Kevin L
I can sympothize with Bridget, our middle and high school did not have any doors on the stalls and I refused to go in school. Many times making made dashes home just in the nick of time.Though I never did have any accidents.---- I do rember a time when I was 10 and we were on a family vacation a the beach.( I was very private about going #2 even then) I only went when no other family member was in the room. Consequently I held my #2's for a couple days. One day I was on the beach riding waves in when on wave gave me a semi enima. The urgancy to go was immeadiate.I ran to my mother and got the key to go back to the motel room. Our room was only one block from the beach, as I got to with in 100 feet of the room it started to come out. I stopped and sat down to hold my cheeks togather, but a little piece was all ready out and I was in agony. Back then I had a speedo bathing suite which could not hold a large BM without being noticeable. I finally made it back to the room and the maid service was cleaning the room, at that desperate time my inhibitions were gone and I ran to the bathroom without closing the door, quickly pulled my bathing suit down, I had started to go before I was on the toilet. I did make it with only a little in my suit. Strange as it my be going #2 with the maid in the room did't bother me at all. To this day I can go #2 around women but will hold it until I have privacy when Iam around men.-- The only time I ever used an open stalls were in college early in the morning when no other guys were up, but It was time for the maids to clean. I was caught a number of times on the toilet by the maid and she just went about were business as if I was not there. Many times talking to me. Do any of you fellow posters have stories about being caught on the toilet by people of the opposite sex. Did you enjoy the expierence? Talk to you later Kevin L (Iam not the Kevin who posted yesterday) so from now on I will go by Kevin L.

To Jennifer: I'm really sorry for you! It sounds like you have an awful situation at home! I really think your mom is not treating your problem correctly. She sounds pretty mean.....I hope you're ok about the whole situation, cause it sounds pretty bad....

A thought about the Bridget and bowel movements has occured. Bridget's Mother was from a different era. 10 years ago homosexuality was more looked down upon. Now there is pressure to put homosexuality in the civil rights catagory of race and gender. Would you like to be having a BM while another person of the same sex was being turned on watching you doing your thing? A while back I talked about a man sitting in the bathroom with a lawn chair, at the county fair. I did not like that very much. I can understand why Bridget would be a bit squemish.

guess my post got messed up in transfer oh well
Can you be more specific, because we couldn't find anything wrong in your particular case. Trouble is, not being able to find anything wrong has been a symptom of some of AOL's worst screwups.

Haven't been here for a few days. Just got back from Dallas. I had to take a massive crap when we got back but after the plane has landed, I had to make a beeline to my graduate class. When I got to school, I had 15 mintes to spare and I headed for the library. I went straight into the bathroom and dropped a load. It would have been something to share but I did not have time to do that and there was no one in the bathroom. It was complete with good farting and lots of other noise.
As for Bridget, sounds like your Mom read the "Joan Crawford Book of Fine Parenting". Talk about being mean ! She wouldn't allow you to save face. I guess until High School, I had the same hang up as you did. Sophomore year, I got the attitude of not giving a shit (no pun intended :) and crapping when I needed to instead of waiting until I got home. In fact now, I rarely crap at home but do it mostly at work or at school. I usually crap aroung 2 to 3 in the afternoon and occasionally in the morning.

When we were all about 11-12 we built a tree fort in the woods from all sorts of pieces of wood that we scrounged up everywhere, mainly from some new houses they were building a ways off. We had many meetings and activities there and always met there after school. Well, many times someone had to go and we set aside an area for crapping that got quite a few loads deposited over a year's time. A regular pile of them further in the woods off aways from the tree fort. I dont guess anyone wiped their bums much as nothing was at hand to use and it didn't occur to any of us to mind it, given that we were in the woods anyway. In fact, one particular day one of the lads got caught short and it partway slid out into his pants which he was in a hurry to pull down, not getting to the regular spot at all. It was just a bunch of lads having a jolly time and doing what seemed natural to all of us at that age.

I said I'd post! Anyway, I have a friend, female of course, that is vey cool about going to the bathroom in front of people, mainly me. We've been friends for years and years, but she has barely grown and is my age, 14 in 8th grade, and maybe 4' 6" tall. She's small, but her poop is HUGE! One time I saw her was when we were 12 and in 6th grade. The teacher was real cool about going to the bathroom and let the students go at certain intervals in the day. We were the only two to go and, luckily, the classes were called out to a meeting that lasted an hour maybe 2 minutes after we left. We went into the bathroom and we both had to poop. I was there for 3-5 minutes, the usual time I need. I made nothing really important to mention. She was sitting there after I got done and I asked her how she was doing. She told me to come into her stall and talk. She sat in a strange position: butt 4" above the toilet with hands grasping the seat's edge. We talked and I heard nothing: no grunting farting or anything. After 8 minutes something came out. I just watched as she stood and slightly lifted her butt up and a GIGANTIC PIECE OF POOP came out and kept coming. I guess it was 20" long and 2.5" wide. It looked like a hard thing to push out because it was entirely bulging out with what I guess you all call 'knobs'. she then made 4 more pieces about 10" incheslong and 1.5" wide. We spent a half hour in the bathroom before we left.

