Hola todos,

Lizzie M: Hot story hon. Wish I could have seen your friend shitting in the bushes.

Hey Outdoor Jenny: I loved your story about pooping off the deck! I can just see you and it's a nice vision. I love pooping outdoors, it's my favorite thing. It even smells better outdoors. I can really relate to the greasy food feeling.

Mr. Clogs: Hey amigo, dug your story about the desperate pee in the urinal. I love watching men pee. It's funny, I'm not real experienced in this area, but I've seen a few guys piss.

Gruntley Bogwell: You speak Spanish very well, I'm impressed. Estoy bien impresionada. Me encanta mucha cuando los hombres me hablan espanol. It's too bad I can't speak it to you directly because I really like it when men speak it to me. Te envio un beso.

Me, Nu, and a friend of ours named Chrissy, went horseback riding yesterday morning. It was Nu's first time and she was a little scared of the horse. I'm okay around horses, so I helped her get mounted. The weather was beautiful even though it was cold.
Just after we'd finished our ride, I had to take a wicked poop. It must have been all that bouncing around in the saddle that loosened me up. There were 4 port-o-pottys in a row near the corral gate, so I hurried over to the one on the end to do my business. Feeling desperate, I quickly yanked down my jeans and stood bent over, with my butt hovering over the hole. I let out a really nasty fart and immediately squeezed out 3 big long ones. (My big ones are usually about as big around as the handle-end of a baseball bat). They landed all folded up like sausages. They were also kind of yellow in color and very thick and smelly. Fortunately for me, the turds slid out nice and easy as if I had butter up in my ass. I had to fan the air because woooo-weeeeee it stunk! I wiped 5 times and tossed the paper down into the hole.

When I came out, Nu and Chrissy were standing around talking. As I was walking toward them, I noticed this guy looking at me. He was just a short distance from the outhouses. My first thought was "could he hear me in there? I'll bet he heard those big turds hitting the bottom." It didn't matter because I hadn't really made much noise except for the fart. Sure enough, he wandered into the exact same porto that I used. There were 4 empties, yet he chose mine. There was an extremely nasty pile waiting for him. The smell in that thing wasn't so sweet either because it was one of my more rotten dumps. He'd only been in there a few minutes. We waited around just to see if he'd look at me when he came out. When he did come out, he smiled at me. Me and the girls just started laughing out loud, then wandered back to our car. Chrissy kept making farting sounds really loud to tease him and I'd push her and say "knock it off!"

So, with that scenario fresh in mind, I got to thinking about doing a survey of my own:
Sorry, but this one's for the guys only:

1. Who would you most like to see going poop or pee?
2. Have you ever gone into a bathroom after a girl just took a crap and sniffed the air?
3. Have you ever listened outside the door when a girl is inside pooping?
4. Can you pee with an erection?
5. If so, how do you do it?
6. Have you ever let a girl watch you go poop?
7. If yes, then were you embarrassed or shy when it started coming out?
8. Also if yes, how did she react to you and your pooping in front of her?


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Frustrated in Florida. Deb, hope you dumped your load in the most satisfying way. I realy think you are wonderful for not being so "closed up" and addressing the issue that pooing is a normal function, it is enjoyable and can even be sexy! Unfortunately we are taught the opposite and this is sad. Cannot wait for your post.

Now to answer the survey
1. Relief from piss or poo. Both can be wonderful experiences, however, a really big poo is divine. I feel so much lighter (like the one I had minutes ago, The last couple of days I have been a bit clogged but it all has just come out effortlessly). Also it is much easier to empty a full bladder so the reward for emptying a full bowel is much greater.
2. I have had some long pisses...never times it
3.Holding pee. A few hours
4. How long held poo some hours and then when opportunity go.
5. Size of bladder. I would think average but sometimes it seems small (mornings on a cold day)
6. Accident due to denied permission. Never happened
7. Accident in traffic jam. Never happened
8. Pee in container. Many times: urine samples, in hospital, on a boat etc
9. Male
10. Girl pee or poo. I would be glad to see either but clearly a good solid struggle with a poo, ending in success.

