I was sitting at home yesterday, wen i felt the urge to pee. I stood up, and started walking towards the bathroom. The phone rang. I answered it.
I talked for about an hour, forgetting all about me need to pee. AS soon as i got off the phone, i felt an overwelming urge to shit. i turned to rush to the bathroom wen i saw my b/f nock at the door. I could've died right there. I answered, fight very hard to hold back my shit. {i am very nervous about my boyfriend knowing that i take shits} He ask to go to the bar with him. I asked if i could go "freshen up", he said he was kinda in a hurry, and it was only a 30minute drive from my house. I cringed inwardly, but went along with him. We got about halfway there wen the car died. WE started walking wen the urge to pee came on me too. This was to much for me. I said "Uh, i got to go to the bathroom, badly", he didn't say anyhting for a minute. Then, "can u make it a mile up the road to my buddy's place? I thought i could. I to one step. Mistake. That simple action loosed my butt cheek's hold on the shit. {i was wearing a skirt and pantyhose, no underwear} I burst out immediatly filling my panty's. Then the pee started. There was sooooooo much of it, it just kept coming and coming. My b/f new something was wrong. He says wat's wrong?
I said - I went in my pants!!! He said, well, let's have a look!?! I laughed at him. He came over kissed me and lifted my skirt. He reached down and grabbed the massive ball of shit. He told me how long he had waited for this moment. GIRLS! ask you b/f's about shit- see if they are intersted- u'd be surprised how many guys are!

Zip: Great stories man. Keep posting. I also love doorless stalls, and stalls visible from outside the bathroom where you can see the guy in the crapper. I think itīs no big deal for men to use such stalls. Going to the bathroom is a completely natural function, and besides, people outside wonīt see your private parts. Like you said, I think that displaying your underwear, particularly briefs can bee a little embarrasing. However I think the guy should assess the situation and use his criteria. Some men are embarrased by the mere fact that even if they have their pants up high, people know they are in the can. This should be no big deal, since using a stall should not be more embarrasing than using a urinal. Many guys donīt care women seeing them in urinals, like in bars, since they donīt see anything private. In Amsterdam, urinals are even in public display in the middle of the street. The concept behind this is: As long as you have the basic privacy, thereīs nothing wrong with people knowing you are having a bodily function.

In other pursuits, today I was taking a dump at the mall. One of the cleaning guys was replenishing the stalls. My lock didnīt work and he opened the door of my stall. He just stared at me and walked away. He didnīt close the door completely. I think he must have been embarrased. However he could see my stall was occupied so it intrigues me why he did that.

More postings coming. Take Care you all.

Mr. Clogs
Carmalita: Hey great post, man that's some pretty funky stuff you made in the pot if you know what I'm saying. Yeah I hate when the door bell or the phone rings when you're in the bathroom handling your business. Well you take care talk ti later, don't forget to give my regards to your friends.

Just checkin in so I check back later.

Mr. Clogs

Carmalita: Love your huge dump stories.
Sita: Had a great time reading about your different turds and how you wipe your butt. Really really helped with a problem I had while sitting on the toilet the other day.

I've got a question for all the girls here. How far down do you pull your panties when you pee or go poo, and do you pull them down the same way for both? And do you hike your skirts right up or drape them over you so nobody could see anything even if they were right there with you?

To: Zip....Have you used doorless stalls recently? I used one on Friday after Thanksgiving at JC Penney, Bathroom was real busy, but all of the toilet stalls had no doors...Me and my buddy Chris both shit in the open booths, and wiped ourselves while other guys stood in front of us waiting their turns, It was just no big deal, we all joked about how turkey smells so bad after its 'recycled'. Our girlfriends used the womens restroom , and told us they had stall doors with locks for full privacy. Wonder why, since they were built the same time???