To Garry
In response to the survey you are trying to conduct, Yes I was constipated quite a bit as a child. My mother always took care of this though. To answer your questions in the order you presented them in.
1. I was often badly constiped as a child, probobaly right up to the age of around 14 years.
2. Oh yes, I understood the word constipated well. So did my mother, when she treated me for it.
3. I can never remember requiring hospitalization, however I know my mum frequently discussed this with our doctor and the visiting school nurse. She did threaten me by saying if I didn't open my bowels properly, then I would be taken into hospital and made to go and that they had ways and methods of dealing with constipated children.
4. I really cannot remember the longest time I went before emptying out, though a reasonable guess would be four or five days, it could well have been a bit longer though.
5. The method used to make me go was nearly always the same. I would be told to go upstairs and fetch the soap, some toilet paper and the potty. My mother kept a white ennamel potty just for this purpose. She would then procede to cut off a piece of soap from an end of bar about half a finger size. She would then sit down and make me lie right across her knees, and push the piece of soap up my bottom with her finger. I can clearly remember this and absolutely hated it. She would push the soap up my bottom as far as her finger would allow. I would then be made to lie across her knees for a few minutes, to give the soap a chance to work, as she would tell me. Often she would insert her finger back up to make sure the soap had gone right up. I was then made to get up and sit on the potty. She would say to me "now Go and Go, Go On , Go and Go" She would sometimes sit in front of me and prompt me most of the time by saying, " now push, go on push hard, come on you're no! t trying enough" If I had still not been after around 30 minutes, she would then cut another piece of soap, hold it between her fingers in front of me and tell me, you've got five more minutes and then I'm going to put another piece up. Here it is.
She would again adopt the same method, by making me lie across her knees, funnily enough the second piece of soap always seemed to work me quickly. When I had been she would hand me the toilet paper for me to wipe my bottom with, then empty the potty and clean it out in readiness for the next time. There was usually several turds in the pot along with a half melted piece of soap. I suppose this was done to me between three to six weeks apart or whenever my mother thought necessary. My sister who is a little older also had soap inserted up her bottom, however for some reason, when this was done mother would make her sit in a warm bath for about 15 minutes with the soap inside her before making her sit on the toilet. My mother would stay in the bathroom with her giving her the same sort of coaxing as I normally got, including the threat of the insertion of a second piece. I can only remember my sister being made to sit on the potty two or three times, it was nearly always the toilet. However she hated having the soap and I often heard her loud and defiant protests coming through the bathroom door.
I found out later in life that I was made to use the potty so that my mother could see that I had been properly, as once when I was sat on the toilet I had told her I had been and she found out different. I hadn't flushed the toilet in time before she looked into the bowl.
I remember once when I was well and truly constipated, my mother started to lose her patience, and after two pieces of soap had been put up she told me I was not going to leave the room until I had been properly and that she would keep inserting pieces of soap up even if it meant puting a whole bar up! It never came to that, but I think at the time I thought it would. I can remember my bottom being very uncomfortable after spending a long, long time sat on the potty. The rim had marked my bot and sitting there became most uncomfortable and I remember asking my mother several times if I could get up and be allowed to sit on the toilet seat.
My mother also seemed to associate constipation with bad behaviour. Often when I had been naughty and punished she would send me to bed. After about half an hour she would come into my room and tell me I was badly constipated and that this was making me difficult, badly behaved and disobedient. Out came the soap again!
6. In answer to this question, no I really don't think there was any abdominal distention, sometimes a bad ???? ache associated with constipation, more than often just nothing, only the knowledge that I needed to go and hadn't been for a long time and hoping that my mother wouldn't notice.
I do remember once my mother discussing my bowel movements with the doctor, she told him she was putting soap up and he confirmed that this was a good and well proven method to shift stubborn constipation. He did give her some suppositories for her to use, though I don't remember these being used on me, perhaps my sister got them. When I was a few years older I do recall seeing a packet of suppositories in the medicine cupboard,several had been used from the packet. I read the packet which stated they were 75 per cent glycerine and 25 per cent soap. Perhaps these were given to my sister or my mother used them. Other times I remember being given laxative orally, syrup of figs and milk of magnesia are a couple I can remember, there were others. I don't suffer with constipation much now, though I will use a piece of soap, if things get difficult. Its quick and it works well. Mother new best! My wife says she had never heard of soap to cure constipation until reading an article in some woman's magazine. She tried it on herself, unbeknown to me and says it works quickly for her. She once suggested I use it myself, it was then that I told her the story I've related here. I enjoy this news group and the postings always seem to reflect a pretty true and honest picture of whats going on below the waist line. Kevin

