To Emo Girl
I really agree with Rex. I have a friend with Chron's who modified her diet excluding almost all Carbs and certainly all sugars emphasising protein and veg and is almost in permannt remission. As for myself, I was diagnosed with I.B.S. abd suffered awful bloating, constant nagging pain, huge amounts of gas and runny shits for years until I too did the Atkins diet and, hey, totally cleared for 2 years now. One warning: you need to read the book thoroughly, understand it, work out a balanced Atkins and not see it as a licence to eat ham and eggs all the time !

Hey all- Mike T. i really liked that post. please post your other truth or dare stories.

Someone asked if anyone tried to hold their pee as long as possible a while back. And hey, I am trying to see how long I can hold my pee right now! I am at 5 hours and i drank 2 sodas and a glass of water and I alredy have to go really bad! I was hopeing i would make it to at least 12 hours but sadly i don't think i am. I am going to try for at least 2 more hours !!

Chris (from Pennsylvania)


Indeed, it is most injust to make a person use a doorless stall. Of course you don't have to shit at work, but then again holding it in cannot be healthy, so you really have no choice. I can only suggest scheduling your BMs early in the morning when (hopefuly) there is nobody around; that's what I do at work as I am quite shy when it comes to using the bathroom.

It is also curious that the stalls in the ladies room come repleat with doors. Perhaps the designers assumed that men, being generally more crude than our female counterparts, don't mind shitting in front of each other? I am sure that many guys out there wouldn't give it a second thought, but then there must also be a good number of those who feel embarrased exposing themselves that way. Furthermore, there are those of us who simply don't want to hold witness to some guy's hairy ass as he's slouched over on a toilet seat, grunting and farting away.
I really don't see anything inherently disgusting about a person's bodily functions--indeed, if I did than I would not be contributing to this site--but there is a time and a place for everything, and I think that this kind of intimacy should be reserved for very close friends, family, and of course those with whom we are intimate. I hope things turn out for the best.


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA...keep up the good work, Deb. Think about those enemas for the best results...and thanks for keeping us posted
TO WHIRLY GIRL I have never used a bed pan but I was on a Pacific Island with a very new girlfriend when she had a bike accident. she was injured but not to serious, We were at the hospital which was marginally better than third world and she would be in for a few days. That night she wanted to go to the toilet, I wheeled her there but she could not sit up as she was too faint. I wheeled her back to her bed, the room she was in had 5 older Islander women. I got her back into bed and the nurse handed me a bed pan. I put it under her... her legs were spread wide. I held her hand and we kissed and I heard this trickle and as we were kissing this long wet fart and then plop plop plop... I wipped her and the nurse took the pan from me. The next morning we had a repeat performance. That afternoon my g/f said that she was private about such things and thanked me very much... we had only known each other for a couple of days and I was helping her with the bed pan etc.
That was a real "ice breker" for a new relationship and it very quickly pushed things forward.
1. There would be thousands of women I would like to see on the toilet.....too difficult to puck.
2. Yes I have gone into the bathroom after a girl has had a dump. The first time was when I was 18, we were staying on a boat (36 foot long) and a girl who I knew well had a dump twice that night and being in confined spaces, yes you could smell it......also many times with my partner and a previous g/f. Just the other day a friend came with his new g/f....who was stunning. she used the bathroom just before we left. I went in there but sadly could only detect air freshener...obviously she did poo.
3. Yes I have listened to a girl pooing but do not hear as much as I would like too. I do not stand deliberately outside the door but sometimes circumstances allow for me to hear.
4.I cannot pee with a full erection, but can if it is half "up"
5. Sitting on the toilet is best to pee if it is half up.
6. My partner and a previous g/f has watched me poo. What I mean is that If I am on the throne and my partner wants anything in the batroom or wants to tell me anything etc, she does not wait till I am out, she just comes in.
7 & 8 I am not embarrassed.. if there is poo to come out whilst she is in there then I just push it out. My partner certainly is not could be the Queen of England there; my partner is only interested in getting what she needs or saying what she has to etc.

desperate to poop

Nice to hear from you outdoor Jenny. Well I had a very big mushy dump today. I had been out with my G/F for a fireworks party over at my friends. We had lots to eat and lots to drink and went dancing after that. Firstly in the club as well as the main toilets there were two restuarant cucibles a gents and a ladies being single cucibles no one really treated them as gents or ladies. I went to have a pee and both toilets were taken by ladies. I knew because both went in as I arrived.

