenties runs up, thanks me and heads into the first stall. I sit in the other one and let go with a fart and then shit. Meanwhile this guy is swearing and breathing hard trying to get the paper onto the seat and his belt undone, and then he lets go with an explosion, not a small one, a wall splattering mess that reverberates thru-out the can. He grunts and swears loudly and and I can't help but say, "Sounds like a relief" and he says, "Amazing" and then grunts another load into the bowl and with a chuckle. We chatted thru-out the 5 minutes it took me to complete my load and all the time this guys is grunting in agony, exploding with wet farts and huge sloppy messes. He says at one point, "I drank too much milk...milk does this to me" then he farted so loudly I thought he'd broken the bowl. I finished up and wished him well.

Just on Friday the tables were turned on me. I'm getting over a cold and have been eating bushels of garlic to kill the germs. Well I'm out buying stuff at the Home Depot here in Toronto and I need to shit in a profoundly serious way. As I am approaching the door this older guy siddles up beside me whistling and says good morning as we enter the shitter. I'm thinkin buddy out of my way or your in for a nasty suprise. So I take my seat and this guy takes the stall next to me. I let go with a blast and the guy starts laughing his head off..."You gonna blow that seat apart with another one like that" I was laughing to at this point and we bantered as the two of us compared farts and the size of the stink we were making. he was really loud as well, grunting and being a general pig about his shitting. It was almost turning him on in a wierd way. He looked like he might be a trucker for the firm so I figured he was just enjoying his dump as much as I was.

I love it when guys can sit back, let go with a good fart and dump while having a polite friendly conversation. Too bad we don't have doorless stalls here. My only experience with that has been in San Diego where I watched many guys dump and also talked with them. Really cool

Keep the stories coming and if anyone knows of a place to find doorless stalls let me know the city in either Canada or US I travel a bit and would love to enjoy a dump in the open again.


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO PAUL. Soap can be a great lubricant if the turd is close to the exit. The two important things to remember is make sure it is plain soap, or soap with sorbolene as if it has too many chemicals it can be a bit painful and secondly make sure the soap is a bit soft (stand it in warm water) Push it up the rectum and into the S bend, as far as you can comfortably go and an evacuation should occur in several minutes. If you have been constipated for a while it might need something a bit stronger. Also, before inserting the soap make sure your nails are smooth and short.....also the soap will sting a bit...good luck!
TO DEB IN FLORIDA: Bowels have been a bit better. On Friday had to see a customer up the coast. had a satisfactory poo before I left home and again about an hour later. After luch with the customer I was dying for a wee and a poo. I got into the elevator to go to the car park..nobody around and let out the loudest fart. Got into the car and drove to a public toilet only a couple of blocks away.. ran in, pulled down my trousers and undies and it poored out (poo & wee). I felt much better. Saw the doctor the next day....irritable bowel...had a colonoscopy three years ago. Will have to provide a stool sample to see if there is any blood cells in it. Doctor said if the problem keeps up another colonoscopy.
TO LITTLE PRINCESS; How did you go...poo and be proud of it!

The Accountant
Greetings. Long time reader, love the posts, great site, thought it time to lighten my load. For you poop story lovers, here's one of mine: I'm female, aged 35 years, too short for my weight, and from the UK. Some fifteen years ago I was returning to my vacation work at a Parcel Delivery firm on the South Coast after the New Year holidays. I'd drank way too much over the previous few days and, as I approached the depot I got cramps and the need to have the squits. Badly. I was still a few minutes away from the toilets and try as I might, there's no way it was going to wait. My sphingter muscle capitulated and for a good three or four minutes, I stood at the entrance gate of my workplace, as warm, smelly, wet and loose stool filled my underwear and started to slide down my legs. I'd never shat myself before, pissed my panties yeah, loads of time, but an avalanche of the brown stuff was a first. I waited until the geyser had subsided and made my way to the Ladies. Once there, I took off my jogging pants, followed by my knickers, which I disposed of in the bin reserved for used female sanitation products, and cleaned the trousers under the tap. Luckily, I was early for work as usual and manged to dry them under the hand drier and after a quick wash, I put them back on. However, my trousers stank all day and although my colleagues said nothing at all, I wished I was telepathic!
I'm not really a poop story person, I'm more into peeing. I like to stand since it is quicker and cleaner (I think!) and, although I've never used a urinal I've often thought I'd like to give it a try! I'd like to hear more pee stories particularly from men.
Mr Clogs, whilst I was a student I used to pee in a container. I really enjoyed the feeling of liberation it gave me, do you get that too?
I've plenty of weeing stories, but really for now I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I shall probably post further installments at a later date.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hi. My name is Kelly. I am a 29 year old female. I am 5-11 with short blone hair. I am what people would call "voluptuous".