I heard this story awhile back from these two girls in my school that went to a concert. They had to pee and couldn't wait to use a toilet, so they went into the woods and tried the squatting method, but one of them missed the ground and peed into her panties and through to the butt of her pants. She had to wear a jacket around her waist. That story really got me turned on.

Wondering if Sue has any new material to post about messed underwear. Have seen several girls underwear with the "famous" skidmarks people have talked about. Can't say there are any common traits that predict whether or not they have them except if they do it is pretty constant every time. Same with the boys, if they have them it is odds on that they will have them every time. Usually always heavier/ more than the girls and some do actually appear to wipe their fannies in the underwear regularly. Wonder how that comes about, as it's doubtful they were trained that way ?? Guess they just decide not to bother with it.

Hi Tracy S. Thanks 4 the story. As I said before im 17 and began wetting my bed a year ago. I just cant wake up and go in my pants. my mom started telling me that if i didnt start acting like a big girl that i would be put back in diapers and treated like the big baby that I odviously am. (those were her words not mine) about two weeks later I returned home from school and my mom called me into my bed room. Well look the babys home she said, then she pulled out a pacifier and made me put it in my mouth. she told me that she has had enough of this and its back to diapers for me. I began to cry and she made me take off my pants and diapered me on my bed. she said that im going to be in diapers untill she sais different. my friends Heather and tami came over one day and my mom sent them to my room, i was doing my home work and they walked in to see me in diapers and a tee shirt, then they saw all my diapers and my pacifier. they laughed and wanted to know why i wear diape! rs and act like a baby. I told them the story and they said that they wouldnt tell. I think that they did though because ive heard diapers come up in alot of conversations around others and then "the looks" My mom said that if i keep waking up in wet diapers that we are going to take this punishment to "the next level" It really makes me nervous... thats all 4 now

To Mike: This is probably the News Anchor story you mean. I found it under page 2 of old posts.
I am a news anchor on supper hour news at a local television station in Toronto, Canada. A few weeks ago I had a terribly humiliating experience on the set. During the afternoon prior to the newscast I was the MC at a charitable lunch. I later found out that the chicken that was served at the lunch had food poisoning. Unfortunately I didn't find out until about 25 minutes into the hour long news show. Before the newscast began I felt a bit uneasy but I didn't think much about it. We had just come back from a commercial break and all of a sudden I started getting sharp cramps in the stomach and I realized that I must have diaherrea. Even though I have a cohost with me I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to leave during a live broadcast so I held it in. Than as I was reading the news I felt like I was going to explode. I kept reading and let it all come out in my panties. I paused breifly when I exploded and my cohostlooked at me and he knew right away what had happened. I kept reading trying to put on a good face although it was very difficult with a wet warm load swishing around in my panties. At the next break I explained to my cohost and producer what had happened and I left for the balalnce of the newscast to clean myself up. My husband in the meantime who always watched me on the news got worried that I wasn't on for the last part of the show and he immediately called the station to see what was wrong. He got through to me in the change room just as I was heading to the bathroom to clean myself up. I had to explain to him that I had gotten sick to my stomach and had an accident. He was very understanding about it and he drove down to the station to drive me home. He told me that it was not obvious from watching the news as to what had happened. I think he was just being kind because when I went back to work the next day I watched the tape and there was a definate wince on my face as I adjusted my sitting position just as I was shitting myself. Noone at the station ever said a word and when I came back to work there was a new anchor seat for me.

Some Guy
Okay, Gary, here goes: 1. No 2. Yes 3. No 4. 7 to 8 days (camp toilets) 5. I remember being given supposotories ::cringes::. 6. Probably not, even if I knew what it was. And Gary, you should try changing your diet. It might help you with your movements.