Mr. Clogs
Carmalita: Hey, great posts as usual. Yeah the poor toilet of yours couldn't handle the flush. I guess your toilet and I should switch names or something. Say hello to your friends and take care.

PeeMonster: Thanks for thinking about me and I really enjoyed your post. Well I guess your neighbor would appreciate the lovely surprise that's coming for her if you know what I mean. Hey at least you gave her some exra human manure to fertilize those flowers for her too. So very thoughtful and creative of you to do. Oh I got another idea if you're really daring, why not do the same thing, but instead of poop in the vase, how about some really nasty smelly golden yellow urine in the vase with some flowers, with the card, and a nice bow or ribbon to top it off! If you're really feeling naughty, take a crap and piss into the vase with the flowers and cards to top it off. Thanks for posting, again I really enjoyed this one, and take care.

EmoGirl: Thanks for responding, well just wondering if it did, I know it would for me. I have to stop drinking the tea for a couple of days to get it like that. Well as long as it did, doesn't matter.

I got a quick post to share, this one I call the container post so here goes. This morning I needed to take a dump, so I held in my poop and piss from last time I used the bathroom, I guess to brsh my teeth. So around 9 this morning I needed to use the bathroom. Since I haven't gone to the bathroom in my blue plastic 5-quart bucket since the summer, I decided to dust off the old buckut and decided to take my morning dump in it instead of the toilet. So I grabbed my bucket and placed it on the floor, remove my pj pants, got into position and let it rip! Man did it stink too. While in position, I let some pee into the bucket too so it keeps the turds from sticking to the bottom of the container making it easy to dump out later. it was quick one, looked to be a large grape fruit size turd mixed in with some pee. i went to bathroom wipe up and wash my hands. Later that morning, I dumped that nasty bucket into the toilet and riced it out for next use.

Sorry folks for being long winded, but the posts here were really interesting ones. Got to go for now take care and have a nice weekend.

--Mr. Clogs

I've just been to the gym. Said Good Morning to the female receptionist, went into the changing room and got changed.
I decided I neede a shit, so I wnt into one of the two cubicles, which are right next to the showers.
A bloke was dryning himself outside the shower, He was only 2 feet away as I let it slide out.
SPLAT, the first one dropped. PLOP, the next. PLOOP, the third, and finally PLUNK, the fourth. The bloke would have been able to hear everything.
I pulled the chain and wiped my bum. It took about 20 sheets.
I flushed again, sprayed with air freshener, then left

Although I've posted here a few times on a topic of interest to me, namely women with unusually large bladders which result in extraordinarily long urinations, it comes up so infrequently that I seem to bump into it more often Googling "Large Bladder Capacity" and "medical study." This last search came up with an April 2005 report of a 59 year-old patient with a bladder capacity of 5,360 ml. (That may not have been this individuals upper limit.) But I thought Casiie was adorable when she wrote about taking that nine minute pee at work with the other girl, only to find the girl going back into the stall and pee for another 5 and-a-half minutes. I can relate- on both sides.

My huge bladder and extremely long pees have always been a part of me but as long as one can relieve themselves in the private of ones home no sweat. They only become a problem when I catch myself holding an enormous amount in public and have to go; that is true of any woman with a mega-bladder. Well I think I've already written some time ago here about another woman who works in the same office complex I do. She is a secretary who I inauspiciously discovered one day taking a pee in the restroom that just would not end! Beyond being shocked and overwhelmed by her endless performance it sort of shook me out of my pee-shyness. After I heard her, I secretly went to work to trained my already very oversized bladder to hold more and pee longer. Perhaps it was a competitive thing or an exhibitionistic thing, who knows.

Over the last year she and I have bumped into each other numerous times in the office restroom with varying results but it normally ends up that one of us, usually both, will be peeing away with no end in sight. Peeing as we do, our bladder capacities have naturally come up as a topic of conversation as we wash up at the sink or refresh our make-up. She like I has always been an extremely long pee 'er- 5 minutes barely puts a dent in her supply- but interestingly she swears she has a younger sister with an even larger bladder. We were peeing away one late afternoon and neither one seemed to run dry as the interminable minutes wore on, when I made some little comment to her over in her stall. She shot back with a remark like it was lucky her sister wasn't there as she would put both of us to shame. That is a truly scary thought.