Anyway the next morning I was farting real smelly farts but didn't feel the need yet for a poo. On the way to catch the train the urge started and I decided to go and relieve myself on the train. It was a 25 minute train ride so I guessed would be long enough. As the train left the station I made my way to the toilet and thankfully the left hand side cucible was free. I slid my jeans down and my frilly white knickers and rested my butt on the seat. I immediately let out a large fart and a large amount of soft serve poop evacuated from my butt. Boy did it stink! I continued with the soft serve on and off for a good ten minutes. I also had a long gurgling pee. When I was finished the toilet was quite full and my bum quite messy. It took a good few wipes before I was clean. I finally flushed and left and as I left another lady in her early 40's was waiting. I apologised if I'd kept her waiting but she said don't worry and with that took my place.

Happy pooping

Hi everyone. I have a few questions for the ladies:

1) How often do you fart while pooping?
2) Do your poops float or sink?
3) Do you your trips to the bathroom (pooping) generally smell worse when you fart while pooping?
4) Does your poop frequently leave skidmarks in the toilet when you finish pooping?

5) when you fart around other close friends (any other time than pooping) do you claim responsibility for your farts if the really stink?

cant wait to see your responses...
HSH(hot sauce hurts)


Hi it's me again. I thought I would recap on my last post, I had another doctor visit on friday and my test results came back positive for some type of bacteria infection. She told me to get undress from the waist down and to hop up on the examination table. Once on the table she told me to spread my cheeks to expose my rectal area and that she was going to probe me with a rectal swab in order to get another culture sample. I was so embarrased for what happened next, when she inserted the swab it stimulated my back passage and out came the biggest bowel movement I have ever produced. Has this ever happened to anyone. Till next time LOL Samantha

TO Carmalita:

1. Who would you most like to see going poop or pee?
>>My girlfriend... but I know she finds idea 'icky', so I've never asked her if she wanted to see me go.

2. Have you ever gone into a bathroom after a girl just took a crap and sniffed the air?
>>Yes... But it's very rare that I'm privileged with that opportunity.

3. Have you ever listened outside the door when a girl is inside pooping?
>>Not exactly... I've been in a few public mens restrooms where you could clearly hear the activity in the ladies - on the other side of the wall, plops, grunts & all.

4. Can you pee with an erection?
>>Yes, but it's a hassle sometimes. i.e. It's hard to aim my 'willie' down or step back far enough so I get the right arc of trajection - so I don't end up pissing all over the floor.
Note: Take a look at my posting on page 903.

5. If so, how do you do it?
>>Even if my bladder is nearly bursting, if I've got a very solid erection, I usually have to make a big 'push' to get things flowing.
On mornings when I wake up with a big errection, I usually just step into the shower so I can go freely and not have to worry about any messes and have my morning shower at the same time.

6. Have you ever let a girl watch you go poop?
>>Not yet, but I'd like to one day. Especially if we could 'buddy-dump'. I would love to compare what I produced along side hers.
Reading back through the postings on this site, I'm so envious of those couples that freely enjoy seeing each other poop.

