I'm a first time poster but have been lurking here for quite some time. I wanted to let you know what I did last summer. A bunch of us 4 guys & 6 girls rented a condo at a well-known beach. The problem is that there was only one bathroom (which has a lock that was broken). I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a bit of an exhibitionist as well as a pee & poop fanatic. We made a pact to knock before entereing the bath-room so that we wouldn't be caught in an embarrassing situation. But as I said I am an exhibitionist. I like to be caught in embarrassing situation. So, it should be told when I take a shit, I strip totally naked. This stems from childhood when my mum made me. Now I enjoy doing it. Anyway, I went into the bathroom & took my walk-man in with me. I left the volume off so I could hear someone knock and as soon as they did I would turn on the walkman so I could pretend that I didn't hear them. That was my plan anyway. It worked like a charm. I sat there & did nothing. When Jim knocked on the door. I turned my walkman on & preceded to push out a log. Hearing nothing he opened the store. I had to act surprised. I jumped up & the turd landed at his feet & at the same time I released my bladder all over the floor. Jim was quite taken aback. I had to act real embarrassed which I wasn't (although I was bare-assed) He apologised & I apologised. He was a gentleman though & helped me clean up the mess. I put my clothes on soon after & felt quite pleased. Unfortuneatley I could only pull that trick once with that group of friends. I plan on doing it this year with another group. Do you think I'm crazy. yours truthfully, Melanie-Jane (not my real name but close)

hello, all. I just wanted to relate an experience I had about 8 years ago. I was 21, and I was visiting a friend's apartment. I distinctly remember this quite well, even though we both were drinking large amounts of liquor. Anyway, I quite vividly remember him asking me to follow me into the bathroom while he took a leak. About 30 minutes later, he asked me to follow him in again. I took up my post at the sink, trying not to look too interested, but then, he asked me to sit on the edge of the bathtub. I humored him, only to find him pulling down his shorts and underwear and sitting on the john. I had never had such a close experience watching another take a dump, but this was the first. I could hear him strain to expel several stools, but only after about 5 minutes, he wiped three times, from behind. I acted as if nothing special happened, but then, about two hours later, he had to do it again! Needless to say, I again fulfilled his request that I come in and join him while he do his business (It's not that I'm gay, but I did enjoy watching him relieve himself, as I've never had such an up-front experience seeing someone do it). By this time, I was quite enthralled by his movement (again, several small stools followed by two wipes), and I told him that this was a new experience. He smiled, and told me that he, too, enjoyed the experience. Needless to say, he moved away, and I never again saw him. Perhaps I will find a friend who is as uninhibited as he is about these things, I don't know... Any comments/suggestions?

Hey, Tracey and Jennifer, Adult incontinence is an important issue, and I applaud you two for posting on this forum. Not being personally experienced, I can only imagine the humiliation you (and others like you, sorry if I don't mention the others by name) go through. But, I like the bravery you show by relating your experiences wearing diapers. Good job!

Hi guys! I would like to answer some recent questions; I wipe with my right hand (even though I'm left-handed) and stand up to wipe both my butt and vagina. As Alex mentioned, I rarely put the lid down (although that's not a problem at college, where most toilets are of the *public* type, that is, no lids). Moira, I love your classifications. I would say about 50% of my BMs are on a scale of 1-3 and the other half are a 4-6, the latter especially after indulging in Indian/Middle Eastern food. I very rarely have full-blown diahrrea, although you wouldn't want to go into the bathroom after one of my "numbers 5-6" :) My mother and I are American, but my father's from Switzerland. I don't recall ever seeing my father going to the bathroom, although he did help train me. My mother did bring me into public stalls (when I had to go) up until about the age of 5; I vaguely remember her also going (in front of me) at times. Alex and I are going to the movies tonight and then she's sleeping over at my house. Maybe something will materialize; I'll let you know. Peace, Steph

Friday, March 27, 1998

Nothing too much otherwise to report save that the office junior, Jennifer, at my workshop surpassed herself in the toilet yesterday. She is aged 18 a bit ????. Yesterday lunchtime she passed a single long fat easy curved turd which stuck in the pan in the Toilet, (as there is only one female and 4 men we only need to have one loo though there are two cubicles (stalls) and NO URINAL (as I cant stand the dammed things as I have posted before). I know Jennifer did it as she was polite enough to say that she had blocked the toilet. I told her not to worry about it as she should see the one's I drop sometimes! All the best to all, Young, Jill, Pooping Girl etc etc.

In response to "Some Guy" did you ever consider this. The nerdy guy who used the empty stall was more free than you "ordinary, cool" guys. He could use the doorless stall and you could not; because of your pride. If you don't watch it, pride can make you a prisoner.