WOW! In reference to that bladder increase really works...lately I've been drinking a lot of water and just holding on...well today I held on to the last minute...and then peed into a bottle to measure came to 1/2 a liter...about 4 weeks ago I was lucky to get 1/4 of a liter or a little more...which brings me to another point...
Has anyone noticed that there is a balance? IE If you drink too much water, you'll have to go alot often...BUT..if you DON'T drink enough water, you're P becomes very consentrated, and even though you hardly have to P at all, you're bladder feels like it's going to explode? M

To Bridget. Like my husband George, I sympathise with you and totally condemn the harsh way that your mother dealt with your accident in your pants. I dont think Dr Spock advocated this approach, did she use th King Herod Manual of Child Rearing?
Concerning Gary's mini survey on constipation I still do get a bit constipated just before about the time of my menstrual period. I answer Gary's points as follows:-
1 I wasnt frequently constipated as a child, but when I started to develope and my periods started about 11 or so I did get constipated at that time each month.
2 I understood the word "constipation" from the age of 5 if not earlier as my mother was often constipated. I would here sya that true constipation means needing a motion but being unable to pass it or having great difficulty doing it, not merely not having a motion every day then passing a large but easy jobbie or jobbies when one does go. Many people only have a motion once a week but that is quite normal for them.
3 No. Both my nother and my family doctor had quite modern attitudes for the 1950s and 1960s and didn't consider such matters worthy of such drastic measures, certainly not in my case.
4 The longest I have gone without a motion has been a week. This happened when I was about 16 when my period coincided with a sever chest cold. The enforced bed rest and the cough medicine really suppressed any need to have a motion. When I got up at the end of the week and started to move about and eat normally again and stopped the medicine I passed 2 long fat logs (about 12 inches long each as 2 inches fat preceded by a load of hard balls) I recall I was on the toilet pan for over half an hour. This amused my young brother who stood outside the toilet chanting "OO! OO! OO! Her jobbie wont come out!" until my mum told him to shut up. I have been constipated often since but never for as long a time as that, usually only 3 days nowadays.
5 As to relief, my mother always left well alone believing that the body will sort itself out. Laxatives were NEVER used in our home by anyone, (unusual in those days as many mothers had ben brought up in the UK with the attitude that "inner cleanliness" and a daily motion were essential). In this particular case she advised me to insert some petroleum jelly (vaseline) into my back passage and she also came into the toilet when she heard me straining and rubbed and gently pushed my ???? which seemed to help me pass the big, hard jobbies. George now performs this service for me when I go at home as I do for him.
6 Yes. It was a great amusement to my young brother who kept saying that "Moira is going to have a a baby" as my ???? was a bit swollen. Sometimes this also happens these days, that at my age (in my 40's) I have a bit of middle age spread and am ???? anyway so it would not arouse such comments.
Although my mother was not as open as George's Aunt Helen, she was quite modern about such things. My brother and I were a lot more open and when our parents were out we would often accompany each other to the toilet when needing a motion even into our teens. We made an expression "constipotatoes" to describe the hard ball like jobbies passed when constipated as it felt and sounded like passing a load of potatoes into the toilet pan and the fat brown balls looked like potatoes. I believe the correct medical term is scyballa for such hard ball like stools.
Nowadays my motions are usually firm to easy (grades 2 to 3) unless its my period when they are hard to firm (grades 1 to 2). George's are usually firm to easy (2 to 3). he sometimes gets constipated but less often than myself.
Hope this is of interest to you Gary, and any others with similar experiences.

Monday, March 30, 1998

Looking for an old post reguarding a new woman who pooped her pants while on TV, story I believe anyone help THANKS

I am 31 now so this happened 2 years ago at an Atlanta Braxes game. I was there with 3 friends and we were drinking beer. By the 5th inning I needed to pee so my girl friend and I went to the ladies room. There was a line of atleast 20 people ahead of us. We waited and eventually did pee and went back in to the game. It was the 9th inning and I needed to pee again...not terribly bad but pretty urgent. I didn't want to stand in line again so I decided to hold it. That last inning lasted for a lifetime. In the end we were standing and cheering when I felt it happen. My crotch got wet and it flowed down my right leg about 4 inches. I died. Most embarassing time of my life. Everyone looked! And yes there still was a long line!

Hello Folks,
Bridget; I was constipated most of the time when I was in high I can only guess what it must feel like to have such intense urges to have a bowel movement. Most of my movements during my childhood and teen-age years were the result of a lot of hard pushing, grunting and; sometimes, "digital intervention". Often my colon would get so distended that I just couldn't get the massive thing out without reaching up in there and breaking off the marbles one by one. I really envy people like you that have such effortless and pleasant bowel movements.
Now; my question for the board:
Since I am erotically aroused by stories of childhood constipation...please answer the following:
(1) Were you frequently constipated as a child?
(2) Was the word "constipation" one that you understood at, say...age 10?
(3) Did you ever require a doctors care or hospitilization for treatment of your constipation?
(4) What was the longest period that you went without any movement of your bowels? Longer than two weeks?
(5) What method(s) were used to give you relief?
(6) Was their evidence of abdominal distention as your constipation worstened?
Thanks for your replies. Perhaps if there's a nurse or doctor reading this you can supply case studies of children and their problems with severe constipation.