7. If yes, then were you embarrassed or shy when it started coming out?

8. Also if yes, how did she react to you and your pooping in front of her?



1) Have you ever had to go to the toilet while others watched - pee'd or pooped?
My boyfriend has watched me when i pee
2) Did you find it easy to go?
Sometimes at first, then it comes out easier.
3) Did you try and fart quietly or just let it out as usual?
I have only farted once in front of my boyfriend- unexpectedly.(it wasn't on the toilet)
2) Have you ever gone to the toilet and then discovered others watching afterwards?
No i don't think so.
3) How did you feel?
I would feel extemely embarassed
4) Have you ever watched someone go?
Only my boyfriend peeing..but pooping would be better!!
5) Have you ever watched someone go and they didn't know you were there? No but I have was great...

Sunnday, November 06, 2005

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone, sorry Ihaven't posted for a while but I have been kinda busy lately. It's getting a lil cool here at night in Wisconsin but I still try to have a poo outside at least once a day. Last night I went outside and didn't realize our neighbors are redoing their fence and I didn't have much cover. I had already worked up a great one and was on the verge of explosion...(mexican food night). My neighbor shannon was outside having a ciggarrete and she asked why i looked so jumpy and I flat out told her i like pooping outside. She and I have been friends for a while so I felt comfortable telling her this. I asked if she minded if I went and she said no. So i went into a darker corner of the yard and pulled my nighty (boyfriend's t-shirt)up and my panties down to my ankles and squatted. Before I pooed she talked to me for a minute and asked why i do it, I told her it feels so free and relaxing..Then she asked if she could join me, she always has a ciggarette after dinner, it helps her work one she walked over i felt the rush cometo my butt...I let out a grunt and then I exploded with a humungous wave of chunky poo...followed by some wet farts. Just after i did the first wave she said oh you too?...She squatted...let out a couple farts and a wave of really mushy poo. I farted a again and had another explosion of poo. It was kind of a turn on to see her poo...she squatted accross from me and so i could see everything. I think I had about 15 farts and about 10 minutes worth of runny/chunky poo. It felt soo good to get it all out.. She had one more movemnt of mushy poo and finsihed with a fart....She said "well i bettter go in and wipe, you're right it does feel good...I think I will do it more often...I also have a buddy poop story but i will save it for next time...any other buddy poo stories out there?


I don't know if I posted this story here or not, so sorry if this is a repeat. My only really embarrassing bathroom related experience, but it's a doozy!

When I was twelve, I was ice skating with my uncle and my two cousins (both boys). I had eaten a hot dog with sauerkraut at the snack bar earlier, and it wasn't agreeing with my guts! So, all of a sudden I desperately had to shit. I skated toward the platform where the restrooms were, but as I stepped onto the platform, I lost my balance and fell, breaking my ankle!

I yelled in pain and my uncle ran over. One of the employees called an ambulance and a crowd gathered around me. I was in real trouble, because I was clenching my butt cheeks together as tight as I could, but I could tell I was about one minute away from shitting my pants. I motioned for my uncle to come closer, and whispered to him that I was about to shit my pants.

He picked me up and carried me into the men's room, which was bad enough, but, once we got inside, I was dismayed to see the stalls had no doors! I was too desperate to let that stop me. I sat on the toilet with my pants still up, and pushed my pants and underwear out of the way. My bowels emptied with a big explosion. My uncle turned away, I don't know if it was out of disgust or embarrassment. After farting and squirting for several minutes, I was done. Wiping my ass was tricky with one foot suspended, but I managed. I pulled my underpants and jeans back up and he carried me back out. The ambulance picked me up and I went to the hospital. I was home by that evening.

He never told anyone what happened, but I could only keep it to myself for a few days before I finally told pretty much everyone. The story's much funnier with sound effects!

hey Brian: so, your saying that everybody (including the females that you work with at the library) know the mens stalls have no doors? Its one thing not having doors on the stalls, but it should not be visable for everybody to know who is shitting drom outside. Well, my opinion..... I would use the womens room, hey they crash our rooms enough...At least you'll have your privacy from other men seeing you on the toilet bowl.

I'm female and my real name starts with an "M".