Our long peeing sessions have also gotten us into a bit of hot water at work. I was walking across to the restroom one day back in August when she passed my hurriedly into the place without even doing her normal little "Hello." It was obvious this was going to be a long-long peeing session for her. Anyway we were sone peeing away minute after minute when her fringin' cell phone rings in her purse. She abruptly halted her pee flow to answer it...and I did the same out of common courtesy. I mean you don't want a client to be hearing some waterfall in the background while they are conducting business. I think I sat there silently in the stall for a good five minutes while she chattered on. And after she was done with the call, I heard this little sigh followed by an epithet and a veritable gyser shooting into the toilet. I released my own stream and poof- we were off again as she apologized for the time-out, saying that it was a hectic day at her office. Enough said. But a minute and-a half later, with us still peeing away, the damn cell phone went off again. With that I silently told my still fairly full bladder to just hold it until I drove home; I wiped up and left the stall having not finished my urination. But this story has a funny little ending.

I was at the sink when her cell call ended. She quickly wiped, flushed and joined me as I was about to brush my hair. Shaking her head and again cursing the day, she looked over at me and smiled as if to say "I can't even find the time to pee completely." I grinned back and we both looked at each other as if to reflect on the irony of the restroom situation. Then an almost telepathic moment came over us. She stared at me...I stared back. "Are you done?" "No." "Oh then f**k it." She grabbed her purse and went back into the stall. I laughed and went back in mine. We peed and peed and peed for more minutes until we were- at long last- dry.I think she may have beaten me by perhaps thirty seconds in the never ending deluge.

On that day we both probably beat Casiie's friend by a comfortable margin when you factor in all the cell phone delays plus the pee we each took lasting twin figures minutes-wize.

This past week I was home for about 3 days. And this is yet ANOTHER woman taking a dump near me, but this time there were stalls and doors. I went to the mall and I was at the back of the store when the urge hit me. I went to the washroom and there was only 2 stalls. I noticed the absence of urinals and double checked the sign on the door to make sure it said MENS, which it did. I also noticed as I checked this that the women's washroom across the hall with it's door open also only had 2 stalls, and both had signs on them which read "Out of order". I thought about it momentarily as I sat down. Just then someone else walked in and took the cubical next to mine and without hesitation began unpacking what sounded to be a large bowel movement. There were no grunts, just farts and splatters. I finished my logs and started to wipe. I heard the other person unrolling TP, but as I started wiping I heard another blast of gas followed by a LOT of diarhea. I finished wiping, flushed and got my pants back up. By this point the other person was wiping too. I went to the sink and just as I was drying my hands off the other toilet flushed and out walked a WOMAN who stopped dead in her tracks and said she was terribly sorry. I said "For what? Just cause a toilet's out of order doesn't mean you don't have to go!" and laughed. She managed a smile but I think she was a bit uncomfortable about having just taken a dump in the wrong washroom. I'd have filled her in on some of my past experiences if she stuck around!
Been an interesting 7 weeks or so!

hye my names katie, im 20 years old, and im a junior in college. I am 5'7/5'8 120 Ibs. and i have very blonde hair tan skin and bright blue eyes, i guess you can say i am a very good looknig girl ( so i have been told). Well two years ago when i was freshmna in college i didnt have my car up at college with me cuz at the college i go to freshmna cant bring a car to school. Well i was driving home with my dad after he got me and we were going home for fall break. halfway trough the trip i fewlt my stomach startted to hurt bad and i knew i needed to poop. I might also add that i was still very drunk from the night b4 and had a HUGE hangover. My dad just thought i was tired. I told my dad that if we didnt stop somewhere that i was going to shit my pants. W e were near any bathrooms or buildings so my dad actually pulled off to the side of the road and told me to go now on the side of the rtoad or wait 25 min till we get near some buildings, and i sure as hell couldnt wait that long. I ver slowly got out of the car cause i was half alive aftetr all the alcohol. I pulled my pants down and sqauted on the side of the road. I farted 3 times and then let 6-7 slimy pieces of poop out . While i was shitting i fell over and passed out...i was way too hungover.. My dad notcied and stood me up on the car notcicng that i had passed out and figured out it was because i had partyed hard the night b4. ( plus i told him later on). He notcied that i ahd already pooped and he grabbed some paper out of the trunk and bent me over and wiped my ass. how embarrising is that for your dad to wipe your own ass when your 18 years old. After he finsihed wiping me he pulled up my pants and put me in the back seat. W hen we got home he told me what happened and i had never been so embarrased in my life. My dad and i are still close toay though despsite suhc an incidient.