This mornings crap was really painful. I was sitting at the computer, drinking coffee, reading posts on this site (I really enjoyed Sita's). I started letting out a lot of squeaky, smelly farts, so I knew I'd better head for the can. Once there, I relaxed and started to grunt, But nothing came out at first. One more grunt, and a hard, Knobby log started making its way out. Once the beginning was out, the rest slid out easily. But my butthole really was sore for a while. The log was very thick, down in the hole, but gradually narrowed, until it tapered to a point at the end.

Apparently, I'm still getting rid of Thanksgiving leftovers. But I guess thats the price you pay this time of year.

See you later

Some good stomach virus and diarreah stories.

1. A year and a half ago, I was on vacation. The day before I left for home, I felt great when I woke up. But, I had to take a big poop. So I sat and a humongous soft but firm log came slithering out of my butt. After, I pooped I felt great. I had a wonderful day. I went to bed happy. At 3 am, I woke up with a stomach ache. I kept letting out very smelly gas. Then I started to sweat and feel naseuas. For a half an hour I let out many SBDs. After a half hour, my stomach was in severe pain and I really had to poop bad. I could tell I was in for some nasty diarreah. So I sat on the toilet and pushed a little bit. A little bit of mushy poop came out. Then with another push, dark brown chunky diarreah quickly filled the toilet with sound effects and all. Then I felt I was done, but as I got up, and tried to go back to bed. I could not even get to the door when an extreme urge to poop came over me again. I ran to the toilet and sat down. Immediately my butt blew out some major diarreah. At first there was some remaining mushy chunks and then it was just water. The diarreah was a wierd brownish orangish color. I could not stop the diarrhea from coming out for 15 minutes straight. Finally, I was able to stop and I collapsed on the bed, and fell into a half sleep. At 7 AM, It was time to leave and immediatly when I got out of the hotel room, I was overwhelmed by naseau, I threw up all the food I had eaten in the last few days, two times. I threw up again before I went to the car. When I drove my car into the airport, I threw up once more in the parking lot of the rental car place. When I got to the airport I felt terrible and could hardly stand up. In the security line, I threw up yellow water, and at the same time while leaning over, I exploded some nasty watery diarreah into my pants. I went to the bathroom to clean myself and it looked like someone poored tea in my underware. On the flight home, I felt like a zombie, drifting in and out of sleep. I got home finally, and fell asleep for 12 hours. I woke and found that I had a big accident in bed. The diarreah smelled like messed up kitty litter. That day I felt tired, but got better and I was over the virus the next day.

2. A month ago, I was on the computer and I had a sudden urge to have a bowel movement. I felt kind of gassy. I could barely make it to the toilet. When I sat down I gave a slight push and a torrent of poop quickly squirted and fell in the toilet. There was a big area of khaki brown diarreah, that looked like some of the mud that the pigs like to feast on. Also there was a lot of soft but formed poop. There was problably a good 15 inches worth of soft poop.

Thats all for now. Id like to hear stories about stomach virus or food poisening experiences. Thanks

Dave B
To Little Princess -

Sorry to hear about your current situation. If it was me, I would love to hear you going to the bathroom, plus I think it's a natural thing so you shouldn't be embrassed if other people like your boyfriend hear it, but if you really wanna keep your privacy I have a couple of tips you could use. One idea is to always try to go ''number two'' whenever you take a shower. When you walk into the bathroom just start the shower or turn on a radio and then do your business before you take the actual shower. Then when you're done and you flushed and if your boyfriend asks just say that you were going pee or you had a tissue that you wanted to get rid so you flushed it. Another thing you could try doing is not to eat really big meals or eat foods that kind of clogged you up like dairy products to prolonge your bowel movement. Lastly, try to force yourself not to go until your boyfriend is out of the area or asleep. Is it that your boyfriend likes to listen to you cause he thinks it's cute or sexy? I know I do lol. Well I hope that helps you out. See you later.

AJ :-)
Carmalita--PHEW! Try striking a match--or even more than one--and blowing it/them out and dropping them in the toilet (that is, after you've flushed everything down). A match that has been lighted and extinguished is a great odor-eater. Perhaps, in your case, it might take a torch! LOL Or set the house on fire!

