I have experience with Crohn's disease. I changed my diet to avoiding simple carbohydrates like candy, ice cream, white bread, etc and my symptoms cleared up. The atkins diet helped me alot.

does anyone have stories about being sick with the stomach flu or having food poisoning if so please share thanks

Sammy, how many others were with you in the exam room? Did nyone comment on the smell? Was there noticiable damage to your pants?

londa jean
I would like to tell a story one time I was home by myself and I decided to pee and poop in my trash can in my bedroom It was very fun.

Hey guys, thanks for your concern. I have absolutly no problem shitting in the libraries doorless stalls. My problem is that the females in the hallway can see our feet and undershorts, and hear our farts and grunts and splashes, and smell our shit, etc. I just wish there was a full wall blocking the view from outside the mens room, the way the woman have privacy from the hall.

I shit myself today. In the middle of a supermarket. It's probably the first time that I can actually remember having a true accident in public. I felt like I needed to fart so I did and out came a turd. I just went directly to the washroom and took off my underwear, threw it in the garbage, and went home.


plugged pooper
I am consipated 24 7 can someone give me ideas

hey i havent postedin a while and i had something so funny happen to me the othr day. i was driving home from my sisters home in the next state so as u can fiqure it is a long ride down some deserted back roads. well i started feeling a little gurgle in my t????y but i thought nothing of iy and kept on driving. well about 5 minutes later i realized this was something to deal with cause it hurt like hell i know i was going to shit very soon. so i was starting to look for a gas station or something and nothing for 10 miles and i had to go badly by now it was all i could think of because when u really haft to go it is all u can do to hold on. it was getting worse and all of a sudden i saw a sign for a flash foods station and i was home free. i pull in and start walking briskly to the door i walk in and ask the clerk please wheres your toilet and she said in back but somebody is in there and i was like well they will getting out soon. so i walk back there and stand at the door for a few minutes so i knock on the door but no answer so what the hell i open the door and i almost shit my pants there was a dude sitting on the pot with his pants around his ankles and legs spread wide ( well enduowed) cause u could see it all i just closed the door and asked him to please hurry. well 4 minutes past and i finally heard a flush but then i heard about 5 loud plops in the water and i said outloud please i have to take a crap get off the pot he said soory i ll be 1 more minute well he finally came out and i run in look in the toilet and it is cloged and god did it smell so bad but i really didnt care. i just dropped and sat on the toilet and the door wouldnt lock so i really didnt care i just started plopping away when i hear a knock on the door i said i will be about 5 minutes welll they walked away and i resumed and few minutes later the door flew open with the clerk hoding her stomach she just said sorry and to please hurry this is my break and i need to go . i said ok soi finishup and the toilet is slap full of shit and paper cause it wont flush i just walk out and she flew in there i dont even think she looked in the pot i just heard a wave of soft poop and then she cused proably cuase the piot was full i just ran out and drove off i thought that was so funny.

Hey, me again! I held it in for another 2 hours then ran and peed in the bathtub. It felt soooo good. I reccomend it to everyone. I must of peed 2 minutes stright!!

18 yr. old female here with a pee story.

Ok, I was driving home from school yesterday, when I had the strongest urge to pee. I hadn't gone all day at school and I was really to burst. Luckily I was able to maintain the pressure and I continued my way home. But great, traffic!! I moaned and shifted trying desperatly to make it. 30 minutes later I decided to let out a small squirt, just to relieve a tiny edge. I fought with my muscles to open JUST a tiny gap. I did, although it was pretty hard to force my them closed. 15 minutes later my car still hadn't gone far. It was the worst traffic ever! Suddenly my phone rang and it was my boy friend. I told him my horrible situation and he said to try to hold it the best I could. Well the cars started moving a bit but suddenly I felt a tiny trickled run out. I gasped and pressed a hand holding the river of pee back. More pee leaked out for the next 10 minutes, and it was getting harder to keep it all in. Finally I reached my block. Our street is really bumpy and the whole way up was torture!! Finally I turned and pulled into our garage. I lost control for about 3 seconds as the car hit the curve on the way up. I hopped out and ran into the house, holding myself stright for the bathroom!! I was on the toilet for about 10 minutes getting it all out. My pants were soaked too and there was a 6 inch wet spot on the set or the car!!

To: Brian in the library: Why do you care if your female co-workers know that the men do not have any doors on your toilet stalls? As long as they cannot actually see you sitting on the toilet bowls dropping your logs, I say 'who cares" I've been using doorless toilet stalls at my job for years, but unlike yours, yo need to walk thru 2 entry doors and then aroud a cinder block wall, so we have 100% privacy from the gals. and as for my male co-workers watching my logs drop, again we all shit in there....nobody cares...

For those of you in relationships:
Do you find yourself being able to pee/poop in front of your SO without much shyness?
Was it something you just did right off the bat or had to ease into?
How often do you go in front of them or with them?