TO EmoGirl:
Whoa! Forty-five min - 1 hr is 'a long day at the office' for me (diarrhoea or constipation!)

TO Mandy S.:
Too bad you couldn't leave a good tip for the cleaning staff at the front desk. From your description, it sounds like they may have had to renovate the room to get it ready for the next guest! LOL!

BTW, did you figure out what it was that kept you gushing?

TO PeeMonster:
OMG!! You pooped in a vase and gave it to her!??
You really do have an evil streak! LOL!!

For the survey:

1. What is better, the thrill of relieving a full bladder, or taking a huge, good shit?
>>For me, the best is a good shit that leaves me with a real empty feeling & my anus tingling.

2. What was the longest piss you took?
>>I don't know. I've often kept track of how long it takes to poop, but not usually pee. Off hand, I'd say 1 1/2 or 2 min.

3. What was the longest you have ever held your pee?
>>I'm not sure. Probably 8 or 10 hours.

4. How long for a poop?
>>Willingly: I'd say 2 days.
>>*Unwillingly*: I can VIVIDLY remember a bad bout of constipation that left me unable to have a BM for 7 days. In the morning of Day 7, I went to see my Dr. for help. He didn't give any though, but ironically, it was later that afternoon when the “dam broke” all by itself.

5. Do you have a large or small bladder?
>>I don't know. I'd say average for a male like myself in his early 30's.

6. Have you ever had an accident because a teacher or parent denied you permission?

7. Have you ever had an accident because of a traffic jam?
>>I don't drive, so I guess the answer by default is 'no'. However, I do have a long train commute, and a number of times my focus had to be 110% on keeping me from shitting myself or pissing my pants in a train car filled with hundreds of other commuters.

8. Have you ever peed in a container?
>>All the time. In fact, in case I don't feel like walking to the bathroom at 3 AM for a big piss, I usually just pee into a glass or the small paper trashcan in my room.
I find peeing in even a relatively large glass can be risky every now and then. A few times I've had more coming out than the glass could hold. (On one occasion I made the mistake of putting a nearly filled pee glass on the same spot I usually reserve for my morning glass of water. You can no doubt guess what happened when I woke up and took a big sleepy gulp of what should have been a glass of water!!)

9. (For the Gals) Have you ever stood up to take a piss or used a urinal, please explain your technique.
>> . . .

10. (For the Guys) Would you rather see a girl pee or poo?
>>Definitely, seeing a woman have a lovely big poop.



Hi everyone!

Great posts!
Mandy S. I wish I was the toilet maid! yesterday I was in a small restaurant for lunch, and at one point it was only 20 women and me. When I finished my soup, I needed to pee. So I checked out the loos. Two of course but literally two, one stall for each. And there was a queue of two ladies in front of me. This girl, roughly mid 20s, slim, about 5 foot 6-8 used the loo in front of me, and commented as she passed by me that 'it wouldn't flush'. Once I went in I found out what 'it' was. It was massive. About as thick as my wrist is 9 inches girth or 3 inches diameter. Now that is fat. Add to this it was poking out of the loo, and under the bend! I got a fright, and then a boner as I imagined her sat there, trying to push this monster out! It only took her 2 mins, as I saw her go in! There was a lovely but mild smell of poo. A girl knocked on the door, so i did my wee, flushed....and it was still there! So I left safe knowing my wee took 30 secs and I wasn't going to get the blame for it!