This even works with mice.

Mice should be coming here and posting, because they would have plenty of pooping stories to tell.

One or more mice had been using the cabinet area beneath my sink for an outhouse, and I opened the door to get something out of there (it's where I keep cleaners, etc.), and the stench about blew me away.

I'd just learned about the match trick and decided to try it and see how it did there, so I struck a match, and held it just inside the area while blowing it out. Worked like a charm!

Of course, the best way to get rid of mouse-y odors is to prevent the little guys from getting to this level, so I've started leaving D-Con in the basement, and they just haven't felt much like visiting me after finishing one of their business lunches!

A day or two after Thanksgiving, I felt poop slither out of my behind in such a way that it felt as if I'd created a supersnake, so I decided to take a look.

Nothing of the kind--but what was there looked like a hearty serving of sweet potatoes.

The last time I wrote here, I told about having a huge crush on the school custodian when I was in first grade and believing--wrongly, it turned out--that he was using one of the stalls in the two-stalled girls' room that was between the first and second grade rooms.

And I also mentioned that, when I was a sophomore in high school, I had it bad for this young, handsome sixth-grade teacher and thought I heard him rolling toilet paper as I passed by the restroom window.

Having said that, here's a questionnaire for you:

1. Have you ever been sweet on a teacher, custodian, principal, cook, school nurse, secretary, or one of the other elders working at your school? Details, please.

2. If so, have you ever caught any of those somewhere in the progress of doing their business--or have heard them pass gas/noticed wet spots and/or bulges (from poop, that is) in their clothing? Details, please.

3. If so, how did it make you feel? Did it make you feel as if you'd shared something intimate with them? Or, did it make you feel as if you were intruding into a part of their personal space where you shouldn't be? Or, did it make you feel some other way? Details, please.

4. Have you ever actually gotten to the place where you were an adult and ended up dating someone who had been on the faculty/staff/employment list at your school? If you dated and/or married them, how open were you about the matter of bodily functions? Details, please.

5. If you'd caught them doing their business while still in school, did you hurry away? stand around and listen? and/or actually have a conversation with them? Details, please?

6. Has the shoe ever been on the other foot where you need to go around them? One example is a boy with a crush on the school nurse ending up with the runs and having to use the toilet in her office. How did you feel? Details, please?

7. Have you ever had the chance to take a buddy pee or buddy dump? Example: On class outing to park both of you ending up using an outhouse at the same time. The outhouse would be divided into male and female, but you'd be able to hear each other and even engage in conversation? Details, please.

Somehow, I have the feeling that this will be a questionnaire with interesting results...

AJ :-)

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO LITTLE PRINCESS. If you read past posts there are ideas of what makes yoy go naturally... some things work on some and not others.. Being nervous is understandable and also expected. If you want a lasting relationship then the issue will need to be confronted otherwise expect an uncomfortable relationship. Look at it this way, pooing is healthy and enjoyable. I suspect your b/f poos too! Have a glass of wine, or whatever you drink and tell him your toilet habits. If that is difficult write them down and give it to him...if he is at all reasonable he will understand. If you are normally regular the occasional suppository (although not natural) is a good idea to give you relief provided it is only occasional. Also when you are out and about keep an eye out for toilets you can use. Good Luck!!!
TO CARMALITA> You are right...that is the stuff people remember. More important at least you got it out. Has Dan ever done a stinking motion?
With my condition at the moment I would be overjoyed with the result you produced.
TO KIM. When constipated and you get the urge put your butt on the pot. Occasionally the urge can pass and then you are back to "square one".

TO MR CLOGGS. Read my previous post on enemas. Enemas are great and not at all painful excepting for the extreme urge to shit. Unfortunately I cannot do them at home because there are always too many people around. You can take them might need to practise a bit. I have relayed my experiences over the last several weeks on the topic.
And now for my ongoing IBS saga. I have only been able to have the smallest of motions. On Saturday tried a laxative which gave me four trips to the toilet in quick succession but each time only a small squirt of runny poo. As said before the problem is high in the colon etc I have been on aloe vera but to no relief. A few days ago I started on Mintec (peppermint based) and the spasms reduced. I have been able to manage a good size poo mid morning for two days running so am on the improve, I think. Will be seeing the doctor on Saturday.