Overall, I'm quite ashamed of this story, but this seems like the place to tell it.

In college, I got involved with a bad crowd and eventually became involved with selling drugs. Anyway, one night at a party, the cops raided the house I was at. They arrested most of us and made us all stand against one wall while they searched the house.

I desperately had to take a shit. For over an hour, I stood there, clenching my ass, while we were barked at by a cop and watched as they tore apart the house (luckily for me, it wasn't my place).

Anyway, after a little while, I felt my sphincter muscle giving up the fight, and I felt a big load slowly force its way out of my ass and into my panties. I groaned in disgust. It stank to high heaven.

The cop who was yelling at us stopped and said, "Did someone just shit their pants?" I started crying I was so mortified and nodded my head. "I'm sorry, sir, I couldn't hold it anymore," I whimpered.

He took me aside. He took my name, age, driver's license, SSN, etc. He said, "Go home, get cleaned up and NEVER EVER do this again. And don't stop until you get home. Not even to empty your pants."

I nodded and he let me leave. I walked back to my apartment with my underpants full of shit. I threw them in the garbage, took a shower and went to bed.

And I never bought or sold anything illegal again.

I have experience with Crohn's disease. I changed my diet to avoiding simple carbohydrates like candy, ice cream, white bread, etc and my symptoms cleared up. The atkins diet helped me alot.

Hola mis amigos,

Uncle: my slow poops take about 10-15 minutes. If they start to take longer, then I just pull up my pants and try again later. My average poops are about 1-2 minutes.

Lizzie M: loved your story about your friend Jessica wrapping the towel around herself and peeing on the beach. I'll bet it was a turn on for that guy.

Mr. Clogs: Yeah, I really do find guys peeing very exciting. I really like it when they're clothed, or in their underwear. There's just something about pulling it out that I like. To answer your question, some guys I've been around find it exciting when I have to go, but some don't. I'll about Chrissy when I have more time.


Brian: I feel for you, but I don't think your situation at the library is going to change anytime soon. I was pretty uptight myself the first few times I had to shit in a doorless stall. But I got over it. The guys you work with should be pretty understanding since they are in the same boat. Just treat it like you would the locker room. Go about your business and be done with it. Believe it or not, having a conversation on the crapper really takes the sting out of the whole deal. Hope you make out ok. Let us know how it's going.

Friday, November 04, 2005

TO Suspicious Stains (Dan, 23):

-In the event she's very comfortable with her body & it's functions, then I would simply ask her. Otherwise, unless you think it might be or is related to a serious medical issue affecting her general health, I wouldn't confront her directly. Personally, I would make some tactfully worded inquiries to your GF about her general health or other troubles she might be having. If she wonders why you're asking, you can bring up the fact that when you do laundry, her panties occasionally look somewhat odd.

-If you've read past posts on the site, you know some people are VERY apprehensive about using public restroom facilities. It is completely possible she would rather go in her panties rather than on a strange toilet.

-And yes, she could also be intentionally pooping herself. If so, does that offend you in some way?



Hey all, new here, I'm 5'8" and 15. I'm in Highschool now and have had some interesting stories in the past relating to this very subject, figured I'd share em.

This summer, I was playing truth or dare with my neighbor Micaela. WE started out with regular dares, I'll let you imagine, then it came to me daring her, I thougt I'd be creative. At this point let me describe her, tall, blonde hair, long legs, wearing a white T-Shirt and bluejeans. I dared her to drink 15 glasses of water and not use the bathroom until after she finished.

She started off sipping, guess she didn't figure out how hard it'd be to hold it. By the 7th glass, she was starting to get desperate, clutching herself a little and saying "Spike.. I need to pee"....meanwhile doing the desperation dance. By the time she finished, she was almost tearful, and I told her I had to pee, then she could go. I went into the bathroom and started to pee when I heard "THUMP THUMP THUMP" of her running downstairs. I stopped and followed, she was at the bottom of the stairs, her jeans completely soaked through... standing in a puddle. Well, I felt kinda bad so I let her dare me. I ended up drinking a lot and peeing in my tan shorts, soaking them, in my bathroom with her watching. Well all's well that ends well. Tell me what you think of my story of what happened this summer, cause I got some more involving her and truth or dare.