Its such a pity that there isn't a website that we can photo and post pictures of 'big ones' as This was a GIANT!

well gotta go,

If your ever in ????????, check out ?????????! It may be still there!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mandy S.
I just got back from a business trip out in Massachusetts. Before I got on the plane to go over there I ate a huge meal at McDonalds. I got on the plane and could feel a rumbling sensation in my stomach. I decided to hold it as the urge to poop was very little. After I got off, I met up with a co-worker in Boston, and we went to a luncheon before a business meeting. It was buffet style and of course, all you can eat. I stuffed myself full. The day went on and about 6:30 the meeting was over and I went to check in at a Holiday Inn express nearby. About 8:00 I was watching tv in my room and a bad cramp came upon me so I headed for the toilet. I sat down on the small thing, one of those stupid 1.6 gallons per flush type of potties, with a small seat that is not as comfortable as a bigger toilet. I sat down and immediately started to push as the cramps became worse. It felt as though I was going to have a massive attack of diarrhea, but nothing came out. I sat for a couple of minutes and strained again. A large 2 inch diameter turd emerged and plopped down leaving a huge skid mark. After the first turd fell, a second one was already diving out into the water and was almost identical in size, almost a foot long. I thought that was all, but the severe cramps still lingered in my stomach. I hunkered down one more time, grabbed ahold of the seat and squeezed. Liquid diarrhea sprayed out of my ass. I sat for several minutes with several spouts of mush coming out of me. When I started to feel relieved, I pulled off some paper and looked down. The toilet, which was white was now almost all brown on the inside, except the front part of the bowl. I couldn't even see the two huge turds I started out with. Feeling better, I wiped, flushed and sure enough those huge logs clogged the potty. I pulled my thong and capri pants back up and went to watch tv to let the turds soften a little. Well I fell asleep and totally forgot about them. I woke up at about 4 am and had another bad cramp. I headed for the toilet again, but in the dark. Lifted up the seat cover and the smell was terrible. I tried to flush again, but it was still clogged! So, I lifted my nightgown, sat down and pushed more liquid poo out of my ass. This went on for about 15 minutes before I could wipe and go back to bed. Luckily the next morning I showered and went to the lobby bathrooms to pee. I checked out of my smelly room, felt better, but yet felt sorry for the poor maid who would have to clean that mess up.

Hey Sarah in Calgary. I had the same problem as you. I had MAJOR diarrhea (I nearly had accidents many times) and I had VERY bad cramps. I would recommend changing your diet to whole-grain foods (oatmeal, rice, cereal) and drinking at least four glasses of water a day. I did that for a few months and I didn't have diarrhead sometimes and I had less cramps (though I was still in pain). I know take Yasmin birth control pills and they have gotten rid of the cramps, the diarrhea, and bloating and now I can eat ANYTHING without feeling ill during my period. Hope that helps.

Good morning--cool here after rain. Nothing unusual to report after a weekend trip; my own bowels are slowly returning to normal now a month after my surgery. This morning I came in, read the latest posts (nice one from Carmalita), checked a couple of other sites, and felt the urge to defecate. I went into the bathroom, peed first (you have no idea what a wonderful thing it is to be able to do that; you'll find out if ever you can't), then sat on the rim and leaned way forward for maximum projection. I was really ready, so when I pushed, the poop came out in one swift impulse, lasting maybe a second and making a soft hissing sound (fffffff) and then a soft splash. I squeezed off a short piece (my poops are still slightly softer than normal, perhaps the consistency--and even the color--of peanut butter) and then stood up to see. As I stood, another small piece dropped in. My poop stretched from the front of the bowl to near the back, then doubled over; at that point it had broken and three other shorter pieces had come to rest on top and beside the main one. The poop was perhaps an inch and an eighth to an inch and a quarter thick and (as I measured using a 4" square of toilet paper) a total of 22" long. That would yield a volume of perhaps 24 cubic inches, which is a big movement for me. I decided to see how fast it had come out. Using one second as the time and 22 inches as the rate, that makes 110 feet a minute or 6600 feet an hour: slightly over one mile an hour. Since I didn't time it, and my impression was that it was out in less than a second, it could have been faster than that. In any event, a nice movement, close enough to normal to be fairly comfortable. I cleaned up with three sets of toilet paper, each used twice, the last with a small dollop of Noxzema on it for cleansing.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Great Holder
Casiie: I have some questions about that trip to FL. How come your b.f. didn't need to pee after 6 hours driving. He must have a super bladder too. And his car must have some gas mileage since you never stopped at a gas station. How about it? Let's have some more stories.