AND now for my response to a survey
Do you get real messy?
Sometimes yes and other times no. Mostly a bit messy because my poos are soft. When I am on a high fibre no meat diet, my poos can be large but hardly any wipping required.
DO you ever get messy that you cannot clean?
Very occasionally. That is when a hard poo gets stuck in my rectum.
How many times do you wipe?
Always at least twice and sometimes, maybe ten times.
How many sheets do you use each time?
Between one or two..but mostly one
Do you role or fold them?
I fold them
Do you just use TP or moist wipes.
Mostly tp but I have used moist wipes and enjoy them for the cleanliness. Often after a couple of wipes I spit on the toilet paper and wipe with that...just once.
Do you stand or sit when wiping?
I sit normally but when using certain puplic toilets that are not that clean I hover and wipe standing
Do you wipe front to back?
I usually wipe between my legs going from back to front. I have recently been wiping from behind... it was difficult at first but now managing well and wipe back to front and front to back
Do you look at tp after each wipe?
Yes I do to see if it is clean


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hi People, I am glad I found this site. Please help me with my situation. I am going away with my BF for the very first time soon, and I am feeling uncomfortable with the whole #2 thing, I hate knowing that he's right outside of the bathroom. I am pretty regular, I do it in the morning, but I like to take my sweet time, so how can I tell him to no rush me out of it?

Also, since I always go in the morning, I would never or rarely go out unless I've done my #2 (unless it's a short trip to get coffee across the street..etc) But then there are times when i just couldn't go in my normal time and when I get outside, I want to go so I have to hold it until I find a place, but I hate that feeling of holding back. So my other question is that is there a way to induce doing #2 natually? I heard drinking plenty of water helps...any new info? thanks.


Hola amigos,

I took a huge and really nasty dump today. I was alone in the apt. so I took the opportunity to try and relax. I hadn't been able to poop since Friday and I was really plugged up with turkey and other stuff. After about ten minutes of grunting, I felt hard gas pains. With a couple more grunts, I farted and felt my anus open up to squeeze out a long, smelly turd. It was like a huge sausage that curled around. It hurt really bad because it was so thick and hard.
I was sitting there so peacefully and comfy with my panties and jeans up around my thighs. After a few minutes I had to put my hand over my nose because the smell was horrible. I grunted hard, bore down, and two more long, chunky logs dropped out. I felt like I had given birth after they all came out.

Just then, I heard someone ring our doorbell. Nu was gone, so I had to open the bathroom door to yell out "Who is it?" It was Dan. I yelled for him to go ahead and come in, and then I shut the bathroom door quickly so he wouldn't walk in and see me on the pot. Usually I like to be seen, but today was really a hard and nasty poop, and I was embarrassed to be seen. He was talking to me from the living room and told me that he had to go pee when I finished.

Shit! I was actually really mortified. I wiped my ass, then flushed and pulled my jeans up. I was in a panic because it smelled so bad and there were really gross skid marks in the bowl.

Sure as hell, once I came out, he bolted in and shut the door. I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!! After he came out, he didn't say anything, but I could tell that the smell really grossed him out. I just shrugged and said " I'm not feeling too good today." He just smiled and said "Do you have the flu or something?"
It's a good thing that my skin is so brown because I felt myself blushing bad. Dan just changed the subject and took my mind off of it. He'd left the bathroom door open and my poop smell was floating into the living room! I mean, how much worse can it get? I went in and shut the door. I apologized and said, "Sorry, it's a bit strong in there." Strong's not the word.

Unfortunately, he's always going to remember this one time that I pooped so bad. People always remember stuff like that.


I haven't been posting for a while. Anyways, which chick used a urinal over thanksgiving? As always, I am more than happy to hear about it.