I was very interested in dj's posting about Australian toilets. It's amazing what a variety of designs there are in different parts of the world. But all have to cope with the dynamics of discharge of turds from the human poop-chute. As I find that if my motion is soft, it can be blasted in all directions when it is pushed out by gas, and can end up almost anywhere within the toilet bowl. Toilet design must take this sort of phenomenon into account, and it would be fascinating to get hold of specialist books on the topic, but I have searched the on-line catalogs of many libraries in vain for books on toilet design. Does anyone know of such a book?

story: Sorry. In my enquiry about the hand of the girl in the picture, I meant, what is she doing with her RIGHT hand (I said left by mistake)? She should be wiping, but her right hand is nowhere near her anus or vagina, SO WHAT'S SHE DOING WITH IT?
Looks like she has her hand on the door of a cabinet below the sink.

Yes, I've experienced this, back in grade school, i had one teacher who would only let the students go durring LUNCH or BREAK TIME. Any other time was off limites. I nearly burst a few times. And one girl actually lost control and peed herself right there in class, because the teacher wouldn't let her go. She was squirming and moving around looking really desperate, and then started grasping herself and finally just starting peeing all over her desk.
I also know, that some other girls in my class, purposefully held in all day, I think it must have felt good, and they would often tell me how full their bladdres were and how desperate they were for a pee.

Tracey S
Hey Jennifer,
Well since my father put me back into diapers, about 4 months ago I think I have been coping with it pretty well. A lot of my friends know and I thought they were going to make fun of me and they didn't they were like "okay". They really did not care. As far as leaks go, my diapers don't leak unless I have a whole lot to drink, but I can wet them pretty good before they start leaking.
Write back soon!!!

I want to tell you a story that happened some years ago. I drove with two friends to our holiday in Spain. we had driven the complete night, and in the early morning houers we urgently had to go to a toilet. So we parked at the highway parking. But as we go to the ladies room we see a big crowd of ladies waiting in front of the cabins because a big bus has stopped two. We waited more than 15 min., but i think it would take mouch longer. Some of the ladies in front of us gave up and sit down everywere. It was funny that you could see them peeing and pooping behind a bush or somewere in restroom. Four girls were putting their pants down an started pooing on the floor. And a mother holds her daughter over the washing-tube. The girl started soon pooing. More and more women followed the example and only a few moments later the floor was covered with poo and pee. It smells hoorible, and so we decided to use the man's room. We go in it ,but the cabins were also closed. But it becames very urgently for us, and so we decided to shit into the man's urinals, because there was no man to see there. One of my friends only had to pee, and so she did it on the floor because there were only two urinals. My other friend and I pulled down pants and stand above the urinals. We started to pee, and then we heard that the men in the cabins were farting and pooping. We started our pooping with a long loud fart. During the pooping the door opened and some older men came in. We flushed, but they only grinned. It must has been a funny picture to se us standing over the urinals with the sausages coming out us. The men opened their trousers and peed not far away from us on the wall and went out. We had to poop about ten minutes and many men saw us, but all react the same way. My other friend now also has poop and above the urinal I had. I went into a corner and whiped myself. After we all were ready we pulled up our pants and went out. There was a awful smell in the air of the restroom, and so the men which came after us go out and peed on the wall. Now the ladies room was also empty, because the bus has gone. But everywhere you can image was the poop of the women, and you couldn' get a breath.

I talked with a friend about this site, and she makes me remembering some other stories. #1 It was in the same holiday than my first story. We arrived in Spain and had a wonderful hotel. We hired a car and found a wonderful beach. There were only a few people, so we could swim and sun undressed. Peeing at that beach was not complicated: Spread your legs and let go! One of my friends had to go pooping and while she was swimming she let the poos in the water. But after 2 days the beach was filled up with people. If we had to go, we must use the toilets. At this day we had a meal with a lot of oil. Short after midday we all three must poop. So we went to building with the toilets. But all stalls were occupied. So we decided to take a short shower and go behind the bushhes. Rita, Silke and I went under the shower. A old ladie stands there and washes herself. After a few minutes she smiled at us spreading her legs and peed without a shame on the floor, and after it she restarted with washing. Three young girls came int that big shower room, and peed too. Now we went to the locker stalls for putting some clothes on. The walls werew half high, so that you can see the face and the legs. We choose one out of a long row. We had to hurry, because it starts to get very urgent. After a few seconds two women ran into the cabin next to mine. They talked upset in netherlands und started to get undressed. One sat down with her backk to me and let! go a loud fart. Seconds later you could see and hear a long "pssssssssssss" and a growing puddle on the floor. During that, a second "psssssssss" started, and a river was running into my stall. Seconds later you heard a loud fart, and you could see a strong saussage coming out of her. Her friend pooped a flush .They were about 5 minutes in that stall. We all three got some pee on our legs, so we had to shower again . As we stand in that shower room he was empty. So Rita sat down on a litter box and started her pooping, Silke ran into a locker stall and started in it two. but I had no chance I spreaded my legs and pooped a big jobbie under the showers. In this moment a mother and her daughter came in , as she saw my shit she grows angry and started saying bad words. But in this moment her daughter pooped in the middle of the room. The women flushed into red and went outside .