Tate: The best way to measure bladder capacity is to drink a lot of water before going to bed. Your bladder will be relaxed while you sleep and get to maximum capacity--when your bladder has swollen up to your belly button. Then pee into a measuring cup (3 pint capacity). You will find an accurate capacity. You can also do that every other night and take the average of 3 or 4 morning pisses.

I took a piss outside today. I was at a school football game at an arena, and I really had to pee soo badly. The line for the ladies' room was kind of long, and it wasn't very clean either. It is an outdoor arena with a small building. At the side of the building there were a few trees and some bushes, so I went behind there, pulled down my pants and panties, and peed. I felt so relieved. I don't think I was the only one that used that spot.

CD: Both of my turds were about 12 inches long, and maybe 1 and a half inches in diameter..pretty thick. I had to strain and push really hard. It probably took me about half an hour or forty five minutes though, not too long. The funny thing is that when I wiped the paper was almost clean. I guess the poo was so hard that it wasn't even dirty!

Mr Clogs: It did hurt a bit but it actually felt really good. I love huge turds that stretch my bum hole.


Once when I was 4 I was at some kind of formal party with my parents. I had to pee reall really bad but my mom wouldnt listen to me, she was too busy "socializing", and when i went over to my dad (holding my crotch by now and almost crying) he too ignored my pleas to find a potty. no one would listen to me. I started to look around for a bathroom, most of the doors were shut tho...i was about to cry becuz i knew if i peed on myself in my new suit i would get in a lot of trouble. There was a small bedroom door open, i ran over to it looking for maybe a master bathroom. I pushed the door open little and no one was in the room so went in. I shut the door behind me. I looked around the room and there was no bathroom just 2 closets...i was about to cry becuz i could feel alittle squirt. I was holding myself so tight i thought my penis was gonna fall off. There just happened to be a large plant in an even larger pot by the window. I ran back to the door and locked it. I was going to take a leak somewhere damnit! As soon as i locked the door i ran back to the plant by the window feeling another small squirt. I finally reached my destination and pulled down my pants as fast as i could. As soon as my pants were at my knees i instantly began to pee. I just couldnt hold it, and it felt soooo good to release the pressure. I spread my legs and moved closer to the plant so i didnt piss on the floor. I was going so hard i was splashing alittle onto the rim of the pot. I watched as a strong stream hit the dirt and made an indention. After about a minute there was a puddle and i was still going. I didnt think my penis would ever stop. Finally about 3 minutes later i began to slow down and soon it was nothing but a dribble. I stroked and shook my penis a few times and pulled up my pants. There was a large puddle in the dirt in the pot. I ran out of that room as fast as i could. no one ever knew!

Clean up guy
Hello my fellow poopers. I'm sorry I havn't posted in a while.
Carmalita: I loved your post.
Casiie: I liked your stoy.

This morning i did a super big poop. Yesterday i ate a alot of sank foods and a big diner (chicken brown spicy rice).last night i was fartting alot omg it the smell was BAD! (SBD)
This mornig woke up i farted then i got thw urge to poop. So rushed to the bathroom, closed the door. I pulled down my shorts and boxers and sat down on my padded toilet seat. When sat down i farted pfffffffffffffft then a smooth soft serve light brown poop came out of my butt, it kept comming and comming. It was so long that it cured up in the bottom of the toilet. That turd had to be at least 20 inches long. Also i poop out some small pebbles. Gosh the smell was very bad i even had the fan on too. Any way my ???? was sill hurting so i pushed and pushed but nothing came out so i wiped. I had t wipe about 5or 6 times and i flushed the toilet. When i flushed the toilet, my poop went down but there were some thick skid marks left in the bowl. So i turned on the shower and i went to sink to wash my hands and brush my teeth. After i got done brushing my teeth i felt need to fart and my stomach started to hurt so I sat back on the toilet. I had more poop in me. When i sat down i farted pffffffft then a very long smooth poop came out of my butt it was so long it touched the water before it broke off. After that i felt so much better.So i wiped and flushed. Then i hoped in the shower. While in the shower i needed too pee. So I peed down drain.
I you you all liked my story.
I have a question. I want too poop outside. But i live in a big city. Plus i stay in a apartment. Where can i poop at. Any suggestions??