Hey Ryan, from JC Penneys here. Last saturday I went into the mens restroom and my uncle Bruce was sitting on the middle toilet, taking a massive dump. I tried not to embarass him, but he noticed me, and started cussing out management for pulling the doors off all the stalls, i said sorry, but there was nothing that could be done. Well he stunk the whole bathroom so bad, when I walked out, the odors reaked through the slats in the main door! I only had to pee. But at the family gathering this weekend he told everyone about his experience with doorless stalls, and how humiliating it is for me to have to work there. This was more embarrasing than using the damn open stalls, Now my entire family knows that all the guys who work at Penneys, poop in front of each other. People actually asked me how I could use the bathroom. How stupid! My cousin Cheryl asked me if I ever saw ------ with his pants down!! Can you imagine asking someone that? (She thinks he is hot looking) I told her I don't care to look at any guys with their pants down. This nonsence went on for ovr an hour. Please don't discuss stuff like this in front of family, it's very humiliating!!

To Bridget. Im sorry you had such a nasty experience in your teens,not so much the "accident" itself, we have all had those, although it is an unplesant experinece unless you are one who is turned on by filling one's pants. No, to me and Moira it was the cruel response of your mother to what happened. The very person you ought to have been able to turn to for comfort in such a time of trial. I will contrast this with the attitude of my Aunt Helen when I did one in my panties at the age of about 10 or so. As I have posted before, Aunt Helen herself had a really big accident in her knickers(panties) a few months before and myself and the 2 girls were very sympathetic to her. What happened with me was that I too ought to have gone at school but tried to hold it in till I got home. Unlike you Bridget, we did have doors on our toilet cubicles (stalls), although the doors didn't always have a bolt. It is most unusual for toilets in Britain not to have doors. This usually means the door has be! en stolen or vandalised. In the infants' toilets at Primary (Grade) School they had half doors to hide the user from other kids of the same size but allow the teacher to supervise and assist any child having problems. Anyway, I was 10 at this time and there were full size doors on the Toilets at school. I needed a motion and could have used the Boys' Toilets at school, but there a was a bit of a queue so I decided to hold it in and do it in the toilet at home. I had spent my bus fare and it was a nice day in May so I walked. About half way home I could feel the motion start to push down in my back passage and realised that I might not make it home. There was a Public Toilet in the nearby park and I made for that but calamity, it was shut for repair, even the Ladies which I would have used in such an emergency. I was desparate and would have gone behind a bush but there were lots of people and their kids about. Suddenly I felt the jobbie push its way down and my sphincter open! ed. and it slid out against the seat of my knickers , what it often called "touching cloth". For once I hoped it would only be a little jobbie. My older cousin Nicky, who was 14 at the time had had an accident in her panties only a few weeks before hand but she had only passed a small hard turd about 4 inches long, what we call a "mick" in Glasgow and it had simply laid in the seat of her pants and not squashed up so she simply got to the toilet pulled down her knickers and picked up the little unsquashed jobbie and dropped it down the pan, her pants being hardly any more stained than if she merely hadnt wiped her bum. In my own case it WAS a big jobbie, long fat and easy. Now as I have also said before, I then wore girls' knickers (and still do), and these were briefs in thick cotton interlock with tight elastics through the waist and leg openings so there was no leakage down my legs. Unlike my Aunt Helen however, I had short trousers on and the extra resistance of these t! ogether with that of my knickers made the jobbie totally squash up in the seat of my pants. Like Bridget I waddled home with the great bulge drooping down in the seat of my knickers visible though my trousers. Unlike her mother however, Aunt Helen and the girls were kind and sympathetic and ushered me up to the bathroom to shower and clean myself while they got me a clean pair of knickers. Again, my knickers had borne the brunt of my accident, my trousers were hardly stained at all as there had been no leakage although they were too smelly to wear again and also had to be washed. Like most people I have had accidents in my pants since, as has my wife Moira. Accidents happen and I would hope parents would be more sympathetic unless it is wilful and deliberate, then it is usually indicative of some underlying behavioral problem and professional help is probably needed. Finally, as regards the doors or no doors debate. here in the UK doors on cubicles (stalls) are the norm only in prisons, police cells and I think the lower eranks in the Armed Services are doorless toilets or even partitionless toilets used. Although Moira and I are not prudish, and both watch each other and have been watched by and watched close friends defecate we like to reserve the right to who watches us perform so would not like doorless toilets with total strangers involved. It amazes me that the Americans, who are usually so vociferous about the rights of the individual, allow such a blatant breach of private privacy!