I met this really great guy a few weeks ago and we've gotten pretty close- I'm just kind of clueless about how to break into the whole "I like going with my partner" speech. He has seemed ok with it so far when we're on the phone and I tell him I'm "taking him to pee with me".. but he's coming up in a few days to help me move and I'm kind of nervous about how he's going to take a girl that's not really shy about these kinds of things. I've debated just stopping at a rest area and dragging him off into the bushes somewhere to pee with me.... I spose we'll see lol
Anyone that could share their experiences breaking into this realm of their relationship would be much appreciated!

One time, when I was 7 or 8, I was dreaming that I was peeing in the toilet, but when I woke up I was peeing in my pajamas.

Hihi!!! I searched around the posts--guess my thing did get posted, with only ??????? blocking the link.

I'm sorry about not repling to all of you--I guess I don't search for those too ofen.

Anyway, I have another story for my 'kidhood', and I was like in, um, either 1st or 2nd grade, no idea. Well anyway Kit-Kit, well I guess I can say her name here now, her real name is Kim, and we dared Sam(antha)(my friend, not my kid!), and we dared me that we wouldn't pee the whole school day. Remember how I said I barely peed in those grades? Well that dare was a piece of pie(I like pie better than cake lol) with my super abilty not hjaving to go to the broom = my mega-bladder. I can hold it up to 3-4 or something hours, my mega-bladder only turned me down once, like, when I was five or something, I don't have good memory. Anyway, we had to go to a play in the audiotrium(duh) that the high schoolers were putting on, something about the nursery rhymes or whatever. Well, the play was looooong, something about an hour, we had to sit cross legged on the dirty floor, lol. It was one of those days where I didn't have to pee, y'know? Well, I was in the middle, and Sam and Kim were sitting on the sides of me. Well I was watching Sam and she seemed a little 'figity', if ya know what I mean. Kim was doing fine, well, um, except for the random switch of legs. Well, half and hour later:

Kim-Still switching legs.
Me-My stomach hurts.
Sam-Swifting around on her foot in her crotch.

Well, after the play:

Kim-Doing the same thing.
Me-Is my appendix inflamed or something? I don't have to go the bathroom.


Kim-Fine...wierd, eh?
Sam-Lost it.

Yep, Sam peed herself. We couldn't stop snickering, well, Kim couldn't, but I had to stop when I barfed. Yep, and that's when I got the stomach flu. So, I guess Kim won. Bummer, eh?

One time I was at my preschool placew and it was naptime Well, I had a friend and he alays made fun of me and my friends, and no I can't remeber his name. Well, I asked if I ould go to the broom. She answered yes. There's a broom in my classroom, and it wasn't private, not doors, stalls, or anything! So I got to see the boys pee standing up all the time, lol. Well then when I entered the bathroom, my other teacher was in their with the guy who made fun of me--he peed his cot. REVENGE!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!!! Lol.

I would post more, but Sam(my kid) wants to use the comp., so bye!!!

I didn't post this up because I thught it wasn't for, but I read the rules and I think it's allowed. Here they are:

When I was in 3rd grade, I went in te bathroom and sat down to pee when another kid comes in and takes this noisy, big, messy crap. I mean, some of it fell on the floor! I was disgused(being the 'girly girl' I am) I took a paper towel(when I was finished) and put water on it, scrunched it up in a ball and threw it over into the stall, and the gal in it says, "WHAT THE HECK?!"(we weren't allowed to curse, even in the bathrooms.) So I run out of the bathroom as quick as I can, like, for my life! And dat was dat.

Ciao 4 now!

Frustrated in Florida-- May I make a suggestion? Have you ever heard of digital stimulation? Actually Tracygirl illuded to it. Digital stimulation uses a finger to stimulate the bowels to start moving, its often done for people who have spinal cord injuries. You put a libricated finger in your anus and move it gently around in a circle. If you use a soap like ivory as a lubricant it works even better because it cases the bowel to contract in an effort to get the irritant (soap) out. I've done it myself often. You've written that you normally go between 10:00 and 11:00, next time you're with your boyfriend why not make a point of letting him HELP you go?

tracygirl in high heels-- Tracy I think the natural position to sit and poop on a western toilet is with the weight on the balls of one's feet, heels in the air. The body human seems to know that the more of a squatt we get into for straining the better. If you look for them, you can find pictures of woman pooping on the net. THe genuine ones almost all have there heels off the floor. So yes, even though I don't where
high heels (being a man) I am sure it would help.- JW

On the subject of doorless toilet stalls: I've used them my whole life. First throughout school from first grade thru 12th...Then at the plant where I've worked for 20+ years...and of course parks, etc. Its absolutly no big deal for guys (I would imagine gals need their privacy while shitting) But hey, nobody stares at nobody, we just do our business, and the good thing is our 'stinks' are dispersed evenly when there are no doors....Just use them..