Wee Leak
I've been on Antibiotcs for 10 days, 9 of them with chunky brown dieherra that turned tiolet water brown. The day they were finished I din't poop. The next day I had the strangest dieareea (sorry, no can spell) 7times in day feals like liquid comin out but toilet water is still clear, brown grease and small turds in bottom of bowl. Today a little more normal. My butt hurts! I hope I dont need antibiots again.

One time I made my friend laugh so hard she had a pee spot as big as an inch on her. Well, that was a dumb story, but, DON'T WORRY I HAVE MORE!!!!!

Bubba: Didn't notice your post...well, yeah, I still have the mega-bladder thing...I don't remember having a huge pee, they were all...the same ammount; or close...

Okay, I have three kids, I already interdouced them, you know, Jake, David and Sam? they are, starring in my all new story!

Sam loves that thing you do, y'know, you pour the baking soda then pour a lot of vinengar or soda and it sort of explodes? Well, once she was trying it with a bottle of vinegar(duh), and she came running over to me and said that she tried the exploding thing but the vinegar smelled like pee. Ick, was my first thought, of course should all o' you peoples. Well..we figured there was no vinegar in the bottle, just PEE, and VINEGAR WAS IN THE TOILET. Gee...

Another one. I was making a cake, eggs, sugar, frosting, yaddayadda..sothen I entered the tv room after I put it in the oven. Regular scene...David and Sam playing video games...right in fron t of the couch...Jake laying on the couch watching them, so I went to sit on the couch when suddenly my butt gets all wet. For a second I thought I wet my pants without knowing I had to pee...then I realized it was Jake. How? This way: He was laying on the couch, right? well, his pant on the front were strecthed down and his thing was hiding under him peeing(wow...his shirt was barely wet)...he musta had a killer pee because it came over to me! So then the thing for the cake rang and I walked over to it, pretending not to notice. I walked back and set it of the table in front of the couch and put my soaked butt back on the soaked couch, and said "Why don'w we eat the cake here? Sit up Jake." Jake just groaned, Sam and David sat over on the sideof me and they were like "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.............." well once I pulled him up he was still peeing full force with h is pants sort of down. Ha, time for a punishment...

and here's another: I was walking around town with my kiddies, and then we wander off in this place that I dunno...oh no, we're lost.


Ok, does anyone one recognize that tree? Ok, David and Sam're behind me while Jake is on my shoulders, he tells me he has to pee. Well I asked if he could wait, he said yes.


Finally we're notlost anymore. We're walking home, Jake says he's gotta pee again. I ask if he can hold it, he says no... run us, run!!!!! We get home and I'm about to take Jake off me so my back isn't numb anymore, butthen my shoulders get EXTREMELY WET. Thn Jake says "I'm sorry mommy but I couldn't hold my wee any longer." so we got it settked but I couldn't where that shirt again for a week.

Frustrated in Florida
Hey everybody, here's last weekend's poop report, as promised. Again it was a limited success.

I went to my boyfriend's place Thursday afternoon. Just as I was getting ready to leave at about 2pm, the urge to go hit me and before I ran out the door I had a normal bowel movement. Friday at his place, I never got the urge at all, so I was on the lookout for a bout of constipation by Saturday morning. I had the enema supplies with me plus more of the laxative suppositories. I have been eating more fiber and I had my boyfriend buy me some bran cereal but like a moron I told him that I didn't want any Friday night, you know I'm such a spaz sometimes and all, I didn't even think about it because I was so excited to be there.

