I pooped in my panties this AM
On my way to the office this morning as I got off the subway train my stomach stated to gurgle. I thought by pushing I would pass gas and my discomfort would be over. Unfortunately I made a bad call and while trying to fart I got more than I anticipated. It was not enough to cause it to leak out of the sides of my panties but it was bad enough that I had to get back home to shower and change. I did not sit down on the subway for obvious reasons and as people passed me I got some nasty looks although no one said anything. While I found the experience very embarrasing I also found it quite arousing. Unfortunately my husband was ot home at the time. I would have liked to have seen his reaction. Now I am not sure if I should let him know about my accident or not as it was embarrassing.

I had to stop on hiway 401, I had bad cramps, It was an emergency before it exploded in my pants, Than I ruched on the side of my truck, pulled my pants down showing my ass to the snow , than : It came out like a liquid shit splash bomb, it splasehd all over the snow banks with unbeliveble pressure .. you should heard the shit noise it did ..

Two winters ago were in Cancun for a week. My wife, her sister and husband and I were hanging around the pool late one evening. We were the only ones in there thank goodness.

After a long day of very spicy food and more than a few Tecates, the night turned into a farting contest. Everyone was contributing, including the ladies. Suddenly we heard this huge juicy fart and heard my sister-in-law Pam scream "Oh No, I think, I shit ". What a brilliant deduction!!

She stood there shivering for a couple of seconds until her stomach rumbled and she let another juicy one into her dark blue bikini bottom. The elastic in the bikini held the poop in but there was a noticeable bulge and wet spot by the time my wife put a towel around. her. She was sobbing loudly as she slowly walked toward the shower/bathroom.

My wife went there with her and Steve went to their room for a change of clothes. My wife said Pam went directly into the shower and while she was bending over to remove her bikini bottom, her stomach growled again and she shit all over the wall and the floor. We found a janitor to clean up the shower and called a night. That pretty much put a damper on the rest of our vacation.

We now vacation in Alabama and Pam has not had a drink since.


As a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome I've had several "accidents" in various places. The most stressful near miss was a final exam as a senior in high school. Well I made it through the exam ....but I didn't make it all the way home. I wonder why it's such a big deal to poop in your pants. If the truth was known I bet it has happened to a lot of people! It is comforting to hear about others who had such an experience.

It took a long time for me to find out about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I went to the doctor over and over with no real results. I figured it out by reading books in the book store. Oops....gotta go!

I am 45 and grew up in the 50's and 60's. I remember it was very common for girls and women to wet themselves out of convienience. Many times while bathing as a little girl, my big sister, mother or aunt would simply sit on the toilet and wet through their heavy panty girdles. Some girdles had an open botton and you wore your panties underneath. My aunt would often just mess herself and sit and dump it out. This was because the girdles were difficult to remove and your stocking seams were hard enough to keep straight as it was. This was all once just a part of being female. Anyone else have similar memories to share?

Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. To start off, I noticed that the only thing that I had to wear to work was a very short miniskirt (everything else was in the laundy, and I had only worn the short miniskirt around the house on weekends). So I put on a blazer, my miniskirt, some nude-colored pantyhose, and high heels. I didn't even have any clean underwear around, so I wasn't wearing anything under my pantyhose. I just thought that the control-top portion of my pantyhose would act as my underwear.

I'm only 24, and I felt so self-conscience as I walked into work. The skirt barely covered my panty-line, and I knew that I was exposing my private areas everytime I sat down, stood up, or crossed my legs.

Then I had a meeting at 10:00, and I had a bunch of questions during the meeting. Regretfully, I stood up and drew a diagram on the blackboard. And just then, I felt the HUGE urge to crap - it just came out of nowhere. Then I dropped my chalk, and I knew that I had to kneel down to pick it up - everyone was sitting there waiting for me to finish my diagram. But I knew that if I moved one muscle, I'd shit my pantyhose. So I carefully knelt down to pick up the chalk - and sure enough, it happened! Shit just oozed out of my butt, and squeezed down my pantyhose! I couldn't stop it, and I ended taking a massive dump in my pantyhose!

As I finished drawing my diagram, I'm sure everyone noticed the brown smush all over my upper-legs - but noone said anything. So I quickly finished, and then sat down. As I sat down, the crap smushed all over inside my pantyhose - it smushed in between my legs, and got all over my crotch.