Still the same hot nurse I talked about in my previous posts.
Just to remind you, she's watching an old couple that lives in my appartment building, and I have a perfect view to her bathroom from the stairs when she leaves the window open.

Couple of weeks ago she noticed that she can be seen, so she kept the window shut...

Today she forgot to close the window so while going down stairs I could get a perfect view of what she's doing.

It seems that she was badly constipated..She always hover poop, B/C the old/sick couple are using the same toilet. Today she hovered for long time trying to push out her poo. I could see the head of her turd poking in and out with no luck. Finally she took a piece of TP, and with her hand pulled the stuck turd out of her ass. She did it 3 times, each time she pulled out a 3inch piece of rock hard poo and dumped it to the toilet. She wiped...flushed... and went to her business...

Hi names kim been coming here for a while and decided to tell yall of my last stop up of my bowels. Im 18 with blonde hair about 121 lbs I had conspation for about 3 days. When i got tired of fighting with it I went to the store and bout some Laxitive i took it and sit on my couch and waited. It took about an hour or less before my T???y started getting these cramps. So I just decided to wait it out until i couldnt stand it any longer. after about another 5 mins my lower t???y was hurting badly as I was rubbing my t????y. My boyfriend came threw and asked if I was alright I was scared to tell him what i took and just said yeah little t???y crap. I sat there as he sat next to me not knowing my condition. i tried to keep on holding on as he wraped his arm around me. by now I was dieing to just get up and run to the bathroom but i waited a little longer this was about an hour and thirty mins in. as we were watching tv my stomache let out this sound ive never heard before as I became sort of sweaty he asked if I was ok agian I said yes. then about 5 mins later I riped this fart that followed behind a large huge blast of runny nasty poop he looked at me as I jumped up holding my hand aginst my butt and ran to the bath I ended up throwing my Pannies away it was horrible. That was my worse accident and problem solver ive ever had.

I like hearing the stories about the doorless stalls. There were more of them around when I was younger. I used to be very shy about using them, but then, for some unknown reason, I started to like using them. I written several stories on this forum about my experiences in the doorless stalls and in restrooms where the door has a broken lock. It's funny when the guy who sees me on the can freaks out! The best experiences are when I have a conversation with someone while either one of us, or both, is on the can. Not too many of those, though.

Today at Home Depot, I was in the stall with a busted door lock, taking a dump. One of the employees comes in and opens my door. He looks at me sitting there, and closes the door. His name on his apron said Joe, he looked hispanic, probably about 5'10" tall, mid-20's,, goatee, spiky hair, attractive guy. He goes into the next stall. I hear him fumbling around for a long time. Apparently, he was putting toilet paper in the gaps around the door so no one can see him on the toilet. Funny. He puts the seat protector down, then he drops his jeans all the way down to the floor. Next come his blue plaid boxers. Hairy legs. He seemed to me like a guy who would keep his pants and underwear up around his thighs. Maybe he figures only I can see his boxers and pants down, so no need to cover up. He farts, then I see his feet move while he's crapping. He goes up on the balls of his feet, then back down. Does this a few times. He quietly grunts a few times, too. I had to leave so I didn't get to check out any wiping habits.

Deb in Florida
To TRACYGIRL and others:
Hi everybody! Unfortunately not much exciting bathroomwise to tell about the Turd-ey Day Holiday as my boyfriend likes to call it. He says that Thanksgiving dinner makes him do really large, light colored, sticky poops. Yes, I did go see him over the holiday at his parents' house. I didn't get there until Friday because I spent Thanksgiving day with my family. I didn't eat a lot at Thanksgiving dinner because my uncle was doing the cooking and I don't like his cooking very much. I arrived at my boyfriend's parents' house on Friday evening. I had a rather unspectacular poo Friday morning before I left. We stayed at his parents' house Friday night, then Saturday afternoon we went off on our own and stayed at a bed and breakfast in his parents' town. I had to leave Sunday afternoon and I never got the urge to poo the whole time I was there. After I got home I did a few marble type poos. So hopefully I'll have more to report next weekend! So anyway, here's hoping everybody had a happy Turd-ey day!