Anyway, I had a diarrhea accident this past Friday night at my boyfreinds work's Christmas party. This was my 5th accident that I have had since I was 14 years old. Each accident that I have had with the "runs" I thought was the worst day of my life. Normally I am able to go at around 7:00 every morning as well.

I will try to explain each as quickly as possible...

1. When I was 14, my highschool went on a ski trip. It was a three hour drive so we had to leave very early that morning to get to the ski resort. We ended up leaving at 6am to get their for about 9am, ski for the day and leave at 5pm. I wasn't able to poop at 5:30am before I left for school and I didn't have to go at 6am either. At about 6:30am, I started getting the feeling that I had to go and I new that we were stopping near the half way point. Well, I didn't make it. My body involuntarily pushed out my morning poop and I filled my pants pretty badly. When we stopped I just stayed on the bus and didn't move. I had to stay in my poop filled pants and panties all day long. I thought that was the worst day ever.

2. When I was 18 I was working part time at a toy store. I had to work all day on a Saturday and I wasn't feeling too great. I had diarrhea this time. On my way to work, the pressure to go got so bad that I started going in my pants. I got to work early and ran into the bathroom. I had only gone a little bit and managed to clean myself up fairly well. I still didn't feel great and had the runs all day long. Just after my lunch break I ended up messing my pants pretty badly. This time I just tried to keep my distance from everyone although I had to work the cash for a while and got some pretty interesting looks from some people. I had on tight blue jeans and an apron that we had to wear. The diarrhea did leak through my pants a little bit. I tried to clean up again during my afternoon break, but it was pretty tough to do. I kept squirting little wet farts all day long.

3. I was in Mexico on spring break with a few of my girl friends whe I was 20. We went to Playa Del Carmen shopping for the day. I was wearing my bathing suit because we were intending on going down to the beach for a while. I had to get to a bathroom pretty badly, but they were very hard to find. Any bathroom that was available had a line up of about a hundred people. I ended up going in my pink bikini bottoms right in one of the line-ups. I was so embarrassed. I had to buy another bathing suit while we were shopping. Fortunately I was also wearing dark brown shorts, so my accident didn't show through too badly.

4. The next year, when I was 21, I was sitting in one of my college classes. It was our final class and we were having our final exam review. It was a three hour lecture with a break in the middle. I didn't make it to the break time. As I sat in class, the pressure to go became to great and I ended up going in my panties. Just like when I was 14, the diarrhea oozed its way out of me, up my back, into my crotch and out the sides of my panties. This one was probably one of the worst accidents that I have ever had. Again, like when I was 14, I had to stay in my messy pants for the day. After that class was finally over, I went to the washroom to assess the damage. Then, the worst thing happended. My period started! I didn't have any clean underwear to change into, and since I don't like tampons, I had to put a maxi pad over my diarrhea filled panties. That was quite the day.

5. Okay, this is the last and most recent story. This one just happend last Friday night at my boyfreinds work's Christmas party. I was wearing a pink bra with pink bikini style panties. I decided to wear a pair of nice tan coloured slaks. I also decided to wear panty hose to make my thighs and butt look great. And did they ever! Anyway, the party was at a sports bar and they had a nice buffet spread for us. After dinner, we spit into teams of 4 and played pool, mini golf, virtual golf and a video racing game. The bar was packed. The urge to poop came on strongly as we were starting to play. I went to find the washroom and when I did, there were about 25 women waiting in line. I was becoming quite desperate to go and ended up not making it on time to the toilet. I pooped my pants just a little bit while I was in line, but it was fairly runny and I new that I was going to have the runs for the rest of the night. I decided to join my team since I had already gone a little in my pants and the panty hose that I was wearing kept things pertty tight. I kept going a little bit at a time and the diarrhea filled my pink bikini panties pretty badly. After a couple hours, I had gone so many times that my panties and panty hose were full of poop. The diarrhea had made its way out of my panties and into my panty hose, up my back a little bit, in my crotch and down the insides of my thighs. My boyfriend and I met at the bar, so I told him I was leaving because I wasn't feeling well. I had spent about 4 hours in my diarrhea filled pants as it was.

Anyway, those are my stories. I have had other accidents with my period leaking through my clothes, but what girl hasn't? Right ladies? I guess that can be for another time, or perhaps another website.

Bye for now!