A NEW FAVORITE POST Bridget, congratulations. Your post is in my Hall-of-Fame of best posts; infact it is my favorite post. Your Mom seemed to be a bit excessive however she did break you of a bad pattern. It would have been good if your parents put pressure on the school administration to put doors on the girl's stalls. You may be interested in this, earlier this evening a guy took a whizz in the toilet of a shitting stall. Some men feel self conscious about going #1. I would have liked to have been in the bathroon when you made your desperate #2 dashed at the end of the school day!

story: Bridget, at first I thought your Mom was much too harsh on you, but then I thought of all the terrible pain and frustration you were needlessly putting yourself through, with the threat of a major public accident always lurking. What if that major cramp and involuntary movement happened just as you stood up at the close of one of your classes? Not much fun. I have read of girls holding their bladder all day long during school, too. Did you ever attempt this? Melanie-Jane, how do you time you turd to arrive just as someone wants to come into the bathroom? Do you sit there holding back your bladder and bowells and on a five second notice, empty themselves? That is quite a feat! Thanks to both of you for telling your stories.

Hi guys. Bridget, thank you for sharing that very touching story. I was shocked to read how cruelly your mother treated you after that accident. Even though I don't have a problem using public bathrooms, I do draw the line at using stalls without doors, regardless of how badly I have to go. I haven't had any accidents yet, knock on wood. Steph and I were on Spring Break last week and I spent a night over at her house. We went to a movie, then grabbed a quick bite to eat, and it was back to her house. I had to pee by the time I got back to Steph's, so I immediately went into the bathroom, sat down, and let out about 30 seconds worth of pee. I wiped my vagina and then flushed. Just as I was pulling up my pants, Steph knocked and said she had to go. I told her to come in; as I was washing my hands, Steph pulled down her jeans and panties and sat down. There was some pee and then a LOUD fart. Steph and I were chatting- when we are in the bathroom together, whether in adjacent stalls or in the same private bathroom (this is the 4th time for the latter, by the way), we try not to talk about the toilet activity at hand. Steph got into her position; I never thought a person could have such dexterity until I saw Steph straining to take a shit (for those who don't know, she puts her head between her knees, and he! r hands are either wrapped around her knees or behind her head). I really didn't hear anything come out of her butt, but by the time she was done, I could smell it :) It wasn't too strong, though. She got up and stepped out of the way so I could peek into the bowl to see what she dumped. I also have a fascination with looking at others' poops, not just watching/hearing them go. There were four, 6 inch turds in the bowl, I would guess rated "3" on that 1-7 scale (1 being rock hard, 7 being liquid shit). She wiped her vagina and then her butt three times and flushed. Forward to the next morning, we woke up around 7:30 and I had to shit. I (almost) always take a shit when I get up first thing in the morning. I don't deliberately wait until then to go, guess it's just my "schedule." Steph came in to brush her teeth while I sat down to do my thing. I spent just over 8 minutes (yes, I timed it) taking a little piddle and letting out a "three for three." (3 turds, "3" on the scale, 3 wipes). Steph then sat down to pee as I brushed my teeth. Thanks again for letting me share my "peculiar" fascination with you guys. Luv, Alex :)

Tracy S
Dear Jennifer,
Yes I am diapered during the day because I tend to have accidents during the day. I was origionally put back into diapers for messing my bed, one night I was asleep and I was dreaming that I had to go to the bathroom really bad so in my dream I sat down on the toilet and went, what I didn't realize was that I was really pooping and peeing in my bed. Well the next day me and my father found out what happened, he was mad and said that if it happened again that he would put me back in diapers. Well lo and behold it did happen again and I was put back into diapers for tweo months as punishment. After the two months was up my dad let me out of diapers but since I was in them for so long I guess I forgot to get up in the middle of the night to pee, so I started to wet the bed, and if that wasn't bad enough I started to have accidents in my pants during the day which was VERY embarrasing for me. And again my father put me in diapers for wetting the bed and wetting my pants during the day. And that is pretty much my story, the one embarrasing thing about the whole ordeal is that since this is "punishment" my father has to change and diaper me, but I would rather wear diapers than have an accident in my pants around my friends.
What about you Jenn, tell me your full story, I am really interested!
Sincerely Tracy