Since I normally poo between 10 and 11 in the morning, I figured that if I didn't go by lunch time that I would do something about it before it got out of hand. Well, we didn't get out of bed until like 11am, and then I had my boyfriend take me out for a nice big greasy breakfast in hopes that that would get things moving. After breakfast I felt full down there, but I still wasn't getting the urge to poo. I told him and he wanted to go home right away so I could try to poo, since he didn't want a replay of the last time where I got so constipated and sick.

When we got home, I sat on the toilet for 15 minutes reading a magazine with him sitting next to me on the edge of the tub, rubbing my back just above my hips, and rubbing my stomach. I made a few straining noises under my breath and I could feel hard poo inside my rectum but it refused to come out. So I told my boyfriend that I thought I needed another suppository. I didn't think I needed the enema because this time the poo was down near my rectum instead of way up inside me. I laid on the bed with my butt pointing up and had him insert the suppository. He said he could feel the hard turds up inside me when he put the suppository in. I laid on the bed for like another 15 minutes, then finally I could feel things starting to move. I sat down on the toilet for like another half hour and pushed out the poo, with my boyfriend right next to me. I felt a little relieved.

Later that night, we went out, and we were in a store with me shopping and my boyfriend patiently staying with me trying not to be bored out of his mind. I felt the urge to pass gas, but when I did, out came something that was definitely not gas. I guess the aftereffect of the laxative gave me a little bit of diarreah. I told my boyfriend what had happened and we left quickly. I sat on a plastic bag in the car, and when we got home he took my pants off and helped me clean up. It wasn't that bad and none even leaked out of my panties. More pressure had been building up as we were going home and I sat down and pushed out some more loose poo but it wasn't much.

After I came home I had like the biggest poo of my life, which really pisses me off because I wanted that to happen while I was over there, so I'm still Frustrated in Florida for the time being. Maybe in 2 weeks I won't be, though!

Hope everyone enjoyed hearing about my weekend in poo corner!

Love, Deb

Do any of you ladies find that it is easier to poo when you have high heels on? One thing that is recommended for constipation is to take a footstool in the bathroom and put your feet on it, raising your knees up and supposedly straightening out your colon to make your stool pass more easily. I often put on heels when I go poop and it seems to make it easier for me.
My new b/f asks me if I've had a BM every time we talk now. What a guy!
FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA - How did things 'come out' for you?

To Emo Girl
I have a friend who has had Crohn's for several years besides the intestinal issues you mentioned it can also cause arthritis, acid reflux, joint pain and lactose intolerance. There is no known cause or cure but i know my friend had treatments with a drug and is in a sense in remission but still suffers from joint aches, acid reflux and bouts of diarrhea.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TRACYGIRL needing a poo whilst in church reminded me of two "religious" experiences regarding such subjects. The first was at an old relatives funeral. My cousin was at the back of the church and in great need of a wee. The minister commenced saying a prayer and cousin decided to act. She did not know where the toilets were at the church but knew where there were public toilets a block away..she left during the prayer went to the toilet, returned and the minister was still saying the same prayer. At the conclusion of the funeral service everybody exited the church and the mood was very quiet. A family friend the said he was going to congratulate the minister on the worlds longest prayer. My cousin then told us what she did during the prayer much to everybodies laughter as the hearse drove off!
The next "religious" experience involved me. Having just had our third baby I think God was going to show me what it was like to have my own "baby". After the birth I had some IBS pretty gross, some mucousy runny poos, pains and rumbles and some constipation. My form of constipation occurs higher up in the colon so my stools do not get so large and hard but this day it was different. After breakfast I was desparate for a big poo. I sat on the toilet and could not get it out... I tried rocking and even squatting on the floor. I got a hand held mirror and looked and could see my pouting anus and a large lump of poo "crowning" like a baby`s head just before birth. I was in real pain and it was pressing on my bladder so I was weeing a lot. It was stuck inside me and I could not walk normally ... after about twenty minutes I gave up. I went to the chemist and bought a glycerine suppository, went home and inserted it. After a while it "hit" me and the pain was enormous.... I sat on the toilet but nothing ..I thought I was going to explode... and then I lent far forward... my head was lower than my bum and I gave one almighty push and out exploded this turd like a 9 inch cannon and splattered down the back of the toilet bowl and then a gush of shit... it was over in seconds but I had rarely put so much poo in the toilet. Maybe God was giving me a small taste of what it would be like to push out a baby?
Returning to Tracygirl`s episode I have learned that when you need to go you must go but sometimes this is impossible due to circumstances. I think you did a great thing telling your boyfriend.... it really helps and tests the relationship (positively) and I am glad he was able to help you.