Right after the meeting, I ran to the restroom, but I'm sure that everyone in the hall saw the big mess in my pantyhose. I'm sure that I just lost the respect and trust of all my co-workers and superiors.

When I was 16, I was going out with this real cute girl, I really loved her, anyway one night I was doing some window peeking.and snuck up to my girlfriends house when I saw the bathroom light on, I was thinking that I may see her mom or her sister or even her taking a bath or something. As I peeked in the window I got a shocking surprise, my girlfriend was sitting on the toilet with her dress and slip bunched up to her waist and her panties were full of brown liquid poop , some of it was smeared on her thighs and I saw where some of it was running into her loafers, she pooed herself bad, well I never went out with her again because I never could face her after seeing that

My wife tells me that having a BM is more personal than having sex! I guess everyone has sex sometime, but not everyone shares moving their bowels with someone. I love to hear stories of normal bowel urges that women have, but I feel sorry and know how you gals are when these accidents happen in public and embarrass you. Most guys are idiots when it comes to this, and probably not sympathetic. When a woman has to have diarrhea in a public restroom or at work, she loses a degree of her modesty, and knowing that others may know that she jusyt relieved herself that way makes her feel invaded. Guys just don't care, and while the smell or noise could embarrass a few, most figure other guys don't care, anyway! This is true, but it proves how rude most "gentlemen" are.

I personally enjoy reading about women's normal bowel experiences, or if something special happened while having a BM or if this experience was shared with someone, male or female.

Defecation is a personal thing, and sharing it or allowing another to be with you during the process shows trust, a sort of love or affection, and a need to be fulfilled in some strange way, although this part I can't quite understand. Maybe some of you gals could better explain this and talk about some of your past experiences.

Do any of you wish someone would share the experience of a BM with you? By that I mean just being there and staying with you while you did it? Nothin weird or gross!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

story: One of my most embarrassing moments happened about three years ago. I was 8 months pregnant and had been constipated for about 4 days. My doctor had suggested a stool softener to help me out. The evening after I had taken the stool softener I went out to dinner with my husband and his aunt and uncle. It was a Friday evening and when we arrived the restaurant was busy and we had to wait for about a half hour to get seated. After standing and waiting for about 20 minutes I started getting the urge to use the bathroom. I don't know why I didn't go at that point but I thought I would wait until we were seated before I went. At this time the urgency to have a BM was not that severe but after another 10 minutes or so of standing the need to use the restroom had become very apparent. At this time the hostess came to seat us so I went with our group to the table to find out where we would be sitting before heading to the ladies room. By this time I was having stomach cramps and! feeling most uncomfortable. As soon as we got to our table I removed my coat, excused myself, and hurried to the restroom for relief. As I was walking to the restroom I thought I was going to lose control. I farted a couple times as I walked, relieving some pressure on my stomach but worrying each time that I was going to have an accident right there in my panties. As I opened the ladies room door I thought thank god I made it, but then as fate would have it, all three stalls were occupied. I stood there waiting for probably only about thirty seconds but for what seemed like an eternity. There was another woman in there standing a few feet away from me at the sinks refreshing her make-up. I was really starting to squirm and I felt my stomach give another big grumble. I thought I was going to fart again but this time it wasn't gas. It came out loud and long and wet and I felt a large runny mess start filling my panties. And it didn't seem to stop. I just kept going. The woman at the mirror looked at me and asked if I was alright. I know she knew what had just happened. The smell was very strong. My face felt ! very flushed and I was starting to cry as I told her I'd be okay. At that point one of the stalls opened up and I rushed in, still messing my panties. I quickly pulled down my pants and panties with one pull and squirted runny poop all over the toilet as I was still going uncontrollably. The amount of poop was unbelieveable. I don't know how I could have gone so much. I had poop everywhere, down my legs, in my socks, all over the toilet. I had no idea where to even start trying to clean this mess up. I sat there and cried. After about fifteen minutes my husbands aunt came in to see if I was alright since I had been gone so long. I was so embarrassed but she comforted me and said things like that happen. She got me some paper towels from the sink and helped me clean up the worst of the mess. Then she went out and brought my coat back for me to wrap around my waist. My yellow pants I was wearing were wasted all the way down the back of my legs so even my coat didn't cover me up ! completely. Anybody walking behind me would surely know what I had done. Needless to say but we didn't have dinner. My husband walked me to the car and took me home to clean up. All the way home he complained about me causing us to miss dinner and kept making fun of my accident. What an asshole! I wasn't in the mood for that at that time. I'm still sensitive to the incident, but since we're divorced I don't have to put up with hearing about it from him anymore.