Sunday, March 29, 1998

I love all this talk about toilet without doors on the front of them for privacy. It was like that when I was in high school. I HATED IT. Not having a very large bladder, I had no choice but to use them daily for #1. I would only go, though, during my during class time (luckily most of my teachers weren't the type that made students hold it in) when the bathrooms weren't very crowded. I'd never go during the passing time between classes when everybody else was in there. Even then, I'd usually not even dry myself. I'd just squat and pee and get out of there as fast as I could. Anyway that was how I handled #1. As to my bowel movements, I just held them in with all my might. Many times I'd come running home and right into the bathroom, barely making it in time before splashes a large movement into the toilet water below. Many times I wouldn't even be fully seated on the toilet before the movement would start coming out -- thats how bad I had to go some times. My mom was always yelling at me that it was really stupid to be holding it in all day and being uncomfortable all day rather than to just go do it in the school bathrooms. "Everybody does it -- its nothing to be ashamed of" she would say, "Its really stupid to hold it in all day and be uncomfortable when you could just go and take care of it" Sometimes she'd get really furious and scream at me that "one day you're really going to have a problem with this" and that I'd be "very, very sorry." Anyway, I made it through my entire freshman year of high school without ever having to have a bowel movement in school. It was earlier October of my sophomore year, though, when the inevitable happened. I first felt the urge to go during second period and by luchtime, it was truely and emergency. All through the afternoon, my stomach was cramping something awful, but I still held on refusing to do #2 in the school toilets. True, everybody did do it and it was nothing to be ashamed of, but still I liked my privacy on bathroom matters -- especially moving my bowels. I had held it in so many times before, there was never any doubt in my mind I could hold it in until I got home yet another time. Besides, I was 15 years old now and girls that age don't have accidents in there pants anymore. All through my walk home, the urge was excruiting. Several times, I had to stop and hold my cheeks tightly together in a desperate struggle to keep the movement in me. I was about three houses away from mine when disaster struck. I got a really sharp cramp and I felt my ass start to open up to push the bowel movement out. But when I stopped and tried to clamp it off, I just couldn't. I stood there on the sidewalk, frozen in my tracks as my bowel movement pushed outward beyone my desperate attempts to keep it in. Five more minutes and I'd have been safely on the toilet at home, but no such luck. My bowel movement was coming out now and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was obviously a huge, thick stick of poop and pretty soone I could feel it starting to push back against my panties. I was wearing somewhat tight jeans at the time, and I prayed that no one could see a bulge in the back of them or anything. But that was a hopeless hope because a movement! this large and this solid would certainly create a bulge within tight jeans. Despearate to avoid that and by now realizing the accident was inevitable I squatted down and just let the rest come out. By squatting and giving up resistance, at least it would spread more evenly in my panties and perhaps be less noticeable. That much was sucessful because I could feel it fill my panties and I squatted there on the sidewalk letting it out. Fortunately, it was a solid movement that didn't stain through my underwear (at least not to the outside of my jeans), but it was big movement that left quite a load in my panties. The movement finished, I stood back up and quickly waddled home, trying my best not to smear it any worse in my panties or down unto my legs. Any thoughts about hiding it from my mom, were quickly put to rest as she greeted me at the front door. She was angrier than I'd ever seen her before. In that, the accident happened only 3 houses down from ours, she had seen the whole thing. She grabbed my by the arm and dragged me inside. "Get in here before anybody else sees what you did, " she screamed, "I told you something like this was going to happen, but you didn't want to listen." She went on yelling at me like this for a good ten minutes, calling me everying from a baby to a disgrace to the whole family and threatening me with everying from having to wear diapers to making me call all my friends and telling them what happened. By now, I was in tears and all I wanted was to clean myself up. "March yourself right up into that bathroom now, young lady," she screamed. I eagerly did what I was told, but she stopped me when I tried to close the door behing me. "You don't like using the toilet with an open door," she told me, "Well now, we'll see how you like it cleaning up a mess without any privacy." She stood in the bathroom the whole time with me while I had to wipe myself clean. And when I say wipe myself clean, I mean wipe myself with only toilet paper. She wouldn't even let me use a washclothe for it. "She don't wipe yourself with a washclothe when you go in the toilet, do you," she said, "You certainly don't get any special privilidges when you do it in your pants." The only time she left me alone was when she had to go out and get another roll of toilet paper because I used what was left on the roll that was there, the entire spare roll and I still wasn't clean. It was another 8 or 9 wipes onto the new roll before I was clean. Then she still stood there as I dumped the load out of my panties into the toilet and scrubbed it clean in the sink. Then she made me sit on the toilet for 2 entire hours as my punishmen! t. She didn't punish me any worse than that (I guess she figured my embarrassment was the real punishment and she was right), but she did insist that from now on I'd have to learn to have bowel movements in school. She said I'd be grounded if I came running home for the bathroom as I often did and also be made to sit two hours on the toilet. If I ever went in my pants again, she threatened, she would take me back to school and I'd have to clean myself right there in the school bathrooms and "I don't care how many of your friends see you." That was my absolute worst fear about all of this. Reluctantly, I learned to have bowel movements in the open stalls and actually did many through the rest of my time in high school. I always hated it, though, but I learned to do it by closing my eyes and trying to block everything else out around me while I just concentrated on going. I never wiped myself too thoroughly and frequently had problems with skidmarks, but I did my own laundry anyway so mom never knew about that. I'm in college now (which fortunately has doors on the toilet stalls -- I would not have chosen a college that did not) and have not gone in my pants since. Thanks for letting me share this story -- This is the first time I ever told anyone else about this.