Tom N.
Hi I'm 17 from the UK, I posted a while ago about peeing in front of a girl in a tent, through a gap in the zip of the door.

Today my sister walked in on me shitting in the bathroom (we have no lock) and my cock was resting on the toilet seat with the end hanging over the edge. She said "well I guess that explains why we get puddles in front of the toilet" and then went out again.

She is right, because it is hard to poo without a little pee dribbling out. but I don't like having my dick up against the inside of the toilet when I shit so I do this instead anyway.

now, i`ve always been able to hold my poop or pee for a very long time, i guess it`s like a gift. i could even hold diarrhea poop for days, to the point where i dont even feel like i have to go at all, and there`s usually no pain involved. but the other day my poop was very painfull. i had got the urge to poop early in the day and immediately headed for the toilet, but as soon as i sat down i knew this wasn`t going to be one of my regular poos. i pushed hard and it wouldn`t budge. i pushed with all my might and it started to move, but came with a price. my butthole felt like it was getting ripped open but still i pushed and pushed till it fell out, my hole trobbing. i pushed out another painfull log and finally i was done. my hole was stinging for a while afterwards. i hope that never happens again

1. Who would you most like to see going poop or pee?
If I had to choose one person I'd choose Beyonce
2. Have you ever gone into a bathroom after a girl just took a crap and sniffed the air?
I have many times. I enjoy it everytime too Most of my experiences smelled bad, but Sometimes it was rather weak.
3. Have you ever listened outside the door when a girl is inside pooping? Yes many times but I didnt hear much. Never seemed to experience a gassy one.

4. Can you pee with an erection?
5. If so, how do you do it?
I sit down
6. Have you ever let a girl watch you go poop?
7. If yes, then were you embarrassed or shy when it started coming out?
8. Also if yes, how did she react to you and your pooping in front of her?

Whirly girl - i have been in hospital quite a few times and had to use bed pans. they are pretty gross and you never feel comfortable on them, you kind of elevate your bum area onto it and they put it under you. not very scientific. once i was badly constipated, i hadn't gone for over a week. they gave me an enema to get my bowls moving. when i felt it coming, i got up onto the bed pan and all this liquid, squirty diarrhea came out. only problem was i couldn't get onto it properly so half of it went all over the bed, up my back and on my hospital gown thing. every time i thought it had stopped it came back again and there was mush everywhere. all this whilst lying on your back, and partially in it. for the next few days i had major poop-farts which didn't help either. hope your experience is easier!