To Jill, yes the British Doctors have the Bristol Scale of stool solidity. I suppose it helps them deal with shy patients who unlike those who post here, dont know how to put such matters into words so have to be shown a chart. I dont know if it is illustrated, now there's an idea. As regards factors which loosen the stools, George and I have very robust digestions so we very seldom have the runs, we are indeed usually slightly constipated. best to avoid anything that causes looseness such as too spicy foods, too much fruit or veg, real ales and heavy beers, too much chocolate. Nice that Young is back on line again, Id just love to have a visit from Patsy, any chance she will post here herself, perhaps using Young's computer?

Yes. Lack of sleep. Sorry. Was this the only one?

To Bridget. If you want you boyfriend to watch you doing a motion (or taking a dump as they say stateside) I suggest you mention it to him, perhaps in bed after lovemaking etc. You have broken the ice according to your previous post. As to your locking up if someone else is there, he ISNT a stranger but someone with whom I presume you are intimate. As him to rub your ???? and hold your hand and give you words of encouragement. George does this for me and I for him when we accompany each other. The important point is that your boyfriend must actually want to watch you doing a jobbie, if he is put off by such things or considers it a chore then this will not work for you. Beorge and I had absolutely no problem as we were both independantly turneed on by defecation from childhood and were the answer to each other's dreams when we met up and discovered our mutual turn on when sharing a house as students at university.

We both liked Ina's post and her experiences are I suppose the image of my mother's as both myself and my brother listened to and enjoyed her performing from when we were Primary (Grade) school kids. George of course had his very open minded Aunt Helen who he not only listened to but actually watched from time to time but she was an exception to the usual rule. Are modern parents more open about such matters than those in the 1950s and 1970s like Ina and are Brits and Europeans more open that in the USA? We have both found from reading and other research that Scots such as George and I are less inhibited than the English.

Finally, there is most certainly the Bristol Scale as it is called used by British Doctors at any rate to grade the soldity of patients' stools. It goes from 1 which is hard and lumpy a truely constipated motion through to 7 which is watery totally liquid diarrhea. They have an extra stage between "Soft" and "Loose" in our classification described by then as "Mushy" I suppose this is a very soft stool which just oozes out like paste squeezed from a tube and collapses when it lands on something solid. We cannot see the need for this extra grade and would call such a motion loose as it does not retain it form once passed. As to the factors which affect the solidity of a stool, these are countless and vary from pereson to person and according to drink, diet, nerves, (exam and interview diarrhea for example). Geroge and I have a natural predispostion to being slightly constipated so our normal motions are Firm to Easy, but others may quite normally find their motions are usually ! softer. To our mind anything below "Soft" on our scale we would not consider normal but as something wrong. If one finds that beer or spicy foods etc make one's stools looser than one desires then avoid such food and drink.

I have always been upset at teachers in school who do not allow their students to use the bathroom, usually to pee. So many times, a student has to simply hold in a painfully full bladder that could be relieved in about two minutes time. Teachers seem to think it is better to make 5 students hold it than to let one faker go. Are there any who have experienced this?

In my middle and high school there were no doors on the stalls and mabe only 2 or 3 times in all those years did I see someone taking a dump. It is just one of those things that you did't do. I do rember one time in high school there was a guy dumping and a bunch of guys pushed a girl in the boys room.Why do girls rooms have doors in school and boys don't ? If boys rooms had doors it would have probabily reduced the skid mark problem.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

To Jill: Well, it worked! I came to work early Monday and checked for your post. I read it and went to get some coffee in the lunchroom and guess who I ran into? You guess it. I just smiled at her. We were the only ones there and she said "I hope you'll forgive my little accident in the elevator the other day". I said, Think nothing of it Ms. "So-n-So", its just shows that you're human". She said "Call me Eve". "It was a little embassing for, Thanks for understanding". I replied as I was leaving the room, "I thought it was rather exciting!" The encounter went off better than I imagined it would, because I certainly would not have known what to say to her.
And yes, I do think that accents are revealed in writing. It certainly comes across in your posts and I enjoyed them for that reason.

One time I remember my aunt was visiting and the electricity went out. The house was completely dark. I was in bed and heard someone walking down the hall to the bathroom. It was my aunt because I recognized her cough. It was totally dark... Pitch black. My aunt left the door open. I snuck down the hall to the bathroom and stood at the doorway and listened. I could hear her very well because our bathroom is small and I was standing two feet in front of her. I could have reached out and touched her. If it were not dark, she would've seen me and shut the door. "tinkle tinkle tinkle". It was a long pee. I left when the peeing sound was through. But I did here her tearing off some toilet paper. I needed some night-vision goggles.