Tracy Schmidt
story: Well this was kind of strange, but I will tell it anyway. I am 15 years old and female, blonde hair hazel eyes. Anyway last night the strangest thing happened. I was spleeping and I was dreaming about going to the bathroom to relieve my self, I had to do number 1 and 2 and this moring when I woke up I had a load in my pants and I was wet with pee. My body must have thought I was really on the toilet and so I pushed a load right into my pantiesand made them wet. And the strange thing is I didn't feel myself do it so I didn't wake up and because I didn't wake up I rolled in my sleep and smashed the load into my panties.

Anyway I threw the panties in the wash and now unfortunatally they have a big brown stain in the seat. My father suggested I wear diapers and if I do it again I just might!

when i was about thirteen, my brother and i were having a farting contest and i felt a big ol' bubble on the rise. i prepared myself for what could have been the winning "blow' and i shitted in my pants. i must have eaten something runny....ewww. not a pleasent experience.

I am a news anchor on supper hour news at a local television station in Toronto, Canada. A few weeks ago I had a terribly humiliating experience on the set.

During the afternoon prior to the newscast I was the MC at a charitable lunch. I later found out that the chicken that was served at the lunch had food poisoning. Unfortunately I didn't find out until about 25 minutes into the hour long news show. Before the newscast began I felt a bit uneasy but I didn't think much about it. We had just come back from a commercial break and all of a sudden I started getting sharp cramps in the stomach and I realized that I must have diaherrea. Even though I have a cohost with me I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to leave during a live broadcast so I held it in. Than as I was reading the news I felt like I was going to explode. I kept reading and let it all come out in my panties. I paused breifly when I exploded and my cohost looked at me and he knew right away what had happened. I kept reading trying to put on a good face although it was very difficult with a wet warm load swishing around in my panties. At the next break I explained to my cohost and producer what had happened and I left for the balalnce of the newscast to clean myself up. My husband in the meantime who always watched me on the news got worried that I wasn't on for the last part of the show and he immediately called the station to see what was wrong. He got through to me in the change room just as I was heading to the bathroom to clean myself up. I had to explain to him that I had gotten sick to my stomach and had an accident. He was very understanding about it and he drove down to the station to drive me home. He told me that it was not obvious from watching the news as to what had happened. I think he was just being kind because when I went back to work the next day I watched the tape and there was a definate wince on my face as I adjusted my sitting position just as I was shitting myself. Noone at the station ever said a word and when I came back to work there was a new anchor seat for me.

A friend broke both his elbows and while they were being set in casts the doctor started laughing and then asked my friend who was going to wipe his ass for the next 2 months. His brother did it for him.

My wife had an accident today. She was out at the mall shopping and felt the desperate urge to poop. As she headed towards the public bathroom the urge got too strong for her to hold and she filled her pink cotton panties with wet liquid poo. I wasn't with her when it happened but I was home when she got home. She was wearing a black skirt that had a big wet mark on the bum from sitting in the car and there was brown liquid coming down her panty hose. What a sight. She was in tears from the embarrassement. I told her it was okay and that these things happen. I am dying to tell her how aroused it got me but I don't think she would appreciate it.

Peeper - Aunt - pt. 3
I think Aunt Lizabeth was likely an exhibitionist. There were too many people who were able to "accidentally" catch her over the years in the bathroom or in various stages of underess. At least that's what my dad thought, and said so to me when I was grown, and I think so too, looking back. One of the two times she went to Florida with the family, I walked in on her in the cabin bathroom. We had been to a smorgasbord the night before and ate a ton of good food. The next day, while everyone else was sunbathing or doing other things outside, I hung around the cabin, and from outside the bathroom window, heard the door shut. I went inside and listened at the door. I heard her finish peeing, then a long silence. I could hear her strain once, and there was a muffled fart and a splash, and she let out her breath in relief. She rolled off some toilet paper, and I decided then was the time to walk in on her. I stepped quickly through the door and into the middle of the bathroom, pretending I didn't kinow anyone was in there. She was leaning forward, wiping her ass, and said, "Oops, I'm using the bathroom, dear!" I said, "Oops, sorry!" (yeah, right), and she said, "I'll be a little while," and smiled. She had her light blue shorts bunched below her knees. I listened at the door, and she flushed, but then I could her some more straining, some little splases, then a lot more wiping. I ducked outside when the toilet flushed again, and she came immediately out, and went out to the beach just outside. I went into the bathroom, and looked at the big shit stains on the porcelain. It smelled so bad, it was like there was shit on the floor. I went outside, and brought her a Coke, and we went for a walk a little ways down the beach.