CD: She's been fun to play with.. to say the least. LOL

Mr.Clogs: My latest episode with her I figured you'd enjoy.. since it involves a container :)

Neighbor still driving me nuts.. Landlord doing nothing (do they ever really do anything? LOL). Dog still crapping on my porch.. nerves still on edge lol. So I decide the war has got to end (I'm a sweetheart no?). Being the angel I am.. I went to the store a purchased this really pretty pink glass crackle type vase. My first step towards being a good neighbor right? hehe. So I get this vase home and tie a pretty little ribbon around the top of it... I spent the entire night stuffing myself with oatmeal and fiber cereal. Around midnight I am just swollen from having to poop so badly. I pushed my butt to the lip of that vase and shit like I have never shit before in my life. I filled it maybe 1/3 of the way.. and decided that was the perfect amount to hold up the lovely flowers I'd gotten from the store for her. I arranged the really cute flowers and attached a card that said "To a really great gal that anyone would be lucky to know".. and left it on her porch. I guess since it's been cold as hell here lately, the smell wasn't apparent right off the bat.. because she took them inside when she got home from school lol. I think having it in her warm house must have been overwhelming for her.. it ended up in the dumpster the next day.. but the thought of her having to smell my shit all day was delightful.

For the survey:

1. What is better, the thrill of relieving a full bladder, or taking a huge, good shit? Full bladder.. it's a constant feeling for me lol
2. What was the longest piss you took? Not sure.. I pee multiple times a day.. usually medium amounts non stop.
3. What was the longest you have ever held your pee? I can barely hold it 8 hours while I sleep without squirming so.. not long.
4. How long for a poop? 11+ hours
5. Do you have a large or small bladder? :P They're all about the same size lol
6. Have you ever had an accident because a teacher or parent denied you permission? Nope!
7. Have you ever had an accident because of a traffic jam? Once or twice I've had a bit of pee slip out.. but never a full blown accident
8. Have you ever peed in a container? Yep.. tons of them
9. (For the Gals) Have you ever stood up to take a piss or used a urinal, please explain your technique. I LOVE standing while I pee.. the past week or so I've just been spreading my legs and standing over the toilet and peeing. It's a good feeling.
10. (For the Guys) Would you rather see a girl pee or poo?

I'm gonna move soon.. within the next couple of weeks. I'm debating putting on a diaper for the trip to save on time.. Considering I have to pee about every 45 minutes lately.. it'll save a LOT of time. Any of you ever used one? If so- are they uncomfortable once you've filled them?

I never crap @ work 'cause the toilet smells so bad and I don't want my boss to play pranks on me whilst I'm in there, so I always nip out to use the toilets in the local town hall. I think the women receptionists know exactly what I go to the toilet for 'cause they see me go past a lot, which is quite embarrassing!

Anyway, today, I was so desperate for a crap that I had to leave work just when 3 really fit girls came in to buy something! Damn my bowels! I walked quickly down to the town hall and when I finally got there, I parked my arse on the seat and let out the stinkiest shit I've done in a long time! Oh boy did it smell bad! I don't envy the poor person who has to clean those toilets 'cause I often do really bad stinkers in there! I wonder if I'll ever get banned! Haha!

yo tim

it happens dude. try some long john silvers the morning after 18 milwaukee's bests - did that last weekend and had a crazyass case of the squirts all day. didn't notice cramps that bad but my stomach would gurgle and I had to hit the can like NOW - it was pretty freakin nasty, totally liquid and gas. not really any warning either, I accidently let some squirt out once during the day.