Sometimes I find interesting objects in the high school boys' urinals. Most of the time it's just trash, like gum, papers, pennies, cups, pencils, non-working pens, loogies, all resting on blue plastic screens placed in the urinals to prevent clogs. I remove all this junk once a week and dispose of it. Recently I found a beanie-baby in one of the urinals, and of course it was urine soaked. I rescued it, wrung some very yellow pee out of it and placed it on a shelf in the janitor's closet to dry! I also have various Christmas ornaments and other stuff on this shelf that was left in the bathrooms.
I hired a guy to do some yard work. He showed up with his kids, aged 10 (girl), and boys, 11 and 14 who were to help him. After a few hours all the kids had to go to the bathroom. Now, if they had to weewee, they probably would have just gone outside, so I figured they all had to do bowel movements. I escorted all of them inside and sure enough, they all had bowel movements. The bathroom really smelled and they used a lot of toilet paper. There were skid marks in the bowl and the seat was sticky. They all washed their hands and went back outside. They can use my bathroom anytime.

To Bridget: It's quite the same for me, having your boyfriend or some else watching you while doing such a motion. At first time I feel discomfort about my boyfriend's habit, listening and trying to take a peek at me while I'm doing my number two, but I try to Ignore him that he's there, in fact for now my morning session always been a good place for both of us to talk since we're both busy afterwards. I only let my boyfriend watch me, not anyone else. I know my boyfriend's tool always erect when he saw me doing my motion. For him it's some sexual arousment and for me it's quite amusing too, to let him watch. At first time you may be feel awkward, but when you use to doing it, it's become habit and you may ended enjoying it. The only one that I know who let anybody watch while doing a motion is my fiend Patsy. She's a serious shitter (always produce massive jobs) and she never mind doing motion in front of anyone else, and for her, as long there are toilet paper, she ca! n shit.

A question. Two friends and I are going to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany this Fall. All three of us are interested in matters urinary (in otherwords, we have a pee fetish). We can imagine that, with six million visitors and millions of litres of beer dispensed, that there is a LOT of urine produced. However, we would like to hear from anyone who has been there. Do people pee outdoors? If yes, where and when and does it include both sexes? How frequently? If not, how about any unisex restrooms,etc? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Some Guy
Donny- In my elementary school, I remember one guy taking a dump and other older guys were messing with him. In middle school, another nerdy guy took a dump in stall, which had no doors, and no one said anything, but just shook their head in pity. No one used the doorless stalls.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

I have stumbled on this site by accident and am pleased that i have as it has answered a matter that has puzzled me for some years. I am a widow aged 60 with a 25 year old son. When he was a kid I began to notice that he seemed to have a fixation with bowel movements both his own and other peoples in particular mine. There was nothing special about his toilet training, I did what most mothers did at that time, took him to the toilet until he was able to go on his own without accidents. In those days it was not the done thing for parents to actually let their children watch them doing the toilet. Being an only child David didnt see his siblings using the toilet either and his father had died when he was about 3. I first noticed just after he went to school at 5 that he seemed to develop an interest in defecation. He even asked me if I had done a big motion on one occasion. I was slightly shocked as I had always considered one's bowel movements private but told him yes but that this was a very personal matter. He didnt ask me this again but I noticed that he would hang about near the toilet when I did a motion, I now realise to listen to the "Kerplonk!" sound effects as other readers have said. On a few occasions he actually saw the turds I had passed when they were big ones that didnt flush away and I observed that this seemed to turn him on. This habit in him continued till he left home at 18. Reading this site has confirmed that he must have had a coprophiliac fixation. I have never mentioned this to him and wont now, but wonder if any other mothers have observed similar behaviur in their children especially their sons?

Hi tracey, are you still in diapers too? How do you deal with it? 2 of my girlfriends found out about mine yesterday and im nervous about that. My mom makes me keep the diapers out in an actual baby diaper stacker on the back of my door! I wouldnt mind it so much if i could just put them away,,, mabey thats the point... do your diapers ever leak?

As many of us guys here at this forum have a fascination with toilet stalls without doors, perhaps we could start listing where some of the best locations are in North America, or come to think of it, anywhere in the world, eg: ABC Store at XYZ Mall, Anytown.USA. Therefore people who have experienced these kinds of public restrooms can share location information with the rest of us who have not been as lucky in our quest. High schools and military installations should not be included as public access is limited. Universities and stores are the ideal locations that could be listed.

To Moira: I love your grading system for bowel movements. Did you really mean that the Medical Profession actually have a proper grading system? Is it published somewhere? I described my normal motion as "firm" the other day, but by your grading, I would say my poos are more usually "easy". They only become "firm" if I have hung on for a while. I don't think I can recall having what you described as "loose or "watery" motions, but I think my husband suffers from that if he has had too much beer! I have a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, which I believe helps me to have good large bowel motions. What are the factors (apart from too much booze!) that cause the two extremes on the scale? Do any of our contributors regularly suffer this way?
To the sceptical person who wrote about hearing people in the toilet: Personally, I don't believe I do grunt on the toilet - well hardly ever! I do occasionally hear others making little grunting sounds in the loos at work, but I have to admit that it is not common. Secondly, I think that people are more likely to write about pooing experiences simply because they tend to be more memorable. My peeing experiences are barely worth a mention because they are monotonously the same. That could also be said for pooing, but there is an embarrassment factor which seems to interest people here. My only memorable peeing sessions are when I have had to "go" outdoors, or in a strange place. Other people have tales of people wetting themselves. By all means be sceptical, but there is plenty of variety here.