Hello! I have some great stuff to write about, that happened over summer break. I went to Florida last summer with my parents and took one of my friends. Anyway, my friend Jessica and I were sitting on the beach one afternoon after we had been out shopping and stuff. We had already swam in the ocean and were just sitting there on towels in the sand enjoying the beach. As do many people, I pee in the water with out a thought, but what I was about to do was a bit different. I began feeling the need to pee, but I did not want to get back in the water because we were going in soon for dinner, and I did not want to get wet. It was long enough though I did not want to wait. I discused it with Jess and she said to pee right in the sand. Well, I thought that would not be to bad, so I got off the towel and went and sat in the sand. To hide my peeing scene, I wiggled my butt down into the sand until my crotch was covered. Then I peed. The urine kind of collected in my swimsuit then drained into the sand. It felt really good, and not a single person new. I stood up quikly and covered the wet area over with more sand. About a half hour later we went back up to the room to get cleaned up for dinner. The next day, when I went to put my swimsuit back on, it smelled really badly of urine. I put it on anyway and made sure to get in the ocean to rinse off pretty quikly. (My friend and I had a room to ourselves sepparate from my parents)
The next day, Jess and I kind of got into this peeing thing. We decided it was fun, because peeing in our swimsuits feels like wetting yourself, but not. That same risky funny feeling without the mess and fuss. The rest of the trip we ended up finding different ways to pee in our swimsuits. It was good inmature fun. At one point close to the end of the trip, Jess even decided to poop in one of her suits. I was hesitand about doing that for fun? She talked me into it though. I had two swimsuits with me, and I put one on that smelled bad from all of the peeing and just pooped into it. It was pretty messy, but I have to hand it to Jessica, it was pretty fun!

I hate my school. I go to a school called ???????????. in toronto. My friend told me bout this site. Anyways...The other day, I felt so much hate toward the school...(anyone else from that hell on this forum??) I had to do something to disgrace them. I was at home it was late so what I did was I took some underwear I never wear, tight underwear...Put it on, and over that, I put on the bottom half of the gym uniform. I went into the bathroom, needless to say I kept my pants UP, and stood up in the middle of the bathroom, and (i drank alot before) pissed the longest stream of yellow heaven ever. Then I felt the urge to poo, but I was about to pull the soaked pants down and sit on the toilet but i decided, ah what the hell. I stayed standing, and pooed. Since I'd eaten alot and not pooed at all yesterday it was pretty big, and bulged up the shorts pretty bad. I hate those shorts. Pooing and pissing in them made me feel better about myself. And must i say it was relief??? I sorta liked it!

Deb in Florida
To LITTLEPRINCESS: I think you should discuss your fears of pooping in close proximity to you boyfriend with him before you go away for the weekend. Having hangups that you never discuss is never good, and by running away from your fear and avoiding it, it only makes the fear worse. You need to face it and overcome it. You should find out what your boyfriend thinks about it. I would suggest you leaving the door open while you go, unless your boyfriend is grossed out by that idea. You never know, he might be like my boyfriend and think it's a turn on.

To THUNDER: Your recent episode of constipation sounds exactly how mine used to be, with everything WAY up inside, the mucus, the diarreah and everything. Hope everything "comes out" ok after you go to the doctor!

I'll chat at you next week after my weekend in Disney World with my fiance, and give you the scoop on the poop!

Love, Deb

Does anyone have any interesting stories about using uni-sex bathrooms?


Hi Guys!

Has anybody heard about Marilyn Monroe's fascination with enemas as it was described in the new December issue of "Playboy" magazine?

The article states from an interview with June DiMaggio (Joe DiMaggio's niece-who was also a friend of Marilyn's) that Monroe's use of an enema may have played a role in her death.

Pretty bizzare story, if you haven't read it. But I thought it would be worth suggesting for a forum such as this place.

Take care- and don't forget to wipe after you use the toilet. ;)

Hey people... got any kind of ways i cud pee?

ella fr. indonesia
Hi, i am ella from indonesia. i am 16 years old female, 160 cms and 48 kgs.I go to senior high school.

i am interested to know wheter you people especially ladies like me feel free to use public toilet when you feel you have to. I use public toilet, or school's toilet quite ofen to pee, but i try to hold it when i had too poop at school or away from home till i get home. i feel that it's embarassing to poop at school..

my school's ladies toilet has 2 water closets, each is separated by brickwall. we use squatting wc in public toilets. they're not clean, ifeel uncomfortable when i have to use it.