Me and my friend had been to a concert. She's 16 and I'm 17. After the concert we went home to her grandmas place. We went to bed. I slept in the sofa in her livingroom. I woke up hearing that someone entered the toilet. Her grandma had went to work already. i listened for some sounds from there. I thought she was only brushing her teeth or peeing but after a minute or something i heard a loud "ploop" and then some seconds after another plopp. I get a little exited but wasn't sure if she was pooping. a pretty long time went on without anything then after about 7-8 minutes i heard grunting and some moaning and a gigantic kerplonk splash sound and a relieved aaaah. After that nothing and after some minutes she flushed and sprayed with airfreshener. So no planning just get to hear a 20minutes long poop from a reallygood looking girl in the morning.

Mr. Clogs
Carmalita: Hey, thanks for your response and as always a pleasure reading yor posts and give your friends my regards.

Outdoor Jenny: Hey great post with your neighbor, maybe you and your neighbor should get together and have an out door esxperience again, it was fun to read. thanks.

I've got a quick post to share here goes:

Yesteday that would be friday. Friday's I have off and free time to splerge I suppose. I used my buckey yesterday to take my dump in, which means round two. So I grabbed the bucket from out the closet and removed the lid off and plaed it on the floor. I got into postion and let nature handle it's business. First I peed into the bucket followed by some soft smelly poop which stunk up my room a bit. Once I was finished, I wen into the bathroom to wipe up and washed my hands. Later on that morning, I dumped the nasty bucket into the toilet, took a shower and washed clothes.

Well got to go, take care.--Mr Clogs

Hi my name is Kerri,
I am a first time poster on this site, although I love to read about people and hear their stories from this site. Me and my friends always watch each other poop and pee.

So my story begins when me and my friend Sydney were driving to New York, there had been an accident on the main road so we went through one of the back ways. After about an hour of driving, Sydney said she needed to go to the bathroom. So I pulled over in the woods and right before she got out I dared her to do it completely naked. She excepted my challenge on one condition what ever she did I had to do the exact same thing. So I unlocked the doors and sshe got out of the car got completely naked and then said follow me. So I got completly naked and followed her as she ran through the woods. Then she stoped behind a tree and squated down and began to pee. She peed for about 3-4 minutes then laid down quite a pile of poop. MAybe 4 logs and a couple of small pieces. She looked at me and said your turn so I squated and started to pee and poop. In the middle of my second log a young boy about 9 years old comes running up, He looked at me peeing and pooping and just stared, my friend started to run, because the boy was looking at both of us naked then I started to run with my friend with a log dangling out and pee rushing down my legs. The time was so intense that I Keep pooping while I was running. Then when we got back to the car I finished pooping cleaned up, then drove to New York naked with my friend.


I forgot, please forgive me guys!

Seth OC: Please tell me more about the girl that saw you pooping in the park. I wish it was me.

Nature Boy: thanks for answering my survey. Hope you get lucky letting some girl watch you go.

Chris from Pennsylvania: I wish you could've been the guy at the port o potty checking out my turds. They were big ones.

Jenifer: I have a pee accident story from about 3 years ago. I was very drunk and walking home from a neighborhood bar. About a block from my house, I just flooded my pants. I could feel hot piss like a fountain squirting down both legs. It was January and my legs and pussy were just freezing from being wet. It was a yucky mess. Later that night, I had diarhea in my bed from having so much to drink. Enchanting, huh?

Mr. Clogs: thanks for mentioning my friends, that is sooooo sweet of you! Most of the gang has sort of dissappeared. Renee and Patsy moved away and we don't see Angie much anymore. She calls every now and then, but for the most part, she's drifted away from us. Damn she was sexy! My friend Dan who has taken many photos of me, comes over a lot. He's a real sweet guy. He lets me watch him pee and it's great. I love watching him for two reasons: A, he gets so shy about it, and B, it takes him awhile to get started and his dick jerks up a couple of times before the piss comes out.

Now, the reason I asked on my survey about being able to pee with an erection is because of what happened a few weeks back. Dan let me watch him pee, and I asked if I could hold onto it while he did. He's so tall that I felt like a little runt standing next to him. I thought I'd feel vibrations or something in his dick while he squirted, but instead the skin was really soft. After a few seconds he started getting harder, then pulled my hand away. He said "I think we'd better stop with the touching, I have to finish." It was such a coool experience!

Some Poo updates:
1. Yesterday at work, a mexican woman really took a huge dump in the ladies room. I'd come in to wash my hands and I can't believe how many plops I counted just from one woman! It really smelled too. She sure did some good pooping. This woman must have crapped out 10-12 logs before pulling off toilet paper. I then heard her wiping her butt. I left at that point.

2. Last night Nu took a huge and rotten smelling dump. She was on the toilet for about 20 minutes. When she finished, the whole apt. smelled like her shit. We had to open the door and it's cold outside! For anyone who might not know who Nu is, she's a very lovely Vietnamese girl with piercing eyes and the whitest teeth in the world. I call her "la hermosa" (the beautiful one). However, her poo wasn't so beautiful!

Oh well, guess that's it. Love you all!

Marisol Carmalita

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