In my bathroom at home, I have a toilet seat that is the same as the ones we have at school. A white, plastic open front seat without a lid. It is very comfortable and me and my brother sit for 20-30 minutes at a time.

TO MOIRA--- Yes you are right, watching my boyfriend taking a shit was well worth the wait. Now I know the pleasures that come with what you and George have been experiencing. As for letting my boyfriend watch me "perform", he has never requested that I do so. Perhaps he feels awkward asking me or perhaps he is waiting for me to make the suggestion. Normally, I would be glad to shit in front of him, after all, he has done it for me and it's only fair that I try to do the same thing for him. The only problem, is that I am very private and self-conscious when it comes to going to the toilet. It is for that reason, that I stay as far away from public washrooms as possible. I even need privacy when I am in my own home. I think if I had to take a shit in front of someone I would simply block up and would be unable to do anything except just sit there. Since it comes so easily for you and George do do these things, do you have any tips and suggestions that would make it easier for me to overcome my shyness and inhibitions about shitting in front of someone? I believe that if I got rid of these reservations, I would come to enjoy doing it as you do. I would like to know how you can take a shit with someone watching you and how you can remain comfortable and at ease doing so? This question is directed at Moira but I would also like to hear from George or from anyone else who might have had the same experiences or same views as me.---Bridget

Hi Alex! I always put the toilet seat down and close the lid. I've always had girls around so I always at least put the seat down, then I started putting the lid down too.
Does anyone remember other people giving you a hard time when you were taking a dump at school? The boys (age about 8-12) sometimes give each other a hard time when one of them is sitting on the toilet. I went into the school restroom during the day and one boy was sitting on a toilet. Two other boys were in the restroom saying things and knocking on the stall door. I had to tell them to leave the guy alone, everyone has to use the toilet, and it should not be a big deal if someone uses the school toilet. Some of them will not poop at school because they will be taunted, but after having teachers talk to them about these abuses , a lot more of them will use the school toilets.

Hi there! Steviep again. Stories from childhood today - well, my next memory is the Summer when I was 5 - my parents had to go away for some weeks and I was looked after by an Aunt. She used to take me out places - for bus rides (I was very into buses and trains etc. - normal boy stuff I suppose) and I have distinct memories of being a deliberately difficult boyThe first time we were out I remember deciding I needed to pee, and announcing I'm going to wee in a crowded city street, pulling my shorts and pants down, and letting a river flow over the pavement! She tried to get me to be more discreet! The next time we were out and I wanted to go, she tried to take me against a wall in an alley - but awkward little sod that I was, I insisted that I could only go in a proper toilet - eventually she took me to a shop! About a month later, we were out again, and I remember telling her (although she seemed old at the time, she was only in her early twenties then - she remebers all this herself, and I know she had her big-50 last year) that - once again I was desperate to weewee, and almost immediately flooding my pants and trousers! She, very sensibly, ignored it and left me to dry maturally. Around this time, I always used to save my #2's for car journeys - about 30 mins. after leaving home I would have to stop for a poo in a gateway or field. Never very much - just a little stiff sausage, as a 6 year old who was trying it on might do!! This encouraged my 4 year old sister to do the same!! In the end, my mother used to shove a suppository up my bum about an hour before we went out - and inspected my produce too!! Eventually, I caght on to this, used to do 1/2 my dump, and then still need to finish on the journey - only more urgent, much greater quantities, and definitely smellier! This probably helped to develop my interest in shit and shitting - love pooing, love peeing, can't stand puking - 2 P's out of 3!! Next memory, when I was 7, on a family picnic, little 5 year old sister was taken into the bushes for a poo, and big brother decided to follow. Luckily I needed a poo too, so when I 'accidentally' stumbled on the performance - first time I had really seen anyone else going, and arrived to see several rabbit type mini-turds poppinf out of her bottom, followed by a major piss. Anyway, upon being told to go away by mother, insisted that I had to go, took down shorts and pants, and let loose with all the smelly poo that a 7 year old can produce. It put my sister to shame - although she was wiped and taken away, and I was left with some paper to finish my business!. I gazed in fascination at my sister's tiny amount of waste product, before - and although it is more than 25 years ago, I remeber it perfectly - I stood up, pointed my willy at her poo, and let loose with a golden stream (US - Golden Arch?)that literally disintegrated her poo!! Then I wiped - a bit, and returned. Later ! I took my sister back and showed her what I had done! Enough for one day. Years from 7 to 10 will follow soon!! StevieP over and out!