Okay, so at this point I've pretty much resigned myself to a life of never straying too far from the toilet, carrying spare panties with me at all times, watching what I drink, and planning what I wear. I've tried all those muscle exercises- pelvic floor push-ups, stream controlling stop n go -- I guess they work for some people. But, if I get to excited, or angry, or laugh too hard, or get sexually aroused I can lose control. Sometimes its a little- just a spurt. No one can see it. Other times, it leaks out and I have to concentrate on stopping the flow. If I'm wearing a skirt and pantyhose, my crouch gets soaked and it runs down my legs, but even then I can usually get away with it. But once in a while my bladder muscles really get ready to rumble- and I void myself like a baby-- no control at all. In a full siezure, my anal sphincter loosens also. I'll pass out, and wake up later lying in a puddle with a load in my pants. That's me, the dream date- killer black miniskirt ! with the soaking wet bikinis -- the life of the party, laughing so hard at some stupid skit on SNL that I fill my jeans and have to spend the rest of the show in the bathroom using up all the paper scraping the shit off my ass and trying to blow-dry the wet spots on my pants. I'm lucky that my friends are understanding. My best friend, Ginny, is really the best- She even wet her pants once laughing at me wetting my pants! That's a friend. Boyfriends come and go. It seems that most comments here are from men. But the one's I've met, with a couple of exceptions, are usually grossed out when their deep kissing and breast caressing lead to my soaking wet crotch. Or when a fight over which movie to see ends up with me messing my pants, again. Your boyfriend can tell you to stop crying and fix your make-up. But if he has to take you home and change your pants and underwear... I guess its inconvenient. I used to try wearing diapers- but I could never tell when I needed them. I woul! d be fine for weeks, then have three accidents in one day. And if you want a really strange reaction from a man, have him unhook that top pants button, reach in to touch you, and discover...attends! So I live with it- when I come, I go. Rubber sheets handy in the bedroom. Always a change of clothes in the car. And a collection of strange, funny, and hurtful reactions from close friends and complete strangers when faced with a relatively good looking young woman who's just wet her pants in a public place.

I found this aunt to be very attractive and made a point of trying to see her whenever I could. I saw her using the bathroom a total of 9 times, and 6 of them were BM's. Another time was on the way to Florida when I was little. She was with the family and in midmorning said she had to "use the toilet," in her words. My dad stopped the car and she got out and lowered her pants by the back of the car and squatted down. We could begin to smell the BM smell in the car before she was done, since the windows were open. I peeked out the window at her for about a half a minute before my dad told me not to look. She wiped her ass with some kleenex we had in the car. When she got back in, she commented that she was "a sitter," and that it was hard to go like that.

When I was little, at my aunt and uncle's, a man came to the door and asked to talk to my aunt. I called out to her, and she said she was in the bathroom and what did I want? I came to the door of the bathroom and opened it and stood there in front of her. My aunt had her shorts around her ankles and was reading the newspaper, and lowered while I told her about the guy at the door. She was a really good looking brunette, and was taking a killer shit from the smell. She pulled up her shorts and went to talk to him. She knew him, and joked that she wasn't busy, just reading in the bathroom and he laughed. She had taken a huge BM, and hadn't begun to wipe yet. She went back in and stayed another 10 minutes, then came out. She just talked about the guy and didn't say anything to me about seeing her.