to now i pooped in school only once, which happened when i was at junior high school. that time i had diarrhea. at the third period i had a math class. i could not concentrate on the lesson because of my stomach hurt so bad. i sfart three times at he last i feld that a liquid came out frm my anus, and wet my panty. then befor the situation become worse i told the teacher that i had to go and she let me go. i walked to the toilet, there was no one, i got into one of the stalls, closed the door lifted my blue skirt,and put off my white panty. then as iwas about to squat onthe toilet, some liquid, yellow crap came ot whtih sound like thunder. it spretd around the wc and the floor. i squatted and crapped until i felt relieved. it took me about 15 minutes. then i flushed, and wiped my ass. i fond that my panty had yellow stain ont the back. i washed in until i did not smell. then i put it on, and went back to class.

it's the only experience of pooing at school that i have. until now i always try to hold it when i am at school. (i often have to poop at school, it happens almost everyday. this is becaulse the toilet is dirty and i am shy that oher people will know what i am doing in the toilet.

to you girls, do you have the same problem? does it have bad effect to my health if i hold it?

thenk you for your advice

first poster and stumbled upon this website only a couple of days ago

this was ages ago (i was about 5 or 6) but i was in myacca national park in Florida on holiday. i had drunk about three cans of lemonade early in the morning and it was about 12 o clock and i had to pee pretty bad but somehow i held out for two HOURS (don't ask me how!) as the urge gradually got worse. we were getting ready for a swim after we had driven back to Anna Maria island on the coast. i was squrming quite badly but no one noticed until about 4 o clock when when we were about to swim. 'great this is my chance to pee' i was thinking as would go in the sea, the urge was really bad by now and i was pretty glad i had'nt flooded myself in the car. As i ran to the sea i suddenly lost all control and pissed a torrent, must of peed for about 30 seconds solid, at the age of 5! And incredibly no one noticed!

Hi everyone i have a big problem. I've been constipated for about a week now and it's really anoying. i've heard that putting soap up your butt acts like a laxitive. Can someone please help me!! Please!!!!!

I have to share one of the most pleasurable bowel movements I have ever had. Last night, I felt a fairly good size load building at my backdoor, so I grabbed a magazine to read while comfortably seated on my contoured, open-front toilet seat. Once comfortable, I just let nature take its course, not forcing or pushing. I was not in a hurry and it was nice to fully relax while having a BM. After a minute or so, a short hissing fart was quickly followed by the emergance of the head of the turd, which just stalled at the anal opening for a minute or two. Once it started moving again, it took at least ten full minutes for this production to slowly work its way out, often stopping and just hanging for a minute, or so, in the process. The feeling in my anus was incredible, but the smell was pretty strong, too, as it just hung there for several minutes. After it broke off, I took a look through my spread legs (and open front-toilet seat) to see my production. It was a solidly formed, nearly straight, slight knobbly turd about 1.5 inches in diameter and measuring about 14-15 inches in length. I still felt some fullness, so I just sat there waiting to see what might come next. Within a minute or so, I could feel another turd very slowly beginning its way out. This one just kept coming and coming -- sometimes bringing with it some hissing farts as it very slowly slid out. After about 20 more minutes, it felt like it was fully exited, so I took a look... Wow! A half-inch thick turd coiled up three times around the first turd! It must have been about 25 inches in length, but again, only slightly thicker than a pencil. I now felt fully relieved and emptied as a result of this most pleasurable, non-rushed BM. I wish I could experience this EVERY day!!!

sweet survey-er
To answer AJ's survey:

1. Have you ever been sweet on a teacher, custodian, principal, cook, school nurse, secretary, or one of the other elders working at your school? Details, please.

2. If so, have you ever caught any of those somewhere in the progress of doing their business--or have heard them pass gas/noticed wet spots and/or bulges (from poop, that is) in their clothing? Details, please.

3. If so, how did it make you feel? Did it make you feel as if you'd shared something intimate with them? Or, did it make you feel as if you were intruding into a part of their personal space where you shouldn't be? Or, did it make you feel some other way? Details, please.

4. Have you ever actually gotten to the place where you were an adult and ended up dating someone who had been on the faculty/staff/employment list at your school? If you dated and/or married them, how open were you about the matter of bodily functions? Details, please.

5. If you'd caught them doing their business while still in school, did you hurry away? stand around and listen? and/or actually have a conversation with them? Details, please?

6. Has the shoe ever been on the other foot where you need to go around them? One example is a boy with a crush on the school nurse ending up with the runs and having to use the toilet in her office. How did you feel? Details, please?

7. Have you ever had the chance to take a buddy pee or buddy dump? Example: On class outing to park both of you ending up using an outhouse at the same time. The outhouse would be divided into male and female, but you'd be able to hear each other and even engage in conversation? Details, please.

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