David W.
My main interest is the pee stories here. But here is a long repressed childhood poop experience that most of the audience can appreciate. When I was around 11 or 12, I and another neighbor boy a couple of years younger were playing in my back yard when he announced that he had to go "#2". Since his house was a little ways off, I said he could go in my house. He declined. He said that all he had to pass was a little bally sized turd. The next thing I knew, he hunched up a bit, squirmed around a little, shook his right leg, and right out the bottom of his pants leg came a marble sized piece of shit! I was amazed but not enough to try this for myself. To this day, I can't imagine how anyone could even try this in private, let alone around other people.

Hello, all! I'm a 16-year-old male living in Canada, and I would love to share dumping experiences with other high schoolers in this forum. I usually take a crap every day, and when I go, believe me it is BIG. I prefer to take a dump at school, for several reasons: the toilets at school are larger and have more comfortable seats, I enjoy hearing others doing their business in the neighbouring stalls, and occasionally when I produce a real trophy, it's fun to leave it in the toilet bowl for the next person to discover. Unfortunately, our school bathrooms have doors on the stalls, and I'd like to see these taken off. After all, we all do the same thing, so what is there to hide? Goodbye for now, and I hope to talk to other teens on these matters.

hey tracy, are you diapered during the day too? tell your full story, it really would be great. did your dad get you other baby junk? how did your friends find out what did you tell them/ are you alowed to change your own diapers? tell me all :) thanks (another day in diapers) jenn...

While I was at a college cleaning the girls restroom (it really needed cleaning), several girls came in to go to the bathroom. There were six toilets so all of them went at once. I was subjected to a cacophony of peeing/plopping/splashing sounds and then two of them delcared that there was no toilet paper!!! I said: "Hold on I will get you some!" and I produced packages of folded toilet tissue and knocked on their respective stall doors. They opened the doors and I saw them sit back down on the toilets! Their bottoms stuck to the toilet seats and made that characteristic sound that occurs when you get up quickly. Anybody else know that sound, and do you find it intriguing? It took me a while to open the packets of tissue and hand them a few squares. I got to see them wiping between their legs. Sometimes after a girl wipes and gets up, a little pee will again drip and land on the seat, and this had happened many times in this restroom, judging by the stickiness of the seats and front of the toilets. I like working in girls' restrooms.

Melanie-Jane: I like to ask this of all the female exibitionists. Where do you feel the urge to pee and poop? At what time of the day do you poop? Jill: Do you enjoy marking territory like a dog? The pile at the train station is a definate sign that you've been there.

To Moira: Thanks for your further explanation of your scale. I like your description of your digestion as "robust", which I suppose is what I am, although I have not put it quite like that before. I do tend to avoid highly spiced food, and junk food, and I don't have much alcohol, which probably explains why my movements are similar to yours. Yesterday, I had a particularly big dump. I waited until I got on the train home, and I could feel it was going to be large. It started as "firm", and then the second and third "logs" were "easy", and I had that wonderful satisfied feeling afterwards. Feeling particularly wicked, I waited until we were passing non-stop through a station to flush! It must have made quite a mess on the track - I do hope somebody saw it! To Bob: So she apologised to you? I have had to do that in the past, and it can be embarrassing if there are several people there. One to one is better. I only admit to it if it is audible, and I think I have been heard. Best to say nothing about the silent ones! Glad you enjoy my posts.

Saturday, March 28, 1998

To Moira: Thanks for your further explanation of your scale. I like your description of your digestion as "robust", which I suppose is what I am, although I have not put it quite like that before. I do tend to avoid highly spiced food, and junk food, and I don't have much alcohol, which probably explains why my movements are similar to yours. Yesterday, I had a particularly big dump. I waited until I got on the train home, and I could feel it was going to be large. It started as "firm", and then the second and third "logs" were "easy", and I had that wonderful satisfied feeling afterwards. Feeling particularly wicked, I waited until we were passing non-stop through a station to flush! It must have made quite a mess on the track - I do hope somebody saw it! To Bob: So she apologised to you? I have had to do that in the past, and it can be embarrassing if there are several people there. One to one is better. I only admit to it if it is audible, and I think I have been heard. Best to say nothing about the silent ones! Glad you enjoy my posts.

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