story: Last summer, I went to a summer camp in New York State. All of my bunkmates and I always loved to play Truth or Dare at our meal table. One morning, we were playing and we got to me, I was asked some stupid question about a boy, and I took the dare. Well, they dared me to drink the whole milk pitcher on the table. Which may not be soo bad for some people, but I am lactose intolerant. And I think that is why they chose that dare, they wanted to see me poop my pants. I planned to drink the whole pitcher, they hurry off to our bunk, and use the bathroom before any of them got back to the bunk, to laugh. (after drinking milk, I rip these really smelly and loud farts, and have severe diarrhea) Well, I drank the whole pitcher, and just as I was about to get out of my seat to head back to out bunk, the head of girls camp stands up, and starts to lecture us about how dirty we left the dinning room, after the last nights meal. After about 10 minutes of her lecture my stomach was doing flip-flops, and I started to think that I wasn't going to make it back to bunk before I had to go, and I especially would not make it back before my friends did. Well, she finally stop talking, and allowed us to go back. I stood up, and just as I did a huge load fell into my pants. It came out in the form of one huge fart. So everyone was laughing at me, because they heard this fart, thank God no one knew I had just shit myself. After that I started the long walk back, (about 1/2 of a mile). I had to walk very slowly so that non fell out of my pants, which made it even harder because half of the way back, I felt another cramp, and knew that I was either going to sit in my pants again, or walk about 40 feet to a like river and do it there. I chose the river, because my pants were over flowing as it is, I must have let my control down for a second, because the diareahea started again, into my pants again. After I gained control of the squirts, I walked over to the river to survey the damage. My panties and short were totally soiled, and I took off my panties, and left them by the river. Then I headed back to my bunk, I changed and headed to my first, activity. I needed to go during softball, and soccer that day, and didn't make it to the bathroom either time, but that is another story. That is the last dare I take, next time I'm telling them all about my boyfriends.

One of my friends was having a 4th of July barbecue, and I was having a lot of fun. We had all eaten and drunken a lot, and because of that I was urinating and defecating a whole lot. Urination was not so bad, because I just peed in the pool (don't tell anyone) but the #2, was kind of a bather, I had to get out of the water, get dried off, go inside, and take off my whole swimsuit (it was a one piece.) So I would wait until the need was very severe before I would go. I was in the pool, when I felt a strong urge, I decided that I just could not wait this out, and headed towards the pool steps. On my way, one of my male friends picked me up, and I pleaded with him to put me down. He refused. Finally about five minutes later he did. Now I was in an even greater need for the bathroom. I knew if I tried to walk to the house, and into the bathroom, by time I got my suit off it would be too late. While I was pondering my predicament, I did not realize that a few of my friends were planning a surprise prank on me. About 2 or 3 guys ran up from behind me, and pushed me into the pool. I was so startled, and surprised by this that when my stomach hid the water, I let out a huge fart which was followed by a flood of diarrhea. I was the laughing stock of the party, especially when they had to close the pool for two fully weeks to clean it.

My girlfriend's teenaged daughter calls me from a party, asking me to come pick her up (unusual- her boyfriend usually does all the driving). I get there- and see she's really drunk, like falling down drunk. I pick her up off the sofa- when I notice poop odor. She's barely conscious, and mumbles that she had an accident in her pants. I help her out to the car. By the time we get home, she's out cold. SO I lift her over my shoulder- and feel a big blob of shit on her butt. Then, as I carry her upstairs my shoulder gets warm and wet, she's pissed herself, and me too!. I carryed her right into the bathroom and lay her into the tub- her pants soaked, (and my shirt too.)

story: I was once driving to meet a client of mine and I got pulled over for speeding. While the officer was writing up the ticket my stomach started to feel uneasy probably because I was so nervous. Finally I was on my way but I really had to go badly. When I got to my clients I thought I would ask to use the bathroom prior to our meeting. Unfortuntely, half way up the walkway I exploded with wet runny poo filling my pink cotton panties. I turned around and got back into my car and drove home. It was winter so I was wearing a coat which protected the car seat. It was a very weird but arousing feeling to be driving home in full panties. When I got home fortunately my husband was not home so I did not have to face any additional embarrassement.

It has been my experience that digestive disorders can pop up suddenly after being mild or dormant for years. about the only thing you can do is find the food(s) that bother you and take them in moderation.