Love, Deb


Somebody asked a few days ago about post-Thanksgiving dumps.

I had my best one on Sunday morning. After eating everything in sight for the last 3 days, I felt a heavy one move down into my rectum. I headed to the toilet, with part of the Sunday paper, and squeezed out a nice long one. The whole thing was over in about 10 seconds, but it felt so good. When I was done I peeked in the toilet, and saw a nice, coiled up log. It looked similar to a brown rattlesnake getting ready to strike.

Well thats my post-Thanksgiving dump story. Hope to see more stories soon.

Bye all

Lucy Lu
The worst day of my life. I was at my daughter's school when I drank an innocent cup of coffee from the teachers Lounge. I FEEL PARENT HELPERS COMETEE dose not get enough free stuff so I steel sometimes.

Anyway after I drank the coffee I started to feel a little sick but thats me cheap dresser cheap eater. Then wile walking I got the attack to make a huge poop. so I walked into the bathroom went over to the toilet pulled down my panty hose / panties and let a rip .

Then this guy walks in the room and sees me on the toilet ( i guess i didnt lock) and i saw him take a look at my vigina:(. i screemed and tried to chase him i got up and splat i pooped on the floor.

Mr. Clogs
Hey eveybody, hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. It' been quite sometime since I lasted checked in. Well got a quick post to share so here goes.

After being I guess you can say a little clogged up for a couple of days, basically crapping out pebbles. Yesterday which makes it Sunday, I finally got to unclog myself. I took the citric magnezium (pardon the spelling!) for relief. Usually when I take it, it turns your poop to a liquid form. For some reason it was liquid but with some chuncks in it, not the pure liquid form. I felt good coming out, but unusual. I felt empty for a change, I think I'll do it more often.

When I check out some of the posts here about enemas. I never had an enema before and need some advice about enemas. Does it clean you out completely like a citric magnesuim, or like those laxatives that justs softens the stool, is it painful to take, what positions you need to be in in order to take the emena, and can you give yourself the emena or do you need someone to administer it to you? Need some advice on that. I was curious on how it works and is it safe for ametures like me to take.

Molly & Tess: Hey, great post about you and your sister, I guess those trash cans come in handy.

Outdoor Jenny: Hey great posts as always, your poor thing having to walk home in the mess, I'm glad you had fun as always, take care.

Well got to go take care.

--Mr. Clogs

Girls, does it really hurt when you have to pee bad? My girlfriend says it does and she gets VERY grumpy when she has to go bad.

My girlfriend drinks a lot of water so she has to pee a lot and if she can not find a place to go and there are no other people around she will put her hand between her legs and squeeze herself down there. Sometimes if it gets really bad she will also cross her legs with both hands down there and I can't help but tell her she looks like a childish school girl (she is really 26) although I admit it also looks kind of sexy. My question for the girls; does that hand squeezing she does really keep her from peeing or is she just putting on a show for me??

the last couple days i been sick with a nasty stomach virus if i'm not in the toilet having diarrhea i am vomiting it's horrible well today i was sitting down watching t.v when a huge wave of nausea came over me i knew i was going to vomit so i got up and ran to the bathroom and leaned over the toilet and started vomiting then while i was vomiting i felt a stream of diarrhea come into my pant then after i got done vomiting i felt more diarrhea coming on so i flushed the vomit and sat on the toilet and had more diarrhea it was horrible and my stomach was killing me then after 20 minuets i was done and i went to lay down because i really diden't feel good stomach virus are not fun at all i hope i get rid of it soon

male/ or female

How big is your bladder? small, average, large, enormous
What was the longest pee you ever had?
What is your diet like?
How big can you poo?
Do you clog the toilet never , sometimes, all the time?
how often you pee?
how often do you poo?
how much do you eat and drink each day?

here are my answers
male, 30, 135

How big is your bladder? small, average, large, enormous
average to large

What was the longest pee you ever had?
What is your diet like?
about 70% raw vegetarian
How big are your poos?
Do you clog the toilet never , sometimes, all the time?
how often do you pee? 5 times per day
how often do you poo? once
how much do you eat and drink each day?
a lot, yet I don't gain weight.