What is the girl in the picture doing with her right hand? She cannot be wiping with it, it seems to be hanging down below the toilet seat.
To George My motions are ALWAYS two-stage, with a gap of anything between two and ten minutes between evacuations. If I do not wait for the second installment to arrive, I need to go again within a half-hour. So I have learned never to rush my visits. Two visits takes up more time as well as wasting TP.
To the administrator: Why a secure server? You're not thinking of making us pay to post in your forum are you?

A.)She is holding a roll of toilet paper
B.)No. Everything here always has been free and always will be. We have had secure server lying around gathering dust for ages. Why let a perfectly good gadget go to waste?

You know, the other day I was thinking: Everyone pees. Everyone HAS to pee. You can't help it. SO...why is it illegal to pee out in public? Is there something I'm missing here? In other countries it is legal to pee outside but not in the U.S. Why? Does the U.S. have something against natural body functions?
Also, I have noticed, when I don't drink a lot, this may sound wierd, but I have to pee more often and less then I would have to if I drink more. In other words, if I hardly drink anything...I get a really strong urge to pee and when I do it's very consentrated....anyone know why you get such a strong urge when you're bladder is so empty?

Monday, March 23, 1998

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Isn't it a satisfying feeling. You detect the build up of pressure, yet instead of giving in to it, you hold on until your eyes begin to water. Then you go and let it all out. Wow, what a relief! You then walk around for about half an hour with that very comfortable, empty feeling.

G'day, thanks for the great posts. I have just discovered this site, and very much enjoy the stories. Like your other correspondents I am interested in the toilet, and especially reading all about it.
I'm an aussie, so I thought I would teach you something about aussie dunneys (toilets).
We have several types: the first is the usual porcelain throne, but with a much smaller puddle of water than the U.S. variety (I guess that means that we shoot straighter). These come equipped with a (plastic)seat, usually without a gap at the front. They also have a lid. We have full flush for the big ones and half flush for the rest. The outlet pipes are bigger than the U.S. models, so it is not common to block up the mechanism unless you drop lots of paper.
The next type has an even smaller pool of water, and is used in areas where water is in very short supply.
Aussies, especially those who live away from the big cities, are used to going behind a tree or wherever else in the bush. Near roadside picnic areas there is always a littering of toilet paper of every colour. There is nothing more satisfying than a squat in the bush. You just have to watch out for the bull ants.
Our traditional model is the real dunney can. It is usually located outside, and well away from the house, because of the stink. It consists of a seat (usually a circle cut out of a large plank of wood), with a can strategically located underneath. Everything goes into the can, which soon fills up. Then some poor sucker has the task of removing and burying the contents.
Another model is the long drop - a seat over a deep hole. Again it is usually well away from the house, and is common in national parks. Obviously each unit has a lid, to keep out the flies. No water goes into this unit.
We also have porta-loos, but these are flushing, not like the smelly U.S. varieties.

We do not have squat holes, female urinals, or bidets, although I think that the bidet is a great idea.

Hello Jennifer,
I was also put back into diapers by my father for having acciedents in my bed.

I usually just lurk here, reading all the interesting stories but there has been some discussion in a few posts about peeking in on women in the bathroom. Well, many years ago I was in a Winn Dixie grocery store and the bathrooms were set up where you had to go through a first door and then into either the men's or women's bathroom. So you had to push open two doors to get into a bathroom. Well, this made me brave enough to try something I look back on now as foolishly dangerous. I listened near the men's room door for awhile and no sound was heard from the ladies room so I carefully pushed open the door and no one was in there. I rushed in and got into a stall and sat. There was only one other stall just to my left. Well it wasn't long before a woman came in and it was one of the cashiers on break. She went into the second stall and sat down and lit up a cigarette with a match, dropping the match into the toilet (I heard it sizzle). She sat and smoked for seve! ral minutes, then dropped the cigarette into the toilet. Then she peed and wiped. Before she left the stall she rummaged around in her purse and found a stick of gum, opened it and put the gum in her mouth and crumpled the wrapper and dropped it into the toilet too. Then she flushed and left. I decided it was best to leave then too ... just too dangerous ... but I have never forgotten the excitement of hearing all those sounds. I bought something and went through her line at the cash register (I'd seen her hair through the crack in the stall door so I knew which one she was) and thought to myself as I paid her that if she only knew what I knew about her from just a few minutes earlier!