First let me tell you that I suffer from lactose intolerance, it has never really bothered me, usually just some miner cramps and bloating. Anyways, one time I was with some friends in a local mall, and after doing some shopping, we decided to stop for some ice-cream (still in the mall.) We ate our ice-cream, and my friends mentioned that they needed to pee, so we walked the length of the mall to the restroom. I personally did not have to go, but went with them anyway. When we got there, there was line out the Ladies room door, which must have been 20 people long, but we decided to wait. About a half of an hour later, my stomach really started to bother me, but I though "No big deal" I am already waiting for the restrooms. Well the line got down to about 10 people, and my little stomach ache got much worst, it got to the point which I knew that if I did not get into the bathroom soon, I would have a diarrheary mess in my panties. I asked my friends if I could go ! ahead of them in the line, they had not objections. After about 10 minutes, there were still 10 people ahead of use. (the 5 ladies in there must have been pooping too) Well, the pain got sooooo bad, that I decided that I just could not wait, and better use the men's room. So I walked to the men's room, once inside I began to undo my pants, (before I got to the stall, BIG mistake.) I then began to pull down my panties, at this point I felt a big of gas, so I decided I was alone in a bathroom by myself, I might as well let it out, to my surprise, it was not gas, but diarrhea and it squirted out all over the mirrors, and walls of the men's room, I quickly ran into the stall, as the flow continued. While in there, I heard some men come in, and they were commenting about the shit all over the walls, I tried my hardest to be as quiet as possible while they were in there, but no such luck. The diarrhea continued with a LOUD gaseous accompaniment. I am just thanking god they! did not know it was a woman in the stall. I finished up and left the bathroom. My friends were waiting for me outside, and they laughed at me, when I questioned them, "Why they were laughing?" They told me that some guys came out and told them that some one in there shit all over the walls, they guessed it was me. I was sooooo embarrassed! I have learned not to eat dairy products, the hard way! If anyone out there is lactose intolerant, and has experienced a similar experience, please post them, I would like to know if I am alone.

This may sound like a lie. It is not. This happend. A long time ago, when I was little more than twelve, my grade 5 class went on a week long trip to a nature reserve. One particularly nerdy kid had a propensity for humiliating himself and this trip was the perfect chance to do just that. He went to take a shit in the woods, and forgot to remove his rubber boots. When he squatted, his shins pushed the front of the boots and the backs formed nice resevoirs near his calves. He shat a tarry shit that laned in his boot after streaking down the back of his leg. I can understand such an accident, but i cannot understand his method of dealing with it. Instead of cleaning up, he ignored it and walked around all day with his shittly leg and boot full of shit. It smelled terrible. He did not wipe his ass ethier.

Once when I was sharing an apt. with two other guys. As it happened, one morning one of them decides to go sit on the toilet for about 30 minutes before work started. I of course had drank coffee that morning and had to piss--quite badly as it turned out.

But not being a rude sort, I didn't knock or do anything like that. Now when I was at school, sometimes I would resort to other devices--notably sinks--in case of such emergencies. I noticed that I had recently gotten a couple of those giant cups from Burger King. And even better, it had a lid.

So I used the cup, and filled the cup. It wasn't all that could have come out, but it was enough that I could manage to drive to work and piss there. I left the golden cup capped until I got home that day, at which point I washed it out and then left in the car for radiator and other emergencies.

When my bro' found out about this, he referred to it as a 32-oz-er. I didn't even know at the time that it held 32-oz. I drink as much java as ever, so the longpiss lives on.

It has been in 1990, and at that time I was still married. We were on a trip through the country, looking for a new motel every day. In the late afternoon, we arrived at a motorhighway-restaurant, and it was the last minute to arrive. We ran into the toilets, but in front of the ladies-room was a crowd of about 10 or 15 girls, while the mens-room seemed to be nearly empty.

I offered my wife to join her to one of the mens-cabins, but she decided to look for a place outside, in the bushes. I think she always thought all men ae peeping over the walls of the toilet-cabins. So I went into the mens room, and found a place at an urinal at the wall. In front of my face was a small window that was swang open and gave a view to a mount directly behind the building. Seconds later, I was still peeing, I saw someone coming through the bushes, to look for a place. Of course it was my lady! She found a place about eight or 10 yards from the window. She squatted down, lifted her skirt to her hips, pulled down her panties and started to pee.