Tim (and Sarah)
Hey Rizzo,
nice to see you around and glad to hear you are well. The story about your wife was cool. I bet she enjoyed herself. Shame you missed it ;-). I am also pretty certain you send the occasional stream directly into the ocean, didn't you? Glad to hear you had such a good trip.
I have just come back from a business trip to England where I also visited my brother and his wife. I had two funny toilet experiences there:
After three days of meetings, business dinners and more company social events + traveling I arrived at my brothers place not having had found the right time for the most important business of all: taking a proper dump. I had released a few pathetic mini sausages at a restaurant one evening, but I knew there was more to do. I met with my brother on friday evening and we were going out with a group of friends to dinner. On the way I asked if any drug store was still open- I thought about a suppository, which I forgot at home- but there was nothing around. When we walked from the car to the restaurant my brother took me to the side and asked me what I needed from the drug store. I said it wasn't urgent, I was just constipated. He laughed and said: „No worries! We'll have curries tonight. I bet you tomorrow your problem will be cured." I told him he might right. We had a fantastic meal- Indian Food in England is the best and I was especially keen on the lentil soup for starters, so I had a second helping. After the meal we went to the pub and finished with a few pints. While my guts started to work I wondered why I ever wanted to spent money on a laxative...Then the lentils kicked in...I was so blown up and tried not to fart, but the occasional one slipped and it stank quite badly. I was very sorry for everone within two or three metres radius. While I thought about whether to squezze one out at a pub toilet or abusing my poor brothers hospitality by stinking up their bathroom I suddenly got involved into a little discussion/argument with one of his mates. It wasn't too serious, but we both had our points. Suddenly I felt like: I need a loo right away...I stormed off and went into the gents. There was one stall and two urinals . Unfortunaly the stall was taken. I waited a few minutes. Then I felt my urge to pee was even bigger then anything else, so I decided to have a tinkle first and then...if I still need to go, maybe the stall was free. At the same time my „discussion partner" entered. He came over and asked me if I stormed off, cause I was offended. I replied: „No- no worries, just needing the loo". He gave me a friendly pad on the shoulder and went to use the urinal. I took the other one. As soon as my little friend smelled fresh air a forceful stream started to splatter against the porcelain. It felt great, but I felt quite an urge to fart as well. My thoughts about letting one slip or not where interupted by a quite a loud „braaaaap". My brother's mate was less worried than me. He sighed, said something like a supressed „excuse me" and let another one go. Since the games where opened, I was quite happy to join him. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and let a thunder storm rip. It felt heavenly. Sigh- deep breath- and another big, very noisy and long one. Anyone ever claimed noisy ones don't stink? This one was murder. I exhaled relieved (urge to poop was gone) and said the obligatory: „excuse me". For a moment there was silence, just the noises from our streams on the porcelain. Then the other guy said: „Bloody hell! I never heard ‚Don't mess with me-I shit bigger ones than you' so clearly..." We both burst out with laughter. Another guy came in and gave us a strange look while we stood there bending over with laughter-it was more funny when you were a bit drunk, but still...t.b.c.
Greetings to all, especially the long known „faces" like Adrian, Eric in Chicago or Carmelita.

-'Maltia's survey:
1. Who would you most like to see going poop or pee?
well, i would love to see any girl on the toilet letting out some poo, but if i had to chose i would probably pick beyonce
2. Have you ever gone into a bathroom after a girl just took a crap and sniffed the air?
yeah, i did that a few times, didn`t really smell much though
3. Have you ever listened outside the door when a girl is inside pooping?
no, because i would always be afraid i would get caught
4. Can you pee with an erection?
...yes, if i push it down and lean forward a little
5. If so, how do you do it?
see #4
6. Have you ever let a girl watch you go poop?
no, i would probably be too nervous, although i could see myself watching a girl
7. If yes, then were you embarrassed or shy when it started coming out? see #6
8. Also if yes, how did she react to you and your pooping in front of her?

Kris, I'm also interested in "women with unusually large bladders which result in extraordinarily long urinations" so please let us know of any others you encounter.

today i had my last exam for the year (i'm in australia). the past few days have been really boring and in an attempt to be on a good exam program i have been eating healthily, like fruit, v?????s, dried fruit etc. this has wreaked havoc with my bowls (as usualy). anyway this was a 3 hour exam and at about hte 2 hour mark i desperately needed the toilet. my stomach was gurgling adn i had a major feeling of urgency, but i needed the time in teh exam. i couldn't hold it but couldn't go to the bathoroom either so it all came out and squashed itself into my pants. it stank but there was nothing i could do but finish - the poop and the exam.

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