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while; same old shit [no pun intended :)], I've been very busy with school. To answer a recent question, when I (only) have to pee, I usually lift myself to wipe my vagina and then flush. When I have to do both (I almost always pee when taking a shit), I stand up, completely off the toilet, wipe my vagina, and then clean my butt. I tend to be quite vigorous when wiping, since I don't like skid marks (or pee marks) on my panties. I came home last Friday for Spring break. Friday afternoon, around 2:45, my brother Eric and his friends, Jonathan and Nick, came home from (their senior year in) high school. I've mentioned before that Eric, and I assume many boys, avoid shitting at school unless on the verge of shitting his pants. Eric bolted upstairs to one bathroom while Jonathan rushed into the downstairs bathroom, off the kitchen. Nick, whom I think is quite cute :), went into the living room. I came into the living room to talk to Nick, since I haven't seen him since last year. We were talking about nothing in particular (sorry, Seinfeld) when I noticed Nick was "squirming." I asked him if everything was OK (I assumed he also had to go...); he then told me that "I really have to poop." He then apologized for "talking that way in front of a girl." (meaning me) I then told him "that's okay, I shit every day." He seemed startled that I said "shit" (remember, Nick said "poop")- he seemed embarassed that the topic came up at all, so I changed the subject. Jonathan came out of the downstairs bathroom about five minutes later; I went out into the kitchen to offer Jonathan a snack, but also to listen to Nick do his thing. Nick shut the door; I heard him tinkle and then explode a loud fart into the toilet. Jonathan and I both started to giggle, but I then I stopped to motion both of us to be quiet; I didn't want to embarass Nick. I quietly asked Jonathan if he wanted to sit out in the living room while waiting for the other two (Eric and Nick) to finish. I then quietly returned to the kitchen, where I listened to Nick pass a couple of more logs into the toilet. During this time Eric came downstairs; I quietly told Eric that Nick was in the bathroom. Eric and Jonathan went upstairs. Nick eventually finished up (I didn't time it, but it was probably around 10 min) and I retreated to the living room to read the paper. Nick came out and asked me where the other two were. I told him they were upstairs. "Feeling better, Nick?," I asked him sweetly. "Oh, yes, thanks." He then embarrasingly ran upstairs to join the other two. I went into the downstairs bathroom (out of curiosity) and it stank! I lifted the toilet bowl cover (Nick covered the toilet, something Eric, Steph, and I never do; Jodi does, I think) and saw a couple of skids around the rim. My next question: Do you put the toilet bowl cover (not to be confused with the toilet seat) down after you use the toilet? Or do you leave it up? I'll be staying over Steph's later on this week- hopefully we'll have another "shitting session." Love always, Alex :)

I been visting this forum for the last week and now I have got a story. I was getting of the bus and my friend said she was really desperate for a pee. I told as a joke to go and in the bushes and she did. She pulled her skirt up and peed and asked whether I had any tissus. I gave some. She pulled he knickers up and we went home.

To Graham, whenever George or I have used a chamber pot we have first done our wee wee sitting on the pot then got up off of it and hovered over while passing our motion. This is to avoid squashing the big long jobbie in the pot.
To Vicarious, I like your grades of smelliness of motions. George and I have devised a grade system of hardness and strangely enough so have the British Medical Profession. They call there's the Bristol Scale but I prefer our's. Here it is and we would welcome comments from other readers.
1 HARD This is the typical constipated motion either a load of hard nobbily balls or one or two really big hard lumpy nobbily jobbies. Takes a lot of straining and can be painful to pass.
2 FIRM Not so hard as above type. Nobbily to begin with then gets smoother , comes out as one or two big turds with a bit of effort, sometimes slight pain as it starts to come out.
3 EASY Smooth, very little nobbilyness if any. Comes out with minimum straining and might even slide out by itself as one sits there. Nevertheless a solid formed motion. Often comes out as one single long fat curved jobbie and smellier than above two types.
4 SOFT The typical early morning motion or after a mild drinking session. Usually 2 or 3 jobbies which come out with almost no effort and quickly making loud "Sploosh! Splosh! type sound effects. May break up as it comes out. Quite smelly and may float and can have a ragged end. Needs a lot of cleaning of the bum with toilet paper afterwards as it can be a sticky stool which leaves skid marks on the bottom of the pan. May slightly discolor the water in the toilet pan. Sometimes slight griping pains.
5 LOOSE A motion which comes out in a load of soft to liquid parts . In effect mild diarrhea. Bits float on top of toilet pan water and water is discolored. Very smelly. Usually griping pains. The typical too much to drink, eaten foreign food, mild ???? upset motion. Can result in an "accident" if one farts while needing such a motion
6 WATERY Full blown diarrhea! No solid content, like pissing brown water out of the anus. Mixes totally and discolours water in toilet pan. Usually severe griping pains. The type of motion which results from bad food poisoning, extreme drinking session of a lot of beer, (especially English "real ales"), or eating very hot curry, chillie etc if not used to same. Often leaks out and causes nasty accidents in the underpants. Either a chemical type of smell (bile salts) or no smell at all.
I hope this scale interests others and would be interested to hear of any amendments or corrections.

Most of my experience seeing someone using the toilet involved peeing. I had a peephole in our bathroom and would spy on house guests during my parents' parties. The coed restroom in college I used a mirror to see under the stall. Only on two occasions do I remember witnessing pooping. Something I have noticed here on this postboard is that most of the stories are the same. The big similarity, every story involves pooping. It's always the same way..."They sit down grunt, strain, and Ker-plunk. Not everyone has to poop when they go to the bathroom. I'm beginning to think that these stories are made up. If they are, at least show some originality.