Hi I've posted here before but they never made it to the website.
ADRIAN, I guess that the chance of seeing someone do their business outdoors is one reason for watching I'm a Celebrity, I can't think of any others. I was annoyed though when Frank Skinner informed us that Carol Thatcher had done this I was annoyed because I'd missed it. I can't believe you saw much did you?

BLUE RIZLA GIRL: Outdoor Pooing is a great hobby of mine.Answers to your survey:
1. I leave it where it is. I always do it in forests, wide open spaces etc, not someone's front lawn. And not where someone's going to step in it.
2. d or e. I don't use toilet paper if I'm not prepared, for example the last time I was walking along a canal and was genuinely not planning to poo anywhere but got desperate. I use leaves, grass, etc.
3. a. As a chap, I don't have that many options. But Outdoor Peeing is not very exciting for me.
4. h. I only enjoy peeing if it's on the lino in the bathroom or the porcelain of the bath.
5. b. Although I often wonder if it's the risk of getting caught which makes Outdoor Pooing such fun, I would prefer that to walking around with a pile of poo in my pants and everyone smelling it.
I like to poo outdoors

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO TRACYGIRL I am glad things are moving...more than I can say for myself..will post that further on. Stress can play tricks with the can certainly flare up my IBS and the sress need only be something a bit more than normal!
TO DEB: Congratulations on your engagement.Your partner sounds very open and caring and that is one thing that is needed in a lasting relationship. Thanks for your advice. My partner knew I was the one when she could poo when I was in proximity (door closed though). She had a very "private " upbringing like me. She is improving bit by bit. Despite the advancing years she is generally becoming more open. It may not be too much of a shock if I walk in on her because I have been with her with severe bouts of diarrhoea and held the bucket whilst she went at both ends and held er up on the toilet. Also just post pregnancy she would get severe wind pains so bad that I would have to pull her knickers down and sit her on the toilet...she would be doubled in pain ..there would be some farts and then plop plop plop etc and then fully recovered... also when we have been away, just the two of us, she has sat on the toilet just as I have been walking out of the bathroom and then when we have been skiing we are in very small rooms and the toilet just feet from anywhere and she would go with the door half closed... could not close the door as there were clothes draped over it.
Now my recent and present constipation episode. I get blocked up sometimes high up in my colon. I have been having only the smallest motions for some days and some pain. I went swimming in the local pool and could feel my full ???? as I stretched out and swam. After a while I got some bad pains and felt like I was going to throw up. I got out of the pool and staggered to the toilets and pooled my wet cossies to my ankles and plonked my dripping wet arse on the seat. The best I could produce were a couple of small farts, some tiny specks of poo and some yucky mucous. I then proceeded to the chemist and she sold me two micro enemas. I went home and tried them but minimal was all up too high. I then took Nulax which is a fruit extract laxative. In the early hours of the morning I awoke with an urgent need... I dropped my bum on the toilet as I simultaneously dropped a turd and then heaps of runny poo. Despite having the exhaust fan on it absolutely stunk... I was there for ages squirting out small and average diarrhaes and then some of the more solid variety. I returned to bed but was soon up again for an average squirt of runny poos. Since then, that was over a week ago I have been having problems....will be seeing the doctor in a few days but think it is IBS.
I pee qite regularly outdoors , being a male I stand up. The surface I like is a softer surface so ther is no splash back. I have often pooed outdoors but not for quite a while... I did try earliers this year but was constipated. I always bury my turds but when I have been in central Australia the ground can be like rock so you leave then sitting there. Sometimes if there are a lot of leaves I just throw them over the poo...the same applies for the toilet paper. I would prefer to be caught peeing than pooing but if I did not know those that saw me I would not care too much....if it is a problem it is theirs. I would much prefer to be seen with wet pants but would not like that very much either.