Frustrated in Florida
To Thunder: Regarding your question, after I got home I still had a little bit of diarreah, but then I was back to normal. But then last weekend, I got a little constipated again. I was at home by myself this time, and it was nothing like the other weekend. It was the first time ever that I can remember being constipated when I wasn't with my boyfriend, but maybe it's just because I'm thinking about it so much now, I might not have even noticed a little bit of extra pushing and hard poo before. I don't think I have irritable bowel syndrome because this never happened before I started seeing my boyfriend. I think you might be right that it's psychological that I'm uptight (literally) about taking a shit in front of him.

To Aussie John: Thanks for the advice. I'm going to see my boyfriend again this weekend, and I think I'll buy a fleet mineral oil enema and a regular enema and have them in my suitcase in case it happens again. In case I can't make it to the toilet, I'll have my boyfriend hold the bucket under my butt. I think he'd really like that. But what I really want is to just have a normal bowel movement with him around, not get constipated at all.

Since my slight episode of constipation last week, I looked at my diet and saw that I had almost no fiber that day, so I bought some Kashi cereal. I've been pretty regular since then.

Anyway, I'll give you all the full poop report next week. Wish me luck!

Love, Deb


To all of you gals who have constipation time try citrate of magnesia.
It comes in a green bottle at the drug store and will clean you out in less than an hour.
Just be sure to stay near a toilet until the beast is released.

I have something similar to you in my arsenal of constipation remedies.
Due to IBS I cannot let constipation go on for too long. Sometimes I resort to laxatives (have done it twice this year) Where I come from we have a laxative called Colyxl & Senna. It is a propelant and stool softener. I have in previous times taken them (rare occasions) as a preventative measure i.e. in conjunction with pain killers. If I need them to unplug me I take some psyllium and one tablet late in the afternoon (well before tea) and one before bed with plenty of water.
When I get up, if nothing has already happened I have another one several minutes at least before brekfast. I really gives me a good soft poo without any pain etc. Of course, as they are laxatives they should be had not too often. If the situation allows I prefer a soapy enema as it acts on a limited part of the digestive tract only. The disadvantage is that it takes time, is messy ( that does not bother me) and is not discreet i.e. I cannot have it at home with the family around. and also enemas are predictable as to results.
Hope Frustrated in Florida can now call herself Blessed Relief in Florida!!!

Yalo. Taylor here. Its been a while, huh. For those of you who haven't read my posts before, I'm a 16 year old male with long hair and a penchant for walking around topless. The only reason I haven't posted is because I haven't really had the time, I've had a lot of business to take care of since my last post, and I've had no dumps that have worthy been worthy of posting, other than something really nasty. In late July and early August, I had terrible diarrhoea, for three or four days straight. It was all a result of the death of my grandfather. I wasn't just upset mentally, I was upset physically. I'm sure I don't need to describe my diarrhoea to you, but I have a question about it: Why in the hell did it sink?
I also went to the Leeds Festival in August. Mostly rock music. Rock festivals have a reputation for having those disgusting porta-crappers, which I don't trust. That caused me to decide against crapping in one of them. Lucky I didn't have to. There's one thing I noticed that I don't think anybody has talked about is what the makeshift walls are used for. Well, they are always used like trees. People, predominantly males, peed on them, constantly. There were around a hundred-thousand people there, and there were at least one-thousand people taking a piss at any time, around four hundred of them used the walls. I joined in. The guy I went with, when he needed to water the dragon, wouldn't use the walls without persuasion. I had to tell him that we were all on the same boat.
Casiee: Well, as its you (I don't even know you yet)
1. For me, its taking a really long shit.
2. The longest piss I ever took? I don't really know. I'd have to say about two minutes (Consider that I'm male, and I drink quite a lot).
3. The longest I've ever held my pee was about 20 hours.
4. The longest I've ever held my poo was for about eight hours. Don't ever try and hold it for that long. Trust me. The dump will hurt.
5. Large, for a bloke.
6. I can't really remember. Probably not.
7. Nope, but I nearly have.
8. Nope, but I would if I had to go on a long road trip.
9. N/A
10. Personally, I'd rather see a girl take a dump. Its more personal, and takes longer.
HisLilPeeMonster: You'd better hope that your neighbour doesn't know about this site. Congrats on having the guts to do that, though.
Well, I've got business to take care of elsewhere. Cheers. Taylor.

Thursday, October 28, 2005

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