I looked to my left and right, four more guys stood there, also peeing. One of them saw my view and told me: "don't wonder, it's a popular place to do this. They all think noone can see them there." My lady had finished now (and so had I, but I stayed at my place). She grabbed her handbag and fished for a cleenex. I had never seen, what she did with that, but now I saw. she had turned round a little bit, making the ancle of view still a bit better, and dryed herself with the tissue. I can't believe, why she did not saw us, but when she dressed up finally, we had

a full frontal-view to her face, but she did not notice us watchers.

We met in the restaurant, and the other guys that had been in the room came in, too. I did not told her waht had happened, not at this moment. I saw the guys grinning when she came to my table. I told her about when we continued our drove, and she felt so embarassed, that I had to make a stop nearly every hour the following days.

Oh my God, did I ever have an embarrassing accident this morning! I got ready for school - I showered and got dressed in a sweater and pretty mini skirt. During breakfast, I felt the urge to take a big dump. I had to crap so bad, that my mind was tingling and I was to have thoughts run through my mind - I started to think about how relieving it would feel if I just went poop in my panties. Then the urge got real bad, and I started to lose self-control. I leaned over on the chair to lift up one of my butt cheeks, and then I crapped my underwear. I was thinking "how irresponsible!", but then I started to enjoy the experience - I couldn't believe it, but I was actually loving the experience! I kept pooping more and more, and was enjoying the sensation of the warm, gooey crap flowing between my butt and my panties: what a relief!!! Then I stood up from the breakfast table, and realized how naughty I was. I started walking up the stairs, to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, my little brother was following me up the stairs, and he peeked up my skirt and saw my crap-filled panties. He sang "Heather pooped her underwear!" Then my mother said "what!?!", and ran up the stairs and grabbed me, lifted up my skirt, and said "Oh Heather! shame on you!" That was sooo embarrassing!!!

Accident in my pants stuck in traffic on the damn turnpike..knew I should have gone before I left work, thought I could make it home (more comfortable than the stinky toilet at the plant). Bad weather... dead stop in the fastlane, butt muscles quivering as I try to sit on the urge. Start to sweat, realize I'm not going to make it in time...think about pulling over and squating in the breakdown lane...not enough time, excrement pressing into panties, smelly car...crack window... finally get home, funny feeling walking with load in pants, change in bathroom, toss out ruined panties and smeary jeans... don't let this happen to you (or maybe it has?)

Monsieur X
(Pardon my poor english, I'm french) My girl friend and I had to go to Sherbrooke (Can, Qué). At Sherbrooke, we ate someting not too good for health such as fast food. We did what we had to do there. The ride from Sherbrooke to home is about 1h½. My girl friend was driving. We had done half way from home. At a time, I felt a huge cramp and the feeling of flu in my bowel. I managed to hold it until home. But I realised that it was impossible. I told my girl friend to stop for a toilet. At this time, any step on the road was making it worse. When she found a place for me, I said not stop. Why? Because I knew that I would shit my pants while asking for toilets. Finaly, she stopped in a little path near the road and I've been able to save my pants. That was a good choice for me.

Sue G.
on peeing
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I was in a very fancy restaurant and was wearing my brand new, very expensive dress. I really had to go to the bathroom so I ran as fast as I could and did my buisness. When I was done I stood up only to find out that half of my dress was in the bowl. I spent 15 minutes washing and drying my dress till it looked reletively unsoiled. Then I went back to my table. Everyone thought that I was constipated!

Ski Lift Wreck

My sister was sick with the flu and kept laying on our green plastic nogahyde couch all day long. I only felt sorry for her a short while, as she kept blowing big farts. Man, did they stink! Finally, after she had farted a million of them, she said, "Oh no!!" and had the wet runs down her pants, her socks and all over the couch. She later said that she knew she had to go, but was tooooo weak and hoped the feeling would pass.

story: My most embarrassing experience happened when I was a salesperson for a large firm. I was out with my male boss on business and we spent a considerable time at a meeting, during which I badly wanted to pee. The car drive back to our office was only 15 minutes so I resolved to hold it, but we got caught in this enormous traffic jam. We were held up for what must have been 25 minutes,during which time I was frantically trying to remain respectable, but then to my horror my bladder gave out and I peed a torrent all over his car seat. I don't know who was more embarrassed him or me, but I apologised profusely and he took me home. I still work for the company, and my accident was never mentioned again.

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