To John. Thank you John for helping my English. I think I should use poop. It sound nicer

To Richguy. I shy about using toilet in public so I try to hold poo in for when I get home. I feel bit embarrassed with people knowing what Im doing. I don't mind going pee as much.

To Roger. Thank you for liking my answers. I like answering questions. I write here a few times before when I have question or it while you sitting on the toilet. I try and answer your questions.

To Derek. I very happy you like my post and telling me about English. Also yes I like answering questions but no one ask me about wiping before and Im a bit shy but I try to answer.

Do you get real messy?
Not much because my poo usually hard and not very wet and soft. Sometimes bum get very messy if my t???y upset and poo all soft. Sometimes bum get messy if I hold poo in a long time. Then it get very angry and start to come out and I have to squeeze it back in and it make a mess.

Do you ever get so messy you just cant get clean?
Only if poo very soft and I hold it in and it get very angry because I don't let it out. Then I use lots of paper and I get scared there will be marks in my knickers afterwards.

How many times do you wipe?
Usually only once. If bum very messy I keep using paper until it not get brown any more.

How many sheets do you use each time you wipe?
About 2 or 3 at home because its thick and soft. At school or the mall I use 5 or 6 sheets because its not very good paper.

Do you role them up or fold them?
Fold them

Do you use just TP or like some girls do you take moist wipes with you?
No but I think it a good idea.

Do you stand or stay sitting when you wipe?
I stand and face toilet to see how much poo came out. Then wipe bum and drop paper on top of poo. Then flush toilet.

Do you look at the paper after each wipe?
Yes so I see if bum clean.

Do you wipe front to back (starting near your pussy) or back to front?
Front to back.

To Tiffany. Yes I live in UK near London. I also made knickers wet laughing at school and I hated it because I had to sit with wet knickers all day. But they got sort of dry on their own. I also did big pee in my knickers once when my sister tickled me and she wouldn't stop. I got angry with her.

To Blue Rizia Girl. I only did poo outdoors very few times in big emergency but I still try and answer your questions

1. When you have a pooh outdoors, do you usually
(a) dig a hole and bury it
(b) pick it up in a polybag and bin it
(c) just leave it there
I just left it there because I didn't really want to touch it. I didn't have anything to dig hole with and no bag.

2. And what do you do with your used TP?
(a) bury it
(b) burn it
(c) bag it and bin it
(d) just leave it there
(e) not use TP {please explain}
Left it there and covered my poo with it.

3. When you have a piddle outdoors, do you usually:
(a) stand up
(b) squat high over the ground
(c) squat low to the ground
(d) some other position {please explain what}
I squat high over ground because I did it in park and it had long grass and I was frightened of insects and snakes and things. So I didn't want bum touching grass.

4. What is your favourite surface to piddle on?
(a) concrete
(b) mud
(c) grass
(d) sand
(e) dead leaves
(f) up against a tree
(g) up against a wall
(h) something else {please explain what}
I only did poo and pee on grass

5. Which would you think is worse?
(a) being seen out in public actually having a pee / dump
(b) being seen out in public with wet / crapped pants

Being seen doing pee or poo because then someone see my bum or even worse my poo coming out. Or even worse worse they see my pussy. They don't see anything private if you just got dirty pants.

To Uncle. If I have to hold poo in long long time like when Im at school and I want to let it come out after I get home it come out very fast as soon as I sit on toilet and let bum open. But sometimes bum get very messy and it take long time to wipe clean. It might be many minutes wiping. If I already home when poo first start asking to come out and I go sit on toilet straight away, poo sometimes wait 5 or 10 minutes to open my bum. Then it take another 5 or 10 minutes coming out very slowly. But my bum doesn't get very messy and most times 1 wipe is enough to make sure my bum nice and clean.

Love to everybody - Sita

Monday, November 28, 2005

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