Sunday, March 22, 1998

pooping girl
I had just finished a trip to the dentist, when I felt the need to go to the toilet and I asked the receptionist where the ladies room was, she told me she would show me as she was going there too. She grabbed some newspaper and said follow me. As we got to the toilet there were 3 stalls and I went into the middle one and pulled my jeans and white underpants down and sat on the toilet gave a little grunt and let go with some gas and my jobbies started out rightaway with loud splashing as the werent very big. In the stall next to me the receptionist was just sitting turning pages. I started to wee wee and passed more gas as I heard some loud straining next to me and the again then it sounded like an explosion as her fanny let go with gas and jobbies, she said ohhhh god and strained again with another loud load followed by a sigh of relief. I pushed out a few more small fobbies followed by 3 little farts. I tinkled a little more then wiped my vagina and fanny. Left hand lift a fanny cheek and go from front to back. As I was pulling my underpants and pants up, the lady let go with a loud grunt and a very loud fart. As I flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands the receptionist said goodbye to me and I said goodbye. As I left the ladies toilet I heard one last grunt and more jobbies hitting the toilet.

Re: Odor Typology
From my own experience, I am starting to think there is a fairly limited range of bowel odors. Perhaps, with your help, we can come up with a more comprehensive typology:
Burnt: this is a relatively mild odor, usually present in dark, hard movements. It can be rather deep or mild, but it is fairly distinctive.
Sour: this is from a light/mushy to runny movement, often smelling like a rather flavorful meal--very aromatic
Sulfurous: this is usually post-alcohol, similar to sour but with an eggy smell behind/over it.
I would be interested if there are other distinctive types people would be willing to mention, and whether they would break down their own performances along these lines. In my case, I'm probably about 20% burnt, 70% sour and 10% sulfurous.

A few days ago someone was asking about chamber pots. I inherited one along with all of the rest of my Grandmother's things. One word of advice for men, pee in it *before* sitting on it! Your experience might vary, but I found it rather awkward and uncomfortable having force my penis into the small opening at the same time as sitting on it.
Also, can anyone suggest how they were most often used. Were they placed on the floor or on a chair, and did people normally sit on the pot or squat above it?

To Bob:
You are not the first American to say that I sound "proper and elegant", even though you have never met me. Do you think that writing can reveal accents? Just wondered. For your complete information, and I can quite see where this is leading, my white blouse had long sleeves. Fancy being in a lift when someone breaks wind - and no escape! I did that once years ago, but there were a lot of people and I let it out silently. It is very amusing to watch people's faces! My advice to you Bob, is not to mention it to her. Just smile, and see if she mentions it. To George and Moira:
Yes, I get the incomplete movement situation occasionally. Usually it is after lunch at work, and I am in a hurry, but the other day it happened to me in the evening. My train home had been late, and after dinner, I needed a poo before going out to dance rehearsals, and I had what was probably a normal sized motion, but I guess I was in a hurry. Having started rehearsals I felt I had to go again, and excused myself. The trouble is, this particular rehearsal room is an old hall, and there is only one toilet, which I managed to "stink up"! The other problem is I always try to avoid going to the loo when I am wearing a leotard - it is very tiresome. Moira, I must just say how I loved your recent post about the Victorian toilets in the court building. I love using those old loos, they are so grand and spacious. I think people in those days attached much more importance to bodily functions.

To the 26 year old male who enjoys women doing a bowel movement, join the club! Let's read more of your experiences. Did you get into this turn on recently or since childhood like myself and various other posters to this site?
As a kid, of as young a 7 or so, I can recall the thrill I got listening to my mother doing a motion and being turned on by the resounding "Ker-plonk! and Kur-spulonk!" sounds as her big fat jobbies fell into the toilet pan. Although my father did bigger turds I was not as turned on when he did one, it was always girls or women doing a motion which turned me on more. If I was alone in the house at the time when my mother did her motion I would tip toe quietly up to the toilet door and look through the keyhole. I was able to see only the bottom part of her sitting on the pan but could see her big white or sometimes pink or pale blue panties (briefs)pulled down to her knees and heard her grunt and go "OO! OO!" as she strained to pass her turds, the cracking sound as they came out and the "Ku-plonks and Ker-sploosh" splash down sounds and see her hand take some toilet paper putting it behind her fat bum to wipe herself afterwards . She was always a bit constipated like many women but this didn't worry her. Likewise I listened to girl cousins and women visitors doing a motion and sometimes saw their jobbies if they were too big to flush away or if they were floaters. The flush in our toilet wasnt very powerful so often something was left behind for me to see. Luckily I was never caught listening or looking through the keyhole as I would have got a terrible thrashing no doubt as both my parents were a bit prudish about such things unlike some other readers. Id love to read about others who had such experiences.

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